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Bar Smc T.onr ManO. Aug. : <Spec!al>.-Last
r^r'-here was held In tUrn ptaoe a reaaarkab r sue-
CMSfal horse Htaow. A- * result of this show a ror
pnration called the Bay Phore HOTM BhOW Associa
tion was formed. It ■■ to bold its se«md annual
nnr?e show on msmm* f- ■«« 9. All society at Bay
fhore na. in fact. throughout tie south stde of
Long Islsnd. '■= greatly Interested in this affair, sa I
looks forward to the two days' celebration with
MMaseal nai»wlsHo»s Bo saaay men ar* to enter
horses that the matter appeals ■nrongly to each as
an individual, and to the greater number or them
rF merrh«r« of the association.
I aaa year th«- grade of the show was of the high
est. and compared favorably with the most famous
This year. If pre»ai«tleSßi und the general outlook
■■irant a faiihsrr It Is to prove o' even greater
end more general Interest and ■HBBaSS. Entries are.
romlnß In quickly and in hoperiil number*: many of
them made by persons not resldert here, but out
for the sasßSßer 1n the other resorts along the coast.
The Southampton Association has been invited to
rharlos F Hubhafai famous
»-r^ as many exhibit* as possible; so that a num
ber sf the. coming winners will probably be trow
that ran of the inland. Special arrangements for
transportation and keep make entering s horse or
two by persons in the vicinity of New- York an easy
The I'.-iy Sh^rr Horse Show kssoctation la com
paaad «f a Iar«« numl • - of men who have made
this village or its neighborhood their summer home.
It Includes man] prominent New-Yorkers, horse
men who are well known in the blue ribbon circle
Of the gr-at horse show*. Of tBM ■• th*» president is
Charles F. Hubba, whose faanous Highwayman and
cinders are known to every New-York horse lover.
B. T. Peters, r.f Iplip. who came "rT with a blue
ribbon or two lasi year, is the first rtce-presfdeat.
mv» J. Campbell Smith I- secoi vic-presiJent.
rjeorc* A. Kills, jr.. whose horses ar- widely
known. ?- the secretary, ÜBd H. K. Brlnckerhoff Is
the treasurer. The executive committee Is ma.io
•up f.r George J Weaver, chalrsnan: Charles F.
Habba S T Peters. James H. Hjr*- S. F. Both
echlM. Oeorpe A. Kliir. Jr.. and J. Adolph Mollen
bauer. Among the stockholders sre Thomiis
Adam. Jr Frederi-k G. Bourne. Edward r Blum.
H. r». Havemever. Henr>" F. HoUlst«r. Arthur A.
Hounnan. Henry T. Mc<:oun. Charles A. oi,o n o
hue. Allan Pinkerton. John C. Tappin sad W Orme
Wilson They have established their (HSkM In th«>
Crieton Opera House Blook. under the charge of
'"riir:'- B ; r- , ,
The prize IM Is rich roth in money and plate.
The Brut prtoe Psr hnrness horse-. Claa« No. 2. has
»-*n offered by Kdward C. Bl»m. First prts* for
harne.. horses. Class No. i, has been riven by
Harry B Holllni". The rh»mplon harness priw> Is
.-.,.. by H O Havemeyer. Thi- clasii is open
to horse/ which have taken a first prtoe In classes
for harne« la this or say other recognized hors«
.how. Haoy other rri*e<» hay« -been offered, one of
%Mtvr+& *t Uie Bay«hor© Her»« Show.
>-'.titfr»-.i a.l the Baysbore Hors« Show
the hitrst to h* annoimcerl bplnc sllv"r cups Riven
bj Thomas Adams. Jr. for CUsa No. « H H. Hol-
Itster. for «" : .t«* No V. John F Edwards, for <"la'«
N . v. sj d A P Uanan. for Classi No ». There nn>
to be thirty-two classes in all. th.> i.-i?t one being
■ n'a driving contest.
Messrs. Vernon C. Brown .T. Campbell Smith.
Charles F. Hubbs and ex-Sheriff Creamer are to
make an especially larare number of <-ntrirs The
beautiful Cinders and Highwayman of Mr. Hubbs
are expected to come ■ M with flying colors, nn.l ara
looked upon us being well able to sustain their
already fine reputations. Much is nlso looked for
from James H. Hyde's horses.
The horse show is to b« held in the Oakwood
Driving Park. These show grounds are situated
about a mil" and a quarter from th« entre of th«
village, and are reached by >< charming drive down
an avenue of beautiful residences and then up ■ hit
of road through a small fon of „ak. The p.irk
consists of ab i it fifteen acres, ha:; a half mile track
ana a grand stand that seats a thousand persons.
This crandst hos b<><n newly buUt.and .ic cording
to the latest Ideas of what such a bulldlns should
ht Besides its excellent location md position In
regard to the s;in. it has be<«n made ■ most excel
lent stand in regard to appointments, having below
a smoking room for the men and a women's parlor.
N«\ir by are the barns, with r hundred stalls ana
nil the advantages of ar, up to date stable. Over
on the side opposite thp grandstand, the southeast
ern f-ide. Is a little atretch of Uand, which gives
H picturesque pottir.tr to the field '>t ■ ours< . the
whole ■ ,-k Is brtnK fixed up to perfection It pr- ;>
aratl for the coming event, and it 1c- a pay spot
during most of the day. with fine cq;:lp;:ges wheel-
Ing around the course or horseback riders. All the
r-o'xes In the grandstand have been taken The list
of boxholners is as follows H G Timm<-rmnn.
H O Havemeyer. H. Duncan Wood. William Nivln.
.lay F. Carlisle. J Lorimer Worden. -William F.
Wharton. Allan Pinkerton. C,*>orge A. Ellis H. B.
Holllne. Clarence 1. Fabre. F. G Bourne Clarence.
K. Smith. Bdward F. Button. Charles F. Huhbs.
George T. Weaver. Thomas Adams. .1. Adolph Mol
lenhauer. William T. Hay ird. J. Richmond
Edward C. Blum. J. Henry Dick. Arthur A. Hous-
Sin. H. Korkw.. „i Brlnckerhoff. Schoyter Wwa,
S F. Rothschild. Bamuel T. Peters. -George K.
Turnbull. J. Campbell Bmith. Harry T. Me oun.
Charles A. O'Donohue. W-rnor c " r lOWII1 OWII - t .; I '.1. 1 T 1 '."
Stoppanl. Frederick: L. Harrl Richard A. Hacchia.
Mrs. K. Hutlon. J. B. Geddes. Alfred j HananAWll
llard L Candoe. Chester Lawrence. Mls Katharine
liilh«;rt. WilHai Kandall and Charles Gulden. „. „
social affair the .-how la to be the blg.thlng
Of the «.fa<=nn. Friday niKht. ring the Bh«w a
smoker is to •„. h'M in the Penataquit Yacht Club
house, and on Satui ninht =■ grand ball. Htr
is the list ..f exhibitors: .Mrs. .John Gerken. K. M
Mal«t#Ml Jay F. Carlisle, MnalvlmT Bros., John
F CockerilU Harry 1. Peters. F. O Bourne
Charles F. Hubbs. W. r.->\.i<i Hmkaw. R.-F. Car
man. Mn R F- Carman; MafterCarman, Mra/H. .!.
Good Vemon C Brown, Shultshui i • Block Farm.
A a! isman. \V. I>. Grand. A. St. John Boy
cott W. H. Vanden E. F Slayback Marlon
Hollins Howei I P Foster. George <„ McMurtry.
Mbs Kathleen Gilbert. Daniel Chauncey.* Jr.. N.
J I>eltch ir H W Warner, BaltaKi & Warner.
Juan M. < eballos, Jr.. Mr?. Albert Young. Bradlsh
G. Johnson. Mrs. Thom;.s Adams. Jr.pMlss Marion
Bourne. Haff Brothers. Theodore^F. Mil er. J. F.
Richardson. James Hagen Hyde. F B Van
Deusec Clarence 1. Fabre. T. Campbell Smith.
Jitn.s 'B Taylor. Miss K.i.hWn Cn.|.lliiKlcn. D.
H Coddington. Captain H. C. Haff. M!s " Minnie
McCosker I- V. CortwrUht. Mrs Charles V.
Hubbs X H. Kluge. Willi.itn Wall Weaver. Mrs.
Jmn«-s Peter Oeddea, I! I^awrence Bmlth Miss
Ethel Money M. k McDonald. William Siephen
«=nn Char!.-*" K. Ralley (agent f-.r \l. W. E. Kit
man) C C Minzennelmer. Mrs. [. T Pi 11, j. Henry
Dick. Ml^s Virginia Mollenhauer Illlam I. Be .
dlcston Mrs Cor. B V. H. Vlngut. T i > amp
heli Thompson Mrs. George A. Kills, jr.. W. P.
Grand and A. St. John Boycott, agent: Cecil M.
Boycott. Mr.« A. St. John Boycott, Dr. J. M.
-reamer and H. B. Hollins.
Krom Th« Detroit i"i- Prew
■ 1 wonder If she regrets her marriage?"
■•Why Should ■ ! • " '
"Well you know they're both litrrsrv and now
-':.;in<l thinks him:" if entitled to every bright
I.]. i she has."
The first of the fall openings takes place on "'*'
Thurfday-rnthcr ahead of time- wh»n at the
Academy of Muslr will r* pr^s-ntort a dramatisa
tion of -Qu'.ncy Adams Sawyer. 1 the latest (will
there ever ... a last?) of th< Sew-Englat rural
dramas The play, fc it is stau.l In the announce-;
m( • t« la "sweet, pure and wholeßome.^ and. "con
tains no *nd of comedy and «entimenta.ity ; -^ Jne
company Is made up of » harles Dickaon^Walter I .
L*wls. Lewi* He-ndrick*. Corliss Giles. h " rt '' n ,A,;
ams. ti,.- Misses Marion A. t'happman^Hetalne
Hadley. Lillian Dli h •*■ rtrude A. ■"■"'■ V '\ I ? j
Hathaway, Gertrude Augarde. Sadie < pnnollj and
i. ih. rs.
A new comic opera travesty by Ben Jerome, com
poser of "Bloomin' Lize 1 and Percy Greenbush. in
wbl< h the twenty characters will be played by only
four men, will be th. feature at the > ;;.' I Y '\ rl^
Theatre Hoof Garden to-morrow njg"t.- .w,.-s k.va
Tang lay. -I ''The Chaperons 1 : company: has ' - ','i
retained In the vaudevill< bill. 1 here is a concert
• A Chinese Honeymoon " shows no signs of weak
ening as a drawing card at the ' aslno.
■The Dander" still runs on ai th" Herald
Square, with better houses than at fir?'.
•The Wild Rose" at the Knickerbocker" enters
to-morrow on the last week bul two of i<* "iwn--
ment In New-York. It will then go on the road with
the same strong casi
A recenl comic opera success pomee back to us
this wo.'k, when "norodora" will start In ai Man
hattan Beach for t«.. weeks. N-« one needs lo be
told about •Florwlora." »t leasl they shouldn't.
The O F. S will be there, or on< quite as attra tlve
it Is h.r.i .i new nextet cir! has rorae Into the com
pany with a head of "magnlflceni Titian hair, piv-
Ing rise to the reflection that feminine fashions are
not so variable aftei all. if ■< style ran endure
since Titian's ttm»\ Edna Wallace Hopper as i,:i.iy
Holrood ti".ii Helen Redmond and Grac< Bo
iir<- In their old parts.
"Thp Beggar 81 idem" will be sun* at Terrace Gar
den this week Mi*B Ursula March, who was with
Frank Daniels I" "Miss Simplicity." hafl been
Pre»'<Vnt oft. Bayshore Horse Bhow \-- latlon
gi .■ illy onpncr-ii '..• th» production. Harry Lurk-
Btone will SUIK the title- pan ("here is the usual
concert to-nl«nt.
Heading the bill fit Keith's this week Is Eucene
O'Rourke, character comedian, who, with Mt**
>.>;:» Kiting in his support, will present a one art
comedy, entitle "Parlor A." which will b« wn in
NVw-York for the flri«t tlni« Th. i"' i' aq Broth
era a tcimi <>f European acrobats; '/Senator ' Krnnk
8011, who appears in hip character <>' "Bubo*'
Whlpplo." the tc.wn constable, as played by him In
••Way Down Kast." ar« ami of th<- .itiirr features.
"tt'll! IT. Fox. the popular comedian, who has Just
returned fr«>m a. thr"> years' • ■ T >ur in
Europe, will n; ; ■ ■ ■ ■• next
»■«■!( in his original satire, ci tit ed ' P
Other novelties engaged by Mr Past
nr" the Crotty Trio, In h singing md i
Boranl nnd Beth, the original Weary Wagg
■ ■x-. 1 ( >randpa" n F. < iirk. In
an entertainment ■■ • ■ ■ I Kiimtna
Trio. ■■: . • ■ entitled ' Th.it
}•■■ . ••', Mine" . M ■'■
lopue, fo^mi nr,<\ \,-\ ■■ Tramp'i '.
ot hei *
The Floating Roof Garden, th» »<t»-.imer Grand
Republic, baglns Its second mm th to-morrow
evening with an entire i hange of bill. As the sea
son advances the Floating Roof Garden grown In
popularity, and good patroi . ■ Is the result. n..
sides the va.ud< vllle hill th°r«' Is ilnivinK on the
main •'■• 'k. with mvi furnished by Conterno'a
nth Regiment Band.
Oiu-nr Hammersteln's hypnotic bandirastet ■ ■
••• .... baa tif«-n filling th<» space of th. Paradise
R if Garden to the limit for a week, and will
continue his ci I >ns of 'fine phrensy" this
week The . • and woman who my*
teriousl • In, are a new '• itiire • f
! . Mr ! : n dipping In I !■■
"The Mikado" Btarts Its fourth week at th<
Roof "ii Monday, as a part <.f "Japan by
Night " The automaton fortune teller, the Jap
■ b and the other ' »rl< ntal llxtures are
attra t , . ■ feal i I
will rivp n change of Mil this week In about
every respect, Introducing three new Instrun
The excellent programmes given by Kaltenhorn's
Orchestra at the Circle Auditorium continue to
nttract the ' im' people again and again. Miss
Alta Yoio. the California rontralto who sane: with
Pups last night, will sing with th<> orchestra to
morrow night th" flower nong from "Faust." ar
ranged to i ov< r thre< oci iv< •< Th< is no loubl
she will have a sympathetic accompaniment.
Mr?. Fiske will return from her vacation on Au-
I ist 18, and will devote attention to the final re-
■ .if "Captain Molly" ;>t th. Manhattan
Theatre, when the flrst rehearsal of Mr Hazel
ton's now- Colonial comedy will b< held on M
under the direction of Max Flgman, who will re
turn fr.»m h;5 vacation at Monmouth Beach to
direct the s'm;" preliminaries of the production
Mls« Elizabeth Tyree, who has returned to the Itj
from her rest In Ithode Island, will play the title
part In thi^ comedy In th^ company that la ti
sen! it and In whl h will also be seen John VV Al
baugh jr William Haxeltlne, Alexander Vincent,
Phillips Smalley. \\ !.. Branacombe, Frank Mcln
tvi. ii h Vtherton, Jerome Harrington, Andrew
Stephens and Willie Weston The. rehears
i-'i- k- 's company, which win Include, among
others. Miss Rose Eytlnge, Tyrone Power. Jame«
Young Scotl Craven. Mjix Flgman and Miss Ida
n. in "Marj of Magdala," will begin ai
th< Manhattan Thfatre the last u-'.-U In August
Rehearsals for th* Bostonlana' revival of "Robin
Hood" tiffin to-m6rrow.
William A. Brady has determined to send out
•■i nder Southern Skies." the play In which Miss
o;rn<-" George was presented last year, foi the
oomlng s«:i^.m:. There will be iv> star In t J i »- com
pany engaged, which will be under the manage
iii. di ..! Ham D ••■! Parker
lloro Is a momentous announcement Maurice
Campbell has decided to change i v '<- tit!" "f Hen
rlottn Crosman's new play from "The King's
Bword" to "The Sword ol the K!:k' -> Reh< irsala
will t"-«rin August IS undei the direction of Eugene
I'r. s;.r.\
Rehearsals have been called at 11 a m . August
is. for "Hearts Aflame." which will open th> 1
rcpui.ir seaaon .-it the Bijou Theatre on September
8 Mian Fernandez ha* i n re-engaged and will
,i;.j.. ■■ In the part In which she was leen ;it the
c „,t ili i. Th< atre last May.
J. Wesley Rosenquesi has completed the cast for
"Robert Emmet." Brandon Tynan's new Irish play,
which he produce* on Monday, August is. at the
Fourteenth Streel rheatre The Itsi of playera who
will i>e Rtf-ii in the 'ir.-im... Includes William K.
Thompson. Brandon Tynan, Fran< Powers. Will
t,,ni Klton. l,uk«- Martin. Owen Fawcett, James H.
Uradbury. P Augustus Aiuierson. Gerald Grltnn.
Frederick 9umner, John W. Dean, Misses Angela
Russell, Margaret Hayward, Evs Westcott, Maud
BfCkwMh atjil C«lcle Tynan, Rehearsals are In ac
tive piogtri under th« direction of Kram I - Powers.
A unique exhibition la to tie found a< the Aero
drome at Brighton Beach, whern Alberto Santos-
X>uni>.>nt'« famous air ship No. 6 is bclnjj shown
fof (T limited period The phlp Is that in which the
Brazilian aerlalist ■ •-i nstrated that he had suc
ceeded in constructing a controllable airship by
sail-:!* around tie Ki.l"l r..w.r In Parts, and re
turning to th< spot from wh Ii hi started therehy
winning th? Deutsch p»-Izp of i««O.00tl francs. It Is
announced that Dumnnt, In n w«>ek or two.
w!il make ..... in the ship ... being «•
hibitcd. Thf ship is shown wttl ■'■I'- balloon in
(l.-ited. all ready for r>n aei lei trip.
I' ladelphia, A hut _■ (Special) Again the sym
bol .-.r | ■■ file? .it the Democrats m.tstiieriri In
this eltj Candidate Pattison has tempered the
his friends who sought 'to wrest the man
j. ■ i of th< campaign for Governor from the
and of Chairmai rlej P. Donnelly ai\d the
< n j •>! t;.! ni/.;i I lon
Mr Pattison and his Intimate friend. Eugene C.
Bonniwell. -m amateur In politics, contemplated
.' campaign on theli owr account and had ar
ranged for a meeting of :< committee of ISO of
their personal selection. 'Phis «n« expected by
them t.. !.<■ accepted bj Chairman Donnelly a*
the "auxiliary" campaign committee which he
h;i<! been authorised to appoint Formal notice of
the, postponement of the meeting >>f this commit
tee was mnde after Chairman Donnelly had had ai
intr-rvlpn- with Mr Pattlson. fiinl Mr. Bonnlwell
has retired to th. r;uik«
ill. in m;m Donnelly, of whom Senator Quay ha*
«.-)iil "there Is no better politician In the State of
Pennsylvania." Is t..,, clever to lose this oppor
tunity to undo Mr Bonnlwell us :\ politician, for
had Mr. Pattison'H scheme roho through th<» Bon
nlwell committee would have been forced on the
oriainlznMoTi. it would have taki>n the manage
ment of th»> campaign <"it of the control of Mr
Donnelly's hands, and Us nfllrors would bave
lianilli-il thf> hulk .if the campaign fun. ls
Mr. Donnelly, never more resourceful than when
his enemies think he is In the last ditch, has com
pelled the abandonment of the scheme and will
himself appoint the commlttf-e Mr. Bom
out of courtesy t,> hlfl frit-mi Pattlson, may !•" on
it. but thai Is all
The harmony i* not ■ . ted enough to l-vr.\
i.i?ip"r than until the close >>f the present campaign.
Xx Governor Pattison. Chairman Donne>ll) and ex-,
.luilK" lames Gay Gordon, representing the thr"«
factions of the Philadelphia Democracy, each ..f
which hates one as badly m* th.- other, have their
knivi ■ sheathed, but ii-."lr hands are >>n the hilts
Th" tri!«" has not come about through r* :• I anxiety
fur the success of the candidate io much a.-~ It
has been brought around by the peculiar situation
i . which the city organization has been placed by
ill" St;it» organisation L*p-State Democrats, pro
voked at the Itj Democracy, which was accused
of trea herj to the nn r t > and of secret ■
with tli" Quay Republicans, had almost reached the
: |ni of throwing the entire city delegations out
of the last two Stat< ronventlon* Thej were al
lowed to remain in the rirst, on pledges of al
e. and In the second only upon the asaurance
of ;i Guffey-appolnted Investigation committee
ihnt they "would be K^nd " The delegation to the
ia«<t convention, however, w-a?> greatly reduced by
thi refusal of the State n^ ■ allow rep
itlon for the Democratic votes which were
• . have been < I with the I T nlon party on
rt is i >w up to the city I" n
• . '„.- Pattlsoi The Donnelly
.-••>-•■ Ization will help do M-. l^. because If a big
v-ntc It i d Pattlson falls of electli
defeat will 1 ■ • - ' • country I >emo
. . • ■ . : Demo r-n t •» have nothing to
gain >• ' ■ tl Ket this t?*ne, and they will
• ,- ,-i ordei tn : •■■•• nre their rlj;ht to particl
. - i he next ; -
Judge Pennypacker. whose resignation as Presid
ing- Imi'rc of Court of Common Pleas No. 2, was
made io the Governor In order that he m'ght take
an tlve j^ir' In his own campaign. droppel his
Judicial mantle on Thursday He will make a. tour
of rhi> State In the company of several .- the hr^t
spell Inders at the command of Senat Quay s
organization. During t<'.- tour .-i»ry county In if;
State will be visited.
-.-n? activity ♦..* '-'a;nbr!* Steel shares ha.« occji
stoned the circulation r.t * report oS change of con
tr..i nn.l revived nir >rs ■ ' * deiil between th«
Cambria steel and the Pennsylvania Bte«l com
panies. Directors of hot I companies don/ these
reports. \i« to Pennsylvania Steel, the stock
bought fa- the Pennsylvania Railroad Company Is
held In th« treasury rf th» Pennsylvania Com
pany, which is the operntlng company of th«
Pennsylvania Ratlroar] Company's lines west of
Plttsburg. This explains why he annual report of
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company did not show
theio UoldlnKS.
The Pennsylvania Railroad hot:ght : 00,000 r-re
terr*<\ an.l J10.000.0i0 common stock of : ■ ■ • ■. Ivanla
Si^ci. leaving an outstanding minority interest of
$750,000 preferred and 15,000.000 com moi Of this
$3),0iW.000 block 2T> per cent war- >t ted to the Read-
Ing Railway Company. Reading. ?o far as known
In the market, owns no Cambria Steel stock. Penn
sylvania's Interest la Just In excess of control, being
about E86.000 icmt of a total of 900.000 i ares
Tim action of passenger railway stocks In th»
Philadelphia mark< t has been particularly lively
for several .lays. During the week L'nion Traction
made a new record of 4S'^. and Philadelphia Rapid
Transit reached 13, thi hlgl point at which It
has vet bol.l The advance ami heavy trading In
the latter attracted attention, as only $."• has been
•' i T>U l "I-.-* l < t .r.N however, were outstripped by il
Western non-dlvldend | Lyer T'nlon Trartlon of
Indiana on Thui daj was bid up rrom f.l to 76
without a iransactlon. Them were me small lots
of this company's shares held In this city and the
biK Pli- was offered With the hop" of bringing
them outi This d. ire to purchase confirms the
reports current several weeks ag.. that a syndicate
or Philadelphia^ is seeking to get control ofaJl
fheftrolley 1 s1" Indianapolis and vicinity, n.is
syndicate is not the Tuit.-.i lias Improvement fotn
ri»nv but some of the syndicate, such as Rand dl
M. ra an 1.-a.llng offlVlu In the Philadelphia
i- ,• T They already have a controlling Interest
in' the Indianapolis Street Railway, which operates
142: miles sof "track. The Union Traction Company
of Indiana \* made up of a numbi r of subsidiary
"which have been absorbed from time to time,
and' operates all th© suburban electric lines about
.'' k MrCulloch, president and general man
agi of the Union Traction ompany ol Indiana,
was in this city recentlj looking after this consol
idation deal and it Is believed here that the I hlla
delnhla licate will ultimately own all thi sur
face roads of Indianapolis and for trolley purposes
control th. great belt of terrltoo around it now
covered by the Union Traction Company.
The latest Mow struck by the Pennyslvanla Rail
road a( the Gould system was the diversion on Frl
day to the i-umherl Valley Railroad of freight
which has been handled bj the Wcst.-rn Mtrylan.l
Railroad, recently purchased b> thi Wabash. For
several years r contra has existed between the
Baltimore and Ohio th" Western Maryland and the
Reading, thi Western Maryland being the connect.
Ing link betw.cn the Baltimore and Ohio ai I hero
Run. M.I. an.l thi Reading at Shlppensbur K , lenn.
The nrlginnl agreement among these*three roans
was ent.-r.nl Into prior to the passing of the Baltl
more an.l Ohio Into th Pennsylvania control and
enabled the Baltimore and Ohio to^comnete with
i 1,.. Pennsylvania and avoid a ong haul of frelg
for Philadelphia and New-York by way of Balti
more Under the ■ hange the haul will be a few
miles longer, but will cut the Gould Pfople oui of
a traffic which amounts to ab..ut two thousand .-mis
Tl ■• 'is In prospect n clash between the Phila
delphla Rapid Tranßil Companj and the tnunlci
pallty ov,r strc.t paving Under the franchises
granted to thi Unli n Traction Company, which
has been acquired by the Rapid Transit • ompan .
the ompany Is required to resurface with asphalt
and keep In repair from curb curb all "treets
upon which Its cars are run. The n.-w street ,all
wav monopol: proposes to take advantage of the
recent tearing up of these streets by the Keystone
Telephone Company (another political IJrmnchlM
corporation) and other companies as well as b>
the'eitv itself to relieve Itself of this grea burden
The Rapid Transit Company claims thai for these
damages to i treel i Lvlng It should not be re
BP Ib l 1 nter«stlng feature of this controversy Is
that th. Rapid Transit Company organized lbj
John M. Mack who la one of the promotera and
directors of the Keyston. Telephone Company, and
who is also regarded as one of the poiiti.al factors
In the control of municipal contra ■ ■ He is also
nterested In the sphalt business, be lng about; to
become th« presld. ni of the reorganized Asphalt
r On Bt the face of It Mr. Mack would seem to b*
fighting himself at everj turn but it Is »>«"«ved
that Philadelphia's burden Is not quite heavy
enough yet, and that Mr. Mack will succeed in hav
ing the'dtv bear a shar»> of the expense of rer.a\
ing Rapid transli streets.
Another w.-k has passed without legal action
against th<- Asphalt Trust, although rumors ot
..„ „,„; threats of "its continue William
c Bullltt, ■ millionaire coal operator, la ths most
of tii- bondholders who are seeking to
upset • . „j reorganization of the inonop.
f1 „. „;, purpose to ask the court to order
•■„ „ elvers tn bring suli to recover the »24.000.n00
„n the stock of the Asphalt
in] of Amerii a
From The Philadelphia Press
Towne When Miss Gabbll told 10 she n ' a#l In
business 1 Idn'i hi Ip thinking »h< m< anl every
l.i else's business.
Browne— That's al<out right . , ,
Town* u.i. it you might call a wnole busl
i.p^h eh"
rjrnwne— Well, yes, axcept tiia^ sue roLaila scanUai
at wholcsalo rates. .
Entered at th.- Batyshore Horse 8 m
Chicago, Aus:. I.— Streetervllle. otherwise
known as the "District of Lake Michigan." will
soon t»- no more, and with its passing Chicago
will see the end of a vexatious controversy. As
a squatter on a large tract of filled ground
directly opposite the most fashlonab* residence
distiici of Chicago, Captain George Wellington
Streeter, a picturesque character, has been for
years a fly In the ointment of Chicago's great
ness. With his courthouse and small army of
soldiers he pet up his own government and
defied all local or State jurisdiction. The scenes
of bloodshed and riot that took place periodi
cally in the district served to emphasize the
fact that Streeter was sovereign and that the
authorities of Chicago were powerless to main
tain order. But even the Streeter dynasty had
to fall before the resistless power which In
Chicago is called progress. Th" downfall of
Streeter was finally accomplished by a warrant
for the dissolution of the district signed by
Judge Chytraus, who entered a decree declaring
George Wellington Streeter a squatter and
without rights to the land upon which ho had
erected his courthouse. By this decree the title
of Mrs. Louisa Ha'.y to the land is established.
Although Streeter still claims other land In the
tract. t)i» decision is generally believed to settle
matters so far as the "District <>f Lake Mich
igan" is concerned. The captain will not be
compelled to restore the property to its rightful
owner until ten days have passed. Meanwhile
Streeter will vaca*e his tent and shanty on the
property, and. companled by "Marier."* his
helpmeet. Is expected to fold up hia tent like
Knter'd at the Bayshore Uorse Show.
the Arab an>! quietly take up quarters elsewhere
and plan other conqui
Tb- city of Chicago has long covete.l th<-
Streeter tract for a public park, and 11 is be
lieved, now that the squatter h:n been forced to
retire, that steps will be taken to acquire the
pioperty for this purpose. Sltunted aa II Is. on
the lake front In one of the most desirable sec
tions of the city, the property would make a
most valuable addition to the port system.
To put nn end to th<> present bull movi
In oats and to discourage tn • cornering of grain
In tho future the Chicago Board of Trade baa
taken drastic action. For the first time In
eighteen years ;i marginal price in <■
was fix ■!. the margin limit for July de
livery of .-.its being pui at 13 cents. N
trnt with tills protection, the leading shorts went
into court and obtained a temporary restraining
order prohibiting Jam A Patten and b
•tn.-lHtos in the deal from continuing the corner
In now July oats, bidding up tho price of the
.-.■r^u! or <\illint; further margins. Default on
;t_)NH>.<»»Ht bushels of *h >rt new July oats, law
suits and action by the Board of Trade are the
results which are likely to folio* these di
ments tn the "Patten sque
Conservative members of tho Chicago Board
havf i-.>in^ to th*" conclusion that the • orners
thai have been run In the Chicago tnarkei re
centlj "iii permanently Injure this city as ;i
trading centre. Steps were being taken |usi
before the close of th«» corn •-••tior two weeks
.iK" to have tbe board take action similar to
Occ of tbe Indian Neck Stud's entries at the Bay shore Horse Show,
that taken In the present deal- On the day be
fore the directors wer« to consider a protest th»
manipulatoi of the corner withdrew and prices
■lumped. Tbe pr >mol trs of the deal managed
t.. gel out with handsonw profits, and the losses)
of th" 51...r; ■ were large. Th" determination of
the directors to "nd the cutthroat methods Of
those who band together t.> force hish prices
Indicates a healthier sentiment than has hither
to prevailed on the board. At any rate. ths
recent txnerience of the Ckksm Board will
undoubtedly have a tendency to discourage tho
p.ractice of grain cornering.
Chicago Is a step nearer to the end of lta
fight for cheaper gas. Judge Grosscup. of tho
United States Circuit Court, has again sustained,
the Ity In Its battle tor T."» cent gas. In a d»
d3ion. Just announced, he sustained the ds
inurrer of the city to the amended bill filed by
the People's Gas Ughi and Coke Company,
asking for an Injunction restraining the city
of Chicago from eaxfuiclng the city ordinance)
fixing the rate for gas at 75 cents for 1.000
cubic, feet. The court h Id that In the point of
Jurisdiction the comp'ainants did not make It
clear that the court has pown to act. The de
clsion is regarded by the attorneys for the city
as a signal victory. In addition to the order
dismissing the bill 'for want of Jurisdiction, tho
court permitted the taking of an appeal to the>
Supreme Court. The appeal bond was fixed at
$»;0«>,00«>. The appeal bi to operate as a star
of order and there will he no immediate move,
on the part of the city to enforce the provisions
of the ordinance on which the attack was mafia
by the People's Gas LJghi and Coke Company.
The senate of the University of Chicago, (a
body composed of heads of departments) ha»
voted in favor of whal hi called "segregation.**
and what, it is claimed, is complete separation
..f the sexes aad abolition of co-educatloa in.
the 'Junior College." The mea and women oS
th> . first and second college years wall be per
mitted to dance together and to use a common
library, where conversation is forbidden, but
they WUI not he taught together. The rjuestlou
is now before the board of rrusteam, and friends
of co-education are fearful that th! 3 body will
ratify the action of the senate. In some quar-*
tr rs the step is< regarded as a blow at the funda
mental principles of co-education sOHI a loud
protest Is being; made. Ir is even sai<i that th«
ngbt will be carried to the Rockefeller family
in hope that by this means the Impending ca>
lamlty to th>- cause of co-education la Chicago
may be averted.
A month win elapse before lbs vote ,->f th«>
trustees Is ( iken, It will bo a month of ac
tivity anooi the people wko opp the form
of education that Or. Harper declares wJsl aria*
at the university if this segTeßition measur*
passes. It la claimed th;it in place of the co
educatlon promised, under th" proposed p'.aa
the women win have inferior teaching and in
ferior facilities. It has been hinted also by thos*
opposed to the change that the real purpose ot
President Harper in advocating rh» Batloni
of the sexes is to render the university mora
attractive to the sons of rich men. who now pass)
the Chicago institution by to tend universities
where women are not admitted, or at least ar«
kept in thr- background. Th;s charge the uni
versity authorities deny. Altogether ir Is a>
pretty fight, and the outcome is awaited wits)
rnorc than ordinary interest.
Front The Philadelphia Press.
"H*» never advertised his business dH her*
"No. ■•■ ■■: It's pretty well hrerttosd now."
"Yes. the Sheriff Is doir.t: It.*'

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