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New-York April 3. IMS.
i. h^« „;,,,. ♦'. Oranges, boxes V. ]s
w~Uax PkPF I Arpies. Mb* 1.7""
l>«n« white IMk... 4PVfv.tatoes, bMs l.«*»l
near. KM* 4.«* Oniona. bbls 2.2*'
fSm. Mfk* ls,o.;l;Hay. tons l.«l»
.■nmrr.e-.l ba<rf «*-(» Firaw, ton* GO
immv Pkn MMMUlfeed. ions i«5
\VhTat hush .... 5,7T.%,R1c«. |*ts .-,^7
?V.rn V-u*h itSSO Prune* pkgs 1.100
JSJT bufh SJ.Oi«» Dried fruits, pkgs.... I.l*l
''/■ bus" •• •■• 1 «•* Cotton, • "- I! * 4
KS; buM,:: . • .«.vconon*~d oil. bMs.. . 1.2 M
0,,-.k«h<Mi. hush.. . -:••••■; ;-r matte. ba«s... 2.'«'<'
«,i, bn^h 13.5".*! Spelter. FlaUs •»<•
££f r . r , !s not/.ad. pie* I.2<ni
B&SEft ~ s ": SISS? nil*™;::::::: *
«-.7«! Spirits turp. bbls K5
2T"n "f: .. -• : -
•'.>' !=■'•= i«» ;•"
- . , ; . :::::: "B
gS •■■•• 11.08 011. lur.. bMs i 1"
Tal™w I*P« l» P*an«ta. r,*c* 7...
H£ 111 s™£ ill I
. 3.,^. T.'n--, to,
. 122 plurs c "-
K'JS \Y),i.k«-y. holt • «»
;^M pnuitrV. !*« ■•14 Wine .ok pkga: ... «>
Live j^ultrv. rrat.s. 32,
•.-« V<.r \"n 1 • BISSS Cotton, middling ... 9 1-W
££. FO No 2 **t- - 1 T CS j Coffee. Xn 7 Ri<v .... f.\
i'-^f; l,ii, 2*«« !Su«rar. granulated ... 4K"
X,. no J r»d . . . SftVii Pork, met* 1* •&
r5*T VaSmi*** — 47 ban! vim- 10 on
jT-ur. Ms* patents. »»• t
Trees' BSSi ■ ««fc»i r.T7.tnr.. K a> S-*H
JSEbw* !.,........ „.„..i .r-. gala .. ».U»
- X oil. Ka ls K«.fiM
HrTi Si. *•*» . . . 3W» Bert, bbte jg
Tar. bM» i H G«a*e, TO : . : .v."-.-:.: 4 3O 'iS;
KeSned iH>t. «15.. 1.701. 1*2 Butter. " ::::::: *-.£.
Vsphtha. jtslf 401.130 1 Cheese, n. SOS.»O
NwTTk. April 3. lP^.
COFFEE— An imnr^ved ft ''.'.r.g was noted in Wffe* to
<av . The market '.penei rteiSy. with prices 5 pototj
klElie' nfter which there was a further n«e of j roints
otTa 'flurry r,f coxorinK snd liKht bull rapport, pronged
far snaller nrtzilian rercipts. firmer Tlaropean markets
San icei rally looked for. an.l a bullish estimate by Kail
Krische A < v o. of 3.i>n..o<*> for the Rio crop anJ
t.Em«on bars as the s.i Tit.is crop, this Pins considerably
tinder previous i<l«-fls her.. Toward the close profit taking
forced the whole list lower. ;he f.nal tone beln* steady,
with ririces net un< har.R»<! to S points h!«ch«r. Trading
wss ft Trifle more active than for ■■■- last few day*. t->ts)
sales ammintlr.r to Ls.2.V> bairs. Fr.reisri chant's me -idea
en advance Ot ** franc a? Havre and of 1 . pTe at llßTn
u^c Rio e»peil on 7." rets: Santos ruled uncharged, but
barely stead) and the nchsniri' rate decreased IKM
Interior FaTitos receipts amounted to 141.000 basrs. and the
tr.tal Brazilian nort movement •-. 23.0(» bats. lndu^in<e
SHL*27 ha«s withdrawn ex ship New -Orleans, domestic
■warehniise delnerles weerecated 60.557 baps. Local spot
tcpri'^s reflected a steady tone, with -i more active m 'v.
rpent. Prires were based nominally on .**» c for invoice
la* of N-- 7 Rl
T' ** ranee of oor;t-a-t prices In the local market tc—say
was an follows:
Openlnp. Hirh. Low. Close. day.
Ami] — — — ■' aoo-s "« . '.20 -
Me- S.SS fi.4o 5.35 .-."■•-• i- 5.30
. — — — ."> •ir.'is.'..:>o .*'.4ii
.'tily 5.57. - •;< r...V"i .-.--..:.'<• 5.50
Arpust .............. — — — *. .irrr." 7" S.fiO
f eptember . 5.M» S*o ':" ""';■'• '• 7A
Orr<-t*r 5.V. f. 88 S.ST. s.*rt«fi.*a 5.«»
■Novt-mber — — - — :^~ r '. 5.1 • .*• .".
T>er»ml.. r « 00 R.flS «.<*» N.ttte«.Ort 5.»<»
.TsriKiri- <?.1<» fj.lft ft.io <i<'^*iWsin <5.«i0
February .... — — — r, in«.? 1.-. r)S
March «.25 c, Tim 2" 6.20§«.25 6.15
Foreign OofT*- Markets.— Rio— Coffee market barely
Heady: No 7 Rio 4.«4L'.". eKchanre. 11 15-I<W; receipt*;
fi/WVt hacf: .~!«Rrecj for ttie fr.ited St»te« * 000 »ncs
stork. r,H2.oc«> hexs. Partos-f,>rr«. market barely steady:
po.->d •■•.... sf9Ha>: receipt. 17.<W0 hacs; stock.
fBSAna hsj-«. Hambnra; — Coffw market opened un. hnr.r.. 1
»t 2.30 p m was net ', Ptg higher; sales. 3.OcV» hsga.
Havre— r-.-.fr » market opened quiet. •< franc hleher: at 12
ra ur/cVinncrd- at 3 p m steady and unchanged; at S^O
y - unrhanted; total sales. 11.000 bass
lamia rv 35.7.">' .Tu'v '. . .:-:.« <V*
February 4". '»> Aucust ...-.*'.:»
March 4'».2r> '■ September :<- 7:.
April 87 .25 1 October :?.> 00
May . 37.501 November 3t».2T.
Jun« . . . .17.7.V December BJ'S
The siatistica! position Of Brazilian coffee Is as' foil •.«.■=;
To-day. Yesterday. Laatw«ek
Km York rteliv ? rle« . 12«7< 12A74 S.4X".
Baltimore ''eliverief. f»» Ml 349
New -rirlf-ans deliveries. .. «.17.i3ij 22» . dm
T'-U] •liveries M •;.".', 1.7 7.",'. «. 27s
Ntw-Vork Ptoci 1.i«4.t.3.Vi 1.9M.03M I.7!i!MKil
sadtfn ■ st o<-k .... R8.4M4 r. r v-o:: «i 4<^;
New <">rlean« stock BaX«M 73.330 7»..»<»>
Stock at si! pnrts 2.071. X!«» !.OBA.OM 1.9X7.177
Afloat 592.00 A : SM.4M 411.<K»
Vi»iH» r UT rply. . . 2 :•■•-: OS** 2.407,021; 2.t:51.i77
■■■ time IflOl . . 1.987.W1 I. "<*:{. fel« 1.. ".'.13.. "2(5
*.V BS withdrawn r\ ship.
COTTC'N— Cott. n advanced n»arly to the Man leVel
:-eache<J f-arly in the y«--«r t.>-day and while t* sin«r oal
freni the best S»rur'-.- difipl«yed underlying ftrt*r.cth
throu«r!iouT. Tli< market opened steady, with prlc«s I
points higher to l point lower, this beiac a standoff
aralnrt small j.ort receipts on the one hand and dlsap
rfl.^tinr; carles „n the oth.r. But almost Immediately
tfter the call there was a sudden change f.-r the tv ft«
and from h.f£SC July <;ui--kly < limbed tt> s.!«l<- on .i scare i
of.thf le.iitnf rhorts ..f the season, whi were neatly i
•flinurVa Ly 'he smaP. interior receipts and i.arce inter!
shipmer.t?. The laTt.-r at once set at rest claitr..-" that bad
weather was retarding the movement, for if the trains
Inbound v.4 t<* drlayed bjr washouts causf-d V»v the recent
«mr '! : e BUjnwfita .--..■ have \x+n equally
slTecied. Reports from Southern spot mark, were very
f.rm arid exporten ret-nx-d as *aKT as durimt the month
<f Ja:i;ia!y ty secure .......... shipment, thoush
£if*t cf th<- present d*-mar.d <-anii> from ■'• Btmem . spir;
iwrs. H».'\v l.uyir.c at :hr Mny r.ptlon led to rum I that
Jhc Philadc-Iphla iii-«-r» ■■.-;.• v r»- r,v< ring j.reparatorj to
tekirr jiii entirely seu .•:.: la th« market. Toward
Diifidiiy prices fwscd «.;T OKti f „:fit Ifikinc. only to a t -:i'.:; I
tern f:rni on ::irht estimate • . ■:■ to-morrow's Nt-w-Oi 1.-ar. s '
and Houston r«-tlpts. Tl»- South. West and Wall Street j
«tre buyrs f.f the summ'-r r;i.,r.t}:s tint the early I
sefsirn. Sear the cVc* acTlvf- relling for profits forcul |
tJie srhole market lower and :> <■ final tone was barely j
steady, with prices 4 pr.ir.ts hipher to 1 point lower. I
Vbenas port rereiuts f^li below 7,000 bales for the nay. j
export . Uhrr.i-.i-tr reacfoed t.:n.e ir. '««> bales this making \
lotfci clearan. .-s In the last three days of 7i.00<» bales.
The r ar.ri> oT contra.-t j rlccj; In the local market to-day ]
was as follows- '
ITeatei I
>i.'-.- Hich. I/iw. Close. day. 1
Apr;) >>.ss siC K.f!S S-.ltOijj *.!»:! S.N» I
M , K.« >..(«! S.Hit --• : - ->; S>l j
Jane vs.-; v.<«» v«2 v 577, v KM i
July K.K3 S.!M >->2 *-.sf,sj-s.><7 .s>4 j
AcrtjFt s.»-J! 5.71 S.C! R«5^5.67 *.<".4 i
S^pteTnl— r V:;l J-.:a. S .:•• K.3<>6B^l - ::<> I
October k.13 s.i» kit. s.i.-,^-_ k.i<s
KOTemtter - •.- -OS vOS *. ones ..7 ,x,(.7 !
Iteceml«ir ►07 s 'iV 5.07 - >•.'..- ..7 - <> ;
January — _ s.fisJ> - 1.7 h <h;
Spnt o.itnn cloeed quirt: quotations I-16e hUjher on the
o«*is .f i. 1-T^- Tor middlitc upland nd 9 5 I<V for ti.iri
d.'in*: C,v.:i; sales. 21i; bal.-f. Houthern spot markets si re
telerraph-'i as follows: New <"ir>ans ftrni. »».: lil «li.-r at
l> Jl-3<i'-: Mnhile nomtna!. un'-ha:-.eed at BHc; HavannaJ
£rm l-l «c hipher at *%c; WllminKton firm, unchanged
« SV^; Norfolk steady. 1- ]<;•• ti!ch< r at R 13-10 c: Haiti
aore r'-'niinal. unchaneed at '.*■; \ :l- .•■'-■( firm, unchaneed
*'■■■- s: I>.uif tirm. I-I6c bldwr at HO-lttc; Mcmi
cnn. Jin,- hijrt.^r ht f-S<-; <;aiveston firm. I-lOc higher
St Sll-lOe. KsTimared recrlj,!^ it New i mean ■ for to
morrow are 2?Vr. to : ">' bule?. comr^rt-.l wish 5.910 hales
»«U«1 l!tFt w*.-k -r, i 4,.-'.!»4 l,.U«s actual last year- at
neatton. for to-morrow. 7<h. io *i«i bal-s. cf,m r ar«-d with
vW S »«"*! 'at «»ek nd 3.7.'.7 bales a.-tual iast
nereis st the ports and Interior points to day. ■ r«i
**'*" with the same, days l»-t week and last year:
_ Ijnst I^»Ft Present
5J* To-day. week. ye«r.
wUvestoa . -->'■ t ■'•- r..rar. 89.3X1
SST.7 "■'•*' ■ - 1,727 2.«>1 3.727 245.#*J
* lur '-'' Ifi ■■• 11!. 13.347
savannah ■ . i <»'■ mis -«:Vi 15.23S
Onariefton ;>! 4 m 'u:«\
WiliKlnKion . . . 43 MS ft* j«.:;t.
&. Ms *&± aa 54.1J3
N*»-York ..■..■.■.".".".*." f* Krt IC-.273
«>ston . l« BW 197
rhllaS.lr.hin jrrf> 25 "<«t 4 H44
v*rioa» .. I.<*Vt _, 7 ..,,..,
■^•a* . . «.f«M i0.j.74 13.93* ft4'),93.'.
' Mar:
AT!*T2tt« 122 ~-, r _ •%- :.'■ tit
;4»mpht« ... 72 . m 90S •-•'.. 7<;
f4-.| ;; ' ........ 133 4-.«- . M - 1 44.768
Hft,r? C * *"* '- A 4f>» 17.203
Houston ... I IH I «<;i 1.4*1 .'.7 OS
- rJ-?* 10 ** Excftante sp«-cial '.'- erj '-■] cables— Spot cotton
£5* r: **'"• "■ f " r ' bales; . r -<ulation and export. 100
„'! L A>nr » r ' *•<** bales- te f^.j r . F . SS.OOO bales; Amrrl-
«f., ,"- ( I>< " >ff bales: mi.idl;n«.-. upland. l%d; futures open-d
«... v • •'^' 1 ajvan'-e; c!f.w>d i.arciv steady, '.jfi^'j points
VjlT-f-' '• April l:vl April-Msy. 4..Vis; May .lur.e. I V" 2 <-.
.'^r j Uly " n<l J»il}-Auku«. I .Mb; Auirust September.
« St:. p'P"-»p 'P"-» ! "^ October. 4.3.i5: oo t toi,f r-Nov.-mber.
„, • l>: November n^rniW, 4.27'»b. •>',-.. Yarns
■~.:.X, X £ iD 2JI-AL.-Althoußh the early flour market
mVL lnr!lri '"* «o*-Krd steadiness, with a fair trade in
«oat * a *'- tin 1«» hr.sk In wheat checked lajsinest.
*.i«< -*** 1 """ '"arket rath*-r unsettled and barely
u^T' 3 '- Qaota'ions follow; Sprin* patents. |375«14:
«- ; /r stralisfata, %?. 7ufs|S So winter patents. $3 t"^
«e«iA* ' ne ' : "' ir "- *2«Si»3a«: extra No l winter. & 2<t
«!*, ' * 3ttr * Nn - »!nter, $3 10® J3 2>»: no Krade. $19 .'hi
? nr *.«i.T^ ?n<l? n<l to ■ JTlv »' RYK FlvrilTß— Quiet:
gSfS 1 F * lr r^ t< U^rr M i; * : ' 139*3 40; choice to fancy. »3 45
S^S^rfc: lwl i «uote.j : Kiln dried! M4O
r^e ' , .** **.■—»■ BAQ HBAX. Quiet; quoted:
Une white and yellow. $1 * r>4lsl r>o - c ■■•*■*•'• $1 2ft ** l »
fI7M- «T<T KI!l L2 IUTI I*- *••">. l!o&«1wi«*T5; #po». bran.
?ulk "*^ ■^.^* ITl r- ">• Fprln K bran,
ir bran v r.ran. flS^fm buck*
SS i^»' f Ji e H ; rlty bran - ?1 S OJl'-': buckwheat
? mTi •'; '-\ °" C * V "- >.: corn ol oak. I! 4
■ti Ir.y chop. »20; .ii meal. f2~tis;c*
- r^«h"'^" I l A . T ~, Much «aappototed over the actions
«ren«h ... ■■ ; = rk V' ' n f * !ltn * to respond to American
mrt? 5 ! 1 ! at " ) % li nMl<1 *';- local trader* sold wheat with
S,s« rjTli, '"I,*", <ta|r ' * nd th « market suffered
- r.m'i ! f " around, a- midday there wa* come a
«^L 2» Promote an advance on lll«,ral seaboard cl«ir
-ron r, - • ye,,- «mai, i r ,,,. r i,, r movement, but favorable
I «.K-h an e*.l th * '"" l!." ur bMacassaaf the bear feeling to
-n^t , ViT , Tim 4r«iT>ed ofT with little or no
'i~YZr JL?* fO!ln ' I " oict ° r WH« for May. with a
imm7«K --■ T * * 7? " : on th " rumor that Foremost !
*?^ r i" S? advices wa» a rumor that the Oht^
- tht. 1 m^iT J^ d " h " w Mr ' "npr-rt'ement of 15 points
hi I^:' T " n - Whl1 " not alto^^ther In line with •ome of I
«»«* •"-»•« r " lv " 4 ftom various parts of the West |
"?* th " *'*^"n" n - this report .on firmed the. view of most j
■ !***** Tr *** } r '* "'« ret.eral wheat outlook, and was.
.MMCore. * lv *4 wltl, "low than usual credit by the
•%'l?hr'£ n * Cnfav *able advices came chiefly from I
>r.a and the ft, Southwell Kansas reported ll* ht
taj* ln «rl."us part* of it,. Slate with more, likely to,
I S 1 , 1 , 1 " 1 "The rrlc " Current" said wheat wss fully
«i < r: LL n * llg ? " lrly *■" "■ ■ ■.i.-11'i'.n The .oldest weatler
: T* J'l. ' ' ■"'"''"'"* *"'»«»'»••'". hut even there, seemed to
E M TT). ■>'.' ln * » lIU1 *- Tn# „., , m , n , was cry small;
«* ■ * rlmar *' i'.irni. It amounted to „.. ..,', ■>>•> buehels.
compare* with 531.000 bush a year ago. while seaboard
clearances, on the other hand", were 570.000 bush of
wne&t aJone. mostly from New-York nn« Breton, with
total wheat ' Koran a for th» w«*k about 4<V.>.o«'o ■ .-•,
, larger than In the am time, last wo»k. New-York alcn*
i ivUx?^ laFt ° ix <3a > !< has shipped out considerably over
! 5f>0,000 bush of wheat. Minneapolis led the docllne
curing the afternoon and dosed ". l«il «i- ret lower, upalr.st.
I \c less ai D«tatth. st I#ju!s at one time was He net
j higher, but lort It a:! closing He ret lower. Enpilsh
: markets were partly 1^,5 up for the day. and Paris 1.1 to
j -.%> points higher. Export business, rnther flow at first,
I Increased -r . the break until 44 !.«d!» were taken a..
j pother. 14 loads being at outports. The. K«w-Tork bus!
, ness consisted of 2A loads No 2 hard winter 3'»e over
New Y. rk May. late April: I load No 2 Northern New
lork. He over May. and 4 loads eiprtne and winter, pr!
1 vate term« Local receivers also bought for May ship
ment 2>Xl.<iOo bu«h No 1 Northern, cost, insurance,
fr-licht BufTalo. Quotations of cash wheat, fob afloat
bwls, were as follow*: No 2 red. *6V»c; No 1 Northern
; Duluth. Wi^ir prompt: So 1 Northern New York. BO . No
" Northern Duluth. 19c. and No 2 hard New-York. BHc,
' all prompt: No I red. I*'-.1 *'-. elevator CORN— An
active trade took place in the corn market all day. with
! general seillnc a feature, especially in May and July.
: which closed 'V, <- net lower, while the September. Rettlne
cood supr«>rt in sympathy with the. West, where bull
! traders led the buylne. clow.i unchanged here and 4 »c net
hieher In <"hicairo. It was a speculative market through
out and irulderl largely by ChiCAeo. Total sales of futures
in this market were KSO.OOO bush. The country reported
very little corn rr.mtriß out. and estimates at Chlcaco
were only ho cars for Friday. The Liverpool market
closed Hd net hipher. In the" rash market ld.nOfi bush
N. E. G. corn were sold at 7« over CWeagO May.
In elevator: No 2 corn cloned W. s »c elevator. 87c export
prade; straight No 2 corn, «7 & *c; No 2 white. (Wic, and
No 2 yellow RS%c all fob afloat OATS -The oats
market was fairly steady until the corn break occurred,
when It went off In sympathy and closed weak. There
were sa'es of 40 Of** bush cash oats to the local trade.
No 1 oats closed 47c; No 3, 4<>Vic: No 2 white. B*c: No 3
white 49'sc; track white. 474f4ftr : track white. 4J»e»c,
and No 2 white clips. .M V' RTE- Market dull; No
1 Western. 63 R *c and No 2 Western. fiSVir. both fob
afloat: State rye, «V><J?fl3c . HARTLEY— steady;
feedlnc was ouoted RSfifiTir. and malting, 68972 c. both
elf New-York. ,
Wheat: Opening. Hlph. Low. Close. day.
Max- . ... 7* 7*S-:8 TTH ■ . •» iR l 4l 4 .
July Tsv;, 7«S 774 "7 1 -, I**
September 77 T . 7S 77^i 77^» •*
December W* 7P4 7« 7 , 7S* 70H
July ..!. W i WS • «•■* >**
BeptembVr; 64»» M «4»» «4- <u'i
April — - - $0874 $1017
:t£ Wt i 71V 72H 71', 71* 72.
July .. . 72% 72% 71 3. 71% Tt%
September 72S 7?. 71 7 i 72 ...
M ... «nu <v>^i mm I**1 ** SPY ""H
juiy :::::::...: «>; ««* •»«• s?. H "OJ" O J
September MS l s -''f' 5 * ™ '» f>o *
May 42H 4.T»« 42'» 42S 42»»
, lv ;;;;;;;.... 34^ .^s 3«h 341* J4H
Pept-rnber . -'.'- 5% »« »1* i9V
May ?»7.'. $077>* |R«0 $!> JO SOW
July IKK Jf>«7 l i 070 t> 70 «l*»
Ribs :
V.v «!97 1 i »07' - KS7'i K'74 S07 1 »
July '..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. •« ' 007>X S»T!i SO7H PO7W
Mo, . ..l«7O IR 70 Ifi 47. 1« 4.^ 1R 72'j
July "r*:!-III:Il«fiO lfis7S I«4SH 1057H 1««
P.- «lpta of breadstuff? at interior points In thousand*,
left three cipher* (000) omitted, flour bbta, Kraln bush, as
Flour. Wheat. Com. Oats. Rye Barley.
rhicaco IS 47 «> 63 1 27
Milwaukee 8 34 11 1' ' «
Minneapolis — 1-4 • Jj — 1
nuiuth -- 4S — 2 i •«
St. I, ■:■- - > 17 31 B0 — —
Kansas rity — li> 2S 2 — —
Toledo . . — 4 J» 4 — —
•;i;:i::::::: J2J 2 ? i z \ £ =
TrorU — - a _* ~ ~
Totals 47 300 210 525 3 4S
Shipments from these points:
CWcaro "^ =| 81 130 1 «j
Minneapolis .... 72 SO 1 Jt _* J
Pt. iuiatall"21I!!l! 7 10 3» 57 - -
Kansas City — 47 B0 "5 "i -
To]e,io 1 J .. *
Detroit 1 — - .- _
Peoria — _2J _j| - 1 _!_' .
Totals .127 100 186 »• « 43
Receipts at Atlantic ports:
New-York I« • 1?. " J Z
Boston •_> I* - J _ 3
Philadelphia 7 115 » •• 3 _
Baltimore * » £ " J _
Now- Orleans ■ 1 n .' (> "
<jalvest"n •• — --'3 " "
Totals • ... » -••' 39 123 5 »
Exports from Atlantic por(R:
New-York ♦ -™ U ~ —
}i, lf; ton — 272 1. — — —
Fhiladelphia « 1« * ; _ _
Baltimore » '- 1( _^ — —
Totals 21 >.:» 47 10 — —
METALS— At I^ndon tin declined Ss to-'iay. l» tr l3 to
for n^,l and £117 7s Ai for future, t New-lork the
market was **«.*«■ but quiet A «Je «1S tons f-r April
dellverv .- made at f -••i 30. .spot ■ !■'-«•■» «' *-'' 4 ..^,
52657 V* Coppw wu steady and un<hane-d here, with
l^kr hi' Tar"Sic find electrolytic and rastlntr at 1- *c
adted. London copper closed about unchanged, at £53 7s fid :
lorI or V,^x ar"i \i "it -« !M for futures. Lead ruled .tea and
unchLiiced her. at 4%C Th« metal "' I.,ndon advanced
la 3d. to €11 >- M .-:■•'<•• was firm. r. doatnc at ?4 «•» |
hen «' ■*. - London remained unchanged, at £H •■-
New- v-v ■■-■ was rtead) to firm P1« ,, '25 a .*«* nt "
were nominal- No 1 Northern foundry. V-^"^>. No _
Northern foundry. IJ«&*1»; No 1 Southern foundry. $1750
ftSis- No 1 Southern foundry. «-"ft. *li -><>QS- N - J "•-
EngUeh markets wer« a shad* off; Gl«*ow Uosed at
STRUfI^M market w. nuiet but j
r Se. •-•■-i- > 7. Sew-Orieani open 0 K>f!e, .<4a4l.
« ('FAN KRKIGHTS- -In sail tonnaee business contlnu-d
rctsn trades, tor which the i
X« : 'H«in». U ™ . X^ 1 P'«»; Rotterdam 3^Hc; cotton to
: Liv/ n ,0.,1. per W) »-. lie: l»ndon oats »«•••£;£*"«- !
TERH— J'.rltlKh rteamer. 13,<H»t qrs grain. Ualtlmore to ■
KottVrdam 1* J«44 April; Brttlah Bteamer. 2.213 tons, j
rcaeralcaKO Savannah to T lted Kingdom or Continent, ,
t<:-n^'. prompt: r.rltlrh steamer. 1.833 ton. dealH.
Mlram.chi to »e»t coast England P^'V'I I ™™! '
BteanMT t.285 tona, or-. Hue-.va to New--\ork. Fhii.iO-i~
.hi* . iM,T ,r- or Newport News. 10. Bd. April; I.riti.sh
eteamer I.MI tons, nitrate, we« coast South America to :
Hampton Roads, tor orde •. IHs June-July; Norwegian
■teamer •'•'■»:' tons West India trade, 3 month*, private
terms- korwegUa Btean«r. 70S ton*, f'nfral rarpo. hence |
to Prorreao and back, private terms: Br U«h si<-anier.
1 MO4 tons, wear, three ports, north Bide Cuba to n.irtn
of Hatteras :>r: Britlafa bark. 2.3d I ins. balk. l>mdon
■'. N.-v -i •• . 4- M; Italian ship. 1.573 tons, lumber.
Gulf to Ilueooa Ayrea, *u> ."«>. l»r!<r, -''«>• tuns, lumber.
\palacblcola. to New York, at or about 18 50; bark, .;•...
i .ii.-. lumber. Batllla, to New -York. $:> 7-. . Bchooner. 282 ,
i..ns loibpr ]irunß«i.-k to Boston, pirate terms; scnoon- j
<r 271 tons. coal, her.ie to Kayport, 6Sc net; two scliuon- :
em 174 an! 9* Urns coal. Hoboten '" KaUoweu. ill
■drawer. l«K tona. ••«!. South Amboy to Roeklaad. <■•<■:
Hrltish ... L.387 tone. K'nt;ral canto. Savannah to
I r,u, ;..i.:. Ii •:■: froM form. May.
OILS— The break In lard products had an unfavorable
<-r[Vc-t uo cottonseed oil yesterdajr. causlni? slight declines
il the ;r,< •■ ..f jiMTiie snnuiMT yellow and an easi'-r t. >:>••
all around. Petroleum showed do -(lanKe in quotations.
ruling quiet and steady. Uns.wd oil was active and steady.
v th-.t '•har.ire. petroleum, bbla. $7 20, and In bulk. $4 03;
Philadelphia bbk. f 7 15. and in bulk. $4 60. Refined caaes.
New V..rk. «-- :;n Cottonseed !'rim" crude, fob
nilly 3.-.fr3Hr; jirirre- mm : yellow. 42 l *©-l3c; off sum
mer rellow 4?<-: butter sTldea. 47 . prime whit'-. 4.4(Wc;
.rime «-Id(*i fellow. MJ*»7« Unseed oil. American, raw.
B2«p«*c; An.'-r; .n l. .n- ; . <\:>t§c>&-; Calcutta raw. 85c;
w.-stern -Unceed qucittrd 2c und.-r city brands. Lard oil.
" PROVISIONS— There was a sharp break in the provision
lift weakness lasting: all day under active selling for both
■ rur and short account, with demand P'»>r and pretty well
BCAttered It was a day of unloading and bearish opera
tions .- nerally. In face of small recelpta the West etiln«f
only 1.20U h< Pf. < hi. .-!<:■■ had 23.0W, Kansas City •.».<«»>
mid Omaha 6.000. The late decline In «raln had some in
flu.n.e on the market PORK—Earier. Quoted M.ss.
51<J2.'.«J517 _■-■ family. $lKe$I8S0; short ■ Mir. $1. -..■/*-'•
* . i-.r.i Kirn,. ■ Quoted Mess. $10 .VI; family. $12 •'"■'
t,- vi racket ?1I«$12; extra India m<*H. $1m«?j;". . ■■ . .
BEEK HAMS-Dull: quoted at J2«»a*2l . . . . .. DRESSED
HO<;S-Steady. Quoted: Bs>r»ns. k\,. 180 n,. B%c; t«0
..', k.u.f Ui rh >'►• . |iK-. >•%•■ .'IT MKAT. 1 - ---
Pleklel bellies (Inn Quoted: Smoklnß. 9%©loUc: 10 IT..
... i" rh Be 14 rt.. 9. Pickled shoulders julet; quoted at
Pickled hams firm: quoted at LNtflO^c. . .TAI.
i/.u- Easier; city. 614« . t^.untry. .;■.-.,..■>». I^ltl>
v ke, quoted al 10c. CM; lard «wy: quoted at Vi«
<. — „■ i-.-i.'i lard raster. Quoted: South America. 1" . •».,..
: ...... l»2i^-: Hrazll k.. i«, 12'- Compound quiet;
;,il ... jHwW. ->t.;a.<in.: Baaier. Quoted:
Oleo. lO^lO^ic; city lard st-arine 10*«. , rhl .
RITE Local demand was a little more active. The
market closed steady to firm here, as well as at the
South Quotations follow: Domestic, common to ow
fair BV»fr4^4c; fair to Rood. 4Hf4-»c; prime to choice.
r.-,,?.5.- head. S»»ffl-HWc; Paw* 4**r.V . Japan, foreign.
«*4es%r do domecilc. 3Vi^4Hc; Java. »%•«*«: Han
poon In bead. 2fl2Wc
ctt.aß Refined miear was unchanged and quiet. ><•
liners are slichtlv oversold. There is no special delay In
deliveries however, Quotations follow: rut loaf. .rushed
and domlnos. .'.*,.. mould A. T..1.V. cubes. 6.06 c; XX.\.\
..nwdered 4 !Cic ; powdered, coars.? powdered and fruit
powdered' I** Kapie confectioners granulated. .'.'>.".
ICapl* coirf and extra fine pranulated. *.i«Hr. Eaple 2 ITi
.arions and 2 Ib baa Of fine gxanuiflted. Be; Kaple B rh
baa '■( fine pranulated. 4. !.:.<■; K«*ie fine granulated,
standard granulated and dlain.>nd a. *Mc; confectlon-rK
A 4 «s<tc- No 1. 4.45 c: Moa 2 a.nd 3. 4.4<V. No 4. 4.3.V;
Vo -. 4 30c No 6. 4.2.'ic: No 7. 4. I.V: No X 4 0:.c; No 8.
«c -in 10 3JT«; No 11. «.w«c; No» 12, 13 and 14. ».Sr>e;
No 15 3«Oc No 16. 3.7.V.; 2T. Ib baps of fine granulated,
4 me ' I^indon beet market was \d higher, with present
month a! ts «d and next month at *is 7'*d. The world's
visible supply la 5.490.000 tons, against 3.«40.0<10 last
wt-ek and 2J«7O«mh» last year. Locally the market is
steady Prices ars> unchanged. Refiners are not buyers of
new lots Importers would like to sell at current rates,
but they would probably refuse to sell for less. A small
lot nil sold to-day to close out the canto sold two
d«v» ««o Current rate was paid. Centrifugal. '.#• test.
Is quoted at 3".c; muscovado W test, at 3V*r. and m..
laastas suirar, K» test, at 2 ic. Arbuckle Bros. i»"ik»il
about 8.400 bass Porto Rico muscovado, SS» test, at Mac
New-York. April 3. IKC.
nFANS AND TEAS — Marrow brans show no change
of Importance; the. small jobbing -me«( Is at $2 10
generally. Medium and pea. are stHI very slow, and the
choicest lot 1. are beld at tlflSUfltSlSS; In «>me cases
th-rte nrures have been ehaded a little. Red kidney ore
Jdot and in buyers' favor. Foreign beans draKging
h"avlly We quote: Beans, marrow, choice, per bush.
J-MO-do medium, cho'ce. *1 KWrtl Mi: d« l^.^""^
llSOOSlSSH: -5o red kidney, choice. »2 03©t2 0, H ,■ do
Vii.l^« choice $2 10: <Jo >ellow eye. choice, $2 2<>;
btaik^urtl' coup choice. $170851 75: <!o lima, Call
ftiw*?«awff»«rtoportad medium, choice $1 4<«fl 4 .V
do l^r t? goo.!. JIMeJIW; green peas. bags. 11 to&
„ nJirlv- al' Vr«<3e* of stock. UM sharp MM very active
m nilrlv ir jrrades of stock, an.! there was very actlvs
5nP and seconds show equal Improvement,
3 i firm it the hißher rates quoted. Sts,t« daJrj
and ;r« flrm at |. t tle and there « wan
mOV d for imitation cre.meo-. with • pticy nno
market im» anon -ÜblUhA at Fancy r«no
factory a/..1 rolls. If here, would command ~M*h*r rates
than heretofore. We quote: New butter— Creamery,
extras per It. 2982S» 1 4c.: do firsts. 2>'g2. v > 1 .4 c; do seconds,
2»;527c; do lower crades= 24&2."v-- Slate dairy, half tubs,
faacy 27g27'ic- do firsts. 25S2t)c; do seconds. 235-4 C:
! Western imitation creamery, fancy. 28c; do firsts. -4g
123 '• » lower grades. 22g23c; Western, factory, cho^
23©24 c: do cemmon to Rood. l«©22c: rolls, choice. 90
-'4c; renovated fancy. SOc: do common to choice. 2>_>?f
'Ac- Old butter — Creamery, summer make, lest. 2*\Xl-iC;
do other (trades. 23023 c; Western, factory, summer man.
best. 224r25c: Jo lower grades, !9021c; packing stoCA,
I new' or old. 18«J21< .
CHEESE Is a very fair demand from home
! trade dealers and. with stocks reducing rapidly, fine
'' (trades are becoming scarce, and hoMers show increasing
ftrrnness in the situation. Kxporters are still looking
around for Cheap Brades of cheese, but such are in light
remaining stock, and we only hear of about 50 boxes
havinc been secured. Liverpool cables .'3s C-l for col
i i.-red and 5Ss for white. We quote: State, full cream,
' small fall make, fancy, <3ffl3Hc: do choice. l-'^i- 1 * .
, do ttood to prime. HU@l2!ic: do common t. fair. !»n
1 i,,-.. do large fall make, fancy. 12©12Hc; do choice.
11 1 5"all*«" ■: • sri>o.l to prime, I ' > "i lT 1 1 Uc; do i-ommon
to fair '.'•.• l "'■■•■. lieht skims, small, choice. 10®1«V»c:
<;•. large, choice. '.''•I 1 - 1 '? ■•: part skims, prime, s^ft'*- :
do fair to good, 6®Bc: do common, <Hvsvsc; full skims,
K/;GS— Arrivals liberal, but with very strong West
ern advices there Is a stronsr holding and a more leserved
offering of fine soods. Prices show Sic advance an.i
close, firm We quote: State, Pennsylvania and nearby,
fancy selected whit*. 17c; do average prime. l«e; West
crn 'storace selectlona. !••<": *» regular packlnas, l&Hfi
ir.»ic- Southern. l.V(i l."i'sc: dirties. 14% c; checks, ISXc;
duck eßirs, 21925 . Boose agga, BO0«Oc.
FRUITS FRESH— of apples are not heavy, but
the trade la quiet and the tone silently in buyers' favor.
Cranberries meet a light inquiry at about steady prtce«.
Florida oranges dull and rather urgently offered. Pine
apples firm Strawberries show wide range in quality and
value- there Is a moderate demand for fancy stock; lower
qualities hard to move. We. quote: Apples Russet. Hox
bury good to fan per bbl. $:: .V>fi?4 2.'.; do golden, good
to choice $3grs3 Mi; .11 York Imperial, prime to fancy,
SSBO«2*4SO; do Wit * Sap. good to fancy, $3 ISCJ94BO; do
Northern Spy. fancy. *:.^*r».v.: do fair to good $3, B©
$4.V); do Hen Davis, good to fancy. «3£>gg* 25; do !>! > ' I
win com storage good to fancy. BO©fo; no common
storage good to choice. »3 75©54 26: do red winter varie
ties, common to fair. |3653 25; cranberries. Cape ( od.
fancy, per bbl, $«; do fair to prime. $,&». su: do Jersey,
fresh cleaned, choice to extra, per bW. $.. 50«*,> ....do per
crate $]'„■«! s:,. oranges. Florida, Indian Hlver bright.
selected Urge, fancy. $4 60; do straight lines. *3©M: do
russets, per box. $3©J3 75; Florida, other sections, bright
Ftralght lines. $3©s3 ;»>. do russets, straight lines. $_!•>«
18 25; do common to fair stock. F2fj*2So; grape fruit, per
box, S4-SSS- pineapples. Florida. Smooth Cayenne, pet box.
»©SSSO; do red Spanish, per case. $2 7S«Wj strawberries
Florida choice to fancy, per quart. 25028 c; do tali to
good. lK<B23c; do poor. 10915 c. ,
FRUITS- DRIED Evaporated apples have a very slug
gish trade, and the mark- 1 shows Increasing weakness '«>
the ordinary prime grades. Sun dried apples very »IOW.
Chops and cores and skins dull and w.ak. Not raucß
doing In small fruits. We quote: Apples, evaporated. 1." 1.
! fancy, per IT,, lOHOllc: do choice, oVi#loc; do prime
i l 4c : do common to good. 7©Slic: do evaporated U«hi.
I choice to fancy, f»B10c; do pour to prime. 3eßVic;do sun
dried, sliced North Carolina. I!*'!, 5««e: do sliced 'Vir
ginia. 41-,'a.-.',c;4 l -,'a.-.',c; do quarters. New York. Ohio and Mlrhl-
Cdii .-.'3*>"ic; do Western quarters. 4^6.'i'*c: do Virginia,
."■•\'u»' ; .-. do ar«e cut. Tennessee. :t'iiii4c; do clioppea.
1901 per 100 n $1 7:..j#2 SO; do cores and skins, *1 .<"«
$1 Stl; raspberries, evaporated. 2O«21c; cherries. State and
Pennsylvania, 14»15c: do Southern, 12«i1.:.-: black l^rrl.^s.
'KliHc- apricots CaUforhlav. Moot-park, 12®16c; flo Royal.
i.«il'~,- peaches California, peeled, 14#lbc: do unpeeled,
7#lolic; prunes. California. 2\ft6*ia<
HOPS Nothing doing between dealers, but brewers are
making some purchases and the market is slewing In
creased firmness on nearly ail trades We quote btate.
1901 choice per "'. l»«H«lS»c; 'If- Prime, i.ii. sc; do
common to medium. 14@l5',ic; do IWJO. choice 13c ; do
common to prune, 6»12c; I'aclll^ Coast lt«>1. choice.
lMSlH'sc- (■fttnraf.a to prime, 14»17^c; do 1«00 choice,
lie; do common to prim.. «i:' ■; State and Pacific ' oaat.
01 1-«ji^i!t^?- Receipts tc~day Included 3 cars of
Western by freight and •' few scatteilng coops by express.
Fowls and old roewters are cleaning up promptlj at well
sustained Piters. Turk. i, scarce Ducks sell readily.
Oe*fe irregiiUn In quality and value. 1.r." pigeons dull.
We quote: Fowls, per Ib. <-'•-•■ roosters, young. 12c; do
old s'-c- turkey*. He; ducks. Western, per pair. .<'i;siic:
do Southern and Southwestern. 7.v&(«>e; live pigeons. B*fl
2.-.c . DRESSED— Supplies of fresh lied fowls con
tinue moderate and prices steadily held, but demand
slow and of a selective character. Most buyers want
small to medium sized fowls, and heavy fowls are drag
ging. Very few spring ducks arriving- Tarn.- squabs
firm. Frozen turkeys are held a shade higher. Fowls
and roasting chickens have a moderate outlet, but other
frozen stock generally quiet. We quote: Turkeys,
bens, average r,-eKf. 12tt#13c; Western toms. average best,
HH<M2c: ■' . poor to fair. KOlUc; broilers, Philadelphia,.
fancy per Ib 2»©3t»o; squabs. Philadelphia fane; per
pair. :^''<i7iv- fowls Western l2f/12V»c: do Southwestern,
12. .' do Western, poor to fair. B«U' . old rocks. .sf}.s!»c:
spring ducklings. 2.-ij.'i'»f-: squabs, prime, large, white, per
d -••■ 2. r >: do mixed, $2 25fi$2 SO; do dark, *!."•".
Frozen Turkej-s, young hens. N.> 1, ;.;'.•■ 17 •■. young
torn*. No 1. ltiVii!7c; do No 2. 11012 c: capons, Western,
fancy, large. ]7lfil!lc; do large, soft mealed, fancy. 18 HO
1» . do average. So 1. ll<Sl2c; do No 2. 7V SI^: broilers,
dry picked. No 1. ::iiv; do aid. I, l.if :•;■ . fowls. No I.
1161..V; do Xo 2. 7©« c: ducks. No 1. 14015 c; gese. No 1.
10911 c
'lAMB-Tli» fresh killed snipe, plover and wild ducks
arriving are nearly all thin and poor, and of Irrregular
value. We quote: Kngllsh snipe Southern. per dozen.
flCoss2; plover, golden, per dozen, Jj>is- v •_•:.. wild ducks,
canvas, per pair. (1 :*<'ii%:'. do redhead, 7.VSi$2; do mal
lard •jn<S<i<>o: do e» ii. Muewlng r<l«JoOc
POTATOES AM- VEGETABLES— Offerings of foreign
;»t.-iTves aie liberal an.) meeting a fair inquiry at about
pruvlous prices; domestic stock moving slowly, but held
ar.-ut steady. Sweet potatoes fairly firm. Onions are In
moderate demand and strictly choice sound goods are
steady; Inferior qualities still urgently offered. Norfolk
spinach a shade firmer under lighter receipts, and k«l«
meet ■> fail 'i'-nrnr:'-! »ii<r. in good order Southern as
paragus dull and weak. ■••-..■ a pretty
good demand •• '•■■■ •>' f?ncy quality, but most of the
offerings are below prime, and these taorti slowly. Celery
very plenty, but II •• demand Is fair; for strictly choice
stock prices were maintained alout us last quoted
String beans movlrg fairly, and prices llrnv-r. ■•-:■ ■ .
fancy green peas are in demand but lower qualities «r»
greatly neglected. Florida tomatoes favor the buyer
under more liberal (.n> r lnirs and a dull trade Me« -
t'rleans green vegetable* mostly below nrtme and •!•••»:
ging at comparative!) low rates; stri ill choice lot* of
all kind* would meet a fair ilenmn-l. We mints: Pota
toe«, ! *." iti. ■ i ■!., 11. a crop No I, |*r !.t»l J7 ' J ►.(»•' ••• ond
crop. Writ!; do No 2. $4'.i?r. . Havana. p~r ;..:. WtPlSo;
do Bcotrh, good to prime, per Id* It bag. $1 7."m.*j. D.i
Irish. K<md to prime $1 7" .> • 00: do Belgium, good to
prim-, pel I*B Ib bar. 1 '".i.sl ••". do Maine. g.«>d to
prim.-, per suck, t2BU9S2SO: do State. fair to prim-.
per IV> Ib 12 .17ff42 ."HJ; sweets. South J.rsey per double
li.ad bbl. $-'s •'.<•<& *4. do VU nd, cloth heads, fi'.i?.".; do
Vlaeland, per half bbl basket *1 "la jr. , do No 2, %1§
25; do Delaware, per half bbl basket, II -V<j*i 7.".;
asparagus, timrlestoti. Colossal, per 1 •.-. bunches, y.u
$6 an -;., extra, per dot bunches. |4054 Sy; do prime, ISO
tSSO; do North Carolina (2 ftnQ|:< .'•<>: do Southern,
small, $1 .W.js2; do California. -\'..i large, *>'. do fair to
1 rime. $2Mm51450; be<-u, Florida, pet crate. $1 .Vk#
«l 7.'.. .. per 100 bunch**. I44SM A ■ Bermuda, per crate.
M (M»es2; do New Orleans, per lf>o bunches. $2013; cab
bages. State, Jianlsh Seed nor ton. $126*14; do State,
per bbl orate. Sl'ati 25: do Florida, choice, per bbl crate.
J! r,<>-Tsi:, do poor in fair. 75cf{$l 23; lullflowers. Cali
fornia, per crnte, J2«W27ft; celery. Florida, good to
choice, per case. «1 7.">fis2 2."; do common. $1 '.'.■.•>isi "><>;
carrots. Orleans. . per "*> bunches. $3054; do Ber
inuda. per crate, $1 So«s2: chicory. New -Orleans. per
bbl. »L">is:.; escarol. <- M; eggplant*. Florida, per box.
$505490; do Havana, per box, i 2 :■><! -i. lettuce. Florida.
per half bbl baakrl |250C$4:doi to fair. $1 2365.: 25;
do North Carolina, per basket. $29f250; leeks, New-Or
leans, per .'►> bunches, $20 2 CO; okra, liavann. per
carrier. $1 COCS2 50; onion*. Havana, per crnte, $•_•; do
Hermuda per crate (250993 78 do Orange County, red.
good to prime $.:"><>., 7.".: do poor to fair. $19$1 SO; do
Connecticut, rod. per bbl. »3053 25: d • yellow, *:{vij:i SO;
d" white. .<r.'.':?l.'<i. do Stale and Western yellow, per
Ing. f2So®s3; ... r.-.|. .«!■ ."J '.?.::•' i do per flat hoop bbl,
$2 50942 63; do Baltimore, new green, per bush basket.
!-.. './i peas. Florida fancy, per crate or basket. 2 SO®
$3£o; do poor to good. $li<s-': p'potrs. Florida, per car-
Her $I.V*S*223; parsley. Bermuda, per crate. ?I'.;*l.
do 'New-Orleans per l'»> bunches, *16*2 00; romalne,
Bermuda per irate. :■<• 5*100; do Florida, per basket.
$1 ,v«i5J; radishes New-Orleans, per 100 bunches, $1500
<■:: da Norfolk, per basket. $2; shallots, N*w-Orleans. per
lvi bunches $3(ts4: spinach. Norfolk, per bbl, $1 2."li'
$175 Scotch kale. N.rf..:k. per bbl, 50#75c; sprouts.
Norfolk, per bbl 7Sc@sl; do Baltlmor*. '.«>■, <ji; rtrlng
beans, Florida wax, per prate. $250e5300; do green,
per crate $1 508*3; squash. Florida, white, per half bbl.
crate $1 ."Kerf 25; do Havana. $1 75fi$2 25; turnips.
Canada, Russia per bbl. 7.l6'NUc; tomatoes. Florida, fancy
ripe, per carrier $2 2.VnJ"- SO; do fair to g(pod. $1 30©52;
do X.-v West $ies22s; do Havana. $I&s2
HAY ANI> STRAW HAY -The demand today was
fairly active for Nos 1 and 2. but decidedly quiet for
N.i a and .lovers. Receipts were not oppressive, though
above the delivery of yenterdaj The market. It Is
thought could handle Its full dally average If the pro
unions of No 1 and prime were more liberally repre
sented We quote: Prime, large bale., per I"<> Ib.
f.-'-.r-No ; .v.V-iS7Uc- No 2, 7W9«Oc; No 3. :.:.-.! <V. • ;•■ :
clover mixed. .'••"• ■'''■-'■ ■■• ■;■ clover, :.";. '.:.■; small bales, :»•
less on good and H»- less on common STRAW -
Long rye steady, at 7:.fi>'>'- per I'"' rb. Receipts of hay
and straw In lons reported at the Produce Exchangeal
noon to-day Hudson River Railroad. 580; Erie 660;
Pennsylvania 1"" Delaware, Laokawanna and West
crn 50 w4,'t Shore. 50 1,-liicl Valley. 100; Hattlmore
and Ohio «l Central of Jersey, BO; river boats, 70;
total 1 81U tons .".«' ton* of which for export Exports
to-day in bales 4.WS. Receipts of straw: By river, 30
tons- "by rail. M tons; total. 80 tons.
Spirits turpentine ruled easy ■>• ■ slight de.-line, owing
... a break of about '-■■ at Savannah U-sln was firm and
unchanged. Tar was steady t.. firm at laM prices, We
TAR— Pin.- bbls. $1 HO; oil bbls. *.< «" _
hosin— Common to govi strained. $1 o.»yg?t TO; P.
$1 7O- a $1 7.". r $1 B0; C,. $1 S5: H. *1 HO; 1. $2 15; K.
■f2 7.". M, *2 20; N. $3 <v. W <;. $»: W W. .$4 -'"
Komi - 1 -4 . 4 ''•'"
Spirit* turpentine... -■ H43 bb s
Tar - *<i 4 bbls
Savannah April -Turpentine firm. 4l<- : receipts, 207
bbls- sales. 188; exports, t7',i Rosin firm; receipts. I.OOQ
bbls: sales. R B»»; exports. SO2. (ju.,te,i: A. B. c. I>. ?1 . 2t>:
E «5 "•'• r $1 30; O. $1 :■-■'. H. $1 4.V I. «1 70; K. $2 4..;
M $2«5 # ; N. *■'( 25; W O, $3 flu: W W. $3 89
Charleston, April 3.— Turpentine firm. 14c; sales, 20
casks.. Rosin unchanged
Wilmington, April 3.- -Spirits turpentine firm. 44 l : c hid;
receipts 12 casks. Rosin firm. -SI l«''n*l 15; receipts, 121
bMs Crud< turpentine- Nothing doing; receipt*, 5 bbls.
Tar firm. #1 20; receipts. f>7 bbla.
I/ondon. April 3. Turpentine ■ Spirits, 30s »VI. R.wln—
American strained, Is iw. tine. '.Is.
New-York, April 3. 1903
BEEVES— -Receipts] 18 cars, or 2*l' hen.i. mainly con -
siim«d direct. No sales reported. Pressed beef steady;
city dressed nailve sides. BH®loVic per It.. Cables quoted
American live cattle as high as 13 He, dtested weight;
refrigerator beef as high as lie per !b. The Pretoria
carried to Hermuda to-day M cattle for I»ugh * Co.;
the Antllla, to the West indie?, 8 cattle for I). <;. Culver.
No exports reported for to-morrow.
i'AI-.V12:S — Receipts. ..II for the market, were o,', herui,
making with a few carried over from yesterday, a
total of 73 head to be soM— at Jersey city and 44 nt
S!xtleth-st The market ruled dull and weak, and more
than half the offerings wen- carried over. Veals sold
at J7 75 per 100 IT", a few. at $« City dressed veals,
8912e per Ib: country dressed weak, at 6WO1IK:.
Bales —s. Banders: 3 veals, I.'*. Ib average, a*. js
per 100 Th; 21 do, 12;! It., at *7 75.
Harrington & Co.: 6 veals. 130 ft. at $7 75.
J. H. Hume * Bro.: 2 veals. US Ib. ai f< .5.
SIIEBI 1 ANI> L.AJIHS — Receipts, all for thf> market,
v.ere 7 cars, Or l.art head, making, with the stock
carried over from yesterday. a. total of 15 cars to be
sold— 7 at Jersey city and & at Sixtieth st. At the
latter market lambs sold at a flight advance. At Jer
sey City there was little trading In lambs, imd yester
day's figures were said to be unattainable. Sheen were
quoted steady. About 7 car* Of flock were, carried over,
mainly at the lower yards. Sheep sold at $5 25 per
11. 1 n>; lambs at $r.frs7 12S: culls a. IBM. l»re« e.I
mutton. f>«s'.»Vjc. per Ib; dressed lambs, UVjilin.-: coun
try dressed spring lambs slow at *3?JSB per carcass.
Kales --.7 H. Hume & Bro.: I«S Stato lambs, SS It.
average, at $7 124 per 100 IT.: 204 do. M rt. at $7. 223
Btat« fed Western do, fift tb. at SUM; ft do srt It, at $T.
10 state culls. M Tb. at $5 50; 1 epring lamb for fz>.
D Harrington: '22S State lambs. *<• Tt.. et 17; 3G7
Buffalo do. a Ib, at $«75. „",:
Newton & Co.: 122 Jersey e-e».e -e». LOS rb. at $5 25
HOGS Receipts, !» cars, or l.^.fi head, of which only
27 head on sal». No reported transactions. The market
firm. '■'■ Country dressed steady at 6S«6*»c p«r 1* for
extreme weights. . .„ _. .
Pales— J. H. Hume & Bro. (late yesterday): 40 State
heirs. 138 rb average, at $« fes per 100 tt>. ,'„'_! .
S. Sanders (late yesterday): 41 State hogs. 135 ro, at
KM. ft roughs. 288 Ib, at $5 95.
S. Ju<M * Co. (late yesterday): 100 Western hog«,
144 n>. at $6 50.
Chicago Apr.l Cattle— Receipts, 10.000 head; mar
ket I'"g2se lower. Good to prime steers. »« f»'a». 2
poor to medium. *4 no©«« BO: stackers and feeders. JiM^i
«'■■ cows. $125@55 .'•"; heifers. 5085613: canners.
•12Se*S40; bulls. sSaOCJCftS: calves jftoj|i 25: Texa.
fed steers. $52*«: Western steers, hay fed. $4 S»x8»«
Hog!— Receipt, to-day. «•<>«>^ head; to-morrow. •».«»>.
left over. 10 ')00. Market BfilOc lower. Mixed and
butchers '$«»)«$« »7 l a . Rood to choice heavy. *•> **5
$7 .URli heavy. $860«*«7r.: Hjtht. $6 4"Bs.i 70; bulk
of Kales. «•> 6o'®'*n ■<■• Sheep— Receipts. 12.000 head.
Sheep strong lambs steady. Good to cho cc wethers.
$5 25055 BO- Western sheep, yearling?. $4 .*•')?s*>; native
lajntw .Vi(st6 <>: Western lambs. |."> 2.l?fs»> »5.
Cincinnati . Aprli 3.-Ho s steady , Jg^f- Cattle
steady. ?:iK»fstll>i. Sheep steady. $2 ...■Ss.> 2j- Lambs
rt ßSt B,Tntfo" fXprll 3—Cattle-RecelpU ll ht: all
« >M unchanged. Veals, tops, $7 25©*7 .V); common to
g..o'd. $r.es7 K RS Receipts. 2.7.--» head; faiHy act^e
demand and a shade stronger. Porkers, «tt ..>«••>>*>.
lleht do *B«0ei«TO: mix*! packers. •SMsSfttO: choice
eavv *7fi*7'»T, : PIKS. *«305*«40; roughs. 9B3s«««9O;
',*:,'■ *4 25O** 75. Sheep and lambs-Offerings. «.•»»<»
he\d' sheet, and yearling full steady; lambs easier;
choice lS J9 7.V8»6»0; Rood to choice. *6 «->«*'■. -'.
I-nflß to fair' $s.WgVtis.'.; sheep, choice h«ndy her«.
I ' kV$« IV common to extra mixed. |S 28M5 CUlli
a,,d common. «3»0««5I5; export ewes. ?S>SWTS.
Fast l"'*rt* April 3.— Cattle steady: choice. Jrt fiii^J
«« 7V prime. *« -W*« 40; rood. |S 50«55 W. Hoys active;
nrime hots «7(«fr»7 I'>: Hest mediums. f8 3T«#7; heavy
Yor^er. *«7WJ«MO: lUht Yorkers. JR IW»*rt W: pIS».
Blare rouchs, $.-i©»« 33. Sheep firm; best wethers.
JR7rt«ss&3i culls T and common. *2 sO©*4; veal calves.
|'s<gsO '£>. .
Ri.n-fllo Acril 3 Flour quiet and easy. Wheat Spring.
mixed 4.\"ic:No'3 do. 4GWc. Barle>-Spot, 67®70c asked.
Kye. No 1, «3c.
Chicago. April 3.— The leading futures ranged as fol
' "wheat. No 2: Openlnr. Hl he,t. Lowest, '.losing.
::::::::::.«hl p zjt, ii%«7=
September «* '3 "* '"
sepVmbeV"::::^^^^ eov, »». s»r»
Gate. No 2:
Mess pork, per bM-
Mhv si* 7a *i«7o -m* »w*
.VuK .:..■..'..... l»80 ISOTH »X« lh -' J
l^ard. per 100 Ib:
May . ... »73 »US - "-° » «»
&mbW:::- l¥ •* :»* v " 2
Short r,.., per lOftb:
JSj ::: *;£-, •}?» SSI SS?vi
Keptomber •»* •«* •* ! ' 0 ' 2
, ash quotations were as follows: Flour st^dy. .. No 3
spring whe at • J^^^W-lS; <S
4 - ;: i No '• rvc".'.7tfr.NC. Fair to choice malting barley,
6MW7C- No i akxse^ fl «•: So 1 Northwestern H ■*■
OoVer? ■■■nua.t gfade! HW JJ- Mesa g»rtfcP« _«*
20^27Hc: dames.; ao©23c. Cheese steady. 12* 13c. I.BB^
„V- vinlt.la. So 1 Northern cash. «M.>.c: May. ■"■• - V>
"Northern. CO.c: Oats. 40Hc: corn. sßc.
* , . .| « UrttaXaJ firm ■ r]fi«f XO 1 N^rthprn.
£\ic N P»rul '"firm: No -. «tc: aunple. a»8«»Hc Com
M »Cl'nne«TOlls Xi.ril 3. <nohe Wheat. May, «t-»|.0,.
Minr-jup .il ai r hßr<l % .. Nu , Northern.
#& '^2 K%SSrS »*4c Pl.-r fYJst patents, g 7:^
Zjrl, an-. Si 15«52 25. Bran In 111 1 IK. M 2.
Philadelphia. April 3.- Wheat. He lower; contract grade.
m£ " r>it. oolel but Steady: No 2 white .lipped. ...-,,
-! •■- bJ,u C ? nnk v higher; exn- a wf*««~^i;
' 'k i-.Ur- ■!.. Western ir>H,fiHs<-: do Southwestern.
?(* r* do T«k " Receipt, flour. 2.*<> bbls. and
-:-.„.. m in sack"" wheat. 115.001) bush: corp. MN 1.-. h;
.'■■,. !-..». » i»h. shipment*, wheat. l«.0i»» bosk; corn.
6,400 bus* •..■-. {'.""'> bnah.
ct i^iils April 3 -Close— Wheat— No 2 red cash. 77He:
Mhv' -f'i' : July TOHc corn. No 2 c«*h. -M.^c: May w^;
July! ,V.4eVoV,c oat.. No 2 cash! m* May. 42.c: July.
33>ic: No 2 white. 4 .".«««<•
ris .. ..,~ Itritaln. .^^2rt lale^; ... the continent.
c nan tmUa wles 8.000 bales: st rk, S4SJIM bal-«.
sMemphu! Aprli 3 -Cotton firm; middling, m s> -I*- ■: lo w
mlddllmc : K.V., Kl ««l ordinary. Sr; net receipts. VI bal-s.
"rLis. «>.i baV-; : shipment.. 'iOM bales; soles. 1.400 bal.-s:
""^'IV-irfn lh l A*!"!" 3 cotton firm: middling. SHe; low
mMdiKfe^BUc:Vipiod ordinary. 7 13- Me; receipts, I.sJM
{]al!>i exports' rt»i.-e. 434 bales: sales. M;t bates;
Ho. k.' i:..2T.H bales.
...... . 3 4 P- m. — Cotton — Spot— Good bu.'l
nesa done 'r-rices 1 V.2d higher; American middling fair.
'■i.-r-i »] mkKHlng. '"i; mlddlinit. 4T.d; low middling.
4 -."■■.. »ood ordinary. 4 21-32.1: ordinary. « 13-32 d. The
X;,' ••„- day were H> <«*> bale., of which .VX) bales
were for speculation and export, and included 8.5-10 bales
American I Receipts. 26.000 bales. Including: ar).f«K> bales
Kmerican' i turis opened steady and closed barely
Ltea.ly; American middling. g o c April. 4 50- (Md seller,.
\irif and Ma. 4 00-4 Md sWlerß; May and .Inn.-. 4 50-«4O
4 -,1".. iI - ilT* June a nd July. 4 ftl AM fliers. July and
\ll runt 451 »M saUara; August and September. 4 IT M.l
buyers- 3eDtembe» nnd Otober. 4 3»V«U.I sellers; October
and November 4 "<> *MJt4 31-64 d buyers; November and
December. 4 -'7 i*4 2.5-tHd buyers.
L.'verr.ool April 3.— Closing: Wheat— Spot flrm: No 1
Northern spring, «« *«d. So 1 California «5» 2d. futures
inlet: May 3a ll'«d; July. 5s loSii. Corn—^pot Steady;
American > mixed new, 3s SHd; American mixed, old.
■,< ■'•'. futures quiet; May. .'.» Id; July. 5s S.I; October.
V. ]■.;,. —Canadian firm at Bs M. Flour— St. Louis
fancy winter ttrm .it kn. Hops at London (Pacific Coast)
I'rm at £.". IT.- -jft 15s Href firm; extra India mess. H2» *!.
Pork firm; prims nreta. W. stern. ~'J* 3d. il«nu Short
cut 14 to W Ib. stroliK at 4*J Gd. Bacon firm: Cumber
lund cut 20 •„ "0 P. 4*<s; short rib. 1«J to 24 n>. 4.1s «d;
|on» 1.-.ir middles, light. 2-* to 34 It.. 475; long o'.eaj mid
dies heavy. 80 to 4.i Ib, 4>'.s Cd; short clear backs, 1« to
20 fh 47b; clear bellies. 14 to li To. 4S». Shoulders —
Square. 11 to 13 rb. firm nt f7>. Uird fir--i; prime West
crn in tler.-en. w-, 3d: American refined. In path 4!is «•!.
Putter- Finest l.'nlte.l States firm at !W»; good Cnlred
St»t.-j< nominal. Cheene firm. American finest white. .Vis;
American iin<-«t colored. ."..Is «•! Tallow-Prime cItJT steady
at 2l»b «d. Turpentine— Spirits steady at Mi 3d. Rosin—
Common firm nt 4* 3d. Petroleum— Refined steady at
'. '..1. Linseed oil quiet at 3i».
< Furnish.. 1 by R. L. I>;iv & Co.. No. .'( Nassau st.)
Apr. 2. Apr. 3.1 Apr. 2. Apr. 3.
AT St -> I" com. 7"'» 77" Old Dom Mng... 22» t 22^
do pref. .. Ml 7. 97% Atlantic 2!> is
Am Tel « Tel.". 17.'.', I82V» Cal * Hecla tU)O .V.t.-.
Am Bit Co com. 132H Centennial 21'» 20%
do pref llin; ll«i> 4 Franklin 12 121;,
T!o?t * Albany.. — 2ft4 '-j l Osr eola «..u Xl
Host * Me com.U'4li 104 Vi Quincy 123 125
Fltchburif R.I pf.147 14~H|TamHrack .- 17H ITS
(Jen Klec c0m.. 322 :'.2.'^ | Wolverines 53 33
Mexican Cent... 30 29% I Boston Kiev — I«|>
eld colony 214 214 I Arcadian f» !♦
C S rtiihbf-r com 1«'» I«H| Wyan*>tt« 1 1
Union Par! com.loiii» id', Allou-r. 3>, « 31,
West Knd com.. Ma M Dominion Coal. .128 131
do pref 118* U''«i Parrot 2<* 2«
West Xl". com. !>7' • Ul\<2 Mass Ele,- .17 .IS>S
do pref US ;>K 1 do pref.: oti% t»7'i
\' lii.-.n 4s I<>3 10» ' ,
'RJNGB stocks.
Closing quotations on the Colorado Springs Min
ltij; Stock Exchanße, by the Counselman & Day pri
vate, wire from William P. Bonbrlght & Co.. of
Colorado Springs:
Bid. Asked. I Hid. Asked.
Alamo 4 4' Isabella 21 24' 7
l.lttle Puck. •"• — l>-x!nKton 7 7'^
Magnet Rock... l-« IVi Moon Anchor i.M, IK
PllKrlni 4 -- Pinnacle « «>i
.Rose Maud :<\ 4 Portland 22ft 2»>
ArKentiim .tun . 3tt 4<. 4 vindicator 10.1 no
Anaconda U» l » 38 i Work 7 7'
Butterfly Ter. . IftH I7<,i A.-a.-ta in !<>■,
'ripple Ok Con. rt\ 7' < |BHtt|e Mountain. IB'? 17'«
Mr Jack Pot Con 43 44 Col City & Man. .V* 4
Klkton Con «7 S7Vi Gold Sovereign... — .1
Flndley i'"» I' !P«ppn...-e — 2' t
(Reported by Tie Haven * Townsend. No. 40 Wall st )
Bid. Asked I Bid. Asked.
Am Ry Co 4HU 44 I Northern Cent.. .Ml ir>o
Con I. Sup com. aSi? 23 ! North Term 110 —
do pref VNk 74 | Thlla <V, 4fu, 4ivy;
• 'uinhrlH Steel... 24 '-'41:4 1 : Perm R R c<v... 74 TS
c P Ky Co of I. — .">7 I Perm Steel com.. 42 4.1
Choeta* Hy •«'• *>' I l! " P ref 32 M
do pref .... .".7H r.S |r*enn F.I Veh Co. * 4 i
Con Tr of S J. "<' 7<>H: d.. pref ;i^ 3
Diamond Steel.. 2 «, Phlla Elec Co .. . r.U M
Flee st Hat Co 7."« "«• Phlla Traction... »7'» J*"»
do ',, f 7^ 7<! Phila & Krle — 47
Bier Co of Am. "*» ~'.i Pitts Con Tr Co. 24% 24« i
Ins roof X A.. 2S»i 24 Pus -Iron &Weel. 2V» 2\
I>elilch N'av . ... 73 74 Tidewater Steel., ftij 7
'hgh V.IR R»V •' li| >' r Cos of X •'•• - 1 *- 2s.T
Marsden ■■ 3% 37»3 7 » r nion Traction... 43» t 44
Nat Asphalt « * V 'las Imp C 0.. .122*4 122»;
,]„ „,|,. . p... 2 (Welsbach Co 27 HO
Asp Co of Am .'.« »» SOU] Newark t'a^s f«i.iim 4 list,
In. P Rv C., C 5.109 inj>Vs People* Trac 4s.lortu. 1«7
V.l Con OS.. " c "i HI I mi.m Trac 45... I.M t »s«4
Nat Asphalt .'.«. It 13 1
San Francisco, April 3.— The official closing quo
tations for minlns stocks to-day were as follows:
Ita 051 Kentucky Con It
Alpha "- '' Wash Con 64
Andes 04 1 Mexican 4;t
Belcher "■' Occidental Con uk
Best • Bel her .25 (>phlr J>s
Hullloii 02. Overman ml
,-aWonla ' 8 2" 0 " 1 It
challenge. Con : 1« 9ivage 04
.hollar '■ " g»* J*»lcher 04
Confident •«» Sierra Nevada 24
• on < »1 * v * 1.25 Standard 3.20
• "on Imperial "1 Syndicate o«
Crown '"'in' 02 st I/iuls 0«;
Ooi«i'" " 'urry OS 1 ion «'on . .24
Hale i- Noreross 22 Utah Coo "4
julla 041 Yellow Jacket 14
Juetke • W ■ •
Slawson & Hobbs have solfl for the »«t«t» of
John Campbell the three story dwelling house No.
519 West Bnd-ave.. southwest corner of EiKhty
flfth-st., on private term?.
James Kyle & Son have sol.! for the estate of
Harlan P. Smith the five story tenement house,
with store, at the southeast corner of Forty-third
st. and Third-aye.. L'O.sxß«> feet, to W. Delaney.
Post & Reese have -"ol<l a tract of about twenty
three acres of land at Bernardsvllle, N. J.. for the
Somerset Land Company to Herry Young. Jr.. of
Newark, M private terms. The purchaser has also
acquired adjoining lands, with a view to the Im
provement of th.' whole.
The details of the purchase of the Royal Insur
ance Company Building. No. 50 Wall-st.. by the
New- York IJfe Insurance and Trust Company will
be found elsewhere
Thomas & Son have purchased for their client.
Dr. I>-shure the three story and basement dwell
ing house No. 15.1 •'onvent-ave. It was sold under
foreclosure by the Metropolitan Trust Company.
Douglas Robinson & Co. have sold for B. & TV
\V. Bltimenthal No. ."!fil West Thirty-second-st.. a
four story house. 18.9x9S feet.
Daniel \V. Blumenthal. of B. & D. W. Blumenthal,
has leased No. 11l East Seventy-fourth-ft. to Dr.
Samuel Stern, and No. 20 West One-hundred-and
twentieth-st. to M. If. Hauser, member of the firm
of Zimmermann & Forshay, bankers, both for resi
dential purposes.
McVlckar & Co. have sold for George W. lloor*.
of Iyondon, England, to a client, the three story
private dwelling house No. 210 Kast Twenty-flrst
st., on lot 20x92 feet.
Bernard Smyth & Sons have sold to William
Rosenzweij and Bern nan' Klingenstein. for a
.li.-tit of K. H. t-udlnw & Co.. Nos. 21« an.l IH West
One-hundrtd-and-thirty-third-st.. two five story
brick and stone apartment houses. :i7x&>xlflf» feet
Potter & Brother have bought from Mayer Auor
bach No. £19 to 853 Seventh-aye.. three five story
flathouses, on h plot 73x100 feet. A. I* Mordecal &
Son wire th-- brokers.
Post oc Reese have sold for the Real Estate Se
curity Company No. M East Sixty-t hlrd-sr. h four
story brownstone dw.lliriK house, on a lot lSxlw.o
James R. Cadweli is reported to have sold No. 345
West Kighty-fifth-st.. .i six story flathouse. on a
plot 50x102.2 feet.
Jacob Wolf is said to have sold to Walter J. Cohn
Nos. 120 and 122 West Korty-fifth-st.. two three
story dwelling houses, on a plot 33.4x100.5 feet.
P. G. Eckhardt has sold for the estate of J. H. G.
Hlldebrand to Dr." Daniel Williams the three story
and basement dwelling house No. 317 West Forty
eiKhth-st. for Jll.jfX).
Janpole & Werner have sold a five story flat
house, on ■ plot 34.11x108 feet, at the northeast
corner of One-hundred-and-seventeenth-st. and
The firm of Brainsted & Goodman have sold for
Mr. Gannon Jr. a client of theirs No. 2(6 West
Klxhty-fmirth-st.. ■ live story double flathotise. It
will be altered into a bachelor apartment house.
Charles A. Berry baa sold Nos. KS and 538 We<-t
One-hundred-and-flfty-thlrd-st.; two five story flat
houses, on a plot 00x100 feet.
W. E. Crandall. jr.. has MM I plot. 75x75 feet, on
the south side of Onf-hundred-and-eighty-fourth
st . 200 f>.-et east of Kleventh-ave.
Simon Sechel has sjoM No. :.1S West One-hundred
and-rijrhty-third-st.. a two story dwelling house, on
v lot !8.\li;» feet.
Burrill Brother- have «old the four story and
store brownstone apartment house No. ir.o Seventh
ave.. near Carr..ll-st.. Brooklyn, for Henry J. G:ilicr
for $1 !.:"'•. _
The Sons of the Revolution exercised yesterday
their option to purchase Nos. US and US West Kifty
tlfth-~t. from Charles T. Barney. A clubhouse and
a museum arc to be built on the site for the us* of
the members of th» organization and for the hous
ing of Its collection of historical treasures.
Among the mortgages recorded yesterday w^r«
the following:
Robert D. Green, to Chauncey B. Graham. No.
202 West Thirty-thlrd-st. To secure agreement; Jl.
Robert D. Green, to Anna M. K. Catkins and
another. No. 3>U West Thirty-thlrd-st: due May 1.
1368; 5 per cent: Jl ■..'»"
Robert D Green to Terence Jacobson: same prop
erty; prior mortgage. $13.0Oi«; doc May 1. 1303; I »«r
cent; J-l.fino. _
The announcement was made yesterday that
Charles P. Buchanan had not sold No. 22 East
Sixty-third-st.. a four story and basement brown
stone dwelling house, on a lot ManM feet.
Charles T. Barney has sold to .lames Byrnes ■
plot :''\VJ) feet, on the north side of Fifty-flfth-st..
IB fc.t east of Sevonth-ave.. adjoini.B; the Hotel
Wellington. A twelve story fireproof hotel will be
built on the premises. The plans [specification,
are being prepared by George Hill, of No. M
Broadway. ___«___
The Pennsylvania-New- York Extension Railroad
Company, which la to build the tunnels under the
North and East rivers for the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company, has opened headquarters at No
IP\ Htuhpoint-ave., West Hobok-n. The building
Is to I- used by a large number of the employes
of :h> v company. _
c. O'Donnell Iselln has leased to the City Real
Property Investing Company. Nos. 53 and ■ WaM
st ii five »ton building, on ■ lot 25.8x112 feet, and
':: vacant strip. 12.2x112 feet. The lease is for three
years, with »n oi>ti.m to buy.
Chicago. April .-..—Thomas C. Platt. United States
Senator from New-York, appears among the pur
chasers of Chicago real estate, t.tklng title to
property In Seare^-st.. for »500. This Is one of a
series of purchases negotiated for the United
States Express company, other property, not yet
recorded ' involving $7:t..m It is the intention of
the company to .ret extensive stables and ware
houses on the site, involving the expenditure of
about $250,000.
(At the New York Ueal Kstate S'alesroorn. No 111 I.road
way. i
Rv it I Kennrllv ft ''■•- St Nicholas Place, c n. 124.11
ft ■ nt lVth^"l three '.ts. each 2SaM»: all rljfh.t. tttls
and Interest to a '• undivided Interest: Sheriff's sale un
;"r execution amt of lien. $lri.l!U. -
ny William M Ryan 4J:i W L>7th *t. n a 3n«.5 ft w rf
nth me ••< sj'is ft- .-. ••••- >■ ten h: Miilsaaw .-ale: J
stnkes act <; (JlMersleev et at; <' Uralnerd. ally. .1 N"
Ktroy? jr. re', "ill.- on ju-Jct. BUMW costs. J425 55:
tn R v'reVer V^lever * ••■ -"4 m «BU St m *. .TOO It WO!
Central I'ark V.->t 2I.4«4*l«0l5: 3 »U.ry b fl h: f.>r>
rlr.«.ir.- sal-: .|.*.-j'Mn- EJ<^rp*nter et ill. tro». ant Annie I.
Cllfrord et al W » * <; y ■•lutmt.erlln. Btt«*J W V i
Mart ref d.i- MI J>i>lKt. «7.f>lS 7.'.; costs. taxes.
c r SI I>V i-.r. Mh aye. m p. .11 ft -. of UHth -St. »SS
ii"'rt : 5 ston (I h. with stores; .-* I'uncan »«tt F .1 SchnunK
it"al" 'pcrkham. Miller *• Klnit. attvs: J A Lynch, ref;
Su«'on*JuSgt?-*lO1 12 , 7S: e«s«m lib lav ras* - " C *
ll lBl BT > S*Goiwi»tlrter: 44)V-43«> R tl^th *t. » «. !»4 ft ■ '"
TMMunt-ave BO»HW.H: 'J »too f 'l*<f h and vacant; fote
elr,«,,r.. sale:" Bill Soi«mOB 8* .Mire BdWnfdl Jarvl-.
M '-« * 1 •< isHftcs Httys<: I I^hmann ref; due on jiidct.
t\.:**K taxes..' etc. $:tll>. Prior ni..rt. Ji».'»H'.
•M aye No 1 Xi<> w »• -"svi'V.. Marx Jacobs t->
t^u's M 353 et ; al; inort»ge. »3B.00l> : R B
J[l * •
"f^Aes UoitntYw: mort^Ke. *21.««O: Rs. W. 00
Baxier M. N'M 150 «nd 182. -•; *«»■ T.>dd • .
l^uls Golde; *It S. $11 ...-_- run, w r«.4 t - -''
New Orlve w *. at » » l"t No .. runs *• ..tw.4 t^>
land of N-w-Vork Central and Hudson River
Railroad Company x n » - M» •• 'Jriy x »
7« ..ls."> land Of We* Tor* Central and Oil 111 I
River Rallr.««J Company c f. At » ; tot No ..
run«. m under water 7.17.5 x nMi c .O. to » I
railroad l.in.i x s 10*: als-. land under .water.
Hudson Kiver. at w « lard of L*.ura B Mat
tnrtf. runs I Utd« n w "0T 5x n !<k>x « • .25;
John J McKelvey to Mary M McKelvev ; all
11,,, ,, 3. OIK)
Slst st ii is :£•-« ft c of sth-avs SOstO&S: Wal
ler' E Maynard and another to William W Hall;
mcrtsatce. <4<>.ihh): r S. 53173 ... I"«.™0
""d-s: » • •->•- .•>. ft » «' Mh-ave. M * one-half
Mock: Nathaniel I- Mdteaay to Slsmund Revit
lln«ier; It S. $7s 75 • • 10
Bam* property: SUmund Reutlint.-er to Joseph
fiteinrr- mo-.Kate. ll.'to.fMlrt; U S. $2« 23 1
7,h"ve. c «g ft fl 'of 12* - S t. 4.\llxir«; Ran
dolph Hurry so Metropolitan Trust Company,
by guardian : R S. 12* 75 -«: ••- - - .--.-;..--• 6^ooo
ii'th-stT n 9. 107 ft w of 7tn-ave. C3xns.l»; Estella
Weal ar.d another, executnis. to Panlfl Twy.
P.-ucels Ca on' itoulevard. "muv property of I.ueiu»
Parcels ..n B-iulevarrt. map property al I>ti'-ius
Chittendfn. Washington Helshts; also parrel, on
Hudson River, with riparian right*: William J
McClelland to L L Smith: R S. *23 .. 1
Chrrstt«-s1 w * 118.8 ft n of Ptsnton-st. ..0.4x
" it«i; Julius Ulrica to Julius V.raun; nsaitgage,
&£™ : t.li<o 1*654. iw s.' iiiit"'.:' Jonas Well an.i
Sd-avs N.> 1 <"k-.4 m s. 55»1»; Joaai «H! an.l
at other to John »lrlrh. Isjlgl, tS1.00&: ■S.
Maln-*t"lijV«i* No'iLw "Vo" 'SS2 and SW to «79. map
EllnbMb R" It Kind, City IsUnd; Mtnnieford
ave tv -■ lota No -47 to JT.t. same map; Arthur
A ejwanv to New York Rullillnjf and I»an Rank
ing fSipato r«-re<-orded: aMttgasja, itM»«;
f> < \\ ' 1
29th-«t n's! 3<^rt ft '• ■ of Rth-ave. KUUM^ Estella
West" and another, executors and trustee, to
Daniel Levy; mortßaxe »='>?>: R P. Me- =S.3*>
'-til " No 241 West. SJajSltS: .lohn D Kar..t.
" 1r t« EsteUe We«t and another, executors and
trustee all liens, quit cUlm - I
Madison No Xl* to 3*X n • -orn'r «».-ammell
•t. laoMiiiirr La«r L»rl. m «1 to H> r -
I man *i»rwt»n: nvrtjrage. »sU.oo<>; R « $7 29.... ' 1"*»
I 4&th-st. No 241 East. l«xioi».s: Solomon Kaha
and wlf» to Michael cos«rr>\e rnortr-<* *■>'»«:
R 8. M ! 13.""»
; «T.d-sf, No 3* E^st. lSxiim.-. Hoffman Miller .1
wife ;. Phebe W McConihe; mortg»ge, M».t»»».
R S »a K>
t 56th-st. No W» East. i!>xl"m .".. Richard \' Charles
i et al executors, to I-illie P Tonnelle: mortgage,
i $22,800; RB. Jl" 49.' 1
j Rlvlnrrton-st. Nos 101. liW and !•«'». ■< « corner
; 1 isasusi S.H.SxIW>; Mary A Herter to Jacob
Klingenstein: mortgage. «.H.<«»>: F: >. $22 25 IP>
j •.--.*■ s ■« 331 and . -■-; East. »:i.«x'j:j.lt: Kafal
Kurzrok to Benjamin Hochbaum; mortgage,
j »«2.Mii>: RS. MAI . . 10y
1 Ssth No TO West. ]s x |.».» 1.-.,;!.- V Town
| send to Philip I. Crovat; mortgage. ?».«*>; R3,
*n 2:. KO
' «n>fh «t No |,\t» West* 22xlii2.2x2i!ilxi<r:*i:" George
C romst<ii-k to I>ee K..1n0«. m. rti;-ig;e. rz\'"< ■
R s. Be • 1
; Lexington-ave. No 111. c h. 17x7'» Sainn.'! I,
Phillips to Elizabeth F lK>herty: Ii S. $.'> 2.1 I
'■ ' ~
Ural (Estair
last year did the largest business in its
I history. It does a larger business each
succeeding year.
'I Hlßi>— 1£ i-,a Company
a profitable hn?*ineH.H, and for
It* own protection and to
■ attract business, it can afford
to employ the bent legal talent
that the city afford* to ex*
amine Its title*.
When you buy real estate, or borrow or
j loan upon it. come to this company-
Fees moderate and uniform.
Indtrust company:
C* Ml Vu.V,°gs. $6,000,000
]4«i Broadway, New York.
175 Remsen Street. Brooklyn.
Slnctton Sales ot Real (Jrstaie
GEO. R. READ, Auctioneer,
will sell at auction
! THURSDAY, April 10th. 1 902.
• at 12 o'clock noon, at the New V"k Real Estate Saiea
' room. No. 11l Broadway.
I The Valuable Property
be*, ."th \\~. A fl'vray.
4-story hrownstone IwelJlnir. 2."* .•• mt. lor 02 ft.
[Maps and Further Information ian be obtained from th*
.Auctioneer. No. •» Cedar St. ami 1 M<.li--.ii Ay». .!»«Vi
Zo Cft far Bnsincs-j JDurposeg.
l,All(;K \>i» mull.
j AKM I.\ \\l^T^.^: COOL IN SIMMIER. ,
; Ht-*z rci.TO.l st.
i riX> RENT.— A store In t*ulton-!>t.. near Bros»,lwar. wlr*>
! I bns^ment anJ sabcelbr. Address .lil'siN Tribune
j <>fr>. c.
; (Eonntrn property] for Gale.
: .... to cash customer.
■ 11. V. L.KVENGSTUN. Bo» '. Saratoga ?->rins.<t.
Conntrn JDropcrin 4"a tct.
• I'IOTTAOE ■ ITT. Martha* Vlneyar.!. M.i!<<i.—Prett..
"- <••'■ c "n corner: nine r.».m:»: hath: liardw.-i.I
: ■"•«. »end for photos;r«p>' and ilescrifition. ARCHIBALD
>'. FOSS. >^> Broailway.
; Conntrn fJropcrin .for Salt cr <Za £ct.
For sals t.> close SSI estate or will rep.:, : trg» three
I story brick lkßSß«aj hall thiuUgh centre, 1^ bt-drixim.-*.
: partis!! 1 . formatted. About one acre of ground. r»7
•■ UmVn St nejr Maplewood }f>>te!. nttsflebl, 3.
I I. JOHNSON. !•« Wait ft.. N. V.. U> to 12 A. M.
I -furmsfjao tjonscg Zo Let — Conntrn
' 17 OK ?>.::\"T \t Par R-ck.iway. r^.r'.L- baa The
I X OGui ':•-:• comptetely :;irni!«!i#il, c klnlnsj about
: eighty Tuumr; Ktraataseooaly situated witiiiii three min
utes' walk from th- ocean .«n<! fivr- minutes from rail
• ro.i'l jtatlor;: a!! modern ltnpr«nem>'nt«; cottaffe for help;
I lar«e »Übl*. Apply to WATKINS W. JO2S£3 & CO..
i Far RTckawaj-. I* I.
I - — ■^—
(Eitn Propcrtn i"or Bale.
V— HOW TO sKiTRE ■ *."•<»> building lot. n»n.
. Jerumc-Bve. and Kmpirc R:ic«- Tr.i-.-k. f<>r *J. I..UV
niTfCC ."". West XU-at.; »»eßinw. aft.-r T::m>. -t BKLr
DBS, -!•"> West 12ith-»t.. Mfi:day or Krtii.»y evenings,
I from •» Is 10.
I SITYTEX DrVVIT . a minutes from . ;ran<l Central
! »5 Pepot: Ideal location: h!«l'. healthy, with ir»:i !
I vtew of Hud» n. Palisades. Haricm Valley and Man
i hattan: elenant modern residence. extr» w.ll built, is
rof>ms: barn and hennery: n«-i«My 12 lot of land, rapidly
I (rrowln* in value: great barnaln: ttH.O«H>. Apply to owner.
JOHN F. MENKE. West Washington Market. Near Tork.
Ki:sri'K.N'"B. near Riverside Drive. *2S.m>i»; box jit....v..
\ .!>; st'Ty. ■Ji.x.V.xl"-.': g. •• I .-onilition: oct-upied bj
ooi.er. " Ad<!res>^ \V.. 4>«. Ci.lumbus- i»ve.
iZ' — ~
j Unfarnislicb Zc CcL
' ;.i»1 Waal MM II northwes: corner Amsterdam Ay.-.
j All outside Ugh:, etsjlit -p. IS " -.«. bat!;, two toilet?.
! servants" basil; careful individual management; !iveri^l
j attendants; healthful, exclusive, refined se''f'."n: opposit*
Si John's e»the.lr«!. Culumbiii l"n!ver.-lty; Wectrtc cars at
■ ■■■■'• suFerintfnd J n;.
! partmen: of the Interior. Offle» of Indian Affair*.
! Washington. >. •'.. Marrh 1. kW- Sealed proposals, tn
j <ior»e,l "Prop«>s»l» for beef, flour, etc.." a* me ease may
} be and directed to the I >>mml.»loner "f Indian Affairs.
I 339 Johnson Street Chicago. 111., will be received until 1
i o'clock P. M. of Tuesday. April 15. 1902. for furnishing
for the Indian Service, beef, flour, bacon, beans. o«Kee.
sus;ir rice. tea. and other articles of subsistence; *!*> for
; boots and shoes, groceries, soap, bairn* powdtr. crockery,
agricultural implements, pmnts. oils. s!a.-s. tinware.
wagons, harness, l*ath«-. shoe flndinsja. saddlery, etc..
hardware, srho-.l and medical supplies, and a Ion? list of
! miscellaneous articles. Pealed pri-pos^ls. indorsed "Pro-
I pasaris <■<•■ blankets. i»ool*a and cotton poods, dothtni.
ttc. " as th* case may be. and directed to the fommts—
■ »ioner of Indian Affairs. No«. 77 and "'• Wooster Street.
New T->rk City, will be received until .1 o'clock P. M. of
Tuesday May W. IMC for furnishing for th« Indian Ser
vice, blankets, woolen and cotton goods, clothing, notions.
hat* and caps. Btda must be made out on Government
blanks. Schedules si'- md all necessary Information for
i bidders will ie furnished on apolit-ation to th« Indian
Oflice, Washington. I>. ' '. ; Norn. 77 and 7.. V. ooster Street.
New York City: 232 Johnson Street. Chicago. HI.: No.
HIS Howard Street. Omaha. Nebr. : the Commissaries of
I Subsistence. TV S. A . at Cheyenne. Leavenworth. St.
j Iv)ut9 St. Paul, and San Vranclsco; the postmasters at
j Rloux City. Yankton. Arkansas City. Caluwell. Tepeka.
' Wichita, an.l Tucson. Bids will be open«d at th« hour and
! day* above stated, and bidders are Invited to- b« present
at the opening. The Department reserves the rtjrht to de
termine the point of delivery and to reject any and ail
Ltd*, or any part of any bid.
W. A. JONES. Commissioner. .
! — Office Purchasing Commissary I". S. Army. 39
Whitehall street. New York City. N. T.. April _. l.«r_.
I S-aled proposals for furnishing and delivering subslstem.*
i stores tn this city for the month of May. I!*""., will t«
: received at this office until 11 o'clock a. m. on April 1
! l««vj. Information furnished on application. tnvelcp*s
I contalnlntr blis should be mark d "Proposals (['[?ll*
' slsteno. Stores, opened April 1-. 19.C." addressed to
Major LV 1. Brainard. Commiagary. I. a. A.
! I>II»s WILL BE RECEIVED at the office of
the, . -rnr RECORD. City Hall. Boroueh of Manhat
tan for delivery to the various departments, offices, etc..
Si th.- nty Government In th.- Boroughs of Manhattan.
; The Hronx Bro.^kl^n. Queens and Richmond, all th*
; books, prlntlna- and stationary furnished them turinsj IMB
! by the Cltv Record 'rtßca^
See. i ITV RKCORI> for further particulars, or apply at
i office. No. 2 City Hall. Manhattan.
; /-lOVEKNOR'S !Sl..\M>. N. Y. 11.. April 4.
i:».- Sealed proposals. In triplicate, for BBS ■■ m
Fuel and Fora«e r'-'iui at ' tl.-kannuti Park. 'la de-
Hveied at I.ytle Station. Ga.. will be received her* until
12 M . April 1«. If"'- I'- •' - ■-'■"' - right to reject or
, accept any or all proposal* or any part thereof. Informa
tion furnished en application. . -Envelopes containing pro
cosals ■will bo *-"■' " "Proposals for Fuel and r-vr.«ao
lat Cblekamauia F«rk JOHN SIMPSON. AQ.M. G.

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