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JBrookinii SlbnrrhscmeMo.
Our Extensive Show Windows Present a Fair Example of the
Character of Our Assortment of
We Can Supply from our Complete Stock The Newest and
Most Successful Designs in All Trustworthy Grades,
At the Lowest Prices Consistent
With Reliable Merchandising.
In Our Business Methods we differ Widely From Many of
Our Competitors— We Mark the Selling Price of Every Article in
Wain Figures-- We Adhere Strictly to One Price Under All Circum
stances— We Sell for Cash Only-- We do Not Handle "Job Lots/" and—
We Never Issue Misleading Advertisements.
If You are Interested in Goods Pertaining to Our Line,
whether intent upon purchasing or not, we would be pleased to
have you visit Our Warerooms and Note the General Excellence
of Our Carpetings and the Marked Superiority of Our Furniture
in Design, Construction and Finish*
Fulton Street and Flatbush Aye*, Brooklyn*
New Model, "Frisco."
if vcj have not seen this corset you have missed the Very best ever made. Thou
.. about them and thousands more should know of them. They are perfectly
5 and o! the most approved shape. Will reduce abdomen 4 to 12 inches
and lengthen waist Ito 3 inches. We invite all interested to visit our parlors. Send
Entrance Hoyt St. Fulton and Hcyt 3ts., Brooklyn, N. Y.
The wedding of Miss Joanne Ross Edwards and
Char>s Crist Deliaonico on Wednesday evening
it the bcrae cf the bride's parents, No. 113 St.
Mark s-ave.. was celebrated quietly, only relatives
end intimat* friends being present. There was no
inception. The ceremony was performed in the
<srswinp room under a bower of Hewers. Mantel
«nc njirrorc irere massed with pink roses, and the
w»i;g wfrf feptoor.ed with asparagus !err.. G«orges
Hen»u»-t was Mr. Delmonico's beft man. Mr. and
Sirs. Dclmonico will live In Manhattan.
The wedding of Miss Adele Erben. only daughter
~c' P.<:ar-Adn:iral and Mrs. Erben, aa d Charles B.
C. Gsi'lzrd will take place on October 27. at noon,
fa the Church of in* Epiphany, Manhattan, Rela
tive* aj;>l Intimate friends only have been invited
to the wedding breakfast, which will follow at
tbe bride's home. No. Uv Kast Forty-fourth-st..
Manhattan. The Erben family lived in Brooklyn
for several years when Rear- Admiral Erb»-n was
fit tiie Navy Yard.
■ lansjb
f No.
t.e a fuil
i ><- i r
The wedding of Miss Louisa D. Maxwell only
*aught*-r cf Mr. and Mr.-. J. Rogers Maxwell, and
Htmarc F. Whitney, second pan of Mr. and Mrs.
K^nry x. Whitney, will tak* place on Saturday
'"«t.oo!l Novem>M»r 17, at the Cnurch of Our
Sir*. Robert H. Tur>. of No. [Monroe Place.
*]ii tstroduce her elder daught<-r. Miao Millicent
*-,Tfflrle. at a series of two receptions, each to be
•JS?!! 4 , *'>' * dinner, on Saturday afternoons, De
«^jti&fr i and S.
Th* wwifiir,- of Dr. Eiizabrth C GilV.ison and G.
>tobtirg Purv-?.- or Philadelphia, will be solem
««d on December 1 at the home of Dr. OOkisoo's
£f.;*. r - - Jrf -- J Scott Mc^'om!-. at Dob be Ferry. Dr.
<£;£" Ti 1S the eldest daughter ■• Mrs. Anthony
li' 7?' J "' * n^ for n - iir -y years the family lived at
-wtagu'; at.d Hicks Bte.
MM L« announced of Miss Florence
Pataer. eldert daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Lowell
tt P *^ a *f- >J £ No. 2W Clint on -are., and Theodore
y^t of Manhattan- The Palmers have not yet
ia'd" l^ from l " eir oodatry peat, Edgtwood. Stam
fcv „. ,. rin - Mr. Weicker's summer home is near
->■ at Prog»ect Macw.
wedding of Miss Mabel B. French, elder
*■*'*•■■ of Mr. tad Mrs. John W. French, and
j,s riCk De M ' Marekay. * on of Mr - and Mr*.
Kllvfc***' of Ea , v Ks<i«Te. «ai celebrated at the
JU'ir! " OICe I , r Jn Wfcdr.e»day evening. Mr. and Mrs.
Vm , liv *" al No. **> Orand-ave., and
*.'t*W? ■*£ will al home in* r,r^t Wednesday
r^noon of each month until Lent.
of Miss Llsc-tt* -8. Lambert,
Ko^*o ter Ct Mr. «no Mrs- William 3. Lajnbert, of
6evecUl - a ' ye - »r.'j Dr. Frank Kn!«ht, of
CerMlt-a%-e., ha* been announced. After being:
Heiii!« c i ia , ta« dmm of '». at the Brooklyn
r^"VLJr', ra , lnar y Mlss Lambert sailed for Eu
*%i\_. *-'■■■'■•* abroad meet of last winter Dr.
**4 fi -VJ* * rr * d u*te of the College of Physician*!
•«4n> jf * on -is os Uie staff of physicians of St.
Wr «f 7 **** of Miss Rath K. Maxidran. daugh-
L£, Lwi * nd MM ' 8 - WilHam Maddrea. and Richard
*<tbT^' fc ° a °* Mrs. Margaret B. Russell, was
r -£ur4 t * <i » on w »<3neE<lay evening in St. Peter's
s^s» A r " ce ftlon at the home of the bride's
°*fi)- ' *°- 1 Hanson Place, followed the cere-
•a*,^ S4r< - Elliott Burriß. of No. 168 Macon-Bt.,
\tt. Jest* 1 oard * tor the marriage of their d*u»Th
ta^TT* Gwendolyn Burrls, and George W. Knowi
*■> iOtt of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Knowlton.
(Not an Installment House.)
of Wesi 1 pton, Mass., at St. Bartholomew's
! <.fiurch. on Wednesday afternoon, October 24 An
: informal reception wil] follow at the home of the
I !>na<*\- rents, for relatives and a few intimate
■ friends.
M!«s Florence Newman, daughter of Mr. and
Mra. Theodore Newman, of No. 21 Seventh-aye..
will be married on Tuesday evening. October Si)
to Henry Irwin. jr.. at the bride's home. A large
reception will follow the ceremony.
On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 14,
i the wedding of Miss Flora M. Clouser, daughter of
j Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Clouser. of No 22J Park
• Hlaoe. and George C. Germond, of No. 4-12 Wash-
I ington-ave., will be solemnized at the Memorial
I Presbyterian Church.
Miss Ethel Merrltt, only daughter ot Dr. and
Mrs. John Merrltt of No. 842 Prcsident-st., will be
marrl^ii to Gulon Trowbrldge, son of Mr and Mrs
Yesldentnst on the
0 tober 81. at St. John's Chni
ln-.ice? at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which
began .» w-fk ago Friday, in Building No. 23, will
!y. The cliairman of thp
commiti _ Commander J. A P.
1 « ,, . . ■ rices will be - •
' hristmas, and thf other early next year On b »ard
A't-rmont the Brst hop v.
raosed tor Friday. Th»- fiance throughout the
will alternate with the dances at the yard
Georpo f. Dobson has issued cards announcing
the marriage of his daughter. Miss EJ\-elyn E. Dob
son, to Pontus In fle Beton Thompson, on October
*■ at the Holland House. Manhattan. On their re
turn from a three weeks' honeymoon tour, Mr anil
Mrs. Thompson will live at No. 149 Remsen-st.
On Wednesday, at Trinity Church. Lansingburpr.
K. V . the wedding of the Rev. Cornelius L. Twins,
rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, In Marcy-ave.,
to Miss Abbie L. Collins, of Troy. N. V., for the
last .-even years. a supervising nurse ln the Kings
County Hospital, will take place.
The wedding of Miss Edn*. L. Dare, the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Dare, of No. (82 Park
Place, and Charles K. Porter will he celebrated
on Wednesday, November 7, at the Emanuel Bap
tist Church.
The wedding: of Miss Florence Gammon, daughter
of Mr. and Mr?. William H. Gammon, of No. S&S
Greene-ave.. and Franklin Gross, son of Magnus
Gross, of Manhattan, took place on Wedue?day
evening at the home of the bride. On their return
from their honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Gross will live
at No. 536 Clinton-
On Wednesday afternoon, at St. Bartholomews
Church, Hiss Anne Bcott Elaadton, daughter of
Robert Haz-ltun, ..f So. BU Baaooek-at., an.l
Fran.i? C. Wernlc, aon at Mr. and Mrs. John I.
No (IS Lafayette-aYe., were maxrled,
irner I- < illver, ;.f-ior of the •
eremony. Mr. ard Mrs Werr.iK
will live In Flatbnsh.
The w#ddln?r of Miss Mary 3. Marsh, eldest
daughter of Mrs. Andrew K. Marsh, and Philip
M. Walter, of Chicago, will be celebrated on
Wednesday evening. October 21. at th*- Church of
the Incarnation. There will be a small reception
after the ceremony at the home of the bride's
mother. No. 4* Macon-et.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 8. Haskell, of No. 642 Her
kimer-«t., celebrated on Thursday the seventy
second anniversary of their marriage. Mr. Haßkell
tilso celebrated the ninety-second anniversary of
i,; birth. Mr. and Mrs. Haakeii are among the
oldest members of Plymouth Church.
Raymond Martinez, a Spanish boy, six years old.
went into the parlor of his home. No. 154 Fulton
•t.. on Friday evening to get a picture book. It
was on the top of a bookcase, and Instead of stand
ing upon a chair he climbed up th« shelves. The
case tipped over, and he fell backward on the floor,
sustaining a concussion of the brain and dying- soon
afterward. The Health Board yeat«rday rejected
the death certificate, us It did not stain specifically
the causa of the fall.
Brooklnn 'Xbotrtiscmcntß.
Etaminations and F.ttimaUt Free
References— Wns. W. Astor. Jos. H. Choate. Whltelaw
Reid and many other prominent people.
J. WIIITi^tiY. ' chimney Expert."
215 Fu:ton Bt.. Brooklyn. N. Y. , I>l, 1613. Main.
Thit adttrtitem.nt appears s,,,\dnyt Only.
Many of the classes have already reached their
limit of numbers an' 1 some. hjmgsj been closed. The
evening classes are especially- full 'and In the de
partment of fine arts the studios are overcrowded.
The opening of the new studios will relieve this
crowded condition, and it hi hoped that these
rooms will De ready for use by November 1.
The second lecture in the course on architecture
sculpture and decoration was Riven by Mr. Perry
on Wednesday afternoon. His subject was
' Egypt.* Next Wednesday afternoon he will take
up a study of "Egyptian Architecture and Decora
An interesting collection of Volkmar pottery is
on exhibition in the art gallery or the libfarv
building, and will be there until October 81.
kf to the generosity of the graduating class
y \,;« just been enriched by new
and much needed books to the value of $200. Be
sides many works of special interest to the de
partment?., this gift includes such works as Court
"History of English Literature," "The Car
lyle-Emerson Correspondence," President Eliot's
volume of essays, Gardiner's "History of Kng
a new edition of jewett's "Plato " Profes
natt's "Mycenean Age," Helm's ••History of
' etc
Professor Peckhams lecture next Monday in hi^
course befor- loklyn Institute is upon the
t, "The Practical Work of a Weathe
server. Professor Lawiun has resumed hi? an
nual course of fifteen lectures on literature ai th«
ers' Trailing Bchool.
Great actlvtt> has been shown In the various
school organizations during the week The or
chestra has been forme.;, the mandolin club is an
established fact, the editors are preparing their
tsue or th» paper, the Debating Society i? at
work and the boj m and pho
.;>• arc canvassing the school In seai rh of
rs for chess and umtra dubs. Many of
the students who care for oratory have
• rumors concerning the formation of:
nn intercholastlc oratorical leas,
The basketball team Includes four of last year's
Arthur Kearslng, Robert Elliott,
-.- team Is Kearsing. The schedule for the
- follows ■ v, "Poly"
• ■ - «t Erasmus; No-
November W,
• r 14. "Poly"
Paul; November 20, "Poly" axairuii
The ; ng 8 ety held its second reg-ular
afternoon. Tiie subject was ' Re
solved. That school bounds ai lum h hour
nd McCartj
tor the affirmative and for the negative
Kins and < i;>per. The question was de
cided In favor of the negative.
Mrs. Ellen M. Halloway, who lives with her
husband. John Hallowav, in Seventeenth-?!., has
brought a suit in the Supreme Court to recover
55,0»0 damages from John Hopke and George Mul
ler. partners in a retail liquor business, for sell
ing liquor to her husband after she had written to
them not to do so. Mrs. Halloway alleges that her
husband becunie intoxicated in the saloons of the
defendants, and on one occasion beat her and
broke her ribs.
In the Supreme Court yesterday before Justice
Marean, counsel for Hopke & Muller asked for a
bill of particulars as to when the liquor was sold
to Hallow ay, who sold it, when Mrs. Halloway seel
the notice not to serve her husband with liquor,
and also a statement as to the extent of the la
juries inflicted on her liv her husband. The mo
tion, so far as the request for a statement of Mrs.
Hallow Injuries was concerned, was granted by
Justice Marian.
In the suit of Catherine Behlen. of No. 171 Bridge
st.. against the Heights line to recover $50,000 for
the loss of her husband. Anton Pehlen. by an ac
cident ln Myrtle-aye. on February 16. a sealed
verdict will be handed to Justice Herrlck to-mor
row ln the Supreme Court. Mr. Behlen wns a
baker, who supplied bread to the Brooklyn Navy
Yard for many years, and on the day mentioned a
car struck his wagon and threw him into the street.
He died a few days later.
A call to the Protestant Episcopal Church of the
Holy Comforter, in Debevolse>-Bt.. near Humboldt
st., has been extendrd to the Rev. R. M. Edwards.
of Central lalip. Long Island. It la believed that
he will accept. Mr Edwards, who is about forty
ve-are old. •will be the successor of the Rev. Samuel
b Bailey, who resigned last spring, and Is now on
his farm at Vlneland, X. J.
N>w-Y.<rk. October 13. 1900.
A«he». pkKs: »jUv» puuliry. crates.. 50
IW i wax. pkg* . ... ... 2 Apple*, bbl* &.*••>
Bean*, white, bbl... 5T Potatoes, bbls 2.410
nroomcorn. bale*...: 100 Onion*, bfcla l.n-n>
'„ " Jr - bbl* » l<».336iC"rant>*rrt«ii. crate*... ZlO
\i lm "i- » arkß 22.014 : H»y. torn H2r>
B.W. flour. pp....k *.... -.'Ta; Straw, too* 110
tornmMl, t>bls ;<w> Mlllfeed. »on» lU7
'ornmeal. bags 1«7» Grass need. ba*» . . «87
Hominy, pkgr* Rio*. t*ll 8
Oatmeal. bbl* 100, Raisin* ,<C»l>. box*. . 4.v>
Wheat, bush 22H.700" Prunes, pkg* ... 700
Corn, bush 117.975 i Tied fruit*, pkfr? 210
Oat». bush 168, «OU, Cotton, bales 4.471
£eas, bu*h 3,300' Cottonseed oil. bbls... 710
Buckwheat, bush 4.500:R08in. bbls TOO
Malt, bush 4.800] Rosin oil. bbls •! '.00
J-.nxsced. bush 7.000 spirits turp. bbls 697
Pork. bhlK 3«: Crude turp, r .t>ls 15
Ham*. P kg» 108 Tar. bbls ISO
Bacon, pkga 236, Hope bale* 223
Cut meats, pkgs 508 Hide*, bdls «30
Lard, tierces 1.038 Leather, aide* 1.320
Lard, kegs »> B:ar.-h. bbls 300
Lard, cases 75 oil. Inb. bbls ISO
Tal.ow. pkgs 40 ; Peanuts, bags 510
Grease, pic, 10 1 ' Tobacco. hh<Js 2M
Butter, pkg» 2.P34! Tobacco. In S«
' -hppse. pkgs 3.052; Tcbacco. pk D 7.-«
J-Ms. cases 8.K34 | Whiskey, bbln 731
Dressed poultry. pkß* 360|
'Correction.— Item of 1,494 hhd» tobacco in yesterday's
Issue should have read 94 hi. .!.«
Iron. Nor. No l My.sts 75 | Flour. Minn, patents. *4 38
Iron So. 0 2»0ft.. I+7.'. I Cotton, middling 10 7-18
{-:»„. rails 26 00 I Coffee, No 7 Ri S*.
Fig Iron warrants.. 875 Sugar, granulated 5.73
Lake copper Ingot.. IS S7Vji Molasses. OK. prime. 43
J. ln , 2* 224! Beef, family 10 TO
Exchange lead *3TV»ißee! ham. 20 60
£?* vu * r 10 Tallow, prime 4*4
JJheat No 2 red... JWilPorlc, tr.tus 14 80
Corn. No 2 mixed... 4836 H (B. dressed, 180 lt>. 7%
Oats, No 2 mixed... 25% | Lard, prime 735
"Wh»at. bush 63.902 ! Rosin, bbls «7
Corn, bush 180.048 Refined r»t. gal? .. .1.42».14-1
Oats, bush WATT, Gasolene, gals 100
riaxseed. bush 33.4«« ReaMuun, pals IBS (>;«
Foas. bush 74" Cottonseed oil gals. 13,750
Beans, bush 885 Lubricating oil. gals 212.750
Flour, bbls 60 1 Pork, bhis . . ■
Ficnr. sacks 31.r»4<»: Bert, bbis 23
'■nrnnifa;. bbls 105! Beef tci ... 23
£ eed - * 3.008 Bacon. Ib 539 175
Oatmeal, pkjrs 730 Hnm«, rh 33.800
Grass wed, bags... 200 ! Lard. It) ;,;-,, v -,,
Hay. bales I.47o' Tallow, rb S7.W>
Whiskey, gals 2.8061 Grease. Th 32<i 400
Oilmeal. It 82.500 Butter. re 11.2C0
Oilcake, rb 1.832.700 Chee?«. -». 122«>4»>
Spirits turp. gal*. . l.!WK>|
,„„.„ _ New-York. 'October 13. 19C0.
WFFEE- rhere was a Very Jniifferent sort of market
r ? r "r a *" Cl " j "re lutures. a fact partially accounted for by
•■- pence of return? from Rio and SutM, except thai
roc^ts at Rio were given as I«.o<X> bags. Very litt!-;
Coffee was for »v.c. a* the Havre market reported a n-.t
advance of ': franc and Hamburg reported a net advance
at . \ P's- At the same time, warehouse deliveries In the
I nited States wen of a more f nouraging tendency, reach
ing 16,678 bags. Sales on the opening <•«'! were 1.250
bag*, and fur th» entire session only 4.000 bags. The
market opened with Mai 5 points higher and other
rooitlons unchanged and steady in tone. Subsequently tbe
market ruled dull, and closed steady at net unchanged
price*. Total nates. 4.n<X> hags. There was. however,
little or no cpecuiatlve spirit, .the contrast Win* between
tiie late beaw run of receipt* and the distribution of sur>
pHe«, in connection with the relatively high prices this
year, as compared with figures current a y*>ar ago. leading
to canflon all around. ?>ijot coffee was dull but steady,
with Rio 7» quoted at Bfic. Private »dv] stated that
Hio etHiangc was easier at Irt'^d to-day an. I Brazil hold
ers were l>ok(ng for now busine**. Receipts will continue
lar^e for some time to come.
The range of contract prices In the local market to-day
v.as as follows:
Opening. High. Low. Closing. day.
October - — — 70.*rt7.10 7.0:
November 7.20 7.20 7.20 7.ir>t17.20 7.1.'.
Der-en^er — — — 7.2.">t»7.. v J> 7.2."
January — — — 7': i " 33 7Si
February — — — 7 25 n '. 40 7.8.1
March 7.43 7.4." 7.45 7.41"(i7.45 7.40
.April — — — 7.45-!t7.Mt 7.45
May 7.35 7.55 7..V. 7.6007.55 '.'■•■
June — — — 7.".f''r7.60 7.55
July — — — 7.6067.C3 T.6U
Foreign coffee markets: Hamburg — <%jffee market openetl
unchanged; at 2:30 p m. '* pfg net higher: sale*. 20.000
1>««k. Havre — Coffee market opened steady and U franc
higher; at 12 m. advanced '; franc; at 3 p m, unchanged;
at 5:30 p m. unchanged; total sales, 26.000 bags.
Janiary 48. 00 j July *:• '■
I'ebruary 4>v254 > v 25 August 49.75
March 4£.s<t September 50.00
April 4S. 7s; October 45.00
May 40.en Xowmber 4».i»»
June 4!>. 2s i December <..4S.nO
Rii>— Receipts. 16,(V»0 bags: no other returns.
The B'atlstleal position of Brazilian coffee is as follows:
To-day. Yesterday. Last week.
New-York deliveries 11.587 1,280 13.03S
Ualtimore deliveries 3t'S ! 4'.i7 1.830
Ncw-OrK«n« deliveries.. 4.73* 192 .■»- -*23. 1«7
Total deliveries 1f1.r,73 8,969 35.0C5
New- York Block 426, 08.00 441.
Baltimore stock {if 1.216 7ts.S>ii6 Sl,4v>
New-Orleans stock >. '.".•!> B.BM D,y73
Stock at all ports 530.981 547,654 532.5C7
Afloat 497.000 497.0(10 356.000
Visible 3npoly 1.027.881 1,044.654 PlS.sfi7
Same time i«»f> I .Wit Jill 1.3ri6.734 1,413,701
•Including 23,012 taken ex ship.
COTTON — The market for cotton was not active, yet
within a comparaUvdy narrow range of fluctuations there
■was considerable irregularity. The local trade temporized.
The outsiders, as a rule, refrained from trading alto
| gether or operated with extreme caution The volume of
i boeineas was small. even for a Saturday market. Yet th
trade saa not apathetic; it was Intimidated, rather.
Prices having declined about %c from the top left the
bearishly inclined element afraid of a reaction. On the
i other hand, receipts continue upon an enormous scale,
checking demand. The market opened ea=y, with prices
unchanged to I poisla lower. The dec-line was due to
weak Liverpool cables, whereas some reaction had been
expected. "'The Chronicle" issued a bullish summary.
: but that was ignored. The trade was simply tired ami
porplex'-i. A nervous feeling prevailed, even up to the
close of 'Chang*. Following the opening call prices re
acted sharply until a ti"t advance of 357 points was ap
j parem. Renewed selling, scattered and of scant volume.
• Pro-ed to be sufficient v- weaken the market again, with
] thx dose weak at a net loss of from 4 to 10 points. Spot
I cotton was quiet and unchanged at 10 7-16 c for middling
! upland and 10 11 16c for middling Gulf. Total sales were
M bale*.
! The range of contract prices In th«: local market to-day
| was as follows
; Tester-
Open. High. Low. Close. day.
October 9.80 8.63 ».78 9.7699.77 {> 83
. November » .'s P.rt3 9.56 9.3M7i».80 :< «2
December 51.51 9.59 9.01 :<:,:, 'a 1 >54 :< 57
I January 9.51 9.6S 9.51 9.53fi!>.54 !>.57
I February 9.5.1 ».53 U.BI 9..11«.'t>.52 .. 57
March 9.52 9.39 9.51 9.5.T© — :• 57
'April 9.52 9.5fi 9.51 ;•:.:■:'•:( 9 .-.7
I May 9.C.1 959 9.M 9.6259.93 «.5S
June J».52 :•:,•; fi.so f».. r »fK?i9.o3 Ji 5T
July 9.49 9.55 9.45 H.4f1«».47 1>.5.1
August 9.40 9.40 9.30 9.80^9.33 9.40
Receipts at leading points, with comparisons, follow:
_ , To-day. Law week. Last year.
1 f.alveiitor. 7,321 CUB] 2*o 401
N ew -Orleans 19.55 M \>; •■:•« 13 ■■;>.:
Mobile ....; 1.687 ' »I3l> '7r;i
t-rfvannah DMA 11 881 5 9^2
• 'harlnpton 2 fi2!> 2.7!>fi 1.803
Norfolk 4.51H 5.835 :: IJM
Angu«t* ... 1 .-.7:. 2.94» 2 B.'S
! Memphis . . . .4,81 •', 3 pi.| -, 7,:-,
Houston Bra I!Vi:W 12^744
The statistical pnrition. as made up by this morning's
. Chronicle." is as follows:
I This week. Last week. year.
Risible supply 1.727,457 1.417 o*l 2 942 UC4
Of which American ...... 1,570257 1 358 c.7'> 2 791 :>;i
•rop in sight 1.727.819 1.236.501 1.5C1i.774
I Cane in sight during week.. 47 7-7 403.823 414.3C3
<^ntton Exchange special Liverpool cables — Spot cotton
qul»t; Eiles. ).imi balet; .speculation and export 400:
I America! B,oft receipts, 18.000 American 14.000;' •mld
1 oiinjr upland 1 . M: futures opened easy. ;, ,f,-i',4,] decline
! closed quiet. C-t;-)ff7 4-'M<l net lower. December-January.
8.11 - J( >; January- F.b;uaiy. 8.09b; February- March. 5.07b:
March-April. 5.05b: April-May. 5 04s May-June, sloeaj
, June-July. 5.0105.02: July-August. 6b. August-Septem
! t>T. 4.505; October, 5.34 v; Octover- ember, s.l9'ss- .No
▼smber-December, 14;.
FtOUR AND MKAL— The trade in flour was on a small
scale Saturday, leflectlns an easier tone in sympathy with
""•at. but still showing nr. quotable change. Quotations
«i i-^ i, „ pn "* P»«ents, •<i 20^$4 50; winter straights.
b. 1 ' 11 *"3 1 winter patents, |3 706J4; spring clears, $3®
co -, ?l .° xtra No 1 winter. J2Ss®s3; extra No 2 winter.
»- i0£»2&0; no grade. ?U',,sir) 50 per ton. spot and to ar-
Jive. Buckwheat flour. $2 MJI! SO. . . RYE FLOUR—
iJrlliLSS?s*~ ! i " air l 0 > f; ' od - *3 [email protected]; choice to fancy.
SI2SSSIB CORNMEAI — quoted: Kiln dried.
* r 4S'S*J(rf>. as to brand BAG MEAL — Easy quoted
£."'* white and yell « 08c9fl; coarse. Bf*gf<oc-
tt.h.D~ Dull; quoted: Spring bran, spot, llrt 75ft$l7- sacks
t.. arrive, 300 tb. •»« •»«*!«•*: "Pring bran, bulk :. *l«25»
Ims?- : coarse winter bran. *17 25y N <l9 50. latter white;
n-jl_ddl,ngs. *176*1!' v. city bian. Ji7 a *iT BO; hominy chop,
»ii; oil meal. S2B 25; linseed oil cake, f2B; corn oil
cake, no.
GRAIN— WHEAT — Weakness was once more a feature
or the wheat market on Saturday. buy»rs of rle previous
oa> selling out quite generally and news being regarded
»» decidedly unfavorable to the policy of carrying any
?ifi, °, ver lnto the new wef>k - In ou t s lde market*, nota
'"' '; • ">uis and the Northwest, bearish tendencies were
equally i. not more prominent than here. Opening rather !
5 ,. en the "trength of English cables, which doted
1* utid net hfsher. cur market at once began to chow
s.fe-nn of top hsavineia. which grew mure pronounced a»
tnt- morning advanced, until before the regular close
prices were off 'ie :rcra tbe night before. On the late
cu;b December declined from So«i to WSf, c!o.ilns at
n> .-iGc at 1 o'clock. Among the influences contributing
toward th* depression at this point were prospects for
bearish statistics on Monday. f)ne weather in -he North
weft and an unsatisfactory export tr*.Oe amou.ntlnc to
'i:i> 11 lied*. Estimates on world" • shipment! ranged
.'. m j'- 0 " 0 ' 0 " 0 to 9.000.000 hush, latter being th* Broom
i:»U nirures. The visible supply was also scheduled to
lncrea-e. possibly 1.n00.000 buih, although this estimate
was considered a little pxirem". The aitount on passage !
lwjked like an increase of 1.000.000 or 1.500.000 bush,
under these condition* bears bad little difficulty In break
ing th» market and bull Interact* appeared to be almost
nil thoroughly demoralized as st any time during the week.
l>anub!an itupments were 1.456.000 bus.h. or -lightly larger !
than 1 lie previous week. Spring wheat receipts were a I
mile (.mailer than ueual. aggregating 456 car*, against
C.3 cars last week and 701 cars a year ago. For the
entire week, however, receipts have been 445 car» larger
than the previous week. Kansas City advices Intimated i
tniit country offerings had Increased, suggest ins; an 6n
l,rg»ment of receipts. No 2 red rlosed at SO^c fob
afloat: No 1 Northern r>u!u:h. «He. and No 1 bard
Duluth. Bfi'«r. both fob afloat basts CORN— The
corn market also developed weakness under moderate liqui
dation and sympathy with the decline in wh*at. It was i
clear in all parts of the belt and e»;lmates for Monday* I
arrivals at Chicago were 805 cars So large have been
the shlpmenu from Chicago, however, during the week
that the stock Is expected to be not over 2.000,000 bush i
on Monday. Danublan shipment* were 20 000 bu*b. »gai:i>-t
B_oC*> bush the pr-vi.->us week. Exporter* look 20 loads.
No 2 Ml elaaid at 47'« c elevator, and 4SHc fob an.«t
OATS — The market wo» inactive and a little ea*:er
With com. X 2 oat* closed at 25 '«<.•: No 3 oat*. 25^-;
No 2 white i7»4fi27Hc; No 3 white. 2tf»j<S2«»«c; track
mixed. 25ff26Vjc: track while. 26833 c; No 2 white clip*.
2Str2.«^r RTE— Market ' Quiet. No 1 Western sYne.
»nd No 2 We»tfrn. r9c. both fob afloat: State rye 549
CSc c 1 f New York, carlot*. BAB LET— Market dull.
Feeding - **•**•• and malting. 54»«tc. both c I t Bali
vv. ; BfCKWHEAT C.RAIN-Market dull: • quoted at
rJftj l1 ' Op *?' n « "lghe*t. Lowest. OaatM, d»yT
SSS?^'--" 1 ?^ «2m ™h Us. Ift
eh . ••.••.•::.■.. M 7^ uti S 8 •f K5
October _ _ _ ..*. .-,
sr£x-. .-.■.••.•.: a; a; m 41\ 41%
October _ _ _ _ „ jjp
October TS'k 7Rti -«vi »,u -*«i
November 75 l*-ift 7-,Ti -52 -i S
December .. Te - 7iN " v 7 :,* 4 ™*
nSu:::::: 41*. S2 g, „., »
&i;;:s: 53 M S3 £•» s
Nov^nU:::::: g? gl s>^ =}> «>
: «2 m% SI Si IS
2»-:::::::^S» •«?; «jj «2 «s»j
%§, :::::::: 755 tm TV 18 »
Januar y «i2H «m «... .-,,.. k-,o
ii B ii M t^:,
la« < thJSi'^K br **, d^ 58 at l:lterior p.slrta in thousands,
felons' clphew (000 omitted, flour bbls. grain bu*h. al
Cfclcam> ' Flour. Wherjt. Corn. Oars, n.ve.narley.
Minneapolis v.v:.v.: _ SS 4 S 2 • i
nuiuth __ "2 „', *' - 2
St. Loul* 7 *' I? * * •
Kansas City — 222 5' " ~ ~
Detroit •:::::::::::: 7 13 o- £ - .; -
Paaaia — 2 83 53 - —
Tot *'» 47 "»72 ~7M 1$« ~^i "^44
Shipments from these points
mS£SLz~::;;~z « 21 l • "5 i 5
Dviu t e h p !!. .;:::::;:!! . ? "J. 5 J 5
St. Louis — m 43 18 _ _
Kansas City — t»S 17 ; — —
T°'<*'o — s «T. 46 — —
Deiioit 1 _ I i
Teorla — 2 21 • ■
Total* 60 441 ~»1O 341 -12 131
Receipts at Atlantic port*:
New- York 26 227 US 187 — —
Boston 7 « 14 IS — —
Philadelphia ..; — 53 4!> 4o — —
Bal;imo:e 14 2$ IS2 4« 2 —
New-Orleans 1 — ;■.:• .1 — —
Garveatoa — 31 — i — —
Totals 48 343 402 275 2 —
Exports from. Atlantic ports:
New-Yofk 23 64 150 M — —
tioston 11l — ■ — — — —
Philadelphia 10 ■ 20 57 — —
Baltimore 23 — 43 — — —
New-- Orleans — — 43 — — —
Totals 72 m 236 «7 — —
MOLASSES AND STRUPS— Tne market for moiaaeea
displayed very little, If any, animation owing to th* ab
sence of 1.. :n buyers and seller*. The close was quiet
and unchanged. !-.. : ups wtre steady. Quotation* follow:
New-Orleans, centrifugal, common. l-'ai;u.-. fair. 143
ll»c: guoi. 2;>4»2&c: prime. ."W!S.'t7c: New-Orlean*. op-n
kittle. 4.''.'ii3ac; Porto Rico. 34'(i'4yc; syrups, common, 15
j.<--. fair, 17©lSc; good, U»o-'»< prime. 21#24c; fancy,
OCEAN FREIGHTS — Rates for sail tonnage for the
offshore trades wsr<s firm, and a good demand prevailed.
in the oastwise trades the inquiry was limited and rates
easier. Grain steamer* met with but little inquiry, and
rate* SMI* lower. In other trades businass was itght and
rates easy. Quotations to Liverpool were 4d; Lund.jn.
4 : ., d; Glasgow. 4Sd: Bristol. M; Leith. s' d; Hull, ?»id;
Newcastle, -jd. Antwerp. 4-»J. Hamburg. 774 pfgs.
KuioiUam. Ho; Amsterdam, lie: cotton to Liverpool.
per l<»0 tt>. 35c: London, oats, 2s 3d.
OlLS Cottonseed oil was neglected and rather easy at
tie old basis of "■' for prompt prune summer yellow.
Refined petroleum dull and linseed oil steady. The week
ly circular of Charles B. Taintor & Co., says: "Latterly
our market has nut been quite so steady, as Southern
offerings are increasing, and there Is no indication of a
proper export demand. Exporters are holding off, and
evidently think ft. y will be able to (Jo better next month.
M st of the sales have been for speculative account. Re
finers here have been gradually fining their wants with
crude oil. and are somewhat indifferent at present quota
tions. October prime yellow we quote at 3'ic. fob here.
and later months from 4ft If per gallon discount. The
Government report on the loth Inst was from 5 to 7 per
c^nt better than expected, and the large decline ensuing
on cotton has also helped to weaken oil. It strike* as
that at present prices. November and December oil are a
goi.d sale; at any rate it seems from present outlook ad
visable to sell ahead, for next month the offerings of oil
will undoubtedly Increase." Receipts of cotton oil at this
port for the week, including through shipments for ax
port, are 3.557 bbls. Petroleum, bbls, $7 43. and tn
bulk. *4 90; Philadelphia, bbl*. *7 40. and In bulk,
*4 S3: refined cases, New-York. $■* 75; cottonseed oil.
prime crude, bbls, nominal; [rim* summer yellow, S7c.
prompt; off summer yellow. Me; prime white. 40e: prime
winter yellow. 41fF42c. Unseed. American raw, t»l<f«2e;
linsopd. American boiled. 63®»>4c; Calcutta, raw. 76c;
Western linseed 'Jr under city brands: lard oil. 573" s !>c,
PROVISIONS— This market shared fully with the grain
department* in the matter of weakness on Saturday, de
clining quite sharply on lard In absence of any Important
support and through considerable unloading. The close
was at about the lowest point of the day. Receipt* at
Chicago were 16,000, with 41V.000 expected Monday and
175.000 next week Kansas City had 4.500 and Omaha
7.000 POKK— Quoted, mess, tl*9s".' ; family.
S!6 50g517; short clear. »1» 50®517 BEEF— Quiet;
quoted, mess. J.IS-J9 50: family. $10 6O£fll: packet. *[email protected]
$10 50; extra India mes«. $lt>Bsl7 50 BEEF HAMS —
Nominal: quoted. [email protected] ...DRESSED HOGS — Easy;
quoted, bacons 7c: 19t> rb. 7-'; I<sO rb. 7Hc; piga. 7Sc
.. - i"T MEATS— Pickled bellies steady; qnnted. smoking
bellies, lie; 10 tb. 10ei0»»c; 12 n>. 9^c; 14 IT). (V; pickled
shoulders quiet; quoted. «';<■; pickled hams quiet; quoted.
S^igd'^c . TALLOW Quiet; city. 4%e; country. 4\9
5c LARD — Weak; quoted. 7.35 c: city lard eacy;
quoted. 7. lac; refined lard easy; quoted. South America,
S.2.'c; Continent. Be; Brazil keg*. ».30c; compound Anil:
quoted, city. 6~stl«»ic; Western. 6^gff>»e . STEARINE
— Easy; quoted, oleo. 7*£ c: city lard stearins, SHe
RICE — A* usual, for a Saturday, the market for rV*e
was quiet and uninteresting at nominally unchanged
prices. Quotat'tms follow: Domestic, common to low fair.
S'iSM'ic: fair to good. 4H6.V: prime to choice. si%4>A*»c:
head. r.\'r! •:,■.!•. Patna. *%koß\te: Japan. 4»»®sc; Java.
4'«C4» 4 c: Rangoon. In bond. 2^2*20.
BUG.VK — The week finishes up with prices practically
where they were a week ago. Business, however. In
creased considerably, promoted by reports that refined
sugir was on the eve of ■ rise, which did not materialise.
Quotations follow: Cut loaf and crushed. 6.15 c: d^minos
(in hair bbls only) and mould A. 6c: cube* and XXXX
powdered. sVMe; powdered, coarse- powdered and fruit
powdered, .'.».", Eagle confectioners' granulated, fie:
Eagle coarse granulated, extra fine granulated. 2 Ib car
tons. 2 fb bag* and 5 Th bags of fine granulated 3.85 c:
Eagle fin- granulated, standard granulated and dtam-md
A, 3.75 c: confectioners' A. 5.55 c; Nos 1 and 2. 5.40 cNo
3. 5.35e: No 4. 5.80 v 5. - 25c; No 6, 5.20 - N - 7
8.16r: No 8. Be; No ft. 4.90 c No 1". 4S5c: No 11. «.Me;
No* 12 and IS. 4.75 c: Wo* 14. IS and 16. 4.70 c. Favorable
news r»n the crop movement reached the London market
yesterday, and served to create a weak feeling there.
Advices from that point show a loss of %d for both th»
October and N"V»mber delivery of beet sorar price* bow
l'«>irg on -he ha«;« of '•- --.i and 9* Hid respectively.
This news failed to affect the local situation materially.
Offerings continue scarce, and the market holds steady at
nominally unchanged prices. At the close the basis of
operations were 4 «c for centrifugal, M •• -• 4"ic for
muscovado and 4c for mola«se«.
New-York) October 13. 1900.
BEANS AND TEAS — The demand for marrow, medium
and pea is fully equal to the supply and there Is etlll a
firm market: Indeed, buyers are forced to engage consid
erable swell to arrive in order tr> set a supply. Red
kidney are firmly maintained. Walt* kidney In very
small supply and firmer. Yellow eye and turtle «cup
ruling quiet, but so little stock here that prices are *u»
ta;ri<Ki. tSreen and Scotch p*as nnchang»d. We quote:
Beans, marrow, choice, per bush. $2 50: do medium,
choice. $2 15: do pea. choice. {2 10: do rH kidney, choice,
."JO; do. white kidney, choice. J2 35J1J2 40: do yellow
eye, choice. {2 25; do black turtle soup, choice. *1 S5:
do lima. California. $3 60; green pea*, bags. $1 23; do
Scotch, bags, fl 30.
P.ITTER — The receipts were quite light again to-day,
and wiih previous arrivals sold up closely market made
■ further gain on the best grades of fresh table butter.
Sales of extra, creamery were at tlH#23c. and firsts
brought 19fi2t»c. Recent accumulations of medium quali
ties have been drawn on quite largely and this relieve*
the sttuati'.i:< a good deal. %V th an advance in fresh
ti 1 silsiij there has cc-me mere demand for storage
stock and prices in the highest grades are a little firmer
say 2t>'sC2lc. No change In State dairy or In irnlr*
tlon creamery. Factory has but little outlet and feellnjr
is easy. No shipments tills week, but a few hundred tub*
ha\e been purchased to go out on next week's steamers.
We quote: Creamery, extras, per !t>. 2m&22c: do first*.
2ivi»2lc: do third* to seconds, 16<£19c; creamery. June,
extras *o'it{r2lc; do seconds to first*. l>i<92oc: State dairy,
half firkin tubs, fancy. 2i>-£?20 1 -c; do flr»U. ISaiOc; Siate
dairy, tubs, seconds. 17®17Vic: do thirds. 15g16c; State
dairy tins, etc 15#19V»e: Western Imitation creamery,
finest. 16Mt®174e: do lower grades. U';Sl5 1»c;1 »c; Western
factory. June make, finest. 16c: do held, fair to good,
14>jai5V»c; da current packed, finest. 14H1*15e: <!■•> sec
ones. 14c: factory or dairy, lower grades. 13<?13\r ren<^
Tatf-d butter, fancy. ISHSI&c
CHEESE Is very little lanre. full cream els Ma*
available to-day, and the market prf*ent» a quiet ap
pea ranee Exporter* have picked up about all the fancy
large chre»* available at luV-. »rid more colored could
have been sold at that figure than offered, but teak"
lot* held a fraction higher are being carried over. Small
stse full creaai have been only moleratelv active, but
fancy lote held about steady, with t«ulfc of b'jstn*^ on
the hasi* of lie for finest grade*, and a considerable
quantity has changed hands of fair to ■;■■>• «d quality at
10K«<iH>*4C. Pklms quiet and unchanged. At RnrlairrlUe
yesterday -"• boxes small offered; sales. 475 boxe*
at loHc; balance held Uvernool rab>. 5.T* M tor
colored and 52* 61 for white. Kxpcrt* f>r week. *. 4 V »
boxes. We quote: State, full cream. Urge, colored,
fanry. 10»»c: do large, white, fancy. lOSSlO^c: do
good to choice. li)U©loHc; do common to fair. 94510 C.
do small colored or white, fancy, lie; do gca-\ to choice.
1 '-«il"S:- do poor to fnlr. J>Hi9lo"-*c: light shim*,
email, choice, 9U«B'ic; do large, choice. *«»=« part
skims, prime l*o9'~e: d« fair to god. s lt#7'l t#7'- do com
mon. Me; full ski no*. S&a'ic.
yr,i:.<~- The marWn i» *till very lightly »upt>!l»d with
h^zb gradae of fre»h gathered eggs, and for «uch the tone
is firm. Occasional lots of exceptionally fancr haTe
exceeded quotations, but the figures given cover rr.oat
of the business. Refrtg«-r goods are moving <jutet»y;
choice to fancy qualttle* held f.rmly. but It reiuires ex
ceptionally fine mark* to reach outside sytaoaa w»
cucrte: Jer»ey, State and P-nnr>:ranlii. fancy. «et«-ted.
white. 2.V: do fancy, aelerted hrewn. 22c: do t*nrr.
it ix"V He; •■•<>. average best. 19t>2>>< * held. USl.c:
We«tern, fresh garnered, prime. la*« off. 2t»c.d'» fancy
elected, at mark. 19»l&Hc; do average be*t. lNpi^Hc; .jo
ender gra.le». 15O17c: refr»«erutcr hßerv l.fil.»jc; <Vi
r-lire. l«3ie '-c: do under grades. 1.-^15 l t=: dirtie*. VO
lir; checks. ?>Cll<". „
FRl'lTS — FREJS!*— Receipt* of apr I ** an still quite
moderate, and previous accumulation* are gradually re
ducing: on fan fruit the tendencr Is In seller* favor,
but there Is no improvement on inferior oualttie*. rear*
are meeting a llgfe: inquiry at about stet .-. price* . al
thou-h inferior qualttte* and common kind* continue dull.
Quince* in lla+.t supply but not active. Pearhe. are -■..
Ur«e:y of common quality, and such move slowly at «u»*y
ft-ureJ: strictly choice lot* are acarce and firm. Prime ;
f*4i picked grade* are meeting a fair demand »t *t"aJy |
price* ' »oft '.ot» pres»lng for tie at any reason atle offer*. ,
\V-v few plan* arriving and not much demand for them, j
rr»nb*rrie* »re meeting a moderate Inquiry; itock on
hand it light and the tone !• flrm. We quote: Arp!e*.
fancy .oft red rartetiei. p«- bbl. MMsia ' tall re«i and
biSsh Snenea, average oVlm«. *1 Wflf2: ; fall grew varle-
Mai 1150812 25- fall fruit inferior. 7V«*l 23: too*.
irWiaSO? King. »150#«2 25; greening. $12»«»1 75: ,
Baldwin, idll 30, winter aorta, ordinary. 75c 4*1; poor ta '
is^.^f ?w a "- 40 « TSc : erabarples. p«- btt S2SS3 3O:
•a- 3 ** r£, "STJJS 1 - J**B"sTfce*»:. pyafcX^b SIO
la- do v 8"v 8 " PJ 1 " box - fcCttMtt Secke:, per tbU S2 &f w »
«P«r f r . "»?*• *ia»S: Beurre Bow. per bbl SlflO^3 301
Sl'esr-v" ??l> v * rl * ti »»- *» **vll 7i: hard late aorta.
D-?chet"w n Hnr * Sw4>7V. quince*. per bbl. «3«*3 75:
\>4 v h :ern ' P*" 1 " bu>& basket. 3uc3sl 60: Western,
ha.k« iufjf iI ;! **»'■'*'• *••»"•»■■ Pine (slaad. per
M«-^i;^^" l i J ' r "*>' 9 . r*r basket. 40^75c: Wnteru
r*?^ * P * r ftlft - * J « 4< " e : uprtver. per carrter. 73c0
S; SS' ;Sf ! L basket - *°f 73,-: cur... 23«33c: prune*.
Si l- rti i?"" #t - 7 « Uc ; <J» »*t 1» l>asket crate. tl'J
baai... crate U •^ 9 - Tsc: •» ''arawha. per .mall basket.
Simiht S **Js ; ia V" Ur * c basket. &8l2c: upriver
Shi"! £}»■s? if" 11 * 1 "- «•»! Xiagara. «^73c: other
3Q&. " v^i^ : WmClt , kla6 *- s *; 2» P«r 'mall basket.
pir »1. VSS ****"•• * ; ««««««. Cap, Cod.
».^ ri /*~ rr K RIEI> ~ Strtctl3r P l^' evap<»ated mppie* ar«
fairly firm, but grade* just under and poorer quaßttes
duU and weak. Not much doing in choi-e%r faacy So»
i' I *,,*?* 1?*1 ?* ln !I<fht -VO7- "hops and waste nomiaai.
Smj^" fr « U »,« caree - CallfornU fruit .ellinc fa.rljTira
i . App i' s - •■''•Porated. fancy. rer rb. :. ; i«tßc ; do
choice 4%4'<r^ : do prime. 4>ic: do commen. 34C4=>*e: d»
P*r 10»> Th. .v»'i»l; do core* and skins. 2T-873c- ueaches
SS£f r "i-K? 11 i t<t 'T- che T-^ u nucklehemea. (S
orated l.^Clsc: df» *un dried. 1.i317c: huckleberries »©
nia. unpeeled. 7#
HOPS— There s«*nu to be no disposition on the nart of
either ejrporrer* «r brewer, to materially reaa* tkelr
purchase*, and the movement is quite light: at the saaa.
t;n;e guch transacriorss as ar» repoitM are at full former
rates. W. quote: State. I»*>. per Ib. l««19c -Jo ' vm
*.Z Oi £' i,J-*. 1 ,1 c; 0^ to Prtme. -«*i3c. do common
to fair. l(«ail'ic; Pacific Coast. IjOO. 1»!«1Sc- do ISSO
choice. T-"r«^l4c: do good to prtm*. 11 ! -f.'i;~jc: do poor
*?d £?V^ UC: State Cr I>aclflc €°* at - M &©**:; out
POLLTRT— ALIVE— Market quiet and nominal a •>-
sence of fresh offerings and demand. Dealers are carry
ing a largT acvumulation over and rone very weak. W«
quote: F-wls. per R>. '.k: chicken*. 7c; rtxisters. sc: tur
keys. MSJkc: du"k.«. average Western, per pair. 40©«0e;
Rh&LS3**ff Westejn. »ISSI 2T.: pige-ns. 13«20c^...1
i'KKM>ti> — With a ccnsk'erable >;uanuty of chickens car
ried over anj some fresh receipts to-day, while areaty
ar.y buyers were around, the market ia closing the week
in bad shape, with holders willing to accept mo*t aay
price to c.can up. Invoice* ©f snek ta arrtv* first of th«
week show s, me increase. Fuw> continue In nr.^derata
proportion, but invoices Indicate rather more on the- way.
and the feeling Is weaker at the clo«e. Fresh killed tur
keys continue Irregular In quality with few good «iurt
to bring top quotaticn*. l«. C g Is^nd sprmg dueka 'la
rather free supply to-day, and with very little demand
the feeling Is weaker. Western ducka irregular West
ern geese unchanged. Tame stuaba arm for lam whita.
but du!l an«l Irregular for umall and dark. We quote:
JESS** *P rin «f- di y P'ck*d. »*!ected. 12^13c: do scalded.
ll&12e: do average run. frSl«>c: do common. wgSc- tar
key<». old. ay-rage best. <&liie; broiieni. Philade'.saia. lic
spring chickens. Philadelphia, selected. Urge. lAsl7e:d>
r 1 " 1 , Bll^ IZTl li^ *» r «="»vivania. Urge. 1a5140 to
VZV^ : i° sca:dea - »W^: d-v Western, medium we^ati.
.^ P : «^" uthw ««e™. average best. 84©0 c: do Weitera
and «)uthw^tern. fair to good. 7S«*o: fowl*. State and
Pennsylvania, good to prime. WtfflU: do Western, dry
p.cked. average prime. io«4c; do scalded. 10c: do Soutttanx
and Southwestern, prime. 10c: do Western, fair to rood.
HW£; OM rooster*. 6c; ducks. Eastern and LonirlaUnd:
spring, per tb. 12-3121-*: do We»tem. spring. 7^c-/k^.
eastern spring, white. 14©15 c: do dark^ HSir»e- squabaT
Ic-lisl dd '' dark - «=s««**>: do »man and cuSC
h^^V^?"^ iB fair «ipply and held about «**4r.
nut demand moderate and some surplu» lots will have to
go Into freeter*. Partridges rarely arrive In good coali
tion \Jcodcock scare* WUJ ducks rarely rfetSST
wr?!^ y?"!" " mlp * and V\av*T sell readily, but fr»»ri
«c»£i r< ?%^. e generally thin and very slow Venison
scarce and firm. \v •• quaote: Partridges, per pair. SI 800
2L*5 ZIZVS-^S?™- *"=«*: «•> drawn. «i^73c: V»d
n^r%i.«?* 1 «:.^ n .5 s i lh snl!> * ana f?*» Plover, troxen.
k V "figj* 1 do fr «" h - *"»«! 25; «nall snlpi. BOel
re«-J birds. 3t.<9Coc: ric» bird*. 30673 c; wild *uc:kV can
vas prime, per pair. S2 34>$$,-;: poor. *«2:'^io c r*i
head prime. SI '^U: do poor. SlfrSl ZS: do m£j£
«5-»73c: to teal, fiiue wing. Sf>«4nc; do -^wimeaiii
3oc: venison, fresh saddles, 25S3iV; old saddles. 23c ~ w
potatoes are quite liberal, and while choice sen wall, poor
o^ la . dUl i,^ n<l Irregular. Sweet potatoes steady.
On.™ in light supply and firm for fancy. bat
poor stock *****•**■ Cauliflowers laraaly out of
condition and prices low. Celery steady. Soot*.
em beans and peas more plenty nd lower. r«£
E,'* 1"*1 "* firm ff a d hl*h fn r fancy. Squash and turnips teL
Other vegetates about as quoted. We quote: PotatoaaT
Long IslaiJ. per bbl. SI 50«» 73: do State and Westara?
whiti. per bag. TsWttßftidTSi
111 f I^/^ *i£ yel!c " r ' $1 1 -^* l W! BrniSi. wtSSta
Shi q V a ?tVi n oabbws vP« r 1Ol) - «=««: cauliflowers, per
bbl 23cffS2 5O : cucumbers, per bbl. *2^s4: cucttaS?
pickle^ per l.imo. »i»»s. carrota. par batTs<*ll'~i- m '
per bbl. ».»c©Jl »: llrna beans, per baa-. 30c45*l 73; Ut
tuce. per case. «J4Wfc peppers, per bbl. SsMI; pmap
kin.. per bbl. 40»«nc; string beans. Long Island an 4
Jersey per bag. 234t30e: do Southern, per basket. 23©
squash. Hubbard. per bbl. 75cftSl: do maiTow «n
S^beXte m*. per bbl. 80lf?A5c: tom»te«. per
HAT ANT> STRAW—HAT— A good buying senttaeat
set la during the week and stock* were ran dcrwn luseti
at all stat:cns. Prospect quite encouraging for continued
activity, though prices are not expected to expand with
foil receipts. Large bale* of prtme and Ms) 1 hare aaicf
almost at once upon arrival. Michigan la silpnin* som*>
attractive lota or those niarfc*. Ha I hay is VVlltraToot
a good wholesale fall demand, an i the shading in price*
for small hales has sent some g-^d lines of them tato
uae. Clover mixed and clover are dull even for goo*
SNoto t <r°. l i««H)c; No 2 do. rW^IQi.. No 3 do,. T2**9
"»'• srriill bale* - ie leas than foregoing figures- eiove
mlxed. 70«75c; clover. 85«70c •=rrRAW— rye v
flrrner. good to prime range* at 72H«775c: low grade.
eSO67Hc per 10f> Tb. Receipts of buy and inw la tern*
reported at the Produce. Exchange at corn to-day Hud
son River Railroad. 210: Erie, 440; Pennsylvania. ¥*■
Delaware. Larkawanna and Western. 20; West Shore 30
river boats. l«0; total. l>2o tons; tsu for week 9 29»
tons: total last week. 5.718 ton*. P.ecetpu of straw ft»
tons by river. 20 by rail: total. 110 tons; receipts for
week. 1.035 tern*; total last week. f>2» tons.
* N-ew-Tcrk. October 13, OM.
BEEVES Receipts were 44 cars, or 750 bead. inciadlns
1 24 car* for export, alive, 1.. cars for a.a Jgr.ter*ra as 3 I
■■ car f;r th« market. No 'rading in live cattle. Nomi
na!ly «t»ady. Dressed beef stow and weak. Shipments
to-day Included 311 cattle on the Ibemian to Liverpool:
2.000 quarter* of beef in the Etrurta to lisa sum port.
and 20" cattle on the Ohio to Hail.
CALVES — Receipts. 67 bead, all for the market. No
trade of Importance. Tobin * Shannon scid 2 .-eaia. 145
!b average at $X per IPO R>. CMy dr»»»e<l veals la lim
ited demand at steady prtre* or at >'3 12i,c per tt; eoun'rv
dressed at 7Slo'^c; little calves at 56 tV; dressed sia—si i
and buttermi'ks at J?«c.
SHKEP AND LAMBS— Receipts were 231* car*, or I.o**
head, including 2 cars for butchers and 21^ for th» mar
ket: making, with tbe stale stock. BH car* on ssi*. at
which 2i)»» at Jersey City and 4 at Sum* r.-«' Sheep
were In fair demand and steady; prune and 'choice lamb*
steady to strcng: other* slow ax Friday's closing price »
Ormm^Ti to rather choice sheep sold at 53954 33 per 100
Ib; culls at *2; corr.mon to choice lambs at IS9SB »
i^nadian lamba at J6Q$6 13. Dreaas znutton ateady at
3457W pat n>; a few ehatc* wethers sold at 8c- dressed
lambs quiet at i.--v:1"to-
Sales — Harrington & Co. : 208 Buffalo lambs. 71 a aver
aas at $.'. *5 per Kg. Tb: 309 do. 7« rb at S3 SO; 240 do.
72 rt>. at *5 75: IV. Buffalo sheep. mc m. at S3 90.
To bin & Shannon: IS" Pennsylvania lambs 6* fb. at
$5 55; 102 do. 71 rb. at $5 50: 389 State do. * Ib. at S5 •»
202 Kenturky sheep, 05 P>. at >4 35; 23 State do. 94 S. at
J4; 6 do. 140 rb. at *4. .14 Pennsylvania do. M ft. at S3;
4 cull*. Xi Tb. at $2.
McPherson * Co.: 124 p.uffaio iambs. 62 Tb, at S3 3TH:
95 BurTalo sheep. V. TT,. at S3 75.
r». Harringi on: 208 Canada lambs. 87 rb at MIS: 199
do. M • at *»' IS; 200 do. ■ "-. at S*s 05; 230 da. TIIV,
at S6.
J. G. CM Us * Sons 110 State lambs, ,V» Th. st SSSTIi
71 do. 5.'. Tb. at *5: 24 State yearlings. 79 ?•>. at 94 50; »
State sheep. 79 To. at H.
Newton * Co.: 239 Buffalo lambs. 60 Tb, at S3 75- aST
Indiana do, M ** at SS 23.
J. H. WllksisßSi: 21'> Canada lambs, m Tb. at M- 231
Buffalo do. 72 Ib. at S5 90. •".***
B. Juid A Co.: •-' West Virginia lamb*. Mi, it Bat
23 West Virginia sheep. §• Ib. at S3 75. " —
8. Sanders: .«4 State lambs. 71 IS. i' S3 30: 1 Mats*
sh*»p. 75 lt>. at $4.
HOGS — Receipts were 13 care, or 2.272 head, all for
slaughterers. One car was baM crv«r yesterday. Dull far
live hogs at last previous quotations. .~ -•or. try 'lies—
Sales— Judd * Co. ilate yesterday): 154 T~s*lj|n
her-. 153 ft average, «• «."> 45 per MM n>; US do. IIS ja
at ST. S5. _
Chicago. Oct. 13. — — Receipts. 300 head; BMStfasjll*
steady : go.>d to prime steer*. f."> 4<> L '|,"S 85; poor to medtmn.
*4 4*«] < SO: .elected feeders. S3 735*4 4O: mixed atockara.
S2 75g*3«5: cow*. H '■.' 1 1 23: heir«r». S2 75854 75; caa •
ners, S2SS2 60: bulls. *_• 73«54 50: calves. *465«23. 1V»
ans— Texas fed n-ers. 11011 'JO: Texas graas *te«ra, S3 25
9U 10; Texas buHs. S2 WHS Hog*— Receipts to-day
1«.000 head; to-mornw. 33.00U; e»tinjat«d left over S.Oap
s©loe lower: top. *3 274: mixed ar.d butchers. (4 100
S5 27\»: good to choice heavy. $4 »O«S3 23: rough heavy.
« 73^*4*3: light. S4SSSSS 27^ ; bclk of sale*. «f|gil
Sheep — Receipts. 1.000 head: steady; good to choice weth
er*. S3 <r.T*4 H»; fair to choice mixed. |3i.^nV Weaa
ern *heep. $■"? K3954 10; Texas sheep. S2 sO«*3«>; natlT*
lambs. »4 25©15(». Western lambs. S4 73Q53 M.
Cincinnati. Oct. 13. — Hoc* quiet. it. 0&353 10. Ckttfa
steady. 12 7?.ffJ.'. 2T. Sh*»p steady. *2 10C« 00. Lamb*
steady, $.1 25«?f5 25.
London, Oct. IS. — At the wool auction sale* to-day
there was a good attendance present. The number of bai».
offered was 11.1**»>. and were practically all sold. Com
petition was brisk, especially tar common -coarse 1 1 ins
bred». Queensland »c"urej wools were in active demand
and some Cm »-re nil to America, together with salt
able small lot* cf crossbred* at steady prices. Merino*
were In v<.-ry firm demand by the Continent. This -veak *
general tone was good for fin* cla>» grades, inferior stock
moving slawly. the derennd bt-ing principally by th« hom<>
trade, who secured the bulk. The withdrawals nussbered
3,(M» baits. The freer bidding by the Continent create*!
a t'tter trndtney. The offerings next week junoQr.t tf»
71Tt>O bales. Tne fallowing U to-day's sale in detail:
New Sou'h Wales. 2.*0 balee: secured, "\.ttjfl* 54d;
greisv. .TjJiffls Id. Queensla-.d. \.vt» bat's: scoured.
I* fctgi* sd: trea*y. 6\sad. Victoria. »X> bales; *coor«d.
Is; greasy. 4 l st(7\il Tasmania. 500 bales: greasy. 3 ; «ti
••« _- .1 New-Zenlanu. C«XiO bales: scoured. 6^9l* .'■•!.
greasy. 3'-«©10d- Cape of fluod Hope and Natal. >»>
bale*: scoured. Is ldQl* 3Wd: greasy. 4". -iO'.-i. The
arrivals during the *erlt-« were 21.642 bales, of which
2.01.10 were forwarded .llre.-t. The import* for the w»>»k
jr. as follows: N*w Sou:A W*le». «Z2 bate*: Melboura*.
SBO^ Cap* of Good Ht* and NataL 17. and el»*where. 4*T7
— J
European PltOt'lTE market.
I4verpooU Ort. 13.— Clcstnc — Beef— Extra India ness
steaiy. 70s; pr:rr« m^s steady. Gs*. Tork — Prtni* mass
Western firm. 725. Lard — American rtflnaiT tn p*i.»
steady. 40»3J: prime V."»*iern. in tierces, dul!. Bt 34
Hjitj- fsbc-rt cut. 14 to 10 Ri. firm. 4<L-. Bacoti—Cumber
land cut. 2S ta SO ». firm. 50* Cd: short rtb, H to 22 B,
Srm. Sos<U: lons dear tci3lles. light. 30 to 2Z It>. firm.
4-iirll: long clear rr.l Sines, teavy. ."-"> t.- 4ti ■X arm. 46a.
nft.-rt clear backs. 1« to 1^ Tb. strong. i»>',;, c.ear be!
lief. It to l« It>. «tronif. So* »d. dhoui.t-r*— Square. IX to
14 Ib firm. 34* 3*l Or>.e»»« — Anwricaa fintrst white qa-.et
e2a«d: do colored quiet. 53* 6d. »-:-.-•> I*"-.
tnal: Australi^u in isnZon firm. 2»< Cottonseed oil —
Hull rertne.l. rpox. ia bb:*. steadT. 23* 3d. Turpentlae —
Spirit* dull, 2Sw »d- — i^iasmon arm. 5* Hops at
U.ndon — Paclac Ccast bteady. i - 5»t3i3 it. masiil oil
du.aS3.i3J. n-attc-— Cnited State* finest quiet. S3«: do
*-oo«r. easy. f£a M. Petroleum* 6' S J. Pea*— Oisadian
?utet. 5» Slid. Wheat — No 2 rod Western winter dull.
*2*»d; No 1 Northern fprlng qul-»t. •*•%«; No 1 Cali
fornia. fsS'-jd. Futui-vs £rtn: December. «s 2Hd. Te>
roan >«3V.i Cora— Spot Bra; American mixed, saw
4* 5 %d; do old nominal Futures firm: X-wemSar. 4»3-«.-f.
l>ecember. 4*2*? d; January, ;. il'.i- l""..ur— et. Urn»
fancy wintw •te%dj < aa 6«L

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