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rTHJggSKTK) R>LJD of j
iACIX<I-At Morris Park. Wortta. St. Loui? and Louls
IAFEBALL.— NaiionaJ Leaeu* — Cincinnati at Neir>
York; ChirApo at Ercoklyn: St. Lou:» at Eoston:
Pittsburg at Philaflelnhia. American League — Xew-
Tork at Detroit; Phsnad*!rMii *t Cli:cago: Boston at
j Cleveland; TVaFhlnfrtun et St. Loui*. Coilege games —
'VimeJl at Williams; Brown at Unlverritj- of F*nn
pjlvanta: Tuf»s at Vermont.
ACROSSE.— Htbart ai Hanard.
RN.VJS.— rvnib]«>s. a; Co'.umbU.
,ur Casta Gets Crotona — Rosetint's
Third Victory.
Uix Casta. the four-i"«ar-o)d filly who ran euch
S aaaaxir.r.y F"'<s race \r. the Metropolitan Handi
j». 2nl«hiisg- third to Gunflr* and O!d England,
■terdar showed herself to be a consistent per
rmer by taiiii? the Crotona Handicap, at six
-j-longs, from a fle!d of nine more or less com
peat •printers; The Albernarle Stable, to which
lex Ca*ta belongs. e\-Idently thought that two
paea Btood a better chance- than one. and it added
* flve-year-oid brown mare TVealth to the list
; Crotona car.didatrs. Foxhall P. Kcene's ractaa;
presentatrve aiso decided to start the handicap
rsw Olympian. The students decided with great i
suximlty that the Albemarle Stable had every
0K ca paper to ■vria. ar.d the pair were made
tfsVsf J&voritee. Xewton Eennlr.gton's Royal
A the entire conSdence of his o*-ner. and th-e
sjsflssnaa horse vas played quietly but perslstent-
cress the board.
a-fler the running cf the Crotona there were |
Sterling Quality
and delicious flavor
Sold in bottle only.
At a!! dealers.
B. KIRK & CO., N. V., Sole Bottlers.
Description Fails Is!
Taaaauat larvMsfjasskt tfce sj*sjsacM TWO
PKHD GKAJL IWtt Hi<->«1».» climb raoua
to" easjr. B*l seal
23 :■ ears et
12 Warren Street, New \ork.
SflLsjs^SejQ^ *^**j&f*"^l*\*&^^^£%!/^^+. «■»? ißr «s9s£l KssaT sbsC -vß»ai Bbssf Ms!
j, jfljfSiF iSt i^^^jwH>Tr*tf*fe-^" J9Wv9Hvß"^> JvSbE Q^v Jug fiQ^^MlffjEj
jj3 f\ a, * _ry V.*'^****' '^^jf PKp^bj>bm 'CtsH^lH^V^ MtHtf&fQ^Bw BmkjlmSß^F je *<& '%*■
(t would take the President's salary for one year to pay for the Cremo
5c Cigars sold in one day — over a million a day. That's why some
dealers try to sell you a substitute on which there is more profit.
The genuine Cremo is too good to be sold for less than sc. Insist on the
Tlie 'Band £s the SmoKer's Protection
X '"^^^B^^^'"^ The Largest Seller In the World J
- 1 ■ jr
many critics who contended that Royal* was the
best horse in th- race. Iftwevtr this iray b#, lie
certainly acquitrtid himself with credit. Odom was
up on Lux Casta, and he handled the- Blly with
skill ar.d judgment. With Olympian and Lady
T.'ncas keeping her company. ]/jx Oasta led a
strangling: rorcwiloii through the backstretcb 2nd
around the upper turn. When the top of ihe home
stretch was reached O'Neill went to the whip on
lioyal, and ■rfaen, a sixteenth of a mile further
on. the horse drew alongside of Lady Uncas. that
mare dropped out of the hunt without more ado.
Olympian, too, had had about enough racing, and
surrendered the place to Rojal fifty yards from
home. O;Xeill rode a \irorcus finish.
The last race of the afternoon, a handicap, for
three-year-olds and upward, over the "Withers Mile,
attracted quite as icta interest as the Crotona.
It brought together such well knov. : horses as
Colonel Bill, who was asked to carry 12C pounds,
which effectually anchored him; Bonnibert, 116
pounds; Mexican, 130; River Pirate, 10S. Zcrcaster.
US: Flying Butir-ss. 95. and Knight of Harlem. SS.
River Pirate carried Perry Belmont's colors, which
were up for the first time this year. The Behnont
colt was made a slight favorite over R. T. Wllaota.
jr.'s. Mexican. The latter colt, however, had all
the speed, and ran out in front nith his head up
.til well into the homestretch. There, he settled
down to work, ani had enough left to meet River
rate's challenge. Zorcasrer, who had run con
spicuously all the vn\, was with the pair in the
last furlong-, and the three went under the wire
heads apart. ZonHaXer getting the place.
Jchn Boden's Hastings filly Rosetlnt. after be-
Itaiiac like a shrew ai the post and incidentally
putting: Eurr.s ever her head, went uut the mo
ment the barrier was raised and in her business
i;ke way calloped seven furlongs fast enough to
beat a field of five fillies and mares. It was Rose
tint's third straicht victory this spring .
■With only Orloff. Ink and Glennevis to beat In
the first race, mither the students aor the layers
could "see anything but New- York." The Journey
wa- only six and a half furlongs, and In the Metro
politan Handicap the Sir Modred colt had run that
distance at a ciip thai carried him along in the
first flight with Gun&ra apd Old England. He car
ried 123 pounds yesterday— fifteen pounds more
tiian in the handicap— but the difference In weight
had apparently.no effect upon his spirits or speed.
Bullman took him away from the barr!i-i running:,
and only once, when Orloff ran up to his throat
latch on the far turn, did hi? opponents pive him
any i«emblance of a race. Ink passed Orlofl in the
l«u»t eighth and took the place from the Daly
gelding as easily as New-York won the race.
W. C. WUtney's Hamburg colt Ltonida«. who
ran an excellent race in the Juvenile, his first time
out. finishing just outside the money, disposed of
eight youngsters In the second race and came down
the last fovr and a half furlongs of the Eclipse
Course righting tor bis head. Waterbury brought
the Western horse Toledo, who was campaigned
all winter on the Pacific coast, through with a lot
of pptcd and took the place from Yellow Hammer
by three parts of a length.
So far as a large working majority of the noaM
en? In the third race were concerned, they mii- r ht
quite es w*i! have been left in their stables. Re
liable, a Watercress colt owi.ed by W. '" Whit
ney, made th<m lock Hk»* a drove of broncoes.
The route was over the full Eclipse Course, and
Reliable came down the Ijill all alone. J. B. Hag
pin's St. Judg-e was a rather sorry second, with
Aiurust Belmonfs Ninespot third. Although it
w a s race tlie speculators were k sure
of Reliable's ability to win that he was held at *
ridiculously Bhort price. Th<- students had an
excellent afternoon, five favorites and one second
choice coming home in front.
Leonora Loring, who was entered in the fourth
race, was withdrawn at post lime. She ha* a badly
ulcerated tooth, which may keep her in her BtaU
for some time. Blaokstock also wa.* withdrawn
frora the last race. His bad front legs were still
shaking rrom the fffects of Saturday's race, it
was said. Mr. Whitney won with the two horses
which started in his color?.
FIRST RACE— 3-year-oMs nr.d S>»SIH. non-winner» of
*2.000 in ISC2 or litfi3. or cf more than two race* in
VJO3; last CVr furlonss of Wither* Mile.
• nettlnff.
The notion Ruble's b. c. N>w-York 'byM
Sir H-S.red-ilvwftiiQ. 4. 123. .(Hul!man» ! &— lO out
Ink. 8. 65.. (Haack) 2 6—l 7— S
OHaC 3. 105 <Burut)3 3—5 2—5
G!enn<-vi«. 3, 103 (Martini. 40 to i ani 6 to 1. aiao rao-
Start eoofl; won ensily. Time. l:i:0U.
SECOND 2-year-olds; last 4«A furlong? of Ec!lp«e
Cours.- . <
W. C. Whitney's br. c. Leonidas, by Ham
— Boise. 11SJ ißurni»)l 7—57 — 5 1 — -
Toledo, Hi) iWatf -rhury) 2 — 1 4 — •">
Yellow Hammer. U2 (Fuller) 3 15—1 6—6 —
Aristocracy, 112 AVonderly), 12 to 1 anl 5 to 1; La
Theron. 112 (Haack), 10 to 1 and 4 to I; Goldbeater, 112
<H. Cochran>, 20 to 1 and 8 to 1; Sir Walt 109 (J. Var
tlm, 10 to 1 and 4 to 1: Trogon. 112 (Gannon), 12 to
1 and .'. to 1. and Montpelier, 112 (Sbea). 00 to 1 and 20
to I, also ran. Start straggling; won easily. Time, 0:M.
THIRD r: \< X Maidens 3 rears and over. H-lipse
V. C- Whitney's b. c. HrllaUr. bj Water
cress — Arnettc. 3, S»j ....... .(Gannon) l 7 — 10 I—*1 — *
Pt. Jud* 8, :•."> ißoles*n}S 7— l 2«»— 1
Ninespot. 3, »8. (McCaiterty) 3 6-1 — 1
Love Xote. 3, Xi (Henderson i, Bto 1 and" 3 to 1; Tim
D., Jr.. 4. 113 (Fuller). 7 to 1 and 2% to I; Bassanio,
3. i's (Haack), 40 to 1 and 15 to 1; Hontag. 8, !« (Calia
ham. V> tt> 1 and 4 to 1; Re-ckies*. 3, its (Martin). «*■> to
Ear* Kou l; Taps, 4. (Barns), ."/» tr> lto 1: Tim
Jr.. J 113 (Fuller), 7 to 1 and 2% <> I; HaFsanio,
:•:> (Kaack), 4" to 1 and IS to 1; Bontac, 8, '.« iCalla
. > 4 to 1. Reckless ."., :••> (Martin). w> to
-. 4 113 . Bui I - 30 to 1 and 1<» to
1; Harlem Qu>-«>n. 4. 108 (Daly). Wtl to 1 and 30 to 1;
The Guide. :>.. fiS (Cocliran). I<><> to 1 and -30 to 1; Knock
about. 4, 113 <L>unn>, 2UO to 1 and <'<" to 1, Hackett, 8.
95 (Dp Souza), 00 to 1 and 20 to 1. ana Pipe, 3, '■>'•
<D. ■•'>' •■•■■:•. B0 to 1 a-tid -'■> to 1. also ran. .Start (food.
Easily. Time, I:J4.
over; last <> furlongs Withers MiJ»
Albemarle Stable's b f. "Lux C'4sta, by
Dono-. an— lAicasta. I, 115 . (Odonn i 0— v 4-.".
Royal. ,".. 118 iO"J*eHl> 2-15 -1 6—l
Olympian. ■", IKS . - .(Gannon) 3 7—l 2' : — 1
guisher, 4. i»7 (Shea), 12 to 1 and "i to 1: Wuwlft.
4, 106 (Wonderly). 6 to 1 and - to 1; *Wealth. 4. H2 (Mc-
Oaffertyi. 9 to 5 and 4 to S; Lady Uncas. C. Sin (J. Martin).
7to 2 and 7to 6; Hir;.-.- 1 , 5, 103 ID. O'Connor), 50 to 1
an,i 15 to 1; X..--a: Summons, S; t»7 iConnell). S to 1 and
3 to 1. and Demurrer. 5, 103 (Walaa), SO la 1 and 15 to i,
also ran. Start (cod. Won driving. Time, 1:11.
FIFTH RACE — Mares and fi'.lies 3 y:ir% and over; last
7 fnrfons* Withers Mile.
J. Boden's eh. t. Rosetint, by Hastings--
Rosemary, 3. 101 (Burns) 1 1-1 out
Fnturlta, 3, 101 . . . Kxannoni 2 •?—."■ out
Torchlißht. 4. IIS (Brennan) 3 20 — 1 7—l7 — 1
Athlana. 3. 101 (R!ce>, 2S to I and 7 to 1 ; Lady Parah.
3. .03 <• Ltaan) -'■ to 1 and 7 to 1. md -Nun. 3. f3.(Hen-
Oerson), 25 to 1 and 7 to J. also ran. Start g<;cd. Won
easily. Time, l:2T'i.
SIXTH HttuTlran; 3 years and ever; Withsrs Mil».
R. T. Wilson, jr.'s. oh. c. Mexican, by
Mirthful— Uandrino, 3. 110.. .. ißurnsi ßurns 1 2'j- ' 4 -.*.
Zorcas;tr. a^ed. 11)3 <l-"^«lleri 2 H—lH — 1 3—l3 — 1
River Pirate, 3, 106 <Hicks) 3 S-^3 3—.*.
Flying: Buttress. 4. 90 (Callaliarn. IS to 1 an 4 '< to i :
Knight of Harlem, 4. >>s (Henderson >,". lo to T and 10 to 1:
Bor.nibert. 5, lit; (j Martin), B to 1 and 8 to 5, ajid
Colonel Bill. 4. 126 (Rice). 20 to 1 and 7 to 1, also ra'>.
Start good. Won ridden out. Time. 1:39%.'
FIRST RACE — For three-year-olijs; non-winners at any
. tim" of 51. 300. with fI.OOO added..' I^ast »lx furlongs
, of Withers Mil«.
Neme. Vt. I Name Wt.
Sovereign Hljßrißht Gir1...... 104
Red Knight 11l Colonsay .....' 104
Turnpike 11l Nlc Loncwortli 104
First Chord 11l Ro>»l Pirate 104
St. Daniel 109|Mesm'er .. 102
Proffer .' JOPjCasta'.lan 101
The Guardsman 10S|Sailmaker 101
Ptroller lOtfjTwln Ro^. . . 101
Rene lG4jSemper Vivum -.. 08
SECOND RACE — For colt*, two year? old., to carry 110
pounds; winner o* any race not an overnight rac«
barrel- L^rst five furlongs of. K-.lipse Course.
TamarSx 110!Bryn Mawr 110
Tim D., Jr llOiHandsUp 110
THIRD RACE — For nlli»s and g»::in|t9, two years ol3;
to carry 107 pounds; winners of any but an overnight
race Larred. I^-'st four and one-half furlongs of the
Eclipse Course.
Heather Down 117|Cyprienti« 107
Valour 110!Gananoque 107
Fickle 110 Vagary 107
The Lady Roh<?sia UOllshlana 107
FOURTH RACE— THE HARLEM (M|Tlll|l . for thrcc
year-olds ana upward. The Withers Mile.
Bon Mot, lUiXeranDOM • 101
Hlcnland r 11l Duke at Kendal 100
Numeral 11l ColonUt OS
I:, j KMsht 104
FIFTH HACK— for three-year -olda and upward;
ith (1,000 ad'ledf. I^ast seven furlongs of Wltben
Young Henry 118 Merrymaker 101
Fyrlln 1 15 Scoffer .' 9»
Satira ll&lLord Advocate Vil
•9t. Sever 113|lthan m
Agnes P 1"P The Talisman li>*
litmom» JOS | Clnelnnatus U5
Paul lifford 105 shoivi:.an !»4
Early Ev« Bobblnet *3
Examiner l'H i
SIXTH RACE— Handicap: for three-year-olds and tip.
ward: with " J1.200 addej. On« an<T sixteenth
miles, ov«r the hill. .■,*"••;'
Zoroaster 1 McWiiliarna .- 104
Hunter I'.aine 112; Animoatty 10i)
lk.n Mot -.■.lllißoaaneo '. 5)3
Numeral 110]
First race fstjc fu, ■■•■>- Au Revolr. 115 (Coburn), 7
to 10. won; T.'raru Jin. - 115 (Domlnlck). 15 to 1. e«i-ond;
U«f.<-s.nll. Polo Ground*, to-day. 1 a. n»., Cincinnati
vs. N«w york. Adm. 60c.
Dan McKenna. 115 <Henry). 0 to 2, third. Time. l:13
Angelo and LauralißhtPr also ran.
Second race (four &vA one-half furlong-s> —^Tressllian,
91 (Shilling). 60 to 1, won; Shaltan, 05 (Robbins). 9 to 2.
second; Elle. 03 (R. Fozell). 12 to 5 third. Time. 0:35.
Dick Ripley. Tom Rees. Jerry Flanagan. lilceful. Clare
mont, J. Reiff and St. Tucket also ran.
Third race (one and one-rlxt^f-nth miles)— Bonnie Lls
sak. 105 (Birkenruth), 16 to 5. won: Frank M. 103 (Rob
bin?), 3 to 1. second; 111 Kelna. S6 (I* Wilson) B to 1
third. - nme, 1:47,*. Alfred C, Jack lioyle, Urchin.
Domadcre, Memphian. Mary Moore also ran. Pyrrho bled.
Fourth race (handicap: seven furlonps) — Beau Ormonde
116 (Domlnick), even. won; Gre^or X.. 100 <P l'hi!llps>
J> to 2, second: C B. Campbell. M 8 (A. Halli. <\ to 1.
third. Time. 1:27. Charlie Thompson and Prince ot
V.', lurance also ran. Ab? Frank fell.
Pifth r:i<-:- (six and on^-hp.lf furlongs)— Tayori, 112
Domlnirk). 9 to 10, won; Pnllback. >>7 (Bobbins), 18 to
1. ■econd: Kllvei Fizz. 1"! (Kzelli. 13 to Z,. third. Time.
1:20% Dr. Moody. *Usa Manners, Blue Mint, Optional
an>) Chicago <»irl also ran.
Pixtii race tone uii> and seventy yards t— Flyinß Tor
pedo. t'f» fEzell) 5 to -. won: Scotch PlaidT. i<m (Henry);
K-cn. second; Alma C.irl. 100 (C. Kelly), 2-"> to 1, third.
Time, 1:44%. Potheen and Caliban also ran.
First ri- <'■'■.)■ furlongs)— Sara Rose. I<V: (H. Booker),
S to 4, won; Gold Piece. 05 (Helseaoo), 4 ti> l. .-.•■.. i,:.
Morning Star. »5 (Scully). 3 to 1. third. Tline. u:4SU.
Nettie- E. and Natalya alto ran. ' . ' .
Second rare (sf-Illng; tcven turlongß) I>ittlc Duchesi It,
100 (H«-Igeson), 4 to 1. won; Lou AV'oods. 111 (U'inkri«-W>.
s tn 1, second; Tom Kingsleir. 113 (R. WHliAms>, 3 to I.
third. Tin..-. ■ !::•>. ■ Weddln* March, Dr. Hart I^ocust
Blossom, Insolence. Choice, L.ysbeth and Buckley aloo ran.
Third race (handicap; one mile)— Silk Cord, ill (He-lg""
son) 5 to 1, won; Woodlake, 85 (Scully). t. to 1, second;
Jlminez,- 104 (J ReiS). 3 to 1. third. Time. 1:41. Uleid,
siifrin, Florizar, Love'B Labor, Henry Ben and Wain-a-
M'.-in»n also ran.
Fourth race isfliinp: four and one-half furlongß)—Baln
land 111) (J. ReifO, '- to 1. won; ICondon, li"i (Roberts),
8 to 1. ■econd; Prince Rupert. 90 (Ljndsayi. 30 to 1. third.
Time. O:55 I s. Leech, ite^uisite ani Henry Luehrniann,
Jr., also ran.
Fifth race 'five — Bettsontwrst. S7 (Ueed), eren.
tvon; Talpa, U»i >B. Davis). 20 to I. second: T» iL 94
(Helgeson), S to 1. third. Time. I:00}4. Jak" Grcenburg.
Grand, M3rj'. Harlem Lane and Travers also ran.
Sixth race (sellina*; one and one- sixteenth miles] CoKf>
irell. 114 (Winkfield), 3 to 1. won; Aimless. 1"4 «H.
Davis). 7 to 1. ■econd: Adelante. 10G (Hdceaon). 4. t0 I,
third. Ttme. 1 :4:>. Captain Duckadoc. Late'a Fonse, Mint
Bed. Captain nußli Bradley and Larkspur also ran.
Paris. May 11. — K. Vanderbilfs Frederica ran
third In the race for the Prhi "\Vrb<M«<> to-rJay at the
SI Cloud meeting. -
English Team from Oxford ami
Cambridge to Play Here.
Boston. May 11.— A team of golf players from th<»
Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society, composed
of graduates and undergraduates of the two uni
versities, will come to this country in Auerust to
make a tour of American links, according to a.
cable dispatch received to-day by G. Herbert Win
deler, president of the United States Golf Associa
tion. It had been feared that the invitation ex
tended to the Enßlishment to come to America
would not be accepted, on account of a misunder
standing which arose when the plan of. an inter
national tournament was perfected. To-day's ca
blegram cams from T. Mansfield Hunter, secretary
of the Oxford and Cambridge society. Further par
ticulars are coming by mail.
The plan of Inviting the English golfers to this
country originated with President windewr, and
was proposed by him at the annual meeting of the
United St3tee 3olf Association, in Newport, in
February, l!«i'. Some discussion arose over the
conditions of the proposed visit, and the proposi
tion was not accepted. At the annual meeting, in
February of this year, however, the American as
sociation voted unanimously to Invite the KiiEli.-h
Cleveland, May 11.— Four hundred and fifty-ti\e
hors<-B are catalogued to be Bold at the Fasig-Tip
ton sale In this city, to begiir to-morrow. Among
the more notable animals to be sold are I-ou Dillon,
who went half a mile at to-day* speed test in 1:00%;
Anzella. 2:o6*i,- DoMy Dillon, 2:07; K-y Direct, who
has a 'rial record of 2:0S l i. and other horsese of
kou^s records on the turf. Lou Dillon v one of ■
consignment from the Henry PJerce estate ot
Santa Rosa. Cal., and for whom Mr. Pierce la aaid
to have refused an offer of ">.<••'.
Spalding's Lav. n Tennis Annual for tM Is now ,
ready. It has been edited by J. Parmly Paret, the
woll known export, and is MM of th* mo«t com
plete year books of the game ever published. The
contents of its 256 pages embrace the following, *üb
jects: Revl.-w of last season; the official ranking
ror IMS; leading players for the laat eighteen years.
The illustrations are a notable feature of the publi
cation, and comprise portraits et all th«» prominent
tennis players and scenes at notable tournament*.
It will be sent to any address In th* United States
or Canada upon receipt of 10 < <»nts by the publish
ers, tho American Spor(a Publishing Company, I\os. |
1« and i| Park Place.
Championship Date and Special Con
test Announced.
A list of sixteen open club tinii|i>ia»iili includ
ing the annual championship and a special " chal
lenge contest at Van Cortlandt Park, was an
nounced yesterday at the adjorned meeting o" the
Polo Association, held in the Lawyers' Club. Tl:.
most interesting features in the season's completed
tournament list are the award of the champion
ship mutch, the big contest ,of the polo year, to the
Philadelphia Country Club, for June IS to CO, and
the offer of a special challenge cup by the Polo
Association to be played on the polo fields at Van
Cortlandt Park from September 13 to IS. The ad
dition of the latter series Is partly due to the ;
coming visit of th^ Knglish team and the tiesire
to arrange a big tournament in which, they may
t:,u*t the prominent clubs near the city.
Van Cortlandt Park Is the public headquarters of
Squadron A, and the polo club of the squadron had
made an application for the championship, but
I bUadelphla'a claims were too strong to be ignored.
The Bpecial series in September should retmll in
polo of genuine championship order, for the entire.
English, team will be oompoM I of those who are
rated as first class players abroad, and the best
teams In America will be drawn gainst them.
It was announced thai five members will .-om^
over to compoK Urn Engiish team. Major U. K.
Ansel 1. of the Inniskillen Dragoons, and Major
Vaughn, of the Seventh Hussars, will be the fourth
and hfth members respectively. The other rlav
ers, as previously decided on. art" W. <"!. Buck
master, a. Rawlinsoti and Frederick Freake. They
will arrive early in August. . ......
All of the old officers or the Polo Association
v/ere re-elected, with the exception of Thomas
Hitchcock, ir.. of the Elxecutlve Committee, who
declined to win another term. Oliver W. Bird, of
the Meadow Brook Club, was chosen in his i lac.
The committee, ther»-for>\ stands as follows: H. I.
Herbert, chairman; William A. Hazard, secretary;
i; H rL ,r Gould, of Lake wood; John C Oroome,
of Philadelphia: R L. Agassis, of Boston, and OH- j
ver W. Bird, of Meadow Brook. The secretary,
Mr. Hazard, Is expected to sail from Europe oext
The complete ii"t of tournaments Includes t^**!?*
championship and special gjunm
May IS-27 — Wastesaster Country Club.
May 2-S-June 13 — Maadow Brood Club. i^nc Mai '
May 30-.Tun» 3 — D*von. P»nn.
Jun« 4-17— Br\n Mawr. l'fv.r<
Ji-n» --' 'liiinif.ionship and jani'-r championship,
Phllu.!plr>hi<i Country Club.
.Tune 27 July — Rumson r.->l^. Crab, Kiw Jsiasy.
.Tuly 4-1* — Rockaway Hunting Club. I^nc Island.
.inly 20-23 — Great Neck. I^mc; Islam!.
July 27-Auca>> 3— Saratoga Polo Ch*
Auriist 1-12 — Point JuJith. Narracan*ett. R. I.
\urust 13-25 — W«atebMt«r Polo Club. Newport, R. I.
Aujf'ist 27-Bepternber S Myopia, Hamilton, Ma««.
B>ptember 4-12— Dedhsja, Mas*.
Bcptembcr lft-2»— Vaa Osrtlaadl Park, or-n r-ha!i»n«»
tournament. _' '' ;■- ■ ■
September 21-C6 — Ptaten Island Folo l'jb.
September 2s-Octobef 3 — Rumford. Provldaae», R. I. 1
Horses and Carriages.
'Established 1834
Exclusively the product of our own works.
Designed for the ensuing Spring and Summer.
Panslboot Victorias in three sizes, Four-Passenger Open Phaetons
with umbrella ennopias.
Station Wagons, in various sizes and styles
New mod:! light weight Hansom Cabs.
Now on exhibition at our warerooms opposite ths 3road Street
Station of the Lackawanna Railroad,
Boston Club to Enter Crew at Henley Next
Boston. May 11.— . Union Boat Club. ©f-Jhis
city, is planning 1 to enter an SSgM oared crrw next
season for the Henley Grand Challenge < "up. Amotis
those considered as available material arc F. • Jv.
Hlgginson, Hutfh Ba.nt-roft. JaiBSS Lawrence." J.»hii
I^awrence, Guy Bancroft, Captain McGr?w. Dr. Sfa
grath. ex-Captain Bullard. Cray, of the ••»► Wa>s
crew, and several other Harvard men. inclqdlsg
Walcott. who is now regarded as a possible stroke
of tht- Harvard 'varsity crew.
Several of the3e men havf been. rowing in fir^
Union ei&ht which la to take purt in the Ameri
can Asaociation regatta, to be b< l«i In Philadelphia
on July 2. Guy Bancroft has been stroking th»
crew, James Bancroft is booked for No 7. Hush
Bancroft for No. 6. Dr Ma^rath for No. 5. "I>lc>*
Lawrence for No. 4. Hawes for No. 3. with rh.
other seats in doubt. Th« promoters of the plat;
were advised that the Henley stewards would bs
pleased to receive such an entry.
Second 'Varsity, to Row on Memorial Day,
Has Three New Men.
Ithaca. N. V.. May 11.— Tha Cornell second "var
tlty crew, which will row asalnst Harvard. f>r'
sylvania and possibly Columbia on Memorial Day.
was given ■ bi^ shake ur> this ttfternoon. For som
tim^ past it lias been apparent that although th*
rombinatloti w;»s rewni in sjood form it was nrtt
mukins good lime, and Courtney has repeatedly
threatened to mak-* a radical move. The defeat
of ' the combination by th^ freshmen Saturdar
aisrht brought the case t.. a head, and ■when th^
rrew was saads up to-nisht three freshmen had
displaced the m:n that have b*>*>n rowing in, t!»»
shell for eial week*. / : ',
Foote went in at No. • 'n plac9 cf Tompsor*.
Brandow went in at No. 3 in place af Gat« 9. and
Kd. Foote went in at bow. Kdmonston. who h*s
been rowing bow. v.** shifted to No. i>, and Shade.
who has been holding that seat, was relegated to
a. four oared combination. . '-
Thn crews did not have a race to-night, but took
a Ions: twelve mile mile row to Crowbar Point an<J
back. The new combination pave Mr. rourtney
much encouragement, for he said when th« crew
returned to the boat %ou»e that it was the best
second 'varsity h" had got together this season.:
nether the combination i* final or n>">T depends)
on the showing made In a rac* wM will •b*
rowed to-morrow night.
Toledo. Ohir», ilav 11. QsOjrgH H. Ketcham is pT»«
parlns: to take Oawc^M C4B)|) to Europe th!»
fall. The stallion will be shown In exhibitions in
Enrla.id and on tl.e Continent. Th« present season
ill close Aurust I, and th* first exhibition nil*
will b*> trotted late In August at Dayton, Oht->.
OJOVJJOI and Carriages.

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