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New-York. July 30, l»01.
_ nkn I **"*-"* niOrasa see 4. 'bajr«'.V.l" «K«>
***?Vu* - •*•*• »*«¦ «w
2*^rfcTtT &b : 8 ::::o.^:^c&-s.ck a ::::: KM
f^r^:::::: 21 -^^^-^;;;:;;;;:; t'l
bara 4.fc3*jCt>tton»e«4 oil. bbls... 2tn
SSfW 1!W ; Cottonseed meal. bays. 20
JSUSi bUt I.ol7 iCor-per. pieces ?.. 3.r>.
tJ^T'vuth -SIO.CSOj Copper matte, bafrs... 2.522
Rftel* ITS..M. l>ea.'., pl K » 6,215
0.000 Roali • .rtr,
O"- S^h .. ¦• 2,1»25 jSplrlta turp. bole ..... rt4s
ST*- *££ a.AwTar. bhls 178
»•»*• l"l£: 2S.fn»;Ho|Hi. bale, ." too
Vtl .eed bush 1.000 !U,sea. No :::: £,)0
55r~L^ned ca»e»- 1.5T.2- Hides. ba>s ... . SO
S^T. rl«^ 292, Leather, sides 12.4U0
£*!=?• *£& 1.101 M..SS. bale* 5
*•£:..« ;Kr* 1.221 «klns. bales 7i»
I*s Sea . M»» Sug»r' hap. 24. 170
J^S- See» IS Mola«ses. bb!s l»o
ifiSW pkpt TiOUcake. r k«rs 3.r^
2^« ckr* 100 Oilnveal. ba*» J.WO
£?fj. pkirs 12..m HIM etock. pkirs M 0
SiL; ck.n 24.41C; Tobacco, hhd* 162
g!r%ases 11.3251 Tcbacco. pk(rs 605
?S,it j r*"'-'" rk I.IM Whiskey, bbls ! * T<;
V!Z riiitrr. crates. 274 Wool, lmles »¦'
sl'ieX N»* I.OMVWorI. racks A.C23
<**£: bb:* »2 Wine. fil. pkgs. sir.
•'JT^ bb « I.l>*'» Zacatan. bales 170
*~— r*i» 72" Peaches. Col. pkei.... 2.***"
Sv tcr-s 1,110; Plums. Cal. pk K s 2.<Vhl
Z^i^r mm »"': Pears. Cal. pk«a .. . a,MO
_^ , ajar Ifo I Bnj f 2S j Flour. SSii*. patenta. $3 65
FT !¦¦ No ;«'•"-¦-' Cctton. miidllnß - 1-ir,
JSSIa 2SOO Coffe*. No 7 Rio 6%
Ey'iwr warrants.. 875 | Pugur. pranu'.ated. . . . 54'
EL 00-ner ir.fot.. J«4;M»inssf<, OK. prime 40
U* " ..*.... ;T; T pri>, Beef family .... 1173
sv-v.-. r , leafl 4S7^)Beef hams 21 •-'•
BKSrT. S !>2S TalloW. prime 4%
iC v ! n»!.... 76% Pork. mes« ¦ «••»
STyiS mtred... .',« h«s. dre^.-d. :C0 Ib. 754
(»-. No I r.:ifl... RSI* Lard, prime. ....... OH
- nt hawk ....... 21.431 Reflr.ed 7+U e^\s 155,160
JS^tuwh -Ut Oas-lene. K »ls 1.000
SStwh 125 Cottonseed ell. gals... 12"
2^" bust M Lubrsoatlng oil. gals.. CS.MO
l!^.. buali . 65|Pork. Us -»r.
wuZft sacks 1«,45« Peef. bhls • 17
Cwr-tr.eal. t*is - '. 1 Bacon. Tt) 22,575
gStST.? 102 ivird. Ib 4 rv<vi
ST c v.' tNs 2." Lard oil. pals «30
New-York. July 30. 1901.
rOFFES— Values % .ad a rar.g. of not over 5 points to
tas and tbc market et no time was particularly active.
mSt-mrtOog »as steady at a de.-line of 5 p.olnti*. the loss
Yv-'-z :n response to weak Kurop^an cables and under
V"'u-*ation cf ne^r months bjr nervous room operators.
JStowmg reports of tremendius receipts In the crop coun
l^.' pjret f&1p« were 4,500 bags, ar.3 tots! <«a!es for the
i'' T H..SSO baps, vf-rv- little of which wes for outslrte ac
c^ijr.r CJo«lB« prlcen were net unchanged, ar.d the final
l-re "»tea ¦*•••¦ TV;*' r-rtmarj- movement was t^e heaviest of
the p»»sir.' amounting st ports to irC.OOO hup*, and at in
,^h., B-curr.u'.at'.ng points to 43.«'r00 haps. Otber liepress-
M factors tn the days news were found in a decline of
Vfmetl the French market. S ifr at Hamburg, a
lassct B8 re's at Klo and a decline of t-10d In the Rio
iirhsr.F* rate :c l«^d. Panto? was flrr-. at yesterday's
«h4»* Bp« coffee ruled dull ar.d unchanee.i. with qucta
?"-F te*M nominally on 5Sc for P.lo 7s end «He for
P.r"* 4° BITOIW lets. The «»«i»r Fiarman cleared
TSe rar.r» Of contract prices in the local r.arket to-Amr
«¦' " -"¦' l^ ;S: Tester-
Orerir.r. Hifrh. ly^w. r\n**. day.
'" r - - t H ' 4isft
c^T;"v^V 400 4.oft 4.M 4.W.g4.6rt 491
*¦":¦. 4.«> t.90 4.80 4 :•¦•.••» 4 9.-,
v.ve^be' ¦'¦ — — - 4.W.tfs>io f..«»
r - ;;;;... („<& e.os s.oo c.Vces.io 5.10
LSS» .¦-'.¦¦ - - - »is^'» i»
r*";' 5 ....5.2T. f.30 5.25 r..2..030 6.50
»- a ,^ _ _ — .*> 3->35 3S ¦--
tgl 1 " 4,, 540 B.BS 88505.40 41
*'. a^ ."".'.'. — — — 5.4 5.4S 5-43

rrr.-ftr- -¦- Marke'.s — Sar.tos — Coffee market firm:
mod average' Baatoa. 4l^-C>: receipts. 4<"t.w..-> baR? itwo
ii\t-,- stock, 57C.000 bans. Hamburg— Coffee market
rrnioti M rfennlg lower; at 2:30 ;.. m. was net -t pfennig
1-Ver M>s. 13UO0O t*p*. Havre— CcrTe* market c r <T.ed
itcaflr =» frsne l<vwe-; et 12 m. cr.'-hanre^; at 3 p. m.
\ "rra'r.c liwer; at 5:30 p. m. unchanged; ... Fa.-^s,
84.000 tags.
J«r.uary S4 -' Ju'.y 34.00
J>tniarr 3Z.<<o . ijruFt -4 '«•
jja-Vji J 3.'.. 2? September 84.25
jkß-n 3.'..5n Octol«r 34 St
Xar 5T.. 75 November "4...'«
jnn« 50. 75 December :t4.TJ
R!o—^'effee market steady; No 7 Rio. 4577r.; eschar:^.
jfiVj,"- re-^e'rts, 42 00f> bats 'two daysl; cleared for tr.e
Enitefl fate*. ir..f»io bae«: stock. 425.orirt bags.
Th*- EtaiiEtlcal poEltlcn cf Brazilian 'ceffet is as fol
To-day. Yesterday. Last week.
re*-Tork deliveries ... 12,44i< 12.781 13.527
Bt-t'more d-Overies 2T.1 1W 2.815 ,
•Cfr-Orlear* i-:..-er".»<<. . 254 44& M»
TctfiJ flellveries "^ 18 0T.4 13.3«S 16.{»0s
Jfew-York stock 76r*.<^2 751.R31 14.17«
Ba:n:i:ore ftock 24.161 24.f'Sl 2;<.f4f>
¦ *t«ic -• !»»3 2G.153 27.624
Block at aU ports .... M6«4 632.695 871.742
Afloat 4&S.O00 4G!,.«Vrf> 3:>7.O<Vt
Visible BUPCIT 17.691 1.2J>7,e?5 1.22«,742
Eame time 3DOO 61£.3.">& ¦.-.--; 679.47S
COTTON— The cotton market start off quiet, with
jirlcee 1 to 3 points lower. End was predial sed to weak-
Sefj daring th* forenoon ur.ier room p»H'.n? and e!mo«t
total absence of outslJe buylrig ori«-rs. While the weather
conditions over th» Southwest cor.tinue.-J unsatisfactory,
•nd despite the fart that flarriape account* eor.tmued to
your in from Texas, the '"cal trade refueej' to take th^
tall Fide s«o innjc as speculation continued of the pre^r.t
film proportions. Investment buying was cheokel a_=
•rell. by further ]<ruldatlon or the prust lntei and
<:sappo:r.tinp late Uverpool cables. At the lowest r ifint nf
the roc.rr.iriC prices were down F> to . points fmm the
closing of lart night. P.ec-ipts ........ .ipaln
very; the wsUier forecast infiicatcd clear, hot eondl
tiosa for T'-xd<\ Oklahoma and Indian Territory to r r.:ght
er.4 to-morrow; drygoodi and cinth market accounts w^re
ratr.f-r better than the averar^ of This seaccn of the jjjear.
while the r'.f-rr.tnd for m»".lurc sradey Fpot cotton crrjtin
t«i brisk st all points. Toward midday the marl jdls
jley<d a *tea/*.i*>r tone on pit covering, prompted by T^ars
that trie we«=k!v government cr<p-wtather rtatement would
t* --rffivorabfe. Noor.. found the market steady, with
j>ri-»« at ct-.n-j< the opening basts. Then camp the govern
ment repon- this showed th*- rr>? to have imp-oved q-.:ite
¦teaertOly *-?-st of the MieslEEiFPl River, but to be Rhed
tiv.g FjfTerl-p from droith. hioomlng at the top and tr.
T* ?rr.k'l w»-« of that line Trie statement, as a whole.
¦*as tmlllahlT Interpreted, and c;;u?f-d n Barry of pen*-ral
V-jytnit. on which priefs quickly worked up to last nisrfs
fcld». While there was gome reaction later in the session
*r..>r nervous profit inking by smaller holders, the p«.n-ers.lp«.n
ers.l ra:s::ir of the ir-arkct was steady, with farvighted
cpfcrarnr!; i-,r,d»rate buyers r>n all weaker internals, latter
tissed on the theory thnt L'.verponi would bullishly con
ftrut the government report and pouthwestern dry weather
JorFcaM nt this critlra 1 . time In the season. Tt ere was
lcMj"neven cer.t?" telk on "Chan** and more hope of a
»»ar Et hard re:um of public speculation. Profit taking
*»r:* prtoes off r.ear the cir.**. The mark»t was finally
<;'ji»t ar.d net 4 to 7 point? lower.
The rsr.p* c,f cortract pricey In the local market to-day
*fes a* follows:
r l^j. Hie-ri Irw. Close. <Tay.
S-i'iV *..7M -.---¦-¦.: 7.22
Atznsi ..7 15 7.15 7.10 7.11'«7.32 71C
Peptember *" .7 2^ 721 7.17 7.1767.18 7.21
October 73" 7.C2 7.2 C 7.27fc — 7.32
Kov^effiber 782 7.54 7.31 7.3f'T77.31 7.34
Prcemtvr 7 -« 7:w 7 ::2 ~.?;iii~.xi 7.?.7
Jaaaarr 740 7.41 7an 7..'!f.'d7.37 741
Fesr-ar?' 7.a:< 7 ?.H 7.30 7.3ti '.j 737 741
Starch ' . 742 7.45 7.42 7.55«' ! 57-tl 744
Aj,r: — — — 7.41 ¦57.42 7.46
Spot cotton dosed d;iU. with qsjita-icnF 1-I6e lower on
th» b*»;ii c? t l-li'.c for middlir.tr upland and 83-16 C for
ts'.iiV.Tj; Ou'.f. Paies were 1.«23 bales. Pmj:h«rn ej •
markets were Tfl»grej.h»d ns follows; New -rirl*-ane q-jt^t.
tic-her^ei!. at Mobile r.omiral. urichane«-d. at s c ;
6av»r.r.ah q-jlet, unchanfred. st <*c; Charleston nominal.
Vsotatka crn'.*.t*d: qu!«t, unc»i a «pprl. st *'*he;
>ir»rfc'.k quiet, hlffhf-r, at 77 7 *c; Ralrimore nominal.
BMha&ged. c: f^c; Oalvest-^n quiet. unchanK^d. at SS l /*c;
6t. Lo-jl? quiet, uncharged, at £c.
Rec*:r;ts tt ports end interior points to-day cempared
Witt tt* came <!ay 'e*t week tr.d List year.
Last Last Fr~ent
Puru. TV.-day. w*ek. year. ptock.
C*h-es»nn . 1.£?4 7+« 452 43. Ml
Ke»Orleaas 775 2.?>fKi l.r.«} 7'"..22".
Hotil* .r-,4 1* — : 17
ft\-*:.nth e*o KOI .»-•' 1«. 047
ttariesr-* 1 1.1 U6 1.*4 1
Wlhutegtna 12 14 — 2,«"4
Rorto'Jt 47& 903 C3B 14,710
Bilv.rr.ire . — — 2,061
Sew-Tork 373 f»W f,A 177.176
got'-Ki 151 14 30
jTUladrlp!;:! . — 14S 2 MM
»»rtov:s _ 1.3<«»
Totals 4,019 f,..«,21 3.r.«2 347.2.T7
Aajrueta ISO ?.1 172 l r >.">!>7
«»mph:s SO 31 I<> 27:625
R-tOOIS _ _ — .V>.!.4<>
< inc'.r.r.ati 2;'H 3i« — i.WO
aou«;(>r, 1.2C2 T,h*> fi,o.'s.'<
Cwon Exchange Hr*cisl Liverpool Cables: Spot cotton
t»2r™j* cemaad; t-aics. s.<<w"i l.al»-s; Fj»-cu!at!on and ex
'»'(«n ii iTSfrlran . 7X>OO; receipts. 13.0uf>; American,
ZjujTl Mia<:; i2e upland. 4 7-ltV.. Futurrs or*n«l quiet.
ijT- V'; n "; cir«^j barely Fte«dy. '-, to 2V., points net
v.'/ I . -Jl^^b; July-August. - 4.175; August -Seprem-
O«.if lm c. «.«b: October, g o c. «.O7»is;
jSS_ sf "«o*«r. 4.ot}»; November -liecember. I^ec<»m^^^
4«,Z* vf J »=*«y-Februarj-. 4"4^1.; February- March,
aiwr-; J*»«*-Aprtl. 4.0>1f. MfrneiieMer— Yarns move
DPr-?^ 5S h » «¦•"« b«t steady.
*t £r!w^.T ". m '* ''^^ but <3 u iet- with cases quoted
*'¦ 14 £>?*¦ 'i,-- 1 ' 5;-bt'.nir at W2sff»So and pow.lPi*d
*«cc. • iiif '\, -^?, h V'* rel * <1 ftea<; >' at the Allowing
iiliV* V* '°®* lh0; "" r "". »180©fl85; eighths.
tßr*'" ¦ • . ES
• iAL O.LS-Th* market was Ke;«iy ell around, with
•»,.-,.. ' •'"'•*¦• ! ? P—nmn*. owli« to the excellent
KFXt^S" 1 * trJT v " n< s thfe licht nocks in first
***»•'?«.., r '**' ' :T " V Bot c-mlng in until BeptemU-r.
fc»S5? r V"T«,*' follows: An!..-. *.;¦.>;•*•
•l m ' ' "
¦ a*,/, ' , 'ff 33 * 1 "''¦ n "'* c »- distilled. *1 £.-,&*! V"
f: ' .
**• —TwMI *-<a*J
e»ISe »IS ti r • S^'i artificial. 3<i^32c; ¦ irmint, 1110
"•T'aJSStfiJSSS. 2 *: W'fTTeen. natural. $1 4r.' : ;
*««. vX *i ZZ.iKj worDl «'e<J. II 15*11 25; wornj
*^ <« ,*" *«•'¦ •" • ¦ ROOTS— There have be^n
fWoii, „; ' r « " ln rorf * anfl th * demand has been
*••*» t£,l« f„* sea»cnar> character We quott as
r: "»w tmZZJ '"''- 4c; ginseng. $5 f,i^|r,
*?:. fi^*v J :'^',.« t ' ! «^ed. 12c; io bleached, lie; golden
*§fc?«rL£s!s^ KSr**^ 72f " ; Hearty ordlnarj-.
f-'U. JfiSJt!."^* <1 i, Jn Indies, frgioc; earssparllla. Hon
'¦'•utaaiTSl- Qo Merictn. senega. Western. a*> do
••-'»I- 'JrT •_»nake. Canada. 220; do natural. 37
' V'">*"«• * 1 " - ***'¦ Virginia 4&542 c.
twirl **k', *EAL— Buyers and sellers appeared to be
rasuit 'hut only a anaU
'" *=* L*. 1 !."!""* 1 ' 1 !**" ln a tow grades, the market*
«^Cfc.j, *£**£„ i?*' 11 * P««ta. «BTOfl-*4; winter
Si*"* « Wfci- •• °° • w;r - ter Patent* U £s^*3 SO: spring
?" 2 *!atw m 3 ."^™ Ko J »I*"er. »2 70«|2 R0; extra
»• arrive. ' ?,•*«««?: r.- rr£<se, ll* frills vpot and
Z~^itt-'"ft} i - f^^-Tl— Oaiet; quoted: Fair to pool,
•*• ciioic* M fancy. «8 U.3J3 45 CORN
ME t r-f^nn: quoted: Kiln dried. $2 Cs®s2 70 as to brand.
tl'ms.3, MtiAU Firm; quoted: Fine white an.T yellow,
«1 ...a«l B<v coaree, $1 OSSSI 10 FEED— Bteady;
?^1.. : - spring bran. spot, $17 60. sacks to arrive. 200 tt>.
? 1.6J1. V). spring bran, bulk, *17Cf 17 20; coarse winter
bran. »1» 503*20; city bran. »lS©fl- 50; corn meal. $--.'.
linseed oil. cake. ?2» 50; corn oil, cake, $21; hominy chop,
*i» ::.iiSi».. oil meal, *20©*a»BO.
WHEAT— Active Wall Street buying, rumors of
rein In harvesting sections of France and a big export
traoe were the threo Influences that gave bulls an upper
hand araln in heat to-day. The first named amount
ed to about 200.0U> bush September and exerted Its main
effect in the afternoon. The export business of I* 1 " loads.
late Monday and yesterday, mostly at outporta, was a
natural outcome of the French news and foreign situation
general'}-. Throughout the entire day speculative demand
was active, notably at the seaboard, causing a steady
advance In prices to the close, which was l^l^c above
Monday night. September at Its best point reached 74 Sc.
dosing at that firure. In Chicago the day's range wan
from C7Sc to i;»"» closing; O^'ic. Less advance was
noted In Northwest markets than elsewhere because of
the satisfactory weather and crop conditions now pre
vailing through spring wheat State*. Opening: a shade
hlKher on foreign buytnfr and unexpectedly firm English
cables, our mark-t soon yielded a little to realizing; sales.
but quickly recovered and kept well above the openins
point ell day Primary receipts were some 3<K>.oo<> bush
more than last year, and the world's stocks, according to
"Bradatn " showed 8,618,000 bush Increase over the
previous week ap-\.;:-- 2.8f».(n0 bush increase last year.
The seaboard ' clearances were «TiS.f>«m bush wheat and
Boir Minn<»«ipolis wheat stacks are said to have de
creased SOniWI bush since Saturday. Liverpool declined
%i Paris advanced *•»» points on wh«t but lout 15
points on flour Berlin was I1*®!!I 1 *®!! '* ma:ks d>wn and
Budapest 7 points 1 ft* Quotations for cash wheat, fob
lasls are as follow*: No 1 Northern Duluth. 77 V *<- prompt;
No 1 Northern New- York. 77>>c prompt: No 2 Northern
Chicapo. 7<s>c to arrive; No 2 red New-^orK. I*%C
prompt to Aupust 7: No 2 red New-\ork. m%e Aogon
10 to 15- N.> 2 bard New York. n%c August 10 to 15.
CORN— Strengthened by tho upturn in wheat, the
corn market advanced l'i'SlSc and closed very firm at
.'.Sc for September at New-"i ork and MV In Chicago
Shorts wiio we-elioth r.amcrcus and timid, covered freely
on the a.ivance.' notwithstanding very favorable crop con
ditions West, where fun her rains in leading States and
lower temperaturfs generally have Helped late sown
corn Th- eove-irr-ent weekly bulletin said '''.»;'*.'
„*U;:. • ¦'**' m «•""> amounted to
friers advancing at«t a cent a .^,"^i Ir . NNo*,N vv o *, vhite
afloat; State rye. 85©36 c.
Wheat: Oo«. Hl^h. Low. Close. day.^
SS* «% «» ™sj gft
Sec^U-::::::: SU Btie S3 »* »*
•,r:.::::: «* m w% M a*
Lard: — _ _ JS9S $S?0
July — % >
Wheat: fl » « P>H (7% 68%
;-;;••;;:: £ si i ii &
1 f Orr: _ _ 53H Pl^
„„¦;::::: M M* m MH VS»
fe;-:::::: i % »i» JS. ' 4 '" Z-''*
;^:.:::::: - ... IS 'I%Z "S *l%
September :::::ISh •p\ L££ 797 i, 790
cctot^r < H-"S t v> i i
lOrk l ..ooi. I4<t«>, 14 15 14 32H 14 20
Receipts cf bread.tuffs at interior r-I m s in thousand,
last three ciphers (000) omitted, flour bbls, grain bush, as
follows: F or. Whea-. Com Oats. Rye Barl-y
Chlcac, 28 453 241 874 13 5
Milwaukee 7 1. 4 i- o —
Mi:near>olls — '* — — — __
Duiutu — ,« z; «o _ _
g. nli.-'c,;;:::::-.::n li.-'c,;;:::::-.::- i » 5: - =
WmM j j i — —
;;;;;;;;;;_! J' _^ Jo _- _
Totals 4* 1.124 400 C 72 1. 7
Shipments fr rr. these points:
Chicago 16 415 244 IPP. - |
Milwaukee 24 45 4 i* __
Minneapolis 58 M — j J _
; iS « *; - -
Kansas City ::::.:- 1^ " 2« — —
Toledo — :T ? - ': _ _
Feor.a ..: i _Z _i _lf _Z _Z
— i ]_
Totals .111 OS4 858 340 1 5
P.prciFts at Atlantic ports:
New- York 28 311 173 9 S 18
Boston » -: _*2 4 » - Z
Philadelphia 12 11. — -1 —
Baltimore 17 329 8 0 6 -
Xew-Orle-.rs 4 S8» 8 51 — —
Gal vest on — -••• 1 __^Z
Totals .62 lTio« 163 »S 9 IS
ExportE from Atlantic ports:
New-York 12 21 — — — —
Boston 1 M — 1 — — |
Philadelphia 1 172 17 3 — —
Ball — 4 1« 17 — — —
New-Orleans — 212 — — — —
Totaia 18 517 84 4 — —
HIDES- "While business was not large in common dry
hides there was a good undertone, owing to the light
offerir.es as a result of comparatively light stocks. Prices
as a rule stand unchanee.-j. Quotations follow: Cali
fornia, H'Vic: Mataniuras, .-¦-. Truxlllo, 1'Oc; Orinoco,
21 V; Tampico. 20 Bogota. !'.<¦¦¦* a 2" 1 4C; Centra]
American. 30%e; era Cruz. :'->\ Puerto Cabello, 20% c;
La Ouayra. . \ Caracas. 2M4c; I'ayta, lW'-^c; Tohasco,
ISHc; Rio Hache, dry and pickled, IKe: Port-au-Platte,
IT^-c; HouFtor 1M? '-- ' : San Antonio and Laredo.
2O^4e I'RT SALTED HlDßS— Payta. 14Hc; Pro
prts.. 14. ; Maranham. 15c; IVrnambuco, lT.c: Bah la, 14C;
Maracalbo, 14 l ie; Savani'.la, 14',;o; liatamoras. 16c;
Texa? 14 'sc.
LEATHER— A pood dem&nd is again reported for hem
k-:k leather, with both home and. expert buyers bidding
for supplies. This bUßlnesg •ed at full but unchanged
pricey. OHerlngs are not larsre, as there is by no m»ang
a surplus of F'.ock in P.rFt hands. Prices follow: Hen;
lock. n"n-acii, first selection, 23%@26c; seconds, 22H€
2.V; thirris. L'Ku'-l'.^c; ari>'., flrFt celsction. 23Vs^2»V-; sec
onds, 'S'.Ti —".•:: thirds, -liii 21 1«c;1 «c; re^c ls , [email protected]; Union
llgnt back= aic; mid'i> backs. [email protected]; middle heavy.
31632 c; seconds, heavy. !&'a3Qc: thirds, 27©2Sc; light
back?. c,.v\ 30#32c; seconds. 28C2»c; bellies, [email protected];
oak <irff?e-! hicks, ?..'.ti3(j<-; secomis. 82®34C; thirds. 30^
32c: l*;;.e«. l*<c; belting butts. 34^37c; Texas oak ?ol»,
METALS— lncluded in the cable advices this morning
wa* a decline of £1 In spot pig tin at London as a result
of liquldfitiun, while tho forward delivery of that melal
was without change und h»rld Ft*>ady. The clc^e was lr
rcrular, with rp~: standinp at £119 ISi and futures at
Jll<. ."¦(=. our rnark«t. however, did not respond to the
c>p:-f-Fsir.n abroad, as it held pretty steady at fully sus
tained prices, closing at $27 7r.'&s-.'S. Copper In London
followed the losc= scored here yesterday and rased off 7s
<*:. i-ut little buslr.ffs resulted. The close was easy at
£<>< «= 3<J „n gpot and £<V 7 l. r .s on futures. Here the
niar-K^t «a s rjuiot nt Testerday-s decline, clo6lng at 16H
tfl.c for l^kf- Superior and ... f,, r casting and
electrpl>tlc. J^ad was 2s Tkl lower abroad, closing nt £11
I.s t.'^ r.n Kri'.t. whllf. the local markf-t was quite feature
less and unchanged at $437*4. Spelter was dull aealn
to-day ai [email protected] 05. I^.ndon markft was alpo dull
end nnchanged at £1U Us «.;. American Iron markets
were without feature, but remains In buyers' favor Pie
Iron warrants closed at $9 [email protected]; Northern No 1 foun
dry. *i.-.psi. r . .yi : No 2 foundry Southern. $140514 50; No 1
iu^- 11^^ 1^" 1 N " ' '"""«nr Southern
'21 .V?-.' 00 * I --'- Gla*)tow iron warrants cloced at
.>**. and Mi io]«shoro. 4r.F «d
dic I ? I 1 APSKS / Nn SVRUPS^Advlces from the South in
i n«« iva« fc ' eft y " iarkPt - whlp locally only » small busl
un'rhnnt^'" ,'' Ut " a ' ° ld f""^" 5 - S>TUps rul^-d quiet and
cr^n .^r 16 ,"-"" iSte" NejrrOrteaM centrifugal
™™ vl L, • : falr ' ir> ®" v : f 00 *!. >7®2oc: prim». 220
sSi -y^-^'-ans " rt . n kettle. [email protected]; Porto R|c O . [email protected]
SFiTSj^ffi- SS?«j falr - 17raIi ' r; ef>od - 19 «^
flnence upon rates, the situation hem* quite «rm m tone.
be' re ¦ hV't Er *' n "-am^rF does not improve, exports
c^refl. p7" by l lr '" vai " r " : - quotation* for Ih- various
. t. ' ' ¦'¦ ltes «re ¦ --} in -most depart mi •.•- Quotation*
.I; v , rr "' ll vrr " 1<1: London, lUd; Glasgow id; Bristol
2Hd; L^uh. S^d^Hull, Zd: Newcastle. 2*id; Antwerp;
J «'i. Humburg. :',2V. r ,f s , : Hotterdam. 4V4c: Amsterdam.
be; cotton to Uverpool, per Km m. l(»c; I^on.lon oats'
i K<wf ," vr<l ' /"*,',"¦ "° CHAHTERS— British steamer!
l.S!>h tons. Guif to fnite.l Kingdom nnd Continent p«n»r-i'
car?.-,. |Ss October; A.j»;r:an steamer. 1,998 tons. Smyrna'
cc. to I h:..'idelphla. general ¦ argn private terras; British
¦steamer, 1.! in(; tonf. Kernandina via Norfolk to Rotter
dam, pn"s;iliß'« nnd general cargo. 10s <k) ncr form
prompt: two Brazilian -steamers. 800 and 1.0111 :on? Hi.',
.Tanoir.. to NVv.-York. ceffe^. 2ftr and 5 p»r -ent ¦ Brltlßh
steari.er. l^.m^i ( . rs erain. Haltimore to Antwerp or Hot
terdatn. 1- f<d. prompt; ... steamer i jk»9 ton*
Phlladelphli to Havana and Sagua, c«t. privateTter^
Italian ship, l.in ions. Mobile ro Montevideo , 1r Buenos
Ajtos. lumber. fM : schooner ... Boston to Rio
Janeiro, lumber. *11: schooner, 433 tons. T'hll.Td-Inhla to
• 'ardenas. ci.h]. *-J.VI: shrooner. H. 14 tnn« HI llg horn t,
N»'w York, plaster. $17 .'0; s^hoon»r. 47U ions jacksr,^
ville to New-York, lumber. $«; schooner. 3. 1K tons F.-'r
nandina to New York. ties. lS«c : schooner, 7<.s innc' R^ n
nebec to ICe-w-Ycrk. i'-e. 65c; ItrltUh schc.on^r. ic,r> t,, ri H
hence to Sydney, >' H. co*!. owners' account; schooner
17-* tons, rvrth Amhoy to A'irui«t«. coal »i : schooner. ISO
tons. Weehawken to Tremont, Me., coal. 'Xx\
OIIJ 5 — I'nchan^ed prices were noted fr.r cottonseed r.ll
reflr-ctin? continued firmness of underiin*. Llni>»«d cl!
was rjulpt find petroleum unchene^d. Quotations follow
P*troleum. bbl«. $7 50, and in bulk. f4 !>.'.; Philadelphia'
bbl*. $7 4.'.. and in bulk. M 90: reflni rases New-York'
S» M. Cnttunt-eed nil— l rime crude, bl.ls. nominal ; ,prim«
«urr.m' - yellow, .'flt?; off Hummer yellow, .'!7c; prime white
43c; \,r\n\f whiter yellow. 4.1 c. LJnaw -American raw'
h2o; American, boiled. Me; Calcutta, raw. 85c; VVesteni
linseed quoted 'If under city brands I«ir,l ..11, «:n37(h-
PROVISIONS-rThe market was firm all day .-md hlrtier
on the 10915 c rise In live hogs, tlie enrn advance smaller
receipts and covering. Chicago receipts- wen ai mvi jr.
fas tity. H.<N«». and Omaha, 9.000 PORK— Plrm"
Quoted: M^k.«. $lAfi<ittsir>»i: family, |1650©$lT. , h ','
cl^ar. $16®51760 BEEF— Steady. Quoted —*•'.-,,
esH' family, JJl.VKifli: i>arkei. Jl<..,tio r ( <) f-xtra In.i'l.
oj-en,- $16C«18 BEEF HABtfl— Dull. Quoted V>ur*X
$2100 DREftsrj) !.••..- thin QuoUdT 1,,,.;,,,
7*4 c; IsOHl 7^c; lt>» O). 7 «c: mi It.. Rcj riK« \\.
CTTMEATS— PI<-kl*d r*ll!«. (jutet. Q.j0j,.,!; Bmokln«.*iie*
Id Ik 10Ue: 12 It). 0% 14 n.. u^Wtc. pickled shoulders
F'eaily: quoted, 7'« c; pickled hams dull- guot.-.i UeilUp
TALLOW— Steady; cltv. 4Sc; country. 4%'^,',c '
LARD— Firm; quoted. Be; city lard Meady" quoted iLSQc*
ref.ned lard firm; quoted. South America. to.Ww Continent'
l«.10c; Uraril kegs, lO.7rtr:; compound strong-; quoted 7fi
7Vic .--TEAKINK— Steady. Quoted: Oleo. hVic-'rlty
lard stearin* ]"¦»
}'.]¦ Ttie market for rice ruled rather quiet but übout
steady at unchanged prices. Quotations follow: I>on).-stlc
common to low lair. ;'-.¦/ i-t. fair to (food, 4'4'Sr.c- prime
to choice. BOSKc; head. 6J4©OHc; Patna. 4%AdU c -
Japan. foreign. 4%«; Java, 4"4©4Se; Rangoon In bond'
BUOAR — Features of importance were lacking In the
market for refined sugar to-day. List prices remain un
changed, and trading was confined mostly to a small
Jobbing business. Quotations follow: Cut loaf, crushed
and dominoes, 6.05 c; mould A, B.Me cub**. 15 7<V-: XXXJC
1 powdered, f!.80c; powdered, coarse powdere.l and fruit
powdered, 6.65 c; Eagle confectioners' granulated. 7'» c
Eagle coarce and extra fine granulated. 6. Mr . Eagle 2 Tr,
cartons. 2 !t> bags and 5 Ib bsgr of fin« rranulated, 6 «*V
Eagle fine granulated, standard granulated and diamond"
A D 4.'< confectioners' A 6.26 c; No 1, 6 10c; Non 2 und
8,' 5.05 c; No 4. be; No 5. 4.tise: No 6. 4.56 c: No 7. 4.75 c;
No 6. 465 c; No it, 4.60 c; So 10. 4.66 c; Sim 11 and 12,
! 4.50 c: No* 13. 14. 15 and 16, 4.40 c. important develop
1 ments were conspicuous by their absence in tne local
j market for raw suirar to-day. The American r»ugar
! Refining Company, while willlnß buyers of the soft fraoes.
I paid little or no attention to centrifugal ?* % '* r i?*i e T:
' the other refineries were ready buyers of the latter at
i current prices. The general undertone was ateudj and
I values were well sustained but unchanged at 4 *>•'-¦ iw
centrlfuKal. 3 1^-lOc for muscovado and S 5 lt.c for K .^n
lasses sugar. Cables reported a dull and lower beet sugar
, market at London the July and August deliveries _ havuni
I declined lid, now standing at {»? 4Hd and t(a ,""* < ?m i-.V>
spectlvely. Th.- stock In the United Kinfcdcm is I™':"" 1
I tuns. as compared with aft.MO tons In the same .v.e«K
TEA— Tea futures were nominally unchanged and dull.
: Quotations follow: August, $lI.HOB*U U0; >«•!•< "'• °":
! JI2WCSI3; October $13iS$l3 10: November. *13 10fl?J' -"•
, December. 513 [email protected] 30. No sale*.
New-York. July 30. 1 .:..-
BEANS AND Reoetpta for th* w tT : . 1 13-'»
1,043 bbls; peas. 2.110 bbla. F.xports: Beans l. WJ
bbls; peas »t.i bbls. The market continues »« l%e '"
speculative demands, and local jobbers who ti» v ' i li l
vlously been running: lipht in stock are buy with 5?"
sldcrable freedom. I»emand has come on a lightly st '»f lt J, l }
market, and prtcei continue in sellers' favor, nearly *.
kind* showing a further Improvement. We quote. Beans,
marrow, choice per bush, «2 75; .'." medium, choice.
$2 15'gS2 20; do pea, bbls. choice, *?*&*-£'•
nag, choice. U ITHB»2 »i do red kidney choice. $--W©
»2»; do white kidney, choice. $2 2»x&»2 2:»; do black
turtle soup, choice, |1 »5f«2: do lima. California, u 4"
do Italian medium. «2fS2 10; do other foreign, njedluni.
prime to choice. $1 V. J*l9r.; frrecn peas, bag* per bum.
*1 22HSS1 25; do Scotch. baps. Jl 30<S?l 32 I*.1 *.
BUTTER— Receipts for the week. 43.674 pkgti; e fP o ""'
1,459 pkes. There has been further shrinkage In re
celpts. and following our last weekly report, prices mane
some advance. extra Western creamery reaching Ar^o
toward the close of the week. Since then there has o-^n
no further change. So far this week arrivals have shown
further decrease, and there has been a very small pro
portion of positively extra (roods oflerlnß. nepular oeai
en., however, have hn.d no difficulty In supplying the.r ViT
qulrements with fairly satisfactory quality on the oasis
of present quotations, although when really technical
extras are insisted upon under the rule a shade mire is
occasionally bid. Lower qualities are working out mod
erately, but some receivers have stlU a considerable ac
cumulation of them. State dairy is in light supply Bnr>
somewhat nominal, only selections of fancy packing-,
reach outside quotations. Western imitation creamery is
almost nominal In the absence Of Important """"If"-
Factory has had occasional sales in the range quoted. r>ur
th» trade in light, and very little of the fresh stock ar
riving shows quality to exceed I* Ragged ring X™ 1"*1 "*
can Be had lower. We quote; Creamery, extras, per IT.
2©40; do firsts. l{*g2Oe; do seconds. lMflS'ne; do thirds.
lt;#l7c; State dairy, tubs, fancy, lSVifliec; do firsts,
17^018c; do seconds, Itf<jri7c; do thirds, 14916 c; West
ern imitation creamery, fancy, 16i»©17V4c; do firsts,
l*(il«V-; do lower grades, 14® 1 14V»c; Western factory,
fancy, 15c; do firsts, UU l *.c; do fair to good, 14c: do lower
grades. lS'Sia^c; renovated butter, fancy. 17S"17Vsc; do
common to choice. HtflGVsc; packing stock, 13gl*c.
CHEESE— Receipts for the week. 49,001 boxes; exports,
12.130 boxes. Th» mark»t has been somewhat more favor
able the last week. While most of the receipts have
shown some effects of the extreme heat prevailing when
the cheese was maJo, still they have arrived In much bet
ter condition than had been generally expected, and, with
somewhat lighter recelp.s and Increased demands from ex
porters, receivers have been enabled to realize rather bet
ter prices. On Thursday, with comparatively moderate
offerings and a good demand from exporters, o\tc was
promptly reached for all the desirable large colored cheese,
and rather more could have been placed than here. On
Friday the high price* paid at country markets the
previous day caused a very strong feeling-, but very little
lartre cheese was available, and little basis for actual ad
Vance in prices. Large white cheese cleaned up fairly
closely during the latter portion of the week, and i'Hc was
promptly obtained, with occasional especially desirable lots
of Northern placed at 9V«c. This week opened up lion
day with a strong holding in view of high country cost,
with receivers Inclined to ask SSr for fancy large cheese,
but exporters were indifferent, and. while a few lots were
taken at it'sc. that figure was extreme for free business.
L&nre white cheese were especially dull, and the few
sales made were at ii^n'Ci'.iVjc. At the close on Tuesday the
market appe i to be fairly steady on the basis of fl^c
for larse colored and P%®«MiC for large white, but the
market was very quiet. Small sizes cleaned up pretty
closely last week the increased demand having been in
expectation of higher prices this week. and, with strongf-r
country markets sales were made up to o\c for fane)
colored though small white cheese had very little outlet
and were difficult above H!»c. On Monday of th week
Imidf-rs were very firm In their views, owing to the hien
cost at cour.tr>' markets, and 10c was generally asked for
small colored, with some, in fact, talking even higher.
While a tew sales of specially desirable col red were
made at lOc. that figure was certainly extreme to sell, and
average besi were freely offered at 9%e without attracting
very much attention. Small sized white continued very
Plow sale, and 0' 2 (Jf3%c full prices. Desirable lots of
pkims In moderate supply, and held a shade firmer. Liv
erpool cable. 47. .; . fcr colored and 4Gs tid for white. «c
.-. •¦? .-••.at» full cream small, colored, fancy, per n>,
Q~*c; do good to choice. :•>-_• 'iivV-. do small, white, fancy,
o^eeHc; do good to choice, BH©»He; do common to fair.
72^c: do large, colored, fancy, 6Hc; do good to choice,
914®©Hc; do large, white, fancy. '-^W-ic; do good to
choice. i^'BOHc; do common to fair. 7'gbc; State, light
skims small, choice. SV:'SS*4C; do large, choice. Sc; do
part skim;., prime. rt'sfiTc; do fair to good. 4»n©6c; do
common. 3ff4r;-full skims. 292H«".
EGGS — Receipts for the week. 42.CX) cases. The market
has shown little further change. There has been no Im
provement in the quality of the stock arriving— ln fact, a
large part of the supply is running even worse thai here
tofore. the eggs being badly hatched and showing serious
hot weather defects. The offerings of strictly prime goods
have been below the requirements of the trade, and dealers
have be«n obliged to go to the refrigerators for a consid
erable part of their goods. Sales of refrigerator goods
have been chiefly In range of IT.iiltJHc. »-ome poor lots of
June packings a little lower and a fpw fancy Aprils reach-
Ing lTj}l7 ; r?f. Quotations for current collections are ex
tremely Irregular, according to the quality and condition
of the stock, but there is a fair clearance of all grade* in
the ranges quoted. We quote: Jersey, State and Pennsyl
vania, fancy, selected 18c: do average best, 10917 c; West
ern loss off lCgrTc: do candled, at mark, 14 / tfl6 1 4c; do
unc'andled. at mark, i><Sl4^c do very poor. &3K- , dirties.
6glOc; checks, T>ln\c: very poor culls, 3U4c; refrigerator,
good to fancy. l44il7Vic.
FRUITS— FRESH— Nearby apples have arrived more
freely, but quality improves slowly and prices rule low
and irregular; many of the arrivals are windfalls and
very poor, and such stock drags heavily at low figures.
Nearby pears also more plenty. but generally small In sire.
and fancy sto<*k would command more than quoted.
Southern Le Conte years have arrived freely, but poor
nnd dragging at low figures. Peaches have continued to
arrive very freely from Georgia, but demand active and
market falrlv nrm, with prices slightly higher at the.
close. Pineapples have advanced under light offerings
and an active demand. Very few cherries arriving.
Currants also in light supply, tut Beldom choice. Grapes
sell promptly, but few arriving Huokleb*>rri<<«< have been
Irregular in Quality and value. Blackberries ha soM
fairly, but low weak ami lower, with anything soft
preatly englected. Raspberries nearly all poor and values
uncertain. Gooseberries scarce and firm. Watermelons
have arrived very freely, and. with demand less active,
market has steadily declined, closing 118095173 per car
l<-nd. lower than a week ago. Mupkmelons from all sec
tions show a wide range in quality and value We quote:
Apples, up-river. han.J picked per bbl, $1 50952 .*>O; do
Jersey, h!in<i picked, $1 .V>fis2 2." ; do Jersey and up
river." windfall tlbi' 2S; do Washington and Baltimore,
PT small basket. 50cfffl; do Virginia gr»en, per bbl,
$1 CT.GJiS 25; do Maryland and Delaware, red per hush
crate. si>c"fT*l: do green . r i0 1 g7. - )c; peart Clapp's Favorite,
per bbl. $2ii2»; do per half bbl. $lgjl -." do Bell, per
bbl. $2 1%2 i : do ncarhv. common. $1 :¦¦ «2. do T/^
Conte, Southern. $1 50®$3; peaches. Georgia, Elbeita,
fair to prime, per carrier. SI 2u'afl ".'.; do I elle of
Gooreia. fair to prime, $1 [email protected] 75 do Chinese Free.
?1 2ft«<l 7.%: do other kinds, prime. $1 ZT.'S'fl 50; do Infe
rior *toc!<. 50cfr$I: pineapples Klort'la. Red Spanish.
i, per rase. $:>, r,< *i s3 75 : do 80s, $3<i*3 25; f!o .V.s. $2 "
«jB; d" VI? %2 (.*;' _ >1o Florida, Sm.v>th Cayenne. $2if
$3; rio Florida. Port. Kico, $3 r.oflts 50; cherries, sour,
per Tb. 4f.i'Jc; do per fi IT. basket. 2.V«4r.c; currar.l.s. large,
r^d. fancy, per qt. 4tiC?; do common to fair. - ; fi '¦'> l ie;
grapes, Niagara, Florida, per carrier, $2'Ss3; do Moore's
Early. South f'arolinu. $1 2.'>'cjsl 50; huckleberries. Penn
sylvania Mountain, per quart, fWlOc: do Jersey, fair to
prime, V> ¦>¦ . on Maryland and Delaware. 3ft7c; do
North Carolina. 3ft 7c; blackberries, upriver. cultivate.!,
jvr qt. r.QRc; do Jersey, cultivated, 4^Sc; do Jersey and
uprivpr. small. 34?5c; do Maryland and Di law 2'9f>.~;
rairpberries, upriver, red. per pint, 35 7c; do Jersey. r<>d.
2®Gc; blackcap. 2fJ.->c: gooseberries, green, per qt, s®loc;
waiermelun-s. all rail, per rarload. $10<Hij$-JfiO ; a o Norfnik,
per 100. S1("3$1S; muskmi Jersey, per banket, "^• ff f
II; do Maryland, per rarrirr. $1 BO©J2 50; do per half V'M
basket. [email protected] SO; do Baltimore, per busl basket 75'"^
$1; do Norfolk. p<*r bbl. r.OrTisl 2 do Southern. fancy.
per crate. ; - 2."; do Fair to prime $I®J2 do poor ':« 7:. ¦'
FRUITS— DRIEtJ— Receipts for th» wrek. 152 cases
evaporated apples, 5.310 pkirs ither dried fruits. Ex
port?. 10.G33 pkKS. Following our last weekly report the
market continued firm until th.> flr?t of this "wrek. w!«-n
all grades of evaporate.] «eem«il to be m , r quiet, though
prices are fairly !<u«tainefj. Strictly prime apples are
selling ::.!.-•- of 7U'ST : »r, with" new fruit for Oc
tober ana November delivery offering at - ,<EtSHc.
Choice and fancy grades In light supply and jobbing
fairly. Chops have had a little more attention of late,
and cores and skins ar» quite firm, with prices favoring
sellers. Small fruits in limited supply and values little
TY)f~"rP t hn n ri'ifnt n.i 1 . S^m* 1 tt*tv* chf*rrlf**» hf*t*o hut no ***?
reported. 7:asr.l.»rriPs offerirg to arrive at 2:c. Cali
fornia fruit quiet and without rp»rlal feature We quote:
Anpless, evaporated, fanry, per rh. Ri,P^r; do choire.
i\iftSc; do prime. 7 l [email protected]; do common to good, 4 : -' a
<c: do pun drl"d. Stet«- and Western quarters 4fi.'c- do
Southwestern, coarse • 31-«74.-;3 I -« 74.-; do then coarse
cut. [email protected]; do ch"t>s, i^er 100 tl st 6»1 85; do core-* nnd
skins. I" ' I'" 1 n>. 65c05l 35; ch»rrie«. lfmi). per Ib. 12c:
ramtbeniMi. liwio. evaporated, 20.-; blackberries, !!•"<). 5
"i.t'sc; niri'-rits. California, Moorpark 1000 10®12Hc: do
Royal. 1J«;O. 7Q9Hr; peaches. Cnllfrmla' peeled. -2:1
18c: do unre.-ied. fif?n.-; prunes. California 1000, 2 1 4ir r ''* r -
HOlS—R eceipts for week. ,'tSS hn\e*. Exports. 771
bale*. The market continues to present a very quiet
appear^-. English advices ar« fairly good, hut Ger
man advici are unfavorable. Prices are nomlnnlly un
changed, hut the tone Is easy, and It will he Impossible
to sell many hop* on the present rnsis of quotations. We
quotf-: Htnte, 1!(OO. choice, per I?.. 17, do good to prime.
l"ylilfi<-; do common to fair. [email protected]%c; do ISOO com
mon to choice. |o©l3 Pacific t 'oust. " ifino choice. 17c;
do goM to prime, 15© 16c; do common to fwir 12'*S"
14 l *c; ,|n 1VJ)1». poor tr, choice, S«fl,V-r- State and Pa
cific rv,; lK t. old olds. l'i£>.
POULTRY— ALIVE— RereIpta for the week. 33 carloads
by frr-i-rlii and about 2 cars by express. With liberal
Fur^.lle<i md n slow "lerni; there was a lHrr;n surplus of
live poultry at the close of last week nnd dealer* eorn
ivlle.) to carry over fully 1.: to 14 carload With lh»
market all filial up with stuck on Monday It wns Im
possible to bring over any fr^sh receipts, and arrivals or
about .*> carl',;, w»re carried nver <.n the tracks. fie .1
e.rci trl.-d hard to reduce the j.rli c nf f-.svls to v. hut the
marker wan flnslly ?>ettlt'.! at '.*•. chickens have shown
very littln change In pri< ¦ dunne the we.-k and closing
fairly steady. old roosters have held 11 sc. Llv«- tur
keys very slow. Ducks and geese irrrßiilar. Live pigeons
dull and weak. We quote: .""prlriK chickens. Ohio, In
diana, etc, per TV 13 do far Western. Southern and
Southwestern. 12i ; fowls. Ur ; ¦ maten old 5< turkeys,
*¦' ducks. Wfftern per pair. ROQ»7Sc; <lo Southern and
fiuthwetiterr.. -(Ofi'Oc: p..c«». Western, per patr |I©sl -¦'•¦
•io Southern and Southwestern 80090 a; pigeons per putr.
15©20 c DRESSErv-RuppHe. of Western drefsed poul
try have not been lartre. but the ?;¦ nei il qualii htis been
irregular and largely andeslrabl*. while the demand li»«
continued stow. l~..«ls iiav» not been yalal.lo alMive 1" ¦ '
for average hrst ilry picked, wh!l» Scalded have rulecl
dull and rarely eTce«l.sl Wr. At th« close the feeling Is
rut her firm on fowls, soimj holders predicting trifle
better prlnei before the close of the week Really fancy
W extern chtck«mn have not i**ni plenty, but there ha«
l*«-n a .iu*rni supply of averaga ptradea, which have ruled
weak- anrt derltnlnir with very frw here good enough '"
*X"»*<l 13-aHc for drr pl'-ked or ISfl ISi for scalded, nnd
plenty of small chlckeni hnve had to clean up nt 100
lie. Long Island spring .lucks have been In fair supply.
bul ri.-mand good wnl prices htghei Western ducks Ir
r;-riilur. Eastern geass have only n limited demand
Turn* s(]uab« plenty and irregular. Frozen poultry has
generally ruled quiet, hut prices show little ;lf any
clmnKe. We quote: Turkeys, hens, per IT). 1O*V»o; do
ton™. To; pprliiK chickens. 1 hlladelpl la. 1 ;i and over '••
pnlr. • •i2>.'- do mixed siie \K<fi\H<\; flo T'er.:i«y!vanln.
Prime, lfliftlflc; do fair to good. 11®1.V; do Western, dry
pW'kwj, Urge, U<gl4c; do scalded, large. 121713 c; do
small, dnr plclred or ncnldrd. 10911 c fowls. Western,
dry picked, fnncy. smnll, !<''¦»¦ do si-ul-le.i fancy ¦mall.
10c: do Western, heavy. OH^rlOc; do Houthwestem. dry
I ,i 'K.e ; ¦mall, lO91OV»c: do Western and f..>uthwe»t»rn.
l><»r to goiKl. S'./'.i'i old cocks, .'. '-"((iv I nick* spring,
l^ing Island ami other nearby. 13c; do Western, 74fi»c;
peece, t-.prlnc. Eastern, white, IKe; do dark Ji i 18 1 ;
squaos choice, large, white, per dozen 12 2S; do mlxe.l,
$1 7.V(J*I 87; do lark $1 26C$i B0 ' Frozen Turkeys,
younjr hens. N. 1. llftil^r. do young toms No I. lOVjc;
broilers, iiry picked, fancy, ih^Wh-; ,-. , scalded, fancy,
14 . chickens, » 'ft meatea 12<(jfl3c; do average No 1.
fifl-irv fowls, dry picked. No 1. lOo; do plain ivgOHc;
du~ks. fancy 12«fl2Hc: re«se. fancy. BHSIOc.
week. 1h.«27 bbls i>oi*tM>. Itecelots of ootatoes have
b»»n llrht and with demand actlv*. market has ruled nrm
In^ • ManlM an l" r •*•*• rotates In li ht dupply and feli
twihiH* 11 " 1 prlmo - Onion* arriving freely and choice
rum.,. r? vi*" 1 " '- ( * nrn plenty and in Rood demand when
'";'¦ i anbiup,, in far reaue*t and steady. Celery »mall
r^r-L. t r CMcatnlMrii hare steadily ncrcaMd in nuppiy
n^Ui ertey an<l Southern stock n.(t10..-ted. Cnciunber
r , '„, " ' 1; • " ; *" I >orl r and prices low and lrre«uler. V.kx
li»i!t ha... d^ ii,,,., | under i;,rir.. offering* Lettuce in
"Wi supply and firm f^r choice. Phh» m gnod demand" an.l
¦¦'¦;".> fllr , fan,-y. bat pool dniß. Btrtna beam have l.pen
I; , B " staln< * '- thntißh »ut>ply liberal mil outside figures
iuu. ivjuasn plenty and w.^ak. Turnip* steady. Tomatoe*
11(1 ••¦•• tfeclined under mnre liberal rfferlnics from Jersey.
T.i j vc Sftahleß urcharißo<l. "»Ve ounre: Pntatccs. Long
1.? ' fair to rrlm.. per I.M *2 TMIS3 T6; <lo Upper
Jersey, fair to prime. 12 75* »3 GO do South Jersey, fair to
prime. 93 75«4j dr. Southern, fair to prime. $:tf?M. So
common. II 80©»2 .V): -wet potatoes North Carolina.
J;™' Pnm«. per bbl. •>•••; corn. Hnckensack. per UK),
SiSfi 28 ! do ? outh Jersey, choice. *1: do poor to fair.
w'Vifte; * sweet. North Carolina .-iiv«sl: cah^ceß. I^nr
IMatid. flat l-ut.-h. per limi $3053 SO; Ido WakcrteM. $1 50
¦¦*-. celery. Michigan, small, per dnsrn stalks*. lOOSSc;
cucumbers. Jersey, per basket. 4O»«f»c. df» per bo«, 2-V&
•«>e; do Norfolk. per bbl 23&5 Ac cucumber pickles. Jei
r o-£ er 1,000 $1O$8: ecs plant*. Jersey, per half barrel,
si -..'.-iji r.i> do per bushel hnx. *I©sl 29 lettuce. Western
N«» Tork, per dozen, 2»>©*»r; d.-> Boston, ::•".(¦»<>¦¦: onions.
<-r>nnecticut. retT. per bbl. $1 :.."i;.<-J do Kentucky and
»V > «r"« r "' Sfee> ;» r |>bl, <2. do Oranre County, red. per b*»r.
Ili;s] "I. ,lo Jersey and I>mjr [aland, red. per bbl. $1 Bo<l
*fi'>: dr. white, per basket. tlosl -'¦". I- yellow, per bM.
Sl&o<ss2 23; do Southern, potato, per basket. .VKff73c; <T<>
bouthern. white. 7:..-<a#i ; pen.<=. W-st»rn New-York, per
baff. $KS$2; do pel bushel basket. f\'&s\ 73; peppers. Jer
sey, per bushel bos T6cOsl; strtnK beans. Western N. v.
lork. round (rreen. per bush»l. $1 7fist2 2B; do Hat. irreen.
• l i"««.$l 73; do wajt. tl*fsl SO; do Boston, round green,
Per bush box, ll' O X2. do flat green, $14($1 60; do Bo*t
wax. per bushel box, $!'<isl 2.'.; squash, marr.^w. per bbl,
*I®*l 25; Jo yellow, 75c^$l 25; do white. 75c*r$l : turnips.
Jersey, Russia, per bb!. :«0r<8«l; tomatoes. Keyport and
' pper Jersey, per box. .%<k',.si 50: do South Jersey, Acme,
I"" box, 75ctf$l 25; do Stone. 50c'Q$l; do Grant. J6©Boc;
do Southern, per carrier. 2r)<ff7sc.
Sl-'NDRIES — BEBSTWAX— Trade dull and with sonio In
crease In supply prices ruin easier. We Quote: 2n£?29c
per poun^f for prime GINSE3NO — Very Utt ¦ doinp;
th« stock arriving is larjcely wet and exporters are dolnt:
but little. Prices are quoted fmm j". .".i'-.-' per pound
as to Blie an 1 dryness NUTS— market Is quiet
but about steady, without further material chance In
prices. We quote: Peanuts, Virginia, hand picked, fancy,
per n>. 4>-4C; do extra. .'lsc^i 1 ' (to shelled. Spanish, No
1. B'.'Sr.Vsc; do shelled Virginia So I, P. >03% c.
HAY AND STRAW HAY— Free receipts by the. river,
added to a fntr amount by the New-York Central, in «.,m«
ri^.g-1.. compensated for the late lieht Rener.il ilellveripß.
Most of the road hay terminals are. however, still working
with limited supplies. New hay has appeared, but not in
quantity sufficient to hurt the strong tone of best and
useful grades of old. Prices for prime and No 1 were
marked up 2'ic to-dsy. This was greatly due to scarcity
an'! the forced attendance at the few points which carried
any. The market closes firm, with nothing of account left
over. We quote: Prime, !arjr«> bales, per 100 It !>s'gi>7 'i c :
No 1. 00«82Sc; No 2. Ss©B7 - No 3. 7.V3'77 '-» - : clover.
mlxe.l. 07H^77Hc: clovrr, 60©ff714c Small bales -•"• •'¦
per 100 ir. less than lars-e. New hay lw offerlnfr with some
commercial volume. It Is quoted at Btvg*-5c for quality
ratine close t'. No 1 STRAW— Supplies were in better
shape, but there was room for them nt full prices for ail
presentable pr\-!»s We quote: I/onK rye. OOQSSe; oat
straw, 50c. Receipts of hay and straw. In tons, reported
at the Produce Exchange at noon tr>-day: Hudson River
Railroad. 360; Erie Railroad, 10 Delaw Lackawanna
and Western Railroad. 10; West Shore Railroad. 30; I-e
high Valley Railroad, 90; Central Railroad of New-Jers-y.
•0: river barjres. r.40 : total 1.110 tons. Receipts of straw,
140 tons by river and SO tons by rail; total, W0 tons.
Apathy prevailed throughout the day in the market
for spirits an.l values were nominally unchang* I Rosin
was steady, with tar and pitch quiet We quote:
TAR — Regulars, 25; do oii bbls, $4 25.
TURPENTINE— Spirits. 35tt®3fc.
ROSIN — Common to good strained, $1 45; D $1 RO; E.
$170; F. fIW; G. {1 HI; 11. $I*.-.. I. $2; K. 92 33; M.
$2 75; N. $3 Of.: W G. $3 35: W YV, {.XV
Rosin, bbls . in S2S
Spirits turpentine, bbls ....V.V.11.1....1.... 1,57.1
Tar, bl-ls &41
Wilmington. July Turpentine steady. 31 HOW . re
ceipts. 114 casko. Rosin steady. eScOsl; receipts. 04!)
bbls. Crude turpentine steady. [email protected]; receipts, 74 Mils
Tar quiet, *1 40; receipts. 108 bbls.
Charleston. July 30. — Turpentine steady 32c. Rosin
arm. unchanged.
Savannah, July 30. — Spirits turpentine firm. "2' ¦ re
ceipts. 8.260 bbls; sales. 1.991 exports. 848 Rosin firm
and unchanged; receipts, 6,289 bbk>; sales, 1,160; exports.
New-Orleans. July 30. — Receipts — Rosin. 3T.0 bis; tur
pentine, 170. Exports— Belfast. rosin, 1.190 bbls: Liver
pool, rosin, 2.940; turpentine. 800; London, turpentine,
London, July 30. — Turpentine — Spirits. 2Tis 10'itd.
, New-York. July 30. 1901.
BEEVES — Receipts were 9 cars, or lttl head, all for
exporters arid slaughterers, except 1 car. Nothing doing
at the cattle yards. Feeling full steady. Dressed beef
had a moderate inquiry at steady prices, or at "Ss-'ic
per T) for native sides. Liverpool and London cables
quoted live cattle and refrigerator beef unchanged. Ship
ments to-day included 810 cattle on the Bovie to Ltver
pix>l and I<)3 cattle on the Brooklyn City to Bristol.
To-morrow the Teutonic will be laden with 2,4t>> quarters
of beef for Liverpool.
CALVES— Receipts were 80 head, for the market, and
there were 68 stale calves in the pens. Fresh stock of
good quality was polling at Just about steady prices, the
stale calves were held over. Fair to choice veals sold
at J0 2r.'657 per 100 n Buttermilks were nominal. City
dressed veals quiet at BOIOHc per tb; country dressed
tt UiJlHic.
Sales — H. 11. Hollls: 4 veals. 156 IT> average, at $7 per
10»> Ib; 2 do. 232 tb, at $6 60.
J. <;. Curtis & Bon: 2 veals. ISS !t>. at $7; 3 do, 150 Tb,
at $6 50; 2 do. 210 Ib, at $'• 25.
SHEEP AND LAMBS — Receipts were 3« cars, or 8,396
head. Including 5 cars for slaughterers nd 31 for the
market, making -with the stale stock. 41 cars on sale.
Tliere was a fair trade an, 1 , prices -w^re rated steady for
both sheep and lambs. About ten cars were carried over.
Ordinary to prime sheep soM at I "!?¦* SB per 100 Ib;
choice and extra do Sotfs4 6B; culls at $2; medium to
choice lambs at $4 00©$6 40; culls at $20091 Dressed
mutton slow at f.'&'Sc per II : ..... J>'ic: dressed
lambs firm at 7nlO'-?c. inferior carcasses were selling
ss a i?sECernii ?s ECerni Commission Co.: 254 Kentucky lambs, 63
Th average, at $5 50 per 100 Ib; 243 do, 84 Ib, at $.'..""
240 do. «7 rb. at $.".50; 2.M do. «3 rb. at $8; 22S do, «7
IT,, at $5; 267 do, 61 Ib, at $4 50; 283 Kentucky culls. 52
It, nt $3; 106 Kentncky sheep. BB Th. at $4.
Newton it Co.; 240 Virginia lambs. 67 Ib, at $6 37H;
°4 r> do 72 It) at $ti- -' v Kentucky do. i" To at $6; 244
do es'rr.. at $B87H; I*l do. 70 it,, at $5 87%: 2i»i do.
00 n at $."• 60; !'- di . 80 rr,. at $5 25; •", Kentucky sheep.
152 IT), at $.": 24 dc 12."» n>, at *4 29 3 <10. 88 Ib, at $4;
115 Jo, 91 II at $3 87%: fl - do. 88 "* $3 75.
McPher* t\ A Co.: 233 Virginia lambs. 72 Ib, at $« 40;
252 <lo 67 TT>. at $5 !>'>; 255 do. HG IT., at $5 87%; 2U. do.
6."> Jn at $5 75;- 106 do. '' In, nt '¦" -'"- v -- Virginia
do. FA Th. at $« 15; 12 Virginia sheep, ltr; TT>. at $3 25.
Harrington & Co.: 257 West Virginia lambs. fi.S lt>. at
40- 106 Kentucky do. 70 TV at $6 12H; 80S do, fit) Th.
at $«; 79 Kentucky sheep. l(«1 Tb. at $465; 2<> do. 109
rb at $4 50- 6 West Virginia do, 103 rb. at $4 50
S. Banders: 262 West Virginia lamb*. 6B Ib, at $5 SO; 11
West Virginia sheep. I"<' TT>, at $4; 22S Tennessee sheep
a:- 1 lambs (culls), fin rb. at $3.
T II Wllkeraon: 177 Kentucky lambs. 17 IT,, at $R 25;
C Kentucky sheep. 114 Ib, at $5; 67 do. 90 Ib. at $850.
J. Harrington (late yesterday): 2t19 Kentucky lambs.
57 »>. at $4 75.
Tobln * Shannon: 7 State lambs. .'.4 rb. at $5 50; 174
Indiana do, <il Th. at $4.V*; 24 Indiana culls. 48 Ib, at
$2 .'><> 2." Indiana sheep (culls), SO IT), tit $2.
HOGS Receipts were lfi cars, or - * :ir> head, including
about a carload for the market. Prices were lower again
to-day. Hers quoted $5 [email protected] 15 per 100 Ib for ordinary
Western to prim-? State hfprs.
p a i cs — Kerns Commission Company: 143 Ohio hogs, 154
IT) average, at $6 06 it 100 "
S Sanders Oaf yesterday): 139 State hogs, 1,0 rh. at
$0 20: 27 State rigs. f>7 rb. at $r. 2T.; -" roughs, 300 rt), at
.C M 4 . tags 80! Ib, at $4 2'V
II IT. Hollta (late yesterday): "' State hogs, 158 Tb,
at $6 2.*: .13 do, 215 IT), at •'• 20; 7 roughs. 306 Ib. Bt $5 SB
4 tlo. SO IT. at $.'. 20.
.1 H Hume I P.r->. (late yesferday>: 1» State hogs. 1.1
II at $629 8 do. 251 rb. at $6 15; 2 roughs, 400 Ib, at

' ToDln & Shannon (late yesterday): 15 State hogs. 183
Ib, at ?<i 15. .¦_ _
Andrew Mullen (late yesterday): 6 State hogs, 104 to,
at $6 15.
Buffal July 30.— Cattle— Receipts light offerings IS
oars; steady to firm for good heavy fat native steers:
others dull an.i Inner. Wals dull; g „.- to fancy. S." s'Yc?
I $(15i common. $4 75^55. Hosts— offerings 28 cars; strong
I ... to chdlce heavy. *.'. 7:>f!s.'. XT.; mix^-.l paokors.
$5 90; medium to choice heavy, $."« '.*> .¦ *•: . pigs, .>,::,;
I $.". >*O; roush. $5 25015 40; stags, $4 2Mi*4 00. Sheep and
lambs — Offerings r. cars; quiet and steady at yesterday's
l*hr.-aKo July 30.— Cattle — Receipts. 3.600 head, Inciud
! ing t,4^r> Texans; steady to strong at Monday's prices;
I gr.oj ti> T.r!m.> steers $.*> 40<S ?« -<>; jv>or to medium. $4 [email protected]
$5 40; storkers and' feeders, 12 4(»^s4 3.".; cows. $2 75«f
I I4«3O heifers. $225«55; canners. $1 ~'®*r r2r 2 bulll> ' $2 -•'
I (&?4 ST. • ralve« severely lower. J2 .'.Orus4 •..; Texas steers
j higher' $3ifi.«.4 50 Hogs — Receipts to-day. l«.Ot¥V hea.l; to
morrow 25.000; left over. 8,189; active and strong. 10c
i higher for bulk close slow; mixed an,l butchers. $:. ."..-. @
$5 iij good t.> ch.'lro heavy. $5 N0(g$8; rough heavy.
i-. ¦•,-..;*-, 7". light J>s '•¦<• ¦¦¦¦¦ bulk of »•'.< $.1 K>'t}
I logo '. Sheep— -Receipts. IS.OOO head dull and l«.w«r:
| lamr.s :-.. •-, loner; good to choice wethers. $3 75©
i 14 ".".•' fair to chr.lco mlx«d. $3 3.">fl J;t 7ri ; Western sheep.
$323«53 90: rearllnits SiSJt.ls; native lambs. S^*." 2S;
Western lamb« $4 •"•" ¦•-"• - : Receipts— Cattle, 15.523
head- hogs 47 •"!>: sheep, 24. "16. Shipments — Cattle, 6,250
h^illn'n"ii !l 'j"ui : v f: 30 r -no^ active. $3 75«55 S5. Cattle
j strong *¦-¦ > 25? Sheep steady. $2«f3 63. Lambs strong.
! Fas't ? "l ll'iertv '"-.v 30.— Cattle— Receipts light; market
1 slow- heavy » 606*5 75; prim.-. $3 4O«|« 50; g"".1. $5 10«
l^lmwa toV"i'.ow». ISSASM. Hogs-Receipt,
i light market slow prime heavy and mediums *•• *••»
' $5 90* heavy Yorkers. $s«oess 85: common to fair Aork
i muiiiniHi *.'. 7(i'«*.-. *>: skips MBOOSKSl; r~u*hs. Si®
Iy, J '^.... Market stead) ; besi wethers »4 20©$4 30
I ¦nod $4ii*4 15; common. |180«$2n0; yearlings $.i©
$460 Veal calves. $3 5O0$«; heavy and thin. Jl'gtS;
j spring lamb?. $B©ss '•"
Favannnh. lull 30.— Cotton o^ilet; middling 8c: low
mlddTtng 7V»c; good ordinary. «He; receipts. t!4O bales;
Mporufto the Continent. 5.800; coastwise. 70S; stock.
New-Orleans. July SO.— Cotton quiet; middling. H% l«c.
lew middling. 7 7-lflc; good ordinary, OHc; net receipts.
I 77.", ball gross. 1.125; exports to the Continent. MJ>;
! sale*. TOO; stock 76 228
Menr-ihip July Cotton easy: n'.il- < !!nc fie; low mi.l
d!l"nr Tike- goo.l ordinary, '"• 7 '•'" receipts, 50 bales;
shipments. 334; Bales, -.""J. stock. -7.r.'J.">.
Liverpool, July 30. 4 p. m.— Cotton— Spot— Mttdaf te
business; prices steady : Americitn middling. 4 7-10.1. The
! sal*-s of the d lj were 5.006 bales, of which :>t«> were fcr
i sprculation and export, Bnd Included 7 •¦«»> American; r*
! cclpts — bales, including 12 »00 American. Futures
! opened quiet and closed steady; Ameriian middling, 1 m c.
I July. 4 r.4ii» 10 •ilil buyers; July and August, 4 17-f14.1
. sellers; August and September, 4 14 84d buyers; Beptem
i b»r. 4 14-f14.1 buyers October, good ordinary' clause. 4 7-4*4
I ©4 &~fl4d sailers; October and November. 4ti 64d sellers;
I November and December, 4 4 (4940 C 4.1 buyers. Ileceniber
I and January . 4 4-64*4 5 «4.1 buyers; Januan- and F»bru
! nrv 4 4 rt»iJs 5- <(4d buyers: rVbruanr and March. 4 5--64 d
i buyers; March and April, 4 fi-t14.! sellerß.
Liverpool, July 30. — Closlnc: Beat Extra India m»««
firm, IV-* M. Pork — Prim* nießs. fine Western, f.rm. C 7*
fti. Larrl —American refine,!, In palta, firm. 4:u «M.
Hams— Short cut. 11 to HI Tt>. strong, "is *1 Ha. -on
(xitiib^rlaiid cut. 26 to 80 ft, nrm, Ml 0.1; short ribs. I>l
to 24 Hi. firm. 40s 3.1; long clear 111. !Hi ¦ llgl 2S IO
Si IT>. bte&dy. n't* 3d; long clear ml-idlea, heavy, 35 to 4"
Iti firm. 4As to. short clear hacks, 16 to 20 tb, m,
4«'s «d; clear bellies. 14 to Irt rh. firm. .Ms M. Shoulders—
Bguara, 11 to 13 IT>. firm 3*.t». Lanj — Prime Western, la
tiiiowa. steady. 4.'t 3 Sd. Cheese— American, f.ne»t white.
firm. 4«» fid; American, finest colored, firm. 47» «d. Tal
low — Prime city steady, 23s .1-'!. Australian in London
firm. 27«. Cottonseed oil— Hull refined qalet. 23s 3d.
Turpentine— Spirits quiet, 'Mm M. Ro«tt»— Common steady.
4s 3d. M-ps at London (Pacific Coast) firm, i* 10^
£."> Is. Linseed oil steady. 345. Butter — Finest United
States firm. y,ls; pood t'nlted States firm. 77». Petroleum
steady, «'. » d. Peas — Canadian firm, rts l%»d. ' Flour — f<t.
I^mis fancy winter dull. 7a ftii. Wheat— Spot dull: No
2 red Western winter. .'•» "Vid; No 1 red Northern spring.
.*.- 74d; No ; California, rtn; futures easy: September.
6s t'.^.l, December. .'»« 11*4. Corn — Spot quiet: American
mixed, new. 4s 5Hd; American mixed, old. 4s THd;
futures easy; July 'nominal; September. 4s 3'sl; October,
49 .'.*«:
RufTslo. July 30. — Flour firm. Wheat— Sprint: firm; No
1 Northern, old. 77He; do new, 74Hc; winter. No 2 red.
74 4c; So 1 white. 74 We. Corn strong and higher; No 2
yellOW, 57 a ic; No 3 do. :.7\c. No 2 corn. 57c. No 2 do.
C6\»c. Oats higher; No 2 white, 42Hc; No 2 mixed, 4r»-
Ilarley. rUe ancT 88 In store. Rye quiet; No. 2. 53Hc.
Car.al freights steady.
Chicago. July. 30. — The leading futures ranged as fol
Wheat. No. 2: Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
July «6?J H7 « flrt\ «7»i
September «.v£T«>.i» R--» eTS ¦ 6SS
December 70 7: ()S>\ 70HS70\
Corn. No 2: ->..>'
July B2trr.2t; tSH 51 H MS
September Mt»5S u * 04H 52V, 54H834**
December 64*0*4* 66H ."«3 T » 6«
Oats. No 2:
July S2 T i M '» 32 T * 34S
September 33ff33 l » 34^. 824 83%«54
May MtlM r.r.-,n:i7 3.-'« 3G T 4
Mess pork, per bbl:
September $14 KH $14 S2H $14 19 $14 32' i
January 14 70 14 V 14 7O 14 ««.»
L«inl. per 100 TT>:
September 8 374 8 70 8 57H 8 70
October t>«2 l i H7O >. .;-j . " 575
January 8.15 8 70 8 62 » 70
Short ribs, per 100 Ib:
September . 790 7 92*4 TBTH 7 02*4
October 7 824 7f'7'X 7:<24 797>™
January 7 70 7 75 7 '•.- 7 7.*.
Cash "notations were as fbtli ws: Flour steady No I
spring wheat. «T.'Bft <i e; No 2 red. fiSUgiUV- No' 2 corn.
B8%c; No 2 yellow, 524^53c: No 2 oats 53H033%e; No
- white 3SOMHc; So 3 white. 34**©35\c: No 2 rye.
.•¦•;-^ a.v. ¦<•«,• , fair to choice malting barley. 520f10c; Ni 1
flaxse^d. »l 83; No l Northwestern. 51 M; prime tlmoth)
seed. $.". IS; clover, contract grade. Jltxijlio ..-, mes* pork.
prr bbl. »14 200114 2:.; lard. per I(hi n f8 636556?H;
short ribs sides (loose). $7 S8 .-s>-. dry salted shoulders
thoxedi, JT,lt^»7i;;i*; short r-.t-nr si^»s iboxe.li Jn 3<>£f
?^4(>; whiskey, basis of high wines. Jl _-. On the p.,
duce Exchange t .lay thn butter market was firm:
creameries. 14 l »c; dairies. ISOI7 Cheese steady, S)4«i
10% c. Eggs steady; fresh. 124 c.
Duluth. July 3O — Close: Wheat— Cash No 1 hard "O^c-
No 1 No«h»rn. Cite; No 2 Northern (Ac: July, 61 Sep
tember. t>7"»c; December, •>% c . Corn Mx . Oats, 33%
fi33 ! *c.
• Milwaukee. July 30. — Wheat firmer: close: No 1 North
ern. 7o It/67t'1 t /67t' 1 sc: No 2, 6H'.,'g«H-; September, evSe. Rye
lower; No I. 66 He :..'.-. firm: N ¦ 2, 82c; sample. 40©
T..>c. Oats steady; No 2 white. 3.5«?3-.tc.
Minneapolis. July SO.^Close: Wheat, cash 67c: Pep
"¦mVr. Wk-; rwemt*r, f.7Sc; on track. No 1 hard, 0»c.
No l Northern. gTc; No - Northern. «s*«c.
Philadelphia. July 3rt. — Wheat firm, U higher: contract
grade. July, 71'H71 l ie. Corn strong, 14c higher; No 2
mixed, July, C«[email protected] Oats steady; No 2 white, clipped.
4>'.c. Butter tirm. He higher; fancy Western creamery.
J! 1?^;1 ?^; do prints. 21 ' =c; do nearby. 24c. Er~s firm; fresh
nearby, I.V; d.v Western. Ise: <!o Southwestern 12 : «c, do
Southern. 12-. Cheese firmer: Xew-Tork. full creams,
fancy, small, 9-%<i!»wr; do fair to choice. i«^l«4c. Re
c.lpta— Flour. 1.7<10 bbls; 2.<Vrfi,oOO rb In sacks; wheat
117.01 bush: oats. 31.000 bush. Shipments— Wheat 172,
i«X> bush; corn, 17.066 bosh; cats. 3.000 bush.
?t Lnuis. July 30. — Close; Wheat, No 2 red mml 63Vic:
July. fir,*4e; September. «J« a ic; December. 7<V- No 2 hard
m%9«Thic. Corn. No ! cash. 53He; July. 54c; Septem
ber. 55 V; De -ember. BGc. Oats. No 2 cash. >- July,
Sic; September, 30c; May 37\c; No 2 white. 3SVI63&C.
Toledo,. July 3o. — Wheat active and higher; cash. July
and Aueust. 09Uc: September, Rft r ic; -ember T2Hc
C<->rn dull and strong; i' and July. BBc September,
r-4'-*-. '«:•=. cash. 334 c: September. 33"* c. Rye, 524 c.
Cloverseed. cash, prime. $0 30; October. *'-. 10.
Boston. July 30. — There was a firm tone M the wee:
market here this weak, with values well maintained, and
the general situation is hardening. There has been an
ai>sence of speculative fee ng as far as buying Is con
cerned, but the wants r.f the mills are :ar--- Territory
wools continue to lead the sales. Fine medium and fine
staple are quoted 44-845 C while the strictly staple article
calls for 4tV34Sc. Flee wools are quoted firm, but ar
rivals of new washed fleeces are only moderate as yet
Th.. following are the quotations for leading description?:
Ohio an.l Pennsylvania fleece*. x and X and above SQ
-4 XX ami XX and above. 26e; delaine. 2«c: No :
combing, 2.".fi2tk i ; No 2 and *» blood. 2."» c: coarse and bral.l
washed. 2.?Tjl»4c. Michigan. Wisconsin, etc. — X Michigan
2(V621c; No 1 Michigan combing 23'S'24e: No 2 do. ~23g
24c; coarse and t.ralrl washed. 2.°.c; fin» de'alne. 2Sg24c.
Unwashed m~3lum. etc. — Kentucky an.i Indiana quarter
hlr«i.l combing. 2') c: three-eighths blood, 20c Mi«s--«irt
quarter blood combing, 10c; three-eighths blood li»c
braid combing. 17c. Territory, scoured basis — Montana
fir.». 14trl*ic: scoured. 44^4rtc; r.ne medtum. 14.Elrtc-
Fc-iured, 42-&43 C; staple. 16.i»17c: .... I*tah'
Wyoming and Idaho fine. iri'sl4c: soured 44QH5C". Bne
me-iium, 13814 c; scoure-1. 40<{:4.1c: staple. 13916 c; scoured
4&547 C. Australian, scoured basis (spot prices> — Combine
superfine. 74;:7.-.- ; good, €Sf7oc; average, ti^«7c.
Closing quotations on the Colorado Springs Mln
in? Stock Exchance. furnished by "William P. Bon
bright & Co of Colorado Springs:
B: 1. Asked. I 811. Asked
Alamo 13' il4 Isabella 42* i 43 '
Little Puck.... 7. -, Lexington ...._ 6 64
Magnet Rock... 2 s 2% Moon Anchor C7"^ 2v>
PllETrim 77 1 * 7'» I Pinnacle „ 6** 7
Rose Maud 5 .'.\ Portland _ 320 _
Arg»ntum-Jun . 14 17 j Vindicator 117 12"
Anaconda 3.-'. 4: 3ttttl\Vork 13 i 13>-
Butterfly-Ter .. — 41 Acacia 14V 15^
C Creek ''on* 7 R Battle Mountain I>>_> —
Dr Jack I'ot Con 62 Xi 1 * Col City & Man. TV 7'i
Eikton Consol.. l7:>'i — ' Oold fs^-er»lgn. . 4W 5
Finrlley &4 10 | Pappoose 3? 4 4
Ingham 1." . I<> |
(Furnished by R L. Day at Co.. No. 3 Nassat>-st.)
July 20. July 3ft J u i y IT> J;!y 30
A T * F F com. 7.*. 7.' „ Cal * IT»c!a 740 742
do pref ¦.'•¦ . K>'t. Centennial 27^. 27 l 4
Am Tel & Tel..l»i<» If) J Frank! in i7IT, 17i~
A ? R Co c0m...!42 1 i — ' iceola (»3 93 "
Host & Albany.. 281 257 ucy ............ 170 170
Host AMo com. — 1^24 1 Tamarack 342 312
Gen E'.ee com. ..254 — iverinea .... 61 Cl
M** Central .... 23 23 (Boston E1.. .195 -- *IS7
Old Colony 207 207 Arcadian 15 15
Union Pac com. 100 l<s\ ¦¦...... l* 4 l*.
West En", com.. '.'*4 BB t a;: iei "\ 3%
do ref 1114 111 ilwrnlnlon C0a1.... 3v-- Sft
¦Wen Qec com.. — '70U Erie Tel 4S —
Atchison 4s . ...101H 101% Parrot CO4 OOH
Oii Dom Mng. .. 30 — jMans-Elec 8--, St.",
Atlantic SB 80 \ do prel $3 B.'JU
Rfcfircra' Nonce.
Wll lan It. Bamrdsle] Plaintiff, against New York
Advertising Sign Company. Defendant. Notice is hereby
given tat I will rendi r a full and" accurate account of all
my proceedings as the Receiver of the above named
corporation on oath, and I will present same to the Su
preme Court of th.- Stare of New Y.>rk, at a Special Term
thereof. ti> be h«-M In Part I thereof. In the County Court'
House, in Chambers Street. City anl County of New York.
K.^r-iueh of Manhattan, or th»- 28tn day of August. ISt'l.
at 10;S0 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. or as s.ion
thereafter as counsel can N» heard, and a motion
will then and then b* made for an order appointing a
Referee to rake and state said account, and that upon
the coming In and confirmation of the report of the «a; ;
rt .feree. I will declare a second dividend of the m.->neys
then ln my hands subject t" distribution among th^st? en
titled to th» game, and that the sai.l dividers shall be a
final dividend, and the same !>•; allow.! and decree.! to be
final an.l concljsive upon all the ,-r>><i:tors of the ccr
poratlon and upon all persons who may have claims
against It. upon any op*>n or subs:«tirg engagement or
otherwise and up>n all the stockholders of nai.l c^rvcra
ti->n. and that I. as said receiver, be discharged ,•:.; rr.y
ill', vacated.
Dat-(! New York. July 30. lfl'H.
Receiver New York Advert Sign Co..
BAMTJBL W. BOWEII, Attorney for Receiver, 25 Broad
Street, New York City.
Through trains leave New York, foot of Chambers «..
a« follows and 5 minutes earlier from W. 23d St.:
U.OO a. m. Dally.— Solid train for Buffalo. Arr. » p. n*
lßnghamtoa Waverly. Elmlra and" Bradford. Coaches.
DiritT car and cafe dining car to Buffalo.
».1R a m.— Dally, except Sundays, to Binehamton.
Oweati Waverly. Blmlra and Delaware Valley potata.
Pullman Parlor Car. Dally to Port Jervls and MonUcellO.
ruilmHn Dally. — Chicago Umlted— Fast Mall— Solid
a.3«» p m. 1., ly — <T>lca«o Umlted— Fast Mall— Solid
train to Chicago, Ivtna 5.20 p. m. \r- Cleveland 7.40 a.
ra. Sleepers to Chicago. Cleveland. Cincinnati tuning Car.
T.:to 11 m. Dally. — Buffalo and Cleveland Express — Arr.
fa.., 7.05. Bradford 7.20. Jamestown 7.00 ana Your:g»
town 10 27 a. m.. Cleveland 12.30 p. in. Sleepers to Buf
falo and Cleveland. Cafi car.
J».I."V p. m. l>aily. — Solid train for Blnghami n. Waver
ly. SUmlra, Chlcag . Sleepers to liudalo. Chicago. Cin
cinnati. Dining car.
X ACCOMMODATIONS AT 111. in. Sflt. 309 and 113»
llroadway. 167 Ea.-t 12f.th St an. 273 West 125 th at..
Chamber* and West 23U 9:. ferries, New York; 333 and
860 Fulton St. M Broadway. Brook 1 . 122 River St..
Hobohen. and Jersey City Station. New York Transfer
Co. calls for and checks baggage to destination.
1 Foot of West 23d A : rorOawdl and De»hr<«ses street* B
•Dally, • Excepj Sunday. &iia.!a> change*; c\i .H. d 1.V49.
r 7 «S. aT B t t.W. •I a
Lt S y.A Lt 5.T..8
Fa»ton Local i*4 •£> a a '6.30 a m
.'..1 »r.d Western Expre.»» ••7.49 » >' # e7.Si) x »
lluflalo and Chtoaeo ipr.-»- I.Mili mo.io^ M
BLACK DIAMOND EXPRiCSa •!! fJ » n »12 00 >'.\-
Muiicli iruuuk and tU..,e..... LuCal r «,*dU.SO Ft
Wllkfi Barro to. ScranloQ Express. +3 M v * tj.lilm
EutoaLocatr «•«> i- ¦-¦-!• «
» \\\c*s ¦• an.l Toronro vestibule ExprrM . *5 U rn.'xS.id r«
EXPOSITION' EXFREB3 *7 M r Ml _"> '" r M
licKeUknd Pul'tn»ii »<*i-nmtno«l»tu>n» st >'*.— l.TTft. F**l 13-5 »nd
1»* Ilr<»i2wa> . isi sth Ava.,» rmon ><ia.ir»> We»t, t«Cohiir.bu»
We . S. V., SCO Fulton St.. 4 Conn Si . *t Hr.>i4tl<r»> and Ft fuiti-n
St Brooklyn X. Y. Traatfert 1 will caU for and check a*g#aa«
Lackawanna Railroad
£taUon* in New Tora. foot of Barclay and Christopher
Sts. Leave. Arrive.
Elmlra Mall t9W A. M. 1300 P. M
Liivk>wunnt Limited "10:00 A. M. •> »«> V. M.
New York * Chicago Ex •! :i>o P. M. ••:» P. M.
Bcrantoa Express t4:.»P. M. t^ »> lv M.
Chicago A Buffalo Limited.... •$:» P. M. •]:»> A. M
Vlica.OsweKO. Ithaca* Uuffalo **:45 P. M. »rt:so A. M.
tuffalo Jit Chicago Expie»» •2 »' A. M. '10:40 A. M.
Slrepars open at »:M P. M. _,
Tickets at 05 Fifth Aye.. *&4 Columbus A y . 113. 42»
and'l.isa Broadway. 14 Park PI.. 123 W. 123 th St.. ana
S3* Fulton St.. Brooklyn.
Weatcott's Expre»» Cuiapaßy will call for and check
ta«kajits to dekUoatioa. tiixceot Sundiv. •Pall*-
I7Tkf leaving tine (rum Doliroiiti »it
Cortlnndt >«rcf-t» la five minute* later than
that Klvcn in-low (or Ttrenty-thlrd Street
Station, except irhere olhrrwlM noted.
7.55 A. M. FAST MAIL. — Limits to two Buffet Parlor
Cars New York to miatHßig Sleeping Car Pittsburgh
to Chicago. No coach** to Plttsborg.
•-3*5 A. M. FAST UNE.- Ptttsburg ana Cleveland.
Compartment Sleeping. Dining. Smokine and Observa
tion Car» For Chicago. Cleveland. Toledo. Cincinnati.
Indianapolis. Louisville. St. Luuta, _
For Toledo. Louisville fvj* Cincinnati}. Indiana?^!*.
_ Chicago. Si. L. t». Dining Car.
8-«5 P. M. ST. LOUIS EXPRESS.— For Pltt»S>«f»
¦ Indiana Louisville. St. Louis. Dlnlnr Car.
8.83 P. U. WF3TERN EXPRESS.— For Chicago. Ftr
Toledo, except Saturday Dining Car. _
"••*» P. 31. PACIFIC EXPitESS.— For Plttsbur* «
Chleaga. For Knoxvlll* dally, via Sh»r.srvloai. \ alley
o J?S ut# - Conneeu for Cleveland except Saturday.
PRESS.- or nttsbuTg. Cleveland. Sashvllla <vla Ca
ctnnaM and Louisville). _.
7 53. JJ-S."'. M* :o lv <D«»brr»9«» ana Cortlandt f?«~ • •>
10 20) (Dining Can). 10.35 (Dlnirg Cart a. m . :- »¦ „-»•
<De»bro»*e» an Cortlanilt Streets. 2.20). (3.2S ' Con
gressional Urn.." all Parlor ar.d Dlrir.g Cars>. a -»- >* •?
JtnninK Car*. 4.X (Dining Cart. ».» p. m.. 12 .10 night.
Sunday. 5.25. 8.55. 10.55 fining Car) a. m.. 12—*. L'^
"Congressional Lim.." all Par! a.- i Dining Car*). a.-a •,
4 25 «Uic;ng Car). 4.33 (Dining Car). X.25 p. m- li«
6OT-THERN RAILWAT.— Express 5.33. 4.23 p. m.. 12.10
night dallr. _ _
ATLANTIC COAST LINE.— Express. 853 a. m. *=<* ».»
p. m. dally.
ropolitan Limited." 12.M p. m. dally- i-xpraaa. 12-10
n!«rrit dally. --
and New Orleans -. i" p." ni tally. . . __
CHESAPEAKE v OHIO RAILWAY.— *.» a. 0. and 4.53
p. m. dal!».
w eek--<fays api s.s.", o m. -la.; T
ATLANTIC CITY— 0 V. Vf in and -" p. m. week-dav-i.
Sunday*. 7.53 *. - Through V#stibu>l Trains. P*:tf»t
Parlor Cam and Standard Couches en week-day». Parlor
Pmc+tlnr earn Parlor Cars. Dlclcs Car*, mi Staaiarf
Coaches on Sundays.
CAPE MAT.— m week-day*.
For polnta on New York and Lnnr ran*"?! Rallrra'i irrrn
W»"t Tw#r:ry-tM!r Str-et Statlon>. S.V- a. m. l*.l*
MO 'Saturdays only) 2.23 IBS 3-23. 4.10. 4.33. and
IB", p. m. Sundays. 753 623 a m.. > " » m. (Jroo
r hTt> ""*" »nT Cortlan-it Streets). X3n. s».ort *- m..
12.20^ 120 (9bturdaya onlr>. 2.30 10, 3.0. 4.20. 0.10.
•M .00 p. m Sundays - :.". 9.4S a. m . 3.13 p. m.
... FOR PHI I- %l>i:i .PHI*. _„
6.1.7 <T^»hr->««.« ar.d Cort!aniit Streen « 2*». TS. 7*
8.23. 55, a.« 0..V5 Pennx Limited. 10.1i> fDesbr-Jta* *
and Cortlandt Street* 10.20* (Dtr.ln* Car). 10.53 iDinln*
Cart. 11. .V. n. m., 12 r.S 2.10 (Depress** an*. C«rtlandi
Street*. 2.20). 2.53. 3.29 9.33. 4.25. 4.23 ! -r>.« Cart.
4?'. (Dlniax Car). 5.53 CDlr.inK Cart. 7.53. 9.23. *38»
»23 p. m., 12 10 n!eht. Sundays, 10. T :,.-. (no cr»ch«!<>.
f> ». B.M. !>23. ».5S (IJmltel). ».S5. 10.53 (Dlnlnr Cart
a. m.. 12.53. 1.55 (Dtnlnr Car). 3-2*. 3.1.". V? fDtntn*
Car) 4.53 (Dlnln- Car). 053 tDlalng Car). 4.33. 8.23.
853. 9.23 p. m . 12.10 atafct
Tifk-»t offices No*. 4(51. HOT 13T.4. IXI and 2(n Br»<J->»ay:
I*2 Fifth Arenue (betow Z.V. St.): 1 Aswr House: W-«»
Twenty-third Street Station, and station* foot of t>ea
br.-«»«s and Cortiandt Street*: I Court Street. S6O Pu:tn«
Street. 03 Broadway and Pennsylvania Annex Station.
Brooklyn; Station, Jersey City. The New York Transfer
Company ¦will call for n<T check t.a«a»- '—ttj hot»!«
and residences -tier- to deatina:!on. Telephone "*l4
Eighteenth Street" for Pennsylvania Railroad Cat> Ser
J. B. HTT'-HTN«<->N- J. T, WOOT>
General Mara*»r. O«reral Pus'r AgooC
Trains arrive at and depart from Orand Central Station.
42. Street. New-York, as follows:
I^ave New-York. Arrive N»w_Tot».
•3.1.".a.m Mall and Paper -- - •"'•''a.m.
+7.C0 a. m..Ad!romiarlt i Montreal Special. .t1t».20 p. m.
•*.<"«» a. m Syracuse Local „ t6.25p. m.
tS.3oa.rn Ecipire State Express.... tIO.OO p. m,
••.43 a. m Fast Ma!! _»10.m>a. a..
•ft 20 a. m Exposition Ei?r»s» _ •» »> a. m.
r».40a.0 Saratoga and Montreal Special-. *a3op. nu :
tIOSOa. m Day Express ¦t7.t>op. m.
t11.30a. m Rutland Express . . _._ -t7.oOp.in.
•1.00 p. m Southwestern Limited™. ._ 'R-fO p. in.
p. m — . Paratosra LIm!:el ...t 10. 40 a. m.
•2.*iOp. m. . .N. T. * Chicago Special *1. 30 p.m.
J3.2'» p. m.« Saratoga Limited t10.40a. m.
t33Op. m Albany Flyer tn.lo a. in.
•3.3.'.p. m ..Albir.v Spec!*! *l.f<Vp. in.
•4<»> p. m I>r:cit Special -....•lO.ori ». m.
V..3.»p. m Th» L2k» Sh?r^ Llml>d . •6.30 p.m.
•.'*• p. m St Louis Limited *2-55 p. m.
•*>.<iO p. m We«;»m 1 xpre?5. ......... * a .43p. iru
•»;.2."> p. m Adirondack A Montreal Ex . . *7. J0 a. m.
¦ff.SSp.in Montreal Express «7 a. m.
"T.3Op. rr« Pan-Arr.prlcan Express . "7.27 a.m.
•f>.2i>p. m PuTa!-* * W. ?^-?cia! ... •S.nrta.ta.
•9.30 p. m Pnrlfi.-r Express • ' "*> a. m.
t12.10a. m Miinicht Express • %>•> a. m
•Dally. tDaily, except Sunday. tDa!!y. exc«a?i Moniajr.
ecly. ir>a!lv. except Sat::risr and Sunday.
O.OS a. at Bad 3.V. P. M. Dally, except Sundays, to
rmsaeld and North, Adams. Saturdays only, &>4S
P. M Sundays on'.y. at 8.20 A. M.
Pullman cars on all through trains
Trains illuminated with Plntsch LJeht.
Ticket ofSces at 113. 261. 415 and. 1.21« Broa*wmy. »
Union W. 275 Columbus Aye.. IS3 West 125 th St..
125 th St. and 13Sta St. Stations New York: 33S and 724
Fulton St.. and l'"Wi Broadway. E. D. . Brooklyn.
Telephone ''000 3Sth Street" for New York Central CM
Service. Bagcage checked from betel or residence by
Westcott Express Company.
O^nernl Superinter-dent. GT.eml Passenser Acnl
Via Sprtnfff.e'.;! and the
(New York Central & Hudson River H. ti.. L"»s-e.)
Trains lenve Grand Central Station. Fourth Avenue ar.a
4il S:reet, New York, as follows:
Leave Arrive Arrive
New York. Springfield. Bjaton.
t9.ooa.ra. 12.45 noon 2 3(> p. m.
fliOOnoon S.l*p. m. 8.40 p. m.
•4.Of> p. m. 7.27 p. m. lo.iv> p. m.
•11 •»> p. m. 3.11 a. m. 6. 55 a. m.
Tickets at New Tor* Central t!ck»t cfflcea, 413 and
12It"> Proaiway. ard at Grnn.l Cenrra: Station.
Liberty St. and South Ferry (time from South Ferry ft»»
minutes earlier than below, except as noted).
I Week days. I Sundays.
Easton Local. ._ IS a. m. _.......*
Easton Local -• IB « p. ra. „
Pcranton & Reading lilOa. m. ; «_
Scrantnn & Reading: _ 12" p. m. i ..........
Mauch Chunk & Reading , 1.00 p.m.
Maucli Chunk v Reading ~ 4.40 p. m. •; 3u p. a
ATLANTIC CITY 9.40 a.m. I .._ ...
SPECIAL - I 1.00 p.m. 1 „.. m
, ATLANTIC (TTT _ [ 340 p.m. _..
, Lite- wo. • ft Barnegat ' 9.4rta.m. | ' 'Jib.
Lai;ewood & TUmegat — 4.30 p.m. „ _
¦ Lake--*- .v Bri'.gnon 1.30 p.m. [ .
N V & L'ng Branch R. R B.S') a. m. 'O.^ic.
1 N V & LiniT P.rinch R. R. 11.30 a. m. J ~_......
' NY * Lcn«r Brancn R. K.I
SatunJiy Special — tl.lo p. m. I ... _.<
>; v & Long Branch K. R... *2-4S p. ... 1.30 p. a.
i N V & I^nc Rranch U. R S 3"» p. m. ... .«
IN.Y.&•, •.- Branch R. R T3.53 p. m. 14.00 p. a.
' N. T. & Long P.ranch R. R *,* 43 p. la. ..........
N Y. & Long FSranch R. R 530 p.m. .........
K. T. & Lons Eran-h U. R M 238. m. ! -
M4.SO t7.30. tS.OO. 'tt-UO. •10.00, • 1 1 . 3<1 A. M.. il.C*i.
•1.30. t3.0(). *3.40. t4.00. §T4 00. t4JSO. «3.00. . T7.3Q.
19.00. *t6.2fi P m »12-15 mtt.
'•4.30. TS.OO «10.0rt. "11.30 A. M .. fl 00. «1.30. *«>#X
•5.00. *7.00 P. M.. *12.15 mdt.
SA.VDV HOOK roiti:.
From foot of Rector St.
Through to Point Pleasant afiO. 10 * it on A. jr.. t«t
2 00. 3i* 4 30. 5.30 P. M. Through to Ocean CroT<% 8.00
P M. Sun-iays. through to Poiat Pleasant. 10.00 A. M..
1 00. 4JWV. 8.00 P. M.
Offices: liberty s=t. Ferry. South Fe.Ty. 11.1. an. 434.
130<l 13.-.4 B'way. I*2 »th Ay.. 7.17 C:h Ay.. 2S Uni->n "<j.
West. 153 East lU*th St.. 273 West 123 th St.. 245 Colum
bus Ay.. New York: 4 Court St. 344 S«O Fulton *..
Rrooklvn- 9 a Brcadway. Triltlam^burs. New York Traaw>
fer ,-. calls for and checks baveage to desrfr.ation.
, r . ... Liberty St. only. "Dally. laKy. except Jtm-.
,-:,. fSundays on!y.
U, V•• NEW YORK CITY. L-berty st. fctuth Ferry.
•.-..•. •':
p^t^^e^'::::::::: • JfCt ----r
' ' Ptner.
••I-ltt^"e Limited" •7.l'Cpm. "tl-Mpm. b.mav.
I^SSaatt St. L,u !s .. •lai.V.t. -IMCnt.
cnc""'ati' it. Lou» <nox*mm. t>.ss«nv r-ne*.
fe St. L0ut....... ;7.u :^
«,»hbl,.: nnnv
WR**-.l"Ct->ri HB!t.> tsfthim t7.s.*arn. Buffßt.
Wishrngton; P.alt» MOHOW, -J s.lam. Piner.
Wrshirgton. Halto ••• •11.3O arn . «ll 2^am. rin«r.
WasMnision. Baito tl.^'pm. tl'-.Kptn. : tn<r.
Wabhir.k'ton. Halto •l.r.Orm. •t.'JSpm. tuner.
••nova: Llmltci" l¦* V'-pm. •3?Cpra. I>tßer.
Washington, Balto *¦ ¦•-¦•n. •4..V m. rutec.
Washington. Balto •" lOpm. ¦tl.^pra. BaSeC
Washington. Balto «12. l'nt. *12. Itet.
"Dally. tPaily. except SuaCay.
Offices: US. Sol. 431. lSCi> Ur->a.lway. 23 T"r.!on Square
TV SOl C.rnnd Ptreet. N. V.: .<4S Fulton Stre«t. Prook
lyn. Whitehall Terminal ami Li!*r:y Strret. Eai;i;«
checked from hoUl o* r««iil, .to destination.
Trains leave Franklin Ft Station. New York, as ld»>
law*, and 1." mtn. later font West 42i St.. N. X :—
•7-10 A M— For iaterta. points to Albany i. lluat'l.
•».4i> A M— (l> RID Van Winkle Flyer to ¦\i; ! ..: .:.*.
tU»:»» A M—Baratc?aM — Baratc?a ami Buffalo K»pre«».
tll-2 1 * A M — '-' La«» Mntnn*, Mtnnew«**a Cxprnx
•13 I.* 1' It- ,-' -CatawJU Mountain Express.
•\:W V M— Chicago Expres*.
•2:'— > V M — Coat I.'.rr. f-r rvtrctt. TO. A St. Loula,
•S U5 P M — <4( flstn- Exnr**" to Cat^kltl Mts.
t&M t- M— <4i For Hadsoa Itlver Points I Albuny.
•615 P M— For Roch.. i(affa'.->. Cl*ve'.l A Chicago.
17-45 !' M— For Ri«-h.. Ituffu'.o. Detroit Jt St. Lout*.
•v IS P 11— For Syra . Roch.. Mag. FalK rvt. A -st.
•Dally. tL'a!!>. except Sunday. Lraves I:-.^>nlva AO-»
n«x. No. 1. »' * 0: IS A M: 2at t>o:4s A M: .-. at tI2:JO p
M 4 at ¦"¦'*'• v v Lrav.-. Jersey City. p. » R. Bta».
No 1 at tt>:!s A M; 2 at tll:2O A M: S •¦ U2:50 P M- 4
at tjj| P M. Tlm« tables at principal hote<» and oCTcm.
lujra,* checked from hot«l a* r«:.!fn » by Westeotf*
Lx. C. E- LAMBERT Gen' l I»asaen<«r Agenc N. T.
Lv. »-M*k.iU» St. t». W. 4*l St.
7«» 0..M.— t>ay Express to Oew«co d; 00 A.M
V •* A.M.— Ll»>e«y Express '.'l4 AM.
12 .., . Ni.»>n* — Mount'n Uxp. to Sidney. ..._.... »1213
12.45 P.M-t— Saturvlnys to H.v.-kUnd — tl 0O p M.
3tnt P.M. — V*»tlbul* Ltd. to R vkland S I* P M.
i.4.> P.M. t — We»tern Umltad «^>O pill
Ul3 A.M.*— Sun. SpL to XXidWy Park 1& iS A.M.
•Str. Homer Ramsdell. from Pier 2*. M. aV. UJdL W'
129 th St. 10 A M.. connect* at Cornwall.
tSaturdays only. tl>atl> '.Sundays only.
Parlor Car »c-".* at IS Urc«iw M MUM.

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