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MM rauirht In nn .ttm^rt to ew.'.T- Prrt
Afttur ::.1 that Ihry ««-e ehot on the »r.me
■HllfllHTiT U ■*■■■ rorrespondent
1 ■
•fi nm mi MM Aurora ha. arrived at
: ■ ■ Day. Turk. y.
.7 -r Men Gchg East— Prince
!. th Xapol con's Commission.
. ... ... „ ■ ■ _Th« r.arrl M11Eft
..... ... ..-..,.;; v \e« - -i« j*r
ot cumpan ■■** v ra -ka. Ntaa and
r • ■. " taclntod m the ataa* • .<• purpose ■•*■■
I c mbi BJ of A* crcv" or the
I,j, f h te'.esrr-aph HlMMlflKmti Is
..... ,, rViP< brtw^n Virerry Mefr*
t«B«q U |.rt*TS at Moukfim and St. :>teniburK.
Itwfl tr. b* th- Jnr.R^t drCSfl in 818
■ • - over .... wnerrru. th« direct
unication betrrwa ■r.don and Teheran. *
ttan r«tfF WOO BOB* has hitherto been
th- lonc^rt.
[Tinr* ul* NvolM), *' no *"* b^r. ln com
mand cf ■ ONHftl brirado In the QlllllWl
h«. srrtvss !— . m * th« under*iar.<slr.jr i«« that
he BrUl m-rjve an important command on t ■
frontier. Th- rrlr.ee had an interview v.lth the
rmprror to-rtny and requested a command. Hli
T»quf*t BJtfl be «rrantp<l.
The atti or a r.nvisl efflror Five* n graphic
,I, I aof th- bombardment of Port Arthur
on February 9. and the flight of ■— »
dtQfiXK the Hit day. B» MM ew»k«r.M to
the -ilddle of hi nl*M IV the baMV reports or
the «ui-*> The IMBB was deserted M0 ■
frr,-t nf O» WMM ■« Virerov Alrxieff.
The nfflroff wife, with an Infant, took > train
from Tort Arthur ln the morrJns. She Im
•r;-nwa the crush ct the station and aM at
Dal-.r where fhe learned of th« fate of ths
v.-iatr M rh. nnflpa <:rrat liPiflHrtl" wen B*
r,rei >,y the traveller! until they r^O-.M
Irkutsk «JcUt^r. to)* Itt«. The trains «ajj
•«»• ■ rowded. and the woman found It
5. imrorr-if.e rven to lay her btfV down on the
floor of The car. whlrh - covered w:tb ba«
mm »*>•» lhat mothers fought to pet food
Jc tbeir children.
•m« •■NTv*tr rrintt a jnrnfflmi; I eflltorlal
if) _[| i m nI III II | toward Great Prttaln. The
9myv aava that th« undcretandln* between the
•h regard to an Asiatic policy
ma C«ur. -eM H Asia, -IMB Briu** m-
I I' finflmiiwmt or nu^'ar and MW --
■.___- th.- would »~ Impossible. If Great
Britain the "Swwtr adds, would a&ree to an
outlet tor Iluasl* to the Indian Ocean, Qmtf
nrltaic-a poeseasiona In India would be uncoa-
OOtaCaj tmru:.u<\ ly Ru^a.
The Til II fllWa" ■»• BBBBI> " T
oT ErltiFh frlrrdshT. I'Ut with Lad piace. aay
hf -John DOS lallliai he bM * ■«»« .h.u.ce
(.'in ' lili ■ Ma 11111111 ■ part .••- .;--.t Britain
*n1 Japnr. 1-. SflcMi I « i;ri a • roika.
!■ idtn* the American moatant "
An Atkged twfkniem Retarding
Ji.^.j-French AUimur.
tVtt, madb '- The ■•Matins." Laai • ror
t« K>ndent M tends to Mi paaaT the BBnstt of a
DM ■ • rsation had last Bjßßjgßßfj with I perron in
kUmtbp *lth King Edward, and who had jurt
ij.-ft the p:.lar... This-- person paid the King
",.,*,}<. Bubject of the \v-ar In the Vr.r
tad be i paatadl bai aaajuau^i ■■«** as
i ua m h Stattaaaadj H th* Baw^fag—*"*
I ] cnr.Fldor a moM d<-ploral>le event.
.1 consider Uttt 00 pno<l
, ■ ■ . • ills France baa n» vr: V d more
(h:.n U la at ? resent, and bdm that it
la likely to became mow and more oaeftn. not
only In the 1 in: rVanoa Bad Great Brtt
«dn but in the . ...■••. .-: at general peace.
Rwuld ' compUcatlona artae, .i. -, :;r :. I effort*
m prpv«jt them, th •• ut.ton between France and
.id will rentier the gTeatesi Bwvie*. T!iat
union i..\:ft be clo* :- • •. :• -d tor d»
of all. rtdl !.a;;-n. 1 hoi-o in- press
nf :,i! coui.tri.s. thr- CngUsh press included, KHI
fftrive to laaatß difficulties Mfea than t° Bf>
frava'.i hem.
The e«rrcsponde:it adds that the Interlocutor
not Bgfly HdHVfjaf a BBsjatsTni of the k'.T.r's
"words, but rial tho cnrreKpondent a dipra-trh
ettnrrr.ing that Hi maJostyT remarks were cor
rertly rcudercd.
To Raise Loan Said To Be the Mis
sion of Baron Kancko.
ItafJh Ibbvbb 7 —Trie corTeFpor<le:.t of th«
•'Ma.ti.-." ct Tc.kio saya that at a fitaßar I . .en on
Thursday to the American war correspondents
the Ylce-Mlr.i.«tcr cf lta«gfJßj AlTr.'.rf., |B thank-
EflfJ Ba American nation for the support ManaMa
«-I%tn Japan, at I ♦r.;t the nssjt,inaH.iit reckoned
upon ajaajagßaj taaaj n.ore snTe€tire aaststaaca
from the PnStaol Stat.s in the future. The cor
respondent Kaii» ho has • •-•■■ 10 ■■-'• ' ihn?
he vice-minister alluded to the proponed loan IB
connection with ectdtifl Daroa garwlm. fnrrner
Vlnlirter of Jiirtice nr.d !ce-presidor.t of the
Bank at Japan, bn» rone to the I": ttad States.
Th" ftanarteas BabacrtatloDa to tbe war loan
opened o:. Marrh 1 zio-x toiiount to JCO.TjOO.OJO.
Finance Minister Takes a Hopeful
View of the Situation.
Pa is M*rct> 7.— The Pt. P--tereburg correspondent
of the ' - l>ho de 1-arla" fA)S In a oispat^^ th-a h»
had ar. Interview with the Hnar.ee Minister,
M. Koko\is-off. who d«--olared thiit the Issue of Uie
BBfeT w.-ji r.ot doublfuL Th« Minister aald that,
•ren nssvmlT'jc the most unf»\ irable bypothfsFla.
Th" >,-.J I llie country Wfl) BBt b«
' ! 'A.
T>e rxpet»^t!\:T». he nr.i.l. mn*t rot be compared
*rtt!i •'Jn at IlriuUn'p enormous •x.iMnfllturt 1 In
A3 . Cuaafa would not ha\-e to buy r76/»>ft/«*)
»c-th r? > »r»es abroad T most that would ba
•p- nt In this fltre-nion would I." ti<«>,.<inft. mid It
ul! lie rp^it arithtn ihe empire. Similarly,
the cost ■■■ transporting the troop v.< . ■ it p.i oat
of the etnp4r»-. but will swell the receipts of ihe
C?:.t.- <- 'IV -:; VI.
M!-.!«tor dnrfof that the-* wrm any
nickj wlthdrawala titiu tlm ts::\lr.j;s banjea,
ar :■; tm'A tnv. tbe greater rMt of panic w-cuid be
aawnrn th<> fareian boloers of Hurnian aeetuitlea.
V;- he rflflcO. ih<s« foroUrn Mulder* apjvcj-efi tc
y«~ :•»" - ■ ■ . :.-ii by The e-.i !:t« of the la«t f«'W VilkS.
»■■■>!■ arc m^ mm 9 m m of ro^l trmtokeat If they wttl
1 _ » ii *• ■<!■■!■ thrj mm th«k oa*. m Ike
, SrtV«M. ttk
Rumors of Important Japanese Suc
cesses in East.
<Sr* IB IB* New-Tork IMBaBB tr Tr**c± Cat!.)
(OBTW'.t; !3M: n> The IMbaaa AlWC'.l'li*)
Ijondon. Marrh C— The morning ;rrui!i will
have a full burtpet of belated and Inconclusive
dlrpntehes about ihe war. but the pummarlaa
of the new? « ::i short- The BBfOhW* writers.
having exhausted their resources of Invention
re^pe^tlr.g Jar«rier» diplomacy, are silent.
Ati hours borr.haTtiment of Vladivostok by n
Japai • ... iltUmum Is reported, but
the frui.iTs t\ -re crpsr-rt!y trying the range
or bapfttS la brtnaj out tba cruiser?. The bom
hardn t. sf any rate. Infiwwtea the disaj^rear
anf-e cf the ice near the entrance of the harbor.
There ;.re dlsputches announcing an improve
ment In the weather and a tinaltlia. up of the
ice west cf P^rt Artliur. but a fortnight will
e'.np?- before en ■ open rater around the
entire MaTichurlan crast.
There are rumors of Imr^rtant successes for
the. (avaneaa Baal anal army. Th- laassist
Legation at a late hour to-n!*ht anticipates,
rather than confirm*, these vague reports.
I. N. F.
Bonds Almost Impassable—Mission
aries Refuse to Go.
T>nrdon. Mnrch 7.-"The Dally staff*" ring-
Yar.g correspondent, under date of March >. de
■erlhaj the great difficulties to ha met on the
road from Peoul. H»> pays that recent thaws
broke up the roads, which again have become
frozen over, while from time to time there are
s snowstorms. One pass which the corre-
Fponder.t crowed was covered with sheets of
sloping See. The country as far as Ilwana-Ju Is
mountainous and In pregnable from dM north,
but afterward H be< •Ma more open. He says
It Is piteous to f«*e the terror of the Corean
refuge^? BaßmflJ through dM snow with their
household goods.
Under Be*terday*a date tbe Mm* eorrespon
der:t Fays that •he missionaries m verse to
leaving Ting-Yang and are not likely to accept
the offer or United MntSi Minister Allen <to
allow loJaaoas to go aboard the United Haoai
CT . u r CnclnnmtQk aa thay baPaaaj ftay win be
able to e«=rape later hssJi the situation become
"The DaflJ Mail'< f Che-Foo correspondent
nk:,-. describes a Vtafl v!-.lch he made to Chin
naaya He say* the caamtf* BaM la I'ing-
Tang is Impossible owing to the thaw. The vtl
b^gea are deserted and hordes and provisions
cannot be obtained 1 , «\.-ryth!rc having been
Baaajßal up by the .Taj.an«se.
■I am inform* says the correspondent,
"that there will he no advance until lOO.OUO men
have b r <n concentratfd at I'inß-Yang. It ■
thauir.c and. and t!:« waterways have great
ly helped the transportation arrnnirenienr)«. Tl *
Japanese a.re b;;?y nt rvery BflfimMa landing
pmeßi ar;d ore buying all FUltaMe craft along the
I r r»n
- lUbm aa4 iwa sMaaAi
- - ■
"Cossacks are keerlr.f; a sharp watch on the
Japan* - movements."
Umiimxifiiwcd Russians and Yuan-
Shi-Kni's Men Patrol Road.
Lor.aor*. Man h —A correspondent of "The
Times' 1 bi jv-k' c baa rlattad tha railway oat
la 'he Great Wall, nnd comments oii ItuFHia's
.of ii tn rcapact ni ncotnKty aa oompeintta;
Japan fimilarly hi <U=rrgp.rd Its • raiit y .
The correspondent says:
Russia Is patrolling th« railway nearly to th«
Oreal OTall with n ill bed ■ of cavaJry. At
•eery Itettmi there are two sets of guards, one
toinpc 'J of l«- :.•:;.! Yua^-Shi-Kafa aneO be
havejd troofja, and Ina other of nndtectpUned
troops aenl 'v the Tartar Bjcnesal <if Movkden.
Th' re an I enty of Oanezal Tmu>Bhl-Kal*a
; eacfe rtatt— t. artth a taryjer body at Hto-
KnvTon. \v t'-i the csneptlaa of tha railway
• la, th':. an no Chlr^t foreign drilled
troopa w liri * tb.- wall In Manchnria Province.
lius: ia nwldda any mcrenaa m thdr inimtwiß
it is bellMod th.-.t whan the rtver onene the
Rmtriana will destroy the gunboat Btvoatcb, at
Kew«Chnrans, m pucvent her rapture.
Ail aeoaajnta aajna that the Russians have
commandeered r.n Immenae nnmhcr of Chteeaa
carts and sire ror.> ••: iratir »r on the Tafal Btvar (
where the lirs-t battl '- extx ted.
Calais Owners Sending Vessels to China to
Escape Capture.
Calais, MaNk 0. -In order to prevaof tnetr
capture by Russian warships In the English
Char.r.ei or the Mediterranean Pea, the owners
of eoiMi-rs for Japan nre giving thflr vessels ln
etructlor.s to go to a neutral part In China, and
there to receive orders for a Japanese port. In
tnta way It is hoped to assure the p;.fety of the
coal, which is for Japanese ships.
Mills Warned by Dealers in England to
Hasten Orders.
■Jsja. March Several mills have receired
noVJce from British coaJ jiurvtyors that they
must hurry their orders, as the ex;»oit of coal
may be ferbiddrn.
Paris. March 6.— A Russian officer, who was
formerly mliHary attache at Tfheran. he* in
form- the Bt Pcterrburff esnvsponasnt of th«
■Oftfji d- Iwita* that the Shah of }>r«la had
Bent thirty thousand men to the Afghanistan
frontier aa a precautionary measure.
Ft. Petersburg. Match 1 — Tine an Inquiry
concern me the fate of Baron To!l. the e-splorer.
Tiki re« ror, :.i:> reported to have perished In the
Arctic Ocean. If. Uoubrovtn, secretary of th»
Aradomy nf Bci-ncis. fays that he has received ro
word. Another exp^-Hlon Jit nr»m- .'.earrhlnc for th-«
»wnia. 'Die nre*pte«i belief u thai be baa been
l«v«t. The •'Bourre Gar* tte" offrT* $.VX> for infoTna
tlon rstabllr.l.'.ng the exj'lorrr'n dr.-.f..
The rasshßaa; old two story l>u!l<lins in Liberty
a\-e . extending between N*ew«Janajy Bttd I'cnncyl
\»rla aveg., nri»k!yn, whl -h fcr « m" years had
8008 used as a starch factory by the firm of Janus
Da\iia & Son. w..s de«troyed by fire at 4:Sn o"clor-k
jrcrterday morning. The lo«» on the building and
the stock is estimated at Jli.'W*. Two firemen were
s.ightiy Bjaaad.
The f.re. which started from some unknown
cause, was discovered onlv after It had gained con
aiderabl* headway. The building was put up many
Beam ago and was as dry as tinder. It burned
rapidly, BBBdhaj "P showers of sparks In all direo
• t'.or.s. Acroaa LmertaMßve.. -it New-Jersey -nve., is
" jf*aa d*-pci ut a ::. .1 company, and un the aarn<
MMa si the »tr»»-t. »t IN nnsylvanla-aVe . is SI
Cknu-nfa IVotrstant Episcopal Church. T' Bre
■Sß MM ha; work In BMBJM these buildings and
those l>it.g M«e«n tttem.
Two hours after the nre broke out and nftrr It
'' ' '• '■ " •►'■. under control, the men of Elgin*
No. is* ««n-e smt ut> under an overhanging wall
It rudder'.y gnve w*y Hud half a assea of them
wtr* struck by th« failtac drbdn. Only two. how
ever, requ'.rcd the K-rvioeji oi an ambulance sur-
I Kcca. Th< • were Ix>u!« Jordan, who received a
MT«re tihock * na abraakms. and Steven Deraam.
Y no r-celvtd c<jnt jtions. They w«tre attended by
I Ambmlan-^ Paixeoa beybold. from the BradX**U
■ Adventures of a Patrolman and His
Family of Sine.
' When iMßannaa Kennedy, of the One-hundred
' Baj*«ftv-s«-cond-st. «:ation. (to«.i t.. Brooklyn It if
] BB avaSfl in Ua far:;i!y. be-ause Mrs. Kenr.<"!y aril
UM oth«>r Kennedy! (there are tight of thfmi jro.
too. l-atrolman K«aa*)d> doesn't go to Brooklyn
Bflaa BBCBaaa ba Baaa in llarlom. and there an
no BaMSan from the Metropolitan Street Railroad
or th- Manhattan Elevated Railroad to las Brook-
; in RapM TISBStI If It's In th« middle of the
DMBdk Patrolman Kennedy goes to tn© el«ht banks
of tho' elrht little Kennedys whilo they are being
Snaaad for the faaxaaV, and for some time therc-
Bftar. when the eight little Kennedys shake their
« ich: little banks, tlure Is no rattle.
There's a BfaMaa In the travelling of th<» Ken
mfljl to Brooklyn. Patrolman K. Jy alta on the
«>nd of the seat. Mrs. Kt-nnedy sits next to him.
The <;ght little Kennedys range tlMßiaflVM next
Ir. the order of their eight ages. All the Kennedys
rar.r.dt get on one seat. When the conductors nee
Patrolman Kennedy put his baud In his pocket
thry bepa it !!"!'."t ssnann*
rsiliißnaa Kennedy went to Brooklyn yesterday.
He r*id ten faros going to the bridge. He paid Un
more going over the bridge- Patrolman Kennedy
and .Mrs. Kennedy and th- eight little Kennedys
had n pleasant call on relative*, ana then Patrol
ir.nn Kennedy began paying fares again. He paid
ten to get over the Lrldim and ho paid ten more
mhto hi nnd Mr». Kennedy and th* eight little
gi iilMMlfß road a Third car. „...__
William Loupop, who cuts marblo for a living
:ind lives at No. M Bast Thtrty-clghth-st.. got on
the pome. car. He told th« conductor to put him
off .it Korty-»econd-»t. He didn't really n«m
• . -lit off." 'i'hr.t was ht» Jocular way of asking
that he be Informed when Korty-eerond-st. was
reached. As William confided to other passen
icca, I.' 1 "was a real Jocular gent" when he wusn t
cuttinp marble. ....„
Wil.lain became even more Jocular at Thirty
• -ighth-M. While the conductor was punching a
trai «f«r William punrhe<l his nose.
Tbe eight little Kennedys became Interested
Kicht llttla BT-rinrrllTi shouted in eight different
V'atrnlman Kennedy arrested the Jocular
Patrolman Kennedy arrested the Jocular XI ni-
m. "Funny. Isn't it"' he remarked to Illlam.
• -Look at pa; hf's arrestln' the cent. eatd tho
eight little Kennedys In elKht different voice!.
•Vou take the children home, ma," raid Patrol
man Kennedy as h«- and William ■!• "'• ' and
tho conductor. In his excitement. ran* up more
f«re* than ho had pa«s*n«er«. Patrolman h"n-
Tiely r.n.l William had cover.-i a block when they
l.eari this: „
■>!i. pal Ma says you forgot to give Bat the
Then three of the eight little Kennedy- ran up.
brf-athleaa. Presently the oth^r tivo of the r'ent
Uttle Kennedys app»-ared, ifflng.
•oh. pa.!" i!.. v shouted, "ma says you forgot to
p1v«« her the keys!"
Thry wore joined by Mrs. Kennedy. .
■•pa " caM she. -you forgot to give me the- fceya.
'I .1 r«th*r ba a marble cutter." commented the
facatar William . .. . .
-Wed, v"i Bnart ail ■ «m along with '''"• ■aM
Patrolnan Kennedy.
"All right pa," Bald the eight little Kennedys,
"All rteht pa?* mimicked the Jocular William.
Sr» ihejT marchej -,o the Eaal TMriy-Tifth-«=t. ita
tton. tli« eleht little Kennedys In Elr.ple tile In the
order of their acea. cfaanttnv:
■ I>'ok at our pa! He's ■ policeman: H»"s arrested
After they had Toft William nt th- station they
boarded another Thlnl-«v#. car.
This ta hnw it Mat r.itrolm.in Kennedy C .'0 to go
IB BrOOkfya an'J return.
Secretary Sees Mother for First Time in Two
Years — Twenty Present.
A f.ir.-.l'y reunion .ind f!!nt:er In 1 snot of William
H. Tart, Ba retary of War. were btld la«t r.lrht
nt the homo of Merry W ImA. N». M t^x!nct->n
hvo. ominir to Hm Bi rritarT*! wcwH mnltiiiiaJ
tfeaßßjca ban t*is tinntif this rm the first rreet-
Ing he has hid with many of his rrtallvaa in BBV>
Bfal yoHrs. Thern MN nearly twenty pßfi rit, nnd
a t*m IsfanasJ «re«";ri!« mr^ Bkad*.
TT i • - praamt were Ura, Alfdoan Tfcft mother of
iry. and h« r ctatar. Waa Delia t rn
rharles P. Taft. br^:hor ot Of Boctctary, nn<i hla
Brtfla tt>«l tibttf ?on -ir..i rfirurhtor. I/«>iii«o and H •» -
i - < T.ift. .•!! fmm f "ir.rinn.iti : Mr and lira. Roraaa
i> Ml, of \\'.HTi"wr. Caaa, nr.i tho Beeta4
r-o^, <"h.ir>s I". l<-sldes the fimily of Ik..ry \V.

Secretary Taft Tells What Is Under Way
and Planned.
Tba AavclaßjßßßSl of tba r! h BaluraJ raaoufcea of
t!ie PbJUpptMß la .1 : . •• t that .— r<tary Taft
!• wr aj<aaflaa <>t MaeajHlac To n Trlb i
he said last evinh.g.
Oxm «.f the most presatne i • ■ of a country
M r1;r 1 ; ii In ;.»i; rultural ■ a aa tha I
«<f Loaon is a nn^m of prompt .<: ' • onomlcal
iimnaportatioa for its produi't.^. It uj l>*' aam
aatly hoped that ConaTe— can be Induced !■• per
; . -■ of th« credit ol tb« Phillppln* (ovei • ■ I
to gca: u.t' ■ an • return upon capital
ti at may be iavcated In tbe construction of i •
l'n»a <>f railroad— say 5 \u r cent m the Qone]
ally invsud la \).v etiterprlae. ii irould net ba
beceatiary. In boom caaea, to draw ui»>r. tha for
itiimfi.t rcveooca to a>s'ir<> such .-i return, i ;•■.!
some lnii.s, ii..«.\.r Involving dlfflcuii engineer-
Ing and comparatively »xi<--.viv<> construction
'iHtißjli BBatajny at-ttlid coontry, nuoii <t puaran-
IM arooM I* Daocasar) to lndjco capital to < .irrv
•at the proje«t. Thera are coita :«. noaaber of
routes 0«Of whlrh rouda BUctlt I e bollt tliat i*ouij
u;t i nr.ti 1 1> prove hlshly profitable.
The existlns raUruad vystem ><( I/izon U repra*
arnted ry the tlngim Ua< froa Mwnl'n to Dacupan,
ea as tha areat coaat. Thia lit" ■houM t.o
extended about *;;i mJica further north. Tba au
thority baa b« .•<, granted by lit* commlriion for
tba eanatmctioß of two brnnche* of thii Une to the
paatward. each branch bdng about thirty ndlea in
length, it hi «iuineiitly dartrabla that tba more
northerly <.'f the two brancbea be extended still
further to tbe eastward, it would then peuetrate
and aaoaj uj> an ezocatftegty rich agricultural sei -
Uon. Tba country is now aparaaly aettled, and
tha coal of building thla lino »oni't lie roca ns ta
render the gov< rntnent i;uarant«^i tfcossary. owing
i . ! .» fact tbal for a taw reara it might not be
l-roßtaM". tboug*i it w.itJd ultimately t.<? us. d f r
n lar?e and prontaMe trmSa Tnvn. tf**r there
. l/« a Une, probably an electric Une, ton
Dagnpaa to Pmauit. that has been doatgnated aa
mcßar - j**^l or the PhlUpptoea. The gov
emsMßt ha" already built .■». wacoa road ovor this
mxta ,:t:.fl tba riijht cf way vrouM un«louV>trdly be
given upon favorable tenm to the company th it
would build tba Uae, Tba dUtanna la iifty-nvc
I nnd with aacb a l'ne eatabUabad It would
brin,? guet within twelve l.oura <>f Manila.
Deaguet la ■•■ lated at an ctevatlon of .'.<•■, feet
above sea io\ ( ] and tbroogbowt the entire year,
ex'-opting only In the aeeedTely rainy eeasoo of
Auguat und Beotember, It is a delightful place of
re?M<nre. it Bbould h« undeiatood tbal tna aom
m«-r months ln tho PhlUpplnea aro March. April
and May.
• •tie n4ber line that BhotlM "•"" •" bodi would ho
from Manila south on the West coast to Bataagaa.
Thrro • i, null also be a lln*" built from the ii;ist< rn
or Pacttfl Coaal acfoaa Tbe BaaC to th» awat
oaaal, on OH China Baa, through the hemp pro
during country. The length or tlie line araaid be
nbi>ut sixty mile* This line Bbould be profitable
almost from the beginning. The h< mp product Is
vt ry valuable, nnd nmeh of It non rota on tho
ground for want of projur ni<ni!>i of tranaporta
The railroads to bo built m the Philippine* could
r>:operlv conform to t!.e Oriental standard gauge
£ mat c laebea— aaaM as the Manila und Dagupaa
road. It would b-s less expensive thnn th- Amer
ican standard Raga constructton, nnd would. I
Wllove. meet all practlc.il requirements.
Th<^ electric ptieet railway system now being
con^trurtod Jn Manila by Charles Swift. J. <;
White and other Americana will I* ri great boon
to tba Philippine capital. There is no city of aqual
flzo anywhere tn 1 Ich so many bom - 1 and ear
rlages «rr owned nnd Baed as a itter of nocessity
u;. Iti MiimU. The distances to be traversed ill
jroing aaout the city are ••nn'-iderabii-. and foe
■artoua sons it Is highly desirable to liivo «otn«
comfortable and speedy means of transportation
The franrhi.x* that was granted by tho commission
and ratified by tho muaietnaJ anthorltlea of Manila
will permit the constructing company to complete
ly gridiron th« city. The. line will be first ciaaa
t:i every particular nnd will be rca ly for operation
l.y Th:inkMrl\inß 'a'
Caught After a Struggle— Be Sent to
Ibt Tri.ii'RAr:! to tiii: nrnnaki
Monmouth Beach, x. J. March 6.— a seal, weigh
ing a "tile lens than one hundred pound!", was seen
in th© undertow to-day at Galilee by Arthur I»ck
wood. The young man's attention was railed by
loud barking resembling that of a dog.
I>orkwood tried 'o capture the BaMBBI without
help, but failed. With assistance, however. It was
beached, after a struggle. Mr. UsokWOOS*! father.
Captain Nelson l>ockwood. will ship the BSBI to th«
New-Tork Aquarium to-morrow. Thla is the first
seal that has been caught along tbo Jersey coast
rontini:M from fl"t pa*e.
McCarren. are counting on the enmity to the
latter of the old Mrl.außhllnites to aid Tarn-
May Hall in its purposes, they are frreatly mis
taken. It is not that Mct^auKhlln and Phevlin
and the others love McCarren more, tut that
they love Tammany less. In the last campaign
they took a determined stand for the rieht of
the 111 If organisation to remain Indepen
dent. They will now retreat from that position
This docs not mean any reconciliation has
been arranged, but that Shevlln and the others
stand ready to make a defensive alliance with
McCarren as aKalnst Tammany. It does not
mean that MoCarrcn feels that he needs this aid
at the present time. Indeed, he feela so confi
dent of his ability to preserve his leadership
against outside assaults through DoyU that he
.locs not yet stand ready to make any conces
sions to' the old ele ent in order to get its sup
Th?re are. of course, some leaders In Brook
lyn, whose personal attachment for McCarren Is
not strong. In a close fight they might, per
haps, be counted on to desert the McCarren
standard. It is not thought, however, that
Doyle can get any of these men to rally around
him for dM defeat of the pro-MrCarren resolu
tion that will be Introduced at the special meet
ing of the executive committee to be held In the
Thomas Jefferson BulMlng to-morrow night.
Senator McCarren passed the day yesterday
in petting a firm prasp on the situation. He
■poit several hours at the Seymour Club In tM
afternoon. When he left there he said that he
was more confident than ever that Tammany
would fni! In its attempt to degrade the Brook
lyn organization. There was no doubt, he d-?
i-lared. that the district leaders would make
that clear by their votes to-morrow night. Mr.
McCarren said he would wait until the meeting
before expressing his Ideas fully.
As stated In The Tribune yesterday. Controller
Grout has made It clear that ho stands behind
McCarren. If Murphy In hlr attempt to weaken
the McCarren machine attacks any of the Mc-
Carren officeholders and seeks to get them to
Itsm Controller Grout will become -a factor at
once. Not only will he protest most vigorously,
but he will also give notice that any removal of
McCarren men will be met by him with a move
■CBtSSt the Tammany RM« In the Controller's
oOce. For this and other reasons the friends of
MeCUTN "ay it will be Otter!? futi'.o to try to
depose him from the leadership during the pres
ent administration.
Deputy Fire Conim! = r Doyle Is putting on
a li;ive front, however. Bad *rek>« to convoy th*
Impression that the tMk oi d«fe«Uiis MfMarren
is m •■«">• as taking peiuUea from a baby. Ills
••confidence" is not Impressive, howler
••I never laid down In my life, be sill to a
Tribune reporter .it the. viith AaeemMy Me
trlct Democratic Club last night. "I oere*
undertook a contract that I didn't carry out."
•\v.;i. irhal are row plain for flghttm Ho*
Carres?" be ama aaked.
"Why. i tt-.-v,!-!;- BicCafTca ana fetng to fight
me" be replied evaarrely.
lr Doyle then laid that, although he hud not
received hla poclce for the e»ecotlre committee
- • .morrow i.ieht. be woui.l b* there, if
be waa not atek in bad. Asked ir be www rre
•i v resototlona, he replied that he di<! not
tee any nec«»*lty ror Intruding with any b— !■
ness, "it was KoCafltß'l MHUllng. not his.
BEGU24 BOMB TIMS a--.'-.
Investigation yefter-liy revrnlod the fact that
in ev. ry diatrfc I erhera aay dajafftetJi n against
McCarreo rxtsted and where preparattnm to
flKht him ai the prtmartee a/ere oterelopac
bi of T.'jr.many Ball hare b^-n actrva for
.-.•• It Is aald, heM
• . • , • • . tot It ta un :
. t Witt ■■ ■ Ptlon when it e
a profMiettton <>f aeHtng themaehree to Tammany.
The ract retnalna. bowerer. that the move
■ rren him been under way tot i dm
; ■
It v. i mggested yeaterday that nne of the
• • for taking up the ficht ...
McCarren would t•• the removal of *th«i lid"
: this ranuncr. Coney latand i*
In Doyle'a district
C. F. V. Men Sag There Wa» Vn
fairness in Closing Theatres.
recent cloatng of tneatrea in this city
which were. ■ red I • • ■• weed modi
bitter comment -t reaterdajr*i neettnaj of the
Central federated CnJoo. Philip Keiiy, de:e
■ ■ of t c Theatrical Protective Union, who
.i\h avowed bJmaetf a Tammany man,
attacked Major Mi Cleßan and the ctty a.iniinia
tratton (■ t alia red anfalrnem
•i have not the sUshteat bealtatloa m saying."
h»» wf **. "that Borne of tin* theatiea e/hjeh were
closed «fw J'»> i>er cent aafct thin many of
the theatres which weta left open. Tbm whole
thing 1h nantfaßtly onfalr, and several hundred
members of my union who have been driven to
th« fitn-ets were working In theatres which were
safe, bit which are now oosol. I want to know
what tiiis meana,"
"Oraft!" ahooted n delesata.
•Tims what believe." aald Kelly, "ills
Honor the Mayor made many promtaea before
Ms election bvt be baa not ii\.-«i uj> to them.
I ;im not apeaktng from any partisan btaa, baa
caoaa i voted for bhn myaeif, and at my re
<iu«st be hud the WippOCt Of about eight hundred
members of my unloi "
William Barry, delegate of the Actors' Pra
teotlye Union, aareed with Kelly. I? was ad
mltted by both Kelly and Marry that some of
the theatres which were clooed wore anaaf*. bvt
not nil. They aaid thai any eaM who liked
could Rod plenty «>f unsafe thaatrea open. They
rould no <U>ubt find boom dives hi. b were open,
they declared.
Kelly then Mid that he did not want the Cen
tral Federated Union to take any action. He.
Mmaeif arottld M thai MM complaint was tnkvn.
where it would do Qm moat rood. He talked with
»;r«..t Mttemeaa of Hi" throwtnaj of maa mi.- for
the winter in theatres which were much safer
than certain pweca which were left open.
Austrian-American literary Club Ousts Non-
Citizens — To Aid Murphy.
By the action of HI members of the Au«trlan-
Aniorlrnn Literary Club, In thrlr bOßdßJßjaftafl .it
N'i. B9 i:V vrntli-ave.. vest* r«l:iy. aaMndbaj the
bflawi to pfovtda thai only Anwrtcaa ctthMma, or
th-).'O ho 1. el declared thrlr intention to BeOBBM
Bach, should »>« aWajiblt for membership, a nt ■
or .uilzati'iii was added to tho ui;ica of Tammany
li. .ii.
The club was organised at the aucseatton of
Lewis Nixon, win m be was Tammany lender. Tot
a while it had ""in)'- Uteranr fialmea. but lately
Its president. Thomaa Krtatlc, who t.s an admirer
of Chartaa V Murphy, baa tried t.. make It .i
political t«rrc f..r that I ml-r. The noo-ctUsea
member*, of whom there were not a f«-w. ohjecteil
Determined to carry o-«t his purpose. Kristin
Called ■ special meettnp; of tli<> clut> yesterday, and
after ■ stormy m sal on he was re cltrted. and the
amendment waa Inserted. The plxi lias «l».i;t fiv<»
hundred members, of whom loss than a quarter
are non -citizens. II was also decided to rhangtt
ti.e name to the liHtrlan Imailiaii citizens' < tub.
Albany, March f— Governor (Msß spent the day
at the Baautlllva Man stow Ills condltloa is slightly
bnyrovoi, but hs hi stUi aofdarttej from tha enrects
of the heavy old which has alfllrted him for s. v
eral uays.
On Toaaday, March c . .-it 8 p. m.. at Cooper Baton,
tl.e People's Institute will hold a meeting In mem
ory of Peter Cooper. The speakers will be Andrew
Carnegie. Hecorder John D. Goff. a former student
of the Cooper Union: Ulshop Potter an.l Edward
M. Shepard. There will be music by Hubert Ar
nold, violin, and Miss Mary I^uiiso Clary, oou
tralto, eololst of St. Patrick's Cathedral
To Cum a Cold la One I>ay
Take Laxative Rrotno Quinine Tabli>t». AM InOjMl
refund th« money if it (all* to curt. E. W. Urova s
Hgnatur* is on each box. 2&o>
ITano Bargains
iano Bargains
ARE not bargains if they are inferior
instruments catalogued at the price I
of those of the highest grade, "reduced"
40 per cent, and advertised extensively
to catch the unwary.
WHAT we are prepared to prove is |
V V that our instruments are Genuine
Piano Bargains at the prices we are nam
ing—the greatest Piano values possible to
obtain anywhere.
AA/ E particularly request you to call.
» V Terms — Cash or partial payments.
Liberal allowance for old Pianos on pur
chase of new. A few slightly used Pianos
at tempting figures. If you cannot pos
sibly call, by all means send for our new
*} Our Factory Warerooms (the handsomest in
New York) are three blocks east of Madison
Square, No. 233-45 E. 23d Street.
c *y For the convenience of dwellers in the upper
annexed districts, we have branch Ware
rooms at No. 16 W. 125th Street.
The Daughter of William O'Brien, Who Gave
Up the Title of Earl of Inchiquin.
Mrs. IV UIIMi Maxwell I^ummls. who died at
her home, No. .''.."> East Thirtleth-st.. yesterday,
WM In the ninetieth fBV of her age. Bhl was
the daughter of William O'Brien, r. ho ■•■ a
comr>s>'-rlot of Robert Emmet, and came from
Ireland to this country mtmw the Rebellion of
18081 forfeiting 1 his title aid estates as Earl of
IncM<iuln in his devotion to the cause of his
lira. Lommli ajajg a stater of William and John
O'Hrlen. the ljank»-r«. Her husband. William
Maxwell Lummtn. who died in Im.JP. «M of Rev
olutionary mock. He was the grandson of Cap
tain John Maxwell, whose brother. Major On
erml William Maxwell, commanded the forces of
JCew-Jeraey in the revolutionary War.
Bta rhll'"lr*»n survive Mrs. Lummts. William
I.ummls. : • r eldeat son. is Commissioner of the
Heard of Education, an i was rtce-piraldent of
the New-York Btoch Bnilllip in I9BA John
Maxwell liWtnT*^ ClHv*M A- I.ummis. of the
Xtw-Tork Stock KxchanK". a»d Penjamm Rush
i.umn.is an be* etbet aao* ahe leaves two
tonchten Wai Mn»j JVranca *-■■""■■*■ and
Mln EttM <''i:r'o" I.jmml"». Th* Rev Wil!!.im
<« Brlen Pardowr, of the Society of Jesus. Is hnr
nephew. Mow. Aasvata Pardon and KaMk
I'aullne PaxJcw. <>f Ibe ftecavd Beavtj are her
Mm I.timmts ni d^votel to mnny Catho!!e
rharltl«*». and. althouirh incapacitated of late
years by be* ajrcal age from taldag an active
• ..:• in tbetr management. sri:i reCateed a
deep Inter, ai In them. She a -•• iln fntirvlln*
St. Vtncent'a BoapttaJ, with MnL.*Eusena Ke:iy
and ether*, and was vice-pr rll»nt Co* a number
. : >.irs ot ;he New-York Foan.lUng Asylutn.
There Will Be Meetings Through the Week
by Riverside Body.
Y.v?/ri..v bbbj the apeafeNj of OM twen'r-firth
nnr.H*Tsary aaetClaM of th- PllliaMß Paj"—
Chorcn, a: Nr.ety-s^cond-st. Bad Am«t>rrt:ini-.iv»
Dr. A. Lincoln Moofl prea-heJ In th- morning.
rnaklr* > 'A?: At.nlv^r^ary Appeal.'' and ln the even
ing m>eak!rit: ..n "The Open Deer."
Tbt preejraasM for th» remaining omi aay* ■*■
To^.iy. at I p. ir. the H.v DrH. M. ■Warren
wta preilU . I ' ■ ■pe«*s" w:I .T t!ir r,l k u
Dr. ieba Oordon, «ean ..f Tempi.; Ooiiege. . niia
dclpbla and lb« Ret Dr Oeania R Adams, pastor
of the TtM BaptM Ctoorch. Brooklyn. E .V.
Tueeoay. at ■> f. m.. Dr James v Bennett, treaa
v.:.'..r xt'f..- N.-w-York City f:a[.t:-«t Ml.-si
ilrty win prealde ana the •peakera wIH be tn*
Rn 'Df n P Johr.xt.'n. paator of the Klfth Ave
nueßaptlsl Church: the ::■ • Di W. C. Bitting,
pafttor ..r Mount Morrta Baptist CbUTCh, ar..i tn-j
Re« Dr !< 1.. Jones, pastor of the Baptist Cl..:r h
■VlXl -. the n.v. w. w.rm
chalnaaa of th« New-Tor* Conference of Baptist
Ministers, will pre«!de. and tba apeakera w« »>•
th« Rer. Dr. .1 SwaffleM. pwrtor •(telM
i. . . Arenue BaptM ■ Chnrrb: the 1.. vR■ JJ -
Tlfie 5,-.t. t.iry cf the New-Tork City BaptM Mn
n. ii Society, and the R«-v. L>r A. Lincoln Mwe.
on Thur-.l.iy. at 8 p. m.. t^- Tl.-v Pr U A.
f;rnnc»-r [:■•■ '.. rar..r of lh.> Southern New-TOr«
Baptist v todatlon. will prertde. and th»r» will »>^
fraternal urwtlngs fmm f • Rer. I-r. 1"'. i-.int
Huntei p.. t.-»r of the Fourth Presbyter™ < hurr £;
the H'-v Or. John Baleon Bhaw. pa«tor of IM
West End Presbyterlaii Choreh: th- Br». r>r 1.:.-h
ard Hart! v. rast.r of th- Hope M.j.tl.f ;'hur.-h;
the Rev Dr tUebard J Keevli. pastor pf v..- > -
p H - .f lb« "
the Kew-Te-rk City Bapttet Mi«!.m *>•<•• f- *«'
r.rril.l,' i> •( tho sDenker will ! •»> tb« Re». I1"I 1 "
O^rge C Lorlmer. pMtev of Ibe Kadtaea -V'n,...
BaptTlrt <-h.irch Th.r- will ■sf*»* r^ gfl-ggr 1
a historical gkatell will be ■ I-- by W. 11. I aimer.
Does Not "Anticipate Legrislation Which
Will Imperil Tenement House laws."
The Peoples Institute at ■ recent meeting a— i d
« resolution exprrs«<lnc conlWence in Gorernor
Oilell's BVrpOM M Uiaill any weakening of «
lanimini beejae u»/. and Ike ...luilon was sent
to him m m letter. TcatafdV at a meeting of the
Instltuta .i letter which had baa Ml to Charles
■piacaa Smith by UM Ommamft secretary wis
IMA It contained this statement:
Th»» Governor .lor- pel :wUI-!r.a:« that £■£)••*•;
lntl..n will b.- «n«ctf.l at this se.^.on which »1 111 Im-
I..TH the effectiveness of the present tenement
house luws.
Commissioner Crain Believes Community
Will Cause Further Advances.
•Th.. n I'll of the !W was the subject of
mm mm S: . hart evening b* Tenement House , Com
lllUlilllll frain before the Women- Henry oeorge
I«eaK>:e X.. Z\ East Slxty-«-cond-«. He wid the
( „,1 , 1 !, ,,;n, ol Ib. poor to ttj^ e-ggT •-•afl-.
respects as bad as »>«•[">• * l "Z necessity,
in tenement h ""f s " , fron Mn^Lony of tasl»
but (tea jureenel «"•*•< trom -"-'i" •*•
or from admire t>--^"oml=r
t iwnmiN.sion.T I rain Bua •» " » thnmch the
badly off to many aeetloe*
%ir 1 ¥^ I - Sar .j g ssyris£Sff
house problem take the poor to ȟb
solve. Some said th . n . l . ,fvJ it but the ?ame con
urt,.,n lo.alirt.-s w-u M»e *• *^ l r .„' th9 ctt y
1 .! 11 .':. 1 .!.::'. ->V-i:>- •"-*-» —
Illly t.. work- f wtmM h, well If it
Conntmtoner < "In r * t 1 1 w n .,, rrt
were possible to put '"^'^^.f. 3 opportunities for
recreation and enjoyinent-mm * (......U wore better
the ..'-.< tires of life. Th.- x*>* and mUcn
bovaed tban they r< V.'" J v f rt V, yean ag* They
bettor ttjn they were t»en ,^ mon i mp^ V ements
Wfrc hen.rtrinrles or wr • conscience of the
The i-omtnimtoner '■• '« v ', d f I n* ea-| wr uld think
(■•immunity was »O stlrr> ; d n 'rf • a dvknrpm«tit which
out lir,.-« of Improvement and aavan wh"»e eleva
would uplift that masj. o f
Uon would mako for the bett.rmeai.
Art Exhibitions and Sale*.
"Of More than Ordinary Interert to kohl
tects, Decorators, Dealers aad
Private Buyers."
American An Galleries,
This Aiternoon at Z3O.
The Estate of
Under an order of the United State* Di>
trirt Court for the Southern Dlttrict of New
York, dated January 26, 190+, and by order
of John Edrcard Lambie, Esq.. Receiver m
Bankruptcy, the undersigned mil tell at nre
ttricted Public Sale
The Extensive Stock of Costh
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Ftcd
and English
Elabcritely Carved and Sumptuousrf
Decorated Interior Woodwork, from Spao
ish and Italian Castles aad Ecclesiastical
Sculptures in Marble and Terra Cotta,
Suitable for Interior and Lawn Decor
ation, Bronzes, Clocks, Textiles, En
broideries, Tapestries, and Other Valuable
Hi sa> w-2 N> «m<Juctt« »T
THO.MAS E. KIRBY, of the
« East ZZJ. St.. Madison Square Souta.
"One of the most Important cc!
lection* of palntlniCH ever offered at
auction and by far the greatest art
sale of the season."
Fifth Ave, Art Galleries,
366-368 Fifth Ave. near 34th St.,
On free view day and evening
Valuable Collection
Mr. Edward Brands
Rare Examples of the B.rbi*j
School and Superb Portraits of
Baudlul Women by the Masters o
the Larly French, Lnglish ana
Dutch Schools.
eerome's Gslebrated Painting
Louis XIV. and Madam de
in the Gardens of Versailles.
Dupris-Jacqur -Troyoo-Vafl «^
— Royfcct — 2 M«s3on«er,-Tha*o
*rr&2* at Auction .
Wednesday. Thursday and n
day Evenings. March m IW '
at 8:30 o'Clock,
Fifth Ave, Art Galleries
""Si 36S FiS. Avc. (near tfhSt)
James P. Silo, Auctioneer.

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