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CIETTF.?. ?12 c .-iT.
The New-York Methodist Conference ended its
annual session yesterday In Grace Church, after
a busy meeting, which included th« reading of the
list of appointments for the ensuing year. This an
nouncement was made at the last moment before
adjournment, at 1:30 p. m.. and left the meeting
broken up into numerous handshaking groups, the
burden of the expressions of goodwill being in
some cases congratulatory and in pome a trifle
Fj-mpathetic, according to the nature of the new
There ire fourteen pastoral changes In >"•»-
York City Of -which perhaps the most interesting
IB that at Chelsea, where th« Rev. Dr. Philip Ger
mond will be the new incumbent. Dr. Germonds
retirement from the rest of presiding elder of the
Kingston district, after seven years of service, was
the occasion at yesterday's session of a high trib
ute from Dr. J. J. Dean, on behalf of the con
f»rence. an the. presentation of a purse. Dr. Ger
mond was succeeded by the Rev. Dr. Frank L.
Wilson, and the Rev. Dr. Clark Wright was suc
ceeded by the Rev. Dr. Frank J. Belcher as pre
siding elder of the Poughkeepsle district. Th«
presiding elders of the Newburg and New- York
districts. Dm A. J. Palmer and C. TV. Millard. wera
Before the reading of the appointments the ses
sion was concerned with adopting various reports
cf committees. Bishop Fowler opened the meet-
Ing, which was preceded by devotional exercises
conducted by the Rev. Dr. W. G. Brownlnc. but
as the Bishop had to convene the cabinet for a final
consideration of the appointments, he called the
Rev. Dr. J. P. Day to the chair.
The Rev. Dr. M B. Cumminps, in presenting the
report of the committee on the observance of the
Lords Day. made a strong: protest against the
growing secularization of the day. urged pastors to
counteract It, and pledged every effort towarJ
closing the saloons on Sunday.
■ In view of the approaching :Wth anniversary of
John Wesley's birth, in Ml, a committee was ap
pointed to arrange, for fitting commemoration.
. Of the many routine reports adopted perhaps the
ir.OFt Important were those of the conference treas
urer and the committee on the Twentieth Century
• Thank Offering. The treasurer. Dr. Thompson,
reported th» following collections: Missionary So
ci^ty. $39,551: Church Extension, J1.271: Sunday
School Union. *7*7; Tract Society. $f£S: Freedman's
Aid. J2.4V,; Education (public educational collec
tion). #52: Children's Fund. $2.3%; American Bible
•Society, H.IK; "Woman's Foreign Missionary So
ciety. E7.CES; Woman"? Home Missionary. $9,450:
otter benevolent collections. M4.«5€; conf«ren<-«
.claimants. $12,133; episcopal fund, J2.T9:. Total col
lections. J125.517.
Dr. B. B. Tip; reported for the committee on the
' Twentieth Century Thank Offering, showing v.-(«••v '.
(«•• ;--.iEPfl apainst church debts in the year, and
5303,400 for various ether purposes within th» metro
politan district.
The subscription to church debt in detail was
as follows: Oiin. $22,500; St. Mark's. 1X100; Calvary.
52.1O0; Grace, $s<y>X); St. James, J42.050: Centenary.
529.000; Lexington Avenue (Swedish). $2,500: Wash
ington He.lchts. $:-"■'"•""■': Baa* Chester. $2,100; Twenty-;
fourth Street <Swedieh>. $2.5"0; Church of The Sav
iour. IP."-''. Union. R2.«»l The Rev. Dr. Tipple also
presented the report of the New-York City Church
Extension Society, showing: $12,<V«) expenditures.
The following officers of the Temperance Society
•were elected: President, Edwin H. Carr: vice
presidents, I. M. Kins. J. J. Dean. A M. Cornish
and J. O. Wilson: secretary. S. F. White; corre
sponding secretary and treasurer. S. J. Me-
Other reports were those of the Epworth League
committee, the committee of stewards, the com
mittee on church federation, the. statistical com
mittee, the. Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
and the treasurer of the board of trustees.
The Rev. Dr. .7. P. Hermance addressed the con
ference in behalf of the Mutual Assistance So
ciety, and th*- Rev. Dr. E. S. Tipple in favor of an
assessment for old and infirm ministers, making a
personal pledpe of $500.
When 'he time for the announcement of appoint
ments was approaching the usual budget collec
tion was taken up. It was said that $SSO was
needed, and. though the amounts had not been
added by the secretaries before adjournment. G. E.
. Andrews and J. C. Havemeyer, it was reported.
were ready to subscribe the balance, whatever it
might prove to be.
Bishop Fowler returned to the chair at 12:15
•"clock. Dr. G. G. Dean then delivered an ad
dress to Dr. Germond in behalf of his fellow preach
ers, and the. retiring elder replied with simplicity
and feeling. He was requested to lead The prayer
that closed the business session.
In the course of the session the Rev. J. F. Katz.
a Congregational minister, after being presented
by the R?v. Dr. C. W. Millard. and answering the,
formal ordination questions put by the Bishop, was
recognized in orders. The following appointments
were made by vote of the. conference: The Rev.
Newton Wray. conference evangelist, without
compensation: the Rev. Dr. Richard Wheatley.
conference historian; the Rev. Dr. W. P. Odell, to
preach the missionary sermon, and T. H. Barag,
After the passing of complimentary resolutions,
the reading of the. minutes of the session, and devo
tional services, the appointments for the following
year were read, and the conference adjourned
tine die. The conference will convene next year
in Stamford. N. T. This was decided after a brisk
debate by ■ \-ote of M to 45.
The full list of appointments, to. announced at
the closing session yesterday, follow*:
" Kingston District. F. L. Wilson. Presiding- Elder.
,Andes. L. F. Piper; Arena, to be supplied- Ash
land, A. C. Wilier; Athens. H. B. chown:' Blen
heim, to be supplied; Btootnville, E. A Robinson;
Bovina, to be supplied; Cairo. J. Douglas; Catsklll.
F. 3e.aie; Charlottevll]e. to be supplied; Coeymans.
V. N. Traver; Coeymans Hollow, I G. Price- Cox
s&ckie, W. H. Mlckle; Delta. J. J. Dean; Dorraans
vi:>, to be supplied; Durham. H. Y. Murkland;
East Durham and Norton Hill, to be supplied;
Eddyville. S. P. Galloway; Eminence, to be sup
plied; Franklin. F. D. Abrnms, Gilboa. XV. E.
Morse; Glasco, H. I. Hoag; Greenville, M. P.
"William*; Griffin Corners. W. H.-Vaughan; Halnes
Falls. D. Phillips: Hslcottsviile, m. 'O. Bennett;
Hamflen. W. M. Comstock; Hensoaville, G. R.
Abr&ms; Hobart. G. O. Wileey; Hunter, C Sager"
Jefferson. M B. Cummlnca; Kingston (Clinton Ave
nue). .' M Cornish; East Kingston. W. H. Peters;
fit. Jiaes, P. M. Wstter?; Trinity, \V. F. Comp-
Ton: Lii rer.ceviile. to be supplied: Leeds F k
Wallace; Lexington H. F. Brown: Livingstonville' ;
la be Fuppiiec,. Maiden. G. XV. Ferris; Margaret
vHle. A. A Walker; Meridale, to be supplied- New-
BalUmore. J. Long; Oak Hill. J. \V I^adbearer
Olive, to be supplied: Palenville. J. McConnell;
Phoenicia, G. W. Thompson: Pine Hill and Shan
d*ker.. G fV Pa vie- p potr t Ewfn, H. Sheldon;^
/ -ra-tsvjjie. E. S. Potter: Ravena. G. F. 6nyder :
Hound Top and Acra, A. Sehleiermacher; Roxbury
O. \sn Keuren; Bauperttea, E. L. Hoffecker; Sho
kan, JL. H Vt. F> 7.* : South Bethlehem S. Bullen;
btamlorO, \\ . H. Moser; Summit, D. H. Piper-
Tir.r.r=vj.:f . F. L. Allen: Tread well. B. Seeholzer;
Ma.tr.r;, R. Knepp. Wpst Fulton. T. W. Term
wSSi fe r ii>p n m^ %vindham - *■ «SJ^
The Rev. Dr. A. J. Palmer. Presiding Elder—
Accord, to be supplied; Bellvale. F A Ru°sell-
Bloomlr.gburg. J. Anthony; Bridgevlile W X
Ridgeway; BuUville, E. R Ackerlv- clilirnon i
H. Windeler; Cannonsville, j j HerTrv- Central
Valley. CH. Cookman: Chester. Ge' Berber-
Cooks Falls Methui all Acidalii. \\\ j c^ver !
CcrnwalL A. Ostrander; Deposit. A ,';-;r;3 5 ;
Edenville F A. Coons: Ellenvilie. R } Travi*'
E<juinunk, G E Montrose; Esopus. RM Roberts' '
Fl«h> E.:-v a«d French Woods, to b. SxhSuS
Gardner;,, ■... A. Mac Donald; Goshen \V PP A ok '
royd; Grahamsvili^ K. 1.. Rose; Greenfield and '
Mountalndale C W Albertl; Hancock. A 7*6 LoVd
Highland. G. H. Smith; Highland Falls F. Wither- i
Highland Mills, R. S. Crawford; Highland Moun^ I
ULln Circuit, to '•<=• supplied; HurleyvUl" j Kln
pr:n?h?.rr hfnoza i.ikf- and Yar.gsville \v H
Van Hoesen; Kerhonkson, to be supplied: Kvm>rlke
and High Falls. M. L. Gates; Libert^' £* Hunt*
Livingston Manor and Park.-vi::< . XV. R Hunt :
LooKout and Union, to be supplied; Long Eddy to
oe supplied; Marlboro A. Thompson; MMIli H Ape
E. W. Morton: Middletown, C. A Holla and »'
Bchrtver; Milton. F. H. Deming; Modern^ E Shew-
MonUc*llo. O. U. Downs; M->untainvlll» w hI
Finch; Napanork and Ulster Heights. B. ± Smith-
New-Pa ]«. G M Cranston. Newburg Grace
Church. FVF V M ix Kn » -"': St. John's. A. E. Barnett"
Trinity. T. H. Baragwanath. Phillipsport and
Wurtsboro. G. A Shanan; Pine Bush and Sam ■
Point W. Llttlebrandt; Plattekill and Rr.MviiieG
B. Clarke; Hldrebury. J. C. Hoyt . Rifton and
Plutarch, J. W. Naramore; Rockland and Lew
Beach, to be supplied; Sloatsburg and Tuxedo. F.
C. Harding; Stevensville, White Sulphur Pprlr.|s
and Strongtown. H. S. duller; Stone RW;e. G. B.
Meade; Sugar Loaf and Florida. E. Corn ; ih>. Trout
Creek and Loomis. G. Whitehead; Turn*/ s. C. A.
Dann: Vail's Gate. H. C. Earl: W alden *' & n Sift"
dington: Warwick, E. E. Count: TV asMngtonvine.
C. S. Deming: White Lake. Mongaup \ alley and
Hard, G. C. Morse. secretary of -„._,-„„«,
A. Schrlver. executive secretary of conference
C O. ll Ha II \ tt nn a nd Un fia 2 nci a i agent of Ministers' Mutual
L. R. Lone, principal <* ™ d * n High BchOoL
N. Wray. conference evangelist.
The Rev. Dr. C. XV. Mlllard. Residing Elder
Ardsley and Woodhlll. E. Quick. Banks* He
and Armonk. W. C Oliver Bedford Station
and Bedford. J. H. Phillips. Bcscobel. A Ooon».
Buchanan. C. B Conro. CarmejU E. r. W***™'.
Croton Lake, W. W. WllcOJt. cc 1 £ to »l^sl Hu S?2?:
J. B. Cross. Pobbs Ferr>. R. E. Wilson/ Glen
vine, to be supplied. GoMen's Bridge. J. M. Ben
netts Hartsdale. W. E. Clarke Irvington N. B.
Thompson. Katonali. O. P. Hoyt. Kenslco and
Bachasha. H. Cornford. Lake Mahopac, U. O.
Warren. Mount Kisco. C. L. Walsworth Mount
SKMB. to be supplied. New-York. Bedford Street.
S. E. Jones; Calvary. W. P. Odell. G. M. Fowler
Centenary. H. Houston; Chelsea P. Ge "™ )1 ™'
Church of the People and Five Points Mission A.
K. Sanford: Church of the Saviour. J . S. ot one
Duane Church. F. H. Carpenter; Eighteenth
Street. A. Jamleson; Fordham. A M }''£ 0T l y -
fourth Street, G. W. Grinton; Grace. L. A. Banks.
Italian Mission. J. Vital; Madison Avenue W. Mac-
Mullen A. D. Ball; Metropolitan Jem-pie Parish.
Metropolitan Temnle, R. Bagnell, L. B. Longacre;
Jane Street. C. W. McPherson; F-anklin Street
to be supplied: Morris Heights. E. H. Carr; Mott
Avenue. XV. McK. Darwood: Park Avenue. D. B.
Thompson; Perry Street. J. Rowe; Pt . An . d . r '*?^
J. O. Wilson. St. James's. A. Mcßossie; St. Mark s,
W. H. Brooks: St. Paul's. G. P. Eckman; St.
Stephen's, B. H. Burch: Thirty-fifth Street. TS.
Bond: Tremont. J. XV. Campbell: Twenty-fourth
Street. E. S. Osbon; Union, R. E. Bell; Washing
ton Heights. F. S. Cookman: Washington Square.
J. J. Reed, W. B. Tower: Woodlawn Heights, vv.
F. Brush. North Tarrytown: St. Pauls. J. O.
Oakley. Oaatnlng. W. F. Anderson. Peekskill.
First Church. C. Wright; St. Pauls, J. W. A.
Dodge. Pleasantville. XV. A Blackie. Purchase.
L. A. Bobbins. Purdy Station and North Salem.
C S. Oakley. Putnam Valley. N. O. Lent. Shrub
Oak H W" Ackerly. Tarrytown: Asbur> - . F. C.
Iclehart. Tuckahoe. R. H Kelley. West Pleas
antvllle. J. P. Taylor. White Plains, G. E. Hite.
Yonkers: Central "Church. .1. L. Hartsock; First
Church. J. E. Price, one to be supplied, iirktnwn
Helehts E S Miles.
J." M. King, corresponding secretary of Church
Extension Society. ■ _ -
J R. Day. chancellor of Syracuse T_ niverslp .
E. R. Smith. Editor of -Gospel In All Lands
G Clark, agent of Conference Temperance Society.
w B. Millar, secretary of International Commit
tee of Young Men's Christian Association.
D. H. Hanaburgh, president of Drew Ladies Sem-
I. J. Feritz. professor of Bemhic languages and
archaeology In Syracuse University.
C. S. Harrower. professor in Drew Ladies Sem
G. E. Jayne. missionary in Utah.
C. W. Skinner, superintendent of St. Christopher's
D. M. Birmingham, professor of theology In Wai
den University. Nashville. Term.
E. McChesney. dean and professor in Syracuse
J. M. Yeager. Commissioner of Schools for Put
nam County.
E. S. Tipple, executive secretary of the joint Com
mission for the Twentieth Century Thank Offering
Movement in the boroughs of Manhattan and The
Bronx. New-York.
A. H. Lambert, missionary in Porto Rico.
F. Hermance. executive of the Conference Claim
ants' Endowment Society.
The Rev. Dr. F. J. Belcher. Presiding Elder
— Alford. to be supplied. Ancram, W. Wllco*.
Bansall, to be supplied. Bre«rster. P. C. Hr-arn.
Canaan. R. B. Coons. ''h:] spa5 p a and New-Hamburg,
J. S. Lull. Chatham. J. W. Ackerly. cUverack.
W. H. Daniels rr.]<i Spring S. F. White, copake,
E. H. Toriri East Chatham. J. S. Ladd. Ellxavllle.
H E. Wright. Falls Villape .1 S. Graham. Fish
kill, to be supplied. PUhldll-on-the-Hudson. R. L
Ross. Garrison. W F. Ottarson. Gaylordsville, R.
F Elsden. Great Barrtngton. 6. <I. Keyser. Hillß
oale and North EDlladale. S. Stephens. Housatonic.
C. L. Mackey. Hudson. O. p. Ramsey. Hyde
Park. R. Kikelh.in. Johnsvllle. .T }\ Carley. La
prangevill". to be supplied. Lakeville. C. H. Grubb.
bee, T. Lamont. Lenox. T. H E. Richards. Lith
gow and Armenia, to be supplied. Matteawan. W.
A. Mackey. Milan, to be supplied. Mlllbrook nnd
A'erbank. L >'. H. Adams. Mi'lerton, M. B Snyder.
New-FalrfleM. HaviUnd Hollow, and Reynoldsvllle.
W. G. Gritman. Norfolk and Goshen. E. T. Byles.
North Egremor.t. J. A. Hum. North Germantown,
S. J. McCuTrheon. North Highlands. C. C. Rirh.
Pawilns. D. Mccartr.ey. Phllmont, y A. Merchant.
Pine Plains. H. Hazzard. Pleasant Valley. J. H.
Lane. Pouehkeepsie : He,]<iing Church, J. }i-
Michel!; Trinity, W. N. Senrlec; Washington Street,
B <" W.irren Poughqiag. R a. Lowther.
Queechey. F. A. Rnhy. Rr-d Hook, .7 Ackerman.
Rhinebe'k. R. If. Stratton. Rhinecllff and Hillside
B. N. Lewis. Oiaron. F. M. T;;rrentine. Sheffield
and Ashley Falls, .1 W. Bohlman. Ppencertown
G. E. Kerr. Ptoekhridge and West Ptockr>ridge E
J. Kelly. Stockport and Btottsviile. X H Rny?
Tivoli. J. H. Lincoln. Tyrinitham, W. B Sleep
"tt'applngers Falls. J. Inmsn. West Hillsdale. to b«
supplied. West Taghkanic. C. H. Chesebro. Wing
Station and Dover Plains. J. S. Tredtnnlck.
R. Wheatley. Conference Historian.
Elizabeth, N. .1.. April S (Special).— The Newark
Methodist Conference ended its annual meeting
here this afternoon with the announcement by
Bishop Joyce of the appointments of pastors for
the various churches. Statistical Secretary Gut
teridge read a letter from J. W. Pearsall. who on
Friday was elected president of the laymen's As
sociation. He sent a check for $I.<W> for the Cen
tenary Fund. The Rev. Daniel Halleron read the
report of the wards of this fund. In which the
following distributions were made; Elizabeth dis
trict. $2.o<y>; Jersey City. $2,800; Paterson, J2,'V"O, and
Newark. $3,2f>0.
The appointments made by Bishop Joyce are as
Daniel Halleron. Presiding Elder; Asbury and
Bethlehem. G. F. Illman; Bloomsburg, .1 B J
Rhodes; Bound Brook, F. L Rounds; Callfon and
Fairmount. M. L. Rhodes; Centreville and Btanton
E J. Curry; Chester. C. K. Gibson; Clinton and
Allerton. E. H. Conklin; Cokeabury G. VV. Price-
Cranford. First Church. O. L. Joseph St. Paul
H. C. Thompson; Dunellen. P. K. Doolittie- East
Millstone. H. D. Opdyke; Elizab-th. Fulton Street,
W. S. Gallaway. Park Church. Frederick Bloom St.
James, G. c. Wilding; Everittstown and Mllfor.J
J. XV. McManun; Flnesville. W. S. Cocznan- Flan
ders and Drakestown, J. B. Heard; Flemlngton P
C. Bascom; Frenchtown. Andrew Henry; Gladstone!
A. A. Anderson; Glen Gardner, to be supplied; High
Bridge. E. E. Roberson; Junction. A J Bliss-
Klngwood. F. L. Metcalf; Lebanon. W. P. Newsom'"
MetiK-hen. F. A. Mason; Mount Hor-b ipostofflco
Martlnville). C. E. Walton; Mount Zlon to be
supplied; New-Dover. G. T. Watts; New-German
town, to be supplied; Norton and Mount Salem B
S. Croeroft; Pattenburg and ' Little York i' l'
Lewis- P*-rth Amboy, S. T. Jackson; Plalnfleld
First Church, W. C. Snodgras?. Grace. E. L. Earn'
Monroe Avenue. John MeMurray; Qu«k»rtnwn P
D. Decker; Rahway. First Church and Linden' F.
C. Moonf-y. Trinity. J. H. Howard; Raritan, E 8
Jamison; Roselle and Aldlne. H. M. Simpson- Ro«e
mont and Stockton, H. W. Ervlg, Scotch Plains
Frederick Bendenberg; Sergeant r s young :
Somerville. E. N. Crasto. Staten Island New-York'
Asbury (New-Springville), J. H. Timbrell; Beth>i
Enoch Meachem; Grace (Port Rich
mond). A C. McCrea: Klngsley <Stapleton> J C
Howard; St. John's (Rossville), I. L. Rnyder- St
Mark's (Prince's Bay). S. H. Jones; St. Pauls (Tot
ten\-llle). W. C. Kinsey, SummerfleM (Mariners'
Harbor*. M. D. Church; Trinity; West New-Brigh
ton). J. O. Spamon; Wodrow (Rossville). Isaac
Thomas. Euccasunna. D. XV. Ryder; Westfield C M
Anderson; White House. K. D. Harris; IVoodbridge
M. H. Werner.
J. R. Daniels, conference evangelist and mem
ber of Perth Amboy Quarterly Conference
W. T. Helms, chaplain in United States Navy
and member of First Church. Rahwav. Quarterly
G. H. Whitney, president emeritus of Centenary
Collegiate Institute and member of First Church
Plainfield, Quarterly Conference.
W. L. HoagUnd. presiding elder. Arlington C
E. Little. Basking Ridge, \v. m. Johnson. Belle
ville. J. O. Winner. BernardsvUle. C H. yon Glahn
Bloomfleld: Park Church. C. S. Woodruff ■ Wat
eessing. P. G. Blight. Caldwell. Arthur 'Lucas.
Chatham, D. F. Diefendorf. Denville. T. E Gordon
East Orange: Calvary. F. C. Baldwin; Ferry Church'
Richard Johns: Park Avenue. R. B. I'rmy Sandford
Street, T. G. Spencer. Franklin (Postoftice Nutlev)
Elbert Clement. Green Village. F. E. Adell Hil
ton. G. F. Dickinson. Irvington. J. W. Ryder
Livingston. B. L George Madison. J. B. Faulks
Maplewood. A D. Berry. Mendham. George
Mo^ney Montclalr. J. Y. Dobbins. Morrlstown J
L. Hurlbut. Newark: Centenary. Henry Spell
meyer: Central. XV. H. Morgan; Church ex
tension charges. Grace. J. L. Anderson- Mont
gomery Street. C. J. Hovt; St. Andrew's \V
B. Ways; St. James, W. W. C. Walker"
West Orange. to be supplied; Dashlell Me
morial. D. D. Eaton: Divls Memorial c f
Hull: D» Groot. W. E. Palmer: Eighth ' Avenue'
Wesley Martin: Frankiin Street. F. S. Simmons'
Hal?ey Street, j. a. Cole; Rosevllle. T. J. Coultas :
St. Luke's. W. P. Ferguson; St. Paul's. T. P Frosf'
South Market Street, C. S. Davison: Summerfiejd'
W. B. Robinson: Trinity, A. R. Grovel: ''jiiori
Street, J. A. Owen. New-Providence, A. ~ Van
Deusen. New-Vernon. to be supplied. Orange,
Frank Mac Daniel. Parsippany. H. M. Temple'
Pine Brook and Clinton. G. F. Apgar. Pleasant
Plains and Union Village. G. S. Thomas. Rock
away Valley. H. K. Ebright. South Orange. H. F.
Randolph. Springfield. J. H. Egbert. Summit A
H. Tuttle. ' Vallsburg. W. K. Gray. Verona, j I.
Boswell. Whlppany. J. M. Potter.
H. A. Butts. president of Drew Theological Semi
nary, and member of Madison Quarterly Confer
S. L. Baldwin, recording secretary of the Mission
ary Society, and member of Montclalr Quarterly
_,J, J - ,F, F - Dodd. assistant recording secretary of th»
Missionary Society, and member of Roseville. New
ark Quarterly Conference/
C F Sitterly. professor in Drew Theological
seminary »nd member cf Madison Quarterly Con
T J. A. Gutteridge. financial secretarj- of American
T,n \erslty. am member of Roseville, Newark Quar
terly Conference
J. C. Goodrich, agent of the American Bible So
ciety in the Philippines.
J. R. Wright, presiding elder; Allendale. Archer
Memorial. C. C. Winans; Alpine. M. A. Johnston.
Arcola, L. H. Hough: BarryvWe. New- York . F.
L. Rhodes; Bayonne. First Church. H. J. Johnston.
Forty-iourth-st.. If. K. Grant. Bergen Point, W B.
Fleming; Kloomlngdale (Postofflce Butler). A. J.
Turner: Campeaw. William Jackson: Centreline,
and Greenville.. N. y.. W. A. Tuiney; Colevllle and
Libertyville. M. L. An.larlese: Coolbaugh. Perm.
(Postofflce Frutcheys. Perm.). V. A. \\ ood; Decker
town. W. A. Knox; Dinginans. Perm.. W. D. Green
man; Englewood. J. W. Dally: Garnervllle N. X..
A. G. Bloat; Hackensack. Asbury. R- Elliott.
First Church. H. B. Leech: Hasbrouck Heights,
to be supplied; Haverstraw. N. V.. S. P. Ha . . m ? n , d:
Hewitt and Rlngwood, to be supplied; Hillsdale.
G. Howland; Hoboken. First Church. J. B. Baker.
Jersey City. Memorial Church. W. R. Neff, < en
tenary. C. R. Barnes. Emory. G. G. ogei. brace.
J. F. Andrew, Heading. S. W. Gardner. Janes . I.
E. Appley, Lafayette. William Redheffer. Linden
Avenue, Thomas Hall. Palisade, R. A. Brown. bt.
Paul's, W. H. Ruth, Simpson's. R. M. Aylsworth,
Trinity, R. K. Bovd. West Side Avenue. W <-<.
O # Donnell, Union Place. E. C. Dutcher; Leonla. to be
supplied; Matamoras. Perm.. O. J. Shoop, Midland
Park. W. R. Kelfer: Mid vale. George Whitehead;
Mllford, Perm. C. E. Scudder; New City and Cen
tenary, N. V.. E. O. Howland: Newfoundland^ I.
C. Starr; Nyack. N. Y. C. S. Kemble; Oakland \ al
ley, N. V.. to be supplied; Otisville. N. V., E. F.
Fowler; Palisades, N. V., to be supplied; Park ana
Grantwood, to be supplied; Pearl River, N. V.. and
Montvale.T. S. Mollneux; Plermont, N. V.. George
Angleman; Port Jervis, N. V.. W. A. Chad wick:
Ridgefleld Park, Alfred Evans; Rldgewood, E. M.
Garton; Rockland Lake and Congers, N. V., E. O.
Howland; Sparrowbush and Mongaup, N. V . E.
H. Atwood: Spring Valley and Monsey, N. 1..
Frank Chad wick; Stony Point. N. V.. L. F. Bow
man. First church, J." H. Piper: Suffern, N. \.,
W. A. Timbel; Sussex, M. A. Knox: Thiells. N. V..
E. F. Fowler; Vernon and Glenwood. A. E. Arm
strong; Viola and Wesley Chapel, N. V.. A. L.
Smith: Waldwick. A. J. Conklin; West Town and
Unionville, N. V.. A. L. Wilson.
T. H. Landon, principal of Bordentown Military
Institute and member of Hedding, Jersey City,
Quarterly Conference.
J. W. Young, secretary of Committee of Appor
tionments of the Missionary Society, and member
of Emory. Jersey City, Quarterly Conference.
C. S. Ryman. presiding elder: Anderson and
Mount Lebanon, William Aten; Andover. Albert
Cain: Belvidere, Nathaniel Brooks: Blalrstown.
O. M. West; Boonton, G. C Moulsdale; Branch
ville. T. E. Garrls? Broadway. K. Gray; Buttz
ville- and Free Union, D. D. Tompkins: Columbia
and Hainesburg. H. P. King: Dover, First Church.
William E.iklr.s. and Grace. M. i. Gibbs; East
Rutherford, F. J. Huback; Frankfort Plains.
Charles Cain; German Valley. S. B. Darnelle; Glen
View. Thomas ,T. Clnrk; Hackettstown, J. G. John
ston; Halnesville and Centreville, to be supplied;
Harmony and Stewarteville. W. H. Carson; Hi
berr.ia. M. S. Lambert: Hopatcong and Hurdtown.
Samuel Jones; Hope, W. H. Bur ley; Johnsonburg.
to be supplied; Klngsland. to be supplied: La
fayette, William Bird; Little Falls, C. C. Woodruff;
Montvllle. W. A Butts. Mount Fern. H. Hughes;
Mount Freedom and Miilbrook. A. C. Covey; Mount
Herman. S. O. Rusby: Mount Hope and Richard
Mine, J. W. Dodson; Mountain View. A. M. Harris;
Newton, A. B. Richardson: North Faterson. W.
Westeott: Oxford R. J. Christie; Passaic, G. W.
Smith; Paterson, Belle Vista, to be supplied. Cal
vary. G. J. Schilling. Cedar Cliff. Jesse S. Gilbert,
Cross Street, W. M Trumbower. Embury. W. W.
Vanderhoff. Grace L. C. Muller. Market Street.
J. M. Meeker. Paterson Avenue. T. C. Mayham.
Prospect Street. W. S. McCowan, Simpson, Charles
Waldron. Trinity. J. A. Hensey. Wesley Church,
C. X. Hutchlnson. and West Paterson, John K.
Martin: Phlllipsburg, First church. B. V. King,
and Wesley Church. F. L West; Port Colden and
Chaugwater. W. H. Haggerty; Port Morris,
J. H. E. Sehultz; Port Murray and Mount Bethel.
D. D. Smally; Port Oram, W. K. Bla.ke.slee; Kock
;iway. W. J. Hampton: Rutherford, J. K. Masch
man: Sparta. D. W. c Ramsey; Stanhope and
Waterloo. c. W. Demminsr; Stilhvaier. Jacob Tyn
dall; Summcrfleld, Alexander Sco^t. SwartSWOOd,
John Bonlnser; Teho. to bo supplied: Tranquillity.
William Stout: Vienna and Janes <"hapei. W. C.
James; Walpaek Centre. A. W. Willever; Wash
ington, D. B. F. Randolph
Alexander Craig, corresponding secretary of the
Conference Board of Education, and member of
N->wton Quarterly Conference.
J. H. Robertson, conference evangelist, and
member of the Market Street (Paterson) Quarterly
W. H. McCormick. conference temperance nerent
and member of the First Church (Dover) Quarterly
c. D. Morris, missionary to Corea,
John Krantz. general sales agent of the, Meth
odist Book Concern. New-York, and member of
the Wesley Church OPaterson) Quarterly Confer
Torrlngton, Conn.. April S — At th« opening of th«
morning pepylon of the New -York East Confer
ence, in the Methodist Episcopal church, the Rev
Dr. Thomas L. Poulson presented the report of the
committee on temperance. It expressed the belief
that total abstinence from the use of Intoxicating
beverages If the plain duty of \h» Christian, nnd
urged church members to continue to empha>iir«
Its vltai importance, particularly among the chil
dren of the Sunday schools and families. The con
viction that the total prohibition of the traffic in
intoxicating beverages Is the Imperative duty of the
State and nation was reaffirmed. Congress was pe
titioned to p'^s the Gillett-Lodge bill, prohibiting
the sale of Intoxicating liquors In the New-Hebrides
and adjacent Islands to the native r;ices. nnd t>> re
tain the anti-canteen law. Hearty approval was
given to the movement to secure the passage by
Congress of resolution* calling for an appropriation
for the Improvement of post exchanges, and the bill
prohibiting the sale of Intoxicating liquors In gov
ernment buildings, soldiers' homes and Immigrant
stations waa Indorsed. Commendation wns given
to th" proposition In Connecticut to have the legis
lature of this State adopt the probation system for
so-called "rounders." men and women who have
been repeatedly arrested for intemperance, a
m<-tho] which has b'^n successfully employed In
other States.
Co-operation was pledged with all civil officers
within the bounds of the conference, who fire "hon
estly striving to execute existing laws against open
saloons on Sunday and against the ]awlesn traffic
in intoxicating drinks on other days." The resolu
tion continued:
We are unalterably opposed to any and all legis
lation looking toward the opening of saloons on
Sunday, for the whole or any part of the day. We
regard the so-called Raines law hotels in th-? city
of New-York as so many defiant devices for evad
ing the Sunday closing statute and as hotbeds of
vice and crime, and recommend their utter ex
tinction by legislative enactment at the earliest
possible day.
Relieving the Influence of the saloon to be in
variably degrading, we welcome all proper substi
tutes for St. such as t»mper.-<nc« places of assembly,
cheap and clean restaurants, gymnasiums, game
rooms, reading rooms, libraries, people's Institutes,
clubs where Intoxicants are not sold or served,
recreation piers and parks and public baths. We
believe .in organization Is needed which, in a spirit
of conciliation, will see,k to unite all temperance
workers to secure a thorough study of the problems
Involved, persistent education of public sentiment
on the subject, rational legislation and wholesale
substitutes for the saloon. We fear complete suc
cess will never crown our efforts in this reform
until such .unification of the temperance forces
shall have Been effected. Such a union of purpose
and efforts between all true reformers Is certainly
desirable, and ought to he possible, and we should
bend all our energies toward its early accomplish
Speaking of appointments. Bishop Cranston said:
I am not fond of giving conference surprises, but
if certain pressure is kept up to the last there arc
Ha Die to be some, surprises. Let me say that no
man who is now In the air knows where he will
be on his feet at 9 o'clock to-night. Let no brother
fix his mind on any place and think it is all settled.
When a men places upon himself such an in
dignity as to accept the Idea, that his standing Is
graded by his salary he has put upon his calling
a discredit -which no bishop enn take away There
Is no appointment In the hands of any bishop
which Is any discredit for any man to accept.
The question of support for the superannuate?
again caused a spirited debate. The Rev. Dr.
David G. Downey presented a report recommend
ing an assessment of from ',? to 1 per cent on the
salaries of members. Several members were op
posed to the principle.
The Rev. Dr. George. L. Thompson thought it
was a shame that the members were raring so
little for the interests of the superannuates. Great
generosity was shown In giving to colleges and
hospitals and "In trying to get the last man In
Timbuctoo Into the church." but enough generosity
was not shown in providing for superannuates. The
doctor felt that before endowing colleges and
spending money for missionaries the claims of the
superannuates should first be considered. Dr.
Downey's report was adopted.
At the afternoon session th" Rev. Eugene A.
Noble moved that the next conference be held in
the Old John Street Church. New-York. On motion
of the Rev. Dr. J. M. Buckley the resolution was
referred to the Board of Conference Entertainment.
At 9:30 to-night word was received from Bishop
Cranston that the reading of the appointments
would be postponed until to-morrow morning at S
1:25 ■ m.— Si. 46 H«st*r-st.; H. Hsuptman: trifling.
2:3" p. m.— No. 61 Third-aye.; Dominick Oreo; trifling.
2:80 p. m.— No. 63 East El»venth-ft ; Louli 'vrimpfer
h!m»r. $500.
2:3$ p. m.— 24 Dominlck-et.; J»mea Cleary; $30.
Hudson. N. V., April B.— The trial of Burton.
Willis and Frederick Van Wormer. who are ac
cused of the murder of Peter A. Hallenbeck
on last Christmas Eve, was resumed to-day.
Margaret Hallenbeck, widow of Peter A. Hallen
beck, was reported to be seriously ill to-day as
a result of the nervous strain she underwent
yesterday in testifying against her nephews.
The crowd In court at the afternoon session
was the largest since the trial began. Among
those present was Miss Pearl Van Buren. Willis
Van Wormer's sweetheart.
Imond Vener, of Kinderhook, testified that he
knew the Van Wormers by sight. Two of them
came into his store on the Saturday or Monday
before Christmas. Two of them were there
again on Christmas Eve. He sold masks to the
Van Wormers, who were accompanied by Har
vey Bruce. On cross-examination the witness
said he did not know Harvey Bruce, but had
been told that it was he who accompanied the
Van Wormers. Vener's evidence relating to
Bruce was then stricken out. At the request of
the District Attorney Bruce was brought Into
court and Identified by Vener as the man who
accompanied the Van "Wormer? when the masks
were bought. Continuing. Vener said four
macks were sold. Two were of the style known
as "devil's masks. One "Scotch face" and one
"Indian face" mask were sold. On cross-exam
ination Vener said he could not tell who else
besides the defendants bought masks about
Christmas time. He kept them in stock, and
there was always demand for them.
A. Jerome Bower, of Kinderhook, identified one
of the pistols in evidence as belonging to him.
He last saw It on Christmas night in the Van
Wormer house, in the hands of Coroner Lisk.
The last time he saw it before that was on De
cember 24. when he lent It to Burton Van
Wormer. Mr. Bower said he did lend his pistol
to Burton Van Wormer on" one occasion before.
"He returned it next day," said Bower. "I
have lent pistols to young men in Kinderhook. I
also sell them. It is a practice of young men in
Kinderhook to go about the village at Christmas
time and on the Fourth of July shooting pistols
and wearing masks. Frederick Van Wormer
was In the store when I lent the pistol to
Burton. Burtor, was In the store about half an
hour. A boy named George Karl was there; also
Harvey Bruce. We were practising shooting
that morning back of the store. I rather think
.Willis was not there. I do not believe any one
fired at the target besides Bruce but myself. I
used Bruce's revolver."
The object of this testimony was to show that
a conspiracy existed between the prisoners to
murder Peter A. Hallpnbpck.
Bower wan xamined by .T. Rider Cady
and said: "I found but one pistol at the Van
Wormer house. That pistol was* not loaded
when I found It. It was loaded when I saw
it before the coroner's jury and grand jury. I
cannot tell who tampered with It in the mean
time. When I lent my pistol it was empty;
when returned to me it was loaded. I did not
notice any evidence of it being discharged."*
(ieo<rge H. Brown, a liveryman of Klnderhonk,
testified that r:n December 24 Burton Van
Wormer and Harvey Bruce came to the stable
to engage a cert iin bay mare and buggy, which
they wanted at 5 o'clock, saying they were going
to Stuyvestant and then to North Chatham. At
fi o'clock that evening Brown saw the bay mare
and buggy pass his office window. He said
that the buggy was returned at 11 o'clock that
night The stints worn by the mare were offered
in evidence, and defendants' counsel objected to
their introduction as against Willis and Fred
erick Van Wormer. The Judge allowed the shoes
to go in as evidence against Burton Van
Wormer. who hired the horse. One shoe from
the mare's forward foot, having a peculiar calk,
was also placed In evidence under the same con
ditions. Brown added that when the mare was
returned to the barn she was in good condition.
The annual meeting of the Association for the
Protection of th« Adirondack! was held yesterday
afternoon at No. 208 Broadway. Warren Hlgley
I'r"f>«i«ar Rernhnrd K. Fernow, of the Cornell
School of Forestry, replied to some of the strict
ures laid on Ills school because of Its operations on
the State lands given for Its use. The Baranac
Lake Association a short time ago charged that
the Cornell School of Forestry was actuated by
commercialism In Its operations. and that It was
denuding lar^e tracts of Adirondack forest land.
Though Professor Fernow denied that the charges
were fully Justified, he admitted that his school
was not practising the best methods of forestry,
such as had proved highly successful In Germany.
He declared that lack of funds was responsible,
Give the school a working capita] of $130,000, ho
said, and methods would be used that would not
Invite criticism. While the school had 30.0*v> acres
at Its disposal, it Intended to operate only 20,000, at
the rate of l.V*) acres a year. The state's action
in allowing only $30,000 a year. Instead of $30,000, as
formerly, allowed the school to practise only one
of the least desirable of the several methods of
The present system of denuding and replanting
a certain part of th«" land each year Professor
Fernow said he could not recommend. ' Hut give
us a capital of $150,000," he added, "and I'll devise
another way." The product of the Cornell lands.
he said, had been found to have three times more
value as cordwood than as lumber He Is now
selling wood to a wood alcohol plant and a large
cooperage on Tupper Lake.
The following were elected trustees of the as
sociation for three years, to serve with twenty
others who hold over: John G. A gar. General X
A. McA'.pin. Arthur H. Bfarston. William G. Do
Witt. Henry S. Harper. Warren liigley, Henry H.
Howland, Archer M. Huntlngton. Edwin 8. Mars
ton and F. Augustus Schermrrhorn.
With a view to Increasing the standard of scholar
ship among th» students in the Columbia College
of Physicians and Surgeons the university trustees
have decided to raise the entrance requirements to
the "P. and S." next year. Heretofore admis
sion to the first year class of the college has
been oppn to any student who compiled with the
minimum requirement? for a medical student's cer
tificate as those requirements are defined by the
laws of the State of New-York. The law provides
that a student who obtains thirty-six of the forty
eight necessary counts may enter upon the study
of medicine, with one year in which to make up
the remaining twelve counts.
After July 1, 1902. no student who has not the full
forty-eight count? to his credit will be admitted to
the first year class at the College of Physicians
and Surgeons. A still more radical change will go
into effect on July 1. 1903. when no student will be
admitted who has not obtained a medical student's
certificate In either of these two ways: First by
having successfully completed at least one 'full
year's course In a college or scientific school in the
United States, or having pursued an equivalent
course of study at some European institution; sec
ond, by passing an entrance examination ' con
ducted in June of any year by the college en
trance examination board, or In September by the
committee on entrance examinations of Columbia
While it Is the expectation of the president and
faculty of Columbia that these new entrance ex
quirements will materially reduce the number of
students of medicine, It Is confidently believed that
the high standard will result in attracting the best
class of medical students to Columbia, and will
pave the way for raising the standard of admission
stLll more in the near future.
.4.V APPEAL FOR charity.
The Charity Organization Society appeals for $7 50
a month to pay rent for an Italian family consist-
Ing of a mother, her father and Invalid mother, and
five children under nine years of age. The children's
father is serving- a ten years' sentence. The com
bined earnings of the woman and her father ar»
barely adequate to supply the food and fuel. Any
money for this case sent to th^ Charity Organiza
tion Society. No. 105 East Twenty-; econd-?t will he
duly an>l publicly acknowledged.
The society acknowledged with many thanks re
ceipt of the following contributions in response to
recent appeals: "C H. M." and H. B. Hollins. W
each; Horace Waters, $X; "H 5 ., " f»; "H S C "
UK "3..' til: "H. L. T.." Wilhelmlna Van Bach
L K. and "K. J.." $10 each; "X V 7. " F c'
E. ' and "A. L. 8.," Jo each; "Two boys." $165^
London. April 9.— The correspondent of Th*
Standard" at Klerksdorp. Transvaal Colony. hf>3
pent by cable an account of the battle at Doorn
balt Farm on March 31. in which the British
had three officers and twenty-four men killed.
and sixteen officers and 131 men wounded, while,
the Boers lost 137 men in killed or wounded.
A small force of Canadians and mounted in
fantry, says the correspondent, were opposed by
sevenfold their number. Six hundred Boers
charged confidently, calling; upon them to sur
render. Lieutenant Carruthers. of the Cana
dians, sprang to his feet, and exclaiming that
he would not surrender shot the foremost Boer
with his revolver at a distance of fifteen paces.
The Canadians had no cover, except the short
grass. Lying prone upon the ground they fired
steadily, and forced the Boers to seek the shelter
of a screen of trees. Many of the Boers climbed
these trees and fired down on the Canadians.
The latter kept the enemy at bay for two hours.
When all except fifteen of the British troops
were killed or wounded, the Boers ventured
another rush and captured the handful of sur
Lieutenant carruthers was the only British
officer who was not seriously wounded. He had
several flesh wounds, but refused to go to the
hospital. Some of the Boers wanted to ghOOt
him when he was taken prisoner, hut they ul
timately thoucht better of this, saying:, "Hi is
too brave a man to die that way."
All of rh«» dead men and most of the wounded
had several wounds each.
The condition of the Rev. Dr. \V. A Csawfaad-
Frost, rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church
of the Holy Comforter, Baltimore, who created ■
disturbance at the dinner given for Andrew Car;
negie, at the St. Denis Hotel on Monday night, was
said yesterday at Bellevue Hospital, to be prac
tically unchanged. The patient passed a 'i' l '-'
nißht. and frequently asked why he was detained.
The doctors say he is still suffering from what
they have diagnosed as acute mania.
Officer Georee Blanc obtained at the office of the
Superintendent of the Outdoor Poor a permit which
commits Dr. Crawford-Frost to th«» in?™* pavilion
for observation. The clergyman is under the im
mediate care of Dr. Flavtna Packer.
Dr. Stewart, superintendent of Bellevot Boa
pital, was asked what effect would follow spraying
ether on the face, as Dr. Crawford- Frost is said
to have been doing at the Waldorf-Astoria wh«"n
discovered by the bouse detective. Th** '. ■-•'■■"
salfl that sufferers from megrim frequently dranK
ether but It was some* hint? unusual to spray it
on the face. The on!-, explanation, so far as he
could see wan that there were a large number oi
nerve? surrounding the eyes which troubled those
afflicted with megrim. The sprayed ether wooM
give ■ soothing sensation.
Baltimore. April I— Tba Rev, Dr. W. A. Craw
ford-Frost's conduct at the Carnegie dinner greatly
surprised his many acquaintances here, Dr. Craw
ford-Frost has been engaged for a long time in
work on his typewriting machine. He has marl'
statements here concerning it. similar to those he
made in New- York. He has criticised Mr. Car
negie from the pulpit, asserting that more good
could have been accomplished if Mr. Carnegie hail
bestowed hi* money in other ways than in found
ing libraries.
With a large number of greengooda circulars
In his possession a man, who. the police say. Is
Joseph Crocheren Bryan, was arrested yester
day afternoon by Detectives Frank Kelly and
James Kelly, of the Brooklyn Detective Bureau.
James Kelly says that on the way to headquar
ters Bryan offered him $200 for permission to
go Into a saloon and destroy the circulars.
The Brooklyn police have been trying for six
weeks to find a man who has been flooding the
country with greengonds announcements. They
finally, as they believed, discovered him at No.
109 Lewla-ave., where he was living with his
wife and year-old son. This man was
shadowed for two weeks, and yesterday the de
tectives decided to make an arrest. They say
that their prisoner la .i lawyer and has been
employed by a well known legal firm In Man
hattan. The detectives followed Bryan from
his home to the Reld-ave. station of the Brook
lyn elevated railroad. On the train he became
aware of their presence and attempted to escape
at Navy-st. Just before the train was ready to
pal] out he ran out on the platform and dashed
across to board a train on the opposite aide of
the station. The detectives forced open the gate
of the other train, which had already been closed
by the guard, and caught Bryan just as the sec
ond train was getting in motion.
Meanwhile he had thrown three large packages
to the street. These were secured and after
ward were found to contain some three hun
dred green goods circulars in sealed and ad-
eased envelopes.
At headquarters the prisoner gave the name
of Jason D. Brownlow and his age as thirty
seven years. He refused to admit that be lived
at the Lewis-aye. address.
Captain Reynolds said that he considered the
arrest a most Important one, and that within
a few days he expected to have several other
men who were Interested in the business. Bryan
was locked un in the Adam»-st. police station
and will be arraigned in the Adams-st. court
this morning.
T<> CLO&E ITS COAL \ll\Fs.
Plttsburg. April •?.— "The Post" to-morrow will
say that a remarkable development in the- coal
miners" strike in the central district fields has takes
place in the las! fen- days it was learned to nigh:
from official sources that the strike of the miners
there, and particularly those who were employed
by the Rochester and PlttaVurg Coal Company, Ibm
determined the coal company to take drastic meas
urea for stamping out all unionism in the 1 1 ton
The Rochester and Pitt?burg Company operates
three mines, the Walton. Adrian and Florence. All
are near Punxsutawney. and on them fully ten
thousand men depend for employment.
After vainly endeavoring to get an agreement
satisfactory to the officers of the company, and
finally despairing of It, orders were given to close
the mines. This order meaoa the absolute Idleness
of the properties of the company for at least all
th« corning summer.
The first step taken was to issue the notice to
the miners occupying bousM owned by the com
pany to remove from them. The first of these
ejectment notices wen served last Thursday, and
were to miners who had been among the leaders or
the strike. All of the others are to have similar
notices served on th^rn this week. and. with their
families, will be compelled to move. In addition
to this the company's stores have been practically
closed down, and the clerks dismissed.
It was announced to the men that the company
would not open the mines again until next fall. In
the mean Time miners and all employes could look
elsewhere for work. When the company was ready
to begin again. It was said, only non-union men
would be hired, and the company would not recog
nize any scale or agreement of the United Mine
Kingston, Jamaica. April The rioting which
broke out at Montego Bay. on the north coast of
the Island, last Saturday night. In which a number
of policemen and rioters were wounded, has ceased,
and Montego Ray was quiet last night and to-day.
The rioters are overawed by the presence there of
the cruiser Tribune. It is uncertain whether
further demonstrations will occur. The Acting
Governor of Jamaica and the. other officials who
went to Montego Bay have returned here. Excite
ment still prevails in other parts of the island, and
the police are preparing to make arrests.
London, April B.— Some of the Munster Fuslleers
at the military station on Rocky Island. in Cork
Harbor, took possession of a canteen and sacked
it. A patrol from Spike Island proceeded to arrest
them, and a serious affray ensued, in which four
of the Fusileers were wounded by bayonet thrusts.
An Inquiry into the occurrence has been ordered.
Vlneland. April 8 (Special).— At Mlnotola skir
mishers began yesterday a battle between or
ganized labor and th- Jonas Glass Work th»
only giass factory in South Jersey which ha»
been able to hold out against the unions. After
loner deliberation, the Glass Bottle Blowers* As
sociation Is now ready for the fight, while
George Jonas declares that he will never yield
to the union, which has recently been trying
to get the Mate legislature to inquire into
Jonas's factory system. .
The Minotola workmen have for the last few
months been holding: secret meetings an.-i organ
izing at Vineland, for which some of them were
discharged. Last Saturday night they held a
mass meeting at Vineland and decided upon a
strike, which is ext>ected to take place not later
than Thursday. Meantime, the union has placed
pickets in all the roads leading into Minotola.
who question every person going into the town.
One non-union worker named Smith was roughly
handled this morning wMIe trying to pass" the
The pickets, it is said, have attempted to boy
cott the village by stopping milkmen and asking
them not to deliver milk In the town, all the
inhabitants of which are-, of course, non-union,
otherwise they could not live there, as Jonas
owns all the houses, streets, the town pump,
and. in tact, everything except the railroad sta
tion. Some of the sentinels watching the vil
lage ttre in tents. Vlce-Presid-jnt Doughty of
the Glass Bottle Blowers* Association came to
Minotola to-day to direct the strike personally.
The men say that bottle blowers receive only
boys' wages, and that, all employes are com
pelled to live hi houses owned by the company.
deal at the company store on the cash check
book system. and contribute toward the salary
of a minister. They are prohibited, under pain
of discharge, from joining a union.
A number of men arrived at Minotoli to-night
to fiiard the glass works. They have estab
lished regular patrols about the factory. Vice-
Presiclent Doughty said f>-night that the pre
caution was needless, as the union men would
offer no violence, and would keep off ali com
pany property, except when going to and from
their homes. He added that the guards must
not interfere with the strikers in any way. If.
they did he would call en the Sheriff to main
tain order. If the Sheriff was powerless, or
refused, Mr. Doughty said that he would call on
Governor Murphy.
Trenton. April 5 (Special).— There »t» fhr°e indig
nant families 'in Trenton to-night a? the result of
a triple wedding this afternoon at which three
white women wen married to three colored men.
The couples were: Mary Kelly, eighteen years old.
and Joshua Johnson: Pearl Stone. nin->t?<"n years
old, and 3. R. Toon*, an! Florence Stern*, twenty
three years old. and Wllllarp Hotvirtekson. Th<»
ceremony was performed by J. L.. Burton, a colored
preacher There ar- thre.-o? of actions to have
the marriages annulled, especially in the »• of
the Kelly girl, whose family is highly incensed a:
what they regaM as a mere esc.-iiwl*.
" " , - - ■■ ■ ;.■.•>!■
Trenton. April V— The Mercer Canary Board of
Chosen Freeholders voted to-day m procure ii
Injunction asasaal the Trenton an.l New-Brunswick
Railroad Company restraining it from further work.
The company is building a trolley line from thi*
city to New-Brunswick. Where th« line crosses
county roads the tracks have been raised above
the apparent road level. Th- company says that
the roads are not at proper srarle and that It*
tracks ire. while the Freeholders say that tha
roads are at grade.
Th«» Police Mutual AM Society of Jersey City
will realize between S&000 and JT.O«I from its 'heat
rical performances lasl wek. a vaudeville enter
tainment was preceded by a scene ia a police sta
tion, in which the police took part.
Telephone Service
is tha
Quickest Messenger
Rates in Manhattan;
from 34 a month.
from $5 a month.
One-Year Contracts.
Monthly Paymsnt*.
New York T»lephon«» Co.
15 I>7 St. lit west ssth St.
US West 15th St,
We beg 1 to suggest
as being something that
"everybody will not think
We have some rarely
beautiful designs, each show
ing the artistic workman
ship which has made Mauser
silverware so favorably
known to the discriminating
I Fifth A, . Auction
| Fifth /J&^ Ayction
| Avenue Cffi^ Rooms,
♦ WM B. XOf.MAN. iRr Auctioneer.
♦ 124 FIFTH AVF, S3?W
♦ AT 1.30 P. M..
X and continuing »aeh day at th# same heur until
♦ ev»r «>l<i by auction to the American public. twini
2 the entire stick of
who is rett.-tn* from business.
A The Louis XIV. XV. XVI.. Empire . R;"'?**??
+ an,l Adam Furniture will be sold Al'ltll* in.
A 17. If*. -'.'. 21 A -•"»•
+ Terms of sale, cash before delivery: large de-
A posit-" Ti-ill be required. Persons deslrinsr to avo.a
A annoranoe during the sale can make arraaajasw
£ at 231 Fifth avenue. _.ti T -
X A hand*, illustrated catalogue "■' th« ** \
. X collection will be furnished upon applicant..

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