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troop* malntalned throughout th* *-r*ater part
of yeaterday an attack by land on Santlago de
<__ba, and th* Bpanlah reportB eay the gar
rlaon loat heavlly ln kllled and wounded.
The mllltary commander of Santlago de Cuba
acknowledgea the follo4ving easualties among
th* land forcea: Colonei Ordone*. Captaln
Bancbea, L,teut*nant Yrliar, of the artlllery, and
Perea and Oarcla. both SysnlDh ofnccr-. were
aeverelv wounded.
The Bpanlarda alao admit that twentr-one In?
fantry aoldler*) were aeverelv wounded, and
Bay one aoldler war. Wlled. But It ta believed
the lospen of :h.*Rpanla.-d'i were much hcavler.
In tbe naval force. the Ppinlards say that
the nffirer who waa Baaend ln eommand of the
partly atemaatled BfMUB?h cr.ilaer Reina Mer
e?des. and flvr sallcr* and an enalgn were kllled.
The Bpanlah r-nllors wounded. lt ls asscrted,
numb?r six'ocn
Tb" Spanlard* HCrriiowledxe that a great der.l
fit damaga wa* laAleted on the. Bpanlah crulser
T.elr.a Mercedes, and they say Morro Castle
8i).>w* great gaplng brr-aohes ln Its v.alla.
T.nter ln the day, H oppears, n landlng of
American troops waa gffettt*. n-ar Datq-iri,
Bpanlah cmlser sald to have been sunk In Bantlago Harbor.
some dlstance eaat of Aguadores and near the
atatlon of the rallroad eonnectlng with Santiago
de Cuba. Later an engagement took place be?
tween the Amerlcan force and a column of
Bpanlsh troops whlch had been sent agalnst
the landlng party. The accounts of the batt>
obtalnable here. belng from Spanish souroes, do
r.ot aet fortli the result. Therefore. it is to be
Inferred that the Amerlcans were vlctorlous, and
that la the belle? whlch prevalls here.
It ls BRld that only flve hundred Amerlcan
troops were landed at Palqurl. or posslbly at
Agundores, the two places beinc mixed up In
the reports recelved here. But, lt eeems to be
admltted that the flre of the Ameriean aoldlera
was so effectlve that the Bpanlarda were ccm
pelled to flee from the fortiflcatlons they were
Flnally. there ls a report current at Cape Hay
tlen that the Spanlah flrat-elaas armored cruiaer
Maria Tereaa was aunk yesterday ly the flre
of the Amerlcan shlpa.
lt ls further reported here that the Cuban
forc?s attaoked Santiago by land durlng the
Amerlcan hombardment, infllctli.g I)C84T lessea
on the rarriaon.
Madrid. June 7.?The foliowlng offlcia'. dls
patch has been recelved here from Havana:
"Colonel Aldea. commandlng a Spanish col?
umn. has had some sharp f.Rhtlng wlth a body
of rebels who were support^ng the landlng of
an Amerlcan force near Sant'atro de Cuba. Two
Ameriean warshlps proteeted the landlng party.
Tho result of the operations is not known.
"It la supposed that the renewal of the hom?
bardment of Santiago de Cuba, lastlng from 8
to 11 o'clock on Monday mornlng, was intended
to dlstract the attention of the Spaniardr. and
ermhie th? landlng to be effeotcd without mo
A later dlspafch from Oeneral Aldea says not
one of hla aoldlera was hit by the Ameriean
ehells, whlch, h* asserts, fell among the ln
bu: gL-nts.
(Opyrtjlit: ISHi. Th* Aaa .-latefl rrrss )
Htwar.a., June G. 10 p. m (IX'layed ln trans
miaaior).?Do'.alls from Spanish aources recelved
here to-day ol the bom'r.ardment thls (Monday)
Bpan!a? cnilier aald lo h_ve been badly da.nag.d aad her enmmander kllled by Amerlean shelli.
mornlrg of the forts of Santiago de Cuba by the
Amorlean leet, aa;- th* warshlps of the t'ntteJ
Staies flred about flfteen hundred projectiles <;?
all klnds. Thla flre. tho Bpanlarda add. was an
ewered by Morro Caatle and tbe batterlea at
Zocapa and Punta Oorda. At r.oon. H 1? added.
another bombardment began against Aguador**.
?aat of Santlago de Cube. the flrlng laMIng aM
hour. B?th attacka. the Spanlard* a_?ert. were
Morro Caatle la admltted to hnve been dam
_ged, aa waa tbe "exterlor h**-.;uart*r? bullt
* *
Rear Admlral Ocwey.
Onr boya Ir. blue have ron* to thruflh the boas-t
ing 8panlr.h Nation,
Whoae fyrar.ny oYr Cuba dlagra.-aa all creallon
Thelr medlolne is ahot and ahell; the Rpanlards
now are qunklng,
For there Is qutte a dlfference before Hnd nft*r
Thla fact waa qulckiy prr.ved to them hy Dawey
at Manllla,
The Bpanlah Van't Ueh Urcle Kam. for he ta'.ica
l'a Saraspavlila.
? *
make ;i specialtv of sets of
in compact chests holding upward
cf three dozen pieccs; particularly
suitable for
23 Maiden Lane
durlng tlme of peace at C44YO Bmlth." and. tn
addlthm, the BJnaniah CTUbsW Rclr.a Mercedes Is
admltted to have been "allghtly damag4fd.M
The Spanish commander at Santiago de Cuba
repOTta that the Amerlcan f.re dld not dlamounl
BM place of artlllery, and he says that nir.e of
the Amerlcan vessels "disappeared from Blghl
before dark."
Tha Spanish Army losscs, accordlng 10 the of
flolal reports, nre one soldler bllled and one
chlef. four ofllcera and twenty-one soldiers
wonndad. The Spanish Navy losses are rep'.rted
to b8 one chlef and tive sailors kllled ar.d one
Offlcer ar.d twelve sailors wounded. The Span
!sh verslon of the affair aays "the American
I losse.a are believed to be conslderabla "
I'nptaln-Or-ne-a! Blaneo has eoncratulatc.l
I Cc!-?ral I.innres. the Spanlsh Military romman
der at Santlago de Cuba, and Iheae who took
I part ln the flghtlng, saylng he wlll call the at?
tentlon of the Spanish Oovernment to the
??herolfim exhlhl'ed by all the Spanish for. cs In
such an uneqnal combat."
London, June 7.?Admlral Sir John Colomb
I wiitea as follows to 11 mornlng newapaper wlth
i rcf.-reme to the altuatlon at Santiago de Cuba:
'?l ati Incllned to thlnk that for th" imn^se
> of bloeklng thft egreM ?f a boatlle war aquaS
j ron this operatlon Of slnklns the Mrrrlma.- ls
I a unl.i'ie !des. though blrcklng up an cnerny'N
: harbor by slnking shlp* at the entrance la not
! new. ?Whai may be noted. however. wlth ad
i vantag" ls that the pecullar pollry of Ad
! mlr:.l Sampson ls the pollcy of greater Ad
| mlra'.s. aapeehUly of I.ord N'elson, which was
to tempt a blockadrd fleet to ptit to aea In order
that It mlght be fallen upon and destroyed;
for"when Ihla haa been done a blockadlng fleet
18 rr-lieved to <arry out other dutle*.
"Sampson wants erery f?hip that can bo
sraird. and if the Spanlsh shlp* are really
blocked ln much of hla blockadlng force may
be detached. Stlll. our pollcy in a UlM case
would mn bloeh the channel, and would only
hav.- left a sjua.l.on off Sanilaso lar-je enough
to make a falt fight Bhould Cervera determlne
to tn- hi* fortunea. Nevertheleea, Admlral
BampBon'a actlon conflr.na what naval men
v. ho nre alao Btudenta of naval hUtory hnra
alwaya inslsted upon, tha*. tha entry of war?
shlps Into th* porta of an enemy araa no more
llkely to be the praetice of eteamera than of
aalllng Fh!r???,?
"All through thls war, however. what waa
expectrd by th" advanced Fchoo] of naval thlnk*
ara, and 8 thlng upon whlch, Indoed, much
of our own pollcy haa been founded. has
been con:spicuous by absence. Admlral Samp?
son har never used his torpedo-boats aa it was
Bxpectcd Ihey would be used. He has never
sent one of them Into a Cuban port bv nlght
to deetroy ships sur-h as mignt be found at
"It is plaln that lf a -,000-tOn shlp COUM run
into the narroweet rart of a ehannel at mght,
llttle torpedo-boats mlght have swarmed rigl,t
throupin and Into the Inner harbor. What
has caused the cxpectatlon of theae advanced
naval thtnkera to ii?> dtean**a*4nted cannot yet be
known. but un'.ess thinK* alter before the war
|l oyer we sha! be found rec r.siderlng our
pollcy In this rejjard
"The offlcera and men of the Merrlmac have
clenrly acted with the greateal gallantry, Riid
qi ite poaalbly Admlral Cereern'a reoo^nition
of i: may ba a Btep toward peaee.
"But I do not understand about Nava'. Cnn
Btrnctor Hobson. Whoever commanded the
Bhlp mUfl have had great oxpei>nce in pllot
age. A nava! archltect has n< v.e. All the work
to be done waa It b speclal aanaa that of ?
BBVal Offlcer pure nnd slmpie, and I cannot
understand any or.e else belng chosen."
Chlcn?ro. .Tur.e ".? "I eonelder the Amerlcan Navy,
rMp f'->r i-hip. ?:un for gun aml ni.-m for mnn, un
eeunltc by nny nnvy ln tlie world to-day," says
ex-Presldcnt Harr.son. -"Ihe co.irne-e and dsrtni;
of ..nr men. the i" raonael/bf IhC I.flicers of our
ahlpa, ihe gunnery. the nervc and BBtrft munlfeat'.J
ln all done, offer to th.- world lha Bpectacle of a
navy for whlch there I* no BO| erlor "
Whlle declinlnit for ohvloua reeeoaia to dlseii?s the
war ltae!.', Mr. llsrrlson spoke wlth entriiiel.mm of
the prea tn aea of tba aet <.t Ueutenani Kebeon in
ainkiriR ti,e MertiBaae i'i tba barber of Bantlago
"The aet of Lieutenant Lobron." he nalrt, "haa
few. lf any, paraiiels In tt-.e hlatory af the world.
At Manlla the a-t nf ronimodore Dewey waa brnve,
b ;t he entered a boetlla h.irbor to glve shot for
Bhot. to beat down hla r.ss'.llants, io trlumph hy
the force af hla arms.
"Lieutenant Hobaon and his herolc cfOW not only
went wlth the Menlrr.nc Into the rnnxc 0f nn awful
fire. aaabal to reply. hut wltl. the Inienor <>f thelr
vea*el loadod arlih torpeUoee for her deatruction, st
the proper tlme They went ln unaMe to flre one
gun at the enemy. snd prepared to deetroy the
very deck under thelr feet. \Vt acarch the ragea
of nlatory In valn to find aome aet of herolsm ur
eountry snd flag thal upproache* thla."
(ontlnnad trom Mr*? I-BT**
the batterlea on the hlll tOfg, but thelr flrlng waa
Prevlous to the bombardment. orders were la
aued to prevent flrlng on Morro Castle. as th*
American Admlral had been Informed that Lieu?
tenant Hobson and the other prlsonerB of the
Ifert?nae are conflned there. In splte of thla,
however, several atray shots damaged Morro
Castle somewhat.
Commodore ;->h!ey's llne moved closer In shore.
flrlng at bhorter range. The Brooklyn and Texas
caused wlld havoc among the Spanlsh shore
batteries. qulekly allenclng them. Whlle the
larger shlna we:-e engaglng the heavy batteries,
the Suwanee and the Vlxen closed wlth the small
Insbore battery opposlte them. ralnlng rapld
flre shota upon It and qulckly placlng the bat?
tery out of th* flght.
The rtrooklyn closed to elght hundred yards,
nnd then th* destrttrtlon caused by her guns and
those of the Marblehead and Texas was really
gWfuL In a few mlnutes the woodwork of Ls
trella fort was burnlng. and the vattery was
eller.ced. flrlng ro more durlng the engagement.
Kastward. the New-York and New-Orleans
sllencel the Cavo battery tn qulck order, and
then shelled the earthworks located hlgher up.
Later the flrlng was not ao accurate. owtag
to the elevatlon of the guns Many of the
shells. however. landed, and the Spanl4h gun
ners retlred
Bb rrtly nfter 0 o'clork the flrlng ceaaed. the I
wnr-hips turnlng ln order to pertnlt the use of
their porl batteries. The flrlng then ra-nmc a
long. reaerberatlng crash of thunder, and the
Bhells raked the Spanlsh batteries wlth terribh
effect. Flre i.roke out ln the Catallna fort, an.'. .
allenc d the Spanlsh guns there.
The (irlng of tba fleet cmtlnued untll 10 ',
o'clork, When the Spanlsh flre ceaaed entlrely.
and Rear-Adtntrai Sampson bofarted the "Ceaee j
flrir.p" BlgnaL
OtntrallT. th* flre of the fleet was very
destructlv*. Many of the earthworks were
knocked to pleres. and the Estrella and Cata?
llna fortlflcatlons were *o damaged that it Is
questlonable whether or not they Wlll be able to
rr>n*-w nny eflf*etlv* work rliirlnr th* war.
After the fleet had rettre.1 the Spanlards re?
turned to some of thelr guns, and sent Iwelve
Bhella after ihe neet. Bnl no one was Injnred
one iar>;e ahell Wl cloaa to tho collter Juatln.
Tbrougbonl the angagement, no Atiierlr-an
Bhln was hit. and no Amerlcan was Injnred
if the Bpanlarda atuch t.? their a-nns. nnd all
evidence la to the contrary, their loaa mual
ha\e been heavy.
Waahington, June 7 (Speclal). -The atege gnna
that are golng la Cnba wlth the army <.f in
va.ion have nearly "M eome from small ports
not a 1 ai' Of the ,-.-k ila- eoaet dofeno* plan. but
cpea te atack from the sea. and from many
citie.a ,.f conalderabla Impajrtanoe. The plan of
mountlng these guns uaa carrled out by Oen
erai Wtleon, Chlef of Englnaara, Brhe maaaged
before the war began to get together a mimti'-r
of converted Old rlilea and amooth-borea and
place them In p,,sltlon for the defeneea of such
porta aa Pori Royal, sflami, Jupiter Inlet. st
aUgUStlne, and s-vcral of the smsller towns
along the Oulf Tonst These pur.s jtave a fnlr
defi nce, the Oeneral says. and would have kept
nt dlatance any light-draught shlps entcrlng
tne [,,,rls where they were mounted.
Senator Tlllman w?b one of the m.?at per
slstent advociirs r.f sendlng guns tn thene llttle
coaai towna, and anceaaded ln getting the month
of the Cape Kear well protecud. other South
ern SenalorB pneentod fltn.ng arguments and
uaed auch pereuaalon for defending ports in
thelr State., that soon all the slege guns avalla
bla ?' ie mounted an imrrovised ainplaeementa.
All thls was a< i oir.pllshed at cniisldeiable out
lay of money. Lntcly orders eame t<> ahlp every
Held gun lo Tampa and other ports where troops
are to ernbark for Cnba, and the yvork of rernov
Ing the pieces wna begun. Henatora are now
proteatlng agalnal th-ir retnovnl, but they have
been aaoiireil that. wlth Cerarera ln Santiago
and the Cadla fleet tOO derreplt to croas the
ocean, the in"?t cxpon.-.l port nerd have no fear
from Spanish boml.ardment. If any of the
enemv attaek these ports the war offlrlals say
that the old arnoOth-borea nill keep off any
shlps that could get cl?.se enough Inshore to
opeiate thelr guns Bitaxeaafulty.
Madrid. June 7, 10 p. tn- ln the Chamber of
Depntles Captaln Aun?n, Mlnlster of Marlne.
read Admiral Cervera's dlspateh and a dlspatch
from Oeneral lllaneo to the effect that Oeneral
Llnares had repulsed an Ameriean attempt to
effect a landlng of troopa at Aguadorea.
The Senate, afler hearlng Admlral Cervera'a
dlspatch, unanlmoualy reBolved to eongratulato
the army and navy.
London. June 8.?A dlspatch to "Th* Dally
Chronlele" from Olbraltar aaye that Admlral
Camara, wlth tho Cadlz resenjre squadron, wlll
aall for Cuba ln a fortnlgbt
Dr. Lyon's
Toofh Powder
Used bf paopla of n-flnrrncnt
for ovor n quart'-r of a century.
Washlngton. June T. The extent af ^^
attack on tbe Santlago def, n-.-s has brought OUI
one fact r-learly. nan.oly. that he has prac.lcallv
,,nlimlt..dpow,,ast.. tbet.m.andcharncterof
nn attack. nnd that be 18 unhampered b> re
. , ?- ?, u'aaMnci.Mi The exaet nature
atrlctlnnsfromNNasi.ingi.il. ??
Of his orders haa neve.- been made publlc. but a
naval offleial m ? poaltlon to know what they
are sald ihat Admlral Sampson had greater
Dower cooferred upon hlm than had arer been
given 10 any .ommander-ln-rhlef. N was for
hl,n io dedde etl tha time for an attack. and the
place and manner of Ita executlon. Be may at
Uck befon troopg arrlve. or. ln nta ?iie.-r*M..n.
?,t wlthou! ihe co-operutlon of troop.,. or, li
clrcumstancea rarrant, he may refraln from any
In shon lt ls sald that Admlral Sampson M
eompleta auurter of tba tactlcal and atrateglc
operatlona by the naval foreea -.rr santiago.
This la ln llne wlth the pollcy npprov.-d by the
hlgheal naval authorltlea Captaln Mahan. ?
member ot th* War Board. brlnga out in his
?tandard work on "8an Power." that It ia for tha
naval comroander-?n-chlef to orgsnlae nnd <n
rert his offenalva or defenalve operatlona. In
referrlng to the brilllanl leaaon alforded by Kel
son. Rodney, rarragul and other great com
mandera-m-chief. be glvea them cradil for work*
|BC out and exeoullng the Bplendld campalgn*
under thelr dlreetlon. wlthout ordera or reetralnt
trom ouulde authorlty Th- only reaervatlon
made in this general prlnriple ls that the centra
of goverfimeni ihapei general poUoleg, nnd the
naval eampdlgni are dlrected toward the exe
eutlon of thla general purpoa* of the Oovern
rru :-.?
In the present oase the aothoiitle. here have
laid down the general enda to ba attained m
Cuba and Porto Rl. ?. and tbe War Board has
mipplemented thla wlth every bll of lnformatlon
trhlch could aa lal the ? mmander-ln-chlel But
i thls, Admlral Samp-on'a authorlty I*
praetleally wlthout llmll. Under the.an drewm
ataneea lha nnval iuthorltlei here Bnve n<>
meana of knowlng when a battle ls to be expect
...l. or what the line of actloa 1.4 v> be.
Waahington, June 7. Tha cable cuttlng ahlp
sent down by ihe Blgnal Corpa to Bantlago to
eut the cablea co meetlng Cuba with tbe outside
world haa not yet completed that work, fbt Oen?
eral Of-iy, who la dlreetly Ib charge of lts
work, had aetlea yeaterday that tha cabla lea.i
ing from Ouantanamo t" Haytl was atlll ln oper
etton. This parii.-uiar cable araa reported ln the
pr.-f.s dlapatebea lo have been eut. but it is
probable thal a mletaka has been made an.l that
<,ne of the loeal <-ables runnlng alone; the Ouban
co.ist was cul under the Impreasjton that it was
the maln line it is belleved, however, that thls
last Unh that renialna to ennnect Ma.lrll and
Havana wlll not exlnt more than a day or two
1 11 ..? :
The cable.4 rontiectlng Key West nnd Havana
w.ii 11,,1 i,.- interfered with l.y the Oovernment,
Inasmueh aa t)..- cenaorehlp eaerelBed at Key
Weei preventa them belng us?d in the spaniBh
lntereat, The Government stin permlta eommer
ci.ii meaaagea to paaa over these cablea provid
Ing they do not contaln Informatloa that would
be ,,f aaalatance t,, Bpaln ln ronductlng the war.
it in auppoaed thal under the gulaa <>f a anaa*
naercial meaaaga the report renciie.i Madrid of
tlu- arrlval yesterday at Havana of the ahlp
Ardllla, with a l"iid of cattle.
WashlnRton, June 7. Informatlon recelved
here to-dnv Indlcated that the French cable
betyveen Bantlago de Cuba and Haytl had not
been worklng ajnea mldnlght last nl*;ht. If
Bttch ls the case Oeneral Illaneo la eut off from
communlcatlon wlth hirt home Oovernmi-nt by
that means. At the same tlme, lt la underatood
that one of the Knnllsh cabk-a runnlng aouth
from Cuba to Jamalca Is atlll In operatlon, al?
though the ofTtclals find conslderahlo dlfHculty
In obtalnlng Informatlon regardlng the work?
lng of the cablea
The dllHculty of euttlng off the Spanish from
their home 0,.vernment has demonstrated the
neceaslty for the 1 Jovernment 4>wnershlp of a
cable-ve?,(??l, and Oeneral Oreely, Chlef Blgnal
ottVer of the Army, ln speflklng about the mat?
ter to-day, sald he hoped that hereafter the
l'nlted States would own such a Bhlp, whether
the eountry was at peace nr at war. One could
be easlly purchased for $310,000. he aald. and
if the Slgnal Bervlcf had had ruch a ahlp at
lts eommand nt the bejrlnnlng of the war, Cuba
would have been laolated ln a week, ao far aa
the cable yvaa concerned.
London, June 8.? The correspondent of "Tha
Ttmes" at Klngston, Jamalca, Baya:
'Tha Oovernment here Ib much exercleed ovar
tha anforoemant of the neutrallty lawa ln Ita an
deavor to do strtet Justice to both partle*. A
caa* ln point la that of the Bpanlah ateamer
Purl*lma ConeepHon. wlth a load of provlslons
for Manaanlllo. Cuba. Tbe American Consul haa
protested that these provl.lons were Intended
for the Spanlah foreea. The general bellef la.
however, that they are not contraband. The
matter ls under the conslderation of the AttOT
"In th* case of the newspapcr dlspatch boata.
the Government haa deelded that these ran
?nier for coal whenever they rhonsr There are
no fe.ver than flv* here to-day from Santlago."
Wanhlngton. Jun* T.-The Republlcan mem
bers of the Conference Commlttee on the War
Revenue blll wore ln OAUCUa for about four
houra to-day. and It ls rtated by members of
the cnuous that they practlcally reached an
agreement on the inmt Important KaOM of dlf
ference between the two bouaee. They relate
to the eolnage of sllver bulllon. the form of the
homl provlslon and the amount of the bonds.
the Inherttanc* tax. the duty on tea. 8t*. Tlu>se
qoeatlona have not yet been ralsed In tbe full
oonference. and the RepubUoana decllna to state
any pototB of thelr agreement. The genera lm
presslon among Senators ls thnt there wlll M
aome provlslon Mr colnlng the rolgnlornge and
poaeibly al. tbe a.lver bulllon ln *?* J"*?*'
but lt ls not believed that the terms of the B*n
ate provlslon wlll be acepted wlthout materlal
modlflcatlon. .
The reeult Of the Oregon electlon atrengther.ed
those oppoaad 10 maklng any c.n<essiona lo tfi
v?r but It also had the effert of causlng the
Western Republlcan Senators to be all the
more clamoroua for recognltlon. They enpreaa
eonfldence that thelr repreaontatlon* wlll not go
unheeded. and th-y profes* IO speak upon as
surances from Republlcan members of the con?
Two Beeotona of the Ml commlttee were held,
but ln the.-e only matters of minor Importanoe
were pasaed upon, and as a rule the Senate
amendments on these mattera were aocepted.
Among tbe changea was one In the beer tax
provlslon, maklng It dollnlte that the stock on
hand exempted ahould be the stock Ih the hand*
nf dealers and not of browers. There ls a con?
test over the Senate amendment exemptlng the
toharro stock on hand from taxation. but thls
BebedUla has not been passed upon. The Indl. _
tlons are, however, that the Senate provlslon
will Btand.
The House ronferrees are maklng ft deter
mlned eonteal t.> reiiev.- Ineuranee agenta fr>..-n
the 11,-ense of 8.12 a f?T, and they have Indl
.nto.i _ tendeney to alhn* the tax on bankera.
brokers, tbeatres. eic, to Btand if the Insurance
agents are not taxed They are also maklng an
onalaught on Senator Chllton'8 amendment >>x
tendlng the provisions ln regard to proprlriary
medlclnea la other artlcle*. and the Senate's
repreeentatlvea inuicate a dlapoettlon to yield on
this polnt
Senator Alllson expressed the oplnlon at noon
thal a report wollld be made to-morrow, but
wh.-n adjournment was tak.-n for the nlght he
modlfled the Btatajnent, aaylng that. while he
thought the commlttee could conclude lts work
to-morrow, it would not be nMe to report bafbra
Triere are." he sald. "many thlngs on whlch
we are on th" Verge of agreement, but no lm
portant mattera on whlch we can he sald to
have reached a complcte underatatxllng "
?__ a?
Montreal, tjuebec, June 7. Ko actual move has
yet been made ln the i-aplns case agalnat Lieu?
tenant ("arranaa an.l Sefior Du itnac. but thelr
eounsel wlll try to have ihe capius quashod
to-morrow or next day, nnd If successful wlll
have Hetectlve Kellert arr.-sted ftKaln, thls tlme
for mallelous arrest. It appeara that though a
selaure was put upon thelr depoell in the Bank
of Montreal. the Bpanlarda managed to wlth
draw thelr money bef,?re the papera were rerved.
Washlngfon, June 7. -It wlll be g,,od news for
many persons Interested, dlrectiy or Indlrectly,
In claims ngatiist the Spanish Oovernment tcrow
Ing out i.f III treatment In Ouba or 1088 to prop?
erty sustalne.l there to know that the State De?
partment has not loal alght 4>f them, and that
thelr IntereetS are to be fully conaerved when
It comes to n tlnal Bettlement between the l'nlted
States and Spaln. These clalins on flle In the
State Department now amount to an Hggregata
of iMoVXH.',!**), and It Is the purpose when a
trosty of peace Is drawn to provlde thereln for
their aettlement, alther dlrectiy or through the
more nsuaBBnieiiiis of a Jolnt claims eommlsaUm.
- ?>
Key Weat, Fla., June 7 (Hpeelal).- Lleutenant
Commander Klward W. Hturdy, commandlng
the I'. fl. S. Pompey, a eolller, dled on board
hla shlp yesterday afternoon from apoplexy.
The Pompey w.is nn her way here wlth a cargo
of coal for the fleet. havlng left Norfolk Navy
Yard last yveek. Captaln Sturdy was aomewhat
unyvcll durtng the trlp, but no aerlous reault was
nntlclpated untll yesterday, when the fatal
stroke eame.
The body was brought Into port thls mornlng.
The funeral >vns held In the Flrst Methodlst
Chureh thla aft?rnoon. An escort of three com?
panlea of martneB accompanled the funeral pro.
eefislon to the rlty cemetery. where the btirla'
took plare, wlth full naval honora.
Lleutensnt-Commander Sturdy leaves a wtdow and
three daughtera, all llvlng at Annapolla. near the
Naval Academy. He wna born ln Maaaachusctts,
and entered the Naval Academy ln Fer.ri.ar>, lstV.
He waa promoted to be enalgn In 18*8, and wns at
Uched to the Unlted States ahlp Penaaoola, on tba
Paclflo BUtlon, for two yeara. Ba reeehad tha
Memory of The Boys of '98 will
never fatie, neithcr will our Blue
Serges and Cheviot*. Suit to order,
$1600. Trousers. $4.00.
A year's guarant _ or money
back is the protcction we give.
Broadway & 9th Street
Slrength, V.tality, Manhood.
A prlrate nn.l Perfect VAPF. MECl M. A
f>4 \>n tr r*Tiphl?l, -!ih *l*_?nt nd!' I r.*\ ?r.l (.eautifulr*
clore.1 A latOBllral Enaravlri*-.. f i? tha r-at Me^le*!
? ?nmp*r*tum ever laeued. n Hlll 11 "TF.n VITAL
PO'l'lvXfV and Al.l. *4%KAK.M:?*SK?i anl l)|S.
BA8Uf> <>F MKX. II **ata?a Inatnuv na lla# ?'Arpia*
of (Jold I* PKiur-a of Sllxer" f'.r ?v?ry Man. YOl'G,
.1111)1)1.i;-?(ir.l) ar.d ?)!,!>.
Prl<-* N> cent*. but aent FREE, aei.*1. for Or. daya.
I'ubl.ahed bv tha oM. r-llabl- on* f*n -i? PIMHODY
Mr.tH'-M. IKBTITDTBJ. So. 4 HnTinch Ptrwt. Bo*.
lo* Opp?.?,!? Ita.ar- II ii?j F.'-i'. . -. l?ir>.
Krom -Tha N*w York World." [>,*mr,?r *, 1?!?7:
"Il ^?n Indeed le atal?d -.llh.'Ut lieait.u. ?". or d.,ubt th*t
Ibe r*nY*Ay Medlral Inai'.tut* of Boiton. Maaa, la to-da
not only Ui* mon widely, r-'it ihe mul fav nbly knowa
for havln* the tareeat pa'.ron.ije ar,d IM?4 auoeaafal
prftctl.-* of any inatuutlon 8avo4-8 io the treatmenl of
dlae.nea lr ihe llne of Ila apeoialty In the ?**?l
?The TVabodr Medlral taittttlll haa rr.ar.y wocll-8*
lm.taiore. t.ut r, . e.piala " ?Hwt..n lierall.
Tr- Author. e *.rtlnr'il?h?.l N'ervo-Sp-c:*llat. iradoat*
rf Harvard V"dlceJ CMI-B*. .-.aea of UM> Alao. lat*
Su'ir-s of .',th Ma.fr. liejr Vnl.
Consultatlnn In p?r*on ar by let'er. _
i*; nn agigregatifrn of oomplicated machin
crv. Succeai in action depends largely
upon the sinooth wotiring of a nntltitude
ot parts. That is why so many battle
ships and cruiscrs use Yaciuim Oi'.s.
Commodore Dewey's Meet used them at
Manila. Yacuum Oils luhricate most;
they stop friction and save power-waste.
Thev are as tjood in n mill as abC-fd ship.
Other oils sell for le>s, hut Yncuuin OU*
cost least.
VE-- TortK orricn. 29 MOAOWAT.
H\\t ** popular Shcp."
Kor ,'Kir.:r> II uaei | Ihe l'*ri-itl
JOSErH P. McIR'ilH _ CO.
?r* ln 1'!. p?r lorni.
TVall Taiera an.l CottOfl BtufTl
Of Tb*l- <i*n !"><-i.l*r.a ar I iViorlnj-A,
Qualnt and Agraeab'.e Kurnltur*
01 Thelr , >?n laVMtlOB,
off*- The,r __du*lv* rro.luctloaa
tc Ti, ?e Wi. U.ah
Artiitic Thmaa ac Ka4*rat* Oaat.
wlth Sub?tr.niial DJaeoHBta to l.ibcral Uur*ra
rrlxiturtl)t Itnvt<ti?n I'erilinUy Inritrd.
iw Wtii F-p*ra ?nJ
??l.lberiy-- Fabrlea,
421 Bl w. ^r?r.-elf $.">.?? and o%?fV
ai tttr. Av*. carrtaaa Ptaa te *:i
I Parta af Um sta-.ta.
\Trttr1rmnrV H'j'tl.'
326 7th Ave,
MCAtl 2KTH 8T.
EMahU*-aa8 ian3.
Tel. 113_ .IMh St.
Brnd for 4 IrouUr.
mn 40_p_P3Ei-sr_____:i3vi__5
For Mka car* n? INSTITUTD
addi.tiona. *nd (or \KlK.iSi I'MElIA by tha OPP?_
IIKIMKlt 1 I4KK l'?1K\T. Kndoraed by W-din* pl _J
rlana For teallmonlai* *nd referenrea. *ddreaa, e*U ?
telephon* ???_.
1.11 1VEST 4-.TII BT.. XE1V YORIC.
Broadway and i?th Street, N. r.
S Maiden Lane, N. Y.
r*m* perfe*t DtHBUaa Baaaplata nh'-rPf,0,,\,_,_
healthful reaiilarlt*. I'ure Pyapepal* an.l Ita l'^rn ?n"
ui'.p'.eaaant aymptoma and r.Juvenate lha ayatam, 20 9m.
n box. At DrucRlat*. or by m*il. 53 Elm St.. N. i.
pUNrt flNE fiTronrruHH
I'rom Uphols4erv ?hop,
45 West 23d ggiBf
crade of lieutenant In 1ST1. whlle on ?P*^l--il ttljl
VashlRttqn. After * ahort eervlce ln ?ht;.lV.,;?
rranlilo Oftlr'*. h? wa* ordererl to ibe t ntted ?',l?
ahlp Waan. on the Bouth AUaatte Btailon. aa4 M
mainert th^ro for four ytwra. From 1IW ??> "" ""
w?a on duty At the Nnvni Otaarvatarr and waaiaaw
attaohad to tlie i'nlted State* ahlp Tie?Ao*aja lar
ihree yenrs. From IIM to UM ba araa oa ;????>'"
the Nautlcnl Almanao Offlce. ln thla cliy. part ? "?
time aotlna ?* -uperlnten.lent. nfter ? BHn ^*
**rv*d two yeara on the Kuropean Statl-n. nr?i o?
th* Qi.lnoS*ii_ and then on the Xfanaraa *8aP4?
formed ordnanoe duty at tho \\ anhlnainn J*!'
Yard from 1WT to llat, and wa* th.-n or.lered to ine
naltlmore. on the Faclflo Statlon. V*MO >a 88
malned untll Aprll. U9S. He next ?"?,"?
ly on the tralnlng-ihlp Rlchmond tB?tCM?taawtlOB.
th* Olympia. the Franklln. the .Mlnneapoll-. and n*
Wahaah. and crul*ed ln nearly aU parta of ??
world. Whlle attaehed to the .EteltfBMTS ln ""* "
rlflo h* reaeheil the grade of H?_?f*B??"<""*!S
ln Aprll. 5-. and aerved aa ?tl'"V, en iV .ttach*4
the veieela to whlch he waa eubicquently attacnea.
? ?
Key Weat, Fla.. June 7 (gpeclal).-Lleutenant
Commander J. N. Mlller. of the aunken 4*alllar
Mammae. haa baan aaalf nad to tha oaaimiaa ?
Um Pompajr.

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