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PART 11.
Albar.-. Jan. 4 (Special). — Organized for its
rork or. Wednesday iast. the legislature of 1902
en Monday win set out on the difficult road of
legislation. With ijovernor Odell's message before
jt as a chart indicating the main thoroughfares
that can wisely be followed if the business .-.''
fairs of the State are to be managed with rffl
der.cy and economy, the legislature begins its
tuks in a serene spirit.
Many of the Republican members of the leg
islature may be said to have been preparing for
th* ■winter's work for six months past. A group
ct them accompanied the Governor about the
grate last June when ho was inspecting the hos
• pita!? for the insane, the prisons and the charl
at!e institutions cf the State. Others were
rith him when he inspected the canals from
Whitehall, at the foot of Lake Champiain. to
Lockport. on the Er!» 'Canal, far In trie western
part of the State. Others still were -with him
when for three days he inspected The great for
est preserve of the Stare in the Adirondack re
gion. Then later in the year a large proportion
cf the leading Rcp\:blican Senators and Assem
blymen h^ard reai in advance of its submission
to the legislature most of the Governor's mes
sage and debated with the Governor the argu
ments that might be made respecting proposed
recommendations in th° message.
The Senate committees were organ'.zrd a year
Ego, and therefore the members of them are
familiar with the business which will be before
them. First comes the Committee on Finance,
headed by Senator Frank X. Hljrjrins. of Olean,
who since 1800, a? its chairman, hss influenced
management of the finances xsf the State greatly
for the people's bent-fit. A man cf large wealth,
resolute, sagacious, conservative, Mr. Hlggins
•rakes an ideal chalrmrn for such a committee;
charged this year in company with Assem
bly Committee on Ways a:: Means, If it acts In
accordance with Governor Odell's recommenda
tions, with the main work of reducing the
Ftate's direct taxation cf JO.OnQ.onn. Mr. Hig
gir.s will have among his Republican associates
en this important committee Senators •aia
han, Krum. Raines. Malby, Brown. Humphrey,
Armstrong and Stewart.
"What rray he c^nFHered a co-operating com
mittee in lowering: the taxnticn of the State is
that on taxation and retrenchment, which has
as'lfs" chairman" Fenator Hobart Krum, of Scho
hart". It was this committee that last rear
framed the indirect taxation acts, taxing trust
companies, savings hanl;s and. insurance com
panies, that have already put $2,104.132 60 in
the State Treasury, and that before June next
Jt is thought will place ?7<X>.ooo additional there.
It is this committee, havrig a 6 its Republican
members Senator* Krum. Higgins, Stranahan.
Humphrey, Sherwood. Mills and Wiley, to which
was committed a f*>w days ago Senator Strana
har's nc-y indirfct tax bill, which imposes a tax
cf five mills on each new mortgage recorded.
Th^re promises to be a great contest over this
As in 1901. the Judiciary Committee will be
headed by Senator Braekett. of Saratoga. It
ras Senator Brackett who last year introduced.
pushed and passed the bifis liberalizing the cor
poraticn taxes of the State. This committee
this year will be charged with the duty of re
forming the laws respecting receiverships of
■■■*■ and insurance companies, with the aim
cf making them less expensive. Another duty
Of this committee will be the amending of the
Penal Code so as to compel the argument of
*P?ea!s in capital cases within six months after
fis conviction of the accused persons. Senator
fcack^tt will have as his associates in the Ju
***•" Committee Senators Krum, Davis,
*"'■ Eli-berg. Thornton. Slater, Mills, McKfn
«T. Mr-Carren and Bowling.
Home rule. was pledged to the cities by Gov
<n»r Odel! ct the time of his well known inter
*>*• in November with Mayor Low. Rut there
*i!l doubtless be city bills here of importance.
.*=<! Senator Stranahan. the chairman of the
popanittee on »'itie«. anticipates several months
«* hard work, therefore, before he assumes the
Vm of Collector of the Port of New-York. Gov
«rr.cr Ode!! In his message declared that he had
feirr.^i r t excessive Falnry iists in various mv-
UcipaHtitK. and recommended that the legislat
es should absolutely fix a percentage based
»»*n the total tax le\y for the salary lists of
*•! municipalities. This particular piece of leg
islation promises to draw to the committee room
ft the Committee on Cities .many city officials.
s*a It Is possible that the city of New-York
R sv a.'k for additional moans of increasing its
r st«r supply. The Borough of Brooklyn,
through Senator McCarren, has already sub
mitted a bill to increase such supply. Properly
"c Committed on Cities is composed almost ex-
C f city men, having as its member 3
S-.ranahan. White. Davis. Marshall.
Fester. Sherwood, Audett, Green,
«tarn and McCarreaJ
liaines iiuiy continue to act as 1 hair
*» -A th e Committee on Railroads, although
'nay become chairman of the Insurance Com
r'^' >>nator Malby. of the Committee on
0v.«: Senator I-:>i,ers:. of the Committee on
onin:^-^. stnatcr Gootlaei], of the- Committee
** s '^"filaneous Corporations; Senator Hum
rpy. of the Committee on Banks, and Senator
•V**' ?T? T ' h ° c " mmince en «ai Institutions.
'.I ooobtiezs continue in those important posl-
J*? : -' George A. Davis, of Buffalo, chair
jp*- Qt the Conrimittee on Canals, anticipates
w tij y inter " sii^S scusions of that committee
it !s considering G'jverncr Odell's recom
**(- aUon . that two propositions for the im
trr.e»t of the canals be submitted to the
S*?2" [ or their consideration: First, to expend i
tt ',""' : ia eliminating the locka at Cohoes and '
«Uh°> ekpOrt: the len « tnenJn of all other locks, '
j*/ 1 th * construrtlon of a new channel for the
Cana; between the Hudson River and Rex
•»t i!?***' and ' second, a proposition to dig
r^L ">* Erie Canal to an average depth of nine
E«k * '° St ° f * 15076 898 - The Greater New
tra « Canal Awooiation has favored the con
«M !h,° n " f a 1'00<)1 ' 00<) ton bar^ e canal, but the ca
. sappers of Buffalo, have leaned toward the
ai ->S of tht ,-an.j.
Chalrn!en of the other committe<?s of the
t G■■ *** Senator Brown of Forest. Fish
1 *?o* m *' Senator teeter of Internal Affairs
\l We-!, ** *° Countiei; Senator White of Pub
-wuon; Senator Audett of Pnbllc Health;
Hcttj^Oorfis^^||^a[rthntt c.
"^^^s^^^e^^^^^^^^^^S^ — - v <V>V^
Senator Hill of Military Affairs; Senator
McEwan of Affairs nf Villages; Senator
Ambler of Agriculture; Senator Sherwood of
Public Printing; Senator Armstrong of Roads
FOGFF^P^^Jon A5 -"T^o T^ ln r J -i f ' r -P AR " 7 ™™*- x . TPX Senator t IN.. MHiS. AM^blrmu, J. T. *.«s«rtb!y?nan X. H. SEX- Senator T. E. •ELLS
ROGERS. Btngbanton. RESON, Lwckjiort. i* ERA I*o. Manhattan. Mount Vernoa. .-Mr: Flßhli'U- AIOUU, ,yu- . -.n. .WORTH. Lockpor,
urn wnWymaa ** M. £»natn r O. W Aw*mbi}-rn.ir. rHAfU.FS Prautor HORAP.T KTUTI. Emat.-r S. q sr.ATEH. £ena'->- r. r r.P^F-v
PAI^IEIt. Schuftß.-.a. PLfNKrrT. ManhitUa. IL COTTON. k: ..v Schoharle. Manhattan. BlnKhi^ton
Betlaitor THO3CAB F.
• ' n FTOMAS II ■aastov ' - WCKWAH, Am ryitima I : WTTf at n^hmblyman JOSTah t. Aaan . • \\t P
pring». U>. -\.i::+r. ..::>■. atBKBXTT, r fwla^ii. New-Tark. I .1.
BEL>.'-: :. -
■aaator v * S. ptrana-
HA>-, Ki.iun.
Senator <"",. A. DAVI3, AsFi-mtilyman 'S. rt.
Buffalo. O'MAI.Uir, Buffalo.
A. :. aaacTnli •■ :i.jti •'• K. SIJ
COfOHTRY. EluwarUnds. man lUahsftan
Ate em Ply mm F. W. GRIT- Aaaaßiblyinan ALBERT T AaiwmblymiLn W. W. JLmrmMrmajl SAMUEI/ J. " Assemblyman RICHARD Senator T. D. . STLXJVAN'. Ass^mhlxrmiui ROBERT A. AS»emß'rymaa THOMAS D.
FTTH. Ptlmyni. FANCHEIt, Ealamanea. PHIPPS Albion. FOWLER, Jamestown. GARDINER, Rochester. Manhattan. SNYDBR. Eaueerltea. L£\Vl3. Pulton.
CPfcoto Albany Art Union.) iPboio JLlbaay An talon.; U-Uito Albany Art Union.) (PLoto ■ Albany Art Union.) U'boto Albany Art Union.) (Pboto by Starry.) (Photo Albany Art Union.)
r Slater f T ie and
Democrata in the S little
A?s»mb!vrnnn HARRIS ASMmblrmaii OTTO KM,- lawnUjma J. A. AfJirnMyTran J. IT. MR Assrmblymaa TV R.O
WILSON. Brooklju. BBY, . nasto. WEEKES. Jr.. Manhattan. GAN. EDukiyr.. BLACKWETJ* Brooklyn.
Banal - F. D. SHER
WOOD. HorneilßVllle.
in legrlalation. Out of courtesy
•mocratic leader, has
• !n the >'ommittee on Finance,
and on the Affairs of
Ass^mbls'iran E. K. Anrablrmtß 7. K. S«natv TnmiAS r* DMff- Asssnrtjry-f-an C. W. R.2T
FINCH. Manhattan. APGAR. PeeksUU. iiF.I.T.Y. Manhattan. NOLTaS. Petersburg.
Le BoutilUer Brothers
Comp-ising m*iy iots of fine D<tm*sk Tablt Goths did Napkins.
To<we.'s, Shee:s and Fil!<yw Guts, Hemstitched *nd Embroidered
Linens. M
Hemstitched and Embroidered Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillvn
Cases, Shams, Scarfs, Lunch, Tea *ni Tray Goths, Doilies,
&c, at
.V. B. — William Liddell's Cold JaUW Brand Irish Tible
Linens, <chic f : TJtre azuarded the gold medal at the Paris
Ezzosition. 19Q0, are included in :his sale.
le BoutilUer Brothers
West Twenty-third Street
Cities, but the same courtesy has been extended
to Senator Ellsworth, the Republican president
pro tern, of the Senate nnd the Republican
leader, and therefore even Senator Grady's
vote in these committees is cancelled. Four
teen of the fifteen Democratic Senators repre
sent greater New-York. They had some influ
Senator H. YTHITEi
Asrnnblrma B. OO LBT,
JANUARY >. 1902.
»nee last year, as possibly speaking for Mayer
Van Wyck. but they will have no such repre
sentative capacity this year.
Speaker Nixon has not announced the mem
bership of the Assembly committees as yet, but
the nam"s of the leading chairmen are known.
and the membership substantially of leading
committees. -am P. Allds. of Chenango. will
once more br? chairman of the Committee on
Ways and Mear.s. For a month past he has
been at work here in Albany preparing the
General Appropriation act, and he had the sat
isfaction of submitting the act to the Assembly
on the opening day of the session. This ■1 with
out precedent. Ordinarily the measure does not
reach the Assembly until the middle of Febru
ary. The bill appropriated $1»>, 100.»H1 32 In
1901: the present year, despite the growth of
the State, it appropriates only $1»5.201.2Q0 70. a
decrease of $1D9.;>20 *52. It will also be the duty
of Mr. Alii? and his fellow members of the Com
mittee on Ways and Means to frame the Supply
bill and the Supplemental Supply bill, which
usually appropriate about $l.r>OO.ouO of the peo
ple's mon^y. Whatever amount 13 appropriated
in any bill the grand total of appropriations, if
Governor Odell's recommendations are followed,
must not exceed $20,rmO.0<>0. Abolition of direct
State taxation, except to the small amount of
$7&.>.209 SI. for a payment en the. canal debt,
can only be accomplished by keeping the grand
total of the appropriations of the legislature be
low this sum. Otto Keisey, of Livingston, as
usual, will be th° second In rank in the Com
mittee on Ways and Mean?. Then will follow
Mr. Costello, of Oswego; Mr. Fancher. of Cat
taraugus; Mr. Rogers, of Broome; Mr. Wilson,
of Kings, and Mr. Dicker, of Itockland.
It seems probable that James T. Rogers, of
Binshamton. will be shifted from his position
of chairman of the • *— aintl on Electricity. Gas
and Water Supply to that of chairman of the
Judiciary Commute-. Mr. Rogers is an able
lawyer, and has swiftly become one of the lead
prs of the Assembly. John A. "Weekes. Jr.. of
New-York, chairman last year of the Committee
on Codes, and also an able lawyer, has been sug
gested for chairman of the Judiciary Commit
tee. The present indications are that Mr
Weekes will retain his position at the head of
the Committee on Codes and Mr. Rogers will
become chairman of the Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Patton, of Erie, may be shifted from th»
Judiciary Committee to the Committee on "Ways
and Means. Mr. Knlpp. of Chemung. and Mr.
Morgan, of Kings, will, it is said, be reappointed
as members of the Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Keisey will once more become chairman
of the Assembly Committee on Cities. -In the
work of revising; the charter of New-York last
year Mr. Keisey rendered a great service to the
city in company with Senator Stranahan. head
of the Senate Committee on Cities. It is be
lieved that Speaker Nix will reappolnt as
members of this committee Gherardi Davis, of
New- York; Mr. Burnett, of Ontario; Mr. Cotton,
of Kings; Mr. O'Malley. of Erie; Mr. Seymour.
of New-York; Mr. Hammond, of Syracuse; Mr.
Ross, of Albany: Mr. McKeown. cf Kings; Mr.
Bradley, of Buffalo, and John J. Fitzgerald,
of New- York, the Tamany Hall leader in the
The taxation bills In the Assembly will go to
the Committee on Taxation and Retrenchment,
of which probably Mr. Darris< of Niagara, will
be chairman. Mr. Bedell, of Orange, ig to be
again chairman of the Assembly Committee on
Railroads; Mr. Snyder. of Ulster, chairman of
the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Nav
igation; Mr. Couglury. of Albany, chairman nf
the Committee on Insurance; Mr. Doughty, of
Queens, chairman of th«» Assembly Committee
on Internal Affairs, and Mr. Coftello. of Oswego.
chairman of th^ Committee on La.bor and In
ilustri«.-i. Mr. Knipp, of Chemung, is to be re
appointed chairman of the Excise Committee,
and theret'ort" with his fellow members of th«
committee will have the consideration of the
bills that Democratic Assemblymen intend to
introduce authorizing the sale o* liquor on sun>
day In the saloons of Ne'v-York.
Mr. Griffith, of Wayne, will probably again be
chairman of the Assembly Committee on Public
Education, Mr. Adler chairman of the Commit
tee on Publio Institutions. Mr. Cotton of the
Committee on Military AJTairs. Mr. Platt. of
Steuben. of the Committee «>n Soldiers* Home,
and Mr. Wilson, of Kings, of the Committee on
The Republicans of the Assembly will be l^vi
by Mr. Alias, while the Demo<— atic leader will
be George 11. Pulm^r. nf Schohaxte. Mr. Palmer
will lead forty-one Democrats, and will attempt
to lure back into th«» Democratic party two in
dependent Democrats "with Republican lean
ings." Mr. Palmer will speak the sentiments
of David B. Ki!l in the Assembly, but it I*
doubtful if the ex-Senator ana ei-Oovernor will
have much to say through Mr. Palmer for a
time at lenst. either on Suite or National politi
cal matter*.
t.o\ ~£RX< > R S HA U " > / *LA XS,
Washington: Jan. 4 — Governor Leslie M.
Shaw of lowa was in conference with, Secretary
Gage for about two hours to-day, discussing th«
affairs of the Treasury Department. He then
went with the Secretary to the White House.
They remained with the President about half an
hour. Governor Shaw later took luncheon at the
White House. He said on leaving the White
House that it had been decided that he should
take charge of the Treasury Department on
January 2T>. He said he did not contemplate any
changes in the official force, and he did not
know that he would have occasion to consider
such changes. He resetted exceedingly that
Secretary Gage had decided to leave the Treas
ury Department. Governor Shaw will return tc
lowa on Monday.
Assistant Secretary Taylor will retain his
place under Governor Shaw. The retention at
Mr. Taylor whs agreed upon at a consultation
between the President and members of the Wta
consln delegation In Congress.

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