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John D Lone, Secretary of the Nary, paid ■ visit
to the Brooklyn Navy Yard yesterday. He ar
rl\*ed it W o'clock in a carriage, and was driven
at once to the Commandant's office, where a bat
talion °t marines :ind th*> Navy Yard band were
drawn «P to meet him. As ho alighted from the
carriage the guns on the Cob Dock boomed a
salute of seventeen euns. xvhiU- the band played
"Ha.l to the Chief." The Secretary was then in
irod'-i- to the various heads of the departments
at tte yard, nftcr which be retired with Admiral
John W. Philip Into the latter"* office Li the
A delep.itlon of fourteen year employs. heade<l
by Charles r.!ak\ waited on Secretary T.onp to
confer on an ailrretl grievance. Mr. r.lake said
that durinp the late war the employes cf the cloth-
Ing and provision drpnrtment ha«l worked over
time, ard had received pay fr r it. bui since then
h» asserted th.it tbs authorities at Washington had
sought tfl take away frcm them both credit and
pay. Mr. Hla!:e coitf that recently their money
for two weeks' pny had lw>«--n held up. Mr. Lons
promised to inquire into th<» matter.
Later the Secretary made a tour of the yard.
liis party visited the Mayflower, the disabled tor
?rAn beat Impont. Jind a thorough Inspection was
ir.ade of Dryarc-k No. :>., which is i»eir.ff hanged
frem a wooden dock to a concrete one. Thei an
official rhctosrraph of the party was taken *The
Vermont and the Cob Dock were also visited
S^cretnry l.cr.s exnref^,] satisfaction at the
efflcirrcy of the y,->r<l. It was sr.id that one -e
mslt of his vistt ffi'iid be an' lncrease in the amount
of work <l<tr:e at th<- ynrd.
Mr. I.nrijr also visited the nr.val branch of the
Tounfr Men"; <_ hrs«tlnr. Association, for which Mi«=*
Helen Gould is erecting a buildinj at a cost of
•' ' r ■•- ax-a. t ■
Johr. R. McLean, cf Ohio, who was recently de
feated for Governor of that State, sailed for Liver
pool yesterday with his wife and son on the
Cur.ard Line steamship Campania.
"I nm poin^ abroad on pleasure nd expect to be
cor.» until September." said Mr. McLean. "We will
visit London and Paris, and tour the Continent.
It is too early to talk polities, and I do not know
that there 1? anything I wish to say on the sub
ject. As to who will he Bryan's running mare I
<lo not know, but he will be some man who is
agreenble to Mr. IJry.-n. Now. as to Admiral
Dewey. h» is my brother-in-law, and It would not
be proper for me to discuss his affairs. In answer
to any questions that may be asked me on that
subject I can simply refer you to his interview."
When asked as to the truth of the story pub-
Bshed yesterday that he had piven a personal check
I? } V - J - Br '-' an tn be used In the campaign. Mr
McLean sni.l that he had not read the story He
wmjH not affirm or deny It. Just before the "vessel
sailed Mr. M-Lean said he had not crossed the
ocean tn thirty years.
Georpe r Hoidt. the pronrietor of the Waldorf-
AJttorla: Mrs. Boldt nnj Mis? Clover Boldt also
sailed „n the Campania. They will visit the Paris
Kxpoyltlon. Other pass^r.-ers were Mr. and Mrs
i? m {l enn - w 'iKinm A. Fischer, of Baltimore-
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. F.uart. Miss Rosamond
Corliss. Mr. and Mrs. Warwick *\ird. Mr. and Mrs
Kr.bert (,arrett. the Right Rev. X R. Hendrlx
Joseph Newburger. Dr. and Mr- William Os)e r '
falter J'r.C.Po.jltney. A. Frank Richardson.'
r rar.k \ c.gel. Mr. and Mrs .lames Woodward D
D. Woodward. Miss Grace Wellington the Rev'
and Mrs. Walter R. Hreed, of Boston- tho Rev'
E. n H^* Johrl G - Brow n- of Philadelphia; Miss
P-uth Brown and Hunter Brown, and Mr and Mrs
Simon Sterne.
Eomerville, N. J., June 16.— The Revolutionary
Memorial Society of New-Jersey, of which General
Richard F. Stevens, of Newark, is president, cele
brated the anniversaries of the battles of Bunker
Hill and Millstone at Its I .... -\vai
laf-e House. In this place, which was the head
quarters of General Washington during •'■- winter
of :,,s>--79. this afternoon. The actual anniversary
■will occur to-morrow.
Colcnel Asa Bird Gardiner. District Attorney of
New-'inrk <"ounty, delivered a patriotic address by
invl-atlon of the society, entitled 'Remarkable In
stances of Exhibition of Divine Providence in the
American Cause During the War of the P.evolu
A petition has been lodged with Attorney-General
Davtea. requesting h:ra to 1-gin proceeding? to de
termine whether the Xew-York Fire Insurance
Exchange (s not violating the anti-trust laws Of
the State. i Tanenbaum, Son & C0., -insurance
brokers, have made forma! charges against the
exchange, contending- that the Institution In its
efforts to control the Insurance business .has made
Itself amenable to process by the State authorities.
It Is charged that the officials of the Exchange
recently determine! to discipline the Tar.enbaum
firm borause of the giving of rebates. The firm.
It seems, has offered to put sprinklers and protect
ing w«jj In large business houses, provided that
the handling- of all insurance was given to It for
a period of rive years. Protests wet made by
other broken against this method of getting in
surance, and finally the Tanenbaums were warned
to rilsror.unue the practice on the ground that they
were practically giving business men a rebate. It
would appear that th<* warning »- a « not heeied, in
asmuch as subsequently all the insurance com
per i*-s la the Exchange were forbidden to do busl
nesa with I. Tanenbaum, Son & Co.
Ther»- are six insurance companies in New-York
rot belonging tf> the Kxchange, and recently the
Exchange adopter} a rule that business one by
th«se companies should not be reinsured by any
comr-ar.y in the Exchange. This action wiis re"
ga.rif-A by the Tanenbaums as a trust method
which discriminated iierainst the six concerns re
ferred to. In consequence, the. Attorney-General
has been appealed to to Investigate the operations
Of the Exchange.
At a sp«<:!a: term of the Supreme Court in White
PiSlr.F yesterday Justice Keogh confirmed the re-
Pon of the referee in the divorce suit cf Mrs. Jane
J Warts against her husband, Samuel Hughes
f*tts, a broker, of this city. The referee's de
cj?:or. grar.ts the plaintiff an absolute divorce from
her husband, who is prohibited from marrying In
her lifetime. Mrs. Watts receives the custody of
their son, Dlckson Givers Watts, seven years old.
km the father may see him once a week.
The Court's order compels Watts to pay his wife
COAX) within ten days after the filing of Judg
ssent. the payment to be made !n l:^u of alimony.
«*tti !s also directed to pay her J30.000 as guardian
cf thf.T ron. The defendant must pay over this
money within two years afrer judgment Is filed.
Mr. nr.<*. Mrs. Watts wore mnrri«-d or. November
L. IJM at the home of Mrs. Wntts's mother. Mrs.
r - s Jackson, in Berwick Perm Mr. W;itts"<
«-.'-e f ere at No. 1 Nassau-st. The mmc of the co
r*spct:ri* r .t not apnPar {n th^ cr der. Sine
*»;»3rntir.g from her husband Mrs. Watts has lived
•* No. ES West Fiftv-sixth-st
Th»^ floor of the second story of a gumdrop fac
tory in Jersey city gave way yesterday while
tr-!r»y- one m*>n and six boys were at work, but
fonur.n'r.h- all escaped Injury except two. and they
VZ. rr ot' ot "^rtouaJy hurt. The Injured are Jamrt
iIV: t * e °tJ r -on« year? old. of No. IS2 Went Broad-
ZrJ: "•w-York, end S.ilvlno Nino, thlrty-.-lsh-
Yl °i. d - rf *'°- 3 " 6 Allen-st.. NV-w-York. 'Ci-oree
h-r-"i , !h - ." r -r-r:etnr. had on.- hundred nnd flftr
,t-**~ ■ Fx :r "droos stor^-d on the second floor li
„-, , nat BaUdlmt Inspector Kelly visited th
■rtrui !» r , abojt Mx weeks ngo. examine,) it ar.d
fcfift^ !r R:lf " The l3arn:i e<- (.h( .h estimated at
~~ f "n«"nvn House <""ommlf>tl«>n desire* sugges
tions &r.l advice on every phase of tlin tenement
hoTjse problem from all pwjns. including- tenants.
landlords, investor!,, builders, architect*, real estat-
«nen, ln?urar,r^ p^opi^, charttaWe societies, physi
cians, ministers, workers In social settlements, rep
resentatives of orpar.lr-d labor, the different build
"r»£ tra(J»«s, city officials and all other persons
having .-;ny especial knowledge upon this subject.
Such rasxtstloni shouid be sent to the secretary,
Ltwtvnai Wilier. Room No. «! No. 105 F.i«!
- ■enty-sfcond-st.. preferably before July 13. The
_on-..T,.frion :..-,« Kent out a' number at letters to
Persons who are known to be interested In this iut.-
J«s*. setting forth sixteen Questions, to which
•BEWtti irk -iO-Ucularli- d«ireti. " ' ' ;;-_** '•
"The statistics which have appeared In several
newspapers." said Census Supervisor Wilbur yes
terday, "are the results of pure luuwort and
nothing more. I suppose there will be a lot of this
kind of business for some time to come. People
want to know how many persons there are in this
city and elsewhere, and they will naturally down
every story th^t comes nlonß.
Now. there has been no Information given out
by me. and I do not know who could have any to
Elve except myself. Rut at this -tins" of the work
I do not know myself what the figures are. Up to
last nij?ht only seven hundred books had been
handed In by enumerators from their several dis
tricts, and six hundred and twenty of these mint
be examined, added to. subtracted from and other
wise rectified.
"The Federal statute In reference to the taking
of a census specially provides that any enumerator
or supervisor who Is found furnishing- information,
unless authorized by the Director-General, is guilty
of ■ misdemeanor, punishable by a fine. In addi
tion to this each census supervisor has received a
special request from Mr Merriam that all statis
tics be withheld until they have been definitely
determined, when they will be Riven out from
Washington. Whatever statistics, therefore, that
have appeared In regard to the census of this city
haye been the work of men who have deduced a
proportionate Increase In population from one
definite period to another, and then given figures
fir the year ISM to accord with this ratio.
"The work which has remained over the allotted
period of fifteen days is polng on smoothly." Mr
Wilbur continued. "Nine hundred lists out of the
total 1.100 hive row been handed in. and I expect
the balance on Monday and Tuesday. If an enu
merator wishes an extra day or two to collect
i larks or catch those who have thus far escaped
him. I pive my permission freely. Then there are
others who want to copy over some of their lists
which had been written first In pencil or with a
leaky peti.
"Orly three arrests have been made thus far. and
I expect that two more will be made on Monday.
Durinp the last census there were forty arrests."
"Who are the persons to be arrested." was asked.
"Cranks," was the reply. "They refuse to give
the enumerators their names because they are. in
the popular phrase, 'Agin the Government.' These
people say that such information as the enumer
ators ask Is their own personal property, and the
Government is going too far to demand It."
An occurrence on the East Side yesterday served
to bring out the truth of Mr Wilbur's statement.
An enumerator had finally captured a man for
whom he had been hunting for the last week. When
the elusive man was asked to 1511 out the blank
-handed him. he said:
•"This country is the same as those in Europe
which are still bound in the chains of feudal
thought and custom. William the Conqueror had
his Doomsday Book and now President McKinley
must have his. We are going back to the Dark
Ag^s. that is all. No. young man. you are a.« bad
a? the rest of th^m. I refuse to let myself become
so bound down to this Government as to let it
pry Into my private affairs."
No amount of argument could persuade the poor
man that the whole Nation had not entered into
a conspiracy to make him Its victim. I* rom ln
quirv -nere. it was learned that the m in had
only lived In th.. country nine years, and had
several times be?n confine.l In an asylum.
A woman came to Mr Wilbur yesterday and
■aid she was looking tor her parents. When ask*d
her maiden name she said she didn't know it. S.i ■>
had been brought up In a foundling; hospital, sha
said, and had been married twice. The second
marrlagp. she said, was one which had been In
every way blessed. Bhe had attained to social
rank fnd considerable wealth, but both of these
had become nothing to her as compared with the
d»sire to find her father and mother. She had
never revealed the facts of her birth to her pres
ent husband, because she feared she might lose
his affections. When the Supervisor heard this
last avowal he told the woman her first duty was
to her husband, and that it would be by far the
wisest policy to tell him everything first.
"Oh. I can't do it. I can't do it." the woman
answered, as If ready to cry, and hurried out of
the office.
Twenty of the twenty-five special enumerators
who have been employed in rectifying the lists as
handed In were discharged yesterday.
Chicago, June W.— "The Tribune" publishes a
summary of the census work. The figures were fur
bished by three thousand different persons in all
parts of the United States. The general result of
the work shows the following table:
1900. Census of Pet. of
(.Tribune.) ISOO. gain.
Population of the ".:t«i
Statf. .exclusive of
Ala«ka and Island pes
»M«ior.s 75.0C4.742 a2.«52.» .20
Value, of manufactured
products $12.605.403.0f10 BO 5T2.878 843 .36
Value of farm lands.. 17.5C.3w.531 . 13.279.232.Wtt .33
The population of the twenty-three largest cities
in the country is given by "The Tribune " as fol
Pet. of
IMO la9ol a 9O gain.
Greater N-w-York 5.634.504 - - —
New-York . . .3.0A7.541 1.515.301 .3.!
Chicago- 1.545.6j8 * 1.000,850 ■*>
Brooklyn''-. 1.»J7;1M 8<x).34:» .57
Philadelphia 1.an0.000 i.«4«.0«4 .15
Bt LiOUla 887,506 481,770 .02
Uaittmore «ik>.<h»i 434,439 .3*
E-,=ton ----- 146.477 .24
(Inr'nratl 4«»t.(VK) 299.308 .33
Huffal-i 4nn.nm> -2". •!'.+ .57
Cleveland 390.000 2«l.:>4<J .i'J
San Franclaco 340.000 2»>.Vff! .14
Pitt-bun? 323.000 234.473 .34
I»otroit -- • SIS. OOO 205.600 .. C
Kew-Orleana 3M>.000 242.U3U 24
Washington 2»4.«74 230.392 .2S
Milwaukee ! • ••• l"''--'*™ »>4.!» .43
Newark ..'.'. - : " '"" 181.518 .01
Iyiuisvll> 2^2.01*) 161.003 .45
MlP.riPapnlia 200.000 104.73S .22
J«r?pv Hlv 2U0.0H" 163,003 -23
Denver ' " ... 190.000 100.713 .78
Boebeater *..::. . . 180.000 ISS.MM .33
Indianapolis ISB.OOO 107. 445 '!!>
In numerical order the five leading States are
New-York, Pennsylvania, Illinois. Ohio and His
souri, the last showing the most marked gain In
At the Highland Country Club, at Garrison's, on
June 13, after the graduating exercises of the cadets
at West Point. Elihu Root, Secretary of War. and
Lieutenant-Genera! Miles, were the guests of
Samuel Sloan, and made addresses In the interest
Of the National Army Relief Society, which aims
to benefit the widows and orphans of officers and
enlisted mer. who have died in the war with Spain
and in the Philippines. Among those present were
Mrs Fitzgerald. Mrs. Roe, Miss Blgelow, Mrs.
James Parker, Mr?. Osbom. •.'•-■ Mrs.
William E. Ropers, Mr. and Mr- Halght, Mr. and
Mrs. v, C. Osborn. Mrs. Auchinclosa Mr. and Mrs.
Sargent General and Mrs. Brooke, General Hate
and lone! Parker. At the close of the meeting
refreshments were served
York of the Police B • - before
- - a on Friday, hav
n Invited to give his viow- to the
• Id the t'ommlsmon that
■ ' -.i single Police Commli
'i am in favor of a one headed Commission." he
iterday "not that I mean an-.' reflec
,>'■. ni-miv-r of 'his Bo rd for the
• I think the work of the
• ment could I am not in
' £■■ .~p the Mayor conttti - of re
lurtng his tern The head of a As] n
■ iae be limply a clerk to carry o'it
r ier of till
Justice Klschoff in the Supreme Court yester
day made an order permitting Aldaee F. Walker,
the president of the Atchison, Topeka an Santa
Fe Railroad Company, to file tils certificate as a
lawyer In New-York 3tate, he havlns forgotten to
do BO as required by the law pass* in 1508.
Mr. Walker stated In his affidavit thai he had
riot actively engHg^d In the practice of law for
several rear*. n«-J had overlooked the passage of
the act, th* provisions of whi<"h he ha . violated.
By the terms of Justice Blschoff'fl Order Mr.
Walker Is relieved from the penalties Inflicted by
the Saw.
A New-Haven dispatch yesterday reported the
plan to combine the oyster business of Rhode
Inland. • Connecticut, New- York and New-Jen to
be dead. Jacob I. Housman, chairman of the com
mittee which i.-> looking after the Interests of the
oystermt-n nald last night that he had heard of no
definite action regarding giving up the scheme. He
said i.- belt«-ved that while the plan might not
tiik<> definite form Immediately it would eventually
d>» s.i
gome cf the option? •*!■!■'■•■'! by limitation on June
15 In regard to thes», Mr. Hounmnn said tlie.y
would probably be renewed or thos» giving them
would still Stand by th*m. The plan has pro
pressed slowly. This has been explained ns du<» to
the length of time required by the negotiations with
the capitalists who are expected to float the com
Already the comln* of July 4 is belnp heralded
by the small boy with occasional explosions of fire
crackers, but for months the fireworks manufactur
ers have been busy in anticipation of the next In
dependence r>ny. and all MRns point to an unusual
demand for n^ise producers. Fulton-st. was lined
for several blocks yesterday afternoon with ped
lerp, many of whom did a rushing business selling
a new invention in this line. It consists or"
about as big a.« a large marble, incrusted on the
OUtsidfl with some preparation that looks like
plaster of purls. When the ball Is thrown down
hard upon a stone pavement the minute part of
this Incrustation whtch hits the pavement first is
exploded by ooncu^smn with a loud and satisfactory
noise. This can be repeated atraln and again until
all the incrusted matter Is worn off the hall. This
new toy seems to be harmless and cheap, and Is
"catching on" in a lively style.
Manufacturers say their factories are running
day and night in order to keep up with the demand,
which is brisk in all parts of the country. It ia
said that $2,000,000 will not cover the orders taken
by the well known rtrms tn this city alone, and
$.1,000,000 would not be too big an estimate to place
on the value of the fireworks which will be con
sumed on July 4 next in all parts of this land and
w Insular possessions.
Buffalo, June US.— The Supreme Lodge of the
Knights of Honor in session her>\ has voted to
exclude Christian Science and Faith t'ure believers
from the order. The lodge thinks that such per
sons are bad risks, and do< ire tv insure
them. Their beliefs were not attacked.
ruxmr ixcidexts at a fire.
On the top floor of the six rtor; I house
In the re-ir of No. 9 Essex-st. live Abraham
man. his wife and a boarder. The boarder and
Goodman were In the room in the front of tho
apartments yesterday. Th.' boarder was reading
aloud from a newspaper the story of the Jackson
st. fire.
Goodman became much excited as tho I
went into the details. walking up and
■ : - 1 ?:. the room. In his d ;ng up and
down the room he stepped on a friction match near
the window. It went off like T ••
sparks set tire to I rurtain, and the curtain
blazed up. With the thoughts of the Jack
' tr - In his mind, Goodman fl"d from the room,
folio-wed by the boarder, holding the newspaper In
his hand.
y. where •
an old fashioned pump. In the elos< ? under the
sink there is a stop valve, which is turned off when
mp is not in ise ■; odman forgot about the
Stop valve and began pumping for i ! worth
Several buckets of water were thrown on th
rtn- nnd it was extinguished, all the time Goodman
and the boarder shotitlng
their voices
There was the greatest excitement in the i,|g
tr-nem^nt house. Th^ tenants ran helter-ski
the street, tin th-> floor below the Good ma l
Mrs. Dora G [n the apartments wa
Josephin-- Monesstlsky. who two days ago gave
birth to a boy. When Mm Go rd the
of rir. 1 sh<-- seized the bal hed to
the yard with him. unheeding th
o' th'- sick woman to rescue her from the flames
Mr- Monesstlsky managed to craw; fri m •
and down the stairway.
In the basement of the building is a T;:rk!~h bath
establishment, one man waa floundering a
the large tubs. The proprietor had eon.- out carry-
Ing with him the keys to the locker li
man's clothes wen When the bather
th>- shouts and tra.m;. of feet h~ rushed to the
locker and. failing to ge- in. smashed in a
z.*d a gauze undershirt, but In ti
it on it became twisted and he rushed upstairs and
into the crow led courtyard He reached the court
yard lust a= the firemen arrived, and was thrown
down by the hose He was hurr
locked in an outh
Trenton, N. J . J\:r.e 18.— G
Is one of the New-Jersey delegateu-at-large •
Republican National Convention, will not arrive
from Eon ;>•> until Tuesday or Wednesday. An
accident to the steamship New-York pr
■iling on that vessel, s
A letter from him w:-.s received by Sei - -
to-day, saying he would '■- ■ ■ • Westmore
land. This steamer Is due on Tuesday or \v
day. T'pon the Governor's arrival h.- will go direct
to ihe Convention hal - itor Williams, of
ne of the alter; rge, will act
pending the Governor 1
The mattress factory of August Roeders. corner
of New-Jersey |]rn:> d -a vr an 1 East Mechauic-st..
Newark, N. J.. was partly destroyed by fire yester
day afternoon, 'he loss amounting to about $15. 'X*)
The concern Is one of the largest In th. world, and
has Its headquarters In Berlin, Germany, with
plants In all parts cf the world. Three hundred
persons are employed in the building. The fire waa
discovered by C. D Winnower, the local manager,
who was working in his olllce, ten minutes after
the employes had quit the building The flames
originated In the pickers' room on the top floor,
and spread rapidly. Only by th.' arduous work of
the firemen was the building saved from destruc
tion. The loss Is covered by Insurance.
Elisabeth N. J., June II (Special).— The unnua!
commencement of the Hingry Academy, the oldest
educational institution In Elizabeth, founded In
1840 by the late Rev. I>r. John F. Pingry, was h*-U
last night in the Lyceum Theatre. Chancellor
M.^gie, Congressman Fowler. Senator Cross, Judge*
Atwater and Gllholly, together with a number of
other prominent Elizabethans, occupied seats en
the stage. Professor Smith, vice-principal of the
school, was master of ceremonies The diplomas
were presented by Professor Marsh, manager of
the Institution. The graduates were William Irving
Hamilton, Edward Frankford Atwater. Sidney
Frsnklin Jones, Roper Brown Moore A Ricnie
Raymond Talntor Frederick Arton Price, Jr., and
Cecil S. Connver.
Hugh McMahon, seventy years old. a profes
sional mendicant who has begged aim« li front
of St. Peter's Catholic Church, in Barclay-st.. this
city, for many years, was found helplessly ill In a
lodging house at No. 103 Kewark-st Hohoken. last
evening and was removed to Bt. Mary's Hospital.
The -police found a passbook of a Jersey City
savings bank 'n the old man's possession, which
called for a deposit of . *s*) The beggar was dressed
la rag) clothes vi.d had $13 30 In his pockets.
By giving perfect fitting garments at
moderate prices we have raised the
standard of good dressing.
We give yen the narrow concave col
lar, broad concave shoulders and hollow
back. They are up to date.
Our sale of suits to order at !SIC» gives
y< »v choice of blue or black serges, or
English cheviots. We recommend them
half lined with alpaca and black findings.
Xo risk dealing with us; money back.
Samples, fashion booklet and meas
uring guide free.
IMUin i 111 STREET.
Extreme retlcer.ee was maintained yesterday by
the lawyers who are acting for the opposing par
ties in the suit which Mrs. Mabel Clarke has in
stituted against Mrs. Catherine Olivia Bri^e, ad
ministrator of the estate of ex-Senator Calvin S.
Brice. Mrs. Clarke Is seeking to recover $00,000
for services which she rendered to Mr. Brice. but
the nature of those services are not specified In
the papers which have been filed by the plaintiff.
She states, however, that Mr. I!rl -c was a close
personal friend and that he promised to make a
will leaving her $53,000. In violation of this agree
ment, Mrs. Clarke contends, he died Intestate, leav
ing real and personal property in excess of her
An answer to the n n lodged by Mrs.
: lenying all knowledge of the services re
ferred to I y the plaintiff an.l setting up a g
on Information and belief of f h>- agreement
irk.- w..;s •
If any
they were of a:: illegal char
- r -.\.i< ordered ti> be -
S on Thursday, which tea
answi ■ ■ ... : ;a!.
Mrs - r In West Forty
fifth-st.. near Pifth-ave., i>'it ln'intrers for her at
this place yesterday were Informed that -'.;■■ had
wn for a few days. Mrs. l<ri. -.- and her fam
■ city, 'heir bouse at v
Fifth-aye unn r
Fones, 11 was learned yesterday.
t for 126.00 - - |
imprisonment against her brother. Willard H.
• . >uglaa A .1 - urs and
brokers, of ! td-st. Sh«- also asks for an
■ th-lr father. .
that her brother has deprived her of her share
Her attorney la Henry w 1.
243 Bn adway
day that Miss Jones was s ;inp for

herd :l.irt>-.-n months, one month longer thar. a
committed for on the
: r ;;a! drunkenness. Her detention was due
t ■ Mr
Ing statem»r I was
The estate consisted of a bull ling at No. 9 Him
Place. Brooklyn, now uppraistsl at £2,000, and per
sonal property valued at 120.000 or £5,000. The
New- York Life Insurance Company holds a mort-
on the Brooklyn property for CO.OOO. Miss
ones alleges that her signature to the mortgage
and to a transfrr of 125.000 worth of the personal
property was obtained by undue influence through
her brother With th» -...'• mortgage
and the personal property she asserts that her
brother bought his seat on the Stock Exchange.
She says that she ha.s received nothing from the
estate since thai tline.
Willard 11. Jones, when seen by a Tribune re
porter yesterday afterrihon, said:
My father died when I was twelve years old.
The personal property referred to win expended for
the living exp«-n.sis and education of my sister and
myself. In regard to the mortgage, my sister has
received her full share of the proceeds and I
have her vouchers to that effect. As to her deten
tion at th».' House of the G-ooU Shepherd, she wan
placed there four years ago by the order of the
Court upon the advice and by the certificates of
her own physicians. Whether she was detained
beyond the legal period I am unable to say. as I
am not acquainted with the law upon the subject.
I was not responsible for her stay there. She ham
received all the estate to which she is entitled, and
until last July, when she instituted this suit. I
supporti-d her besides. The case has not yet been
placed on the calendar.
Mr „' •.. :■: ■ ■ f the 8 k Ei

A schedule of the assets and liabilities of Price.
MeCormlck A Co. will probably be filed by Mr.
Curtis, the assignee, by the middle of this week. A
representative of the assignee said yesterday that
the examination of the firm's books has been al
most completed, and that only a few claims yet
remain to be sent in. It was unofficially declared
yesterday that the liabilities will probably be
under the sura originally eatimated-1U.000.0C0.
On all purchases of $5 or more
We Prepay freight
to any railroad station within
the following States:
Mime. Massachusetts, New York,
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania,
Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey.
Vhat 55c. Sate of 7/fen's
3*ine Tfegligee Shirts^
which was begun Friday morning, will be con
tinued to-morrow. As we have already told you.
these shirts are all of the famous " Stanley
Brand," made by V. Henry Rothschild & Co.",
and sold the world over for $1.00, $1.25 and
$1.50. For reasons unnecessary to mention here
we bought the big assortment af out crwn prices
for cash, and are therefore able to offer you the
biggest shirt bargain thus far presented by any
dealer this season.
The materials are of the finest known to the trade.
The workmanship, cut and fit are perfect. The
assortment is almost without limit, while the
variety is large enough to suit all tastes. The
styles are : Detached cuffs, with neck band for
white collars, also attached collars and cuffs,
and detached cuffs of same materials. Just thin*
of it! Si.CO, $1.25 and $1.50 NEGLIGEE
SHIRTS for 55 C
Don't delay your purchase, as a bargain like this disap
pears rapidly, no matter how large the original quantity
may have been.
ZParasok and
Protection against rain and too much sunshine
can be secured at a small cost by taking advan
tage of these low-priced offerings for to-morrow :
COACHING PARASOLS, with covers of heavy
pure silk taffeta and grns K raln . in black, white,
and all colors; many desirable styles, such as
hemstitched, emoroidered and crepon effects,
handsome, natural sticks, values from $3.00 to
$4.00, a choice for 1.95
BEACH UMBRELLAS, 40-in. size. 10-rib frame,
covered with heavy dark cotton, strong
and durable; a seaside luxury amounting almost
to a necessity, here to-morrow at 2.50
COVERED ON THE PRE J4ISES at moderati prices.
Wail Papers at Jfatf Price.
Notwithstanding a very busy season our stock
is far larger than it ought to be, and in order to
reduce it to reasonable proportions we have de
cided to eat prices m half. If you need any wall
coverings, here's your opportunity, and what an
opportunity it is, too !
20,000 Rolls of WALL PAPER, regularly sold for
sc. a roll; reduced for to-morrow to 2 ;; 2C2 C
32,000 Rolls of WALL PAPER, regularly sold for
Be. a roll; reduced for to-morrow to 4c
26.000 Rolls of WALL PAPER, regularly sold for
15c.; reduced for to-morrow to 7'^C
38,000 Rolls of WALL PAPER, regularly sold for
22c. a roll, reduced for to-morrow to He
30.000 Rolls of WALL PAPER, regularly sold for
35c; reduced for to-morrow to 17 '^C
The above offerings comprise glimmer papers ia many
colors, gilt papers suitable tor all rooms, fine embossed gilt
papers, nch two-tone reds, tilues, yellows and greens — in
tact, every variety that you are likely to want, no matter
what your taste may be.'
For this week only we offer
*?{// Our Original framed
Oil SPa/nt/ngs
at 25 per cent, less than present
Most of our patrons are familiar with our Gallery of Fine
Paintings by well-known modern artists, and will therefore
appreciate this splendid opportunity.
jffousefurni'shmg Soods and
Summer 7Jecessit/es.
Economical housekeepers will do well to study
closely the Basement's Bulletin of Bargains for
Monday. They'll find plenty more just like them
when they call and look around.
3?e/ri<?erators. See Cream freezers and
Ilfater Coolers
ICE CHESTS are made of hardwood, filled
with charcoal, have a perfect circulation
of dry air, are durable and lasting and
give general satisfaction. Note the low
prices •
Our No. 430, 24x15x.W inches,
regularly sold at $8.00; here to
morrow special at 5.75
Our No. 458. 25x10x50 inches,
regularly sold at $14.00, here at 10.00
Our No. 491 ICE CHEST, 24x16x
25 inches, regularly sold at
$5.00, special tomorrow at 3.75
fastest made, 2 qt. size at 1.35
3 qt. size at 1.75
FIBRE WATER COOLERS, 14-qt. size, special at 75c
Jtfouse furnish ings.
CLOTHES DRIERS, 4 ft., 3 folds, special at 25c
IRONING BOARDS, 4 1-2 ft. long, special at 25c
TEA KETTLE, first quality enamel ware. No. 7,
special at 35 C
CURTAIN STRETCHERS, our $1.25 land, 7x14,
special at 75 C
STEP LADDERS, 5 ft., special at 35 C
Stoves and Ganges.
OIL STOVES, 2 holes, 4-buraer. double, special at 1.00
anteed against smoke and odor,
l-Burner size, regularly sold at $5.00, special at 2.75
2-Burner size, regularly sold at $7.75. special at 5. 25
3-Burner size, regularly sold at $9.95, special at 7. 25
OUR BOSTON GAS RANGE is the most economi
cal and best stove for the Summer, has two holes
and large oven, regularly sold at $7.00; special
to-morrow at 3.75
GAS STOVE OR HOT PLATES. 2 burners, special
to-morrow at * 1.20
OVENS for Oil or Gas Stoves, made of sheet iron,
special at 1.15
Tlfindotv Screens end Screen 'Doors.
WINDOW SCREENS, four siTes, to-morrow at 25c
SCREEN DOORS, all sizes, regularly sold at $1.00,
here to-morrow at (jOe
That there Is to b*> an advance in the price of
gas, now that the Consol! lated Gas Company has
come into control of its former antagonists, the
New-Amsterdam Gas Company and the Standard
Gaa Light Company, is no- questioned by any one
in Wall Street, but It is understood that no t!^n«
has yet been definitely fixed for the announcement
of such advance. The price quoted at present by
all the companies Is the "war rate." (55 cents a
thousand cubic feet, while the legal maximum for
1901 is XI 05. A director of Mof the companies
was quoted yesterday as saying of the situation:
Whtle I ao not know when the price will be ad
vanced. I have no hesitation In saying that it will
be I: also know from figures which I have ex
amined that a very respectable dividend can be
declared tn the course of the next year from the
saving! In expanses whh'li haw befn arranged as
a result of the consolidation. Formerly every
company was solicitous of new business at the ex
pense of its rivals. Th.- result was that new busi
ness was often unprofitable, because the poor cus
Spec/at Values tn
SStack and Colored Silks.
For Monday we present two of the greatest
ns in highly desirable Summer Silks w« yet
have had the good fortune to secure for j»«u.
Don't overlook tfcl
made cf ths pstest of silk, the coolest sad most
serriceabk dr?ss fabric for summer wear, regular
75c. per yard value, on sale to-morrow at 59c
COLORED TAFFETA. 10 inches wide, all pure
silk, of a soft, lustrou3 finish, a complete line of
all the desirable shades, including cream, white
and black, regularly sold at 60c. per yard; on sale
to-morrow tor 49c
Tjhe Stationery
of The Big Sore is of a fine quality, impuasiiu
in appearan:e and low in price. Here are A ftm
sample offerings:
finest quality of cards, 50c
WRITING PAPER of fine quality, is sags l:acn,
purple sat.a wkxta and tists cf heliotrope, rose.
gray and cream, per qarre, 5c
ENVELOPES to match, per package, 5c
9??onoyrams or J^ddressss Stamped J'ns,
We will stamp FREE from yanr own monogram or ad
dress die or from say two-letter monogram in our owa
stock, or from our excellent stock of address dies Asbary
Park, Long Branch. Far Rcckaway, Sew York, Borough
Manhattan. Borough Bronx. Borough Brooklyn, etc. :— m say
color desired, on all writing paper bought hers by the
quire cr bcz costing 25 cents and upward.
Our Sioof Conservatory
will continue for another week the sale ai Plants
at 25 per cent, below cost. Plant lovers will do
well to take advantage of this splendid chance;
one that will not again be offered very soon here
or elsewuere.
GERANIUMS, sfsissi I 5c
COCOS PALMS, each, 5c
CANNAS. :r. pots, each, 6c
BOSTON FERNS, syssssi 19c
TJhe Srcat 3 -7j rumps Sale
of the Combined C tothl'ntj stocks of
Garson, Meyer & Co., Rocheste-.
B. Rothschild & Co., Rochester.
and Salinger Bros.. New York,
is now in its third week, with a sales record
never before equalled by any of the famous cloth
ing events this store has had in the past.
making one lot out of three or four previous ones,
and lowering the price of all the lots to the lerel
of the lowest-cost garment, a proceeding costly to
us, but imperative in order to restore the list of
sizes, so that all men may be fitted and suited.
And the following price examples will show you
what phenomenal values you may now expect :
MEN'S SUITS — The finest grades of the entire pur
chase of the wholesale stock of Garson, Meyer 3s.
Co., comprising Imported Worsteds, Cheviots,
Casaimeres. Vicunas and Serge 3. linings and work
manship of the best; suits that sold for as hi^h as
$15.00 apiece at wholesale; a choice now oiereU
at 9.00
MEN'S SUITS — The next best grides -f the com
bined wholesale stocks of Garson. Meyer A Co.
and B. Rothschild A Co.. embracing: some very
choice and fashionable summer suits, suits of a
very high standard as to fabric, fashion and worfc
maaship, worth up to $12.00 at wholesale; achoics 1
now offered for KM
MEN'S SLITS from the wholesale stocks of Garson,
Meyer 4 Co. and B Rothschild Jt Co.. sverything
:n stock with the exceptions of those contained in
lots 1 and 2; made of standard all-woollen mate
rials, and highly meritorious as to standard and
make. Former wholesale values up to $10 00; a
choice now offered for 5.00
BOYS' SUITS — A very select and commendable lot
of handstme summer 3u-ts. of stncr.lv woollen
materials, m desirable styles and designs, in thai
popular 2-garment make Salinger Bros.' whole
sale values up to $4.50 each a choice now offered
for 2.25
YOUNG MEN'S SUITS— «2O m all, suitable for
youths aged 14 to 19. embracing some very pleas
ing styles of all woollen materials, :n narry c.issi
meres and tweed suitings, made with the new
style double-breasted Vests, Salinger Bros. ' whole
sale price up to $7.50, a choice now offered for 3.9 C
urn ft ure.
If you need a handsome bedroom suite, a
pretty white enamelled iron bedstead, or a good,
comfortable mattress, these offerings for Monday
will surely attract you:
3 piece*, of
Golden Oak,
has sweU
front dresser
and wasb
stand, pret
tily tarred,
24x30 inch
bevel plats
mirror in
dresser, all
of elegaat
design, wttrk
iaassnin j?M
r\r. .s." worth
$30; special
for M -iav.
at 17.50
well made, bow foot,
heavy brass rails
and balls, in sizes of
3 ft., 3 ft. 0 in.,
4 ft. and 4 ft. 6 m.,
regularly worth
$8.75; here
to-morrow at 5. 25
MATTRESS of long black mixed hair, full 40 lbs.,
made in one or two aart3, covered in the finest
grade of Gold Medal, A. C. A. or Sac Retno tick
ings, fully worth $13.00 ; special for Monday at 9.50
SPRING MATTRESS, very heavy .ron frame,
double woven steel wire, well made and braced,
very strong, made to lit any sued bed; formerly
sold at $5.00; on sale ta-rsorrow, special at 2.75
Also, special for Monday, PIAJtO STOOL, mahog
any, oak or ebony finish, brass claw feet 'Fl-£F l -£
glass balls; regular price $3.00; m this sal* at 1.75

for If

For the second time within two weeks Lemuel
Hill, a colored man. twenty-rtvt? years o!«l. was ar
raigned before Magistrate OlmsteU in the York
vllle Police Court yesterday morning, charged with
ruing to Miss Hel*>n GomM'.h home. Xo. 573 Flfth
aye., and asserting that h«- wns her half-brother,
lhe ttrst time .\t; ( ci.-«tra:e Olmsted sent him to
Uellevue to bo examined as to his sanity. The man
remained in the insane pavilion at Dellevue for
lour days and then was discharge,!. Hill says ho
Uvea at No 20 I'nion-.ive.. Brooklyn, and that he
works in Coynes pickle house, at No 239 tirsss*
wk-h-st. Yesterday morning Policeman James M>
Dantola, of the Kast Klfty-rtrst-st. station, saw Hltl
or. the stoop of the hou^ pu:!lns: at the bell Ha
recognized Hill and asked htm what he was doin-
Hill replWtl. "I'm Miss Gould's half-brother ami
I'm going to get JUxjO.iWO.' Magistrate Olmste\l
sent the man back to Ui.cvu« to b* examined
a«aJa as to bis sanity. '"■

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