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F K>:' -NT' •»¦: RSmi ABOUT THE
T hf vrk of prJtlnß •he projected huge steel con
,Blida'l 3n3 n ml" shape proceeded yesterday but the
«jual reticence was observed by the principals and
their attorneys, id at tne close of the day it had
r.ot horn ascertained when the expected announce
ment by .1 V Morgan & Co. would be made.
Charles M. Schwab, president of the Carnegie com
rtnv. had a conference in the rooming with Mr.
llorgsr. at the hitter's office, but declined to fay
.nytritnu afterward, except that progress was be«
ing made in the negotiation*.
A rumor was current that the final paper* in th«
consollnation would be signed at a meeting, at
wUlch Mr. Morgan was to be present, at the Met
ropolitan Club in the cv.-ning, but this report was
rot generally credited. One of the lawyers now
enpacefl in drawing up the papers of the proposed
combination said that he had not heard of such a
B»aet!n»r. and be doubted that it mould be Ml
vlthout the presence of the legal representatives.
There ma.- published yesterday In a Philadelphia
r.evspaper a statement as to the probable capitali
sation of the new company which coincided In Its
rjsentlnl 1 sutures with the fore. contained In
The Trli up.- ? Plttsburg advices published a week
a* this morning. According to this story the new
corporation win issue 5300.000.000 bonds, of which
j'.B.OOPA'O will bo exchanged for the Carn-gie com
pany's bonds, and Mr. Carnegie Is to ret $i,500 for
each tljn ¦»«*• of stock held by him. and will be
Bald almost entirely In bonds, the payment to him
tbsortlnp from J1T0.000.000 to f150.000,000 of the re
aaaininp llsMsaji of the bond* The capital stock
cf the projected corporation, according to the
Jislladclphla information. Is to be J500.000.000, of
arhlcl. one-half is to be 7 per cent preferred stock
and the other one-half common stock, and these of
Ur. Can-iet:!* 's fellow rharchoiacrs In the present
Carney!" company who have not already disposed
af their holdings for cash are to exchange their
•took at the rate of one fI.OOP share, valued at
JI.EOO. for fifteen 1100 shares of the new preferred
and the new common stock. Another report yes
terday mas that the preferred stock would carry 6
rer cent dividend. Instead of 7, and there would bo
left for the new common slock about 15 per cent j
jMjsrible dividend on the reported capitalization of '
t100.000,000, Instead of IS per cent, as was figured In
the Philadelphia story, the basis of calculation In
aach case heln<T the net earnings for WOO of the
companies to be included in the consolidation, these
earnings being placed at 535.000.000.
It Is said that the terms on which the Federal
#'.!«•; American Steel and Wire. National Tut*
an<i American Bridge companies mill be taken over
have been sett!. .1. but that negotiations are still in
progress in regard to the Moore proiierties— with
?¦very prospect, however, of a satisfactory agree
ment soon being- reached. The preferred shares of
the teel companies were strong and active yester
day, while the common stocks were weak, on re- .
ports that the former would be exchanged on much '
more advantageous terms relatively than the latter. j
Federal Stool preferred fold as high as 87 and 1
closed at KV-j. a r.et gain for the day of S^i points, '
while the common lost "S per cent. American !
6teel and Wire preferred closed at ST^a. a. net gain ,
cf Si*, per cent, the common closing at 51. seven- j
elthtlis of 1 per cent under Saturduy's last figure. '
American Steel Hoop preferred gained 4*v Per cent,
while the common declined "^-j. Tin Plate pre
ferred touched par. a new high record, and closed
«it 97, a net gain of 4 per cent, the common Belling
at the close at €.">.,. a net loss of 1*» per cent. Na
tional Steel preferred closed unchanged at ISO. the
common losing -'? points and closing at 4.".
The directors of th.- American Stetl and Wire
Company met yesterday, but what, if any, action
wax taken by them could not be learned. The an-
T.ual meeting of the company will be held to-day.
As tc the report a day or two ago that "The
United States Pteei Company" ha 3 been decided
upon as the title of the new corporation. It may
be noted that there is already a company of that
name. It was Incorporated In West Virginia in
September. IS9S. with a capital of $a.sr>».«oo, and has
a plant at Everett. Mass.
A story printed yesterday, which found no cop.
firmation, was that the Morpan Interests have
been buying shore lands on >• itoa Inland and have
taker, options on a large tract at Montauk Point,
with the purpose of establishing near this city the
preatett shipbuilding yard in the United States and
also constructing l.ere the largest iron and steel
plant In the world. »he ere being brought to tide
water through the Erie Canal v, be*) deepened SO
ar to accommodate lake vessels.
The executive head of an Independent «eel corn
ji»n>\ discussing yesterday the probable effect of
the Fteel combination on trade conditions, is quoted
us saying that the consolidated company will have
to guarantee dividends !r. order to find a market
for its securities-, and that to pay such dividends
prices for manufactured articles mill have to be
eaalotair.ed This. It was explained, mill mean that
the trust will have no opportunity, even should it
asstre. to cut prITS for the purpose of forcing out
the independent companies. The result, as se«n by
thr Independent president, would me-an the Inevi
table maintenance of prices, with resultant good
MR rnicirs position*.
itrijrm in rrrrsßUHa that he hap been asked
PlttPburg. Feb. It —A definite statement that ne
rctiations for the amalgamation of the Carnecie
, Company and the other tteel companies heretofore
gaOwUoned in the proposed combination have been
satisfactorily completed is expected before th»
rniflCle of this we. k. H. C. Fnck spent Sunday at
Jiome and returned to New-York last night, In
tending to remain until the deal is filially closed.
It is tald that the Carnegie minority is plaj*ln» a
watchful, waiting came. and Henry Phlpps, Jr.
end Mr Frlck are represent I at the aaawa of th«
negotiations the C r . per cent held by the minority.
This stock If held »>> Mr. Phlrps, Mr. Frlck. F. T.
" F. Lovej< y. John Walker, the Wilson heirs, George
Mefrrr-w and the heirs of Henry M Curry. Ex-
Becretary A. M. Moreland is also rtf ar<*..d cs being
trith the minority In that be it not directly under
th* control of Mr. Carnegie. No plan of action has
been majjp«-d out, as the. minority has no far re
ceived assurances of fair and equitable treatment,
fihould the reverse take place, however, the stock
holders representiru; f. per mat of the $220,000,000
of stock and bonds mi.; eland together and fight.
All talk cf entering suits to block the consumma
tion of the combination is denied hire.
It mat- intimated that Mr Frlck has been asked
to take the chairmanship of the biff concern, and
•rill work in harmony with President Schwab
rhould he accept. nx-Secr«'tary Lovejoy*s Ir.terests
are BOBJsI tsared for by Mr 1 mk, and both have
been wojiwtM to aecrpt 10 ** In the rUcantj.
corporation. .1 p. Morgan las held several con
ferences with Mr. Frick, and it Is said that he has
Informed Mr. Frlck that his assistance Is necessary
In oprratlnu the combination.
A flnanclnl mnn Find to-day that he had advice*
from New. York to the effect that J. P. Morgan had
postponed his -arntlon for several wet:k«. This Is
taken to mean that there have appeared obstruc
tions. The fcame advice* indlratftd that one or two
f>t the rorr.iianies which it was tirupoiioi should be
included n.ay be finally omitted becauji* of the fact
that director* have not tak»*n kindly to tho terms
avoCuicd They may be Included later.
Tt was Mid at the Watdorf-AMotia last night
thni John 'W*. Oates had left the hotel or Bundav
night and had «one out cf ihr city.
The. continuous performance- bill at Keith's yes
terday Included the art rtudles, Matthews and Har
ris. Genaro and Bailey. Ryan and Richfield, Win
tor., the ventriloquist; M.-rrltt and Murdoclr, Tor
eat, a French grotesque, and Horn* hull terriers
which have i*<en trained to acrobatic feats.
Jean ?.!arcrl> bass reliefs srd living tablrauf
wajaa a brte>f stay at Proctor's Twenty-third Street
Theatre yc-strrday. Other things were the Bison
City Quart. 1 Harry Howard's performing ponlrs
Mtiluhon and King. Mr. end Mr*. "Jlrni l<arry.
•mlth end Chisholaa, Carmen Sistcra. Mabel Malt
land and the Sisters Laurence.
In the programtue at Proctor's Kai«t Flfty-*lshth
Etreet I'ii lure j-«»*t«>r<luy were Ivan Tactiernoff s
trained dog*, Gertrude Mansfield and Caryl Wil
bur, Harry Watson's OkswwlV Company. Kittle
M!ich«ll, Air Grant, Martln«ttl and Sutherland
iMr a d simonds, Charles n. Ward, and a dozen
I Johnston* Bennett made h«-r first Harlem appear
ance yesterday at Proctor's On«-hundred-and-twen
»y-nrth Street Theatre,, prcacntlas "A Quiet Even
tn» at Home." She was assisted by Tony Williams.
Mtes Betmrtt's fellow entertainers were too Jug-
Ctlnr Johnsons, Paullncttl and Plquo. the Towns.
Mllr. ''hriM'.na's monkeys. dor» and rats; Naomi
Stnarda, and lti!«-y and Hurhr*. .
The usual attractions of »«.ii«-eri(. »o-. inj; pict
«re» and v.i.iv»rV.s arc found nt the l".<leM MuawS
thli w'-. k
The bill ot Tony J*a»tor'i< •wsawSwsl *•» headed
. < toy "Tom" Nswn, and It also Included Cook and
¦••¦»•*. Fields and Ward, the Three Juggling Bar
•«••• Pierce and Egbert. Mis* L*>ui« Dim, Fort
n^ jujrtiinjr and bar acrobat, assisted by Mile,
i>i Pomme: oas ciaflm sawtara. Robert Smllax and
jaa. !3 > VI!LV l !LL A *g!L and A * - th<s Mannings.
iLu,.,' ' TIIL ii.*u..r.fi'. manipulators;
m*urman. card n,aj.l Li..ior. and th« \-it6f ra^h.
a, ¦
TAX ON ART l\\n\ \:<T>.
At the quarterly meeting of the Board of Trus
tees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday
afternoon the subject of the Federal Inheritance
tax. as applied to public Institutions, was again dis
c-.ipsed. It was decided to continue the endeavor
to have, the law repealed, so far as it applies to
such Institutions. Both the Finance Commute* of
the Senate, and the Ways and Means Committee
of the House of Representatives have inserted pro
visions In the War Tax Reduction bills reported by
them doinc away with this portion of the Inheri
tance tax. and It Is hope] ar.d expected that the
final till, when reported back by the conferred, will
contain the provision. The I^epixiature at Albany
has not seen fit to remove the State tax. though,
and it will be to Albany saaacssAir that future
effort* will be directed.
William E. Dodge, chairman of the Executive
Committee or the Board, said yesterday that the
continuance of the tax would mean the loss of
many valuable bequests to the Museum, as It would
bankrupt them to try to pay the tax. The State
and Federal tax or. the C P. Huntlngton bequest,
for Instance, would amount to about $250.00. and
the combined tax on the R. G. Dun bequest ¦sisjM
l>e J"..C00 or JSO.OOO. falssi th* tax was removed
the Museum would be obliged to refuse the collec
"This Museum is a public Institution," raid Mr.
Dodge. "It la open to all. rich and poor alike, and
Is sot only one of the greatest educational factors
In the city, but goes far toward building up th*
dry ar.d attracting people here. That a man should
be taxed for being a public benefactor Is monetrous
and absurd."
Of iha feature of the report of the trustees, de
claring that the Mu*eum would expend no more
money to keep the building in repair. Mr. Dodge
a&id that no trouble was expected with the city au
thorities on that account, as the relations had al
ways be«n most amicable.
The m**tlr.s' yesterday being the first one of the
year, officers for the ye^r were elected and va
cancies in tho Board of Trustees were filled. The
officers elected were Henry G. Maitiuand, preel
dent, F. W. Rhlnelander. first vlce-pr. ; Dan
iel Huntlngion, *econd vice-president; William 1-.
Andrews, treasurer, and [* P. di Cesnola. secretary.
The Executive Committee elected was William E.
Dodge, chairman: Salem H. Wales. D. O. Mill?.
6. P. A very. Charles Stewart Smith. John S. Ken
nedy. John U. Cadwalader and J. P. Morrrnn.
The Auditing Committee was John Cr*wr.y p.rown.
chairman; Rutherfurd Stuytraawssi and Edward D.
John Biselow. Ellhu Root and John L. Cadwala
der were tlected trustees for the terra ending Feb
ruary. IMS. Whitelaw Reid and Harris C. Fahno-
Stork were elected trustees to fill the unexplred
terms of the late Jam's A Oarlani and the late
Hiram Hitchcock. AH the* flections were unan
Among the most Important of the donations an
nounced as having been received In the. last year
William E. Dodge: An oil painting, "Cambyses
and the ITr.just Judce,"by Peter Paul Rubens.
J. Pl»>rpont Morgan: Three oil paintiiiFS, "Portrait
of Christopher Columbus." by Sel>astia:jo del Plots.
bo: *'Ix>rd Nelson on th« Victory." by «'. Lucy;
• .\'~r. ... -ii at St. Helena." by R. It. Haydon. Al?o
& collection of ancient Gre«k sold ohj«H:t».
Mrs. Henry M&rquard: Two oil paintings, por
traits of ('a:.!. G a spar and Mrs. L.:iura Gaspar
Griswold, by Charles L.. Elliott.
Hesrv G. Marquand: An oil painting, portrait of
Jean \ an Male, by Van der Hoist.
Several men: An oil painting. "The Coppersmith."
by l*lgar M. Ward.
The report for the year 1900. read and adopted,
shows that the money n>> i.t fcr operating the
Museum for the year was 112».#C55. The number
of victors wan C7Ly«t. Therei are now 2.108 paying
members. The new east extension Is about com
pleted, so far as construction Is concerned, ard the
work of equipping it and fitting It up will tie htgun
a* soon as the Hoard of Estimate and Apportion
ment makes the necessary appropriation. In th-
report the trustee* declare that th-y ml,; t<pend no
more mono' 10 keep the buildings in repair, as that
is the duty .if the l>«-riartm« nt of Parks.
The trustees have a!*> been Informed of the fol<
lowing bequests left to the Museum, the first two
mentioned being reversionary:
From CollU P. Huntlngton. his collection of paint.
From Robert Graham Dun. twenty-five paintings".
From Oavond Field. a collection of objects of art.
l-"rom Henry VUlard. the sum of fcJ.OOu.
Those present at the meeting were Frederick W.
Rhinclander. mho presided; H.nry O. Marquand.
William I- Andrews, Salem 11. Wale*. Robert W.
de Forest. Frederick Dlclman, D. O. Mills. S. P.
aaajaj. ¦saw* R. Bishop. William E. Dodge. John
S Kenrv.-<iy. Edward D. Adams. John Crosby
Brown. William IX. Ware and 1.,. P. di Osawasa.
Cltinataarn had on Its festive, raiment lart night
la honor of the Chines© New Year, win- began at !
1 midnight. Mott. Pell and Doyers sts. were brill- <
iantly Illuminated. Chinese lanterns of all shapes '
and slaea being the principal decorations. Th« res
rants were specially gaudy, great lanterns, some
of them as large as barrels lighting the fronts of
the houses from top to bottom. One restaurant
had an Immense yellow banner, with a green
dragon palmed on It, stretched across the- street.
Th« Joss House, at No. 15 Mott-st.. was gorgeous
with its red. yellow and green lantern*. The tstts |
to the Joss House wore made for the most part in
two afternoon, and the evening was given up to *o
rial visiting. All the Chinese stores and shops a< ie
elaswtf. and all the Chinamin were In gala co*'
tunics.. The !e*'Jvul«s wjll Uu. through the week.
Princeton. N. J.. Feb. IS (sperl.il>.— GenTa* Wash
ington Kehr. of the present scn!or chfs in Prince
ton University, whose heme Is In Harrlsburtr. r.n..
has bten exjj^lle.i from the university by the fac
ulty for the offence of plagiarism. At the last
commencement exercises Kehr took part tn the
Junior oratorical contest, delivering a eulogy on
Abraham Lincoln under the caption "An Ideal of
American History." Kehr was awarded the Mac-
Lean prize of tXOOk The oration was published la
'"The Nass.vj Literary Magazine." and it la this
way came to the attention of th* •••Iltors of "The
Lafayette Touchstone" »h>> h «.l also n-.-eiv«-d a
ropy of 'The Gettrsbcrg Mercury." the literary
magazine of Oettysburg College, which contained
an oration by Krar.k P. ileiltnan. of itettysburg. on
""Abraham Lincoln." The editors .if the maKazlne
comr-ar«"J the two orations and found thorn to be
nearly Identical. They r>ubl!*h«»d them in parallel
columns and com*n«-nte<i on their startling sim
The subject was brought to the attention of the
NasMU literary ortitors. and th«-y Investigated th«
matter, working In co-openM-m with the Princeton
faculty. The result waa ihat <;eorKe W. Kehr was
found to have culled h'.~ I'raunn from thHt of hi»
Gettysburg fri«-nd ar.d firmer cla^smnte, Frank P.
Hrllman. Kfhr v\s con?rr>nt*d by the evidence
and confessed hi* ru!lt. H«- was quietly dismissed
by fie faculty. In order to save htm the dlsgraca
cf publi<* c»*r.?':re.
9tm m rßFsrnr\T i\n KirsFß.
Washington. Feb. H —Major Carl I^n?i. pres!
dent. and th» thlrtj-two directors e( the North
eastern Sangerhund of Am*rlc.-» Cdl'.e.j in a »Ow)l at
the White House to-day and presented to the Presi
dent an album bound in red leather, and contain.
Ins the icings sung by Urn society at Its last mret
lr.c in HM On the fly>af of the album Is the fol
lowing inscription In Illuminated letters':
William McKin!ey. I'resliient of the United states
of America, in commemoration of th«- festival la
honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Nnrtheast
«rn Sangerburid. lircoklyn. N. V., June >-Ju!y
4. ISO).
The directors also presented to Emperor William.
throuch the Germ.in Ambassador, an album of rare
beauty, aali to have cost 11.2\0. This Is an ac
knowledgment of the Emperor's courtesy In offer
inK a priz-i at the last Sdnßerfest. The Ambasyador
yesterday received a cable patch from Kmperor
William, authorizing lilm t>i receive In his turn*
the souvenir of the Snntrprliun<i. After the pres
entation the Ambapsafiiir an<l the <le|, gd tion drank
the ti.-alth «>f i;mr«ror William. The altium la -'f
Anicricun naaßUfacturc, hikl consiJts of »«•¦> silver
I>!ru< «, weishlas forty j.ounds, t>oun<l in leather
rii-hly emt«-lli?hed with per.. Us ami silver niount
lr.es. Un the face cf tht- first pl;ite are etigravcit
American anil German flags untl coats-of-arms
whllf on the hack 1;« a resolution of thnnks for the'
nmiKrior's jirlze. On the lace of the ¦ ¦ uad plate
is |n*crtix-d the soni; that unn the prize -it the last
S<snKerf«st. «n.l on the back Is an raved repro
duction of Th« Wan>lerins Mlnsttvi," tho Km
r.«-ror's prize.
TVarhJngton. Feb. IS —There is a slight disturbance In
the •aw States aa4 fTcsUra Nrrth rwretasa ruin has
ffcUen al^g the Cult ¦ .i»t at.,l In Qeangss; elsewhere
tl:e «ea'b»r has tf'h ger.f-rallv fair. Th« temperature
eaettaaea hirh in the s^utii»«- 6t6 t an>i in ism ijuif an 4
South Atlanti? St»>-«. Maximum temf*rstures nf «O
dTrfes in Texa* and 7S (\ist-*» In Florl.fa *«-re re-orfiei
Monday. T»i» ten:j*ra!ure has fallfn frr.ti 10 to CO .1^ -
Trees In th» Ohio ani Millie Mi-!-!«f!ppl rallera, an.i
th*r« has aliK» »*en a fall in th- Northwest. Inrettle.]
weather ar.J rain »ill conilf.ue In the Atlantic
and East <;;i!f iHnu-f Tue»-:a>. «nl i-lmtrinir anil <-0!.1.r
»»-athrr will prsrall In th^ WVst Gulf BtatCS an.l UM*er
M>*-.«i;ipl Valley. e^p»rier» Iha weath#r »t!l t* g»-n
«-ral!y f^ir. Th- wrather will te rl«-ar and cj!.! In tha
Ohio ar<i l"ri~»r at it Cn-rat M:n!sslppl valtajTS an.i tha
Xettawett ¦I^i^^.ia>• atil IV^Jmixiay. On the Xew-I^ij:
lanl i.u<l MM-lla Atlantic ..-I- fr»»h to Irisk we«t t.»
n-'rthw>-!.t wta«i »I|l «<jntlriu»>. On the ISMti Atlantic
Obm) rhf win:» wilX l« r.i.»tly SOtttawcstcrly, fling ii
bn>* ii'irtlmt-Merly Tues.lay afierrto-.n it nlg!;t.
F^r New-KriglaU'l. Increasing cloullness to-day; prob
ably without r»!n; fair Wednesday; continued fresh »..-.t
to nctrthweai »ln<l*.
For Ua>tern Kaw-Tock. Ka«t»rn Penni-ylvar.la. N»«-
Je:tey .iM rVUm;.:- fair t'v-.lny ani probably Wednes
day; continued fresh n'<rth»e»terly «lndj. i^cimlng brisk
on the roast.
FfT the l>!strl»-t of Optombtsj and MaryUnl. fair tivday
and reawsßiajr; llrht ie fresh northwe-tt-tlv winds, i*
pi^tiing hr:jk f>n the c<*«».
For Wt*l>-rn IV-nnsylvania. fair an.l <-i : :. ¦: t.. .. i>.
fair \Veiin*s.lay; c>jntlr.urd cold; fresh to t.riffc n>rth
westerly wtn-1».
X.*- Weytt-rn New- York, generally fair I. .'ay. with
an- flurries aal l"»er t«-mt<-r«icre alr.nr th<- lake»;
pr->raMy fair Wet!ne»(J»y: cmtinu^l brl^k weft^rly win)-.
••:!'•.! %¦¦-: I>"MA!,' i •nSBRVATRiNS
In this -i-.siiruia the - >ntimitu* white Mm show* the
riWHI in crr»«ur# ¦¦ indicated t.y The Tr.bune'a avlf
j*corJ:nir baron.et*r. Th* dotted line chows the nmi»ri
turr as recorded at Perry's Pharmacy.
Tribune Office. Feb. 1». l a m — The weather yester
day was tnowy in the early morning and fair in the
afternoon. The temperature ranged t*t»een 31 and 41
degrees, tha average i3iS> being » of a degree higher
than that of 6ur.day and 15 degrees higher than that
of th» corresponding data of last >ear.
The weather to-day -.1 t« fair.
A ri;\T£\Aßli\ CUOttmt AW.
Philadelphia. Feb. 18.— The Rev. John Xtlle. of
Trupne. P«nn.. a small village a few miles from
this city, to-day cel«t>rs.tej the 100 th anniversary
of his birth. He arrs bora near Westminster.
Imi . February 18. IMI. and Is probably th»» oldest
cierjryman In the I'nlted States. Mr. Nalle was
orilatntd at the age of forty years. He has occu
pied pulpits of the Uefurmed Church In various
towns In this State and at Buffalo. Ind. Despite
his years Mr. Nslle enji^sd good health until
recently, when bo becaarj partly paralyzed.
Waal Point. N. V.. Feb. IS (Special).— lt does not
i take a Waal Point cadet long to get ready for an
outing, especially when that outlns; makes him a
full fledged officer In the Army. The members of
Ike class of '*1 were graduated to-day, and soon
after rsiMOls they were "rushing thin**" in their
fjuarttrs in the barracks so as to be on time when
the bugle would «ive the "fall In" call for the
m.-iroh to Callum Memorial Hall, where the gradu
ation exercls«»» were to take place. The cadet
corps was out in full force ar.d attended the cere
monies until th- diplomas were awarded to the
frraiuat*-*. There was no effort at display, nor
arai there any of the hurrah fueling that generally
marks a graduation day at the Academy. In fact,
there »as a solemnity about the ceremonies that
mad* the visitor feel a bit uncomfortable at first
till he remembered that, owing to the death of
Colon*] M.ch'e It had been decided that the ex
ero.«es snould he divested of their usual flash and
fajety. It was hardly necessary that this should
nave te«n the result of official order, for the whole
cadet corps and the Army otneers of the post felt
d-seply th« loss of Colonel Mlchle— one of the most
lovable men who ever held a prominent rank at the
The simple programme of the exercises was:
Mu»lc I sited States Military Academy Band
I'ra>er The Rev. Herbert Shipman. chaplain
Mu»»c l.nlted States Military Academy Band
AJ'jru art presentation of diplomas by Major-General
J hn K. bro«.k«. I nn*d Slates Army
Host* I •:-• <»•«•-« Military Academy Bar.d
The following: Is the official standing according to
general merit of the class resulting from the ex
aminations mads last week, and it was in this
order that the names of the graduates were called
when th»y were handed their diplomas:
1 Jcftr.iton. E. N. ; 8S 1! lybacb.
- Sn»ri-.:i. » Pillow.
3 Pool*. I *¦• Ilayden.
• foes | 41 Hi -water.
6 Lee. , 42 berry. J. A.
«» tpaMing. C. R. 43 frur. y
7 Wr.t -It Rut.:. SB, O.
¦» Ckplsa. i 4.^ I>uugherty.
It Jewett. 4« ti».e.!a.\
10 \Vt::iams. A. ¦ 47 Da Armoad.
11 irilUac. 44 Starl .:¦.<.
12 tiuthrt* . 4t» Maagutn.
1.. Browning. | s<» Nay lor.
14 Knltht. SI Rtgg«.
13 'i vet N. E. ! 52 MUller. C XI.
;•, Claik. F. W. tSKay**.
17 lUrnes. , M Iv a rs<.<n.
IS Cirnel<l M Oliver.
11* Smith. W. D. • .'.-i Burnett, C.
2" CaaU 87 l->n-?h. A. J.
SI .1.. i i.m | ">¦* Urlgham.
S3 i;rj:tnt. •• Furnlval.
3 Lahm. •*• Gregory. P. P.
.1 Fes • 61 SytutiiKton.
SB Trnxe!. SI Smith. W. H.
M Flat*. I •« Tldtall.
i' 7 Carlrton. | fA tlr.l
is We»t. E. R- «i Cool#y.
~» (V.». ; tv. Huk«lt.
3" ...-It SI I':.-r.tic*.
SI Currle. . «x Meyer.
S9 Hrowna, B. F. «» Keller. T.
.-.•{ aaell. Cl M. 70 D»tn-
Zi lakl* , 71 Kent.
X". Hrown. I. 7: En.i».
M P*nit n , B Plk».
:.; Pratt, ft I I
Tiir»- were some decided surprises for the grad
uates In the announcement of th* oiflolal stand
ing, am there were over sixty ?hiftlinf> of places
from th«- official standing of the class that resulted
from th« June examination. Johnston. of; Oregon;
Sti.-rnll. of North Carolina; Poole and Peek, of
\Vlneonsln. nil Cap'.es. of Missouri, were the first
llv<* callt-.l -"star.-*." of the class. according to the
June examination. Hut Cadet ip!oa had a fall,
a? shown lit the Us! onVlally announced ti>-day. and I
• add l.«-t\ <>f North Carolina, whrt was No. • In
Juiif took his «'¦•¦ «* •'- No. 5 and Caplea became No.
» Other shifts nf n"te wore \\". D. Smith, from Nt».
S7 In June to No is to-day; Willing, from No. 30
i,, No 11 .. i: West, from No. 44 to No. *S.
Polellai who on anount of physical ailment hud
to tle-ht aKatnst cn-.it odds. was No. -";» In June, but
was No 4i to-day. Outside of the llr.tt four In the
iljsji. -.<;,,. «.--«• in th. same standing yesterday as
..,, „, In .j. ln .. tti.- only cadets who 'would not
irtv* up their poata." as some of their merry class
mates put II arr- C. H. Miiller. of Texas, and W.
11. Smith, of Gcerfffca, Muller was No. 62 In June
and Smith v.as Xo. tt:. They hold the same numbers
Aa to th.- particular branches of the service to
whl'h th. -\i ut y-t fir- • Kraduates will be assigned,
II Is said John lon. i: N.. Sherrtll. Puole. !'• fk. !¦"•¦
BoakUng. «S. It.: l>.nt. *'aples, Jewwtl and \\ III
l:ini» A., will be detailed to the Engineer « orps.
although, under ordinary circumstances and ac
curding to their standing In the order of general
m*rlt In which they were graduated they would ..ave
their choice of place.-* In the ordaanee. artillery, cav
alry or Infantry, an well a the Engineer Corps"
I'mial only th<- Rrsl tlv<» of a class, who are call
the "Inurortal*," are made. en^in.-.r officers, uni
t-oiin ti.u. . ii"' ovtn th.it number. Hut as there
happened to In- places (or the ten this year, and
\o rijc engineer officers" are speesalry needed In cer
tain quarter* In the new army, the whole "upper
ten" of c. i; will ¦¦ assigned to that branch of the
eerv're it is rwlie\ed. Qradoatoa Wlllinn. nuthrl«.
Browning. Knight. Bower. N. E.. and Clark. F.
\V »• I 'ivr their <-h..i.'e In the ordnance, artillery,
cavalry or Infantry. Those from and including No.
17 .(own to and Including No. **. will have their
choice In artillery, cavalry or Infantry. This leaves
the rrmnliid^r of the -Ism from and including No
49 la an.l Including No. 73 only two choices In the
service — i-avalry or Infantry ...
Although the official number In the utandlnes of
the . -lass to-day was 73. it really Is 71 strong. Albert
If Mueller of Illinois, is th.- 'mlsflng man" In the
muster He must wear cadet uniform and do post
duty within the barrack ground limits tui next
June Then li" will become an Army orn.-er All
tMs Is the result of a court martial thai recom
mended some time «go his dismissal from the acad
.-mv because "cortraband ids" had been found
In hi* quarters. The President took merry upon
him Km his present piinlshrnjent Instead of dls
"lli'i'v of the graduate? remained here this after
noon to j.tt.>nl the funeral of Colonel Mlchle. but
most of th*m left on an afternoon train for New-
York. Taw? will make their headquarters at the
Murray Hill Hotel, and to-night "have a hi^h old
time' In s body at on«« of the theatres. Four
fifth- of the graduates expect to he sent to the
Philippines. Consequently the roodbys said to
their comrade. Mueller, whom they left behind
them, were rather touching.
West Point. N. V.. Feb. IS.— The funeral of Colo
nel Peter 9. Mlchle was held hern this afternoon.
It was the largest and irost Imposing funeral that
has taken place at West Point since the burial of
General Wlnfleld Scott In ISM. Every department
of the- post was closed and officers, cadets and sol
diers followed the body to the grave There were
several distinguished army ©fiicers from abroad.
active and retire*!, in attendance. Colonel Tlilman
was master of ceremonies and Chaplain Shlpman
conducted the religious services.
'IT* have all read the clever squibs and para
graphs whi;*. are occastoaally published from al
leged Western newspapers." said
A HOWL V A. Chairont. of Little Hock.
FROM THE Ark.. at the Hoffman House
WEST. yesterday. But for vivid, breath
ing Western pyrotechnics, the real
thins gives the imitation ranis and spades. Just
listen to this •howl" from th«» mid prairies:"
From The Gage Record. Gage. Woodward County. Okla
homa. Motto. "The Oui»tian'» Krtend and the Sin
ner a Salvation." Friday. January _'. X9OI.
is prosperity's gketna green.
The men who are up to the times wiil head for
Gage, ail others for Mexico. China, or they will hunt
up "Billy" Bryan .-.til subscribe for * Th* Com
moner." with its half a million, paid cash in ad
vance subscriber*, an.l then take a look at the
"calamity howling" Nebraska editorial shrleker
who can turn his no.-,.- up at a |lU.OO> advertise
ment, and come to Gage and subscribe for ' The
Record." Its editor has never been known to re
fuse or frown upon the small sum ot 25 cents for
three months. We d.> not wade around on that
kind of political stilt*. The Record" is not envious
of "The Commoner." an I don't make any kick on
Bryan maklr.s hay while the sun shines. We ad
mit that if we ha i .1 chance we might do worse
than Bryan has done, nut the people won't (rive
us in.- opportunity. --The Gage Record" and 'The
Commoner" were incubated about the same time.
but under different circumstances. 'The Com
moner" howls calamity, and It has an editorial staff
that picks their i.-.-t-i with Kil'lm toothpicks, and
who spurn $! iIV"i IV " advertisements.
We are. not bui!t thai way: the only thins we
ever refused to take on subscription: or advertis
ing was the r.-u'l -s from a rattlesnake's tail
th->; we found curled up In the road.
"The Record" ha-; one advantage over Bryan an.l
his paper. "The Commoner." and th;" is in th«
nam* of Gage, named after the Hon. Lyman fllia.
»l Vhirajfo. who Is now Secretary of the Treasury
who has $i.Sn.iW.iY<l In I i- vest pocket, figuratively
speaking, and who an sit down and write .•»
check that will he any hank in th- fatted States,
and he doe:* do it every day. and he can make the
Nebraska Filipino shrioker's head swim when it
comes to a plain showdown of cold dollars. Gasje
be-irs his name, nn.l he will not go back on his
namesake. Republicans are not built that way
With this Issue "The Record" is only four weeks
old. but It Is a healthy maverick; it stood on Its feet
before it opened Ha eyes, and it has never been
branded, marked or rounded tip yet. and very sub
scriber and patron of this "aper ran rut r'.lnrn
that he hrm fixed himself solid with Uncle l.yman
Gage, the man who cnn draw the blgsest check In
the world without a wink.
Gatr* is nolle!' It Is about eißht thousand mile-*
through the earth to China, hut people daa'l go that
way; th^v jro .tout twelve thousand miles around
about. However, she is on the great Santa *>
system of railway, which reaches everywhere from
the City of Mexico. San Francisco. Chicago and
other points. Gape. Is situated on Wolf River, thrt
Hows from the Texas Panhandle country, and she
his pot good farming; and graztnjj lands all about
her. All she asks is a chance, and she will make
America howl with prosperity. She Is located right
in the centre or heart nf North America, and you
ber she feels her oats! She will soon b«» the cracker
j*<*k frontier town of Oklahoma, with all the mod
ern trimmings and frills, and sh« invites you to
come to see her.
Mrs. Richard Croker gave a musical, supper and
dane« last evening at her home. No. .i East Sev
enty- finn Hi for the beneSt of the library fund
of the new Loyola Mm V- ¦ sswM Elghty
thlrd-st. This school is under the care of th»
Fathers of the Society of Jpsu.-, who started it
recently to meet the educational and social re
quirements of the Catholics of this city. Mrs.
Croker Is much Interested in the school, which Is
attended by her !>on How.ird. and arranged last
evening's entertainment and offered her home for
the. purple of Increasing the library fund of the
The floral and silk decorations were arranged by
Mrs Croker so as to emphasise th» color* of the
eld Loyola family, a Spanish family of mediaeval
times, which were crimson and gold. Mrs. broker
expects to realize about S.V*O from last evening's
Th» object of the Loyola School is to prepare
boys for college in It* preparatory and academic
depart-nent*. The principal of the school is the
Ttev. N. N. McKlnnon. 3. J.. and the vice-principal
la th» Rev. William Ennts. late *tce-presldent of
Georgetown University.
llnrnelt « Vnnllla Kxtrnct
« th<> best ami the best ..-1 none too a;<v>.l tor f.-v>d and
drink. Insist on hiving it. Avon .-heap substitute.
An»M«. Poaanns P. t*wls. Walter H.
Hovle. Anirustns A. L«oun»a. U J. TV.
Brush. Mary E. r.vf .r.l. Gertrude K.
Gould H»len van G. Marshall. Mary A.
OuMrk. M.ry E. Mill*. Ellia B.
itawrs. Charlotte Pentz. Hergh
H'rdrtc'is. Catherine B. Stafford. Miles A.
Johns.jn. Grace W. R. str>nn. Theodora M
Kurstelner. August. Tomrklns, John M.
lamberton. Anna De W.
jVCABIX— IkMsawfI fsajl Anabie wMow of th» late
H-nr- S. Anable. on February 17. at the residence of
her daughter. Mr». William P. Clarke. Wllitanuport.
Term.. ;n her 70th year
funeral e»rvlces at the residence of her bob. E. Nott
Anable. Westminster, New- York City. Wednesday. Feb
ruary 20. at 11 o'clock a. m.
EOYLK— At rsaiaraa N. J. on Friday. February 13.
Au^stus A. Bnyle.
Funeral services from his late residence Tuesday. Febru
ary ll>. at 2 p. m.
Train leaves foot of Liberty at.. New- York, at 12 o'clock
mtrnt— February 17 1301. Mary Elizabeth Brush,
wife of th» late .T. Theodore Brush.
Funeral from her lata me. So. 11 Lafayatta-aTe..
Broeklym ™ TniwTnj. February in. 1001. at 2 p. m.
Klnily om'.t wars.
GOL'LD— A' her ksW residence. No. 2.31 ft 7th-ave.. Helen
van Oaasbeek Ooull. .laughter of Adelaide- an.l the late
I'.iterr S. GouldL on Sunday. February 17. 1901.
Funeral private.
Gl/I.ICK— On Saturday. February 18. 1901. at 11:40
o'clock ¦ m. after a long illness. Mary Elizabeth, wife
of lame* C Gulick an.l .laughter of Isaac F. Janes, de
craned, in the 6Sth year of her age
Funeral from her late residence. No. 331 West 22d-»t..
Nrw-Ycrk. on Tuesday. February 10. 1001. at 10:30
o'clock a. m
Burial at Cyr-ress Hills.
Banitor , Ma i par'" will Dlease copy.
HAWES- On Sunday. February 17. Mrs. Charlotte Rawea,
i\ineral from her late residence. No. 43 West S3d-at.. at
Interment"^! .Greenwood at convenience of th* family.
!_.,'...... M flseeaw«a| at convenient of th« family.
HENI>RI'""KS 9un<lay. Fehruanr 17. Cath-rtn« E.
ll^n'iri.k". In the «:>!>i year of her a«a.
Funrral sen ices will be h«>l<l at her late residence. No. 14
East Ninth on Tuesday. February lijth. at 8 p. m.
JOHNSON— Suddenly on Monday, February 19. Grace W.
R.H.-kw«n wife of Ephratm Sherman Johnson and
e&oshttf ft John W. ami Phebe Rockwell.
Relatives and Intimate friends are Invited to attend the
funeral services at net Lite residence. No. 832 St. Nl.-h
ol.is-ave.. on Wednesday. February 2i>. at 1 o'clock.
Interment print"
Yonkers ¦era please copy.
KI'ItSTEINER— Suddenly, on February W. August Kur
stfiner. in his TIM year.
Kelatlvea an.l friends are Invited to attend funeral ser
vices at hi« la>* rfsldence. Englewood. N. J.. Tuesday.
February U>. after arrival of tram on Northern R. R. of
N. .1 leaving Chambers-M. at 3:30 p. m.
I: rrtnenl at convenience of family.
LAMISERTON— On Sunday. February 17. 1001. Anna t>e
\\ t it Lamberton. wife of Charles L. I-imbertcn. In the
«7 h year of her ag«-.
Funeral at her late residence. No. eft West Md at . New-
York City, on Tuesday. February 10, at 3 p. m.
Interment at Kingston. N. Y.
LFWIS *t hts residence. No. 11 East 35th-st.. on Mon
' day. February 1"». 11K»I. Walter H»rror» Lewis, In the
7"t'\«ar of Wa ¦«••
Funeral services wIU be held at Trinity Char«l. 2Sth-»t
n"ar Broadway, on Thursifay. tha 21at In^-t.. at 10:13
a m.
Philadelphia papers please copy.
L«'l N!'S Monday mornlnit. February IS. Iswl. U J.
gerv^ai raSswaa No. 100 West 4lth-.t.. on Tuesday.
InT.'.ni-nt at Bath. Sreuben County. N. T.
L.YFOHI 1 \t her residence. Itentenflelda, N. J.. on Mon
day February l* I' 1"!. Gertrud* K«-mr>le Lyford. widow
of .•.¦!.. n.-l Wephan C Ljr.-rl. U. H. A., and el iV>t
daughter of the '"» •" KlifatHjth Pearson and P. Kemble
Pauiatntf. of CoM fprlng-00-llutlson.
Funeral private. ... _ -
Interment at Arlington Cemetery. Washington. D. C.
iraeksaatea papers please copy
MARSHALL)- Entered Into rest. February 15, Mary A.
Funeral at her late residence. Mllford tin.. February
11>. at 2 p. m.
MILLS — Southpctt. Conn.. on Sunday. February 17,
Eliza EL. widow of the tats O«or|a Mills. aged T»
Frten.ls' »re Invited to attend the funeral from her late
resilience, on Wednesday. February 30, at 2 a. a
PFNT7--Oi» February is. of pneumonia. Bergh. son of
M.»rifir»t i- and the late George B. Pant»
Funeral fr-.m his lat» residence. 14«th-st. and Broad
way, on Wednesday. February 20. at * p. m.
STAFFORD— At his residence No. 37S West Cnd-ave..
Mm !.i\ nn>rnln«. Mlle« A. Stafford.
Funeral at house Tuesday. February 13th. at 1 o'clock
V m.
Interment private.
Plttsburtr. r»nn.. and East Liverpool. Ohio, papers please
STORM — On February 18, Thcodara M.. danghter ft the
late Cerardine Walton and John Graham Storm.
Relatlvr* and friends are respectfully Invited to attend
funeral services at her late residence. No. 3- West Tilth
¦t.. on Tuesday, February 10. at 2:30 o'clock.
TOMPKINS — In Brooklyn. February 17. John M. Tomp
klna. aged 77 years.
Funeral at Yorkt.»wn Baptist Church. Wednesday, Feb
ruary SO, at ll. no a. ah.
Uoaelaws Cemetery.
Boroiigli of Ilronx. New York City.
Offlc* 20 East 23ri atr««t. MaJlion So.uar» South,
Special Notices.
"A" "A"
JAMES P. SIT-.0. Auctioneer,
and for sale on
at 9:13 o'clock.
A Collection of Ilish Class
In the above sale Is included
by the late well known artiat *
And on Saturday
at 3 o'rforic afternoon, and eranlnai at • o'clock.
at the
.'('¦>; sth ay.. 34tk st.
""¦¦ !>'« Weather Strip*. Wire Screens and Window
\entiiatnrs make homes comfortable summer and wtnter.
ft Roebuck. 172 Fulton. Telephones in Manhattan and
Brooklyn Boroughs.
Kt|ir«-..|..n restored; by artificial teeth: Dr. De*ne.
Dentist. 434 I.ex. Ay»., cor. 43th; highest award Col. Em.
Tribune Subscription Hate*.
R-?!P£ T ' » 1 WEEKLY. 3 emits.
DAILY. 3 cents. lTßl-WEEKLT. 2 cents.
*or all point* in the United States (outside of Greater
New-York). Canada and Mexico.
One month. 91 ooi si* months. .n
Thiee Months. J-iS), Twelve Months. $130
»:» M.nths. ?5 0«>l ".EKKLY:
Twelve Months. »10 00] Six months. .Bft
SUNDAY ONLY: Twelve Months. II 00
r^^.TT-* l^.,^ J2 001 TRIBUNE ALMANAC:
DAILY ONLY: | per copy. .21
Three Months. *2 oO| Per copy. 1100
Sim Munths. »Ma>, TRIBUNE EXTRAS:
Twelve Months. $t> 00 Send for cataloro*.
(For Europe, the British Isles and all countries In th»
Universal Postal Union.)
One Month. 91 7» One Month. $1 «4
Two Months. *:s Mi Two Month*. S3 «>*
Thre- Months. 94 «l ¦, Jl r^i, S ST
,vN T r,A'YVo M s-L?r- 90 rto si» Months. 97 11
fix Month*. $2 s«| hi Months. 91 03
iweive .Months. ?a lU Twelve Mnnth* *•> rv*
TRI-WEEKLY: SI, Month*. « fS*TweH. Months. *3 ML
Mall subscribers to the DAILY and TRI- WEEKLY will
o« charged on» cent a copy extra Po3tas * ln addltloa •<*
tha rate* named abov*.
Address all communications relative to subscrlotloni or '¦?
a<tv»rtHem*nt!, to THE TRIBUNE. New-T-vk City Remit
By Po»tofSce money order, express money ordsr. draft or
registered letter.
MAIN OFFirF--N^. 134 Nassau-st.
UPTOWN OFFICE— No. 1.242 Broadway or any Ameri
can District Telegraph Office.
NETVARK BRANCH OFFlCE— Frederick N. Sommar. No.
704 Rroad-st.
AMERICAXa ABROAD will find The Tribune at:
LONDON— ORIce . f The Tribune. N.v 14* Fleet-ot,
Chaplin. Milne. Grenfel & Co.. Limited. Xo. 8 Prt»
esSB-et., fc. c.. London.
Prown. 0..11 M * Co., No. 34 New-Ox ford-tt,
American Express Company. No. 3 Waterloo Place.
Thomas Cook A Son. Lurieate Circus.
The London Office of Th» Tribune In a convenient plae«
t» le^ve advertisements and subscriptions.
PARIS — Louts vulttoß. No. 1 Rue Scribe, opnoalt*
Grand Hotel.
.1. Monroe A C<v No. T Rue Scribe.
John Wanamaker. No 44 Rue dcs Petltes Ecurieai
Hottlnwuer & Co.. No. 3« Rue de Provence.
Morgan. Harjes A Co.. No. 31 Boulevard Hausaraaan.
Credit L.yonnal>i Bureau .1c» Ktranjrers.
Amerlcnn Express Company. No 11 Run Scribe.
Thomas Cook & Son. No. 1 Place da I" Opera,
Society dcs Irpprlmerles Lemercier. No. 8 Pli»c» I*
r Opera.
GENEVA— Lombard. Od!»r & Co.. and Cnton Bank.
FLORFNCE— WhItby * Co.
HAMBI'RG — American Express Company. No. It
Schmlede Stras»e.
BRF.MEN— American Express Con-pany. No. « Bahnho*
Po*tofflee> Votlee.
f«houl! he read MM by all Interested, as changes may
occur at any time.)
Foreign malls fr the week ending February 23, 19»t.
will close {promptly in an cases) at the naral rnssiifn 1
a* '"Mows: Partis Post Mails close one hour earlier than
closing time shown helow. Parcels Post Malls fnr Germany
dote on February 20. per s. a Oldenburg, via Bremen.
Regular and Supplementary mails close at Foreign
Bran half hour later than (-losing time shown below.
TTEDNESPAT— At «TA a. m. fir Europe. p»r s. a •».
LessS imail for Ireland mu^t be directed "per s. 9. St.
Louis at 9:30 a. m. (supplementary 10 a. m. for
Europe, per s. » Majestic, via Qneenstown; at 10 a. m.
for Belgium, per a. s. Noordland, via Antwerp (mail
must be direet<><J "per s. a. Noordland">.
THfRSDAT— At 7 a m. for Trance. Switzerland. Italr.
Spain. Portugal. Turkey. £^>pt. Greece. British India
and Zjorrntty Marnues, per «. s. L'Aqultalne. via Havre
<mat! for other r"»rts of Europe must be directed "per
a a L'A<iultaln*">.
SATURDAY — At s:3f> a. m for Europe, par ». a. ?>ervla.
via Queenstown: at 7 a. m. for Denmark direct, per
». a. Island (mail must b* directed "per 9 t. Island
at 7.30 a. m for Netherlands direct, per s. s. Maas
dam .mail must be directed "per =• a Maas-Iam"); at
' a. m. Sa> It lly per a. ». Werra. via Naples (mail
r^ust M directed "per a. a. TVerra"'): at 10 a m. for
!»-ot!and direct, per a a Furnessia (mall must be
directed "per «. a Furnessla").
•PRINTED MATTER, ETC.— This steamer takes rrtnt*f
Matter. Commercial Papers and Samples for Germany
only. Th» same class .if mail matter for other part*
of Fur. will rwi be .->-nt by this ship unless specially
directed by her.
Af'er the '•>!«. of th* Supplementary Transatlantic
Mails named above, additional supplementary malls ar*
opened on the piers of the American. English. French
»nd German steamers, anil remain open until within ten
mtnutes of the hour of «atlin« of steamer.
TCESDAY — At !> a. m for Guadeloupe. TssillßJSjia
a'l Dem?rara. per s. 1. Talisman: at 9:30 a. m.
supplementary 10-30 a. m. for Central America
<o»cet>t Costa Blca» and South Pacific Ports.
p-r *. v Advance, via Colon (mall for Guate
mala must be directed "per - » Ai anra">. at IS
a. m far Haiti. B*r a. s Prias William V (mail Ibr
Oiracao. Trinidad. Venezuela, British and Dutch
Guiana must he directed "per a. •. Prlns William V"):
at 12:30 p. m. (supplementary 1 p. m.» tor St. Thsssaa,
St. Crolx. Leeward and Windward Islands, and Deme
rara. par ¦ ¦. Carttoes: at 1 p. m. for Pernambu:o and
Santos, pe. * a. Castllian Prince: at 2:30 p. ta. for
Argentine Republic. Crummy and Paraguay, per a t>.
Iterminius; at i"..:«» p. m. for Jamaica, per a. a. Admiral
FarraKut. from Boston; at til p. m. for Nassau, per
at<am.»r from Miami. Fla.
WEDNESDAY— At -i a. m. for Erazll. per s. a Olartdga
'mat! for Northern Brazil. Ari^>ntlna Republic. Urusuay
an.i Paraguay must b.- directed "per «. a. Colarlitaje*"> ;
at r> :.'!(» a 111. fr lna«rua and Haiti, per a. s. Belvrnon:
at 1«» >. m. for Porto Rico, per V. S. Transport- Kawltas;
at I- m. for tuba. Yucatan. Campeche, Tabasco ant
Pfctapae, per s. a. Yucatan, via Havana and Pi'aayssn
(mail for other parts of Mexico must bo directed "par
». •. Yucatan at 11 p. m. for Jamaica, per a. a. Ad
miral Sebjey, from Philadelphia.
T'.n RSDAT— At 7 a. m. for Bermuda, per 9. s. Pretoria:
at IS m. far Northern Broatt, per a s. dement. at 12 m.
fur Siintiiiso. per •«. a. Santiago de Cuba.
FRIDAY — At til p. n". to* Nassau, per steamer from
Mlarrl. fia.
SATURDAY— At «:;V0 a. m. for Argentine Republic, CrJ
guay and Pinruv per a. s. Bellenden; at 0 a. m.
(!">pplementarv !>:3i> a. M.i for Porto Rico (via San
JuanK Venezuela ar.<l Curacao, per s. a. Caracas (mall
for iiavantlla in.: Carthagena must be directed "per
s, « CamoaVK at io a. m. for Tuba, per a. a. Mexi
co. M.i Havana: at 10 4. m. (supplementary 10:30 a.
m.> for Fortune Island. Jamaica. Havan.lli and Cartfca
avna. per a a. Altai .mall for Costa Rica mast he di
rected "per 9. •. Al:al">: at 10 a. m. inuppl«ineatßr»
10 1i» a. m.) for Haiti, per a. a. Alps: at 10 a. m. f>>F
Mexico. r»>r » •. Ithako. via Tamptco (mall most fee
directed •per s. s. Ilhaka'">; at 10 a. m. for Till lisa
per I at Prtm.-i. via Proisreso: at ISt.tO p. m. for Ma
tanza*. Caibarteii. Nuevltaa. Olbara and Bararoa, prr
a. s. Olimli Unary mall only which must be directrl
"per a. a. OllnJa").
Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to North Sydney, and
theass by steamer, close at this "fflca daily at fl:3f»
p. m. (connecting cl"«« her* every Monday. Wednesday
and Saturdays Mai:* for Ml i.jelon. hv rail to Boston.
and Ihencv by sieun-t-.-. close at this r.mVa dally at 6:Sf>
p. in. Malls for Cuba, by rail to Port Tampa. Fla.. and,
thenco by -.tKim^i. else at this offlcs dally, except
Monday, at >'. a. m. the ••' nnertins; rloseit ara on Stan
day. Wednesday and FrUlav). M;»i:a for Cuba, by rail
to Miami. K!a.. and IHenca by •»ami-r. aloes at this
iff; c ever* Monday and Friday at HI p. m. Mails for
Mexico City, overland, unless specially addressed for
dlsp:iteh by steamer. -|.><»e at this office dally at 1 3O
p. m. and 1! p. m. Malls fnr <" st.-» Rica. Belize, Pu*rtf»
fortes t\n.l n-nt«ma:i. hy rail t> N?w- Orleans, and
then by steamer, close at this ofiVe .1-iliv at tv:w»
p. m (connectlnit ¦•'. •"•-• her* Mondays for Bel!ie, Puerto
• "orte? and linatemala. and Tuesdays for Costa Rica.
tHeeistered mall closes at 8 p. si previous day.
Mali* for CM an. l Japun. via Vancouver, eloss her*
dally at 6:3(» P- m. up to February tl'.». Inctuslve, fur
dlrymtfh r>er ¦. *. Ewrpw cf fhtns (registered mall
must b« directed "via Vancouvor">.
Mails f.r Iluwalt. China. J.»t>.»n an.i Philippine I:>lan<lsi,
via ?.m Francl*-o. rlr.ae hero fl.»lly at «:"¦») p. m. up to
February t— . Inclusive, I m awfjaaek p»-r a. a. Rio Ja
Mall* for Hawaii. Japan. China and Philippine Islands.
vl* San Kranctsco, close h»ra daily at •'.:.¦¦ •¦ m. up to
M:ir^h t2. Inclusive, for dis-patch per .«. s. Coptic.
Vat's »nr Australia (except West Australia, which Is fBS»
warded via Europe) New-Zealand, Fiji, Samoa aw*
Hawaii, vi San Kranctxfo. c!o«e h«»r« dally at «:3»
p. it , after February ?<*• nn.l up to March t?. ln
clum.j- ur on arrival of >. •. Lu.ri:v due at New-York
March 2. fiir dispatch per s. *. S-^rra.
.Malls for AustruMrt (exoept West Australia, which gne«
Ma Europe and New-Zea!an«l. which eoes via San
Frant-i»oo» und Fiji Islands, via Vancouver, close bore
¦lai!y at «:»> p. m. up to Man-h tC. ;«ive. far day
putc'h per ». a, Warrtmoo »supplem?ntary moils. »la
Seattle, close at *.:*> p. m. March t3: mall must N>
directed "per a. « Warrtmoo").
Transpacific malls are forwarded to port of salting' dally
and the schedule of closing Is arranged en the pre
sumption of their uninterrupted overland transit. tRe«
isterad mall closes at « p. m. previous day.
Fsiaslia Mew- York. N. V.. Fekruary 13. l«>i ' '
Religions Xoticca.
n*r of 10th-»t.— St«reoptlcon lecture, by Mi RAWEI. of
New Zealand with beautiful views of hi.« native land.
Given under Ihe ou»ptc«-» cf the Y. P. S. C. E.. Thursday.
February 21, 9 p. m. Admission free. All cordially l£p
vl<— •

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