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THE SACRED BEETLE. A Popular T re QQ jj O hn
Of small beauty as works of art. the scarabs
of the ancient Egypiians have an Importance as
historical documents that ha* of late years been
widely recognized. Mr. Ward has written an
Interesting little volume on the subject, putting;
In a popular way the facts about these curious
records. One of the most Important features of
the book, to thor? who look at scarabs from a
scientific point of view, are the numerous i^ates
reproducing photographically five hundred ex
r.mrl'-p from the author's collection. Transla
tions of the inscriptions upon Thorn by F. Llewel
lyn Griffith* are civ.--, with explanatory notes
by Mr. Ward.
Scarabs— the beetle shaped carvings or pot
fry images— were put to various use?. They
s'-rved as amulets, placed over the heart of the
mummy, .•- were used to replace the heart
v. htn this was removed. They were used In a
sort ... the repetition of prayers, and
f imply as pifts bearing: friendly wishes. At
least one monarch used them lor promulgating
royal edicts. In any case, however, the scarab
seemi! to have had a mysteriously sacred char
acter, which it derived from the amereaneaa of
the hert> tn th** Egyptian mind. They are of
wlcVly varyl-R decrees of historical importance.
Of thro* that are inscribed with the names of
kinps, pome have names not known from any of
the ]!st* rr from any remains as yet discovered,
while certain well known klnprs, on the other
hand. ar<* Dot represented on any scarabs hith
erto fn;na. -Meanwhile." says Mr. Ward, "we
hold to the truth of 'he names or. the scarabs
and wait for !h» klncs themselves, or their
tombs, •„ 1-,,. discovered." By Ear the sxeater
number of scarabs, however, are without the
"cartouches" or symbols Indoalac the royal
names. Dr. Petrte believes that the earliest
decorative art la to he found on scarabs, and
that ihe arojcrJoe pained la ornamentlnfi; them
led the Egyptians to decorate their weapons,
thHr aiaaeata and their wood carrtac* and
paintings with Similar spiral and scroll pat-
K-riif--. Mr. Ward has a theory of his own.
■lliMMii of those- on which deeorntlvo forms
rather than alßroSlyphloß are found, lie says:
The««e f.pi.x may have had some other mean-
In" They may be part of a script the key to
which !« Io«t but which may some day be found.
It Is very unlikely thai scarabs, religious
ly* kept durlns'llfe and buried with their owners
after death, would be carved with carefully de
elcned patterns for mere ornamental fancy.
Everything th. ancient Epyptians did so elab
orately and area had undoubtedly ■ meaning.
From Xotea and Queries
Having perused with much pleasure the re
port cf the committee on this subject, I feel that
the moral to be drawn therefrom is still an open
one. as it was in 18». when I read a paper upon
the subject of the 'Library: Books and Bind
ings,' with regard to their preservation and res
toration. In our great room at the Adelphi. the
discussion on which was adjourned and gave
rise to much correspondence.
Things have not greatly changed since that
period, for the adage that there is "nothing like
leather" etill exists, and for highly ornate bind
igs have nol greatly changed since that
L for tke adage that there is "nothing like
r" still esfat*. and for highly ornate bind
ings, decorated by the use of hot metal tools,
no her material is so beautiful, though its
endurance can be measured by time,
All leathers seem to be equally good if used
In their primitive state and not tampered with
by the dyer or by the bookbinder; but then we
should lose the glorious hues of the. dyes and the
beautiful forms of the marbles, and this par
ticularly applies to calf, which is the most used
and the most tampered with, though it takes
:!me to develop the cause of this. Calf is often
n ashed with oxalic acid, or polished by hot Irons.
r.hen shellac varnish might have been used: hut
oven then the Joints at the back of the books
may become brittle, and they alone rely upon the
hempen cords on which the book is sewn, and
which are dr&'xn Into the boards.
"With regard to hogekln. that Is a material
which is to be commended in Its undyed state,
and though It cannot be worked upon in gold,
it seems to be less affected by worms, and, if
undyed. to continue to be fairly sound at the
To illustrate this, I would note that I have two
saddles that have been most enduring, one of
which is at least fifty years old. Noting its
great durability, and hearing that it took dye
well, I ordered a set of dining-room chairs to be
covered therewith, with, alas! the result that
in five years these covers perished, and became
ss tinder. I send you a sample of this material
that has been kept free from light, air and gas
fumes. If you will put this in an ordinary room,
and under the same conditions, doubtless it will
become the same.
As a further evidence of the effect of time
upon russia, I send you a writing case that is
seventy years old. from which may be seen how
light, air and heat have affected the same ex
ternally, while internally ii is perfect. 1 forward
also a* thin green russia pocketbook that has
beer, in use since 1981. and is still serviceable.
This now brings us to the subject of a substi
tute for leather; and that is not difficult to find
in the very great improvement in bookbinders'
cloth, much of which has endured since its in
troduction in IS3G. and has outlived th* library
bindings affected eince then. I have now before
■M a copy of 'Sketches by Boz" which is as per
fect, as regards durability, as if done yesterday,
though the back is faded, the decoration on th*
sides, marking the transition period, being em
bossed in imitation of a "blind" pattern sug
gested by single line gouges.
I send you also a specimen of durable binding
in buckram, a binding that is devoid of animal
or mineral aid. being a vegetable product, save
and except the size that may have been used in
As a test of durability the great thing is the
hinge, and to test materials stuffs should be
subject to a perpetual hinge motion to see which
endures the test for the longer period.
Of course, if a high class of decoration with
exquisite finish be desired, leather must be used;
and if the tooling is to be very fine, then the
leather must be as thin as paper, that the
heated metal may reveal the sharpest form.
As a destroyer the bookbinder is quite as great
a culprit as the currier, his beautiful tree mar
bles and inlays being greatly detrimental — in
deed, many of the books bound within the last
thirty years are only held together by their
vegetable sewing and the bands that are "drawn
in" at the hinge.
This brings us to the lasting quality of flax,
and the importance of binding in buckram,
which is most enduring, samples having been
found in the Egyptian tombs, where all leather
has perished. - .
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1 Each competitor must send to the Home Office of the Tabard Inn (1030 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia) a
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than fifty names must be sent in. The names may be selected from any cities or towns of two thousand popula
tion or over in the district outlined below.
•> To each address received the Subscription Department will send out by mail (immediately upon receipt
at the list) a Tabard Inn circular making a special membership offer of unusual interest and good only if accept
ed within twenty days from the date of the offer. Every individual subscription and all dubs received m reply
will be placed to the credit of the competitor sending in the list. The circular will offer special inducements for
the securing of dubs.
3 Tho first prize will be awarded to the sender of the best list- that is to say, the list of fifty names
whichbringstothe Library the largest number of subsc riptions, whether singly or in clubs, in answer to the
special circular sent out The Second prize will be awarded to the- sender of the second best list, and so on. Ihe
prizes will be paid in Cash and the awards will be announced immediately after the close ot the competition.
Supplementary prizes (consisting of books) will be awarded to every competitor from whose list at least five
subscriptions are secured.
4 This prize competition is open only to members of the Tabard Inn. If you are not a member send
Three Dollars with your list and a Life Membership Certificate will be issued and mailed to your address. \ our
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i] If two competitor, should include in their lists the name of the same person only one circular will be
sent, but full credit will be given to each competitor if the person whose name is duplicated should subscribe or
should send in a dub. .
7 Xo competitor xuist enter in any way into any compact with the people whose names are sent in with
the end in view of capturing a prize. It is permissible however, to write or to talk to the people whose name.
you vend urging their member-hip or requesting them to get up clubs.
' S The management reserves the right to throw out lists which show evidence oi careless preparation m
the matter of addresses or the names of which have been selected at random from directories or blue books.
Competitors are expected to send the names of people whom they know something about and who..- addresses
they are <ure of. In every other particular competitors are absolutely free in their choice ol names.
' 9 Ml lists must be received at the Home Office in Philadelphia on or before Thursday, May 15. No
lists can be changed after they are sent in. Not more t ban one list will be accepted from the same comp, I
The results will be footed up and credited to competitor, on Jure 10, and the prizes will be awarded and paid
immediately after that date. The list bringing the best results will get the first prize. Tabard Inn circulars
free to any address. Mail your list to
The Te.ba.rd Inn Library. 1030 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
Subscriptions may be paid at the New York Tabard Inn at 1*44 Broadway or at any
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by mail should be sent direct to Philadelphia.
NOTE.— This competition ;s; s open only to members of the Tabard Inn The life mem
bership fee is $3-00. There are no annual fees. Member, are entitled to one hook at a I
and a charge of five cents is made each tune a book is exchanged \t least four ex< anges a
month are expected, but there is no charge when no books are out. Exchange tickets are
sold at the rate of six for a quarter, or 25 for one dollar. Members al points where I
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I Havemeyer, Loom la llavemeyer, Jennie Blanche Campbell,
i William F. Havemeyer, 2d. BJythe Havemeyer. John C.
Havemeyer, John C. Havemeyer, as Trustee for James
1 Havemeyer, and John C. Havemeyer as Trustee for WUI
i lam F. Havemeyer, 2d, and to all persons Interested In
the Estate of Sarah A. Havemeyer, late of the County of
j New York. deceased, as cred.tors, legatees, next of kin or
otherwise, send greeting: You an.i each of you are hereby
cited and required personally to be. and appear before our
Surrogate of the County of New York, at the Surrogates
! Court of said Coimy. held at the County Court House In
the County of New York, on the t>th .lay of June. IM2,
j at half-past ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then
and there to attend a Judicial settlement of the account
I of proceeding of John C. Havemeyer, as Executor of the
i Last Will and Testament of said deceased, and such of
you as are hereby cited, as are under the age of twenty-
I or.* years, are required to appear by your guardian. if
; you have one, or .f you have none, to appear and apply
I for one to be appointed, or In the event of your neglect
or failure to do ho, a guardian will he appointed by the
Surrogate to represent and act for you in the proceeding.
In Testimony Whereof. We have caused the Seal of the
Surrogate's Court of the said County of New
York to •!.>* hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon.
Frank T. Fitzgerald, a Surrogate of our said
[L. S.] County, at the County of New York, the l'Jth
day of April, In the year of our Lord one thou
sand nine hundred and two.
Clerk of the Surrogate's Court.
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SUPREME COURT, County of Npw York.—
William 'i Wood and Ronald K. Brown, as Trustees
for Fm.ma O Edwards and other*, under the will of
Catherine A. Olssen deceased. Plaint UTs. agaln.'t Kath
ch'n Eim and others. Defendants. In pursuance nt a
Judgment of foreclosure and sal* duly made and entered
In the above entitle,! action, ...-■- date the thir
teenth day of March. 19<>2. I. the undersigned, the refer**
In saM jii-Umfnt named, will sell rt public auction at
... Xew York Real K«tate Salesroom. No. 11l Broadway.
In the Borough of Manhattan, city of New York, on th«
nlr.th day of April 1902 at twelve o'clock noon on that
day by "D rhrrnlx Ingraham A Company, auctioneers,
the premises directed by said judgment to be sold, and
therein described as follows: All tho ? e seven certain lots.
riece* nr parcels of land, situate, lying and being tn the
Twenty-fourth Ward of the City of New York known
on a rertnln map on file in the office of the Register of
the ••Ity and County of New York, entitled "Map of
Woodlawn Height, in the 2Uh Ward of the City of New
Y.>rk belnnsing to C,e,,rge Opdyke. January 1. l~.+.
Rudolph Rosa Surveyor/" by the numbers One hundred
and flity-three One hundred and fifty- f oar. One hundred
nnd flftv-five On* hundre-l and flfty-slx. I «a hundred an 1
fifty-seven One hundred an.l fifty-eight and One hundred
and fifty-nine, and taken together are bounded as follows:
H<-gir.nir.g at the Northeasterly corner of Opdyke Avenue
and CTrstiStVeet «no« called Verio Avenue) as laid down
f.-i «ald map- running thence easterly along OpdvKe
Avenue one .... ninety feet seven Inch*.,
t . the westerly »lde of Lot Number One hundred and ti.'ty
t^vo th^nre northerly along the westerly aide of tot
Number o r .« hundred and fifty-two, r.ne hundred fe«t
or \>s* to Lot Number One .•!■■■ ! and sixty on
said map;;tnence westerly along said Lot Number One
hundred and sixty. one mdred and forty-eight feet five
inche. to the easterly side of Verio Avenue: then south
erly along Verio Avenue, one hundred and ten feet more
o' '!<•«!, to the northeasterly corner of Verio Avenue and
Oudyka Arcane. at the point of beginning, be the «aM
seVeral distances and dimensions mure or less Said
( nwivke 4venue betas now known as Two nunarea ana
ti trty-slxth Street, an.l the above Jescrlbe.l premises
N ing now in the Borough of The Bronx, in the said City
"iK l~ Tork. March V'HKNRT WORK. Referee
r A I BERT LANE Attorney for Tlaintlffs. Number 320
Broadway. Borough of Manhattan. N^w York.
The following Is a d!a«ram of the property to be sold:
- ... proximate amount of the lien or charge, to satisfy
whir 1 ! the above described property Is to be sn:d Is
<-. 211 V\. with interest frr.m March X. 1002. together w!th
coats anil allowance amounting to |2TI - with Interest
therein from March 13. 1902, together with the expenses
rtf the »»le The approximate amount of taxes which are
to be allowed to the pun-h:i«er «ut Of the- purchase money
or paid b >' , th ' referee is 557.93, with interest from Octo
t-er 1. l!Xr2. j •= nhy WORK R^f^rp..
The sale of th» above described premises Is hereby ad
journed to Wednesday. April .'.• -. IMS at the same hour
'"na'te'd *New Y. rk April Oth. V.wv-\
I HENRY \VO':K. Referee.
■*■; oK NEW TORK.— Frederick A. O. Schwarz. plnln
... agaiDst German American Keal Estate Title QoMan
tee' Company and .th-rs. defen lants. Action No 6.-In
nurmian re of a Judgment of foreclosure and sale.
duly made and entered In the above entitled acru.n.
and bearing late the 11th day of March, '-- I.
tt.Vun.l.-r-iKne.| the r»-fere« in - i: .| Judgment nan will
Lefl "t public .iii.-tlon. at the New York Real E»tate
Salesroc N 1U Broadway, ;'; '- the Borough of Man
hattan County of New V ra. on the 22nd day of April.
l'Hi- ur twelve lock noon on that day. by Pet.-r b.
M«yer. auctioneer, the premie directed b>- said Judgment
to t« - -•!•' and therein described as follows: AH that
rertaln lot. pt-ce ..r parcel of situat,-. lying and *^-
ing In the Borough Of the Bronx. City. County an.l
of New York bounded and des<-rlbe,l as f,.llows. to wit:
Beglrslng nt a point en the Easterly aide of Brook Ave
nue ai widened, v a point <>n« hundred and eighty an t
forty-«lghl one- humlredths feet Southerly '.-■ :•■■ Thin!
Street as shown on a certain map «-ntltl<-l "Map of th»
Village o* llorrlaanla. situate about «ne and on.^-nali
mile.s from tin Harlem River, in the Manor of Morrt
>,ini;t. In th- Township of sal Farms, tn the County of
VVestche'ter arwl Slate nf New York." date.i West Farms.
August 10th, 1848. Andrew '■'■■ Uaj Surveyor, an.l nled
In the Westchester County Register's Offlo* as Map
Numhfr till, running thence Easterly and parallel or
nearly so with said Third Street, as shown on sal.! map.
one "hundred and forty-six and ninety-eight ..no hun
dredth.* feet, more or less, to the Westerly side of Lot
Number Twenty, as shown on siaM map. at a p.>lnt there
on one hundred and seventy feet southerly from the
southerly *Me of said Third Street; ..n-1 thence running
Southerly alone the Westerly st.le of said lot Number
Twenty, twenty feet: thence Westerly and part of
the distance through a party wall, and on a line parallel
rr nearly 80, with said Third Street, one hundred anJ
thirty-eight and ten one hundredth* feet, more or less, to
.i point on the Easterly side of Brook Avrau*. as widened.
which point Is distant twenty-six and fifty-three one
hundre.lths feet southerly from th» point of beginning;
and thence northerly along aaM easterly side of Brook
Avenue, twenty-six and tuty-three one-hundredths feet.
to the place of beginning.
Dated New York. March 29. IMB
ADRIAN 11. I>ARKIN. R-feree
HATCH. DF.PF.VOISE A COLBY. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
No. to Wall Street. New York City.
The following Is a diagram of the property to be sold.
Its street number Is 1002 Brook Aye.
;srd Street shown on abovo mentioned map.
The approximate amount of the lien or charge to satisfy
which the above described property Is to be sold. is $23.
857.08 with Interest thereon from the tilth day of March,
1902, together with costs and allowances amounting . to
$352.22 with Interest therein from March 11th. HNS to
gether with the expenses of the sale. The approximate
amount of taxes, assessments, or other liens which .ire to
be allowed to the purchaser out of the purchase money.
or paid by the referee la $'iH.-..<t;i and Interest.
The above described property will be sold subject to the
restrictive covenants contained In deed from Gouverneur
Morris to Mary Ann smith dnted September Mh. IMS,
and recorded In the Office of the Register of the County
of Westchester in Üban 131 «if Conveyances, Pasa I*7.
also In subsequent deeds.
Dated New York. March 28. 1002.
ADRIAN 11. LAKKIN. Referee.
± OF NEW YORK.— Anna N. Rr. pr>-. Plaintiff, aralnat
Ron Altleri and others. Defendants. — In pursuance of ■
Judgment of Foredoenre and Sale, duly made and entered
In the entitled action, bearing data the Tth day ■•(
April, 1902, !. Hi.- undersigned. Ihe Referee In said judg
ment named, will sell at Public Auction, at the .New
York Real Estate Salesroom, No. ill Broadway. In th*
Borough of Manhattan, It] of New V rk, on the »>th
day of April. IMS, at 13 • o'clock noon, on that day. by
John T. Itoyd. Auctioneer, the premlae* directed by said
judgment to be aold, and therein described as follows:
All that certain plot OX parcel of land situate In the
Borousn of Manhattan. In the City of »w York, betas;
lot* numbers forty-tl\>- (45), forty atx ut>>. forty-seven
(47). anil furty-eUht (48), in Block number 1.701, in Sec
tion fi. on the Land Map of th« said BorotiKh. which sal.i
lota taken i (ether are bounded and described >• follows,
viz. : HigtnnitiK at a point formed by the Intersection
of the southerly line -.f One hundred and eighth Street
with the eaaterl' line of First Avenue; and running
thence southerly alone the easterly line of mat Avenue
one hundred llOO) feet eleven « 1 1 » Inches to the centre
line of the block between One nundreii and seventh and
One hundred and eighth Streets: thence easterly alone the
centre line of said block ninety-nve il»3> feet; thence
northerly In a line parallel with First Axenue one hundred
(100) fert eleven (111 Inches. to the southerly line of One
hundred and eighth Street; and thence westerly along
Bonks ani Pnblicationf.
Limited edition de luxe, 350 mimhtr-ol cope?
-foreclosure Sales.
th» southerly line of One hundrM and eighth Street
nln»ty-flvi» fllftl fe»t to th» point or place of beginning
Dated. New York. April 8 1902.
S. L. H. WARP. Ref»ree.
MERRILL A ROGER?. Attorneys for Plaintiff, lit
Brt -i :-. iv, Manhattan. New York City.
The following is a diagram of the property to kg sold
as described above:
The. approximate amount of the lien or chars» " «at
isfy which the above-described property Is to be sold la
»1.*7T.«3 alt! Interest thereon from the 7th Soy of April.
!;»>•_• toitether with costs and allowance amountina; to
$■ .7 ... with Interest from the 7th day of April. 1902.
together with the expenses of the *■!». The approsnaata
amount of taxes, assessment", or other liens which ar»
to he a!ln-xe.i to the purcha>«r ■■' of the purchase money
or pafd by the R»fere». t» $4i1.« and Interest. Th^
rr»mlre, will u # srld suhiect to a prlnr mort^ajf* for
$2." (M* and accrued Interest at '•"■- from lan) '.-. I»j2.
fated New York. A^ril i. 1902.
S. L. H. WARD. Kafere«.
(SUPREME COURT. County of New York.—
*~ Th» Centra! Nattonal Bank of the Oty of !Uej Tors,
Plaintiff araln«t Hugo •••. Ko«fter and others. Pefend
, , n _i n pursuance of the Judgment of foreclosure an*
sale" duly mart* and entered m th» above entitled action.
an.-! bearing date the 2«th day of January. ''"'-■ L - *".?
undersiicned th<» Referee la said judgment named, will
sell at public auction at the> New York Real Estate Sales
Rn.-,m. Number 111 Broadway, on toe lllh day of Apr:.
•••>•• at twetTe o'clock noon on that rtay. by William M.
Rva'n Esquire, auctioneer, the premises directed by «*ht
Judgment to be sold an.l therein described as follow*:
AH thoe* certain lots, pieces or parcels Of larvi . sltuat*
I- the Borouith of Manhattan. City. County and .-rare of
New York, which taiten tng?ther ar» bounded and *»
scribed as follows. Beginning at a point formed by ta»
intersection of the easterly side of Amsterdam MM
w'th the southerly side of One hundred and elghteenw
Street- running thence southerly and along the -„-■-■.:■
»id» of Amstenlarc Avenue, one hur.<ir».i (!ij<)> feet e.»v«i
iii> inrhes- then-e- easterly and parallel with One hun
r--e!« krd e!~hfe»"th Street, ore hundred OOO) feet: thenca
r'irt'herlv and parallel with Amsterdam Avenue oc» ton-,
drert Ooo>Tfeet and eleven <ll) Inches to the southerly
«'•>- of One bnadred and eighteenth Street: thence west
er'v an.l a^long the southerly side Of One hundred aad
-Irhteenth <treer one hundred ilu» feet v~t the point or
I -Iclot beg'nr.irig. The southerly UN cf the saM prein
f.e«^ being ti" ,-entr- line of the block between One hun-
Sed and eighteenth and One hundred and wventeeati
Sl KJed New Tor,. M:^^. R t,; Sn AXR few .
PON- M■■ X BROWN. All m for Pta:r.:i!?, Number
" m»Broadwaj Borough of Manhattan. N-w York.
The following Is a digram of the property to be aoiai
The approximate amount of the lien or ch«w to sa- s>r
Which the at.-.ye dncrlbtd property is to be »oU la
520&&44 X: «>th lntere-t there.-n from ti* BV**?***

fSwt^te «353 i»- «uh int-rest for about six. months.
bated New To* "■^y^.'^nx, Sefere* _

referee in .-aid judßn^nr r^.l r *^ l S3 _ in
Auction ,- the New \ .-rk K--al Es .i.c . >_ ■ N ■.-
Broadway, tn the Borough of I.1 '.' " jweha *&**
Yerk. on the Kth .!ay .>t M»rch '^-/^^ one-r. th»
noon on that .i*y. by vu ' I "? m A i. "' le'«.v.i and therein
premises directed hy nU ju.lffment to -\-J- *; rarcel
describe,! as follows: All that ct>r . ra ;^^ve''neii» th-reotx
ere,te,l. situated, lying ana being in th- ..1 ■ r-v ,^ *£*£
hattan. In the City an.l StaM Ot N-w TorK. * .
and described a.-« f.UI-ws. Fecnmns a. .
aooth*rty *\d» of One hwidnd "*J*"22^VS EMtarb
•li.-tant two hundred an.i *"**?-£*-££, tnSCotoxaXma
from -„ southeasterly corner of sai.J S reet « .
\venue: runnin* thence Southejlj p,irai.. ; » i-^> - a , My _
nue and part of Otm way through ; a rartj "■^ibgSi:
nine feet and eleven Inches to. the '^ntre 11.^.
thence Easterly alone Mid centre .ir-e.-.t^.^^J
£ feet: thence Northerly ajM P« rjllf ' ';„,'>• «a!l
DIM and Part of the »" -^us h o r ; ! .^j
ninety-nine feet and eleven tertM t. tne - i. ■
We^ter^ SS^—K??^^ *^ *
-^^^.M^^ rHALSET
H. C. KUPLICH. Attorney for Flaint.rT. _^I Broadway.
Boroua-n o M v lM M
The a-nro*lmare amount of 'he lien ° r <*?*'-; J"^*
■ ■ .
|2 ■ ■■: with inters th.
lie The
I - : atr.er
ssssssss ssSSSS3kSS3m c
purchase money, or pall l>v »"•* /""*?• {" *\* ' rior m ort-
SCfeS™ t^&l »*
of .Octob«r 1901. at •*"<■ l" . " „.,v »
Dated. New York. yUrcK^iv. VuU.^Y. n^T^
Sale of the «hov. J^^^^ »>*
from March 27. l«0£ ;;.;^-« A BLMJ9CT. Referee,
SI- Of the ;11.0v.. ..J
rr^-Vprl, «Hh. V,- - ;= ■ .'-Vkv. 1 K^ree.
V Tl. c "c KUDIJCH. Plaintiff's Attorney^ ._;__
VDVERTIBESIENTS Mai »invn;"i-n. KM The Trlbua
,\ received at their Cptown Office.
NO. 1.24-' BROADWAY.
3d doer north of 31st-»t.. until » o'clock 9. m.
Vdvertlsementa will be received at the "•*»»! bran, ft
offices at regular ofSce rates until * o'clock p. «• • v; - ■•■
-::•;;;;.,....„-.. : „r'-iiV:r.s:..v..: ,-■■-,,
« ■ Itt * Kit"* i««h-»«.: «S7 \\>«t -VM-mU. between
! th and Sth ayes.; „,:*..,. .---;-. ...;«-*•;
i'Ml 'eiween 7«rh and 77th su. ; I£M I*7 *■•■•*
rtlst-st • I.7HS 1»t-n>«-.. near H>th-st.: 15* Ea»t
i' T.ili.ni : -5«; Trrmonl-mr.i CSO :id- .«»•». near;
41rt-»t.: .'.."»-» ;»d-n»«- : -1«» lll«-r.-ker-«».i •»— »
Blr«-«-U«T-»t. Brooklyn. X. **— -IB (. onrt-et.;
SI S Smith-**. l-<*» 4 (i«tfi-»v«. >*»»rk. >•
—794 Broad-it. Also at all A. D. T. eoleea. . j

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