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N m V .rk. February 2, 1900.
A:hes. : .kKs Rosin oil. bbli ]X>
' ;.r. s ,» ;ix. pkcs ..... 1 i OtlcalM. pkd . 2.154
H"ans. whit", bbls... 1.O4! ! Ollmeal. I;ipr 300
Fiour. bMs 7.020 Oil, lard. I Ml 1*»
Fiour. Backs . . 12.2K7 Oleo it •k. pk«- .... *JJ>
•{ \V ti nr pkaa . . -"•" IVanutP. bafla 40«
ComnmL bbls 42T, Pork, bbla -"'
OnrnnvaL baca ... 580 Beef bbla 1-
Wheat. bush 39.200] H'-f n nel), casea.. I.TJO
fnrn. bu^h f1.20n Ottmeats, pkps ... . 1.31j
<tat«. tali ... 1054100] Hamf, pkps 188
JVas. ■:.-h 1.10"; Hacon. pkKB I *4
rlurkwtaeat. bosh ... 7501 l->r*psed hoars, ...... 1.220
Barley, buxh 98,«28 I^ir! tieroea -■"'•
.\'.|-. bush 3.<V»o'l^rd. Icega I"'"'
Cotton. bales 1.498) Lard, caoea '•"
Cottonseed oil. bb'.s.. 1.630! Toniruea, bbla lo
I>ad. plaji 500 1 Tallow, pk^s '•■-
Hay. tons 1.27" Butter, pkga 3.581
Straw. tarn ''iiChw-sf. pkes 2,'i'il
MllIf*»K!. t'ffis SO K-.-i- caee« ""-•"'
Hops, bales 88H Rice, bbls '•'-
HVdea. bdla 530|Gran s- —1 bac* 840
I^-.ith*-r, gMas Ht^aO Pruoea. j-k^ 3.-*H»
R->sln. bbls T.V> l>ried frutta. pk«s '■>'"
Spirits turp, bbls ... 72 Skins, bales 40
Dreaaed poultry, pkga 6.877 Btarch. bbls " l " 1
Livp poultr>'. crates 8211 Ryrup. bbls • "'■"
Oranc««. bosea SS4 Poajt stack. pkgs »"•
Apples, bbls 2.2""' Tobacco, bbds l'">"
I'otatof-s. Mil* 3.3"" Tobacco, tierces _•'■"
Onl- ins. bbla ••-■ 1 ; Tnharcft. iikirs 720
fianb«-rrie». j,kg« ... 800J WhlAey. bbls '•''-
1.-m. Nor, Kotfdy.tßW ICottoe. middling B*4
In •■.. So. No 2 soft. Si 75 Ic.ffeo. No 7 Rio SH
tjeel rail? 3600 ' Piißar. Rranulated. . . . 8.3Q
I^ake conper Jngct.. 16 25 I Molasses. OK. prime 40
Tin 27 7". Beef, family $1200
F.xrhange lead 4 72H ' H«f. bams 2075
Bpe'.ter 475 I Tiillow. ]>rlm^ 3 3 10
Wheat. trad... 77V Park, mesa 10 73
■■m. Ho 2 mixed... «B% Hoga. dreaaed. l'K» n.. 7
Oatr. No 2 mixed... 20HlLar<i, prttne. 6 3i»
Flour. Mini) patents. 4 <i 5 |
Wheat, buih 44.777 i X..sin. bbls 345>
Corn, bu(=h 4.< 12. Pitch, bbli 7
Oatf=. buch . 2.l7OiTar. bbls I<»
Peas. buKh t.SIS Crude pet. gals 2.747.<1<;<1
Brar.s. bush 207 j Cottonseed oil, jrals.. 142. <
Flour, bbls 11.773' I-übricatinfr oil. Knl*. 170.060
Flr.ur Backs 6.590 | Pork, bl.ls 1."74
Cornmeal. bbls 1.5821 Beef, bbls 884
Feed. Ib l.vWiliwf. tierces 70
Oatmeal, pkfrs 500 Bacon, IT «1 1.600
Bran. Ib ll.r.srt Hams. tt> 22,400
Grass - -1. ba«S... l'»' Lard, n- D 06.540
Hay. bales 308! Lard oil. pals> 2.600
WhlFkey. gals 770 ; r^tParinP. Ib 112.800
rnfnsm meal, bara 184.200 Tallow. n> 24.0U0
OHnieal. Tb 101.2301 Greace. n> 35lMJ(W
Oilcake. Ib 461. « X) Butter, tb 24.800
Spirits turp, gals... 350 Cheese. Ib 11,160
New-York. February 2. 1900.
COFFEE — market for Brazil cuffee futures openi I
steady at unckanged priesc -s t> a decline of 5 points. For
the real at the seaal -. then were bul few further
changes, and such as occurred were Blight. The under
tone of the n-.HTi-:. t was rather weak. The Havre irark-'t
closed at a net pstn of ! 2^- i * franc. tnburg made v.
gain of »4@ l i pfg. the market at Rio advanced 50 rela
and at Santos sraf firm a* sustained prices. \et -•„!:>
speculation was rathtr slack Hn-1 then- was some dispo
sition to reallie. Sales on the tir«t call were 5.000 hats.
Us> to 12 ir. 7..'^».> bags, and I >r the er.tlre aessl ti 2.1. i.>'»
bass. Tlie k-cal •::..!.- kinked for some encouragement
from the doatnf French rallies; but they I irniahed no ad
vantage to either Bide, rhe mark« for apot lini7.ll coffee
sras without lmri^nant change. rhe rutun market
closed firm at an advaj • ->f 1<» pomts to a decline at 5
polnte. l;a»-ir.e rallied In the late session on predictions
for a decrease of fiOO.OOO bags Ii th< world's visible for
Februer}. Btock lr. Havre Is 1.817.000 bags. Including
1.455.000 i igc Brasillan, acainst last week L.S36.«nsj
end 1.51«-00f» ba«rs respectively. Rlo shipments to r ■:■ pc
last month were ls..««» i..iirs: to I'nlted States. l»..«W0 !
ln»;s- to other c^untrie?. 7.(««> bags. Victoria shljv-i.
17,(«if. tagrs to this countr? last month. Santos returns In
complete Bpot Uraill coffee «ed tlrm. We auot< :No
6 hVje- N, 7. f>**c- No «l. is\»c. md Xo 3. •■<■. The
present ' Ftock nt coffee !ri the "nited States other than
Brazilian Is 215.123 baps, as comparej with -4!,' I bacs
ksajt week The former amount In hides 244,^<; Lacs In
Xew-Y rk
Tfc 1 ? ranse of contract prices In the local market to-day
■-•■« -- : r «*er-
Opening. High. tow. Ci se. day.
rebruary — — — 7.<».'u7.10 6.«5
Mar-h "... 7.'i:. 7.10 7.0S 7.1007.13 7.03
April 7.2<t 7.2» 7.2<> 7.20©7.2J 7.20
Msy 7 2«» 7.2 i» 7.20 7 . .7.:0 7.20
June - - - ■ f7.SO 7.20 |
j-ilv 7..10 7.33 7.30 7.30'<i7.3.> 7.20 I
AurusV 7.: C 7.::^ 7.55 7.ST.'<i7.4i> 7.3tl
Soptemf^r 740 7. -I.', 7.4'» 7.4r/a7.. r .<» 7-4" |
October 7..">) 7.r>'» 7 r.o 7.r.<i'y 7.T..1 7.4i_i
Nm-ember — — — 7..V.-.-7 7.4->
December 7V, 7 .ii 7.55 7.".'a7.<;ii 7.<i<>
Jaauan ■■■- — — — 7.55«7.«5 7.«0
I Foreijm coffee markets— Santos- -Coffee irk.-t firm;
' pood average .Santos. it^2i«l: recelpta, 11.000 bags; st«-k.
456 00<> bai;s. Hamburc — Coffee market .••■ ;*; * pfg 1
fcipher; at 2:30 p m. net -. j*i pfg hiehel . sales. 32.000 |
bnCF. Havre — Coffee market of»-ne<i •■ idj at r*<iil fr,r :
arivance: at 12 m. declined !4! 4 frani : at 3 p m. quiet and
unchanged; at '< ■.'!' p m. unchar.Ked: sale?, 11,000 bags.
ranu2ry 47.25 lu:y 45.75
February (t.SOj August 4XJ.23 I
March 44.75 i if-pt«mlrf-r 4»5.r..)
April 4" ■«' >t bor 4^.7.-, |
May fs.23jVnTetr.ber 47. '«. I
June 4.". W I I■■•■•::;1 ■■•■•::; r 47.2 T.
Xio — Crffee market firm; N . . 7 Rli . 105275; exchaiiße,
7 25-324; recelpta, U.OOO '..asrs; cleared for the L"n!t< :
Btati K.OOO hags; st^v-k. 12!t.<KtO bags.
Thl- etatiatlcai pxaltlor tif lirazilian cc ' . Is as fol- |
— tews:
Ti>-day. resterday. I^ast week.
Kew-Tork deltvcrles 4.904 10.547 9.180
Baltimore deliveries ... 3.::.'.2 67 4<!S
New-Orleans deliveries.. S7S 1.277 897
Total deliveries 7.1"4 12. 1 10.643
New- York E!.«-k 497.2.".s .502.162 535.5PJ
Baltimore stock 1i.4.2.".s IOC. 177 115.602
New-Orleans etock ..... 1W.647 11.723 44. M2
Stock at all pins 042.10,1 650.004 C 96.073
Afloat 4»2.<mi 4>-2.W«> 4r,^.i««i
Visible sun 1.124.830 1,132.064 1.148.073
Same time 1899 1.254.717 1,295.810 1.2 V.1.774
COTTON— A <r.^.J deal of excitement prevailed on the
Cotton ICxcharKe. 6pecolatioo was even m< re lieavy i
than the en--.m>ii s business of y.^lerduy. While hull ■
speculation vn-. at a hitch [.it. ii when the market opened
tentlment later was hardly as optimistic, though far ]
from bearish. With a grca! i.u'.l flourish the market !
opened tirm in t'.ne at an advance ol SCTIU p-.lnts. Kr.er
getic and jren<»ral buvli soon carried ,-.'-. level a
to 13 points abjve last niphfs c'.os iik, and for a time '
<=h<rts w.-i- in ooaftwion and bordering <,n a panic. The
cables indicate.] excitement In th~ BnglXsb ...
sentlmi nt advances recorded. From the S uth came
r.ews of a laree buf-ineei In s;..it cotton at an a.!vanc- ..f
hbilUc. The statistical. Bituation sb-oad, as well as i:i
the l*-lt. was Bhoun In weekly iii;ur.-3 tj be very (Strong.
The invrxtment public took a Interest In tr;^ s'a
ple. An avah.nche of buying orders came in from all I
l»»ints> of the c.impaEs. notably Europe. The advance car
rted July '.•.. n 2 p ilnt <jf tin .••■:■- .mi"
mark, and all feiirns pointed to May reaching that fiuiire
before midday. JJnt when tulls were mrtt cotili.lent an.l
In the midst r,f the aggressive m.iv.-nit-nt. the cal.le new
euddenly changed, lieavy liquidation eet in on the local
exchange, nti-1 before a breathing Fj.ell wns taken, priors
had tunit.;^i 10 to 12 r^int." Before midday however the
n'arkPt had r- er ted p:.rti;:lly. but Bpinted hull Bpecu
latlon did not airain prevail. Persistent expression of
apirloa thr.t the new ptoj p.«tti n« were entirely too
hiirh »n*<i tr, oredte distrust un;onir holders of 'th .<»
options, which \r. turn checked •••-- buying In the nearer
j. >s:ttons. The mnrket in the afternoon was quiet but
generally rteady «n hipt rt from New -Orleans and Liver
pctfji. In view .f th.- t-hort session morrow few oper
ators oared f> launch imj» rtant new ven'ures more pai
ticularly as advices from Bouffa Africa toll! of a bis bat
tie being on. the outcome of which meant a creat deal to
Knßland. Kunvr had It from tlm» to time that an el
fort was to be ira.ie to "squeeze" August Shorts Tho
irsrket oi.ised very steady at a net advance of 4 to t»
points. The total busings was seml-offlcially estitnated
Xt sto.Mo to rtSO.4MO bales. The amount ir. slicht t!-ls
week reached 272.W.* bales, as awliiin 2C0.H43 last jcar
tan,,- w>-«-k. 31C60S bales ii IS.is. and 104,574 bales In :
The range of contract rrtoes |* tn . jocal ma'ket to '■ v
was as toltowfe: ' ' '
Opening. High. Low. rir c. day.
February 7H3 7im 7.!<2 7.;,.v,,7h7 7^7
March TH, 7.07> '.<<, 7.935— 7 v-,
April 7.K2 7.1-7 7.f7 7.!<i!-^7.9i 7 -T,
May 7 t>2 7.H1 7.55 7.1C./7 y, 7 --,
Jiaae 7.!'4 7 '••■, 7.SS 7!':: 1 7!i4 7V,
July 7.1*.". 7.US 7.87 7.H* i 7 '.-■■ 7sis
AugJFt 7.1H 7.H4 7.54 7.9CK5 7^
f<;.tember 7 4.; 7 47 7.40 7.44'a7.4r« 7 -<s
October 727 7.::1 72!» 7.2 «ft7.2 < 7 2*'
November 7.24 -.■>•: 7.2 M 7.2307.23 7.1U
I>-Cfmber 7.23 ra 7.2>. 7.1>J5!7.2.". 7 l!i
Epct cotton in t;..- local market rulp.l steady with prices
\c higher <m the Lafls of > ' i- {• r middling ujjlnnd and
Sic fc«- middling <Julf. Pales were X" bales. Southern
*pot murkets. rr.lddling quoted, were officially reported by
v.lre ca follows: Mobile Onn, 77 a 4 c. up J4e: Savannah
firm. 7 13-lflc. up >*c: VTilmlngi -■ firm. 7'ic Norfolk
nrm. Be. vi '„ . Baltimore nominal, S% ... '^.o;
Memphis firm. 7 irt-l<V-. u| "•-■ Augusta tirm. So. up
B-Mi . Ft. uiH firm. 7 13-10 c. ut< '.so. Receipts at New- ;
Orleanß to-morrow are PStlmate.i at from 5..%.» i to 9.500
t&les. as BKaln<t T. 611 actual last we.-k and <;.7.",4 a year
ago. At HoupTon from 8.000 to 7.000 bales on looked for.
eomran : wltl ■; «47 one -.■.-.-. k i.,- . ■-. • 2 :,<;- last year
Receipts at the .- rts anl Interior points to-day anl
for the week Just tnded. as rompan ! with the totals of
previous weeks-
Total this Total last T tal
Ports: If>-day. «•«** week. last year
GaJveaton 10.««;7 SIS 35.035 55.852
New-Orleans 7.71W 72 7.V» 52.091 .1 1»1
Mobile 261 7.507 lT»;i4 4 f...i
Bavannah 6.0C5 55.92 "<i "AS 27.653
Charleston .... I>i M I*4 r, 257 "-Vi.in
Wilmington . 7.«> •.' (>H9 v li.^s 3 053 '
Norfolk 5.556 14..-.57 18.581 12.1.T.'
MUmore 271 .1:1 1,12.1 3..W1
New--iork ... 4.'.7 2.<«S 1.758 2603
8.-M'-n IH> 2 3'i4 o S4l it > >7
Phllsde-.phia I>2 1.371 144 2 162
artos* 5.»42 11.862 7.K.SS 14, 2.i4 .
To: a-» r • 37.762 215.02S 1C5.571 m.m\
Augusta 100 |.goi 4 230 *> W&
Memphis' 1.650 9.732 9.95S '•'--a
ft. I^>uls '.'l7 2.2)1 I.MI iljan
■ibbMwi „: 6,278? 4r»..',ut r».7fi.". 27,ft44
T*e weekly Uv<-rpor.l btutli«ri.-al ►tatement. with Intel
esting comparisons, f lOowa:
This Last l«-i<!
snack. week. year. i^'ia
HaleM. aii kinds tA,(m c>.««> Ta.ntta 000 '
■atss American 4r,.!KX> 55.000 4S <K») ijm««,
,-"al-H for pjieculttlon. l.«X». 2.0C10 1 ■«-, , (-lf , :
K»le«. for eaport 2,<jO.> 2.«*r» i f«»l <lk l
Forward. K"i.«ioii 7T..<»;*i r.>,« M -'-./,:
ltnr«..rt«, «11 kinds . . 71,«>» 04.001* lld'iN.) i,-,.
Imr.orr*. AmeHcan 51,« V).» 54.(«i<> n,.,, r M-i'oiS
Kxport*. actual 7.0f«» 12.<K»j h\»», iaXS
Stogie, kil kinds mu.ooo «>Si».iHiO 1.756.000 , (irJ , ' ,
Ft-x-k. American rr»ili»«t 374.000 1 fl43<ifKi <;•"«! • \ul[
Afloat, all kind* 2l»,*j(H> I»H.(X«i 243.000 sii'tiillo
Cotton Exchange spseial Uverp ol cables— Snoi "r, 'ii,,n
etror^; k«).s ►,«, ha^i : speculation and exr^rt V*>-
Amerloe.n. K.rtW; recelpta. 7<r<i- mi.MHn.r .' 1 1
4^-1: future. o,*n«l Irre^lar a,' Mfd^SKX < n ied'
IrretfUlar and unsettled at 4%i-«44Q.U>t-(U4 n « u /,.»'»
rebruary. 4.8!*; February- March. 4 37* i?in?i ? Tr
4.35«: Aprt:-M«y. 4.82b: May-June 4
275; Juiy-AuKuet. «2T^b; August 4lepiembet Taovtl
mf--r-<>ctol er ) 4 ll'/il; 6cU*Jr N . rr |T 4mi J "■
vernber-J,«-ember. 3.63 v. Manchester- v r m/rU N "
ouirv b« Mt murh ,v,i r . . Ootns move clowiy r * ln "
•jL^'ll'twf" *""■ "' for ' h -^» endln
?: »Jr' lpt .*. a !. c " t:nu ' Ml t3taf " t p " n * dv -» n 8 *
•-• rtxjiu^a* aJtt' fuiw staie/ i,J r ' t \iurini BMai
came week last year 177.930
lotal recptpta to this date • 4.T47.600
1 >tal r«-fipts to same date, last year 8.78f«.7<il
Exports for th«- "veek • 14f1.350
Exports for sarr.t week last year ' 238.503
Total exports to this date 8.317.111
Total exports t. same -'ate las; v.-ar 8.818.788
Bto k at all rnlt<-,j Btatca ports ." t>92,441
Btoch at Rll l'nit<-d ."fates ports same time last ■;•"
rear 651.770
Ktock at a.l Interior towns 671. 5"0
Stock at all i^tcri'ir towns came time last year.. r>Bl,9S)>
Stock al Uv< rr.ool Ctt9.(KX>
irtock at Uverpoo) tame time last year 1.766,000
Stock iif American afloat for Great Britain ISM.POo
Stock of Amerl-an afloat for iire.it Url'aln same
time last yf-ar 23U.000
The rollowing are the total net receipts of cotton at all
ports glnce Sej.tf-iiii.r-^ 1, |S»:
Bales Bales.
Galveston 1.410.708 Bo6ton 5f..4t12
New-Orleana .1,253,310 Newport News 12.6T.4
Mobile lAO.BBO Philadelphia 32.289
Savannah 77<J.»i7l(Hrur,swlck 5".rt41
<"harle«ton 1U2.232 i'ensacola 77.7(»-«
Wilmington 2S6.C23'Port Arthur and
Norfolk 2.H5.3U4 Sablne I'li^s 44.6«3
Baltlmora •'.". uti."
New- York r»l.W»] Total 4.747.900
FLOUR AND MKAI, Operators reported a rather d!s
cournglnff outlook in flour so far us demand was con
cerned. but the market bad a Rood stiff undertone at the
close In sympathy with wheat, wirh buyers more liicllnvd
to me..t old asking prices Spring patents. *:tIKVS«»IS.
winter atralgrhts. $3 44.>@53 5O; winter patents, $3 r.s<s} ?:< mi.
spring clears, *2 •nO'U*;:); .-vtr.i No 1 winter, f2 7.Vtfs2 85;
extra No 2 winter, $2 00@'$2 63; no grade, $17 s«'®tl7 73
per ton, to arrive IJI'CKWHEAT FLOl'lt— Easy :
quoted at 11700(2 RYE FliOUß— Steady: f»!r to
(rood, K3 10@$3 25; choice to fnncy. $3 3O#s3 60
CORN MBAtr— Firm; quoted: Ki,n dried. |2 16©$2 20 as
to brand BAG Mi;w, Steady; quoted: Fine white
and yellow, 85@1*0c; coarse, 7lf&s2c ... FEED Steady;
quoted: Spring bran, sikii. |16 7&6517; Backs, to arrive.
200 rt., $174r517 25; coaree winter Bran $l7jjsl» latter
white; mlddllnga. $166*18 B<>; city feed, *iTli*lm : hominy
chop. $15 00; oil meal. Jofii $27.
OHAIN— WHKAT— French r.,;, news airain rime to
the rescue of the market yesterday, end [.ri.->-s closed
L **it\c higher than the prerious <luy, with a better under
tone In local circles than baa been witnessed in some
days, all owing to a rentwal Of bad crop reports from
France, together with various rumors t wetting the con
dition of our own winter wheat plant. Although both of
these Influences were known «-.-irly In the day, the most
pronounced effect wns niH.ie during th« last hour, when
active coverlnc by local traders who did not want tn
go short over ni^ht sent the market up with a rush to
the best point of the day. The French markets. In har
mony with crop news, nft.-r opening lower, closed from
r> to IS Inta higher, and foreign houses were moderate
buyers of wheat at times durtiiK the day. The complaints
from Western States regarding unfavorable crop prospects
wt r.- the ilr-t that have been beard practically since tho
present cold weather set In, It has been known thnt the
plant was un ■ ivered In many sections, and, therefore,
liable to damage by severe eotd weather, but heretofore
no unfavorable dtapati hea of a positive character bave
been received. Aside from tt'.«' foreign bualnesi men
tioned speculative trn.le In the local market was con
ducted on -imfesslonnl linos pretty much ull day, the
puMic having lost Interest In wheat during the recent
setback In prices. At the best i>.,int yesterday May
wheat reach-id 74 15-16 c. which was within about a «.vnt
of the ! urii >st price touch) on the curb some days h^>.
Anr.ntlne news wns of further liberal shipments, the
exp rts for thi week amounting to 1.112.000 bush, corn
pared with l.<i".iii,(«i(i bush the week before and 024.000
bush last year. The visible supply of that country
amounts m 5.520.000 bush, compared with l,S40,O«) buah
last year. N'orthweei receipts amounted to 811 cars, and
It was Bald that farmers are more ready to sell owing To
disappointment over the market's lnck of strengl A
large quantity of wheat is understood to be held back
in thi country. rjverpool quotations closed unchanged
to '«l net lower, and .\i--rt business amounted to
twenty-eight loads all ports. Quotations of cash wheat
fob atloat basis were as follows: No 2 red. Now York
77 r *»o prompt; Ftore, No 2 red. New-York, 77?1.e; No i
hard, l)uluth. Xl rte pt mpt, nominal; No 1 hard, Manl
t. ha. RlT»i pr mpt; No 1 har.l. New York. SOTtC prompt:
N.» 1 N rthern. Duluth. 7'.<\ • prompt: No 1 Northern.
New-Y.Tk. 7n t *c prompt; No 1 Northern Chicago 7H"ic
prompt: No 2 Northern. Duluth. 77 T *c prompt .COUN
—The market w.-is in I . tt.-r shape resterday than it has
been in some time. Influential traders nt Chicago ap
peared very friendly tp the Btaple and b- u<ht freely ofT
and >m all day, while the pivnmre fr»m receiving houses
and elevators, which has be,. n v depressing Influ • f>r
Borne day fi, waa much less noticeable than heretofore on
top nf this the aftern market was stimulated by reports
of a good cash business, reaching finally a total of nhout
seventy loads at nil Ints. Country <.fferln»ri. at the
\\^st were comparatively light, although weathei con
ditlons remained as favorable as ever. Speculation In
the local market w.is quiet compared with the \Vef.t. hut
prices closed very llrm and \c higher than the previous
?.l , 1 J 2 , c " rn ?l? lo * e<l 4>- elevator and delivered and
4«» Ho f ob atloat HATS— The local trade In oats waa
moderately active nd prlcea reniaine,i about the same as
the previous day. At Chicago the feature was active sell-
Ing by receiving houses. No 2 oats closed 20Hc- No 1
oats. 2>.;; KoJ white. 31% c; No 3 white 30H?| track
mixed. 2SH63Oc; track white 30%e34c No •» w |,|te
dips 32c. .. ; UVK' -Market "teady; No 1 Western. 62c
f O t. afloat: .No 2 Western. 61% c f o b afloat; State rye.
" h . f N-w 'i-rk. car lots. "Bradstroet's" exports of
wh.-at and Tl -jr from both roasts ror the week BffsrreEaterf
2.724.KJ7 bush, against 8551.197 la.t week and «r£ iTs
hush last year Since July 1 the .-\p- of wheat' nirirr.'
pated a0.iti9.«83 bush, against I3O.«??.66O bush last "7 r
< m exports for the week were 3.3C»S buah inlnsi
3.520.834 bush last week and 8.697.T81 bush InlßOO.^in^
'"■''■ 1 this season corn exp--vrts BK-prejrnte 129. 193.8 Ci bu«h
against »a.483,C54 bush during the sum.- period a year
Wheat: Openlr.e. Hl K hest. lowest, Cloce. V day
i"\y 74 1-16 74 1.1-16 74 1-ltl 74' i 74H
• T " lv -*H. 74? i 74 74V IV,
M »y 3S"i 80 35% 80 38%
February — _ — $032% $61.1
la . v <5T1 <' ess 67»i arh i--t 4
88* 09 7 HI 68Vi 89Vi tW4
Corn :
May 32* i 33 3-16 82^i 83H S n \
Jul ' 534 837* 33 7-16 .--(-si 33%
Ma , v 23i; 234 23\i 2314 23i;
•'<:'>• 2214 22% 22Si 22% ■'■•\
May 1897H *r,',n J3O7H UO7H 16924
Ju '5 «J": V -.- 6ltH 607% r.ir, fiix.
May 862% 593 5 '•2i» Sf 10 6w>
JuI >' 890 CO7V4 BM C»5 s^.,
M^>' 10774 IO«tS ir»77H 1050 ir>7r.
• lul >- 1083 1097% ii>K7".. lOO7V, 1<«",
Receipts of breadstuffs at interior points in thousands
•art wree ciphers (000) omitted. Flour bbls. r:itn bush!
„. . Flour. Wheat. Corn Oats Rye. Bar
•'!,"•'>"'> HI IH 2!14 171 2 M
Milwaukee 4 14 1 32 4 28
Minneapolis ■• - 208 14 14 1 3
I"ilutn 31 (| 1
SJ- t*«l8 4 17 l«) 26 — —
Kansas City — 80 .v 18 — —
•:::::::::::::! S 7S k, _ _
Detroit 1 1 2 — — — !
I'" r 'rta - 1 ISO 13 — _ j
Totals 23 327 OV) 2SI 7 64
Shipments from these points:
Chicago 80 10 2«8 237 14 17
Milwaukee 0 1 1 _ _ 17
Minn.iit.oil4 44 60 fi 22 — i
Uuluth — 16 — — _ _
Bt. Ixuls 3 ir. r..'» 13 — —
Kansas <'ity — 12 33 1! -- _
Tfle,]., _ 3 89 1 1 — _
Detroit 1 2 4 - — —
Peoria — — 2 13 — —
Totals 83 lOU 891 800 14 ~37
Receipts nt Atlantic ports:
New- Vorfc 16 3!» 81 106 — 3S
Boston 1 102 19 S3 _
Philadelphia 7 :3 SI 1U _ _
Baltimore . .. .. •; 63 41 3 2 —
Newport News 22 — :i4 _ _
New-Orleans 2 15 M 4 ... _
Tot:.ls r,4 2i<4 KS6 161 2 3H
Exports from Atlantic forts:
New York 16 4S 4ft B __
Philadelphia 4 2 207 2 — —
Baltimore i«« 1.',2 3*7 __ _ y.
Newport News 22 — 34 _ _ _L
Orleans 4 — ni
Totals 01 190 ( 19 4 — 25
MKTALS? - ConiElderable Irregularity existed In the tin
: pnrtment nil day but other metals were fnaturelevs
and qnlet. The isjndon news was largely responsible f,r
the actl of tin here. causing a sharp rise In thi price
an«l lending to Increasi demand fr-.ru locnl and Western
buyers. At the rlose thi Metal Exchange called pig Iron
wi.rrnnts dull; lake copper unchanged nt $1« 2.".; tin un-
Fettled it 52775. nominal l'.pd unchanßed, with $4 70 bid
imd J4 1.1 asked: speltet quiet, -with $4 70 bid nnd $4 K>
n--i:~.;. Thi- brokers' prici for lend waa *4 72 nnd for
•■•pelt* r $4 7.".
MOLASSrs AND BYRUPS a nrmer feeling prevailed
In •!,. nii.rk.t for molasses, but no material tnr-r<-nf<- In
business was noted. The better f..-rllnir grew out of small
pfftrtr.gs. Syrups were very firm, with tellera rather than
buyers at old prices. Qti tations rollow NeW-Grlenns
. ■r.trlf:u--il. common, ll^l.'tc; fnlr, M'olli'- B<io.l, 8041
>c; prime. 30C87c; New-Orlenns opi-n k.t'le. 44fiR.V:
Puerto IMco. 32<i3ftc; syrups, common. 17M1I»^: filr. 1 r><f*> !
11 . E-ood ir.'!ili>: prime, 20®22c: fancy. 23927 c.
OCEAN FItEIGHTS— There was a moderate d.mnnd for j
Ball tonnage for the various trades ni,.i as a rule, r.u.-H
wcreP firm, tl tigl only a limited business waa r»port«Hl
Thr- mnrket f<.r grain steamers showed further Improvo
ment, a steamer having been clofed to picked ports of I
United Klntrciorn and Continent nt S« IHd l.erth terms for
February loading Prompt boats to -Cork foi wders were i
quoted ut 3s !>■). nr.d for Mnrch loading, 8a 7 Vj.lfTSs f»l.
Thero was a por.d demnnd foi cotton, phosphate and t.-»r.
eral cari tonnage from Southern ports, and rates wi-re
somewhat Btrongcr Junta 1 1' ns to Liverpool were ■;'-'l ;
bid: ndon, 3ttd nomln.ll: Qlasguw, .'l id nominal; Bris
to:. 3»,f.4.1; Lelth, 4't-o: Hull. 3%d; Newcastle. 4'» i.
Antwerp, .''.'_■;. Hamburg, CO pfgs; Rottrrdam 7' ■"-
Amsterdam. 7'iiisc; cotton to Liverpool, per 100 VI). 25c;
r»nd •„ ats. 2s.
OII_S -Cottonseed oil wis tlrni and held hl^h.-r. with
fair sales of prime summer yellow r >r February and March
Bhlfimint .-it ,'17 I.ti.1 .ti. .-m<i '.nly sJrrir.l! lota for Sale Llti
!-ec-d oil was' firm also nt prices that have twen pravalllnir
for sonio days and refined petroleum was nsri.ln without
any chnnge. Quotations follow: Petroleum, bbls. $l» iiO
and in hulk. $7 2.".: Philadelphia. bbls. $!> s" nnd In bulk.
ft 20; rcflni : ences, w-Tork, *11 10; deodorised naphtha, .
$11 IS. C ttonseed oil— Prime crude, bbls, 33H0; prim* j
summer yellow, 'h:i- ■; ..IT summer yellow nominal:
butter gra«l« -I.". 1 ... prirai white, .T.'c; prime winter
yullow. 8»®4Oo; city Ilnfeed. American mw, r.H4f.',7c-
American boiled BSSi.">Oc; Calcutta r-.i<v, a>vr: \V.-^t,.rn lln
s.-od oil quoted 2c. under city t.ninds; lord oil, So©s2c.
PROVISIONS — There, wiu a str^nir iimrkol tn provtaions
all day. the basis of Ptr«-nrth being rmull. stocks than
eipectod and thu advance in craln. I>em«nd cam* from
g.iud sources, mostly packers, and the selling wjl» ecAt
tcred. BMlmated receipts of h.»n« nt Chlcafo for the
i, t i. w»-r»- 24.000 head with 21.000 estimated f'>r Saturday.
Tbo local market ndvnnced 13c. i-«>hk Strong; mess,
Sil<».-^!*11 amlly. $130113 3<>; fhort clear. $11 73#512,70
BEEF— Steady; mecs. flOOflOSO: family. |ll«r?13: i
packet, $lO3O£>sl2: extra India mesw, fJ»':ti22 ... BSEF
HAM.- I-ull; r-o^i-i IMtESSEI* HOOS- Firmer:
baoon*. tl^c; 180 rij. <l%c; 1011 rt. 7c; plies. 7'«.,: CITT
.MEATS— M-«l.-<l bellle, t i rm; a mok<ng bellies, T^r; 10
TT.. CVS©O%e; 12 Ib, liV'.cl'.r : 14 Rk, *(iiiS.<. Pickled
nhoulders (Inn; 6c. Pic*cleO h.inis sten.ller; I»V4Hl<iHc
Wunti-rn Rreens, HKfih^c. city greoris, WAQ'J%c I
TALlym— Firmer; city, dHOSHi country, s%©sHc i
. ....I.AiU>— Firmer; ft.aic. City lar.l nrrn:.3»*>c bid. I
J>..'in..l lard Brmer; Bouth Amrrlcfi 7.*ic. Continent.
JLTiOc; r.n,7;i. Itoga, He. Compound firm: city. S%mc: I
\Vestern Mttte . BTEARINE oleo. <\\<(p I
o%c City lnrO ftearlne. C,l4@7c
HICK— The week draws tr,w:irj v close with thi.- sltua- !
tl,.n here tad in the Houth hlH,.,t unchonf'd fr. m thnt of '
ti-..- early week. Hustßcsi ii net larg»-. but tho (reneral ,
un,i;rt...i.- eontlrues llrm. with prtcei well .nu?tnlned. !
(juotntlons rollow: I>onv,:>. common to low fair. 2'4y>
l*"A '^': -■■■"'■■ 4V4esc: Prtm* Si choice. iV t o^c:
myi nY:n V: ,',trr, 4H«4^ C . Japan. 4Str4%c: Java.
6OGAR— Them wan a ren nulct but v. rv tirm market
for reCned ngar wltli „rie Unchanged QuoUMons fol
low: DOSStaos. 6.15 c: cut llet* t ttnd J^t^d. D.UOc; cul»e«. j
6.35 c; powdered and coarse powdered, C.3oc; XXXX
IKiwdered. 5.80 c; itandard granulated and fine granulated,
B.20o; o.x»rse granulated snd extra tine granulated. 5.33 c;
confectioners' granulated, 8.46 c: 2 Ib cartons, 2 n. bags.
5 rb cartons and B Ib I ig ol One granulated, s.3<k': mould
A. 5.4.V- diamond A, 5.20 c; confectioners' A. ,1c; Kos 1. 2
un.i 3 4-BSc No 4. I.Boc ; No 5, 4.75 c; No 0. 4.70 c; Nu 7.
4.80 c No 8 4.60 c: No tt, 4.80 c; No 10. 4.60 c; No 11, 4.45 c;
Not 12, 18, 14. In and I'l. 4.40 c TIII3 werlt's suramary
<.f the t.tatlPtlcu) altion, as mads up bi Wllletl & Oruy.
shows stocks In (is I'niled States anl CuUi, together of
157.f.»1« tons, acninst lli.t.tir.t tons last week and 120.7&')
tons last yea an increase of Bt«Xß> ion.- over last year.
Europe- Stocks In Europe, 2,434.4)00 tons, asalnst 1.277.
<«)0 tens l«»t week, ar.a 2.4.'i1i,51R tons last year. Total
Etocks of Europe and America, 2.621.910 ton«. against
1.4T0.018 tons last week, an.l 2.555.W9 tono last year at the
sumo uneven dates, nn I 2.7ci.1.1i>.'. tons at even date .f
January I, last year. Th* excess of .*to<-k Is now :SiI,MH7
tons, against an excess of 37.186 tons last week, and nn
excess of 60.023 tons IVcember 28, lsim. The local raw
engar market was strung In tone, with r'tiners rr.utiit'.^'
Ing more or less nervousness. Owing to refusal of >.».'.i.
to off.'r lar.:e lota, buslnesa waa limited to esceedingl]
small proportions Borne 1.200 bags muscovado rhanged
hand:", .n the basis of 4- for 80 ••-. f. Bids at the close
Included 4 7 18c for centrifugal, 4c fnr muscovado and 3\ ■
for molasgea Eugar.
New-York, February 2, 1000.
BEANS AND PEAS Til.. Jobbing trade Is Btill very"
Ilßlit. and there is not much export Int-rtst: this tends to
make just a little unsettled feeling though, as a rule,
holders ar.> not Inclined t-' m idlfy tli.lr views as t<>
prices. This holds true of most kinds of domestic beans.
California lima und Imported Ulanta are, however, fairly
linn. Bayers are Bhowlng some Interest In foreign me
dium iiii'l pea. and Bales have been made In range 1 of our
quotations), bul only tin choicest BtocU will command
outside i.rt.-> <3re<-ii and Scotch i- 1- ijuiet, We >i ute:
I!<-i..-is. marrow, choice. per bush. *2 2."i: do medium,
choice. |217H@5220; do pea. State and Michigan bbls,
>2 I'M; 20; <J<> bags. $2 IT'i: do r.-.l kidney, choice.
$22T>iS$290: do white kidney, choice, 12 60; <lo yellow eye,
choice, $2 35: do black turtle bjup. choice, $2; do limn.
California, *3 nil; Imported iJiants. 12 7T>@s2 HO; imported
I»-a, f»s'g|2; ltii|<>rted incllum. $1 (>O'(isl ii.-,; Kr.v M peas,
bags $129 do Scotch, bags $1 27H#|1 SO.
HUTTKR— Buyers took hold pretty well again to-day
end the market had a flrn ton<- on the better grades «if
fresh [able qualities. A closer clearance Is probable than
at any tlire for the last Wo weeks nnd the market has
a very healthy tone. Receipts are keeping up fnirly. but
lh*re Is a constantly widening consumptive demand both
on local .in.l out of town account, and «••• hear of some
speculative operations als... The lower grades of cream
•ry and nearly all qualities of imitation creamery an.l
fresh factory are no more than steady, the present de
mand being rjuit.. largely for t)i» finest (roods available^
Th.r.- has been 1. llttli export Inquiry for fresh ladlea
lit about iaVi©l7c, thourh only one or two lots have been
taken as yet. We qujte: Creamery, Western extras,
per Tb. -'•"■•: do "rsts. 24024 lie; do thirds to Beconda,
204T23C: do Slat.-, exteis, 24V6t92!1c; do firsts 23H{i'24c
flo thirds to eeconds, St«2.lc; creamery, June fancy, a3c;
ao held. |.rime, 21H022c; .L> common tj fair, ln.i.'l. .'
State lolry, ralf litki:i tubs fr-sh. fane; 24c: tubs ot
Irklns, prime. 22ff2.1c; do common t.i good, 19#21c; West
ern Imitation creamery, -xtiri!.. 21«22r; do firsts 10<S'20c;
lo lower t-raies. S7fi:sc. Western factory, fresh, r-xtrns
I8<? 1H . . do tlisis. ir®l7Hc; .1.. thii Is to Becoiids, 1-: .•
Irt'ic; do held, litres-. 17" do >\k •-: grades Ui©l7c:
rolls. rreßh, choice, I><.-: do common t.> i rlmi lOffUHc;
rrnovHt.d butter, ra.ey. 21^22c; do common to prime.
CIIBESEJ— There I- Conßlderable Inquiry from exporters
for both fine chers iin.l nr.il<-r priced but llrmnefw .if
holJers on tin,, .■.-.■.■ and B.carr.lty of under priced goods
Interferes with the movement. W> notice a sale of 2N>
Ik.x.h of fine f.:' . colored il 11%,-. but mom holders are
h.'ldlnß for moi ■ money. The home trail* demanl con
tlnuea very fair nml prices ,dll> held. Skli .- n rerj'
good demand, mostly rrom exporters, and if.sl.nble grades
ur«> held with cohfldence. UverpocO coble 51»a (or colirej
and :.t;s.;,l for white. \V.. <|ii..te: State, full cream, small.
fall made, fancy, per tb, I2*isfl.V; .1. smnll. choli«, 12>4
''ML"-... |o goud to prime, 11-4.i1-.-. uo •■■■ mon to fair.
Il'n 11 '•.■•■. do large, rail made, finny a/;a /'; I.U- l« large
choice, MV«i:."-4r: do : -'►••. g ■■-'. to prim*, ll^wimc:
dj common t.» fair. HWllc; light skims small choice
10H«10%c; do l.irK,-. choice, [>V»®l)i4c: |.art Ims, small
nrtme itttiKi.-: do lar^ j-rltn-. vk/!.^,- ,j,, li.lr to >r,,,,,l
tii^\c; do common, .".f:<K-; full (Ims, 4G4V»c
BGG»-^Thera la a further u.fvance of '■„ In fr» 8 h eggs
to-day, but It has brought ...it a larger offering of -t >.-k
and supplies »rv now ample. I{.-fr! K ,-rato r Mock fairly
active, partlj speculative. Mined moving better We
.jtiot.-: .- : ' : "-' and nearby fancj (elected, per .1 sen, 2ois
i\c; State, Hennoylvania and hearby, average best, r>-
Western, beat, l!».-; Soutl em. besl !B®ISVSc; u'.-sreni and
Southern, fair tn koo,i, per 30 dozen enm-, $< ■jfutif-i m\
refrigerator, fnll packed choice, $3 t»«f 4 2>; do early
packed, beat. *.: ■.;■!., i:i> ,r,i p.,-.r to fair. (2 ■.•'• .i -:t llm. I
PKI'ITS FftKSH - KeceiptN of apple are moderate
and holders fee] tirm on the n.-r^l situation al the mo
ment; bUßlnem Is restricted Bomewhat by the cold
ither '•!..-.. '.-t::.- iri meeting h. fair demand and
■ ntinue strong Florida omn«rs steady, with m.«leniti»
offerings and a fair Inquiry. Strawberries In light euu
ply, md few of them an- ripe ■ nough to reach top uu. • .
tions. v, quote: am 1. Win.. Shj,. K ood to .h01e,.. fer
b»il, 00«f*3RO; do York Imperial Kood ... choice $3
'ut:t.V); do Splti*enhurg, fair to choice «2 .'..'i?* lo net!
l>iivls. fancy, $3913 50; do fair to good, |255200; Bpy
fair to i.rlm.-. $l'.iJl> BO; Baldwin, choice to fancy $:t'rf
J.t _.. : uo fair. to good. $2 jr. i-j 75: Greening, Icehouse,
fancy. >.i .■»::-,. do fr.tr to prim... $20 f 2 50; I-nir to fair
M... $1 ,-Mi' a t2; Cranberries. Cape Cod. late varieties,
fancy, per bbl .<- t*f 50 do fair to good $asoffs7 3O; do
Early ■•... k. fancy, $7fts7 r,..; <lo fair to good. |oeioß4f
do Jersey good to choice, per bill f«enes7;ido , h..|.-.-'
dark, per rate. f2 41 : do good t0 prltne jj 2(2 '' ( 2.-,
orange*, bright. tnJlan River, fancy. er box Lv«$(l :
Florida, •-...-. fancy. ..... do prim.- t.'i
cholc... f:['(i?:i;,",; liiiss-t. J--I ri-la. «<»„! to fun.y *3fl
*.1 '■•, do common to -•<„«- prspe fruit. Florida
*rJ«i"" x> . $ ff . s : ,t"", t ""» f> ' ri!l(V: '- PloridaJ |s€|lo; mandarins,
MCr$S strawberries, Florida, refrigerator f.il- to fancy
per <jt. 3.>5/. - Hk-.
FRUlT»—nßlKr>— Evaporated apples are moving slow
ly. and market rules weak, with i»rlee« favoring !..iy.-rs.
Sun dried app)e» »n.l 11.- chops Hiid wast.- in n«iit r.
oruesl an i w.Hk. with uutsM- f!(,-iir.-« extreme to sWI.
Blai kbi r: • fcan-p and tlrm. iluckt»berrles neglected
frill- quli steady, raspberries dull and w.-«k. California
fruit .juUt an.: unnh.in<.-.1. \\> quote; Applen] evaponited
f..n< v. per Ib. T^'iis'j.-; do ■■■.:. 0o prim.-'
! > '''" %■ -do •■■•.- r.^rt.-: .'... eun ■... ►11.-»-l.
i''iV': ( r; '.'" 'i"" r " rs - *J»eß>c: .!.. chojis. per 100 lt>. »1 40
tJ*l 80; do rorcs and nkin* I*l 1011 rh, ji./»i 13 raspber
rtes/ evaporated. 13©134 c; hurklebvrries, I4SIT*; black*
berrli , HH< chen ■ J4w 1 < :o ; apricots, <-|.:if..mU M- r
t»nrk lr-flisc; do Hoyal. taOl-tc. pnchtl California,
jeeled. IMO21V; do urn led. 190% c nnuie^ California
HOPS- The. fituatlon Is wholly unchanged Tln-r.. i« a
noderate demand from brewers but p.t|ps between l-.i.rr.
■■■ comparatively f-w. nd tl^-re is not much m
:orfst. th^ unattractive quality . f the «t „ k .l.tcrrlnn
'; pers from operating. Prices urv generally t.~M m.-..1v
.tit outside r;it<» »r>- reallied only f..r th«- choleeai en!— •
rf whirh but f^w remn In flrs-t hundi W< quote: stat.>'
l "''' t choice. i*f n.. 13c; do K ood to prim. lo«i2c: do
somiron tc_ fair. 5««e: do i««t. S«t)c: P»cine Co««t. i-m..
*ol«.'-13S14c; do Kood to prime. IO«12c; do eoromon to
f«lr. .tiw. . ''" 1Vi ' r '''"'" : ■••„. <'■«»'. «id
l^";" I T?, tY^V IVI?I VI ? I "'" !l<t " «""•'>•• t r |oads 2of
xhlch will probKbly h« .kit;.-. 1 ovei for r..-xt week.' The
lem.-.n.! | a j K ht nr»l the market generally w^ik. ihouich
iricea hrv- ilr.nlv sustained. \V«. qoote: Fowls ncr IT.
lOVio; chickens 0c: iwi^ BSe:°turkey«. hClte^duch.:
»■ i 'it- . <i as .<: •,
>RBSSGD -While rher.- is a fair quantltr of dreV«ed
wultry overdue the-'actua] quantity on the market la
l"»e moderate;^ and r with a fair dwnand «ookn are
■Ir.inin*: 'H> rlos.-lv. ai.,l •(,<• feeling linn on nil desirable I
rrndea <.f all descriptions. Turkeyß In r.,..1..r.it.. tupply
nd flrtn for most all Brades. Chlckem r..r.-:v show "c- I
>lral le r iftllt> and a-.vn.ir.. U-st 1 Is Offering fr-ni U9
lo thouß* .trjctly fancy S of, 1n ,,, t ...i haye * a '1,,/.
[•nlue of 12c. Choice fowl« m ir«j.J demand and nrm at I
lie, with occasional exceptionally fancy ii^irks ,„•, .-llriK ;
Ill) mrK" .«nd fancy. \ cry few fancy ducks ..r nwi> ;
irrlvlna;. Bquiiba In || K hi mpply and :lrm We oUoti; !
rwrkeys,- young hens, fancy. „-m . HH»l2c ,',. Slxefl
•ncy. 11<-: younu totnß. fancy, small. lOVfceuc; Western
i-hUa-10n.h., 1? rgej l^&,^^ W.'-^ts.' I^?.^
.0 State nnd IVnnmlvanla. prim... 10fti2e: do Western
ry-plrked, a\Wa XK e-best,e -best, loV©lle; doKald^d ioueil?:
lo fair to od, H«10r; Phlckwis and r..wl» ' St-n'e Vnd
■^■:.-. .-hlladelphla Fanrj !,:.-. .
ralghts. IMftlS • : ...
uw 13«pi4c; do tmall and nips K-i'il " hu -ks f , ,"
2oj do r,.m to prime. 10®llc; -1 ' poor^7feSc : iw c ' fancy
OAMK— Rabbits nttnue scarce and w«nt-i i ,
rices Very few wild lucks srrlvlnfr \ r. w Vvk iT
nlp« ocraKlonally received, l.vi wmrnefy ony rlover f \vs
juo.e: English Piinvas. H fti uveraire r2):g?as. plover
fK< ( ?2: .lu.-ks. mnvas. X n. averaire r.. 1. . r «• -,JJ
»3; do ll ht weights, tl 2.V,, *|.-.;, r V h '„ i.', r - *-:■'■«
«o~ polr $173(5«2: do M K ht ' u-.-i«htß ' "7.'. ,-uti' ' r!tl \',[
ruddy/* heavy $I©s| ri; do ll K ht u-ti«htH. aßft.""- \u.
asfao, !, ,!„„•„ i- "al , ■ h") ,'-.•- ' palr -
I- ■■: VTOKS AND VKOETABi!e? Tl .. „,
or prevnillnK is ir.t.-. ferine with the movement or?£{£
toes, but cliolM itorh Is held win, conHdence „. full luc
Pjlewii Barmuda potatoes- firm. Sweet potato** i'>tMdv
Old onions !n llcht demand nnd w.-ak. with r. w really
fnncy available. Rum>la tufnlps w.-,u f-,1,-,,,1 ..'-Y
f.,-, U Hh enrrota Rn ,l n,i,.. r winter v.K.1ta1.1.-H stei.lv KaTe
un.l M>lna<-li ni'-i-t utl nctlve demand it Kiiii,,i\- 1 t. .
Price* Florida viable* In llßhtrerelDt and without
Potatoea, Bermuda, prime, per 1,1.1. $30$O , lo No 2- Mno
■ : Main* Hebron pc, bbl »1 Tn|!*a jo at";' ff
SEEK ?»??&«?: iT ' :r"-:i::
urd V..Kt.-1-n, white, „,.r i.i.i $1 75«t«2- do vellnw *i -»v fl I
T-! 1 r *' n ' r - hects, U.rmii.li. per crate *lffsl '"1
.-tfltn, p.» r 1110, *i.u*li; do r*mtt M;m.l *4O*o- enr-utq
parmtida. t'r crate. #1«?*i 2fi; do waahVa 1 »er bbTTtlfl
bbl, $S!iW3; a n,l^. New-Orleans, t,*r bbl *34ftn . ■•-
j.lr.nts. Florida, j.-r half bbl i..x. f3®t.lGo' ilo H-ivmTi"
mt bbl. »2«*2r.0: teile. Norfolk, pc? bbl. OofeTßc-'lettuca'
•:: i ';r; r: I V-- f "V' y v po, bnlf bb) ' i: '-' k; ' Jl 7M *2 '<io P "o?:
.r.055l ,V>; iln New Orloi-nu. p.>r bbl, $2 r,iH).«.-,- „itr-i Fl,.iL
Ida, per carrier $2*B*3 50; do Ha vana.» »2 .TO®M •' neaa
Florida. p.-r basket, «1 jM; do Caltforn'la perTflat sa"s'
Jl7r,-S|2; peppen Fjnrl* :,. r ,•■■., |150«t250 do
Havunn per crntei SI f.CXfjf TO: narnley.' Ber^Tdaipi?
ca«e _$2^«2r,0; romalne. Orl?nns per l,bl j-i,*,; '
do BermuS po, crofo, 75c«|I; rhubvb Callfornia.ipw i
<l«,zen tmnche*. C0c8$l: string I ns. Florida, express .-r
crute. $l«J.'ir.O; do Bteatnar. ne«2no: iplnarh Norfolk
ier IM. |ISS«BSi 3.....^,. Hubbard. p^rbbi 7.V« s l
do Marrow. .'O^.r.,-: .1., Florida, white, per hush crnti
TOctiJl; tomatoes, Plorlila, prr carrier. 50cSb1 7B tumtt'i '
'iX:T^!\^, ]h] 7WBOc; "• • I>irf " >j nn " '-^
HAY AND STRAW HAY There was only a fair ut
tendance nl miirket to ilhv. und late prices for iiny .>f the
Snlea were all that uli] i. reallz. I A nitons? opinion I
provulls 0m.«,« the dealers which Implies thai all of tl,e
tm<lermar)(s of hny will dran utitll •■•- an r,-.luce.l In I
nuantlty. The surplus <>n hnnd hai l>ecn overruled a «o.d
denl, and buyors or bidden, hnve not the r.-.-B induevment
«'f «rr>.id barsalns th.it ruled during the earner perlnda of
njw crop aupplies, when tberc waa a marked ex-enr.esa of
attractive grada. Clover md clover mixed ir< Ht»i.jy but :
[Hires nr»- ronsidered full. W«" quote: riim». In'inrin- !
lml<v«. por 100 rh. KT'-l.c: \., 1 do. s(i./s."-,.- No •• ,' , :
72't.«iT.*c; No 3 do. 67H©70e; no urndc Ofi«00c: salt hay!
40-5 42Hc; clover mixed T.'.iTT' small bales. 2Hc below
abor« fUrurcs STRAW — The murket Is doing well— Ib
fn<-t. this |p n rather better season for hol.l.TH than ht»
been n ted fi.r v nuinli^r of acaaona Quality lx also help.
ful to snlen. with the favorable weatnsr for use prlctti
aw strons Receipts of hay un.l straw, in tons, reported '
at the Produce Kx<*hnn«re at noon t da] were: By Hud- I
« n Rlvor Itnllrond. 4NI; Erls, 810; Pennsylvania, SO
Delaware I^ckawnnra atul Westsrn, 00; Wesl Sh..r- .-i.-jn '
I.clil X i, Valley. 10; total i 240 tons. K.^celpts of straw by
rnll. 60 t.,ns '
N. w Y.rk. February 2, isoo
rrsrVsW IIshHHI wan 133 cars, or 2.41:7 head, liv- I
of whfeh^n for slaughterers and 23 IDS' the market:
0 h^i ? ' W<? T a , 1 Jers *y "I' with the exception of
i we?en eh H eni and BBleWl leWl cW and steers and sood fat cows
m~«,,™ Rhade lower: bulls hel <l "P nrrn. and common and
wT" h?!/™ 8 We /? f U " ab>)Ut steady. One car of cattle
l^i , k 0 ; 1 b * el " Itht ' ruler ule at 7®oc p^r Ib for
from the cattle and tl I ve /''^» No later cables received
from the catt c and beef markets of I*>ndon and Liver
pool. No shipments from tht3 port for to-day To
morrow the Martello for Hull will bs lad«n wVth ISO
™mA%2i*» A " *»l>«rmnn an.l the Teutonic for Uverp 1
with X.480 quarters .f beef for N. Morris, mnkine the
? i/nCo WPOk from thlß I 1 0" '- 315 cattle. 1.078 sheep
115 cattieanS U 8 bt fl fi " t0 Grßat " rit ' ln - exc^P '
Sales B. Sanders: 10 Vlrplnla steers, 1105 U, average.
f i "•'•■" l I T 1 9° n>: n (I °. lam ft, at 1*60; 31> Illinois
(!n :, r l . sn tt». al J5 25; Ifl do, 11.-4 IT., at 20: 2 bulls.
10.j5 Ib at |4; L' 10, 083 Ib. ut 15 96; 1 cow. 1110 If.. at
*.i KJ; 13 do. lOetl n>. at $3 25; 4 ,1, 717 ib. at $2 50.
. sbermnn & < Ulver: 5 Ohio steers, 1172 rt>. at $.". 3.":
; 20 do. 1180 Ib. at ?r. 20; is Chicago do. 1213 Ib. al $3 20;
, ■L lo 1208 n.. , t 1620; 19 .10. 1133 IT., at S3 10: 1- do,
12>i.i Ib. at $C2O; 17 do. 1144 lt>. at *:•■ 1 do, I2VO Tb at
$S 10 <10. ll'M n.. ut J4 1C; 1 cow I<«><> It), at K3 2.V
McPherson A Co. IS Kentucky steers 121:5 tb. at 4590:
11 ilo, ltr>* Hi. Nt $,-. I2 1 -. : : bul] 1770 Ib. Nt 14 10; 3 <!o.
7!«» Ib, at $4; 3 do, 114:1 n., al $'i '.«> 2 do 77(. rt> at
$3«5; 1 do, M« Ib, nt $:<«>; 3 do. 623 rh »t J3 M: 3 do.
I 4'!.1 n Bl K3; 12 cows. 1138 Ib, at $4 10; 17 do, 1118 It)
i il f-1S0; 28 do, l:»-:i lto. at $3 «B 1 do io<K> Ib. at |325;
I 0 do. DlO n.. Nt j:i 1O: 13 drt, 014 Ib. al $2^l; 24 do K9
Ib, at $2 70; 17 <L. 015 rb, at $2 GO; 12 do, Sis Ib. Nt *jr,.v
I do. S7O Ib, at $2 •'-»
Newton .v Co.: 24 Kentucky steers. 1072 Ib. Bt $.".13.
J. Shamberß & Son: 41 Ohio Pteers, 122» Ib. al $."10;
I 10 do. ii7i) ib. at $5; in do 112s n>. at $r>
CAliVES— Rweints were 71 head, lu.l!n»f 2* for
I butchers and 4(> for the market. Finn for live calvm,
and sales were nt 7.i'.>, per \<*> Ib for ordinary t> prim"
; veals. Xo barnyard calves ..n sale.) City dreroed reals
al>out st'-n.ly ,t ii.: ( i:;'..- V r IT,, wlih most of the sales
at lltfrl.V. Cbuntry dressed »-.-r •• In liberal supply and
lower at s-uir-..- per Ib; little calvev sold at t;fi'7!-.o:
• •in-'-, l liarnyard and fed calves nt t'.WifSo.
Salen- M. Collins: 11 veals. l(n> TTi average, at J^2." per
11. H Hollls: 3 vents. 142 TT, nt IS
Oi rge DilUnbach: 2 vealn 17, rf) -,t fU
EUEEP ANI> UMBS Receipts were 31 cars or 6 527
head, Includlnx 13 cars for slaughterers nnd ls>4 fr>r the
, merkot. miikJut-. with the i-f..<k held over Thursday 23
enrs on «>ale. „f which 14 at Jersey 1 lty and '.• nt Sixtieth
, .-t. Sheep were In fair demand and about steady; lnmhs
I leas active and selling unevenly; prices ruling ■ idy at
j the uppor yards and 10013 c lower »t J.rsey City. Pour
I cars were held for t.. morrow's mar M Common t>
choice sheop sold at 14 sOfris.l7fi •'.- lOu IT.; medium to
! choice lambs at t" 25#57 7."»: a bun.h ol mixed stock .it
I $1! i."i; yearling* nt $»l. I>rerw,i mutti n t>l.>w al 7 >BHc per
! tb; Iressed lambs at B9lo^*c; country dressed winter
j lambs tirtn nt .<4'n.*-< per carcass, with some sales as high
! at f.H .Vifijo.
Sales— Newton * Co.: 202 State lambs 82 Ib average
at J. 7.-. per im> tb: 226 Ohio do »i n.. at $7 60; 196 do 71
Ib, n' rjCO; 101 do, 74 Ib, at ?7 .-->. 203 Michigan do, 73 rr.
at $7 .■»: 2ii Ohio sheep. Oil Ib, nt $4U2%; 7 do, 107 Ib. at
i>. Harrington: m Western lambs, 77 Ib at |71H; ttt
'-• BO Ib, al 17 B0; 202 Ohio rlo 73 11. al $7 7. >: 164 do 7t)
IT., .it $773; 17 «<iii<, sheep, HI tb, al $.">; <l do, s.l Ib, nt
$4 fifl.
s. Judd tk Co : ins Ohio liimb.^. n,> tb. at *765; 70 State
do. R0 IT., nt $7 60; ICI Kentucky So. 7!» Ib nt $7 2"- 1114
Kentucky sheep, 10S Ib. Nt fS 25; 29 state d 1. oo IT. al $.".
J. M Hume S Bro.: 200 Mlchla-an lambs. 77 Th. Nt
$7 7.-.; l.tO State do, h2 Ib. at *1 '»: 7 Slate yearlings. 103
IT., al f<\.
M. rnilins: BS Ohio lambs. S4 Ib. Nt $765; 10 Western
Bbeep, 138 Ib, nt $.". 75; N3 do, 120 tb. il $5C2V4: 17 Penn
sylvania sheep and lambs, mixed 10.1 tb at t<\ "
HHrrtngtvn & Co.: 109 Ohio lamt.s. 7.' IT., al $7 «B.
MePherson * Co.: lOS RnfTaln lambs, Bfl r>.. at $7 17"^
HOGS— Receipts were 10 cars, or 3..V..'. ht-nd. Includinir
122 head foi lh« mnrket. Firm and higher for live ho;;s.
Gom] to chil<-e state pigs were quoted nt •■"■" ■'■•' •;*.'■ 4" per
li«> n Country dressed firm at IV9Bc per TT. for heavy,
6H<STc for medium and 7'v'- for ll^ht wights.
Bales 11. Hollls: 24 state plga 00 rti average, at
$r. 4i » per ioo n..
'Tilcaffi. F.-t,. 2 — Cnttl< — I.lKht itlve s'ee-s nlotit
steady; rthers slow; Texa firm . ulls. butcheraf stock
nnd canners' strong and active; calves highest on record;
feelers uti.ut steady; good tn choice. *."> 1O6J« 23; p'^'r
to medium. 1 |4©ss; mixed Ht.M-'KMr". 25553< i &; »elnct«l
'■• eileni 14 2.V'i.*4 .°5; (roxi to choice cows. $3 4'xfi# 4 50;
heifers, «■'. 3Oigss 05; canners <->■.•-.«•.,, bulls $■•''■■■
14 0(1 calves, |S 61 (»7»; fed Texas beeves. *4^i^ -".
II «rs w.-.ik to r.c lowei top fancy. V>; fair clearance:
rnlx.-.r and but. -hers". (14 iV'.-.i«4 «S; good t.> choice, heavy,
<i^,.f>-. rough, henry. $4 «r.4fs4 75; llpht. J4 »)^s4 S7Vi;
bulk O |e«. tj '„.-« S7 1 -... She..;, nnl Inmba s'r.np to
li.- higher; native wethers. $4 78 . tr. n. 1 imbs ».',,/?;;..;
Western wethers. $4 75e$&2fi; Western lambs, $11017 1,,
Kece-Ipta— Cattle, 2.300 h.^id; bogs. 21,(»x>; phe.^), : "-»,
. Cincinnati. l"eb. 2.— Hog* active nn.l higher. t4 I"-??*.".
Cnttle live strr.ru. $39$S .15. .--. steady $3 -5.".
l^ambs steady, ir. 7.v.!57.
Baal Überty. Feb. 2. -.itti- steady; .-x-n $" 7i ! «isi>: I
prtme, »5 ♦"■!*.-. 65; rommon, >273<l$.iNn Hogs steady;
I.rlm.^ m.Mlum. $.-\:T,. heavy Yorkers, $.". 1.1fi.<." 20; llcht
Yorkers, »5 in r|S 1.1 roughs, -. 2T^H 7.V She. ? steady;
eh.lee wethers, $5 3Oigss 4A: common, $2Gn©f3 6O; choice
lam his, $7 liKiis7 I.*.; common to good, •■ 15; real calves.
East Buffal >, Feb. 2-— Ke. elpts of sal anl through cit
tle. sheep nn.l hogs .lurinn the twentj four hours ended nt I
n.-»>n to-day were: Cattle, 58 cars; sheep mil lambs .".•> i
■ ■■-'■■ hoga, 32 c.irs. Cattle— There was rnly 1 load on sale, i
an.l wltft fair Inquli ■ the fenllng was steady. Catres «r« I
In tro.Jer.ite supply, k 1 demand and again sold higher. |
Choice to -xtra w. : re <ju. ?nl.|e fi,i «;. r.o. with »t<e ml^ „t !
<••:•,:-■ choice. (vViafli She.-p nnl lamnb — Tlie :
.rr.-iii irs w.t.. quite liberal, :*> l.^ids. but the demand was \
tl-. .- and prices nrnln hinder. Choice tr> t-xtr.i were j
•juotnMe «7:,..;<7 .<•. g..,i to choice. $7617 30; common to I
f.xlr. $aeso73. Good sherp w.-re s.-ar.-.- and higher. Mlxe.l i
sheep were qnotab'.e $5 2305.t 09; yearlings, $«Wif**> '•<'; !
wethers, $sCo(fs3 7S< • ■*■.- $S<S$S ■_-. common culls wert '
Llvch.r. nn.l 1...1.1 on 'he busts rf <t:i*4 7.'.. The high price
of wool, •■»•'! er wit the general shortage . erj'where, Is
Klvln* a ton to the irket that is somewhat surprising
even to the older dealers It Is thought by quod Judges
■ .■.-■■.■ ■ of I<V f..r 1-imii.i far off. It Is
n!»«it ten years since the lev of Limbs j. ;1 «.^e,i the> 7e
tn.irk. H.'bs -The „ (T.tliiics were :t," loads nn.l prices were
unsteady, i.'it the hulk of the snl«s were at $5 15, 01 Ti'ii
10c l.wer. lies were rju.itnhle jr. UKUt". 15; nilxe.j.
*• 13; V r1..-rn. X, lOiijr. i;, ; „| KB . $5 15; roughs, $4 4"-,f
$» '■■.■■ »-l Tr.'n?* The close, was vve.ik and 1 .«'r, the
1.,,v|- tx-lnw *.-. 10 on YorUers.
Tin: rtate or TRADE.
Puffiil-r Feb. " Bprln« wtient dull but at* n«; N 1
hard. fW N. 1 rtorthem, earli 7S%c; r^und lots.
7{H*c. Wlntei whe«» nrra; No 2 -.- : 71V »,( J ; mlxe-1.
71V: N- 1 white. Tic. Com dull nnd only steady; N.->
»■ yellow. ri<:s.-; No 3 yellow, .w^-: No \ yellow, 3<V- : No
'£ cirn. :m"..: rw,,0. No 3 .\irn. H.W-. Oats stronger; No 2
white, L---.. . No 3 mixed. 2*. Kye — No offerings; No 2
In store quoted nt r.'uj'l.N.. Flour fin
Chicago. Feb 2. — The ling futures rnnee,! R » follows:
Wheat. N-i. 2: orw-nlr.n. lllphe-t. lowest. Closing
February (V.' t
Moy r,7 \ *f 117 % CSS <;7\ fAi,t|W,
July . r.sH ftu\.if«Ki^9 BHH t)\>\
C ,m. No 2:
I"-- 1 r iarj ,"JIS "n\ ,li\ $r<\
May :i2Vr:t2 T , 33»4C33'i' :!'.'»« :i3-»
July 33Hv334 31 T ; 33^(f»3H'^ 53%933H
nat«. S ■ 2:
May 2ni; 23U c.Ti 23
July 22Vi 22*4 22>i 22H
Mess pork, per bbl
May 110 "1 1 -.. $10 si.', $1(.77'i 1 on"o ■n"
.1 ii I v 1090 lti'.iT'i lO>s7 L i li»!i7'i
I.ird. per 100 Ib.
Mny ,-.v;^ oio 9 B7H 607H
July tloT I*..1 *.. 6 17H t;o7 l a •'. 1".
Short ribs, per 100 IT.:
May BB2H '•■'■. 5 -'."j 51*34
July .'. '.• ." t»7H r, On .'. WS
Ciuth quotntlnna rere as follows: Flour steady; No 3
n>rlng wheat, .■.-,■ No 2 r.^l. ••..:.'■•• No 2 corn. .HIV-;
No 2 yellow corn. 31\032c; No 2 ont^. 23©23<*c; No !
white. 2Ti»i.»2tl>»c; No a whlt« 241t025Vte: No 2 rye.
S4V*c; No 2 burl.--. , 35«42c; No I lUxs-.-d and No 1
Northwestern, ,'.l>-. prlm< timothy ■ I, *2.V.; clover.
contrnci icru.le (»<»; mma i-t. $'■> m fin --. Sard j>er
100 Ib. $:.h5Ct#U; short rlf.s sides dowel. $5 : .vi dry
shoulders it,..«.-ti. r»H6«<.'; short clear sl.les (boxed)
s:, lOviJ.i l«i whiskey, distillers' finished gnoda, per Kal.
.<:■-•::•.. : sugars inchangtd On the Produce KirhariKe
to-day the utter market was steady; creameries 11»324c;
dairies, unt •.-_'■. .-■..■■-.■ rea.ly, l^iin.-. Egg B steady;
fresh. ■ W'...
Cincinnati. Feb. 2- Flour linn. Wheat nrm S 2 red.
7:: v <""rn active; No 2 mlxi 1 33*ii634c. Oats dull:
No 'i mixed. '.'■'■ '-,'n ~.' i<\ liye ilull; Nn 2, 81<- Butter
llrm. Suitar Mini. Eggs llrm IT.-. Cheese steady,
Milwaukee Kel.. 2.— Wheat, No l Northern. »;;Vd«"\c-
No 2 Sort! ■ ir.' V-iV.tV Hye st.aly No 1 "t-. Bur
ley tjuli t; No 2. ific; sample, 34^943c,
MlnneapullH. i ■•••■ 2.— Close -Wheat. In st re No 1
Northern. February. <".\.-; May. fi3%e«s%e; July. e7Vfcc;
on truck. No 1 lianl, <;7'».- ; No 1 Northern, «S\c; No 2
Northern. n.l%c. Flour nulet nnd firm; ili>t iiit.-n:s *■:;■■..
'<i*:t TO; second patents, $3 4O®s3 BO; llrst clears, $2 ttftvfi
S! "J: Becond dears, $2 1(1^92 20 Hran In I ulk, Jll'. 1 t
Philadelphia, Feb. 2 Wheat Ktea.lv; contract frrn*!e
February. 71«72c. C..m llrm. \r hlKher; No 2 mixed.
February, 37\«j3Sc. <»Nts unchanged; No 2 -.v!ilt.>
clipped. 31\-i,:i2,- : No 3 white, clipped, ■:•-.■:■.■.... No 2
n'lvl do, i"'i; 1 1"..'.,. Butter firm; fancy Western cream
ery. 2,' V'; do print*. 2Hr Rgga lini. fresh, nearby. IPo;
do Western. |0c; do Southwestern, l«c; dn Southern Uc
Cheese unchanged Receipts— Flour. t.OOO t.bla 5,700
sacks wheat, 18.000 bush; corn, 81.000 bush: oats i.;..<>
bush. Shipment: Wheat, l,6iN> bual corn. 207.001> bush
■ rit-. 21.0UU bush
Bl Louis, Feb 2— Wheat — No 2 red. ensh. 71. Febru
ary, 7<>V.e; M.,%. 71071W.C; July. 6HHc; No 2 hard tTTdI
tisc. Corn— No 2 ca«h. 81c February. SlHc; May. :t2.-;
July, 32V»i o.its-No 2 cash un.l February, 24Hc May
2Pic; No 2 white. 2<5'i... ....
.Toledo Feb. 2. Wheal higher, tlrm; No 2 caah. 714.-;
Mny. i.l %r; July. 7.', Corn dull, firm; No 2 mlxe.l.
83c. Oats dull sten.lv; n,. 2 mixed. 23Hc. Rye S r*h-*.
« lov. i-see.l dull, Bten>ly; prime cuah, oM, $4 U<i: I-Vbruary,
new, J., „ ': ; M.ir. '.. J.". HO bid; No 2 Seed, $is:».
Conditions .it the s.-uth were mill In reHei* 1 favor, as 1
there was on excellent all around demand for spirits tur-
I'tntlne, eHpe.-tnlly from rt.--.-i. Available auppli were I
••ell held, nnd receipts were retarded nr>mewhnl bj the i
cold weather. The local mnrket was higher, and some '
holders were asking 56c for im,. hlr.es. Hoslns were firm i
but j.rlceH were us last quoted bul the South held slocks
for l»-tter i. rices. T '"' was .lull ''" un.lmtiKe.l :in,l '" : " iv
Q.iotntlonH follow: ''
TAR li.ir.iU.rv, $\ H8; oil. bbla siK,,*:t
sPHtITS TI'RI EXTIXE 1". '■..,'
UOSlN— Common '■■ Rood s>rninVl tl rt2'4fltl im- R
Jl7<«. P. $175: a, lIHO 11 $ii« 'l. |2f15 k i>> -»v
M $200; N. f2J»; \V O. t3ss>s3«o| W \V\ $V(ir, ,<\ ,1.1."
.'l7 141 bbli \
Ll"" 1 '- lurpVntlne \\ }££ CbU
1 lr I.tUB 1.1 Is i
Chnrleston, Feb. Turpentine firm. r.lc. Rosin tirm !
Savannah, Feb. Bnlrtta turpentlns Brm .-.::'■.■ ra
«*«P", J.>.l bbs; salea. 212: exports. 3.iils. Kosln nrm. Un
changed; receipts, 3.711 bbls: tales 372: exports 3.667. '
re^ V i' :m ' n Jf-' irl - I<Vll - 2.-S l .lrlts turpentine ftrm.'s2 I tOS3c; :
receipts. 2. cueks. H.«.ln lirni. $1 25««1 *>; receipts 1 2.V1
Ta';«inn^3,:!'?;;e[^«^ ni i,,,fi. T:>lifn: '•""■'• - ■• liUs - 1
1.1 Kori-;.-, \ PHOKICK 11AUKET.
Liverpool, ,1, 1 " Vl> - 2-— Cloalna ai,,. ,t Spot Mea.lv; No 1 !
Jallfornla. 4d««. 4Hd; No 2 red W«aiern winter. i
Am«n Northern spring. ll» id. Corn— Bpot llrm;
American mixed. n «w 3« Td; American mixed, oM. 8B8 B ,
a/itnc,V iV M I|U , l . t ' t: February, 3» 7.!; Man-h. Ba «!^d; May.'
wm^i '.I ' Vus -< """'l'.'". S»eHd. Flour -st. Uis\» fancy
« iu-Vi^ n -.,". ;^- U Up 9" p9 ut '-">'Jv»n-Puclilo .\a S t dull. !
£3 lOaC£t Beef dull; extra India mesa, nn. prim. ,„.-,.,.
"• rt vu \ r]l * u> "*r- U r '""' me ™ *««n». s«a .1.1. Hums
— Bhorl cut. 14 lo I>l TT. arm, 47- >:\ Itacon Brni Cum
b^rlam! cut, 28; to M it, »N Bd; short ?-V, l""o 22 ro .
W.M ci : eJr n n,n f i ;lr miad 'W. ■ l * 1 ". 3'» «•> 33 Ib. 34s 6di
Wet« t? t« i'T^S""'*'- 35 'o « tb. 345; short cl.ur
gas a* £ A^TT«i«rs,
I nominal. Cheese— American finest white, steady. 5Ca 6d;
1 Amerlcin finest colored, firm. R9s. Tallow— Prime city
stesi.iy. 2. b; Australian. In London, dull. 27s Od. Cotton
■ seed oil— Hun refined. February-April, firm. 21s 3J. Tur
pontine—Spirits steady. 40s «d. Kosln— Common flrtn. 4s
I .'jd. »' -troleum— Reflneil. 7Hd. riniUll oil. 24».
! ™.. S ann "' 1 --i Fpb - S.— Cbttosi firm: middling. 7 13-16 c: low
I rnladllni?. ,Ho; goodordlnary. 7c; receipts. 8.948 balsa);
exporti coastwise. ti..K«. salsa, :.0«.i4; st.ick. 134.231.
' Gslyestofj. Feb. -~ Cotton flrm: m'dd':in». T»4c; 1 m
; rales! • bUjcTTIsS * C; rwelpU - 10 - 067 ba:e9:
- ImL^VEv *- I-;!; , ,?■- Cott;n noolaal middling. S%c;
low middling. . 18-iac; good ordlnarv. T3 16c; netiecelpts.
1 uinu a^srzJtksr Tt * to France - " : to the Ci>n
' mMiii I ,'^'" SS F *- 2.^-Oottpn firm: mlddllnu. 7 13-10 c: 1.->w
1 mi<ld ■<*„■• -V. X "'"" 1 '""''"""■y. IHe; net receipts M 7;
gross, .«.H42; shipments. 4.2.*; sales. 1.90*; stock. M.SI 4
' ™M,iir P -'-%T^ 2. Cotton rirm: middttas. 7 14-10 c; low
' r.'£ , ' SM "' : S""' 1 ordinary. 7 1-1«£ net receipts.
•, "?, balesj , gross, 2-'S"»:2 -' S "»: sf.lpment*. 1.543; sales 3.500:
.-[■'', v. !»., «>... 1 10l Sltl
New-Orleans Feb. 2, Cotton tirm- ml.l.lhnn. 7 15-I*-:
low middling, tII 16c: good rdinary 7' 4 c- receipts 7 7«j:i
bnles; exports to the Pbntlnent, 10 117- coastwlie '2 110
sales, 6,M4>; stock, 398.037
; Uverpa F b .V,7 4 p m — <^*t«n-Spat— Moderate de
rr:.-irid. prl<«^ .! f' higher; Amerl.-an mlddllre fair 5.1
good middling. 4 13-l.id; middling 4%d; |"w middling
■»N.. good ordinary. 4, I6d; ordinary, 4^l The sales
Of the lay were 8.000 bales, of which 500 were for sptc^
H ll | X) n ,n.l export, and Included 7,700 American; recTtpfs.
un'-tl ' .'nTi Am ° an - , futures ■ pened firm and closed
unsettle.] i', n< . Irregular: merle mMdhnic 1m c. Feb
rl'nrv ' V" :l 'l' n yvllPr!! : February and March. 4 37 041
4 T-^-4 11 an< 'x Aprlt - 4 , 3; M;-'>; -'> '""' rs - April and May.
4 ,t_ t.4d sellers; May ,', lr "' June. 4 -"■' 114 ' 1 *«era): June
■' „ . .V; '"' l ' 4 ' 1 FPllWS; ,f ulv and August. 4 3S-4Mfl
4 -f^t. 1.1 buyers: Auirust nnd September. 4 2a»-H4Q4 21-«4d
sellers: September and October. 4 11-M434. 1 2-64 J buyer?
October Hn.l Novemt^r. 4 3-04.1 Luyer"; November ami
Prcember, ,{ f.3 04.1 value.
Snrrogatc'o Notices.
JN PUIJSUANCE ol au onler of Hon. James
M. Varnum. a Surrogate nf rhe County of New Vo k
Notice Is hereby gtren to all persons havli claims against
Matthew Smith, late ol the Oou ty of New York de
ceased, to present the same with vouchers thereof to the
subscribers, at their plars of tran«a.-Mng business New to
llroadway, 11 rough of Manhattan City of New York en
or bef the Ist day ol Jun» neit »«■».
DateU Now York, the 24th day of November ISO 9
Exectif^r-i last win and testament of Mattl.ew Smith, ds
ce.i^e.l ' '
Atty for utorsv
U« Bn adwar.
Borough ol Manhattan. City of NVw York.
JN PURSUANCE of an order of Hon. Jamos M.
««., v » " n rT« Surrogate ol the County of New York.
notlr-,. rf hereb) given to all pei >na avlnc rlalma awinsi
Edith (.. GUI. lutr of th» County of New York, deceased
to present tl - - in • with vouchers Hereof to the subscrib
er. at his pis „f transacting huMness. at the office of
Anderson & Anderson. No. 35 Wall Street, tn Vhe "lty of
New \ork. on or before the Ut diiy of June next.
DMed New -iork. the 2T.tH day of November I*!W
AMDKBSON , ANDERSON.' W " h *'"* W '" annfXeJ "
Attorneys for Administrator with the will annexed
T\O. .u> \\ all £t. f
Be* .cii . f M^inhrirtnn. New York < '!ty.
]N pursuance of an 0r.1.T of n..n. Abm-r r.
Thomas, a Surrogate of tl •• County >f New v. -k
Nn.jr;. Is h»seh; gijen to ill persona having claims against
R 1.-.vinla Boynnd. late of tn- County „f New York" de
ceased, to present the same with vonrhers thereof to the
subscriber, r.t her place of transn.-ttn* business No 21
Park How. office of John Henry Hull, in the City of New
York, <n . r before the 3d .lay of Auamal :■ \- Dated
New York, the :!Oth .lay of January. !'<»> isfphiyp
I BAYAITD. Executrix. • »HN HENRY \\V\.\', Att-rney
for lecutrix. 21 Park How. ' *
TN PURSUANCE of an order of Hon. Frank
T Fitzgerald, a BavrogMs of ths Comn'y of N«a
York, notl ■ Is herel y atvea to all persons having claims
a«airu»t Fnink K. Wing, late of the County of New v-.rk
deceased, to present the ime with vouchers thereof to the
subscribers at their place r.f transn.'tng l.uslress. at the
ofM.-e of T>: >maa 11. llarowsky. Nos. II an<» 43 Wall
street, In the City if New T -k Borough if Manhattan
in --T t-efore 'he 2.', th d-iy nf June next. r»it.-1 N--<. V rk
the zri day of December, I«9B C.Rant SQUIRKB, Al
mlnlstrator; UMAX WIXG, Adaitntstratria THOMAS
11. RAROWSKY. Attorney fbr Adrol strators N\is 41
and ir. Wall Street. New. York City Bor gh of Man
VDVBRTISEMKNTS and robacrlptl •- for "■• ■ Trir.me
received at ttielr rpi « •-. Office Nn. 1.242 i- . Iway
M door north of Slst-at.. ntll •• o'cl ick p. m. ; adTertUe
merits received at the following branch ■•<« ■■• at reR-.il.ie
office mt^s until <> .."cl'i'-k p. m.. viz: 2T.4 Wh--avf.. s c.
c«t. 2a.l st.; 152 6th ■<•.. cor. 12th St.: Macy's, <;th-nve.
Mnd 14th *t.. 142 Columbus-ar».; near West 68th-»t.; l'»)
We«t t3il-si near - .th-ave. ; 92 Baal Uth-st.; CT.7 West
42d-st.. between 7fh nnl S!h fives. ; l."!> Kast 47th-Ft ■ 1 :o»
3d-ave., N-t«-.^n 7f.th iin.l 771 sts. : l.oaß Bd-»Te., near
O.lsf Rt.. 1.7"S Ist-ave., near Mtttt-M.; 000 Sd-aTe.. n*ar
4U'-sr.; .V.4 3<] iv« . 210 Hleecker-nt.; .TJT. RV*-k»rst.;
2.MM Sd-ave. ; 240 Fast 7'.it»i-st. ; 1.021 M aye. . .■•'.2 3d
are.: or at any American restrict Telejrrnph • HB -•.
Mid-Winter Tour
A I'iirtv will leave >«mv York nnil r'natrrn oltle>s
F>t». •». 1:1. 2S, >inr.-li il nnil i.".. and vl«4t Rlversld*.
Re.iiim.l^. Ban l>t*tco. Pasadena, Bcho Mountain. I>>s
Aniceles. Santa Barbara, HaJl Rafael. Santa -17.. Mon
terey. San .lore. 111k Tre»«. Ltck Otoervatorj an.l Ban
KniTicls-.i. Tl.e return Journey Includes the Sierra Ne
vada by fluyllichf. Salt I.iko City, the Gorges un>i tenons
of ""0i.,rn.10 by daylight, Den'-^r. Manttou 9prli and
the .J.ir.l.-n of the Gods. Leisure!* sojoon will be made
ut the following celebrated r-oteln: New St. Carles NVw-
Or|.-..n> Hotel del CnronadO; Coromido Bench: The West
mlnsi.r. I->s Anfteles; lintel Rafael. San Rnfnel; s.m
lieoch Hotel. Santa Cniz : Hotel del Monte. M ti rej . The
Vendome, Pan J. so; The pal 1 •■ Pan Francisco; The
Knutsfonl, Suit Lake city: T'.-.e Brown Palace, Denver.
The muv at any place can be shortened or prolonged ut
pleasure, as the tickets ire ko.x! to rerun until Norenj
l.-r 1. The arrangements hit un.ler the supervisor. 1 f
ext.erlenrM nn.l competent repreKentatlvea, thus (ear lng
the partenjeer entlr-Iy free for rerreatt 'n r.n<l si^htseeir ■
PRICES $350, $440,
lnclu,l<r>: tlrsr-.-l.Tcs rallwa] trvvel. a double berth in
sleeping cars, all hntel ac>v.n^m.>lat!.ins. transfers, o.ir
rl.iir- urives an.! ln.-i ientnl mealu .'.urirgr enrlre trip.
T urs to Florida, Puerto Hie.., r.-irN Xx;.. sltim K'lnpe
Iln wall. Japan, China, &c
Railroad an.l steamship tickets tO nil potats
SS 1 11 loii Siimirf.
Tr:il:. arrive ut nn.l >!e;<nrt from iJrund Central Station.
42d Street, tCrw-S-jrh, as follows:
Leave \.--a York, Arrive New Y.->rk.
•-o, in Syracuse I«>cal t6.23 p. m.
ts..ti> v. 111 lOintnre State Kxpre^a ... in i»> ni
•5 .4". a. in Kast Mall •I.M.Mi. m.
1 10.30 a. in Duv Express tT im p. m
til "'• 11. ir. inn- I RiprM . t7.00p.18.
••.■«-; ni N. Y. * Chi .- . Special *1.30p m
•l'«M' m S ■:•' Ktern Limit .Hi ... . •«.>«. p 111.
t:t..io p. 1. tlban) >w. Troj Flyer.. . tll.io.i. m
•3.38 p. ■■■ . \lr-nny •-; ••■ 'lal t2.('>i'« p. m
•4.00 p. m Detroit St>e.'lal .•!" 00 a m.
•,">.:!" \> m. . The Lake SI. ■■•• Llmtte.l «r. sn p. m.
••'. olp. tn Western Empress #l 4.". p. in.
•6.23 i>. m Northern r.*i'r-s-< *7.2" a. m.
•7.30 p. m . . A.Uron a ntrenl Kx.... **i.Ka tn.
•B.oOp m I'iin-Aiiiencnn Express *7.27 a. m.
•ii •.■■■ ; m Huffal.i .* S. \V. Special .. •*.<•> a. m
•'.•:'.";. ,n... Pacific Express *S3i>a.m.
tl2. Id 11 n> . Midnlirht i:ii,r.-Ks *T.oO a. ni.
■Dally. tDniiy, txcepi Bun.la? {Dally, ai ■■• • Monday
D.12 A. M. and 3.53 I 1I 1 M. Daily, except Sunday, lo Pltts
flelil; Sundays only nt l> 2l> A. M.
Pullman Cars -n ull throuith trams
Trains Illu nlnated with Pintach I.. ht.
Ticket offlcea .it 113. tn. 413 nn.l 1210 Rroadway 23
l'nlon S.|. \V.. S3S C..lumMi.< Aye., 81 Went 12r»th' 'pt
125 th St. nn,l IBMh Si Stations. New York: S3S und -;\
r*Ulton si. nn.l 104 P.ro»dway. K. D.. nrooKlyn
Telephone ' IUM c,,rt!:tn.|f for New York OnrrsJ Cab
ServKe 1 14a kgc checked fr m h> t.-i or resldi by
Westcotl Express C mjmny.
GKOROE 11. DAXIELi*. General men A^enr
L*ave Ne»v York, 8011 th Ferry (Whitehall Terminal), and
foot of Liberty street.
•Ually. t Except Sunday. {Sundays.
CIIICAOO. •4.1 l) ... ni . (Liberty street only). M.39
p. in. and *12 l.i r:Kht
PITTSBURO, »4.20 a. m. (Liberty street only). «5 3f
P. m.. 12. 1> night.
b CINCINNATI. ST. IOUIS. «10.00 a. in.. *5.55 p. ra..
HOY Al. lll,n> TKAI.VH.
WASHIXOTON, HALTIMORE. rs.oo, •ionr» (Dlittr)
•11.80 o. in. (Diner), tl.oo p. m. IDlner) M.KO tDlittr>
•8 0<» ("lloyal Limited." exclusively Pullman Train I>r#r
an.l Cafe). •4..-.S (Dinen »S.S3 i». m. (Diner), una •; ■• ta
night. NORFOIJC tI.OO r- m.
All trains ur- illuminated with Pintpch L.tght
Ofßces: 113. 172. 2rtl. 434. I.NI Dr«ndwav. 25'tTnlorj q«.
W 127 nowery. i* V.. SS9 Fulton B t.. Pr-xklvn; WhlVi
hall Terminal •> .d Liberty at. rin*iniit» checl:e.l from
hotel or re.sld.— to destination.
Trains leave Krimklln St. Station. N. V.. as follows,
sn.l 10 m. later from foot of W. 42d St. :
* "Ji? l> M • CONTINENTAL UMITED. for Detroit.
Chlc»g) and St. I/«nil* Dining Cur.
♦ w'AJ 1 }'■ M . Chicago and St. I^>:its Umlted.
IS'VS y - M - BufTalo and Niagara Falls ITw—i
l>il.» P. M Detroit and Chicago Kxpresa,
1.i.11y. 11 \ept Sunday.
Tt:ne-titb)es ut prln l|«»l hotels and offlce^. Riirgan
•becked f . r " m h o t ,i or resl.Vno. by Weatcott's Fxpreas!
C. B. I^MHnnT. rsnssal Pwisencer A *nt. NT
A I>VBIiTISEMENTS and ■übacnpttoaa for rba Trtoun.
It,\, rere ' v al their Uptown Offlr* No, 1 2»2 Broadway.
-• Ooof north of 31»t St.. until 8 o'clock p. m.; advertiaa
ments rvi-lvM hi the f.ill..wln« branch .>ilue» at rrrular
o mc(> jratee until B a'dork p. n>.. vli: 254 .Mth-ave .9 «
»n"i" Sd-st.; |S2 flfh iw., cor. 12th-«t. ; Maoyg. «th-av#.
ana 14th-nt.; 141' Colurabui . near West Uth nt • i.16
west 42d-tt.. neur tltti-avv. ; M K.ist 14th »•. ; 237 West
J-d-st.. betwt-en 7th an.l Btb «yes. : 130 Eaal 47th-st • i 33S
ja-ove.. bctwaan TCtb a nd 77th sis.: 1.006 Sd bt*. aasa
biai al I.TU l»t-uve.. n.-«r MKh-st.; 6H n.l-av- " near
.I,: **•• ■-'■•» 9d-av».; 810 nWoker-«t. : 325 U.eecker »t.;
-.WJB bvs.; -.'4« v Ka»t 7iit!i-nt. ; 1.021 Sd-ave. . •_' UU2 34
•^•■. or ut iiny Auiorkuu DUtilct Tvlc^raiih Ottlc«.
I*« ">•« below .»r T™«°i': h "'" "••
coach**. P 01313 west, dally except Sunday. n£
7 53. Salv"^'™ AND TIIE SOUTH.
1020) (Dining Ca r .° lO^f^iTT 3 I'ari a. m.. 12.33 -Vj
(Uesbros*., f n V /:-, r Vf -^.^'"'"S Ctol a. m.. 12.53. i^j
«re«u.nal Un^ -< , ' n ';' n ; t »*«»•* 2.20>, (3.23 "Con
« Din!n K a <'an i--- ai ni P Pr? rl °f apd Dinln * Cars >- 3a. £23
_jj»>a. K»prA. i'? i V > ' r "" ts 1- 4" 1-. aa.l veo-
A«ivffi.w^«3ras sag- 11 -^i***
and Cortlandt s"tTe*t^ "-jI"- anJ =40 p ™- (DesSmsse.
Vestibuled Tralna!^ Luffet Purlor w eek-days. Throu#\
Coachea. i ™' na - uuftet Pkrtor Cars and Staniua
(from I>esb-r>,-» « o • t " naa '"- »■-•> a. m.. 4.35 p jn.
1J..-.0. 3.40 a^d 3 ? ft' J n Cortl^. n<lt , Streets). 9.00 aT nTI
p. m. s "° p - m - Sundays, a. 43 a. m.. 5.15
610 iDe~hr~ POR P»i"»nni.riii\.
»— . »-- ses U " J «-'««lanJt Strv»ti tf "0) - •>-, tim
<Umltei7 ftsi* Irt-I" 11 -*^ fil ?- S ~'- *«■ f 1 ". »-5S
S'fcSgJJ I*^1 *^ S: " et " '■■ '— y.vanl.
J. n. nrTcmxsojj . _
n>n>n,, M, n n Wr . Crer^A-n^r^nt.
sv,,. Aririraclro roa! US exclusively.
c. ir ra< ' l "- "Electro-Pneumatic" S'.enala,
Stations In New York, f--ot of Üb«rty St.
».«..• . and Smith Ferry.
t^&ys&s&r&sr' * the ~™ « *>»
>r and after Jan. S. I0Of»
Trains leave t><ot of Ltberrr 31
•i^m" E ??J OB Bethlehem. Ai>r.f ,wn. Mr:-h Chunk A*
U^OO to Hasten) A. SI . *t «V, -ft:.-**. «« 00 P 3* 43(^
(•7:30 to Reading P M .12 1! I:3 ° w "i\^t
For stations on the NEW YORK ANT) LONG BR4\m
Rod Bank only.l 11:30 A • s^n^wa
Foil I. iKKWtmn and Lakehurst. •. M at 30 A M_
*1 ■♦" |3 SO, W:IO, iSnn P M Suadnn 'ln^s \ m."
H^S **«£ W£ M TO aD:3 ° A - M • • 1:45 -
FOR ATI.A3TIC CITY. •» :3O: 3O A. M. .1:43 (s3 30.
Pnl^rYarfparYor Bt * clal wlth !lbU>d C ° ach " aß *
For stations betweei Atlantic HisrMirv?-. BBS East I«g«
Branch, via Matawap, ('"'.'A «iV<S> ,- d •] -;,, A?:an-ta
Highlands only) A. M.. «1 43. *4:30. (t3:3S and bfl-23 At
lan-l,- Highlands only) P. M. Sundays. «U:00 A. M.. s4.OQ
F I ttaM ns between FVm r^rne Drarrh and Hlghlanda
cf _Xave<ilik. vl Dranchpcrt. *4:JO. sS:3<». 11:30 A. U.«
_ From foot ->r Liberty St.
TVe*k dars. *4:30. N:0O. 10:00. <ll:3O Dlnlnjr Cart A. *..
(I 06 1)lrln * Car.! 1:S0 - (3:00 Royal niua Ur-.|v!,l s3:0O.
(■•■oo D!nln «f Carl P- SI.. 5!2:13 rr . Sundays. M:3O.
10:00. (11:3<> Pinlric Car) A. M. 1:50 CTOO Koyal 81-ua
Limited.) bS-00. <e*»:o© Ptr.inir ar> P. M.. 512:13 m< j
Additional trains for Philadelphia, week days 7 30 9-ot>
A M . «3 3 ° s 4^^ 3< P. 1 5 :3 - •»:« p. M Sundays.
•5> M A >!.. • ■ •• M.
Tickets and rarl-r cnr seats at foot of U!-er*v St—
South Ferry. 113. 172. 281. 431. »44. 1.2.C1. 1 3.V» Brcai
way. r::7 Ctn At., 2S CB i?S Sq., Wes »- 153 E; » 3t ujtsl
St.. 273 V.V., ,25th St 213 Ctoiumbua Ay New Tork
4 Court 9:.. 344. MO Fulton St.. Brooklyn: 03 Brcadwa '*
Wtlltamsburg. The New Tork Transfer Co. win cail (
•nd c?.ev;k *™n '| ' from hot»:s or italiencei to deat!s;
•Fmrn IJbertv St. "rtr.
fFrcm .- utfi Ferrr rh-e minute* earlier.
tFrom Btn FWr» nt 3:C3 P. M
aVrcni South Ferry nt 9:2t> a m.
M'rom Sooth Kerry at fi:l« P M
JFrom S nth F.^rry Ft 3:53 P M.'
Lrave New York. Pennsylvania RaOroaJ station. 234
»?r«et. il'.sbrosses nnd P.'rilanJt sti>^v:a Z 1 <\n\-» la::.-,
except 12:4'^ noon train, which leaves at sun. » time froa
all three .«r:ttl"r«.>
li.^U IMUUW — l Tf :i»-IM!:mar. Drawing Rocm.
llall> eiresl C>>nipartrnent Sleeping Cars. Lt-
Snixlny. brary. Observation ani DiniTis; Cars.
New York to St. Attffusttne. F>-iliniin I'niwln* Room
Sl.»-i>inpr C-\rs. New Wrk to Alkcn. Aun;i3t;i an,l Pert
Tampa. Steamship connections Mr Key Weat a=i
Q-9r; p m ...n y A FLA. EXPRESS— — llfJ
•*-■*> • • •"• Drawing Room Sleepinsj Cars. New
Dully. V rk t.i Cotnmbta. Savannah JacJt
srnville nn.! Antra^tix. Dtnlntr Car service.
.C\J P m.---:.;.-.:;:;:; via i CH.VTTANOOaA
Oiiily. lUtISTOI. l-ul!rnr»n Drawtug Rooia
Sleeping Curs. New Vi rk t> RoanokS; KnoxrUl*. Oiatta
noOßa, New iirleans anl Merm.hls. Dinirnc Car service*.
.CD r. IVI- — - LJMITKD--Pul!rr.un Drawing Hoora
I»nil». Sleeping I'ai-i. New York tj Atlanta,
Macon, New Orleans. Itlrtnlr. »ham. Memphis. kshi v.-.i-j,
Knoxrtne, t'hattan.^.ia an-l Nn«hvllle. L>:nir.i.- • -i- s^r
vice. Tourtsil Sleeping Car. Warshlngt-n to San Fran—
ciaco, UonJays, Wednesdaya and Friday* Tussdaya
and Sal irday». Suns*! IJmlte,! connection.
19*10 WIGHT— X , AST »AII. — Pnlhnaa Buffet
It.lU HIUMI Slerplnir Cars. New York to At-
I>i»il>. lant N---W Orleans. SaTamulk
Jai-k*'nviil<» in.l Miami. F'.a. Steamship ccnnecti jna trja>
Nassau. Key West and Havana. Dinlnsr Car gervloe.
an.l all P rrhranl 1 X H ticket offices.
■Utloii foot of West Bd. Cortlantlt anJ Desbrossca Street*
( fvtina. R It. Ferries t
• Trtie We*t*M Ptn ;>ther rnrea (\>rtlandt or Desbrossas]
Mn-i'to. ♦ Daily except Sunday, v &uuJ.-»y leaves 4. Slr.x. Otnex
trains dally, tsunda] leavct i? 45 a.m. c Sunday leaves 813 a.m.
x Sand*; l'«nr»«.lS r.-u. -. ~u: .'. -.v l»nvr»S.l3 r.M.
I •«..^.'i. 7.(M» a. m Local tnr \^r. ,N
•7..>. i. c}*. 1« ». M for IH'FFALO. XIAGAR.V FALLS sn4
West, »nd principal local point*. I'arlor aad Dining Cars. tua»
necu for Cool Branch. -■
"11.55. i;,llll N.vn. "BLACK DIAMOND EX«
PRESS." 1i8n.!.-v.iiu>t train la tbo Monti. LKulte.l to seati^rf
Capacllf D-.u? ruf;:il» t: .'■ v. m.; c\>mecauK wltli ttirough S.cepern
to IHtrolt n- .1 ("alc-vo. ninlr.K tar xi-rlce a l» cart.-.
M-.UJ. l.tllli Kor Wil.K.r.S.|t Uil.r . SCBATXQSb«
t*3..%.» 1. 1 1» >■ M. JCoalßnujoh - ami Inrertiu-dtata p«)lut*.
rj.lO.vV.'Oi'.si Local for H ;HI NX.
*.'J..'»^, »B.lO>-» I hl.-attit Vestibule Ln: lttvl. For MAO
ARA FAl.l.Siuidpoia:* W«-»l fhruughslerntogi ir» to Cbicag*
•7.VVS.OOf* Expos tlon Express fur BCTFAIO aal
•>.VV ».«10 P. K. F.r ITHA.A. KOCHESTER. rFALd
and W>esw Plrvplng Curs to OUiriufo.
M< \ IN KIM.",' acd IJvU'SI) P.UOOK. locals, daily except
Send ■•• . *-•'..':>. •*• a. ».: •• w. 4.«'. *>'..n>, n.-.i>. "j 5 and » . v> r. s.
Tlehcti ivui paCman acrotumoilatiooa nt 1 1.1. an, -.•'. sr^, W4 ana
IWI It klwaT.a I'nton Sanniv Wen -• Colurabui Aye.. N. \..
Sti» Fnlton St., 4 fn:rf <t .H* "ilw-v :ind Annev Mutlon. UnioWlynj
N. Y. -i i«i.t I.> will call f>-r aud check L-ttb-gat-e from toUIOC
r«.i»-.t>-C' thruuxn to dnttnaUoß.
Thrvugh trains leave New-York, foot of -ers-st—
as r>llo»9. an.l rive aatnutes earUei from West 23d st.: "
l>t«MJ A. .11 — Vestibule*] K.xpresa dally for UinßhamWß,
Waverly. Kimln. ituffaiu. Uradiuni. Arrive Uu.Talo i
P. M. I'.iri.i .ir to Uuffalo,
i':««) r. >I—VeatihDied1 — VeatihDied llmlteti— Fast mall dally. Solid]
train fi r Chtcaco. AlPrn Cleveland 7:40 A. M.. Chicago,
3 P. M. Sleep. r» lo Chicago. Cleveland a:»J Cincinnati.
Dining Car.
7»::»> I*. M. — DutTUo anj Cleveland Tutllssssil £i;ma
dntly. Arrives at BufTalo 7:i:5 A. M.. Pradf^rd 7ii A. M
Jamestown u« A. M. Tounpl >wn 1i»:27 A. M.. Clev*
land 12:30 I" M. Sleepers to r»u!Tulo and OeveiunO. CaM
Llbrury Car.
}»t!S 1". .11. — Pally fo!M train for F.!n><hamton. Waverly,
Elnilra anil Chicago, Sleepers tj nu.r.iu,, Chicago aa«
Cincinnati. IXnlnj ''a:
. CXJMMODATIONS Ht 111. 113. 281. 401 an. l 1C.7 li:.ii.
Way. 127 Howety. '•*.'• E I! " U"sth-«t.. anl 273 West 123th
«t.. (."humberH anj West 23J-st. ferrl.-s. ww ork ; X'M
atul wki Fiilton-st.. OS Uroudway. Brooklyn: lii Rlver-st..
Bobokra, and Jersey City S:«tlon. New-Y«;rk TTansf*e
Co. calU for u:iu rbecka baggage from hjtris and .eaU
■taUasM ir -Vurk. foot of Oarcl&y and Ctir'.otop^oa
Els. Leava. Arrtv«.
Mt. Moms Mall i>;ow o.nx ii.iwp.afc
tuff., Ithaca .1- Oajw«S}a k.* *10:tx>a.ra. •>:«•»> p in.
Oil'-agi. j, iruft. X* •l:oop.in> •J;w>p.ra«
Brrantoa, WUkasborr* A Plyrn uth 4:00 p.m. li'Mv.vo,
Crilcafn A OuEf. U3l *7:00i«.n». *7:3i>a.ia.
I"-!, i. Ith.voi .*• Uuff.... • •d:»3p.ra- •7:lOa.nu
tSyr., nuff. & chl. Xx •11:30 p.ru. *9:3!>a.ia,
T^lt-rpera open at »::n> p. ll>-
Tlokets atu] Pullman ace mmo^ations at 113. 429 a=J
ts<> liroadway »t.<! 14 Park Place
Wavto tfd Express Company will call for and enacii
taceu£« tj destination. *PuUv.

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