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Crown Lavender Salts is
as fine as chemistry and
capital can produce. It is
the queen of smelling: salts,
and is refined, invigorating
and refreshing.
.-ro-vs rri?rrMFi.vco
or-.T.-ir.* C1JXTOX, rr BCfTAI/X T*l."*<vr**m CHAIR?
MAN, an:? k.-.anki.in KDSQN ??*:? ViBTARY?
PROOBSM mam: on i'anai, LEQISIjATIO*?.
[st ?mLconara to m ?cnuoin *
Albany, March L'".'.-The Canal Investigating
Commission recently appointed by Governor
Blai k ?a.i.?< ? 1par.l7.ed here to-day. It promptly
sent a petition to the Legislature for more time
in which to do the work confided to It. The
Commissioners asked that the date when they
must make th?-!r report he ohe.nged from July 1
to August 1.
Senator Hlgglns. who received this petition, at
ones Introduced a bill giving the Commission
the additional month, and asked that It he 6ent
to a second and third regaling Immediately,
"I could wish that the Commission could have
authority to Rrar.t Immunity to witnesses, and
that their appr.'pr.atlun could he increased,'*
said Senator Cantor, the Democratic leader,
"but I trfll make no objection to the advance?
ment of such a worthy meneare."
The bill accordingly w.-nt at once to third
The members of the Commission rresent at
to-dav's rn?-etitic; irere Ctaorge Clinton, of Buf?
falo; Smith M. wee??, of Plattsburg; Darwin K.
jamw, Frank Rratdard and Franklin Edson, of
New-York, and WH'.'.ani.-.McBcliron, ol Glens
Falls A. F??*ter HtggWJ. of New-.Y?-'k, the
seventh member, ?vas unnbl?* to be pre<?ent on
account of Ulneaa
The Commissioners present were sworn in by
Secretary of State Palmer. They th?.i proceeded
to organise, electing Mr. Clinton rhalrman and
Mr. E?ls?iu secretary. Mr. Clinton suggested
that as the meeting was Informal It would be
best to go tato exe? urlve session. The Comn Is?
slop did so, and while In executive session the
resolut).>n *> us ad.-pted asking the Legislature
for more time.
After the meeting Chairman Clinton snJd no
conclusions had been rea -h.-d. The question "f
appointments would entne up Io-tnoitow Th?
Arst appointment to be mads would be that of
naslstani seeretary. That would he followed
by th? appointment of - ?tinsel and a stenogra?
pher ati'l the oilier officers when they were
needed The mrth.nl of investigation ?-mid not
t-r- outlined until counsel had b?een appointed.
The Inquiry would be as thorough as the Cotn
mipsi.'n could make it.
The s?-ssl"ns tc-nvrrow will he held at the
Hotel Kenmore. Tb?" Commission will meet In
this city dally until Its preliminary work Is
Senator Pnvey'?* am?-ndm',nt to the Constitu?
tion authorising the s^lo or h-aso of the Erie
Car.al to th.- Cnit.-l States through his earnest
efforts was reported by the -Senate Judiciary
Commit*..? f. r the consideration of th? Senate
to-day. Benators Cantor aiul Ell?eworth were
absent from the committee; ?JjenAtors Hrackett
ar;l G?eorge A. Davis voted In opposition to re?
porting the bill. Benators Letxow, Wray, Pavey,
Krun\ Daley, Charles De\<??. M?*Carren and
Ouj ?- ted in favor of rep?*rtlng it. Senator .
Pavey is confident the LegltJMt?re will pass the
The Assembly Cnmml'tee on Butas t '-mor
2 r"\v, it is said, will report favorably P?-nat?T '
"Lamv's bill ceding the TlanM.ure Caqal to the '
city ?,f lluffalo. All of th? Kri" county Sen?
ators and Assemblym?en were pressing the bill i
t -day
In th? Senate Finance Committal ?n effort j
was made to call up the 17,000,000 Appropria?
tion bill, but without avail. The ? .ee,
however, agreed to take some action on this '
measure before the end of the week.
A CTTT ci,**** Bn,L PEKIINrn TO IIAXC them
AJbany. Kerch tt Assenhiyman SellRsberg to?
day Introduce?! a bill sent I n by the City Club
of New-York emending the '?? lion law )??.- pro?
viding that Independent noml lai ans for a State
office may be minie ???>? t!ir-- ind voters
stead of six thousand, as now ?t ivl.- I. The pr <
vision that at It.i.-', fifty ?
must p'.ini i- i mlti, t. ?;,?? tl see thousand t..
lerted at Inrtr" In . It ?en t.t the t'n- del ? I
ent nominations are to b? m i .. petition .?' one
thousand v.-:- rs. Instead of two thousand, as
In rltl--??. of the second At .?. Ired votes
* may nominate, lnst.-rni of one thousand, ai I
other clt 1*-? ?,nly three I ndred voters are tu he
Bseassar* For eounty offl ? ?- ?. > !. indred ? ??
at-lar?---may make a - ? ?? nil
fifty "rOt?*fi niriy m..k?. an tt
? for Assemblyman or Bel. Commissioner i ??
bill Increases th? engtli of tit:.. .
be on fl'.e with the Beeretary of Btate by five daya
BONn LIMIT ?JO I'* TtrD'TJ-!? TO gl.000.dOO MAT
~ir. r terYVOTtois to im
Albany. March 8 Senator MeNulty arpeare* be?
fore the ?Smutf Cities Committee this afternoon
to advocate his bill providing for a <?r?atcr New
York Expo?ltlon. He ssked the ?'mmittee to
emend th?> Ml! so that the v i ling w II be reduced
from R<*M.<M to ?i.?'"?'."?.. and also by giving the
Board of Control y,v.-r to postpone the date of
holding the exposition from ISM t?
Thomas J. Creamer. Aaslstant Corporation Coun?
sel of New-York, -?sk-'d the committee to report
thf? bill fav r , ?
The eomiiiltt.-e. before the adlournmant of the
Senate, reported the bill for reprinting ar.i n
Alt.n:,?-. March ?:. The .To..:, ]? Holland Tot-pedo
boat company, of New-York City, to-day r?-rtifie?i
to th?- .*??? -.--.at) .?f Btate an inci u.it-ii
rtock from ?WAP- to SI, > ... 'V '1 I
com] sny are |i(V?.??i, and the amount ol Iti
paid Ir.'ls M?O.O0Q
He? a nil n n H. iin-?1?.s f,,p Hjepe?geln ?ind Inill
Th" national dlseasi <.f America*)*] is Indlges?
Uen ?.:-. In Itt . forru, dyspepsia and for
the very r^as?,:; that it :?> so ? mmon many peo
pie n,?l<-1 taklt.L, propel treatment for what
tjVu''' ' ich trou le, when an
a matter of fact. Intllg . .ndatton
for n-.anv Incurable dlaeasM. So p."son with ?
vtgorour, health* stoi ..?h will f,\\ a victim to
consumption Man) ki.'.n? . .,..,.,..
troubl? date their beginning ft -,,- pool ?i,...-..
.y?n; ,-':;- ' ? sre really so because ,
rtelr stomachs are out of gear; weary, ?annul.. '
V ' '"" ?''""'' :' ' '? ?I?" ?-" ndltlon to Imoer?
feet dlgi Ml r. I
vvi en nearly ?every person you meet is evicted
? ak digestion it is ,.,.t surprising thai
nearly every s? - ret par. nt m?rdh H.? ti:. mar. ,
k?t caito.? to be s cure for dyspepsia, as wen -,.
a scoee of olh?er tropbtas wfa*n it, f??t fts Dr '
? ' ' ' '? **?? k ,1" re ?. hut ? ? - - Hin, dysnei -
Fla cure which is perfec?y sa/< and rciiuW? an?l ?
" ?? ?'?.. thlg remedy Is not ; patent medicine'
but it ?s a scientific combination ?<f pure pepsin
(free ft- n, animai matter), vegetabl .? ;' ... I
fruit s.,.- - . ... ,? b- ,,, u?
under name of Stuarrt'a Dyspepsia Tablets No
eni ? ? ..'.t ... ioi ???:< m ) 'jt f..r
n or any i troubl? Btuart'e
I'.* *: ? sr< fai a .: any i? m?edy i
>'''??* ? ?'? ? ' ' ? ?' ' ' en, no ?
dieting Is i ? ? whole?
semi ? tablets mil
?*[,< ?l ,'t. A cure r*st - '-.
?. i Tablets :
gi>.- i ) -, g the i of ?
Druggists sell thei tablets at ?V? ets ?
ag?\ Little book on stomach dis? isei and t???t -
n.'f. ?' . ? ?.' 'i -? :.. '.-iMrea?na* .siuan Co.,
cheuiists, Mnrrhi11. Mali.
Albany, March 22.?Shortly before noon to-day a
call of th? house wa? moved In the Assembly, to
pet a full att?mdaacs of members for the con?
sideration of the final a ljournmcnt resolution, ?s
passed l?y the Senate last night, which fixe? March
21 as the date for the holding of the last aesslon
of the legislature of 1VTS. The original resolution
call???! f?r Anal adjournment on March 23. but the
Sen a! o changad It.
Mr Donnelly oppoaed concurrence In the amended
'resolution. II.? ?fated thai th? Democracy was
pledged to remain In session until ?omo l.-Kislatlon
had been pe.s'io-1 to modify th.? Haines law, remedy
the evils ?affered under trusts, ??Main dollar gas
anl cheaper t''!o|?iinne rates.
Mr. Nixon declared lhat there never had been a
?e? ion "f the Legislature till the ?presenl one that
could not have adjourn?-.! from two to eight weeks
en.rli.-r than It had ?d.lourned by application to
1 me i as, BUCh n? has been the rule with the mii
.. .rl'y this yerir. The r?-solution was adopted by a
vote ' ?' 51 to M.
?Senator Stranaban'a bin amending the rubiic of?
ficers Isas by providing that nil reces? appoint
ments by tho Gtovernor wiiich are subject to ?con?
firmation by the Senate when it i? in s.-ssion shall
be subject to ?is confirmation when it reconvenes
after adjournment ?vis moved for advanc?mant to
a third i ?? iding. .,
Mr. Nixon d< i.'ir-*.! the bill a measure according
n the Senate the respect du? it in conilrming Btat?
officials. _, , ,
Mi. Donnelly s'nted that it was an ?jfrirlal :
ti ?? that th? Republican? expected th? Dem
? i irry ihe State at th? coming electloij. onu
hoped to hamper n Democratic governor in his
?ppolatmenta _? . , ,
Mr Palmer ppoke to the same effo*?. ?ml ?le
. .1 ti- ? measure as an o ?.Dragoons piece ?? ;?
lltlcal chicanery ?"!? win imped?, the administra?
tion of the next Democratic Oovernor, who maj
? oi c far.awa}." h? adlel. This sJluston was to
former Assemblyman John B. Stanehtleld sitting
? ? : r
Th?- mi: was advanced, _, _ ?___,
The bill Introduced by the Senate Finance cotn
mltte?s amendln? th? legislativ?, laws Nlatln?? to
the priming of an Increased number or mus wn?
by a vote or itt to L'ft. , _
E. C Brennan'? bill for the construction of a
brida- over th? Kaet River, to provide fpr the noons
of railroad ? ompanle?. bicyclists and foot passen?
gers, was taken up. Mr. Donnelly ?aid II w?u? not
expedient thai the hill should be p*??ed, although
he w.i.- In f..vor of many bridges n.ross Ul? Kast
Hiver m Ihe near future. The bi'l was passed by a
V.r.. of M -r, -*?,.
Ti.se hills also were passed: , _____ -
Mr hm. i- - making th? oflVe of Fherlrr or
Bteuben County a ?alarlrt one In pan, Bnd rtajalSt
Ina the ma na gomen I thereot
Mr. QoodseU's, conferring 'uiisdvtion on tne
Court of ?"h.iuis to audit th? claims r-f ?j,e several
(tea for Ihe vain'* of county insane asylums.
Mr De Oraw'?, appropriating tSafiVi for th? re?
pair and enlargement of the 47th Regiment Armory.
Senator Cantor'?, giving Hvery-Btahle keener? a
lighl of ilen for debt on harness, trucks and o'her
Mi Addis1?, changing tho time of holding town
?lection? ;n Putnam County from spring to Fall,
Mr. A.?er'?. permitting the Sheriff of New-York
Count*, to close his office at 2 o'clock during July
fli.ii August.
rmrflii amenpmevts apvocated b--orb a
Alhnrr Mar"h 22 Senator Uriah's bill proposing
amendments to th? Clvti Servie? law had a brl-f
hearing before the Senate Judiciary Pommittee this
afternoon, ?ieorg? McAneny, secretary af the New
Torh Civil Service Reform Association, wa? tho
Only or.e to he heard, and he urged th? passage
of?the nmendnienis.
lie ?aid tiie bill contained three distinctive feat?
ures. It provided for a system of practical ex?
aminations that might he substituted for tho sys?
tem now In effc"? under the i't of last year, and
which ai ti"? ?ama timo would do Bwey with the
Impractical? feature? of that net: it provide*] for
the submission lo the State civil Servi? Commls
alon of all ni'ea promulga;*?! for enforcement In
II - - ai d all amendment? or revi? of such
nil? anj It furnished reasonable regulation of re?
movals or rede lion? ftoni plee*e claaslfled ?a corn
petit!-.? In both the State and municipal service
by requiring tuni in all cases reason? for sich r??
mov/il or reduction should be filed with th? hoa-i of
the department, and an opportunity afforded the
person accused to make an explanat'.m.
The bill wa? proposed by a :ommlttes represent?
ing the i'ImI Service Reform Associe tlon and o:l><r
organisation? of the State devote.] to th? extension
of Civil ?Service Heior-ro.
affirmed, with
mis? ? pi? ai denied, wlthou'
Adelbert >',. Sergent, appellant, ag? Liverpool
ami London nnd O lobe Insursnc? Company Ida
A. furrier, appellant, agi il Vf. Pool ind others
Judgment reversed, new trial granted,
?bid? event.
Abraham Denlke agt. Charlea W, Denlke
. Krederl k Eder agi s H. Olldersleev? and
another, appellant, Gerard Reek man and another
ellai 's. agi Susan Van Do -?? ?, ex? c
Judgments and ord?r? affirmed, wli .--.
Harriet E Burke igi T J. Tin? -, tlani
Edward D Dun op igi i leorge \> .
Judgment? and orders affirmed, ???. - ? ,i in
per cent damages for delay und?r Se tlon :;j".i of
the Code.
Steph.-n Jennings agt New-York and New
Haven and Hartford Railroad Company appel?
lant; William / Larned and ?noi ? land
ai,-: i?. E, Donovan ?nd anothei Jud|
tirmed, with costs.
Thomas Adama A ? ?>. (iimiie.i. appellant ?gi
Nicholas Albert apd othera Judgment re,
new irinl granted, costa lo abide event,
Tiie ."oui i of Appeals calendar for to-morrow ???
Nos. Ml, M7, 4').'.. M, M4, .V?. ?M ,-ind 14"..
Albany. March 22- During th? afterno n r? esi
?>f the Senate the Cities Commit lee gave heat
in the thro.? hills affecting Allant!? '-ave., Brooklyn
ind some str.<-tf- in New-York On? permit? rall
sfny? thai have rights of way over or under thor
?iigiifares io nav? ihe additional use <.f >i,,. surface
.>, the atreeia Thi? applies to \- ?? t| . ,,-. i.r,,',,^ ,
Ouy pre- ?
? nt exempting
i.. and Park-avo, New-York, R
tented io the committee an amend
the hoi-ouch? of Manhattan and f?t?
the operation of it?.- bill. Th? amendment wa?
tt??:. and in ihU f.?rm th.- bill wlilb? re?
Of the other bill?
Avenui Commlaaiog
one comp?|s the
basin worh
Aliftny. .March 22.- Adlutnnt-Gencr.il Till'.Pghast
today Issued an order coml.Intng the separate Na?
tional Guard companies Into battallona The order
L'l 1er the ??ro\ l-lons of M C. 17, the separate
-ompanle? of -..? Third ftrlgad? are heVeby organ?
ised Into ?battarions ns follows'
The 4tn. 111.i. l.'.th snd 2". I .-"parate companies
wl niistltut? the Ele? enth Ral ilion
The Bth, !'??'. 14th, Win an?! 24th Separate com
??: ? - ... i . ? ite the Tw? fl h Battalion.
The Cth, 7th, i?"! and '-? B? ?rate compa??as will
con ilttnte the Thirteen i Rattallm
Th? :ch. !*'h. 22?1 ?n . ... i Sepai it? companies will
? ? I", rte? Ih Rattall n
T ? 31? . Mth ! I ind 4Sth Separate companies
wi". ? onstltut? t tie Fifteenth Bal I
The ind 44th Separat? eom
pai i i wil constitute the Sis eenth Battalion.
Tn-- .'?d compa??a? will
Utuio Ihe Sev? I? ??? I Flattall
Th? ommmdi .- of?.: th" Third Brigade ?rill
withouI delay r? ??mm? ! ..fit ??ri ? , ?
era of then : ittalion?, and a? s...ci as pi i ?
ii.-.. ; '.. s ;?..? ?le m? n to fill ; h? p< Mtl. - of ?dj il int,
? :. . o,-.,mi.....: y of i? (.Inspector
oi rifle ;.:a -ti??<? and assistant uri ? : .
When the majors have he??n commissioned
ler-ln-C ef the ? nmmandlng ..ill-. r oi I ?
Third Brigade ?ill designate where the ceil.?ir?
te; s of ??? ? ?ati Ion ? ha !. be, and ntll the i
have been apr ' ! I ie senior officer in each bat?
talion u 1 :,. and the officers now do?
tal ed h> lb? hi ig? le for.mander? to servi ?.- >.-; ataff
officers of battalion? will remain on auch duty until
? ; ? r y re leved.
Albany, March 22. The Court Of Appeal? tO-day
handed down the following ?I-cisloiis
Edward McNamara agt Brooklyn City Railroad
Company, appellant; Thomas A, Patterson, jr.
ngt. Angley Electric Company, appellant; people
e\ rol Moses BIJur, appellant, agt. Edward P,
Barker nnd o?h.i?. Tax Commlaaionei ?? New
v. rk City; Henry A Root agt. New-York and
New-England Railroad Company, appellant; Mar?
shall P Btafford, appellant, ngt. Charlea C Ar
blll; William s V.yse, appellant, ?igt Marie s.
\\\??- and ntbiTS--Judgments an*ltm?d, with cost?,
Clara II Prtra agt Stephen Oanner and another,
appellant?; Mary M. Whiting agt. Standard Qaa
Light Company, appellant; Jacob Rlngt^ and
another ny,t. the Walll? iron Work?, appellant,
and the Terminal B'arehouM Company; Jacob
Ringle and snother agt. the Walll? Iron Work-?
app? liant and Ih? J. I, Motl Iron VVorka Orders
Igmenta affirmed, with coati
People, ea i?i T H, Lynch, appellant, ag*. j. .1
Man i. and othera, Polie? i???fir?i of New York City
an.; motion to dis
Atbmjnf.Jtmreh M "'? vernos Blaeh to-day :
? raaulaBton on the Oovernor <.f California ' ?
extradition nf i ?r William y. roreat, under
m [?a At.g'Us for grand larceny, committed In
hem k'arh City :h?h Apr.: i?. ,- .,, uaed ?? | ?-. . -,
taker, stock from the offica ?>f Alexander Meliere"
*.'o. ??i Broadway, for ?i.e purposi of -..uring there?
i. ? lonn of ?Mi ?nd ?I M.I in? li foi [ta i,, e
u.ui-, jOjCa-j. and ?bscondlug Kith ih? proc?? da.
Black, Starr & Frost
Jewelers and M!vcr-tnithft?>
Aro now located in
1 heir now building,
S. W. cor. 5th Ave. & 39th St.
Albany. March 2i ifiperlali The Assembly to-d.-iv
passed Mr. I.aimi.cor's bill suthotizlng the apr
I pointiaenl by the Oovernor of .? commission to m
j quir?- int.? th?? condition of the commerce of New?.
1 York City and In suffi itlon for It?? prnmo
1 tlon. The bill receivi-d 107 sIBrmatlve vot?es, and
no on?? was recorded In the iwgatlve.
When the measure eras <? \l\oA up as a special
! i.rd-r Mr. Donnelly, the minority l?reder, opt?osed
! it on the ground thai th? ar?potntfng power should
be lodged In the lot ,1 auth Titles of New-York City.
I!?? also believed s legislative Investigating '"'?
; mission should be sppolnted, and offered an amend?
I ment to that e(T<- '.
Assemblyman ".Vrlght supported Mr. Ponnelly In
the latter contention.
Tho amendment was d??f<?ated. whereupon Mr
Donnelly Withdrew his ?apportion, stating that the
relative decline of llie . omtnerce of N'ew-Y'<rk
I wm becoming so alarming thnt some sort of nn
Investigation Should be made.
The MU, as i,n??e.l by the Afsembly. I? SS follows:
f???ction 1. YVPhln thlrtv day? after this act takes
. effect the Governor Shall Appoint a commission of
i Uve porr?n? t<-> examine i:.'?? th., ??otnmeree of New
i York, th?? cause <?( >,\i d<ecllne .ind the menus of Its
1 revival, tot;.-'.- ? th ? ummary of conclusions
to he drswn therefrotn, :" ?! tn sugRcst such leKts
latlon as they deem advisable relating thereto.
j s,: h commission shull hare authority to employ
stenographers end other necessary assistants an?l
to send i"r persons and 1 ipers, and t?, compel the
attendance or any p?-rsoti before thorn ?it any place
witiitn th?? Slate. They shall pr?*sent th?alr final r.
port to the legislature on or before January is
i,?'?:i. and shall pre-?eni therewith sn.*h b.il ??r hills
re; may i?.> necessary' '?"> carry Into effect the
changes di-emed advisable b\ them
S?--... .'. Each of said commissioners shall i?e s
resident and Inhabitant of th* State of New-York
They shall ree?tv#? the n?-, esenry expenses and
disbursements Incurred in th?> performance of th??
duties hcr?-nt Imposed when the same are properly
audited by the Controller of the State, and the
s:ime. wl-^n ?? audited, shall he paid by the war?
rant of the Cotitr'.ller out of the moneys In the
treasury not otherwise appropriated
Se<\ 3. This a'-? shall take effect Immediately.
Albany. March B, Mr. Wallace's Mil. creatln?? the
county of Nassau out of that part of the county
Of Queens not Included In New-York city, o-?ca
sl??-i?<l a debate when It was taken up for eonsld
eratton in th.? Assembly to-day. The lntro?lucer
explained It In detail, and tol?l why the name of
Naseau, the old name of Long Island, had been
Mr. c,ai<. opposed the bill, declaring- that the ma?
jority of the people of Queens i'oijnty did not want
'he chsnge. It would entail a great expense fo?
il.-w buildings, and was doubtless In the lrt??rest of
real estate .?? ilers. Messrs. Dais and Collins op
p?.1 it on similar Un? s.
Mr olive-- alta U'-l the bill at length, and Mr.Wal?
la ?? somewhat personally, for sele?-ting the name
<-f Nassau for his county, The name was thai of a
? m prince, who had d-lupe," s continent with
loo?! of thousands of men, women and chll?
dri n as a descend int of the noble Beotch martyr
Wallace?, the lut-..', ici r ?.f the bill should be
ashamed of himself. Why was no- the proposed
county named Lincoln, Orant, Beward or l>ix*
A motion to strik,- om the word Kssstu was de
'.?,,-, |, and the bill was advanced to third rea-lin?
by a VOte Of To t -> .'-.I.
it?* orroNKVTfi' crtrncissia no not hano
Aibanv. March .1 Senator Nuifbaum'a Inset*
?rency bill was called up for final action In the
Senate lo-dny R-1, nw Krim; offered an amend?
ment ellnilrntlr.it the part which i?rovi.les that
debtors shall pay M per cen? or ?brtirs releai 1
from ererlltors before 1 ? leg (fit -hartr-ed He criti
elsed the bill as bearing loo herd on ?lectors.
Senator BT?ek?rti argued that the bin mad* it
easier for a debtor to secure a discharge than at
present, and held 111.1t .?".'nator Krum was lncon- ,
slstent !n the attitude that he bail taken.
Senator Ellsworth ?^iid the bill had for its pur- ?
pose ii,e re-establlshtnent In the Star?? of the , \i
ini'ed Stuten system of bankruptcy. lie main?
tained that It would prove injurious to creditors
living without the Stats
'I he ?nneii<lin?-ii< ?.:. lost by a vote of 12 to ?1.
and the bill was passed by a vote of 28 to 7.
Albany, March ?- The Scr.a??- to-day passed
these, bills:
B< nator Ellsworth's, appropriating tiWi.noo for the
continuation of the a-qulr-ltion of lands in the
Adirondack Park.
Senator Ah?snrn'a providing that school-teachers
in the boroughs of Manhattan, The iironx an?l
Brooklyn si all nol r?ecelve less than *?ViO a y?-ar.
genator Stewart's, ?permitting <*"rti?-li 1'nlverslty
.,, ,:i\ on .1 for?*stry school in the Adlrondacka
Senator E, R Brown's, authorlrJng ths killing of
all dogs running at large in for.-sts which deer
Senator Cantor's, .iHti*o:-i7.irig the Hoard of Estl
Of Ne? Y'-rk "? illow It,if".*?'.. Kir-h-lee soeii
eompensitiin as ma> l?e due for s*r,|i ra >,s coun?
of Edue.ition.
Mr, .sferring the aasessm%nt for
Improving t'roepe t-ave., In the town of Flatbush,
to New-York ' "It ??
Mr. i\. 's, declaring the ?-ast?riy brat"!? of ?he
gi Rei River a 1 ' ?vay for floating l --
Mr ruller'a providing thnt if town hoards fall
. itgi ale ., ,? m ?? for ? ?ldti 1 ? m, the
electl? 11 shall be he'd at the same place as :'. was
? .. previous year.
Mr. l?oe's i? quir eg repor?n for non-iierf.,rmaree
of iighWHy labor to bo made to the Commissioner
of Highways.
Mr 1 >... ?'a authorising th* Board of Estimates
and Apportionment ol New York to appropria
mini ??? V .?? ? i ' ? ?T- ? tton of s mon im? 1 1
ti, memory of the msrtyrs irho perlsh?r>d In the
? m New-York ! irlr.g in? Re?, ,1
s--nrf!?-. Krum's providing for a corporation t.ix
? i,;.ir s mill . ? ? ? lollar of 1
? stock ol ,1 ?i?..i!.y which is lnv<mted or
hel 1 within this State
Mr Tlffary's prohibiting ths operation <>f any
1 rfai.'? ??'? ?m or o'her railway on Kas't
eenth-st.. Brooklyn, between Caton-avi
? ? ,?i"
gi nor Rslnei f-im t)ie Pommlttee on Rules
1 ... ' . io| h ? pro, Iding
ng ti 1. transmission ?>f th??
1 In? lay of their pai -?ge by
?issen pended for I le rema ? 1er 1 f 1 r?e
Albai *' a <lo<r4>Tnor Black to-day signad
the fi Mowing bills:
Mr Perkins's, emending th.- chart? of fi?t?for?l
Monroe ?'ounty, relative to p?-w-r to ?-outrai t for ?,'
wat? r cuppl)
n'a amending the Highway law
to ?'?? purchase and repnlr of rca?i ma?
Mi rifTany*?-. providing that in ni-e of recovera
? In whli h 'he p. opls of th? State
are .? party and the plaintiff re? 1 ers lesa than VA
?? the amount ?>f h:s costs cannot exceed
Colorado Springs, Col . Mr.r.-h II Klre broke out
at 12? a. m . in the ^Voo,l Bide, a large frame
which was unoccupied, ?nd threatened for
son 8 time to destroy the entire, fuetern end of the
city, it v...s brought un?ler control shortly after
I o'dock. The Wood Bide ?nd sevetal adjoining
? res wen destroyed. The H*ee Is estlnseted at
p'-m a high wind wan blowing, and embers
.'?i. the burning buildings won carried several
" k" rh? v itrt mains ?*.-?r.- too imall t?? Kn?
the re., .1.1,,. j.reHHUr. m.d the firemen were also
?'tampered by Is k of hose Help was summoned '
u '".'""-I.) and Man!',,,1 Esrller In the
Sheriff Bornions resldenc? wss burned
?using ,. : ???? . f ft?.?? rn '?
Chl?!ago. Mar h B The slx-st.?ry building, a?
' ' !,s *nA ?-'" ?sonr? -t ,, . upied by the Monroe
? tering Company, and the Building Trades' Club
''..'ir" V ':- ''"!"' '""' a-onmn en.:
, .. ' . ? ??'"!??'?'". vv i" were an the
,-r.. w-r? a."1:' ,,'v,1> *r*Vo4 ?rllh theli Ive.
no rNrmTAiN tone in its oppopition
The Phamber of Commerce MtSffad a vigorous
and emphatic protest yesterday against the bill
Introduced by Senator Kl'sworth to legUlkttJ the
Rapid Transit Commission out of office nnd to
supplant It by B bipartisan Hoard to be appointed
bv Mayor Van Wyck. Th? protest wa? timely, for
the reason that, despite the opinion held In many
quarters that the bill had ben practically
squelched by ?Oovernor Rlnck Indmatlng that he
was oppo.o.i to it. it ?van reported yesterday that
both ?Senator rinft nnd Mr. CTOkOr had IsBiied
orders i hat there nhnuUl bfl no nbntemetit In the
efforts to remove tic- present lotnmi-Moners. With
on?, exception, the views ?gprssssd by the member?
<.f the Chamber of commerce a? re aeverely denun?
ciatory Of ?Senator Ellsworth'? measure and Of the
ulterior consid?ration which hsd prompted the
bringing forward of such ? bill. Tbs ?xcoptkm re
f.-rr-d to w.-.? .Lff.-rson M. Levy, one of the leading)
lights of Iba Democratic Club and nn ardent Tam?
many man. Mr Uvy offered nn amendment to
the effect that the <'ommlsston t-hould be requested
to resign, but as he was unable to And a seconder,
the members of the Chamber were not called upon
to vote tho amendment down Mr. Levy has been
conaplcuou? before In his opposition t<> the Com?
mission'? plans of rapbl transit.
I"..Lowing the atUtUttS ho hag taken In the matter
of the Kllsworth bill. AJoTinder K. Orr, the presi?
dent of the Kapld Transit Hoard, and also president
I of the Chamber of Commerce, man not present at
I yesterday'? meeting. In hi? absence Morris K.
Jesup preside?], and a large and representative gath?
ering of members attended the m??eilng.
As soon as tin? assemblage hfid l?een called to
order John Crosby Brown, with ?a. few preliminary
words, presented ih?* following resolutions:
Resolv?*d. That the Chamber <?f Commerce of the
P?ate of New-Y or? .'?-.in.s wttb Indignation ??r the
bin Introduced in the State Senate to legislate out
ofofflcetheprese.it Rapid Transit Board,
Kos??i ved. That such bill has nn support in public
?entlment, and is absolutely without other Justifl i
:ion: that the prcseni Board, by Its persistent and
unwearied labors, by its resolute determination to
niak?- good the vote of the people for a genuine and
sufficient system of rapid transit, by Its refusal to
!<-s.*en 1rs .-ffiiris beca u.:' the numerous obstacle?
which have ?been thrown In its way, by its sincere,
oarn?-st and wise administration of th<* trusi re
pored In It, lias deserved and now enjoys ta>> con?
fidence of the city.
Resolved, That In tho opinion of the Chamber of
Commerce, an early and adequate solution of the
rapid tiansji problem depends upon th? contin?an e
In office of th? preseni Board, and that the proposal
t., remove its presenl membeia can proceed from n -
other motive than the ri?.<<|-_ to prevent a real solu?
tion of the rapid transll problem, and t.: se cure,
through n union of politicians on nominally opposite
?Ides, ,i grossly Improper poll I lea I advantage at the
? expeme of the masses of the people of the city.
Immediately after th?* resotiitlcn had been read
i Mr Levy jumped to to offer hla amendment, The
prenrn ...- of th? amendment asserted that the
; Commission had made no progress In six years,
t thai the underground project era? surrounded by
legal, physl al and nnanc'al obstacles, that the
Commission was antagonistic to the Tammany ad
! ministration, and thai f.?r th?-?? r< isoni the com
1 mlssionars should be requested to tender their
! resignations. Having read his substitute Mr. Levy
procei i.-.i ?,-? s,.e?iK upon it. Straying from the
? ibje. i under dlscusslop Mr Levj riegan to speak
upon Ihe feasibility of the tunnel railroad, where?
upon ho an? called to order by the chairman. He
persisted, however, in condemning the plans of the
bul wa? listened to with unmistakable
though Bubdued evidences of strong disapproval.
In so.-o:?d?ng the original resolution J Harsen
Uhoades made S forcible argument In Its favor, ?
and was ;r.?? lently applauded. After referring to
t..? fact th it nn effort was being mads "at the
dictation of a political boss" to turn the Commis?
sioners out if office, he proceeded:
Tii>- .-li irg? that these Commissioners have not
done their full duty to th>* put?lt<* In false. For
years they hay.- Wflrgod h.r.l and patiently to
.?olv.- ;i most fti?: ??at*- prol.l.-m Tl- v hive hon
fought perslss??i:t?v',,A. ? very hand and BI SVery
turn by thoBoVho l?\warlou? way?, generally from
^itiHh Interest, are opposed to underground transit,
and if it e.-er? not that the members of this com?
mission wore ?hie, dojermlned and well-trained
men Ihey would have ben defeated long ago. and.
whether all men agree that an underground road
i-honld be lui: l,)W_npl, the people ..r New-York still
?'?<? -i ?I? lit f_jtfKUxude to in.--?? m.-n. who. in tho
.lis ii.,r?- . f n?fr-dv.*;*; hav. perfon.i that duty
far.-ir?..:?. -u,d ?Veil.
Hui wnat is this attempt, gentlemen, after all,
but pirt and par.-.-? of th.- gen? : il damnln? pi
sgainsl reform and refoi ni.-rs now going on In con
m wlili thi prenent administration of affaira
in .Vew-York? Tammany Hall turned over tins
city t-> tb? reform government with Its public build?
ings going to decay, its school accommodation!
inadequate, its departments badly managed, its
sirooi.? re.?king In fllih. it? public Improvi m? -us de?
layed, Its parks neglected, and general mismanage?
ment Apparent everywhere, it return? :o power to
find that fr??? ?nd libera; expenditures have been
made by ihe reform Sdminhitration, largol) ren?
dered necessary b) theli own ihortcomltig? when
the) were in power, and actually required to supply
th? need? of the people wi-ii those thing? which
they themselves ought to have given and which
thej fulled lo give.
And n iw, because of a shortened treasury and a
il limit to expenditure, finding them
f*elv?.i unable to cany on theli own achemea of
development, ihey put upon themselves ih?> hor
rowi . . of virtue ?nd endeavor to hoodwink
the people with the ry -.f dishorn I ? ?.nr
of reform Mayor? and hones) Commissioners, ind
se.*k to turn oui of office every decent man place?!
In power by ih-ir prede essors and even strain the
Ian ' > ? Iteol I hell purpose.
Tamman) Hall did all It could to defeat rapid
transll when it was in power; and now when its
effort? >..ui '?> fail, H seek? to remove an honest
commission, In order thai It ma) thua elthei
rapid transit for years to com? or put il under the
control of an obedlenl ? immission; and lei tl
community understand thai the power? conferred
h) law upon th?- Board of Commissioners are un?
precedented in their extent, and If lodged In ihe
hands of dlshonesl or Incapable men the poi
tie? of fraud ?no blackmail and of Injun ??> th?
city would be -i constant menace. Pull time is ir
thai the people should awake, full iimo thai an
sngry protest should be made, fu", tim?- thai the
anti of Scw-York should nut the seal of
ihelr condemnation upon act? su h ..s th? e; and
he assured, gentlemen, that these acta .. ,
beginning, and that, bo fat a Tamman) Hall ia
coin-crned, history will but repe.i? itaelf
N?> sooner had Mr. Rboa les resumed his seat
than Mr ?Levy sprang to his feet again t.. make a
dafeti a of Tammany Hall. lie proclaimed himself
B Tnnii.i.iny man and a Democrat, and asserted
thai Tammsny Hall had left the city in a eplendl?!
Hi n u.. lal condition, and had always favored genu
Ine rspld transit.
He was followed by ex-Mayor Abram S Hewitt.
it ?.va? apparent that Mr. Hewlti had ?been stirred
t.. indignation by Mr. ?Levy's word?, lb- ?voked
. ndous spi lause when ho remarked that he,
.., v. .11 .is Mr. Levy, had ?bean B member of Tam?
many Hall ?nd was a Democrat, but h.- had
always ?Uppoaed It was th? neslro and habit of th..
member? of th? iThsmber, when they entered iti
meetings, to l?eave pol?tica behind. Proceeding, h?
declared thai of ?II ih? moaaur ? ?rhich th? bosses
had ever put forward In his time, th* one now in?
troduced al Albanv wa? th? meal barefaced and
Impudent, Mr Hewlti spoke In term? ..i the high
, it praise of Ihe character, ability and si mdlng in
,?,.. community of Hie Commissioners, and said it
tra? in i-<iiil?' that any ?.no could have the hardi?
h'.| t.- propOM 10 remove sieh men fr,.in th?
service of the clly, in order thai politician? mlgl :
la) ni?"n ihelr places th? hand ?.f spoliation, Buch
an audaetou? proposition ?j? an open declaration
?ant Tamman) proposed to control every i .
enterprise involving i he expenditure of ih.? city'?
mono) Mayor Van Wyck had given ?? a reason
for thi? legislation that ihe proceeding? io* the
Kapld Tranali Board were ?ecrel and unknown t.?
him "'it Mr. Hewitt -ontlnmsd, the Mayor waa a
member of ih? Commission, and if be was Igno
,,,,,, ,,f ihe doing? of in- Board, it was ihr.?ugh
.,., fault of th?- Commlsalon, bul th? resuh of ins
own official mlscondtici In refusing to discharge ins
?m? __ ? member But the Mayor'? (ustlflcatlon
for't.-io ?Ellsworth bill had noi boon regarded ??
sufficient by hi? auperlor ofBcor Richard Croker.
In an Interview ?rnl h had not I?-.-?-n denied, had
denounc?*d the Cham ?er of Commerce as dominated
In It? protests b) selfish concern for lis own mem?
ber? in office snd s? led i.\ "narrow-gauge" men;
and the Commission ?s u, "rank failure" which
should be legislated out of orn e for me g.I of
thi community. Mr ?'i??ker al->?> aaul that he a I
Tamman) wer? In favor of anv r..?.il transll which
could he H?.'iire.I Immediately. It it the trouble with
Mr t'r..k.-r. said Mr Hewitt. Wi* flint his memory
was f.nltnK W *Ott he was Ig.inrnut of tiie fact
Mr Hewlti ?ont on to ?ho?v thai from the Incep?
tion in l^*- ?' ,hp sttempl to ob aln genuine rapid
transit Tammany had been lu opposition to it. until
tirant wa? ?lected Mayor and appointed a cnmmis
Fion whb'h re.iiiv did nothing Sow thai the ;n
l,,,ra of tho present <-omin!r?sion had brought rapid
transit in ?tght, Tamman) true to It? hlator*,
atrove t" appropriai?- dlr?K'tlon .?nd .-..ntrol to Bub
seive the Interest! of the bo??e? anl the organisa
tlon He nest showed how ih? Chamber <.f Corn?
il ..? ,? : i i ? ik? n . and a? the con? ?. ;l
un d?nons p ihlle dem in l t .r a ;tl m, and clo?o l with
;i tribut? to the developing atrength and lndep?nd
faca of Oovernor Black, upon ?a:io.h ?II ?ood .;?;?
i?-ns now relied t-> -ie>.it ii,?? infamo n
Richard Deevea ?nd l- J Callanan ilao ?ipok?
.?? ?uppi.ri ol ne? resolution, w.iicii ?raa adopted
?Ail ao?t a dNsenting ? 014
The following committee ?,? api??lnted lo gn
Albany ? ? )??-. to urt?e the defeat of the bill Iptfeaa
The Millinery vs. the Weather
HIGHF:R compliment could not be paid to the attractive.
ness of our Millinery than the fact that it proved superior
to the weather conditions of yes?
terday, and that all who came felt
repaid for coming.
We are putting especial stress
on the feature of selection \r\ the
imported hats. There is not one
of them which does not bear a
famous name, but the very breadth
ofthat fame proves the accessibili
ty of the makers to general mer?
cantile approach. Therefore it is
the selection even among master?
pieces, which counts. and it
counts heavily in this collection.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B Of the productions of our own
designers we say little, although there is much to say. We
place them beside the picked models of the world s best de?
signers, with perfect confidence, and leave the rest to your
own judgment and preference _,..?,?. . _ it
In Untr?mmed Hats and English Walking and Cycling
Hats there is such an assortment here as wholly prohibits
detail or attempt at detail. You must see it for yourself, and if
you would see it thoroughly, you must take a day to it.
Our "view days" continue to-day and to-morrow.
A Selling of This is stnctly a mitter f?
Pose Rushe?; ollt-?f-town Pe0PIr Thc
KOSe DUSnes. -c:hfT-I >vv-el!ers * have nc
part in it unless their garden be a win
i dow garden. We have an immense quan?
tity of hardv Rose-bushes, grown in Hol
! land from Manetti roots. Florists prefer
this growing because the blossoms are
I even handsomer than the natural product
! would be. and better able to withstand the
rouch-and-tumble of existence.
These are readv to be planted at once.
I Don't put them in the cellar. We are sell
i ing them for
15c. each,
2 for 25c,
$1.25 a dozen.
Here .ire the kinds: ?
Baroness de Rothschild M*gni ("harta
J.a?u?minot [\iiij NVvron
Gloire rit Dijon Ulrich Brauner
Jules Marr-ntin Gabr'eile Luzet
Mistress John I.aing La France
The New Ingenious makers have pro
Ppttimnt? ?iKt? some novel and effec
i cuiuwiB, nve fabrjcs for thenfVV. Spring
Petticoats. Notable among these is a black
sateen with gold or silver checks. This
closelv resembles silk, requiring close scru?
tiny to detect the difference. Petticoats of
this material, lined with crinoline, and hav- I
ing deep corded umbrella ruffles, are here
at $?.25.
A few of the less expensive sorts:
At Wc?-Of colored ?triped lawn; de?*p umbrella
At TV. ? Of striped seersucker; ?even-inch ru'fle on
At $1- Of stripe?! seersucker; Spanish Arrunce, with
2 ?ve-inch rutiles.
At $! 831 01 bl i.-k sateen; ?leep corded umbrella
ruffle, lined with crinoline.
At $1.80?Of excellent quality blnck sateen; corded
umbrella rufflfc Others up to $2.75.
8*<~onil n?ior.
A Saving on We have acquired 150 Toilel
Toilet Sets. Sets' of el-vcr> pieces each.
in underglaxe printed pat?
terns. Thev are recent shapes, of large s:?e
and well finished. Thev are of the grade
which commands a fixed retail price of
I3..50, and so far as we know have never
been sold for less money than that. We
offer the*?e 150 sets for
$2.50, complete with Jar,
$1.75, without Jar.
The goods are perfect in every way.
Don't let this price deceive you into thinK
ing them seconds.
Ah t Principally about the "Lillian,"
Aooui a|though you-n ?nd nIm,,st a||
LOrsetS. makes in this corset store. We
control the sale of the "Lillian." which we
consider the finest corset made. That opin?
ion is endorsed bv manv women who have
purchased them here on our recommenda?
tion. There are thirty-seven styles of this
perfect-fitting corset and prices run from
? l to $20. Here are three of the more ?pop??
ul.ir kinds:
At $1 ?W?ai coutil; medium lenirth wast, 2 ild?
steels; trimmed with lace.
At $3HO?Of white and drab coutil; mc Iium -nd
king waist, bias and straight cut. Som- in black
s-teen, $4
At $V"?0?Of coutil; ma.de entirely on the bia<, m tea
bust and hips; all whalebone; tr.mmed tO| and
bottom with lace and ribbon. Same m \ uk
sateen, ?ft 50. White, pink and blue laltris ?\|8
Two other sorts that are well ?iked.
A corset that appeals especially to itout fv *> ti
called "Her Maiestv." In ?white, drab or titoA;
guaranteed unbreakable, 32 ..?? to f.*? h f:-*cv
satin, ?111).
The "1..R " also ma.de solely for us; and one tl It ua?
many friends, comes in many styles, 7"?.. to ?-3..J.
?"??for.-?] floor.
Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co.. Broadwav. 4th ave., 9th and 10th sts.
tri? e-pnot.? Committee on CM?*, .T. Harsen R^0"'1*J'
R|cha?DeeYee William Brnokfleld.Jam? Taleott.
Ouatav il. Schwab and Edward A. Marlln*.
- ?
Am wo- generally expected. Mayor Van Wy*k ?111
nm attend yeat?rday*a meeting of the Rapid
Transit Commlaalon. denplte the f.-.<*r that he had
t. ?-specially urged to he preaent. becaua? no
?,.,,?? ,,,.?,, W taken on the Manhattan fran
ohi-rs without the rote elthw of himself or t on
,,,;?.?, Coler. As a matter of fact lha Mayor
foun.1 Mm-elf in a peculiar ?ll!.?mma. Hfl ha, a*.
,.??.,1 the (Mmmisslon hitherto of Inaction, but by
??vim away f."?n yesterday'? n-ee.tnK h? was
.A .. . thn, h? would block the progreaa of the
romm??lonfl effort, to provide .torn? form of Im
,,,.,. ... rapid transit, an,I would theref??r?? he th??
_?,?"...?., of th? continuant of th? Moi?* In?
,,.'..,? o( which he complain* Moreover, if the
Manhattan Company really dealred th? prt**tl???e
tor which It haa applied, th? Mayor, by ?*?????"*
hlmMlf would antaaonl? the Intereat? of the rail
r?:,.l which haa M many friend* In Tamn?an>. let
ig.ln. to attend the meeting he would have to
.led? from the declaration he made ?.o,,,.- time
?o thai he would never NctHtnl? the CommlMjon
" hrtVe anything to do with lu proe?edlns?. Th?
v,vi, compromlaed matters by sending Contrwitor
, ,.. m>k? ui? the requiaK? al? **ot(*e rie.-eff.ary
ro,'r ' ! ,h. franchisee. In his turn the l'on.
\?r !f~ .? e . .self fEm voting, on th?; ground
i,,,I., i ? -x? us? n n. to examine Into the
Urit he had '\?' Vm- of tl.'|?r?.-,".s.-l franchise?.
coI\,,mo"? ;"i ??Tpreelded. an? there were area
A"'v'' ", ui ,'n to Mr ? oler, Commissioner? Wood?
,'?'? ,ni!n.don John II ??.-?-'??? ??"???? '"??'????? ?B<*
?."ry '" ui, ?, and LewlaL Delaflald, secretary :
ileorae l-.BI*- ".?"*? ., ,,.f engineer, and Bdward
-:V!?V ,m r ? . i'.' Sel to he!?.i?--d. AH Boardman
M Sh'7;",;!-..'-.-Mt and It I? underatood thai he is at
; i'? riba'ni l1"! whether f?>r the purpose
KhUnS the Kl ??worth hill or not la not known
vi 5E ? nrd ?reset led to the iv-mmlMmn the forma
It.ho.even certificates granting ?-ertr.inrn.nrh ?...
, , ,, \ i,' iitan company, ss suggested In and
iubieet m the conditions contained fn the report of
till .'rtiit.-i t Committee, the subatanc? of which
,? imiv been published In The Tribun?
Mr B *. moved that th.? franchie. - i- approve
?,,-th,- ,!'?"..-.????? executed as preorrlbed by the
art it m im then that Controller < oler ??nnoun.-e.i
(hit i,P ?ii'.i not wish to vote upon the 'jueatiot? of
mntlMttM franchi^ until h? had had an oppor?
iunitv To examine 'hem and mm,,i have them eX- i
amtned bv ?he eiisln-e.? of the Flnan?-e ?Depart
ment Consequently th? ' otnmlaslonera w?-r?- pow I
erles? t<> take action upoh the proposed --rants te ?
lh? M>ti'?nttnn compniiv. but l? la understood thru
the ttieiiih.TM <>f lha Board are ?,f ihr opinion that
Mr Coler"? ?uggeatlon wan reasonable, and that in
ao important n matter ev?-r>- opportunity for in
v? ?tit:nt .m t?v the administration ahoutd be allowed.
rhle? Engineer Paraona waa dlre.-tivi to o??nf??r
with the i-iii.-r engineer of the Finan..- Deport?
ment for the purpose of furnlahlng any Information
eoni-ornlnic the franehtses that mlicht be dfitlre.l
The Cotnnilanlon will meet again to-m.?trow after
no.hi at * o'clock.
It befante known at yesterday ? mMtlttf that the
roramlaalon bad not b?M?n ?o entirfh depondeal
upon the VOt? '.f the Havor or the < ontr.-illu-r us
was Kenernllv tlvmaht. Mr Or- haa In his poa
6>-?*?>lon the reixlKnntlon of Chart?? ?Stewart Hmlth.
who ts now In Europe. The Hoard Una the p.iw-t-r
to rill it?? own viitan-lea, and eone<*qiientlv. Mr
Orr ha? It In M? power to declare Mr SmKh'a I
position on the Hoard vacant, on whl??h the
Hoard mjv ele.-t a BU?*cea?or Imttie.ll.itely 4n,j
In thl" e-1*" ol'taln the requisite Mlxlh vote.
?\tr err explained to Mm eolleaifiiea yeater
,'llV ihnt the realniiatlon had !>e?n pla?Ped In
hi? hand? by Howard C. Smith, lo be u?aed If
neressarv, but that he (Mr <'rrl hoped that in
, ?harle* Stewart Imlth would be bach in ?few-Tork 1
by April ? it would he unneceaeary to .-?.>,-..{.t . ?,r
nac?? t.?n. Penn., March H The three hundred
m?-n employed al the Torktoirn Colliery of the i.
hijBh Vullev Coal Company went on airlke to-day.
This decision was reached at a meeting f Uta)
United Mm.* Worker? ?n Yorktown i 'I !ij
night Everything ii quiet about the wo-k-, >
violence Is feart-'l hy tiie official? The c. iae ? lb?
strike is dissatisfaction ove* the treatment ' a
fireman, w.io was reprim mded last w.-ek by th?
foreman, and tiion quit ?Aork.
Pan Francisco. March 22 Internal Re ? .- I '?M?
lector John c. Lynch, of th?' First ?District, : ft
C. Roll, of the Fourth IMstri-t, bsv? recelv? ? ? m
ploto return i of the production of sweet -.In
the State, ??p to the first of tho month Nearly ill
the wineries have furnished their Mason i ru 1
the total for the season of MS7-M ?rill excei ! thS
ratttllia already made by on;y a few thousand ftle
A recapitulation show? the total productl sf
?ho S?ute as follows: Port. S.04MIJ gall ?. ? y.
2,002,302 gallons, muacat, "?T:'.--:.', gallons - ?.
Ti* '.'? gallons, tokay. II.:;:. . 4
Ballon? Total. 6,4S6,tt| gallons Nearly ..!; ' ? mm?
?rlnes have already been sold.
Now that thoae figureg have been re .'?.!. '-?
tOI ? Output of wines in the State from I
i.ni.ixe can be given, in round number? It ? '.
ROO.iiw gallon?. ..f which 2S.00n.oin ?,- - ..
wines. This i? tho greatest production ' - US"
son In tiie history of tin? State
Reading, renn, Mar... 22. The Temple '.-" ;rr.ace
has been put In blast after an UUenesa I - ?r ?'
two years, and th?? pttddllng department ha? itsJiss
en doubl.? turn The resumption at I fttTSSM
and puddling mill give? employment t > - met
Colebrooh Furnace No, 2. of th,. t.? k . ?-*
Iron and Steel Company, at Weal L ?*
also leen placed In blast. On-* hundred -:"-?i titiT
men ?secured work.
A? soon as the St it? Boord i f I - ' "**
mally approved the Incorpor?t ton of 1 - - Ms?
mortal Hospital .n thi? ctiv referred to Is si
Albany dispatch puMlshed m t/aoteiday'? Tribu!)*
work will bo pushed forward With III y
Th? needed funds will be drawn from : M ?StsSl
of the* late Richard A ?torr?, wh i : >?? B*srlf
forty year? was connected with the Contrsisw?
office. Mr. Sf.irrs left BO ?hlMi.-n. and III? wteWS,
who lives in North is.iiem. is greatly li ;
this memorial, while the ? ospii - j
mulnly for treatment of the chronic di?es?ea \
women, tiie charter la left without ??
so\. ?Several sites in the clt) ?re hem,:
and the plans ar.? being disc used -,
after tim hearing by tne Slat- Chant ??- Bo ,
the application i? successful. ? permanent Boere*
Trustees will be chosen, ?nd th ' '"'
The incorporatora and temporary truste,-?? ir? M'*_
Cornelia K r?t?.its. of North fJalem M ? Wits
A Houston, ?f Cblcsfo, and Mr?. Iren.? K v*9?
son. Mrs Neva l> Iherwood snd MIm Myri -*
Martin of this dry.
Albany. March 03 The following ?u.'k OmmrrrM
were Incorporated to-day
Ph.-enix Toil.t Taper Manufacturing ?ompomyg
West Phoenix. On?ondaga t'ouniy; caplial * ?? l.
tector.? William H Hoffman, of 8t1 H ?.?"
N I?. W??.?t and K. r? Iloffin.in. <?f Theiux
dam. capital. .."..???? Director? Rarvoj -''l"''\'
A A ?'halmera. F.mma ?' Chalmers, V
Hampshire Peer] Button ?omgan) 't ?
?':hni!ners,'"a'iVd'Heleni H ?Downey, of Amsterdsi
end Si.-phen Jorgensoa, H ?ber I Smith snd wem
Smith, of Willlamsbiirg. Mass
Polaw.iro \a1b-v ?'r.-smory c,?nip?"v * **?
Delaware County: capital, ?WO- l'?'"??:",,r\, '.'.,.??,
Montgomery, O. P Moire, j K M '? '? ^XlntetkX
M D Parao?u. David Vsn Dvk? J inv *> ? ". ,ry~
WIlllSBS Anderson and P. ?i Slnim "iv ? f R ?i
lUolMWMa Mining Compau?. of B?lsat*tMO
Essex County; .?pit-i. Bfioi Directors*'"
Hand. Harry Hals and M C ferry.
l4incnster Ma'.lesble Iron Works of I ? ;? t
Erie County; capital. I160.?> Wwjw??ff"?ji
E Rood ami EufOltS chamberlain, of Uunaw. ??
William BrownclT. of Lancaster.

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