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$to?iot;Jc Stttnmt
fieCjCRR^ HAS vo FEAR.
$0 Be r JiAt& hit McLm&hMmtet
Murphy to Oust the Senator.
. ,v, lesaa Df the test of rtrerpth between
UiU. aided by Senator P. B. Me
r^'ntri. enfi Charles V Murphy. Wder of
J. ---•■' nt th'- meeting of the State
* -Stt»e In Albany on Saturday, an laaac baa
Li' raised wMch Ogfii far m. L —** ■■'•='■-
„ of for aa. and ■ battle hci bet?a pn
2 „- the optotan or many, can
«; ■ . rt of one or the oth. : • f
1 f i-r!'.£ I:.ctlf»na.
«*J" , :■ -No quarter." Vr Itopßy BBTi
J", t . . -ve senator BcCaaren Bat
rr r ".,■ of K'nCT County. nrl at
■r Hny|e In to flo the Jo> Bett-
I TO" ■- a ■ .5 • ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' nrht
ltr»trie or b» '..f.- • • : f*" B
t'i'- "' ' " ° r "
> n:t> :■ l« •'• ■ ' ■ ••■ '■ batweni fM
i;r . - . i- su<- ::t stake lia« almost
v-t •: • ■ Srttiry; aside the car •
•gcttt' for P
ea** ' : ' Ban on tht
• • Carron. I? Murphy can deatroy Mc-
L rie» ;' ■ oye.l. po'.it! -la-.s th'.tik. If M
I ft-' r \ h.n
apg l i he can go I " Btal
tor 1 I and effect 1
- Instruct!; ■ '
jar:. ■ I VUt* for V. r\\r\.
the ur'.t j . ■ tea wffl ba
jlrdK. d ■ ■ i ■ . .
r . • '
j - ■ ....-..•:••
:re the dol-pat. - I ■
t^atc rorn-cr-tion atdcb *O ba Bert by I
I<t rh« ■ ■ •'."■•••■: waata to
i esi; lote oontj ' ' ' ' '
I aiming the vot<» to Hill. BBa also |
I m ,;.,- i • era of th^ Stat« Comrrit
la* * ■ \ ::; be oontrollod by bias. Th" battta
the Ar'ril
tj, ,i. ■ three of th--:.-— where the leader.-.
have i over ta fetaxgfty. M.''-"Trn grfll try
, r . n haBL sfiopl
t> cti r hand, will try to oust ]e;iderß In :il
psrtu of Biooklyn i : awvaa !■ m ean
{ro ; fbe t i- • - a*w are fhal dM <•'■ i
ja'trr, m Kir.^-s wi:. i ■ :■ i IfaCaaica
find thr.t lie v,:i be able t<» hat I B Btad . 1
, : , • . ■ • -y district b h Df '"
j aatrol the dCKgafJan vhich poea to the
jjll I QavsaccOan>
«■;:.:. .--tant> nv atCABBDL
Thf 0 real that all pa-"""^'' v/111 be div«ii« 1
B>OWTP Doyto for distribution does | ■ '
Korry the Hi Ckm • teadaCßL Nearly
ii t t; .]. p , ; „'- .v.-ip" ): iS si".!' id> !<••'
lrvt'.id As . • ■ ;s. In a 3- ■*■»
Kb hard'.) thought Ilk- !y tha.: Mayor MtOfflßll
■aflfl f * :■ ta the p,-sty paUaaa at i^kine resig-
BtUßj bntdara Bhspty l>e<ause they are
jjfcrx f'arrer. Pe:::itor M< Carren has
I : . ■ •■ ■ : '...r hours heard from
lamralI amral o! ihcae oaßceholdera that they v. ill
aado«: ■ ■ '.Vr th.ir. .J'St-rt h'.tn and
CX* T..nnr.ai r to control Bn "kyn
f Am y .. i resuli of the contest between btarphy
[ s been to ftxip the r..a*k ficr.i
r'« putWKT I maaojuvtea. lie haa I
!- -. -V.y th .t be favors the nomlrtation tt
<;. „ , . ■ . 1 for rreß'.fleri*. Vat that ba
! -. wrr.t u:> baBXfJ tal Belt K:tion. Ptna'.or Ms
baa pa tare I Bai bJliuullf of this for
Ban \\\.- n tb» "deal «ai
I . UL."
,- F..id that Murphy's real candidate t»
eQBB. and tiiat he is UFimi Clevt-laTida j
■ | ■ Bug to tho^e who are in |
:|oti to 1;: ?.*■•; !>> Idea Is to be. for
' ' • ore. gt not I* norr.l
and ther. .'■ I Cleveland at ar. opportune
Par KcCSeSBKn. Cbvm land ta the
obnoxious of all lundldaro* to the TJry n
; tewed 1 • y woafld pa t > Ho
r ay f*aai Ck vciand.
■kk : • ••:::.: )iaj- t. :;■]•<• ' thla '.ittl-
■■<■:■ ■ .: y tliliik Bad Mun.i.y WfD
iAV* u> « rt u:icc ;i c; :l^iy frmii DOW until the
■tSU | bold or he will I
control throuKh M< Oarron'a h< i;>. ■ n lutlon
Ir.do-i. ■ 1 he wi'.! batM
: \ote for Parker.
kill ■ i am it n--■''•n --■''• ausow.
- •i waa in a pr:rri frame at
■dal actea aakaf ahast tii<- Fitu:i
tion. 'it la all
Iru:.k. | I Doyle is
to bl • ..der and is bb baiwTai 10
t.v patra re • ;1 J <:r ' r '" ; v :!Tll '" r>oast >
•\ . r.lZiition has to
I ... I have c.-'.lled the executive
cur.-.rt..- . . Tu-T.dny r.ifiht. and th
aaatkai ■> i ca> The issue win b»
. r :.,,,. . r an Indi
l»- r't-oer.'.zrd us the organization. "
Btn ; -. | rrao amatM Bay nothsag further.
■} :.t nt the m- t
4<r TneaOay r.irht he would have tmx -four
C th. tr ..mv-«. ..n ibtm 1n i!ie committee.
TVr»ddri t;.; ; t he would RBBBtO BBCBBU Bl his
aaOtrsi .:i Murphy ooaM 8* »t laaat
saa •.; • .. BaOßtaaa meets. ai:d thon
BaaQ Ball H naßf will have
**»T chaired d..w:i by the unit rule nnd con»-
*r. Murphy K. , t out of sipht yc-terdr.y. but
I* ::icnc« juilq t .• he \\iu:<; anal HeC
faa BBJMkataßtp b> r-ro..Kiyn. "H hi a
i . . 1\ ,l;.-r BSi '
I : ■. V.jcic last nlKl.t. "iUid tlie
land Kr:r.:n;c:u is bo bl""b* ln Baaak v ■
v. « d under and Mur
♦hy • of the icii.es Oaaatj < »-
Kcrraaa i: Mack. Kataanal >■:....'•■ e«man.
*ho ir kid. r of the IZrie County organization
tr.4 hllinii tB With H;!l and McCarren against
BtmitlJ. aaM at Cka Imperial Hot. 1 laFt n!pht:
'Mr . Btrdthaeasl Rasa convention
tad a narii Ulnn ploaglng Hal oaaagatloo to
Parkr- ■ oBBBSd 1 Utfßl :•- I
. can hold l.is end up b B*eolfljrn» w<- ana our
(aenaitißa *—* acatcal aar Ban at the Bkcettng
** the ■aaat <"< aam I
U rri.- ibe Bl tted on moat «a ■' > MtbtttOf
l *a.;. bl the t.;;:.t (feal ha* been ai B*i i Btjataaa
ilcCarr-n by MuryJ-y. ' ; ' r » :i ° I-un I"**1 "** a*
ctroviiy; the ;,<,:: ". . ■ : thaßaaak*
orcanizutton. ;i: ■ I H tot.Uly 889
■rtasd to Tiumiu: > Batf HcOanvji aifl have
v * acttva *":>ricrt «.f tacaea y~h< .sm .-irni an of
tn« tj.". c : ift ■ tiho w< r and h.-iv* i i:ce
lioetlle to the present loader <sf Klnps Coun
ty dnre :»,e overthrow ( .f jiunh McLnujrhlin.
W Murphy or Deputy Fire Commissioner \V. A.
**TU.. who has been deatgaaßßßO as his r. pre
•^••tat:\.- ; :.,j .-.jp.-u i,, the work of del ••
. Pulltnaji Parlor and eleepimt cam. daliv. via Sco-
Ss^»^i r . u^r I>? I^" v * N>w Vo " 11 *:« p. ji.
t2»V, :J V M <rrlv C Finohurst 7". a. 21. BM
*■ M. O&=« iilO Jiro*«Jwa>.-AUrt.
7»-di«T. rain and warmer.
To-morrow, rmla. brisk knuth wind* berotalac wee*.
Fight To Be Itcnnced in Convention
— Effect on Parker Boom.
Iht Trt.nimrn to inr tkibcxe.l
Alb: • March fi. Now that the Democmtlo
State Committee h.-.fi departed, the local prophets
ar« h:ird Bl work trying to estimate the extent
and effect of th" victory ex-Senator Hill won
Ivi r <"harles P. Murphy yesterday. The extent
is not overwhelming- -even the nator"B
friends admit thr.t. Two years ago that battle
BCanad teadcr as in full control, and reorgan
ized Jh* Btata Committee •■> BBM himself. Yes
terday he araa bMb to cautnl it hy a vote of
IB to L'.'v DOl a Brf Bl margin. This committee, as
DOBatttStad .'it pre-sent. will pass on the creden
tials rt tli" tmWTtlttiHV II n-111. unless there la
r-ome rlianuo , f > e.irt among it« nembers, enable
ex-Senntor Bffl to repeal lii« performance at
Barataga taal • % i t^cl and throw out the del
c^atcn of his oppon< nts. as he thr-n did In Ilens
telaer .iv.<l Clinton coutities.
I'.ut the r. \\ i-itcrr-M to-dny Dai In the effect
o* tl : ton tha f-: tunes of Chief
• Tha an faction de
• v '.h tha action of th«
. egfa • ■ avalanche
• ■ . this to •-how the le.-u!t
■ atag .-.-utltnent of « n-
Itilissi ■ ;: ■ choice. ChailUMUl KVnnk
,-„.-,. e> • as he challenged
a by chief judge
. tn the Mgtwat sense
tif a . ; • | 1.: forth declnred
then waa ■ food deal of Parker sentiment,
■ • .f then even Intimated that the
■ ra thin at a mild tempera
ture, ah • • •••iv' atatfiiMPnta thay re-
Ito burl ai ■ ' »;r.-«smnn Bearat.and
they admitted that t • '• or< " " r lo;!S ac "
:!\ity on hi ™™ ! dkUlkta,
rtOBT ■••■• '• "l.vr.s aBOCT 11-' OKLTX.
The «ijr!-t | lattrHay reiotved around Brook
lyn and IMiatnr Patrick H. McOarren. The
■ I out of the wreck of the
King* County orgaataatSon wera all lhat kept
• x-S. • .' >r H : ' it on the bBHBa of th«
day, the fiKht for the • I of William H.
•ri. k. of Brie, ■ • i taaoe the UID Bao*
bad sMked its exist--:., e. Tiin.ir.iitiy. 1.-iv
!:ig captui.d Thkgf* Conn. rs. the lliie .- ■
is ouated Nomsan B. Hack in Buffalo, the
MIOWCCa of the f,,:- ■ BT WCBI Bl -''tiJ
out the ..- • Connera con
:. At the eonventloa the whole Bghi ■ D
. ..me on v.i> '■•■- <-.-;••> md Brooklyn ddega-

■ •
Mai k
0| Troy,
in T.

ty of three In ■
• • . There It
if ex-
Benator I I b the unit i I
te. ur.- tnstl : the chief J'.dße. It w >11
or!y )■■ ad o.i.i Bated aftl r ;-\i> h a f.trht thji' Um
rty win h< ■ ■ ■ to i ■■ ■
date . ■ from hla I
. • .as" and ■
politics*' i!.an by •• «•* r< ss«-d wish of th»- St.it-;
r!". V. .Yurihy went to the meeting
„• .:■!■•• •..■1 <.:i Just one thirK Th«
date of the . <.t:v.-ntion. the place and the Buf
falo .. • ■ •• re nil : id" Issues. lit- v. aa
• 'he lndorF' ::.• nl of <"hi<-f Judge
r. and Chief Judge Parker was not In
From the eor.fllrt y«-«=terdrty 1t Is hard to see
the- fn«-:ids Ot «K BewatOT Hill can derive
■ ■ tmxAUm In th<ir own appointed
. ; : • . committee they aon
1 > a majority ot thr«-e They <!id not dare tr»
leufh th<- 'iiiovtion «.f Indorsement, and they Baw
the t- • :• KatkM ante to Betas thre.- up
mitteemen and four out of acveja
Brookljrti o' I .' cates. if th" Oonnera choice bad
l-een F»;itf-.1 (and It Is lMere«t::.R t«. note thai 1««
o:.i:ual ru! 11 nrion <if the BtaU 1' •• :::••• i.t of
Publl n beara out the contention of
the t ..- . lera jre«terday>. e«-aenatof
HU • • bad ■ majority of .■::•• in a «wn
• •<r f.rty. lie haa now ■ margin of three,
l>ut <"h..Tles F. Murphy has returned to New*
Y- 'k with the ''.••!. nnhu'tion to pot Senator it
rick H. M -i (>l ]i f ,f the Bphera in Brooklyn]
■ ■ he hai occupied for Um brief time Binc«
lie "t.<ik th" tict acraaa the brloga> M
V\*rieTi Mr. Murphy fomes i.n^k on April 1«* It
!■ rertnin that he u*tH raUWW the ft ht. th time
aga'.nst fhief iaa I1I 1 -.rk' r nnd ha will either
defeat him out nnd out or make the convention
BOCh I stormy and I\hnrmonlmii» assemblage
t!, it the naUonal patty wtn be forced to turn
I from Parker oi ahai do:, its hope of victory alto-
K*th»l ■■.■ t!io 1 j : . ; i . whr-n the BBBaSon was
over, th'- rbief oonuueut v. -is:
K Q. old iran M. LauchUn haa paved Hill
on.-- mOM. the l^st time. I pu«ss"
Th* preon <e ,\ ex-Lleatenant fjovamar will
lam J". Bbeehan, and the onmerctftti pounding
ha recern ! • th Senator <:rady and W.
Bourka Oockrar, »■.)..• posed .t* Mr. Mur-phy's
one pie^r- at heavy artillery, indicated how hijjh
the Feettttf Tw<» minutes after the meeting
■• it wn* nppai to the most
•r that BasnOCratM har
mony w;.s arm a «' tton,
To '' '.-..iri.-d •'.«• llgM ye«t.-r f»i
thf- BMI Btaad of ex-Beaator hiu'f "*»id Ghiard."
it waa • Una t-> not* the inok of confi
dence with which th. : 11 uarhorsi-s ■ ail lad
oj: tne:r ■-!• r- J. hn A. Mason, secretary of
the M 'Hintlf u. read frr.m a paper, which his
I could rdlv hold, the record
' - tor ';-:.riy was challer.plnj? in no mild
•: Ti"-A {):>■> ::cTual ;>olltlclanK with am
bttlona regarded the outcome may be Rathered
■. .»< t thai Qeotga M. ' '.i liner, minority
r iti th* Aaanafaly, sp<-nt „'s day with the
Tammany rontb
Deaptt* hlr ■oppoaad loyalty to Hill, the BOa-
B is abraad ihat Mr. Palmer Is boptng f'>r
a BBBBBnatiaß tram many this fall In the
contest for <Jovernor Down or. the southern
t'.rr th<r. bl .. revival of the support for John
STt; :.:•:■ one thmß appears dear
enough thai If the old politicians still remain
loyal to ex-Senator Hill, those of the newer
generation aha believe they have political
t'.:'urr< an :i ;.kinß their peace with Murphy.
Report That Pope WiU Give Honor
to -York's Archbishop.
- - a! (.. ~T-f New -Y .-it* Tribune t-\ Fmh <~ahle )
'•*'4 B fat "^ r " bbi aaBMM i I
I;.:re. M trch <■. \v. ■■• Informed Vatican peo
jle aaaarl that John I>. <'rlmm!ns before leav
lnr RtTI • ■ :r.Tiv e that the Po; <»
m=r.if<sted ai: Intention to satisfy th< desire of
the CaXhafJca Bf PJaw-T«fk by raisins: iheir
AXCkManap to the fardSnalate. thlnkini; that
f <"atho!!c city In Amcrlta deserved
ru !: B Ittlitltti*— * The Pontiff himself, how
fver. ratinot :iow determine when Archbishop
Farley's nomination will tak" place, because of
the number of candidates through the world,
while only a few uozulnaliuns to the Cardinalate
i£ji be 1..-1 --.
esaaaaaadsia of th*» staaaaai Army and Navy in the Far Bast
focr more homes rorxn
Boilers of Hotel Darlington Found
Intact Hunt for Contractor.
With the throe bod Mi whl !i wen- taken from
fha wrack of th>- DarUnston Hotel >■•■=?<• rday
nn<f a fourt?i body In right, the total <-f t!i<- death
Mat mom itai la at twenty-one. At 8 a, m. th«»
worknua ancovered ■ body near the front of
Um bonding, |j ing under a maai of the nre
prooflng eompoattloa and bert Iron. Near it
1 - ■ wheelbarrow. The body wai tak*-ii to
the Kast Fift.v-!irs*-st Btatloa kttd later to
th • morgoe. where Charlei Boi t! i if waa th-it
of his broUwr, Berotl Bonti, irnn w.i t
■ciichf y.T.rs old, married it N 23 !
I:::- "» ] • ■ ■ •
• ■
• ■
. ..-]' !';■• poui I
and n:-..- ti be, | I I
•. bloe sJiirt ar .
Th. third body re xw ■:■'■■ • ■
that of William R. Green, ■ cement ■rorkx
tUK 4."!* We«t T\\- ■!ity-fi, I, t >.-.-» . by hfal 1 ■•■ .
Bhlrley On
Tti>-r-» w.is •:::. ,i body to Bight, • r
sir.' "n t'-.'- wreck of Iron . ' . The
vreckera were ■rorklng to >•••; t! is. : • :
expect to reach it until to-day. Mncb better
ir^nress was made with th« wc^tk >•••:
than at .-.ry time previous. There w:u< a derrick
nt work hnullriK out pr>-Tt bocketa <>f the mor
tar and cr-ment. \\hil>- teai were ''.irtl::B this
away, attd otheis took the lro:i luams n« th>y
were hauled out of the wroi k.
Nothing hns be»-!i learned aa to the where
abtmts of Poleand Bchwandtner, Um contractora
for the irnn work. Cantata Lantry said thnt be
had rr.eu watching for th»m, and expo ted to gel
them. Th<- coroner is .tlpo anstoua to tee these
men. and they have «:o:"e ittfonnaUon which
A-pistir.t T'istM. • Attorney Train rhinks he
ooaSd uf«' to advantage to ht.s Inveattgatlon.
Every paaafhle theory which coold account for
the < otlapsn la betag kwked Into. The n •
upf-d n th" bvOdtag v. ill iw examined carefolly.
Mr. Train BaM thai ha had ordered Captain
Lantrj to eoDoct two, bafrdfl of UM lar>;. st of
th»> ■acttona of oeoM hi and mortar. This be will
have analysed. il» could tell nothing aboot th.»
qutdutand ■ ii''!: mlfrhl have under turned the
foundatlona <'f t >»*• botei. Ii will We Impossible
lo aetUe thi^ ilwfliiltrty until the debria i 1 da m i
lOnough of the wreckage waa remove. l yoster
day lo disclose both bullorß. Neither had •x
At yeaterday*a m»-<*tinp of the central Feder
ated Union, Delegate Creamer, of the Booai -
Fhorers and Movers' I'nlon, Complained that
non-onion men ••' •■ • mploj • i>y e»-Sh*riff
Imi:::i in i Vanlng the wreckage of the Darling
ton. CroanMT said that the non-anfcn men were
In -11111; etfiit. ,
"I told Mr. I'unn about It." he said; "but Mr.
I>unn said that the employir.-,- otOMCOttera
Wi a d order a strike in hla -yards If he em
ployed member* of the union."
It was decided to take the complaint to the
Mayor and other city officials.
Loss Reaches $118000— life Nearly
Lost — Incendiary'* Work.
Elmlra, N. V , Man b 7.- --Fire t.n.k.- out in a
cipar factory under the Lyceum Theatre at
11:15 o'clock last nlghl and soon the entire
l lock was a mass of llam-s. It started from a
natural gaa esptastsi it is BaM. the Lyceum
Theatre, ana of th" Reta ctrcait bow owned
by <'<>lonel I>. C. RoMnson, was totally •!••
stroyed, th.- loss being 988.UKX The real of the
M.nk waa badly damaged, an.l the lam win i"
over $30,000. The Elks' lodge rooms were to
tally destroyed. Henry Boulle, a atage man
agsr, was nearly BOffocatod by th amoke whin
rescu. d. The Mamie Fleming Repertoire Com
pany toat its trunks and scenery. The theatre
buiued like a Under boat, and had the fire oc
mired at a Uaßatrtcal performance many would
probably have lost their lives.
At i o'clock this morning a burning rag was
found on ■ tie Audltoi ; stage. Tnta theatre is
in the Realty Building. next to the Lyceum
block. It is thoueht from this that both theatre*
w<re ad oa On by an Incendiary.
Bridgeport Organist Sues to Recover for
Salary for Two Years.
-•-port. Conn.. March C. Trinity Episcopal
Church, attended by ex-United States Treasurer
Morgan, ••x-Ccngr*«sman Da Forrest. State Sen
ator McN'i il and other well known Bridgeport cit
izens, was placed unacr attachment by the Sheriff
yesterday, to secure a bill of $s"rt. due E. M. Jack
son for s*r>iccs as organist for i»2- '«;. The church
acknowledged the debt, but has no money with
which 10 pay tL
Theatrical Agent Dies in Convul
uoM—MysUriotu Telephone Call.
i tecttvee attached to the Weal 0— haw*
drad-and-twenty-flfth-at. atatlon are aaarchlng
for a young woman living somewhere on the
appet E lat Bide to explain the death of I^eon
Melles. twenty-eighi years sad, »i theatrical
Bgant, Who died yesterday afternoon at his
home. No. KM Manhattin-ave. after convul-
Btona. I>r C. W. Huffum. of Ro. 480 Manhat
tan-ave.. who attended Meiies. aajn he bellevaa
the young man was the victim of knockout
drops, in dellrhnn, before h- died, Meii^s men
|tl ' %ouii(r woman with whom,
. beei i ping company
• . . :. ty tha» after he
■ name be Bald: ' Bhe*a
S!i" gave DM the ■'
■ I'.le.
■ owr to the stage la tJniw d»
\] . •!.. . ..] if.- .-:;i and office jit
So. •■-•■ W» I' • • t ; ty-.i^!,th-^t. and often
:|i r«. H:p borne waa In the P»rl I
■ . •■ iiv< i rlth his father and

\- oui :; terday Mel ■ * ""1 the
• . . . :.:if .i.i/-d con
ll* k. M the elevator boy ha baoMoat his
BJeya. The boy tool him to his father's npart
ment mod -Mr. M>u«s aaya his son went im-
BW li.t.lv ft. l.is room. Alotit ten minutes lateT
Im called t f » his father and Id:
1 It's awfully dOM ta try room. I'm going to
lie down la Um Bitting room."
About 7 a. ni. Mr. MelteS hrard hi? «on
•. Ing, •'"'' £«"•'»« to t h ~ Bitting room found
him In ronvulstona. He seal for Dr. Buffain,
«rbo treated the young man and left him. Ab-->ut
:i ..-.:... k jroons Helta was again aetaad with
convulatona, and again I»r. (fan was sent
for. Re said there were Bympfoma of poisoning.
and treated the patient ■ ordtngly. not leaving
htm until he waa restlns autetly. Again, at 1
o'clock in the afternoon, the theatrical agent
wai acted with convuMonaj and Dr. ituffum
waa called for Um third Um* Be worked over
Mdi.'S until he died, about 3:90 o'clock,
Dr. Buffum told Mr. M< tea thai ha saw signs
«>f chloral and <■••> am", and thought his son was
the vi'tim of "knockout pa." Ho then to
formed Coroner Bchoter by telephone, and tho
corner told Um potto* <f the West < handrad
and-twenty-flfth-at. • tic. 11.
According to Mr. MeDea and Dr. HufTurn. Mel
lea mentioned Um nanw of ■ roans woman who
is employe i la a, downtown wholeaala house, and
,-i-. her home a«Mrcss. He mentioned her name
frequently and wait: "She .11.1 it. I want to see.
her." At one time he said deliriously: "There
■he i- agate, Let mr «>t her." And he reached
• tin, as if trying to MOM BOOM one
Detectives Fttzsimmona and o'l^ary, of the
West Oin mndred-and-twantr-Bflh ■! station.
went to the address given by Melles. and found
that the young won an Itvod there.. She was not
at bone, boi they said last night they expected
to arrest her wtttttfl ■ fOW hours.
The pone* say that Melita*a watch was miss-
Ing and th it lie had no money about him when
be retni im .i home.
About 8008 yesterday a woman called up the
fn rtli- mm runenta and asked how Mr.
Melles waa 'getting on." She was told that h»
was very 111 ;'.ml. according to the elevator boy,
"Tint is too bad Tell him that I wfl] he up
thla evening to see him."
Th< woman did not give her name and did rot
r aa she had promtaed. The police and
Coroner Bcholer are amlosja to laara her
Coroner Schoirr BaM last night:
Wo cannot tell much skoal this east until we
exam* tIM -011:1; MaH mentioned by MeDea in
bis 'l llrium. " I think tM was poisoned, hut cannot
make a positive BtatenMai until an autopsy is per
formed. I have Instruct. .1 Dr. \Wston Is perform
an autopsy to-morrow morning.
McUea Mas a i islliiail He had been In part
nershtp with ■ man named Ward, and they had
started several ro;td companies. Ha waa at the
Ttn> Of i.i* death engaged in getting up a mu
atcal production with Solomon Kaufman, a
music- dealer at No. ."i>S Btghth-ave. At his
bom*, N. 1,688 Madiaon-ave., last nlgrht Mr.
Kaufn said lleUea had br*n drinking heavily
of late, and was under the Influence of liquor on
Batorday cht.
Dr. Buffum said tint Mellon had a weak heart
and that I ably resulted In his death.
"Had his heart been strong;*" said Dr. Buffum.
"he might have withstood the attack. But the
convulsions from the poison tf It was poison,
and I am pretty positive that It was— made him
M weak that hi? heart «ave out."
Improved ■■»>■ to Philadelphia VIA PENNSYL
VANIA RAILROAD. For the accommodation of
New York and Philadelphia passengers, the Penn
nrhrsnlß niHl'WMi Company, banning Tuesday.
March &th. wlil place a Pullman Parlor Car on
train IlllllH \V'st 23d St. Station at 9:25 a. in.
dallr. This train will arrive at Broad St. SUUon,
Fbliadeliihla. at 11:59 jj. m.-Ain.^. __ ---
Russian Fire Not Drarcn — Five Reported KitlciJ JfaWf Shell* Fail to
Erplode — Plaknn Baji Force Near Border.
Five Japanese bart'eships and two cruisers bombarded Vladivostok $o§
fifty-five minutes yesterday at long range The Russia.-, fire was nor iravvn.
and official dispatches said that there were no casualties, although mes
sages reported five kil'ed.
Ying-Kau dispatches said that cen:-;dcrabb was caused at Por
Arthur bv the Japanese fire from Pigeon Bav ; rh .v r he defences on that side
were being strengthened by barbed wire, and that the RuassMl were pre
paring to evacuate Ncw-Chwang.
The Japanese force which landed at Ptaksn Bay has advanced to a
point near the Manchunan border, and Russian outposts numbering fifteen
hundred have been sent to check its n n Hunchun. Cossack scours re
ported thit th; en?mv was blocked by avabnehes and that many of the
men were invalided.
The ice along the Mar.churian coast is beginning to break up. A
special dispatch to The Tribune from London said that important Japanese
successes on sea and land were rumored. Although these reports were not
confirmed, the Japanese Legation at London intimated the intention of the
government to force the fighting.
Damaged btf Shells from Pigeon
Bat/ To Abandon New-Chwmmg.
Ylng-Kau. March «.— Refugees arriving here
corroborate the resorts that considerable dam
nge within the fortifications has been caused
by the Japanese fire from Figenn Bay. and the
(!«'cn'-<>« on that side are being strengthened by
barbed wire entanglements and additional artil
The refugees say thai Fort Arthur has not
been atta- ked sine* I-Vbnirirv C»>. but that
stores and ammunition 'ire still arriving. Work
on the mud dock. In which it was expected to
repair the battleship Czarevitch, has kOOfl iktt>
doned for the last thre> days, the foreign engi
neer being unnM" to raise th» battleship and
quitting Fort Arthur, together with the only
other Anglo-Saxon fher*.
Street traffic In Port Arthtir. the refuge"* -»y.
bl largely confined to the ammunition carts. All
the forts have i>e» provided with naval signal
officers for the purp^is* of Identifying Rus
sian hi[>s and preventing tn* forts from fir
ing OH then when they arrive.
Thr> rerrova! of the furniture of the police
rnd mUttanr qu«rt-r» at NVr.--Chw-\ng. th« with-
essary railing «tock -itv! equip-
Bway linalnaa,
nnd the remova! of silver from th* bank, indi
cate nn lnf"!id«<l evacuation of N*w-Chwangc.
The hank nuthortfles have nruai M leav*
Fr?r.ch nnd German npents In rhar? a of their
a large fate* if cavalry Is tSptCttd to re
turn to New-rhwnnr before the itre* opens for
the purr"""-* of mninfalnlne patrols between the
main railway and the Fen and of re-'onrnltrlnj?
the co.-tsT.
Russian private letttn Marl i »he fad that
in th» recent enicareirer. between the Yalu
Itiver and Plna>Taag the Russians «M ru
perlor omnbtn Kffaatsd the Xapasaaat but lost
One car was thrown from the In I ye?terdny
r.orth of r»alny by an obstrucMin on the track.
Trains were flifajßfl BBt ffteen hour?, and a
serious accident m is anty nvert*d by the low
>-p0,..l at whi. h the train wan running.
Plaksin Bay Force Reported, Hoxc
czcr, in Trouble.
St. Petersburg:. March o.— Advices from Vlad
ivostok Bay thit the 19M Japanese troops
who landed at Flaksln Bay. on the east coast of
thill ■ Core.i, are advancing toward Musangr.
21 * miles from Wonsan. with the Intention of
ultimately reaching Hunchun. on the left bank
of the Tumen River, about a hundred m!>s west
of Vladivostok, find threatening the Russian
In order to rherkmnte thin move the Russian
outpost. LMt stronK. which .rossed the Tumen.
!s ad\an< Ing to occupy Koyryenjr. on the Tumen,
t\ walled city, rommiindlng the trails along
which the Japanese must pass.
Cossack scouts report that a Japanes" column
from Plaksln Bay. on arriving In th<» sr.ow
blocked defile of the mountains separating
from M-iiirhuii:i. waa forced to h^!t. o»:
avalanches and other akataalaa,
The scouts iay that one-third of th« str^ntrth
of this column Is invalided. It Is now supposed
that the column Is returning for the purpose of
peeking an easier route.
Russians to Make Stand — Scout*
Being Withdrawn.
Toklo, March ♦>. — The Russians are briskly for
tifying An-Tung. which. It is believed, they will
make a ba»e for resistance. Scouts near Anju
are being withdrawn toward Kasan.
Four Men Charged with Aiding Japan Pris
oners at Russian Seaport.
Cromtadt. March 6.— Four Japanese spies are
paid to have been arrested here.
Admiral Blrllcf has inspected the ships which
axe here preparing^ to. be put la commlwloo, ._
Vladkoxtok's Defences Not Di&~
elated — The Damage SrnaTL
V'..i.!!vostok. March 6.— A srroadron ot Own
Jajpaaaaa battleships and two cruisers appeared.
off this place a? 1 :2."> o'clock this afternoon ami
bombarded the town and shore batteries for
fifty-fiv- m'nutes.
The squadron approach*! from Oka direction
of Askold I.ot.ind. at th« eaft entrance to Ts
surl Bay. and about thirty-two miles southeast
of Vladivostok, mterlner T'ssurt Bay, the eneir.y
forme! in line of > attle, but did. rot approach to
a clo«er r»ng»» thin flv» and one-third miles'.
They directed their fire against the shore bat
teries and the town, hut no damage resulted, as
most of their two hundred Lyddite shells Called,
to burst.
The Russian batteries, commanded by On
eral3 Yemnefz and Art.imonoff. d!d not reply,
awaiting a closer approach of th«» enemy.
The Japanese fire ceased at JO p. m., and th»
enemy rrtlre.J ■ the direction of Askold I*l
an Simultaneously two torpedo boat destroy
ers appeared near Askold Island, anil two mor>
near Cape Malde!. The Japanese ships werd
covered With Ice.
The ttack resulted in r.n loss to the Russians,
but cost the enemy 2n0.000 rubles rsino.t» i:i
nmmurition. Most of the projectiles 'ere 6-lncti
and B-tnca ahelsJL
The population of Vladivostok was wanr.' l
this morning of the presence on the horlaron vt
a hostile fleet, and of the prospect of an altaclc
during the day. but It remained tranquil.
St. Petersburg. March 6. — communication
from Viceroy Alexi-'ff to the Czar from Mtoukdea
bearing to-day's dat- says:
I most humbly Inform your majesty that th*
commandant at th.- fortress at Vladivostok re
ports that at s '•** o'clock this murr.infc gerven,
vessels were si hted south of Askold Island.
At '.' O o'-'lo. k they were seen to be warships
making for Askold Island. About noon th« en
emy's aojaavCroa waa midway between the coast
and Ask. Id Inland, making for Ussuii Bay.
They w^re out of reach of the shore batteries.
At 1 80 o'clock th* enemy opened fir*. Two
vessels In the squadron were probably th« first
class cruisers Idzumn and Yj.kunso, bat tha
names of the other vessels are unknown.
Although the official dispatches receive* her*
concerning the bombardment or Vladivostok tar
a Japanese fleet th!s afternoon do not ntaDAam
any Russian losses, private advices say that
five were killed, four sailors and tho wtta-ot aa
It Is apparent the Japanese were afralU an afcaa
exposing their ship* to the plunetng firs at Cia
land batteries, and It Is considered: paotehls)
here that the attack was for the sarpaaa)
of drawing the fire of the Russian farta^ coo-
I eii'ng the Russians to disclose the position a&6
calibre of thetr guns, and also for the pnrpoco
of ascertaining whether the Russian squadron
Is in port.
If these were the objects of the Japanese* tha
attempt is believed to have failed signally, *•
the batteries did not fire a shot, and If tha
squadron la in port it could not be seen from
th- Japar.ose position in the Bay of Usaurl. on
account Of lnr.d which rise-" from the coast on
that side, obstructing th^ view of the harbor.
Man// Guns Mounted — Cruisers Stilt
Off Port Arthur.
LacMsan, htarcn t— Oily B"T' >jtl r^pnrts on
th»- hoT'liardment of VladlVOßtok hava yet been
received, and th;.«se eiv.- no 'n<l!c:it;on whether
tha Roaaau asjaaaVaa !.■ stii; Ihera n not Ac
cording to a r-port from Tokio. th»- squadron
wns seen off Wnns.m last Thursday, but on tMs
rolnt there is no reliable information. Specula
tion, however, mostly inclines to th« belief that
the Russian squadron Is not In porr "ladt
vostok. as neither th" off!' nor the- other r=»
ports of the bom'>ar Imerit mer-.tion Russian
Port Arthur dispatches of Saturday and Sun
day say that everything is qui^t there and en
the Liao-Tung Peninsula. The Japanese cruiser
squadron was seen ottering off Port Ar
thur on Friday night In a heavy snowstorm.
"The Dally Telegraph's" Che-Foo corre
spondent says the Russians are still employing
thousands of coolies at Port Arthur and Dalny
on intrenchments and new forts, and that they
are also mounting over a hundred s^irs to pro
tect the neck of the Isthmus.
The correspondent of "The Standard" at Tien
tsin rives a rurr.or that thirty Russian sailors
A dozen very attractive and Instructive articles
in the Four-Track News tor March* i"tv« aaaaa
•t. Haataalan T^aA^V_ + T,

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