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Th« associate Instructors of the Pathological In
etltute have done Just as they intimated that they
might do about four we^ks aso. They have all
r»*ipn«?d. because Dr. Ira Van Glesen was told
by the State Consmieeion in Lunacy some time
•jro that his cervices as director of th» institute
¦would no longfr ri<- required after to-day. Their
reiiifrna'ion« a.!s-i take effect to-day.
Many well known physicians in thi? country
have Bfgneal a protest acairiFt the prapoxed change
In the institution. Oth<r physicians are likely to
tske action to have, if pjaaatblc the work of the
Institution carried on along the old lines. William
Church Osborn, of thi< city, is one of the State
Commissioners in Lunacy, and the other is w. L.
ParkhurFt. of faiUßldalUM Thr-v will probably be
fiery« with an injunction restraining tbem from
Interfering with BpfrißMtM and other property of
the lnFtltute.
Director Van Gl< seq jilirllaj instructed John
Linehan. his counsel, to apply to the Supreme
Cosjn for the injunction. In the appropriation re
ceived from the State for the work of the institute
no r ,rrv!f.ion was made for quarters for the hos
pital. Its present jaill lilss are in the Metropolitan
Life Building. It was said that on account of
lack of appropriation for r.ntal the office there
wr>uld be given up to-day, hut it was learned ye
terday thHt the sum necessary for rental would
proi.fi My be paid out of an emergency fund.
The letter of resignation of the associate Instruc
tors of the Pathological Institute Is up followR:
As we. fine) it inconsistent with the continuation
of our work to be deprived of our director. Dr. Ira
Van Gieeen. we hereby tender our reciETiations as
associates of the Pathological Institute.
This resolution to take effect on the date of the
removal of ''• director by the State Commission
In Lunacy. May 1. IM
It la bbii 11 ill by S. Bookman, associate in physio
logical chemistry: B. Sldls, associate in psychol
ogy; B. Onuf. associate in pathology: Henderson
B. Deady. chief associate in pathology: Harlow
Brooks, associate 1n bacteriology; C. Judson Her
rlck, associate in comparative neurology: Phnsbus
A. Lavene, associate in physiological chemistry
and Henry L Winter, associate in anthropology.
These resignations have already been received hy
Director Van Giesen, who will present them to the
Commission tn Lunacy.
According t.-> one of th« protests signed by physl
The State Corairsrfon in Lunacy and Dr. Ed
ward Cowles. cup' !15 endent of the McLean Asy
lum, chairman of >y .tnmittee appointed by the
above mentioned 1 •. mission in Lunacy to elt in
Judfrmert and pas: • .n-rnce on the work and prin
ciples of the Patl logical Institute, have derided
Mid have actualis :ii tempted, under the plea of
paternal guidance and legislative supply of re
sources, to int-rf-re. subvert and destroy the
scientific work of the Pathological Institute, hand
ing It over to the "supt-rintendency" of Newjiork
Etate asylum superintendents, and putting psnycni
atric investigation under "their direction and con
trol " according i<» the old asylum methods, to do,
es the eontnisbion insists, "what the laboratories
have always done in the State hospitals."
Th» Hunflrvd f«ar Club at its meeting last night
In the parlors of the Hotel Hajestie discussed the.
srubject of "The Physician as • part of the Teach
lnp Force in the Public School By»tem.**
The chief paper was by Dr. James Lee. associate
superintendent at schools of Manhattan. It was
«ntit>d "Th<» Scope and CaeCalneaai of the Physi
cian in the Educational rlil." and was favorable
to the physician. I>r. Lee enumerated the ways in
•which a corps of physicians would be a useful ad
junct to the pchool system, saying in closing:
To conclude, the physician should take an active
part in everything that pertains to the physical con
ditions of school life, and fo far as it la affected by
the physical side the mental. He should show that
It is easier and cheaper to prevent disease than to
cure it. and he should aim to pecure for this pur
pose the interest and co-operation of school au
thorities, parents, teachers and the children them
The paper was discussed by Dr. John P. Conroy.
principal of school Xo. 179; George W. Smith.
Dr. W. R. C. Latson. Editor of "Health Culture";
Dr. I. K. I>ve, Editor of "The Medical Mirror."
and Dr. Clark Bell, president of the Medico-Legal
Society. All were in favor of the idea, and Miles
M. O'Brien, president of the Board of Education,
who was unable to be present, 6ent word that he
was in hearty sympathy with It.
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•ares. Bock free. Kretol Institute, A. 3, I
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GENPRAL ROOFING Contractors end j
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OFFICn MAX having t2..VK> and good
ref*:^r •- -.. secure half interest In old
' *atabUßhed, well paving biudnesa. LITTLE
A CO., i 2.« Broadway.
¦ MONEY ADVANCED »•-> manufacturers and
bu.lr.et-r men on outstanding accounts or
any sa«rurlty for amall percentage; state
nature of business. BANKING HOUSE.
' BaK £&, Trlbun* OOot.
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at 117 E. 82d-ft. Two pupils received In family.
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Number limited. Entire charge taken. Highest recom
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' jjrs M J YOUNG-FULTON. 23 Union Square.
Recommends teachers to colleger, schools and families.
Advise, parents about school*. WM O. I'RATT. MgT.
T)IETZ. IDA.— The People of 1110 State of New
York, by the grace of Ood free and independent,
to Alwlne lil.tr.. Wilhelmlna Naftler, i"harie? H. Frei /¦¦'..
Kdward Krenzel. the heirs and next of km ol Ida Dietz,
deesaaed, sea 4 Rr»-ptir.K: Whereas, I^ouise Dietz. of the
lty of New York, has lately applied to the SurroKate'a
Court of our County of New York to have a certain In
strument in writlnfr. <*ated May 21, 1801, relating to both
real and personal property, duly proved as the last Will
and Te-tarr.ent of I«la Dietz. late of the County ot New
York, deceased. Therefore you and earn of you are cited
to appear before the Surrogate of our County of New
York, at hig ofllce in the rounty of New York, on the
6th day of June, one thousand nine hundred and one. at
half-past ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day. then
and there to attend th» probate of the said last Will
and Testament And euch of you iw are hereby cited as
are under the age of twenty-one yean are required to
appear by your guardian, if you have one. or If you
have none, to appear and apply for one to be appointed,
or in the event of your n.'f;!-- t or failure to do so, a
iruardian will he appointed by the Surrogate to represent
ar.,l act for you in the proceeding. Ir. mony whereof
we bave caused the Seal of the Surrogate's Court of the
*aid County of New York to be hereunto affixed.
Witness, Hon. ABNF.K C. THOMAS, a Surro
gate of our saii County of New York, at
[L. P.I sai.l County, the 19th day ot April, in the
y..-ar of our I<opl one thousand nine hun
dred and one.
j. FAIRFAX Mclaughlin,
rierk of the Surrogate's Court.
tioner. 2<t Broad Btreet, New York City. 4
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.farcriooiuc Qalca
Alice E. Shoenberger. Plaintiff, against <!•*• r^ B.
Hickok and Ella L Hlckok, wife .f defendant George B.
Hickok; George K. Poster and Florence A. Foster, wife
of defendant George E. Foster. l>efer.danti".— in pursu
ance of a Judgment of foreclosure nnd Kile duly made and
entered In the above-entitled action, bearing date the
23rd day of April. m>l filed in the office of the I'lerk of
the County of New York on the 2«th day of April. 1901,
I, the undersigned, referee in said Ju.iKment name.l. will
pell at public auction at the New York Real Estate Saleb
room No. 11l Broadway, in the Borough of Manhattan,
City of New York, on the 22d day of May. I*ol. at twelve
o'clock noon of that day. by William M. Ryan. Auctioneer,
the premises directed by paid Judgment to t« »<'ld and
therein described an follows: All that certain lot, piece
or parcel of land, with the buildings and Improvements
thereon erected, situate, lying and being 1 In the Twenty
second <22d> Ward of the <*itv of NVw York, ar..l which
taken together are b->un<le<l anil deFcrlr>ed us follows, viz. :
Beginning at a point on the Northerly *:.le of West Sev
enty-eighth i7 thl Street, .i^iar.t ninety-eight (98) feet
Easterly from the corner formed by the Intersection of
the Northerly el<3e of Seventy-eighth Street with the
Easterly side of Amsterdam (formerly Tenth> Avenue,
and running thence Northerly and on a line drawn par
allel with the Easterly «ide of Amsterdam Avenue one
hundred and two (102) feet and two (2t Inches to the
centre line of the block between Beventy-«lghth and Sev
enty-ninth Streets; thence Easterly and ajeng mm
centre line of the block eighteen (181 feet; thence South
erly and again on a line drawn parallel with the East
erly Fide of Amsterdam Avenue ar.i part of the distance
through a party wall one hundred and tw (I©3) feet and
two r2> lncheß to the N rtherly side of Seventy eighth
Street afr>re«aid. and th«-nce Westerly along the Northerly
el.ie of Seventy-eiphth Btreet eighteen (18) feet to th<»
point or place of beginning.
Dated: New York, April. 2S'th 1901.
DALY, HOYT & MASON. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Of
fice & r. O. Address. No. 11 William Street. New
York City.
The following is a diagram of ihe property to be sold:
The spproximate amount of the lien or charge to sat
lsfy which the above described property Is to t-e n .M Is
twenty-two thoufnnd nine hundr»- 1 and forty-seven and
av-ioo dollars ($22.1M7.2<»). with Interest from the ISth
day of April. 1J»»1, tonether with costs and allowance
amounting to three hundred seventy seven anl M-100
dollars (J377.«4). with interest from April 23d.. 1801. to
gether with the expenses of the sale.
The approximate amount of ti.xes. disbursements and
other Hens which are to be allowed to the purchaser out
of the purchase money. or paid by the referee, is the
sum of fifteen dollars "Jl.'.i and Interest.
MITCHELL A. C*. LEVY, Referee.
TORK.— Frederick M. Johnson. Pialntlff. apair.st
Oeorgre H. Gardner and others. r>ff<>nd«nts. — In pursu
ance of a Judgment of foreclosure «7id sale, duly made
and entered In the above entitled acti.-.n bearinK date the
l&th day of April, 11101. I. th^ undersign. -l the Referee
In said Ju.lirment nam^d. will sell «t public auction at
the Ne-* York Real Estate Balearoom, Ko. 11l Broad
way. In the Borough of Manhattan. City of New Tork on
the Bth day of May. UN, at 12 o'clock noon on that
day. by William M. Ryan. Auctioneer, the premises di
rected by said ludfrment to be si. ld. imd therein de
a* follows: All that certain lot, piece or jmrcel of land
with the building and improvements thereon erected
rttuate. lying and being In the Twenty third <23d> Ward
of the City of New York. In the County and State of
New York, and bounded and described as follows:
Rejrlnnlng at a point on tht- Kasterly sido of Boston
Avenue, distant twenty-nine r_'<n feet Northerly from
the corner formed by the Intersection of the Easter!yFld«i
or Boston Avenue with the Northerly Fide of Teasdale
Place, thence runnlnK Easterly and pnrallel with said
Teasdale Place and part of the aray through the .-e-fe
of a party wall, ninety-four and two tenths <;>4 2 10) ' •• •
thence Northerly and at ripht angles with said Teasdale
Place, twenty-seven f27) feet; thence Westerly and uir-iln
parallel with said Teasdnle Place and part of the wav
through the centre of a party wall eUrnty-tliree and
elxty-two hundredths (83 62-lfK» feet, to sf.ld Easterly
side of Boston Avenue, ard thence Southwesterly alone
the Easterly side of Boston Avenue, twenty-nine i' m i>
feet to the point or place of beginning.
Dated New York, April lfith l&ni.
ARTHfB n. TRTAX R»f»ree
WHITE 4 OTHEMAN, Attorneys for Plaintiff 31 Nassau
Street. Borough of Manhattan. City of New York
The following Is a of the property to be sold-
Its Street number Is M 2 Boston Avenue:
The a rOrln ate amount of the lien or charee to satisfy
•which the above described property is to be sMd t«
$21.24167-100. with Interest thereon from ,2th day or
April. 1901. together with costs and iillowan'-eL aSSint-
Ing to $435 8-100, with Interest f™ April 15th 1001 to
gether with the expenses of • the sale. The approxlma^
amount of taxes, assessments, or other lien" which are
to be allowed to the purchaser out of the purchase money
or r*ld by the Referee Is SMffl 57-100 an.l Interest
Dated New Tork. April 17th. 1801 'merest.
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•foreclosure Sales
gUPREME OOURT. County of New York.—
William D. Beck and others, plalntlfTs. against Jennie
A. Connelley and others, defendants. In pursuance of
an Interlocutory Judgment of partition and sale duly made
and entered in the above entitled action, bearing date
the 12th day of April. 1001. and entered the 13th day of
April. 1801. I. the undersigned, the Referee In said Judg
ment named, will sell at public auction at the New York
Real F>tate Sales Rooms. No. 111 Broadway. In the
Biroua-h of Manhattan. City of New York, on the sth
day of May. UtOl. at i 2 o'clock noon on that day. by
William M. Ryan. Auctioneer, the premises directed by
said Judgment to he sold, and therein described as fol
lows: All that certain lot. piece or parcel of land, with
the building thereon situate in the ISth Ward. Borough
of Manhattan. City of New York. and known by the
Street rumher No. '38 Great Jones Street. In sal's City of
New York, rvouniied and described' as follows: nettir.ninK
at a point on the Northerly side "f Great .Tones Street
at the centre of a party wall between numbers 38 and 88
<!reat Jones Street, cuch point being distart 207 feet
or c and nne-hah Inches, more or less. Easterly from th«
corner formed by he intersection of the Northerly side
of Great .Toner Street with the Easterly side of Lafayette
Place and running the'i.-e Ba«'er!y along the Northerly
aide of Great Jones Street 19 feet eleven and one-o/iarter
inches, more o>- less, to the Westerly line of lan.T of
John M Knox— known by the Btreet number 40 Great
Jones Street- thence Northerly alone said Westerly line
of lan.l of John M. Knr.i. an-1 the Westerly line of land
adjoining said Knnx on the North 100 feet three inches,
more or less; thence Westerly 1!> feet five inches, more
or less, to a line formed by pr tract'ng a lire from the
point of beginning Northerly through the centre ot said
party wall; thence Southerly along said last m»r.tione.i
line nnd partly th-ough the centre of said party wall
between the premises hereby conveyed and the premises
artjoinin* on the West, known a. No. 3R Great Jones
Street. 100 feet three L.ches. more or less, to the place
of beginning, as the sau: premises are shown upon a
map pi fey the.eof made hy A. D. Ewer. City =ur
veyor, la ted Apr" 11th. l»tW. Paid premises He in
section ? In block 531. on the land mao of the City ot
New V r«.
Date.?. New York. ApHl ISth. 1901.
HENRT C. BOTTY. Attorney for Plaintiffs. No. 41 Park
Row. Time* Building. Borough 01 Manhattan. New
YovV city.
The following I» a diagram of the property to be snld
mm above described, the street number being No. S8 Great
Jones Street. Borough of Manhattan. New \ork City:
The property above described Is to be fold subject to
the lien of three mortgages aggregating $18,750.00 and
accru«d interest. The approximate amount of tares,
assessments or other liens which are to be allowed to the.
purchaser out of the purchas-e money or pala ny the
Kefcree is ahout J4.Viilii and Interest,
lime.f. New YorK. April 15th. l»01.
THOMAS AI.U3nX, Referee.
V Y. SUPREME COURT, County of Now
* York.— Walter G. Irlnger. Plaintiff, against Lydia
c. Iringer and others. Defendants, In purFUance of «n in
terlocutory JudKment of partition and sale duly made In
the above" entitled action, hearing date the 2»th any of
April, 1901, and duly .ntered in the "fflce 01 tne lerK of
the County of New York, on the 2i»th day of April. IMII.
I, the undersigned, the referee In said judgment named,
will wll ai public auction, at the New Jork Real Estate
Sales-room No. 11l Broadway, In the Borough of Man
hattan. City of New York, on Wednesday, the —nil .lay o,
-May, iuoi at 12 o'clock noon, by D. I-h.rnlx Ingraham
tt do auctioneers certain premises direct*-.! hy sai>l Judg
ment to be sold; described in said judKtner.t as rollows:
First: A.l those two certain lots, pieces or parcels of land,
with the bulldlncs ani Improvements thereon, situate,
lying and being in the Bor.mgh ot Manhattan, lty or
Ne* York County of New York. state of New York,
which, being taken together, are hminde,' and described as
follows, vi/. Reglnnlng at a point on the southerly side
of Rroome Street distant twenty feet easterly from
the si.iithi-aMerlv corner of Pitt and Broome StreeU; run
ning thence southerly on a lin» parallel with 1 ltt Street
eighty feet; thence easterly in a line parallel with
Broome Street fifty feet; thence northerly "n a line paral
lel with I'itt Street and part of the distance through a
party wall eighty feet to th« southerly side, of Broome
Street: and thence westerly along Broome Street fifty feet
to the p^iiit and place of beginning; the wall between the
two riilldlngs upon the said plot being a party wall;
this plot to be sol.l as one parcel. Second: All that cer
tain lot, piece or parcel of land, with the building and
Improvements thereon, situate, lying and being on the
southerly *i.ie of Eleventh Street, In the Borough of Man
hattan City of New York, County of New York. stat.- of
New York known by the number 129 on the Map of 240
lota Of land on Burnt Mill Point, in the Kleventh Ward
of the City of New York, t'.le.l by Frederick I«» Peyater.
Master in Chancery, In the Register's Office of the City
and County of New York by the number 868. «nd which
said lot Is bounded and described ai follows Beginning
at a point on the southerly ("We of Eleventh Street distant
one hundred and fifty-eicht feet westerly from the wuth
westerly corner of Eleventh Street and Avenue C, running
thence southerly parallel with Avenue C ninety-four feel
anr! nine Inches, thence westerly parallel with Kleventh
Street twenty five feet, thence northerly parallel with
Avenue C and part of the distance through a party wall
ninety-four feet and n'ro inches to the southet •¦ side of
Eleventh Street, anJ thence eauterly along Eleventh Street
twenty-five feet to the, point or pine. of beginning. Third:
All that certain house »n.l lot. piece or parcel of land
situate, lying and being on the northerly i!>li> of Second
Street In the Borough of Manhattan. City of New York,
County of New York. State of N-w York, and known as
number Twenty-two (22i Becond Btreet, described as fol
lows, viz.: Beginning at a point on the northerly • i» of
S«-r,ni Street distant westerly from the westerlj side of
the Second Avenue one hundred and forty three feet anl
elKht Inches, thence northerly, but on a line t.t riKht
an*l<-s with Second Btreet sixty-eight feel an.l one lir-h
to the Cemetery Wall, thence westerlj along the i>"n»
tery Wall to s point distant fp.m eal I first mentioned line
at r!«ht angles therewith eighteen feet and two Inches;
thence southerly para lei with paid firm mentioned line to
the northerly vi.le of Becond Btreet, and then •• easterly
along the northerly side of Second Street eighteen feel and
tw . Inches f> the place of beginning. Together with one
half the party walls standing on each atda of salil lot.
Dated New York. April 30th, 1901.
S. L. H. WARD, Referee.
STTTT & PHILLIPS. Attorneys for Plaintiff. 113 Fulton
Street iMar.hattani. New York City.
The following In a diagram of the first parcel; Its street
r:i::r.r.er;» ar« IT!' and 121 Broome Ptreet :
The approximate amount at the taxes, as«e«smentii and
water rates or other liens, which are t.. be allowed to the
purchaser out of the purchase money, or paid by the ref
eree. Is as follows: Upon thn lirst parcel the sum of $i«Bd
ar..: accrued Interest there.. . Upon the second parcel the
turn of $375 and accrued Interest thereon, Upon the tMrl
parcel the Finn of $l'o, with aec r ue-d int.re!>t thereon
Dated New York. April 30th. 1001.
8. L. H. WARD. Referee.
* DVERTIBEMBKTfi and subscriptions for The Tribune
reeehred at their Uptown Office. n<>. 1.242 Broadway,
2.1 door north of 31M st.. until f. o'clock p. m. ; advertise
ments received at the following branch offw,. at rPKu!ar
office rates until R o'clock p. m.. viz : 2."4 Btfi-aTC n c
cnr. 23d-st.; ISS filh aye , cor 12th St.. Macy's. «t!, aye
and 14th-st. : 142 Cr.iumbus-ave . near West flrtth-st. ; liirt
West 42d-Bt.. near fith-ave.; 1)2 East 14th-st 27 Wen
•l-'.! si . between 7th and Sth av.-s. ; Iflfi Enpt 47th-s! 1 ¦j'l-,
Sri-aye.. between 7flth and 77th ata ; l.n'M 3d-uve ' n'- ir
•lict m ; 1.708 Ist aye . near Mtth vt . 7.'.« Tremont-ave •
(WO 3d-ave.. near 41st-st.. .V.4 »4-ave.; 210 Bleecker-st '
32S H>ecker-st.
r'OR > VI.X.
FOR 8ALE.— 2,000,000 brick. 1.000.000 feet
lumber, glass, plumbing, madiluerv all
material from 12 buildings; ch«ap CON
TRACTOR, 172 Broadway.
RANKHOOK No M.SW of the Vnion Dime
Pavings Institution •( missing. Any per
eon having a claim to it is hereby called
upon to present the same within ten days
or submit to having F.-ii.i passbook can
celled and a new one Issued.
LOST OR STOLEN — Hankbo. k No. 106.380
Of the German Savings Dank. In the clty
of New York, cr -ncr 4th-ave. and 14th -«t
Issued to George Slchler; all persons are
cfiutirne.i ae-ainst neg. tiating the same; If
not returned to the bank on the 22rl day .'
May. inoi. a dupMca-e will he Issued.
IJ">ST On BTOIiEN. — Bankbook No. M 77rt
of the German Savings Hank, in the city
of New -York, corner 4tli-ave and 14th st
Issued to Jacob Doelger; all persons are
cautioned apiiast negotiating the same- if
tot returned to the hank on the 22d day of
May lftOl. a dupllo.tto will he issue.].
LOST <>X STOLEN Bankbook No b&SM
of the German Savings Hank In the city
of New-York, corner tth aye an. I 14tfi-st
Issued to Christ. Rodenhach. all persons are
cautioned against negotiating the same- If
not returned to the bank on the 22d day of
May. 1901. a duplicate will be issued
try; open eventnss
write, agent will rail. Marhlnes exchanged
CO.. 173 3d-ave.. between 16th ani 17th
¦ts. Telephone 4020- 18-h-st.
A £^ tl irf lßi: ' MI: " STS ttnc «uo«cnpuon» tot
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. .\, 1.-'i". H. ua.lwav. 2d dor north
of 3l»t-«t., until 9 o'ciocK p. m. • adver
tisements received at the following branch
:f.:ce% .<• regulai "trice r«ites until S Vln-w
p. m.. vis.. 9M Mb-tve. i. • cor. tti-m
•t.: I.S2S 3d-ave.. between 76th and 77th
• U-: J. 026 3d-ave.. near Rlst-at. 1.708 I«t
•v«.. near etfth-«t. : e&O ny». sear »lat.
Special Features. Smaller
Space. B?ar Mere W^i^ht. Last
M-ire Years- Than All Others.
The trolley guide wheels at
the top all-.w the ;-ild»r to be
u^ed at any desired angle.
These ladders run on bicycl».
ball - hearing, rubber - covered
rolls that do not require any
track on the floor. Made of
white ash. finished light.
Manufacturers of all kinds cf Ladders.
Tel. 3.4'-'l. 2S I'L.ANE ST.. NEWARK. N. J.
BEAtTTIFUX« Imported Oil Paintings:
handsome gold burnished frames; closing
ouf sacrificing, $20. worth $75. Call Show
Rooms, 88 Sixth- aye.
AT REDUCED PRICKS.— second-hand
wood and Iron working machines; fully
guaranteed; machinery bought and ex
changed. GEO. B. EDDY. 398 Madt«on-st.
FOR SALE. — Boilers. Pumps. Elevators, all
Machinery from 12 buildings; cheap
CONTRACTOR. 172 Broadway.
BARGAINS.— fine manes, perfe-t
order. Jli«"' up.yard; new pianns. $125 up
ward. Send for description and torrr.-.
WHITNEY & CO.. 12.! Wes? I2sth-st.
-HVRIRR BROS., 13 East l«th-st.—
$4: soli on small payments; slightly used.
t*S: -lir.lng repairing, eyphimgimj.
West End Storage VV are-
House and Silver Vaults,
202-210 W. BOTH ST.
PANT, 211 and 213 Erfal lOOth-st. Tci»
phone <•>' T9th «i Pireproof ar.i non-fire
pt-o, f storage; padded van* for city or coun
iry; moving, packing and shipping.
of E M. Green. George W. Hazen. Mrs.
N Fleisch. Wm. Markuske, N. A. Brooks,
Julius Hlrshfleld Laura F. Colford. Frances
M. Dler, Miss M. E. Hall, Frances A.
Starin. Frank Duprea, A. S. Canney, Mi?."<
r. M Miller. Mrs. L. L. Farmer. Annie Mc-
Guirk, Mrs S M. Kent, Mrs. T.. Clifton.
Delia Vantln«. Mrs. C. B. Martin. H. T.
Wilhelm. C H. Kelly, Bst. of Thos. R. Lv
man Rollins Poucher, Marguerite I^eluan.
P. Henry Larkln, Miss s. Bogardus, P. J.
Blute You and each of you are hereby
notified that the time for tbe payment of our
lien upon the property hereinafter described
having expired afier <iu<* notice thereof had
been given 1 '¦, we wIP cause such prop
erty, to wit. Household Goods, Personal Ef
fects md Merchandise. sior*-,i by you or kn
your name in the Columbia Storage Ware
houses, to be sold at public auction, accord
Inj to the statute In such case made and
provided, (it Nis 178 and ISO West W»th
Stn et, <n Batur Is May 11th. 1001, at
l«':.i'i a. m., anr! if the -rile thereof is not
.om;.kt^ on said date the same *vill be
rnntinue.l at the same place on each and
every Saturday thereafter beginning at
10:30 a. m . unfl the »n]e is completed.
TOE •' JUfitTH and C f. Halle: You and
f you ai ¦ notified I
tirr..' foi ipon the rr. p
erty hereli
wit, Plct
ures. n ¦•• and Ps lored by you nr
in your names In ihi Centra) Park Safe Pe
posll I at public auction,
1 ¦ ¦¦¦ - ii the statute in such case m.i.i'.
nn.l provided a' Nob IT 1 - and I*' West
rday, Mhv llth, 1901, ¦¦'
10:80 a. m . and if the sale tl
•¦ , • same will be
nlng at
;.. SO . until " ¦• sale Is ¦•¦ mi leted.
I•\ \ V
s« ll»: POP INSECT IM>\\ liKit.
I Ml Hit-
CI/JTHRS altered, repaired. cleaned and
1 r*>se.l at ¦• laonaMe chaijes; .ill kin is
of ladles' work dona. E. ROMMEL. S3
\\ Don's t.\ WH a.sn M.
How to GET BTRONO.- Handball, U»x
ln»r. fencing l.Hths. .tc. WOOD'S OTSt
NASII'M 8 Baal SBtn »t. i:n:r:inc». $.'.;
I, i-
IIKLP W VV'l'l'l).
ATTBXTION, MI'.N" $.'. tikfs you to all
principal ports .¦'. Baarope, London, Liver
pool, <;:: -.¦ a il ill all free \ i---.ii.-* pro.
cured. Shipping Offices, B 1 llnton -• ai !
73 We«t St.. New \ ik
WANTED - l.v ;i first class private family
an accomplished colored butler, who (¦¦ r
fectlj :.- lerstanda t(:i duties; mjik. •- *».'.
state ful parti liars last pi -. *c. HI"T
LER Bi \ 3«9, 1.242 Bn adway.
WANTED. A irsht. nent boy „f K -.0,1 af
1 penman preferred. Address,
wi'h referen es, T, N G. Bos 90, 1
WANTED.' Twa young ni^n. between "•'
*r.! :¦..*. yeari ..t hk-, to learn our business
• ci then -'i* managers; na« be of
I>n ml address, honest and
retlc \; ply, with 1 '• rences, to
1 • A I . 'I! BROS. CO., 1U sth aye.
COMPANION. aVc Bj • German
teacher, good reader, \mh unexceptl >i .i
Kew York and Boston re.- . ci has lra\
eiled speaks French, to go abroad as com
panion and BUlda Address Miss s.. Trliv
urie Offl "c.
> iung lady. 23. who has expert nee as
companion; Is a go<vl reader and can cr. c
good reference. Address Miss il. SWIN
9ON. VTheaton Seminary, Norton, M;i»
CHAPERON.— A lady experienced trav
eller, will chaperon 1 na i>r -.-\>-r.i: ladles
during the summer. Address P., 801 87.
1.212 Broadway.
any j..s!th.;i „: trust; miKlei'H.te; ci!> r
country, personal cits reference, a
MARTIN. 2"7 \Ve»t «7th^t
Address MADEMOISELLE 8., Box 4H.
1.242 Broadway.
GOVERNESS.— B> experienced teacher,
with family «i»ing to country; would
•ravel here or abroad; citj references.
MADEMOISELLE G.. Box -lit. 1.242 B'way.
JANITRESSl — By n competent u.^nian. In a
first cl^ss apartment hon.-e; can give Irt
years' personal refe;-en-e. ne children, dii
239 F-a."t 7."> th ?t.. top Boor
l-A'-E M!:.NI>lNi;. H.ime „1 ..ut hy ,lay;
all kinds of tine !- mending ami lace
curtain r»i alrlog Mrae. BEDDEAU, ". h-ist
Btb it
LADY, owning typewriter, having literary
and business ab'iity and socin! standing.
would like employment f..r some hours
each 'lay: understands household account?.
corresponden ". social functions, menus.
', &c, also care and tfa.-hin.c "f Invalid chil
dren; New-England nnri New-York refer
ences Ai trees L R. ELY. 2.540 7th sre
PARIBIBNNE. visiting governess, parlor
French, travelling French, conversation,
would arrange for near city summer place,
or would travel: best references. Address
SATISFACTION. Rox 43. 1.242 Kroadway.
ThorouKhly exr*ri»ri,-ed ; expert in legal
and commercial work: unexceptional per
scnal recommendations. Miss R. RYAN,
703 9th-ave.
VISITING GOVERNESS has hours dlsen
ciitreii; children adults; summer rates.
Address A., *f>2 < V.lumhus-ave.
YOUNG GIRI* 17. lnteilie»i.t. in store or
office. U SCHWARTING, 1.059 Blake
nve.. Urooklyn.
S F. W I N (-, -MA
CHIXEB. new. $<>
to $25 cash. *2n to
¦M at $2 down and
CO cent« weekly;
X v a r a n teed ten
years; aecond hand.
*3 to $7. guar
anteed 2 years.
Hand machines;
special |5i j ust the
thins to take with
you to th- coun-
• Mill.*.
Thoroughly experienced; unexceptionable
personal recommendations, prominent fami
lies: smnrt aw>earance; energetic, temper
ate, pain-tikinir. respectful, trustworthy.
NAT. Room 417. M Nassau-st.
ACCOUNTANT.— E»p»;( Ait, examine, ad-
Just, balance or audit Looks, anywhera
or any tm;e; reasonable fee; highest cor
poration and raerrantllo references.
FRANK J. MACKAI.. Oerken Building.
BOOKKEEPER wll: write up book* lo» *2
to ja per week, books examined or bal
anced; reasonable terms. IKTRICATB. tiox
24. Tribune Omce.
BOOKKEEPER— By young man. 22. dnu-
HaLJJPAV, i<- Cornelia nt.. Brooklyn.
BOY (17). in wholesale ttoosa: best refer
ences. GEORGE J. HAGGERTY. 551
Wllloughby-ave.. Brooklya.
BOY il7i. high school graduate, as type
writer; berlr.ner. JOSEPH ERLEN
WEIN. 177 Maujer-st., Brooklyn.
EOY (17i. trustworthy, with broker or In
any house where there will be chance
for advanceme-t; references. CHARLES
PF.LSANG. 4.t4 West 35th-st.
BOY, 16, in office; experienced. GOMEZ.
12G West S3d-st.
BOY, la, will apprentice himself to gar
1 •r«r in country. FRED W. KECK. 1.430
Myrtle-aye.. Brooklyn.
CARPENTER.— Good all round; single;
f.her. reliable with tools, exp-rience and
reference; steady situation; city or country.
CARPENTER. « State-st.
CHEMIST. — By pharmacy graduate, ana
lytical and manufacturing. In laboratory
or factory: been employed in powder manu
factory; best references. H.. 60ft Central
ave.. Harrison. Newark. N. J.
CLERK. &c. By ambitious man. 3<\ as
clerk nr dr. general work in commercial
house; understands bookkeeping and ste
nofraphy. ARTHUR. 110 57th-st.. Brooklyn.
ESTATE MANAGEMENT.— By experienced,
responsible man; best city references: te
curlty. J. P., 201 West 91st-st.
ELEVATOB RUNNER.— By experienced
elevatir runner. PHILIP .1. M'GARTY.
111 Huron-st.. Gwnpoint. Brookl>-n.
years' experience; best of reference: nffica
buildings preferred. Address W. G. PETER
SOX. 380 3d-ave.
MACHINIST.— First class; all around; best
reference. A. EDSTROM. 7>% St. Mark's
Place, Brooklyn.
PORTER.— By sober, steady, trustworthy
marrie, i man (3.1): experienced packer,
marker and shipper; S years' reference;
handy with tools. BRtTMOND, 23 ClarkS-at.
I J. DICKMAN &¦ CO. invite orders for
I House Painting. Decoratine. Pa
i] DICKMAN Plastering: artistic.
House Painting. T'ecoratinir. P.t
!" n r Hanging and Plastering; artistic,
#¦•>> perfect work at low prices; supplies
V_J at wholesale figures. 1.007 Lexing
<3H ton-aye. Telephone. 23«^>. 7ft;h St.
OFFICE ASSISTANT.— By efficient, rapid
worker; capable bookkeeper; permanency
at fair salary: excellent references. W.,
2iVl 15erry-st . Brooklyn.
man wants work reflnishlng pianos, fur
nuur. parquet floors; low price. ZIMMER
MANN, 7W St. Ann's-ave.
PBINi'ER ai >jbber and mak wishes
steady position: city or country; 10 years'
experience. WM. H. GROSSMAN, 177 East
SHIPPING CLRRK and packer; 7 years'
experience; references as to abili'y. H.
BCHONTHAL, 234 Baal 75th-st.
STOCK CLERK. — By young man. aged 21:
beat references and experience. J. KEL
LER, 2»» T'.a-t 4th-st.
By beginner: salary *">. willing an.i oblig-
Inc. UNOLD, IS Cast 114th-st.
9UPERINTENDENT of gentleman's place;
thoroughly understands farming and care
of cattle, good refererce. Address F. C.
--,• ciasson-av*., Brooklyn.
SHIPPING CLERK. *c— By young colored
man. educated, as) shipping clerk or cler
ical office SJ rk; g.-.iii city references.
GEORGE Matthews, so West i3tth-st.
STEWARD or MANAGER, with long ex
perience and best of references. In Hub
or hotel. RAAB M Bleeckei^st.. Brooklyn.
WATCHMAN. — Night; s^ber man. about 3ft
y»ars of age; reference and brr.i elven.
FANY. »I 8 n -•:•¦ st., drugstore.
WATCHMAN or any night position of trust
reference and sscnrtt) SHERLOCK. MB
.¦^»:h-st.. Brooklyn.
YOUNG MAN desires evening employment
keeping tiooks. tigurine: 4 years' practi
cal »>\p"rlenre as bill md entry clerk. A'l
dress REIJAFU.E. 32S Hudson-st.. Hobo
ken. N J.
YOUNG MAN. 2.*.. ir wholesale hou«e;
strong, willing: best raferenca .lA''K
LESSER, IT-? Meserole-st.. Brooklyn
YOI'NG MAN. 20. college education, with
surveyor, with ¦ chance to learn; refer
ence. V. W.. Box 3ft. Tribune Office.
YOUNG MAN, married, at anythba;; strong
and obliging betrt of references. MAR
TIN GAPPERT. in Avenue C
YOUNG MAN. 17 years old. In office; has
knowledge -f bookkeeping. A. H. EO
GERT, 27 Kast 125th-st.
YOUNG MAN. 10. of refinement, education
ani ability, In .fTlce; good penman: Al
references; 4 years" experience. A!!r»«s
M HENSCHEL P2» Manhattan-aye..
ATTENDANT to lnvalil; best habits; ex
-perienced. capable; highest physicians'
reference. FRANK REICHARDT. 257 7th
ATTENDANT NURSBL— By refined man;
largs experience; best references; travel;
English. German. K>HN STADLER. »34
West 35th- st.
BUTLER and COOK, Protestants; •» years'
reteren • .- .kj. • SO: wages $>V> and S lO.
WILLIAM WHIGHAM. 44.". Lexlngton-ave.
BUTLER. VALET, 27. height. 5 ft. 10 in.;
neat appearance; strictly sober; empe
tent: 4 years last place: moderata wages;
bilging; city. GEORGEt, I.Sao Broadway.
BUTLER. — By experienced and trustworthy
man, in prtvati family: strictly sober;
willing and obliging; taki good care of sil
ver and china: knows his business thor
oughly; not afraid of work; excellent ref
erences, written an! persona) \.l.lrcss
lil ri.KFt. :«1 h:a«t X'rt-st.
1:1 ¦tu-.i: ¦• VAI.KT.-Hy an esperlen •-1
Dane - l; - butler in a private family or
valet f..r a gentleman: 35; married; Al per
sonal reference. f|. SIMoNSKN. 103 Bea.h
ave., near En"t IMth st
BUTLBR. — Etigllsb : thoroughly competent:
besl references; married; country, vicinity
New- Vorlt Addre ¦ M. A.. t>so »'.th-ave.
BUTLER.— By Frenchman: speaks Eng
h.-h: sober; >in<lerstr»n.ls bis business
thoroughly; willing, obliging, useful: best
long personal city refen -. city, country.
PIEDNOEL, l«8 East ! Btß St.
BUTLER— LADY'S MAID.— By a young
married ouple; wife French; hest refer
emos. At 9 Kast ti"th-st.
BELLMAN, ,v.. —Bj young colored man as
bellman elevntor man nr valet: can give
Al references. HATCHET, S3T Weal s»th-»t.
COOK. — By man. for bachelor apartment or
family: willine to do housework VIC
TOR, 1.2»2 ladway.
CARETAKER — Respectable man and wife.
would like care of private h. use for the
summer; can furnish first claas jeference.
AcTdreaa Mrs. WOODRUFT. 361 W. 38th-st.
CARETAKER. — By man and wife: private
house to take fire .>f; bav< best city ref
erence. A.Hresj. or call KEARNEY. 331
East 134-st
CARETAKER.— Man and wife wart care
of furnished or unfiimish».l house; man
in responsible position; satlsfaclory refer
ence <"!. B. Box 4. 1.242 Broadway.
*> years' references as to sobriety, hon
esty, last employer can be seen; city or
country. Ad.dreea i'ARKTAKEH. 310 7th
CARETAKER. — By man and wife to tak*
care of a private house; has 10 years'
personal city reference. J. MANGAN, 234
East 42.:- st
CARETAKER. — Man «n.l wife wish posi
tion of trust, or caretaker of property; B
years' ref.-rence as janifcr. GEISMAX.
313 West 5Hh-st.
CARETAKER. —By man and wife, no chil
dren; private houses: best personal refer
ences. Address ADVERTISER. 3 Manhat
tin St.
CARETAKER. — By reliable man and wife.
nr> family: to care for private h'use. good
reference; man In constant work. S. A..
022 6th-ave.. bakery.
CARETAKER.— Bj private -watchman and
detective; years it reference; caretaker of
nrivate place. . \MES. Kenslnetun aye.
Plalnfleld. N. J.
CARETAKER.— By German couple. to -ake
car^ of li 111 ¦ for the summer; can fur
nisn \<*t-< refererce UILKIN3I 121 Enst
CARETAKER. — By man and wife, without
children; .are private, house, summer.
¦ood reference. DUFFY. 34t» Kast «2d-st.
u..'.i11: AN."— Marr'ieo; trustwortbj an.l
competent: in rentleman'i place; city or
ences. ' HENPRIKSON, Ea«t Al refer
enceg. HKM'CIK.-HN 10." Fist KM Bl
COACHMAN. —By v.nin; man; thoroughly
understands care ¦¦•! gentleman's fine
horsfcs; stylish 'lrlver. best of reference.
LETTELL. 731 aye.
COACHMAN — By young man: honest, so
ber and willing: neat appearance; stylish
driver; 13 year*' n-N-rence. DOBBINS, 336
East 40th .¦.'¦'•;":•;.";¦
COACHMAN. By first class family coach
man; thoroughly understands his busi
ness: 10 years' city reference: country pre
ferred". Address P .1. G., 3H West 44th-st..
car« Dr. Cattatach.
COACHMAM Married; no lncumbrance;
thoroughly understands the proper care of
borasa and carriages; ,-an furnish 15 years'
best references: |a«t and former employers
can be seen. J. DONELLY, 2"*. E. 41st-*<.
COACHMAM 1 |35».— Married, no family, ft
years' flrst-class references as coachman
and stable foreman; itaailj place In coun
try. J. D.. 831 West 57th-Et.
Columbus Aye .
66th to 67th Sts.
90th St. and
Amstt-rdam Aye.
Dnsorpassed facilities.
Telephone 71 Columbus.
~" _-. MsTieT" ~~~~~~
COACHMAN". GROOM.— Thorrtighly under- |
• stands care horses, carriages; sober. will- |
I Ing; city or country; country preferred. Ad
dress M. ('., 122 East 32:1-st.
COACHMAN.— Married, with smalt family;
first class city and country references; 1*
years with last employer. H M.. Box 37,
1,242 Broadway.
COACHMAN.— understands care |
horses, harness an.l carriages; willing »nd
obliging; city nr country; tlrst class written '
and personal reference. S.. Boa S4. 1.2+2 '
COACHMAN. — Thoroughly ur-.derstand"3 his
business: good reference. Address B. L.. !
I 776 Classon-ave.. Brooklyn.
i ' i
I COACHMAN. - Ftrst class; permanent; ,
country: marrifd: no family: over 20
I years' reference. last employer. J. A. M..
; 424 Kensington-aye.. Plalnfle!.:. N. J. i
I COACHMAN. -Xv German ex-cavalry offi- .
• er. with best knowledge of horseback
rldlnsj anil city driving; diligent, willing;
best references; with German speaking fam- '
ily. TUERK. 533 East SSth-st. ' j
| COACHMAN.— Thoroughly understands his
business; Scotchman. single: careful
! driver, care lawn, roads; milk if rs»iulre«i;
generally u«efv:l: strictly temperate; Rood
reference. A r.lres« THOMAS. Box 3. Trib- ;
| une Office. ¦
very tidy, etc.; ,-o, .-} driver; can milk.
cut lawns and ne generally useful: aged -•'.
excellent references. \- rARPENTKR"S.
ins 6th-av». .
COACHMAN.— Irish. Ss\ ma-r-!. wa fam- !
ily: thoroughly pomp»t»Bt; .li«»rieaK^d
middle of May. wages $4->. with r<-».ms; ref
erences. Ai<ire«« A.. Box 13. Cedarhurst. |
Long Island.
COACHMAN.— Married, no family: thor- |
oughly understands his bosteess and his 1
from last employer. Address P. M-. 248
j East 33d-?t.
DRESS. — By raliabli man Hn.l »lf« with
' «xcellent references; ran an work of family
between them; wife ¦ood tvniltry md dairy
; woman. At CARPENTER'?. I" 1 «th-ave. ¦
COACHMAX-— By neat, sobor | oaaj mm; ¦
tboroachly understanffs care <•* harness.
carriages, etc.: BJOOd driver: willing to he
useful good references; city or country.
COLLIER. I.M West ZM-at :
COACHMAN. -By y.ung. man; married: r/o
family. six years' saw cltjr reference*;
[rrrn»: errp!o\^r can be se«rt A Uresa M
H.. R2S 7rh-ar-.
I —
I COACHMAN or GROOM.— By yoaai man.
married, no family: best personal refer
encet P. M. 112 Wi s' S3 «l
COACHMAN.— Competent. «-|jj»k years with
last employer. who can be seen. Call, ¦
! three days. DONLON. in West T>3d-st.
COACHMAN, r, A PEN R. —Married, no I
family: honest, sober, reliable; last em
p'.oyer <-an be seen. HONEST. Box ft. Tri
bans one*
'¦•a HMAN.— English, sing!* .i.-- ¦; -'».
with priva'« family; good refereno*. R. C,
1 7.VJ •••"-aye
I COACHMAN. — Thoroughly unierstqirfs rare ;
hors«s. harness an.l carrias willing;
city, country; test references; last employer
can be seen. M.. 222 East 40th-st. \
1 COACHMAN.— Mavis; r .mpe'ert in every i
respect; good, earsfnl driver; aai'mnal
j references, C. 8.. Box »1. 1,242 Broaiwny.
i COACHMAN. — By young colored man; -ar.
«riv» best reference: all around gentle- ;
man's man. .1. W.. 4'S Am«terdam-ave.
FARMER. — By Scotchman. ajtvaitasxtd.
strirtly soter: 7 \.-»rs in last pla«_e. on
large farm; employer <-an be seen in city;
has wife and 3 children. At CARPEN
TER'S, m tsth-ave. |
faiiily. nif» ar ¦! daughter lit), excellent
people: speak Kr.Kii.«h . besl references. At
CARPENTER'S. io> «th-ave.
• iKNKKAL MAN on Brnileraan's r.lace. —
Knsrlish family, wife an.l son »1« used
I tr> bones) garden, all wvrk; wifs nn* laun
: dr»ss. car* milk and poultry, -xpert butter
rraker: very roo.l jienple- bast of r^-'^r
ences. At CARPENTER'S, kM «th-ave-.
GARDEN Eat. Skc — ¦ ¦•. ir.f^iiigent man ¦'-•>:
i and wife, on country place: horses, gar- :
dener. Ac: trustworthy handy and v:ilinii:
h*M e.f«rences WALLACH 2SS Dean-st.,
: Brooklyn.
, wife c ok ajsg tasaadrsss: experiencert;
j well reccmrren.ie.l; to take care of cen
tleman> place. \ tdi ss A R.. care Kie.-,?h
Branch Y. M C A . 4:» West 2-Hh-*r.
i GARDENER. — Single; reference. 25 years;
private plac» wltn glass preferred: fruit,
flowers and ve^etnbles. outside crops': "is
lived with first class families. GAR- |
DENER, 38 Bower>. ;
GARDENER and handr man in a private
family; g^od reference. Adkttaaa QAR
DENER. ISO 32d-st.. Brooklyn.
. GARDENER.- English; marrie.!. thar-.ugh- '
ly practical gardener in horticulture and
j th» care anl management of flr>t class |
; es'abllshmer.t; highest personal recommen 1- •
j ations as to character ard ability. .Vi.lress |
<;.\RDENER. 46 Warburt»r.-ave.. Yorkers, j
N. Y.
. GARDENER. — English; single, 32: your.*
man well rscosa— sadsd, who understands
his business thoroughly.- .1. r 1 . I**l •' - »v*.
GARDSNEK, COACHMAN.—^German, 1.6.:
single; position on a gentleman's .-cuntry J
place: best of ref°renres T. R. . ."»* Dey-st. j
I GARDRNER.— SingIe-; highly recomnunded ]
on llo»vrs. shrubs, h*-.lges. lawn and 1
v»-g.-'.i- let also cows, j^ultry and generaliv 1
useful around place Address SINGLE, I
Box 12. THI ¦¦ ¦ Office
intelligent flsjaUs. OiTA VUS. ,*BO 7th- i
\^__ f
j UARJ >KNER. Sing>.. middle aged; k>n« |
experience in the country ; care one h >rse. i
j lawns, tljwers. walks; first class vegetable
Kardener: 10 years' good personal rity ref
erence frrm ..ne place. JAMKS. Boa 2S.
Tribun Offlce.
GARDENER — Thoroughly good; under
stHn.ls grscati uses, flowers, fruit an.r
vegetable gardens: also cows; m:\rri*d. no |
family, aged 4,">: 12 years last place; good |
. reference H.. Bm 3R. Tribune Office.
j GARDEXER.— As flr.-t class gardener; ex- j
pert In landscape work. J. H. TROY.
¦ 3«S Mh-ave. :
i GARDENER and FLORIST.— Bj mlddle- \
HK.-.i (Jerman- American, single; 30 year*' i
; experience; ST* ll SH eraperies. lanf- '
¦ scaping, vegetables, •-• ¦ : private of com- '
menial. Address GARDENER; •"".' East I
J 2l»th-st. ' ,
I GROOM or SECOND Thoroughly I
unvlerstands his business: first class ref- |
i eraneas. A.l.iress DOVNKLLY 2>>.> Ea<;t I
i •Ist at
! __ ___
I NURSE and masseur; sraiaed, compe-tent.
willing and sober young man: highly I
I rsei nvsMßdsd by physicians and families; i
: shaves; travels; wants re-engagement. l>. I
j E.. Box 34. 1.242 Broadway. ;
NURSE. — Ry yaawaj man; graduate; mcdi- j
cal student; capable of full charge: from
May t'> October; references. Van" DYKE
127 West KM-st.
NtTRSK, *c. — By medlea! stud€nt, spssklng !
French, with classic education, as nurse ;
i o' guardian or travelling •¦ mpani n; highest ;
j references; permanent. L. R.. 1.2-i2 B'way. j
j SWEDE i2m ob gentlemaa'i place, in coun
! trj-; references. OSCAR. 5 Water
j USEFUL MAN. *C. — Swedish couple; man j
naaful; wife sjood plain cook and laun- ¦
dress: will be disenanced May 1. C. 8.. '
Tt->x 10. Tribune (ifflff
USEFUL MAN.— Single. aS; handy w.th [
tools: careful .'.river; thoroughly under- J
stands house duties, garden, lawns ar.l I
driveways; excellent personal ivfermcm
TAYLOR. aaa B»si *fttb-sl
USaTVL MAN.— By Pane. SO, In P riv<te !
house: two months In this ¦ >untrj refer :
ence. TANGE. 2.*. Fi U.".th-sf. j
USEFUL MA.V In r-rivai- family: e.-r cltv j
reference from residence of present em
( ployer. lt> Waat .*«2d-st
USEFUL MAN. — I am 45 years ehfia) am !
wtOhas to do anything- have had experi- |
ence with horres and as watchman and
stableman: worked t-sr ne firm eight years:
have best of rvfsmess; moderate vi:m
JOHN WXRNBR. Bta West 37'r-?r.
'¦¦ USEFUL MAN— COOK.— By man an-i wHa
gentleman's country place: man oar* of
: horses, garden, lawn: wife cook; n•> Ircum- :
brance; references. DE.LANCEY. 24>'» West
j 21st-st.
place preferred; fhree years reoond man's
rsfarem •¦ .1. P.. ">1 ¦.-.--• llt^.-s^.
i USEFUL MAX.-Bi rotnaj CBaCasja 2d ,
years of age. with rent>man in country. I
F. 0., Bn 20. 2»2 Broadway. - .., '
; '•SKF-l'l. MAN— COOK.— By young married
couple, to go to the country: irlfa as '
; Cook; husband as useful man: b«-«t city re'- '
j erences. 71 East 101st-st.. nrst fl>^r" ¦
j VAI.I-:T. By tall, hin.isome l.x>king Dane
I bMi nrrtved; speaks RngtUb: for ¦ gen-
I tleman or private fam Al and personal
' reference. H. HANNERUP. care F
I H. V-:. 1.'.2 West i>»'rh -s;
Femsle. —- i
A RBFINED young German woman would
render light service in return for room .
, and board. Address S.. 203 Eaat-4.sth-»t. 1
i COOK.— By experience!, reliabl? PMtestOt !
woman, thoroughly un.lersiur.ds her busl-
I ness; good baker: by the we-Vit or month :
Mrs. SWITZER. 216 West «>th-st.
COOK.— By respectable woman, as excel
lent cook and laundress; willing and }
! obltßlng: city or country; h*st city r»fe*- j
1 erce. J. C. 213 East 25th-s». - .•.•,-,-
CIIOX fktXti aun.lt..>.. >ir h^iicn .rk. '.) j.
Protestant woman; city or count! "'good I
butter makfr. Mrs. COOPER'S BUREAU I
749 Cth-ave.. 43 J- »:. . ""I
Female. • - :*>v/^P
COOK. — Touna; woman; competent: assist
waahlmr: exi-*l'ent references: wlah to *r>
to country. I.V! West 18th-st.. one fllahT
COCK. — ip*t«Bt; in first class family
trages $r,"». ''all 'vV>'inesday f roia 103 D
to ¦£. present employer. 755 Madlson-aT«.
COOK. &c— Lady >av.r!g city wishaa to
place two ¦wlsiM girls as cook, aaj
rharnh»im?:l and waitress. Can be saea
from 10 t."> 1 on Wednesday, at the Dakota.
West 7:M-st.. \p.ir'::.> 74.
COOK. —H> respectab c girl, as capita: coolc
and 1 t^aker: city or country; willing aal
obliging; assist with washing: good refer
•»» sa 47i> 2.1-ave.. third floor.
COOK— WASHING.— By Welak Protestant
woman to •*•¦ and 'io coarse washing la
small private family adults; country pre—
ferred: nr> can?*; excellent refer»nc*k 6m
$>th-ave.. •_¦? floor, frcnt.
COOK. — Coaspa<MM, experienced: under
«ar. : French. American cooking; can
da marketing if necessary; wish to go by
day •!' week; city references: X.. 312 East
.iM-s: . basement
COOK.— By a reliable woman, in a small
private family; can furnish avad -efer
ero»; n.. car.-!s> 131 West 833-st.
COOK ant! CHAiICERitAKX— two
Southern cclore«l gils: -'•v or country
reference. 244 West .".tnh-si.
CHAMBERMAID. *c.— experienced
ch3mt><vmaiil; nousecleinirg. ,1a '3 work;
family lav ldress. « wetk's work of aar
kind: references; • !«?er> home. GEORGEi
«*> Stb-av». M.i:a» bell
CHAMHBRMAIP —l!y Scotch girt; Prot
estant: a««i«t with wair-.nar: willing anl
obliging: $IS. 2?.7 West 3U-a*.
CBAMitKHMAID. ,%c — By competent girl
as (hainberaak] an. assist waiting. Call
at p'^s^nt eir.pTayer's. ri::.l West &Oth-st.
CHASi RK'RM AID. &C—A iady desires place
for her chambermaid or r^rlnrmaid: oan
he s«rn V r,-r.«<.rn •mpl^yer'a Thursday ba
tw«»en 12 and •-• ."•> Ka?.t 3Hh-st.
•'K.AMHERJf Air -r I WAITRESS.— Lady
goir.ar ahroaii wishes »r» recorrmend neat
Sirl i» r'ci imberrm!-! and waitress; call
piej^nr empbrr«r ti-7 West 7S:h-st.
r«"=y>ecah!e !i'.rl; *rr.n\\ private family; un
derstands duties; c--od city reference; towa
or <vnintry. K.XNB 30] East ¦;. .rh-st.. seo
on.l flr»<_>r.
your.'; ;lr.l if a piivate fantily; personal
refer-n.-*- K. «".. 2~'> W*« 2Sd-st.
CILVMBTRMAID dM waltressi f-ook aw]
l.iunir^ss : two r??T. »¦:]•¦ ipr.ngf girts; n<"»t
afraid of work: good r»f*r«>nc<»3; city or
ccur.trv. COIJ>rRR. ;r.l W«t _¦¦.. M
CHAMBERMAID.— WiIIirg »o make herself
generally useful : personal references;
city or countr\- Call for thr»e .lays, no
ennfs. 1.147 2d-are.
CARETAKER?.— B> Swedish family, owa
<-hil(i. ftw sTt-ntl^man's hn U 3? during sna>
mer nvir.Th*: grwvj references. Address
GOODALK. 3TI East 2Sth-3t.
CARETAKER. — By r»-=r>e"ah!e woraaa, f?r
suramer. where another girl ¦ kep:; r«f
af«atai Address L.. Mi 4th-ave.
CARETAKER. — Englishwoman, with hus
ban-f. wtshi care of lady's house; \i>
years' ciry refsrerce n-> children or visit
ors. Address ROSS. 313 Elast 40th-st.
CARETAKER.— Isy r*aa*etaMsj widow: car»
for private aou?e for summer; highest
reference from pro«er.t employer. Addr»sa
H.. 1 W«.«t 45th-st.
CARETAKER. — Thoroosjhljp rwjponslbl*
and respectable «mall family wil] car*
for Ismbm durine owner's absence and pay
nominal rent; would use own furniture:
city r,r country: efiprences given. Mr\
DICKIXSOJ* ¦:-: Vnn.lerb!lt-ave.. B'Vlyn.
DAY'S WORK. — By young German wossaa
in famili»«. Inquire of Mrs. 9CH3I
207 East 100th-st.. ground floor, left. ¦ .
DAT' 3 WORK. — A good laundress wishei
r., sje out by day: washing-. Ironing er
cl"aning: well rer..rnmenle<l. Mrs.
CRAVEN. Na East 112th-st.
DAY'S WORK. — First class washing, iron
k*S cleaning. DILLON. 354 E. 13Sth-st.
DAY'S WORK. — By ¦ respectable sjiin»ii.
go our washing or cleaning I v day or
wcuM reko washing home. LUNDY. 2t4
West 4."th-?t. - .-.:
girl: upstairs w^rk or general houaewortc
In Ajnerlcai! family; city or country. -j
Greenwich- jt.
HOUSEKEEPER, *•¦ .- By a BridOta a«e4
W'jman of un^uest!o^aS!e character, as
housekeeper to one or two people, or tuts*
to an invalid: best references. Address 3..
i: x 77. 1.-42 Broadway.
HOUSF KERF Eli.— By a ---¦ ¦ tbia wowmbi
in apartment or flat; thoroughly under—
s-an.Js her business: can be seen at her lait
place; best of reference. 253 W. 35th-st.
HOUSEWORK. — By a young woman of good
¦hari : ¦ In a cultured family of a.?!: '«.
not more than 3; quiet, sober habits: is .i
competent cook and aoawawMßssr; desires %
kind home in preference to big wages;
credentials best: no cards ar.swered unless
fare la paid. Sf'l Hoyt-st.. Brocklyn.
HOT'SKKEKPER. —Py middle a;e-i woman.
Protestant; little girl.' s; ir widower's or
bachelor's him#; eirv or ¦ ¦ untry . test per
sonal reference. ADVERTISER. 3 Manhat
HOI KEEPER. ftc — •¦: . r- Baad woman.
as h. .useke<»r>»r. nr naM to ier'.v lady
•r zrowirg chiHrerx; good sewer; personal
reference from first class family. 100 East
Mth st.
HOUSEKEEPER. — By I!gh: Southern wom
an, .t- working housekeeper In apartment;
goo<i wasre* expected; best references given,
rail or a.Uresa L. JACKSON, 360 West
HOUSEWORK.— Bj sjtrl ir? namO family:
wages Jls. 6S» East 137th-st . tiilrd
floor, west.
INFANT'S .XL'RSBL Thtw corare
t»"nt: English: highest references. Apply
21 EiMe House, or call from 4-30 to 3 p. m.
INFANT'S NURSE:— By in tmsTTrin
thoroughly c-mpotent: excellent refer
ences: -arages |30. 44 East -T»th-st.
L-XUIvDRKSS. — First class: private family;
by the day; thoroughly comp#t»nt an.l
f*-«i city reference Address THOROUGH.
wwar. wishes a few more days, or taka
washing in: speaks only German. 235 West
6Mb "t.. 3J fl.vir. reir.
LADY'S .M AH'.— By »we - girl: tinier
stands hair dressing and manicuring:
g->> .1 sew«>r. Call pr»«ent employer. 2S West
L>!'Ys MAID. — French; competent hair
dresser; experience-.! seamstress; under
stands her duties; b>st refarer.ces.
FRENCH. 222 West 33.1-st. : no cards
MAID. — Bj young colored woman; thor
oughly experienced ; best reference. Address
M. JACK3OX, 2."U V West 40th-st.. care 4
L. Brown.
MAID. *c. — Lady's maid and seamstress:
experienced in all her duties: ¦ood hair
dresser. Iressmaker aid packer- good city
references. LADY'S MAID. IIS West r.'.st
•t.. Whttmeyer's ben.
MAlD.— Parisian: cheerful: good brssa
maker; experienced in many ways: a»
companion in good family for lady travel
ling here or abroa.l: iSO monthly. Letter
for appointment to, \! G. A.. Box 70, 1.242
Bf a4way.
MAID. — By % young girl, speaking French.
English an I Swedish, as maid for actress.
Address MAID. Box 43. 1.242 Broadway.
North German, from Hanover: full ChafMl
et ohil'lrerr; teaches German: wages $25 to
tit* ft r»rer#nc#s -¦-'¦¦.:•: :<i.i-»r.
NURSE.— By a respectable Protestant g:r!:
co ohjectton t» country or travelling.
NURSE. 674 Carroll-st.. Brooklyn.
NURSE. — Neat, competent, reliable: tak*
rharsa et lafaai or grown children: good
re-jmstrrss: b"»t of references; • u-tv pre-
Is ¦..-; i^Ot.I.IFR t:.; West 2M-at.
jnTRSK.— B» yount; French nurse. speaking
-Vanish, tin.* Engliin; well recommend
ed; plain «e»!ng S. C 251 West 26th-*t.
NURSE. — By srlsaswl man. as ta
valul's nurse: would care for youaaj chil
4ren: nice sewer Address NURSE. Box
4T.jI.S4S Broadway
»bl»a la rli>*»- her parlormaid, whom ii)»
can htghiy re?or>meni Call Tuesday. 10
to 12 an.l 3 lo 5. as «73 3th-ave.. present
errtpl over's.
|-HYSI>'IAN-s at.., x.v refined, moih«r!y
woman: fend el ldren; -ustoroed ti>
management of ser\-ants: also, ccspita)
training: country prsfarrsd; small sala^r.
L. U D. Tribune Office.
SEAMSTKECS, — Fiist c:asi; und«rstani»
dres^m thoroughly; good fltt«r:
wouUl like* ptace *ir summer months: prs
fers Newnort: personal references. M. R^
1."42 firnndway.
. _ __ — >
THAI NED NURSE.— North German to taks
care of twralM or ore child, going abroad;
»alary no object. Miss HEDWICJ LOSWY.
62 West KVI-st.
WAITRKSS.-^Lady wi«h*s situa-ion for a»r
waitr»s«. w>».>ni she can recommend Call
this week, "between 1 and 3 o'clock. Mr»-
KKYE> !<^> East 34th-st.
WA.SHlNG.— Respectable woman wishaa ta>
take h.-rre family washing. Call. Mis.
LAIRD. 23J East 36th-st.. top floor, back.
WAITRESS. Ac— Bj girl aa waltreaa: as
assl w:th light chamb^rwork: city isfar -
eji -es, I.«!VY, 22ft East 76th-3t. •
W \I T R?roS.— By smart years woman, as
lirst clss* waitress; thoroughly ajaaVM
•ent in, all branches; good carver: S years'
personal references; no carda. Utt »aJt

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