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fOmryi lglit; llo 1 !: Py Trie Trihurie A«w>cl»tl'^n.)
? r p<-,«i to Th- r>W»s]SX In Frenrh r«Hc]
London, April 3, 1 a. -While little has been
h«>ard during the last three nionths of the at
tempt to consolidate the English Iron and steel
Interests, negotiations have remained in prog
ress. The effect of the first year's operations
of the United] States Steel Trust will be to
hasten, rather than retard, ''• British amalga
mation. One of the chief difficulties has been
th" arrangement °f a basis of valuation which
ptjald represent the working efficiency of an
Inn .-■ steel plant hen tinder the stress of
w-ell organized foreign competition. The con-
Foliiation of British interests will Involve the
recognition of the truth that 'he equipment of
the Industry, which was mm unrivalled, needs
thorough renovation, nnd that th«» plant In its
existing state must be heavily undervalued
from •- original cost.
The German Emperor"* appointments on
fr.nce Henry's coronation stuff are Interpreted
M an cation that he la courting good feel-
Ing here ; c well as In America, Count yon
WaMersee is the most impressive field mar
shal who can be sent to I>ondon, md Count
pprkeTvlnrfT. as tho Empress Frederick's cham
' herlain. has already made warm friends At th«
Enff'ish court. The (German squadron will be
the stroncest foreign contingent at the naval
review. The dei man Emperor has shown an
Intense personal Interest in all the details of the
coronftion function. Despite many misleading 1
rumors, only three fixtures have been appointed
for coronation week. These are the Abbey ser
vice, the drive through London and the naval
review. The order and dates for the King's
dinners, the gnla opera nlcht and the various
functions at I?uckinch«im Palace. Windsor
Castle nnd St. James's have not yet been
set i led.
An iritf-restinp Parliamentary paper was
Issued lae4 null' re.«=j>ertiriK th" comparative
rn?ritp of American. Belgian and British loco-
Trintivec in I'eypt. 1,-ird Cr<>m«r, in a letter t>>
th<~ Marquis of Lanodowne, thinks the general
rnnrlusion to l.« drawn from tho trials i«s that
In respect to price the British inaniifii I
run well hold «heir own In cases where special
{Ksfcns have io be executed; in respect to
quality, the work the) tun m lei at least
equal, and often superior , t>> that of their Amer
ican -■..,.... . and in respect tn
consumption of coal trwy have a decided su
periority over American, though apparently not
over Belgian manufacturers. Tin* 1 British weak
point is the time required for executing orders,
but Lord Cromcr Fays he is not competent to
express any personal opinion as to the extent
to which It would be possible or desirable to
imitate the Americans In adopting the principle
if standardization, on which for low prices and
su ; « V delivery American manufacturers mainly
if i^nd.
1"' -11 details are published by "The Morning
T.i i.!<C of the <-r!m<-t" for -which Lieutenant
}I.r.((»k and Lieutenant Movant, two Aup-
Tr.llan PAoers of the Buphveldt Carbineers.
v«--tr shot In South Africa. It bad come to the
Vnov.-le^rp of Hancock that ten Hoers were
journeying to Pfetei . to surrender, and it
v. is reported that they had £200.000 with them.
This money «>xolt<»d the cupidity of Hancock.
hf- held n mwk couit martial on the men
r.nd order»-<1 Th« j «i to ho slvt. The t°n wretches
'.vet» made to luirej down !ti front of their
wj:4,-nri3 and were shot, one after another. But
the -ofiicfrp found to tlieir distrust that Trans
vaal fsper money. «n<3 uot Ko-d. was In their
poppersinn. A <;ertnaTi missionary some miles
away gOt to know of tb«- affnir. and Lieutenant
H' f nonck thereupon went to silence him. The
missionnrv was Fbnt dead In cold Wood, but a
liny who wad with him was only wounded, and
n:snar»d to • a ,-.], r - and make the deed known.
Tlic firman Consul was inf.irmed of the mat
ter. fir.fi he Immediately -.•.•'" to Lord Kitchener
an<l Insisted on a full Inquiry.
Fortune trtfll unsalea ''n the Savoy Theatre.
Ev»n so wvetv :: 1.10-.v ,-s t'.i<- <]'-ih <> r Hir
Arthur Sulllv/iii has no! shaken t=ie :'-it!rid^
tions of its rue.-rps L.-^st night n croivdftd h-use
j;e\e « wurni reoept'on to :*. \—w K«;A'' t -h light
opera wriitci by Ba«il Hood and composed
by Ivdward G*»rm:ii!. \\ !b entitled "Meifle I-tiß
land," and is delightfully ren«lni«cent of The
< 3 ,^\e of Qnwn Elizabeth. Thf plot <le.^l= with
the love of Raleigh f "t the Queen's waiting
woman, B*»si=|e Throckmorton. The I":<rl of Es
fpx turnn his knowledge of the affair to his own
purpos^F, and aciualnts :h» Queen of it.
Through the eood utt<-<-? of a nißtlo maiden
nen.ed Jill, all alonr. Eiizal^rth Is appe;is<-d. an \
S-'ir •■■■.. wins bis brld<*. The stor>- Is v I-.
thin, but the music Is n triumph for th« .-..i1l
poner. "'Merrie p:nc!anri" was admirably acted
Jtnd at the t'lose ther" was much enthusiasm ex
hlbited for all roncernrd.
Ml?* Pt<-.ne has definitely decided n~; In d»-
Hvw a JorTijro in 'his country, a^ li«r voice
n-ould not fund tlu strain of public sneaking
lust yet. She will Fail from Liverpool for X<w-
Tork on Saturday. Her Injured knee still gives
te.r trouble.
. . ■ . . . .
• ■ • : fter a slack
• ■
c ■ • him ' ' ■ academy
■: . Ii ex
• • . '.. .■■••■ ■ ,ji|i!ie-;>i Ity
'■■•.■ ■ Lugrhters
T>-. es of several ptinc^soses snd ■ dozen
3ik h*-f==eK have bpen secured tot the <^"harlty
Bazaar in the middle of July in aid of the Chil-
Jren'p Hcfspltal. An additional attraction will
be what •!.. rmart iK»ople are ralllnß "th"
&mrji<-an court." Th«» presence the wives
it many American millionaires if expected, and
■h^r^ are mysterious hints of jewel allies and
nh<-r Yankee inventions.
/ in/, 11 AT* a \ r (/,• CAPE n<>i;\
Slome%id«o, April 2.— The Hritlsh steamer Athena,
i'ajitain Jones, was totally wrecked on tan 22
tr-> mil<B north of Ca|ie Tillar. Chill, on the south
Pide of th«> I'a«itlc: entrance to the Strait «if Mas«-I
lan Klev^n' purvlvorp Of h«»r rrew h«v<> been
lattn.-fi « t J>unt;i Arenas, a port of Chill, on th<
htrait <if Magellan. The captain nnd the .. ma i
!-r • f li.rcr.w- vior*- drowned.
Tli. Athena «aa h nrvri v««s<l. di\id«l Into neVen
•'imjjartnutitfi, and via»> l»ullt In 189.S at Suodertand,
Kticl.ui'l Pho rextotered SJ9O tons net and hailed
irom IJvorpool. Hlw ?.•!.. tiko.j to the Athena Stram-
BSJp Company, n Ned
A report i i'i^....| yesterday that the Delaware.
Uebnanna and Western Railroad Company
would, on the expiration of U* present contract
with the) Hoboken Ferry '■'•mi..-. terminate Its
relation,, w i h thnr company, could not he con
flrm"l In this city, and m --■ not penerallv credited.
Arr-r,*<u ng Iri , rumor j n New-Jersey 'he
l-sfH^anna If -e- o MrM!np lor the pur- hase of the
.it '"'"^rany. which maintains a service from
'*lu V « *. i a a it! t " 1 *' B iTtnlnus at Hoboken to Bar-
Jay and Christopher sts.. this city.
>r«;ii r 5j.'.!..::?:.
■ ■ • petition was kern and the excitement con
sequent to the bidding was great at Men
delssohn Hall last nielit. Sixty-two paintings^
the remainder of the Matthlessen collection, were
sold, and the agl regate j.rir.- was ¥236.375.
Th. highest price for a picture was- JTiO.OOO.
Th. Holy Family," by Peter Paul Rubens.
brought this amount, and was purchased by
George P. Blow. It Is understood that Mr. Blow
was acting for some one else The bidding on
this painting was exciting. Starting r.t $10,000
it rose to SpCI.'oOO In Jumps of $1,000. Great ap
pl aU greeted the announcement of the final
The eecond price for the evening was *■'■'•'•. •"•"".
Jules ]'.:••■■ 'H:ii\ e-ti'.i- the Popples,'* which
was purchased by i .... Button, an agent. at
knocked down at I hat price.
An on t hi previous evening:, the majority of
the pictures went to agents Among the large
buyers were I. Guggenheim, i! .-: Junes, K.
Fi=rhoff. J. H. Smith. T. 1.. Helnemann.' Joseph
I'ulitzer. F, Tilinan ,'iti-l John D. Crimmlns.
T)ie l>e.*t «it the I ■ ures were sold as follows:
••Th« Holy Family." Peter Paul Hul*>ns; Oeorfre
P. Blow • • ■ ■ -f'"-" 00
"Harvesting ihf Iv.i T te«." Julo- l-.reton; James F. . . io<|
. . ■■■ ■'■'
•■! ! ]« I n.i^'' 1 i" C Hr!d< ; «tVl...-C.Tr.".v-.n: F. I^Mnic. 16.600
••}'„rtrfi!t of an Old Man.;' Rembrandt Van "' " 16 000
••mb^^.iV,;;, ,:/ ■iv;v.-v."Vi.''k' M '" '• y",'' „ ,
mitt ■„•■•;•; I3 '-* v
•T'.rt'alt ... Orlmßnl. I •<>«<■ of \ • nv -. ...,.,.
THifir.: jooeph .-■:• • . ■ ••■- ■■ - '•• '""
.. T ,,^ j-MW.,,,!,^." .1. ■. E. M«laponler: nhi A.
Hcai'lend '
•Vi^ws .if th» Fquare of Ft. Murk's. Venice, '" -/,
■.vs^^ a r",hr^-- J uWl, I ,,r*;H.-S.- J on,s l£
'Vnmtmr." C. F. Daubl^ny; unkr...wn . . . . •> ;•"•
•■(:„„„. After r.a.n." T. Rouweau: unknown ,Z\.\
■..■■■■ ■■■■ - ' •■ "I' 1 " 1 ,' 1 " : '
••KuTid-^v-, With ■ ■;'. --' '"""• Aelbert saoo
••I^'V'uy." 't. nnuuneau: John A. H<.»rlnnd 3,1«W
The second and last day of the auction sale of
the library beloncinp •.. A. J. Morgan was held at
the rooms of Bam ■•• Co. yesterday afternoon.
The ptic..« -A-oto not so hiph as on ■!•• Brat day.
Auto^aph and edition copies of Tennyson
hrouehi tho b*-pt prio»s' The oiipinal rough prool
S of the ycttmre- oV the LI K ht Brt K ade /. with
«' mUlna! -0r,,..,.,, by lljj ,m •aitinii or Itt
An un'ut copy o1 th« i-j Moxmn i™ of
"Morte d'Artnur: Doia and other Idyll old fo
JW Bnd „ twenVy-flv, voium; edlUon printed .for
thVioM "f the ""Sailor lioy" went f"i <-••• Ihe
only known copy nf a private edition <>r ""
a- Arthur- primed on the amateur press •; . Sli w< i.
K.ni. Gutst In IS«6. h"|<l fot $no. and there wr..
s.Vor.U otbet-c. Which hroueht more than *?«. but
" Tn»"n'lKh^t ifJllSfUw f' '\ T1K,..k. ; r H v waa $42 50
fur a first edition <>f 'The Loving Ilallad, lTus
trated by Crultcfhank. The Him edition <•'. Ihe
Vlrrfr.lan^ - .... author's plcturcnj ouKhi HO
Kor a Whittic-r $S7 wan t!.c hlphesi price paid,
Ihi-iieli MV IMI oili'-r* went for 54' ior '■■ < copy
of "1'..«-nip Written DuiinM H <• |-n k-i. .-■ of the - s I)
oHtlnn Question in the United Stati with an ;mi
toKraph l'-u.-t l.ouurt In. brouffhi $r,2. The first
„.iitio!i of (tsoar Wilde** Th. Picture ■■'■ Dorian
......... 3 and ''The Ballad -.f Reading
GaoV; f-'r IS A copy of tho Lyrical Ballad* I ..„
,lr,n I nn>l A. Arch. 1798 nnts ntng th- »>«i
.■lit'ion nf ColerldKe'B "Anticnt Mariner." was sold
f,,-- %\f, I'orhat.s tli" feature of Ihe sale was th*>
r«'iativ»ly low i ii. . of Americana.
Constantinople, April '_'.- -In reply to th* rep
resentations of the ambassadors of the powers
regarding the Insecurity of Christiana In Mace
donia and Albania the Porte alleges thai the
revolutionary activity Is due to the Macedonian
Committee's importations of arms and dyna
mite. The Porte has communicated to the
diplomats th« Instructions It hns Issued concern-
Ing the protection or the Inhabitants of the dis
turned district*.
London. April -. The correspondent of the
Central News In Vienna telegraphs that the
"Neve Fr< -i- l'nss«"" f.f thai city publisher n
startling report, eurreni In Belgrade, to the ef
t.,t thai th« famous AJbanian chief Issa Bol
letlnac, with nine hundred followers, has crossed
the Turkish frontier Into the, sub-province of
Novibaxar. where he in creating- t*rr.>r among
the TmkiPh populace aiui threatening a general
massacre The correspondent says the report
l;ic k« i utiliiiiiati'iii.
heur How to APPEAR to-night.
Ferdinand Bonn, one of the best known of Oer
iii hi actors, who arrived en Tuesday, will appear
for the first time In America at the Irving Place
Theatre to-night. In Schiller's "Die Baeuber" ("The
Kobb£TS"l playing the pan of Franz. Supporting
Herr Bonn will bo the lending member* of the
Irving Plat* Theatre Stork Company, among them
Miss Agnes liuenK<T, Messrs. Franz Klemchner
Kotttnatin. (Ktbei yon Si yff«'rtltz. Mabrlch Bchara
berg Hohenwart. tMnseler. Claudius and others
I, "Die Raeuber" Heir Bonn will only appear 10
nlKbl «n«I morrow. Friday evening
Work wan begun yesterday m the Hudson The
atre, which Is to I'- 11l Forty-flfth-st.. on the sites
now occupied by No*. 131 l.is. 14". Hl' and 144. it Is
to 1,, the permanent home for the attractions
owned by th€ Henry U. Harris Company. In honor
•it the occasior the members of the Robert Edeson
Company now appearing In "Soldier* of Fortune"
»< th» Savoy Theatre, and the entire "Lasi Ap
peal" organisation, at present rehearsing at 'Wai
lark'* Theatre, assembled, nnd as the first brick
*<*<> 'loosened three cheers nnrl » Merer were given
for th* Hudson and Its director. Henry D. Harris.
Afterward they went to the offices of the company
ar>d drank to the health of the enterprise. A te n
story otll<e building Is to he erected on 'he .«=ite.
Hnd'in It will be the theatre, which is to be about
the stac of the Kmplr«-
Domestic economy, which t tells how best to
provide nourishina;, palatable, nn<l reasonably
cheap food to those In modest circumstances,
has been studied In schools and homes for many
years, and yet Americans follow largely the dic
tates of their own appetites, sometimes to the
detriment of their incomes, and more often to
the sorrow of their stomachs
Perhaps Just now there is no single food Item
which roncerns housewives more deeply than
meat. They have seen th- price of this com
modity rls— gradually until. In many districts
In Ides the East Side, families have found it
Impossible to make their morning call on the
butcher Where poor householders bought near
ly every morning a st.-sik or a roast, now a dish
of meat on a Sunday Is no more than the> enri
afford. The great Western dealers have said
the scarcity of beef Ii due to the lack of corn;
yet this same beef pells several cents lower In
London than 11 doe* In New-York.
In the (list! ■ ' about Forty-flfth-st. and Firs!
av< are kill"d perhaps Hv« thousand i heaJ of
cattle every week, and thousands of pounds
come overland to this city every day In cold
storage cars. Thus In spite of ihe reported
scarcity and the actual high price of meal II la
evident thai the daily consumption in Mew- York
of the commodity Is large. Abattoir men say
that th.- price will ro much higher till the next
corn crop is harvested.
The discussion of these points naturally sug
gests and makes pertinent the query, "Why do
Americans consume -id a large quantity, of
meat?" Out of this question crow others, as:
"What Is the effect of bo steady a meat diet?"
and "Would not the race enjoy more, health
and happiness by eating more fruit, vegetables
and cereals and less meat?"
Many physicians and others who have studied
hygiene have Investigated the comparative
merits "f meat, cereals and vegetables with the
purpose rl f finding run which of th< »•■ food.-)
gives the greatest nourishment They seem to
agree that il-sh contains less nutriment than
most other forms of food And yet many in
vestigators and lecturers are not even mod
erately pleased with the way the pedpie put
their doctrines Into practice. Teachers of hy
gienics Bay that'll Is "one thine to .chow orally
,-hml plct( rlally that both rich and poor would be
better off if they ate l^ps Hi--. it. but (lint It Is
an entirely different thing to gel people to act
on this advice.
For the last twenty-five weeks Dr. Elmer L°e,
of No. I_'7 West Fifty-eighth st . has been glv
t'ie Saturday pvrnlne lectures on hygiene at
the lud«oii Memorial Church. Washington
Square South. Dr. Lee yesterday afternoon told
.i Trll»un< reporter some reasons why meat
ShOUld be II:,"'! less. II" said
It is well known that Americana eat more
meat than any other nation The reason Is that
In the past animal food has been cheap and pea
ple haw almost uniformly enjoyed Rood nagps.
You ask hat is the controlling factor In the
food problem ' I should say habit. Americans
have been brought up under the notion that
they cannot be strong and wiry unless they ent
much animal food. This has been the popular
Idea for generations. The result Is that edu
cated and uneducated Americans think thai the
eating of beef alone will bring them bone ami
sinew and strength. They have had animal
food since they were little, and habit tell* them
to keep on. I am not a believer In, nor do 1
practise, vegetarianism, but i am close enough
to the trend of the vegetarians' Ideas to realize
that this matter of habit Is one of the greatest
reasons why their propaganda Is making such
painfully slow progress.
People are afraid of the vegetarian doctrine;
they rank it In a sense with women's clubs and
the like, as being a mere fad. Their next door
neighbors eat meat twice and even three times
a day, high price or low price, and they ask,
Why be different from every one else, from their
mothers and grandmothers? I know families
who have done away with meat for weeks at a
time, but have returned to It because they mis
take the flavor and taste qualities for strength
and health qualities. Flesh food Is a wasteful
article of diet because of its cost and because
It contains from one-tenth to one-sixth in
weight of salts that have no nutritive qualities.
It Is th" dearest food that can be employed,
and. pound for pound, gives up less nourishment
than cheaper foods. The worklngman who un
dertakes to supply it- to his family is certain I"
run short of funds with which to supply other
li.-' d->
Again, much meat eating favors diseases,
such as Bright 'a disease and other disintegrat
ing- forms of disturbances In the life of the per
son' using it. Much of the meat eaten is more
or less tainted
On the other hand, rice, wheat. oats and hom
iny are perfect substitutes for flesh, and far
more sustaining. They are generally of mod
erate price. Porridge Is the normal dish for
mankind, but how many Americans could stand
a breakfast of It each day? We are rapidly
and unwisely departing In this regard from th»
habits of our ancestors.
1 had a case to-day which is directly to the
point. The second of three children is very
often 111; he has not the bloom, the development
or the quirk muscular activity of his brother
and sister. He eats « great deal of meat. Ills
brother and sister are satisfied with brpad and
butter and milk, and very littl" eiso.
The Board of United Bulldinz Trades took up
the slipped methods of the B "f Trust, at a meet
ing yesterday In Brevoort Hall. Flfty-fourth-st.
near Thlrd-av-.. =• n.l adopted ;< preamble: and the
following resolution:
Resolved Thai we. Ihe Board "f United Building
Trades nf New-York and vicinity, representing
H.-v.-ntv-fiv thousand workers, condemn the selflsn
and grasping pollcj of the Beef Trust, which f"r
tho Bak- of enlarglnfi; Its already ample pronta <\<<rs
ti/.t hesitate to advam > the price "f meat* to a
tin'ir.. which makes them Inaccessible to many
(BT I n.r.ill Wll TO IUX 1 RIBI Ht \
Baltimore. April 2. Society circles were sur
prised to-day hy the marriage ol Mrs Robert
Garrett, widow >>t th-- former president -if the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, to Dr. Henry
Barton Jacobs, formerly "f Boston, and a mem
ber of a prominenl Massachusetts family. Mrs.
Clarretl In forty-seven years old, and he is forty
five. The l.tifi" hnd been a widow since .July.
[Sjx; !•■ Jacobs V. a member of the medical
stsfl of Johns Hopkins l Hi- erpitj
-.! ■ i nri* tl Inhci ••! a large fortune from
!,. husl'and. in addition to being wealthy In
i.- ..A,, rlphi si \< tis :i country estate. Up
land "ti th* 1 Heights, wesl of this town, and
h:is ii villa al Newport Shi is a granddaughter
ol Judgt Frl< '■
I>r Jacobs foi years has been the Oarretl
family physl< lan During the Illness of the late
Kobert Garrett l»r. Jacobs as his private phy
sician, and travelled continually with him and
Mis. Oarrett In their tour of the world He
wan also Hi" constant attendant of Mr Garret
at various sanatoriums until the latter's death
Few persons knew of the engagement. Mrs.
Oarrett and Dr. Jacobs were married at Grace
Episcopal Church at noon Only fourteen per
sons, mostly relatives, were present.
/ V ■// STIVE l>l I'l E VERT ILL.
Chief Justice I)«pue. of Nevi Jersey, is se
riously ill at his horn«" In Newark. He. has been
Flek for apveral weeks with kidney troubles, and
yfstrrdny afternoon a sinking spell set In. Last
nlfrhi hid doctor* said th:it death was only a
question of hours. His family h;is been called
to the house and will remain to the ml.
MRS. F. E. War res buried.
Cheyenne. Wyo., April 2.— The funeral ©I Helen
Marie Warren, wife of United States Senator K. K.
Warren, was held her* to-.lay. Business wis bus
... „.;• i and the entire population turne.l - •" to pay
a ]..i tribute to th.> memory of Mr« Warren, who
for yr:ir- was one of the leading women of Wyoming
The proposed ..!■>■ •■'••■ • ' t" " ' bylaws of the
New-York Produce Kxchanße. providing for a
nominating commltte< was defeated yesterday by
a vote of 4^r to 136. Tin 1 chnnK" wan opposed on
the ground that it would tend to centra power
too great I; and render line rule too possible.
At a meeting of the Kxrhanm In Ihi afternoon
resolutions in eulogy of Danlrl McDouxald Pixon.
who died In Brooklyn on Monday, wren adopted,
and a committee wai> nppointed to attend his
Wnshtnirton. Ai>rll 2.— The barometric conditions have
not .-hnr.R-d materially in the 1 ml The pressure ron
tln'ie« low over the Canadian maritime provlncen and
N«-iv Biijclßiid. The Western storm has moved from the
middle plateau to Northern Te«M but has •>■ as yet been
accompanied '■'■ precipitation ■■' L'onneqnence FJirht snow
hai fallen lii th» lowei lake region and la th- mountain
districts or west Virginia. Pennsylvania. New orlt an.!
New England. Kiltht showers hav< ilso fallen In I lah,
Wyoming Idaho and Eastern Oregon The temperature
las risen In th* Bouthwem and fallen on the northern
plateau In th« lake region and grenerallj thmua-houl "...
northeastern pan of the country the lemi tun- continues
below the seasonal »v. ragi Rain is Indl. ated for the
1,.,... Ml»slsi<l|>pi Valley and F.nM ''."If Ptatea Tennessee,
Western Kentucky. Kansas. Missouri mi, l Arkansas Thnra
day (»n Friday the rain men will probably spread ~vi*\
ward tr. the Atlantic Coast districts. It will be warmer
Thursday in th» !>•«•(>!• i»hl Valley and In the South At
lutitl'' sin..« The temperature ivlli fall In Kansas and
the Southwest The wind* atoDK the Atlantic Cast will
be fresh west becoming variable from the Carolina^
iwiuthwnrd; on the Oulf Coast •■•-: to brie* winds from
the southeast Will prevail, and on the lower lakes nrean
to brisk went wind? will continue Steamers which depart
Thurnda] for European ports will have fresh west winds
and fair weather to the Grand Banks.
l-v. i New Etoirland, fall to-day and probably Friday;
frceh -j. ..«. winds.
For Burtern New York, riistt-rn Pennsylvania, New-
Jeritey and Pelaware, fair to-day and probably Friday:
fl For Manland nnd tlie Dls'rlct ©I Cnlumblo, partly cloudy
to-day and Friday; fresh weal winds.
For Western Pennsylvania, cloudy to <Ih>. with anoa Hi
mountain districts; Krl.lny full . northwest winds.
Flll Western New York, cloudy to— ila> and Friday; Msal
■noil along the lakes: rrrali west winds.
In thl» diagram the continuous white line shows the
. !mn*c» In pmssuie an Indicated by Th* Tribune"^ self
recordlnK barometer. Hie dotted line shows the temper
i tor* «• recorded at Perry* Pharmucy.
The followin* ofltetal word from the W#«th*r Uureau
nhowi '"•• i lianxHs In ill-- temperature for th** ln«t twenty
four hour* In rfini>ari»'in «rlth th«" rnrr»!«t"<iricllnK ilnt« «•'
iß.t year.
IBM 1!« H. 1902 1801.
3 11,1 n m M .''.» »:<»> p. m 41 47
c, : 0o a. m 3« M <••'»> p . m 41 4.:
pirn b m 40 M •' '-> r. m 4" 12
12 0.1 m . ... SB .Wl]:rtO p. m 3 1 * 4i>
2:4° p. m .. 42 ' 12:0" p. 18.;... — " '• ■Ml
Hlch»?t temperature y#st»rday, 41! <s^cr»»«; lo*«at. >».
lad ■ •»: 13; »ver»|te temperature for rorr»»pondln» da'»
la?' tw«ntj -l » r«ar«, 4.1.
■ I^oral fnr»ea§t. — Fair to-day and probably Fridiy. sta
tionary temperature, fresh west wind*.
St. Paul. April 2.— Miss Ruth Hill, daughter of
President James J. Hill, of th- Great Northern
Railway, and An^n MeCook Beard, nf New- York
City, were married at noon to-day at the home
of th» bride's parents In Summlt-ave. Only one
hundred and thirty (tiipbt-j were Invited, the bride
desiring: a quiet w«»ddin«. Monst«n.>r Anatoli Oster.
who officiated at the wedding of Mr and Mr?
James J. Hill. was an honored guest to-day, but
the ceremony was performed hy Archbishop John
Ireland, assisted by the Rev. Thomas .1. Gibbons,
of this city, both in the full vestments of their
office. The bride was attended to her place before
the clergymen in the drawing l room by her father,
who presented her to the brtdegioosa. Shi was
assisted by her sister. Mist Rachel Hill. »s brides
maid, while Krie Dahlgren arts best man for the
bridegroom. Music was furnished by th- Dan?
Symphony Orchestra, with organ accompaniment
by George H. Fatrdonzh. of the Church of 8t
John ihe Evangelist. An : nformal reception fol
lowed the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Beard will reside In New-York City.
Thf honeymoon will be spent at North Oaks. Mr.
Hill's summer home near this city.
In many particulars the event resembled the wea
ning of Ml-- Charlotte Hill to Mr. Slaile last
October. The most striking similarity was th.
presence si the ceremony of a Japanese count, with
his suite of Oriental dignitaries, Count I" 1 , the
Japanese statesman was an honored Hues* at in*
other wedding The Eastern dignitaries to-day were
Count Matsukata the famous financier of Jap»n.
with his sons. Goto Matsukata and ChoJiko Mat
oiikata. also T. Megata, Japanese I»irector of Tax
ation and K. Tnk-.i of the Bank of Japan.
Following a custom established at the time of th«
w.-.!. lint: of Miss Hill's elder sister. Mr. Hill allowed
the bride to select any picture she preferred f'"tTl
his splendid gallery of paintings The br.de.
among other presents, received $330,000 In bonds
from her father for pin money.
Baltimore. April 2. (Special) wedding of
Miss Rebecca Angelica Morison and Captain Mor
ton Jackson Henry. C, S. A., took place here to
day: The bride belongs to one of the oldest Co
lonial lines of Maryland, the summer home of th«
family being the original manor near llebeste*
received under grant from the first Lord Baltimore.
Captain Henry i- a son of the late Morton P.
Henry, of Philadelphia He entered the army at
the outbreak of the Spanish war, ami has sine*
seen active service In Cuba and the Philippines.
The ceremony was performed at noon at the boms
of the Drill. parents. No. 235 West Munument-st.
The entire interior whs lavishly decorated with
I .alms, smil.-ix and roses of every variety. The maid
of honor was .Miss Eleanor Addis, m Motison, and
the bridesmaids Mips Harriet White and Mi as
Virginia White, all three cousins of the bride The
best man was \Y. BarkUe Henry, of Philadelphia,
brother of the bridegroom, and the ushers were
Frederick Watriss and Nathaniel H. Morison, of
New-York a brother of the bride: John W. Geary, of
Philadelphia: Hugh Whitney, of Boston, and Nicho
las Longworth, of Cincinnati. The bride, who wore.
a gown of white panne crepe, richly embroidered
and trimmed with old lace, was given away by her
father. The Rev. Edward Helfenstein. rector of St.
John's Protestant Episcopal Church In Howard
County, officiate I
Miss Carolyn Courtney B v low, daughter nf John
Archibald Bartow, was m;irr|ed last evening at
St Paul's Church, Englewood, X. 1 .. M Arthur
Charles Sherwood, youngest son of the late Colonel
J. I>. Sherwood. The Her. •; F FUtchner - -tTI -
elated The m.ii.l of honor was Miss Marguerite
M. Bartow. a sister of the l>rid>-. Th- bridesmaids
were Miss Caroline Rebotil. of New-York: M\?*
Elsie Supplie. Miss Kilzal.cth Taylor and Mi--«^
Flor.t,c» Taylor, of Philadelphia; Miss Katberlne.
lark and Miss Louise Bajless. tif Bnglewood. The
best man was John 11. Sherwood, brother of the
bridegroom, and Ihe <<•->>■ were E. Seward
Prosper. James Chauin. John Kerr. C. H. I. Chap
in Bayard Bartow. William Marvin foe, Albert
i'oe and Edward White. After the. ceremony there
was a reception at the house of Mr. Bartow. Many
of the guests were from New-York. Philadelphia,
Brooklyn and Toronto.
Tin marriagi of Miss Amelia Frances II itt-m-r.
youngest daughter of Mrs. [Catherine Frances
ilattemer and th» late Valentine Hattemer, to John
Henry Karsch will take place to-nlgbl at * o'clock
jit the home of the bride, So ■'■•'•"• West Forty-alxth
sl The Key. William Koepchen. of St. Luke's
Church. West Forty-second-st.. will perform the
ceremony. After a tour of thr«»« weeks through
the South. the couple will return and live on the
upper West Side.
Samuel Woolverton, who h..s bees cashier •*
the Gallatin National Bank for four years, was
yesterday fleeted i)rpf--i<ipnt an.i i direotor of
the Institution. He will t:»k» the place made
vacant by the death of Frederick D. Tapi>en.
CSeorge K. Lewis, aaststani cashier, lieeom?s
cashier of the bunk.
Mr Woolverton was born on a farm s*ai
Stockton. Hunter Jon County. K. J.. In March.
I'm'.}. Coming to New-York in ISM*, he trent :
th«> npxr six fears in the employ of various :
mercantile Brats. In ISSN he enten d 'he s..r- I
vice i^f ih" Fifth Avenue Hank as a messenger, i
ami '•> IMM had hwnmt' assistant cashier. This i
post he resigned In February, I*"'-' to take the ■
cashlership of the Gallathi National Bank. Mr.
Woolverton Is well known hi th. banking world
and is held in hi«:h esteem, both for his ability '
ii - .1 bunker and for his pleasing personality.
• — ;
By the will of Sophia E. Mini filed yesterday ;
In the Burro) otlli-e. hei Napoleon 1 • h.iir. from '
the Palace of Men. lon. Is to en with its mat**, whirh j
Is In th< Metropolitan Museum of Art. and th*» oil
painting <>( her j;rf;tt-2r;tn<lfnthpr. David Grim Is
bequeathed to th> Historirsl SoriPty of th« City nf :
NVw-Yora Sh< al?<> l.av»s $."»(*. to the State Chari
ties Aid Association, |
Albany. A:>r:l 2.— Al the forty-second annual
ineptinp of t n < Eclectic Medk il Society >>f th»» !
State In this city th»> president, Di F. P. Sinclair, j
recommended thnt k building he rei ti d I■• thp ■
EcJectlc Medical College of the City of Now- York. ,
thiit Institution havins, hf ild, out grown it.-* sr*s>
.it quarters. To-night I>r. John I' LJojrdL pr»^l
denl of the American Eclectic Institute ■■( Cm- j
clnnatl, delivered ati address. morrow the an
imal election of officers will be held. ;
London, April Telejcrama from Liverpool say j
that the Elder-Dempster Company announro that :
they nre willing to carry sugar from Ktnestnn. Ja- !
innli-a. to Avonmouth, eland, free of charge. In
order to hell the West Indian planters tide over ;
t)i< period until the sugar bounties are abolished •
nnd t.i cultivate trade between Jamaica and Ena;
llnrn«-lt> I iH-<ininr j.r.>mi>res the growth of the
hiiir an«l renders It dark »nd gtaea]
i-I. M '.IN' DALLEI —At No. 0 K.isr SSUI St.. on '
\Ve.lnes»lay. April -'. IMC l>y the Rr*. t>avid 11.
Greer D. D., Evelyn Maynard Allen, dauifhter i>f
Henry Imlley. to William Hement Clatlin-
HOIJJSTER— SMII*IRfS — "n Wednesday evening. April 2.
11102 at Him resident-* <if 'Irint Sgu'.r. s. Xo. SRI West
tin-! avr., hy Rev. .?. I. J-nkin?. D. I>.. Adii-nne
Adams, *»unl of Amy and the late Walter Squire*
and William Hollt»ter. rormerrj of North t'arnllna.
SHERWOOD — HAllTinv At St. I'aul's ("hurrh. Bask
iv „.1. N. .1 . on Wednesday. April 2. by the K^v Oe>>r«e
Flichtner, Carolyn Courtney, daughter "I John Archi
bald Barti)W. and Arthur duulea Sherwood.
VOORHEBS BROWM At IB* Central Presbyterian
Church, on April -. by the Rei W. .Merle Smith. ff> !>..
loiilr- iJana-hter of Mr and .Mrs. Baaaaaj Queen Ilrown.
t.. It Junta I>itmar» v -ncca, N>th of New- York flty.
Notices of mswrlsjajes and deaths must be in- !
dorsed with full name and address.
lirotlnax, Jnirai m. jr. Iteming. TBaaajM U
UrowiM Jtinlus 11. I'aulwn. Minna. .
I>iirii«-ll Jinn-- SiinTurJ, ij.riirll* It.
imnacumb, Ra». Samuel W. Samaoo, Charl-Ji E.
Ki.»tll«h Thomas I' SaJterle*. LJvtn«>t,>n.
Iliiu-hinson. Vlvlenne K. M. ■nil>|lli William L.
Johnson. Sarah X
}iUl>I>N-XX— At Clifton Pprlni?*. M Y. on FrMay. March
•in Jam^n Maolin Brwlna* Jr.. oldest child of the Uev.
Jamc* Haclin and Kit <. .t.-», Yt-umuns sawsaas, aajN
two >ear» ana tea month*.
BROWNE— On Wednesday afternoon. April 2. at hi*
residence N>> i.yj West 37th-st.. »ft-r .i llngerln* 111
ness lunii's Henr» Browne funeral prlvatf. liostun
H nd 'Cincinnati aaa«n ataaaa c-'py.
DARNEI U— On Wednesday. April '-■ ■'""••■* Darnell. f.>r
;„, „ a faithful vrnntm and vatu«i frtend in th
"mly of Ml-- Bll«a T. BaUey. Funeral service, on
W«ih -ixi T corner of Wushington I'l.u-e.
lil\-;i-|MH-M hi" residence. Xj. 2«« West 128th-»t.,
.r»ldrnfy on March 3". IWC Key. Samti W. Imnv
'ml. aKHd "• J...1.?- Funeral enrvleea at Xo. SJ Ea-t
t2Mh'fil on Thursday. April 3. at a »>le*S p. m.
ReUttT«i and friends Invited. Interment at ITaassßwa
FN'll IBH - Kntere.l Into re»"«. »' Newark. N. J.. on Tw«
"daj April 1 I'r ThomHs L"jnn English, In th» 831
veir of Rla »*•- Funeral from his late r*«lrlenre. No. *7
?tßt»>-»t Newark, to the H"'i*» of Trover, corn»r
Broad and ?tate Ms.. '•■'"■-■ April 4. at 2p. m.
HL'TCHIN?ON'— In Ner-Tork Otr. on Tu-.«i»;. . April 1.
l->.v2 Vlvtenne F. M.. wit* of James I. Hutchtnson. of
Morilbtown. N. J. Funeral from rhiip»l Collegian
Church No. I West »th-st.. on Thursday. April •,
*t 10 30 a. m. Interment at Woodlawn.
JOHNSON— Sudden It. at ■- - Monro*. ft •""♦ t*Rn.T+.
Parah X.. wife nt H. M. John.«on. of Bay Shor*. Lor*
Inland. Xotlcs of 'liners! hereafter.
T^EE-WIN'CJ" -On Monday. March 31. at I-ik»n'ir«' If. h.
after a short nines*. Thi>m«< Iyinytlalf Lee— - «.
Brookllß. N' T.. in the «Sth year of hi* •«• Jn **?»
...rs|,-«-» will be held »' hi» :■((• resident". >o «*}
«th-»t.. Brooklyn. N. V .. on Thursday. April 3. -a:
M a. m.
rAI'I^EN On April I. •ucMenly. Minna. m\«rm *f
William Paul.«en aseri «> rears. FUneraJ from ■■»
chapel r>f the Home. 104 th at. and Amsterdam-aT«.. 03
Thusadsiji. %Pr« I it I p. in.
UAr"F»iRI' At th» h^me of her daughter, at V.'Hkesbafr*,
.-,.„ '->n Aprlt I. lt"C. «>f apoplexy. Cornell* M..
irHmr nt tht Itev. J. y- ■ » Saffurrl. I. D.. Of Zansn
rllle Ohio. nr. ' -.;:■- of ram*9 M. Ray. of ISsV
ianapolis In'!
SAMSON — At his residence, at East >r»nm'. S. J., on
April ". Charles ■: Samson. Notice of funeral he*a
MTTmn On Wedn<"s»il»y. April 2. at ' [ " '■*** ■•■•-
il«>ncp No .' West tfiSd «t.. liristaiiler Oneral I^iv
inif!«ti>n Saittei»ec in the «.':.! y»ar of hi- age. Funeral
services .> il he heM In St. Matfhew> church. Mth
?t.. near Central Tark ff'Jt. on Sattrrclay. April 3. at
l:»»p. m
WHIFFLE -On Tuesday. April I. I 1"1:.I 1 " 1 :. Brrret Major
General William penison Whlpple. I". - A., retired.
Kun<-r*l <.»>|... it tht- itinn-h of the Transrtsuration.
•j;>th-st. Un Friday. April 4. at 3 o'clock p. m. Inter
ment i< Arlington Va. Chicago •'•"■' Washington
papers pleaiie copy •
t'omndn of C,e.,rse Wa«hin«t^n Tout Nr>. \Ki. Vm
partmem X. Y-. •; A. X.. will SMWTObta at the Church
of th»> Tran'tliturßiion. St.. liotwe.-n :>\\\ and M^di
son avea.. ..t» WrUmj afterri'.i.n. April ». at 3 o'clock.
to attend the funeral "f our late comrade. ■*■» Co«n
inaniler \VUI»m •»■ W!»ipp]«- Hy order ..f
.1 LAV .1 •■ .\ WARP. Commander.
Trlhiine ••III.".. l!»>«'"" "' " »
SIMILE >■" : . B»>.
PI'NPAT ft cratat VVKKKI-V RrTV'IEJW. Scents
I>AILT. ' 3c«t»;TKI-WEEKLT. - cent*
nou r ksonsn ■■■ terns,
Tlilltt NfcJ ALuMANAC. ■ CENTS.
For all points In the United State* jtnUatiß of •^reeasa'
Xew-¥orlt>. Canu.U and llwxtco.
(Ma Month. *i " Six iluiithg. BO
Three Months. <-...'. Twelve Months. •»•»
Six Month*. |»«»| WEEKLY REVIBW:
T*elv» Meats* *H»'m Six Jlonths. '•
SUNDAY ONLY: I Twelve M-nth». •*••
Twelve .Months. »2 <»>, TRIFfI'M-1 AI.MANAC:
DAILY O.NL.Y: i- Copy. 23
One Month. !Ml| •riUKl'Nr; INDEX: ~
Three Month*. $2 1 " I'tr Copy. *1 '- 0
Six Months. »4«i;TKI«L'.N'B EXTRAS:
Twelve M «n«. »t> l"vi Send tor catalogue.
Six Months 73| ...
Twelve Muntus. SI &>•
Mail snoacrlber* to th« I>AII/i and TKI-WEEKLT wtU
te charged urn- tent a copy extra pustas* m aa«ui»»B» ■»
the rati-4 nameil above.
The Tribune wilt l« mailer l Cuba. Porto Rico. « a « r »'}
and the Philippine* without extra «»p«na» tor loreisa
r-ostal* In l*ir<.p~ ami all countries in the toltowßi
I'oatal Union The Tribune will be tnail^U at the follo-wtn*
On- M nth. *l »i SU Montf s. »» «
'1«. Months f23« | Twelve Mur.tha. »U *»
Three Months. *» Vi nu "tr)M-i : •
&lx Month.-.. *■•■■> Six Monthe, »i -'
Twrlve Months. V'J »* Twelve Monfh^ W0»
5U 1100-m. *-• M Mx Mor.the. »»•«
Twe've Months, *i 12. Ta -!-.<• Mor.tha. IV**
One Month. ti 4* Six Months, »*«-
Two Months. «2a&>] Twelve Months, *-O+
A.ldr«: maTStmmi&llm r.i-atlv. to ral-rrlptta. or
pdvertisementsi 10 THE TRIBUNFX New-York City. KJ
mlt by Fostotflce money order, express money omer. araa
or resrlstereil letter.
main OFFICB— No. 134 Btosasai at. « «r»- m
: pToWN OFFICE— N- 1.2*2 BruaJway, or any AB*s»»
ran lM.«trict T»l<>Kraph Office. " M
NEWARK BRANCH OfTli >■ -Frederick N. Sommir. ?•«.
T94 Kp.a.l «C '
AHEHIi \\-> ABROAD w!li find The T v l % "in» at: ,
LONI-ON 1 - Ofl •■ of The Trlhure. No. 14» Fleet-st.
Hto^-n. •;■ nid *. '•••. No. 34 Nerr-OxfortJ-st.
„..., . Erarm Company N->- 3 Waterloo Pla««.
The London offir- «>f THK TRIBUNE I* a con»«niant
pi-. -> •( , '^i-. . lt i ;-i-pr i<- fvn^-^r ?** athX subscript lon 9>
FARtS-a. M->nrre v C 0.." No. 7 R'J» StlAa.
John fTanamakw * C , No 44 «'»• de» '••»*■•
Itcttlnsuer & Co. No V* ■*«• ** Provence.
D . ran Harjes a Co.. No. 31 Boulevard Hausstnana.
.r.-. r e- Lvo"nal«. Rurei-i Too Birangt-rn.
Arr»r!can ¥Zxrri-*x Company. No. It R'i- ScT 's*- .
«. ■■!■ den Imprimerie3 I.«Tn»reier. No. <« Plac« «•
roma _ ,
nrNF.VA- 1/imNri. O.IW * Co. and Union Bank.
FI^RFN'Cr:— w>mi -■ & Co. „ „
II A: HHIT.R- American Hxpress Company. N». 11
S<-hmle.!e 53fn»<"e. _
nREMI'TN'— American Express Company. No. • BansUat
CFNOA-Tm^rican Express Company. No. 13 l* San
Pn«tofH»*«- Voting.
pv,,,,,., v r»s<l PAIT.'V by all Interested, as rhana:-^ may
occu- at nny tlfflf.l
ror»!irn mulls for the '..-'iT endlnir April 3 1002. wffl
,!,.<:„ prompt in all m»><ti at thm General Tostofflcw mr
f,.1V,, v « Tarrela rn.«t Ma - c!<">se one hour earlier tli^B
r|..«ii«r lima -*■ >wr b<
R»«ular .^n.l -.ir.t !• iv-irar-.- Mi ■'■-•• «, F.ir»'fn»
(e,"-ept thai sC"ol-mentarr VUOa f"r Europe an* C-n
trut America. via Colon, close one hour later at Foretsa
THCRSDAT— • At • a. m Tor Azores T-«U jr. r«" " - "
PenlnsuT-ir: at 7 a m. for France. ~~r.\ \ »•
c. lh , P „.,.,• Turkey. Ft=:yv'-. Or"-—. ■ HtMl Ttv'l%
.- ■ Tx^renr- Man"'*. -"■ «■ • T - a >i-» ■''» 1Ia»r»
Jmnll for 'irner ...r-j of Tump* mint h<» rtir».-rM * T-r
° * ! - .^
PATVTU>*V \t 7a. m for n—t IP. per •. ■ ■>■ "'*
,, c . via I?^rre (mat: mr rth^r parti of nu-^pe; m-.*:
b«, ,5,—. -...I "por .• •. I.:, Pr»tasTre">: at T:3l> a. m.
for N»f>"r!Tnil-< dlrert. per « • Itftt'rfam faa»H
mvafVp ,?tr»'-t».| "r^r « !■. Rn't»rl»m">; ar !»:3 ft a. m.
(«ir>p!-m<-nrary It r>. m.» for Europe, per a. *. rmnrt.l.
Tin QdwMvwr: at 11 a. m. f*r Ifnly flirert. per a. a.
1.-ihn unall rnnsl be directed "per - ■•. T.ahn">.
•PHTNTrrrt MATTER, ETC.— This nwi fakes r-'«"«^
.. |'ir...r a ,-.< <,■..'. f r f",>rni(rv
niilr. The «ame class of m-til matfer for oth»r parts
r-f Ffnrop» will n^t he sent by th!a «hip ■!■■ specially
iJfrect«l br her.
Aft*- th» cl— :inir th» B»ut>pt>ni»flt«r> Tmn«-A»!ant!e
M-»fl* namM above. aAlttlnaa! Stiprlorn'ritarr Mails ar»
„p^n p .l on the rlers of th» Anertr-an. English. Fr»T»ch
and f!»rmnn 'termers, an.! r*rnr»in open until within
Ten Jtflmi'e* of »h» hotir of aallln^ of sfoamer.
IV'IF.;. FT.
TTTT'Rpr»AY — v- .». ■ for Cv >». I at— Camp#c»"»
Tabasco and Oilapn-s. p*>r ». •. Tucatan (mall for other
parts of Xtex-cr r list t.» dirwf.d •'•vr - • Tue»tan'*V.
at , a. m. for Bwrnmla. per s s. Pretoria; .■ 10 *. m.
for Argentine, fnienar and ruraenay. per 5 « Italia
p r i n ,. A - m t2 m. mavottßtmtarf t2:.Tf> p m.> '■"" B»
hamas.' p«t s r An r fiin. via Nassau (mail must h» dt—
.... •p^r 9. n. Antllia">.
I*Rir»AY Al 3 -•■ i" f nr Jf«rt»#m Kri»s!tl. per a. •.
Ttnherr »r '2 m Tnw Mertm per ». » f»ene«-aj. t1»
Tampiro Irrnil rrt.st *- Erected "-'■- - • P»r;ectj"»: at
„> „ fo r SnnM-so per « • -■■■• ••>:.•• *<■ '--^-t at ttl:3»
_" „' f Ar p,> t...-. 1. p».- rteamc from Miami. FTa.
PATT-RT<»T— %i 2 a ro fur A-sr»Titin~. ''n!«-»T •*"'
' TarnKxmy pt - ■ C^rontfa: "t p a m. <s'ipr:«m»n»%ry
»-3rt i mv f^r r^rt* Ttlr.. r-,.ri<-!»o »n.l A^n-Z'iela. per
!.' « mmm* (mail Tor Snvni'lt-T and Oirfaeena must
b« dtrerre.t "rer • s i>nra?">: at !> a. m. for P'lrt^
rtrn .... , 1 ...... 1 .- vU T^r.-' '"flnirv ma'!
onl-r' wMch tnnsl ■ •» 9 ». rr'^n.l»r"i. Nt
P a", m. for RraztT. per p. s. Tennyson. via remambiiro.
FJanla. nto ,Tnn»-Iro and ?antow |mii! for S"orth«rT
rrn^ll Arsrenfln*. t'rui 11 and ?mi« mnsf P»
P .,.f0,t "-per » s. Tennv«on"i: ar P:H n » m. f«npr>le>
m^ntarr !■> SO a m.> for "ii" Island. Jamaica.
SArnnll'ta and r--, r ta«ena. r»r = " A!Wh*nr (mall f.ir
,-„,„ Ri,- a rimft he df'eot^ " r.->r .->- . p. Al!e«thany >- >: at
P"i> a m isiippi°menrary lrt-.to a m > for Cap* TTattt
Torf de r*\x kqralTeii ft Marc. .Terem!" and Ssnta
Stajrta per « ■. Alpp imafl '' "■" -•"« of ITalti
fnusf h» direct »d 'pr s. «. A!ps">: if *.*> a. ■>. i«*ir»
p!etn»ntarv *1 ( "i> 3 . m > for <* Thomas. Pt. Crotx-
I fk^^-Trd apf* Windward fa' ,r- ird frftfs*i. ruitch an«l
French nntana. r»r < i Fontnr-elle iimtl for fJr»na>l»
and Trlni.lsd must he dlre^te.l -per s s '^S^?*'*'^
at If> a m fr>r i'uh». P*r 5 . Me*lro. Tin Harsna: at
to a tn. for Tncatafl and frtnipeche. per s. 9. Rav«mp
date' at 1,1 a m f.r ?I . ■'. ■• '■ < » Frfni VTm. 11. vi*
rort-an-rrlnce and Peril r,nav» fmal! for Pnracao.
V»ne»>iel,-> Trinidad. .-.;. >n H Pn« ■* Guiana - BJBI
Jno ,ii.-.-.. toil "i>»r s. a rhM V.'m IT"*: af n> a. m fir
r;rena la Trlntdad ant «nudad Boltvar. .- ». , Maramt:
at 1" r?<> p. m. for r>iba. r- - " " .V-!fv»-* ■ 1-1 M»'»lUflj
(or-llr.arv mull only, which mtw be directed "per a. •.
Mai!-. for .Vewr.iTindTrind. hy raft tn ?W*h Fvdn»r art*
th^nre M- <>..im---r close it thto office dally at * -*' 1
P m fconnecfinir close her» every Mondiy. WednewJaF
and Saturdav>. Stalls for Sliquelon. by rail tn Boston,
and thence hy steamer close, af this offlce datlv at • M
P m. Malls for t*uha. b» rait n flewtibm, and fh^n.-s by
sffamT^. are .H>>vTtrh<'d datly, fln-»l conrx-rtinsr clCM>«>.
, _ dispatch vfa F"rt Timpa. e n Sundays ,•■■'.-.
Wedn.-sdavs nnd Fridays. H2:-f> n. m. : for ■ 'parr*
vH Miami, on Xoodaja and Fridays at ■■■•< d. m.
M-»ils for Mexico flty. overland. Un!"« specially Hx\-
Situmfi Tnr dlsyiatch >ir steamer, close >' tills offlc#
,, |t i v except Pnni*;iv at t ■"• r> m an' 11 "!<i p. m.. Sun
'i-« at 1 p. m ''■ ! II SO p. '" Malls f^r fosta Ptra.
} ..-■ .. Puerto ff.rte* an! CoatCtnat*, hv rail to N»w .
Orlenri*. and thence hv steamer, close at this •**. ■• <tat!y
•xcept Sunday at tl:3i> n. in . Sunduys at tt n. m. (roi»
nectine closes here M-n.*nv< f.»r Belize. Tuerto Cortex
and Ciiat»mßb. and Tuesdays for fosra. Rica). ♦Bes}
istered mail closwt at ti d. m. Drtvlous day.
Had* fur Hawaii. .".in and China (al««n am— mail «n<J
specially ai!dre«snl perfinJiraN fur ■-, Philippine Is!
h n i-> Th Pranelvcci cfesa 1.-r- dally at ft 30 n. m.
„ .. ti> April <-l. In.-lusive. f,. r dispatch „--- •». - Gaelic.
Mulls' to* Australia li-JOTf \Wsr Aunfrnlli. which la for
warded via K>!rup»>. »n -Z-nland. Fiji. Sanrna an)
Hawaii. v... -■ in Framlwo. -. h»r<» dally at «;S0
p m. after March *30 an.t ut. ta April t3. Inclusive, or
t>n arrtvat »f s. «. Lucanla. due at NVw-York April fS.
•..,■ dtfpitc-h per ». (.Sierra
M»i!- for Thtn-» and Japan, via Seattle and Victoria.
B. .._■■•■• daity at ■■. m. up to April i-s, fn
c-luslve. for dispatch, per g. s. Empress of ip m (resl»
terett mall must be specially idressed. Merchandise for
the trnJted States Postal Aicency at Shanghai cannot b*
fotwarttc4 via Cinada>.
Mail* f'^r !!•«» 'it China and ..'man via Fan Francisco,
rloce h*>re dally at •! .*!■ > p. m. tip to April tlO. Inclusive.
for dispatch p*»r s. s. H-'nsr Kin* I in
Malls for the Philippine Is! in.- ■:« Sin Francisco, elos*
h«»re .!.illy at g .".11 p. m up to April til. inclusive, for
IlKpatcti per r -if-.! States transport.
Mil!- for China and Japan, via TaronMt rasa* her» dally
at B:. 1 "* r>. "I. up to April til. inclusive, for dispatch par
9. « Victoria. •
M:ills for Hawaii, »l» San Francisco, close here dally at
.-, \i< p. r». tip to April M* Inclusive, for dtspatcb. per
s ». A lameila.
Malts for Tahitt and Marquesas Islands, via Sun Fran
cisco, close here dally at •-. M p. m. up to April M 7. In
clusive, for dispatch per • . • Australia.
Malls for Australia <except West Atistralta. -which anem
via Europe. an?t V»w-Zealand. which «oen via San
Franclsco>. and FIJt Islands rla ■ and Victoria,
B C. elo«<» here dally at • >' p. m. up to April t2*l.
Inclusive, for d!»p»trh per • • Jloana i»p».Mally a4
dres»»d onlvi
Transpaclfl- mills are for-far-led ;r> port of S3t:iri« <1»»lTr.
and 'he sched'H* m '! «in« Is arranged cm th» pt'imitip
tlon of their uninterrupted overland transit. TK«*in«r«4
mail closes at * p. m. pr»v!ous d»y.
<-Of?N-«ILtt"S VAN CCrTT. Po«tma*t»r.
Poitofflce. Neor-Tork. .V T.. March 2«. 1908.

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