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i\l £ tH3 *1 1 (JitM 1 * h i^rw n^
T« L V 1 11... -X" 20.024.
%0T cjrcniXG up xoir.
]m fraeiA Bate 11 £99 Pupils Will
Ec ny Half Time in Sept.. 1905.
,f r t!pU» •••*■ ******* nfr " *'."»
ZZ^ r^i tumtea In •"i«>..l p<^»ulatloa by S*V-
130-"' ?•,«©•
ii. „,. mm I* *rn«oat«« fcr B^lrtetaber,
r** l^ 52.000
JJJL MP U- •*• '•*-<** *• t^»Tl4e4 for It
f votfi"«»* r IS<U " •*•'»•
f Hf^r im.lr: «»;. r-I.W-h tts be toimbed hy
to t f .. .... 84.900
BMS«ail* m rfcal flaaa. • »•**•
JJ^ „„ h*lf iliac geseasßl-er. IMS Ct .«*»
The rer?< ' ; n '>' i il -> rr M ,» .an that tan
' — . :aer ia park* bo built to provida
- jjje thc-^ l^nfls of pupils nr.Tr on half time,
;r; r - ■ ;.: nto asK, why not start
_>|*fiflal DO. ■ EBJOUjh rer.nrr.cr.t Bs%aOgsasjßjai
Hl^prM*. • '■ the 7 •'•■■■■-.-' ' .:.i!nr«. alttlngs
itr t \i ;* • : ' • • who knock for
liZt i r . - ; ■•■■! teoc* ::i tctabar.
jjj;« Bon* of • • era «*f Iha Board of
■ ■ jjion ':. ■ DCdfl be -wiser
H-5t:.. ■ ■* ■ r <l f'r tempora^T -hool
.-■ - • ! V. r '<~'. :;lfllng». so that
j. th" '"'■■ '" possible moment the richest
rity In tn '-' v " ' ' «">M pive to Its children of
f^ooi ■■ F" ' village In the country
cJ<;i>- n f':'i o; poftOStty for a free etiuratior..
jf t v / > :°* builSlns; bs i '.ituseo
1 ju the pa*t is followed in
fctlKJd r<* r '""' a t*lt there v '.11 &V.U be \n
I hi/ r: f .'.!'.^- '••: *'■'• city in September, 1 '* i -"
I Cr,C(>c;v:iJrrr, or or.!y abcut 14.<> V.» <<-.w.t than
itisn >i< o°w. Some c* the Pomir.lssioncrs of
fj- .. „, &* • -":..«<.' .•.-.•■ or.rr:r.T:t
tee rt tfce I-"-:- 'f ];ducati->n would ru^h the
Trtrfta;! ■ araaalj as ;h* bsfflalAiul
■ -:-jen * uW '■' Vnl'iflinp for 1 ■fi ■■''la*. It
«,,^lib»<P- s to trovi.ie property for
«vryr2F^-' New-York by tf'rtembor. lt*XV.
Iggtsi asked FOB
i Thi- BotrS of Kftimate anfl Api>r»rtlonment has
tor. tstoi ' ■■■■: v. enough r^oney bara r~ v
far ifc* rrv ■-■ rs. and n :s not probable
flei ary men bir of that t>i-ard OHM X I
Ins::.'' :' "n f r r a needed pi-h^ ■■'-
v.ir.f ar» fa~:s e.r.U J'arur'm thnt show tl -
( riuw! sitting* Eituatlo: ". n-hat ttthn
■ «ate !• . ■ • ! s v.i'.f bfDf^:
-„. v . ::i;.<rdcr.t Maxxi'-;; Bsaoßßtad tr. h'«
■ j of evocation that
■ .< r.Tary •■ I |
7-wrt ttJM duw T : bat. rt tbl
? trkrr. ) •■ tc acfaoal | '•.•.■•tpala,
th«r* tv-» :;" 73 • ■ pUa than then
J-- ;T faTOTTT-.. : • : ■ ■ . ;
m vlac th' « ■ '"• --. r.rA the arTr.y of re
■■ ■ •■ x- S'pifnW 1- '
\-.r < i tun ia pen v • • • uuaitaia ' v BM
Pnai* ol I - . "»ry t>#:i< \-. h' •
• — - : •■•" ■• • -.: Ibepeaafl
t: _***'- ■• ho are now "aejair i
I'>r |tb
■ ar» about
•" " ' vupll*. with n»«rly Tr..V»i r- :
1 'i*-Cfth ct •>
I CkDI iTr.pr' ■ ■ latafl
■ .-■.-;•.■ r . - ...
lit lk> anai iwarly fnrr«*as« of 33 0
** « d ' i <^ to thl oT.7«W rho are ww *«9aT«
tivnvt." toatj i- ;l t^at n r 107.7r«0. Th'.s I
ber wv ;,. r»-du=pfl to Vj.Ttm. *■ eb**at 11 ••••
"'!" '! graaVsttsd and ltave the ♦•'.^-r.^r.tary
•rtr»,\ r rach v .ar. Thi« f.pi:r" - ■ • 'our.'.
tnr^r», is thoosht to V>« Ehl r.ir.'.T.urr. a«
<2."- •• ••• tncrcaai last auturr.r.. ißßtaai of
•''• i • •' "•••. Tli'Te oay ther bb-
Tr . ' - „. ■ .- v
' ■ :. v. -jr.Jrr v. .> T ? hoo>
Otd ■ ■ ' : -h they ar» to law a*st«
'. ■ .. the MJir.r. • .■■ •"■ The.
! ■ Uureao J.as ; : .-.r ;r-;\-*-Q for
il> ".;:!• Ju.--t hbf-it To 'tart Ml
i 900 : ittirwrs soon t . be i ots ;/»"• 3
• . - r« to Im ur.J'-r wr.y tr.
3* . .-'• to a. atan£«i.i: for Uck of
A • • • juct been sent to th* E*i
I'—' • - ■ ' £!».
'^f ' As soon ,-.s M .V>
:■ ■ ■ • - ' ; . ...
v ;:; -;je advertised. AH»
f"""r ... ., A i f ft.] t . j
**»" ' "• ■■ Dtracta for the**
*■'•• * :o 'ifflf this year \V;t\
'"" ' • ' li wffl be rla-f-d OaOer
. . .•. • Estimate and A]i[«r
. •• Ihe lunds. and
■ .
■ • ". '
....,■ ■ _ . ■■
**T botr< •. • .-. .■ •■ • . -.(, <>k» , Ixil
'"»■'. v. :• .<.■ -„.,.. . , '■ •" it !»
■ ... - ■ ■ -mm
; '•'■"• ■• :■ ■ . 'y th";
'-■■f !« •.j s:. :.: | ■(•.:.•: tbO3Saßd.
-*aa ho^» •:• uilailaluat by d jvsiidirs
• •• ••-•' I I the isallnt of Cba aVaaMfc
v.ra'-ted Ctr tfcSa ye.-ir ti-:'.J
l»weplet»a -rv • • • HUB
ni a-<-:.-r :,:- •r-Q-.;lrr(1 for I •-• xtlcn
"J M "rC;\p;-- „,i .n;; :< rrom *t«o to
j~*>s. tthti* or » r, v. h men! etah
,-X, v l-w thin a ,-ear." said a
U«c-'* 8t ° nil - lfil " ; tll<l ;< * ■■■' r * on
f^; I ".'/- '"•"'- ' mracj :^ are riven aatta
\» «iuL'" :^ ''* ' " 1: " r « la foor »i»v--thn on |
"WlSr* r V *
ii*ii2l ta»'f ■i; ■• a • i)Tr ! t fa 0» h«8»y of
t -'. .J, I *,'. : ' ■■ ,:im-.. Tor
a iws?^? 1 ' "■■■"'a '■-»■; <<-:i^'el.
v v i ' . "* *v~* J "■■ nftorn r ( ,:i'r»ic;orn
' -i-Trf '" :: '--"T" T :--:-'fx.:.' f..r th- la«t
<t— »»«•<,* ***"> cnstinne to vasta sli^ .n<3
-. . . ; •■•" •. -. r!tj WtthOOt
•'■i.iv. f* R ' ■' :>: lhc»< ;■■.'■•■ r\*:F..-..i-.
ft* Ctmm ■ • .:;:;!.'! ■ js whlra
-'■Jens! r-.^n Vf. t vojlij lolornto :or .•» t.io-
Jis rvn i.uriiitrsi trassacttonm. thai V«
; ror ii 1 k ]>irk of
' : ' • ■:■■■■ :u 10^930
ten of flve,
■S5»»^ o ' r ' >s ;r t|o ru ' ■ * * -< or t'-«
t ' ' 'u'at<on. r.*s<:
r«'« i ». ■ :tlr '* nn nuttdlnjn Fho-jid Inreati
,. T .n"" 1 M< »r^ Ti.trut i■ ■ k< . ;■' ::inu'<* hulld-
!X . "' !l ' n o- Jr bu^Mlr.c*, .--S wo Tori tfcat
; >U.rt J,,- . • . « our bidding* (!•
•r^' y .is r.:. : \«^,. ;rn v^^.y, rk.
".'>•■• chndraa BO ci«sr.
',■'..., ' ■ ■ • * • ■:.' '. •• ■ : • •:■ ..:> < ;-U- r:^.'
\ "•!'.» '. ■• rr r iorr> At tb" &vrnip«» of
i., ". .i!<3 t.e S.°».4lf»
•j. '™ *OUI f ■ . :.• • ■ i <«•». »-rhf>ol^.
'•: i.ulk::..^«< -,!.< ; nJto arc r.htntneO
i »^ . ' ' - "n *Tt<ma:e«
« ..<■ i:rt!:n*t* mv! A|'7>or
tioaS ' Tt "- 0" r.l of K>'!r, --•'• Jtud App-T-
An-rj... . r to l«ra« for echoolb«U«
■;•,♦ within th«
to £ho^7 His Watchfulnesa in Ser
vice, He Said.
I Jfc ~~ ; "' *.' y. r.-v r-.-T'.at '.i* ts-.nrhi b«
j*** * Jar.-!. !!«irr !i-;^or. »l >tl till ;.' BJB oil.
I "' '' ■■' rteiM Urea !n th* JJ!ii»J.amtt.n
t» t»rJt Helloing;. In which tie ▼ a* sftsrscor
J. • ■'•■•-■. • Buildla*. »«jo:ti:.« »'-
I "
I 83toi I * *"** ''-* 4 K. nijrtt, :■.<! confess**.
j ■■•» •*• «lr«vt*d to Ma ftcr.i «ip fart tha-t
I ■%«rt^ *'*"">« th-i fir»t to ttir rtrfs. ar.4
■ c "i to . -Mn.-Tujij, t;.. tn ;i< •■•« i»i*t ii"
1 ..\1. 1 —? ••* ' ' Bats DotPrte«r. «o try t>
fcj'.-tiV **•'-' i .''' • ■»'"-«ira!jie»» «a service. and to
■~~-« uaiaett e«t * bar*.
To-4ay. rala or inn».
Tt-w«ni»i r»ia or — m lairru^nt «tad*
Thi, Dnmrai 'Detective Makes Prisoner in
W s i Amid Ice After Others.

- • n•« 2. in
cotnnj! nI • ' . - lan. Ttai
lookir.g for coal I B r.'itbt
- • for t^.-« ■ ' '
parr^na. VtQ ' '.«man O'R'.or-iari were r>"
- ■ . ■:
: l -
foot t>T***r acotr, ea'-^ rr.aen»d by & crnr of
thr*^. </rj.-,rdar st^Lrr.ed CBSBi to the
» hich - - - " -
BBttWi "'^.J in tN» to* of t^• taur.ch at

■ ••••
HA. "
Jr. a ' ■ -
Pacific Coast Steamer Afire in a
Gale Fierce Battle with Waves.
Pnrt IMOMBI W^«h.. ]'■•', 28. aUIM i«uf
fiertoir harrovi-lr.a; - frcm f.r» and
rtonr.. lha atMBMT Queen put in km to-day
•-> re; y.-t t!-.»» lons of fmrrte«n lives. The list
r.t dead frlloTTi:*
nr.ET OaSOi
*r>A*a ssri r ">fl »n»r rwu*.
BTnrVBR. V-» Mau«J». 'f Cl»r«m. tTaifc . ':r<-w.»4
i»r,>cn CUB!*.
nvrxixr it : -rr-^n^a.
7fT.wr-wn~ :>. r. of flaaaK <* "■»!»»<■
r>oN~ — ■ ■ . A.. mnglnrttßM d»jisrtTn»r*
POT'GI^AfI?. 11.. .-ng>Bii«ila» <I<-p«r»Trert
ITN'rV*?*. ?" !• . et*ln«ertn# <* l i>«r > - n •
!C. It
-!.v. P<^«r
lOBfIX If . Hfimrfl
rRUITOS. *I . «*"tr»irfl
RASMO9QX ri^Teor'rf la| •
tOMOiS. if . ef)Kineet:oi( rtn*""* cnt
About .">:4.'» o'clock Saturday BMtßtag; »Mli
r*T the mouth of the Coluirl i.i Hirer. the tfj^n
<AU^ht flre In her after saloon In e^rr.e unex
plained wny. The IN rapidly pained headway
and IftMatHMi oo r. to fT.volor. the whole ship.
The h*avj fcas rur.nlnK ti':.: t death to any
•ent awsy In the ilf :»oats. The ton bBCMM
more and more dßcatcadaaj until, vhen It
recn-.ed a choice of deaths. Captain Cousin*
ordered the lifeboats launched. They were
manned by the CfVW nr.<: rrderei to remain
close to th" ship. In these the v.omen ard chil
v.cre placrd. J' irdly had the lor.s beta
eaaat loriHe than, unable to waaihO tibm licrce
aaa**Bi two of them mmn eapataa :.
The pawrnxera and those of the crew who re
rr.atrjf-d ua 1-uard, .•.:.: .mi- 1 th<>ir£iKht against
tie names wMh llrt l*«**'l success until, at
"V» a nv. 'ho Bn v •«* Imiugtrt under control.
WtMB i: •■»■'•■• ' v ; th " fr»>m fire
\v~a }i."t't «"',. i.iin < '■ ■ • • ■ ■ tt*« liftboats
and *ii' oorcpaata u<r>- taker. a.Lnai<S.
Tl.c bVC«n tnu h«Td»d for th- mouth of the
Colursbla lUvar. trJ auout '.< •>> lock the ■twmrr
Han'a aton«<a wu <sij,:ited. Ttt- yueen stsaaOtd
her to BtßSd ty UStfl tcnii>orfl:: xejairs eotua
be ir.xiU
Lrxr:::ot R PAfssEarOEß BERVICB
via Itsikasrl rMrMa i-4r-.it. .: tbortaM Line as<
o\i''k«-rt tirre to all Fk>nda l?t: >•' S ■ re your
eW&ing rr.r rcetr\nUoi<» cow. Office. 11 v! Broad
f^et and lat.Vl It The thre«» men on the sec-
I • iw jumped BbOßTai the first and the blx
i:'.':i Bflhraaeod on the Aotaettvam Their am
ttoa ha»! given out. «-\ i.lfntl) . for <«!l can
ned clubs. Tlie scow v.,< n.l-1 with coal, and
the policemen had difficulty .1 -.ing. tiring
In constant danger Of clipping into tha. I itaj
' ' ; .-'••» h!» rn^ii t.. tire, .i-il then
1 .---i>tt Jurnp< 1 on the .-. rS« iftCf
The policemen, seeing that the -
I thctr ptatOß*. levr'.jed fhetr weapon!
■■ them to sun«
- of th* oeow .rews. according to tha
Karru.. thlrty-fvur vei
i la?-«>rer living m Jersey « ;t\ !«• « tin in ad*
. : ■
Now let >rr. have if" «'.^>l P»rrir,
■ met b\ a ' '

• ■ I\t<. Tistf wer
' ■ •
(yOOOaOt in tn UN 1-n-d of the f^re* as>
' ' pursu'Ts anal bfl irr;iM>e<l bold Of r.irrin.
J' th fell on fh" <»-\l .tt! roi:»-d r,\»r a:;'l over.
The" th>r« araa ■ dMPCVBtO baVttlo "n the .-0.-\l.
The five men f- ':«rht »p «*«■» the thr^e, ! ; t the
| tan ralne; nMnsing blowi ' M the h<ads.
arms ar.<\ hnn li of t!.<» scow mm, with tbatf
i sono h.TI drlvn th" five to on*
«-nd r,t th» r.3rsr». «' > ("<i!inor ha«l ;o<«t his gr!p
on Fnrrl-i arfao was —WUIUg and cursitijr mo
DKTKCTivEra Bwna throuoh
i no i
• ■
..f the
handred yards from
< ....tinned on «-ron.l p«»e.
77/ President Praises Him for
Work in PosUtfficc Cases.
Waabinston. Fob. 28,-The Frrsidont yeater
flny mrl the following letter to Postmaster
General Payne:
My DMT Mr Po«tninst^r Corral: While all th«
Tiork <•! Ow I'cstomr« Department and the IH>
w^trornt Vf JwOea m connection with the f P*>';«»
VrTuTo I- not yrt over, therm Is already to th*.
credit cftb^eparttaeni*, and therefore primarily
tTroro- rait, auch «n amount «f tantlv>
ichPriwm that I take this opportunity to con
mtulate yon personally upon It. It U Impossible
r? xi^.t M»t corruption will not occasionally
.'cur ia any pwumat Th- vital point to th«
S*Tiry. thVlCrtawiw" and th^ efficiency witu
whi. '>" 'urh corruption i«( cut out and th" corrup-
Uonirta „n:rh.-.1. The ■»«*« of th« prose-MU),..^
in thii cmS aa compared with prevtooa eitpgrlaacg
<n I'twocuUng Biivfnim'nt officials who h*v« D**n
■nflW of malf'-.-isan'-e or mUfeajMinc*. la an not*
worihT |, |( 1- grratif: I: IT. ami must bn a souroe of
rn«»ura«*m«at to all mm who bellevo in decency
and hon^stv In public llfp.
V.-ln; haa been acrompUshed by you. by tho.«e
who haT* worked i;"l>r you in your d*»pfrtm»o'.
an,! hv tYt- DepartnMnt of Ju«Ti<-».. r."lound« to th
cr«>dit"of "V.: wl.ol© j.eopjr. and is a .signal triumph
for the caus*" of popular rovemm<»nt. If corrup
tion BOM unti'.mUh'-d in popular povernment, th^n
irov«rnnicn( bj th« people will ultimately fall, and
they are fie Mat friends of th* people who mak« It
cvlaest that whoever in public nffl"». or in con
tortion with pabUc oOee, bom against th«» fnn<la
meatal lain ..f civir «nd ■OCfai welibelng. will 1>«
**»*" •«* " n?!r *THF:ODOa B ROOSEVELT.
Salt Kn><* City. Feb. 2b— Pirtro Oonzalr-s. an Ital
ian laborer, nnil C D. Moore and a bandit w»re
fatally «hot yesterday mornl:ir while offleprs were
trvlnK U) arrest Moore and his partner on a pas
tr-,i?c-r train of th» Clark railroad. The nnndlta
held up a patir of laborer* at Oallent^s last Tues
day Bight. mcattßft J3/"00. When the officers trle.l
ti crrcrt OMBI Mil Tiiny thry ft.otvcl tl*ht. and
th- Itai:.'.r.!» In dM car. thinking another hold-up
was in proCMC* begaa shootinj? wiidl'. Marshall
(■ W. rv'.ckman was wound»d In th" hrad and the
Baccra wore shot uff h'.a rtarht hand. Th« robbers
jr-ft tht train, bvt Mocr» later pa-.f himself up.
His partner in belna; pursued.
!?arst?fa. N. V . Feb Wltli an average tera
perature of >• AcgVMI BbOW zero and a tttTtaC
wind from the pouthweat. which later In the day
veered t<rthe northwest, a heavy rain and sleet
storm ha 3 been In prcgrcsc since early this fore
r.oon and tferaataM to continue u'l ii?ht. The
itfnrm I? amactal thnjufhi. it the Adirondac*s
where surface wat.^r floods arc threatened unices a
cold wave appears Inside of nty-four hours.
M<irh alarm };> felt in the t'?p*r Hudson Valley.
Geneva. K. V.. Fob. as. -A revere eloctrlcal atorta
passed ever UIU citi". to-djgr. — ) |
Farmer's Attempt to Stop Stealing
Catches Both Innocent and CiuiUjf.
[bt nuaun to tim: Tiurit y.y. )
Birmingham, AlaV, '■ 28 Hi rand .lays ago
Thomas Perkin?, a fteostff HOn ; rear
Btcpbarta. in South Alßbama, p«i ■ lot ..• roogb
on ruts aa hag maml in bsi anokateaae,
Ut&tTCa In thf- '■'iinmunitv hn\i:itr i"..'i" him
daapcratc by their copatairt pilferliis. TIM i»-i
bmm4 iner-t araa Bißctd vrbera if was
vtttktni fnr th» thlavca, Th. •■■ •..• \t Bis c th.it
tlm* • • . tii- i:- ■]• i, . •■
died after great raffertac an 4 i ■ ill.
An.' : id are "Jero* S.-ii.^; and his
Wtfti two t'l the most pwpertable and hot.est
among the tifgnie^ of tha eaommntijr. Bbbm of
■ ' \ Bl 80l Ito th»m by the thieves.
On- entire family of negroes was wi;>ed out,
from the father, a notorious thief. ,\ni\ n «■> the
Anii \, | (, ■ ■ ( Wi On I
Mill tin and Hi' S Ids,

■ ■ ■

,1 : .ived nn nggre«<«!ven^«!. to Mil th«
Madfl lift r-ver known in the history Of M>
alssippl QtfWlUOtt Toward night bt ealtod out
ttta oi '-ring the .ir^'n^e,,.,! B nd Brook
tonipanln to th<- bccm tootantct by
- I trains, loiter he summonel his staff.
lot a special train from the Qfnotl <'entr.nl and
Ht.-irted for UM rrfno tn n°«\:r\" DCTlOnai 00m«
ir.nnd of the StaM militia Bad mm Baldwin
from »w!nK bOTIMA II •TO probably COat the.
1 mi.m
In eon
„ • - - \.- « him ■ •
Appoints a Lawyer to Represent Woman
Suing Lieutenant Burbank.
mv rsußnura w iaa t«i»i ki 1
T-.J». > i. Is.-.. !'■'• O itM ••' •'• ■; •'"■ >!:v T.«
. i .' r Btdaay at BBthanfc. Orrt Ihratcaaat In the
(th lafantrr. hai baaa reopened, Tn.' "vv.ir i>.>
partßM \h.is aiipolntad <" Bttomm to rtpci ■nt
Mr?. Coaccpdoa Va«B«e« <ie Burtaak. (ha mtptao
wootaa whom IMntmauA Barbaaa !•» alki i |rt
1,, v,. m:irr<-.l In M.inlla. IJeutfn.int BttffbßSl •!•*-
Gaana that ha <iiii men mnrry urn aroaaaa, and ba is
.- . 1 1 . i to he aosasad t<> ■ Kaaaaa aid
BB NirdU • ai>p<>int«-.i to wyte— irt Mrs- Bar
bank, baa filed with the enurt .i BtatStaaßt, i>N
leglng that the plaintiff 's a ymag vacnaa of
I i Sp.inifh f imlly, and hi Rghtl tha <:ise only
for the snrpe I I r.:« rving her honor. II hi
alleßed that the man OfHlflcata BS)4 1-ttera
trcm •'„• woman. logethsr with the hirth crrtlft
cat<- of 1, ., 'it' saal Pnfbaab*a hny. can ba pr*«
sentcd to lha court. Tho woman prol m> will b*
brousht here by the War Department tc. last in
the case rrhen it Is calM fot trial.
Kansas Bank Commissioner Says They Are
Being Killed for Food.
[by IM ;raiii to ti:e nOOCE] i
Tooi '■ K^n . Feb. tL-XottCß Alliv.gh. Stnte
Bynk Pinnr'" I '"' sroagbl to Toj..k,i. to-day a
renvrkaM'- atory *t a new method of s>>l\ing the
pKiirie dog pro Mem. IDUlooa a| tIMM r<>j*-nta
have ma.lv farming alm..!»t a leeing industry In
F otr,A Westers States for years, and now. -Mr. ai
baafjl say*. Western Kansas fnrmers h.ive <li3M>v
rred thai their meat Is Of a bStSSf flavor tbaa the
grass fattened steer. He *.\y. ■:
■'Sportsm<-n .:r<» «ln!ly BCOOrlag the country In
se;trch oft 1 - Uttlo anlnsals. find. MtWOmt v.'Ah guns,
dogs and spud;-.-'. ore slayln* thousands 'in-'. bring
ing them into the towns for BMat. Tbe antaaala
are sagarty purchased an.l .. r. used (off food to
such an extent that they have foal about be
come the solo meat .11* ' ••■ ihe country, ar.d pork
!ai hoof are rtruffs on th'- ir.arket. Many farmers
now refuß? to permit hunters to com*? en to their
farm*, where, for.- this discover*-, they ajejrs wel
comed. It Is atraage how fadi will iraln a foot bold.
This one ji remises ■ solution of the terrible prairie
dog problem."
Th« Kar.«aa Lrp^lri'ure 3. year riso rmne in ap
propriation n he cxpenrtci in kii!:r.i; prairie •Sg*
San Francisco. Feb. 2S.— liincss and exceasiva
cigarette «<nink!n«r has M James Baker, ■ book
keeper, te commit suicide with pol?on. H» l«fl «•
tatter to nis broCkcr. John Baker, of No. !,OS»> Wln-
DCSMM-Mrt^ Chicago. Bak-r was only twenty-one
years oM. and haii been private secretary- to Gen
era! I.udiow in Cuba. 81l father was a Justice of
t\.r Missouri Srprfme t.'ourt. anj for tnar.y years
vtce- president <if the St. Looia and San I'rn;.flsco
Railroad rcuipany.
» .
Pullman Parlor anJ Flcej'ir.ir eaxa ' iv. rta Sca
*-fir<\ Air Lin' Rr L«a\c fttm V•->.V •->. k U' w P. :j.
and 12 10 A. M. Arrive Piaehurst 700 A. M. «vi
iO.-jy JrV it Offlc* US £rcadvaj-.'->jLdTt <
Lincvitrb Orders Advance — Coreans Routed by Russians — Japanese De
tachment Flees— Russia Declares Coal and Food' Contraband.
Genera! Linevitch ordered the advance of an arrr.y corps to support the
Cossacks south of the Yalu Several dispatches from various sources told of
skirmishing in Northern Co r ea. Russian cavalry appeared at Ping' Yang, re
treating before the Japanese fire. A detachment of Corean troops was
routed by a Russian force, and a detachment of Japanese was reported de
feated by Cossacks, who captured some horses.
General Pf!ug reported that all was quiet at Port Arthur, where heavy
weather prevailed He added that ten thousand Chinese troops under General
Ma were at a border point west of the Liao River.
Russia made public rules of war. Coal, other kinds of fuel and feed
sfiffs were declared contraband.
Two battleships and a dispatch boat were reported missing from Vice-
Admiral Togo's fleet, and a dispatch frcm Che-Foo said that two warship
had been taken in a disabled condition to Saseho.
Japanett Warships Off Port — Rus
sian* East of Japan.
Ix>n<lon. Frb. 2&W Vladivostok has been
baoekaAad by a Japanese fleer ?inc» Thursday.
Bceortftaaj to % "Dafly Mail" dispatch from
Hakodate, wh-ch adds th^t lncorolnj; Bteamers
report Ru-«ton cruisers on the east coast of
Klnkvaama, !n th<» Bay of BanAa% Japan.
Japan«-.«e wnrshlpa have \**r\ r"P"rte<l In th«
ttcliitly 'f VJaHovostok. but this report of a
I '• ekad>, although considered probable, has not
vet i,«. conflrrr.fi from oth»*r .«rnjr>-»s.
Signs of Land Campaign Against
Port Arthur and Vladivostok.
.-T--'a: to T*» • -w-Tork Trl'oon* br F*r«acJi C»bl»>
tC WTtCt: I^4 n» Th» Trt'.-u>« Awoefadlonj
EjOOdan, F-K Lt»— Th<» cross this morn!n«
has a !i-.- taflajtl of belated dispatches relat
ilnly to the Japanese attempt, to block the
f ] • Arthur. Th* iren»ral ♦•ffert of
the previous .jeeourts Is not altered, but the
details rf Qh rxplult reveal the heroism of the
men in chtrß» «if th>- .-ken vessels rind the
• ■ "f the officers and pnilors to volunteer
001 the moat difficult and dars^rous ■work. The
atoestty with whUh AaaO Is fared by the Japan
eae. eai'.ors t» :c>»tch*J br the eatrernesa of th«
BOMIef to act an spi.^s and to undertake the
r. -^t -lon* commissions.
There are many special dispatches and ofllclal
bolMtna re»re:tlnjc land operations In Northern
Corea. Estimates of the Russian forco across
UM Yalu ur- not trustworthy, but shots have
<ort;i!r.!y b<?*r. ex. har.Red b^tw^en Japanese ln
fal Try aad Ooasawli scouts. Reports that a bat
tle has been fousht north of P'np-Tar.s <«p-»rn
ejiKcerated and rremature. Equally vacue are
t!:e rumors of a Japai lr.vaslor. of Manchu
ria, althouch a !.Trc»» foree — two or more army
corps— ls evidently drstlnw.! for operations oat
side of Core.i. and probably will be directed
against Port Arthur and Vladivostok. I. N. F.
./ .1/O/7.' AGAINST KIRIX>
Another Report of Japanese "Ad
vance from PokWi Bay.
London. Feb. 9 — Th" correspondent of "'The
ml" at Tientsin. undT d.ite of February
■_''". in .'. dispatch speaks of the IBM flank
imr BkMraSMBl on K!rin BM promising to be the
mosi "tTeotlvo hl'-'W jmi delivered.
This, is probably only a re-echo of the re
port*-, 1 landing of th«» Japanese at Posslet Bay.
v. hi«h has not ytt ntxfttt nny authentic con
•"Th" DaOy Mills' !C«ir-Chwanj! correspond
asl say? that the Hctvlzan Is fast across the
middle atHHUaPI to lh€ harbor of Port Arthur.
and th it there is only reooi for vessels to pass
between her stem and the eastern BMi at hirh
Ten Thousand Troops West of River
— Port Arthur Quiet.
St P. r »r*h<irer. Feb. 2" —An official dispatch
received from M-iJor Genera! PfJuj, Viceroy
AlexirfTs chief of staff, which Is dit-d Feb
ruary i-'S, says:
Th" nipi.t of February 27 p-issed ajpattfej at
Tort Arthur. The enemy's . ; ('lron keeps in
this vicinity.
Keports are comlnjr in of movements of Chi
nese troops wrst of the Ltafl Hlver, and accord-
Ins to rumors about 10,000 I'hinese troops under
General Ma arc on th- road between Tunif-Chu
an.l nilll Tin
The military ruard on the IMn-Mln-Tun Rail
way has been reinforced, from forty to fifty
Chinese soldiers having be»n placed at each
Our mounted troops have entered Corea, and
th<» altitude of the population is friendly
toward us.
Two Battleships and Dispatch Boat
Missing from Togo's Fleet.
Che-Foo. Feb. 28. — While the Japanese report
that their fleet was unscathed In their last at
tack on Port Arthur, they ere using every en
doavor In attempting to BiajMU details of any
Injury to the Japanese flcrt frnm !cakins out.
Survivors said to be from sunken Japanese
'transports, who landed here on Saturday, are
not allowed to sen any one. They will be sent
The original Japanese fleet in front of Port
Arthur consisted of sixteen ships Two battle
ships and a dispatch boat are missing. It la
learned from two sources that t^co warships
were taken to ißoobo In a disabled condition.
The report is being circulated among the Chl
r.-re that Port Arthur ha* fallen.
ftfoseoir, Feb. I'^— Lieutenant Central Smtr
poi has 101 l for the Fax East, to take command
of a fortrtsa aX-JPort Artliux.
Army Corps Ordered to Support
Cossack* — Skirmishes.
St. Petersburg. Feb. 2S.— dispatch r*ceCrog|
here from Llao-Tang. dated February 28, ear*
that Chinese on the Tain Rl*er report that aaj
advance guard of Russian cavalry which has*
penetrated Corea for a dlatanea of about twai
hundred versts across the rtv»r, hud an «»■»
counter with a detachment of Japanese, and thaSji
the Japanese fled, leaving their horses, whlcSj
were seized by Cossac*ts.
General Llnmrttoh dispatched caralry and 4)
body of Infantry In pursuit, with as order to saa
cupy Northern Core*.
A<-cording to ee-mrn*!T trustworthy reports^
General Ltnevitch has sent a whole army rorpot
of infantry to support th» Cossacks, who have*
penetrated to a point below Anja. and who an*
reported to have beaten the Japanese in several
London. Feb. 2*-.— Tli* folio-whig official <its-»
pat'-h has beer received at tha Japanese Ty»xa-«
tion here:
Toklo. Feb. 2-
A number of the enemy's cavalry appeared at*
a point 700 metres north of Ping-Tang, our ln
f.intry flred upon them, causing them to retreat.
Seoul. Feb. 29w — Details of a skirmish at Pinsr-
Tang thta morning show that fifty Russian cav
alrymen approached the north gate of ♦he Jar
anese camp and fired at a distance of 1.009
metres. A sharp fusillade took plac«. and the»
Russians retired.
All foreigners are safa.
The Emperor has contributed 100,000 yen aasl
the Crown Prince W>.ooO yen to th« Japanese re-«
lief fund.
ToWo, Feb. 28. — Corean soldiers "n the Bm>
Gyeng frontier have be«*n attacked and dis
persed by Russian troops.
Move to Check Japanese — Plans for
Xaval Campaign.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 2S.— Th a of?; (.''■; armour.c**
ment by Major General Pflug. chief rf staff ton
Viceroy AlexlefT. that Russian cavalry had!
crossed the Talu River, 1-- expecte-i t? he fol
lowed shortly by news of heavy land fljihting.
Nevertheless, Cpneral Linevitch's movement In,
force must not be assumed to mean that the>.
Russians have taken the offensive, but rather^
that they are taking up a etrong position in,|
Northern <"orea In order to check the advar.ee ofl
the formidable army of Japanese landing orii
both, shores v.hile the concentration "f Russian!
troops behind the Talu Is being completed. T"!a»
concentration !a going on better than is general-!
!y believed abroad.
The movement of troops eastTt-trd over tha^
Siberian Railroad wlJl be greatly accel
erated henceforth, as telegraphic reports say"
that the tee railroad over Lake Baikal was com
pleted to-day. Up to ti.U tin.-' th ■ tracks havoi
been used as far a.-, laid, the soi.liers inarch! no; ;
from the terminus of the M To th-? other shore. '
Major General Pflus's report that General MV*
army Is west of the Llao River agrees with th»
statement of the special correspondent of t v ei
"Russ" at Tientsin that the Chinese War Ml'i
iater Is hurrying large bodies of troops to th*
northeastern frontier of Pe-Chl-LL This report
says the troops are not going by rail, but ar».
marching by night.
The military situation vrill be greatly compll
rp.ted if General Mas army hi really moving t<»
the rear of the Russian posit.en with t>.e trten
tior. of making common, cause with the Japanese,
as it tvtil expos-; both Russian flank to attack.
The blockade of Port Arthur continue. T>.^
Russians apparently do ::ot expect x<> accom
plish much by sea. realizing that th»i- fleet at
Port Arthur Is overmatched in both ships and
guns, but they hint that things may be different.
in the spring If the Baltic fleet gaes out and
effects * Juncture with that at Port Arthur.
Serious consideration is being given t-> th«
feasibility of spending about $3.otXM"">«> on tor
pedo boat destroyers to be sent tn sections t-»
Vladivostok and Port Arthur. Thr«"» hundred]
mechanics and dockyard artificers w«»re sent to
the Far East last week, an.l experts declare that
the boats could be built, sent nr<l laf «>ut
there In e'gbt months.
After all. however, the hopes and hearts of th*
Russians are centred tn their army. and. with
General Kuropatkin at its head, although bo
has not faced a foe since the «t»se of Pievca.
victory Is considered assured.
The war excitement here aaj| through Russia
generally seems to be ins down. The patrlotlo
demonstrations which everywhere foi:o~e 1 t>.-»
outbreak of hostilities have been succeeded by
calmness on the part of the people, but the
creeds still gather about the bulletins from
Viceroy Alexleff. which are posted in various
parts of the -:ity. and which are Issued soon
aft?r th«y are received
Tii frankness with which tho KOTinjuss*
fd-.ijlj sjwouaceu t^s* tTl "' l »l xtverseew m>i

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