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ealoon of an Atlantic llner ln a hurricane. Il
requlred any amount of adept manlpulatlon to
pllot a apnon from the soup plate to one's llpa.
?whlle at the same tlme taking cara that the
dlsh was not precipltated Into one's lap. I?ng
before the flrst log had been sailed larae nutti
bera of the pasJ-engors on the Cepheus retlred
to staterooma of approprlated flve or alx feet
of the aaloon couchee. and theteafter took no
ffjrther lntereat In the race. Thelr dlsappolnt
ment waa great but Inevitable. Nor were they
the only onesdisappolnted. Tbe seasoncd wator
men, who took ao more notice of thr- carcening
and dipping of tha Cepheue than they would of
the vlhratlnn of a Rrpadway oar. suffcred a fear
ful ahock early In the afternoon. According to
cuatom they left thelr fair frienda and relatlves
on the upper decks at frequent Intervals tO po
below to "aet the topsatla" and "apllce the matn
brace." Suddenly the whlsper went round
"thcre's not a drop of anythlng left." and from
that moment the flarkened skies were no more
glOOtny than thelr spirlts.
The story of the race does not requlre rr.uch
t. lllng. After about fifteen mlnutea" manopuv
r'ng for njcaltlon, ln whlch the two championa
?hOWed off thelr beautiful polnts. thelr splendld
quallties and graceful tearlngs. and drew such
t-ims of admiration from the onlookers ns
would deplete a whole dlctionary of adjectlvcs,
the Defender went over the starting llne two |
mlnutes ahead of the Columbia. In the heavy
?ea nnd stlff wind whlch prevalled the older
craft more than held her own. She rode the
combTS rloanly and wlthout an effort. and
etood up ln the breeze more flrmly. pcrhaps.
than the new champlon In thls flrst lep. a
beat to the wind ward, both boats wlth thelr
decka awash kept almr>st the same distance
from earh other as at the start. untll just be
fore the flrst mark was reached Then the
Columbia took the somewhat boid COurt* of
taklng a half hltch The manceuvre was attended
wlth excellent reaults, and then. headlng for
the buoy wlth a broad quarter wind, amid the
greateat excitement, she walked by the De?
fender and rounded the mark nearly two mln?
utea to tbe good.
After thnt, on tho next two legs, a broad reach
and a cli.se reach, the eontest became a proces
slon. with the Olumbla ultimately wlnnlng by
3 minutes 81 seconds.
That her advantage would have been greater
than thls had she be?n handled as well as was
th" Peferd.T. and had as good fortune, was
agreed hy all who wltnessed the race. It was
apparent that her crew were somewhat green,
l.ut the alacrlty with whlch the new JlbtopaaU
will Btd demonstrated that lt will requlre only a
llttle practlce to brlng the crew up to the degree
of excellence shown by the Pefendor's men.
Ern?st ?tapleB. one of the best known men ln
the New-York Yacht Club, commenting upon
the ra. e to a Tribune reporter, said: "From
?what I have seen of the race, I do not thlnk
the Columbla's forestaysalls and club topsails
fitted well. At the same tlme. I cannot pass
very well upon the merlts of the two yachts. be?
cause I do not kni.w how good the bottom of the
Defender ls-whether she ls as smooth as she
w? ln 1M6. Takinjr all ihlngs lnto ennsidera
tlon. I thlnk the Pefr-nder showed herself a
pretty good boat. But that only goes to show
that the Columbla ls nn extremely fast boat. It
ls too early yet. however. to Judge of her exact
speed. because they have not got her properly
tuned up. Taking everythlnc into conslderatlon.
she performi'd well, especlally when it is re
membered h>nv short a time her people have had
to gauge her and shape her up. The Pefender
Bld better ln the breese,. I think. but that little
Buperlorlty vanished ln the lljjhter winds. The
Columbla, taking nll ln all, waa manlfestly the
Buperlor boat of the two."
John Hyslop. the offlclal measurer of the New
BTork Yacht Club, said: "I thlnk that, on the
avhole, lt waa a very good average test. It would
have been better, however. lf the wlnd had held
ln the same quarter. and allowed the last leg to
t>e salled before the wind.
J. Li. Mott. Jr., said: "The Defender had very
much the best of lt ln the early part of the
race. Her salls fitted better than thosp of the
Columbla, and she ortalnly was superior ln the
freshenlng breeie."
J. Frederick Tams said: "To my mlnd the day
was not favorable to hrlnging out any really
deflnite companson of the relative merits of the
two yachts because of the shlfting winds. It
was. however, a clo.ee race, and the Columbla,
llke all new boats, wlll improvo as Bhe gi '
tune.I up."
Howird Coatcs. of the Larchmnnt Club Re?
gatta Ommittee. gave lt as hls opinion that
the Pefender showed up better than the Colum?
bla ln the stiff wlnd, but ln the smoother c4m
ditionB, he said. the Columbla both outfooted
and outpolnted her opponcnt. H'- found fault,
also, wlth the nt of the Columbia'.s mainsail
und forestaysall, and said he understood these
would be altered before the race at Larchmunt
Among the gaests and New-York Yacht Club
memht-rs on the OpheUfl were F. W. J. Hurst,
J. V. S. Oddle. Edward F. Darrel, Commander
Wllliam H. Emory, r. s. N ; w. R. Bchuyler,
Rrlgadler-(.enf ral Willinm .1. Hulings. Phlllp A
Strong. Wllliam A. Brown, John Hyslop, Major
Alfrcd Taylr.r, O. Kramer Thompaon, Charb s E.
Potter. Issuac Isi-lin. Captaln C. W. Philllps. C.
A. Van Renaaelai r, August Belmont, jr.. n. v.
R. Kennedy. W. A. RsJlSOtn, Jr.. C. F. Mathison,
James Eustls. C,. T-.d Ford. .1 H. Breslin, Wlll?
iam M. Klng. F. S. Cossens, Horace Bee, Ed?
ward J. CrciK.-n, F. M Wilson. R. P. Curtls,
PaymasKr H. T. I'.. Harrls, V. s. N.j Edward A
Pumni-r, Pr. John Vanderpoel, T. A Bronson,
th- Bj-_tB lajelln, D. Ployd Jones, winiam A.
Oagood. Alexander I.. Thorne, R. W. Rutberford,
A. W. H-.yt, Btepben Peavhody, Oeorge P. Mor
gan, (;<-..rK<- I ??? Foresl Barton, Robert Dunlap,
J. R. Harrin.an. Henry Marquand. Henry A
Roblnson. W. H. Hollister. C. A. Hallard. W.
Btanhope Collender, Trenor L. Park, C>nrad L.
Peters. H. K Payson, Charles S. Milllken. J.
Frederic Tatns. H. R. Haurper, Robert A. Oran
nis, Maurlce Bouvler and James W. Tappln.
Aa the ku-m boal Cepheua ateamed out into
the North River at U.'.K o'clock in the mornlng
the weather seemed tbrcatening. Raln aoon
dmve the passengers from th- OQter decks to
shelter. Through the drizzh* were seen fleets of
yachts out ward bound, BChoonera languldly
beatlng out in the llght aoatherly alr, cutters
with their Liggest club topsails set to hrlp
reach the start ln tlrne, little naphtha launches
and gaa englne affaira popplng along ki eom
j.any wlth the best sn-am yachts ln the world.
John D. I-ong, r-e. r-tary of the Navy. passed
on a tug. There were "blg people" ln every di?
reetion, rountlng in the passeng'is on all the
yachts and r>t'_.tnei_. Nobody was so "blg''
that he could afford to Ignore this OCCUfretlCC in
tha yachting world.
Aa the club ateamer pae.?ed down the Lower
BajT. n^ar B-Oa_ar Shoal Llght. the flrst gllmpse
of the big racers was had through the lnter
mlttent ralnfall. They were both ln law Of
tugs. hoiPtlng canvas aa they went out. <"?!!?
of thtm had her malnsail up, but whlch of the
two could not be discerncd Even when the
Cepheus came wlthfn range of a mlle tbe boata
could not be Identlfled. M the t-.ain. ;,ilK were
at exactly the same height.
At 10 .*..' O'clock. 3" tht* ateamer arrlved near
the Seotland Llghtahlp, the Defender waa aeen
aettirig a small club topaall. Thla waa partly
aheeted out In about flve mlnutea, when the
other racer bent on the halyardi to her klte
and aent lt up. It took some tlme for the mast
head men to get the heels of the yards lashed
on both bonrV. and then tho sails were sheete.l
home. At 11:5.' o'clock the Defender let go h-r
tug and stnggerr-d off nt a great pace under one
Jlb as headsall.
Then came a perlod of douht as to the eourse
whlch would ba chosen, durlng whlch the blg
Bagahlp Oorsalr came rushlng along mnjestieally
and ihowlng two flags hung rettlcally under
h.r rcd. whlte and blue and y-llow. These read
"T. Q.,'" whlch, being lnterpreted. moant. ae
cordlng to the eode. that the start would be
made from Sandy Hook Lightshlp.
Thls was made necessary by the fact that
from the Scotland Lightshlp r.elther a windward
nor a leeward eourse could be lald out clear of
all land. Through the raln. then, the fleet fol?
lowed the O.rsalr across to the Sandy Hook
Lightship. Thls removed the start stlll further
from the sailing vessels. whlch could not kc-p up
with the procession when the raln kllled the
wind. John R. Drexel's blg three-master Sul
tana came past, rolling hcavlly, and a lot of
others gathered near.
At 1228 the eourse slgnal was glven from the
Corsalr?Bignal T. Thls meant the thirty-mlle
trlangle. ten miles to a leg, with the flrst leg
dead to windward.
After the ten-mlnute slgnal. at 12:40 o'clock.
both yachts. belng then close together. hauled
thelr wind and went far toward the Naveaink
Heights. Then the Defender Jibed away and the
Columbia came ln stays. and both returned
toward the llne. The Defender was determlned
to got off flrat time. and ihe Jibed twice. while
the Columbia head-d ao cross. Bhe got the
starting gui at 12:60 o'clock, but she had al
ready crosscd the line. and had to return and
eross again. Owing to the premium that Is put
on alow starting ln these races. both boats could
have thelr starting tlme calculated for three
ininutes after the gun The Defender got off
well, but the Columbia had about two mlnutes
chalked up to her credit at her stnrt.
At 1 :_?<! they made thelr iirst tack. The Colum?
bia went into the atarboard tack to get clear of
the Defender's lee, but Urias Rhodes had no
notlon of allowing that. He came around at
once and KtOOd along to windward. Charlie
Rarr trled his best to get out of the trap in
Whlch Valkyrie II had YiKllant for two hours.
but luflinK wai no use. and a good full did not
run him past the wlndsplit. Each tlme he canu
into the wlndapllt from the Defender's sails the ;
Columbia dropped behind
At l:3r< o'clock the Defender came about. fear
lng to overstand the windward mark. The
Columbia continued on the same tack for a mlle.
to make sure of getting clear before followlng.
But thls aeemed to do her no good. She was
; not carrylng her sail as well as the Defender
She lay over to a greater angle. in the mean
tlme the Defender was making a grand tis-'ht for
it. and it waa hard golng for every foot ahe
| gained.
About 1:55 o'clock it was notlced that the wind
i was allghtly lighter and that "Charley" Barr
was trying another game with the Columhia. He
was trytnir a series of "pinches"?llttle short
runs up to windward, slitrhtly shaking and then
fall agaln. On the sehooner Colonia Barr met
no equal at this sort of work. but Captain
Rhodes, on the Defender. "saw him" every
; tlme. Rhodea was evldently eonfldanl in his
boat'a ablllty to be plnched and starved in
' windwawl work. Yet it was undeniable that the
j Columbia Improved as the wind lightened, nnd
when both yachts were alrnoet on an even keel
she began to draw up.
At 2:14 o'clock the Defender came about Into
the starboard tack off Seabright, and the Coium
i bia soon followed her down the eoast. Here. for
' the flrst tlme ,n the race. could be seen the long
bowa of both yachts lancing out of the waves.
The bow ef the Columbia was a reveiation Phe
seemed to be nothing m<>re than a shallow canoe
baek to about her mlddle.
Buddenly it was seen that the Columbia was
ai.ie to Improve her poaltlon, ns she took a short
1 board to windward and soon bepan to pass the
Defender. This was a Burprlne to all the gneati
on the Cepheus The Columbia forged Bteadlly
I ahead on a favorlng Blant, and rounded the
wJr ward mark at 2:35:30. The Defender had
cloae work to get around, but made the turn
wlthout a tack forty aeconda later. Tlmes at
flrst mark (unofflclal):
Columbia .\ * fu
Defender .2>1"
As the boats payed off for the second mark the
Defender'a crew waa ? lonp way amarter In
i settlng ihe larger Jib topaafl. It wa? up perfaapa
. a whole minute betore the Columbia sent up
I anythang. And then. just as th- big lifting sall
,i nnt on tha atay, it aplli In the
<.t.tre of the luff. and was immediatcly doaaad
and put out of sight in dimrrace. Another was
s-et up smartly. and the accident did not seem to
coat anythlng ln the relative posltions.
There was a squall comlng on here. or at least
every appearam e of one, and a good capful or
wind came out <>f the angry sky. The llghtning
had been apearlng th>- watera to th<- south for
aome tlme, Hut the racers made no preparatlon
ln the way of reducmg sail. Both ik-ppera
were golng 10 take UM squall all sat.in<lin*^. It
ditl not prove Of sullii ient viol<n. <? (<? ba dan
geroua to the Bttcka, and, though caureeaed for
a whlle to an Intereatlng angle. the two yachti
ruahed on through the rain and Itghtnlng wlth
ererythlng in good condltlon, They mnde one
ol the moal spirit-d yachting plctorea m- n
?Ince the Vlgthwt-Valkyrle li cdnteata of 1803
ln all thli ten-mlle broad reach, ln which both
bOOAa had all the wind they want-ii. tbere
,.,, .,. ., i, to chooaa between them. Tt
nbla added 1 minute 88 aeconda to hei
small lead. hut thls was done chlefly at the end
of the leg nnd at the turn. Tha commlttee boal
Corsalr. wlth commodore Morgan oa board, was
found anchored and ready lo take the offl. ial
tlmes nt ev-rv mark the yachts turne.l. She
was alao .it thla aecond buoy, and her speed was
much admlred. The racera arere tlmed iinofD
. ? ? > nd mark a.- followa:
Columbia .
Defender .?* ???
Just before making this tum the Defender
seemed to lose the wlnd and ran*. flre wofully,
j-o that some of the otheg*! lead at thls point
was not won ln th. salllng on even 1
The third leg of the course, whlch was salled
wlth the wlnd abaft abeam. waa almosl without
Incident worthy "f DOta. Accordlng to a certaln
dlvlfJoa, of ihf unoffiVlal timers on the Cepheus,
the Ih ft-idtr gained twenty-flve secojjds on this
leg. Thera u.'us a dirference of one minute made
ln th<- Defender's flnlsh among these tl:n> k'-ep
ers. but the idea here glven may b. < orrect. be?
cause at 4:12:30 the Columbla. which had baon
following the Cepheus and the Corsslr a
way OUt, i-uddenly haub-d up four p..:nts on di.
Bg Ihe right course. In thls way ahe
< rossed th< Defender's bow, and gave the lHtter
boat an opporiunlty to lle for the mark arltbOUl
golng through as much water. The boats dld
not alter their canvai- goiaafl hom-, tiolding to
their small jlb to|.?8ilB. ev.-n wh? n the wlnd
fair*-d m< re towurd the finlsh and both could
l.a- . i urrled l-all'on J1I.S. Aa nelther of thern set
these huRe bftmg sails, the rcBBjlti are probably
uliout the same. though lt dirl look as if the
crewa were nol hungry :o push their boota to
the last Inch. By one sectlon of the unofflcial
timers the boats were tlmed at the flnish as fol
l'.v b:
The pn-vious notr-s, havlng been wrltten at thr
tlmes of ihe happenlngj In the rate. ara ptioted
as they Bta_d, and serve tO explaln the ?<?
*x>mmaota and azparl vjawa
The Columbla has pr..\e.j herself to ba, in
Iny's condltfons, slighily better than the
faatest ilght water boat the world has e\*r
known, bul when lt t-t.ie to aeting ?er bvld
' ln her startlng p'*"4 ln th?* r?r throusrh al
most a whole ten mlbs of beatlng to wlndward,
lt must ba said thst there waB Bome dlsap
polntment. In ycsterday's race the people on
the CepheuB may ba regarded as falrly repre
senttng Ihe publlc. and whether or not they
wer.- carrled awav bv glowlng newspaper n
porta, it is at leasl certaln that they expected
the Columbla to do better. When. ln tha fresh
est part of the beatlng tO wlndward. they BBW
her slaylng and lufflng, and hunting any kmd
Of a hole to get out from under the lee of tlie
older boal arhan thev aaw bar lyihg over to a
1 markedly greater sngle and nol making as good
weather In tha baavvlesl pari of tha wlndward
s.-n thera waa a Mb-noe on the Cephi us that has
been known and fell before. when two of tbe
I chaiienners held almoal the aame company
' br-athiess. It wns an eloquenl allence that |o
taiiy dlssppeared when ih- Columbla Bl.l In
! toward the Jeraey coaal and ,;??( a favvorlng
i alanl that brought her down with a good full
j 4in the l.uoy an.l to wlndward of the Defender.
The Cotambla'a foresall is nol aettlng
Should, and her topaall will bear a llttle- BUrgl
! cal treatment wlth good affect, so that allght
! dlsappolntments are premature, bowaver nat?
Too much praise cannot be givfii to the way
the Pefender was handb-d. There was not a
(law anyv.here. Whoevt-r Bteered her kept the
Columbla nalled under her lee Just as long as
he wanted her there, and he had.to <"ome BbOUl
to find the windward mark. Jt waB then. ar.d
not tlll then. that the Columbla had a chsuce.
Agaln. th.- Defender was much srnarter wlth
s>-ttin? hr-r larper Jib topsoil. Thera was no
wrong aettlng and breaklng of sails ..n the r,P.
fender, an.l when a aall araa lowered it was" not i
dragged In the water as on the C ilum
.\s a wbols, tha questlon between Th.- Coium- '
bta and tha Pefender is far from belng aettled, j
but it, has been holled down by ycsterday's
proofa to a much more llmlted area, Judging |
hy yesterday. it might be said with some eon- i
fldence that in a heavy wlnd and *? b the Colum- i
bia wlll not beat the Defender, bul dllTerent |
conditions .pen new vlewa and to-morrow'a
race in .alm Larchmont waters wlll Just sult
the Columbla. The Defender made her l eal
showing in the heavy windward work, and the
Columbla was nowhere tui the nght weather
Btralghtened ber. Bhe was lugging over i?o
extra feet of lieam that she did not want.
The official timings. as iMued by tba i ..mmit
tee, are as follows;
Start Flr.ln.h.
Tl '? 11 M ? II M B H ?'? i
IB. 1 00 00 4 11 IB .1 17:88
- . 18:86:20 4 -ri 4<?
The Columbla wlns by 3 minutes nnd 3
onds. elapsed time Untll the offlcbil messure
ments of the yachts are announced, the time
allowed the Defender by the columbla win not
be known.
HFn OBEAT rin.\ronT anp immi:n?;: spread of
London. July a ?"The Ynchting World" ln to
d'tv's Is.-u-* savf; th< fact thnt the yacht Phimrock
prmiiTded where she did a few daya BgO shows that
the cballenger for the America's Cup draw_ upa ,-.i
of twenty feet of water.
The trial ra*es between the Shitnrock and the
Britannla will certalnly take place ln the Solent,
deaplt- 11 ;.? i ta to thi eontrary,
Tne ghamroek'a malnaall la the largeat rutter
malnaall ever bent in thu country, and preaenta a
beautiful spectacle. Th- canvae a'.on,* welghs
nearly -.:.."??' pounds.
Southamptr.n, July 6.- Th< yacht Shamrock Is nnt
yet ready t<. engage ln trial racea. fTorkiaaa are
still engaged in paintlng the rr.ift and flxing her
? l thal she wiii be ready for a
when, lt 1
ih' Prini ? of Wai i wlll be prea,
Bhamrnck wlll t.e ready Baturday and the
Brit.-innia Wedneaday, when the trlala wlll i.-eln.
Greenwlch, Conn., July I (Speclal).?Tha clr. ilt
t . . of the imiian Harbor Tacht Club waa saii.-'i
to-day ln ? Hftht raln and a stlfT hreeze ov,r th
cluh courae, and, dcspit- the weathar. lt whs an
Interestlng i ontest. Twenty-two boata
seven of them belng fcnockabouta, the largi
fatter tO enter ln a race on I.onir i
Sound thls year,
At 2 O'ClOCk, the hoi.r for st.irtlng. a llght r.iln
w.'.s falllng. which cauaed a delay of perhapa half
an hour. At ~.v> th- preparatory Btgn il was !??
from Commodore Hopper'i ateam yacht, the Vlva,
and the BOVeral Claaaea atarted off at flve minute
Intervala, Tbe s'in peeped through the clouded sky
at this tlme. an.l the wind freshened from the w.-st
Bouthweat, it came, gently lacreaatng in veloclty
gllded al-.nK over the first i.-g. untll ll
trled .-onv- of the amaller crafta1 ataylng qualitlea
Here it remained throughoul the race, nn.;
reaull there a a prettj conteat.
The Wlndora s;iil-d as ? slo..;, ln the rv.-foot class
and won from the Aeuahla. Of th- Berea knrv*k
aitouts. ni iiew th. eolora of th- Indlan Harbor
Yacbl Club, among then belng tbe Robtn iiood. It
wns her malden race. Two prta a were awarded la
this conteat, and ii proved to be the Bneal raoi
the Beaaon for the llttle felkma. The Klttle waa
the flrst over, and Ied all through the race. The
COUree was sailed over twlce, a distance nf thlrteen
nautical mil-s It Waa a cloae re;ich on the flrst
leg, long and short tacks to Windward on the s.-c
i run to imlsh. Followlng Is the sum
Fortj threa fool daai (aloope) Tacht Haaaar,
BaJrd; Kart 2:25, fmtah 4M:4d elapMd tlm*.
il Sultan Tawl. ?? C - i -rrille; atart,
2:85, DnUh 5:08:82. elapaed nma, '.... -
Thlrtj ?!_ fool c , tfaoht Aeuahla
C T Wi!'. atart, -?.-'., flnlsh 0-06:20. el_j?s.-rl tlm"
2 BO 30
Yaehl Wlndora. owner W I,. Ward. start _;3.',. r.nish
4..'.i ..".:: ? ' ,i ? ? . . D '.."..
Tblrtj ?'?- ' I '.' ralel, owaar Aifra-i
Mltlng l.'i-u-. '.'7 feet, - nlab &--.'?.'.
elKpee,! tlme I IT .'::?
i... ? i ? Tacht Hourt
V l Benren: eailins- leaath 22.88 flnlah
M I M 83
pal Rlpple, owner. Dr, J I
Meek; aalllaa lanfth 17.01 atarl 2:36, ftatati .*? 4<; u.
tlme a 51 u
Hpei lal inlrty fool cl ta* Ta
O H?vamej*r, Jr ; a'nrt 2:48, flniari 1:18:06, <U|*se.l
tlme 2 -
T?ant\ one foi t raclng
ewaer H McOord; Min IM, Batea f..u._.'.. ? l?i*.-l tlaa<
2 .1:25.
v. hl Klttle, owner, II./.n " ? 2:80, fmish
4: i ; -. i. . . .
Tarhl Kplndrlft. nvuiar C. Hrte: etart 2 .V>. flrtlnh
4 '-? 10, rlaj - a:ta.
^ i ? '?' . owner Simeon Fort; Btirt 2*80,
flnl?h :. 02 SS. -Ui-.. tlne 2 II 83
Ya<-ht i:-.r.in ii i owaer >. jt Oartlaad; atart 2.50.
r.nifti '. li.c\ elaiaad 1 bm 2;i.'i "*?
Tacht Indlaaola DWaei L Allerfrer. Mart 2..V). flnlih
? ! r 2:01:96
aer r W Boyci l irt :' ?". flrlsh
5:15 i'l elapaed tlm* 1 23 21
?.'*.? .ln-' i.il.m catat- Ynctat Q.
owner, ? _i *: 1 larl :: 00
- ro. 2 "". 20 ? me 2 '". ?.-..
Vacht Wli ? 1 .t - M-;1"' .alllna '.?r.it;h
?. 5:18 rrv .!..; ? ? 2 18 21
... tlme 2 !'? la
s. ? -.. owner R
. . ? . 25, atart 1 M 00 I :
HHi.s. 1 tlrr.a 2 I6:_2 .--?-. t..| tlme 2 H'. tt
1 ' ' ? r? M t Ollll . >ngth _"1 :V2
06:00 Ontah 5:2< (* elap_e.l tlme 2.21 -
. T1- 52.
Twent pan m. Tarhl vam, r.?ner a m
Hrartlev. ftillnr lan*rh 20 7, sth.-t 3 05.00. flnli-h B ?-':. '...
. 20 i'.
Tacht Paadt-. owner II ii Ste\en? .-.Himk lenKth 19
- "? on \'.i iicned.
? ? ?.? I??? ? elaaa lopea eeu>?Taeht Kxzar.n. ,ur.r
T J Mc->illl jr v.iling len-th 1*. alart ,1 U ol fl'.i^h
5 2*1 21. erara 2:21 M
? ? ? thi H laaar, lh? " li
iskil.nar., ihe H<.un . - .11 ? ? . Ih. Rlp| i ....:...?
Eaperaoxa (aail i-er). rb? KJttla, Orai ;:.*.? ihe gpinjrtfi
' prlrc. IhC Q.iil Ylvr, th, ?tr,.rl,t thP Vara, the
Ki.zazi, Milerer.
("hrittanor.''H. Tenn., July l (Bpeclal) Benton, a
amall moantain town ln Poik County, Ti-.-.n . nrty
mllea from the neareal rallroad, thla yeai ? ? .?
?I: "f July fi ? ?
? r i War hroke out ;> . elel
ield un ler th* auopicea of the Masoni.- loda-e
a hotl ,-i ol ae .... lon. and all th.
1-nlitip <iil_*ii- ..f the town .w.ir- thej won;,]
never acalfl celebrate Jul) i Prom IsfiO to
placi Th< - .
elemenl ol th* town thla year arranged a celebia
tlon ln hnrmr of the Poui1.-.. wlll oul ? '?,?? knnwled ??
? ..f ih.- old men T...
held ln ihe a. hoolhoue*, and all joine.i hi HM,i nind.
lt a creat au' i
Alli FOB <-i a i.\ / iJiMEBB A8KED.
Braahlngtoii July ?? Ifl Q .? - i , ?,
repreaentatlva of tba Islsnd of Cuba In thi
|o-day presented Pr Kr.n.. la 0 !'. M u. ju.d Tlv.r
v.iid C Cutmell io ti.'- Presldent Th<.>- aie tn.
entstlvea of the Caban commlttee on Re.
conatmctloa, Bnd ealled tn ur?;e tha diveralen <.f
a porilo of thi ul in chaiit) fund to th< i m
mlns hnplementi i id llre -u.<-k fr,r tn
diK. ni farmers, Inatead ?; drvtttlna ihe entlre Inn.1
i" lha pui barn of ratloni iv.i ibe i.> 'II
enoea th.-\ i iM, n?r,. now r^omtng In
uarrsnt ihe aaaumptlon lhal ulrou li
ot*d .1 nuall] io ? hl* pi i,
proflt The Prealdem expresaed rniereai rn th*
t an.l pronrttaed to refei tba bbsii
< ?? I ;... u.....:.-. . mmemtatlon
??/'.<.lnU.- .4),... || u- N.? |r,rte n-mt for Dr
Padlrr-Mi "mat?o..n.'' l.efr.?hir,6 - I>ru66'-U.
(ontlnueil from Piigf 1._
Thlrtv-fourth al Kort _*8g__l, Colorado
Th rt ?nfthat Vancouvei Barracka, Washington.
Thlrt> nrtn, ni^ w A,,,;,.-|, H-.-r.-tnry 6. W.ir.
Seven more colonelB to command the regl
ments were npnolnt.'d b.-day. There are still
two cob.neis t.. ba dealgnated. B*r*m majors
also w-r.- natned. Thej are M follows:
ci >I.< INELB.
BJator JAMBa Bt BEU* lal Cbvalry.
CapUIn lAMEB B PETT1T, l?t Infantry, bett*r knnwn
ai co| 411 i of iT-.' I'ii ImmuO?.
Captaln EDWARD B HARDIN, *he waaMljael e? the
Bj Kee v rk Volanteera la the war wlth Spaln.
_p_|a i. a .'R.\i<;. Bta Caralry.
.'..italn I.l TllIU R. HAItr.. 7th (avatry.
Mejor WlI.I.IAM A KOBBK. 8d ArUilery.
rap-aln CORNEUUI OARDXER, 10th Infantry.
rtnt Ueotenant RARRT U BAWTHOBKE, ?th Artil
Plral Uesteaaat WALTER C BHORT. 10th CaraliT.
Plral Lleutenant B. D. ANDBRaON, Wh rnvniry.
Captala P U. IT__t-B, Bta CBeelrr.
Plral Uesteaaal AL-BERT LAWB, Mta infantry.
Plral lJ*,iiem,n? OEORGE i. BTRAM. i?t Caralry.
Uooot lleutenant JOHKI'll WHXBLER Jr., 4th Artll
All these offleers have h"on aelected on ac
COUnt of their dlsttngulshed servlces. Colonel
Bell is a wteran of the Civil War. He was ap
pointed to the" Army from Pennsylvanla, and
has been sev.-ral tlmes promoted and brevetted.
As innjor of the 1st Cavalry he commanded a
BQUadron ln Cuba, and was severely wounded
at Laa Guasimas.
Colonel Jamea S. Pettlt Ib a Weat Polnt
graduate, an.l served for tr.any yeara ln the
ayeatern States. and waa at one tlme profeaaor
of mllltary sclence at Tale
Colonel Edward E. Hardln waa appointed to
the Mllltary Academy from Kentucky In 1870.
He saw BCTVaCe on the frontier. was an instnic
lor at Weal Point. and at the outbreak of the
war ?ith Sj.ain was made colonel of the 2d
New-Tork Volunteera.
Colonel L. A. Craitf was appointed to the Mlll?
tary Academy from Missouri In l*<)(.i. He Barred
on the frontier. and was Inatructor for 8 few
nt W'est Polnt He was appointed major
? ?? -r adjutant-general, and served through
the campalgn in Porto Rlco.
Colonel I.uther R. Hare was appointed from
Texaa la 1870, and served wlth the 7th Cavalry
for twenty-flve years on the Wrstern frontier.
At the outbreak of tbe war he was appointed
lleutenant-colonel of the 1st Texas Cavalry. and
waa afterward made colonel.
Ootonal Wllllam a. Kohbe served with the
New-Tork volunteera for three yeara ln the
Clvll War, and was twlce hrevetted for dls
tlnguiahed aervlce. At tha cloaa of the war he
entered tbe Regular Army. He has served with
dlatlnctlon in ihe Phlllpplnea, and has frequent
ly heen commend.d for gallantry.
Colon,-1 Cornelius Qardnef was appointed to
West Polnt from MIchlpan ln 1860, and served
in th.- ?Weat nnd Bouthweet At the outbreak of
the war with Spaln he was made colonel of the
.llst Mlehlgan Infantry anrl went wlth that
reglment to Cuba.
Plral Lleutenant Harry L. Hawthorne. fith
Artlllery, was horn In aUnneaota. Ha waa ap?
pointed a aecond lleutenant ln the Army from
icky in !>*.**.. ar.d waa promoted to flrst
lleutenant in 1801. He dlatingulahed hlmaelf In
the Plne Ridge campalgn, and was Beverely
wounded al Wounded Knee, and recelved a
medal of honor for gallantry. On the outbreak
r.f ihe war wlth Spaln he went with hls liattery
t.. the Phlllpplnea, arhere he haa been conaplcu
OU8 m all the hattles In which his command was
Flrat Ltautenhnl Walter C. Short. 10th Cav?
alry, waa born In OMo. He was appointed a
second lleutenant in 1881, and wns assigned to
thi 8th Cavalry. He waa aeverely wounded at
igo, and recelved ;? brevel for gallantry.
Flrai Lleutenant E. D. Ahderaon, l??th Cavalry,
was born In Tenneaaee. He waa graduated from
tbe MilltaT) A'i I'-my In the elass of 1801, ap
pointed a aocond lleutenant in the ."'th Cavalry,
and promoted to flrat lleutenant In 1888. He
. wlth hls tfdop In the Cuban campalgn,
and waa brevetted for eonaplcuoua gallantry he
i". re Santlago.
Captaln P. M Bt< le Bth Cavalry, was i.orn
it, Alabama, and was graduated in ihe claaa of
1****.': He took an actlve part Wlth his reglmeni
in the Cuban campalgn, waa brevetted for gal?
lantry ;it Bantlago, and \*as promoted to cap?
taln nnd aaalgned to th.- 7th Cavalry.
Flrat Ueutenanl Albert i>aws, 'Jith Infantry,
wai appointed from Maryland, and graduated
ln 1803 He served wlth his reglment In Cuba
and ?as brevetted for gallantry at Bantlago.
He la now with hls regiment on the way to the
Flrst Ueutenanl Oeorge L Byram, ist Cav?
alry. was appointed fr>.m Alabama. and wns
graduated from tiie Mllltary Academy ln 1885,
He waa aeverely wounded ln Cuba on June 24,
?sjiv He is now captaln and actlng Judge ad
vocate, Department of Colorado.
ind Lleutenant Jooeph Wheelar, jr., 4th
Artlllery, is a son of Oeneral Joaeph Wheelei
M vaa appointed from Alabama, and was
graduated from thr Mllltary Academy ln 1s'1-"'
He waa a major and chlef ordnance offleer ln
the wai wlth Bpaln, and La ooa on duty at the
Mllltary Academy.
Th>- aealgnmeni of the volunteer coioneis to
reglmenta wlll be ns followa: 26th, Rlce; L'Tth.
\ . ? ? . i -i 20th, Hardin; 30th, Oardner;
,".'_'d. Craig: 33d, Hare; 3.*?th, Kobbe. Th.. offl
.. i- dealgnated for lleutenant-colone! of th"
."..".th Reitlmenl wlll organiae n and take it to
;i. Phlllpplnea, when Colonel Kobbe wlll as
aume command.
The ruU-s promulgated tn' the Adjutant-Gen
eial are intend-d to he exhaustive of the sul>
,ui<] io obvlate a_l pooaibUlty af aaietakee
oi confualon. Their provlaipna In general are
The regltnenta will he orRnnizrd BCCOrdlng to the
provlslona .-f the ai t of M irch t ItW, end wiii con
?ial of .'." ..ffl.-.-rs nn.i 1,101 enllated m>-n each.
Dtetrl *. for recrultlng dealgnated i.-itimmta aro
.i - (olloa a:
Twenty-alxth Resiment, Plattaburg Barracka,
New-York?The New Enarland Btatea i >.. ? ntlng
?i. ut. and th.. pnrtioii ?.-? ,,. ,,f \,.n-.
y..ik aortb af the I2d dearee .>f latltude.
Twenty-aeventh Resiment, Camp Meede, I'enn
aylvania Tha Btate of Connectlcut, the portlon ..f
... Btate ol New-York south of th* _M degree of
latltude, Maryland. Vlrgtnla, Weal Vlrgtnla, North
rarolltiH hri.i the Dlatrtcl ..f I '? lumbta
Tarentv-elghth itcpiment. Camp Meade, Pennayl
New-Jeraey, Pennaylvanla and Delaware,
Twentj nlnth Reatmenl Port McPheraon,
ith CaroTina Qeorgla, Plorida, Ala?
bama, Mlaalaalppl and Loutalaaa.
ThlrtWth Regianent. Port Sheridan. lllinois? nn
nois. Mlchicaa and Wlaci naln
Thirty-flral Reglment Porl Thomas. Kentucky?
Ohlo. indiana, Kentaeky and Tenni
Thlrty-aecond Reglment, Port Leavenwortfa Kan
, [owa N'ebraaka, Kanaaa, Mlaaouri Ark_.ns.as.
ina an.l In.ii.m Terrltory.
Thirty-thlrd Reglment, Pon Bam Houatoa, Te_as
Btate af Texaa.
ThlrtJr-fonrth neKiment. Fort l.ojran. rolorado?
?:?>. Wyorolna, rt.ih. Mlnneaota North Da
Bouth Dakota, Mrntana, Arlxotm and New
.-' ll
Thlrty-flfth Reaiment, Vaneouvar Rarracks,
forrtla. N< vada, > iregon, ?'
Ington, tdabo aad A lai k.i ' ?
'I !.. term of service wlll ba for tho period enlmr
1801 and these cnHetaaentf maj be made
"wlthonl reatrlctlon aa to . iu_-r_.hlp r<r educa
quallfli ati..ri- "
Ib-rruiilng will not tK-a-iri untll some tlme
next week, the exact date not havlng been
Bxed Recrultlng atatlona will ba opened in
every state and Teirltory, nnd ns fast ms the
men are enllated they wlll ix1 sent to the regi
menta to ba asslgnad to rnmnanVs siati> un -s
ii.-. oi.i.i. ratad, aad ih<- -aaa ftrat BnUstlng wiii
I- Bn red m The __rtgnmenl t.. ooob
a wiii bo by the ofBcer commandlng, and
.ni ba at llbarty ta organlsa a oompany
. (fnpoaad of bb< d frotn on.- r'luii- lf he iin.is it
convenlenl and practlcavble.
Th. organlsatlon <>r ten regrtinenta ln thla
countn wlll mak< no dlfference ln tne organhta
tlon of raajtananta in tba Phlllpplnea by <.?.
i tia Hla reglrnenta arlll be in addttion to thoae
.'..I i . ba knoarn u? the 98th to the .;.">th
a III t.- numbei ed tbe .'irtth and
i i- aspscted thnt tbroe raglnacnta
? ora ? ' -i ln the Phlllpplnea, Tne repi.
i in tha Unlted Btatea and the
|/hllipplnea wlll lBcraa>aa th.- Army bj 860 of
Bcera aad lTjajt37 men Lf three fuii raglmenta
Bl ould be fotinid by fieneral Otis.
The. colonela appolntcd to-day are under or
ders to proceed at ono mith the organlzatlon
of the r.Klmenta. Some of the offleers are now
lo, thla dty, and have been consultlng the l>u
ie?u offleers wlth regard to equlpment and sup
p!les for the men aa they joln the n-giments.
?.? ?
\VflBhlngtOn, July fi A d< li K.itlon of Sout'.iern
era. lii.-lu'llnc Re| laytOB, Ilankhend
aad Qrlggs, bbw tba Presldant td-day wlth refer
,.,?-.. to ti.-- aela tlon of offleers f<>r the new vol
unteer regiasents. As i result II araa said thnt
tha Presldenl baa promlssd tba following appotat
mrms: R. i: i. Bpence, of Oeorgla, to ba Raajor;
Frank 1*. Crenahaw, of Qeorela, to ba captaln; ?
O "rr. .,f Oeorgla, ti. Baslatanl quartermaater;
Marlon Maiaon, of Ai.ii.am... t.. be aecond lleu?
tenant, .ir i 'i M Halnes, of Oeorgla, to b
ond lleutenant.
Waahlngton, July I R * i tntrre M-?rsh. of
Illlnoli call.n the Presldenl to-day in t.ehalf of
ex-RepresenUtha Jamea B. Campbell. who re
Blgned from I'onR-rexs nt the be_-innlng of the war
t0 become colonel of the oth Illlnols Mr. alarah
asJd thal Colonel cmphcii wtahed,toremata ta
the aervlce, and th.it ha waa recommended W ine
entlre Illlnola delegatlon The r,..--i..ent promisia
to make Mr. Campbell a ll.-iitetuint-colonel.
The work of recrultlng men to All up the rceri
menta in the PWllppinea to the maximum of m
me, to a company is ?olnR on here. the maln
atatlon in this clty anl this part of the country
,t Thlrd-ave. and Nlnth-at.. over the brancn
poatoffice, and ls in charge ..f Major F. A v> hit
U, who i.'- beea detalled from the "th infantry
for this aervlce. All recrulta from atattona round
about, auch aa Provldence. Bridfceport. Danvlle.
Yonkers an.l llke pl., 88. COHie to thls maln BUtton
for thelr equlpment. excepl arme. It ls eatlmated
that the QUOta requlred ls heln_ filled at the rate
of from a thouaand to twelve hundre-l a areefc.
\\... it nol for the extraaaely rlgld phyalcal ea
ition enforced by the w.ir Department, lt
lible to do the work mu<*h more rapld
lv. but tt..* authorttlea at Waahlngton, on account
,\i the cllmatlc and oth.-r condltlona whlch these
troops wlll he .alted upon to fa -. Inalat on the r?x
Uiatlon phyalcal rer-uirements belr.x filled to the
Letter > in Inatance, at thls maln statlon about
elghteen aaen a day are belng enllated, but wlth
itlona m th- phyalcal requlrementa this
number culd be easlly Increaaed to thlrtv.
y. ...... -. , company of sixty was sent to San
FrancUco to he forwardad to Manlla, and from now
..n men wlll be aenl forwaid ^s rapldly aa poealble,
tVhlle recrultlng atattona hav.* heen opened al
varlous polnta throughoul all the Baatern Bul
t.-.e large majorlty of the men requlred are belng
furnlah, i : j N< w-Tork and Pennaylvanla. Most
of theae wlll go to the infantry. althouj?h for all
the other arma "f th.. aervlce men are belnarc
cuited as weii. No partteutar^lnstnictlone have
recelved from Waahlngton lately. except to
Ket nll the Infantry recruits possible up to July 10.
and thls is laker, to mean that on that date tba
i. rnlttng for tha rolunteer force la llkeiy to bettln.
More ii). n than the dlapatehea have as ><-t Indlcated
wlll probably be requlred, fo. It Is known that not
so many of the volunteera now at Manlla can be
counted on for re-?nllstment as was prevlously 1
auppoaad. At flrst Oeneral otls thouaht he could
make up three rt-Kiments from those willlng to re
enllat fr..m ti..- rolunteer foreoa about to return
home, but later Information developes that he has
orgaalsed only two skeleton regiments. and the
lerm skeietor, in some quarter*. is taken to mean
that only the offlccrs :ind a very few of the m> :;
inaented to remaln. It ls not belleved that
the authorttlea at 'Washinirton wiii agree to Oeneral
Otla'B I'l'in Of fllHttg tiie ranka of these resrimeiiT?
wlth frienlly natlves. as too little is known Of the
charactertetlce of the oattvei to sruarantee t;
auch a acheme.
Washington, July 8 Presldent McKlnley to
day found an oppcrtunlty, ln connectlon with
the visit to the Whlte House of a Pennsylvnnla
deieeation, to expreaa his appreciatlon of the
aervlcefl of tha volunteera in the Philippines.
The delegatlon was headed by Oovernor Stone.
and was composed of twenty-flve or thlrty \ve!l
known citlzens of that State. They went to the
Whlte Houae to aak a request that Colonel Haw
kins, of the luth Tennsylvania Regiment, he
promoted to a hrigadier-generalshlp.
The Presldent said thrit no oltlzen of the coun?
try could have a higher appreciatlon than he of
the azcepttonal aervicea and patriotic seif-sacri
ti.-e of the State troops in the Philippines. "I
should," he said, "like to have an opportunity
to take by the hand and thank every ind.vldual
membea of the voluateer forcea ivmaining ln
the Philippines or assisting ln the work there
beyond the term rerjulred of them by the terms
of their enlistm.nt."
Ib- added that he would make an effort to
arrange the ltinerary of hls Wcstern trip so as
to be ln I'ittsburg at the tlme of the arrlval of
the Pennaylvanla troopa, and take part in the
reception to be piven to th'-m. With reference
to the promotfon of Colonel Hawkins. the Presi
dent said i,e would he glad to glve the recognl
ti.'ii if there srere n.> nalUtary "bstades.
The delegatlon also ealled on Adjutant-Gen
ernl Corbtn, and made arrangementa to have
the loth Pennsylvanin Regiment brOUght to
Plttaburg to be mustered out. The men will be
practli ally dlacbarged at .San Fravnclaco, and
will be paid whlle on the way to Plttaburg. The
pei ple of that clty have ngrecd to brlng the
14-Klment home l?y special trainp, and the sol
? liers wiii aave all their travel pay allowance
from Fan Francisco to their homes.
Washington. July ti.?Secretary Hay said to
day tbal he had recelved no notlce from Presl
denl Schurman of tha Phlllpplne Conimlsslon of
his ln ten tlon to sail ImmediStely from Manila for
home. nor anj word from him slnce hls return
from his trip to the principal islands of the Phil
Ippinea south of Luson lt was fully a-rpactad
by the Department that Mr. Schurman would
return to the Unlted Btatea la Beaaoa lo take up
h;s a/ork aa ptvaldant of Oornell I'niversity at
the beglnnlng of the fall term, and lt La belhreed
that h'1 und'-itook thi.-. visit in order to be able to
1 porl p-is.'Tisih to tha Preatdent theexact . <u
nitlons prevalllng among th*s<- iinkaww gresipa
of isiamis up to the latest monaaat, There la
belleved to i" no reasoa why Mr. Schurman
sbould dela) his departure from Manlla until
later in the suminer, for the lndlcations are that
there wlll be no ? h.tnir< of Baoanenl ln tha polltl?
cal situation ln the Philippines before the dry
aeaaon al 1 raat, and other membera <>f the Corn
tui. ilon wiii romain in th.- islands.
I'R'.miski) rnii.ilTiNK nrDgpBKDBNCl.
San FranclBco, July I Tbe Bteamer Coptlc brlngs
*h>- followlng advleea frr.m Blngapore retatlve to
ihe allagad promlaea of rmied states Oanaul Prntt
ri-saniiiig PUlptao la?:? i ? ini, ace.
Slncapore, Jun,- ? Bpeacer Pr..tt. Dnlted Btatea
haa ijk'-n Iikh! actlon to dlaprove th.
i Intervlew In which bc wa aaid to havo
proaalaed ihe Phlllpplne leadera Independence lf
tii<-> would belp the Unlted Btatea aanlnat **i>*tn
The Btory la publlahed ln moal circumatantlal aod
detalled form in the new edltlon of John
tn.in > book on th. rfttilpplnea, one ol the >eat
knoa 11 .in.i \\ Idel y read n thi :ountry
Poreman ?-.???ntiy laaned a revlaed and entaraed
edltlon, thla Intervlew belna among the nea
? the book,
ii 1'i.iit h.i, aued tha pubUahers in Blnaapora
for llbel, ..ii ih. around that the atory ..t th.
Agulnaldo-Pratl Intervlea i* falai and mon
Injurloua The Bupremi Courl of tha Btraita Bet
tl.-tii. nts h.is Kt*n!..t mi injunction amln.t the
publlahers Ifeaara Kell) A VValeh. Umlted Tha
Courl rindi thal th.- itorr of the Intervlew la
i ilae and llbelloua, and :1k further lmbllehlnK
tii,-r.-..i' la profrlblted by the order of thi Courl
Thla ii'iuti. ' ..,' is valid throughoul the Btraita Set
tlementa Purther proceedlnga uf a formal nature
wlll ba requlred ta estend u to- all Brltlah terrl
Conaul I'rutt int.ti.1s tO .nrry hla suits to the
'?'ii..1 Btatea II- wlll t>iii*K ncilon aaalnat a
number of papera ot the Unlted Htaiea. and wiii
andeavor to ahow thal the tclegr_iii* publlahed In
the aama arere tbe output of an antl-Ami
tmreau -ximIhk ln Hoatg Kong, whlch has done
much toward lajurlag lha good name of the con
auiiir s. i rlce in the ?irlanl
s?n Pranctaco, July ti Tha i'nlted states u ma*
porta Ohki aad Newport, wlth maaahara ot the
Oregoti volunteera aa board, ira due bere neat
week, and praparatlona for the retum of the aol?
dlera an belog made M my veasela havr been
ehartered. and _. l.,iK,. Meet of haj b_.it. wlll eacort
the tro-v-hlpa to thelr aovhoragea, Tho aame r?
THi: PKK8IL?KNT 08?>___ HIM T'? DKTT nr
Washington. July 0 ? Rr!jradi4-r-C*r:*r*.l jv
seph Wheebr wns ordered -., :.. t,, r*r,r,rt ta
Oeneral Oti a' Manlla for aervlce in the Pja. '
ipplnes. _
Joscr.h Wheebr amfl horn ln I ;, '
.Sepi.raehr 10. 1S34. On hla gradu .tlon fr-.m Wa?. ?
Potnl Ib UN iv- i ?>?_,
with tbe rank of sseaaid baatensnt, and ervagii
Kew-Mexlco. Oa Ajr.i 8, .. ,j ^
commiaslon and was __ada '-.,. jj,
Alabnma Infantry In th* < 'onfedera'e Army Aft?
the b.ittJ" af rfhlloh, ln w . "?*-n__| i
brlgada and dld laod work, h- a rrad ^
v.ilry, and had comm .r>d of t.-,,,- , ,r, y
Oeneral Bragg*a army in tha Keatuck*/ ? impain
In W,2 he w.is coma. :l"."-iter,#|.?i
end B v .r later a mfijor-irenrral 0*r.? -
tnovrmenfH w*re n-markahle for their brUHaaea u>.
sucress. He macb- ralda ln Weat'rn T.-nr..ft.
fought at Oraaad Rfaajr and PsrryviUa ?nd aaa_
rn.ml-d the i-.u.ilry at Murfri-e,.!,.,,-.,
His command waa eonsp! nious al 'hlckam,
and afu-r the battl.- ri..l gr.-at . ;*SS|_
Rose* plj tralna. Itlsaaidthai -.. ^t.*__
effeeto,! l,y Qem ril \V ,**
to 66,000.000 HI .'.nirj
RMsre and I_okout Mountaln wer. lan ? . ??. ,?
in maklni? BOaalbla orderly rotr- -,ar, *
the Confadarataa His mom faaa - 'hibw
was his contlnued attacka on ?-;en<rai S.\.ri__8T
Army ln the adraoce ta aVtlaal i ^-'rulea
the cavalry corps o.' tha Wt . ArQ^
untll the ClOSe of Th,. -A.,r. .v JJ
sentor cavalry offWr ln th.. ?" [
though only twenty-nlne yeara o>i.
Up to im 0. nprai vtrbeeler nt i ,-.,,. ?*
cotton planu-r. In that ya.tr he ?as elected r,J"
Kress from the VHIth Alatair.a Dtetfl ? Hl, .j^.
tlon waa, however, eoi . m
cure th- ,...?t. He v... . M4
and haa beei cboaea from I ,, luc>
leedlncr electlon
a vatanteer romm'.^io-. |n th- Arm-.
with Bpaln, It waa ?:? < ; !? d thal
hls Baal ln th<- las- aaaaloa of tl 'area.
but on his retuin from Cuba he was ir, ittendaaa
? ... r :-<-l the prtfilagaa of an <?_-m. rr.:.. - n,
?' aBaa
and ls held .u gi ,_t _?.
eeuntry, ^
W beo the war brok'- out nothlna would aattafr
'Tightlng ..'....' or ,.;".? .)?? ..- i. i. ajjr
tionately called. but that h'- should fr, ?
\ ... in aplte . t I - \ m4l
- -nt. He w la made > . J
..nd ln the Santtago carnpa .
mounied cavalry m Oeneral Kei i ii-y
ho or < ?; .?'.: one a - niu
the fronl and contrlbuted ao much to t., . ? -^
of that camp i !gn are n
Slnc- tbe i l" .* of th-* war ,
been nirde a raopiilar id<l In the 1 ,
r- ? dve I ..: m:.--.:.-,.? ?; honora ? ? ? ? -,
I'ivil War ha publiahed "A Revlaed ?*'. item
alry Tactlca for ihe Uae of :.? aa^
Mount.-d Infantry, Confe.l_.-ai
Btnee Th. , nort
entitled "Th- Bantlago Cai i -on.
menr*em. nt. ..n June -2. Oeorgetown Unlv?raifj ^ea.
ferrcl on him tr,. ...*>r;.r-> I. i TIk
lafluence of <.er-rai Wn. ??:.?*-'?, ; raoa i> , tha
heartineea with which he h.
letratlon haw 1....J a pri-at Influ-. . ? ' ? ?" aat
the laat llngerlng tracea <,f blttei ? _,
North and the South
Waahlagtoa. July ?>.?Lieut.nant Lawsoa x ruU
ler. Ordnaaea Buraaa, haa i.e-n erdefed to ttta
Phlllpplnea as ehlef ordnaaea offlcr in tt.e i .4 of
the Army op.-rating ther**.
TO MAKE 5.1/./;?.**? TBEA8UB7 A flivf.
Naw-Havan, Conn., Juiy l?lt a ? -day
that th. Baggeattaa had been aetlvel* > \\ ? 1 .?
severHl BMBBhara of the Vale 1': -?.
tlon that when the tMW adaatnlatral tt
fall thi Ta tn uaury be turned into ._ r . _r
bank. wlth a charter althar fron thal .? u
organization umler Ni.tiona! Uv. The u
haaa uader m for some tlme 1 ai w_
not uriM! thls ?_rr.mfr that it has b*. r. *? 'vtnkj
dlaenaaad. Ii araa aaid to lay thai thera '??
than n poealbHlty that the queatton would ba 1 fcn
up by tne eorporatton, and that Bonaa aoUea *?i*a_l
be forthcomlag as .. raautt.
? -L_i_P5' , TSt
?<*.9^-:.'?????? ??*?*,? :? *;&
Collar shape the same
ir eifher" pase but
of *different grades
only for material and
. SMigTS.
? ??*- ? ..
Broadway ind iTih Street, N. *
6 Mtiden Lane, N. Y.
\\BVBBB\VB 'TVbiicriioimcnt
LERS will find the London offictol.P
Tribune, 141> Fleet Street, > eoiii?*P
place to leive their idvcrti-etnein? ?^
mbtcript-ont for Tlic Tribune. ^
Hotfjl de Lill*. et d'Albion
na, nt B BT. lu?Mi:ti:. PAJfJjit^
BCTWCt-N i tiK li II __rll-.*a ,: .hi .-:N*? ? ,';^."? _f
10MH3 AM. M-.X\ oi'l ll., U ? !f H*U
r.AN.;i.\;> vi's i-,.K KAMIU.M* I- ^ "' >l?
1-AKOK t'RAWINO ll... .-IS h_l.K?TKl_- U*a?*?
ntUQlUM-^ ?'141-l_.V_.moN." I'Al.la.

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