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LXin— -X° 20.904.
gums Itself Out at Last— Loss More
Than $100,000,000.
Cfuflapmtion at End— Fifty Thousand People Idle—Seventy
live Blocks Burned—Relief Measures.
The burned district in Baltimore is bounded on
the west by Libcrty-st.. on the north by Lcxing
-.-st.. on the casi by Jones's Falls and on the
seuth by the Basin. Within this district were the
structures in Faycttc, Gay, Lombard, Charles,
Baldcrson. Ellicot, Hollingsworth and Chcapside
sts. Passing southeast alon£ the Basin, the follow
ing large docks were destroyed: McClurc's, Pct
nott's. Smith's. Frederick. Long and Union.
Small thoroughfares, extending as far north as Lcx
in^ton-st and which were in the path of the flames.
arc Commerce,. Frederick and Mill sts.
The district thus swept by the fire comprised
seventy-five blocks and nearly 2,500 buildings.
The burned area covered about 140 acres.
The loss is variously estimated at from
$100,000,000 to $200,000,000.
Insurance men arc unable to make any accu
rate estimate of how badly the insurance com
panies have been hit. The estimates varied from
| ,000,000 to $175,000,000, and it was even said
that the larger figure might be exceeded.
About fifty persons were injured, of whom a
dozen were policemen and firemen.
The flames raged twenty-eight hours, being got
under central at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Fifty thousand people are thrown out of work.
Baltimore. Feb. 8. — Baltimore la ata«c«rteg to
r.lftt nnfler a flr« loaa which no one has the
• temerity to put In figures. The Important com
marcWl filctrlct ie a blackened ruin, laid bare by
a conflagration which raged without even a
momentary check from 10-45 a. m. yesterday
«r.tll late in the afternoon to-day. At 3 lock
It was agreed the flames were, under controL
They had raired nearly twenty-eight hours, in
aplte of almost superhuman efforts put forth by
the bert flghting forces which more than half a
•naer. fit If* were able to muster.
Th« i Ity In overcast with gloom. The only
llrhtu In the burned district are those from the
aaaMltfering ruins. The only lights in that flec
tion which escaped de*trurti<m are the corner
gas lamps. The nt ores are Honed In nearly every
Ftreet. The darkened avenues nre full of Jos
tling people talking of one subject only. Ap
parently there '■ only cne BMai for c ksaaa,
end that 1« that there are no homelrrs peop>.
The residence section of the city escaped. This
phaoe of the situation relieved the offl<lals from
r-T thought other Than the eavlng of property.
At 2 p m. The Associated Press stnt o t a
baHrtin sajir.g the flames would be h'ld »n
4aack at the Union Do>-1» ar.l prevented from
leaping Jones 1 Falls and placing the i>n::r" city
«*»* of there in Jeopardy. At " ovjo^k thit
bu'.W.n w«a «nflrme«. A «-ore nf fr-.r>* rnr^^s
***■" rounrt lapping the aide* of lumber rllf"
"a the east bank of the fall* In Rome Irntar.co,
the lutr.ber was toaae* into the falls. *rr* th'i.
«M similar heroic meaaur-s. flayed th« fire
I/^SS MORE THAN $:<w,vwyy>
Thro^rhnur the t-rrlfle <>ont«rt waged In flra
tr.rn and T- '^r "■JHUMiI. h«manHy ■«■ har-
Ci-a^T'ed r. ga > v.hirh rarried l>urr.!ng brand.
f & r over the henj.- -T th* worker, and beyond
tl-e :-rch of the h-.;r(*.rea« of Mi-rams of water
poure* Into the ra*: | fumafr-a. But for the
v.irk or vol^nterr? <r r » k!r- S o- Jt r.nd •xtlnß-j'f h-
Bg «hPs=e err:!*-:«. :t is c!rr:f..vt . r r a :n ii K r- t,urr:--5
aria wot:!d have »>♦•«• twice a* rr»-»«. „\« It !<«.
'.-'iriy r.v, n-v-r.vo rju-res. or 14A arrej>. are
WKe. »i.;e-. J .:,:-;K 'rom I>ex»ri«ton-sr. on the nortii
to Pratt-st. on the Bsfft, fr.>- ; I.iberty-et. ■nth»
*«n to Jones* Fa!!s in rhe Mat. !r<t U raroe
««npa«te« have opened trrr.porary o.Tlres in
»■ l^*iic Uotri. !)ut thrir representative. '
«e-J!ne to rsf.rr.ate the :or». The answer of one :
'• typlr.! or a!! •■!•> too bl«. We hrve not ;
:wm ?n «~rrit» it Make it .i, c f lOO.orvy .
■B Thatß the bMt we ran "■ - | M Mtt*
——l ■ ih- !.><s :..; hish aa $»«».«*>'•
Thr rUy KM Wl«y ; 1.rr.,; C : : v r martial law. !
t-nd ;hu« all danr^r ..f loot.' i: , utr d.mmcd dl»- '
t'irt m inmtrirtt. Woi r.ai rerei\-ed that
Gen * T Corbln. of New-York, would he here
la*e "o-n^tt to take command of the federal
•■»■••. The pressace of fro r^glment« of mil
l"i» •"« un ad.lun"t to the police, whlrh were
•ocmctitul by details from Philadelphia and
T7> flrabnard Florida I-td. 1» alwaye on time? it
» a R.jitd Puiiman trnln running d«l!y to St. Aueu«-
ÜB*. Set vl^ aU that 1» UesircU. ofllcc 1,1»S U'waj.
—Ad vi.
To-<lar. fair.
T» morrow. torrea*lnx rlondlnrtt; frwh wind*.
■WaahJngrton. refrultrfl 1n the maintenance of the
if order.
No one dares to pru'-ss what would hnve hap
pened if the flames had Jumped Jones Fails. The
Ktruirp> to-day has b^en with the one end of
eaaataing the flre to th<> west side of the muddy
Ilfle stream . That this effort was "tu^cessful is
merely the result of the flre burnlnjr It*. out
and <-'>minß in cont.-i^t In front with the enn'-on
trnte--: labors resrJy a hun<:r<»-] fire eOBBBO>
rles, allM by the powerfuj flre tuc, f*TTara.~t.
Again nr.rl n*-'!n the t»-rr!Me heat, driven from
the burn district arrows Jor.fMi Falls. Ignite. 1
lulldlng^ ar.d lurrber pIIOO. Fur U.us hand to
hand fights 1' ruillj. Vlottb fortunately for the
reside*. ♦* of V,t--\ P.alt!mr.r». VJVO won by the
flreuion. F»>r se\eral hours In the lum!>er 'lls
trlcr of the »>-,<:• r\<i" v< 'unt<^rs w.itf he.l every
om'^r. Bucket '..riKad^s am tWUiCd to jir< vent
the destru< Xl% ■ Unp of the flnmrs across the nar
row atraa B*4 the flre giired a foo!hoM In
tlif- e.utt st'J<- bnobOT yards it Is con<-< d<-d noth
ing could have rtnpped the onslaught, and the
ffOpOStOMOtO w-onlJ have baCB DOWcHoOi to pre
\-nr d.-.mage .•J^ (rrrnt. If M p<OBSH; than that
of ihe .'hl^aKo flre.
RT-TT.; I ■ >WN IT.
OfUUattM f\ii"f-"i.s hM" lK*pn <-on«tr\nt to
day. The prr.grajnnr> adopted HUN night of
btovtas 09 bOjJCta«JO hi ■■ attempt *'■ May the
5 Toj»re«s nf the BUM v.ns cc-r.tlnu'-<l until th«
BlOj var- i:r<lrr PWltroT Then the dynamiters
tanad their attention to razing totfrinfr araOl
whl> h threatened to <oHnr'" > The result was
elmcst constant c.innor.a<liv.j;. *!'d UW ■■ tor.a
tions v.rre Irani In nil parts <>' th* city.
With the fire under control, the b'nckenfrd
MOflla '\ );.. h !Ip* In th«- ■ ake of tTio sea of flames
'■•-••« a vJ»w torrfbio to behnM. it can best
tx^ Mk<"::ed to orM;.f of pr^at <-<>Ue . ■--•--. each
sh<-KiTi:.i» oal I I T.d tongues of flam** from
r:ram<ls <if !ttr\. *Xnr.» mi ■inrnt. Whore
the flre h:u* riirl ..jt nothing remains I '■' waste,
from which ilee hundreds of towering:. Insecure
shafts. ITmM aM all that is l^ft of what were
rcro hnn-isome „ffl^ holding*. «.tora K whole
raie and l.u*ir.ess houses of all kinds.
Tbe lei* will not be accurately ■■Ill—lll for
weeks. tßr business M ; rorperous yesterday
morrins are P^r t«v-d«y. ■ I ■!■■ heard
among these MM M they view their property
reveal M astounding number »hn ••*■ only
joorly protect^-d by insumnce.
aunea oosbtamti-t failing.
Few :^on« e^.l-r-l fu'ly cv. n portion,
of the l.urned district as the ..|:»« ruins would
permit. The hUh wind made It nearly impos
sible for any one to (W throuKh the *:rr-:s
borflerrd by orumblins «•» without pray«
danscr. Tangled m.«*« «f ■*•■ °" and r
.rot., the Ftrt--*. »nd the~ mere lashed fur!
«Ml, by th* win*. Some of these wires are
«trun* from charred ••••" P"'" "hlch
stransoly. nr* left standing in a ~-tion whert '
3 ulldln s » .uyrowd to .- - bce^flreyfoot v - d
\>w- York, 1 885 $20,000,000
San Francisco, 1851.... 10,000,000
Portland Me., 1860 9.000,000
Chicago, 1871 170.000,000
R. gtan, 1 872 00,000,000
Jacksonville, Fla., 1001. 10.000,000
Paterson, X. J., 1 002 . . . 7,000,000
not escnj-c, or.l some hang from the Fldt waJls
or corners of what were ones office buildings.
These rui.-s could b« seen awj»orlnjt back and
forth, apparently reaJjr to collapse. Many did
fall during the morning, carrying upward
rl->uJs of !>rirk and mortar dust bo dense that
even the I'.k k RDOfet was obscured for th«
moment. Flying glnsa, dust and gravel. «parka
and embers r.:> 1 the air. In that fearful dis
trict men rrorr.lnent In rommer -lal life were
found. Ma:.y. with IMI 1 Ms;ered and .•mok«
l^Rrim^d fare-, had been "p nil r.lfht, and aa
the rr.orr!:.c broke were t.iklne: their first In
ventory rf lor«es.
At 12..'>» o'clock th" northern limits of the fire
had travelled from F.iyette-st. to BMtMMH
At this point half •■ dozen fire companies were
f.Khi.rs; rroa the mr. while nthT rnir.panl>3
were flnrkitij; on the Jonea F.ilH and the l.ib
frty-st. barters. Sandwiches and coffee were
i«<-rv».s trmm drnys. Many Of the men were il
mort famiFh^d from their lone and feBM M
detail, and the hot food m ■ BOdUDd.
MABTIAIi I.aw IN' "'•<!•
Every I rifle over Jones's I'nlis held n rcore of
firemen, ar.d not Infrequently they WON com
pelled to turn th«lr attention from the towering:
Pjrr<o to put f.nt flames on the floors Jtetween
•hem and rl«>p water. Roth banks Of Jones'^
Fnlls w»re line! with lumber yards and the. piles
OB ore alia were bauta« constantly and on th»
other throwlnjc off clouds of steam caused by
the water turnM on wood heated almost to the
point of ignition.
The Pre«ldent-st. station of the Philadelphia,
—hill lß and Ultimo; Railroad is used as
barracks for rr.llltln. which Is enforcing martial
law. The bulMlns caught fire ■ number of times
nn.l whmover the door «M opened ■ ■*■■" of
aaarka wm carried laaMa, In front the lumber
pile, furnished food for the flames, which were
m mm > forward, yet th« men who had
wn pacin* UN greets all nlcht remained
asleep, completely exhausted.
V.n.en the advance of flames had been checked
(fc, fl re IIUIT- ***** back nv " r th " ""*
of th« disnstor. attemptins to demolish the flam
te, ruins and prevent another outbreak.
Residents and busings men of the East Side
are not yet fully assured at their safety. and
ttraad -en- window may ha seen aa«*-a
'ace. MovlnfT vans, pushcarts md vehicles of
all kinds fill the street*, carting household ef
fect* and valuables to shelter.
Colonel J. Frank BuppM* a competent author
tt, on factory tat*tl.s. estimates that the
numl-r of DOlOoeo thrown out of employment
will reach fifty thousand; others hive placed the
estimate at a higher figure.
injector of Building Preston, after making
a careful study of the burned district, placed the
building low «Vm* at 91S .«»
To-nleht it IF f^re.l that aid m**t cm* from
adjacent cltle, or a partial famine will be an
added Ph«*e of the situation. Restaurant, are
entirely *ltbOCt rood. ■— the ,!,structlon of the
CommJ«ion houses alon X the wharves tins shut
m the means of supply. Hotels are little better
off. and though they .ay they will be able to
feed their rue*., it I. admitted the variety wi.l
:e«.ened at once. Preparation, are, M r.
<-.-.nfln..-'. ■-■••• ••! " ■■--
Bill in Congress Appropriating
Baltimore. Feb. Mayor McLane to-day re
ceived the following telegram from PimMcbl
T «h-»r<» the horror of NT r'^P'" ■* tn ° ■»■
nalllns ratnstrophe which has befallen Hnltl
more If there is anything the federal govern
ment' can <!<•. pray vail OB »•.
Washington. Feb. &— IUpi ■ Kmri-h.
Of Tlllnoln. lntro.luro.: a bill In the House to-day
apj.roprlntlr.s,' fLOOtyMO for th- r«OH of Nffvr
era from the Baltimore fire. It was referred to
the Committee on Appropriations".
Effect of the Great Fire Likelt; To
lie National.
Baltimore. Feb. S While the fire was con
fined within a certnln territory of the city, th*
effect will be more or less natlrnil in Ita ope.
WHolf h tn-i» Imm km htm paralyse.l for
rr.or.th? to iMM and Southern buyers, a lars;f>
Dumber eC v.rom .leal in BaJmaore. will ban to
po _|_X»lllll to purchase their Rn«l?. The
manufacturing centres of the country will feel
the effort to ?ome extent by UM rounterm.ini
lug cf orders. To many manufacturers th« fir
win cause ■ po«ritive lor*, a* they have be«n
r.orkJr.K on cnlers for Palttmore tlrms, whi. h.
cannot be accepted now and which will have to
l»e carried by the manufacture -ra until they can
find other buy era.
Aro Iyer* r for yi.ur sJ^k ones.
11. T I>ev.ey i. S^ta L'o.. lii t'ullua at. New Y< .k.
— ,\>UU ■
Experts Sag the Contents Are Xnt
naltlmore. F^b. S. — A piece of ™-<»lcorre news
conveyed this afternoon to the tankers and
others Interested was that the contents of most
nafrs mi vaults in lIM IhmU district were
pr< :>ali!y unlmpain-?. Several experts wh.->
madf a ■ m of the bt:r;.«d financial section ex
amined more than a score of safe deposit ami
lank vaults, and It was their opinion that the
COBiCßlfl of most of th"se were not damaged.
They MM dM vault? were blistered and In some
cases warped.
Maryland Legislature Makes a Tcr.
Dnii llolidaii.
[BT TETE'-.H\rt? i" TIT' Tsn»r"cx. 1
Baltimore. Feb. S - * "he Genera! Afi»<*mblr
nt Annapolis to-night pp-rsed a bill. Intro
duced by {Unator Gill, of this city, a'ltiiir
lakaj Governor Warfisld to declare ten WUt
c*s?lve lepral holidays here, so as to aM
property owners and other l">s«>rn by th-»
fire to get th-ir business affairs In as good shape
as possible. The bill. which was signed at n ee
by the Governor, also authorizes htm to extend
the suspension of business beyond ten days. if
A relief bill will l>e offered n-.akin* an appro
priation of $230,000 to help the destitute, the
money to be dealt out by the Governor and such
fcurr.n::s3ion as hs a-a!l ta=i
For War ITewi
See Paare 5.
Strong Force of Regulars to Aid in
Preserving Order.
Major General Henry C. Corbtn. commanding
the Atlantic Division, received orders from the
War Department early yesterday afternoon to
hold himself In readiness to go to Baltimore and
command In person the regular soldiers orlered
there to preserve order. BeJor- ha left the city
General Corbln «M that he would probably or
der from 1,200 to l,r«>o men to Baltimore from
the poets around that city haaMaa d»t.rChm»nf»
from the posts around New- York.
Accompanied by Colonel Knight, chief of staff;
Major SU-rr. adjutant; Captain Moss, aide-de
camp, and Captain Horton. assistant quarter
master. General Corbin started In a special
train over the Baltimore and Ohfo Railroad.
The train consisted of a single car. attached tr>
one of the fastest engines belonging to the road.
The train started at 7:."D p. m., and was ex
pecred to make the run In less than four hours.
Before General Corbln started for Baltimore
he ordered a battalion of the ICth Infantry, at
Fort Plocum, David's Island, to entrain it I t.
m. In Jersey City for Baltimore. Battalions of
the r.th Infantry, at Platrsburg Baracks. and of
the 9th Infantry, at Madison Barracks, started
for Baltimore early In the evening:. Th« ar*».t«r
part of the troops will be t.iken from th» car
alry at Fort Myer. the engineer corps, ml th-
Washington Barracks, and the companies of
coast artillery stationed at Fort Monroe in. l
F«rt McHenry.
Wa«hlnsrtnr.. Feb. S —At the urgent re--juest of
Senator Gorman, and on his pledge are) that of
th»> Governor of Maryland that iho legislature
of Maryland would to-ni^ht pass a resolution
calling on the national government for milit
ary assistants. Lieutenant General Chain.
commanding the t>neral Staff, sent telegraphic
orders this afternoon to Major General Corbln.
commanding the Pivi?ion of the Atlantic, at
New- York, to proceed forthwith to Baltlmeri
and take military command of the situation
Nearly on»» thousand soldiers also have been
ordered to serve under General Corbln. They
ere: Two battalions of the Sth Infantry, a:
Plattsburj? Bnrracks. New-York; one battalion
of the Uith Infantry, at Fort Slocurn. N»w-
York; on- battalion of the !oth infantry. at
Madison Barracks. New-York; T.e company of
coast artillery. 01 Fort Howard. Maryland, an.i
one company of coast nrtillery ml For:
Hur>onr. PoTli Ml The?- troops are tinker
rush orders 10 report to Onerni ».'orbfn. It
Is expressly stated at the War Department
that the national troops are to serve a* a police
fore- under the .lirectt-<n of the Mayor of Balti
more and the local authorities.
President Rnnsevelt. on the appeal of th« Bal
timore authorities, ordered United 9tat«a Caff*
neers to that city to help light the fire. The first
of the soldiers boarded a train at the Pennsyl
vania Railrrad station at 220 p. m.. an hour
efter the order had come. The force was under
command of Major Burr, and the engineers, •»•
hundred stronsr. were .irawn from the Washing
ton barr=<-ks. Th«y rarrlN *Kb thtm l.fiO»>
pounds of a-uncctt.in. with fuses and electric de
tonators. At Baltimore they will find SuOOO
pounds mof* of mncotton. drawn from the ad
vance supply at Daaar, Dal The «n;ineer3 are
equipped with tents and ten days' rations, so
that they can take care of th-msphrw.
In view of th- stringont provlsior.s of th«
posse comltatus law regulating the use of troop*
In States, th* following statement ha? b*»a marl*
as to the conditions bringing about t!»e action
"N Y. * Fla. 3p»'tal." 1:10 P 11. "Fla. * ««t
]ndUn Ltd.." 925 A. M. L"nexc»l!«'l service »ta>
fenn A Atlantic Cuust list. UA U'way.-AdW

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