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[BT TKi.QCHIPHTO the tribune.]
San Franel:;eo. May 12.— Much Interest has
been aroused here this week by the publication
of a report that the Southern Pacific Company
has secretly /bought in the last few months
several blocks' of land in Main and Deal sts.. be
■ ■■••]; Howard and Bryant sts. These pieces of
real estate are war the present railroad sta
ii. a at Third andiTowiwend sts., and also near
the new terrainusiof the Santa Fe road, at the
foot of Main-;*. What the purpose of these
purchases may? be is a secret, but the theory
that la most Generally accepted is that the
property will be used oltiher for a large Southern
Pacific ofiloe lmildlnE or fbr a union station for
« the two reads. The Southern Pacific is now at
work building a cutoff fcom this city to San
Kruno, on the bar.' shore.' When finished this
will make a more direct r<«ito down through the
Santa Clara Valley, and «*ll abolish the present
circuitous line through the Mission District. It
is also planned to double track the road from
Fan Druno to Palo Alto, wfliich will do much to
develop a rapidly growing- suburban region.
The shortening of approaches to this city is
made because this fail the coast line between
this city and Los Angeles by way of Paso
Rabies and Santa Barbara will be open for
travel. This new line will secure all tourist
travel, as it is far more picturesque, and avoids
the monotonous Bui Joa^juin Valley, which Is
hot and dusty for the great ej- part of the year.
The advance of all steamship rates from
Hong ICons an.l other Oriental points to San
Francisco was a foregone conclusion, as the
rates from this coa^t to "".!*)koha.ma and Hong
Kong have been raised for some time. The de
mand for passenger nerviee ,is so large that only
an agreement between "he two companies was
necessary to ore the s^sr)>er rates. From
Hong Kong to this city tlv nato is now $225, an
advance of -$-2(>. and it is .?ltK> from Yokohama.
The present steerage rate f:>om Hoiv; Kong to
this coast will remain at .SlH* MerJcrin, but the
rate of ?4f> gold from this <oty to Hong Kong j
will be raised. j
The theft of diamonds wot&.'tK'fO&OO by George
P. Hill, the butler of the Crocker House, at
Burlingame. was a crime bjr vhicin th<^ thief se
cured only a small amount of money. The dia
monds belonged to the late Mrs. Fred Crocker,
and were being kept for her laughters by Mrs.
A. M. Easton. their guariiaji. The butler had
come with excellent refer- no» s. but a few days
before he gave up his place '-^c broke open the
jsw» I casket. ca:Tie to this cir. ' and pawned the
diamonds and other stones, \ ihich were worth
$!».<nki. for fflOft It is belie fed he made his
escape on one of the outgoing coasting vessels.
A seven story family hotel -will be built at
once by Edward B. BSnes, on t h«.- big lot at the
northwest corner "f California and Jones sts.,
opposite the fine residence 3f William EL
Crocker. Five years ago the f jundations were
laid "n this lot for a large a ?artment bouse,
but the joint stock company wllicb proposed to
build it failed, and the work w. is stopped. The
new building will be 115 by 137 Vz feet, and will
have li.'it rooms. As it crowns ijie highest part
of the Oa!iforma-st. hill, the v.ew of city and
harbor is superb. The hotel will be opened next
fall by the present lessee of the Colonial.
This is a fine time for the sai; D- man. as the
rush to get crews for vessels to Alaska and
other coast points has advanced the wages of
able seamen from %'±7\ to !*4i> a month. Even at
th-se rates it is difficult to get crews, and cap
tains shipping men for Cape Nome and St.
Michaels must guard against sruilors deserting
to try their luck at the mines.
The various mercantile societies, of San Fran
cisco are planning to unite and form one big
commercial exchange. The Produce Exchange
is taking the initiative in the matter. The
scheme is to buy the Merchants* Exchange lot
in California-st.. and erect a Wg modern build-
Ing that will accommodate not only the Produce
and Merchants' exchansfast, l«jt all the other
mercantile associations in the city.
The engagement of Mis? L<eila Grantland Voor
hies, the youngest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A.
H. Yoorhies. to Lieutenant Guy Scott, son of
Senator Nathan Scott, of WVst Virginia, is an
nounced. Lieutenant Scott received his com
mission in til** Regular Army tw-o years ago, and
sine.- then has been stationed at Alcatraz Island,
in this harbor, with the 3d Artillery. He ex
pected soon to be ordered East.
About the worst show San Francisco has seen
fur some timt is Yale's "The Evil Eye," given
fit the Colvmlria Theatre, li remains a week
longer. John Drew is announced to play one
I • i in "Tiie Tyranny of Tears."
At the meeting of the University of California
Regents this we.-k a few changes were made
In the fa«u!t\- for the coming' year. Professor
Bernard Moses, who is on the Philippine Com
mission, raceiued leave of absence for one year,
and his chair, of history, will be occupied in
his absence by Professor Thomas EL Bacon.
Japanese and Chines*- assistants in the de
partment of languages were provided for. Presi
dent Wbeeli-r, declared that this step was neces
sary, owing to ihe importance of greater famil
iarity with th^ Oriental people, due to the ac
quisition and development of the Philippines.
The Brown University alumni of Pan Fran
cisc. gave a dlna.-r this week at the Bohemian
Club in honor of Preafdeot Wbeeler of the I'ni
vcrstty of California.. At the dinner the Brown
Club of California wa.<* organized, with Xathan
iel Blais.i-11. 's.'*. chairman, and If. A. Newell,
".'4, secretary and tnasurer.
In a bearing before the Interstate Commerce
Commission this credk at Los Angeles E. T.
Earl, prerident of the .Earl Fruit Company, ad
mftted thai ih.-re wa*= an understanding be
tween his company amd the fruit growers' ex
press in regard to a division of the citrus fruit
business. This admission, it In believed by the
complainants :n the case constitutes a viola
tor, of th<- Interstate (nmmerce act. Growers
of oranges and lemons jn Southern California
have Buffered much from the high rates charged
by the big fruit express companies, and this
test ease is an attempt bO iwealc U'i the c im
binatio.i between the companies.
T'ao movement to exclude Japanese coolies
frvm California Is i:i< reasiorr In strength. This
iuf-k a large mass meeting as held under ihe
>ttsplces of the labor uni.»n.'-. an ! smong the
speakers was Mayor Pbetan, who clearly pointed
cut the danger tr, the State from this horde of
labor. The Japanese do not form as good a
body of laborers as the Chinese, ns they are
physically inferior to them, and they are given
to frequent strik-s over trilling or imaginary
grievances. The experience of the Hawaiian
sugar planters is that the Japanese are very
difficult to control, and that as laborers they an
the poorest mat-rial ever Imported into the
Island*. Another source of trouble is their de
mand for political riphtp as soon as any large
number are settled in any district.
Mr. end Mrs. Samuel Freeman and family have
returned from < 'alifornls.
. Mr. and Mrs. Augustas Crane have closed their
Washington house and ar* at their country nlare
in Konis-ave.
Dr. nd Mrs. H. B. McCarroll have returned from
their wedding trip and are la their new house in
One of the new club cars now running on the
Lae!:awanr>a between Morristown and \v - Y-,rl<
££&?» air y - ar at **s^^s
Mis. jr. a. Griswold has returned »o Morri«
town and is occupying her house in James-si
Cnarles C. Egbert, of Richmond Hill spent i....
with Mrs. Mason Young, of f' nk h.'s, '
Mr and- Mrs H. O. Bates and Miss Bates re
turned last week from Haddon Hal! Atlantic City
rJm'Atrantlc'city'" 1 M "" " u^ have returned
It Is said that more than one hundred worm are
P-tiv.-ly interested In the fair for the benefit b?
••W«nie- Wlt-r. who ha* been instructor at th-
rri- f ovn'y Golf Club for several vearo has re
turned from the Sooth and i timed his place '
Pi V r , S £$*% » , McConJy. of «■» Morris
Pi- Ins. will zivc a large euchre party on Thursday
Tin Rev. Paul Erdman sailed Wednesday on the
New- York. Be will go to Bey root, Syria. After
marrying the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Jessup he
will go to Coren as a missionary.
Miss Lydia Bell returned Friday from ii' r , air, hi:
%on, where she had beep for a week. ""
I.akewood, K. J., May I.' (Special).— Th<? month
of May, now nearly half over. Is using T,ake
j wood very kindly, and although in comparison
I with last month the place is very quiet, it is lively
j in comparison with the same period in previous
j seasons. With the most perfect weather outdoor
life Is eneourugred, and although prize competitions
j are now over. Informal play is enjoyed by the large
; numbers who still remain. The golf links are In
superb condition, and boating, driving, cycling
and search for wood flowers in the pines till the
| days very happily.
J-akewood's first polo tournament, which was
: brought to a close last Saturday, was full of in
terest throughout the series, and on« of the pleas-
Hi, test Incidents !n connection therewith was the
I presentation to Mrs. George J. Gould of a token
I of the appreciation of her courtesies extended, to
the polo players gathered here. The token took
the form of a beautiful cup of solid gold about
twelve inches in height and of exquisite design and
linlsh. Thr cup rested on a base of four oak
I leaves with two handles entwined with oak leaves
' and pearls set In for acorns. The names of the don
| on were graven on the bowl. It was presented to
I Mrs. Gould at a dinner given to the polo men at
Georgian Court, and was made a complete surprise
to Mrs. Gould In n very happy speech by H. 1,.
j Herbert, president of the Polo Association. Those
| at table when the presentation was made were
I Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gould, Lady Mary Sack
villc, Mr. and Mrs. C. Randolph Snowrten, Mr. and
j Mrs. William A. Hamilton. H. L. Herbert, George
McFadden. George Kendrick, Charles Wheeler,
Benjamin Ktcoll, .T. M. Waterbury. R. Livingston
Beeckntan, William J. Hazard, Mr. Snowden, A. E.
Kennedy. Frederick H. Allen, P. F. Colyer. R. J.
Colyer and Mr. Kissell. Mrs. Gould's thanks for
the souvenir was very gracefully expressed.
At a business meeting of the Presbyerian So
'ieiv. held on Wednesday evening, it was voted
to extend a call to the Rev. Charles P. Butler, now
at Riverton, N. J.. to till the vacant pulpit of the
Miss Malleville McCleUan and Miss Annie R.
l>;'shioll Will s.ill for Europe next Thursday on the
North German Lloyd steamer Main. They will re
main abroad until September, travelling with
Friends through France. Switzerland and England.
Dr. IV. F. cusliman. who has occupied the Tomp
kins house. In Forest-aye., has re-ongaijed the prop- j
erty for another season.
Guests of the Laurel House and cottagers, who
came in on the complimentary invitation of Man
ager Plumer, tilled the music room comfortably full
on Friday evening;, and testified to their full ap
preciation of an informal concert programme given
i> the Schumann Quartet, of New-York. The
men composing th-> Schumann yuartet are all well
known in Lake wood, having appeared here on sev- i
eral previous occasions, and the list included S. j
Fischer Miller, tirst tenor; Addison F. Andrews,
second tenor; Gram odell. tirst bass; John D. Shaw,
second bass; Lewis R. Dressier, accompanist In
addition to the musical numbers Mr. Andrews I
entertained with anecdotes and recitations, to the
enjoyment of all present. At the close of the con
<i rt Mr. J'lurner gave the quartet and a few invited
piests a rarebit supper, which was enlivened by
further music from the visitors.
Mrs. and the Misses Dustan. of New-York are I
the guests of Mi.-;; Odgers. and wiil remain until
the l.tii. when they sail for Europe. Henry Pfaff, !
Of Boston, in<«ved into the Cleveland cottage ill I
Forest-aye.. on Thursday. Mrs. Frank Stevens Is I
occupying her cottage. In Private Way. Horace '
1 Otter has also taken up his residence 'in his Pri
vate \\ ay cottage. Mrs. Elmer 10. Cooley of New
\ork. is the guest of her mother. Mrs. I. V. Hall
Laurel House arrivals during the week included
George <\ Heck. John G. Gaffney. Miss Gaffney
LmHni .V Lawrence. J. W. Bartholomew George
S. L'oyt. M. A. Chappelle. John R. Consldlne,
Ix)Ui.« L wis, Miss K. F. J'urcell. Miss I, Puree!!
Mrs. Henry Hall. D. S. Horton. jr.; Mrs C h"
JVoodbury. Miss Woodhury, Hugh M. lnman, Mrs]
\\. M. Harriott, Dr. John Thelburg C H Bovce
and party, W. 11. Benedict, Andrew V Stout Mr
and Mrs. George W. Ely. Mr. and Mrs. H V '
Springs. Alexander Brown, jr.: Dr. O. S. Mardin, i
M . r ;,. allcl Mrs. J. H. Cavode. Charles G. Griffith, !
ilium .). Peck. Theodore Schmalahy. A. A. Olin '
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Van Nostrand F C De
\ .an. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Baldwin. Henry J. Web
ster. Mrs. Wiilard Deane. Mrs A. Gittbe, L. H.
Brumbaugh. Mrs. J. S. Peck. Miss Peck Mr and
Mrs. J. M. Waterbury, Miss Elsie Waterbury Mr
and .Ik?. Join; Cartledge. Mr. and Mrs. T. 8. Hope ;
John D. Shaw, Grant Odell, Lewis R. Dressier !
Alexander V. Roc, Mr«. James Sheldon. Miss She]- I
don and maid. Dr. Warren S. Adams F E Colby I
and Miss Laura C. Lynch, of New Ycrk: also Mrs '
William M. Brush. Mr. -and Mrs .1 P Howell Mrs
L. D. Berg, Miss Grace Berg. Mr. and Mrs. William ,
P. Mason, Mi^s A. M. Mason. Mr. and Mrs. John ■
H. Hogson. Charles Holman. Mr. and Mrs A E
Hi-,1. jr.: Mrs. A. F. While and Henry W. Reeves
of Brookljn.
An enterprise that trill have marked effect on one ''
of the most beautiful pectlorm of the Adirondack ■
regi"n Is the building of a railroad from Clear- |
water Station, on the Mohawk and Malone division !
of the New-York Centra] Railway, to Raquette '
Lake, thus giving most convenient access to the
tributary country, including Blue Mountain Lake, ;
the gem of the Adirondack*. From the landing at !
Raquette Lake fast and comfortable steamers will i
convey passengers to Blue Mountain Lake, en- j
abDng them to reach any of the principal hotels In !
ten hours from New-York.
The principal hotel at Blue Mountain Lake Is the !
Ctowana, formerly known as the Prospect House, :
but besides the change in name general Improve
ments have been so numerous that its old patrons I
wiil hardly re ognize their former home. It is also
proposed to erect a large bunding devoted exclu- |
slvely to sports. Including tennis, handball and
other games, for the enterprising superintendent
Mr. J. B. While, believes the pleasure of his guests
should be provided for in bad weather as well as in
The scenery of the Blue Mountain region Is un- !
surpassed, and with its magnificent climate there ;
is bo doubt that this will rapidly become one of the ■
most popular resorts in the country.
The bold, rockliound coast of New-EngJand pos
sesses such a multitude of picturesque and Inviting
resorts that it is often difficult to select among
them, but at the far famed Marblehead are to be
found an aggregation of attractions which easily
satisfy the demands of the most exacting. Situated
on the most commanding Bit* on the ocean front
of the peninsula Is the favorite Nanepashemet, a
model of convenience, and possessing an ocean
view from every window. The cooling breezes from
the sea reach it from every quarter, and the facili
ties for boating, sailing, fishing and bathing are
unexcelled, while across the harbor, which is one
of the principal yachting centres of the Eastern
States, is the historic city of Salem, and the main
land is lined with the beautiful residences of New- I
England's best people. E. M. Brown is the pro
Bernardsville. N. J., May 12.— About one hundred
guests spent several days this week at the Somer
set Inn. A majority of them had visited B^rnards
vills to attend the opening of the hotel, and, while
they remained but a few days, nearly all are
families who expect to return for the summer.
Among those quartered at the Inn are Mr. and
Mrs. T. S. Ormiston and family, T. D. Hurlbut, '
the Misses Hurlbut. Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Greenwood,
jr.. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Lawson. John P. Guilford i
and family, of New- York; Mrs. and Miss Colgate, '
of Orange. All of these, except Mr. and Mrs.
Lawson, expect to remain the entire season. The
latter will spend part of the summer at Tuxedo, |
returning to the inn about September.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bustis are spending a few !
weeks of th. ir honeymoon at the Inn as the guests ]
.if Mrs. Lev! P. Morton the mother of Mrs. Bustis.
Mrs. Robert Ballantine and her son, Percy Bal- :
lantlne, returned to their summer home at Ber
nardsville this week.
Mrs. Daniel C. Tate. of New-York, has leased
one of the cottages at the Inn lor the season and I
will move to it Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. V.'Sny- !
der and Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Riker, of Newark *
who will also occupy cottages this year, are ex
pected early next week.
The handsome home of Richard Stevens, of Ho- !
boken. which is being erected at a cost of $80 000 j
will be completed the latter part of this week. ■:
Only one hour from Boston, and accessible by
ten daily trains on the Boston and Main" Railroad, j
is Magnolia Point, one of the most charming of
the famous New-England shore resorts, On the
highest ground, with magnificent ocean views on
three sides, and the fourth overlooking a thickly
wooded country, stands the elegant Hotel Magnolia,
which holds position In the front rank of Atlantic
Coast summer resorts. Although near perfection
in Its imposing exterior and In its Interior plans I
and arrangements, a large amount of money has !
been expended in improvements, decorations and
furnishings, making it replete- with all the com- '■
forts that are the results of modern ingenuity In |
hotel construction. >
For the season of 1900 the beautiful Magnolia j
will open In June under the management of Albert
U. Hodgdon.well and favorably known to the Be- '
lect class of guests at Watch Hill. R. 1., and the
Ponce de Leon at St. Augustine. Flu., almost the
entire service being from the last named hotel.
Mr Hodgdons extended experience in high class
hotels and his popularity with summer and winter !
• ■■•>'-. to whose comfort and pleasure he has ■
largely contributed are a guarantee that visltom
ut the Magnolia will be assured a delightful Bum
mer home.
Atlantic City, N. J., May V 2 (Special*.— ln accord
with all the rest of the world. Atlantic City Is now
In the midst of its annunl transformation from
winter to summer- from a place where one goes to
get warm to one frequented for the purpose of
I keeping cool— and the whole town bears evidence
of the fact that the change is taking place rapidly
and surely. The crowds on the Boardwalk and on
the avenues all have a vastly different aspect from
those which visit the place in midwinter, while at
the same time they have not yet reached the ap
pearance of midsummer.
The average winter and spring visitor Is of the
leisure class, with plenty of money to spend and
with a dignified way of spending It that creates an
Impression of general opulence on the part of the
entire floating population of the town. There is
also a certain formality about the Social functions
at the hotels and elsewhere. Then, again, as a
rule the winter guest Insists upon having the
highest priced apartments in the house, thinking
himself ill treated if he does not get at least a suite
with private bath attached. But in summer time
all this is changed. Formality is thrown to the
winds; the majority of the visitors are business
people, who have Just so much time and money to
spend, and insist upon spending both in the most
advantageous and pleasure giving manner, and
there are few who are not willing to accept almost
any accommodations so long as they have plenty to
cut and a comfortable bed at night.
The manner In which the hotel patronage has
continued this spring has astonished even those
who had predicted great things for the resort this
year. In all former seasons there has been a gen
eral exodus of visitors immediately after Easter
Sunday, leaving the town comparatively dead until
Bfter June 1, but this did not happen this
year. Many went, of course, after Easter, but
their going only served to give more elbow room
to the thousands who remained. There has not
been a dull moment at any of the larger hotefs, and
it is a fact that the best rooms In the more popu
lar houses have been at all times filled and engaged
many weeka in advance. The number of guests at
all the hotels Is now slowly increasing, and there
is not the slightest doubt that every hostlery in
the city will be --rowded to overflowing long- before
midsummer, notwithstanding the new hotels that
have been built this year and the great additions
that have been made to some of the older houses.
There will be plenty of amusement of a high
class here this summer If present promises are all
fulfilled. The Auditorium Pier, which was com
pleted last year after innumerable legal difficulties,
has been leased for the season by Alfred E. Aarons,
of New-York, and Louis H. Donnelly, of this city,
who promise to run good attractions all summer.
The pier is to open the last week in June with
"Mam'selle "Awklns," Miss Josephine Hall filling
the title rol«\ The pretty little Empire Theatre
will be opened about the same time for a season
of first class vaudeville, under the direction of R.
H. McCutcheon and L. Lawrence Weber, of New-
The whale cast up on Briganttne Beach last week
has provided visitors with a novelty which many
have viewed with interest. He measures some
twenty-six feet in length, and is estimated to have
weighed in life about six tons. The life saving
crew at Brigantine has been busily engaged all
the week in stripping the flesh from the monster,
with the intention of shipping the bones to the
Smithsonian Institution, at Washington. This is
the second whale that has been cast ashore here in
over a generation, the other being a comparatively
small specimen that drifted in at Ocean City five
or six years ago.
While nearly all the leading hotels have bo«^n
open for some time there are still a few which for
various reasons have deferred their resumption of
business, but the tirst week In June will see prac
tically every hotel In town open and well filled
with guests. One cf the last of the larger houses
to open will be the Hotel Chelsea, where extensive
Improvements are Just being completed. All the
hallways have been recarpeted, and the handsome
new dining room has been fitted up tastefully In
preen and white, giving a charming effect. The old
dining room has been transformed Into a cose'y
Turkish room, and a pool and billiard parlor has
also been put in this part of the house. The Hotel
Chelsea, which is one of the pioneer hotels in that
beautiful section of the city, will continue under
the management of Its owners, J. B. Thompson &
Co., who have many guests already booked fur the
coming summer season.
The new Hotel New-England, at South Carolina
ave. and the beach, opened last Saturday under
rr.ost favorable auspices. The hotel has been en
larged and rebuilt, until it is practically a new
house In fact as well as in name: It now has a
capacity of over four hundred guests, is supplied
with every imaginable convenience and comfort
and is furnished throughout in the most luxurious
manner. The proprietors, Bryan & Williams, will
continue to direct the affairs of the hotel In per
son. During the week they have received a large
number of guests, and have many more booked to
arrive in the n»ar future.
Another hotel which will reopen shortly Is the
Waldorf-Astoria, on the Boardwalk, between South
Carolina and Tennessee ayes. The hotel is now
booking guests, and will throw open its doors in a
few days. It will be under the management this
year of Harry Bo'.hman. an experienced hotel man,
formerly Of the Clayton House, Wilmington. i).l.
The Waldorf-Astoria is one of the largest hotels In
this city, and one of the finest on the whole At
lantic Coast. It has ample accommodatious for
six hundred guests, and is furnished throughout
in the handsomest manner. There are hot and
cold fresh and sea water baths, elevators and all
othtr modern conveniences, and it has as a special
feature a tine dining room, located on the top
door and directly overlooking the ocean. The ad
vance engagements of rooms presage a highly
successful season.
The four baby lions born at the Atlantic City Zoo
last week are attracting much attention from visi
tors. The new babies are lively youngsters and give
promise of growing up into tine specimens of their
kind. The school children of the city have been in
vited to name the newcomers, and the voting will
begin in a few days.
Recent arrivals from New-York and Brooklyn at
the various hotels include the following persons:
Brighton— Mrs. E. A. Wilder, E. Holbrook Cuch
man, Mrs. L. M. Van Bokktien, Mrs. Minthorne
Tompkins Brundage, Mrs. Kate C. Firmer Fred
erick Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. M. Haws, W. R. Mc
laughlin, Edward Mclaughlin, William W. Ford,
James D. Weir, John F. Duuea, A. D. Proctor
Smith, Mrs. George K. Howell, Ira Barrows, O F
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hlghet E McC
Davis. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Whiteside, Miss Jessie
L. Allen. William J. Cassard, jr.. Miss Antoinette
Saxton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Shaw, Robert R
Remington, Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Harding, Miss
Harding, Hammond L. Harding, F. C. Wagner
Frank Earle Ha.vwa.rd, Mrs. G. H. R. Bennet Mr
and Mrs. W. Len N. Ferine, J. P. Durfee' jr '
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cassard, J. B. How 'Mrs
W. W. Ford, Miss Kathryn Ford, Miss M. Coffey'
Henry P. Fairbanks. Mr. and Mrs. H. X ' Burres'
A. J. McCosh. A. D. Wilson. William F." Eaklns'
Miss Schell. G. S. Richmond. Mrs Josephine
Schmid, Mrs Pauline Hhoades, William Hall
James O'Donohue. Miss M. Agnes O'Donohue Mr.
and Mrs. J. Lindley Ely, Miss Ely. Mr and Mrs
Nelson Robinson, Mrs. D. K. Reid and John T
Reid. ■
Rudolf— Miss M. H. Bruckman, Miss M. Bruck
man. Mr. and Mrs. T. Baackes, P. Radcliff R
Abrams, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Logue Mrs' B.
Duncan, Samuel J. Keech. Ad Weidon Mr. and
Mrs. 8. R. Oberfelder. Miss Evelyn H. Eisler J S
Hunter, W. Mayer, C. A. Brickell, Mr. and mVs' P.
Posener, Charles K. Baum, Mrs. J. Baum l' a'
Whitney. Charles M. Hollub, Mrs. E Moller ' H*
Raymond. Mr. and Mr*. A. Stelnau. J. C. Buider'
}} ■ ?£% y £5 V ;L Jl H ,°, we >'- H. Bampert and family)
Mrs. R. H. Pfetffer, Master E. H. Pfeiffer, Edward
layman. H Brltton. Mrs. A. C. Ames, Jacob
Hentz and C. F. Downing.
Grand Atlantic— Mrs. J. Abbott. Mrs. Evander
hilds Miss Ada Chllds. Mrs. S. E. Suillvan. Mrs.
C. A. Seymour. Mrs. E. B. Riley, Miss Riley V A
Seymour, jr. Abe Mayer. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L
Rlckerson, C. A. Seymour. G. Hetley. Mr. and Mrs.
C. « V, lnc . h .- Mr. and Mrs Charles Simpson W F
Renhart, Mr. and Mrs. William Haller. Dr. Cad I
walader Mrs. G. Wood. Mr 3 . U W. Kennard. Mrs
W. Clifton. F. A. Kleyle. Klngsley Ballou, Mrs
A. G. TuiiHtall. Arthur D. Davis II G Tunsiall'
Browntas?" S ' nlthl J " hn C " ° C " a"'la "' l Miss a!
H \vln«lM..r John F Dull , - A. Proctor Smith. W.
11. worden^ Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Macy Mrs
, «••••>■ 'ilfforu. Miss Elisabeth (llfford. Miss Orace
mv m' SS ( ' > arl ""'* Werner, Mr. and Mrs.
nev- C r "' n MtoS ! MIV "»»'l.l-n, A. Whlt
rV m "^ K< " w ' '} arnum - Joseph Coyne, Mr
"h'.w iV S.S .'" "' Mr an(l Mr «- William W. Hen:
KinUh fvT" S al A Wl 5- Mrs - M - Hatchings, D. N.
i.rrt Mr V""' 1 - Moo< l v . Countess de la Taill.-. Mr
man Mr ° la J e !? CP ** V " hr >- .Mr and Mrs. C. See
r il m/"", 1 " 11 ' A - B - Warlno. Miss Giovanni
;■,.' ';_, Ma ';"-ady. Mrs. w. g. Bchuyler, Miss Flor
ence Lowell. Ml Schuyler. Samuel W. l'eck It
Collier, W. T. Collins and Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Walton." -' • • ---,-_..,. J—...-_..*.,..J — ...-_..*.,..
Islesworth— Miss M. Bruckman, Miss V. Bruck
man, Mr and Mrs.M. Eiseman, L. Stlne, M King.
1,. Has*. H. King, the Misses King, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Lambert, A. Mass, Mr. and Mrs. S. King, Mr.
and -Mr-; S. Ileyman. Mr. and"Mrs. A. Kan, 'A.
Heyman, J. M. La-bold, G. W. Goldberg. 11. Goldberg
and Mr. and Mrs. i >. Diamond.
Dennis— E. C. Leydon, Mr and Mrs. D. J. Tomp
kins. Mr. and Mrs. William Sanders, "Mr.- and Mr«
George 8. Herrlck, Thomas C. Patton, Dr. and Mrs.
A. I) Morton, William H. Falcon. Sherman Hoyt,
Mrs. A. McCusker, Miss McCusker, H. E. . Dade,
Warner Earnshaw, I. \V.' Basnets, William J. Dun
ham, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beack and ('. S. Rusllng.
Had lon Hall-Mr, and Mrs. H. Cary, M. Hart.
Mrs. A. Barrett, Miss .1. Barrett. Miss Kearny.
Miss Curtis, W. S. Sherman and daughter, C. H.
Kenora, Mrs. J. Paret. Miss K. Paret. W. Paret,
Miss K. Johnstone. Mr. and Mrs. F. King, Mrs W.
Miller and children, Mr. and Mrs. .J. Patterson, Miss
B. Crocker. A. Spaldlng, Mrs. A. Nicholson, . Mrs.
F. A. Glllespie, Dr. and Mrs. G. B. Howard. C. H.
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith. Miss J. Smith .Miss
E. Spencer, Miss James. Miss Caroline P. V\ inter,
A. Hodges, Mrs. L. Belden.-Miss K. Hodges, J. P.
Logan and Miss C. Logan.
Traymorf— Mrs. M. Clavmont, J. D. Coleman. Miss
E. Cpleman, Mrs. A. S. Whit", Mrs. C. C. Andrews
Mrs. RebeCca Ridpa'th. Frank L Coppins. Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Klrby, F. H. Lelande, Mr. and Mrs
John P. Turner, Mrs. Charles 11. Woodburv, Mr.
and Mrs. George S. Allwright. Miss Woodbury, Mrs.
Frank L. Coppins. Miss F. E. Copptns, Mrs.
Charles Hemming, Mr. and Mrs. George Walters,
Mrs. K. V. Woodworth. Miss A. W. Babeoek. J.
Nolan, Henry K. Sheldon, Henry P. Gardner and
Victor c. McAdoo. - , .... . -. ...
Bleak House— M. Amberton, C. Rich. L. M. Hart
man, W. Kurtz. Mr. and Mrs. A. Carter. Master
Carter. Miss Carter, J. Wltherspoon, B. Ferris, Miss
E. Griffon. Mr. and Mrs. B. 11. Cornwall. C. Adams.
K. Hughes, C. Austin and H. McDougall.
Seaside House— Mr. and Mrs. H. Green. Miss
Green. Miss Blackman. Mrs. M. Belding, C. S.
I.yon. C. P. Watson, Miss Watson, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Dodd. Mrs. E. Jacobs, Mis* Jacobs. Miss M. Jacobs,
W. M. Turey and W. Watson.
Rhelburnt — J. E. Lewis, the Rev. Thomas Mc-
Laughlln. Peter P. Mclaughlin, Miss Mclaughlin.
Miss Eleanor MeLaughlin, T. P. Dowling, Mrs. R.
W. Wheeler, W. A. Lathrop and James H. Hayes.
Chester Inn— F. Mclntyre. Miss Beatrice Bonner,
Miss Helen Harrinton, Joseph Potter. Mr. and Mrs.
E. D. Shaln and William E. Barber.
Roman— Mr. and Mrs. W. Guttenberg, W. Hy
man. Miss Carrie Hyman. J. Fox. D. Weil, Irving
J. Fox, Mrs. S. McNear, Mrs. E. Bamberger. H. J.
Fox, Mrs. J. Fox, Mrs. M. Hyman, Mrs. D. Nile,
Mrs. O. Hyman, Miss M. McNear and S. A. Mo-
Berkeley— Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lapln, Mr. and
Mrs. 1). M. McCutcheon, Herman Robinson. E. W.
Robinson, S. L. Huntingdon. Miss S. W. Miles. Miss
E. C. Valentine and S. J. Barry.
Kuehnle'p— N. F. Brundage, G. Alexander,
Charles H. Roche, D. Walker. H. M. Lloyd. J. Van
Dyke. C. S. Henry. W. E. Smith, S. M. Dean, C. B.
Dawson', J. H. Colgrave and F. M. Mayer.
lrof]iiois— M. Jacobs, Mrs. G. ■ Higgins, Miss M.
| Bourne. J. H. Higgins, J. J. Callahan. Jesse Zane,
Mrs. G. Woolsey, Miss Seamon, C. H. Spoot and G.
Heckler's— J. Cool. J. Hirsch, C. Roche, G. Alex
ander, M. May. B. Hadley and Morris May. ■
Ponce De Leon— Mr and Mrs. C. H. Powell, Miss
A. Wallack, Miss E. Wallack and Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. Katz.
Edison— R. -Leigh. Mrs.- G. L. Hall. Miss Bes
sie Eastwood and 11. S. Newman.
De Ville— Mrs. R. W. Sherman, Miss E. Sherman,
Miss A. Moore, Charles E. Davis and John 11.
Minon. - - _ ...
Malatesta's— E. Haring, F. E. Lott. H. J.
Jones. . H. B. Robley and C. Abrams.
Pennhurst— Mrs. Frederick L. Lee. Mrs. J. T.
Tompkins. Mrs. R. Peale, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Lumsley, Mrs. W. H. Lorney, Miss Lily Lorney and
W. H. Redner.
Runnymeade — Howard P. ('roes, Mrs. H. Cross,
H. G. Weltner and Miss S. Gibbs.
Belmont— H. G. Johnston, .E. Dougherty, H.
Dougherty, Miss Dougherty and Mr. and Mrs. R.
Scarborough— W. Birmingham. Miss Clark,
Mr.- and Mrs. S. Murphy and Miss Murphy.
Kenilworth Inn— James S. McParland. Mrs. Jo
seph McParland. Miss Lena McParland and Miss
May McParland.
LoTalne— M. Mayer, Miss D. Mayer, J. Pach
ner, Mrs. Pachner and W. Paehner.
Stkkney— Samuel Otto. Mrs. L. Bock, Miss E. H.
Kellogg-. Frank Chamberlain, Miss Ella J. Cham
berlain and M. M. Murphy.
Senate— Mr. O. Wolff. Miss H. Wolff. Mrs. E.
Ives. Miss Ives and D. F. Hey!
Aquarille— Miss E. L. Moulton and Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Mason.
< 'leaver House — E. J. Schroder.
Arlington— Charles A. Willits and Morris L. Wil
Clarendon— Mr. and Mrs. G. Brown and child.
Tarlton— A. Elfenheim. S. A. Charlton and Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Brown.
Renovo— E. B. Walton, E. W. Davis and C. S.
Cordova -11. Lewis. Miss Anna Laughly, Miss
Mac Rowe and F. E. Rowe.
Richmond— Mrs. M. A. Darling and Mr. and Mrs.
J. 11. Hoy.
Wiltshire -E. Lyon, J. Hough. W. S. Moore. C. E.
Child and S. Dickson.
Westminster— Miss Franks.
Chalfonte— Mrs. E. Holbrook, Miss F. Holbrook
and Mis. H. Schlan.
La Fontaine— Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Stout
Raleigh- Mr. and Mrs. J. Benson.
Holmhnrst — Mrs. W. Warrick
Irvington-Mlss E. Downs. Mrs. E. Downs and
Miss H. Tierson.
Oriental— W. Foster, J. H. Whiteman and L.
Simpson and family.
Strand— Tice.
Wallingford— M. Leland.
Pierrepont-SH Wilson. D. Stein. M. Jacobs, S.
E. Winter, S. Mather, W. H. Rosengarten. Mrs. H
Tost. Master L. Post and Dr. Anna L. Donoghue.
Newport. R. L. May 12 (Special).— Newport had
this week the first fashionable wedding of the sea
son of 1900, when Miss Cornelia Carter Stockton
daughter of Captain Charles H. Stockton V. S. N
president of the Naval War College, was married
at the Zai>riskie Memorial Church by the rector
the Rev. Charles F. Seattle, to Lieutenant Fred
erick A. Traut. IT. S. N. It was a naval wedding
in character, a large number of officers of the vari
ous naval stations here, and of Army officers also,
with their families, . being included among the
guests. Lieutenant Powers Symington. U. S. x.,
was the best man. and the ushers were Captain
Theodore H. Low. United States Medical College-
Lieutenant Alfred H. Hinds. U. S. N.; Frank
Traut. brother of the bridegroom, and Herbert
Stockton, brother of the bride. Miss Slosson. of
Geneva. N. V.; Miss Searing, of New-York; Miss
PillFbury. of Boston, and Miss Macomber, of
Brookllne, Mass.. were the bridesrmids. The maid
of honor was Miss Stockton, sister of the bride.
After the ceremony there was a reception In the
War College Bull. ling, to which only a small num
ber of guests were invited, and later a dance in
honor of the bridesmaids.
H. O. Havemeyer, jr.. and Miss Charlotte Whit
ing, whose engagement was announced this week,
were in Newport for a few hours last Sunday, as
members of the first yachting party to arrive here
this season. They were guests of Henry Walters
on his steam yacht Narada. the party Including
also Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Jones. Miss Oelrichs
Elisha Dyer. jr.. and R. D. Winthrop.
The-Havemeyer-WhiUng wedding, which is an
nounced as likely to take place here during the
coming season, will be the second large one an
nounced for this summer, the other being that of
Miss Harriet Gammell to Thomas Shaw-Safe of
Mr. and Mrs. W. Storrs Wells, whose Bellevue
ave. villa was burned recently, were in town early
in the week, with their daughter, to inspect the
ruins of the cottage. They have made no definite
plans for the summer, or regarding the matter of
replacing the burned house by another summer
Other visitors here, during the week, for com
paratively brief stays, included Mrs. George B. De
Forest, who is to occupy this year the Train villa
overlooking Bailey's beach; Mrs. John Clinton
Gray, Herman B. Duryea, W. Butler Duncan Mr
and Mrs. John J. Mason. Louis Q. Jones. Mr and
Mrs. E. Rollins Morse. Mrs. E. W. Howard, George
Griswold, 2d. Arthur T. Kemp, Mrs. E. 11. G.
Slater, Mr. and Mrs. John McHenry. Mrs C F
('bickering, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Dolan D
Charles M. Bell and J. Nellson Howard.
This week there have been a large number of
arrivals for the season, among them Joel i! Wolfe
and his Bister, Miss Wolfe, of New-York at the
Osgood villa, Bellevue and Nurragansott ayes • S
E. Huntington and family, at their cottage near
Castle Hill; Mrs. William B. Rogers, Gtbbs-ave •
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Sweet. Deaa cottage. Easton
Point; Miss M. M. Horning. - Washlngton-st.- John
C. Westervelt. Hilltop; Mrs. Edward T. Potter an
the Misses Potter. Mr and Mrs. Addison Thomas.
Rhode Island-aye.; James Brown Potter and Ml
Potter, Mrs. Joseph Harrlman, Bellevue-ave.; Mr.
and Mrs. John R. Llvermore, Brooks villa. Bell
vue-ave.; Bishop Thomas M. Clark and his daugh
ter, Mrs. A. C. Sturtevant, Cram cottage. Purga
tory Road, near Sachuest Beach; T. W. Phlnney,
Carroll-ave.; Miss C. Ogderi Jones. Ochre Point]
and W. M. Murray. Prices Neck.
Frederick W. Rhlnelander, of New-York has
been visiting his daughter. Mrs. Le Roy Kin
Sheridan P. Read, form-r Minister to China ur
Mrs Bead, have been guests of Paymaster and
Mrs ,T- J. Cowl «-. it the Naval Training Station
and Mrs. Folger. wife of Captain Folger. of the
KearsHrge. of Mrs, George ii. Norman. \
it is now reported that Mrs Cornelius Vander
uiit. has changed her plans for the summer and
will come to Newport instead of going abroad
upon the return from Europe of her son Alfred
G. Vanderbllt. the family will come to The Bieak
ers, probably early In June.
Mr. ami Mrs Pembroke Jones, who have rented
The Cloisters, Mrs. .1 P. Kernochan's cottam at
Ochre Point, which they occupied last year It is
now reported, win no t. come to Newport but will
spend »>:»• summer in Europe.- ' ' i
Mr. and Mrs. M. urine Wilson will spend th«
sen«on ns guests of Mrs. William A.'tor, Mrs. Wil
son's mother, at Beech wood.
Mrs. H. B. Duryea Is having her new cottage,
which she recently purchaned on Kalldon Hill, put
In condition for occupancy about June 1.
Cottage rentals for the season announced tni
week include the Herrlck esttag*, Park.r-ave. and
Clay-st.. to Mrs. George Hoffman, ol N«rw- T orkj
fhe Wheeler-Carry cottage, F.u^t.s-ave.. to Robert
Newton Shaw, of New-York; the Davis chalj I
H.-iiifv-; Be.i-h, originally waled to Richard
Btevem subtol to Clarenc* w Dotoa; one of the
l'inard cottages to Mrs. .1. L Ra.vt.or. mother or
Mrs w Btorn Weils, the Muenehiagef cottage,
Bellevue-ave. and Mlll-st.. to Mrs. Fr»derl-k .N - 1 1 -
son. and the J. 1". Cook* cottage. Glbt.s-ave. and
Bueaa Vtsta-st., to w. R. Warrsa.
Edward J fwwind, who recently purchased irojn
the Stuyvesant Le Roy h>-irs S large lot of land
Parker-ave near his Bellevue-.ive. estate, wi.
erect thoreon one of the most modern hothouse ana
greenhouse plants in the city, transferring • ■
th •■ linises now on his residence property. anU
building a number of new houses.
The steam yacht Btoctra, which spent the wint-r
here, finished her fitting out for the season this
week and sailed for N*-w-York. returning with trie
family of her owner. Klbrldge T. Gerry.
H B Ouryea and W. Butler Kuncan. wnile here
this week. v!site,| Bristol and inspected the new
70-footer which Is being built there for Mr Duryea
and Harry Payne Whitney, and to be ra-.d by
them In connection with their thirties. Mr. Dun
can will also probably race ■ thirty this ye.ir.
"Lord and Lady Algy 1 kj popular at the Empire
Theatre, and it is not known when- the end of the
season at thnt house will be reached. The fourth
w-"ck of th* present run of the piece will bsatß to
morrow night, and it will also be th" beginning of
the twenty-second week of the N\w-\ork per
formances of the play.
•Mlgnon. • by Ambrolso Thomas, and "Tiinr.
hiiuser." by Richard Wagner, art- the alter
grand opera productions scheduled for the second
week of the Castle Square Opera Company's fare
well season of opera In English in New- York
"MiKiion" will be sung on Monday and Thursday
nights and at the Wednesday and Saturday mati
nees. The cast has been nrranged to Include MftM
Grace Golden. Miss Bessie Mac Donald. Miss Kath
erlne Condon. Joseph F. Sheehan. Miro DslSWtta,
Harry Luckstone, Homer Lind. E. N. Knight and
Frank Ranney. "Tannnaimer" will b»> sung on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.
with the following cast: Elizabeth. Tyoaac de
Trevlile; Venus, Adelaide Norwood; Shepherd Boy.
Mar;,- Mat tf eld; Wolfram, William Mertens; Land
graf W H Clarke; Walter. Harry Davies; Bltter
hoff, K. N. Knight; Tannhauser. Harron BerthaM
and Joseph F. Sheehan. For the farewell wr-ek of
the Castle Square Opera Company in this city a
repertory has been arranged to consist of Verdi's
"La Travlata," 1 "II Trovatore" and "Faust. 1
• "Esmeralda," one of the Madison Square The
! atre's early successes, will be revived by the Don
nelly Stock Company at the Murray Hill Theatre
this week.
The attractions at Keith's Union Square Theatre
this week will be Miss Fanny Rice, in Rosina
Vokes's one-act play, "My Milliner's Bill": Mar
guerite Cornllle, Reno and Richards, grotesque
acrobatic team; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy, in
their, skit, "The Seventh Son": Galetta's perform
ing monkeys, Webb and Hassan, acrobats an 1 head
balancers: Gertrude Mansfield and Caryl Wilbur, in
the farce. '•Color Blind": Nelson. Glenserrettl and
Demello, the biograph. James McCook and John
R. Murphy, in the sketch. "Kitchen Canaries":
Anna Kenwick. the Dawsons, Daly and Devere,
John Healy and Tom Hefron. ■
, "Quo Vadis." at the New- York, enters upon its
sixth week to-morrow. It is announced that its
run will be extended into the summer if the
present attendance continues. The introduction of
summer prices, 50 cents for the best seats in the
house, has had an effect on the attendance at the
Sunday night concerts of the New-York Theatre.
Among the attraction? for to-night are Fougere,
the Parisian singer: Fisher and Carroll. George
Evans. Louise Dresser. Weston and Yost. Collins
and North. Josef Sa!zer. the Viennese tenor: Mabel
Taylor and Frances Kins. Cheridah Simpson and
the Williams and Walker Quartet.
Sam. Kittle and Clara Louise Morton, dan-ing
trio, head the bill at Tony Pastor's this week, fol
lowed by Thomas J. Ryan and Mary Richfield, in i
"The Lunatics' Ball"; Edwin Latell. banjo soloist:
Miss Lillle Western. Kartell and Morris, parody
singers and comic musicians; Francis J. Bryant. ]
the Johnsons. . in character changes and clog i
dancing: Brandon and Regine. Miss Clara Adams
and her pickaninnies: Clifford and Dixon. Raimond ;
and Kyner, the Simon brothers, the vitagraph and !
new songs and parodies by Tony Pastor himself.
The Grand Opera House will offer as its attrac- |
tion this week a production of "Uncle Tom's I
Cabin." This \erslon differs from all the old stage
pictures of Mrs. Stowe's famous story, in modern I
methods and innovations. Willie Collier comes to
the Grand Opera House May 21 in "Mr Smooth '•
The week of May 28 will seethe last of Mr PUou'«.
tenancy of the house. He will then present Chaua- i
°,rv °J : ot A-, in , A Romanc* of Athlone." In Janu
ar> Mr Olcott will be seen in a new play which
Mr. Pitou is writing for him. l
Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre will begin Its
second week of continuous vaudeville to-morrow.
Thomas Q. Scabrooke will be retained for an
other week. Others are Adelaide Hermann Mon
trell. Juggler; La Petite Elsie. Billy Van. Jane
Whitbeck Jess Vernon. ventriloquist- Pauline
Moran and Turner's "Picks"; I>ick and Alice Mr
Avoy. and the kalatechnoscope. To-dav't concert
from 1:30 till 10:30 p. m. include* Thomas V Se-,1
brooke and his company, the Earl of Yarmouth
MUche.r Rfcn ° h> MldgI ° y and OarUsI ' > - •S^Wtfci
Proctor's Twenty-third Street Theatre . offers a
bill this week including Kathryn Osterman md
her company. George Fuller Golden. McCarfs dogs
and monkeys, the Qulg-ley brothers the Masdael
Mulllni trio, Julian Rope. Annn Wilks. th« broth
ers Martlne acrobats; Bertie Fowler mimic- and !
the, kalatechnoscope. To-day's continuous concept
from 1:30 till 10:30 p. m.. has Delia Fox and com-"
pany. Junius Brutus Booth and comranv ,?I
musical Johnstons, Mr. George £ Da"S others
At Proctor's Palace this week the leader is
JunlUi Brutus Booth, in "A Conjugal Crisis." and
others an Carrie Graham, the three Golden* Sil
«S« SS fells
.cope. io-da> s continuous concert from » tnt irt-?rt
The Academy of Music begins a supplementary
sprteg season to-morrow niant. with a production
of Woman and Wine," The cast includes Mfai
Kyi::. MTss tO MabefE^on iri: ggs& i:<
Osbourne. Fra i; klyn Robin, and Danfel HaUte 0
The opening ° the summer season at the Eden
Muse* will take place to-morrow evening. The in
ter or of the Musee has undergone many changes
and a 1 the wax groups and figures have been re
1 a^a. BU^w r sSSTSfn, \
Neapontan'orch^tra." 11 eTeßto « '— '> *«
To-morrow aksM ■■ 3apho " .nt.r, on the last two
5«.^e t th^3.^S %?%££ ™" •' *J
The close of the Garden Theatre's season was
reached last night, when "Hearts Are Trunks"
was presented there for the last time. Th« a» i
rangements for this house next season emhr . .'»!
appearance of Richard Mansfield k U k h r ' '
Sarah Bornhardt. M. Coquelin and F.s WUi.'lrd "'
Extensive preparations are bstaaj Had. for the
coming of the summer residents the walks and I
roads are being Improved and nit in n^^ir I
order and drivers and whX vi i rl, i Vh^
favorite pursuits more attractive than ever At nil
West End Hotel an army of arti' . s ,„ i
rators have long been at work "i t in« ' c h „"""
spared to rival the successes of former ve-Trs V '
restaurant and cottages will open ?une J V •.„,! Th^ i
hotel June 21. This season the miisfo « -ni ' k . '
the direction of Nahan Franko. m f t c \$ t 'V, .»"■ I
V . House orchestra - a fact ,!l:, !l:l t wW ' „c'
At an elevation of two thousand feet and locates
at one of the most attractive points in the West
Catskllls is the N ew Grand Hotel. a house that i
fully justifies Its name, not only by Its location but !
by Its size, appointments and character of Its man i
agement. From its extensive piazzas one of th» I
most magnificent views in the region is had To
the north the view Is over the upper Delaware
Vive weeks' coins*: worn .teacher
The ot>J*ei el the course Is to afford !*>:tcher» .1nn,.,, .v
/-!•■%• VIRGIL 2fl We.t 13th St.. .. Tor*
Valley while to the south, l-< the valley of the norti '
branch of the Esopua Cr<fefc. with Slide Mountain *
th. highest peak in the •■-.'■ in the distance in*
every direction the scenery la grand and beautiful
while of - plcture3qut; bits to be enjoyed near \r}
there is no end.
. Besides Its scenery, drives and walks, the jig—
Grand provides all of the usual . amusements. aa>
golf tr.nnls and bowling, while the new swimnjfar
pool will be found an attractive feature. Under
supervising care ol P. J. Spra^uc. and with Char.V s
PI:. as manager, gufsts will be assured c '»
the greatest attainable comfort and enjoyment..
Washington. May 12.-Th? rha/jre against th*.
Rev. Wesley Reid Davis of parsing a worthies* »
check for $:.> on a florist her*- has b*-en quashed,
and Mr. Davis ha < boen release*!. lib* frleaij
made pood the amount of the check.
» ! 131 EAST 17TH ST.. N. Y.
The most reliable Musical Agency in America.
j ■ ■■■■ V.Vst ."iTJh St.. t?-fw«-o.T I'.r».iir3v anl Cclumoum A»t.
'I «For St yp.ir!« In atrf-t.>
. ; Dr. E. i.i:>:hi. I IT^t. 250 \V. ."Ith St.
I Miss Helen L, Vi-ojhr,
i SOLO <"ovn:.\i.To
■ ■ 27 L'pper Bokr ■>: . Clarence Grito. London, N. w
I Air. Abercrombie,
. ! T»ach»r of Dorothy Mortnn. Kth«>l Jaefcwn. Stcnor - tor
*■'<"■ W .: . ng s.;r..ni.-r ■
'• | Wednesdays. Nominal Uf. Vocal St»:ill.». SO Fltta >»«.
I ! VOCAL is. ri; (< i i.e. IM P ::» Fr^are^l fir «hurci
i Cenc»rf. Oratorio anl Opera. Studios, 4"^ I'lrta-aij."
, j Kew-Tark. aa.l SlO CumLerlanJ-st.. Brooklyn.
j Mme. ArgiSagos,
I Indorsed by de Reszke?^ Studio' IJUKA Broadway.
THB riRST jirsi SCHOOL. !n AtT;»r!ca
L»«snns DAT and EVENING.
QUARTERN BEGIN from Oate of Kntrance.
Ullie d'Angeio Bergh
Pupils prominent In <^PFrt.\. ORATORIO — ro\(rpT
Tin: AI, HAW. nROAI)WAY A.\O 521> ST.
The Guilmant Organ School
. Exceptional a rir-r „- ._ 31 W««t 12rh-»t.. ?r. —
Alfred Y. Corned
V101.1.X cojtsEßVATonr.
Charles Herbert Clarke,
Miss Sophia Friedmann,
miss crohus, r^^^y^HAix.
JOHN >KTURWER t^X.?^ia,S;^«m.
CHEV. DANTE DEL PAPA.^gfti ß^ lo -
CARL BERNH4RD vocai. sutio,
Mil llf lAPfIQQ Plano Ins »™ct!on. 231 EL 48th St.
mILLIL JfIUUDO, t-mm Vienna Conservatory.
FRFT> I. 11 1 1, 1, TFX-HNlyiE. VOICE «ali
r ii r^ir, Ij. ii i i^lj,
133 W. 4.t<l .-Jt.. City. | PL-VCtNG A SPECIAL.TT.
m\l. DtLINA C. PtCkHAW, J^^l^i-
Courtney Method. Free Voice- Trial Moa. . Summer price*.
Rp s oi m STFD VOCAL. ■*>«*
. IZ. O. V/U.'l^ I .^U AYR
Banjo. Mandolin. Violin. Guitar. Sirwdns. riaao.
Course $.">. Succeaa jruarantf»<l. Instruments fur
r.lshed. HORTON'S. 17: A\>st r:M-st. Bi\«
Teacher of composition, voice. piaat> and orsan.
pORXELIA DIA». PIANIST. X-J-E. Clsc-st. Femian*nt
v_/ address, care of Stclon >>• & Sons. t*upil» accepted.
117 Vocal teacher. Studio. 15 E. ItJth-at. I BrtvaHal
Method Si '• • I Placement.
GEORGE !.i:N\- N. ii>sti>n-L..ntf-)n. — Esp«rt \oc.\l ia-
VJT structor; :wt-irth y«>.ir. teoi c; onions; .fir.^-ert*.
mu3icalt?s. Mrs. Oe : - L«»i'.n n. German preceptress ia
civ .!'i,ii. class. '.ci West tilur.-st. ; circular.
GUY tHiRB L.\TTA. op^r-» t?nnr. giiaranrees In raak*
anyone ftronjr. beautiful voice. Jl K.sst llT'h S^
TTO;!T"N CONSERVATORY. in W. r3,:-ot.^Cant<\
I JTI Uattdoiln. Violin. Gvii;iir. Piar.;-). Vocal CUZttzr*. la
. Btru:: em. furnished. Suc.'psji suarartee^.
Vocal «"ultur<\ Fiano and Harmony L -.■=* ns Sp?e:.»:;y—
ORATORIO • SINGING. Piu.li. ■<• .-?ir. Weit ZZI 3.
New Tirk. -»r..! 2 1 .** Cftrlton Ay» nrockjyn.
I KAUI. BEKBSTitOM. toa^-her of voice. ;>ian\ mustesl
, _I\ Jht-cry; inducements tc ts!«s?*J pupils, . M
Sasl 2^d.
Mi . ■ Instructlea. OM I:a'>a.i
V- ■'.. I SW U■. 3 E. Hth St. Vole*» tried graUi.
MTM •• ■!" r; BJOHKSTEN. Otßc-r iSAcndtmla
.(France). Instruction in sinifir-g. -Ocmiuctcr el ii«
Bach Bl—wj of N. Y. '■ '•'-- Hail. Roonr* tS and IDi.
. . Ckniepa liall. Kwrn itC:
; ill "SEVERN TRIO." I.U \V WI Jflrs-,;.
>IK WALTER H !• IN.- > S-,:.» V*cor ,v CoadacWC
I Mrs M HCSSIN ROBINSON. S ■•! . fbntralto
Tupils r-f^ivt •■; tor vo«ya proguctkn »nd rt>rer:^!r«u
sins, %XX-« thuiiink n.mri\.
Instruction for effective Rra.lir.R Spe-i!;:r.s. fVvelop
!ns Natural and E*j>.«-.-*si.,n. rrf-.itv.lr. : E»*r
c.s-8. Vote* and Physical Culture ."J <'lift >n PUc«. r.klja.
mm i-:. i>i:i.i\ .f. I't-'-IUIsT^T
Sprins term. Sumnur inlets. Kr^e v..ke trial ' ivr.
' l" rr.i^t r.fth-st.
c*r: ttu r. i
Si.-ler.tino voice pr:»:uct!on. purity of ion« a specialty,
fond for circular conTair.ln; valuable mformaJloa.
323 K. JVril ST.. NBW \uIvK.
Ccnductetl by EMIL.IA l'.KNle DE SERRANO aatf
Teacher* of Carlotta Mar«rsi*a an.l Ftanla Fraactac*
SIGNOR .;; i. MASSA. volr* culture: rrvparcn for st«»
IO ar.d church; r-aa tiat'le term!'. ST«'liiO. I'M Kast 'ZU.
>irui<l.l> d.
Gallery. No. 3»S Clinton Aventt*. Droekljß. N. T.
MRS. I . J. grant,
soi*r wo
vocai. ti:v«;h!; rrvi.iA\ method.
UllS. AWA 1 , ::. I!l M M\U'l"l\.
Instruction 'or .-(T.-ctive K««dIRC and *>>. jiXir.c •*'•"
Ing Natural and Spontaneous Expr»*s:»>o. lUea'.rfins Ess»
ciitfu. Vol.-,. an , t flivyj.-Hl r'.ifir.'. -.-J <T/t >-i »'}..> -—
conwic&k ■- "
■s'^-*ti&\t, . w. — ■ -»d — --*
l»l WUilSi l"l.V\s A.W PIA^IO.^.
?end for illu.-tratej catalogue. I'nc*. JlS^fO uj.
Cash or instalments. Ite>-lt.»!-« ilally. Adek JIT; Co..
«l^l ntth Avtrnir, Cor 4"A street.
STll v n mm; IS mammoth wnolrtil*
*nj retail store of the C. O. CONN CO.. M Etit U&
Slittt. i.a;^. sal mailed tree.

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