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New York, June 14. 1900.
££:■ Sf:::::-: 5 .|! jj»<£U:-^: tt !SJ
sErss.""" SS| -"■ sS-n-l sis
SKI-:::::::: .-..-. • pkg. i
V£i- bush SSJOO O«««*. pkjs inn
Co«eni>~<» oU. bfcli . . 600 j Tongues, bbls 125
"tri*. tone. B<> Cheese. pk*s g!t«O
v"-'fc*4. • ■*• E<?:Eggs. •'»►»• 12.518
£"£*•>» 11?, RW. bW« .28
S^. Wi. ■*»«•. bags 165
\MthtT. aide* «.T3< i ; Rice chaS. ban 514
%££ ban I.o73. Starch. Bbla l&>
spirit* h— bbls.... 273 ; Tcbacco. hhds 212
retch. rtl» ■•• 6, Tobacco, tea 20
Boato ell. bMa. ICjTobacco, pkgs pcs
•Ken! poultry. pkge TOT j Whiskey, bbla 677
r|r# poultry, crates. •_•'.. sack* ««0
potatoes, bbls 6.84.'. ; Cherries <Ca!>. pkgs. . 6 7*)
Onions. bfcls 600: Plums (Cal). pkg» 810
O:i. lub. bb:i *' I Apricots (Can. pkg». . 440
Olso stock, pet* 1.536 j Peaches (Chi), pk«s.. 22S
Peanuts. baps ■• l.Sfll;
Iron. Nor. No * «y.f IP 00 J Fl^ur. Minn, - -.:enta $4 03
Iron, Sc, No 2 soft. 1850 Cotton, middling 8 1-16
f;«: rails S2fn» j CorTe*. No 7 Rio S^j
Fig iron war- arts 14 .V> ; Sugsr. granulated 570
Ijike caeper ingo:.. ICM ! Moiasse*. OK. prime 44
Tin S»«37li: Beef, family 11 6.1
Ex'-hatre lead 575 ; B*e? hams . 20 50
Sr*!-.er 425 | Tal'.ow. prime 414
tntes*. S" - red... ft3H'Pork. mess 12 00
corn. Ye 2 mixed... 40 J Hops, dressed. 160 Ib. 7',
(ji- s , Xc 2 mixed . . . 27 1 Lard, prime 6 771-s
TVteat, tush. CO, 2SI ; Pitch, bbl* .„ 3
Corn tash 85.1«83:Tar, bbls . i 23
Okii. bn«* 30.789 R-fined pet. gals. . . . 820.230
Ptuj. bash 805 . Co-.tonse«*<i oil, cals. 4.009
Eea^ tu&h 2.2m4 ; Lubricating oil. gala 298.340
Flour. bbU ■ 13.470 Pork, bbls fciil
F:">sir. »arks 5.6»« Beef, bbls 63
Ccmraeai. bbis 2.SS;* . Beef, tierces 304
Prtr. B> 6.100 Racrn. It) 577.800
Hay. bales 17,<Ht< Hams, Ib Bti.ru)
Hope, bale* •'" Lard. Tb 532,850
Vfciekey. gsl* 3.4«" Lard oil. gals • 2,600
OCnMeX 6 " 15. 750 Tallow, It 80.400
Oilcake. Tb I.MO.ftOQ Grea»e. n> 2"J!».!H>}
?F:rjts turp. gals.. 4.'iS»i Butter, Ib M.150
Rosin, bbis uiHjCbe^se. It) 747.
;■•' _^ New-York. June 14. 1900.
-E — TLe action of the coffee Ills 1 laal was pre
cisely the rrvttrse to ttat of the- cotton market. Whereas
tfce larter opened higher and then broke, cofTee futures
•tirted b-t a <lec:ine. cf 10 points and ruled unsettled much
ct tiie forenoon, and thtn advanced sharply Just before
liif- close ca a bullish crop estimate frcm Rio. Under .'. —
appo:aun? cables trcm Eurr>p»aa markets and apathetic
trade in spot coffe*-. eer.tinient was bearishly dispctitfd
when, me ca.!l ■•per-ed. an. aei:ir.g- for both, accounts sub
sequently developed. At J p. a Havre was *-» franc
lower, wnlie H uai jrg closed at a net decline of KB] :i: i
pf;. Scatimlc» cut Uttle ftgure as an influence, thougti
•veragtag up In favor of holders. Whereas Brazilian re
ceipts ■:.o««l an incr-:>.-,. wareAouso deliveries in the
United States BaUy offset data enlargement, ald>?d by a
decrease in the American visible Trading did not assume
■wee proportions unti: Just before the cloae. when an
estimate for a t «a btowshs crcv in Brazil of 7,250,000
bags from Faria, Cunha. & Co. Ed to a scran cf
f&cits to cover, en which prices net only rebounded to
last r.ignt's dosing, but in mat Instances scored a net
nu of r. points. The market was finally firm in tcne.
with prices net unchanged to 5 points advance. In the
market for epot rneTen the feeling at the close was firm,
with eHc bl<l Par invoice lots at Rio No 7. as acaJnst
t^c or. the opening.
The racfe cf cor.u-act prices hi the local market to-day
was as follow*:
Openlng. High. Low. Close. day.
Jane — — — 7.40#>7.48 7.40
Ja'.y 7.30 7.55 7 ?•■ 7.40e7.48 7.40
August 7.40 7 4.' 7.40 7.4<MjT.45 7.40
Bertcmber : ..:. 7;. 7.33 7.4UC7.45 7.40
October 7;::. 7.33 7.33 i KJ©7.46 T. 40
November 7.X 7.45 7.35 7.44*;i-7.45 7 +■>
I'eceraber 7..V> 7.50 7 '... 7.55fi-7.«i0 7.. r »5
Jiinuary 7.50 .V. 7.50 7 ■>■-:- '■:. 7MJ
r«bruary — — — 7.«f f'7.70 7 •:.'.
March 7.C"< 7.85 7 •"»■") 7.7067. <5 7.70
A^ril - - — 7.75iH.*> 7 7..
May ... — — — 7.h0#7.85 7.78
Foreign raffee markets. — Santos — Ccffe«- market quie:;
good average States, 7st"X); receipts, K.OOO tags; etock.
30X000 bass. Hambnrc — CofCee market opened » pfg
lower; at 2:30 p. ra.. US ■2 pfg n<=t decline; sales, 10.t">)
bag*. Havre — CoiTee nsarket oper.f^l barely steady and
uncftaoa*<J ■ -' 12 m. declined ** franc; at 3 p. m. quiet
en,-! eadMJlged; at f. :30 p. n. near months unchangtd,
Ist month* H, higher; total eeles. 11,000 bags.
January 4?«.25; July 48.M)
February . ... 4&. 50; August 48.75
Jlarch 45.7."> : St-ptember 47.00
April ■ 48j00 I October 47.2-">
May tt JS{ Kovwnber 47.50
Jure 46.25: December 4&.00
— Coffee market steady; No 7 Rio, FTW; exchange,
6 7-lOd; receipts. 2,uiJO bags; et.<ck. 86.0W bags.
Tie statistical position of Braxili^n oaeTea Is as follows:
To-day. Yesterday. Last week.
New-York deliveries ... U. 657 U.O4S ll.lfiO
Baltimore deliveries .... 17;* ail 6.177
s">w-Orieans deliveries . . 1&) 231
Total deliveries 12.<rj(> 11,731 17.237
Hew— Tork stock 4*».'J<>4 800.681 513.^53
BalUmore stock 120.572 121.202 12S.ail
New-Orteana stxk 30,10s 80.888 82.714
St?ck at all port» 889.T84 «51.7«0 676.960
A3oat . »7,u00 :<-,'**> 103.2««)
TSsffila supply 75»5,734 7+5.760 780.110
Barns time ISM) 1.161.356 1.170.752 1.215.550
COTTON — Bvery:r.".-r pointed to further substantial
euccesaes for the bull contingent on the Cotton Exchar.ge
to-day. Shorts displayed misgivings before the opening
ini».r.u.:h as Liverpool responded enthusiastically to
our advance of last night and a* the advices from, the
crop centre were far from reassuring. Tr.e rresence of
tuberous foreign buying orders as vrt-ll as ar. exhibition
of confidence on the jri«.rt of certain New-Orleans interests
recently credited wltii the engint-trir.tJ of a summer month
fcuiee ifiiK'i to the RdaKtvtnsa of shorts while at the
»aiiie time »er. iar to create friendliness toward the mar
ket ~r.,: inveftment cirrlt-s. The opening was steady, with
price* 3 to ♦*• point* higher, later Increased to ■ matter
of 6 to 11 joints. Ail things worked together for the
Interest of ti# bull faction most of the morning, but
toward nudday light profit taking set in and materially
cut dawn tiie lead, thourh In no -way undermining the
conviction* of stalwart lcngs. Private wires reported ex
cessive rains In tae Memphis district and -factory
conditions genfallr in the central belt: Southern spot
markets were reocrted to have taken a. firmer turn on
lncrea»ed export demand, while the ofHclal forecast pointed
10 further rains over the country ■west of Texas. The
whoie character of the market choused suddenly soon
ift*r snddav under a wild scramble to Bell for .-.th ac
counts. under vhlch pric*« fell below the closing of last
cig' :. Xae break owed li* existence prixar.ly to a
rumor that a wrtMl&wMm known New— Ycrk commercial
house bad susriendr-d witliout warning. It was later
proved, however, tbat the house in question had closed
its doors for the day only owice to the death of a member
cf tie flrm. The cor.traiicticn failcii to raatsiire the
buU crowl. towever. and mroughout the rest of the ofter
aotn the ntarket was feeble and nervous, wilh prices un
tile to raJlr much frcm the low T>olnt of the day. On
tie downturn the gnuth .-.nd Europe were . ling the
sellers though considerable local long stuff cams out.
The cio»e was quiet with prices 2 to 5 points net lower.
The raase of contract prices In the local market to
day was as tallow*:
Opening. High. Low. Close. .'.ay.
June S.7»> ».7a >7S 5.&1&6.47 fc.o6
-air 8.77 8-M 5.66 6.6*36.67 -7:
August K33 5.42 b-SG fc.304i9.31 6.23
EepteirSier 7 .._ 7.K3 7.fc3 7.63G7.5. 7.557
October 7.74 7.7<J '■ •• 7 8897 83 7.71
November "' 7.61 7.23 7.53S 1 7.54 7.55
Eec-^-.Ler ...... 7.5 I > 7.C1 7.51 7.M&7.52 7.64
January -',- 7 •;•; 7.5.3 7.6367.64 7.5«
Feorudrr 7.57 7.57 7.57 7.55JP7.57 Iftj
Merrh 7.13 707 7.a 7.6-37.60 7«I
April 7 M 7.66 7.«8 7.61KJ7.62 763
llav . — — — 7.CieT«S 7.65
Spot corrcn closes <3Clet. with quotations uncharjj"«?d. on
tile basis cf S l-3<3e for midilinjr upland ar.d 8 l«c for
laidcluy: c-Jlf. Southern epot markets were telegraphed
•* UQon: New-Orleana quiet, at « 1-I'ic: Mobile nominal
at >c; Sa.var.nah quiet, at B%tc. He off; Cbirieston nom
]?*■•' vßutotxtan. nothing doing; Norfolk steady, at S'*c;
{"SB"'"" raniinal. at S*c: llerr.phla sn-ady. at 8 15-l<3c,
•""■e cs; Augusta Quit*, at 611 c: .-•. Louis quiet, at - T Ac,
*'" iirher.
•»2e «xjx>rt rr.ovem«it follows:
_ Great Britain. France. Continent.
i' i - 4av - 2.44& — 2
rar this ytar 15.048 62» 6.023
Tt=« zht tils season 2.155.7C5 653.025 2.391. 750
iieceipt* «t th* ports and Interior points to-day, com
»arad w:rt tie eac:e day last week and las: year:
_ Last Last Present
I'or.s: To-dar. week. year. atocli
J»» !v *« r. 1 to. 31S 16.219
v!^ 1^ 1 ... SS4 535 64» 76.244
~ ofc:: «- — 302 1- 5.445
fcavjtaaah 2 64 BO 15.640
Charlaatoe — — 2 4 827
•ntatetflß .... — 5 61 2.3i*4
£l*s! 12& «x» 1.384 fe.2->2
nirttmai — — 628 <s.3*>i
£*»-Yorlc ... 237 — 129 75.712
5?! lon 2 80 131 —
Pr-iisaelotu. ... 64 — 118 8.«70
vcrtoaa — 600 — 2.150
TstaU &S3 ÜBU 8.451 220.0G7
iffSf: — *3 « <!.oii
fi*=phi s .. 54 7fl «3 81 031
*:• *^"-i* ... — S3 190 2:».i4«J
250 ©> 1.004 10.MS
Eo *- a^s M « I.V, 11.603
Cotton Exchange ft-wMnl Liverpool cables 6r>o- cotton
■araer. ■ . *».;«. tUOOO bales- np«<:ulatlon and ««port, &«J;
v. *"* - - „4. receipts. 2.WJO: American. I.OjO- ml<3
»-ar dz,UL~£. 5 1-1*; Future* opened steady; l-**.52-C4d
a*« Ct: At 1:43 5 - m - «'•»!« tut oteaflv. Hie**d, net
fT*™»: '•*■-; mm - to 4^» points net. higher:
S^r^*w-Jar-uarr 4 !:!Sb: Januan-Februnn-. 4.11H«;
***r«jfj._S£»rrh. <-'■-*»: March-April. 4.11 Hi; June,
15;^fc: Jun^-Jal/. 4 «0b : July- August. 4.57'ib; A»gian-
4.4>^«; S^ptemt#r-<:»ctober. 4.31b; Octob*r
■■Par 4.3<»>*« Xoverr.U.r-D<r<~ember. 4 15%b Man
!?"" Tarae quiet tut i>teady. Cloth — buyer* at
■^^ OTioet.
*\~?T; R AXT> MEAL— Very little actual change wae re
tXlT j2j 2 Hour market, but an *«si«r undertone was
-o^c«-ible w:tn the decline In wh«it. ar.d buyers quite
jre-eraay withire*. aiikinK S*loc ccnc^selon from prevail
SsiSSwi s P«tg patents. $3 Kie*4 SO; trintei straights.
lr/,7-. ;3c 5: rnlettr patents, S3 656*4: -prlng clears. $2 80
SH^JSf *" I winter. S2 7A6f2 9<i; extra No 2 w1 n -
»-', *- VOettz 70; no grade. *17 754?518 50. epot end to ar
"l- • V,,-- YE FXrtL'R— Rather firm: ouoted: Fair to
CS*;.* 3 ?* 325 : choice to fancy. «■■.-*•*: •■ CORV
v™^' tt<y: cuoted: Kiln dritd. $2 4^)SI2tO. as to
»1?£2" ■.••• -Aii MEAL— O'Jlet; quo»«!: Fine white and
11. ~- ''•»'*: eoarte, Wg-«>c FEED—Steady : ouot-
t.» f, J .jTr;= ? _ br »°.. »pet. S'-"; racks, to crrive. 2<>i> Ib.
L'u-, 15 2 ; ««•»*• winter bran, |17e»1««b Utter
ir.lMMf.g*, «!BttflKf/»; chy bren, $1 a .'<)«?$! 7: hom
c?!/cak1 P 'fU" : oilmea5 ' '2™: linked cl! cake. *27; com
♦ij?^ I*"1 '*"? ""HEAT— £s*culatlcn was on a smaller seal*
ttz~ >" ua -- J - R i the market throughout the day. with
i**T «*c*piioo ef the first fcaJf hour. if«l a little a* if
iZ ,<„ :ment h * d modlHed a bit. nnd mi new disposed
, . oea i* • Central eecranng of profits, rather than a
e>n»'lL ce ~ ort tcwiir <l r*«CßLna' higher eat', levels. Mor«
as , we .T c 9t*4ictvi tcr the Ncrthwe«t. which acted
S-v'*-2: v* prlm * fa<"tor» In the mWAiy and afternoon
-=-*-"«• ta*t crvertcwJt th« market. A', tfc* Immediate
outeet pri.-e* went up with a roan - "wing to evidences on
ivr'nw . v r e * lher map that the Northwest was st'.ll dry
«iS! I" 3 by a fresh aggregation of dan,.. reports
»ucn as have become familiar In the last few weeks. This
k«T« _,, ro * sl D was followed almost immediately, however.
„; » )r *al«»ns that showers would prevail over the North,
west rmtTßday night, and possibly be heavy In mm seo
}'™*- At once the market reflected this news by develop
in« consid«rabl« weakness, which became mote acute as
tne «*•»■ progressed, until the weakest point of the day
was reached near the close In spite of the fact that ex
porters took 46 losda at all ports, representing a larger
Th 7 *, np»ration« than ha, been noted in same time. At
the decline considerable selling, presumably cf an influ
ential character, took place at Chicago for Northwestern
ana St. Lioals account. strengthening the Idea, la local cir
cles that raw of the big operators were getting away
rrcm the bull side. At the name time. man-, traders ex
pressed continued friendliness for the staple, believing
;?*' the damage already .lone In the Northwest would Jus
t.ry even higher prices than any that have yet been re
coraed. 'The Price Current" came out with an estimate
thai the total wheat crop would not b© over floo.oort.ooo
s"ir\: wnlcn the looß'I 008 ' trade believed was Just about 100,-
C* 10. 000 bush too high. Snow estimated that W) per cent
or the spring- wheat crop has been damaged beyond re
pair, and Is expected to put oat a bullish crop report in
the near future. • His estimate on the two crops was
0->>.o<«).«>oo bush. The cables were receives! with compara
tive Indifference, Liverpool showing HC\d advance, and
1 aria markets 6glO points rise. Antwerp was unchanged,
Dudapwt had a holiday and Berlin closed *■* point higher.
Foreign houses wer* sellers of wheat In this mark't early
in the day. An Odessa cabl* reported the greater part
of Russian crops in Black Sea regions threatened with
jrer.t-ral Might, because of protracted drouth. Northwest
receipt* were 43S cars, acmlnsi 417 cars last year. The
ran ire on July wheat during -.he day was from 7SHc to
• »%c. back again to 77c. and closing at 77Hc. Quotations
of ca»h wheat, fob aToat basis, were us follows: No 2
red. New-York. BS%c: No 1 hard. Manitoba, SIS- prompt;
No 1 hard. Puluth. 8lT»o prompt; No 1 Northern. Duluth.
M>Hc prompt; No 1 Northern, Neve-York. 7h»« -
CORN — The corn market was rather firm early in the day
sympathizing with wheat, but later developed weakness
that was more or less surprising, in view of the excep
tionally large export trade, amounting to PI loads at all
seaboard ports. There was no anxiety on the part of
short traders, while elevator houses at th- West sold
com. partly on account of favorable crop news, and partly
because cf the heaviness in provisions. The Argentine
vieible supply wan reported at 854,000 bush, com
pared with fOO,C»«) bush last weak and 2.880,000
tush a rear agt). Charter.- were Bade at Chicago for
100,000 bash corn and 160.000 bush oats. No 2 com closed
at 44** c elevator and delivered and Ma fob afloat . ...
OATS — The trade in oats was very alow as to options,
but fairly active in an export way. sales amounting ta
140. 000 bush. No 2 oat« closed at 27c; No 3 oats 2««4e
No I white. 2s>c: No 8 white. M%c; track mixed. 27£
»%c; track white. 2SV«S3*^c; No 2 white clips 88Hc
RYE— Market firm; No 1 Western. 63 He and No
2 Western. »i3c. both fob afloat: State rye. sS3st>c
elf New-York, carlots •■■ BARLEY — Market quiet;
feeding. 43©48 c, an a malting. tSHOGOc c i f New-York. '
jn^ heat - Open High, Low. Cloae. T^C
July 7SH 7SH T7 77H 77U
September TOM 78% 7SVi 7SU 7S>i
July :... .4413 *i% 44% 44\i 444
September — — — 4^ 45
Jun« — — — »6 77H J6 82
June — — — 7"i: ttK
July 74"* 74% in 72", 73^
August 75*4 7S>4 73!^ »2 74"»
June — — — tt% 39%
July 89 SOK SS^i S.SS 38%
August '39% 3& 11-16 3» 39 3£J%
June ............ — — — 22% 22
July 22 i 22"i 22 3-16 22H 22^
August 22% 22H BUI 22H 22
July ?857H jr, PT--3 $6 45 $6 47% $865
September 6 57^2 C 62H « r>2H 665 6B7Vi
July 687 V» BS7H 660 6 525* 60S
September 660 6 fio 6 52% 665 668
July 1127 V, 11 27H 11 IS 11224 11 23
September 1135 1137!* 1130 1132^ 1135
Receipts of breadstuff!" at interior points in thousands,
last three ciphers (000) omitted, flour bbls grain bush, as
Flour. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Barley.
Chicago 18 57 343 210 1 12
Milwaukee 8 40 14 18 1 •
Minneapolis — 2i«'. 23 7 — 2
Duluth — 227 7 — — 2
St. Louis 3 12 100 20 — —
Kansas City — 42 20 I — —
Toledo — 10 63 10 — —
Detroit 2 10 3 — — —
Peoria — '- 29 42 — —
Totals 26 Cl 2 600 310 2 23
aunts, from these points:
Chicago . 7 44 134 331 1 3
Milwaukee 3 4 — li 2 2
Minneapolis 3.» 17 13—1
Duluth — SB — — — 20
Ft. Louis 7 14 *!> 2S — —
Kansas City — 53 12 3 — —
Toledo — I 73 10 — —
Detroit — — 16 — — —
Peoria — — _11 3- — _ —
Totals 86 222 80« all 8 28
Receipts at Atlantic ports:
>«>w-York 17 4« 39 81 — 25
Boston J 43 I 07 — —
Philadelphia — 45 91 11 — —
Baltimore 2 11 l«J 43 — —
New-Orleans .... 7 S 6 li — —
Totals 30 130 M 204 — 25
Exports from Atlantic ports:
New-York IS 6") if 21 — —
Boston — 8 3-1 — — —
I'hila.ielrhla — 77 145 01 — —
Baltimore 1 24 137 - — — —
New-Orleare — — — 3 — —
Totals 10 ISO 872 73 — —
METALS — All of the Iron markets were very weak
owing to the en -: . us selling pressure. Pig iron warrants
in the local market declined some 50 points, dosing very
•*eak and nominally on the basis cf $14 50. Northern No
1 fcumlry was quoted at Jlft and No 2 at SI !. Lake cop
per ruled dull and unchanged at $16 50 Tin ruled quiet
but about stead; on better cables from London. The
clo-e, however, was doll at $"-0 37 nominal. Spelter was
again weak and decidedly lower under an absence of buy
er?, closing weak a: M22HOM27H. LeaJ was unsettled
at J3 72 l iSS3 77H. The brokers' price for lead was $3 75
and for spelter $1 23.
MOLASSES AND SYRUPS — Holders demanded full
prices or desirable grades molasses which buyers paid
for limited amounts only, as had been their wont for
boom time past. The market closed firm in tone at un
changtd quotations. Syrups wan strong, with an up
ward tendency, following the improvement in reftr.ed
sugar and better r-Jilr.e of the raw sugar market. Quf>
tations follow: New-Orleans centrifugal, common. 12®
13c: fair. 14®l»c: good. . 28c; prime, 30"-?87c; New-
Orleans open kettle. 44*r?i5c: Porto Rico, 34&40 c. Syrups,
commen. I<J'S2!V:1 < J'S2!V: fair, 15g16c; good. :':■ '- . ; rime, 21
6-23.-. fancy. 2SO2S
OCEAN FREIGHTS — In the market for -all and steam
tonnage business was quiet in all traces, and there were
no changes In the general conditions. Quotations to Liver
pool were 3d: London. 3**.!: Glasgow B%d; Bristol, 4d;
Leiih. 4?id: Hull. 4 <: Newcastle. 4%<S; Antwerp. i'-^A;
Hamburg. 75 pfg»: Rotterdam. B%c; Amsterdam, Be;
cotton to Liverpool, per 100 '.' . 22. - , London, oats. 2s ,°..f
OlL Cottonseed oil was without new feature and still
nominal In the absence of business, the trad*- showing
no Interest whatever in the market at present prices.
Ref.ned p^-trolpum was quiet and unchanged. Lins-<><l
oil firm. We gui ■■- Petroleum, bbls, |788 and ir. bulk
$.".30: Philadelphia. bbls, 17 SO. and In bulk. $5 25: re
fined cases, New-York, $9 1": <i*-odorized naphtha. 70 de
grees. 11l bb'.?. He. .. . COTTONSEED OlL— Prime
crude, bbls. Hie. -ominal: prime summer yellow. 87c
OS summer yellow, S69Bonc; butter grades nominal;
prime white 3«<g39c; prime winter yellow, :-'.••■ city lin
eeed. American row. STwMe; American boiled, 89970 c;
Calcutta raw. 76c; Waatem linseed oil quoted 2c under
city brands; lard oil. 85©57 c
PROVISION? — Another sharp decline took place in the
provision market, with packer* in the lead as sellers of
the product, aapaetally of lard. The decline in grain was
also an influence of tome weight, while demand was
eratt<>r»w! and unimportant. Arrival"! at Chicago were
T2.000 head, with 24,000 head exr<ecied on Friday. Kan
sas City had 17.001 heed, and Omaha 7.700 h«a<i. At all
Interior points the estimated receipts were SB.SOO head....
PORK— DuII. Quoted: Mess, Jll 7r..j»12 50; family.
$13 50CJ14 2T); short clear. $13 50<3?14 28 . '..BEEF —
Steady Quoted: Mess. $» 000(10 family. $liesl2:
packet. $10©$ll: extra India mean, fifi©|i7 50 ... BEEF
HAMS— DuII. Quoted g»t<&J2l DRESSED HOGS—
Easy. Quoted: Bacons. RR r«o;r «o; l»n U>. •"■ MM V 7 l ic;
pigs' 7«ic CUT MEATS— Pickled b*llie« firm. Quoted:
Smoking bellies. »<•: 10 r>. SHe; 12 Ib. S^ic; 14 - B.
Pickled shoulders dull. Quoted: «>*e-7". Pickled bams
quiet. Quoted: lOHe TALLOW* — Nominal. City.
•4'S4 I >ic; country. 4"4 c LARP— 'Weak. Quoted,
6 77^c. City lard dull. Quoted: •i.Z.'c. Refined lart
r.vak. Quoted: South America. 7.75 c; Continent 7c;
Brazil keg*. B.BSc Compound quiet. Quoted: City, fi'.ic;
Western. 6%c STEARINE — Dull. Quoted: Oleo. 6c
b!d; city lard stearl. Sc
BICE — A jobbing trade was reported in the local rice
market on the baEln of former quotatlona. but no new
features came to light. Quotations fallow: Domestic,
common to low fair S^»®4 1 «i - f ■•- To good. 4?s<f73c:
prime to choic*. SH'S'Hc; head, .••H®6Hc: Patna, 414©
4Kf. Japan. 4^*Ssc; Java. 4t4<Jl a «c; Rangoon in bond,
SUGAR — All grades of reflnea fugar were marked up
ar. additional 10 points shortly after noon to-day, with
the market mcd»rnte!y active at th» advance. The elope
was very arm, with some parties predicting further ad
vances in th* near furore. Quotations follow: Cut loaf
and crushed. IWc: domlnoa (in ria'f bbls only) and mould
A. *!•.">■ ■ minis and XXXX p-.wfjerofl, BSc; pewdered.
coarw powdered and fruit powdered. S.EOc; Eagle confec
tioners' granulated. 6.65<"; Engle coarse granulated and
extra fine granulated. 8.?. V; Fscle 2 Ib canons, 2 8) ba^s
and " IT) bags of fine granulated. 5.80 c; Eagle fine granu
lated, standard granulated and Diamond A. 5.70 c: confec
tioners' A. S.Sfx-: Hos 1 2 and 3, 6.35e; No 4. 5.30 c: No 6,
S 20c- No C G.2oc: No 7. 5-15r; No 8. 5.10 c No i, 5.05 c;
No 10. sc; No 11. 4.«8e; Nea 12. 13. 14. IB and 16, i ••••■■
The raw eugsr market was strong at the dose, but not
quotablr higher. The advance in refined sugar, together
with encouraging advices from the English mr.rke:. led
Importers to hold out for higher prices, but no business
above fc Tier polling quctatlonn was reported. Sales in
cluded ' r| o tons of Porto Rico muscovado to arrive at
fmc c «hip. and 2.5f'0 bags of Porto Rico centrifugal
from ■ .re at 4*»c el ship. Nothing further was avail
able, except at an advance of 1-16 c. Cane sugar In th»»
London market was steady, with Java quoted at I3s l^d.
and fair refining. 12*. Beet *:;|[»r was steady with prices
fuly maintained; present month quoted at l«fc £»%id. and
next month, 10s 10V»d. Thr European visible supply is
1 500 0<» tons, agalrst l,SOO.f»x> tana a year ago.
New-York. June 14. 1900.
BEANS ANT* PEAS Ther* was an exceedingly dull
trade again to-day, and the. market, though r.ot quotably
charged, had a barely steady ten*. The tew transactions
reported were In the range quoted, but our outside figures
are obtained only for fancy stock. Green and Scotch peaa
show increased weakness. We quote: Beans, marrow,
chclc* per bush, 12 l 1"'l 1 "' do medium choice. $2 12.£: do
pea choice, bbls. f3S7%tfs33oj do r»d kidney, choice,
J2 I.'j- dc. white Lldrey, choice. $2 2T.gS2SO; do yellow ey.-,
choice, J2 Vk do black turtle coup. choice. $1 63<?$ I 70;
do lima, California. 8862H©S*8S; Imported pea, fair Co
prime $1 00£J$2; do m'-'ltum. fair to prime. 81 Cs&sl 80;
green peas, bags. *1 l£'r:'S*l 15; do Scotch, bags, $1 12H
it*l IK
BI'TTKR — A moderate, jobblr.g trade and come specula
tive buying combine to make a. steady mark'! for nearly
all rlasi^ee ct stock. ! Tlie tnta! movement, however, was
net very large, and there i* an ample offering of nearly
all grade*. Much now depends upon the extant of re
ceipts. Thus far .this week w» have run only a, little 1,6
hlnd laet wenk. bat there Bra ••"•me Indications that ar
rivals may shrink. W« quote: Creamery extras, per Ib,
lbc: <U> flrete. l'Sl^Ho; d'> seconds. l*017Ho; do thlrda,
l.'»V»Gl6c; fit»t« dairy, half firkin tuba, extras. 1SO:«S^c;
do nr*ta, 17V»c; ■=: . - dairy. Welih tuba, extras, l^c;
do Cr«t» nOlTnr: States dairy, iul>s. ascends, lU«lijM.c;
Co thirds, H4H6\kc; State dairy, Una. etc. l.'@l7Hc;
Western Jmiiitton cream* extras. U%e; do firsts. 15'h9
15Hc; co seconds, ll^Cl^-; do lower grades, l3Vi«l4^c,
renovated butter, fancy, 17c: do common to prim*. 13Q>
CHEESE — While there was not very much snap to the
demand for large full cream cheese to-day, still the mar
ket has cleaned up pretty clotty and the feeling on
colored Is a trifle steadier. Small sizes continue in good
demand, and are firmly held. Exporters have taken sev
eral lots of fancy at &c. Choice light skims are wiling
fairly, and prices are a shade firmer, but undergraden
continue slow and irregular. At Cuba yesterday 888
boxes of larc? sold at »UflU4c. and s.ot»> boxes of small
•: v . pßc, ruling at S'/%c. Liverpool cable. 50s. We
quote: State, full cream, colored or white, large, fancy,
per IT). 9H©*.t»sc; do choice, UUfiK^c; do fair to good, BH
Me; do small, colored or white, fancy, »c; do good, SHSJ
£}»c; do poor to fair, 7V»©SWc: light skims, small. nkntfi*.
7®7Vic; do large, choice, il*ii{?7<v pan skims, small,
prime, OftSttc; do large, prime, JVOSHc; do fair to good,
4S'44e; do common, 2\k9& full sUims. )lVic
— There Is a small supply of positively fancy
eggs which hold steady In price: but for all medium and
lower qualities we have a surplus with strong pressure
to sell anil wen* and Irregular prices. We quote: Jersey
and nearby, fancy, selected, 15Q15Hc; State Pennsylvania
and nearby average beat, 140144 Western, loss off,
13ViC14o : do selected fancy. at mark. 13Hc; do prime.
at mark. 12013 c: do common to fair. lO^llc; Southern,
at mark. .Vglo^c: candled seconda. - ltH@loc: dirties,
JWffSc; checks. >>S r -
traUITS — FRESH — ore quiet and easy. Several
cars of Southern peaches in to-day are moving moderately
m the ranges quoted. Botan plums sell quite readily
but common red kinds lire dragging, Cherries quite plenty
and moving slowly .it easy prices. Strawberries were a
little less plenty and averaged a trifle better, although
the range of prices ■hows little improvement. Black
berries moving slowl> at weak prices. Huckleberries
firm for prime, large blue. Green ■am berries dull unless
of extra size. Watermelons about 6teady. Muskmeloas
dragging at Irregular prices; quality largely below prime.
Plneanpl< about sad] ffi quote: Apple*. Ben Davis,
fair to fancy, per bbl. $CS$3 00: Baidwtn. fair to prime,
$2 50553- russet. Roxburv. fair to prime, $2 .' ."•■! - :i.
peaches. North and South Carolina, per carrier. SltrSl SO;
<»<*•"> rßla. choice varieties. $2(?52 50; do fair to prime,
$1 50081 75. poor lota. $1«$1 25; Florida. Japanese varie
ties, per carrier. SI ZB#S2: common early. $lt?$l 25;
plums. Botan. Georgia, per carrier. $2@s2 50; wild
goose, southern. SI 20Cj$l 50- Robinson. ll'S'll 25; cher
ries. Virginia and Korth Carolina, black Tartarian. p<r
S Ti basket. Wlig«oc; large whitet an.l red. 4O®«Oc- do
common. 20<S?25c; Jersey, sweet, 40960 c: Maryland
and Delaware red, 40050 c; do per Ib, 4O«c; do sour, per
quart. 4fisc : strawberries, Hilton and Irving-ton. prime
to extra, per quart. OQlOc: ■ ,•■••; Island, extra fan.-y,
8c- do fair to gonrj. figi7c: up river, upper stations, <V3Sc;
lower stations. 54i7c: Jersey, dandy's Prize. gor«i to
prime, 5C7c: do fair to good 485 c; do inferior. »8':J v ie;
Maryland and Delaware. Ganrty's. :•■»■■ do fair to good,
•Osc; do Inferior 2@3Vac: raspberries, lower Maryland.
r»<l. per pint, 8010 c blackberries, North Carolina, culti
vated, prlnr-e. large, Ti&^c? do inferior. 4-Stic; huckle
berries. North Carolina, large, bluw. par quart, 11©12 i .
do black and mixed. 8010 a; gooseberries, extra large
green, per quart. Tun . do medium, green, .*"• do
small, green. S0«c; watermelons. Florida, per carload,
12088 muskmelon. Florida, choice. per crate. $1 SO'gSl 75
poor to fair. 7,Vetl 25; pin^apt>les. Florida. red Spanish"
2-is per case. $3 80 do 80s per case 13088 28; do 42a(^
.''.ija. tZ ' — Porto Ricos. each. 25©50 c
FRUlTS— DßlED— Evaporated apples are selling slow
ly, and market continues weak, with outside flgures ex
treme. Not much doing in sun dried apples, and values
largely nominal. Chops and waste weak, with outside
prices seldom reached, and some poor stock is cleaning
up below inside quotations. Small fruits in light demand
and weak. California fruit quiet and unchan:i'd. We
quote: Apples, evaporated, fancy, per B>, 7#9c: do choice,
rtfi-OtiO; do prime. SHiS">**c; do common to good. 4 1
5%c; do sun dried, sliced. 4g4%ic; do quarters. 31*-!?3 I *-!?
«Vi do chops, per 100 Ib, $TB*l SB; do cores and skins,
40.Q»0c: raspberries, evaporated, 14016 c; cherries, 14Va@
16c; apricots, California. Moorpark. 14#l«c: do Royal
V2'*'Sl3 i iC: peaches. California, peeled lfiff2oc: do un
peeled. 6(gSV, C ; prunes, California, 407.
HAY AND STRAW— HAY— The selling action of the
market has improved and all prices are firm, with some
buoyancy nc.te.l for selections. Th« market does not clean
up at the present rate of receipts: <=till the e'irplua is not
considered oppressive under the prospects of future re
ceipts. The recent heavy bids for forage supplies for the
United States Army, opened on June 13. did not meet
approval in the Quartern Department: the prices
were regarded as too high, but not eensurably so by the
Department, as it was comprehended that the compara
tively long term to be provided fn mad* it necessary
for the contractors to calculate with commercial safety
upon contingencies which might occur in the market from
now until September The Department has decided to
reopen proposals for the quantities in treaty, dividing
the call into requirements for only single months. We
quote: Prime, large bales, per 1(10 n 87Vi'3ttOc; No 1,
Ss@S7^2c; No 2, 80ffiS2Hc; No 3, 72^®75c; rejections or
irregular parcels. 50860 c; small bales of classified hay
are 2^50 lower than large STRAW — The demand for
long rye has lessened somewhat abruptly. an<l as the
market Is rather heavily stocked there is a narrower range
for prices. The range to day was 75<tJS0c per 100 rb.
Receipts of bay and s'raw m tons reported at th- Produce
Exchange at noon to-day: Hudson River Railroad, 320;
Erie. 680; Pennsy"vania. SO; Delaware, Lacka wanna and
Western. 40; West Shore, BO Lehigh Valley, 00: Ontario
and Western. 20; river boats. 170; total. 1.480 tons. Re
ceipts of straw. 20 tons ry river, »> tons by rail.
HOPS — Rather quiet business to-day, but nothing to
suggest any Important change In the general position of
the market. There la a confident holding of fine qualities
l-ecause of the ■mall supply of these, but medium and
comrron grades are no more than steady. We quote:
State. ISOO. choice, per rb. 13c: do good to prime, 110
12c; do poor to fair, 7#loc; Jo 1S»8. r^tte: Pacific Coast,
IMM), choice, 13c; Jo good to prime, ll&12c: do common
to faJr. 7ClOc; do 1SB«, 608 c; State or Pacific Coast, old
olds, "'ssc.
POULTRY ALIVE Receipts. 4 carloads: demand
moderate and market weak, with chickens 102 c lower.
We quote: Spring chickens, rearby an.l Western, per Ib.
18S2l»c; Southern. 16c; fowls. lOVsc; roosters, GHc; tur
keys, SSttc; (Tucks, per pair. .;.". .•>' :; geese, 7<)cssl;
pigeons 20@30c. Dressivl — The supply of iced fowls is
not especially heavy, but the demand continues exceed
ingly slow, and the market weak and unsettled. Occa
atonal sales are making at BHc. but that figure Is quite
extreme, and few holders hesitate to shade whenever
necessary, and probably more business is being done at
Be than higher. Western broilers a trifle more plenty.
but in good 1 demand and firm when of desirable quality.
Fancy large near! broilers sell readily, but other
grades dull. Eastern and Long Island spring ducks in
considerable accumulation, dull and weak. Eastern
spring geese have only a limited outlet. Fresh killed
oil turkeys very dull. T.ime squabs unchanged". In
frozen poultry broilers have a. mtMierate call, but little
movement in other descriptions. ■ We quote: Turkeys,
hens, average best. SQtic; torus, 7c; poor, 506 c; broilers,
Philadelphia, 4 Ib and over average to pair. 2G£]2Sc; do
2 azxd 3 Ib average to pair. Sl>Q2sc; Pennsylvania. 2t>3
22c; Western and SouthTrestern, dry picked, 3 Ib and
over averas" to pair, per 18.. .... do scala'ed, 180106]
do under 3 Ib average, l4<Tf.l«ie. fowls — State anil Penn
sylvanla. gnod to prime, '.t'.acp: '> FcaUed, 9c; do Western
dry picked, average small, '.'■■'i'a': lo large, a'-sSSDe; do
Southern and 1 Southwestern prime, We; poor to good, 7©Sc;
old roosters. f> Viatic. Ducks — Eastern and Long Island,
spring, per Ib, 12O12Vic; getse. Eastern spring, SSc
Squabs, choice, large, white, per dozen, $2 25: do mixed,
$1 SOS'S 1 75; do small and dark. $lirsi 25. Frozen — Tur
keys, young hens. No 1, nfill^c; mixed young hend
and terns'. No 1, lltglilc: young turns. No 1. lie; broilers,
fancy, dry ptcked, 14{;15c: ui> scalue.l, i:i©l4c; do fair
to good. 10!&12c; kens, fancy, soft meati d 12®12 1 3c;
do average. No 1, 6©loc; fowls, dry picked. No 1, 'J4C9V2C;
do plain, S'g'SHc: duckw. fancy. IO13IIC; do average. No
1, Siftitc: geese, average, best. »?Hto.
POTATOES AND VRQ ETA BLEr»— S<SUthern r.ew potatoes
in heavy supply t«-day and while demand was fairly
active prices showed no Irrprovement. outsile figures rul-
Ing extreme and only obtainable for fancy; old potatoes
dull and irregular. Onions held steady when choice.
Asparagus dull and weak. Cucumbers a shade higher for
Charleston, but more Southerly stock dragging and seldom
brtnglng expenses. Cabbages advanced slightly under a
good trade. Green pecs in light supply and steady. Nor
folk beans In heavy supply a^.rl lower, and more Southerly
stock is neglected nd hardly bringing exp>-n«es. Squash
and turnips dull and weak. Tomatoes in fair demand and
steady, with a few fancy reaching 82 28052 60. Other
vegetables range about as quoted We quote: Potatoes.
Southern Rose, prime, per bbl. $1 60082 25; Chill white,
prime, $1 25#$1 75; do red, fl 12Q$1 &0; do seconds, :."■■ .;
|l; do culls. 4OQ«i«K:; domestic old prime, $1 i-. : ■ . - .
do common, 75c<5$l; asparagus, colossal, per dozen bunch
es. $3354; extra prime. fl 75@(250; prime. $I@sl 50;
culls, s<jS"sc; beets. Southern, per 100 bunchea, 8108150;
do Long Island. SI Bo<&J2: cauliflowers. Long Island and
Jersey, per bbl. $1 sO<Bs- 50; cabbage, Baltimore, per bbl.
BOc; do Norfolk, per bbl crate, S9COSI; do per bbl. 75c©
SI; do North and South Carolina, per bbl crate,
75§0<>o; cucumbers. North Carolina, per bush basket,
60@7&c; do Charletton, per basket, 60076 c; do Savan
nah, 40'g-flOc: do Florida, per basket or crate, 10 1 ®
3(ic; onions. Bermuda, per crate, USsl 10; Egyptian, per
bag, 82 260*2 30: do New-Orleans, per bbl. 82X90
$2 50; do per bag. $1 10; do Southern, per half bbl
basket, $1. peas. Long [aland. per bag. $1
basket, $1: peas. Long Island, per bag. $ly'sl 23.
The market for spirit* turpentine ruled a shade steadier
on so^ie buying orders and better reports from the South.
Quotations follow:
TAP. — Regulars. 83 10: do oil bb'.s. »4 25.
ROSIN — Common to good strained, $150; E, $186; F.
II TO G. $175: H. $1 *0; I, 82; X, $2 20; M. $2 40; N.
CO; W a, $2 70; W W, 82 &0.
Rosin 11.886 bbla
Spirits turpentine fetll bbls
Tar 2.50»5 bbU
Savannah. June 14. — Spirits turpentine firm at 44c.
Ros'.n All grade* up sc.
Wilmington, June 14. — Spirits turpentine, 42i»@43c; re
ceipts, 13S bbls Rosin steady. $1 08 -f. 10: receipts, 888
bbls. Crude turpentine quiet. $1 0«> and 1260; receipts,
141) bbla. Tar quiet, $ 1 40; receipts, 97 bbls.
Charleston, June 14. — Turpentine market nominal, noth
ing doing. Rosin quiet, unchanged.
New-York. June 14. I'JOO.
BEEVES — Receipts were IV cars, or 35S head, all for
exporters and ighterers with the exception of two
cars. No trade in live cattle to-day. Sellers rated the
feeling steady. Dressed Lcef .•■••■ but steady, at ~ l *Zs
6V2C per tb. Cables weak. No shipments of cattle or
b*+f to-day; to-morrow, 888 cattle on the Europe to
CALVES — Receipts were 205 head, including »l for a
city butcher and 114 for the market, and with the stale
stock there were over 200 calves on sale. There was a
s.ack trade, and all sorts of calves were 25c off. Fully
tO head were held over. Medium to ; rime veals sold at
jr. . ;,<..!}.>> :,. . pei I" 1 tb; good buitrrmiik calves at $4o7 1 ».
City drtsted veals slow at t>&iuc per Ib, a fen selected
carcasses selling up to lo<iil2e; country dressed weak at
7'a'-> 1?c;1 ?c; little calves at 6®7c
Sales — Andrew Mullen: M veals, 146 Ib average, at
f»> 5O per 100 rt>; 12 do. I*l Ib, .11 *5 50; 32 buttermilks.
142 Ib, at $4 37b.
J. G. Curtis j. Son: 12 veals. 125 rr. at $<J.
H. H. Hollls: 11 veals, 119 Ib, at *5 50.
Newton i Co.: - veals. 1&0 It. at ?fl.
SHEEP AND LAMBS — Receipts. 1'.»4 cars, or 4.SIU
head, making, with the stale stock. 23 cars fjr th* mar
ket. About all trade was at Jeney City. Sheep slow,
tellers holding good stock steady, but buyers holding of!
for lower price*; yearlings were not desired. Lamias were
moderately active ana generally steady, with strictly
prl.-r.e lambs showing a little firmness early. The pens
were r.ot ruily cleared. Poor to good sheep sold at $3 23
ii*4 75 per 100 Ib; cull bucks a; t-i: yearlings at *4 75u$'i.
medium co prime lambs at $7 10© (1 Ml; dressed mutton
slow at 7'SyVsc per Ib; dresseU yearlings at 0«llc;
dressed luoibs at 10@13e.
Salefi — McPherson <£ Co.: H Kentucky lambs, 74 Ib
average, at $7 MO per 100 Ib; 26S v -■ Virginia do, fl4
r.i. at *7 75; -41 Virginia do. 60 Ib. at 87 88 274 do, «3
!T>. at $7 10; 277 do, 86 n.. at $7 86; 14:1 Maryland do. 63
Hi. at $7 s<>; 25 Kentucky do. 108 It., at $4*",. 11 Vir
ginia do. 100 ro. at $4 SO: « Kentucky bucks, l+.> Ib.
at 88 25.
Newton & Co.: 270 Virginia lambs, ON Th. at $7 75; 236
do 88 tb at 87 70; 271 do, «> Ib. at $7 75; 202 West Vir
ginia do. 88 n. at $7 3". R8 Ohio sheep. 104 Ib, at *4 75:
us West Virginia do, 112 n.. at 84 25; I Virginia do, 117
Ib, at $4 CO; 2 do, 05 Ib, at $4. 10 do. 100 Ib. at $3 75; 2
bucks. ISO IT), at $3 HO.
J. H. Wllker*on: 184 Kentucky lambs. 70 Ib, at $7 62H:
2>;2 do. 65 Ib. at 87 40; 101 Kentucky sheep. Ul Ib. at
84 23.
M. Collins: 2!(7 Virginia lambs. 71 n>. at $7 75: 103
J-rsey Inmbs. 63 Ib, at #7 75: 11 Jersey shfep, 121 Ib. at
$4 25; 6 Virginia de, 113 Ib, at $4 50; 4 Virginia yearlings,
bo Ib, at *5 50.
Harrington & Co.: - I Virginia lambs. «8 Tb. at $7 7.'.;
200 do. m tb. at »7 75: 120 Ohio yearlings. 88 tb. at $4 7.'.
25 do. M Ib, at *."• ■'■ 3 bui-ks. 133 Ib. at $3; Ma yeatar
«lay) 07 Oillo shwep. IIS tb. at 84 25; 208 do. 72 Ib. at $3 X,
Tobin & Shannon: 13 Kentucky iambs, 82 Tb, at 87 25-
C 7 Kentucky yearlings. SO Ib. at $ti: 23 Kentucky sheep
and irilnga (mixed) 64 tb, at $5 40. 88 Kentucky sheep.
06 It. at 84 73.
JeKifTe. Wright A- Co.: 43 State yearlings 73 To. at $3
3 b.icks, 113 IT. at $3.
— Ueceipts were 7 cars, or 1.048 head, all for
si.. itrht»ren< with the exception of 2 head. Nominally
weak and lower. Country dressed unchanged.
Sale*" — Ja4d & Co. (late yeeterdaj £5 Western hogs
IC«J lt> average, at $3 40 per 100 tb.
Andrew Mullen (late yesterday): : State hogs. 232 It.
at $5 rtrt: 2 roughs, 373 Ib. at $4 HO.
J. H. Hume & Bro. (late yesterday): 10 State hogs. 160
Ib, at $5 SB
Chicago, June 14.— Cattle— Receipts. 11.000; steers
average 10c lower than yesterday's average prices. Butch
ei»- stock active. Natives— Best on sal» t>-dav. 3 cars
Western at 88 « Oood to prtme steers. $.'. loew 73: poor
to medium. *4 r«<V3ss; selected feeders. .._;.., mixed
stockers. *3 50©S4; cows. 831884 75; heifers. $3 20$£l 15;
canners. $2 40€$3: bulls weak. $3©s4 BO; calves |94t*T:
Texans, receipts, 800; best r,n sale to-day. 1 car at *.' 33;
Texas fed steers. ?483®«35; Texae grass steer*. $.*< 750
$4 40; Texas buils. $3 l.>®s3 «5. Hogs — Receipts to-rtay.
20.000; estimated for to-morrow, 23 <"<•»>, left over, «.3<iO;
mostly .'f9loc lower: top. $.">O7H; mixed and butchers,
84 MOSS OTH good to choice heavy. $3S$3 07H: rough
heavy. 84NW$4i»: light. $4 90<sjV07H : bulk of sales.
Js®ss 02H. Sheep — Receipt.-. O.C«X>; Bheep. good to choice.
JOe higher; lambs generally steady Good to choice weth
ers. $4 75685 40; fair to choice mixed, 756*5: Western
sheep. »4 .'.".,;#.-. 23; yearling*. $."• ."o'<YJrt. native lambs, *">t>
$«7P: Western lambs. 9»VS$H7t>: spring lambs. $5<3?7 50.
Cincinnati. June — Hogs active. $4 50£$S 20. Cattle
steady, S3 50©$5 18. Sheep steady. *30Sl 50. Lambs
strong. 14 B08)t7 20.
Hast Liberty, June 14. — Cattle steady: extra. 83 50©
$5 80: prime. $5 4O#ss .',O; common. $3 AOos4 25. Hogs slow
and lower; rime mediums. $5 3<XS$5 35: heavy hogs $3 25
0SB3O; heavy Yorkers, $R25«55 30; light do. *5 20«tt 25;
pigs. 8541 - 15; skips. • :*4 75; roughs, 3 (H>es4 75. Sheep
slow and lower; choice wethers. l4Wti(4N'i. common.
82 50O88: choice lambs. $"> SS9M: common to good. $380©
$5 73; spring lamba ?.Vi?s7: veal calves. *f> 50987
East Buffalo. June 14. Receipti — Cattle, 8 cars; sheep
and lambs. 13 ears; hogs, IS cars. Shipments — Cattle, fll
car«. sheep and lamba, ft cars; hogs, 8 cars. Cattle nomi
nally unchanged. Calves steady; choice to exrra, $d 50©
88 78; good to choice. Jtt<gsrt 50. Sheep and lambs a little
higher; choice to extra, $6 2T.«56 4«l, good to choice. SO©
$023; common to fair. $4 .V)®s.*> 50. Pheep Wethers,
S.-ilOS$3 35; mixed. $4 0B4M8; close steady Hogs dull,
5i??10c liw«r: heavy *.*■ SO; mixed. $5 30; Yorkers gener
ally J5 2f>®8025: pigs. $3 2f><gs3 25; roughs, $4 40«54 05;
stags. S3 50<S$3 60: close dull.
Buffalo. June 14. — Spring wheat — No 1 Northern, car
!. a,;.-. 77>>»c: No 1 Northern, round lots, 76*»c. Winter
wheat — No 2 red, 78c asked; No 2 white and mixed. 77He
asked. Corn easier; No 2 yellow. 43Hc; No. 3 yellow,
43V«c; No a yellow. 42c; No 2 corn. t2\e. No 3 corn. 4240.
Oat.i quiet hut firm: No 2 white. 2T%c; No 3 white, 27Vic;
No 4 white. 28i-ff2ttV?; No 2 mixed. 25'« c: No 3 white.
■Be. Rye nominal. Flour firm; good demand.
Chicago. June 14. — The leading futures ranged as fol
Wheat, No. 2: Openlns. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
June — — — 72Vi
July ■. 742*. ■. 74*; 72', 72%©73
August 73-873 4. 75>-i 731, 731,373%
Corn. No. 2:
June S9®39*t 30-* 8814 88»»
July 89©39 Vi tt% BSVa 88H
August SJ>%®3S)»i 39%538«4 a 38*
Oats No. 2:
June 22% 224 22 22V622H
July 22Vi©22H 22%, 22Ht22\i 22H@22%
August 22»» 22^» 22©22H 22H
Mess pork, per bbl:
July 51127% 81127% $1115 $11 22%
September 1135 1137% 1130 1182%
Lard, per 100 Ib:
July 6 57% 6 87% 6 48 6 50
September 6 57% 6 «2% 6 52% 6 ■
ihort ribs, per 100 It:
July 657% 607% C 5O 662%
September 660 6tiO 6 52% < l 37%
Caen quotations wen as follows: Flour steady: No 3
spring wheat. <i-.-71. . No 2 red, 75%676c: No 3 corn.
B3T»fl3S>c: No _•.•-. 30@39>sio: No - its. 23923% c;
No 2 white. laci&ie; No 3 white. 25@28c; good feeding
barley, S7O3?V4c tall to choice malting. •»••*: No 1
rin¥aac<l $1 bO: No 1 Northwestern. *1 80 ; prime timothy
seed, $2 40; clover, contract grade, $7 73 ■■?$>•: me«H pork,
per bbl, $10 ... per 100 Ib. 88 :r.2sr. SO;
short ribs sides (loose), $»> Witt* 70; dry salted tsh.mlders
(boxed). $6 sO@stJ7s; short dear sides (boxed) $7@slo;
whiskey, beat! cf high wines. $1 23; eugars. cut loaf, un
changed. On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was steady: creameries. 14iflS%c; dairies. 13«
l«%c. Cheese, B%ig»?»c. Eggs easy: fresh. 10c.
Cincinnati. June 14 — Flour steady. Wheat quiet; No
2 red. 7t>%c. Com steady; No 2 mixed. 44c. Oats quiet;
No 2 mixed. 23c. Rye flrm; No 2. «2c. Eggs qu'.et. 10
®10% c.
Duluth. June 14. — Wheat. No 1 hard cash. 744 c; July,
74H.C; September. 7.".% c; No 1 Northern, cash. 72\*c;
July. 72^»c: September. 78Hc; No 2 Northern. 70% c: No
8 i«prlng. «7?ic. Data, 22%®23c Corn, 37Tic
Milwaukee, June 14. — Wheat steady; No 1 Northern.
72 1 ii573%c. Rjv steady; No 1. 57% c. Barley firm. No
2. 44- sample, "r.!Vff-»3c.
Minneapolis. Jane 14. — "Wheat in store. No 1 Northern.
70% c; July, 71c; September, 7lTic: on track. No 1 hard,
73-\c; No 1 Northern, 71 \c; No 2 Northern. 7OV4C. Flour
unchanged. Bran. In bulk. $llig'sll 80.
Philadelphia, June I* — Wheat weak and %c lower; con
tract grade. June. 74H0T5V6C. Corn. Vie lower: No 2
mixed, June. 44^4@'44%('. Oats firm; No 2 white, clipped,
2U4c. Potatoes unchanged. Butter firm, good demand;
fancy Western creamery, 19c. do prints. 20c. Begs firm,
good demand: fre=h nearby and Western. l.'Vtc; do South
western. 12V»c: do Scmthern. lie. R*<?elpt!i — Flour, 3.0«^)
bbls; 3,70«.>,00« lt> in acks; wheat, 44.000 bush: corn, 91.<**>
bush; oats. 11.000 bush. Shipments — heat, 7<».'<»>
bush; corn, 143,000 bush; oats. 51.000 bush.
St. I>iu!s. June 14.— Close: Wheat. No 2 red, cash.
TlHc; June TlHc; July, Tt%c; August, 72% l g v 72*»c; Sep
tember, 73% c; No 2 hard. 07 l i "3'iO \i c. Corn, No 2, cash,
3S)c: June, :?!>c; July. SSHiffa^ic. P*W,-'-N» !, cash,
88% c; June. 28% c; Depteuibet, 22c; No 2 white. 27% c.
Toledo, June 14. — 'Wheat lower; spot. 77c; July, 77Hc;
August. TT9»e; September. 7SHic. Corn dull, uncbanzed;
No 2 cash, 4rtc. Oats dull, unchanged; No 2 cash. 28% c.
Rye dull, unchanged; No 2 cash, s!>c. Cloverseed dull,
unchanged: ISO*. prime $6 06; 18W prime. $3 30; Oo
tob«>r, $5 6T.; No 2. $4 60054 80.
Memphis. June 14. Cotton steady; Tnt(Wfinx 8 16-16 c;
low middling. -:i 18c good ordinary, S 3-lQc; receipts,
54 bales; Mice 900; stock, 31.031.
Galverton. June 14. — Cotton steady; middling. 3 8-16 c;
low middling, SB I6e; good ordinary, 7 13-16 c; receipts, 1
bale; exports coastwise. -H; stock. 16.219.
Houston. June 14. — Cotton quiet; mlddliac 8%o; low
middling. S\«c; good ordinary, ~%c; receipts. 34 bales;
shifmentg, 257; stock, 11,068,
Snvannah. June 14. — Cotton quiet; middling, 8%o; low
middling B%c; good ordinary. !"'ic; receipt^ 2 bale»;
sales. 13; stock. I;<.*UO.
Augusta. June 14. — Cotton quiet; middling. ST-ic: low
middling, 69»e; shipments. 14 bales; saloa. 2; stock, 6,011.
Norfolk, June 14. — Cotton steady; middling, B%c; low
middling. S%c; good ordlnarj-, 7%c; receipts, 120 bales;
exports coastwise, IM; sales, 118; stock, i Btt
St. Louis. June 14. — Cotton quiet; middling; 81 low
middling. 8 9 18c; good ordinary. S3-16o; gross receipts,
424 bales; shipments. 626; stock. 3ti. 140.
Liverpool. June 14, 4 p. m. — Cotton Spot, moderate
demand, prices higher American middling fair, 5 15-64 d;
good middling. 5 3-16 d; middling. 5 l-16d; low middling.
4 15-16 d; good ordinary, 4 13-16 d: ordinary, 4%d. The
sales of the day were 8.000 bales, of which 500 were for
speculation and export, and included 8,806 American.
Kecetvts, 2,000 bale.-, including TOO American. Futures
opened flrm and close ! steady; American middling 1 m c
June. 4 83 fjQI «3-«Ud buyers; June ad July. 4 WMl4d
buyers; July and August. 4 57-6454 . r >>M*.4d buyers: August
and September, 4 84© 4 19-04 sellers; September and
October. 4 SI Md buyers; October and November. 4 30 "4
•i 4 21-64(1 sellers; November an.i December, 4 15-841?!
4 I(MJ4d buy en; December and January, 4 13-C4fjr4 14-84 d
sellers; January and February 4 11-64@4 12-G4d buyers;
February and March, 4 11-t>4ig'4 Bed sellers: March and
April. 4 11-H4$H 12-B4d sellers.
Phlla. Depot. Q M Dea/t., MBB Arch BUeij Phila
Pa.. Jun- 11. latH 1 S posals tn triplicate wiii
■ ved here until 11 o'clock A M Thursday June
for furnishing this depot with 1.006 pairs o f
■ rmrng to standard sam
ple at .-■ ■huyiklll Arsenal. Bidden must state aarlteet
ddtr» when the) will m.<k» detlverlea OniinnisMiii re-
MI'IBI 'he right to reject or acct-pt any or aJ: prip..sala
Or any parr thereof. Preference given I ,
r manufacture - - guallty
and price (including :r. the price of foreign produ
1 • :re '.te- duty thereon) b-'ng equal \ GUAR
ANTEE In 10% of the ralue of the axti.-'es must a.-com
paay pr-poeals. L'NOUARANTEED BIDS wiv em be.
red. The rt., - Stamps must he affixed
t • n- number of UM guarante< proper 'y can
caled. Blanks for proposn;-* will be furnished upon appll
• m- n !■::■•
•'Proposals for Gloves," and addreeeed to Lt Col JOHN
V PT7RKT Deputy Quartermaster General. L*. S. Army
Jeftersonvllle. In i June 12 1900.
SEALED proposals, in triplicate, will be re
ceived her* until 11 o'clock A. M. (central standard
time). June 2«, 1800, for furnishing 1.880 Field Ranges,
large size. V. S. ret*rv»-s right to reject or accept any
or all proposals or any pan thereof. Information furnished
on application. Envelopes containing proposals should be
marked "Proposals for Field Ranges," addressed C. R.
BARNETT. Depot Q. M.
Q^cran sicnmcT3.
From Piers 51 and 32, N rth River.
Campania. .June Id. W A jI Etrurta July 7. noon
Eervla June 2'A. I P Jl Campania. . .July 14. 4P. M
Lucanla June :<n. y A M I'mhria July 21 IPM
VERNON H. BROWN A CO.. Oen. Agent*.
Teutonic June 20, noon Cymric July 17, 0 a, m
Germanic June 27. noon Teutonic July IS, tun
Majestic July 4. noon Germanic July 36, toon
Oceanic. July 11. 4:30 p. m. 1 Majestic August noon
For passage. freight and genera! Information apply to
Pier 43. North River. Office. 9 Broadway. N. T.
ew fork — Rotterdam — Amsterdam via Boulogne-sur
mer 8H hours dfstant from either Paris or London.
New twin screw steamers Potsdam. Stateadam and
Rotterdam. Summer rate First c 1..«, $70 and upward;
•<ccnd ■•la»s $43 sxd upward. All other steamers carry on*
class of* cabin passengers; $1» and upward.
Apply to HOLLAND AMERICA LINE. 38 Broadway.
"*• A From New York Wednesdays. Fridays and Saturdaya.
ETRAIGHT and ROUND TRIP Ticket* Issued to all
olnts in Texas. Lolorado. Arizona. California. Mexico.
Se Georgia Florida, &C Delightful Sxcursions.
Writ* for our (»■ page -Pocket Guide" (mailed fr»«)
C H. MALLOBY & CO.. Oen AfU,. Pier 20. E. R.. N. Y.
For La Guayra. Puerto Cabello, Curacao and Mara
calbo via Curacao — Calling alto at Puerto Rico.
' From Roberts Pier. Brooklyn.
S 8 PHILADELPHIA Thursday. June 21. 1 p. m
B S. CARACA3 Saturday. July 14. noonl
There vessels have superior accommodation* . for pee
icn « er " BOCLTON, mum & DALLETT,
(Jenrral Manxi; rs, 133 Front 3:,
(Dccan Steamers.
Trave June 1* Lahn July 10
Kaiserln Mar. Th...June 19] Kalaertn Mar. Th....July 17
K. Wm. der Grosse. .July 3 1 Trave July 2S
Departure. 10 A. M.
Twlr.- Screw Passenger Service.
Ft. der Or June 21. noon! K. Lulse. ..July 19. in A. M.
Bremen .. July 5. 10 A. M. I Bremen Auk. 8. » A. M.
G. Kurfttrst. June 2*. noon Barbaross>a.July 12. M A. M.
Mediterranean Service.
Erna June M Werra June 23
Departure 11 A. M.
Louis H. Meyer. 45 South Third St.. Phila.
S. S. ALLER »-;:: nil on SATURDAY. JUNE 20. from
A. Victoria. June 21. 10 A.M. K. Frtedrich.July 3. 10 A M.
F.B!i<marck.June2.\ !■> A.M. ■ Columbia. . .J 12. 10 A.M.
Palatia. .June 1«. 7:30 A.M.ißatavla Jure _•'.. 3 P.M.
Patrlcta June 23. 2 P.M.iQ. Wald'iee.Jn. 30. 7:30 A.M.
reservn'l if gecured before departure.
Between Ear. Frmclsco. Honolulu. Yokohama. Kobe.
Nagasaki. Shanghai. Hong Kong.
___. steamers leave San Francisco 1 p. m.
CHINA Jane 221 R. DE JANEIRO July 1»
£°"I£ June .ToIcoPTIC July 2«
. jf'"'!' freight, passage and general information apply at
840 Broadway, or 1 Battery Place. Washington Building,
and ..3. Broadway.
Connecting with all railroad urid «e»meh'p »"•• to ,;»
Fornmer R««ortn. Pt-amshtoa "Horßtlo Hall" (re»» a.ii
Manhattan" leave Pier No 33. E. R.. foot of M%rk-t
Street. every Tuesday. Thursday, »nd Faturday at 3 P. M.
reamers fitted with every modern improvement for th«
comfort and convenience nf ra«»en«reni. Ticket office* No.
WO Broadway, comer of Renrie St.. and general office. N*
122 South St. opposite the Pier.
HORATIO HALL. G. T. M.. 222 South Street.
LF©[p [PdDOCP'SCID IBfl©(D 0
Steamships of the RED "D" LINE will sail for San
Juan and Ponce a* follows.-
I s P I £ A J? EL>PHIA Thursday. June 21. 1 P. M.
S p" A , CAIBO Thur-day. June 28. 1 P. M.
S. B. CARACAS Saturday. July 14. noon.
For freight or passage anply to
General Managers. 133 Front St.
Gv'J fi^ nfi (7D hr rLnfwr? r - s - mail
irrvf/T Her Xorth ntve *- foot of Wei 24th St.
Iwi pi 7 l Un * '"■ n"on|Clty of Rome.. June 30. nocn
Furneaeia .....June 23. noon! Anchorta July 7 noon
c~. - _ ,_. ablr. P a *sag«-. ?.**> and upward.
H |^.^C a hln. J3j^to *n7.50. Steerage. $23.f10 to $25.60.
HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agents. 17 & 1» Broadway.
intended steamship sailings from Vancouver
EMPRESS OF JAPAN Aug. a" Nov. 5 ' Jan'y 2H
Imperial Limited. Montreal to Vancouver "in hundred hour?
For rates apply 35.1 Broadway and 65 Wall St.
For Old Point Comfort. Norfolk. Portsmouth. Pinner's
Point. Newport News and Richmond. Va. connecting for
Petersburg. Richmond. Virginia Beach. Washington. D.
C. and entire South and West.
Freight and Passer.s*r steamere sail from Plar 26. North
RJ^ar. foot Beach St , every week day at 3 p. m.
H. B. "WALSSJI. Trafilo Manager.
* Per CITY OF ROMK and NEBRASKA, epeeially
chartered. June Sl'th to Glasgow; S. 9. "ALLER" June
30th to Naples ar.J Qee*eu B. S "ST UOOWT and "KEN
SINQTON" Juiy 4th; "NEW TORK" July Uth ROUND
WORLD PARTY Sept. 12th, Oct. Srd. Not. 3rd
FRANK C. CLARK. 11l Broadway. New Torlc.
Sailing Wednwdays at 10 A. 11.
tSouthwark June 2:), New-York July 11
St. Paul June 27; St. Paul July 13
St. Louis July 4; St. Louis July 23
Every Wednesday at 12 noon.
•Southward June 20! 'Kensington July 4
Westemland June 271 Noordland July 11
•These steamers carry cabin and third-class passengers
at low rates.
Piers 14 and 1.". N. R. Office, 73 Broadway.
Sailing every Thursday at 1O A. M.
From Pier No. 42. North River, foot Morton St.
La Champagne June 211 La Gasccgne July 12
rr.aire June 31 La Bretagne July 19
L.i Touralne July 5 1 La Champagne July 26
Paris Hotel Accommodations re erred for company's
p߻ser.gers upon application.
O»ceral Ag»ncy. 32 Bread way. New York.
For Fall River Boston, and all Eastern and Northern
points. Steamers PRI3CILLA and PT'RITAN. Orchestra
on each. L*ave Pier 10. N. R.. foot of Warren St.. week
days and Sundays at 6:00 P. M. Steamer from New York.
Sundays only touches at Newport. On other days of the
week Providence Line Eastward steamer stops at Newport.
For Newport. Providence, Boston, North and East. Steam
ers PLYMOUTH an.i PILGRIM. Orchestra on each.
Leave Pier 1-. -V R.. foot of Murray St.. week days only
at 3:00 P. M.. touching at Newport. R. I (Monday mm
ings excepted). On Monday mornings Fall River Line
Steamers touch at Newport.
For Stontngton. Narraganaett Pier. Watch Hill. Boston and
Bast. Steamers MAINE and NEW HAMPSHIRE. Leave
Pier 36. N. R.. foot of Spring St.. week days only at 6:00
P. M. Sunday night Westward trips will be made from
July Bto September 8 inclusive. Saturday nljht Westward
trips will be omitted during same period.
m m New Lmndo.i. Watch Hill. Block Island. Worcester.
East and North. Steamers CITY OF LOWELL and CITY
OF WORCESTER. Leave Pier 34. N. R.. foot Spring St..
werk days only et 5:30 P. M. On Sundays from July 3 to
September 0 inclusive. Steamer NEW HAMPSHIRE
will leave New London at 10:15 P. M. for New York.
For New Haven. New Britain. Mertden. Hartf"nS. Spring
field and the North. Fr m Pier 23. E. R. Double servlr.
week days. Steamer RICHARD PECK leaves New York
1:00 P. M.; Steamer C. H. WORTHAM at 12:00 mid
night. Sundays Steamer RICHARD PECK leaves Nowr
York at 9:30 A. M. : returning leaves New Havea at 3:13
P. M. A delightful Sunday trip.
Palatial Day Steamers "New ToeV and •Albany. ••
Fastest and finest river boats in the world.
For the Catakllla. Albany. Saratoga, and all points East.
North, and weal
Leave Brooklyn. Fulton St. (by Annex). 8:00 A. M.
Desbroeee* St. Pier BMB
•• West 22«; St. Pier »:0O "
Landing at Tinkers. West Point. Newburgh. P"u«rh
keepsle. Kingston I_'r.:. Cataatlll. Hudson, and Albany
Through tickets on 1- at leading ticket offices, including
those of the Sew T. « c Transfer Co.. who check bassas*
frcm residence to d» 'tlnatlon.
Pier 82. North River, foot Canal Street, at i) P. M. dally
(Sundays exceptß.l). making direct connections with trains
North. East and West.
J BOATS leave every week-day at « P. M. from foci
CX Christopher tit.. caiuMctiog with 11. i a. R. it.
"^ L<eavlr.g Desbroeses St.. 3:15. (Saturdays. 1:43> W»st
22d Bt.. 3:30 P. M-, (Sat'ya, 2 P. M-); for CRANSTON'S
fiaiiro ;05.
TSrouga tralna .m.« -= '* York, foot ol Chambers St.
as tollows. and 5 minutes earlier from W. Mt St.
M.i»O a. m. Dally Solid tram for Buffalo. Air. 3 p. m.
Bin^hamton. Waverly. Elmlra and Bradford. Coaches;
pariur car and c*f« (lining car to Buffalo,
' .;■> p. m Daily — Chicago Limited — Fast mall — soUd
tralu to Chicago, arriving 5.20 0. m. Arr Cleveiathl 7.40 a.
d. Sleepers to Catrago. CleveUud. Cincinnati. iMnlng car.
7 80 P. m. Dally. — Buffalo and Cleveland Express — « r
Buffalo '■«>. Bradford 7.20. Jameatown 7 00 *ad Youa*»
town 10 27 a. m.; Cleveland 12.50 p. m. Sleepers 10 BuffAlj
and Cleveland Cafe car.
0.15 p. m- I** l '}'- — train for Rlngnamton. Wav
erly. ..uira. Chicago. Sleepers to Buffalo. Chicago. Ctn
J. cOMIIdDATIONS at 111. 113 281. 401 ami Ki7 HroaJ
■\ay 15* Ea« l^th 3t «nJ 273 West 129:h St.. Chamb«n
and eat 23d St farrtaa. New fork; 323 and IMO Fulton
St. 88 Broadway. Brooklyn 128 River St.. llobokeo. an 4
Jer»rr (Itv Station. New York Traosfsr Co. ■»:,» tut *-■*
checks ba<SX* » d«stin*Mon»
STATIONS foot of "West Twenty-third ■BMBI and
:•■■■ si,< and Cortlandt Straits.
C?T»<' lrnvimj time from De.broues an.i
•ortlmi.lt Streets i.« «»r sniimtra later than
that kI»«-ii i.rlmi for 1 .- n>>- ih 1 rii Street
■"""'"•• except where othen\Ue aolrd.
••'"' A - ■> t'AS>T MAlL.— Limited to two Buffer Parlor
Cars .New York to Pituburg. Sleeping Car Pltiabur« ta
. Chicago „No coac^es to :«riurg.
.. •?- V * ./' J " A *T LlNE.— Pittsburg and Cleveland.
U..~. •■ H. PENNSYLVANIA LlMlTEl>.— Pnllmaa ""O»B
partment Sleeping. Dining. Smrkisg. and Ob«r»atto«
V 3!?V 3 !?- Tor Chicago. Cleveland. Toledo. Cincinnati.
yiduinapaiia. I>iu:svtlle. Bt. Louts.
5^T» *l! vllle <v! » Cincinnati and LiHi.srtUe; Indiaa
-■JJ?"'-. chlea Ko. dt. Lnuls.
• ■ vpp.KSi- For FH ueeißj,
- t°.' v , I ! l 6'i s - In<lianapol!... I^uisville. St. Louis.
""-', '• M - WESTERN EXPRESS.— For ChicawX For
except .-Jct'irday.
••S '■ « PACIFIC EXPRESS— For Plttsburx ...I
V, asc - For Knoxvllle. dally, via Shenando»a V"ali«r
t :*- ut f: V nan< * ci! " tr>T Clev^Und except Saturday.
1 * t *%s;~ii3 r Pi *" h v' r sr. Cleveland. ClncmnatJ.
... .^S*A»HI*r.T..N \M, the soith.
'"\k »?; ."-" lS - lOW <t»-»brr,s«*9 and Cortlaadt Street*.
"-" (Dlni3 «f c »*>- 10-M 1 Dining Car> a. m.. 12J5. 2.10
«IV»browie» am* CortlandJ Struts 2.20» «3.25 -'Coa—
gres-sloßal Llrr..." «1) Pa.lor and Dir.Lin Can). 3.25. 4-35
(Dining Car., 4.5.% »Pln!ng Car>. ».25 p. m.. 12.10 nl^iSt.
funriay. H.-J, » -j. io.is iDinlng Car) a. m.. 12.SJ '5
i «"*J. M " loiul Lin*.." all Parlor and Dining Car»). 5.23.
nilht •ir-ing Car). 4.33 lDtclcc Car) - fc- 25 P- =•• 12. 1 a
F< nl^da'"^ RAILWAY — Ezpteas. 3. 4.23 p. SB.. 12.«>
N^ H JQ Ul^ AN * D WESTERN RAILWAY.— For Memphis
ar.J N*w OrimH 1 i".
l?r COAST UXE - -Express. 8.53 a. m. and » 3
days anj 4 » p. m daily.
SE ArtGAT5n AIR Ll XE.— Express. 12.53 p m. and lil»
a^.^cVta^.p 5 - - ■ a- «• weea-daya.
i?'" o ?*^ i«»tibulea Tmlns. iffet Parlor Cars *--.*
Stardard Coaches.
CAPE MAY.-1255 p. m. w-ek-<!ay S .
ii- P ♦ oa New York ar(J Lcok Branch Railroad CtMem
J. »V t ,I w "'tV-:hlrtl Street Statlonv. i.B >. a, tM
- -■>. o_. 4.10 and 4.53 p. m. Sundays. ».2S a m.. 4-5»
p. ra. (.rm De*hrosse!< an.! Cortlandt Streets). 3.30. 9.(*>
s"i?^ J-J«\ 230. 3.40. 4.20. anJ 510 9- m Saadayv
rtn ,twv POn PIIIL.\DKI.PIIIA.
u»i P r« rO^'" << a:ui CortUndt Street*. «-23>. T.2S. T. 38.
"•Vv---** »-2- (t».35 Penna. Limited). 10.10 ■TJinHrneaew
"/? ' nlandtn landt Stre^». 10.--UI. (Dining Car>. 1«.£3 «IMTitn«
Car). 11.--^a. m ' 2 '-" 2.10 (D«brßsJ«i and Cbrtlaadt
I-r'/^. 2 : 20 '--. 2^ aS - 3 - 55 - *- :3 - •*- =3 Dtn! 9 Cart.
4...S (D.nlng Cark. 3.53 (Dining Oar). 7.53. 8.33.*
•2 p - K-JSi 10 " ltht - Mondays. «10 7.15 <no coaches). •
8.28. 8.55. 9.23. ».;.% fUmlt«d). 9.53. 10.83 (Dining Car>'
a_ m.. . 12..V1 1 - 55 'DnJlng Car). 3.23. 3.33. 4.23 <CaalaaT.
Car) 4M .Dining Car>. 3.33 (Dlm=c Oar). 7.53. *.23.«
8.50. 99 — • p. m.. 12. 1« night. ■ »
Ticket efflces No* 4«. JM3 ii»«. 1334. 111. and Mr
Broadway: 1 Astor House West Twenty -third Street
Station: and stations foot of " 1h 1 iaa and Cor-:and«
Streets: 4 Court Street. B<tt Fulton Street, M Broad
way and Pennsylvania Annex Station Brooklyn; Bt*>-'
«S2*i Jersey City. The New York Transfer Company,
will call for and check baggage from hotel* and reet
dences through f deattnatlcn.
Telephone "SH Elghte«attt Street" Mr Paaatey '.vaataj.
Railroad Cab Service. ,
General Manager. __ General Pase*r AgewU.
ft — s—lOrtV5 — lOrtV
Anthracite coal used exclusively.
Four Tracks, Tj-t- Ptnnmarii " Signals. ?
Stations In New York. Liberty St. and South F«tt,
Trains leave Liberty St. as below (time from Seath TwrtW
five minutes earlier, except as noted). '
, _:_Week Days I Sundays. <
Eauton Local •» a.m»
Mauch Chunk Local 7:18 a.m. ....Tv
K. Y. St Long Branch R. R »:3O a.m. , t:0« am-
Lakewood & Barn-fit «:»> a.m. !|lo:l3a.a^
Sersnton * Reading 9:10 aa. ..'
N. Y. i Long Branch R. R 11:3» a.m. ....--.
Easron Lrcal 12:00 noon ....-»
Mauch Chunk * Reading...... 1:00 r ***».
Wilke«bar-e * Scranton 1:30 p.m. .....«,
Lakewood. Bamegat A Atlantic •
City 1-JDp.o, -,
N. Y. * Long Branch R. R. . 2:13 p.m. ......
Special 3-4" p.ra. .....«i
N. Y. * Long Branch R. R. . . [13:53 P m. «•<» 9- TV,
Lakewr-Ml A Barn»irat 4 HO p.m. .....J.
Macch Chunk * Reading 4* p. m. 113:30 p.a.l
N*. Y. A Long Branch R. R. M 4:4* p.m. —...^l
Kaston Local ... 1(11:48 j.m. final
K. Y. Lon^ Branch R. R....1 I I«:T« m. ..— |
Eauton Local ... . I 7:."?rt n.aa.l ....__;
SANDT hook mm m
From foot of Rector St.
10:00 a. M.. 1:00. 3:43. 4:30 P. M. Sundays. »:«>•,
A. M.. 1^». R:«V> P. M.— Atlantic Highlands. Seabnght.'
Monmocth Beach Long Branch. Elberan. Asbury Park.
Ocean Omv». Potnr Pleasant. etc
(!«4:30, t7:3u. T»:0O, •»:00. *lu:oo. •!!:»> a. m.. *100.
•1:30. •$:<*>. t3:30. »4:t«>. t4U3a *3;UO. •I:tiO. t7^o. o*.
t9:23 P. M.. •!- i: mdt.
n\i.Ti.>iouir a.\d WAsnwcTos.
[|M:3a ts;t)«>. «10:00. «ll:3O A. iL. tl^X «l 30. «3.-0(X,
•B:tH>. «7:t)0 P. M.. "12:13 rr.lt.
Offices: Liberty St. Ferry. South Ferry. 113. 172. 281.
434. MJ. 1300. 1^54 Broadway. 17?. 3th it.. 737 6tn ar.» I
25 I"-., S- West. I^l East 125 th St. 573 Weal \3tri
st .24."; Colu^ibus ay.. New York: 4 Court St.. 344. ">«»
Fulton St.. Brooklyn; 88 Broadway. WllUamsburg. !Ceei
York Transfer Co. calls for and checks baggage to desti
llFpptti Liberty at, only. "Daily. tDally. except Sua
&&T. Ifcrdays only.
Trains jrrlv ani depart frcai Uramt Central HBMBBA >
Hi Street. New York, a* follows:
Leave New York. A.-- - New Tort 1
•$.oOa.m Syracuse Local t&Sp.m.j
t8.30 a. m. ....Empire State Expre55....... 1 10. w) p. m- I
•8.43 a. m Fast Mail _....«10.tt> a, aa»,
t10.30 a. m.._. m Day Express tT.OO p. m.l
ti1. 30 a. m Rutland Express^.. ...... *7 Co 3. m.
•l.t'iO p. m. .—... Southwestern Limited „ •a.COpi.ni,!
•2.00 p. m N. T. * Chicago Special...... *1.30 p. nv.
t3.SOp. m...... Albany and Troy Fljer tll.lOa. m,
•3.33 p. m Albany Special T2-0» 9- m. .
•4.iJi' D- m Detroit Special '10.00 *. a.
•5 So p. m The Lake Shore Limited IJOp. m.
•5.3«) p. m, St. Louts Limited......... 4.53 p.m.
•6.00 p. r.j Western Expre55. ......... "8.40 9. m.
••.23 p. m. ._..... Northern Expre55......... "7.20 a. m.
•7.30 p. m Adirondack * Montreal E«_... "M 4 m.
•8:« On. m Pan-American Express ...... »7.27 1 In.
•W.2op.m Buffalo ft .- XT. special •« < a. m
•9.30 p. m . P3c;fl- Express •1.30 a.m.
{12.10 a. m Midnight Express....... •;.(«> a. m,
•Dail». tDally. except Soatev. tDalrr. except Monday. >
0:12 A. at. an! 3:35 P. M. Daily, except Sunday, to Pitt**
field: Sundays enly at 1».2» A. M. •
Pul!rr.a;i Cars on all through trains.
Trains Illuminated with Plntsch Light.
Ticket orSces at 113. 281. 413 and 1.216 Broadway. 3 i
Union Sq. W . 61 West t23£h St.. 125 th St. and lSStn 9. j
Stations. New York: S3S and 188 Fultoa St. and Me •
Broadway. E. D.. Brooklyn. i
Telephone "900 38th Street" for New York Central Cab f
Service. Baggage checked from hotel or denee ty I
West^-ott Express CorrpanT ■
GEOP.GR n. DANIELS. General Passenger Agent.
Stations foot of West 23d. ("ortu aad Deabrcsses Streets
( ft -2 a». B. R. Ferrte». > ; 4
• Ttao West 3d Stwet. Other fl;rarea Cor«»adt -I -eoroesee i
htn-j. + Dally- excepc janday. t 6aoilsy leaves 433 t x Other I
trslas dally. E Sunday leares «.43 am. c" -titular leaves iUij. ,
xsualaj lea Tea 6.U r .». 7 Sunday leave* 3.;5 .a. a3u=<la»[
lea»r»7.TS a.m. 1 >usiliv ieVv-< ; i< ( » V!
•?.1«». 25.-2O a m. -Local for E.\<TON. 4
••>. 1 0. t**.-10 a. M. For BCrFALO. NIAGARA FALLS «4 .
i&tVcZh&JSZ?**"'- ?«^"»»=a«C«. Con,
PRESS*.'" Hlilas. Tr.X:' J tr»la V Bt - ACK . DtAMOMO BX-j
PRESS." Hd2ii*imest train tn tae wond. 1 iisiiUM to —«""?•
car».-lty Dij e Buffalo * .'5 p. m.; conatrciiait vrita ttrrxiii ,e-;er» '
Wt>-tro2i . ..I CMc^wo. Dining Car aerviee ala cane a ' e * yel " ;
M-2.-VV I.OHv «.j ror -V.:. .. uVTON
T .J--»>- -*. tO P. M. (Coal R-^;!..-.* unit larrrmedlate points. ■ I
V-».10,tJJ.-.M>p X Local for MACCH CHCSK. I
* .■?V*?v>*»-19 I*-.1 *-.- ' Lhii-as» \ esf.buie Miat»d. For SUB^
ARA I ALLS a=d pciata Wast. T!irou<u sleeping Can lo cSlcai*)
9." 1 • roroiiro. f
TOIJO 3 N-ro '°° P ' 3 *' Expos Express for BCiTALO sad {
• a; i. v r !L >lefnta; Cars to Chi-a^o.
SO fUAISTVEI3) a=d KOLND BROOK, locals, diHr except I
Bi»ad«y : «#.25. » *. a. a. : •* w. «.». -CW. «.itk, 13 and »..«.'? a. \
■,~i, '""tii and PnHman > i«mn awl >o» m !t3,ai.2;". »3,*W soa i
J5* r . nro * d T* T '- a L'Bion Square Ten. -.'« 1 olumnos At^.X. V..?
rulron 3i. 4 Co.in St . is iw'r »nd Annex Sutioa. BrooWraj:
>1 . Traaafer Co. ... for •* ctl * c * 1- « a - a fiozn BoMi ar '
Leave New Tort, foot of Liberty street: South F«rry ,
fW'httehall T«nrnnal> i minutes earlier. I
"Daily TEicept Suniajs. . - 4/a. '
CHICAGO. *4.30 *. m.. iLtberty street only), «L3y a. m. 1
and «12 nignt. f
PITTSBI'RG. «4.30 a. m.. (Liberty street only) *&.Co<
p. m.. •X.OQ p. m. asd 12.13 nignt.
CINCINNATI. ST. LoLIS, »10.00 a. m.. »7.00 a. sa.
•12.15 night I
nOVAL BtCK m vino
Washington, iuu'.xuke, T9.(KH •lac© (anin.'
•11.20 a. m. (Din*r>, il.uu 9* m. ,Lac x r). *L3O tUir.tt) i
•3-Dit ("Ror^l Limited." exclusively PuUama Triia! 1
Diner and Caret. «s.ft» (Dinerl. •7.U» p. m. tDtaeri J.£l
•12.13 nUhx NORFOLK. tI.W p. m.
All trains ar«- lllvuclnaied with I'.ntsch LJrat.
c OAces : 113. IT* 261. 434. l.TO» Broadway. ;5; 5 rntea
Fq. W.. 127 Bowery. N. T.; 33U Fultoa at.. Biociclya-
Whitebait Terminal and Lll)«rty el " »»-■»»«». d c
from hotel cr residence to eeaOaalleß, " "
Stauoa* la Ncw-lork. foot of Barclay and Tici«i<^—
6t». "" •">e»
Mt. Morris Mall S:W*a*ni. 6^^.
Buff ltr.a -a £ Oswego Ex -lO^n a.SI -. .. "?T
Cnicaso * BUS. Ex . •l:OUp.£l •^JmS'S'
Scran-.on. Wilkestarr. .c Plymouth 4: Op.aa. l^.-ii ? "!?-
Chicago A But* Urn T:u)»a- :- - ■
Buffalo— sleeping car only '.'»a.»a. - .'..'"
VTtlca. Ithaca a Butt . 8:43p.ral •I^>*"S*
tSrr BUS. * Chi. Ex 12:00 St 10:30 tS"'
ts»l*epers open at 9:3«» p. m. *•»■.;
Tickets anil Pullman acccmniwlauena at 141 420 BmA.
way. 63 Fifth Avenue, and 14 Park Place. Bro*&-
Wesicott's Exrn?»« Company wtil call for and •••««.*
bagirage to deatination. -Daily. aaa *=•«
T:aiaa leave rranilin St. Sution. .\. r.. v fallawa.
aaa 1* m. Utrr from foot of W. 43a St.: * ww *
Chicago and St." Loins." LUmns" IC^j1 C^j> TED " *** -«i
•♦Itl3 P. M.. Chicago and st. Loui* Liiited.
«MM» P M burr "tn mT Uu- c
•• -• Detroit an.! ( , **
•Dully. T Except Sunday. "
Ttm»-cables at principal hotels and offlees. Banmo- •
Checked frore hotel or residence by We»-cof •* rxc^S^*^ 1
C. E. ---"- - ri^Vri/.n^ri^ffl
■ * - t'^i

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