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The new officers of Court Fremont. Fores:, rs of
America., ■-!■■■ John J. Vincent, chief ranker; James
Burke, sub-chief •■•': John Marshall, recording
«><-~r*Uij-y ; Andrew Wheeler, senior woodward;
William Whalen. junior woodward; Samuel Eng
lish, senior beadle; Joseph White. Junior beadle;
Martin Glynn, Patrick Ryan arid Edward Pollock,
Th« following excursions ar« announced to Jjo
from Tarrytown "his year: July 10, Odd Fellows, to
Coney Island and lto.kaway; July :M. United Sun
day Schools, to Kingston Joint; August 9, Solo
mon's l»djre, F. and A. M . to Coney Island and
Rockaway; August ii, Court Fremont, F. of A., to
North Beach.
Men >..-.%.- been here with jroods alleged to be
from the Omaha Exposition, Imported fxe»» <if duty.
They submit samples and try to «et deposits on
goods?. Mrs. Kdward Henry Kent, who lives on
John D Rockefeller's I>!ac<\ ordered several silk
dresses from samples shown! The men promised
to send a tailor th« next day to tit the dresses, but
demanded a payment in advance. Mrs. Kent re
fused, and th>« taiior ■ •.- not appeared.
An entertainment will be fc'iven in St. Paul
Methodist Episcopal Church ■morrow evening.
Addresse* will be made by Miss Florence Learj .
of £?ins Sjinjr. and ')...!.•■ A. Wai burton president
of the District Epworth I^-a>tue.
The. town clock in the new school building has
been accepted by the Board ol Education, and sub
scribers to the fund have been ask. ! to remit the
amounts pledged by them. Among the lar^c sub
ucribers are Miss Helen M. Gould. *T< « • : Rand Drill
Company, $S'<. and John 1». Rockefeller. $100
Adrian Eadin. who is the largest property owner
of this city, has again come to the rescue of the
taxpayers. A few months .i^'o a bill was adopted
by the legislature authorizing the Fire Com.mis
sioners to purchase land and erect Jirehouses. One
of the sites mentioned In the bill was In Sorth-st..
beyond the Paine monument. The CommisMoners
■were surprised, when they visited Korth-st. a few
days a*;... to find hat property in that district
had suddenly gone up to SUM a front foot. On this
basis the- price of the land necessary for xh_- build*
ins would far « -x ■•• • d th.- appropriation. The Com
missioners say they visited a half do* owners of
property, all of whom held out for th.- increased
price Just as they were ahout to abandon the
l>roj««ct Mr. Iselfn heard «.f the case, and offered
the necessary lan<l at a price which is considered
merely nominal. Commissioner Harvey O. Turnure
said yesterday that the Board was much pleased
with Mr. Iselin's offer, ami would probably accept
It. although sume of the other property in the dis
trict has suddenly fallen in price. "Mr Iselin'fl
property is at Apple Tree Farm, near the homes of
several New-York people. Whin the firehouso is
completed the Commissioners expect to form a fin?
company and appoint "Jack" Beresford, who is
Mr. Iselin's son-in-lnw, as foreman.
The flap on the City Hall of NTew-Rochelle is at
half maFt, on mint of the death of G'virse Fer
giMon. the city's oldest mercnant. Mr. Ferguson's
funeral will 1 •■ held at hig home, in Centre-aye..
to-morrow at 3 o'clock. The Rev. Saul O. Curtice,
of B( John's Methodist Episcopal Church, will
scorxT VERXON'.
Mayor I'i-ki- in his annual message Rays he will
soon suggest the nainos of ten residents dive from
each party) to remodel the < it> charter ami ad.i
such amendments as are necessary. Some things
■vh- -h the Mayor Thinks the committee shouM mn-
Flder are the putting nf eU'^trio wires underground,
the compulsory |ilantinir of shade tre< s. the ouet:
tion of paying salaries to the Mayor and Aldermen.
the erection of a garbage crematory, new bridges
across the Hut chi River and the ownership
of the tirchouses by the city. The message also
pirongly advocates the munir-ipa! ownership of th.«
•water works and electric light plant.
Th< itborities her< nave
I the disease is now disap
. - ;"aT!>;!i. s « ■ .ed to
railway will have :•.-. . .
iir h< .
•day and the
Ireland on Saturday. If tl ■-
t ■ . . com pi. ■ ■
Lachmont t.. Harrison, am
f t • • v ■:.: v rea k a « nntinuou
lery in Kew-York City to I
Port Chester.
Theodore H. Silkman. counsel for tin? Warburton
Avenue Extension Commission, has obtained an or
. d«r from tho Supremo Court directing the Hoard
lof Bui>ervisors of Westchcster County to raise
f 587, the balanoi dut^ on the critrir.al cost of the
brides connectiiiß- the vOlage of Hastings with
Yonkers. 6. I* Cooper, engineer; FVank I:, <"had»
ayne and James Scott, Inspectors, have obtained *
writ of mandamus from Justice Dickey eonii't-Hin;;
th. ];,_>.'!.! to pay them for their work Cooper*a
claim amounts 10 J3.215. ... tie's to $711' and
Scott's to *>2.
The Anti-Saloon Lenguu of Kew-York City which
Is rro»ecutinK the V.-k-r- li,juor dealers 'in the
Supreme Court, has appealed to Justice Klartln J
Keogh to m,«3lfy his order concerning the fiisr-s'
Th<- Lta.ruc- utks that in the case of Keferee John
Digney. who has been appointed to take testimony,
th« power to decidei on the merits of the case be
removed and the referee be simply empowered 10
hear testimony. Justice Keogh will hand down hi
derision to-day.
A bond . as filed on Saturday with Surrogate
fiilkman by Th« National Surety Company for $4-10
t*M. as trustee in rla^o of Elizabeth .s Paton de
ceased, of the truxt .-.-.-■.■ under the will of
Thomas I'aton. of Dobbs Kerry, for the benefit of
Susan S. P. Rauch. It is eald rr, h^. The largest
bond ever filed in Westchester County.
Hume \ j:\ys.
A f ARLE— R. B. I.ymun. of Buffalo. FIFTH
AVEXUE— Benjamin Jianii. of Howard University
ERETT— General K. .<.. < . Patterson, of Philadel
phia: GBAXD—Captain T. B. llarlow. U. ti. A.
GRAND r.\lo.\-i>r. Wiliiam M. Kay. of Capo
3ireton. HOFFMAN— W. C. Brewer, of Toledo.
HOLLA Nli— .'. .ir-l K. Ayer. of Chicago; M. K.
<;.•>.:.-.-. of London; -Governor Black, of Troy;
* H. M. Bideout, of Cambridge, jmd Nelson i..
Barnes, of Chicago. IMPERIAL^-Greenfidd
Queries, of Helena, Ark.; If. J. McNally, of Wash
ington, ai.d Tsunetaro Nie.sc-, of Kioto, Ja.pan.
NHATTAN Pi T. Balrd. of Chicago, and
Gaorce Quintard Horwltz, of Philadelphia. AUK
RAY HILL— Dr. J. H. Hackett, of Milwaukee, and
C. L. Tirtin. of Montreal. NEW-AMSTERDAM-^
Eujfeno Strfger, of lyonoon. PLAZA— Oeorse 11.
Glover, cf Chicago, and Jacob yon Sunder, of San
Francisco. SAVOY— G. Edward Clark of Hudson.
ST. DENIS— Dr. Oliver P. Holt, of Cincinnati
STURTKVANT- Dr. C. P. Wasar. of Toledo, and
Major I">. Madden, U. S. A. WAl.lll '■ Slajor T.
H. Hansbury. U. K. A.; Richard Klkins. of West
Virginia; Samuel " rrtll. secret 1 of th«i I'niteil
States Embassy at Paris; M. Wilde and Antonio
del Viso, of the Argentine Legation at Washington.
y 1 >r^ar.:z - ty renews Its :w

S la In
■- frl
from .

- ! . ip«-nard
■- . money

The Rev. Dr. H. Parkes (.'uJman in the Metropoli
tan Temple yesterday preached the baccalaureate
pennon to the twelve graduates of the Froebel
Normal Institute of the Temple. He took for his
text. "Worship the Lord in tho beauty of holiness/
Tho commenccmtnl exercises of the. College of
Bt. Efrands Xavier will bo held this evening at ■
o'clock in CiiiT-t-eie Music lia.ll. The Rev Dr.
Francis if Wai will deliver th* address to the
Yonk»-rs politicians ira deeply interested in th*
report Hint when the oJlicial returns of tho census
Just taken are ir.ada from that city the number of
Inhabitants will b>; found to reach the £#,O/> mark.
thereby taking Yonkcrs out of the list of cities of
the third class and placing' it amonir the cities of
the second dans. If this fs 80, thw city Koveinmetit
will b<- c-hanKe<i. lioards will 1«- alxjllhh.-d and
r.> w <,Hices created. The Polloe Board, Fire Com
missioners and Health Board wi!l go out ol otllce,
and tlieir places v.lll l<o taken by one man, who
Will be known h» th<- Commissioner of Public Safe
ty. Ho will have full power over tb»» Poll Fire
and Health departments, nd appoint his t*ul*>rdi
tiates under the ruies of tb« Civil Service Commis
sion. Thia will dispense with thirteen officials all
of whom aro appointed by the Mayor and • ■ .-.
firmed by the Common Council, and supplant them
by one man.
The present license f-- In Yonkets for saloona
or hotels its &~<i. Under the new state of affairs It
would !>•■• t.Vi't. The complexion of the Common
Council would be changed. Only out, Alderman
would K-.-.r. .-.jut each ward, instead of two, ax at
present. There would bo many other chanK«M.
The President of th«. Common Council will be
elected and receive ti.ono a year salary. The Alder
m«-n now receive >5<X) a year" while the new law pro
that they shaii t-.-rvt- without pay. Thf Mayor
would receive a yearly salary of $2,500. The re
turn from the Census Bureau nt Washington re
gardtng the jKjpulation of Yonkers i» beln^ looked
forward to ■with a gri-at deul of Interest.
The dual rrnn between the ath:. •*!<■* of Rlverhead
(reenport, I^.nt,' Island, was held on the
grounds of th^- Rlverhead club on Saturday. Th.-ro
■ •■ gathering present to witness !h>- con
tests, which were very close. The Biverhead team
won by Bcoring 82 points against Greenport's -is.
L. i>. Howell proved to be the best all around ath
lete, winning three tirsr an.) two second prizes The
One I lasl W n by I-. D. Howell, Rlver
baad; R Murph; aiverhead. second; R. Vail. Rlverhead,
thlr.l Tlrna 0:1n*...
Hnir ■ ■ race (junt-r) -w.-n by 1" Dettner,
EUverhead; I. G 11 well Rlverhead s.-.-.>n! Tlnu- l 11.'':..I I .'':..
I . nlng hlfrb Jump Won by P. Hughes, Or
v.-.-h .t Jump of r, ft :: in.; .1. <>. Ireland, Greenport, -.vlth
;". f: z -.'.. . second: I: Hurray :un.i J-". Dettner, Rlverhead,
tied for third, v ;•.!, .". ft. 1 in.
Putting twelv< pound shot— Won by R. Bwaln. Green
• ::t ;t -i ii. ; P. Hugiieg, Qreenport,
.'.. Mott, Greenport, with :>-*• ft.
s Poster Rlverbead H
Pelts second; M. I'- Its, third.
, „,.. b rV- Wi n ty B. Riv-
I; \\'. A «•- hlte.
■ ■ 1 1 V
rai c Won by P. Dettner, Riverhead;
F Dettner, Riverhead second; F McCabe, Rlverhead.
by s ilaynor, Rlverhead. with « vhuU
1.. D Howell. Klverhead. with <■ ft. 8 In .
B , .. ; I- W.. i ! with 0 ft- 51"
. le bicycle race -Won by C. Benjamin, Greenport;
F. Ueti no: r Dettner. Rlverhead.
• . flash yon by U v.
Howell ■ J. O Ireland, Rreenport, second; R.
'■'■ • " "- : ' ■. i
Won by X Murn.y. Klv.-rh, i.l
: .. Ireland. Greenport with
I E. Terrell Rlverhead, arlth 13 tt.
■ und sh it— Won by )'- Hughes. Green
- lOS :■ 9 in.: K. Swain. Gi
I; j. O Ireland, Greenport. with
Won by P. llu,-lu?, <;r.-eni^rt; I. W.
I „ i. Howell. Rlverhead.
Pdal 3u:i!..r.-\V,,n by J.
V Sandman. Klverhead. second; J.
, I thtr.S Time — o:lh*i.
n River Yachl Club yesterday after
noon b - - it the clul houi c al
d-st. and the Hudson River. Besides
Bi ck< r. ■ ' man of the or
tlon. much to the amusi ment of the
. : the river bank ■■' < x
■ IK-lng, capping the climax by making :i
mi ■-- ).:.:.• st part of tin
: immaries:
Two hundred yard swimming race— Won by MfMallln.
NVw-York Athletic Club; F. Chrisman. eccund. Time —
7,. „ hundred ar I fifty yard swimming race Won by
H. Hints, Inspector of. Volunteer 1..;.- Saving Corps; F.
Chriuman. second. Time — 1:50.
Thirty-flve f,>. .t mast cllmblnc — Wen by I*. sster
veldt: Feets. second. Time — 0K17V4.
One-quarter mile dingy race— Won by I>. Spice; I.
Merten, second. Time — 3:25.
Duck pursuit race— First .luck tak^n by Westertlahl;
Fec.n.i taken by Snlnliar.lt; third by T. Rogers.
Tur of war — Won by H. Larscn; second tug won by I".
Seventy- flv«s foot tub race— Wnn by C. l'tet«; T. liogers,
second. "Time— ! :4. >.
1 •:.• cri kel Q .hip Of N. w--
YorK I ■ ■ - < xtn ii. -. Bo far
the Living t Staten Island, an 1
, : . . jj a . .. are the
which have not )■<■• a They
will meet nexi Saturday a 1 Staten Island,
question of suit... I then be settled The
Bt team 1 n
to come •■ as the
they pos
ov< retl
from Its d t t .. M I md
not likt-iy t.. be ...
g has 1i pn •■■ iißthi t..-i bj Ihi
i ■ U". Whitaker,
F. I". for making l>i«
• er. A via; " apat i. . ...
. the New-York men, for thai two Im
. mtt sho . .
• ! h,... Bome
\n hei •
r- 1
1....- l Won. Lorn. Drawn o-nt.
TJvlnifßton .1 J ii l I.iju-j
Manhattan 2 1 ii 1 l "> <■
Kr.irk'rt). rk. r A. C 2 1 1 II ..'^>o
Mor.n lair A. C 4 1 i 1 .::.;:■:
New-York 3 0 2 l ..«',
Play«vl. Won. '- •. Drawn. i • nt.
nruoklyn -I .". it l l Cmmi
I*atenon T. am A 4 ■'■ 0 l I.<m«i
Kesrny 4 •_' ! 1 .fifiil
X iiki County ... :: ill .-.iM
Paterson T.'.irn ]; ...... .4 I 1 2 ,&hi
Manhattan 11 4 0 :: l <n:.i
Neluon Lodce . ...8 i> 4 1 .000
By his innings of fi, not out, m Saturday F. I".
Kelly wrested the ad for the batting averages
from F. J. Prendergast, but the latter and M. It.
Cobb may properly be considered to have tho best
figures. W. Adam and W. S. R. Ogilby are also
well \i\\ and as neither has un '•out" charged
against him their averages are bound to ko up.
In bowling 1 M. Whitaker has atuiumed the lead with
a remarkably low record, but M. 11. Cobb, X. S.
Walker, jr.. and A. V. Clarke are all well In the
front. The following are the leaders:
Not Most In Av«r
Inns. «.nit. Inning*, linns. ax<
r. F. Kelly. K. A. C .1' l ••;■.. sx >si«i
y. G. I'rerKi.Tfc'.i.-t. Manhattan.!: o 134 |72 Ktl mi
M. It. Cobb, UvinßKton . . :•, <> S3 1,17 rr, ■.«,
W. AJanif. Manhattan 1 l •.-, ;,4 r.4.00
\V. S. J. Ogiiby, JJvin^ston. /J. - »v ;.. :. , inj
A. 1:. Miftiin. Montclalr •• - 0 71 7^ 811 00
A. J. Gray. Miintia'.Uin 2 1 »27 'ii S4 <io
A. V. Clarke, K. A. i' .. .2 !. 42 i; 7 : ." •„.
1". J. I^ukHllu, Xew-York ..1 o -j\ 2n ••*'(*,
J. K. llaclcu<s. Montclair '■'■ 0 mi -.-, •anc,
N. S. Walker, jr.. Uvinimt'n.2 0 ... ::s mini
<•. H. 1- '•:■-■' .:i 1 •!.-. a | in '„.
J. Wentervelt, Montclair .2 1 »m k, ii;'«hj
('. 11. Hill Manhattan .2 •■ 2s 31 i: •,•>
J. Planner}*. Manhattan I 1 *14 14 14 in«
C. JJyerH. New-York 2 <• l.i Hi J2.00
A Hmedley, Manhattan ... 1 o 12 12 12.00
H. E.'.Uonner, Livingston....! v i_' 1 2 i-^m
W. a. <iray. Montclair . . .:: o 'm sa P) tffi
A. liackus. Montclair ■ : l 15 "Ji W.bo
■Signifies not out.
HOWLING A VEI :a< ; i».
Maid- Wlck-Aver
lialls. tns. Huns. «ts. .IK' 1
UVAVnltaker K. A. -" u> i _■_■ 7 314
M. It. Cobb, LJvinKSton .....119 4 01 11 5 M
N. s. Walker, Jr.. Uvlngston.. -i :i :!7 r. 740
A. V. Clarke, K. A. C . 13* i; 41; „ 7 Mi
i' -'. l'.-endercast. Manhattan. M 2 ::.' ■; 75
A. Sm-il.y. Manhattan ii", .'. .;.i 3 1 ,
F. P. Kelly. K. A. C .... 15« <; .',O 1 yz r,.i
A. Haiku:-:, Montclair ■ -■•'• 4 14.1 1 1 |3 in)
J. K. Ituhcrts. New York '- 0 l.i 1 1:; 00
K. IT. Uclapenha, Montclair. "..aw r. 1.'..". 11 14. (t>
H. Tattersall. New-York ... -1. 1 :, i.'.- -i ]-. ■■■>
J. I'atks. New-York 110 2 u« ii is it;
«.'. liyers. New-York hi 2 ;.-• :. Ix4o
A. 1: Miftiln Mont tail .. l«>i 4 l.".o 7 1- -.7
J-\ J. I^.uKlilin. New-York 7^ 1 EM :: lit ::.:
W. Adam, Manhattan •■", 4 11 3 20.50
H. Hu»ht..n. Manhattan 42 1 ii; 1 ■'<■ ...
C. W. Wilson, Montclair . . . . i* 1 2<\ 1 20 <>>
A southbound < -h 1 trie lar in Lenox-ave., operated
by Jolia <"ro:.lii, ran lui.j a croestown car of th<'
Avenue Hu>- at One-hundred-and-twenty
•■ r.iay afternoon, and the shock of the
:i threw both care from ih» tracks. Th»ro
wer< few passengers In either cur, but they w.-re
■ d. X.> one was hurt.
Th<- mark.-ts for crude and refined petroleum
were without feature i-i^t w.-.-k. Prices for both
here, but In London a
slight decline In crude is reported. Operations In
the fields continue moderately active, especially In
• E •' ■■ where a number of large
•en compl. ted of lati The we< k'a
ipments In • I n, however, have not
been or s;.«-. :ai Importance. T)n- Northeast exten
sion of the Wolf-Bummli Held I maintaining: iis
-r.i. and the opinion prevails thai addi
tional good results will follow, a t.-st well was
drilled on the '■'■ L-. Strothers f^nn, which has
■ r,..rr,-i producer. Beveral ot!u-r
developed, showing from thirty
to aeventy-flve barrels each. In tho Trenton Rook
district* a decline In operations Is reported, und
f«-w wildcat w.-iis have been located. The pro
duction, however, holds uj> remarkably well, and
t;i<- ru::.s are said t., be larger than i,.-vrr.il y.-.irs
-1 petrol* im closed .>t 7.86 cents a -
:. 1 5. J0 cents in bulk at New-York,
1 I*li- —-; * • • • ii n >-- on a basis <>f f< i>ointa
tower, r'oi- ign Quotations wcr.-: i^ondon. C\n per
Imperial K'ill«»n; Antw.-rt>. ]»'-, francs i>er l>o klloa.
<tn<l ]-trvm«n. 6.66 murks por 60 klloa
Th.^ book for th" twenty-second annual meeting
of the Brighton Beach Racing Association, of
which William A. Engeman i.- president an I Ralph
Bayard rai Ing - i n tary, has just been Issued.
The meeting will begin on Friday, July ■
there will be i cry day, except Sundays, at
the Brighton track, until Wednesday, August 8.
:e. There are many stake contests to be
i at the meeting and nominations to these
races were received lmm nearly all of the !'i^
■ stables In the East. It i-= thought that
some leading Western stables will also be well
represented at the meeting. On the opening day.
Friday, July 6, the Montauk stak.-s ..f J;;.0o0, for
two-year-olds, at six furlongs, and the Sai
Stak.-s. with 0.200 added, for three-year-old miles,
at one mile, will i><- de ided Some of the leading
entries in the Montauk Stakes ar.' Bedeck, Bell
ario. Black Fox, Bonnibert, Handwork, Irritable,
Sweet Lavender, Tommy Atkins. Tower of Candles
and Watercolor.
The principal feature ol the card arranged for
the second day will be the Brighton Handicap, for
three-year-olds and upward, at one and one-quar
ter miles and the Choice Stakes (selling), with
$1,000 added, for two-year-olds, ai six furlongs. The
Brighton Handicap will end the si spring
- at the local tracks. Closing with
threescore entries, fifty-five remain eligible to take
part in this handicap. Last season the Brighton
netted th<» winner $»'.-<■> more than the Brooklyn
Handicap, t1.620 more than the Suburban, and led
the Metropolitan l>y the matter of H.€7o Since the
ition of weights fifteen of the Brighton nomi
nations have Incurred penalties ranging from one
pound to twelve pounds. Imp at 12S and Jean
Beraud at i-T pounds each takes up one pound
over the original handicap, and John Bright 120,
and Box, I\'j. are carrying two pounds pi n.iliv i ach
Ethelbert's victories >.l>li.^i- him to shoulder 123
pounds, an extra Impost of three pounds, and Raf
faello, 116; The Kentuckian, 109; Greyfeld, 102; Sar
matian, 100, and All Gold, '.'.' pounds, are mi mbers
of the lour pound penalty class. Kinley Mack's
original allotmi nt ii; the Brighton was 121 p >und ; .
His Brooklyn and Suburban triumphs, hi
si rye to advance his official burden to 127 poun I. .
The three-year-olds Kilmarnock, 113; Standl
and Petruchio, I<C ar.- each "penalized" al twelve
pounds for spring stako victories. Sldnej Luca
also Incurred a penalty <>f twelve pounds by win
ning tha American l>.-r'.i>. Following is the Bright
on Handicap field «.■? eligibles, -\itli N\>i-;his cor
: to date:
Kth.ell.ert 12!>|Scannel ... 104
Imp lis! David Gnrri k, ... IMS
Kinley Mack ]-; Imp Eddie Hurke ■• 1"-!
J-:m Ueraud.. J27l PetruchU .. . . l •-'
Batten ix: Lataon 1"'-
AlKol 122 Azucena . ... 1"-
H*nKl«" 121 Walt Not 102
John Bright IS!*! Qreyfeld 1"-
Box 11» Marlbert H'l
Voter Ill) j Montanlc l'">
Vr;:. ■•> McClurg 117! Gonfalon '■■'
Martlmaa llfl Venturo 1""
lfaffaeli^ no Sarmatlan '•"'
A<imirat;oii l!.-, »•.:■ . of Melbourne . i'" 1
Kush 115 Star Brlßht -''
Approval 114 1 Colonel ItoOMvelt '•''•'
Uebar.Karl 114 Mlßslonary '••»
Kllmarnock 113 Herbert '•''
Bunding JlJlAnjou '■"
Autumn ill Lamnllßhted ''"
Th,- ntucklan JO. All <S"I-1 • ! '7
Sidney L.ucaa ihi Mischievous '-■•'.
Warr.n.ton l«i Motley '•';•
Mesmerist 1"7 i:iiln ConiK •. . '•'•''
Half • ma l«7|OoldlOr '■"
Decanter To? Mlllstrrnm . ... 03
Krlss Crlng l«« Sitrath<E>nan I*3
JuoJv ivhu lUS
On Tuesday. July 10, will be run the First At
tempt Stakes, with $1,000 added. f.<r t wo-y.ar-.1.1n.
;it five furlongs, and two ilays later will b« dwilded
the Nauti . Stakes, with %\.'2>*> added, for three
year-olds, ;it ono and ono-slxteenth miles. Among
tlic entries for the Nautilus arc Colonel Ftoosevelt,
1 Mvid Garriek, Gonfalon. James, Lieutenant (iil>
son. Mesmerist, I'etruchlo, l'rln..- of Melbourne^
Sidney Lucas and StandlnK- On Saturday. July 11.
will bo run tho I'unehestown Handicap Steeplu
chasc, over the full course, and the Venus StaK.-..,
of £!.<»«>. for two-year-old Miles, at five and one
hall furlonßS. Add, Anecdote. Ashes. Cap and
Bolls and Sweet Lavender arc amoni? tho nomina
tions to ttibi race. The Test Handicap, with Cl ."'«.>
.•HI.!.-.l';''fr.:-il l r. .->. •:!!•-.. I. !s .:n.l upward, .it dim mllo.
Is the \vtai number on the card prepared f"r Tues
da .'. July "17 ■ In this rac« Kthelbrrt ami Imp ar«
<nt.r<<l. Tho chief attraction ..ri Wednesday, July
:<<. will be »h.- Ualjylon St.ik.-s i *- .- I : i u t - » . with J:."«)
added, for three-year-oida, .it s.-vi v furlonKu; on
Thursday. July 19, the. Atlantic Ht;ik.-s. with *I,SO
added, for two-year-olds, at *lx furlongs, and on
Saturday, July 21, ihi Undergraduate Stakes, with
$1,000 added, for twiT-year'-olds. at !u<- and one-half
furlongs, and the Sea Gate Stakes. ..f $3.<wrt. f>>r
three-year-olds, ;it one and one^juarter miles.
lUlrim Lieutenant Gibson, Mesmerist, Missionary,
Petruehio, I'rlnce <>f Melbourne. Sarmatlan and
WUidmcro are among the entries to thti Sea Gate.
The Spinster Stakes, with $1,000 added, f'.r t«..
year-old-flllies, ;it six furlonfTß, will !■■• run on Tues
day, July 24; the Islip Stakes, with SLSOO addrd, for
three-year-olds «n.; upward, :st <•!;.• mile, <>n
Wednesday, July 25; the S<:i Gull Handicap, \s;Hi
• 1.200 added, for threc-yc-ir-olds at ono mile, on
Thursday, July 26, and iho Neptuno Stakes, of
■;..,.,., for two-yea r-old.s, at six furlonK*. ;i>"l "•••
l'e-or.lc Stakes, with SI.DOO added, for thrce-year
oMs, at ono and onc-elehth miles, on Saturday.
July 2S.
Among the eligibles to ;:;•■ Neptunn Stali.-.- are
Alan! SchoCk, •'. In. ha<) been performing well in
tho Wei t; All Green. Golden At;--, Handwork.
Holstein. Smile, Tommy Atkins. Watercolor, ami
Yorkshire Hoy. Tho l»i."iafT Stakes, with $!.•»>•
added for two-year-old Illlles. Nt ttvo and i half
furlongs, and Iho FliKht Handicap, with Jl.iuO
added, for all ages, at tix furloiiK^. will i»<- decided
on Tuesday, July 31; the Sea <*!iff Stakes, with
$l,t«ni added, for all ages, lit Six furlongs, on
W.-diK-sti.iy, Aii^ii.-i I; the Itislng Generation
Siak.-f-. with $1.2«J0 added, for two-year-olds, at sis
furlongs, and tho Glen Cove Handicap, with $!,-'«)
added; for three-year-olds, at one anu a sixteenth
miles on Thursday, Aut;n.st -'
Tin' features of tti<- card «n Saturday, AiiLjiist I,
will bo the lirighton •'up. with JO."*) mlde.l, for
three-year-olds und upward, at two and one-quarter
miles, and tho t3lectrlc Handicap, with Ji.oiw itd<leil,
fur two-year-old Illlies, at furlongs. Some of
the nominations fur tin- lirighton t'ui» are Admira
tion, Bangle, batten. Kthelbert, Imp, Jean Ueraud,
John Hriglit, Kilmarnoek, Kinley Mack, I'rlnce
McClurg, l'rlnco of Melbourne, Kaffaello, Sidney
Lucas and Standing. On Monday, Aujrust 6, iho
principal attraction will : •■• II. ■ \S'inK«-cl foot Handi
cap, with $1,000 added, for two-year-olds, at live
furlongs: <>'.) Tuesday, August 7. the Chantllly
lliir.lle Handicap, for three-year-olds and upward
at oiw and a half miles, over six hurdle-, anil th«
Brighton Junior Si tikes, of $Ji.\i«io, fi>r two-yt-ar
olds, at six furlongs. AmoriK the iiif.nl- -i to the
iirlghton Junior Stakes are All Green, Alard
Scheck, I :•■.!.■. Handwork; Prince Charles, Tommy
Atkins and Watercolor. 'i hi feature of the pro
grummo arranged for tin- closing day. August S. i.->
!!..■ Jamaica Slakes, with Jl ,<*.«» added, lor threo
j.ar-olds and upward, at Heven furlongs.
There were many visitors yesterday to th«
Sheepshead Hay track, but most of thorn did not
arrive there until lale. No horses were, exercised
late in tli<- afternoon, although only a small num
ber of the thoroughbreds at Hi- truck were seen
on the course in tin- early hours. Among I i:.
trainers who exercised some of i heir charges at
an early hour at the Shcep.shead May track were
A. J. Joyner, J. 11. McCormlck, John I-.. Madden;
I. Wimmcr and James Uowe. Wimmer exercised
liu^-h, Jean LSeruud, Klllashandra and some others
of iiis string. His charges which he sent on t In
track were only galloped. Perry lielmont'a Kthel
bert ivi red on.- and one-eighth mlli in J:i^i. David
CJarrick also ran the same distance In ahout I':<m>.
Autumn made a mill- in 1:43 Madden nave ten of
his horses ;i morning outing. They walked around
the track and were then sent hack to their stable.
James Howe asked none of his thoroughbreds to
do heavy work. J. II McCormlck, who trains the
BtriliK of thoroughbreds owned by 1.. V. Hell, sent
Kadford a mill in 1:35. C T. Patterson's All Green
and Historian galloped rive furlongs. Mosquitoes
uud lats visit the track Ii swarms In the early
hours. They not only make life miserable for the
trainers and the stable hand: but cause the horses
tT become very restless. The pests appeared to be
more alert ami more numerous yesterday morning.
It is the opinion of some trainers at the Sheeps
head Bay track that <"harl»-s 11-:i.| Smith is not
now likely to come East soon, especially for the
purpose of racing Lieutenant Gibson a-ainst the
Lest horses at the local tracks, owing to Lieuten
ant Gibson's showing in the American Derby
While the majority of turfmen who had been
Lieutenant Gibson perform In public this year ex
pected him to win the American Derby, there are
several person who carefully watched the per
formance of the fleet three-year-old son of G W
Johnson and Sophia Hardy who .ii.i last week,
und are still of the same opinion that the colt
was 1101 in perfect condition and his showing on
Saturday wan no surprise to them. One of the
persons •■ ■!. • thought Lieutenant Gibson was m
poor condition was James V. i artei who offered
$^i\<hiij for Lieutenant Gibson early in the season
Karl last week he said In speaking about Lieu
tenant Gibson*! chances to capture the Vmerlcan
"I do not believe Lieutenant Gibson Is within
twenty pounds as good as he was at Louisville last
month. Ii he was there would be nothing to the
race. He did too much work earl in the year \
early as March and April he was making Ix fur
longs In 1:13V4 and 1:14, and miles In 1:40. At that
time he could run a mile In 1:33 any day with 125
pounds on his back, which 1 doubt If he can do at
present. He was well filled out across th« withers
then, and when 1 looked him over last Sunday II
struck me ha had faded away somewhat. I hon
estly believe he has been worked too much and 1
believe there I- still a touch of that Louisville ma
laria in his bones."
The victory of Sidney Lucas. in U>«" American
Says Socrates, "The beautiful cannot help
being the useful." So tbt> .]\nu> Bride's friends
every year look more and more coldly at tlu
useless rhinos and warmly greet useful beauty.
Suggestions for those still undecided-
Dainty desk chairs, genuine Chippendale repro
ductions, so picturesque and comfortable, from
Colonial "steps" (such :is our grandmothers
used for displaying their treasured bits of
china) alone, or with quaint "high-boy"
underneath them, if you choose. Delightful for
curio hunters and china lovers.
Toiler -hisses, inlaid and carved beauties in
Louis XV.. Louis XVI.. Renaissance, Empire,
Sheraton, Colonial. No fastidious lady but
would lie charmed with such a jrift as you can
give, when you
Geo. CLFLint Co.
*3. 45 and 47 WEST 23? ST.
factory: 154-jAnd 156 west l9™STßcrr
l),.ri.\ was one of the biggest surprises of the year
to a number of trainers al the Sheepshead Bsiy
tia-k who saw him recently i:. Canada. "1 saw the
horsi before he was shipped to Chicago." said J. !l.
McCormick yesterday in speaking about his vic
tory, "and h.' seemed to I"- si re and In very poor
condition 1 lid not think he had a chance to i apt
ui .■ .i n> hi nors in t !:• !•::: rai c
"Tod" Sloan will be the owm r of one of the iir..--t
hou es In Sheepshi id Bay in the near future. The
hoii ai - he ordered built for himsell at Sheepshead
Bay is now in course ol erection, and v is
.sill be r< adj t r occupancy before f ii!. Ai -
cording to a report, "Tod" Sloan has >< m word
that he will sail for this rountry soon, and that he
Intends to i i.i>" rhis season ut t(>- local tracks.
Senator T l> Sullivan and some of his friends
are >m;i interested In the movemem to build a
racetrack In Buffalo. He visited Buffalo several
■lays ago, and whilo there h<- was asked
tt:.- proposed track. He in reported to have
sai. I that he had nol yet decided to build a
trai-k there, and that whatever steps he to..k
In the matter would depend upon the re]
i ■ n. Ide t.. him by Thomas 1). X- Illy, th< pn » I
<<t tho Queens County Jockey club. He intimated
■ ■ ight that 1 utT iln would 1- ok
ivor upon n racetrack, he would build one
thero. He added that he would consult with Mr.
X' Illy on his return to this ■ I
"S-wr.i! superintendents of Western tracks ■■••
ntly trying to attract people to their tracks
Improvi rai Ing condition " ■snid a \-i>it..r t..
tho Sheep head Bay track ■■■ terday morning.
"While I was at St. Louis recently." addi
: was talk St. Louis
I !.i k .: Iho hi :i'i of tin It was
Iby n patn 1 ludgi Fi mSt !
While I was In ( 'hli ago pn para
lions sv. i.- being madi f"r the
Park meeting. 1 wj
iar> li. wa ■ ton Park Cli
reel ii num I ...
[j, in the ' I ' ibli s, so
lun :h< ) could eat
Th« entries for to-day's races at - id Bay
FIRST KACE— For two-year-olds; weight* to b* «evea
pounds below tho scale; horses entered not to t»" so!.!
to carry twelve pounds cxtn. Five furlongs of
Futurity Tourso.
Name Wt.| Name. Wt.
McAddla 127 A.hi.ir:.! Pepper US
S. urry IS4|Oold H-N 1 1 :
Glrnnelli* . '-* Th« Ulut-coat . . I!"-
I'lKeon l\,»l 11.1 Auroua IIS
American 115 Uowon . ... 1 13
DnWer 113|<ilrnwnnd ...113
c mj..-tlt..r 1151 Kdurat* 112
Happenrcker . 1131 Lambkin .112
llrnwmlale . II". S[...il Si«t: 112
rnrkrblre Boy . . .11.". I I •.-.•: 112
Cjjm 11 113 C«nni« PC
SECOND ltACE— Fur thre.«-year-old» an.l upward; with
{1,000 added; w.-ikli^ flfteen pounds at-. Ye the :-\il.-.
ultuwanre*. One mile. <n turf.
May Hi-mi»trad 13»'«! Kamara HI
lilue Devil 133 Umluln 111
Miller lit; Music LJcht h»l
Jack I'-.lnt llfl Ten Candlea ...loti
Ma.l.-.-l of I'aif llll|N'an»en . . 103
Tiiihb ka<-:: tiii: /.i:i iiyk, with »i.»«o ...i.i.-.i. for
l».> yrar ol«l»; u.-.kli:» P» pounds !..;.,»■ the kcale;
pcaaltl«ki entrance fe« $I<> e-.irh: to »rrond hunte jjoo
un'l iv ti.lrJ ill'} if the uJ^.J money. I'utunty
It W. Wai '.. n .v -S n»" !.;~. f. Anecdote, by T-.m
Oehlltren -Uixlc T-.'-.f 11 ;•
J..1.M l>i!y» ill. f. l^i-lu^.-1J..-. t>> li!» Hl«hn«-»»—
Nf B ;. a 11 »
V H I*. Kamlolph'a \U..n- SScurry. by Si. Charlei»—
WhltH Ho.ua ll .. ' l'»
i. T Wll»^n. jr.». t. i-..Tl.u.l'.ir.i.|'r. l>y I<.n»C3tr<-rt —
Pretence "
<-. I! M-.rr.-n<h. .-. i:«derk, by.Star.ltuby- Itedotte, 11U
» - . 1.1t!1.!'.-.J Jr.-. It. o. Olympla. by DureUln—
Flrrnzlta US
Th. l>i>per St.il.:-» eh. c. Klr.^ lTpfrr. by Kar.taku
— Ornovlev* "-
W (thowalter** eh r. Trlam<»n, by Hanover— Toloaehe. 112
.' I. llollan'i'p br, c Lief Pr.me. by Prince U«-f ur
I>rnni.!u- Notalto H-
J ): .-. F I" Keene'a i> c, ComnumtA, by iMintno —
i:.>u..i i:.~ "
\v ■• \Vhuii'-v'» h. r. 11 4-i.in. by llanover-7-Anna
Clray "=
KOI'UTH HAT HnnJlcnp, with $i.-'») v. !•!••!. for three
y ii- old* .in.l i!p«ur.l. One .-in! < n>- rlthth mllea
Dorunter US ''•" Time l"t
Intrusive 117 Memo P"
Maxim . r.nmn If l-Htontua ;»>
Colonel IUK«»-veli 1"*. ltadf..nl •.'.-»
FIFTH HACK l!nr.:i.- handlrap; f.ir four year-olda :ir. !
upward. One on>l »ii< # half miles, ■>!> turf, nwr hit
I'r. ElchlKTß 14*1 PraUKht»man 130
tlardy C IS3 Al 1t..-w- I.:.
Hi ily Pardee 134 Monroe Doctrine 130
hhliifun.- 134
BIXTH ItACl Selllne: for three-year-oldii. non-winnera
c.f $n<H> thla yr.tr. S.x furlonjcn, ..ii main lra< U.
MMnummer 11l nim.iene« f>r
Manral.- 111! Harry M.-«-.,uti :>■;
Avennt»ke los IVacrful !Ml
The Corinthian Hfi Tourni'y !•'•.
Klrtiron '•■■■' !'•.
.^..lnit I"*J r iik Ix.mlna :>l
«>r-.-i.l : is Prejudice 111
JiiCKlery l»7 Allutrw . Mi
Fatalist '■• Eileen I'.ily .... M
L\ H \ '//. \ Ms.
A STKONfi KNTRV LIST Ki:■"l:i V!;i > KOR
The Metroiiolllan Championship lawn tenni
nament will begin I
Tennis Club, Highty-nlnth-st. und Central Purk
West. This t. mi ii. un. Nt \t n< \t In Impi
II i ::■• rtiun) ry
to tho Middle States' Championship, which takes
place nexi week at Orange, and a hoot of th«
Btrongesl candidates for the. latter title have en
tered tho Metropolitan meeting In order to t «-t Int..
th.ir best form for tho big contest of tho early
I■■ ■ . closi .1 on S I urdaj for Iho West
Side tournami I and the list filled even better
than expected There urn no f. w.r than I •
n... players entered for the championship singles,
the star event of the \s.-.k. and this number In
cludi ■ all of the crack 1.., al expi rts, !>•■• Id
players from Vale, Princeton, Harvard and
Columbia. Then there ssill be David un and Gla*f
bniok from Wa hington; L'olwell, Mollenhauer and
Tuibot, from Brooklyn; t w . ► [.i.i.s.-i., from Morrii
town, and one or ivs-. ■ m oul of t..wii
. lubs.
i: P. IV .hi i . who has I Ice won the bl chal
lenge cup emblematic of the Metropolitan cham
pionship, has been practising steadily for Home
tlmo for the defence of his honors, and he Is play
in;,- us well now, it not better, than ever before.
if he succeeds in beating his challenger for the
championship at the end of the week the big cup
will bo lii. own property forever. However, he will
have six stronK adversaries against him in Heals
C. Wright, of Harvard; John A, Allen, champion
of Yale; Raymond I). Little, champion of Prince
ton; J. Parmlj Paret, the Southern champion; John
C. Davidson; from Washington, and K. U. Alexan
der, ..in Prim .-inn
in the handicap Ingle there are thirty ■ en
tries, only one player lens than the l.i;; field that
started for the handicap prize last week, In the
Lenox Tennis Club tournament, and this number
Includes most of the crack players and a lot of
weaker men. Entries for the doublet) will not be
cloned until this afternoon, but there will l>« .i
strong Held In this competition us well, for llackett
i.T.I Allen, of Vale the second l«-sr team of last
reason, will play, together with Fischer and Little,
who won the Lenox doubles on Saturday Paret
and Davidson, who hold the Southern champion-
Bhlp, an.i a number of other strong combinations
The drawings for both scratch and handicap
singles were made yesterday, and resulted as fol
Championship slnirtea (preliminary round) C Wrtirhl
Hurviird attain i l >r. i. W. Glaxebrook, Washington; W,
C. I. runt. Cottimbla, i.,;.ui.-t Calhuun »'r:iKln. Weal Si. la
r. '' . T. H. T..11 -i. KiiiKa County T. C against J C
PavlJson, Wnahli. ■a. O. B. Smith. Jr.. Murrlhtown
•foinit -a Player' . 8. 11. Gillei I. MorrUtown, a«"ain»i
V.\. Walnh. Lenox T. C; I. B. Mahan Columbia
KtfUinht (>. M Boatwli \\V.-t Bide T. (' R ]> little
Princeton, acalnat a. .s. Crairtn, Wen Side T i\; j. p!
i, a ,' '■'."'•' " " 1.. T. '• »«»ln«l H. F. Holbro Ii \Ve«t
Blda T. C.j ■' M. Relyea, New-York A. V. mralna • C X
t«nn«»aey, West Side T. C
First fuund A 11. Bow en, West Side T. C against
itooert '■ I ■■-!. Jr.* King County ,T. C.; F. U. Alexander.
l nmeton airalnst L,. B. L»doux. rornwall wlnnen of
preiinunary matches agaliwt each other In ordei winner
of la»t prellminar) match again I W. B. Cragln, Jr. We»«
Allen V C '- iU>l ' h '"' k v New-York A. C, M*>"« J. A.
Allen. > ule.
Vlan<llokp «!n k -l.» (preliminary round) — U. Av»nr.
The Great Straw Goods Sale still continues,
with the Greatest Values ever ottered in the
City 01" New York. Every Hat mu>t be
disposed of, and in order to close them out
promptly we are selling them
Regardless of Cost!
of Fme French Chip, handsomely trimmeJ.
in kuugh Braids, of fine nuality.
in all Colors and Braids, all Correct Shapes
and best quality straw ,
C2T Worth 1.50 to 2.50 each,
T%Jr Each.
Regular Value, 1.75,
85 C each.
Children's Trimmed Sailors
in Fine and Roujth Straws and in All Colors.
IST Regular Value, 1 90,
25 C each.
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 21st Street.
West Fide T. C, a^rjintt .1. P. I'aret. Orani;« 1.. T. C;
C. i:. Fenne»»ey. West .- .-:■• T. »'.. against T. M. Dono
hue, Lenox T. C; i" It. -\l-\ .. lTin.»-t..n. :i;;ain»t
l>r U W. Glazebrook. Washing! in; K. l>. LJtlle, Prince^
ton. agalnal M. Handler, Central rark; W. l: . 'ragm, Jr..
West Si.io T. C. uj;alnst .1. «'. Davidson, Washing:. n;
A. B. It wen, West Sid.? T. <\. uwainst W. L. <"Uhn.
Uedford Fark; <*. t - . Kdward. Central I'ark. ilnat W.
Kosenbaurn, Centra] Park; A, S. »"rai;in. West Side T. C-,
UKiiinst F. U Sliul.-. West Side T. C; G. L Wyeth.
I^-n..x T. CV. .-iKaln^t C. M. Relyea. New-York A. C: E.
P. Fischer, Weal Side T. c. aj-'-i'nst Kaiph Hlckox, New-
York A. c. : O. l- Smith. Jr., Mi>rrist-.wn. »tfainsr li. F.
Hull. rook. West Side T. A. H. l*.-.kett. W«st Sid-?
T. C, against Calhoun Cragtn, West Side T. C; C. F.
CUurksbn, West Side T. «\. aKalnst Uul^-rr Colwell, jr..
Kings County T. C; < ». M. Itostwick. West Side T. C,
axalnsl T. H. TalNit. Kin«^ County T. C; E. KirklanJ.
West Side T. C. , UK-'insl 1- J- Martin. Lenox T. C.
Kirdt r.'tini! — Ia it. l«.-.1oux. Cornwall, utainsi winner
of Avery-Paret preliminary match; winners of all other
preliminary matches ., t :.m.. ■ rach uthcr In order.
TluSs. Wnn.Ltst.P.r.l Clubs. W<in.lmLP.e.
Brooklyn 33 17 X.f-> Chicago . -• -> .1' -
Philadelphia .T_* I!) .tUTlCincinnati .- -7 .41.»
1:..>t..n -i 23 ,41M»; SU I-uis -'■ 27 .OS
Pittsburg •■> ITT .-■-.. vj '-•> .~IK>
3 "5 I■;CDI;S I O 111 1 O<1t" I . S» I . Q
3 =: i: ~ z =i • 2; 2
£ 1 § | g = _ :^'3
Club.. 'Si 2 -- - 3 3 =• c s
: : _ : _i J L _i_LL i_
Rrooklyn .". — 1 51 71 41 4| 5| 4] 4| Xt
I'hlUdrlphla i\ — .'. 3 .'.i 4 S X S^
lloktun I "]'—] * »l B *\ •'•! 2»
I'lttstmri: :i 4' .v - ! 4' 5 :; 3' 23
Chtcin.-. I j, .•. a .••)—; 3 ■»! 4| 21
Cincinnati I 1 1; 4 C. — .'. 2| ..
St. U-iiils i .11 -', .".! 3- 4; l! — i 41 2O
New-York 1 3j 2| a! 4! z 3| =| — | ll>
Games losi | 171 1»| "•"•: 2T| 2s! 27[ -J.'j\ —
Chicago, June 21. — Cincinnati batted (Iritnth, so
hard anil effectively to-day that ha retired in the
:lfrh. in favor of G.irvin. The locals hit Hahn
h.ird, but Bvnerally ri»;ht Into the hands of some
fielder. Chance will 1«> out of tha Karne for s<>rne
Mine. Ih'liik badly BptkPd by Burr. In ;i collision
ar the p!uti>. Attendance, •■ The score follows:
i: 11. i:
• •:... :iv . ] •> rt •> o '. 0 •> O— .: b I
.... i • • <• . . < > 0 1 o »> — ."> lt> ;»
Ualt^rle*— Grlffllh. f.arvtn. fhiin-e an.l Nl;h,.ls; Uahn
anj lvitz.
At Weehawken yesterday th.> West New-York
Field Club \\>>n fr.. tn the Ironsides by the scoi
of ;: to -. l'.ertrand an.! Deegan, the pitchers, were
in io>i>l form, only seven hits belnK made, off each.
Barrett; Cuslck and McGrath each made a three
buse hit. DSi-trlch made two of the home team's
h::s. The score:
It. H. E
West NVw-TuA ...... 1 <> o i i «k-;i 7 .>
IromlJei .1 <• «• •• o 1 o .1 O— 2 7 3
LUttrrips — IVrtrun.l and <>'N,;i; iv.-tr.in ani Saltera.
At riuffalo— Ruffalo. 7; Cleveland. '.
At Minneapolis— Minneapolis. :.': Milwaukee. 1,
At Detroit— Detroit, 10; Indianapolis, 3.
At Providence— Providence. 4: Syracuse, 2.
Gales Ferry. Conn., June 2\. — The last Sunday
the Vale crews will spend in quarters hero previous
t.i ilnir races with Harvard on Thursday next was
marked with morn than wonted Quietness on the
part of the men, thourh some little diversion was
fount] in the several visitor.-, to the quarters and .i
perusal of the Sunday papers, varied by trips on
tho launch.
(for oilier >|ii>r(iiiK iien» »•-.- fourth [i.i^<-.i
Cedar Rapids, lowa, Juno 21.— Charles Mefford,
twenty-seven years old. became Insane last night
and escaped fr"in his home. To-day he plunged
through a window of the house of James FilZSlm
mons, armed with an axe, and split open Fitzsim
mons's head and seriously injured Mrs. Fits-
Blmmons and her daughter, Kate. Joseph Drake, a
neighbor, who came ti> tlu-ir assistance, was struck
over the head three times and probably fa,tally in
jured. Mefford then flit!. After running several
blocks he tired a bullet through his left breast, be
low the heart, and as the police came upon him.
sat down on the curb and put v second bullet
through his head, dropping dead.
Sunrise 4:2o|Sunset ?:S3|Moon riies am 3:o9 l Moon's ate _•;
HIGH WAI l- i:
A.M.— Samly H.~k tt:«MlGpv. Island iU:m 11,11 Gale S:US
V M Sand) Hook •• J. •• .v l tan I<■ ..> u< ;i i; at . tt -;^
Viib.l. From. Lane.
Main ltriTiHrn. June l.: X <: Lloyd
(ialllr,. Hull. June 13 Wilson
M. i.iii Si l.u.ua. Jun« 17 Uo^tU
Mh.is.iuii) X •H. r .i..::i. June 14 Hoi Am
Cutic Liverpool, in« IS wiuto st4r
John K..ihirt-11l ... Si I.u.i.i. June is
Alleghuny l"..rt Uraon, June M( Atlaa
Pruteuii Ne»-i 'rl.-uMs. Juti.> 20 Cromwsll
Xl Sua Sew-Orteiui*. Jun< 2u Moricaa
Vita c s^n J ua.n. Jun« 'M N V 41 l' R
Alum.. .... Colon. Juno 19 I'anama X X
Intlraniuyu London, Juun IS
X Win Jcr (irmn Bremen. June til N <J LloyJ
Konvlnston Antwerp, Juno It; u«.j star
BU nf Nebraeka .Olimow, Juno 14 Allmi-dtute
ll'.llur ... . t'unlcna*. Juna »1 — —
Titanic liarbadoa, June 21
Archlir«tf« QlbnUtar, June 13 Italian
Majvstlc erpool, June 20 Wiilto Star
branutn. . . .ISnmHsn, June a; SO Uoytj
Poatloc Ulbraltar, Juno la M«.dlterrun«-:iu
Columbian Livuipuul, June is LtylanJ
H.-l: lrlka Alstera. June ia .
Alps Jamaica, June 10 . Atlas
Con (i • . ;.ilv.-»t.n. Jui .• la Hall ry
Xl Dorado Naw-Orltuuut, Juno 'z: M^r^a-ii
VcmcL For. Mi.- Man, c 1,,50. Vcssrl Mil*.
lliii.ivlj, IlamburK, llumtv-Am 9:lM>pnt
Vlnanco, Colon. i'uJimiu* It U I>.J») a m l:i"'l>m
Exceptional Values in
Women's Suits!
Sailor Suits of White Pique, Blouse has
collar and front finished with rows of in
sertion, New Shape Skirt with four rows
of insertion and finished with deep hem
Black Cheviot Suits. Fly Front Jacket with
Facings and Reveres of Peau de Soie, lined
with Black Taffeta, Skirt is the New Shape
and lined throughout with French Percaline
Lawn Waists!
Imported White Lawn Waists, perfect in
shape and finished with both soft and
laundered cuffs. Regular value, 1.25,
A Complete Line of
at Very Luw Prices.
7 1ST REGT. BAND. I A i 121^.10a1 2 1^. 10a
T.>-nii;ht i l'ain"s Great SpectAcle an.l Mrcworka.
at t- I J I V A M \.
SP. M. | Jai.an in Flower anJ Klarae.
By arrariKtment with th* Au.^ustin Da'.y 'it«,
££ h JAMES T. POWERS &£.££
Mar. ■ at 4. XTKA Mat. July 4.
July 'j — Primrose Ji I>jikst.nier's Uiastrela.
CAS I ! Re-opens TMgIKS^S 3
Rook to.m.t: ted marks' scmmek soikees:
The NEW YORK it .BTwajr & 44U» *t. Eres. 8:10,
1 118 fltll TUhJV Uarsata Mats. uv,;. sat,
Supplementary Every Ere. 0:1 Roof tr-ovrredk
yUU I AUIO II Perform, rain or shir.c.
& MUSIC haul, mna st. .v "vv. Uoolevmrd.
Adrlman. th« World's Xjrloplione t'..!o;sT: O*sw<4l A
Arnold, iVnitn S^ters. Deverc .v X :0.-.:.i. Krr.in^
Carus, ar.J rr.j.ny others.
Morning and Afternoon Concerts
and charm. n< sail m th» majestic liuilauo. s«« Day T^^
ktlvd.. .•,..-.-,...:.. at ana -\ cuiumn*.
<?■ — ■•. 1111. WORLD IN WAI
I'.lH:> NVw r.roups T-.!ay.
i mj *i:i:. TV.* Wonderful CINC.\L\7.>iRAPH.
•p • iU-.ir tr.c Neapotitaa era.
I.i:\U\ Cool.- comfortable, rinar..-^. Cavul'.erta Kn»
l,\«'i:i>l. n.-i.r..i. Rrfrrabmeats; sm. kir.jr totile. Sc.
VA :.. m H.^lt',
VICTORIA ROOF uAHUtIM, : ,.-, wM!l . n i ßtl
VIV/lUniH 1 I^ ully ivoteetea from WmDmk
ST. Mi 11111. <.*IU)KV CCirTt*. i Col. Am
I^AI TCUDADaJ Samn»»r Xifiht Concert*
I\AL I CRDUnH B0 SCoatetana Er«r» Kv— SOo.
To-morrow — Tbchfclltowky** Nu. &
1/riTII'A hum: (iii.ih.w. CI.ARK.
Krl ! H N iiiv a « i.vkk.
SKATS _•'> AND :>•> CENTS. I'.W ANr> NIiiHT.
Matthew* ,v Itirrt*. Lint, n i M.-Intyra.
vihe vTiut.
Mx-«-|>klici4U lli»> . June Mccliui;, IMK).
Jane 25, S»n ST. -^. -v. SO, July -. X 4.
A.i racca cacti day at -:->> I*. M. (rain or -aj.^
>tl» D.YV. MOMMI. Jl.\E --..
M-.i-:- » v I^ndrr.
Tit \IV» 1*11(1 > I TO IK M K.
I*iv« New V.irk foot K^>» ::*t* St.. K. l:.. via I- I. B. R.
Xt 11 A. M.. 1-:P'. 12:^» U:iK> I'arl.-r t'»r Train K 1:1*
!:■», 2:10. 2:*<.i. S:ttt. r...at^ leave f mi Whitehall &^ (v^
S'Jtti Si.. South Li - klvn IVrryi at It A. M-. 1^:"«' M-. tM*
1U:4O l:i»>, \.2». !:*>, -:o<i. -jt-.V. "J:-»o. 3:i»>. From Brook
lyn l!riJc> i.V^w YorW si^ei. ItrtilKa tr:iinn via Kmg«
«.Vumy anj UrUhtoa Heacta Roa 1. ;il?.> Kl.itbush Av*aa«
Burfac« Lin.- via Brighton Beach ... fv.ry l'» miauie*.
From Uroadway, WtUiamsLarr. take Marey-Oetaa A*«.
i.r thr- N'.istrin 1 Ayr. via itriithUin BwiCO Hoai Ail
liroi-klyn Mirf «.■>■ .-iirs irnn^f^r .".ir>->-t t > track.
AI>MI»IO\ 111 I 111 l> sT\M», .-.<>«■.
Extra »cccnimoaiition« r>-turnii:c (rum track.
Semlnole. «"harlest.'n. Cl>Jtr 3:oopm
tVarenae. UarbaUoai 2:i«>pra 4:">>pm
Fiiropa. Inatcua. — - — ll»:0O»ia KH*>M
Xl M:ir. New-Ortrans, Morgan - SaX>P«»
Kaicuaa. Peraambucoi. Slostaa lt:doa.m l.wpn
Germanic Liverpool. Whit* Star :►:<» a m v::'»> ra
M. l"uul. S.iuth»nu't' % n. AnwrLsm 7:>»> a m l->:i*»am
Wcsternlaad, Antwerp, KpJ S:ar lO^Uam l^:t»>m
Matanxaa. Taaiplco. t:n»pm 3j«?a
Silvia. .\\Kfi'ur..i;.in.!. ll:uoani l:u>pci
Kuerst Blsmarrk. Ilambun;. Ham-Am. «i:"J>am ÜbiUm
L'Aqultulnr. H.i\r.-. t-V.-noh C:3nam t.>:i»>am
«:r^.-»-r Kurfuerst. Cremen. ■•• 12^>m
Sesuraaca. Havana. N" V .v i"uba 1 >»• !-.l :::' : opm
NUriiuibo t'uraeno. K«>.l l> ll:nian l:.»pm
Muraval. Grenada. Trlnl.la.l ll:»»>ain l^*>pin
Tallaman. lurUU"<, Demenua !Wpn *:W p ra
suirriSG xews.
PORT O» n::\v YORK. SUNDAY. JUNE 24, I**
.-. i:ur
Steanxr Minneapolis. London.
Steantrr i - n>- ..f l{om« |Itr>. Caxtrr. Gtawow «n>J
MoTitlu June IK. with mdsu ;ir..l paaarnsen t>> Hendersoa
Xlros. Anchored outsWe ih.- Bat al 7:S:s ;> m.
Si.-. i! t'uritan ti:r>. J;in-..'-<, I^,-iTh Jur..- 5, in balUat
to l"tulii» ICuprrcbt. Arrived at the Bar at 4• m.
St. an L*Aqoitalne ft'r>. Simon. Ua-rrv Junr til. wit*
m.tM-. Urn «-.ib:n and -*-7 s:t-«rug<> ;«a^?- ns« - rs to the Com
pagni« Generate Tran»atlanti»iue. ArrlveJ ut the V-i" •*
l:"i> a .ii
Steamer Pow^itan «Isr>. Harendon. Wnlw M:iy lfll
Finnw 14, Trieste SS t;in,-<':-.ti Messtna SI. F*letl»»
June :: ana Gibraltar >. with taOaa to Ptielpa Broa i Co.
Arrived at tin Oar at 7 a m.
Steamer Hrdoutn i!:r). Saaoarans. .
Steamer ttuffon U"-r>. Oh!s. Klo Jr- Janeiro June - ana
Barbados I>. with sn>irf an.! U7 i>.iss.-n^t-ra tv> Bask *
Jcvoas. Arrived «t the liar at 1:1.% a m.
Steamer tfeguranca, Itoicers, Campeche June s. \er»
Crua 15. IT. Kr.-*.. 17 and Havana IV, with mdse 113
paaaenicen t-> Janus X Wuri & Arttved at tho lU*
tit I>:1"> a m. -
St-;im.r olln.i.i (Cuban Lan.-v. llaasna, Havana Jun<» 9.
raibarien 11, Gibara 14. Itaracoa 17. Nuevttaa IS an*
Mataazaa with md>e an.l 7;> rabln pasaeajpara t«> \\ V
llui^.-n. Arrived ut th.- lUir al ':"*>. f> m.
Steamer IToteus, t:.ij;«r. Ncw-Orteaaa June -"" with
mdM an.l passensen to E a Allrn. Detained nutsidt* the
Hook, in account of f. ic.
Steamer Xl las.>. Uoyd. N\-» Orleans 3 da>-m. wlta
nul>o t.. .IT Van Sickle. _*
s.am.T Irwiuols. K«-n»Me. Jactcsonrllle Jun.- 21 arc
Charlestun ZS, with mUse ar..! pasMßSen id William •"■
» ly.l.- * Co. „
steamer »*ity of ItlnnlnKham, Uurjr. Savannah Jun» U.
with niiis..- ;in.l l•.l^M<■ll^;rr•^ t • lh<- o>-.:in «'.•-
Steamer Jefferson. Is.le. Norfolk, with mdM aaJ pa»
senKera t.> the Old lV>minion S» «V.
Steamer Prlnreaa Anne. Norfolk an.l Newport New*-
Steamer Katahdln. Mtlvln. Newport News. Va. with
Co.il t.i the «\>astwls<- tis l*o.
United States converted yacht Mayflower, San Juaa.
I > 1 ■
S.m.lv H,..k. N J. June "J. '.. 30 p m — Wind suulhw»»t;
moderata breeze; d.-ar.
Fl •K!l.;>
London. June S3— Sailed, iteamer European ; r>. '■''• rt! *
Quswnatown Jus 2». 1> "l> a m— Sailed, steamer Etrurta
(Br), Watt (from Uven>.>ul>. New-York. _ .
Southampton. June 24— Arrived, suamer Trave «^f"
rhrlau>(tera. New-York. . ! i.--<-.i Hum <'.i.-:!c at " ■■*>
Usard. June 21 — Passed, gteamcr Novrd'.anJ (Bel*).
Loes.-.Mt'r. Antwerp for New-York. .
Bearhy Head, June 24— PasBed, steamer .:!>aremm
lOer). MentS, llrrmen for New-York.
"'k'ii.-.V June 2S— Passed, steamers StraU> i"- 1 - Jarnin*.
New- York for Man«-h<ster; -tth, American »Ur>. Daniel.
Liverpool for New- York.

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