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N<* York. April 22, V¥H
neeswax, pkgs lJPrun«>s. jikgs '.'.[ 1.733
BeerwaK. J.H«s 1 . Trun. >. 1 kgs 44,,
J^gr*, white, bbls.... «03iDri»-d fruits, pkes I.SOO
Flour. bbU 21.5«45; Cotton, bales 2.303
Flour f-ack* 20.»M2:«.ottoni»*<J oil. bbls.... 2.380
Ormiieal. l)Ws 215 Quicksilver, Hanks "350
*VMT.meal. '■'»"■ 3.2>l «.'.p;..'r, pieces 2.4(>4
<iKtmen: bbls SOU , Pj^iter. slabs •;-,,,
TVheat hush 370.075 Uoln. bhif -.414
A,rn bush. U.7l»UOßjn oil, bM« ' 54
osts' bush •■ 31.>«» Sf.lrits turp. bbls l.tr.ts
H^e" hush ;:«.22.-.;l'itch. bi.le .-,
Valt. bush l».soo|Tar. l.bls 4:w
■M(«caiU)«d). case*.. 4.4H7J110P5. l»al<s I^l
rork. bill* 731 j HMfS, lM.lfs fe;
H»m». rkc* 718 Hide*, l.Jls 277
■Baom i*K" 2.«43 j Leather. si(3e<! MOT
futmeat;. pkgs 2.20 Mom. bales M
Ik-ef hamo. bWs IllO, Sugar, bbls S3O
I (reused hi'trs. No 4N4|Pusar. In>ki> 21.109
Tallow, pkgs — «J : alolaauHi. I.Ms 427
Oraasa. pkgs l!«7|Soap Ftuck. pkgs 200
Putter J.li+ts B..V>2; Oilcake, pkgs 2.-!<<o
Cbeew pk<rs L9**3jOUmeal. pkers l.oOit
E*W« •'a"'- 1 ' Sl.«*i'Oll. h:U. bbls «0
rnvssed 'i!trv. pkgs 2.]<n>'o!eo stock, pkgs 455
ij.. poultry, crates.. 2*7; Peanuts, bags I."* 1
Orar , boBM 14.5«»! Tobacco, hhds 3't
Apples, bMs 5.21«0, Tobacco, pkjrs 1.157
I'otstoes bblf« &>•«< 1 Whiskey. 1,t,1s 1.J33
Onions. Mils J "2 l Wo.il, bales ..'. 175
Hsv tcnis I.»l« .Wo.il. racks b2i»
■MW tons 190JWto*>, Cil. skfl 820
Mlll'eed. tons Brandy. Cal. pkfrs ">
Bice, bbls 1.-tl«. bales w.. M
Iron. Nor. NolMy-*M>SO |Coit.m. BsaMltBSJ pv,
Iron. 50. N., 2 tort.. 17 25 [OoaTee, No 7 Kio 5 7-1U
Steel rai15...... "S t"J i^a«ar. frrnnuiat.il ... 475
rjLke f.,i^T Ingot.. 12 j Mclasses. O K. prime 40
Tin 2702's ]Wf, family $1400
Exchanee l'-ad 4 12Hi Heef hams UwS
fruiter 4 42H Tallow, prim* C^
Wheat. Ko 2 r>- .. . s:i s . Pork. mess. 17 25
Corn. N•- mixed... 7i>V*j Hoca. dressed. ICO Ib. '.'%
Oaaa. No 2 n«lxed... 4» Lard, i.rlme 10 10
Floor, ilp'.*. patents. 420 |
Com, tasil £n.:TU| Niiiiht!:.?. pals MQ
Oats, l-ush - 13,U4«»|I>nilne. pals 12.900
Pea?. bush l>vi Gawlfne. f.-:ils 4.15)
Beans, bush 6fN">;cottonseeO oil. gals.. 15.530
Flour, bbls 11.257 ; Luteicatlnc oJI. sals- W. 630
Flour. packß S>72 Pork, bbls 4(i!»
Cornmeal. bbls .... 2.lSS;Heef. M:!s S»«
Bran, ri BK.ISB Beef, tierces 350
Orass seed, hags Bacon. Ib 11."..r»«>
H«v. bale* 2.r,so;Hams. 7b 137.««'0
Wblrtey. sals 500! Lard. Tti 522.W0
fjajaßSal, Ib 88.125 l.ird oil. gals 5.7<X)
PplriTs turp. pals... £2,"70 Tallow, Ib 10.000
Rctln, r-Ms IS4 Grease, Tti 16.000
Fitch. Mils 73 1 Butter, Tt> ">*}
Tar. bbl* ■■■ 30' Cheer*. It) 10.400
Beflned pet. ga15... 3.220. «•-!«
;'; ' Keur V rk. April 22. 19>'2.
COFFEE — coffee rr.arKet »-af BCaaa fteadi^r to
day, with the close w'.-te a net ga:n .>f B points on
moVt ojn as. Opening Eteady. crftii prices unchanged to
11 points hisrher. the wh >i.' Jlst was predi(:p<'»<H] to wr.rk
tpward after the call on Inmami from shorts, lißht bull
sjßUsjari ar.d scattering purchases Ear foreign account.
There were BO CB*JBIB at hand frr>m Tirazll. this fact
temporarily r" vVr:r r. 1;. r to •'• befl frr>m "Wg re
celr* fsrures"; the Bsatrl there were closed tn ol
eervKnce of a holiday. At tlie best of the day loca". prices
were sjet I to M points hlaTlKr The late cab*. from
European markets were sien^ier than expe^tel. an! thl*
hel;.e,; to BBNBBjtbaal bull MsnMecne h-r- T -ward the
close prices *"ased off under •- : - ■■..• with final Osrui -
net unchanged to "• .tntu hlftiwi an.l the un>lertnne
rtenfiy. The iuujl Baarlcel for si ■■■• lirazilian coffee was
quiet and «re^,!i- at abecn "•-""■wiip.-ri pric»-s. liased in
I'7-lRc for invoice " .ts of No. 7 Ks,
The rana* cf c mtraet prtoea ,r. th? cal market • 'i..y
'was as follows:
Opeclncr H!u-" Low. Cl.-ise. terday.
April — — — 4»tf*4.«5 4!*o
>iav 4.W 4 'X, 4.<> 4.9054. W. 4.5«
June r.o*. r.iC ■ or, r, n0..;. *.»*
July r, ir. r1- S.ls 5.1035.15 5 «C,
August — — — 5.2i -..■:■ 5.1. r >
Septem'xr '.?.T, 5.35 r:-,:, 5.?< X> 5.3.1 5.25
October — — — 5.5.V55.40 :■:: ■: -
November r. "•'• r. - . 5.r.'» 5.40®5.4S T..55
J>rem»»>r •"..". 5.85 " •" B.nOwS.nS 4r,
Janu*rj- '•''*> '■ '"■ s<V> r..G''«7 5.«5 .-,-.
Fehrucrj- S.eS -..<t. r> •;". R.«5«5.70 r. n 1
March 5.75 . r ..*n 5.75 7<<'i" 7r. 5.70
Foreipn ,rr..e Cable-.— Kle H--lldsy. PJ— lns lfi<l(la|
Hamh'srr -' 'ofTe. market oiiened unc! .irir* ■; . at 2:30 p m
was act unchanged bs '< pfg htejher; ysles. S2.f>"'> bags.
3H a VTe— — Col Tee m&rket opened Quiet lini unct^siTiCefl to '4
franr lower; Bl 12 m unchanged: at »> p m Brn an.l un
cr.:iT.s*-".. at 5:30 p m : ■■'.'. fr.ir.--; total saUs,
■23.« Xi bags.
■bbujb** X7.m July 35.23
February 17.25 1 August 35.50
March - -7. .V> Septemlicr 56.00
April 34. October 3«2:.
May 34.50' November 3<!.rm
June 3T»<io I»ec«rnr«-r M 7.".
The Ttatlstical pcrtticn cf BrazCtaa eeaTee is ns fol-
To-Oay. Tet-terdav. 1.,-ist week.
Ncw-Y«rk aXlwries , •6.4WJ 1O.4»« 1L.63S
HaltlTnn'e 04 • -!■•« 3.fi75 118 415
New-Orl«-an* deliveries.. 4:-<; 1.1 M) ''■•"
Total aetJssaftea S.OCI 11.7)11 1- «74
tCew-Tofk etrck 1.544.442 1.848.217 1.914.«»2
HMTir-w«> tock 71. '"1 72...<J 55.217
Kw^kkau ..... «7.34<i <rr.-.42 3-.t^2
Stock RtDfatf 1.»52.«5» T.U<,.-:r. 2.«r2.Ml
XZrit 3«8.O0» 372.U1W Wl.im
riHUe Fupply . l-S4B.ftß» 357.*55 2.337. Ml
totta .-.■■;::. 1 .270.71.4 I^UJKT umvm
-lu^uctt-i froaa -York delivers. 8.308, that amn-jnt^
V.av.r.c b<w>n d.iivered l.y fie NewfFork Kock Company to
~»:min3l Warehouse Cofapanr
orrroX—lull irade anJ lower prices were the features,
if •••>- i'u-~" a-,- nlgbt be called, of to-days market,
Oa U» Serfa« the tone was firm with prW* i<&4 ;• in-,
bUtta f .iicwingan un«\pe«>d advanoe <.f \t point m the
uSSoa ir.arke-.. end In tyinpathy «rlUl bullish -■ - ; mar
Vn Ervr fron. the South. On the . . -\y rise Europe and
r.-tr. shorts ».re the leading liuyow. while commlsalon
bonce. boM M secure prcflts. July, -.he active V^am. ad
var,.-ej ,o, o :».l'-c .a the first wave of buying. The rani
t-0 file Of the try!*-. .... wre slow to make ■
ttand cti the Itill f«Je. «c port re.-eij.ts I>M Talr to equal
tb'e .f List vsr aT:J as weather r.'i>-rTs fr<mi t,ie .-oinh
V e re esccnUoDally fa»ora«.l.- •-. The r.-'v cr •!'. Bboi sell
'nz \fcnme popular, and before tJ.e rt'Xh* of the flnrt hour
the wh'le lift hj.d wnrked nsateiiailv Xwer. A sharp re
a!-:i<«j in I-tverpool and a weaker rul.ng of the >ew-
Orleans m.iTii*-t hesni . U BiaSw Lull confidence for the
moment in t>r>-.fefKionat circle*. \,w bttSinen c.ime m
verj- Etovfa-. «nd this. to-., aerrea to inTimidate room i-ulis.
Sot until 'July had dropTW-d to ••'-12c waa theie sufficient
*ur.pp.-rt Jr.ueht out to rt«tiij' the market; which for the
balance cf tie day was verj' iM (M gent-rally ..»!
,i r , s un.'er last jilch:'s prices. M far as me seni
cri"T> months were concerned. Strange to Fay. "' • new. crop
CUttOßa held .... film all through -......■ in the
luce «.f a 6*cH**llY U-ari.-h w«-VJy government crop tH ■■■
meat. At t'nv clcse the ni«.rl" t was qui'-t and SteaCy.
wlin rx-ar Bsntba lfo." i«>ints l-ni>r. ud far saotM or,
charjred tt I poiat h!*--lier. 'V.n-frvatlve traders were
disposed to nn scainst shjrt Bales until after Fri lay.
the fin«t Bocfee day for May contracts. It v.as rgued thai
a rr.-.mlTient N»i- Vi« sr.^t rotten hi use »n.3 s well
known l-htls'leijiMa f.w cotton b->oa« will on that <Jsy I*
!r. the marl.rt f<.r m.irrf in competition with a leading
Orerk extrf-rt bm, the i.Jea lieire t" i.rev*-nt tbc latter
Srasß cc tirlm JS**r— York ci>"r«i r.r export purposes, as
«-v-rv bale is urgently p--,W here for u«- in July. The
j.rewr.t Ne-a-York rt<-~k ts aLr.ut -'«' .•••" '•'!•■ „r the f^ine
o*- '■ N Mc-f)rV R] ;i.. The oth»T 1 .rt^. ezhl t; •■ ir.terior
M»lis have (vmparatively little ro'.t •«. »nil there is e»ery
reasim to beUene tl.e mewnt New- York st<H k - uld be
kent intact. Colonel KJns'F fmi- weekly lntiTi.ir lawn
ligures w-r^ bullish. ."h.iKine recfipt* of .-:.!-. IS.4U bale*
arid rhitimems cf IT..i;:«i Laics, making the liss in sto.-l:
lO.oou i..-il. Cle3ra:ii>-8 for *x{«.rt to-day were 10.000
Th» nmw of contract ?~' r ~ tl ■-.?■• . ■•'■ -1 market to-Jay
w»s t« *c Ho w* :
Y. •::.-
Oj-riinu- H). Low dose day.
Ap'il .. ••!<.. v -jo ... j.p it iwiiuii :•;■.'
May :. «-, y.2<J H.lO n.ih«f».lt< i' 23
June — — — :• IMtf) SH v.24
July »JT) y.l-2 9.12 B.HWiU.I4 H. 17
Autmiit •<:. j. <•" ■• '■>•> K.i»2e*i.fl3 "■'■"■
FeptemVMr S.4J >41 5.37 - -■'■''! s ''■'•
9tiial)u 8.13 -I. Kl2 (*.l4e«.K <«.1S
KomnbtT ik.ui S.«R (*.«2 M.o«#i<i.«G 5.03
I>«-o.m'.- R.flS -•'■. *.<G ■> ii.H'.? -.' *-.<>2
Janur.r\ - ■■:: - >>i '•>>■'■ <»4'<f*- .<>'• B.<B
■a ■ critton clr^ed ar,d uncijanpoj 00 the t sata «.f
t-Hr for niMUlnc ui-lai ] a:ij '.I'iir- for mldJlins <;ulf.
f-'aJ«-«. ijta bate*. Southern spot mark-ts were tel«
■tayliec ai follom-p: N»"w-<^le3ns qtilet, unchangei!. at
t(J-l«c: Mobile nominal, anctoatwed. at :•■- Baxmnnah
ctcady. unrl ; nr.cod. at i»H,r. CbarVcton fir;n. 10 1 ■:;>■.).
tt «'•; Wllmli.pton firm. '. c hicb»r. at BUc: Norfolk firm.
Unchanged, at »"4c; Baltimore nominal. l i.c Igher, M
Vitc: AucuMa firm. un'liariK'd. at •• ■". l«e; St. I-ouls
tteaiy, un-!.unred. at l!',c. Estimated receljltJ ■■ Sew
Orleant* ror t. morr<>« are V..?4*> to .''. .^"" lew, comj.nred
*»!. 5.«83 V-,al«i actual last v.-.< 1. and ."..273 bales «ictu«l
last year. a- Iliwsslmi '■■■• •:o morrow. •J.,:n"> to 2,.Vm»
Bales, roin:>ar«-d with MJSSt ':.!•!■ actual last w<-ek and
S.l2>. !■,!.•> lual la« year.
Keccipt* at the pon? od Interior points to-<3ay, com
t-»:.d wl'h the »ame day last week and last year: "
Port*. To bur. I-a.-t sraek. I^a.-t var. stock.
Calve-.- . ... 3.M7 4,<>:<l :..Ti«i 74.72 a
New-OrJeaaa 4,72s 3,:C3 3.z:>* 2l^.lxil
M..i. 1(< . s 4 132 MM
savannal ". 1.171 1.47^ 2.44.'» 4.">.N«t
C*ar •- .-. 1»> 23 3d 1.02G
Wilmin«r.nn 2"J7 US 74 33.:t<^
N' it it NY; 1,441 <;ir. 1^.1*34
llaltlinore IJUU - - 11.105
NfW-Yrrk ... S 1,553 .'..'.4 192.13 C
Boßoa 87 23 T2l
Philadelphia 2»^» 121 5.843
VarioUß 4.3!«H
Totals 12.040 IT Til IsVsVS 0C1T..472
In-- ■
AliL'-:-'., •■>. 140 44-". 34.323
IS^raphis ".".'.". 2Z> •'--■» US* •«.•»»
St. !>iul* '. . I II ■»!<:» -. ■ 153
<!• ■ .i.nr-i H7 374 ■« 10.102
Uouirton S.<X'M r,2s «-sT, 42,008
'"■•■'■■. Barssaßge »r*clal Liverpool cables — Spot cotton,
a lair business doing- sales 10.0i>0 lales: ppeculatlon and
«-xport_ L«MS»; Ameri:-«n. 'J.f«J(»; receipts, l.V«««'. An:.-r:can.
l-<» 00; middling upland r.*d: future* opened quiet and
l*rt<sl 1 t\i 1 decline: clo*«l quiet and net \ ill 'ft points
losbse. April. 4.' iV; April-May. May-June »nd June-July.
4 C2?»b; July-August. 4.C2V»«; Au*rurt-September. 4»Jb:
aXpieui!.. • <. .■ 4.4 fib; November. 4.*»'*s; No
v-rober-nw^tnber 4.2 i- December-January. 4.275; Janu
r*--y-February. 4.i«» M-.ncl,«-».teT Yarns, ajaosi demand;
— "4hs move ?lowly.
-»Kf<i« — <>j,lum «nt quiet an<! barely steady. Cases
■jaotefl at $2 >>7'^«3t-'!i<i. Jobbing at $2»>Ss2«2tt *nd
.-wileretl at J3 ix.iitS 7.'.. Morphine was quiet, with bulk
-«^««-fl «t (I l«i-i*j ounrn> at H t«r."i#2 itnd righths at
t-'iVjiK Hi Quinine was steady ul 2V«:»o for domentlc
arid foreign. -i.'l.-.l oils— Taking the market as a
who>. •'•-. was a steady undertone s«d a tooa j..i>i..ng
4>snaiiJ, with the foil, wing prices the l»a»U»» of U»e «a!es:
Ar.ise. *1 l'r o *l 2T> l^nramot. prtm^. $1 7<«Usl K%; cas»ta,
«21ia7Oc; <-.ii,.| . fKatl 1.'.; l^moii. prime, 7(»4r78c; low
grade •iiK,c.- 1 .- |,-m..n Kr»KS. native. >1 f-1 1"<»: ir-i- • ,
<3I«!II«1. r\ 2r.fi|l f^t; mustsrd. natural. $.'.#« '■•: arti-
Jctol. t»SM>r<i: rmir.t. Western tins, f 1 75991 ■"';
>•■■ V rli 111,.. »1 &I&$1 <*.. cases. $2&52 I>>; iiennyrcynl.
ClSOe* »e«safnu.. natural. X*if-t*)r; artlnctal. '^--it
so- Bj^trmlnt. Jlltiiillei; t»n«y, *1 l'i^-»l 2.'>: winter
rien. natuml. (1 .Vilill iai nruti.-n.! .Viu.V-c. worni.se.-d.
• I Mfl) 15; »-..m,. ...... pur.-. J*;8$0&«. Hoot* S.^ne
bUFln<«( was ri.,«,.,d *t -1,, r,. .wing basis: liurd-ck, Cc:
gentisr. 4. . irllinenK. N...-...-- &fi**\ 2.*.; S..utb-ir.. *4 S-Vn
•-.. i n«r— Jamaica, aubleacbed BVifjrllc: bleached, ll^'T
13c: golden seal. r....:..V; hellerjor«\ powdered, <«N::
lleoric.-. .i 11.,;,. 4hiijLZ>c: -. .-te.i in bundles. h®U>c:
t*tr»; phr!;;i,. u.mduta* 30{f34c; Mexican. 70 * c: r-n»Ta.
w'»terr. .V4©slc: Southern. .'.7 c: snake, Canada, £..>»•><«;
Te S s - 4i»ft42" : VJrirlrila, 4<i";4 - . *
rU/fK A>'l> JliiAL— Tbv undkrtoo* «f fl^ur was flnn
and buyers seemed Inclined to take hold fairly well <.n
the top grades at old price*. Otherwise th- market was
quiet and steady. Spring patents, $4 I<»^s4 30; winter
straights. *3 7oas3KT; winter patents, $3 r .''i*4 <ir. : spring
clears. $3jTs3 3<» ; extra No 1 winter. J3 2' m »3 33 ; extra
.\o 1 winter. $3 li>es3 15; no gr:i.le, 2"^>s2l ,10, spot and
to <irriv<- RVK FI/)UR— <Julet; gaisfed: Fair to
good. it:.-<it:i 40; choice to fancy. S3 4.V.,*3 7<>
CORKMBAX. Steady; quoted: Kiln dried. $34591350, as
to brand HA'i lIKAI., — Steady: quoted: Fine whlt
end low, $1 .-.0,,* i .15; coarse. II 2»Ssl 80 FEED—
Steady; quoted: Spring bran. spot. M7SO; Barks, to arrive.
800 Ib. $17 7.VgSIS2S: spring bran. bulk. $17. ej.rlr.g
bran, mld.llirig 17 .Vi<Bs2l 79 coarse winter bran. $l-'ij
Jli»; city bran. *ls-jsr..; buckwheat sharps. $1S 75; lln
seed oil cake. $2«i. corn oil cake. (24 50; hominy chop,
$20 DO; oilmeal. $2«CO.
GRAIN— WHEAT— Rain fell In a gaod many parts or
the Southwest yesterday, and f ■ r a time the market felt
Break si a sharp decline from the previous day. but on
later predictions for dry weather In Kansas on Wednes
day there ws<» a sharp recovery, followed by a omul re
liction In the li«-t few minute? that left final prices 1 -. '«••
n»t lower, although sMll \to '-j.- up from the weakest in
terval of the day. According- to m« map rain was srat
t.-red tkroagh all the winter wheat Btates and in the
Northwest, but only In small quantities: on the other
hand, some of the private dispatches claimed that an Inch
of rain had fallen bb sosas parts of ITai— S said good
rains generally throughout the Important winter wheat
districts. While It ]<«>ked fr .m the extreme low barometer
<entr:.i in Minnesota as though a hard storm might be
rieade-J toward the Southwest wheat belt, the !at.» official
rorecast of coot fair weather In Knn«.LS and nearby Sl ■•■."
took the heart out of bear traders in the early afternoon
find led to very active cowering for a time. Following the
bet wave was an area of low temperature all through the
West, with snow In I >enver an.l soi,,e in the Northwest.
While this may not inttire the plant materially, the gen
eral effect was r.ot considered favorable to BeTleTs of
wheat, »n.! the whole crop situation Jit tb- close j-eeme.l to
l>e atanost as much unsettle,! as It has been at any time,
notwithstanding the rains. In the line of statistics pri
mary receipts and seaboard clearances were anfaTorable
to the bu:is. former being larger end latter consid^rablj
f-n.-iiu-r than of te; on the other hand, the decrease ol
8.48t0.0Q0 bush In world's stocks, according to "Hnid
street's." was 50 much greater than expected that it act«-d
with the late dry weather reports as a str< np Influence
<n the afternoon market. The decreas- Inclu.i.d 2.0..0.0-x»
bush in Manitoba pi.-nig.- points and 300,000 bush in
Xorthwest Interior elevators. Cables were '.'.i^d lower
at Liverpool an.l partly .1 points higher at Paris. Ihe ex
port business was limited to 9.000 bush No 1 Northern
New York at this point, and Ifl loads :it outporta. Quota
ti na of cash wheat, f o b afloat basU. were as follows:
Ko 2 red .-'.' T^.- contract an.l .•> I «Vsc export pr;id.-; No 1
Northern 'l>uluth. Mi|,e prompt; No 2 Northern Duluth,
MSc. and No 1 Northern New-York. 83% c. both prompt;
Ko 1 hard Manitoba. 86tic earty May; No 1 Northern
Manitoba S.W«c. late April; No 2 Northern Manitoba
00*« c. late April, nnd No 2 hard New-York. MV. prompt;
No ° rod. S7He. elevator CORN— The corn market
was rr.ther weak ror a ttme after the opening, but be
came much stronger as the day advanced, fee'.lr.g the in-
Ruence of a better wheat m.'irke' an.l le^< active otT.-nngs
r-om countrr points Botlmates at Chicago for Wednes
oav were l". r . cars. Crop news showed some Improvement
owing to the rains, but was not sufficiently bearish to
ofT«t the streneth in other quarters, and t'..- market con-
BMU.-ntly held llrm up to tfce close, which was W« -•'■
net higher. Th.-r* was n. export trade but local buyers
taok 16.0W bush N X O corn hh-1 13.0tft» bush No -
rellow Cntles were partly \d net lower. N« 2 <■• m
i-losed Ci»»*o oiov-t.-r -o'..- export and 71c straight; No _
white, 72 «c. and No 2 yellow T2*c. f o b
oH basis OATS— The trade In oats s:
on a fairly active scale at the West, mostly new
grade with the (r<m»n I undertosie firmer in spit- or rains
an.l improved crop pro«r*-cts. In the locnl trade tliere
were sales of IXO.OOO bush cash cots. The cimtry report"v
a Botnewhat better movement, wpeelal^ from Central Illi
r.t.-. No 2 oats closed t«c : No :t. 4Sc; No 2 white. 5Sc:
No 3 white. .-.-• 1: r.2 track mlxe.l. 4;.-.,. track white.
, ; .iar.Oc and N.< 2 white clips, SSHc... RYE- Market
dull; No 1 \Ve»t.-rn. 65c, and No 2 Western. «*>c, both
fob .1 st; State rye. [email protected] BARI.KY-Market
quiet: feeding was ■.'■•■ I at 64©<!8c. an.l malting, <-.a3
S3c both c I f New V rk.
Wheat: Op-nlr.g. High. Tow CTnje. d,v
May SOJ4 M** SO 7-16 H
s^m^-::::: si SIN 80% gi "J*
iieptembir 80* BO* BOH
Deceofber M« teA hl -* B2 '*
m v «7s r,^, C7U 6SH C 7%
July ::::::::::: *■>-■•-, «* , *% «j 5"
SeptemU-r OT.T, 60*1 &".■.» t>t. * **>
Aprn - _ - ? 1 "" 7^ $1002.i
M^'V 74', 77,^ «a»«» T4>
-luy »H I*% ga w ra* g%
September •■» * '•»'• '* " '
0l m:
j« . v cis 62H n% gjfc g™
»::::: «* S* «* ''^ a%
•May s «S 43% 42S 43H SS
Beptember'T.'..! SSV S« 535-W S5 Sl*
May .. .9»«av f.".7 : i u>c2H J' l^;-- f -*Lv
July ■.:.■........» 75 »_SO »a «771 i »♦ ••'
May S St>7H 005 B«Ttt ' |«» s: 'J'-
July :::::::::::« w »=o »^ -" !M -
Mav rk '. 1637S 1650 1<137'4 1«45 1842H
j u iy ;:::: igzv* 1670 u:-,h k.*..^ w«=»
Recelrt«= of hreadrtmT* at Interior points In thousands.
last Three ciphers (000) ucnttted, Bosir bbls. rain bush, as
follows: Flour. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Uye.Barley.
cw««. 3« g '■•: urn I \\
Milwaukee 11 -- - \i T, ,
Minneapolis — u £ ' \' * —
1-uluth — g — r i _ _
St. lx>uis 8 3 r *■> % _ _
Kansas City — « ' '. -' _ _
Toledo . — f> 1*» B _ —
I-rtroit — — •> .•; _ —
Detroit — "I ..'- Jl _
Peoria -_^_ 5 _J5 _: .
Totals .4* 301 *M 3.^ 9 39
Shipmenta from th.se points:
Chl-aco 19 l« X » _3 _4
Milwaukee 8* - ~ „ - 4
Mlr.nea,K>lls •»» -'■ ' _3 _^ J
l'uy«:th , ::;;;; — 'Z> ... m _
Kan?fi« '■"T:::::::: — • § i» ; _
Toledo — $ " Jf „ _
l.etrnlt .'-'." — I ~ .... _ _
P..cr:a -_^ f jjf __ — -
Totals 135 BS2 vi S3«« » 8
Receipt* at Atlantic port?:
NVw-York -'IT 171 10 32 ■• —
Uoeton - » 1 | i*>
i- - lad«tphts VI m ■• \\ —
i:?ltlm .p.. "■) li» B» '- — ~
New > >rl«- irs 4 7 — J
Oslveet-Jn — 2 " _ "2 „
Totals I-- «7 aaa ~« TS 30 -
Kxports fn.m Atlantic ports:
New-York 15 — 2« 14 T" ~
Beaton - - — — ,'
I'hllß Jelphi.i — li - '•' —
Baltimore 1 I"- 1» — — -;
New ' >rl. — — I<* •»
Totals M 12.1 C 6 41 — —
HIOEB \ pretty yteafly market is reported, with some
sales on the basis of iv taUons. whtoh wer.- named as
follows: .•.»: if .mlx). l'-V*.-; Matamoras, l'.i'*c: TruxlHo,
l'.»c- Orinoco. 21c- T:nj.;.o i l»c; Boßota. r.'ii I> V . Cen
tral American. I.". ; V.-ra Cruz. J!-c; Puerto <al..ilj.
Xi Guayrs «n.l Caracas l.-V Payta, 1!V: TabMCO.
isti-c-- ltlo Harhe. dry and pi<-kI«M, ISc; Port au-Platte.
jhc Galveaton IPc; San Antonla and Laredo. I.--... I>ry
sa'.t'ed hides— Payta, W: Prosre«o. 13c; Maranham and
lvrnambuco. l;.c : Rabia. Maracalbo and SavaniHa. 14c;
ktatamoras 18c; T>-xme.. I-T' ■
* LFATHKR- • 5 market is steady, with prices un
chanl-e.l as follows: AcIJ. «rM (.election. 24^1:. '-■ . >;•••■
on"s '22«20Hc; thlrdi.. '.•<>'4«i2lc: rejects. IXitV."-; nlon.
ishVl^;. 31Q33C Siddle Lacks. .TJix^.c : mH.lle heavy.
"to «^,-i,rtk h«avv StOate: thirds. 27«r2»c; llcht backs
™w.li ' -l'i --v -• ■■•■. -■ -:.-.::o. . bellies. ls©lsWe; oak
Ar^'fA backs tlrfts. 36637 c; seconds. .'.453..C. thirds. .U
%X>.c • beltli" I«tfl7c: belting butts. 30®40c; Texas oak
.< .-I---; with a ■••-.■! ■•■ and Bale* '•: 1"" tuns JP°t • in '
■.'-..■. -:: future ' The'New-Y..rH market was ab ut 3& points
tw'r r|."l,,R"wl h spot at 27V <a27 c. Copper was al.-out
steady Rt New-Y..rk. and 990 tons stand rd f-.r ■';">;'
livery oold at n.2.'c. dosing with spot at 11®11
ißkeclow-d at l>4«i32Vic. electrolytic ll.«0«l2c and
ci t'.rg lat and nominal at 12c At London copper was
V low*r a: •:." ISs ror spot and futures. Locallj lead
ruled rteady r,! unchanged at 4%c but l> Bdon advanced
1. ''d tr. ill IGs 3d. Spelter was 2'i points lower her",
at 'f4'42>/4. and uncharged at I/ondon Hi il". , Tl:e New-
York roa aiarket a-as steady and unchanged. Abroad
prt£s SM-r, s -bad- higher. .■i»«l, ! g with Olasgow quoted
1.; Ms 4,1 and Mlddleeboro at 48a 7"» d I«cal Price, for
. icr ir n i",n mere nominal. No 1 Northern roun'Jr}
t*i fc { jl!»'T»»T; No 2 Nor-h.rn foundry. |1^$1»;
Sol Southern foundry. |17 5O4»18: No 1 Boathern foundry.
B< 'Mo?'ASSE? I ANr) PYRUPS— Ualam** w;,s firm and un
chanfed The demand was quite gooJL Syrups were firm
•■nd qultV active at full but unchanged prices. Quotations
follow- New-Orleans centrifugal, common. 1««:14.-; fair,
iaei«c: rood 17{i2"c: prime, 22'«27c; New-Orleans open
kettle SS(B4Ic Syrups -Common. 12014 c: fair. lD017c;
jro.«l l«Bl»c; prime. 5»««3c; fancy. 244>»0c
OCEAN rREIOHTS — Husln.-«= in steam and sail ton
nage nontinued limited In rolume, and general condl
tions wer- mchanged. Quotations to IJverpooL Glasgow
i, „1 uitwerp IHd; London. l*d; Hull. 2d: Newcastl.-.
•" 4 '■ ' Bristol 2 id: I^. lth. 2%d; Brssnen. 10 pfennlgii:
Ham'burK 22^ pfennigs; Rotterdam. 8c; cotton U> KU'-i
pool p7"ww IT.. lo<- : l>-,nd.,n oats. Is CHARTERS—
Ilritish steanvr "•«<■■ tons. cal. Baltimore to Vera Cnt*
and back north of Hattera*. at or about Js Sd; Nor
w«-irian -team"" OM tons, plaster. Hlllsboro to Cherter.
r.^J'.r. chart-r private terms; Rritlsh ship. 60.000 cases
rwtroleum henc- to Zanzibar, private terms. June;
Italian bark 1.13s tons. rmlt. Trapalti to Gloucester, then
NVw-York to Australia, private terms. July-August;
HriTlsh shin 1 BIS tons, chalk. London to Philadelphia,
private terms: Italian ship. IJW ton. chalk. London to
NVw-Vork. private terms; ship. 2,71.-. tons. ooaV Norfnlk
to Honolulu W: Italian bark. 4><7 tons, Ptav.s. Baltimore
ioTrapaln ator about W: BHtlsh bark. l«« tons lumber
Jacksonville to I-is Palmas, t» nn.l port charges: brig 41".«
tons sbooks etc hence to Maracaibo. «<^c per CUbJc foot,
Vild back uriihill *2.'.<t r.et; bark, 808 tons. sbooks.
Portland to l',,int ,IMtr.-. private term*; British bark.
r,co t rs. coal. Philadelphia to ManaanUla «; "^'"l^-
T-^ tons. sug - south side Cuba to New-lork or Phlla
r!«iiihl«_ ' 13c- option Boston, 14c: bark. 442 tons. ce.lar
and mahogany/ Santa Crus to New- York. $9: BChopner.
1 "wTw coal. Philadelphia to Kingston. Ja. private
terms- schooner .li". tons. coal. Baltimore t.. Bavannah.
7V-nd back lumber, private term*; schooner. Ml tons]
raaL PnUadelphia to Key West, $1 <'.0: schooner. WB tons.
[umber Savannah to New- York. $5.10: Urltlsh Bchooner
M tons .r-.5.,t.d Piling, hence to lona. C H. and back
o't), trimolite «l.O(iO net; schnoswr. Kis tons. pipe. Phil
adelphia to Portland. $2; schooner. 440 tons. coal. PhUa
deJphla t.. Boston. II; srhooiH>r. 250 tons. coal. St Oeorge
so Thn.^tn. $1: two schooners, coal. Hoboken and
Woehawken to Salejn. *.0c; l.^rge. 1.7..U tons capacity.
v "m New* to ]i..st..n ex-Mystic Wharf. tOe; Sorwe-
H« lC . tMmfr i 47i< tons fmlphur. Sicily to St John. N li.
rfr?ra«e7^ms- thence with deal, to Valencia 42s Od: op
Mon i*arcXr,a, 4T.s. or Bristol Channel. SSs; sebooner.
V« to^T. coal? Port Johnston to South Portland, private
tP oil>— <-otton*wd oil was quiet agnln. but unchanged,
c' ilng steady In sympathy with, lard products. Petro
feuni was quiet and steady at unchanp«d prices The lin
1 T oil mark-t continues nrm In tone, and active, Prices
T"i.ver showing no change. Petroleum. bbls $7 411. nn.l
fn bulk $4 W: I'hlln«l-l,.r.la. 1.b1,. $7 Mr., and |n bulk
MS^ refln.-l. cases. New-York. $850. . Ootttmseed oil—
Vrlme crude fob mills S9«Mc: prime summer y.-l -
iV.i 4iVi«44'ic- off summer yellow. <S«43Hc; butter
Mdes47€f4Sc: prime white.. 46«t47c; prim, winter ve|
TJw 4764". Unseed oil-American reed, city raw. 8M
OT^; out-cf-town raw. MfSe: Calcutta m-.v. Hd; 1.ir.l
o 'i''TiOV?sioN The provMon market opened steady on
rib* -.nd'ei.sier for other products, but soon recoyen-d.
JwSntmr st.-.d- for the balance of the day on a fair ,'.
m'Jnli *rom'pn..rts and packer*. Influenced to BOSBS extent
[Tine ™£lpts of only 47<«" hogs at the West. Chicago
™iv leVOOO Kansas City. i>.<**\ an! Omaha. B.SOQ I-tve
onl> were ■.V lower, and estimated Wednesday, 80.000.
PORK— Firm. Quoted: Mess. $1 <;.'.(>& »l7 .-.(•: family.
ii<Wfl9 6rt; short clear, fl7 7.V3520 BEEF-Flrm.
uultwl: M«ss, $11; family. *13 50«*U 50; packet. fl2; extra
India mess. $20<gf22 BEEF HAMS— Firm; quoted:
?20 50-3522 50. . ... .DRESSED HOGS— Steady. Quoted :
Bacons. H%c: ISO tb. S^c: ifiO tb. 9Hc: 140 Tb. »He; pigs.
V\r . CUT MEATS— Pickled bellies firm. Quoted:
Smoking. [email protected]; 10 It). 10U6l0V*c; 12 Tb. lO%01OHc;
14 Tb. lo»4iSlO^ic; pickled shoulders firm: quoted. B*4C;
plckl<-<3 hams iir:n: auoted. Iligl2c TAlJXiW— Firmer;
city. 6%c: country, «v»66»ic LARD— quoted.
910 10991018; dty lard steady; quoted. $ft Ctr3sJ> i->: re
<lt. lard quiet; quoted. South America. $10 88; Conti
oent $1035; Brazil kegs. $12; compound Brm: quoted. nVi
ii^\r 3TEARIKE — Strong. Quoted: Oleo. 12Sc; city
lard etearlne, 1114 c
RICE — The demand as a rule was moderate In the way
ot orders from local trade, but at the South there seems
to be a good distribution. Tone steady. Talmage. New
fjTlasns. telegrsphs crop movement to date: Receipts,
rough. 1,311,100 sacks, against 1,006.070 last year. Sales
cleaned t-stlmat-d. at 1,097,650 pockets, against 824.960
last year; good demand at unchanged quotations. Tal
mage'- Cbarieston, telegraphs Carolina crop movement to
.'.-.:.: Receipts, •9.2*1 iibls; sales, 3-5.415 bbls; fair inquiry
at former range. Quotations follow: Domestic, Common
to low fair, SttjMfeC; fair to go<-d. 4Va4\c; prime to
to choice 503% c; head. •'i'n'iMi'sc: Patna, 4 i'g.>%c;
Japan, foreign, 4%95c; do domestic. 3 1 ,s©4 I .ic; Java. 45»4 5 »
(i)-i%c; Itawroiin, In bend. 2^2 1 2C.
SfOAR— Th- market for refined sugar was steady, but
unchanged, with granulated quoted at $4 78. Demand
iv:.s very light, but if the present warm weather con
tinues a rush demand may be looked for. as the country
hah but little sugar on hand. Quotation.? follow: Cut loaf.
crushed and dominos, 5.25 c; mould A. 5.10 c; cubes. Be:
XXXX powdered 4 ink-; powdered, coarse powdered anrl
fruit powdered. 4 85c; Eagle confectioners' granulated.
Be; Kncie coarse and extra fine granulated. 4.NY; Eagle
2 Ib cartons and 2 Tf. bairs of fine granulated. 4. H.'k ; Engle
5 Ib lags ,if fine granulated. 4!hic; Eagle tine granulated.
standard granulated and diamond A. 7'« c; confection
ers' A. 4..-.r.c- No I. 1.40 c; Nos 2 and 3. 4.35 c; No 4. 4.30 c:
No 5 4.25 c; No 6. 4.20 c: N.. 7. 4.Kic; No 8, 4c: No it.
3.80 c: No 10 S.«oc; No 11. 3.85 c; No 12. 8.80 c; Nos 13 ana
14 3 si>< No 1"> 5.75 c: No 16, 3.70 c; 2.'> Vt< bag*" of fine
granulated, 4.75 c. At I>ondon. prices for beet sugar were
unchanged, with April and May quoted at tis *d. -»ne
was also uncharged, with Java at 8s and fair rennlng
at 7s. The local market was steady, with buyers at
quoted prices, but no sellers on that basis. We Quote:
Centrifugal 96 t*»t, B%c; muscovado, 80 test, at . J i.c,
and molawes sugar. 89 test, at 3%c. The stock of sugar
In the* Tnited Kingdom is 223.000 tons, compared with
220.000 tons last week and 202,000 tons last year.
F..r week ending Tuesday, April 22. 1902. ...
BEANS xN'i> PBAS R*celpt« for week: Ueans. Z.WW
bbls; peas. 615 bl.ls. Exports: Beans, 24s bbls; peas, ,m
l.blF. The inauen-es of lighter receipts, strong interior
advices and a little m-.r.' general demand are shown In a
somewhat higher and firm market for the standard \n
rleties of domestic while beans. Bbcporters took about
ir.O bbls of marrow, and a government order is to be
placed shortly, which gives added Ftrength to the po-
BlUon. Best marks are now held generally at I*. 1 < ft U
$2 211. Medium have worked up steadily and dose firm
at $1 [email protected]$1 67>4. with a disposition to ask 91 *» tor
some of the fanciest marks. i'ra have foM at ?»'";»
$1 72Vi The recent business in red kidney has been
ln-ranse of $2<Bs2 05 for best quality, but there Is a
little more confidence sl-own at the close, and the latter
ttirur- Is generally asked. White kidney are not ni.-Mng
afan : values are .r.tir-ly nominal. Yellow eye ■«•}•">•»
BUPPiy and very dulet. Turtle soup slow California.
Uma and Imported t Giants had dull sale and prices are
lower and 'v'ak! There has been pretty fair trading In
Imported medium beans, with a Blight recovery In prices.
Gr£n and Scotch peas Belling slowly, but the feeling Is
somewl.nt steadier. We quous: Beans, marrow .choice,
per bush. 92 1595220j do medium, choice. 91 »g*i ••'-=•
do P»a choice 91 70991 72>/i ; do red kidney, choice. 9WB
92 0&1 do white kidney, choice, *1 i'.v ( ,s2; do jeUow i eye,
choice .<" I.VaS2 2»i; do black turtle soup, choice, $1 Wa
illo '.1.-, ! m": California, 927599280; ''"porte.l Giants
$2 20®»225: Imported marrow, round. $1 VZGVtlf™
t $1 f»o<&4i 85; do me^ilum. choice ?1 •'I'. 1 :-, V/
■ : :■„.-„ $1 :;:.; green i»-as. bags. 9187H«
fl K^S^'^.r. M pk^s week
2f.514 pkgs. No exports to Europe this week. The
smoothly until ur.lav. when there was a slight show
ing of weatoes. which soon resulted in sellers throwing
Romo of tl - «—ls onto the market, and a decline of 2c
f low". Many operators thought that ths break would
iV sußlclent t.. clear the stock that Is likely to com-
' f ...... _; this week but on Monday the posted receipts
w£e heivv and the pressure to sell s> stron? that values
wont of? anther :•.•• per Tb. The decline thus ar has
been due primarily to Increased supplies and the in
lluence of warmer weather, but trft.le hnd been <3 i9COU ST
aged 1* the high range of values P^'-?'""^,,™^' ,ake
It was quite certain that the demand would not take
■11 ho offe'«il except on a much lower basis. At
n,e cwtse -h -re is a steady feeling ami pretty fair trading
n fV--. fr.--.-t, rWamery at 28c per tb. other goods are
d-f.-cts but the range of vnlue<i \9\ 9 still tiarrow. -"V*;
dairy has followed the decline in creamery, and at the
tub* from any sections. Much of 'he stocM
landing the fact that we had four. ™*}<£' l " ?mI has
lo flSw 2^26\4c1?d0 ;er,,r..ls. 24H«25Hc; State dairy.
•in. °tc '""li-'^'-c- Western Imitation ereareery. f.»nc>.
»Se-%*B»S*»H«Me: •«., lower grades. Zlii^eW^
enrifactory; cholw.T2s%©2Cc: do corrmon to good. 230
25c; renovated fancy, W.ac; dv common to choice.
I^S'^-H^eipVff^w^. 7/^2 Doxesi everts! 2M6
box. - ThVr* • l'a< : ••'• •' very iatlnfactory movement In
! . "cheese to home trade dealer... ... u?tl the demand has
l,Un conflned rk»e»y to >uoh wnall lots a« ' n ;-"»; l J f^ r
current use Remaining Ftorks nre now quiie narrow.
with fancy pra,!. s and «ls.. ebeap grade. •><•<«»">• •"«*•
The medium qualities nre working out In *, , |1™""1 ™"" * n n . lr l
comparatively full price*, with rang* of ralues quite nar
row. New cheCM li coming forward rather more freely.
but -nlv a small proportion Of nmall colored: <"»;» J l^*
h"<l ll'Uil'.r about all that can I- d-i-iwW Uf»)n; in
fact free offers to fell at the latter ««iire huve not at
tracted altention enoUKfa to absorb ths supplies, ar.4 some
loin are Mill .... f, ... la«t w<-.-k's arrivals. A few neu
cheese have appeared and mm lot of f* boy» of Urge
white baa sold for •iport .-:. private t.-rm«. but thought
to have IM-en a shad* under ltc. New colored haT« posm
inqulo- rrom «xp<>rters and w.. Ü bl probably brltig lie : II
here Foreign advices ar» more pncouraglrg and the
cable decidedly higher under reports of light r.-malnlng
su-cks Liverpool ciil!«>. fK's for colored and 54s for white
We quote: -;•,•.■ fun cream, small, fall make, fanoy.
I3fil3Uc; Jo .'...;. i:'iSll'\r; lo good to prime. U'*'t
1-J'i.-' do mmon to fair, ■.<' l ii<i^ ;do large, fall make.
fancy. iiMi 1 -■'•■•■ do rholce. Il'vlill\c. do koo.l to prime,
10*i«rllttc: do common to fair, lOVic; licht iklms,
ymall. .-h^lce. lOHc; (3--> large, choice. IH/'.'Hc; part
skims, prime. RH<r9c; do fair to good, '>'C- ;do mmon.
4«/.',Hr; full sklnm. 3Vi«i4c.
|.;,jr;S — Rccelj.ts far the week, Hl.l'o."i cases. There has
1...01, furtljer adrance since our Lint weekly r.i'.;: . dealers
have been olill*,-.-d to old prices up to draw tine goods
fiom tlie current wblch has set so strong!> toward the
storage hi uses but nt the advance now quoted a larger
proportion of the, f!o< k is offering on the or^n markets
and the tone Is .1 little Josh firm. We quote: State ai 1
Pennsylvania, tancy. selected, white, ls'val'."': do aver
ag< best, 18c; Western selected, lfle; do regular packed
Brsti I7 ic; Kentucky, 17H917%c; Boutnem, ie%9l7Hc;
dirties. lf.^c; checks, 15*ic; rtuck eggs. 10920 c; goose
eggs. 25630 C.
FItI'ITH FRKSH— Receipts of apples for week. 1U.«I3»
bbls. The arrivals have been moderate, but meeting only
a rathei' light demand and prices are •;,. more than
•■•..,:•- at the close. There Is H.me call for fancy Florida
oranges, and such bring good prices; Inferior qualities
dull. Grapefruit commands extreme flgures when of fancy
quality. Pineapples linn. Btrawberrtaa have been In
light supply, go ..I demand and tlrm. \V> q.u.te: Apples,
rupsei Rozbury, (r-»-l t.. fancy, i^r bbl. $4 LT.'is4 75; do
golden, good to <-h..|c«.. $3 50<S$4 25; do Northern .-*py. go..d
to fancy, $4.r>ofi ss .'.(>; do Wlnesnp. good to fancy, 7.v.r
$4 50; do Hen Davis, good <o fancy. 93 78994 2S; do Bald
win. cold storage, good to fancr. 94 00998 B0; do common
storage, good to choice. $.'t 754r54 fiO; do red winter varie
ti<-s. common to fair. [email protected]; do red varieties, \Ventern
boxes, per box. 91 00991 75: oranges. Flori.lH. bright. se
lected, large, funcy, 94998; do straight lines. J.'iSiS." s'»;
russets, per box, $2 00>#$3 50: grapefruit, choice to fancy,
bright. 4«s t. f,4s. p.-r box. 910^912; do ordinary. 94996;
pineapple*, Florida, smooth Cayenne, per l>ox, $3'(rs4; do
red Spanish, per ca«e. 958099460; strawberries, Charles
ton, good to rh.,|-.-. per qt. 40940 c; do Booth Florida,
rair to c<K.d. 20®25c: do poor, 10918 c.
FRIITS DRlED— Receipts for week. »S» c«se» of
evaporated apples und fi.OMt pttgf other dried fruits. F.x
ports. 20,205 pkga dried fruits. There has been a pretty
good market for evaporated apples, both new und old,
particularly the grades that could be bought from He
downward. chiefly 7 iiiKHc. The ail has come from ex
p.irters. and they have taken a good many carloads,
which has so far reduced the stock that th.re is a confi
dent holding of the remaining lots. There is effort in
some directions to get a little more money, but thus far
buyers have not been disposed to pay any more. Home
trade Is quiet. There is a little Jol.bing business In the
better grades of sun dried apples at B9BHc. but Inferior
and c.'tnnioii qualities, especially the low grade Southern,
are hard to move. ("hops have dragged nil th<- we»-k;
valiKK have sho«n some decline. Fair Int.-rest In c.ire»
and Kklns and ■ steady market on tho basis of 91709
91 80 for very good to choice; off grade stock, especially
Inferior old, hard to move; Home lota have b.-i-n sold down
to [email protected]$l. only a lltt'e peddling trade in raspberries,
cherries and blackberries. California apricots ar« holding
up pretty well, especially the medium qualities, peaches
in lifiht supply and firm. There is qulto strong pressure to
sell old prunes, nnd this is having Influence on the mar
ket for new stork. We quote: Apples, evaporated. liOl.
fancy, per n. 10'/4c; do choice, 0H91Oc; do prime, Wnii)
StUc; do common to good, os4©B%c; do evaporated, ISOO.
choice to fancy. 8%910c: do poor to prime.. s.jjS'-tc: do
nun dried, sliced. North Carolina. 1<«>1, 4%96Hc; do Vir
ginl.i 4tJ. r >c; do quarters. New York. Ohio and Michigan,
4V.-.V... ; do Western, quarters. 498 c: do Virginia, 8%9
4-. --- do coarse cut. Tennessee^ B%@SKe; do chopped,
ilM.il. per 100 Ib. $1 50®$2 12; do cores and skins, $1 259
$1 8t» Raspberries, evaporated, 20921 c. Cherries, State
and Pennsylvania. 14Q14Hc: do Southern. 12918 c, Hlack
berries prime. 7%@Bc. Apricots, California. Moorpark,
12©ir»c; do Royal. wgilVeC- Peaches. California, peeled,
14®l8c: do unpeeled, llt'-ic. J'rur.es, California. [email protected]
HOPS— Receipts for the week. 880 bales. Kxports, 337
bales. The movement of stock Into consumptive channels
has not been large, but the small quantity of St;.l.- bops
remaining In first hands either here or In the Interior
baa made' 'a very strong holding. Those who own this
class of hops are asking more money, and we advance
quotations slightly. In Pacific C,.:ist hops the movement
is very moderate, but owners are not urging iiusin.-ss. 1 ••-
llevlng that there will 1"» a better demand as soon as the
brewing season gets fairly under way. It is known thtit
the quantity Of Stock remaining Is unusually light for tho
season of y.-ar. and this leads to the belief that possibly
better prices will be realized later one; 18H919C Is the
general rate for renlly choice quality, but some pretty
good Stock can be bought at 17V<i lKc. Yearlings and old
olds are fetllng scarce, and there Is considerable call for
them. Prices for both kinds are very firm. There hns
been more work done in the yurds the last week under
better weather conditions, and while the general reports
are favorable we hear much of the usual complaint of
missing hills, .specially in the old yards. On the Pacific
Coast the vines are making excellent progress. We quote:
State 11H)1. choice, per Ib. li'Sfli'Vic; do prime, 17V*tfflSHc;
do common to medium. 15917 c; do 11X10, choice 18914 c;
do common to prime. 11012 c; Pacific Coast. lf*>t. choice,
]i..,,i'> do common to 1 rime, 18917HC; do MOO. choice,
13%14c: do common to prime. llK8:i2e; State and Pacttle
Coast old olds, 4'ij7c.
POI'UTRY AMVE — Receipts for week, 41 Vt cars by
freight and 3 cars by express. Supplies of fowls were
very heavy In anticipation nt the Jewish Passover holl
davs which began on Monday evening, but demand was
disappointing and fully 23 carloads were carried over
Saturday. Since Monday of this week there has been
Scarcely any movement from dealers' hnnds. and. with a
large accumulation, • nly about 9 or 7 cars of flesh re
ceipts hnve been brought over, and receivers are carrying
fully H» cars on th.- track. Closing quotations cover this
week's business. We quote: Fowls, per rb. 12c; chickens,
lie- roosters l*r rh. Sc; turkeys. 13c: ducks. Western,
per pair 7o^!"<>c; no .Southern and Southwestern, n7oc:n 7oc:
geese We>tern. per pair. *J4;'*l 2.".; do Southern and
Southwestern 7. »<fi!KX-; live pigeons. 58940 c DRESSED
Ke<-eipts for week. B.TT9 pkgs. Receipts of Iced fowls
have continued moderate, but the demand has been slow
and disappointing and the moderate offerings fully ample
for all requirements. Prices were fairly sustained on
the basis of 12"4 c for average best Western and 12c for
Southwestern up to the close of last week, but since
Monday of this week, with Indications cf a slight In
ereaat in suppUas and no improvement In the demand, a
w»ak*r feeling has developed and 12c about all that can
l.c depended upon f r average finest fowls. Old roosters
in moderate supply tn about steady. Very few frosh
killed, turkey* wrivlcg. Spring fluciUicg» bave beea la
moderate supply, but very slow sale and prices weaker
and irregular. Tame squabs in liberal supply, dull and
lower. In frozen poultry there has be-n a fair outlet
for fancy turkeys. roasting- chickens an.! fowls and prices
held with increased ronfiilence, but very little movement
in other descriptions at frozen. AYe quote: I;>- i— Turk-ys.
hens, average tx-st. J2Vigl3c; Western toms. averatre best.
HH4»I2Hc- do poor to fatr. &©Me: broilers. Philadelphia,
fancy 3<>«i37c: do squab. Philadelphia, fancy, pel pair.
.'•".r'.V; do Pennsylvania, per rb. 25®.%c: fowls. Western.
12c; ■!■• Southwestern, ll*s©l2e; do Western, poor to
fair, '.ffnic; old cocks. SijTS^c; sprine ducklings. 24025 c:
s<iuabs, prime. large, white, per dozen. $2 5O; do mixed,
$2; do dark fl 50. — Turkeys, young: hens. No 1.
[email protected] l ,lc; young turns, No 1, [email protected] l do So 2. 11013 c;
capons. Western. fatH-y. large. 17gl!>c; chickens, large,
soft meated, fancy, 14315 c; <!o average No 1. ll(S12c:
do No 2. [email protected]; ir.llers dry picked. No 1. l*§l»c: do
K aided, Ifi<ftl7c; fowls. No 1. 11 12e; do No 2, M39c;
ducks. No 1. 14313 c; gee«e. No 1. l("glle.
GA.\fK- Prime golden plover has bees in moderate sup
rly and steadily neld. Knglish snipe, however, have ar
rive,! rather freely and sWlinir sl.wly. Wild ducks still
run thin and poor and very dull.. The law will be up on
snipe, plover and wild durks after April SV. We quote:
Knprllsh snipe. Southern, per dozen, fJ'ai'Z 2.": plover.
Kolden, per dozen. $2 2T.(gs2 50; wild ducks, canvas, per
pair. $150093: do reilheail. 75c{j$2; do mailarl. 4*Stite;
do teai. hluewintr. 30«9<50c.
POTATOES AND VEUKTABI.ES .- Receipts of p>>tat.e*
for the weak. 14.77(1 bbis dome>tu ■; imports. HJM bags
and K.I 34 bbls. The market for r,ld potatoes has been
closely cleaned of st,.ck. and with linht arrivals of b..th
domestic and foreign prices have made a furthfr sharp
advance toward the close; Southern new, lnclu ling Ber
muda stock, slightly in buyers" favor under larger re
ceipts.' Sweet potatoes of fancy quality meet a fair de
mand; undergrades are quiet. Choice <lry old onions
havr made some advance under light offerings; under
prnil^s are of Irregular value. Oil cnbbaees quiet and
barely steady. Norfolk k.ile and spinach meeting a fair
demand In the ranges quoted. Southern asparagus has
been In moderate supply and tlrm. Florida cabbages more
plenty and easier. String beans are declining under larK.-r
receipts and rather a quiet trade. Green peas favoring
the buyer' under more liberal receipts. Tcmatoes also a
shade weaker at the close. Other Southern gre.-n vege
t:iiil.-« of most kinds meet a pretty good /demand when
the quality is choice, but the receipts are of very irregular
quality and value; prices show wide range. We quote:
Potatoes. Hermuda. No 1, p*r bbl. j69S7JO; do No 2.
$4rn*SsTi: Havana, per bbl. J.ICJ7; do Florida, new, $&3>
$•; ,r»0;, r »0; do German Imperateiir, selected, per sack. $2.>"'<?s3:
Scotch, good to prlm»\ j.er ICK Ib bag. $2 fiofis2 do
Irieh, good to prime. ?2 (i(*lis2 X. r >; do Hel^lum. good to
prime. $2.VKiiJ2 7. r >; do Maine, selected seed, per sack.
$3 35998 50; do State, fair to prime, per IM> Ib. J3SJ3 23;
do fair to prime, per sack. $2 7."J?J3; sweets. South Jer
sey, per double head bbl. $3 sli«-$4: do Vlneiand. cloth
heads, $4gss; do South Jersey, fair to good. $3ffs3 00; do
Vineland. per half bbl basket, *1 75*8*2: do No 2. per
basket. $ll{jsl 2.'>; do T-elaware. per half bbl basket. *1 2."«
fisl 7.".; asparagus. Charleston Colossal, per dozen bunches,
$.-.r, $.-, cto extra. »380<&54: do prime. $2 sfwfTs3 2T. ; do
North Carolina, prime. J2 25J1J3 25: do Norfolk. [email protected];
do Southern, small, $1 f>o<frs2: do California, extra large,
rreen. $5&55 50; do average fancy. $3fiJ4: do fair to
prime, $2ftS3; beets. Charleston, per 100 bunches. [email protected]">:
Florida, per crate. $1 25«JJ1 50; <lo Florida, per 100
bunches, *[email protected]; <lh New-Orleans. $1 .'.oiSs3: cabbages.
State Danish se.'d. per ton. $22'i52.". do State, per bbl
crate. *I r.iXiJi;; do Florida. }2S$2 2."; do Charleston.
*1 7".'.i52; celery. Florida. xooil to prime, per case $2©
$2 50; carrots. Charle»ton. per l'Xt bunches, ?4<Sss: do
New Orleans. $3{i*.'.; chicory, per bbl. $4'is<l. escaroL
Xew-Orleans. per l>bl, t.TC(S.I; eggplants, per box. $2 .V)ff
$3 60: knhlrnb!, New-Orleans, ie r 100 bunches, [email protected]''>:
lettuce, Florida, iioor to good, per half bbl basket. $1 25®
$2: do Charleston. $i 50052 2S; do North Carolina. $12.*.
«is 2 2.*>: do NVirth Carolina, per bbl. / Ss4 "i">: onions.
Egyptian, per 112 IT) sack. $2 .Wis2 <"»: okra, Havana, per
carrier. $2"?is4: onions. Havana, i.er crate. $1 S.VSSI f">:
do Hermuda. $2'fiJ2 10: do white, fancy, per bbl. $0O$H;
do fair to good. *.i«sr. da yellow, good to ch..tc. dry.
p.-r suck. 930MBO; do red. J34ts4: d'» Inferior. $1952 BO;
pens. Charleston, per basket. SI 50998; do Savannah.
*2W$2 BO; do Florida, cholre. per crate or basket. $2fr
*2 2">; do poor to go,«l, $1 2."-a*l 7.".; peppers. Florl da. per
parrler, -«l r.fKssl 7.*>: possley. New-Orleans, pel lfH)
btrachVs. $I'ts2: rhubarb Jersey, p^r 100 bunches. $4SJ.";
do Baltimore and Washington. Mf!s4: romalne. per bns
k»t. $l«i*l 7. radlsbes. Norfolk. per bnsket. 85c©$l;
shallots. New-Orleans, per lno hunches. S2'3s3: splnarh.
per bM. $15?$1 2."; sprouts. r>er bbl. 75<Sl*>c: string beans,
Florida, wax. per crate. $1 50f152 25: do grr»n. $1 .".t»;
9225; do green, per basket. $1 7."f?52 00; squash. Florida,
white. pe r hr>lf bbl crnte. $KaSl 50: do ITavana. tlfjsl 2.";
turnips. Canada. Russia, per W.I. $1: tomatoes. Florida,
fancj ripe, per carrier. $2 r.<VH$2 7.": d . fair to g<.«"\. $1 75
r,is2 2.'>: do Havana, per carrier Jt 2-'>«S2.
ST*NDRrEB Hothouse prodncts T^ttuce is In Fmall
supply, but there Is now a good oval of local (.took arriv
ing, and the demand Is slack for the bothOQSe g..od« u
cumbers about steady. Mushrooms meet a moderate de
mand when of choice Qiiatlty. TbOßtoea steady. Good
radishes still bring fair prices We quote: T>-ttuce. fancy.
per dosen. 7.V; do common to fair, per case. ?2aJ- •*>:
cucumbara, Eiist^rn. No l. per dosen, 7".-;f51: do No 2.
per box 94095; iimwiiiiMiniii f:ilr to fnncy. per n>. 2"Vft4Oc;
tomato, fair to fancy. lOiU?>c: radlshe* per 100 bunches^
*I «*S$3. Beeawaa market Is nilin* firm at X<ytf
31c per IT. for prlm<- domestic wax. Maple sagar Sup
pttes kre a little larger nnd trade entirely of a peddling
character: recent sales of prime sugar nt PIT-O'Sc per TT>.
but s>m» dark colored sto.-k has sold considerably lower;
fsyrup Is moving out fairly at 7T^<oc per (pill«n as to
quality. Honey— The ilemnnd Is light, but stocks are not
burdensome, and holders are asking about late prleea,
We quote: Btat« clover, comb, per Ib. 12015 c; do extract
ed clover iva<)Hc: California extracted, BHOwUc: South
ern extracted, per gallon. .'..VBiW. Ntl-sN tl -s Prices for pea
nuts have mnde somo advance In the South, and there is a
little stronger holding here. Buyers have taken rmld
pretty well, and stock is cleanlnc up very, sattsfactorilv.
We mote: P^..n\its. Virginia, hnnd plcke.'. fancy, per Ib.
4Hc: '.■• extra .Vifi.iHe: do No l Spantah. 4*»c; do Wo
2 3fi3Hc; do No 1 Virginia. (»h-lle.l. «He; do N"> 2. .j®
3Hc; hickory nut* per bosh, $1 W»«f2: 'bull nuts. Bo#Wc;
blu'-k walnuts. 4("BfiOc.
!,AV AND STRAW— HAY— In mwnber of tons the
receipu to-day w»-r- In buyers* favor, though from the
Btvl- of stock that hns prevntle.l In supplies of late the
'r- •• arrivals are not likely to f":it rhe enlarged .-ill f • r
prime to full pra«l«- No 2. n.ere Is no local demand tbHt
wll' give common hay a rommei-clal steadiness. (JUf>
tatlons nil"! wt-.'it as before, tlrm for top sorts and ln
.Vtlnlte for loir marks. Receipts day. I.SH«» t085....^
STRAW- Suppßes are liberal, prk*s for long rye. are
fairly firm for rejection* nt 75«S0c. Kor undersradea
trade is sl m. Receipts to-tfay. 170 tons.
Th- demand for m-irlU tllTpen«ns was limited with
prices unchan^-i and tune steady. Rosin ru.e,i 9 tead>
with a fairly a *tve Jobbing flrmand at full but uncliange.i
Drtces. Tar was firm and unchanged. We quote:
TAR-Pii«. bl.ls. *1 3J: oil bbls. $3 13.
ROSlN— Common to pjod strained. Jl J~.: P and E. Jl . .
1- Jl 7.". G $1 *■>; H. $1 S.">: I. S-10; K. ?-• 70. M. $.: 10.
n *.t 00; w <;. $4. W W. f4 is.
B ,n, n 2J.244 bis
Rosin \. k1 ... .1,,
l^'i^^:::::::;:;;;;;::;:::::::::::::: IXIW bbls
Savannah.' April Turpenttas steady. 43c: recs^su,
1 i ■-." bbls- sales 523: export*. 4-»J. Roatn flnn; rc.-eip.:?..
Sloel WJll i.hU-9 7.520; ,x;.rts. 1233. Quoted: A. g, « : ,
U <1 I.*.' X Jl 2<»: F $1 25; G. $1 50: H. $1 65; I. Jl »j,
X "• 43 M. B*i N. 93 2Si W G. $3 80; W W. f3 fiU
Charleston. April 22 Turpentine and r «tn •in.-hung.-l.
WllmtnK-ton. April Spirits turp«Ktnc quiet. 4Jijc:
receipts. 11 mxks. Rosan Brm, SI 106*1 15: receipt* 343
bblß 'rude turpentine llrm. *135©J2 0O; receipts, 2. bbls.
Tar steady, $1 20; receipts. T.T. bbls.
New-York. Aprll'22. ll«>2.
BEEVES— Receipts only •: head. Dreeßed beef steady,
with Keneral sates >f city ihesssa native sides at Italic
lvr i», Cables quoted American live cattle selling at
i;«,l4'»r dressed weight; refrlKerator beef at HHc per
It, Tbs THurlc carried to IJverp<X)l to-day 3ix> cattle and
1.546 Hhe.p for J. Bbamban & Son. 3<>U cattl» for
Bcbwanschlld & Sulzl*-rger and 2..Vk» oaartan of beef
<eatlma'ed) for th.- Morris Beef Company. To-morrow
the Teutonic for Liverpool, is estimated to take out l.A*>
atiarten for tho Morris Reef Company and 1.14f> Quarters
for Swift & Co and the St. Paul, for t*uuthH.mpton, will
carry 1.3U0 onartars for Schwarzschild 4 Sulzberger
CAI YES Receipts, all for the market, unJ mainly lato
arrivals, were 125 head. A f«w veals BOM at steady
prlces; more than WO head, all late arrivals, were helrl
over ' Reported sains wars at $5 5o«*0 per 100 Ib for
veals. City dreased veals. 7Vi<Sloc p<r Ib; country
41 Sales- jfo. Curtis & Son: 4 veals, 128 tt. aiajasjn, at
98 per 100 tb; 1 do. 10<t It., at $5 **)■
SHEEP \NI' LA.MH.S- Receipts, all for tho mnrk-t.
were 8 cars or I.lM> b-.id. making, with the stock car
ried r.v.r fr,.m yesterday, a total of BMr cars to bs ■ ■'-.
24 at Jerrey City and 4 at Slxtieth-st. Both sheep «nd
lambs ruled steady, with fair Inquiry. One car of 'stock
was held over. Clipped sheep sold at $.'■ 37H per I<"> rh;
unshorn do nt $.'. 25fi $•*, ; unshorn lambs at 97 50**T 70.
Kentucky spring taaaba at J4 75 each. Dressed mutl
|„]IV per n.; dressed lambs. 11%<?i13M!C; country
dressed Fprlng lambs at 9.1«9« M> per carc H
Sale*— I> Harrington: 4i<) unshorn llufful > lamti). Sj It)
average, at *7 7. r > per 100 R>. ■ B ■_ _
Andrew Mullen: 220 unshorn Western lambs. S4 tb. at
Kerns Co-nmls»lon Company: B*l unshorn Western
lambs H9 Tb at $7 50; 121 unshorn Kentucky *heep. 107 tt>.
at 16; SB do." i(2 Ib. at $."- 2S; «tf Kentucky spring lambs at
HOGS Kecelpts. 4 cars, o r J>24 head, with m enrs
on sale No sales were" recorded up to a late hour. The
market wrin weak. Country dress, d. <8 10c per Tb f.jr
extreme weights.
BaISS H. 11. Hollls (late yesterday): 1O State hngs. ill
Tb average, at $7 .V> per 100 tt>: S7 do. 103 Th. at *7 4o; M
h..KS 120 tb. at $7 85: 6 roughs. 322 Tb. at *ll 40; 4 do. >M
rti. Nt 9686; 1 stag. 2tto rr>. at $."> 40.
J. H. Hume & 11r... <lntt- yesterday): 67 Etate hogs. 164
tT. at $7. .c>: 1. t7 Jo. 153 Tb. at $7 4>>; 2 roughs. 37."> TT>, at
$0 4>r. 1 stag 21»0 lh, nt V>
John P Nelson rlat» yesterday): f!2 State bo** 13S n>.
Nt $7 10: 1 rough. I!><> Tb. at *rt 40.
S -Tudd & <'o. (late, yesterday): 6«> State hogs. 148 Ib.
at *7 40. •
Tobln & Shnnnon (late yesterflnyl: IS State hogs. 117
tb. at *7 4i>.
Cliicago. April 22.— rattle RecstptS, 2.5<>0 head. Includ
ing 2iki Texans; steady; Mod to prime. . steer*. 75®
$7:t5; poor to medium, »4 »liHtt?H 4(t; stockers and feeders,
$2rp«Kfisr.; cows. 91 4"<fjsr>: heifers. |250®55 2S; canners.
$ 4ihSj*2 40; bulls $2 80ig$5 <X>; calves. 92 25*i$5; Texas
fed steers. 93 25C9& Hogs — Receipts tO-day, li;.'Kl> hi-.vl;
tomorrow, 2i»,<hh»; left over. !<.'»>«•: weak at Monday's
close; mixed and butchers-. 96«0O9T08; good to choice,
heavy, 9799718; rough, heavy. $>• mkTj*(; 05: light. 9SOM
.S5; i.ulk of sales. jtss<ii:s7. Sheep — Receipts. 10,000
liead sheep stealy. Inmbs steady; good to choice wethers,
98 60®$0 29; Western sheep. $4 7.V«i $tl 2T> ;" native lambs.
$4 7.*>''i*<t <¥>. Western lambs. $.'. .V'is7 1&.
Cincinnati. April — Hoga active, lower, 95K09720L
Cattle steady, *2 50<?i 0 50. Sheep steady, $2 54r8?5 . r >O.
I/iinibs steady. $4ir*7.
Bust Buffalo, April 22. Cattle — Receipts, 50 head;
fairly steady at yesterday's prices. No veals here Hogs
— Receipts 5.500 head; slow and lo®lsc lower; Yorkers.
1769718; light do. 980009890; rr.lxe.l packers. $7 [email protected]
$7 25; choice, heavy. $7 25«r?7 32V4 ; pigs. $15 504r50 ta> :
roughs. $(1 (V"»'fjsfl IHV; st-\Rs. $4 7.V./?.'. ."hi Sheep anil kwaba
— Offerings, 1.000 head: «ale^ very light and all wools;
market sensitive; choice lambs. 97 28#97 38; good to
choice. $7 l.VutT 2O; Fheep. choice handy wethers. 9SMQ
75; common to extra mixed. (5 7305625; culls and
common. $3 7»«t5 00.
East Liberty. April 22.— Oattls stendv: choice. 9BBM
$7: prime. 96 6009> T5: goo.l. 9BfIBsM*SB. Hogs lower:
prime, heavy hogs. $7 2.'>f r *7 30: best melltims. $7 2«<9
2r.: heavy Yorkers. 9T0809T 15; light, 965099T; pigs.
9A6009C45>; roughs. [email protected] Sheep slnw: best wethers,
96M098T8; culls and common, 9X9099580; veal calves
$5 SOfMB.
Knnsas City. April — Cattle — Receipts. 7.000 natives.
S«»i Ternns. 4<>" cnlves: steady to 10c lower: native sfe»n>"
600X685; fair to good. $*W%C,:*). stoekers and feeders'
$3 4<K&'ss 40; Western fed steels. $5 s<Kft.«ts 70; Texas an.i
Indian steers. SSOSB2S; Texns cows. $3SOiSSS: native
cows, |35065575; heifers. $4<Sisi> 40 . ennners. 92^0093 90:
bulls. 988099880: calves. 9409(1 II -Receipts, 7.5<n)
head: market .V.flOc lower; top. $7 20: bulk of sales jii 7">
09718; heavy. $7 I<k«js7 2o : mixed packers. $68361710
light. 96 4O#J,-, 9B; pigs. J.'. >-r.'fi*« Sheep — Receipts,
O.HH) bead; mnrket steady; native lambs. 966n0$T; West
ern lambs. $(• 55f1?tl S5; native wethe r $.-> »HK,*tt Western
wethers. 98BO0189O; yearlings, 9609650; ewes. 93098 50-
Texas clipped gr iss yearlings. 9609680; clipped Texan
gheep, $4 [email protected] IB; stockers- and feeders. $;:'d?r,.
Boston. April 22. — The wool market here has been the
lejst uninteresting of the meny featureless weeks of lnte.
Only a very few buyers have been recorded, and even the
BBUpte l«ig demand has been smsller than usual. Ter
ritory wools are ngaln very dull. Manufacturers are not
lnf-r.'sted. and dealers are not forcing matters. Choice
staple on the scoured basis are quoted as follows: Fln«-.
50<i"2c; Uim medium, 470 igc; medium, 45c tor ordinary
territory wools: fhie. ISffJMte: flr.e uwiHuiu. 4S®*sc,^wn<l
me-Jlum. 39kS40c. Fleece wools are quoted: Choice Ohio
XX and above at 2THc, with average straight XX at 270
and X at 24<?25c. Michigan X Is; nominally quoted at
21S'23c. Tne market for Australian wools Is quiet J»ot firm.
Buffalo. ApTil 22.— Flour steady. Wheat— Spring un
settled; Xo 1 Northern, carloads. 7U' c. Corn strong: No
2 yellow 68Hc; No 3 do. 6S«.;c: No 2 corn. 6Sc; No I do.
674'ge" ic Oats strotur; No 2 white. 49ije: No 3 do.
4S^c; No 2 mixed. 4Cic: No 3 do. 46V. Barley. «J7V,®
6&4 c. Rye — No 1, 62Vic. . . . - ,
Chicago, April 22. — The li^adins; futures ranged as fol
Wheat. No 2: Opening Highest. Uw«t. Closing.
May 74 I ,<Sj74H 73* 73%©74 74H
July 7j1»«7.-» 1 j TH^Tr.'ii". 1 . "\:"'.
September 75^©75Vi Ttt 74 Ti 73
Corn. No 2:
May ei^Sfil^ . 62H BH4 «2>-»
July 6L"-*-iiiHH 63 '» 62H Ki'%'G«3**
September "61* a HII 61»» 62U
Oats. No 2:
May 42%g42 ! >i 434 42H 43 1-*1 -*
July <old> 3..4 t>m, 35^35^^36
July (new) 37V» 3S 37H 37%
September (old).. 31^ 31\ 31H 315«.11%i
September (new).33U®33b 33; i 33U133H 33H«#33H
Mess pork, per bbl:
May *IS37H $1« 50 $1637H |18 45
July .' HIS 74 1«T2«4 16 574 M*ni
September I<l 75 16 774 16 t«24 16 73
Lard, per 100 It>
May 962% D 874 9 «24 *>67.i
July »75 • t>Bo 973 « l>*>
September I>S3 OUO t' -■" »9O
Short ribs, per 100 Ib:
May BJT7% 0 074 tfnffM#9sl
July 9 I.*. 1(20 8 15 » 2->
September » 25 0 3(> 9 25 274
Cash Quotations were as follows: Flour firm; No 3
spring whrat, 7O^r74l*c; No 2 r»d. KTH'S*3^sc: No 2 cats.
43 I *&4.T l 4c; No 2 white. 45V*c; No 3 white. 44'i<i4..V :
No 2 rye. [email protected]: fair to choice malting barl. ■-. 65tP
6-Hc; No 1 flaxseed. *l fih; No 1 Northwestern. *1 7.Vasi 7."..
prime timothy see,l ?t>M; clover, contract grn-1- $.H lo.'u
*s 1.->; mess pork, per bbl, *I« 4>'I($1»". SO; lard, per ion Tti.
J!> 67'2f/$!» "0; short ribs k'es (loose). |WH*» 1O; dry salted
shoulders fboxod). *7 B2 S fa s" 7T> ; short clear sides (boxer!).
$'.) .V.'./^il» 6.". On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was easy: creameries. 24<g26Hc: dairies, 23<526c.
Chees.- firm, 124'tflSc. Eggs steady. 15^i®10%c.
Duluth. April Close: Wheat— Cash. No 1 hard.
'Wise; No 1 Northern, 74^:; No 2 Northern. 72Hc: May.
■74Sc; July. 7.".'v Manitoba No 1 Northern, cash ar.d May,
73Sc; No 1 Northern. 71c. Corn. 6l\c.
Milwaukee, April 22. — Wheat stead- ; No 1 NorThern. V>
. 7«4c : No 3 Northern, 7.' 7.14 c; July, 75*ic Kye noml
nal; No 1. title Harley firm: No 2. 70c; sample. Wx&'Zh;.
Corn— July, 63% c.
Minneapolis. April 22— Close— Wheat. aMMe; July.
. 74V\ On track N •> 1 hard. 77>4c: No 1 Northern, 74Va
!7C'/«c; No 2 Northern. 734 c. Flour— First patents, J4 1<«?
;J4 20. second patents. $3 {>.-><ss4 Of,; r)rst clears. $3; second
(clears. $325®f233i. Bran. In bulk, |14$$14 »i
Philadelphia. April 22. — Wheat steady: contract grade.
April, &r.©Bf>4c Corn dull tin ,i unchange<l; No 2 mlxe.l.
April. 04%»'&«. r iV4C. Oats firm, but quiet; No 2 white
Clipped, r.lc. Butter steady: extra Western creamery. 2-V
,d« nearby prints. 31c Kggs firm. 4.- higher; fresh nenrby,
IC.V<il7c: do Western. 17Wc: do Southwestern. 17c; <io
■Southern. l«4c Cheese steady but quiet: New- York full
creamß. fan.-v, small. 12%013c; do fair to choice. ll!^
124 c. Receipts Flour. 7.10 bbls. ami 2.233.000 pounds In
sacks; wheat. tW.fKlrthush; corn. 4.SfM>; oats. 15.0<X>. Shlp
■ inents — Wheat. 17,0v0 bush; corn. 4.SIX); oats. 19.000.
St. I^ouls. April Tt — Close: Wheat No 2 red cash,
'"f'H'C: May. 7!<'4c; July. 744'nT4Sc No 2 hard. 754"ff77u>c
Corn— No 2 cash, 6354 c; May. «3>ic: July. 634 c Septem
ber. (Tic. Oats — No 2 cash. 44^c: May 43*»c; July, 3T>4c-
September. 31 He; No 2 white. 45»ig'4«c.
Tone. Mdg. Net. Gross. Sales. Stock.
Cahreston. holiday — 3.547 3.547 — 74.92»
Norfolk, firm 9 l i Vifi X",6 65 25.»34
Savannah, steady (>Mi 1.171 1.171 34s 43.500
New-Orleans, steady... 9«» 4.72^ 4.72S 1.600 215,01>1
Mobile, nominal IV'n H 8 S> S7B
Memphis, steady UV« 32!> 1.012 750 4«[633
Augusta, firm tt 5-16 3!ii> 496 120 34.325
Charleston, firm » W 18 — 1.«>2«
St. I>uis, steady 9^i | 832 — 4". .4T.3
Houston, holiday — 3.63(> 3,(530 — 42.6ti»
Liverpool. April 22. 4 p m — Cotton— Ppot In fair <3e
. mand; pric«* steady; American middling .'.4 d The sales
of the day were- lO.fxio bales, of which l.r-oO were for
speculation and export, ami included B,t*Ji» American
Receipts. l.'».(M> bales, Including 1.100 American. Futures
opened quiet and closed quiet; American middling, g o c
April. 4 «3-64 d sellers; April and May. 4 62-«4tt4 »i.t-«4d
.buyers; May and June, 4 62 64jr4 <53-64<l btiyerj"; June and
.July. 4 C2-64'iJ4 «3 -«4.J htiyen.; July and August. 4 *»-W(*
4.". 64.1 sellers; August and September. 4 67-fi4d buyers;
.September and October. 4 40-O4d buyers; October and No
verr.ber. 4 3ti- <H'<i 4 31-ft4d nellers; November and I«--.-m
ber. 4L"V(">4d s.-Uers: December and January, 4 27-64U
stller"; January and February. 4 26-644 sellers.
Liverpool. April 22. — Closing: Wheat— Spot quiet; No
1 Northern, spring, tV« 3 41: No 1 California. «s 4V»d;
futures steady; May. fis id; July. 5s llvsd. — Spot
steady; American mixed, new, 5» 7d; futur»^i quiet; July.
f>s m.d; S*-[>temt<?r. .V» 4<l: Oct<jber. 5» 4d Peas —
Canadian nrm. 7s. Hops at London (Pacific «st. tlrm.
£3 ISs#H 15s. Flour firm; St. Lnuls fancy winter, -- H
Iteer strong; extra India mess. »*•. Pork firm; prime
n;-«s. Western. 73«> «id. Hams — Short cut. 14 To 16 Tb.
firm. 535. H«o>»n firm: Cumberland cut. 2H tn 3" Ib.
4!ts; short ribs, 16 t.. 24 R>, 3»>s awi long clear BatMasa
light. 2s to 34 IT). .'.us 61; long clear middles, heavy, 35
to 4« n>, 50s: short clear hacks. 16 to 20 It). 4fK 3U:
clear bellies. 14 to 16 H>. 51s (kl. Shouldors — Square. 11
M 13 Ib, flrm. 39p. Lard steady; Amertcah. refined, in
pails. 4!>s 3.1; prime Western, in tierc««. 49s 3d. BaMai
— Finest Unlte.l States firm. W««. Cheese firm, Amerl
can finest white. 545; American finest e«>lor«"»!. r>rts. Tal
low—Prime city ftrm. 2!>s M. Turpentine — Spirits strong.
32a fid. Rosin — Common steady. 4s 14d. Petroleum —
Refine.l steady. 7Hd. LJnse*d oil firm. 31s Sd.
Department of the Interior "rWce of Indian Affairs.
Washington. I>. C. March 1. IMB.— -Sealed proposals. In
dorsed "Proposals for blankets, woollen and cotton SJBOSaV
clothing, etc.." as the case may be. and directed to
the rofnmtßßtoner of rndian Affairs. Nos. 77 an.i 7!»
Wooeter street. New Yi>rk City, will be received until 1
o'clock p. m.. of Tiißsilaj May 13. IHO2. for furrjlshlns
for the Indian Service, blankets, woollen and cotton goods.
clothing no-tions. hats anil c ps. Btd» must be mad* out
on Olil IIIIIIMIII blanks. Schedules gtvlng all BSJDeaauSJ
information for bidders will be furnished on application
to the Indian i iffi.-e. Washington. D. C. Nos. 77 and 7!»
Wooster »tre«. New York City: 23T> Johnson str»*t. Chi
cago 111.; No MS Howard .-»tre«t. Omaha. Nebr. . the
COBBmtssartea of Sut.slsten— -. r. S. A., at Cheyenne, Leav
,-nworth St. tswlu St. I*aul. nn.l Am Francisco; the
postaaaatets at Sluux City. Yankton. Afkanaas City. «*»! d
wall Tupeka. Wichita and Tucson. BM» win be opened
at the hour and days above stated, nnd bidders are in
vited to be preiwnt at the or*-nintc. The Department re
m rv^s the right to determine the point of de!lrery ana
to reject any and all bids, or any part of any bid.
W. A. JONES. Commissioner.
"PROPOSALS for coinplptlng the construction
of Section "B" of the East Side Int»rc»rttng Sewer.
Office of the Commissioners. I>. C. Washirrictpn, D. C.
April ii> 1!«»2. Si:AI.KL> PROPOSAt>J will be re^lv^l
at this office until 12 o'clock M.. May 17. 1*»"2. for com
r.leMng the construction of SeCUusj "II" of the East Side
Intercepting Bewer in the District of Columbia. Sp-ifi
cations and blank forms of proposals may b* obtiined
at this office. The right is r<-seri-e.l to re.}«ct rpv arnl
all bid* or pnrts of bids. Henry B. F. Macrirland, John
W. Ross. John Blddle. Commissioners.
*^ received by the President of the Borough r>f Manhat
tan at the City' Hall. R<»>m No. 1«. until 11 o'clock a. m..
on Tuesday April 2S» llx'2. for furnishing an.i delivering
♦iftv lltliasinn IBMM gallons of No. ti paving cement.
For particulars as to the quantity and quality of the
i supplier or the nature and extent of the work, reference
! must b« made to the specifications on file in the nfflce of
the c.,mmt«sl r.er of Public r k!«. Room No. 1.902; N>.
21 Park Kow. Borough, of Manhattan.
For further particulars, see City Record.
CIEALED proposals will he rocplvpd nt fha
Office of the Mght-Honse Kmrlneer. Tomrklnsvllle,
H V.. until 1 o'clock P. M.. May l>th. 1002. and then
opened f.-r furnishing mls.»ellHneou» articles for the
Light House iMishment. for the fiscal year t> end
June 90 lt«>3. Information an.l specifications may be had
upon application. MaJ. \V. T. ROSSELL. U. S. A.. En
glneer Third L,lght-Hou«« District.
Washington. Airll 2». 11X12. — Sealed propo«als will be
received at this otllce until 12 o'clock noon. BBBJ 24th. for
furnishing one 20-ton electric traveling crane. Spe.iaca
tloiiH and all necessary Information may be obtained at
this Oflle* HEXRT a r. MACFARLANP. JOHN W.
KuHS. JOHN BU'I'LE. Commisuloners. D. C.
V\rEST. POINT. N. V.. APRIL 21. IMst—
: " * Seul^l proposals, tn duplicate, will b« received here
until *12 M.. May 21. I!«>2. for Building Materials. Plumh
tn« Material". Hardware. Ti«>ls. Paints. <rlass. Furnace
and Range Parts, and other miscellaneous stores speclfle<l
on schedules to be h.id on application here. The right is
reserved to r.'je.-t or accept any or all proposals, or any
part thereof. Bawssaa proposals in envelop** marked
•'Proposals for Military Supplies." and addressed to
Q. M.. r S. M A.
Leave 9 (ft. Franklin st.) 2.2.1 P. M.
(ft. XV. 42d St.) 2 4.' P. M.
Arrives lfetroit 1« hours 7.30 A. M.
•• Chicago 27 " 3..WP.M.
St. Louts 2!» '• 7.13 P.M.
" Kansas City 40 •' 7 .<*> A. M.
" Omaha 41 '" h.ao A. M.
LKAVE3 (Barclay or Christopher st.) 10.00 A M.
Arrives Detroit 16 hours 1.55 A. JI.
A .. Chicago as •• 10.50 A.M.
•• St Louis 29 " 2-<»> P. M.
Kansas City M " 9.30 P. M.
Leaves (ft Franklin et.) 3.40 P. M. |
(ft XV. 42d st.) 6.00 P M.
Arr Detroit 5 only line running free re ) 2.05 P. M.
•• ' Chicago \ cllair.g chairs from N. Y. J 0.30 P. M.
Also through trains leavln* S and l» 2i» P. ii. dally.
Privilege of stopping ten iiay* at Niagara Fulls.
H. li. M'CLELLAN. G. E. A.. 3t>7 D'way.
Lackawanna Railroad.
l**\e New York, foot Barclay and Ctni>iopner a-.a,
io.oua. M — For Blnshainton and Syracuse.
•lU'UOA. ii. — Buffalo. Chicago «n<l dt. Louli.
1:40 V. M. For Buffalo an<i Chtcaco.
t«'00 P. ii — For Scranton and l'rymouth —
•U-10P. M.— For Buffalo and Chicago.
•8:43 P. M.— For Vilcs, Oswego. Ithaca and BufTalo.
•2:00 A. M.— For Buffalo and Cblcago — Through Bleea
•ra oirn ft P. M. ' '■'■- •'-'
Tickets at 428 Broadway. Cor. Howar4 St.: 1.183 Broa«.
way. Cor. 28th St.. 113 Broadway. S. T. . 33« Pulton St..
•lj«Xly tEzcept Sunday.
A DVERTISEMENT3 and •übacnpttotw for Ths Tribune
J\. received at their T'ptown Office. .-
NO. 1.242 BROAD WAT.
2d door north of 31st »t.. until » o'clock p m.
Advertisements will be received at th« followins; branca
omc«« at regular office r«t*» until 8 o'clock p. m.. Ti». : ZS4
Ktb-nvr.. s. c cor. 23d-st : 15n (Itli.avr . cor. 12th
«t.: OS Ku»t 14th-st.: 3BT Wml 4Sd-at.. between
Tih and Sth avj^r 2MCt JW'eat USUmiij 1.-KIS 3d
are., Uiwea I«tu ana ntt» sts. : I.OSH J«-«tc>.
_ .. , • - : . ■ "**
Roilrcaoß. ~y_
6TATION3 toot of West Twenty-thtrd Str»et and Dea
brosaes and Cortlandt Streeta.
lcsivlasr time Iron Df»hro»e» sina
Curtlan<lt Streetx Is «tc mlnntrs twt«r tnaui
that glim brlow titr Twri»l»-«hlrrf Street
Stntlon. rirvpt wh«r«f o«lit-rw*.Hr aH»S«-«l.
T. 55 A. M. FAST MAlU— Umlted to two Euftet Partor
Cars New Tork to Plttsbung. Sleeping Car Ptttsburg Ut
Chicago. No coaches to Pittsburg.
! *».5X A- St. FAST LINE. — Putsbunr and rr>--»'.""1
: v.5.% A. M. PENNSYLVANIA LlMlTED.— liillman Cotn
partment Sleeping Dlnlas. Smoklns. and Observation
Cars. For Chicago. Cleveland. Toledo. Cincinnati. 2aw»
lanapolls. Louls>ril!e. -• Louis. ___
l.ftT. P. M. CHICAGO ANT' ST. T-.->T T rTXPRKSS — r-o»
. T 1- 10, Louisville <vla ilnclnnati). Indian. CHl
cai?». St. Lo'iix. Drntnc Car.
J».r..% P. M. ST. LOfIS EXPRESS.— For Pittsburg. InJ
tanapolls. Louisville. St. i^nt;-. Dlnlnj- Car.
I X..V, P. M. WESTERN EXPRESS.— For Chlosgo. Tt*
Toledo, except Saturday. IMning .'a.- ,
T..%.-, P. >|. PACIFIC EXPRESS.— For Plttsbur* «n-I
Chicago. Fr.r Knoxviliw. dally, via Shenanlnah \ alley
Route. Connects for Cleveland, except Satur<Ja y- __ ea
—For PlttsburK. Cleveland, aid Cincinnati.
7.55. 5.25. it.2T. (Dtnlng Car). 10.10 lDesbrra«9»>» and Ccrt
landt Streeta. 10.20) (Dining Car). ssXal .Pin.nsj t»r»
a m.. 12.55 (Dining Car). 2.10 >P»sbrows ana ,C° r 'r
landt Streets. £20). (3 25 •■Con(rrejwionat Lim.. all
Parlor and Dining Cars). 3.25 «Pinlng Car). • '-' <P' n "
in* Car>. 4 .v. <Dlnln X Cat). '•' 2.'. p. m.. .-■» mcr 1
Sunday, 8.25. 0.25 (Dining Car). 10.5S (DlntnK Car) a.
m.. 12.55 iPinlnif Car) <3.*» ••CDngressional Llm.. 1 asl
Parlor and Dining Cars). 3.25 (Dining Car). 4-25 (Dla
tn«r Car). 4.55 Dtntntf Car). 9.25 p. m.. 12.1t> ntsht. -,_
SOrniKllN RAILWAY— ■■'•-= •> -■ 4.25 p. m^ 12-19
night dally.
ATLANTIC COAST LlNE.— Express. 925 a. Tn. and 9.23
p. m. dally.
SEABOARD Am LINE RAILW\Y. — T!orWa sasl Metro
polPan Limited," 12.55 p. m. daily. Express. l-.M»BJaraa
and New-Orleans. 3.25 p. m. dally.
days and 4.55 p. m. dairy
week-days an.! 8.55 p. m. daily.
ATLANTIC CITY.— &.SS a. m ami 2.55 p. m. week-day*.
Sunday*. 7..V. a. m. Throuirh Vestlbuled Trafns. Buf
fet Parlor (an. and Standard Csustajsa «m weete-day*.
Parlor Smoklnjr Car, Parlor Cars. Dining Car and Staad
d*rd O>achei» on S'in<!
CAPE MAY. — 12.55 p. m. week-day*.
For points on New- York and Lonie Branch Raßroa<l (from
West Twenty-fhlrd Street Sratloni. 8.55 a. m w 12.40.
5.25. 4.55 and 11.25 p. m. Sunday- 9.25 a. m.. 4.5 i
p. m 'from r<e.»bro»»-« nnd Cortlandt f".reets». 9.00 a.
m., 12..v>. 3.40. 5.10 and 11.30 p. m. Sundays. a.-U a.
m., 5.15 p. m.
'.10 'TVshroti.es am! Ccrtlandt Streets. aVSai 7.23. T. 53.
8 25. t.",. <>.2r, (Dining Car.. (0 .V. Penna. Uralted). 10.1»
(De>brosses and Cort Limit Streets 10.20) (Dining Car).
10.r.1 (Dining Car). 11 .-.3 a. m.. 12.55 I'Mntng Car). 2.1*
(Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets. 2:20). 2.55. 3.25 I ha
lnsr Car). 3.55. 4.25. 4.25 mtnimr Cnr). 4.55 (Dming Cart..
r»..V. (Dtnirwr i-art. 7.55. - 28, « BS. 9.25 p. m.. 12.1 i) night.
Pundav= * 10. 7.55 (no coa h< -r 5.55. 9.25 (Dining
Car). 0.55 (Llmtted). ft 55. 10.55 (Dtning Car) a m.. 12.3J
(Dining c.-, r >. .-.-, (Dining Car). 3.25 (Dining Car). 3.55.
4?' ilinln^ Car). 4.55 (Dining Car>. 5 5.* (Dlnlns Car).
7..13. 8.25. M..'.->. 0.2."> p n-... 12.10 night.
Ticket offices N.is. 4fil. liW 1354. 111 and 201 Broa<Txrar:
I>-2 Fifth Avenue (below 2M St.): 1 >-••-- House: West
Twenty-third Street Station. an<l stations fool of De«
browns and Cortlandt Streets: 4 Court Street. Sflo Fulton
Street. '• - nroadwav and Penn«vlv»ni Annex Statle-n.
Brooklyn: Station. Jersey City. The New York TiailSfUi
Company will call for and check baggage fron, hr»rels)
and residence through to destination. Telephone "914
Eighteenth Street" for Pennsylvania Railroad Cab 9er
J. B. HirrcniNsoN. T R wood.
General Manaifer. General Pass'r A«r«nr.
Liberty St. aad South Ferry (time from Souta Ferry fiv«
minutes earlier than bel.w. except as noted).
M AICH (HI \h «4.00 (7.15. Easten and BetM»h«m
only). K.lO A. M.. 1.21). 4.40 ('5.4.1. — — oniy) f. iL
Sundays. '4.2T, \ M l.fX>. ."...TO P XI.
M.. 4.40 P M. Sundays, »4.23 A. M.
'4II.I 0. to s M.. 1.30 (3.4<>. *4. 10. LakewooU onlyX
3.00 P. \f. Sun.iays. "10.15 A. 31.
.*TI..%\TI» CITY— 4O A. M.. 340 P. M.
Vl.\EL.i.\D AM> »RIDGETO>— '4.00 A M.. 1.30
P. M.
i,o-%c; HR WCH. asih'rv P\RK. ooba^j
OBOVR. I'()I\T Pl.F\'»\>T AM) -I t«HdRK
POIXTS— '1 ">. *< -.1. 1: -o A. -.r . «4.45. •'. .■■j P. M.
Sundays. 9.00 A. M.. «4 00 P M
New Jersey Centra!— Philadelphia & Reading
FOR PHII.4nKI.PHIA (Keadins: Terminal) — I**-23.
tS.OO. »000. '10.00. *11.30 A. M.. •;'»'. tI.SO. t3.(«V
t*3.40. t4.'«). *«4.tiO. t4.3(>. *5.00. teiio. *7.H0. r».asu
■ >■■ *t».25 P M . *12.1.-. mdt.
FOR READIXO AM> HA mihiii -» --■■ *l.Zi.
8.00. 9.10. (10. 00. 1 -.:-.(> to Rending oniy> A. M.. I.2ft.
1.30. 4.30. 4 40. .00 ,7.3(1 to Reading only) P. M.. 12.15
mdt. Sundays '4.25 <11.30 fo Ken.ttnif «nly> A. M., 1.0 i»
C 3.40 to Reading only>. 5.0«>. 5.3i> i!».(im to p.ealln* only)
}■ M.. 12 .13 mdr.
FOR POTT*VII.I.K. <*I \B»RV A>D Ull.l.UWk.
PORT— "4.00. '4.25. S ,OO. 9.10 (U..10 to Pottsvllle ©n!y>
A. M. 1.20. 1.30 (4.30. 4.4") to Pottsvtlle -ml-). T. 3*»
P 11.. 12.13 m.lt Sundays. *4 2T. A M.. l.Ou U3.40 Ut
Pottsvllle only). no P. M.. T2 13 BJast
CN. J CKNT.— P. & R.— B. * O. HT5.>
FOR Htl IHKiHI \M» »NHI\,. r-#\ _r«. O<K
•10.00. Ml. A. M. *I.U>. f1.30. f3.4.,. *3.U>. «7.v«»
P. M.. '12.15 irdt.
OOces: Liberty St. Ferry, South Ferry. 113. 2RI, 434,
13»». 1354 Broadway. 1«2 3th Aw.. 25 L'nion S<ruar» WasS,
153 East 125 th St.. 27.: West 125 th St. . 245 Columbus*
Aye.. N-w Y-rk; 4 Court St.. »44. SCO Fulton St., Brook
lyn. S>* Broadway. IVllliarasburg. New York Ti nil if—
Co. calls for and checks baggage to destination.
•From Liberty St. -niy. -Dally. tDally. eicept SurdaT.
(Sunday tmtj tParlor cars only.
W. (i. BF.SLER. C. M. BT7RT
G-nl Manager. Gen'l Pass. Agent.
Trains arrive and depart from Grand Central Statioa.
42d Street. New York, as foiluws:
Leave New York. Arrtve New York.
•3.1.' a. m Mall and Paper Train '7.00 a.m.
•?.00a.m Syracuse Local. tfi.2s p. m.
tBSOa. m Empire St:\r» Express ttO.oOp.rn.
•5.45 a. m... Fast Mall -lO.OOa. m.
tlO a. m Day Exp-ess —.. T7.(iop.in.
tIl-30a.m Rutland F.«>re=!i t7.00p.r0.
•1.00 p. m Southwestern Limited "S.oOp. nv.
•2.00 p. m N. T. & rhlraati Spec^il *1. 30 p.m.
t3.SOp. m Albnnv and Tror Flyer tll.loa.sa.
•3.33 p. m A!r-anv Special. t2.oop.rn.
•4 0»< p. m Detroit Special *]O.oOa. m.
•.V3(>p.m ..The Lake Shore I.mlt»d **.*» p. m.
•9 30 p. m St. 1,.>.:!s Limited 2-M p. m,
•fi.'V. p. m Western Expre-s _... *8.48 p. m.
•*2..p. m Montreal Express *T. 20 a. m.
•..30 p. m.. Adirondack * Montreal Express.. *S.SI v ra.
•".'■»> p. m Buffalo Speciat •7.27 a. m.
*!>2i> p. m S. W. Sp. -HI •7.30 a.m.
■ •!>3op. in Pae'nV Expre«s _.. •8.3»»a.i».
•11.30 p. m Northern Xew V irtc Exp *7 27 a. iv»
tlMoa.m Midnight E»pr»s» •8.30 a.m.
•Dally. tr>ally. except Sunday. tlaity. eicept Monday.
.„ HARLEM i>lVl<4|<»>-.
9IN A. M. and 3.35 P M. Dally, except Sunday*, to PTftS
0«-ld and N.rth Adams. Sur.da.r- niy. at 5».20 A. 11-
Pullman Cars on &1> throu»;n train-*.
Trains t'.lnmlnate.i wirh Plntsch Li«ht.
Ticket offl,-es at 113. 2«1. 41 . aad 121rt Tiroatiway. SS
fnl^n S.i. W.. 277. Columhus Aye . I.Tt West 125 th St..
t»th St. and 13Sth St. *tat:or.». New v is* 33S and 72«
Fulron St.. and lfle: Froadway. R. D.. Rrooklyn.
Tel-phone "WO a^th Street" for New Y.r'c Central C>t»
S»n-|re Riggage che.-ked from totel or raldenca by
>>estcntt Express Company.
A K. K^flTTI. r.rrißi-;^ TT. PANTEL3.
Via Sprl.-,ui:e. and ibe
(New York Central & Hudson River K. R.. L««»o.)
Trams leave Grand Central Station. Kuurtii Av«nu« ao4
42J Street. New York, v.« follows:
Leave Arrtva Arrtv»
New Yorli. Bpr;nKfleld. Boston.
t».0O a. m. 1? 45 noon. 8.30 p. m.
♦ 12<*>nooo. ,V*». m. 3.40 p.m.
•4.00 p. in. 7.27 p. m. lO.CO p. m.
•11.00 p. m. 3.11 a.m. 6.13 a. m.
Tickets at Nev Tot* Centnl ticket c^ces. 413 and. 12J#
nroiiJway. and at Grand Central Station.
bSSJSUjaaUsI lOHKCZn. South Ferry. lls—lj St.
Chlcag-j. Pittsburg *li d;. ♦!»;;«.
Cbicago. Col-imbua •12.55 p.m. •l.wp.m. Clner.
Plttsburg. CV»-e 112.33 p. m. ji.nu p. na. Daasr
PlttsbLrjc, Cleve t1.25 p. n» t1. 30 p.m. Diner.
••Plttsburg Limited" .... •«..'.. p. m. «7 00 p. m. Buffet
Cln.-lnnntl St. Louis . . . . "12. nt. *12 13 nt.
Cincinnati. St. L00t0..... *»."."> a. m. •lo.tiu m. Diner
Clnct: natl. St. Lout* *«.55 p. m. *7.n<»j*. m. EuCet
Norfolk 1 12.53 p. m. H.OO 3. m. Diner.
ROYAL 81.l TRAIX*. ■"«»•«■.
Washington. Ilalto +7 33 a. m. t«* o« a. tn. BuftVt
■Washington. Italto — .... •9 35 a. in. '10.00 a.m. Diner.
Washington. Balto ■11.23 a.m. Ml..V>a.nK Diner
WaHhlngton. ri«ito »12.55 p. nv •I.OOpim. Psaauv
Washington. Balto t1.25' p. m. tl.3v> p. ra. Dlrrer
••Royal Llm!t-d" •3.35 p. m. >3.4« p. nv Dln»r.
I Washington. Balto *4..".5 p. m. *3.00 p. m. Diner.
Warhinrton. Balro *6.5."V p. m. •".•irtp.in. Bun>t
Washrrgton. Balto *12. lOnt. •12.15nt. "InopTS
•Dally. tDally except Sunday. JSundar only.
Offices: 113. 281. 434 1300 Brondw t. i» Cttloa SsjUjßßav
W.. 3<)l Grand Street. N. V . 343 Fulton Street. Brooklyn:
Whitehall Tennlral and Ur»rty Street. Bazsace checked
; from hotel or residence to destination.
Foot of W.-»r 23d A , Cortlandt »nd Desbrowes Streeta B. •» '
•Dally, t Except Sunday. Sumlay ••hH:i({e.» • cU.II t 14a>
e?43. s7.g. tt.lo. 16.1 V „___
Ea«ton Lo«-»i „ ... t« a » m •« 3U ait
Buffiiu L0ca1.... •57.40 a Mi *e7 50 a Jt
BilT^i- and Chicago Expren* ... •*.« iij*».«ia
Mauf Cntmli snd Hazleton Loc»t •«■'* r »*«IU.3D r X
Wllkeo-Biirre and Scrantcai Express +S 55 r ml t4.W T x
EastonLocal . .. TS.TO T -fi.tOrit
Cnlr«».) md Trw-onro Ve»tl!mie Express . *3.» p 3ft*x«.lo P X
THrBUrTAtO THAg *7.53 P ■ ♦S.OOrn
Ticketnnr.il>. acrommcxiatluQO at 113, *l,iai. jBSs IJtMand
i»4 r»r-.*riwi«y l<fi Ith Are., » I'nlos »qaas« West. »45 Columhue
Are. S V . S«0 Fulton St.. 4 Conrt St.. W -..l»-\y <nil Tt. Fultoa
X.. Brooklyn. S. ')' Transfer Co. will for i--1 ' cbec i Tc»T
Tralaa leav* Franklia St. Station, N«w v jt«. a* tui—
lowa, and 1" mln. iater foot West 42ii »t.. N. Bt.
•7:10 A. li. — For lnterm. jK>ini» to Aibany.
fll:20 A M. — (1) Hudson Riv. & Mon. gxpreas. >
•1:00 P. M-— Chicago Express.
•2:25 P. M. — Con^ Llm. for Detroit. Chirasn * St Loutsv
tS 4ft P. M. — Fur Hudson Ri»-r Points * Albany.
•«:t3 P. M-— For Roch.. Buftaio. C!»ve .1 * Cklcamx
t7:4S P. M.-For Roch.. Buffalo. Detroit A »t. L^ulsi
•9:13 P. M.— For Syra^ Roch.. NUf. FMllm. Uet. * CM.
•Daily. tD«lly. except Sunday. Leaves Brooklyn &n
ne». No. 1 at tio:4s A. Si.. No. 2 at t3:o* P. M. L*aw«»
Jersey City, P. R. R. Sta.. No I at tll:20 A. it.-. No. a
at t1:33 P. M Tim* tabit>« at principal hotel* and cfflcssT
Ba«sa«e checked from natal wr residence by Wcstaotr* Sk.
I .__ O«a I auj«Ujtea4«rt. . q*^i fygm Virf J
1 ■.. .>- — ---^•« ~->^_ — _Ba.^a»»g- .'— - uw^*M~Jk.X ':_: _

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