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•rasblngton. Nor. 22— The following army and
«t*7 orders have been Issued :
£?£SL£; BUVKER - -•—
«w Ll'ntenant DAVIS C , ANDERSON. 6th Infantry. is
7 * tail*< 2as recorder or the examining board at Port
ly.avM-.wonh. vie* First Lieutenant Martin L. Crim
cic». 6tn WMttiy. relieved.
• TM ---lowinir officers will report to the examining
♦io£r<J at Fort Lciver.worth for examination for
ttcczt Ueut^nrs AtSTTELL E. DEITSCH. sth In
ficwr: J° HN '■ T>LNN. llth Infantry; PEWITT
Hth .r.r«r.-r>- ROBERT K. ORIMSTEAD 22d in
f«=try. -"I ALBERT S. WILLIAMS. 26th infantry
rtptala JOHN R. LYNCH, to St. Paul.
Calais ARTHUR W. TATES. to Boston.
»be following officers will join their respective
~^t L:.uter.ant FRANK R. LAN a Sth Infantry, and
First Lieutenant GUY S. NORWELL. Bth Cavalry.
The following changes In the stations of recruit
jr^g Cf3cers are ordered:
,w lisatßVßt SAMUEL, M. ENGLISH, to Kansas
' city. Mo.
yv« Uectenant JOSEPH F. COHN. 14th Infantry to
* Krw-Haves, and relieve Major HENRY B. MOON
10th Infantry. Major Moon, on being thus relieved'
•«-;;! ji:= his regiment. '
j^nt MSUllglsnt FR.\XK ED-WARDS, to Little Rock
g«d rellei-e Captain ROBERT O "WILLIAMS 4th
Isfantn 1 . Captain Trtliian-.s will join his regiment.
not Lieutenant JAMES JUSTICE. 22,5 Infantr-- to hi»
Mimes t.
reptala W. L FIELD, retired.
ft* Director A. BURTIS. retired.
»S*BtSPl Fanr-aster H. DE F. MEL. to the w>«sjUb»
Malaga, N. T.. Nov. 22.— Mechar.Jcsvine friends
rf ttaner E. Brockway. of that place, -tvere sur
prised when they '.earned that he had been eon
•HM In the Saratoga County Court. Th- Indlct
i»«ct charged him with riotous acts during- th
ktP» ca the Hudson Valley Railway. His friends
mm so sure that the Jury would bring in a ver-
CM of not guilty that they engaged a bran band
with «*Jch to greet him on his return to his home
town. The bara order has been declared oft* Brock
war will b<! sentenced on Monday.
One matter not to (orcet to-day %m to look
•r*r those ••Little Ad«. of the People."
0b ~ 1 lay the llsth anniversary of Evacuation
Day *i!J b# celebrated. The Washington Conti
nental Guard will hoist the national colors on the
flagstaff at Washington's headquarters (the Morris
House) at sunrise. General Earle will command
the detachment. The Order of the Founders and
Patriots of America requests that all public build
ir.?? and prh-ate houses display American flags.
On the morning of November 25. 1753, General
Washington and Governor Clinton who were at
Harlen msrehed into this city. The old Morris
Hruse. which had • been occupied for seven years
t." the Hessians, was vacated by General Kneyp
■•tV-iren on November 21.

H I W. A New Collar. E. 4 W.
Imisc 6:s4lEnn*et 4.37!M00n rises 12 Kooa'a aga 23
A.M.— Sandy Btook 2:01!Gc»v. Island 2:33! H-4: 'late 4:22
r.M— Sandy Hock 2:19G0v. Island 2:51; Hell Gat» i M
Vessel- - ram. Lin*.
Llnd»r.felg Hamburg. November 1 Haasa
Triooi! ..._ Hamburg. November 3 Erauer
•Hannover Bremen. November 6 S G L'oy.i
Btrerdale St. Michaels, November a....
batlne Galveston. November 14 . . . Mallory
British Kirg Liverpool. November IS Phoenix
I'OTF-Saai Rotterdam. November ;3.... Hoi-All
•La Gasccgn* Havre. November 13 French
•Arr.aionete Para. November 11 Booth
Algiers '.^.-Galveston. November 17 Morgan
Gf-rgian Liverpool. November 12 I^ylar. 1
Gal'.ia Kaplec November S Fa- ra
Irc-tj'aots.... Jacksonville. November 20 Clyde
>.*t6rla Glasgow, November 13 Anchor
Xr-^r.:»r./f Antwerp. Novem'iier 18 . . . . Red Star
Ncri America Naples. November 12 ...La Veloce
•Philaflelphia- Porto Cab*l!o. November 19... Red D
Protein New-Orleans. November IB.. Morgan
"-*:--. . Liverpool. November 14. .White Star
•A!»r.e , Port LJmon. November CO.Hamb-Am.
•Ar.lar.ce . . dries. - November 18. ........ Panama
El Slg'.o Galveston. November 20. Morgan
•K. Wm. <ser Grosse. Bremen. November is N O Lloyd
Cbpebo.. Galvesion. November 19 Mallorj'
•Brir.gs mail.
V«cwt For. Line. Mails clos«. Vessel sails.
fi«Tr.i!ton. Korfclk. OH D-.mir.:on "V r m
Pretoria. nboic Harab-Am 1 r"0 p m
City cf Waahlnrton. Colon. Panama. . . 9-30 ara 1 :00 p m
Ir-xjuois Charleston. Clyde 2 '■•*> p m
Maiiar.a. We*t Indies. Quebec 12:00 m 3KK) p m
laCenoo. Norfolk. OM Dominion ~ : J* >pnl
E; Dia, GaJvestcn. Morgan 3:00 pm
Elcilla. Nap>» Italian S:Soam 11:00 am
St. Paul. Southampton. American.... fag a m lA.OO a m
Maiestic Liverpool White Star 8:30 am 12:00 am
Eeperanza. Havana. Ward 12:00 m 3:oopm
NeV-Torfc Tiirjf. UUnd, Clyde 12:30pm 3:00 pm
Coiituelo. Hall. Wilfoh ~~^T
El Paso. New -Oriearji. Morgan 3.-00 P m
PriaeeM Anne. NorJolk, Old Dominion — — *wO P m
sniprrxG news.
lr~ OF NEW-YOEK. SATCRDAY. NOV. 22. 1902.
lt»axer Bt Taul Jamison. Southampton and Cherbourg
Novtrr.teY 13 wtth m.le*. 2<'3 cabin an.i 351 E u-era«« pas
ser.^.-., to Tr.o International Navigation Co. Arrived ■-.:
''f a *i f . r t Minr.Hha'ha <Br>. Robinson. London November
: •. November
35. vftfc tndM -md '.'M ratsorv-r* to the Atlantic Traas-
V*X Co. Arrived at tb« Bar at 12:57 p m.
-■^♦•amer V.Vi's C3t» .I'.r- Carey. Bristol >. - »mber 1
•a* Swansea 4. with n.i^<r to James Arkell A- Co. Ar
rholeo. <,«e»t?mur.d« No
•SS« anl fhielis £ in ballast to FhMip Ruprccht.
Arrive at tite B^r at noon.
Mearr.*r Silo. <G^n. Blbbllr. <y<*?a. September 22,
NorV.rofk r* Bat..urn Otobf-r rs. Cavak &, La Al£ina.ta
U Pi-ra- '13 I.h A!a<-ota 16. Smyrna 21. Malta M and
Gibraltar S'ov*mtf-r 1. with ir.ds<» and 2 cabin puvencen
•• tS Ha.T.buri?-Am'rioan Ljn<". Arrived at the Bar at
euaner 1 Dagjrv Sort. fitmonteD., OuneelM N,ovemb«r
«uS rrocr.^S 14. with m<l?e to Thebaud Bros. Arrived
%lea m^r T &prranza. Rog"TS. V»ra Cruz. November 13.
I*rc<r-= t ., is J-d Havana IS. with tndse and .«S passen
«*^to Jaip^' E Ward & Go. Arrived at th« Bar at
'vi^t^r^^pabo Patten. Oaheuton November 15. with
*i*TC£ J T Van ?tcklo. Arrived at the. Bar St t.43
Ptwmcr Sar.ttaco, Hathaway. Tair-pi-o November 14
•34 Havlm IS. utth reds* ar.d on* cabin passenger to
-aa«« E Wari & Co. Arrived at the Bur at S:_3 ii m.
■taut Jt-Tersot T>>l<- Newport >"wan!a ■' n! Norfolk.
*i;.h SSt«j t « iSi Ta"^ ' r> «& OM Dominion *!**"*
•Au^^te <Br>. Watt. IJverpo.il November 15
»--.d Queen*towr. 'K.. with mdw. 135 .-ar.n and 290 * t<"*J
*te o*».*n«er» to Verc'^n H Brown & < ■•■ Arrtsed at the
B».' at 6:15 c »■
»»|lo A*J«ralian a ißr>. Durban. East I^ondon and A.foa
Bay; Hu^om^ Norf"m: Kri.a «^r,. Kingston: Ear!..^
'Hn. KMp Inland; Nile .Br.. nn 414 1 - I * r »i via N sTt?is. :
*wuih Poirt (Br. L^ith and '•■•■. :■'-■ Maria <Aust).
Sjtrti, vu Baltimore; Va.^rland ,Br) *£**"£jf r *"£*.
, Br,. Hamilton; LuranU , Br) . Liverpool ; NortJj Pont
'Sri. Phi'aH.inhia- Trave .i;-r. ««-noa aa<l Naples. Mtn
lSioiT, JeT, Loridr^ Atbara (Bri, 8«p.lo: Maracalbo.
CurL UCu'im etc; New-York (Dutch*. Rot
'4o r^i Juan: H»rt,-rt «Br>. «VTlmia»tjn;
Mrtcta "»D." Chrttftanla ar.d :. H i.»rr> <Br,. Hnins-
Norfolk aiH.V»^,rt KtMi John H. Barry 'Bri utflano.
•We Trolan Prtn^e rßr) Naple«. Genoa, etc-. UuuldUmi.
huuS?. Me£lrV Havana: All^rhany «»eri. Klnpiton.
l - -wto.4. Nov 22— Has, »tt«m«r Camp«nl» 'Br),
Lwd^.^NoV .1- A Y rrtv«<l. .learner Manitou (Br). Cannons.
•"•»«* Noy' M-Arrlvrt, eteamer Eut*r City <Br). Wat-
HnJ^N^^Xm^. «te«ra*r Toronto lßr>. Cox. New
'ottthampton. jifov 22— Sailed. iietmfr St Louis, Pa*«ow,
New-york for Liverpool; «:*» p en. Lnibrta ißn,
©utton. N«w-York for Liverpool.
SWa v^ . NNN Ne 2 iY~c?k rr ' €<1 - *»«*« .V?* Antrim (Br>. Mc -
Lizard. ■ \*ov **° p.. O.io .i
MiHwhlimr PW-VP W-V Ji.*^" er ? .Dutchi.
Bremen ' r&n Nle^TV' rl<
Hoist. V.wY.ri ''t'r^""' • fD * a>
%*:' .»-A.".v^. .-.amor Patrirn, (Gw ,
Bremen '^nr.. N,« „r. via Plymouth and Cherbourg:
P«;raann."x^-Yo-k~ *' steamer Cas^l iGerj.
A ? t^S^°New-TSrk. I" 38 "* 1 - * t<?amer Zeeland fßr).
RaV < r Fr. Nr v^.r : ivn- : l D -. m -".il^. steamer \*. Champagna
S - a <Fr ''
N>"-Yni S i° V 2 °- Sall ' a ' 1 - steamer Patria (FT), Cost*.
Palermo.^ Nov^ 21— Sailed, tesmer Kararaanla (Br).
Naples. Xov 1^— Salted, stoamer Sarri«itr,a (Itali. Mon
tar. .. Nfw-\ork.
Calcutta. N, y i£>_Sai!M. st»amer RapaJlo (Ger). Lavene
(from \okohama. etc). New-York.
Few transactions of unusual Interest In the real
estate market were report cii last week ne
gotiations which had ben simmorlng for a long
time were brought to - iful end. One of
these was the purchase of the Mock front in Bat
tery Place, between Washington and Greenwich
st?.. by Bdward F. Bearles a? a site for a twenty
story s-kyscrappr, which will comprise s=omo novel
building features, as announced in The Tribune
several da> « ago With this purchase «r<
pleted the plans for the improvement of the
fronts in Battery Place west of the Was!
Bnfldlng. to vv>st-st. Ir the upper West a
tion the vo:::!n<» cf business as reported continues
excellent, and the sarr. f •
ntth-ave. section and - ■ districts in this
city. An Interesting sala wi-; •
Prt y by Davis & Robinson, by whicb Lewis
No«. 127 and ITS West Forty-flrst-s
Nixon, former leader of Tammany Hall, became the
owner of Nos. 56. 57 and 53 East Sixty-first-?'., on
Which he will build in the near future a home for
hi.- own occupancy. The sale is of special in
terest. in view of the prominence of the buyer, th*
Improvement to be made and the movement which
was started some time ago by property owners in
the Park-aye. section to have the New-York Cen
tral change Its motive power to electricity and to
do away with other alleged nuisances affecting
property in the avenue. Mr. Nixon apparently
thinks, as do many other men. that it will not be
long before the railroad carries out these plans.
So far this season no definite movements on the
part of any of the big operators have been dis
closed, though it is known that they are not idle.
There has been no unusual buying in what are
known as the tunnel districts, nor in the Broad
way section, from the Battery to the most north
ern point, except it be the closing of movements
affecting the Fort Washington Heights section,
which were begun many months ago. The United
Realty and Construction Company has up to date
purchased only one property, the Trinity Building.
No. 11l Broadway. Regard!) the purchase price
of that building many reports are current. It is
learned from a trustworthy source that the sum
paid will be at least $100.00 above the C.000.000
The chief topic of conversation among real estate
men 'appears to be the probable future home of
the New-York Real Estate Salesrooms and the
Board of Real Estate Brokers after the Trinity
Building has been torn down, to be replaced by
one of the most imposing skyscrapers ever erected
m thfq cltv Not lone ae-> a weli known person
ili witirrealty transactions here
P 2, rta t nt «ti£ nen " h» said, -.should be organized
tion ought to be yy r ™* ll ™ yl^ wh Vre the public
at ordered by th< < •-■ ». ghou]d ma( ,
almost UnpossiDi for any clique of men to bid
almost UnpossiDie i < r o . t thp
for parcels offered teMnjen^ aj |f
property ..'
sale-rooms arrj man wn iem;li em;l , i!y means
I Sd would no, be
able ever to re-enter the * irm atlon of a tide
S m h o°r°tU f c 1"^ s hO u,d be able to^lo the^t
]?fUB^? f UB^e 3 Val StatS^nSi wouM be shareholders In
It and would help it alone."
Th. recent marked deve.opnvjnt of the
Apartment fijatc.s
j New York's Newest Apartment
Hotel, the Algonquin, in West
Forty-fourth Street, Opened Last
Evening and Provides a Simple
Solution for This Vexatious
Problem.-It Presents in Claim
for Public Consideration an Un
excelled Location, a Superb
Design, Modern Fireproof Con
struction and a House and Table
Equal to the Demands of the
Most Fastidious Some of the
Algonquin's Novel Features Arc
Herein Described in Detail.
There opened in West Forty-fourth street last
evening .1 new apartment hotel which represents
the last step in excellence in this class cf struct
ures, in which New-York excels the cities of the
world. This now hostelry, which stands at No.
59, just between Fifth and Sixth avenues, has
been named the Algonquin. ;tnd it is only a
question of time— and a very short time, too—
before the Algonquin becomes well known here
abouts. The elegance of the structure, the per
fection of its embodied details, combined with
the r-perfect house service of this new fam
ily hotel, bid fair to make it lead all of its class.
But there is another phase that gives the
Algonquin more than passing interest. If you
are a householder, with ever and ever so nice
a home in the exclusive upper East and West
Side districts of Manhattan, you have discovered
that there are a host of worries that constantly
spring up about you. Most of these are due to
that portion of your household that lives among ■
you for tlie sake of emolument rather than the j
hope of glory. If James has not forgotten to
close the dampers on the hot-water heater and j
you are dwelling in a torrid zone at 3 o'clock
in the morning. Maggie and Bridget are not on
speaking terms in the rear basement because
of a spirited discussion as to who really was
responsible for the spoiled breakfast. It is these
folk who keep one's house in a wild confusion
and bring wrinkles and worries to its managers.
The Algonquin, perhaps more fully than any
of its kind, seeks to solve thi.s vexatious servant
problem, this twentieth century question that is
keeping magazine essayists athought and wom
an's clubs in a perpetual frazzle. This house
gives you your home, always heated at seasona
ble temperatures, always well lighted and
spickly clean, and your servants, always quiet.
thoroughly trained, respectful and efficient. The
management of the hotel sees to it that its era
ployes .re all of these things. That is its worry
and not tho leas- little bit of yours.
Then there la the meal question. You know
perhaps of food problems as a householder.
There are the long mornings, day in and day
out. spent at the big downtown groceries and
butchers' establishments, and. far worse than
that, the occasional awful discovery that the
butter or the cream or the sugar or some other
prime necessity is .ill "out." followed by a hur
ried donning of hats and wraps for a last-min
ute expedition to a Columbus or Park avenue
market. The Algonquin solves these troublous
questions quite as easily as it solves the ser
vant problem. You have the cream of New-
York's wonderful markets served to you well
cooked and In a dainty and attractive fashion.
Your sole worry is fined to picking out your
breakfast, your luncheon. your dinner from the
menu card. You telephone your order from
j-our room and at the hour ■ tinted your meal
faction Sales
Last Four Days Before Sale
The Verestchagin
Collection of Paintings,
Including "Roosevelt's Rough Riders at San Juan," prior to thsfr sale at
unreserved auction on the evening of
Yorker .ilthoush far.=!s?hte<l b'i?!ncM m " n some
yeara ago realizea that such a chaise would bo a
natural outcome of the growth of the city's popu
lation and trade. One of the best known of th^se
men la C. C. Bhayne. the fur merchant HI wis
dom In moving to Forty-second-st. years ago Is
now evident, nnd he has been repaid by •' develop
ment of his own business fully In proportion to
that of the neighborhood. Prool of this Is that he
is about t.-. erect a new fireproof building at Nob.
1-J7 an.l 129 West Forty-flrst-st.. at the rear of and
connecting with his present establishment, at Nos.
124 ami 12>J West Forty-.second-<3t.
The new building will be tea stories hlsrh. cover
ing a plot 40xlU0 feet, and will be the most modern,
up to date structure of Its kind, erected specially
for the manufacture, sale and storage of furs.
The plans, as drawn by Ward Wellington Ward
and Albert S. Gottlieb, show a front harmoniously
treated with a combination of matt-rials in the
modern French style. The brick, terra cotta, stone
and iron are all used to give a logical expression of
the us.s to which the building is to be put.
In the cellar and sub-basement will be the heat
ing, electric Light and cold storage plants as well
as pack Ins and shipping rooms. The tlr-t two
floors will be devoted to large showrooms, lighted
by an entirely new system for the proper display
of rare furs. From the curb line to the entrance
will run a wrought iron and glass covered mar
quise to shelter customers arriving by carriage.
On the third floor will be Mr. Shayne's private
offices and clerical department, Including book
keepers, stenographers, etc. There will also be a
number of fitting rooms on this floor.
The two upper floors are devoted to the manu
facture and repair of furs and fur garments. These
lar'e workshops are lighted by glass fronts as well
as by skylights and de windows. A part of the
roof will cc arranged for drying and preparing the
ama in the intermediate five stories will .be tho most
complete storage and cola storage plant In this
country All the latest devices for the proper
preservation of furs will be made, use of.
It i. proposed to start work early in the spring.
so that the entire building and its equipment will
be ready in time for the season of the following
Max Man has purchased, through William A.
Darling rrom Paul EueU, the flve - :
apartment house No. Id We«t Eightieth-si
tween Columbus and Amsterdam ayes.. 30x10
;in ,l P..-aP ..-a cottage with about two
of ground :*t Monmouth Beach. X. J.. front
ing on the Shrewsbury River. Max Marx has sold
to Nathan Wise No. 4.' West Eighty-seventh-st., a
four story private dwelling house, 22x106 feet, and
taken In part payment Nos. 3.615 and 2.617
Thlrd-ave., west side, between Ore-hundred-and
thirty-nin'h and One-hundred-and-fortieth sts.. five
story tenement bouse*, with stor.-s. 17.5x100.3 f« t
Collins & Collins have sold to Elisha Sr.r" for
Isaac Metzger No. « East Sixty-flrst-st., a four
story brownstone dwelling house, on a lot 20x100.3
feet. It Is near the property bought on Friday by
Lewis Nixon, through Davis & Robinson, as a
home site.
Frederick Zittel has sold for James Bradley the
four story American basement dwelling house No.
250 West Seventieth-st.. en a lot 16x100 feet, to C. E.
Thornall. who will occupy the premise?.
Slawson & Hobbs have sold for Milton G. Niblo
the five story American basement dwelling house
No. 177 West Seventy-ninth-st.. ITxICC 2 feet.
* George F. Johnson & Sons have sold to Lydia EL
Bturtevant No. « Beck-sL. a lot 25x100 feet, house
2f'x."'J feet; price. JlO.iO-.
P Imperato has sold for B. Stagano to Rosalia
Beuenati No. 2,130 Seeond-ave., ■ four .tor: tene
ment house, on a lot 25.2xT5.8 feet.
rTi] Brown's Sons have sold for the estate of
apartment hotels
awaits you. Ir is the pride of the house man
agement that it can serve a private dinner un
equalled in this epicurean city, a dinner in
which the rarest of wines and choicest of viands
can be made a part upon short notice. Of
crur. c c. these me.als in the rooms are not a neces
sity. There is a splendid restaurant on th- main
floor of the Algonquin which is easily served by
the (joining first floor kitchen. The regular
service of both restaurant and room meals is
a la carte, but a special table board is provided
at a wopklv ' barge of Sl2. Pri- ate servants ar-
- their board in the hotel.
>:i to ho happily solving I
and m.-irketfnc problems, the Algonquin 1
its pal
nnects with every portion
of tht "it brings
urriage or coupe 1 , reserves the theatr« tick
ets or I 1 nodal
DAY'S WORK and washing to take home.
by respectable color**! woman. Call or
adilre«s Mr* M. C. a* West »l«t-«t.. rear.
ENGLISH N'UTtSE: large experience ner
vous ra.«.-s; be useful, 11 West 16:h
st., SIIEPHETtD, rear.
riKST-CLjUSa Laundress, open yard In
private house; family washing specialty;
can te recommended. 232 Hast Slst-st.
FIRST CLASS Swedish h«!p. mal«. and
female, «' SAMPSON A NELSON'S. 412
4th-ave. Telephone, 1.233 Madison Square.
GIRL capable of making herself gßT.eral'y
useful would like work by the day; w«ll
recommended. CAROLIN. 1S» East
GENERAL HOUSEWORK or laundress, by
colored lady, Just from th-> South; beat
of references. Apply CAMPBELL. 412 7th
ave., rear.
HOUSEWORK, very light, or mind child.
by a. respnctabl« German-American
elderly widow. Address only. Mrs. N.
SCHAEFKER. 140 Ist are.
HOUSEWORK.— By reliable young Ameri
can worn AH, permanent place In country
In adult family; excellent cook; good rater
enr,i. Call or address RELIABLE. 116
Prince bI . Brook I
HOUSEKEEPER t working); refined; do en
tire work except washlnß and Ironing In
small family: city or country. Address Z..
802 Cotumbus-ave.
HOUSEKEEPER.— By enersetlc. Indus
trious anil cyat«matlc worker; city or
country; thoroughly familiar with all
branches of department; first class creden
tial;'. ACTIVE. I2fl West «sth-st.
HOUSEWORK.— By Protestant girl: refer
ence. Address B. 8., 203 East 4.*>th-st.
HOUSEKEEPER— By respectable woman;
competent in all kinds of housework; hon
est, careful, pleasant; In small family, with
children. ANNA. 2"9 East t>2d-st.. Girls'
HOUSEWORK waited by strong CanadUn
girl: thoroughly competent: references;
city or country; no cards. 143 6th-ave.
HOUSEKF.EPER.— Making daily visits; as
sumes entire oharf?e of households. In
cluding marketing, engaging servants and
keeping accounts. Miss TILLMAN. 67 East
KM -st.
INFANTS NURSE.— A lady wishes to
place a thoroughly experienced Infant's
nursi", good training guaranteed; highest
reference. Call Monday, from 1" a. m, to
4 p. m., t>4 East 34th-3t. j
Jason Rogers eight lots on the west tide of Forest
ave.. 150 feet south of Home-st.. to William
Crockett, who will erect on the property ten two
family dwelling- houses.
T. Ortmann has sold for F. J. Foster No. 421
West Flftleth-st.. a three story and basement
dwelling house, on a lot in *x! 00.5 feet.
Nevlns & Perelman have sold a plot at Nos. 232.
234 anil 23S Kast Fourth-st. to a builder, who has
also bought the adjoining lot. making- a plot 97x97
feet, on which he will erect two six story flat
Rosansky & R;n>aport have so id the seven story
tenement house at the southeast corner of Henry
and Gouverneur sts.. 42.4x74 feet.
Jacob Fischel has sold No- 77 ami 79 Madlson-st.
to Samuel Pollock and Louis Oransky. who will
Walter Conn has sold No. «8 East Thirteenth
st.. a six story tenement house.
G. Brtttel & Son have sold for Annie Bachman
No. 312 East One-hundred-and-twen:y-flrst-st.. a
four story single fiathouse. on a lot 20x100.11 feet.
I. SmigH is the buyer of Nos. 230 and 252 Clinton
st.. a six story double tenement house, said recently
by ktman & Lewtn.
Nichols <* Lummis have leased for Mrs. Ida
Meyer to Mrs. H. M. Picabia for a term of three
years No. is West Fu'ty-fourth-st.
Apartment tjotflg.
a host of the small-fry errands of tired human
kind. Then the Algonquin furnishes additional
s?rvices. the physician, the barber, the manicure,
the hairdresser, who come to one's roomto per
form their work; the valet, the "Boots" to watch
after one's shoes, and the regular delivery of
newspapers and periodicals. All these items can
be rured with the regular hotel bills of the
hotel's patrons, as they •-m a part of the Al
gonquin's especial service.
Now, such botelkeeptng might sound attrac-
tlve !n any s»trinc. But when y«u come to
pi ice • "00l structure,
with every detail that architect or builder or
keeper car. - .- not that three-
Aigonqu nenta werej
filled .if yesi . ncr and that the r°
ng rooms bid fair to '--ngaged in the
very n •.' 1 location of
■v house, : sle point in question.
dnmmn Rracnrta.
Land of the Oranges. Pines and Palmettos
Tampa Bay Hotel
Modern. Luxurious. Fireproof Resort Hotel
Fine Golf Links. Turf Greens, Shell Roads for Wheeling, Automobiling. Pretty drives,
splendid quail and duck shooting! trap shooting and Gun Club. All kinds fishing, sailing,
launching trips. Tropical river for canoeing. Riverside Boat Cltib. Casino and Swimming
Pool. Tennis Courts, out-of-door Concerts in beautiful gardens.
A Resort for Young People A Winter Home for Families
Medicinal, Sulphur Spring, Bathing in Pool
Hydriatic Establishment Finest in America Open Jan. S. 1903
Through Pullman Cars on Fastest Trains to Hotel
HARVEY SSL WOOD - - Hotel Bellevue. Boston
Sable Dyed Fox Mnffs, $20, $25, $30. _Boa-.
$20 to $50. Fox is beautiful, but not serviceable.
C C. Shayne, Manufacturer. 41st & 4^d Sts.,
near 6th Aye.
IF YOU HAVE trouble with your house
keeper, cook, seamstress, lady's maid or
nurse. I can :'-;:: 1 .! those places by day or
week; capable .' any household affairs;
highest city references. Call always. F. F..
S(»i> Columbus-iive.. stationery store.
LAUNDRESS. — By German woman, family
washing to take home; reference. Mrs.
FISCHER, 279 West 12Sth-3t.
LAUNDRESS.— A Protestant woman as
first class laundress; no other work;
>\ .I*-* $23; city references. Corrigan's
bell. 81 Eaet UMth-st.
LAUNDRESS. — By youner »mv, to take
washing home. ADVERTISER. 84t5 East
LAITXPRES3. — Qwm wcsaasi irkshss
washing at noir.c. F. Lk. 535 M in., toa
LAUNDRESS —Swedish. thoroughly un
derstards all kinds of fine laundry wnrk;
private family; city or country: excellent
reference?. M . Bos 51 Tribune Uptown
Office. l.3e* Broadway.
L-VUNDREt-S.— First class, by the day
thoroughly understands her business
best references: Wednesday and Thursday
Address Mrs. VAlullAX. 650 3J-ave.
L.VDIES' MAIP. — Protestant: competent
and reliable; several years' h'ahest city
reference: permanent pluc« desired; city
ladles only. Address M. M.. Box "4. Tritune
Uptown I ifflce 1.364 Broadway.
professional: excellent caterer «nd man
ager: tapahle to t.ike full chars* of kitchen
wnera kltchenmald is liepf Call or Bddresa,
Btatlnu wages. A. l:.. 213 Fiist loth-st.,
near Muyvesant i irk
MAID. — By a competent colored woman. In
apartment, store, doctor's office or studio.
Apply at present employer's. 149 West
MAID.— By French plrl: wllilns and obllfr-
InK; Rood seamstress: light housework.
MARGUERITE. 14S East 49th-st.
MAID an! SEAMSTRESS— By youn« girl.
22: smart. tntelliß«nt: mind crown chil
dren: Rood seamstress. Call nt 357 17th-at..
MAID. &c— By neat colored girl. In lady's
apartment, few hours daily, or general
houaevork: sleep home nlffrus. Call or «J
ar. JUNK INS. 34'> Went ."Mh-st.
MA.IP and SEAM STRESS.— A lady wishes
to place her mal-i ami seamstress, whom
she can hlsrhly recommend, ''.'.ll between
10 and 12, M>n.! ■ and Tiiesilay, "."• Kast
B. Clarkson is reported to have sold N<v 26 West
FU'tieth-st.. a tour story v >rownstone front dwelling
house. Columbia College leasehold.
Charles Hibson has sold No. Z2s Third-av<».. a
four story building, on lot SSxIM feet, for the • ald
well estate to a Mr. Weil.
Jacques Eltner has sold to Bernhard Gordon No.
24 Stanton-st.. a three story brick butld'.ng. on lot
20x100 feet.
Leopold Barth has sold '■ Gordon. Levy & Co.
No 341 East "■■-*' • <* five story tenement house,
on lot 25x114.S feet, adjoining the northwest corner
of First-aye.
" Morris Kahn has sold to M. Lanzet No. lit East
Seventh-st.. a four story brick funding, on lot
SSx9Q ftet
juliua Berkowitz has sold to M. Muldberg No. 43
East Third-st.. a three story brick building, on lot
20x50 feet.
Chapin & Hughes have sold for Robert Gibson
No 231 West Forty-third-st.. a five story flathouse.
on a lot 2i)xl«) feet.
Frederick T. Barry has sold for a client No. 121
East Sixt^--«"oond-st.. a three story and basement
brownstone front dwelling- house, on a Jot 16xtE).S l i
feet. " " v * ■»■*■"' '"- r"
M." E. Hewitt & Co. have sold for Mrs. Mary
Casson No. 151 West Stxty-fourth-st.. a four story
brownstone front dwelling house, on a lot l&xlOO
It stands in the very r«nrn > c? the fashionabla
apartment house and hotel section of this town.
Its neighbors are lining that block of West For
ty-tourth street, and fast making It one of tb«
architectural features of Manhattan. Then that
same quiet asphalted block, well removed from
the noisy traffic of the avenues, boasts of v »
of New-York's greatest clubs, the Tale. th«
Harvard, the Bar Association, the New-Torlt
Yacht and the Century. The Racquette is only
a little further away. Down at the Fifth av*nu«
corner are Sherry's and Delmortico's. and a step
beyond them, the Grand Central Station. Oft to
the west, a single block away, is Broadway.
Long Acre Square, and all the life and gayety
of that lively new theatre section. With thes*
preat streets ro near by. th- transit facilities of
the Algonquin go without saying. Surface and
elevated lines are within easy call, while the
hotel will be quickly reached by the underground
railway from the three great boroughs of th«
city. Of course, such a house of conveniences
in so exclusive ana distinguished a section of
town is an architectural credit to its surround
ing 3. "Within and without, the structure is a
tribute to the combination of clearances and good
taste, of massive beauty and great utility, of
exquisite decoration and elaborate furnishings.
The ground floor, with its handsome lobby,
men's clu broom, ladies* reception room and <B«
general restaurant, is an index of the character
th" entire hotel.
Great care has been given the arrangement
of the apartments allotted to its patrons. Th-»
men who have designed and built the Algonquin
are experienced in this sort of building construc
tion, and In this house they have profited by
any errors, however slight, that may have been
mad- in its predecessors. The centre of each
floor above the second floor is grivpn to a public
hall, into which open the two elevators, the ser
vice room connecting with the dumb waiters
fr>m the kitchen, the stairs and the apartmen*
suites. It is the arrangement of these last that
is made an especial feature of the Algonquin.
The ordinary Xew-York apartment is lined
along a long and narrow corridor which suggests
the cabin passageways mid-decks of an ocean
liner or the narrower footway or' a sleeping car
at night. Not so -with this new house. The
rooms are arranged in square groups, each group
with its private hallway, so that in gazing
through the open door one sees not the hide
ously ugly narrow corridor of New -York apart
ment lore, hut attractive vistas and " tempting
angles in its stead.
The trim of all these apartments Is uniform, th*
woodwork of antique mahogany and the Boon
of waxed oak. Each bedroom has Its hath. a
wonderfully complete affair in white enamel,
with all the latest kinds of plumbing and toilet
appliances. The apartments are fitted with
mantels and bookcases, the remaining furniture
being furnished, as a rule, by the occupant, who
thus suits his individual taste and fancy. They
range in yearly price unfurnished from -2*' for
a single bedroom and bath up to L3SO for a.
suite consisting of a parlor, library or private
dining room, three bedrooms, three baths and a
private hallway. These are the extremes •.-. th*
Algonquin prices, and we— them almost any
person desiring to adopt the very comfortable
and satisfactory hotel life in New-York may sui*
his purse. The house management has arranged
to lease these apartments at less than ■ year
for a slight advance in the annual rates and ha*
provided several furnished rooms for M 'I*" 0
of the guests of its patrons who may b<» tempo
rarily stopping in town. Rooms for private
maids or valets may be engaged at a reasonable
Such la in brief what the Algonquin Is and
what it aims to accomplish. Tt is the latest ard
best of the fine family hotels that have lorjr
since given New-York a reputation of be::- 1 fte
great hotel city of the world. That it will be a
success is clearly shown by the large number of
rooms enjraged ard occupied at yesterday's
opening 1 . There still remain unengaged a fe""
desirable apartments and single rooms, and
these may he secured by an early application rr»
ALBERT T. FOSTER, the manager of the n»'.v
A "DVSKTISEMENTS arA subs<Ttptions far Tt« Tribur.»
•**- received at their Uptown Oface.
Between SStii an.i 37th sts.. until a o'clock p. in.
MAIT'-To eld-riy lady; -t; c-
MAID and L.\ UNDRESS— woman;
first class: can take entire charge ct
ladies, ar.d moat etSelent In sickness;
personal reference. 737 2d-ave.. Ryne's tell'
MAID and CHAMBERMAID.— Competent
young woman: first class: good laundress;
willing to assist in other duties: good per
sonal referenca. 737 C .; are. Kyae'a be'l.
rei'.ned. experienced North German; takes
full charge one or two children up to jeve-i
yeurs; kindergarten references; $25. A.,
C.'.O West 54th-st.
NEAT young German girl, lately lande*
to care ion children- ''an play i Im ar.a
do sewing MITACZFJWSKA. SB 16th-ave..
Newark. N J.
NORTH GERMAN" yean« la<Sy w««M like
to have position to nurs^ children or as
lady's maid: good seamstress, far- Mrs.
HAAO, 1 4n7 Avenue A . rear 7Sth-st.
NURSE. — By competent North German;
speak 3 French and Enidish: take full
charire of child two years old: $23: best ref
erences. M. a. 2oi» west 54th-st.
NURSE.— German. m!di!le-ased. wishes P"
.«!ti->n to si> t.> Germany with family.
VIERKOEN. 1"3 ESist 119th-st.
Nl'R^E. — Experienced: adult patients: best
recommendations. Address Miss NEW-
T< 'N. \«A Mor.mouth-«t.. Newark. N. J.
OFFICB WORK.— By r«speftab!e i-oloreil
woman; best references. Address 11. 1!..
Boa •;! Tribune Uptown Office. 1.364
do plain sewing, by young- ci*i. wi;Vi grno.t
reference. Address H. <*. care, of Kilaby.
05 East Soth-st.
PARLORMAID.— By your.gr girl: assist but
ler In private family: ha* oood references.
A<Mress M. M.. Box 37. Tribune Uptown
OrTVe. t..t»>4 Br^a.iwav.
PROTESTANT woman ««M like to mild
baby: rood reference: c!ty or country;
would make herself generally 'l■.*^l! W.
M.. Fix 2". Tribune Uptown Offlce. 1.364
feet. H. C. Senior v Co. sold the property to Mrs.
Pontus I. Thompson, secretary of the Reairr
Buyer*, reports the purchases this week by their
company of the follow properties In Erooklyu
or on Lor.? Island: Waverly Hall, a four story*
stone and iron buil-ilnjr. 47x100 feet, at Myrt'e-ave..
corner Waverty-ave.. at JT^.OOO: seven buildings at
Johnson-st. . corner Adams-3t.. or->csit* the post
office, on plot :."*\ feet: the Lambert, a. six story
eteviitor apartment, at JToOCi). said to b* one of th*
best built structures in Brooklyn. Thi* comnanv
ha> just purchased nlnetv-tlv* acres at Great N'e.-k.
Lonsr Island, considerable of which is on the bay
Charles H. Cronin has sold for Sumter A. Happy
to John Miles a plot of 73x101 fe«t on the south aUa
of the Southern Boulevard. 114 feet west of Web
Slawson A Hobbs have sold for Nora E. Whir*
the three story brownstor.e dwelling house No. ITS
"West Eighty-thlrd-st.. lot 16x1212 feet
No plans for new buildings wer» filed yesteriaT.
Justice Fitzgerald, of the Supreme Court, yes
terday appointed Harry N. Kohn receiver for tb«
U "
Apartment fjotels.
RESPECTABLE ynunr — «ttnrl
work of ai!7 kind. Mr 3. H.. 223 \Tesa
29th-st.. on- flight, front.
RE3FECTABLE worr.sa wMm f tak*
hoirw family washing by the month c?
go out by th» day; best clrv ref»^«n^ s ".
Has third beD. Mr?. DIVING. 254 " East
RESPECTABLE wc-rr.aTj will nrt f-«
walking child. 4t:3 Uth-ave.. ii «oor
front. "
REV SPFS. ,V» Wes- 133th-st.. r»! aMe coi
c.a::y. Tei i>7l4 B. Ha-
SEAMSTRESS. — Good: wlshas more prtvat*
families: dresses raad? oT#r. c^ot^e»
mer.dlng: $1 a <Jay and carfare. R. J. i«m
East 12il-st.
REAU. 2^2 West 47th-st. — We furnts*
you first class senants. mal* cr female.
Randolph. proprietors. SIS West 12ith-flr.
Tel. 25*4 A. Harlem. — Best help constant'^
on hand; city or - ■■■-}-, . call order*
prorr^tly atrer.le.l to.
tf.a;. •

TRAINED NURSE. Frer.ch-Swlss. ■xlsh?'«
pern.ar.fn: ?cs::lon of -r-ist In a familrj
best city re'erer.ces. T. F.. Box 30. Tri-»
bune Uptown Omc«. 1,384 Broadway.
WOMAN to Jo waahinjr. clearrtcy or of!irm
work by Jay or wees. Mrs. DOVT<jf-»
Vji.r.F il3 West 221-st.
! TOUNG girl would like wcrk. cleaning
bachelor apartnr.er.t3 or artist studios:
wintr.e: hor.^at. etc: references. AGNE3
DWVEH. 237 East 2Tth-s:.
WA.-IHNiJ — G»rT.an w.->raan wishes fam!:r
washtns? to take home. M: KIEKER,
4Cs W-ave.
WAIT!: — First class: seren year be«t
city reference, fan fill Sutler's p!ic-».
A.iJress K. D.. care of Kiliby. C 3 Ei»«t
\DVSRTISEMENTS an.i 9nhscrtptlor!s ' »
Ths Trtbun- received at their Uptjwn Of
fice. No. 1.3K4 BroaJway. between 3»ith ani
37th ■**; until ft o'clock d. m. Advertise—
meets receive.! at the following fcrasch of-
Sees at resrJlir r.fflc- rates until 8 o*clocle
p. m.. vis.: 234 Sth-»ve . s. c. cor. 23<J-»?.;
I.V? <sth-ave.. cor. 12th-st. : -2 East Uth-sr :
257 We^t 42d-st.. tetw->en 7rh an.i 3th ives. :
-.••s3 "West 125th-st. : 1.33S 3d-ave.. herweert
For other narrow a .I* see Pace ■&

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