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YouV ou LX111....K«- 20.817.
Republican Opposition in House Has
Almost Vanished.
Traox mr aaaaaaai Bmnr 1
TTash'nrton. BTo*. 13— RepuMicar. cppociTion
'- •*■' x: . "■:?'" '<■ the eractmer.t cf Cuban reci
paJg >r.eiatlon is gradually disappearing, and
, BBtßtn Itel by next Thursday, ■when the
. -tp aO be taker., the number who •"•::! go on
rtsB iris sissi s5 aaajtaal Ha passage •will net a the
;««-«• menace the success cf the measure. A
csrefc 1 . raaai of the Republican side of the
citrif to-day revealed the fact that only six
Bf wM twenty F-eputlicans -who five days ago
■arnlf • i rh»!r Intention of voting against Cuban
wtapr r " t"} -"'T-.f tirjr ta defeat a rule which
vssjM close debate and render axnendzcent Im
j*st'i:* v .**e r*main«d firm in this purpose. On
tfte f.r^l passage of the ■In the. House It is
.' ter. r-o-elve Republicans will vote
«i:s;rFt '.',. but this will is - - way endanger its

' -^fe Repubiicans who are unalterably op
7>^std '■-• tta tasMatm aad will vote according
-r.s. five ar» from Michigan two
• froaa Mmr.escte. two frorr. <^aliforr.ia.
■ BBa (MB Colorado. P»erreser.ratlv»«
. .^ud. Daxrxgh and McMorrar.. of
■ - Baa; Hogg- Bf Colorado, tad McLa-chlan..
rf Califc-raia. Aral cast their votes with the
v apaicst tie aicptlcn of the rule.
a th? eittsl Df Oka Republican orposi
at rneas-u-e as it now «Sat>. and "when
lered that at the Republican f UfHB
tao -ear? age th» recalri»rar.ts as
■ r. apparently gow3 reasc-. tha' tt
had a rrajcntv ara.ir.?» reciprocity Ic-eislatlcn,
- 1-*1 -* BBBSBSafIa cf lh^ BMtt BBflßtttaß ani ac
■ - —.7 li^hed cinoe tha T ■aa can be more thor
rreciaxel The earnestness cf the
President aad the hercic efforts of Speaker Can
808 ar. 1 ! Represer.tative Pajiie. of New-Tcrk.
v t -c fervesJ to dissip^t* the opposition and In
' - c the ■orccr 1 cf :h» m'^sure to which the
..... -<■•-_, LVIUItIV tßtMSßfli
Th» fee'.ir.c arr.cr.g the Republican leaders hi
BBM Bt KBttOt satisfaction and relief that T ie
- : • - - .en r*cer.tly ttev -were Car
* -zr. :■- - ' the fate of the BBBBBBVa
•--.- they were VtDBBS KB air.it or than It was
I advisable fcr fr.T.:.-.- --•paper? In
r-.ai* public They feel 111 irtlTll ".-.at he Bgirt
'MB :- ■'. ~ r "' .'" *Uh Cuba is a*s^r»;
V'te To B '■■ Taken iv the Home
\exl Thursday.
rcov. 13— AJiother step tcward
the osaaatsßhr- cf abac reciprocity wa»
:-'..-• - vc*e cf fourteen to
T ; :c«--;n:r being absent the
- Way* .:.2 <i i a
nj '-.thou* ■.- ■. . • a T h>? r.'.l
: . ■ r ■ .- r : : • • . . . •:■-•:-• Into
'".-•■ The K'-re viil bt^" cnsideration cf
the t . >■ :' -day ar.d. by agreement
---—..: " " . re rta'r.ti •! o'clock
- ~ r.Ti .-■ 7- 1 -rrangement gives one mere
: ■ ..ft br.i ttaa araa arffl
--. caaceasißp to the i
■ :- ■ ~ ' PPOI
" .-.«■■ ------ ;jf«i an BOUX
T*o -~ . - ' "- r f? c r«-1 by tba rr. .: 1 !
■ - - ■ - — ve'e. Or.* «caa
:: : Sexas —.::
■ - :■-■ bag at QwCnban
treaty 1 .--•-■■-"•=• wi:'
■ ■
■ - — .- : ' the remove": of
■ 1 sugar
: rtaan. of LoassV
i Mr. Cocpe' H i against a
■ ■ Btaa represented
■ ■ . - - ;gar grower? tt
■ tut t'. J -.'•
■ ■ : sat-tßc owas
" "- ■ - law ■« r.<»ce?
■ - . ._ . ......
• • xxstry ar.d
Bt con
•• ■ taka
- »c been 27:
•" nstitutlon
I Pr-s:der.t ard the Ser.a'e
- - . - • treaty chaaj - I
Tr-a' power is ex:
• ■ • - tca4*d h»re
reasons or. this
records of C \
. • • Bnnattwa of
t racti t- cf Oangfaaa
I am* cir*- I
■ - I ed cf suf
• ■ -r.e an extraordinary
• nSer tB tk • T.^on
— . • ' ■ • rtment
• ■ ■ • I '• ■
M to any
( iuct r i this
.ca. receive the
' . r the same
. ar was placed above
■ • •- ■ c 1 npaaa at f* mm
~ ■ • r ..^:ed expressly for a
- • • - -s <■• r' :t roca] trade
a«re*r - h it jrj'-horized \Y.? Pref Sem
. has for fcan
r than any ueceaaity required
Hi ... ... „j. areA
TS» r«"-..- -- - '.eaves Jt arrpiy pro
c w rirfuwri EttaU Will Be
Made o Cm owe Preserje.
4afee il>. :c C . Nov 13 —The deal which has
"■H p*r.2ins for *ome tiae btnveen George ttT.
ar.d Edgar B Mocre ef K--n:.
*c." *-fcf teaK at the Elltimcre estate »•■_■
W«t«fl to-day Witt the exception of one thou
•*"4 ares immediately surrounding the Bilt
- ineion. Mr Moore mill have control fcr
BO cf an area cf 125.000 acres. This
x ~* r ' of l&r.d will be converted into parr.' 1 pra*
am«e A clut. erf on* hundred members will be
fttaed ': ;. Kr ;.!oore fcr tfai ; impose cf hunt
■*» and Qafetas; on the estate, ar.d peaching will
k* prevented by a staff of raaantga ai.d Kuar4*.
_. "B::y of the mtkrri. "We are the makers "
a- T Zj**.cy *• Sue* C- 3 Fu;t«,a St . W. Y.-A«vt.
T+wtrr^tt.'&r&Z'Zu YORK. SATURDAY- NOVEMBER 14. 1903. -SIXTEEN PAGES.-»,T ! :^!?^bw*
Who was shot and killed by a negro yesterday.
I Copyright, is;-". by Rock-^ood. I
Republicans Dissatisfied With the
Vote m His District.
Albany Bow 18 —It was reported at th* Cap
e. ---day tha* George Hilliard. Special Deputy
C'.~rr.:;?:or.er of Ei:.se for New-York City. wtU
be removed from cff.c;. Mr. Hilliard up to the
time of the recent primaries was leader of the
F.epublicar. orgar.izaf.cr. :r. the XVlth New-York
District He '.vas defeated at Ok primaries by
? ? Koer.ir BapnfeUcn State leaders who
have had a keen eve en the situation in one or
tiro New-York district*, particularly Mr. Hil
liard's. ar= rPßv;noed that the affairs of the
rrTir-izaticn m these districs are far from sat
Under Mr Eoenig's '.es'ership the vote given
Mayor Low a* tha racettt clectlcn in the XVJth
Dittri'-' BJU iirr.ost as large as it was two years
ago. while ur.der Hilliard s 'I'""' last
year the vot? for Governor Odeil was cor.spicu-
BOBty small. In 1901 Low received 2.585 votes
Dw Mayer 35 ff 1*"1 *" 3- 14 for Shepard. In
IMB Own IKJI Odell received 1.721. and CO:
4.252. The vote for Mayor at the rece..-.* election
was 2*'» l for Lot.- ar.d G.92S for McClellan The.
larr" Tarr.rr.ar^- vote polled in 1902 ar.d tha
chirre that Mr Hilliard vas workir.e hani-in
jlove mtth T--— .rr.ar.y trough: about his down
fall as district iea^r. It was alleged against
Mr HOSard 'hat he hai arranged to put . r..-
BM9 IB is Republican election officers
The strong light ir/o which Koenig ? fin©
■work lr. tbt i:str:c' tfefOwa Hilliard ? alleged
Bflßfl ■ BBa fti.'-ed a d?n.ar.d for H:;l:ard's re
._. _ ~ ■ ■ r»ff. C c of Special Deputy Com
missioner cf Excise. Mr Hiilisrd was appointed
?f?:ial PtlHllf Ccmrr^f.nr.'r by former State
Co.T.rr.issior.er Lyrr.-n. Patrick W Calll is
r.ow State C-mmssicner Neither Mr Cullinan
6OT rls d'-;j*" '■' U "• ' •'■•-day
A ieidir.g Republican in the State said to-day:
The Dp-Stata leaders an aroused over the way
thing? have been run la New-York The only
tti t» that made a creditable showing at the
recent vm the- Sixteer.-.h and the
-- rtlj now L*vi«cr."s district Both districts
bs*« n*w leaden Tb« natural coiarlmilnn is
that if the management of the ether districts
had batn pot - the hands of new men the vote
for Low wcuid hay*- been »niiQ>raMy larger
than 1* ■» M
. ■
" Hur
. Mr Hin
to hsv» him

Democratic Senator* Distrust Him,
and a Liicly Rozc Is On.
Draoa the nsra ■CBS4C 2
WafßdnCtoa Nor 13— Democratic Beaatan
IMB *o early in lha "-ssion. have lost faith la
their l^sdfr Senator German, of Maryland,
and aa c ItSnSt th"re ■.« a lively little tilt in the
DQBOCraXIe steering committee. Senator Gor
man, whose fondness fcr adjusting tariff sched
ules has before This caused the radical element
bl his party some dissatisfaction, has MM de
lllinfwJ to pet one ef the Democratic scats on
tba Fir.ar.ce Committee ar.! had almost landed
th's desirable as?:gr.mer.* when it was said on
the Democratic fide cf the Senate chamber
that Mr Go-man's financial views were too
rlo#ei> akin to those entertained ty Senator
Aldrich Immediately the Popullstlc faction or.
th » steering- committee entered an emphatic
protest Mr. Gorman -i as unwilling to relin
quish the object of bis blUAat ambi ion. es
pecially as It is the belief of all Democrats, a*
of rrany Republicans, that a readjustment of
th* tariff schedules will occur at the first session
cf the LlXth Congress, but present indications
are that he will be defeated and that R will go
to Senatcr Dubois. of Idaho
"This reversal of his vW» thus early in the
sestlon. If accomplished, will prcve • serious
tlo* to the leadership of the Mainland Senator,
A-< mn Who Taken His Arre*t Coolly, Talks of Slander and Pene
cution — Lynch Talk in Crowd.
Many thousands at people in this city were
shocked and grieved yesterday afternoon by the
information raat Andrew H. Green had beer.
murdered in cold Mood at the door of his home.
No 91 Park-av#. The news ran like wildfire
through the city, and expressions of sorrow and
regret for the assassination cf Mr Green were
heard on ever- side, while flags were placed
at Canal on the City Hall and on the public
school halUUafja
Mr Gre?:: was slain by Ccrn*Uus Williams, a
negro of middle age. who never had any ac
quaintance with him. It is believed, but who
had become i.-.sane and had harbored a delu
sion that Mr. Green had slandered him. That
a crazy notion of revenge was the main motive
for the murder was shown by the f«.cts that
Wllllaßlt made no effort to escape arrest, and
that all his statements after he was arrested
showed an unreasonable enmity to a man Who
hal been a complete stranger to him
The murder was a? cowardly as old be
imagined The powerful negro, having lain in
wait (or Mr Green a feeble man of eighty
three years, fired at him from behind, sending
a bullet into his brain at short range, and then
shooting at his prostrate body four times more.
emptying the revolver. He did not attempt to
strike Mr Green with his hand, but waited until
Mr Green had turned away from him and had
passed thro . the iron railing in front of the
house. *
Thre<=- witnesses of the dastardly '-rime were
near a: hand Patrick Dyer, a cabman, of No.
3*55 Wart Bixty-aeooad . passed the house only
a few seconds before Mr. Green was met by
the negro en the sidewalk at 1:33 p. rr. and in
passing Dyer noticed the negro loitering at the
vestibule of the house. T:ie vestibule inside the
railing is raised above the sidewalk only by a
short step. Emil Michaeison. an errand boy. of
No. 433 East Seven^y-nfth-s' . -.- 9 the house
about the same time, en his way to deliver a.
parcel at a neighboring house. Mrs. Annie
Bray. of No. 330 Baal Trurty-nfth-st.. who has
been going to the hous; to wash and scrub there
reeu'.2.r!v. went to the door about the time the
negro left the vestibule and went to meet Mr.
Green on the sidewalk.
Mr. Green ha been to his office. la the Na
tional Park Bank Building, in Broadway, and
!-£d ridden uptown on a Madison-aye. car from
the postemce. He had alighted from the czz in
the tunnel at Fortieth-st and be was walking
sickly down the e.'.s' side ot Patk-avo . when
the negro, who had been on the watch for him.
left the vestibule and advanced to meet him.
Half a dozen steps from the vestibule the negro
accosted Mr. Green, saying in a whining- tone:
"Mr. Green, why did you tack that ".an to
slander me""
Mrs Bray was the only witness near enough
to hear the question. It i? probable that Mr.
Green did not understand the question or real
ize that the negro was insane. He probably
thought the mar. -a as some strar.ee beggar, a.-d
he said: "Go away from m». I Ao not know
Those were tttC last words he uttered. As h*
turned away from the n»gro. walked through
the gateway of the low railing ar.d was about
entering the vestibule he was struck in the back
Of the heed by the first bul.et Pulling a .38
;alibr ■ revolver from his pocket and following
Mr Green closely. Williams had raised the
weapon quickly ur._il its nuzzle wai only a few
inchfs from Mr Green's head At the first shot
Mr Grata fell senseless on the vestibule step,
the bullet having entered his brain H« proba
bly was killed instantly
Williams leaned over Mr Green and Bred four
more shots, and it was supposed that all the
bullets <?nt*red the body Then the negro
leaned against the railing, put the empty re
volver back in his pocket and wiled, as if ex
pecting arre-t. Mrs. Bray s. reamed loudiy af
ter the first shot, and in a moment aaea weee
running toward 'he house Mr Green who *as
t hpHnlrtr hid lived in the rr.use with his
nephew, two ni-ces and a few MTVaata. One
No. 91 Park-aye. Hr was standing in the doorway when shot.
of his nieces ran cut of the house a fe-v mo
ments after the last shot was fired, and. kneel
ing on the v»stibule floor raised his head and
called to h.m piteously. asking him to «r-*ak
to her. The negro glared dnwn at his victim
and said:
Damn yea, I kr.eT Id get you' "
William H Bums, carriage starter far the
Murray Hill Hotel. was one of the first to reach
trie negro. He says that V.'illiams was about to
walk away. whe_. be eraf-ed him by the throat,
with the remark:
"Oh, no: you don't get away so easily '
He turned him over to Patrolman Houghtal
ing. of the East. Th;rty-fifth-st. station, and De
tective Kelly, of the Grand Central Station, who
rushed up a moment later.
A crowd quickly collected, and a call Cat an
ambulance v.-as sent to Bellevue HospitaL
While awaiting its arrival one of Mr. Green's
servants ran to Uta office of Dr. H. H. Forbes,
at No. M " -.'«. and summoned the physi
cian. Dr. Forbes however, could dc nothing.
When he reached Mi Grwn'l side Mr. Green
was dead.
Patrolman White took temporary cf
Mr. Green's body and helped to carry it into the
house, while Hvjghtaling handcuffed the negro
to himself and took him away, accompanied by
Kelly. When the ambulance arrived the sur
geon couic only say ha- Mr. Often was dead
and then drive away. In the gathering crowd
there were seme cries indicating a desire to se«
the negro lynched, but nobody attempted vio
lence as the negro was I- I away.
When the negTO reached the East Thirty
fifth-st. station, where he was taken by Houeh
taling. he was hurried into the office of Acting
Captain Daly. In the course of his journey
Williams had been somewhat roughly handled,
but he was not in the least disturbed. His man
ner was calm and he was perfectly cool. A
Bearch of his clothes revealed a razor, a knife.
a pocketbook containing £5 and ■ dispossess
notice, the details of which he later gave to the
reporters. Except in the case of the moato . d^t
negro raised no objection to the removal of his
property, but stolidly gazed at the rapidly in
creasing crowd. In reply to the questions of
the poiicemen. he declared that his name was
Cornelias Williams, and that he lived at the
Hotel Gilbert, at No 254 West Twer.ty-six:h-s r .
He gave the number 156 at Srst and then cor
rected himself.
When the police had finished with him. a
group ft reporters took a hand at the examina
tion, Williams ar.sw.?red questions with readi
ness, and was apparently far less concerned
than many of the bystanders. Here is part of
his itory as he told it. not thirty irjr.ut?s after
he had committed the crime:
■I was born in Virginia." he said "I am
forty-six years old. and I have lived in New-
York for twenty y^are. I used to be a caterer,
but am now raking car» of furnaces. One
place where lam employed is at Dr. Fishers, at
No. 19 West Fifty-second-st. In ISBS I waa
looking for a boarding place ani noticed a sign
for boarders at No. 132 West Fifty-Third-? and
hired a room there. While I lived there the col
ored woman who kept the boarding house. Bes
sie Davit-, made a request of me. and when I re
fused she slandered me in such fashion that
all my friends shunned me I was a member
of the Mount ' ■■""' Baptist Church, and in
good standing un'il that time. After that all
'he people avoided me If I went to church
people pointed me rut and said: •That is the
"I might have been married but for that. I
was" engaged to a girl, but she believe* the
slanders and jilted me
While I was livinc at Bessie Davls's house I
saw Andrew H Green come there one day. I
never caw him except that t!m» until I shot
him to-d'y. He said to the a vis woman:
Cootlaw-4 oo third pa*«.
1 A Large Colombian Army on the
Way to Recover Isthmus.
Guayaquil, Nov. 13 General Plaza. President
of Ecuador, sent a dispatch to President Marro
quin of Colombia, sympathizing with him in
i the recent events on the Isthmus of Panama.
President Kajrroaala has replied, thinking Gen
eral Plaza, and adding 'hat Generals ?ey*s.
Cicaileros. Ospir.a and Hoi gum are marching on
. Panama with a large army M MM I the
; Isthmians.
"Washington. Nov. 13— Beth Secretary Hay
i and General Young, the chief of staff of the
i artry. had retired when the bulletin announcing
! that in army from Colombia, was zr.arch;ns
' against the Isthmians came, so M was impos
sible to lea- what action 'he department -;?^
tak? to meet the issue -vhi-h has t^n raised
Rumors -:- current tc-day that The govern
ment intended to send United States troops to
the Isthmus of Panama, but positive official de
nials were made that such was the intention of
the administration, which some • ne ago a.5
serted its purpose to prevent fighting that would
endanger the free transit °* the isthmus.
Recevt patches Tell of Plans to
Regain Lost Territory.
Lima. Nov. 13 —The Coiombiar. Minister to
Peru has published her" cable dispatches re
ceived from his government, dated at Bogota.
November Ml 11 and 12. respective!*.- The dis
patches say that the Colombian gov^rr.ment haa
tajcen measures to suppress ' the isthmian
traitcrs." ar.i add tha* all parties and ail classes
have offered to the government their lives and
properties in defence of the national territory.
German Steamer Bearing Only a
Frightened Alcalde.
Colon. Nov 13 — Cu't»r3 frcm the American
■warships here were dispatched this morning r o
step the German steamer Markcmann^i. which
■was seen two miles of? towing a gasolene : . .
toward the aarboi It was thought tl- •
Markomar.na ■•vt. <-nrr. I rsr from *
port, but it tmrnir* thai sr.e had been char
tared at 3ocas del Tcro to bring th
that port to Oei
There was great, fear at Boras del Toro «n
the receipt at n *»■*•» by waj of Pc Lirr.-^r.. Ons*i
Rica, that the Colombian BWvrcmeSt «a3 BaBOV
i-'g SjODQ troops |n retake the port. Wfttcß r.ai
recently deciired lt.« :iV.^zi3.cc° tn the BY* re
pabUe. and the alcalde started en Urn M
mar.nia for Colon for Ltie purpose of obtaining
anna and ar.imur.ition to equip a*>> volunteers
to resist the expected Colombian attack The
alcalde, hf>we\ er, has returned :o E^^js M
Torn to allay the DBBfSJ of the pcp':lar^ arl W
give assurance that the landin? ot Colombian
troops there ■*v:il not be allowed
Panama's Desire to Hasten Canal
Panama. Nov. 13 — Jos-f Augnstin Arar.xo.
president of the junta, received to-day n?^rs of
President Roosevelt's reception of Philippe Bu
r.au-Varilla is Minister of the Republic of Pa
nama. Seficr Arar.go exr reused grear gratifica
tion. saMng that this act of President Rrjose
velt's made posrfnle tSa negotiation of a canal
treaty, and that such neicotixtton would proba
bly be completed before IBM P-namese held a
convent'on to »ltct a N ■.'■!■ 'art r.l idopt a
Seflor Arar.-^o confirmed CIM staif :r.?r.< mad*
al Colon yesterday that Governor Meler.d z f
folon •would not permit General teyee, who is
mnillia frrm Bcgota on a peace niasion. to land
unless he cam* as the envoy of Colombia, ae
rredited to the Republic cf Panama, and that in
no other capacity would ha be received, by the
government. I: is feared :h»t if General Reyes
persists in landing otherwise tha.n aa an envoy
so accredited his presrr.ee will create trouble.
II is rumored that the situation at Bogota is
extremely critical, and that there is a continu
ance of the manifestations of furious despair
over the loss of the Uthmua. The feeling against
President Marroqutn is growing in Intensity, and
one rumor has !t that he has been deposed.
The populace of Bogota are talking of pending a
big expedition to recapture the Isthmus at any
I cost. In their exc!tabl!lt\' losing sight of the
I futility of such an attempt.
And Xo Further Trifling by Colom
bia Would Haze Been Tolerated.
Washington. Be* 13 —For sevral w-eks
President Booaavatl has had ta preparation his
annual asessa?' to OBBBTCBBj to he pr*s"?nted at
the opening of rh* r'T'iiar sesaicr; on the ftrst
Monda:-- of December Thir put «C the tneasig*
In which he dircussed the ne?otiaticr.s between
the United ■*■*■ and the BOVCRSBraI ef Colom
bia for an isthmian cm.i! treaty, it • aaM waa
completed about two weeks ago »nts which
nave occurred on the isthmus lr.d ir. this coun
try since that time hay» made M necessary tar,
him complete; 7 to rewrite the part of tn* a*""
sage dealing with the ranal necottattOßai
In the opening sentence el ha discus?:' -
the negotiations with Cclcnibta the Pr-^daeal
I regret to report that, contrary to all .'*.'*.'.?*
tlons. the government of the P.epubltf cf <'oloni
bla refused to r3--fy t- v - treaty for buildln* *
canal across the Isthmus of Panama.
Then, after iayU^ that the treaty had ■■•■•
negotiated at the earnest r-nuest of the gor*
ernment of Colombia and subsequently was dis-»
approved by the Cataashtaa Senate, the Pt«b*«
dent said that the powers exercised by the)
United States under the treaty of I*4. were so
large tn the protection of transit across thai
Isthmus that it sometime* had been <;u«tior.e<t
whether It was r.-cessary now to obtain a treatjj
for the purpose of building a, canaL -wh«a»,
he wrote.
High authorities) on LllllliallMlWl la-r helcf
ttet the canai can he tea —3 " t-'iient to -»x
ercising the power to prevent the oos-.ru^- 5
- ■
•raffle across th<- isthmus. -> v * rrhe^ ! ?- K in , £~
eordance with our settled poncv of beha\.-8
with scrupulous fairness aad generosity tovaxd
our weaker sister republ.c3 of the talcing
no position that can even by implication C£
t.reate.l a.« unfriendly, unlai VxzzaJp :^rce«t
thereto we have enleavor* 1 to provide for th*
building of the canal by treaty Ir IMS. IX«8H
w. went .as far as it is possible for us to go !3
the direction of making concessions to ta*»
Cattad States of Colombia. No tarth-r conces
sions can or should be tnaie by thi3 covernraeo^
The President then sa."l "J* 'he clrcura-*
stances of the --anal CSS* WOT paeaQar. Tn«
canaL he said, must r? dv?. I* i»ma3d><t
by the interests of this nation and by those nC
— civilized -arorli. ,The United States ha<S
solemnly pledged tta word that i: shoul-i be freq
to the commerce of the world. r«»servin« *•
ourselves merely OM itgM BB see that tt shall
never be used to our military Oaadcastaca." H-»
A prtv**,. i unpaay which ta the aaat «adertook >■
build the eaaal baa fin* it Th» na" •< the laM fp^
rears warrant a* la a«w aayaas not only thai tha>
caaal aball a«« be eenstructeti by soy ftx*i*B a*»«sa>
meet, hot that it to lot to b« <— trartej br jadT
nrivats company I*- saaat. tbinhti. bo *aj br tbaj
guiMOTaw of tba Catted State*
Referrics; farther aksssj ta tbt ---r.---ry tt-»
netted by the canal, he vncac
On the <aae hand. th» laslad s*ate» 4nlm us aas*
r mrd with »oraprU«a» care t!» tatefst iai Of aasjaw
of «ach coonUT or eamatrtat. On th* *» haul, Is
my jtidsaK-nt. if to tana to *•!■' taat the besassssai
of the canal cannot be mnch luasvr delayed. TbJs>
nation doe« not dcßlre to be uarwasonable or irr.patleat.
but it caaast and wiil not permit any body of men.
prrcaonently to obstruct one of BBS «rea» world bi«-b
,,t. of traffle; aad refaaal to permit the bcildias ••
the canal aaaetots to such •buraetUwa. «>f t«ai". *a»
ia»i*t apoa aamatnawslr ter=a» b> e«s»Tateat to a t»-«
: sari
Alluding Dl r -e naxaai al Cbl Spooler \nr
which says that the pTef.-i^r.: shall hay«
• reaac ■ ttOMT M a§WfflH?na as heiwe^- t>.»
Panama and Nic.iragua routes. h«* wTCte:
Reasonable time in the case of such an ester*
pr^3e as this, an enterprise wMcn haa beea
thought cf for nearly torn mituiteJ. wfcfcfc ha*
baa ettumed in detail ar.d it for haif %
teutmy and which when completed «ID -ndur«
forazes and «--.ii CBSBBfi the geography of *
h-rr.ispr.ere ar.l the trade rcutc-s cf tm worlu,
mast, of coats* mean wna aom .3 neces
sary to cuuiiaw oaraatw r h:i* ma course *»
are>fon<ro tog is wise • ad proper.
It •^-wa» «-rtdra» that in * matter sorb ■— thl» w
»h»old BaaUy decide which is »ie bei* nM*. aad st
tile adTaatasc* ot this rout* «wr any a«ber ■■■■)<■
roate are antOcinttiy martrd. »<- should t&ra &*•.
mMm that we earn s* loader «ot»mlt to trMkac •» ta-»
ShMSBS linaltar sa the part of lbM« whom theacci
tat of n-tlnai haa ciareJ to t *" >r^ raotrol «C
tile »i n— IBJ •••* ■•rhirl* tie ront* most pas-. rfc*»
l! ahsy sal com* *» *"■«« ***** ** am MraasM
fonrmrd fashion we «h.jU ia i>rtura act ant — wltl»
justicr h«t with ifarrwity; and tint TT TWEY FACE.
to come to srrH »■■'■■■■ with r-*. mt
Perpetual Incase Probable — Admin
istration's Attitude Secure. -
r^BOM thi T«r3;-NE WKMMMS.}
V.;-;-;'-v NO" l:; — 1 • ' " "• i
accorded to- lay BB Mr Ban t-XMX envoy*
_•- - r•• ir 1 rr.:r. :?*- ■ I -...-• • ►
rh<» r - ' * Pan
ama, by the President ar.d tn-? Se< retary "£
gr ir c completes f he <r.. - :
repubi: ".ac* or. ta» ra(a
cf oattam ■. , 1 acpccacntßd :.^ wash-*
lr.gton. and pOßtlmles tfce preliminaries ro_th«
negotiation of a tr^^
lffT**** 1 of the Panama Canal.
There is Lttle likelihood thu . - -«
will seek to acquire »ab»o'ut* ownersnip of rf»*
canal aoo ' v- -r ■ - . •■: ■ - ■ ■ m
jarded by scrr.* ?******* BBd p^rtv i^i-iers aa
d^sirab'.-. but 3ecr»tarv- Hiv r..l:ev»s ■nat a per*
petual lease woUd accomplish -very purpose,
and it fba> ■aaa> f ••• '
TiittrVtm that tali : tc> a«r»
quire additional territTy or looked wi»h a -ravet
ova eye on the r 1 f Arr.erica. A
perpetual leas". MBtvad of some of ih<» posstbly
■jnjllißtal Ilit^ff «■" thr Baj^Harna cn •
dao, providing that thi» country shiill have net
or.lv 'he pr:v ( .l»sr? ■ f ; "- ■ but of fnrtifyin*
(Bfl rar.il. this to be stipulated to •xpli -.* BffSflfc
would. ." the catUnatftaa of ibs m^n who bsem
ror.f-rred with the President ad other cf2cia!»
recently, serve a«et9 leetraele -r.d. ar.d it mmit
be predicted with comparative safety that «ucl»
win be th- fbraa of- tt* ajrwm?nt cab«a b« «fl
•with Minuter Va:
As •»<!■* aaid In The Tribune this mcrnlaj.
entire acquaintance with all the fact* rj'.atiaff
to the revolution and the conduct of the adrr..
lstrarirn served to assure th« Senator* who con
ferred with the President la-- r.ijht that Cba
attitude ef the United States in the premises
is impregnable and there were sonoe abie inter
national lawyers among those who gathered h\
the state dining rcom of the White House last
night. Attention is called to th» cecessitr. in
ronswlertns; th« Panama rr.o.ation. of bearirix
In mind Secretary Har's ccaunent on the aver-

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