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t *+ sriie will b* principal bridesmaid. The other
trro trill be Miss Esther Bromley. The bridegroom 9
eniy sister, and Miss Hetty Sargeant. of Barton
-r n «7 »-jl! fc--> attired In blue stilt gowns, covered
■a-'th irhite l*ce and chiffon, ard will carry large
bo'uenets of Parma violet*. The bridegroom, who Is
honorary attach^ of the Embassy, the eldest
-on of Sir Henry Bromley, of East Stokes,
N'ott* England, will be attended by his brother.
hroTsiev-Wllson. of DalUm Tower. Westmoreland.
Fnclard The usher* will be the four unmarried
.^Cretan*"* and attach** of the embassy. Sir Henry
Kromiev aeompasled by his daughter. Miss Esther
Df.-iio.ey *nd hi* ten. Bromley- Wilpon. sailed from
jjrsglarri on Wednesday last on the steamship
The engagement was announced last week of
jK*» Mand Nicholas, a daughter of Mr. «nd Mrs.
ji^rrv I. Nicholas, of Babylon. Long Island, to
Slacav Caspar Kile*, of Boston. The bride is a
See ct Harry Ho'.ims. of this city.
Kznor.f: the Incidents of the coming week will be
lixncv by Mrs. Henry Holt, of Xo. 711 Fitfh-ave :
lltrF for young people by Mr. and Mrs. Jules
Varab 1 -*: a dinner for forty by Mr. and Mrs. El
♦jiiig* I Gerry and a similar entertainment in the
j_ sf x cf the Metropolitan Club by Mr. and Mrs.
Trea*"" L- Parlc on Tuesday evening: a St. Valen-
dance by Mrs. Fred»rtc J. D* Peyster, of Xo.
7 E**i Forty-eecond-st., In honor of her debutante
ki3? ls:er - tss El3a r>e Paysiar, who will be Mr.
K»W' r ' 8 partner in the cotillon on Wednesday
,wfnf and on the same night will come the
focrth and last of the series st Wednesday cotll-
Isss a- Delmonico's. The cotillon will be led by
gjtiut Gouverneur Morris, and the guests will be
recelvrJ fey Mrs. Algernon S. Sullivan. Mrs. John
BiirUr.g Lawrence and several other patronesses,
e« :?-«'••' t-y James L. Johnson, Heth Lorton and
Gecrf* Sui;i\-an. On Thursday the members of
t!s« Thursday Evening Club will be entertained at
me home cf Mr. ■rd Mrs. Stanford White. Xo. IB
Eact Twenty-flrst-Bt.
On Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Heber R. Bishop
mill c!v<? a small dance at their home, Xo. SSI
a reception or.
ity sAsntaoo r.«=xt, : . . in the ladies'
Mr Whitehouse
v - Mrs. Alfred Duane
Mrs. Astor. who has arranged to sail for Europe
ts about a fortnight, gave a dinner party last even
i-sfc at her home, Xo. *42 F",fth-ave. The great hall
a^y c: the house was handsomely decorated with
grewir:r pa'ms and large baskets filled with Aecen
tlcn lilies. The table, fret with the famous Astor
flaie, was decked with American Beauty ros^s and
crchHs. Mrs AM r*a guests were Mr and Mrs,
Kffcer R. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. J. Plerpont Morgan,
Jlr. ar.d Mrs. Richard T. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Ed
wgrtl Wharton, Mr. and Mrs. »W. Starr Miller. Mr.
tad Mrs. P. Lori'.'ard Ronalds, jr.. Mr. and Mrs.
Ora« OFBkes. Mr. and Mrs J. '..<-■>- Taller, Mr. and
3Jr* Kane. Mrs. Maturir. Livingston, Mrs. Lucius
K_ TVi-m^rdirig. Miss Blight, Miss Josephine John
scr.. W. Bourke Cockran. W. Bayard Cutting. Eliot
Greyer-'. G»oree Griswold, Harper Pennington and
Gecrse W. Smaller.
Mr. snd ilrF. Georpe J. Gould grave a dinner fol
3fnr«-d ty a musical last evening at their home No.
g7 jpif:n-ave., in honor of the Count and Countess
Boni it Cast»!larie. Thp quests at the dinner, num-
SeriEg f'xty. were seated at six small table?, which
irere arranged in the dining room and second draw
ing roc:n- Each table was decorated with a bunch
«f w»- c orchids set in a silver vase. While din
tsfr •* t-eir.s served there was music by a string
crAestra. The p-uests were Mr. and Mrs. Stuy
rwir: 1 Fish. Mr. and Mrs. I. Townsend Eurden, Mr.
tad Mrs. Heztry Clews, Mr. and Mrs. George B. De
Fnrec:. Mrs. Charles H. Marshall. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank K. Pendleton. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Harri
can. jr . Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman Whitehouse. Mr.
and Mrs. Hermann Oelrtch?. Mrs. Edwin Main Post,
Mr. and Mrs. Beiaiont Tiffany. Mr and Mrs. Sid
sey J. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Lord,
y.r. and Mr*,. Johr. E. Cowdin. Mrs. Kingdom. Mr.
and Mrs. Edwir. Oou'd. Mr. and Mr« W. A. Hamil
tcr. Miss Pomerov. Mifs Cameron. Miss Hewitt,
Xit-f Eleanor Hewitt. Mi.-s Emma Stone, Miss
iiam.e Field. Duke de la Tom Harry I,"hr. Ree'
r-aic Ronalds. Worthinfrton Whitehooae, James
7> Wolfe C-JttUifr. G. Creiphton Webb. William Cut
:ir.2 .jr.. Charles A. Mann. Frederick H. Baldwin.
Samuel Biaitden. jr.. Craig W. Wadsworth, Madison
Grant. Edmund Randolph, Robert Collier. A M
Bapfcy and H. L. Hubbard. After dinner Mr. and
Mrs. Oould 2<rd th«s:r guests to ■he main drawing
room, where was rendered a musical programme, in
Tv.^ieh liat. Earaes. Signer Scottl find a string or
«"»i«»*tra urd«"" Frs-.z Kal'^nriom took part. Victor
Harris was the accompanist.
Mrs. George Crocker, cf So. 1 East Slxty-fourth
(=t., gave a dinner party last evening. There were
tw*nTy-six guests at the tab'e. which was deco
rated w-s?h white litacs. Aft«T dinner Maurice Far
koe. sang.
In con?*»quence cf the failure cf the Metropolitan
aMlMajsasait to present to its Saturday evening
rstrens a bUi containing the name of at least one
ef th« popular favor.:- last night'e performance
cf "Tannhauser" was attended by one of the
smallest ard most apathetic audiences of the sea
ton, il. Van Dyck had been expected to appear In
the title role, but Signer Perottl, from the G*r
rr-ania Theatre, »a« substituted, and sang the part
ir: the extrenae of the Italian style. For the rest,
the perforraance was one entirely lucking in dis
tinction, if we except the effective singing- of Herr
Bertram a. Wolfram. Miss Sus&n Strong was the
Elizabeth. Mile. Pevrv the Venus, while M Lem
jnere Pring-e bore the part of the Landgrave.
Two changes »ere announced last night In the
prcsTaraaje for til* concert to be given at the
Metropolitan Opera House this evening. Mme.
<~!».njentine <Je Vere S*pU> will taite the place of
Miss Suzanne Adams and Aioye Werner will sing
la the "Statat Mater" instead of Evan Williams.
I>cr.<ion. Feb. 10— Morganatic marriages are
b*ccming popular. [I is finally announced that,
Is Fpite «?f an delays, the Crown Princess Ste-
Tt&r.i-i cf Austria., widow of the Crown Prince
P.udolph. •will marry Count Yon Lonvay on
March 3. and now, according' to "Vanity Fair,"
tne heir to the Austrian throne. Archduke Ferdi
uad. three months ago married Countess
Chctek, for her sake resigning his claims to rule.
She is a handsome lady in waiting' of Princees
Wjuiitoetor. Feb. JO.— The temperature has fallen in
the Atlantic Coa.«t districts fcr.d his risen west of the
Ailegr.etiet. p^-j, b;is fj^ejj generally In the South At
lantic er.4 East Ouif States arid in areas in '.. - extreme
upper Hms-j^n Vaiiey and on the North Pacific Coast.
Fresh tc. tiri»it n-jrtheasteriy winds will prevail on the
JtrfSSle aad &,u'.h Atlantic and Southern New-England
«*••• A :j' ttatsaj has moved eastward over the
Brlioii Xarihwest Ttrrltcry. and a disturbance of mod
erate i;.-»cs-.Ji i 6i 6 apparently central off the Middle. Gulf
Court. Rim i, indicated for Sunday in the South At
lactie &:att*. atii rain or snew In the Middle Atlantic
*Ed ociiijera :■.<■« -Enrland i>uit<w and the upper Ohio
VaUtr. i- c Mississippi Valley and the Southwestern
«m! Y.'eetera States dse weather wtl! be fair with rlslns
teaiptrztiire. The temperature will ai*o rise In the laite
*■&»». Aiang the At^atic Coa« th* winds will be fresh
*» bruit Tmrr. the cortteast.
P» Mi.r.i New- Hajspahire and Vermont, fair to-day;
**• ar ea&w Manet-. . BMBB SI brt«k northeasterly winds.
For Mifi^'"*"*. Coaaecticat and Rhode MSWS. *•""
•»«» c^ifiy to-day: rain Monday: fresh to brtak north
••exrly winds.
*"« Ea«era New-Tork. fair In northern, rain In
•Withers portlMi to-C*r- rain Hocdsy; fresh northeesierty
Vet itr rnstrtct cf anibia, Eastern Pennsylvania,
s»»-ier»ey.s »»-ier»ey. Delaware sad Marylaad. prch»b!y rain 10
*•£: fair Mood&y: fresh fiortfioasteriy wind*.
Far Wa*i VirrUua. a-« Western Pennsylvania, probably
r **= tb-«u.r Jtoaoay tair: ea*t»ri> winds.
For testers New -York, fa'.r and warmer to-dar: rain
«• iao« Monday; easier!} winds.
It «fci» diagram the ctxntlauoua whltt line ehowi U>e
"Jtar«« in ppwci* ma ie;Uc*.!fcd by Thr Tribune «elf
"twdsjij barometer. Th* dotted lto« chows th* teinpem
»»«* •* recorted at Perry*« Pb^Tn* ;
Tritrtja* CMCoti F»a. U. 1 a. m— The weather yesterday
•»* fur and mlja. The t«ri»«rature ranged between 30
•»* * fiFgrec*. us, tveimcc (34% 4ecr«ea( b*-iac «*» **"
P**« •'•«• Uian that ef Friday amj US 4*«re«a hlatxr
■«sa u,u of ts» enrrnpßaJtc<r *•»- «f iaat year.
*»• ve»taar co-ds.y win t« cloudy, proftablr with run.
*"I do be seein'." remarked Daniel McChuck,
the Democratic sewer inspector of the Twelfth
Ward, Brooklyn, to Us friend. McCloskey, at
the Klondike salocn last night. "I do be seem'
that Judge Hilton, before he died, paid twinty
five t'ousand dollars fur a pictur ay a Frin< h
gineral givin' twinty-five cints to a besrsar
"W«=l!. what ay that"" aa] ! oskey,
knowing ful; well on account of having loan«*d
McChuck a chew of plug toba
inspector wa« ready to make .-=
"Well, I wuz thinkin' it wud hay been more
on the square if the hep-gar woman got the
twlnty-flve t'ousand dollars and the Frinch
Governor Roosevelt. Senator Platt and Chair
man Odell of the Republican State Committee
had luncheon tog-ether and a talk of two hours'
duration in the Fifth Avenue Hotel yesterday
afternoon. When the Governor gets back to
Albany he •■■.-•:;■ tell something about the confer
ence. Until th-n the three men are pledged to se
crecy on the subject.
The Governor arrived in the city early in the
afternoon and went to the house of Douglas
Robinson, his brother-in-law, at No. 422 Mai -
eon-aye. He arrived at the Fifth Avenue Hotel
about 2 p. m. and went into the headquarters
of the Republican State Committee, where Mr
Odell had been attending to business most of
the day up to that time. Senator Platt was at
his office at No. 40 Broadway, looking after his
express business in the forenoon. When Been
there by newspaper men he said he expected to
have a talk with the Governor in the afternoon,
but he would not talk with the newspaper men
about political or legislative topics. It was a
few minutes after 2 p. m. when Senator Platt
pot to the Fifth Avenue Hotel. He went up
stairs and sent word down that he was ready
to Beet the Governor and Mr. Odell at lunch
eon. They went upstair? immediately.
Scon after I p. m. Governor Roosevelt and
Mr. leU came downstairs and met several
newspaper men and politicians in the lobby of
the hotel. Th" Governor at once made the an
nouncement that there had been an agreement
not to talk about the conference until he re
turned to Albany.
"I probably will tell all there is to •■ said
when I rawt my newspaper friends in Albany on
Tuesday evening," the Governor said. "Mean
while we have nothing 1 to say."
Some newspaper articles were shown to him.
One declared that Henry C. Payne, the Republi
can National Commlti of Wisconsin, had
received a positive assurance from Governor
Roosevelt that the Governor would accept a
nomination for the Vice-Presidency. Anoth* .
declared that the Governor had written a letter
to hi* friend Senator Lodge in Washington,
saying' in positive terms that be is not, and will
not be, a candidate for the Vic*-Pre.«?ideney.
Governor Roosevelt betrayed Interest in the two
articles, and he uttered an exclamation when
his eye rested on the statement about his al
leged letter to Senator Lodge. Then he smiled
and said:
"Well, you have the whole thing there. What
more could I say* You can take your choice."
The Governor remained at the hotel for twenty
minutes and talk" 1 cheerfully with several ac
quaintances, but nothing more could be obtained
from him regarding his talk with Serator Platt
and Mr. OdelL He was at Sherry's in the even
ing, attending a meeting of the Tenement House
Committee of the Charity Organization Society,
and later be went to a private dinner with an
old college friend. This morning the Governor
will go to Yonkers and take luncheon with F.
W Holla and Dr. Albert Shaw. He probably
will go on to Albany from Tankers.
Senator Platt and Mr. Odell yesterday after
noon declared that they had agreed to let Gov
ernor Roosevelt do all the talking about the
conference. It was evident that there had been
an agreement which was satisfactory to all the
three men at the luncheon. There had been no
difference of opinion, apparently, and there was
the pleasantest possible feeling about the result
of the talk. , "' - :
Politician* and newspaper men understood
that there had been a talk about the V Ice-Pres
idency and about some legislative subjects, and
there had been complete harmony and cordiali-
V Governor Roosevelt and the other Repub
lican leaders seemed happy. Several shrewd
nomlcian* who were at the 'hotel said there was
nt doubt that there would be a a*, to th«
painter the twinty-flr.? cints — especially If the 1
lady wuz Irish." j
Xo one said anything, and McChuck con- !
•'I wisht I wjz a renter. Share I'd dab off a :
few things to suit me own fancy, whether they '
fetched five cints aftherward or not."
"Fur instance," said IfcCloskey.
Vis. fur instance." said McChuck. Td draw
a pictur of Tom Platt on a backyard fince as a ;
fine. big. skinny tomcat. Down in the yard, j
contintedly supping away at a milk dish in
scribed 'Governor.' I'd have Tiddy Rosyvilt, 1
an' the Tom on the fince 'ud be callin* to the 1
Tiddy at the dish to cctne up to the top ay the j
fince and ate out ay a bigger dish wii! nothin' L
in it, called the 'Vice Prisidincy.' An' I'd have j
the Tom on the fince fairly ■ • -kin" his back- j
bone to git Tiddy away from his prisint rash- i
efforts of certain Republican friends if the
Governor tn make him a candidate for the Vice-
Presidency, and that th Republican organiza
tion in New-York would take the necessary
steps to insure his renomination for Governor.
State Senators Groodsen, Cogg-^shall and Wil
• ■■■x were at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in the af
ternoon to talk with Senator Platt and Mr.
Odell. I few ether Republican members of the
Legislature w-re in the city, but they kept away
from the hotel. Senator Plat! and Mr. Odell
were away from the hotel last evening, and
few politicians were to be found there then.
Senator Platt. It was said, had made no plans
for talks with legislators to-day.
• My story concerns a club In a certain Western
City," said Warren Stanton. of Philadelphia, yes
terday at in- Holland House,
THE DISAP- "which I do not care to locate
LANCE OF more nearly, for the reason that
THE TABLE. 1 have enjoyed its hospitality,
and its members might think it
'infra dig* If I mentioned it by name. To this
club, which was exceedingly small and select, one
of the members presented a table, which was^ a
marvel, made from the trunk of an enormous tree.
The top consisted of only two piece?, and when
they first brought It to the club, so larg-e was it
that it became necessary to remove a section of the
wall before It could be installed in its proper place.
The members h.id eagerly awaited its aavent. but
once it was set up, tney quickly gTew to haie it.
It wasn't especially nice to ioi.k at. and on ac
count of its size it couidn't be taken apart or moved
into another room or out of. the way into in ob
scure corner, but insisted on aiways occupying the
centre of the dir.ins room. It rapidly became that
particular club's "old man of the sea.' and disso
lution began to loom large on the club's horizon,
when it suddenly brought relief by disappearing.
One morning, when, in tne pursuit of his duties, the
steward betook himself to the dining room he found
it untenanted by the table, and tile place where it
had been, represented by an obtrusive and insistent
blank space. Anxiousiy peering about him, he
looked out of the window, up the chimney and
minutely examined the floor, but without discov
ering any clew as to what had become of the table.
As the mercvbers dropped in. ono by one. the mystery
deepened, and the i>a.«sing days brought no expla
nation, and the disappearance of tne table became
the talk of the city, even overshadowing a Presi
dential election Ihen in progress. Finally it got
into print, with the result that one of the 'yellows'
offered a reward for a clew to the mystery, first
stipulating, however, that the person who furnished
the clew must so testify in the suit that would
undoubtedly be brought. The steward wasn't p;ir
ticulariy .sup^r«*'tiouH, as he was a ■headed
Englishman intent only on the duties of his place,
in which he took much personal pride, coming, as
he did. from a race of butlers and house servants.
But the loss of that table preyed on his prosaic
mind He knew it could nor be got sat of the
club by door or window, since it was too large,
and could only be taken away by removing a por
tion ... Yet the table was gone. How
was It removed? Only one other explanation pre
sented Itself, and that was that some agency not
human had removed the eyesore. From that mo
rr.^nt he wa« never alone in the club, and left its
roof in the evening as soon as ever his duties per
mitted HI? belief in a spiritual force havintr been
at work, it may be remarked, was shared by more
than one member."
"Finally." went on Iff Btanton, "after fifteen days
had elapsed and a club meeting- had : "'">- railed to
decide whether or net a Sherlock
THE SOL"- Holmes should be imported to try
TION OF THE to fathom the mystery, one moro-
MYSTERY. ins a large dray backed up to the
sioVwalk In front of the club, the
driver of hlch informed 'he steward that he
had a large .lining room table consigned to the
club Th*- steward absolutely refused to receive
it whereupon the driver produced a letter ad
(jrpeced to the House Committee, ana a member or
that" necessary and much maligned body, who
chanced to be present, after reading the letter or
dered the admission of the tablr?. The letter, which
was Jocosely entitled. "Leaves irom a Missing
Table ' by M. A. Hogany. offered the following ex
planation of the mystery: It seems that all th<»
.•ervanls wrnt home at i o'clock, but any members
who were there were ':-.—■ to stay a* late, as they
pleased, and one nljrhi found two of the members,
one a former captain of his college crew and the
other of the football eleven, seated at the smoking
room fire. The talk ha.l turned on the table and
the curse it had proved to the club, when the foot
ball captain, with the light of Inspiration in his
eye«= said. Bill, let's get rid of that table, or the
,- thing will get rid of the club.' To think with
them was to act. A hasty search of the prem
ises brought forth an axe, a sew and a meat axe,
and with the«e weapons they went through their
giant foe. All the fireplaces and tne kitchen range
were brought into play, and by 5 o'clock all that
remained of the vampire that had be*»n sucking
the life, fr'im that glad young club w.>re some
assorted piles cf > e h*><> and a dining room floor cov
ered with splinters and sawdust. Another half
hour's hard work collected and did away with
th**se evidences of guilt, and after an agreement to
socrrcy. until a. substitute for the destroyed article
could be provided, the conspirators nail a cheerful
drink and separated. The natural love of gos3<n
and mystery inherent to the human race did the
X. A \T')\ DEAD.
The death of Nathaniel A. Boynton. president of j
the Boynton Furnace Company, Nos. 207 and X 9 '
W«ter-Bt.. at his home. No. 3 East Sixty -second- !
Kt. vu announcfd yesterday. He was in his t
seventy-seventh y«r. w» wa« a member v* the j
New-England Society. '
ana, wid Tiddy showin' hi? tathe and lookin'
wise an' wicked out ay his left eye."
"Only two cats in the pictur. Danny"" asked
McClo^key. much interested..
"Dade, I'd have more, thin." said the sewer
inspector, dreamily. "Under the edge ay a
wishln' tree I'-d have a fine, round tomcat called
Timrr.y "Woodruff, wid his mout' waterin' to see
■what Tiddy is goin' to do — whether. he's goin'
t" give up his prisir.t cinch v.-'ich is fil'in' him t'
th' jowls, or whether he's gfiin' t' be coaxed up
f th' tap ay the fin- to the bigger dish wid
nuthin" in it. Sure, 'twas a divil ay a pity I
wasn't an artist," said McChuck with a sigh.
"Only three tomcats In it, Danny?" asked
"Well. three «rad d". wudn't it? Phure. there
air no tomcats on skundred dollar bill, an' I'm
shure a hundred dollar bill is handsome. Ay
Havana, Feb. General Ludlow sailed for New-
York to-day on bnard the steamer Havana. He
was accompanied by his wife. The General says
he will return before the end of the month, but
many persons believe Mrs. Ludlow will not come
back with Mm, as she is considering a trip to Eu
rope with her daughter. Consequently, a large
number of floral offerings was sent to the steam°r.
Robert P. Porter also sailed on the Havana, hav
ing completed his work of classification under the
tariff. He says that under the existing arrange
ments a reduction is impossible. Such a step, he
declares, would be a great blow against Governor-
General Wood's success, as the surplus reported la
practically mythical, most of the funds having to
be paid out in connection with schools and prisons;
and when these institutions, which legitimately
should have been included in last year's estimates,
are finished, a deficit will probably exist. Lieuten
ant-Colonel Joseph P. Sanger. Director of Census,
will remain here a week longer.
General Ludlow has appointed the following mem
bers of the Havana Board of Health: Sefiors Emil
iano Nunez, Carlos Finiey, Ber. Valdex. Carlos
De-(vernirie. Joaquin Jacobaeo and Manuel Delfin.
The inspectors of the Military Sanitary Service,
the Chief Surgeon and the Chief of the Sanitary
Department will be ex officio members of the Board
during the axistance of the Military Department
of Havana. The Mayor of the city will be ex of
ficio president.
Samuel Gompers. who ■ now *s Havana, says
many reforms are necessary in the condition of
the Cuban workmen, the principal one being
shorter hours. He says that Government officials
in charge of public works have told him that since
the eight hour day has been introduced on the
Government works the men have worked better
and more steadily. He considers the eight hour
day essential under existing conditions of climate.
The c*r drivers. Mr. Gompers asserts, are now
working eighteen hours out of twenty-four. The
only way the? men can get a remedy is by means
of h'.ws or decrees, as it is impossible in the exist
ing state of the labor market for the men to force
reform upon their employers.
During a recent performance at the Albisu
Theatre one of the actors produced an American
flag, which was greeted with hlsy^s, while a Span
ish flag, whi-h also was shown, was heartily
cheered. Many people believe this incident fh'iws
the true sentiment of the Cubans toward the
Americans, but th*- fact is that a large portion of
the population cf Havana la Spanish, particularly
the clus* whion attend.? theatres like the Albisu.
Numerous) fires occur every year, the 'Windsor
Hot.'l holocaust beir.K one. In which there is great
Icj>s of Jiff and property where there would be little
or no loss if tne building had a proper fire alarm
box In it. The Gamfwel! Auxiliary Fire Alarm
System furr.ish such service. Thrir boxes are con
nected with the street tire alarm boxes. When the
ring in their box is pull-d down, exactly the same
result is producttfas it the nearest street box itself
had been pulled, and says all the time lost in
finding a key, going to a street box. opening: it and
sending the alarm— a saving- of three to ten min
utes or more when i«*»ronds even count larjrely in
paving life and property. When people neglect to
provide such protection as these boxes afford they
are responsible, morally, at least, for any Injury
resultlnif to the person or property of others. There
can be no question that this service may be classed
as the very cheapest of fire Insurance.
Admiral Dewey. accompanied by Mrs. Dew«y, left
the Waldorf-Astoria yesterday afternoon and re
turr.ed tv Washlnjrtcri. The Admiral expects to go
South soon tr> visit Savannah and other Southern
The Abbey Effervescen: Salt Co. has issued a
calendar for l>Jfi that has been aptly termed a
"creation" in its line. It is one of the daintiest cal
endars seen thi* year and is embossed an.-, iitho-
BTaphed in twelve color« and gold. Much thought
has been devoted to the color scheme, and the
result has brought wnris of praise from all who
have mi it.
The calendar will be sent fr*>» on application to
any one inclosing i cents In stamps to pay for
postage and King, to the Abbey Effervescent
Salt Company. Noa. 3-15 Murray N*w York City.
KING S»NI>S — On VTadaMdSjr evening. February 7 br
tb« Rev. Victor < . bzUX at Church of the Holy Faith
ltUMi-u!. ami Trimtv-av*-.. limnx Borouich. Agnes Chris
tine. .iauKhtrr if Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sand* to
Charl-s Cliffunl Kins, both of New-York City.
Notices of marriagfs and deaths must be in
dorsed with full name and address.
Armour. Carrie C. ' Kellomj. <""aroHne p
Beach. Mimes Y. «£n«PP. - |!ll«m M
Qoynun, >*:bHr.'f-\ A. Matwe. Sarah L.
Faaeher. Enoch U. Rr*«r»rier. \n.!rrw
GwjBUT, D»vi«i E. WyclHiff. Albert T.
j MmtUil. il«i> a.
coorse, I might trow in a few subjects to make
it more ecrue. as they -ay in the r»aint shops. 1
guess I'd trow in a few owld tomato oans an' —
yes. to come to think about it. I'd trow in a
«mail rally '.-.g wid 'The Oivld Man's Burden 1
on his collar, barkin' aroun' like th« divil. wid
no particular purpose but to kape his eye oeeled.
fur what rex -ft in the dishes."
"Danny." said McCloskey, enthusiastically;
"Danny, me boy. if ye had had the right start
in life ye might to-day be wearin' the diamond
belt ay a painter ay renown, instead ay rislrtn'
yer life inspectin' sewers an' payin' assessminta
to Tammany Hal;."
"Rieht ye air. me bye." said McChuck. who
thereupon m xirnfatly put on his hat and •
nut into the perfumed air. fresh from t .
warms Cr:
ARirocn— On TV-in«<iar. Febraarr «. IDOO. Carrie nol
«oll. wif" cf Charles WTnfleW Armour and daughter of
the !ate William H. and Ja: Colwell.
Funeral servic at her late r»s;iep.ce. No. 2.077 sth-ave..
011 Sucday, February 11. at 4 p. m.
BEACH— At sa.i Pt»?n Cal.. on January 22. Moses Yale
Beach, husban.l of Henrietta I- en Beach, in his 3sth
Interment in Greenwocd.
BOYNTON' — At his residence. 3 East 6£d-st., Nathaniel
A., in hi» 77th year.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
FANTHER- On Friday. February 0. 1300. Enoch I*
Fanrhpr. In the "4th year cf his a(r«.
Funera! .<ervlr»s at his late residence. Xo. I*l Hsinsen
aye.. on ilon.iay. February 12. at 10 o'clock a. m.
Interment at New-Wtedsor at the convenience of the
GWYNNE— Wednesday. January 3. at w^tel Metropole.
Lrfmcior.. England, David E. Gwynne. elier son of the
late Ahram Evan ': •■ nm of «"incinnati. Ohio.
The funeral having taken place at St. Michael's Church,
The tnrerment will he at Wnodlawn
On Sunday. February 11. a car will leave Grand Central
Station at 2:30 n. m.
Relatives are invited to attend without further aotlce.
JOHXtTON- Friday. February 8. 18<X>, Mary Bussing.
widow cf William Johnston.
Funera '. service at the residence at her sister. Mrs. James
B. Sheridan. N*o. Sl7 Lenox-ave.. Monday afternoon.
February 12 tnst., n 2:30 o'clock.
KEL.LOGO— At her home. No. 24 Capitol-aye.. Hartford.
Conn.. Friday. February **. IPOO. Caroline Frtsbie. widow
of the late Henry Kellogg, tn her 7*th year.
KNAPP— At Chicago. February 9. 1300. WllUam 31.
Interment at P.ye. Monday. February 12. on arrival of
10:0»> train from Grand I'er.tral Nation.
MABEK — At Mount Kisco. M V.. on February 9. Sarah
L. Mabee. in the S2d year of her a«e.
Funeral from the Presbyterian Church. .-•:•:- on
Monday, February 12. at 1 p. m.
Interment at Bedford, N. Y.
P.EASONER — On Friday mTninr. at his residence In East
Oranse. Andrew F.easoner
Funeral s»r.'ic°s will be held" from Main Avenue Church.
East Orange, N. J.. on Sunday. February 11, at 3 p. ay
Veterans of the Seventh Regiment. — Announcement Is
made, with Jeep regret, of the death of our esteemed com
rade. Albert T. Wyck->ff. after lr>r.g and faithful service as
an officer of the 7th Regiment and as Captain of the
Fifth mpap.y Veterans. Members are requested to at
tend the funeral services at hi? late residence. No. 5S
Prr'jpect Place. Brooklyn. r>n Monday. February 12. at 2
O'clock. THOJaAS DIMOND. Colonel.
A. — The Kennlco Cemetery,— Private station
Har P.ailrcad. 43 mtnutes' ride from the Grand Central
Depot. Office. 18 East 4iM-?t.
Special Notices.
"A." "A.~
Madison Square South, New York.
TUT ■■Oil . Dupre, .lacqiie, iCi#»m,
Rico, Mailrn/i >. Vibert. Gerome, .T-». -
(Ml, Worms, Boucnereau, Delort.
Alvarez, Go»il>i«», Leloir, XJ«?r»utl.
>I«n.ltaeßy, Broaik, H)e Beaumont,
Ribot, Bonahtoa, Jimenez, Maicart,
Rarlaelli, Capobianchi, Tiuot, Kaeta
merer, and other Eminent Masters,
Will be sold
A-dmission Free. Doom open at 7.45.
EVENINGS Next. February 13th.
and 2 -4th., at © o'clock.
Statuary, Bronze*. Elaborate Clocks
and Clock Sets, Grand Sevres Vmm,
European Ceramics, Sterlins Silver.
Furniture, and other Artistic Property
W"ill be sold at the
On Tuesday. Wedne*day, Thursday
and Friday altcrnoonH next at 'J. 30
Exhibition clt»>»e«« at noon .Ml Tuendar.
Madison Square South. New Tort.
Mm. Seh«lt» predict* th« innocence of Moluwux.
When only " year* old Her Royal Hirhneji Queea Victoria,
pronounced her • wonderful child. She predicted t!» birth
rf Bab i Ruin. U»« re-election at Grover Cleveland and
two "rmi for K.-Kiki** 107 r;». t g^w „ tx-tweaa 3d
-. n 4 Leslsr^n »«•
Special Notices.
The art of arep breatblaar
3ii=»g» IXKZ UROOK t - «tx,
OmsuitinK hours 11 to 12 azd S to «. or -•■ «ppo4ntatsss>
Coal. I
, Andrew 3>Xacdonald
— WT-m» W. sH
Te:«phoa» =fO-Cath. .
Co*gm* W«te>r: It's papular tte»a<i— tt !» h»*;;.-,
rs!. It ha* lon* t«ea tmmoan for th* d^lred is— lv ■
brings, and far th* rle«n. «fr«r-tmata it iea,*es on tit* -
palate, an J3fa!i:i>> te»t nf Its purity.
All iiane«ii*u» heat penr.anertlv svaAteaasi «4bbssl
torturous electricity or poisonous stuffs. Wheat all otaer
r»n5«I!»« f»!! (over 35 years' exjMiri fnf»> can or a<Sd£*sa
Mum*. J'XUAN. ft Cast MM V mr Uez:n«toa-at«». ,
M.inirnrf. Sir..- Hlonra of ■•». r--<» teaiulftl
ratural cslcr. 23c. per bott'e. at I»V\IBER~"3 Hair Zr*t*-
Ir.g Par!or«. 1.2W I>n!=^Toß-a%-e . near STtb-st.
To ton* up th» (rvst^-jj a-d *-!n>.u:ate the app*ttte. tak*
Amr.'-i.-H Blrrrm. t>r. J. G. E. sirgen Jk Sons, sole aaaa
fa-tirer». AH ArofK.tta.
TBM f*>wr H*»— h^ilth. happy _ rTM , and hospttaatT— "■
fostered by Angostura E;tt»rs. Sole Jiaaufactarers. Dr.
J. G. B. Slesert A Sons.
\o. i; I nlncn-. The grailit made br *
r-»«w»r:. M.-»«i«-t ,t Ctu. -with The r.aal label nm iieiifjsa
CASTVELL. MA?SET I CO.. N>w T rk and Newport. IX
I rnial'M ZinMra. Gypar - nI»T. aw-» in *»«!■*
r.«i« ;"outie<<. «p*^uiation; complete readings. ."> c.-Jl. MI
wm sath-st.
n«-*t place. Fresh rna»t«<(! Morh*. Java CniTe*. S T>«..
#k. WerCn 4 Etetnhart. I<<4 E. Houston St. SeasJ postal.
Trlbane Terms to Mall Oahxrlken.
DAILY (with Sunday). SI a month, address c.tans« 4 *•)
<^ft»n as desired; $2 SO for three months: ID for sts mcr. i
tie a year.
DAIL.Y (without Sunday). 9i» eaacs a month. address
rhans^d i- nftpn as desired: $2 fcr tiree r.v-.:.n; $4 far
rts months: *."« a -.-far
SJ'NDAT TRIBT.7XE <ser>araf»!y>. $1 fir »lx mentis; S3
a r»ar. Ai<lr»iw r-har|r»il as «ftpn as d^?!r<"d
WEEKLY TRIBfNE. Issued Thursday. $1 a yean to
■ farelST. countries, ex.-ept M«?r'.co and Canada. $2 04 a year.
lnc!ud:r;e »irra p««ra«».
TFI-WEKKLT TKIBrNE. Issued Mondays. Wed imtaja
and T*ri«l*T». $1 Zi\ a yrar
TRIBUNE ALMANAC for 1900. 25 cents a copy.
DAILY i with ?nnday). SI 73 a month. Address ninss<
as after as d«ttr»d.
DAILT (wivh nt Suid?.y). {: 44 a month. I liiieas
chacs«l as often as *»sjt> i.
One rrnt jcoty extra r>' stair* SI chanced en th* DAIL.T
and TRI-WEKKLT ;0; 0 mall subscribers in New- York Cits.
UsUllajsCal ehsaM always be made fn PostoSe*
money order. Express money order, or draft on N'w-YosBJ
City. If cash 1? »n: by mall - ■ » jis:ereU. Tie Trthirffw
wt:i not be responsible for it» loss.
MAIN OFKH'R— yr>. 154 Vi«ri-«t
UPTOWN OFFICE — No. 1.243 ftr-aiJ^aT.
AMERICANS ABROAD wtl! and Th« Trituiw at
London — OCTce of Thr Trlbure. Nc. • ■ :■-»-• •».
Morten. Chaplin & Co.. No. * Prlnce«»-rt.. E. C.
Brows. Gou'd * Co.. No. 54 N«>w-O*f3rt-*t.
American Express Contpany. No. 3 Waterloo Flae*.
Thcmas Conk A Sfrs. LuJcate Circus.
The Londcn office of The Tntms* !s a. convenleat alae«
to leave advertisements «v. 1 jabwripciotaßL
Pari»— J. Manrce * Co. N'a 7 T.u- Scribe.
Hottlneuer & Co. No. M Rue de .Provence.
Mcrean. HarJ<»» & Co.. No. 31 Boulevard Kaossciaax
Credit Lyonnai!>e. Bureau fies Etran*»r».
American Express Compary. No. * Rue HaJery.
Thomaji Cook * S.-n. No. 1 Pla^» de I" Opera.
Geneva — Lrrr.t.a-i. Odler & Co. and L'sion BanJc
Florence — Whits y Jt Ci
r<»«i»inVt> \utirr.
■-.--■ DAILY by all interested, as chance*
may oocur at any ti3i<?.»
Fcreizn mails Tr-r the w«~k fn!!nsr F»bruarT 17. 19CQ.
wil! close tprotnpiiy in all cases 1 ar th» o«>nerai Po«tcSsc»
as fellows: Parrels p.-^st aai',9 clo«e me hour earlier tha«
closing tl^>.e shown below. Par?els Post Mails far Ger
many clr.»<» at r. p. m. Wednesday : for dispatch per s. s.
H. H. Meier. T*!urs<lay.
TCTSDAT— At 12 m. for Azores I«la»3s direct. p»r aa.
Tm}»i> Prince.
WEDNESDAY— At T af m. (supnletnentiry 9 a. m.) for
Europe, per s. ». N»w-Ycrk. via Soutiiamrtori: i" M)t3O
a- m. for Beisrrjm direct, per s. s. Krr.«incton. tla. ..
Antwerp Uetters must be d:rr<?t«<l "'per 9. s. Kas -•>- -
THrRSDAT— At 7a. m. for France. Switzerland. Italy.
Spain. P?rr.i:;a:. Turkey. Egypt and Br-.tisft India, pep
I s. a. La Gasoofrne. via flivrf Otters for other parts of
' Eurcp* must b* siire<^eJ "per «. 5. La. Gasc«sTie"»; at
6:3i> a. m. for A:i>r<^ Islands 'i:r»?t. per s. s. Pt.lssu'j^;
at ft a. m_ for Italy. p»r s. ». <"o!umbi«. via Naples (let—
ters mnjt S<« dir"'t-d "per s. « iVlti— bia"'i.
SATCRPAT- At 4:Srt ». nt. for Earepe. per s. a. Etrnrta.
via Queenstcwn; at ■» a. m. f.:r NVtherUrds direct, per
s. s. Werkeniiam. via Rrtreniarn (l«:er!» rr.ust be d!re<n
ed "per s. s. \Verk«>nciam"i: at 9 a. m. fir Irstly. per
f. ?. Tray». via Naples il^ters m-^st be directs "per
s. s. TrJive">: at 11 a. m. for N^rrvay •'.:r— -t. p»r s. a.
Island, via Ciir^stian^i iletters mast be directed "per
*:■• « r.atl.
MONDAY At 12:30 a. m. fcr Nassaa. — sieajacr iraua
Miami. F:* ; a: lv a. m. 1 . piemen ltiJO a. an
for Bermjtia. p«r ■». ?. Orinoco.
TI'ESDAY — At 1 p. m. for Ina^ua. Hayti a=d Sasnsi
Marta. per s. «. HarsH at » p. m. far ' irnajca, gn»
!t»am<T from Boston; at « p. m. far La Plata isrrWs)
direct, per «. s. Newlyn.
■WEDNESDAY — At J2:3t> a. m. tor Nassau. j>t steamer*
from Miami. Fla.: at s>:,W> a. m. - .pplejneirta- 10:.*-»
a. m.) for Central America (except Costa Rica) a»4
South Pacific Ports, per 9. %. Ailianca. via Colon, ilet-*
ters for Guatemala must be directed "per s. s. Al'i-»
ar.ca"): at '« a. m. f>r Nuevitas, per s. s. XHIISI
at lo:3o a. m. far Puerto Rice per United Sta:»s traas—
port, via Saa Jian: at 11 a. m. for Newfoundland, --
9. z. Silvia: ai 1^:30 p. m. for Leewart and Windwmt
Istaads ani Desser per s. ?. Carlbb^e tletters for
Grenada an.i Trinidad trust b» d.rected ■-^>tr a. a.
Cartbbee"): at 1 p. m. tar Cuba, Y'Jfatan. Campeche.
Tabasco and CMapas. p*r s. s. Yucatan, via Havaaa
ar.d I'roKreso betters must be d:r»cte.i per a. • Yuca
tan"!; at 1 p. m. for Mexico, pr s. 3. Nlajrara. " Tl*
•Tampicn (letters must be .iire<-t?d "per Niagara").
THI fcaliAT— At 1 m. fo>- Jamaica. p*r sieaan-r troBS
Phi:ad»:ph:a; at 1^ m. for R;.> d- Janets, per s. «.
Capri (letters for other iinrts of Brasi! ar;»J Ls »a*a
countries must be directed "pe>- ». 9. Capri") ; at I p. m.
for at. Kitts. Guadeloupe. unique aad Demerara.
FRIDAY— At Ip. m. for JamaL-a. p»r ». s. Orisea Otter*
must be direct-.:! "per s. a. Orißen -> >.
SATT-RDAY— At 12 p. m. for Nassau, -- swarr.er froa»
Miami. F:a. ; at ■ «. m. tar Bermuda, per *. p. Trinidad;
at M a. m. (supplementary 10:30 a. M.i for "ortana
Island. Jamaica. Sava-ilia. ~a.-tha*ena and Gr-ytows.
per s. ». Altai <l*tr»r* for Cmta. Rlci must be directed,
•per s. s. Altai ••■>; at 11 a. m. for Cuba per s. s.
Havana, via Havana: at 11 a. m. for Puerto Rice. p*r
s. s. saa Juan, via San Juan: at II a. m for Gr*na4»
and Trinidad, per 3. s Grer.ada ; a: 1 p. m. for Nortnern.
Brazil, pi-r g. s. Dominic: »t 1 p. m. f^r Naev'.tas.
Glbara. vita. Puerto Padre and Baraeoa. p~r s. a.
SUNDAY— At 8:.TO D . m. for Si. Pierre-Miauelon. per
st?am«r from Halifax.
Malls fcr Newfoundland, hy rail t:> North PyCnor arM |
thence by steataer. close at ta:s oSc* >Ja::^ at i^f'p. m.
(ccnnectmc <■!.»»» here every Monday. Wedri»«<la.y a»i
Saturday*. Mail* far Mi(juelcn. . by rail to Baton, and
thence by st^azr.er. close at th.? office ,lai!r at - | :3l> p. n*.
Mails for ;.ih». by r&ii. t'\ Fy<rt Ta;np«, KU., and
thenro by steamer, clos. n zi this 00-e dally (except
Mor.ilav) a: t7 a . m- (ih« ooraectlrc clcses are on
Sunday. TTednes-lay anJ Fridays Mai:* f. r C-:ha. br
rail to Miami. Fia.. and i.^^noe by «t?sa»r, clos*> at
this offloe even' Monday. Tuesday an.l Saturday at ;2:.t»
a. m. itne '-•onnertln* cioae« are '-m Tuesday aad !»atnr—
davi. Mills fur Mexico City, overland, unless specally
a4dr<y"B^d for d'.srpatrh hv sT'Tirer. di"^» at this ofBe»
■ '.H.ly at 2JiO a. to. and 2:,'K> p. m. .%!;..-. for > «ta
Rica. Be'J:e. Pu»--t.i CUta and Guaten^aia. by rail t»
New-Or!eir.s. «nd thence by iteamer. t-K>se at this of
fice dally at *3 p. m teennecting closes h-r« Tuesdays
far Costa Rica and Mondays fcr Belize. Puerto Corts*
and Guatemala*. tßesistered mat! doses at C n. m.
previous day. XR^stered mall ctcses at 6p. m. ii nail
day before.
Mails for Hawaii. Japan. China and th* Philippine Isl
ands, via San Frarctsco, close here <ts!ly at tJSt> p. in.
up to Fefruurv tli lncltislvi*. for dispatch per s. s. Rio
-..■■ Mails for - -a J ::..,:: a.a-,t PhiUppta*
Islands, via Ta.com*. riose here da:iv at <i:3O p. m. u^
to Frbruarv ti:t tec dispatch per s. s. City of rrualln.
Malls for Chirji and Japan and Philippine Islands rta
Seattle, close here daily at ■» p. a. up to February
tls for dispatch per ». 9 Toaa Mara <■>•.•.'-•. letters
must be directed "via ?eatt!e"). Malls for Australia
lexcept W«rt Australia*. New-Zealand. Hftwail. FIJI ir.i
Samnan Islands, via Aaa Francisco, cloae here dally at
H ::\i p. m. after February t3 aad up to February tl~. m
chisive. or on <la:,- of arrival of « s. Ci mpanta due at
N»w-Y<irk February tIT. for dispatch per s. 9. imtda
Malts for -•He. and Japan, via Vancouver. elos» h*r*>
dally at «:»> p. m. up to February' *20. lndusi'r*. far
dispatch per a. *. Empress of <'-.:a» inecisured mall
must be directed "via Vancouver"**. Mails for Haw ill.
China. Japan and Philippine Islands, v.j San Fran
c»«"o. c!c»e here -^sily at 4:3i> p. m. up to February tS3.
lustre. for dispatch per «. a. Coptic. Mails for <oc*^
Islands. via »*:-. Francisco, cl*»* here 'ai'y at «.Sv
p. ni. up to February +ZX lnclaslv», for di*natch fcy
ship Galilee. Mails far Hawaii, vi* Francisco,
close her* dairy at « » p. m ap to March f2. Industr*.
for dispatch per a a. Australia. Mails fcr Australia
iexc«pt Tl'est Australia, wbjch sees via Europe. a3<t
New-Zealand, which foes via San Franc«s«>». Hawaii
ar..i Fiji Islands, -la Vancouver. dose ft*r* daily at
« 20 p. m- up to March Ti taelusiTe. for dispatch per
s. s. Aorarßi.
Tr*n»paciac iiaiU are forwarded to pert ->f sailinc daily.
and the schedule of floats* Is arranged ■ the. presump
tion of their uninterrupted overland transit. *Restessea#
mall closes «• * p. ">• previous day.
1 <■«— • • c<ORNELirs VAX COOT PosesMter.
Post^fHce. New-York. N. T.. February ». 1000.
Religious iCoticcg.
AT 9OITH CHt'RCK M*ii*oa-«ve. and ."Wth-«t.. Rer.
RODERICK TKf.RT. P. r>.. Pastor. — Service* i: a. a.
and 4 p. m. The Fustor »UI prenca.
CHRIST CHVKCH. Tl3t-«. and »re*4way. Rer. Dr.
J. S. 31UPMAV Kevior. — Uorstn* »«-v!ce at It. Evel
ine at >. Sunttay »-.-! jo«! at 9:*5 _i. in.
HOLT TIUNTTT e*Ht'RCH. L«uw-*t». mad 12M-M., .
Re». H. P. SICUOU. — Service* T-3S ami II a. m.. 2:43
ana 8 p. a.
ary 11. 19U*. 11:20 a. m.. Carney* Mu«ie Hall. 3Tth-M.
and ?th-«ve. Lecture by Mr. PERCIVAL CHfBB. Sub
ject: "Th* Llt» aad lnJuenc* of John Buskin." All t»
tereated are invited.
TEMPLB EMA.\T-EI.N 8t&-*T». and -CM-nt t»uailaT, ■
Xl:Si> a. m. Dr. JG6BPH siLVBHHV, on 'Th* TinsiMß.
«< vtmui u> La* Ki&etceata Caatarx-'* AU T«lctna«..

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