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, SPORTS and
RACCfO.— Brighton Beach. 2:30 p. m
POLO.— At Rocl«TP«y Beach. 4:".rt p. m. at Van C. rt-
Unfit Park. 5:30 p. m
CRICKET.— AII-Philadelphia, at Worceeters.hir-. Errand:
aietrcpoJitaa District Le%?uc .-gainn Nev-Wrl: Af
eodaxion at Pr.j*r"- t Park.
XJLWJT TENNIS.— New-Tork State rhamplonghir* »*
Syracuse: Pea bright Invitation toumamsit; Xufaclm
eett« State champ!' at Magrajlia.
tXXL?. — handicap at MontcUir; wcmfn'i putting
eonp«tlUon a". Lake Mahcp&c.
JIAEKBALL— League— New-York at Ptttsbur*;
Boston at Chicago. American Lea r^e— Detroit at
JJew-Yerk. 4 p. m.; Bt I»uls at Washington; rhicafo
at Phil«d«-lphta: Cleveland at Boston.
Overnight Handicap Provides Best
Race of Day at Brighton.
It sometimes happen: that the most* valuable
S>urse fails to brins about the most ?r rited horse
race. And this was conspicuously (he rase at
Brighton Beach yesterday. There was the Glen
Cove Handicap, for threo-year-olds. at three-quar
t*rs of a mile, with BJM in added money, and a
list of starters that promised much. It was to be
the feature of the day's racing, and. as far as its
monetary value was concerned, it was. There was
another handicap, however, one of the ordinary
overnight fort. arranged for the older division, at a
mile and an eighth, and the running of it made tho
Glen Cove almost as tame in comparison as th«>
musical sprint of the merry-so-round thorough
In the overnight affair mx horses provided the
amusement, aft^r the Western colt Elliott and
"Father BiU"s" Da'.y had been withdrawn. Mr.
Vosburgh placed 1-6 pounds on Hunter Elaine, which
tnads his impost all the way from twenty to eight
pounds greater than tbe weight his opponents had
to carry. W. R. Condon carried U6 pounds. Car
dinal Wolsey, one pound 1»fs: Cogswell. 106; Tugai
Bey, 107. and Tborneycrolt 117.
The race proved that in this instance Mr. Vos-
V»urgb had made his work as near an exact science
as ti\% handicapping of po uncerUiin a thing as a
racehorse can be made. For a mile* the half dozen
runners were so close together that a vest pocket
<-nmera would have Included them all. The black
gelding Cogswell was the firtt to spoil the picture,
but when he dropped out the others closed in
•juicily, and as they faced the stretch Cardinal
"^Voltey. W. R. Condon. Thorneycroft and Hunter
Raine -were- heads apart All of them had been
Played, and the different factions In the grandstand
b»gan riding them home as desperately as the fco>s
on their backs-. The Troubadour colt had a shade
Hie best of it. but Hunter R:r:n* hung to him, in
>pite of his Impost, and as the two passed the
Judges they were so close together that the players
found themselves twisted into all sorts of contor
tions In their frantic efforts to get their horses
home flret. The Condon ptudents were successful
by a nose. 'Thcrneycroft was third.
The Ben Strome filly Eania Burch. with 117
pounds, was selected to beat the nine other candi
dates in the Glen Cove. The weight war. too much
for her. however, and J. G. Follaasbee's Bathhamp
ioa flliy Astaiita. with US pounds, ridden by Hicks,
■«"»n from the moment she left the starter's hands.
la the stretch Ur Voorhic?. one of J. B. Haggin's
Sir Uodredc. fell in behind Astarita. and they
finished In this order, with Gravina three parts
cf a length behind the second horse. Eugenia
Burch was a bit sluggish in getting away, and the
•weight effectually anchored her.
On the way to the inclosure "Wbltey" Langdcn
tell in with "Sol" Liehtenstein. the bookmaker,
and before the two left the train Langdon had bet
I,icnt*n!-te!n HJOO to 13,750 th3t Daly's Albert filly
Luminosity would win the tlfth race, a selling
affair for two-year-olds, at three- fourths of a mile.
There were seven ordinary youngsters in the
contort, and T umi.-'.o*;iy showed them all the way
home. As the closed at 9 to 5. Lanpdon got more
than a shade the best of the market— of
Alter "Terry" McGovern's Cinclnr.atus had run
Kpcond to Dark Planet in a selling race for three
year-olds and upward, be continued right on, as
though the contest were a continuous performance,
and little De Soosa vas carried a mile and a six
teenth before he could stop the cot. Row.-r.a won
the opening race, at five and a half furlongs, from
eight two-year-old geldings and fillies, and Lux
<'a?ta took the last race, at three-fourths of n
mile, from a field of seven older horses. Three
favorites were successful.
FTRST RACE— 2-ye»r-oM CHles; si furJone*.
--Bmlriir -,
.-. I-l
<" P. Waterts»nse*s br. f. Rowena, tiy Al
tunas^Picnic 107 > Bums) 1 13— l—ll — 1
f.w««t Gretcher. 107 <Bul;ma.n) 2 I»— s «*— s
%Vhlte P!u.-ne. 107 ( f era) 3 — I—l1 — 1
lietola, 107 (O'Nel!). Ii to 1 ani 5 to 1: Petunia, 107
fGcsaoa), 6 U. 1 aad 9 to 1: Klnepln 107 (Cochrau). 8 to
1 and 3 to 1- Funny Side, 101 (Connell). 40 to 1 and 12 to
1. ana Hydrangea. 10T fSh»a>. 3«0 to 1 and 40 to 1. alto
r«n- Start gocd. Won driving. Time. 1:09.
HECOXD — f?e!l:n«: 3 year* and over: 1 1-16 miles.
O. L. Richard's VOt. c. Cork Planet, by -
Lisrak— Bi£'i: V«Bua. 3. 104 (Burns) 1 12—1 — 1
Olrrtnnatos. 3, 90 (Desouami 2. 20—1 h— l
Nevermore. 3. 102 (Gannon) 3 s—l II — >
Rostand. 3. 90 (Treubel 1 ' I! to 1 ana Sto 1: Early Eve. 4
107 iHickfi 15 to 1 and < to 1: Gibson Lipht, 4. 108
<O"Ne:D. 20 to 1 ar.d S to 1: Turnpike. 3. 99 (Connell). I"
■to I and 4 to I; Ella Barter. 3, 100 (SOetaAlc). 7 to 1
*n<3 2 ! - to 1; Colonel Paficrn. 3. 101 mobinson). 4to 1
rr.d 2 to 1: Neither Oce. •». 101, fHaacio. KO to 1 and 12
•to I; Courtrnay. 4. 108 (Lewis). 5 to 1 and 2 to 1; Trump.
4 100 (Crearnwt 50 10 1 and 20 to 1. and Knight of th«
Garter acid. 101 OBytn. 10 to 1 end i to 1, also ran.
tart poor. Won driving. Tim*. 1:49.
THIRD RACE— Handicap; I years and over; 1 mile and a
H F. Meyer's d. c. W. P.. Cordon, t?
Troubadour— F«l!pa, 8, 116 (Re^ferr.) 1 2—l •»» — ■
Hunter Raine. 4. 12« (O3oni) 2 4—l <—
Thorneycroft. 5. 117 (Pickering) 3 I—lI — 1 »—
TugaJ Bey S. 107 (O'XeU«. 8 to 1 and ? t» 1 ; Cardinal
S, 115 (Gannor.l. i to 1 ar.d 7 to 5. an« Coesweil,
ft. 106'feuKTrian), 15 to 1 and .■• to 1. alto ran. Stan good.
Won driving. Time. I:i3.
yeaxlds; 6 furlcngs.
Mexican Stable' 6b. f. Astarita, by Batll
anrpton—Lola A.. 112 micks) 1 4—l *—
Sir Vocrhles. 106 'Kedierc) - — 1 -i — i
Oravira, MB .Mic.itilsiS 20—1 *— 1
jTtij^- Eurch. 117 fOdotn). 12 to I' erd even; MiriO
tAur. 110 tGar.uon), 7 to 1 tr.s 3 to l:-<Rnqnevstll. 103
<C«>el.ik- 10 to 1 end 4to 1; St. Daniel. 107 (O'Xeil).
♦ to 1 aa4 $ Wu: John A :?"••. 106 < Pullman i. 10 to
1 and 4 t» 1: lr.vmcibl». 105 (Burns). 7 la 1 and 2.i to
1. a»4 Profl-ab'.e. 101 (Haari-i. 200 to 1 s.nd 60 to 1. also
raa. Start rood, wen easily. Tim«. 1.18%.
FIFTH RACE— 2-yjar-ci« 6 fsrloßCl
W. C I»a3v*» blk. i- Luminosity, by Alhart
— lunar- us 104 'O'SkD 1 2—l |—2
Thlrtle Heather. 103 fß»dferri 2 11— * ?— ~>
Fhortcak*. 104 (M!=(ier> 3 I*— s I—l
- Harbor 107 <T>»ctrart. 12 10 1 aid 4 to 1; r:by Hemp-
Mead. 109 (Hick*;. IS to 1 Ks4 6 U> 1; Cfcarlife Fitb?-r. i".'
<MeC»ff«B-t^'). « to 1 and 2 to l: Jig St*?, 1"- ''Carr). €0 to
1 ar.d 30 to 1. and Dtaek Start. M ti'arleyj. 60 to 1 and
20 to 1. al»o raa. eu»rt food. Woa cleverly. Tim*-, l i'-..
FJXTH RACE— 3 years vrA over; « forloiiE*.
A!r*nnaxle PUble'a b. f. Lux Casta, by
Dono\-aa— l>ur*sta. 4. 123 (Gannon) 1 3—2 2—5
Cccotferpolse. 3. lt'i tßedfeni) -' 4—54 — 5 out
King Pepper. 6. 125 (Doyle) 3 12—1 3—l
Earl r>t Warwick. S. 107 (Michaels), 20 to 1 and 6 to
1- Orloff, 3, 104 CD. O'Conr.or). 40 to 1 «rd S to 1;
AvirEon. 3. 94 <McC&&«-tr>. 100 to l an<J 20 to 1;
Lenarica, B. &4 (Ehfa). 100 to 1 and V. » to 1. ar.d Cf>l.
Ror<rr 5, JO3 (Cre3m»r>. 200 to 1 ar. ; 4.0 to 1, a ten ran.
st*n ssofl. wen baxdily. Tiae. 1:11%.
TI7IET RACE— For «hre©-r«ar-c;je and upward that
fcave cat wen In 19"2 or 1933: teTiirr- Or.« mile and
a cTxteesth.
Name. V>'i.'. Nsree. Wt.
Sentry 11° Mab«l Ridiarfisoa . .... 101
Blot Victor 107 * r r!nr Eiik 101
DaiKSUir.'>c ..» 106 Li Joya in.)
Miss Lobster 10*5 RuMil G&rth !'.'•
Mary Worth. JOSiRovaJ pirate £■*
JCsOtt, 103! Albeay Girl fcli
The I>eeEt 103' Lady Knighthood *3
Stmlsels 10t!Eaii of Norfolk fc«
HeattwrCU 1011
CECOND RACE— For f<njr-ytkr-c:d« and upward; •t«epj«—
tihMMt: *iir'M r^r The riser! ooutm. about two miles.
Tuflre Phillip* ISSlMefme-rUt 142
-W«olxatherer I*6 Rc*e of Sharon 140
Oht«t •• 1&* Hcwar4 GraU no
Untie Ehrtaer 15" B<:.'6 Alone IV)
Tox H-^rter US! John R^Wa •*•
\'t;iet 14716jr pilerslle 139
Kuf* l«2iFab!us 130
'IIIMJ RACE— Tot all are*: ban4lcu>. Six furloßfs.
Hurstbeorse 326! 1f rea Dare.. 11l
Shotjun . 124 m roller 11l
Tonex Henry 12*!SUdell .\ 107
Wisiflnf 117' Wealth 108
St. Finnan lIK-ria .^. 10i>
Dtisnrrer Klylnr Buttre«» 100
two-ytw-eWt: with $1,300 a<?'1«"l Six furlong?.
Dr. Chapiri ll'iDueky M
Bob Murphy 106 I Revelation &>
Midshipman KM Ezcentral hit
Mssunlri m iOH
FIFTH RACE — throe-year-olds and upw»rd; selling.
One mile and a. furlong.
Andy Williams lie Agues D - 107
WatPr Tower 1161 Ethics — 107
Sambo 113:Arden 10«
Black Hussar 110! Lord Advocate 102
SIXTH RACE For maiden three-year-old* at fifteen
poundc under the scale. One mile sad a sixteenth.
1~l Illlj wale 111 llllStntinel 105
ln.neannon llllWyefield 108
King Carter 11l Khitai «.... 108
Xoiio lll'Lenwka ►•• 10S
Mart Mullen 11l Tamo" 5hanter. ......... 10S
Se^lse 11l Semper Vivax «.. 10$
Coragne in Polite ~....... 108
Hyjar.d 11l' Albany Girl - 106
Irascible 111, '.
Chicago, July 11— Three jockeys have been in
definitely suspended. Treanor was punished for his
ivork on Orfeo on Monday: Treanor was set down
for cutting across with Batts at the start of the
Edgewater Stakes to-day. nnd Wonderly was set
down for fouling Major Tenny with Bard of Avon
in to-day's second race. Bard of Avon flntshed rtrst,
but was dhiqualified and tho race given to Major
Tenny. The summary.
First race (five furlonss) — Blumenthal. 110 (J. Boland),
12 to 1 won; Duagacnon, 105 (Hclßeson). 11 to 5, sec
ond; SCartina, Its* (Henry). 20 to 1, third. Time. 1:02.
Honest John, Father Tallest. Instructor, Atlantico. Dal
v«y. Oudon. William Wright. My Alice, Alamode, Nellla
Cromwell, Eery Wa4e>ll, Foncatta and Hlndllcne also
Second race (one and on«-elglith — Major Tenny,
'."J 1 1.. Wilson), 0 to 10, won; Kilmorle, 01 (S. Bonner),
.> to i, second; Carat. 103 (AOkins). 3to 1. third. Time.
1:54%. Bard of Avon finished first, but was disqualified
for foul. Marcos, Hap Dash and Miracle II also ran.
Third race (Edgewatcr (Stakes; .irrors value, $3,570; tivo
yar-olds: five and one-half -lung?'!— Lonsdale. 121
(Crowfaurst). 10 to 1. won; English Lad. IIS (H. Phillip*),
5 lo 2, second : Bet is. 121 (Henry), 30 to 1, third. Time,
1:08. Proceed*. Ed Tien«» • . Fred Lepport, Peter J.
Somer*. Bilk Maid and Lanark also ran.
Fourth race (handicap: one and one-eighth miles! —
Bondage, 92 fßotbißP), 6 to 1. won; Brag?, 110 (W.
Knappi. 5 to ]. second; Bchwalbe, 102 (L. Wilson), 10 to
J. third. Time. 1:52. Macy. Nitrate, Monsieur Beau
calre. Hargis and j,i\i!svillt» also ran.
ruth race (six furlongs) Henry Bert, 124 (Helgeson),
5 f\» 2. won: Gl»ndale. 103 (H. Phillips). 5 to 1, second:
Thn Per, 123 <T. Knlr»>«. 6to 1, third. Time, 1:14.
Wain-a-Moinen, Lueketr. Christine A. and Scorpio also
Sixth race tone milt-—L ingo. 103 (Adklns). 4 to 1.
■■;:. Blue Mint. 104 (Henr>). 10 to 1. second; Fading
Light. M 'L.. Wilson), 7 to 5. third. Time, 1:40*4. Ed
Aaa<-k. Alum Water. Martin. Latson and Joubert also
The fjght of Benjamin Steinhardt tr> have the
Percy-Gray racing law enforced, as he expresses it,
came up again in the Adams-st. court, Brooklyn,
yesterday, and the examination of the case of John
Buttle, special officer, of the Pinkertons, v.-ho is
charged with r.ot Interfering with betting at the
Bbeepsbead Bay track, was begun. Morris Gold
mann, the cornplainini? witness, was placed on the
stand, and told how h<» «nv." Buttle regulating- the
crowds at the bookmakers' stands, but making no
effort to step the bctiing. J. D. Lindsey. repre
• the r^"f > track men, asked that the John Doe
proceedings, under which "Soi ' I>ichtenstein, Col
B. Battersby, Robert Pinkcrton and others
•n summoned, tx dismissed. Mr. t-K'ir.hart
replied that the John Doe proceedings had r"?«>n
abandoned, b'lf that the mc-n in question had be-?n
subprpnaed again in the Buttle case. After much
sparring the case finally went over until July 31.
Herbert Parry, who was iFsistins: Mr. Lindsay,
several times brought the r.arr.e of Peter De Lacey
into his remarks, and finally came right out and
"This matter is not instigated by public interest,
but by Peter De Lacey."
Thta k-d Mr. Steinhardt to retort:
"Peter De Lacc-y is Just as respectable as any of
I cetrack people, Mr. Whitney, Mr. Belmont or
ary of them."
"Why. he openly boasts that this is his fight," re
plied Mr. Barry.
Tchula, the eteeplechase mare owned by T.
Hitchcock. Jr.. while being sent over the Jumps at
Eheepehead Bay yesterday, fell and broke her neck.
New Challenger Stretches Sail and'
Stands Up Well.
Not a race but a sail stretching trial was the
purpose of yesterday's spin of the Shamrocks down
the New-Jersey coast. Shamrock Til had just bent
a new suit of sails, with increased area afforded
by her tail new mast, and Mr. Fife wanted to
stretch the new duck before a set race. All the
tim<* the boats were out it looked squally, and for
half an hour before the trial was abandoned the
boats had a windy thrash agairst a fifteen knot
southerly blow that put their 1< a rails well down
and smoothed out the wrinkles in the new sails.
Before starting Shamrock ll] bad a preliminary
spin up the ship channel. At 10:-:5 o'clock the Sham
rocks left the ilook raid were towed off shore. Mr.
Fife went on board Shamrock 1. that he might
better observe the new sails of her sister yacht,
and at 11:90 o'clock the boats started about a mile
from the mouth of Gedney's Channel to beat down
the Jersey coast against a seven knot wind from
south by west. Shamrock 111 got away to lee
ward of the other, but in twenty minutes she
passed her and went out across her bow to a
windward berth. Then she ran down and blanketed
the old boat till the latter kept off to clear herself.
While they were standing on a long inshore leg at
noon a shower passed to seaward, and the boats
took in their club topsail! and jib topsails, setting
working topsails later. Half an hour later, when
off Highland Beach, a black squall brought up a
wind that reached fifteen knots and kicked up a
lot of wbltecajML The boats laid their lee rails
awash and went flying- off shore close hauled at a
ten knot' clip for more than half an hour. In the
fresh wind Shart;rock I he!d the new challenger
better than in the lis-hN.r airs, and when the trial
v.-as abandoned at l:0o r- m. she was not more than
300 yard* to leeward of the new boat, though the
latter was probably not rushed to her limit in the
hardest cf the blow. Fnarmtr rain ard satisfied
with the trial. Mr. Fife gave it up at 1:05 o'clock,
and the boats were towed back to Sandy Hook.
Sir Thomas expects to givp the boats a race over
a set course to-day.
Newport, R. 1., July 14.— The sweepstake race
this afternoon between the footers was won by
the Vaquero 111. sailed by Harry Payne Whitney.
There v.-ere four boats in the race, the Raccoon,
owned by John R. Drexel. sailing her first race of
the season- Mr. Whitney -got the" start for the
Vaquero, and from that tirae oh increased his lead
until at the finish line he was 7 minutes and 42 sec
onds ahead of the Carolina. There was a strong
wind from the southwest at the start, and it was
thought that the boats would make good time
over the Dyer's Island course, but, after rounding
the outer mark the wind died out somewhat, and
it was nearly dark when the yachts finished. It
was a run up the bay with spinnakers. On the
boat home all the boats put fcr the west shore, to
which they hung all the way down to Jamestown,
when there was a reach to the finish. The Raccoon
■withdrew before she got to the Jamestown mark.
';.• summary:
Fin'.sh. time.
Boat an 2 owner. H.M.& H.M.S.
Vaquero 111., P. Whitney 6:31:14 2:27:16
CnroMr.a, C. L. F. Robinson 9:3*:58 2:34:58
Barbara, W. Rutherfurd 6:10:47 2:33:i7
Raccoon, .1. R. Dr*xel Did not finita.
There are to be some interesting races for power
boats under rules of the American Power Boat
Association, and under management of the Indian
Harbor Yacht Club, on Saturday. The rases are
open to members of recognized racht clubs, and
the launches are to be divided into seven classes.
including boats that measure from 17 to 50 feet, all
over 22 feet being cabin bo??:-. The start for the
first class will be at 2:05 p. m., the boats being
started at five minute intervals in the following
thirty minutes. A suitable first prize will be award
td in each class, a second pn so if five boats start.
and a third if ten start. No pal lover prize will
be given. Entries will be received at the club
house up to 11 a. in- on the day of the races.
Copenhagen. July 14. — Seventy yachts took
part to-day In the races of the Royal Yacht
Club regatta, now in progress here. Robert W.
Goelet's SO-fcot sloop Swan won the race for fourth
class yachts, beating the Swedish yacht Khaki
over a triangular course of twenty miles by over
rrre« minutes. The times were: Swan, 4:56:10:
Khaki. 4:50:28.
Minor Frizes Only for Two American Marks
men in Pisley Competition.
Bisley, England, July 14— Captain H. M. Bell, of
the 2d Regiment. N. J. N. G., and Private Ceorge
Cook, of the Ist Regiment. District of Columbia,
were the only Americans who competed to-day.
Both •■.ok minor prizes in the competition for flf
ieen shots apiece, at WOO and 1.100 yards, for a
prize of BSO. offered by Major Edge. Lieutenant
Hankin won, with an aggregate of 127, out of a
possible 130. Captain Bell made a score of 122 and
Private Cook 12.
Vermont Championship Attracts a
Representative Entry.
Manchester. Vt, July 14 (Special).— The. second
annual championship tournament of the Vermont
State Golf Association trtll be held Thursday. Fri
day and Saturday at Burlington, over tna Wau
banakee course. The first day of play will be
taken up with a qualifying round of cig hteen holes
at medal play. The flrat sixteen will continue In
match play on the succeeding days for the Stata
championship. The second sixteen will continue to
compete for the Waubanakee cup. The losing eight
of the first sixteen will play for tho consolation
cup. On the last day of play there will be an all
day open handicap competition.
The entry list for the tournanrent cumbers sixty
four, and includes several players o* national repu-
Golf champion of Vermont.
tation. Every club In the association will have
several representatives in the field. The Ekwanok
contingent will include W. C. Carnegie. P. Oden
Hcrstmann, Jasper Lynch. Paul Waterman, the
present champion; A. M. Reed, Dr. Clark Burn
ham. James L. Taylor, H. W. Brown. R. B. Leake,
C. M. Clark. F. S. Wheeler, W. J. Evans. W. W.
Burton and J. B. De Ooursey.
The Waubanakee course, over which the compe
tition will be played, is of nine holes and is 2.7fi0
yards long, and is generally considered one of the
best natural courses in New England. It Is laid
out on a forty-acre section, ten minutes' ride by
electrics from the centre of the city. The distance
and bogie for each hole follow:
Hole 1 2 3 4 r> f < 7 « 9 Total.
Distance (yds V .370 2?S ?2>o 140 363 375 355 2»0 5C0— 3,790
Bogle 545353444— 3d
The Vermont State Golf Association is made up
of the following clubs: Dorset Field Club, Dorset;
Ekwanok Country Club. Manchester; Montpeller
Country Club. Montpeller: Mount Anthony Club,
Benningtori; Old Pine Golf Club. St. Johnsbury;
Rutland Country Club, Rutland; Waubanake« Golf
Club. Burlington. The offlcu-s are George Worth-
Ington. of Mount Anthony, president: William H.
Dunn, of Rutland, secretary and treasurer.
Last year's championship tournament was played
over the Ekwanok course. Paul Waterman, of
Ekwanok. won the championship: A. M. Reed, of
Ekwanok. was runner up; F. S. Wheeler, of Ek
\v;<nok, won the low gross score medal in the quali
fying round, and James L. Taylor won the open
Jefferson Seligman, president of the Hollywood
Golf Club, of Long Branch, has offered a cup for
competition among the club's members on Satur
day at eighteen holes, handicap medal play. The
best eight scores will qualify for succeeding rounds
at match play, the finals being decided on August
1. Second prize is eiven by the club. On August
5 thtre' will be a similar scratch competition for
women for a cup given by Nathan Bijur. The
vice-president's cup. given by S. J. Reckendorfer,
will be offered on August 15, and the club cham
pionship, with eight scores to qualify, will occur
on September sto 7. Entries close on September
4 with Hobftrt F. Nathan, secretary. West End.
V. J.
Lamed and the Wrcnns to Meet the
Boston, July 14. — It was officially announced to
night that the committee representing the United
Sates National Lawn Tennis Association had se
lected W. A. Lamed. R. D. Wrenn and G. L..
Wrena, jr., as the team to represent the United
Etates in the international competition for the
Dwight F. Davis chal;e -ge trophy, which is to oc
cur on the grounds of the Long wood Cricket Club,
Boston. The team which will represent Great
Britain will be R. F. Doherty. H. L. Doherty
and H. S. Mahony. as announced by cable by G. R.
Newburn, secretary of the English Lawn Tennis
The tournament will occur on the afternoons of
August 4, 5 and 6, under the mannr^ment of the
United States National Lawn Tennis Association.
Two single matches will be played the first day.
one match in doubles the second day and two single
matches the third day. The team winning three
matches will win the competition. Which players
will take part in the different matches has not yet
been announced by either side, and the conditions
do not require notice until 8 o'clock of the day pre
ceding each contest.
Stephen C. Millett Wins from Kirn, 7—5.7 — 5.
6—6 — 4 — Rain Stops Play.
Seabright, N. J.. July 14-— The surprise of the
invitation tennis tournament of the Seabright
Lawn Tennis and Cricket Club, which was started
here to-day, was the defeat of E. P. Lamed by
Stephen C. Millett in the singles match, which the
latter won by 7— o. C — The Bet programme was
net strictly ttdhered to, and Wylis C. Grant was
paired with E. P. Lamed. This pair was defeated
by W. A. Lamed and Seals Wright, 6—4. 6-4.
Rain stopped the contest between Holcombe
Ward and R. H. Carleton. The latter won the
first set. 6—3, Ward the second. 7—5, and the score
was 3—2 in the third set. In Ward's favor, v hen
the rain came.
Newport. R. 1., July 14.— handicap tennis
tournament for women opened at the Casino this
morning, having been postponed from yesterday on
account of the unpleasant weather. Miss Mary
Busk and Miss Sands won their way. into the sec
ond round, and went to the next by default of
their opponents. The summary:
First round — Miss Mary Busk beat Miss Anna Sands,
— — 4: Miss Bdith Hall beat Miss Edna Berger, 7 5.
4— •;. 0 S; m.- ; Florence Twombly beat Mrs. J. E.
Sheffield, $—4, 8—(>;8 — (>; Mr*. Prcyn beat Miss Maad Wet
more by default, and Miss Dorothea Potter beat Mies
Cynthia Roche by default; Mlsa Mary Sands beat Miss
Ruth Tworably, 6—3.6 — 3. 6—3.6 — 3.
Second round — Miss Mary Busk beat Miss Livingston by
default, and Idas Mary Sands beat Mis* Scott by de
Wainscot H. Defeats Hie Boy and
Bonnie Russell.
Detroit, July 14— At the Windsor Driving Park
Association's meeting to-day Wainscot H-. an
entry in the Merchants and Manufacturers' $10,000
stake at Detroit next week, won the 2:25 trot.
and defeated Hie Boy and Bonnie Russell, also
named in the stake. The summary:
Pacing. 2:15 class. purse $(100. unfinished from yester
day — Darky won nrst, second and sixth, heats and race.
Time. 2:11& 2:loti. 2:10%.
Trotting, 2:25 class. purs'* — Wainscot H. -won in
three straight heats. Time, 2:10%,, 2a3»4, 2:13.
Paring. 2:21 elate, r,urE^ ?6uO — Natalie S. won fourth,
fifth and sinn h*ats and race. Time. 2:HV 2.14 „ 2:14-*.
Trotting, 2:17 class, purse 1600— Billy Bu won in thr»-e
straight neat*. Time. 2:13 l i. 2:12'». 2:J3.
Geneva, N. T-, July It— Showers interfered with
the races on the opening day of the Mohawk Val
ley Circuit to-day. Of the four races only two
were finished. The summaries:
Pacing: 2:12 data — Second. third and fourth bens won
by Lstpotct. Tiß» 2:XS»i. 2:10 and 2:lS>j.
Pacing. 2:34 class — First, itxth end seventh h«s,ts
won by Charlie S. Lee. Time, 2:17 U. 2:18 and 2:10 I .i.
Trotting; 2:40 class <cne heat) — Won by Doctor B.
Nathan Straus will take a hand in fhe etrugffl*
for the championship at the Empire City track on
Thursday, when he starts with bis trotter Alve»
against H. C. Harrison's Axtello in d&s* b. Th*
last named horse stepped fast at the track last
Glens Falls, N- V.. July 14.— Major De!m«r.
2:Cfji 2 . who is to race against I,ord Derby at the
meeting of the Northern New-York Trotting Ho-?«
Breeders' Association on next Wednesday, arrived
here to-day in charge of h> trainer, Alta McDon.
aid. acsarently in fine condition.
The Giants Defeat Cincinnati Easily
— BaWs Strong Batting.
N»w-York, 10: OincinaaU.s. \ Philadelphia. I; Si. Uculi. *.
Chicago. 2; Brooklyn, 1. , !
New- York, 3; Detroit. i. I Phlalde'.phU. 2: Chicago. 0
Cleveland. 4; Boeten. 8. i St. Louts. I; Vashington. 2.
New- York at Plttsburg. ! Boston at Chicago.
Uetroit at New-York. I Chicago at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at Boston. | St. Louis at Washington.
Clubs. Won. Loft. P. e. ! Clubs. >Von.Lrst.P.e.
Plttsbury 50 22 .»■.'►; Brooklyn S5 35 .s<«»
New-York 45 2.". .64:5' Boston 28 42 .400
Chicago 44 31 ..'.-<7 St. Louis 26 4S -3.M
Cincinnati 30 34 .314 Hi;!.uUlphta -- -»' :;--'
Club*. WoaL#m.P.«v i Clubs. Won.L«st.P.o.
Boston 43 M .»VHi Detroit 35 M .4«
rhiiadelprJa ... 41 S«> ' Chicago ..' 32 3+ 486
Cleveland 37 .11 .544 1 St. I^ouls 25) SO 446
New-Yvrk 34 SI .5231 \Va«hin«ton -to 4» tttu
Cincinnati, July 11.— The Giants won the final
game of the aeries with Cincinnati hero to-day by
a score of 10 to S. The visitors sot the .lead in the
second inning and held it for the rest of the game.
The visitors opened the game by making one run
In tho first inning on a missed fly, two singles and
3 wild throw. In the following inning the Giants
made two runs. Babb singled. Bresnahan single:!
and got second on Dowlin's throw in. Warner's
hit scored Babb and Bresnahan. In the fifth two
•ingles and a bunt gave tho visitors another run.
The home team made its second run in the seventh
inning on a base on balls and two singles. Mc-
Gann's single. Mertea's sacrifice?. Babb a triple and
Bresnahan's fly gave the Giants two- more runs in
the eighth.
In the ninth Phillips was hit for five runs. Warner
made a triple and scored on McGinnity"s single.
Browne sent out a grounder and Van Haltren sac
rificed. McGinnity scored on McGaisn's sacrifice.
Mortea doubled ami Brown got home, liabb got in
some more of hi* good stick work by sending out
a double, on which Mertes tallied. The home team
made one run in this inning on a base on balls and
two singles.
In the seventh inning McGinnity and Steinfeldt
.came into collision. Both were knocked uncon
scious, but were ablo to resume play. The score:
jbr llipoa ci ab r lb pa i •
Brown*, rf.. 5 2 2 0 0 o|Donlla. 1f.... 5 1 4 1 0 3
V.H'Jfn. cf. 3 0 i 5 0 0| Seymour. ;f. 5 0 1 3 0 0
McOann. lb. 5 1 3 4 0 mOoUn, rf 8 0 0 2 0 0
Mertes. 1f... 4 113 0 1 ; BeekJey. It.. 3 0 3 M 1
Babb. n.... 5 3 4 4 4 0! .--ieinrein, 3b 3 0 0 2 « 0
Bres'han. 3b 4 1 1 1 2 010 1 Daly. 2b 4 0 13 2 1
Gilbert. 2b.. 5 0 0 6 10 Keiley. B a, . . - 3 2 1 1 1 2
Warner, c... 4 1 8 4 3 o|Pe:tz. c • 0 2 1 2 0
M'Gionlty. p 4 1 1 0 2 lj Phillips, p.... 4 0 0 3 4 1
Totals ....£> 10 15 27 13 'ii Tot*l» 33 81127 1« T
Cincinnati 1 0000010 I—3
New-York 02001002 »—
Two base hits Mertes and Babb. Three base hits —
Warner. 2: Babb. Left on bases — New-York. 4; Cincin
nati. 7. Stolen bases — Van Haltren. Double plays — Warner
and Gilbert; Bresnihan. Babb and McGann: Steinfeldt a.nd
Beckley: Babb. Gilbert and McGann. First on balls-
By McGinaity. 3: by Phillips. 1. Hit by p.tched ball—
Kelley and Bresnahan. Struck out— By McGlnnlty. 4.
Sacrifice — Van Haltren. Marten and Dolan. Tim*—
2:10. — O'Day. Attendance, 3,250.
Wicker's Timely Hit in the Twelfth Wins
the — The Score 2 to 1.
Chicago, July 14.— The Chicago team defeated
Brooklyn in a twelve inning game to-day by a
score of 2 to 1. Wicker, who Ditched for the home
team, won his own game by hitting out a liner to
Doyle too hot for him to handle. It was not until
the fifth inning that a run was made. In this In
ning each side scored once. For Brooklyn. Flood
bunted and stole second; McCreery filed; Jones
ringlod to Evers, and Strans hit to Chance, who
threw wild to the plate, letting Flood score. For
the home team Harley .singled, followed by another
single by Kling. Wicker filed to Sheckard, and
Harley scored on the play.
In the twelfth inning the Chicago team won out.
Harley tingled. Klins sacrificed. Wicker singled
to Doyle, who threw badly to Jones, and Harley
tallied. Thesccre:
abr lb po a c! ' . ab rlbpo a «
Slagle, 1f... 4 0 0 2 0 string-. 3b.... G 0 1 0 3 O
Casey. 3b. .. 5 0 1 1 3 O,=h?cltard. If., 6 0 0 3 0 0
Chance, lb. . 5 0 221 0 2;Dobhß. cf.... I 0 0 4 1 O
D.Jones, cf.. 4 0 0 8 0 <>'po"l«. lb 6 0 036 0 0
William*, 65 5 0 1 2 fl OiDahleti. »... 3 0 1 0 2 0
Evers. 2b... 5 0 0 1 6 0! Hitter, c..... 3 0 0 1 0 O
Harley. rf... 5 2/8 0 0 0 Flood. 2b.... B 1 1 2 .'. 0
Kline, c 4 0 2 6 0 1 MCreery, rf. 5 0 1 3 0 0
Wicker, p. .. 5 0 2 1 4 OjO. Jones, p... 3 0 2 0 4 0
Totals 42 2113618 31 Totals 43 1 6*3*15 0
•One out when vlnnir.fj run was com*.
Chicago 0 O 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 I—2
Brooklyn 0 O 0 l> i 0 00 00 0 o—l
l>ft on bases'— Chicago, 8: Brooklyn, 8. Two base hit
— Chance. Sacrifice bits — Sling, Rltttr. Stolen bases —
Harley. Kllny, Dehlen Kin-!. Double p'.aye — Flocd and
Doyle; Dobbs and Doyle. Struck — By Wicker, 2; by
Jons*, ii. Bases on balls Off Wicker, 8; off Jones, 2.
Time cf game, 2 - 10. Umpire^ Johnstone.
At St. Louis— K. H. E.
Philadelphia 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 o—s Ii 3
St. Louis 1 '010200 o—4 7 -'
Batteries — Du?«leeby ana Zlmmer: McFarland. M.
O'Neill and J. O'Neill. Attendance, I.SOO.
At "Washington— R. H. E-
St. Lcuis 0 001 10000 — 1 8 0
Washington OOOQOO 10 1 i — 6 0
Batteries— ar.d Sugden: Orth and Drill. At
tendance. 088.
At Boston— It. K. E-
Cleveland ...0 0000020100 I—l1 — I 10 1
Boston 0 1010100000 o—3 10 0
Batteries — Moor* and Btiuis; Dineea an-: Cticcr. At
tendance, 11,736.
I Defeat Detroit by Score of 5 to 4 in Spite of
Visitors' Load— Hit Kitson Eard.
The Invaders defeated Detroit yesterday la a ten
1 inning game by a score of 5 to 4. Kitson, who
\ pitched for the visitors, was hit hard. In the first
j inning, when thre« runs -»>re made by Detroit, it
seemed as if the home team had lost the game.
Griffith, however, settled down again, and after
I this inning his work was effective.
! Barrett, first up for the visitors in th<» opening
> inning, singled, followed by another by McAllister
Crawford tripled, ecorlriif Barrett and McAllister.
Carr singled and Crawford got home for the third
run. In the following Inning the Invaders made
one run on Conroy's single and G-anze!'s three
bagger. The local men evened up th« seoro in the
fourth. Ganzel fiied to Barrett, Green struck out
and Beville singled. Griffith came next with a
I home run. scoring Seville. In the followir.fr inning
: the Invaders took the lead by making another run
I and In the seventh inning the visitors tied th« score
I again. The spectators went wild with delight
1 when their favorites won cut in the tenth. The
j score:
ab rlbpo » € ; a l> r lb pi a. «■
! Keeler, it... 5 0 0 1 0 o! Barrett, cf... 4 13 10 0
; Fultz, &... 4 0 1 S 1 0 McAllister, if 3 1 1 0 0 0
I Williams. 2b 4 1 2 2 3 l; Crawford, it. 4 1 1 2 0 0
I M'F'lund, If, 4 0 0 3 0 0 car*, lb. 4 0 3lj 1 1
■ Dray, *?•■ . 5 110 0' o,yea?er, 8b... 8 0 0 S ■' ,i
Gantei, 1b... •'• 0 313 1 0 Smith. lb 3 1 0 2 4 1
Greeti. 5b... 5 12 0 »> 0 Lone, it 3 O 0 1 4 2
BeviUe, c.... 5 1 1 '.) 1 0: Bue'.ow. c. ... 4 0 1 7 0 O
Griffith, p.. 3 1 1 ♦> 4 OJKltaoß, p.... ♦ 0 1 0 2 0
Total* . 40 511 SO 18 1. Totals . "* 4 S*2S 13 4
•On* nut when winning run «3s setrtd.
N»*--York • 1 0 2 l 0 0 0 n i 5
Detroit 3 0000 0 100 o—4
Earn*<i runs — New-York. 4: Detroit, 3 Left en bases
New-York, 10; Detroit, S. Two base hits — Williams
Green. Carr. Three bar* hits Ganr»l, Crawford. Home
run — Griffith. Stolen bases — Keeier. Carr, Srr.it . Sacri
fice hits — Wllliiuns. McFarlanJ Teaser. Long. Double
• — Wii'lacr.B aoa Gar.zel. First base on balls—
I Griffith. 1": off Krson. 2. First bate oa errors—New
| Yoik. S. Struck out— lsy Griffith. 6; by Kltvm. 5. Time
; 2 M l"ippt-ft— SteriSan. Attendance. 3.f*4.
. . ________^.
a; Phila3elphla—
Chicago 0 0 0 i> ft n o O 0 0
Philadelphia. 02000000 *— 2
B«tt«Tie»— TCaAdell an 4 Schrsck; White an-l Blittery
Attendance. 4.535.
Jersey City defeated Toronto yesterday through
McCormlck's home run drive to centre field In the
eighth inning, which brought in two needed runs
The score.' ~ ; * tu "*-
Jer»er City ort2Jooo 2 x— H ,\ E -»
Toronto 0 0 0 00. 00 4 — 7 g
Batteries— PfapmMler ar<J McMancs: Wolf«" ana Toft.
H^sterfsr's-wiU pitch gave Buffalo th run that
won the nrst game from Newark on the home Bald
Baseball To-dsy, 4 P. M. American Leaeue Greater
K. T. vs. Patrolu fi'wajr A lMtt>-st. i-a<U*s JCtty.
y«stAt\lay. and poor pitching and rtoor»r judprr.cnt
by Bannon gave them the secor.d. 'With their usual
good work i:: the field Newark r;o':M Vuive w>n
both games. The scores:
Firitiuw: R H Q
ISuffala t « I " 0 « « 0 I—3 11 3
NenrarK 2 10 o*ooo — 8 4
Bauer!«»— H»k«r. L«port<» tn-i l«sky; H«««rf»r and
Second game- R. -11. r.
Buffalo ..2 20O200«0000 I—7 10 ■
Newarfc ..0 0 0 » i» 0 i o <> 0 0 0 i»— »> -*_ *
Barterte* —Burke and Shes; Ijior Ferry and Lu»kr.
At Provldenc* (first gimtv- H. '• E.
Prwidcnce 1.000 O0 • 1 • " '- 3 M \
Koehes;er . . . 0 0 0 '» « - «>•••• ■ «i — 2 . • ..
Catteries— McFartan 3. Duircan end Ultslns: Gettig an I
Fu;i-»r. gam,) T:. H. E.
r<j gara»i
Providence O f» o 2 ■ o—2 4 0
Rochester 0 '• • I 0 o—o 2 1
Batteries— Vlau and risslr.*; Lrary and Fuller.
At Worcester— First game: K. H C.
BalUmor© O •■'• " 0 « 1 • 1 O—s 1^ -
worc«»ieT 0 <• COCO • '• o—2 5 -
R»tt«ri«»— \V'lr=? and ISokinsen; lUiumins and Me€*»
second same: «. '" FI"
P-altlmnre 2 1 2 • 1 0 « A "-• }<> 2
Worcester S • 0 • " 0 " " " ' ; '- 4
r-atterles— round*. AdUins and Ahejrn; Fal % -«fr.b?rc and
M.-Cauley. ■ .:• •
At N>w-ITaven — New-Haven. 4: S;rinßri- •►
At BrJdpeport-^liiiiscport. <i; Ifolyok*. fc.
At Norwich — Norwich, I; ?!-.-.■:• 0.
At New-Lon4o.i — .Njt -London. ... Hartford. '..
At Nashua— Lowell. 2; Nashua. 1.
At Manchester. — Manchester. 4: Conror4. 1-
At Fall River.— N«w-Oedferd. X: Fall HI *r. "-.
At Lawrence.— Lawrence, T. erh:!;. 3
A. Albany— Albany. 3: ttira 3. „
At Sacandag.*. Pirk, X. v-a . J- and G.. .•: Pyia
euac, "J
At Troy — Troy, 5: llion, 1. ~_ :_-■■
At Sclienectaay (first »;am-)---Sfh?n»vta<ly. P. BinKnairi
ton. 7. (Second game) — SchenectaJy. 4; Dinsharaton. 1.-
Milwaukee, Wis.. July 14.— Because of lack cf
patronige the Milwaukee American Association
baseball team la to be the sold oH piecemeal to the
highest bidder, and the team which now heads the
association is to be supplanted by much cheaper
men. Griffith, of the NeW-VorU American team.
is said to want Donuhue. and to bo willing to pay
% good price for him. St Lewis ha* asked for first
cnance to bid for ElUott, Milwaukee'^ premier
pitcher. Comishy has been --tfter TngUub. the third
baseman, it is 6aid. for some time. These are not
the only men wanted by the big leagues.
Minneapolis, July Thomas McCreery, recently
centre fielder of the Minneapolis American Associa
tion baseball team, ha* been obtained by "Ed"
Hanlon. manager of the Brooklyn National League
team. He will join his team In Chicago.
Westchcster Wins from Eockazcay
II for Bockazcay Cups.
The Westchester Country Club"s polo team had
little difficulty yesterday In defeating the second
tsam of the Bockaway Club in the first competi
tion for the Rockaway Hunting Club cup?. The
visitors won by 13% goals to 9»i for Rockaway,
each team losing %of a goal for a safety. The
home players only earned 3 goals, being allowed
the other Bon handicap allowance. The Rock
away club grounds at Cedarburst. Long Is. and.
were well filled with a large crowd of member*
and friends to ccc the match, and. although the
score was one-sided, they were rewarded by a
number of spirited and spectacular plays.
The Westchester team, although denominated the
second, v.as little Inferior to the first Westchester
quartet, for J. M. Waterbury. jr., of the champion
ship team, played at No. 3. and to his powerful and
accurate hitting and fast riding much of the vic
tory is due. The team play of Westchester, how
ever, was admirable, for Blair. Cooley and Brokaw
have all been playing in their positions since the
opening of the season, and they seldom failed to do
what was expected of them.
The Rock&way team was composed entirely of
men of less experience Chan any of the Westches
ter players. Mcilurtry and Babcock did some ex
cellent work, and they made the only goals scored
for Rockaway. each getting one. Rockaway,
however, made nothing until the third period, when
McMurtry made his goal in twenty seconds, and
Babcock made his almost as fast, knocking it In
In thirty seconds at the clo«c of the final period.
\\\ stchest<?r did all the playing, so far as scor
ing is concerned, in the first two periods, getting
5 goals in the first and 4 in the second, practically
giving them the victory at the halfway point in
the came. Oooley and Blair never hit to better
purpose. They made few mistakes, carried the
ball well, and were invariably sure on their goal
strokes. "Water bury" a playing was well up to his
standard, but he did not f.r.l It necessary to exert
himself to any extent- He made 8 goals for his
team, while Cooley made 6. Blair 5 and Brokaw i
The lineup and summary:
I— J. I. Blair 3 I— O. -3. McMurtrr. jr S
2— J. C. Cooley. jr 3! 2— H. D. Babcock. jr 8
— J. -\r. Waterbury, Jr.. ft; 3 — W. B. Rand 2
Back— H. C. Brokaw 3 Eacis— A. W. Har<l 1
Total I?! Total ~9
Summary: Goals earned— Westcij»»ter, 1*- RockaTray.
2. Allowed by haniicaj*— Rockaway, 8. Loet by penal
—Waatetiaster. Vi fcr *. t*:t'.y. Kociavvay. X for a
safety. Net »oor^— Westchester, 15%: Rocltavvay, OH.
Eeferee — C. S. Cor.,
The next game will be played to-morrow after
noon, when the final match will be played for tha
Bliazaru cups. Rurr.sen &nd Rockaway I will
be tiie opposing teams.
Xc-tvport. B. 1., July ii.— first polo game of
the season hera will take place on Saturday at 4
p. m., under the auspices of the TVestchestcr Polo
Club, on their grounds at Eateman's Point. Amons
the players are to be Alfred G. Vanderbilt. S.
Douglas Cochrane. RepinaM Brooks, Peter D.
Martin, Willis E. Carter and illing Spencer.
Magistrate ilayo, in the Yorkvtlle Court, y«ster
day discharged nine men who had been arrested
in a room over a saloon at Fifty-nlnth-st. and
I .*xin:.ton-ave., on Monday evening, by Captaia
Kogan and detectives of the East Slxty-sev«r..'.-.
st. station, on charges of aiding and abetting a
;>r.z-' fight. Th* police could r.ot swear that men
v.ere roiag to fight, although the principals were
Btrtrped to the w«ist and wore gloves, and the
usual accoutrements of a prize fight ten srat
ter<?U around the room.
Worcestershire Still leads, but Pliiladel
phians Make Good Uphill Fight.
Worcester, England. July 14 — The cricket match
between the visiting Philadelph!ans and Worcester
shire was resumed here to-day in threatening
weather. The visitors, who last night had lost 6
wickets for 71 runs, against the Worcestershire's
first innings' total of Ml resumed their batting
with P. H. Clark and T. C. Jordan. This pair car
ried the score to 123 before Jordan was bowled for
22. The total, which at one time- looked es i; it
would amount to a small sum indeed, was brought
to the respectable aggregate of 233.
Although Worcestershire had a lead of IC3 ruas
In the first innings, they did net exercise their
option of sending th* Pniladfrphlans to th* bat
again, an action which, the latter would havo ap
preciated highly. iD.'teod. tno £lagl;s.:iaien as.ijn
opened their second innings, and when play was
stopped by rain their total had advanced 'to ISS
for C wickets. The match will etui to-morrow
Ilorsw and Carriages.
130 and 132 Em 13th St.,
123, 125, 127. 129 East 12th St.
Dr.»« al'Dlar Id New Tort of Carrtag** of la« n «a*»
trad* and moat faiinuaa!>i* dcaisnai
Public Notice.
• ' Kelp WanttcJ.
ta>.lt«<! rurrlcO rr.en. between ace* of 21 and s^.
ritisuii of United States, rf rood charari-r and mprrita
habits, who can rp«ak. read ar.d write English. For in
formation apply to Hecru.tlug Offlcer. » Third ay 2.360
Third Ay»., "06 Sixth Are., N. T.. or 303 Fulton St.
Brooklyn. *
Public Notice.
tow Pr«Hent Cf the Eor-jirn of M , w4 **" Bj
City Bill. Room No. 18. until \i **•*••».
TVCSDAV. JLI.Y SlTi l^ *> *
>c»nt on a pp 4 eient; puv-.Eua: r-laii ijfjld^^jh.
vay of Am^ter^m fivers*. Van tiV£^ l £? -u£>
No i— Tfc- rv*Uw-.v of XlMSataft ttttet -
NWbDSM *v.nu. „, T-.UU. .^ «l»SSsk^fc
•vtasta. fro.
wa ? J to'AmM%^m V Vvcm/- ? " X> ' C "' th itr ** t »
■.s-^Sa Msii im*—** «^. H
Nn. 12— The rraUn-ay cf tfce M.nJrsdiad
stM-M. hem a:. Nicholas «v« aa3 to s»v«ih VjL *■•»*>
*«"'«. fo"> Ei*ht«i ktwm to Manhaiua »»^. i 'Vj
•V. 14— Tr.« rcad*av at One Hun*.*! I^l
'^s^r a^
• tioet. from Eighib avenue in Morn;n*lto« avt^i*^
No. I*-Thc ruiiwav of O-ue Ua-^rid SfS
.«tr«et. from Eighth avenu- to Mcrahii;»J4»aV^S ft 'l
N"o. ltWTh* ro»<i«av cf One Huaoitj aadri
>tr«t. ffow .Elshth avenue toXlanfcatsaa av^sT*^
No. 20— The r«d»«» «f On* Hunti«4 izdV^
second st:eet. frcra S«vfnth ivtsue to EUhih. »!?*«>
No. 21— The roadnav o; Oa* Hun3reO ana 841
•treet, from Elshth av«nu* to Maahattaa traur*^
No. 2fy~ The rca^iuay of One -Hunired .a^ -.
fourtS street, from Elshth avenue to St. la
N '■ 2-V-The rcadwav cf 0n« U«dred and •£*«
ffth » Ir - ' from t.K'ith avenus t. Aaisteraan 7 -3&
No. 24— Tha n«d««> of On« Hundred aad 45*.
seventh street, Ircm Eijnth avenue ta =• vT***
N»->. -"—The ro».lwv of One -i,^ m** -_
r.lrth strt-«t. from flshth arer.ue to £; NlchJa»V**>
No. £*— Thu icaJwav ef Cue Uuadred"^ i?>
tiilrj ttreet. frsm Lcnr^ tn gsverith avesae. • ■ *-!♦
No. C7 — Th* roadway of Oae Hundred aad I*o—
•t,-*'.^ Irom Seventh to Eijthth avenue. %tt *«!i
No. 2« — For regulatlrg an,i ret-avlnit w;ti» asc!s>Hk>
paveznnnt on a coru.Teie flMßtettea Saga
hattr n avenue. Jrcm One Hundred aad FV-h .. **
On« Hurdiert nr.d Sixth sir-N=». A'.sa *»»»;»
No. ;'*-^Th» Toadwav -f Onu Hravjr«(j sad a^_
• trftt. from CqJun-hus to Manhattan a\ c -. j.
Nc. S<v— The inadwoy of Ot« Hun.lred acd T»w»j~
•tr«>*t. trom ABistoraaro av«"cu» ta Broadway ■'•WSk
No. .•!l-^T^<» roaJway cf Or.*> Hundred mi Rm .^^
from AVeit Xci avenue, to Rlvtrsjda Drira. . "X
No. SC^-For re;'alrir.ff ar.l ir.air.ta nlr.* esaha;, __
went In jtre»t» in t>» Boro<;i!h of Manhattan «n S?"
th-» original K"jarjr.t<v> ol maintenance has «rSwi' k *
will exr'.re il-T'n* the term of this contract. *"*"* •
For full M|llniTß"l *e« rirv Record,
JACUU A. CA.NTOU. Boronyi Pr^jj^,
the Park n a?.l at it>* oSVa of th» Deaara^.
Parks. sth .We. aal 6Kh Su. \la2battdn. NiwlSrV
until 3 o'clock P. M.. en ""m
THIT.SDAY. jriv i«. 1:103.
,;- IliirniiHh of The Bronx.
Nv>- t- F°" furnis*ilns and d->liv«r ia g (Mftxi »j-_
Blorks !n Crctcra Park. Borough of Tta t-caj.
N">. 2. For tiirnlsr.lr.i? and delivering mrijuj •
ware drain pipe In Crotcna Park. la tie Boroa-i a|s
Brcnx. * ♦*
For fu!l part!-u!ars fee CITT RECORD.
C^trti-:l.a:.;n«:3 of p,.^
the- Park Bosr<J at th« ofßcs of the P»parta»»»
Parks, Zth Aye. and A4th St.. Manhattan. Stvi Tttflh
until 3 o'clock P M.. on **
THVnSDAY. JILT 16. 13««.
tin- lii;:-, of >;a:i!uiitau.
??o. 1. For tut'.d'.ns a temporary comfort Katteaeß-s
Harlem Rl- Driveway. near Uighhrldg*.
No. 2. For furnishiajr and deliveries 11.000 c*
yards of sandy Icam for the H*r!eni RTver Drt»tw»j
X). 3. For furnishing and delivering 12.000 jv*
of coarse grave! of UM quality kecwa as Rot E
gravel, where required ca the drtves of Oarrtl *»/
Net. 4. For furnishing and delivering. «ta. mL
rr. :!i. torsa manure and trass sed en -.4;! j»5«
East Elver, between Seventeenth and Eisfct*e:h J^w
For full particulars ace CITY RECORD.
■VTILUAiI R. wllicCX
ComniaataMr* if 7v%
"*^ TISEMEXT In the CITT RECORD of July Ut»|
1903, of the confirmation by the Supreme Court Hi)
entertnjr in the Bureau for the Collection at \utnso
and Arrears of assessments for OPENING AXO i.'.
Q'.'IRING TITLE to the fol!owtn» na~*J av«M» ■
street In the BOROVOH O7 THE °RO!TX:
IN'O. from Southern Boulevard to M «noij .■>».-*■■«•> *
firmed Decemoer 21. IS'JS; entered July 14 13c£
from Broadway to Ea:l*y Avenu*. Ccnftrmad May f|
anlcrec July 10. 1903
City of New Tork. July IQ. 1903.
All Tr»vt!llns Xsi.er.se* Issludsi
Delightful lt>-daT Ocean Tr*lf» —
Jaly lb, Aug. 1. 15. 2U. Sept. iJ^J
thousand' YsLA>nV/ ST.' LAWRJ^S
tWtoj trip SC5H.."i> J-^ X- A —
10-day tip 575.00 WJL^^fiti
IS-fiay trip $!.!«,. O<> . . .'■iijKiS*
And Jlanv Othe- P'.'asasr *•:.-. ~*r T*i-'*
lo<lep.ndfßt Travel Tlcketa •• "
Snmuier Reaorts at Lowest Fare*-
ProfC!T-..-r.e« ar.a part:c - j!ar» from
2CI and HSi Brcaiway. Xsw Tsr*. _^\
Cnte Daliy Oatlis*. ■•x'.«yt 5-.i=4».>
"HbW VtIUK" Eav Tj-« S:*arr.trj. t
**StSV9 VOUK" aad -ALDAXY." ' t
From ErotkliT.. Fultca it. CfcJ A&2«» {'s •
Kew York. r^=bross*j 3t. Pl«r -f Z •
• W«« 2Cd at. Pier •»" •
" V/cst VStth St. PUr ;;"*
r.e:urri=g dud la >>'«■» Tork 3 3« r-JL
a *ir i^^i^-^-i^r^^ 9^.^ tf
7:CO. *:00. '^;00 P. m
Leave Pier ftewi >•■. I. >„ „ _-.. r ur*
iorilil.hrr. » . 'iIAC*
L«ave NEIV IktON PITK, PPXTT H?J*csv «.'* **
A. >: 12-.-M. \:i\ 2MO. CZb. 4:10. *- i M
&:4i\ 5»:49. 1^:40 P. M. , „, r vrt*. j
ACKEH. itERRALL AND c<:> - Vi - n "=
CTCAHS served jr.de.- cempasy ir.anJ^es">i»-
Leave C4ih it.. E. R.. >'• T~ w*eS tor». » tr^ j.t
O-.-V. U:t,o A. M.- l^::0 USHB T^ct r«.>i • » iA t»
1:10. 1:4.), 2:10 Z:t\ Z:VX 3:W. 4 i>. 3: » A *
I:V\ S:H>. »:*>. u:W. U>JSB P. M. qg*.
ir you «r« crateapatr.? » rouaJ if % y»*
[ cost you s.ti'.rr. ar.i rr.a» »■* J •» » .- -J^ -*?*
wrist tor Kiwi *« vTerU pregra=!»« ; J^-^S?
starts tn Octoter: most JuxurJctM cau-.- i -- J>
Tehool St.. Beaton. Mass.: 210 So^O C-«tk a«~
red BASS Jgrri l
i I«»ves Kraal»;in £t.. J'ier 2t. S-
s 1-. il.. sunJ*« o a. v. ofiEttJSeSSmSSi
Locu»t Point. F»!r Uvm »^ J R *L!5 Bxrt"^-'
tro!:.-y for Long liracch. Arhurr ra.il- _^^^<y
Y^WWSttTV \~l* stearaer ■*=«■"., kuiCi** l^ *
V29Q2tii&' * only «* *«» W L S^,*2f -
n. R.. T:ls *. ct: BABewJ^fL--
'^rtortcßs Kf ♦'
Aivertl^ment* will b we^l^ftviWSaH
tw«en 7th and Sta ave>: -J^L^ tU .I »' J-U
2d-ttTe.. t*t**ea TOta «»J n ° *

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