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fl:ir JJvrrirrd end Sixteen Chosen —
y r . <?,-*-■ tnttnuted for Roosevelt.
. ■.ci-rrate* tn th* *?ppuWl<-*Ti N'a
• rsv» r"»eu rh^f-n rir.ee TIM
£ . M-. of ! . |--^ i . -rf m r i;r.-
Y:rc:iia State convention, which
"»» !'' : ''' - ; N " rfr '' :k nr > Jlirrh 4, proved - n *>"■
• Tt *>l*ct«"<l jls
•-o U Broun Ailen.
Park Arnrw. of Alexandria; IX
— <-f Norfolk, and Represent*'
eß* or Hi* Stone Gap. Mr.
osf of the wuMMXTtm CMitrt or tuf moxoxgaheuts cue*, shy takd. m* jvav.
ttrrv 1 artemr^d to decline »le<-*lon. but th*
agpcsttaa Hdjourre.l wh'.le he was speaking.
yn resoldtlOßi wore rrriortefl or adopted, and the.
tfHßS&t* s-.-it bjggja po ur.lnstructed. Ten d;s
. r ■■.•.•.«! mm Hizn elected in Virrinla.
TJw> IM WlttVt mil' II "—I held at Norfolk on
JJarcJi i, ( h-cted as delegrate«» Oeor«:e E. BomAbß
end A H. Martin, both of Norfolk. They were
rot Instructed. The Hid District convention.
Y.r'.i a' Cnaal Point on March 1. eksCßad U
■ggfl y,«rpan Treat.. T'nlted States Marshal CbT
th» I. " trlct of Vlrplnla, and James H.
Haye?. of Hichmon<J. They were Instructed for
nnoseve't. I", the IVtb nisttict two convent I<ir.s
*fre tifld. r>oth nt reter^burß, on Mirch 2.
<^» taettoa apaftUaw as dr'.epate? raptain aaa
Rngrr*. of ivter«hur«r. and A. W Hnrrls. of
Ctewldflle County. The other faction chose as
tes> H. rl.r 1 . Wilson, of Petersburg, and K.
15 Br.j*'.?'. of Mocklci.hurp <"ounty. All V«N
'.nrt.ru • Fioopevelt. Ir. the Vlth DtStflCt
aaaantloa, held nt Lynchburc on March 'J. .1
■ of L>nchburp. and W. T.^e
Enr.fl. of Salem, were cflsaaaß Maa^Saa, Ihcy
w?r* :■ • -1 for Boowvcti. Tl.e x*h Db>
K9S DatnwctOoak held at Cuena Vi«ta on March
1 Aoac as fldecates .loscpfc I<. r.nrham, of
kajaaari OauKf, anri w. 11. "jo^dwin. at Bet
fir Daiutt|. They wore instructed for Jioo«:«*
■ ■
Hi Wa .Vs i^Flpp! District eortventlon. he;d
»' B -Mian on February 27. elected as deleg-jtos
Price arid .1 V. Holmes, ejad Instructed
then, for Booaerdt. The Ist Texas DlallH
held nt Texarkana on Ffhruarv SS
«hojw nj> d-.tates Q M Gje«>t. o* 1
rnunti. r,:5 O M RlngVtOP. Of Ma: 1
« ■ for Booacvttt The XXVtk
JOeV-Tork Dtatrict eonvrntlon. held at Saratoga
f 9 rir-ted an gck
• ■ ■ .'or Udp-TT T r>'.'.cke*t. ».f Sarr;tr,pji
■ • - •-. ml !:•; ■ e Lucius N. l«t*HiiTT.
<• ' <rcra r"t matiwtoA. Th»
11(3 Lo-j;s!nrri l.;strii"t uuuiCUtSoa <Tvlly \V!i:>t.
\. ■ Kaw-Orteaaa on February 2^, BeKtad. a?
dMafater Charles <lod< liaux aaal W. .1 WaCßaa*
Hack, both of Ne W -Orleans. They r »re In
mi ■'.<■■) :<ir BaaanctL
fr: S ' r'i 'r-cDt^f: chosen In Ksnuas. In tv«
: • two r<jr>v*mtor.fi were held, both at
I ■•■ DB atarch 3. One f.-j'-tion < I>> ;> 1 a«
«te)est ■ . > a r. beraaa and W. J. Bbchaa. both
f ' ■ • . :ty. They v rre tßatfwCtadj Car
lioo?' ■ o'hor f lion < hos« as d>
T I. . . | :• ■ m County, and S. J Et'
' ' a: •■ Ti < v asm nitaßtrortoaV. Iba
UU I • • - ;.->r.. !ir>: 3 ot Qufltjefiai an
I :; ( incted two dr-le^ates, name? r.ot given,
bSUuil dt.
Tex.' . . -«»=re also chosen tn In*
9iw r. \e:itlon. held at Oalaxabna
I .■■ • ■ ted as SnaqCaatS I M Baser.
• aaty; «nfl O. W. Oaoott. of
; mty They «»t» instructed for
nth District conventlor..
■ Hatch •". chc-^e as d^Rate?
j~ • ■ •■ r Can eravtDn, arid Soha
*" '■ :ie. irrtructed for J: I
: . r oaßvaaftJaa, I
I. choat a? d' •''•Rates ATI
ft.l ..ip Bsa4bv v c '
J" bm j ■ \. -. EBatnaetad Bar Bsoanrdt
~ I ■ • .~t cor\-er.:lo.i. r.e^d
■ •-" ■ Mnrch n. ifjCUl ns AdCCSSBi
waky. of PtauM I «'ounty. and
. - Kke OMEnty Tliey asani !n-
B&asn* ■ ■ •- i \\"a.'.brilp»
~** " •• -:■ T oaoventfcax Y.^'.l
•' Baj • > > „ ,5. icgjßjbal
Cirk kadj r '•• T '.rr>-. taatractai for BBaae>
Ph* >:^:--- !••■--,.. pi«jict cnnver.t'on, held
' ■ < :^ a* AniajMbM
C Baa rr;<-rs. of Woedfori OSVBtw, and
i- |v r 5,,^, n» l/ictr r<-ir ( v. They r"r<>
hat hmnum
tes have !»•■ e>cie4
1 :
'<••■•, • . Territories 1^ :>r
< MlKHleslppi 2
'. . 1 Stno'iti c.
K c.. „■ 2
>• • • • : ->!varl« 4
?. - ... -imltr* 1 »
j . . . -• !.■».« •■
,■' v " l" v:. r;n-«r ;n-«
* r .».*o« :j|. r.»!r- -
The Grand
of ihe lir.,::*- I.^1 .^ fioa net ■£•>■ I ore
■ ajsJaWN ': •!• v, ara.y -.: i>< < >',■ "■' n
hsre bea hj Hair's Hot'' of
Horrhoi;^u «nd Tar. I ;»oc., or
$1 » batik . Druggists.
I'lkr'v T.,..t,. n • '.. J.,.,m> < Minute.
mi «.wo» 1Kt.%1 MI-NT.
T-'idTT -'idT- i«- „-»U ; .d of 0.,.J iasslßjaaa If Ili-y nil
►"•««ir« t« .a*eitl«jr» Vj*t mm (bete advt. la Tli»
O*nrr!» 2 "Ml 3
UlnMs 2 VirKlr.!» 8
Emm 2' w»»t virrtaia — ••• 2
Sow- Vf.Tt • — —
Total 2°
•Aiaaka ta *rrt"!>3 undar U>« convtßtloo oail ta oely
forT C»l»*»*'»*
The Kansas State convention will be hel<s at
WfhMi 'Ti .-"^.-.y. March P. P'st-Ict con
vi>r.tlnn» set for this wr-^k are the Vth Alabama,
at TuFkfcr?. on March s, th* Yllth Kansas.
et Wichita, on March I; the M Tennessee. »t
Greenville, on March 10. ar.4 the 111 Missouri
at Brookfleld. on Marh 12.
State and Territorial conventions have been
called for the following <sat*-«:
Alabama— Blrmlnpham. May 10.
Arkansas— Little Hock. May 17.

■ -

Other n

. • | the ae

■ po«.
•. th ■*
This h.->s

Dand BrtT*, of Boston. Bcmenber,'d Harvard
— Scholarships Likely.
,: -.1 ro the mgqijig ]
.... v March i a pin rt t^ rv
I,^l w ■ ird Unrreratt* by Dai 1 1
. r - wealthy bark* lor and gradteato
■ Baropc Tbe gift
, tlnw ign I ■ ' ' - ■
K« ;>t secret. n« the !< I '• ball of t!-.e
p ft later, wnaa aatae ••'*•.■ r rmiHer dflnationg may
1. nnnoun • *
y. « r: , r , tins hem a; iittve -.f all thi' PTOS9
i-i,,i has accompttohed for H»nnrii. r«n<l
d*rme.r this •• :!'':hf s.hj-u. rear his doul.le ar.ri
vemrr t . Kive fihstantjs exr.) l.i his f'-cl
ed in connection with
importJint scbolarahlpa will be
V,'\ -, » to perprtuate tho name of L.iot «
tt Uanla ItaWk « -It ..< Itated hy A!exan^er
ta mm-ir.-Uw of tbe :«'• "TUBam J- Lamp,
«•»- h«« lu<t retu'-:i j i fr>->Tn Jeru<=;
Ja":"m.ve.l to • Worlds Fail K«IB
! luV i* ■<■■< son k-ernor of Mecca. Mr.
• t three m<.nths in Jenaaleai
trea agaJa >seteraay at th< meat
j. . , . , , ■ . " Holton Hall.
L«as« i" ■fttsji in its eff..rt to (-•• t j. ha
i Turner, the anarchist, r-i.as.-1 on Lai!. V.
Im. rt ' ■ ' ' ' c v
de:.tl> ' ■ '
|,| , „t .-..me ■ ■ •
:> , .
■ ■
...,,;■ | ::t V
ii.nent of t.a Intel
which Imr::- ™> rril< "
j i.-v on unused l*nd to draw tr.e:n Ir. in t!.e t.ne
njtjiu. The union referred tiie bIU to a, ©omautiee.
Many Apprentices on the Mnvonga
hela Sick.
San Juan. March f).-Th<rc are (Mr new cases
of diphtheria among the apprentices on the
United State* training ehip Monor.gahela. two of
them nrr-irrin* to-day. There are HMOtMB
cases now In the bOßttttal. anil the departure of
the vessel has been Indefinitely postponed.
The fnited States lighthouse tender Nina, the
sailors of which were recently ■ harped with
mutiny, ha« nailed for Pensacr>!a for repairs
manned hy a crew from the gunboat Gloucester.
Th» memhrrs of th« r.<*w of the Nina who were,
urre?terl for mutiny have been dlscharßed. and
.•-. reral of them will remain here to swear a
complaint apainst Captain iVlilian <». Cutler
for (nan Imprisonment. They sny that they
■•■ ahanghaaßd In N«w-Yorfc. laal Sept ember.
aod that when thoy r.cotitly gigjned what they
• l u-is the payroll they teained that they
bad unwittingly OOntracted for on th«
Th* 11 IM v ..s unanimous' v pn^sed a bill,
mendlcd ta • -•■■ fr"M Governor Rant,
•■ ■ i -ir; ■>.=•■ nf irhl h la to prevent the deatcra
tion of tba ITnltod Btatca Sagj and the use of the
l !n'k Bag; :n I'oi to EUco
■ ' - It Is ai
. -
- • t th»

■ ■

An Increase of fl JS9BJBOOJB7 in As
tied Valuation*.
U trcn I -The absen eof an: ' h
■ .; economic or j^-t prtndsH of taxation 'n
■ I ... -■ m tar aa peraonal propery
is encprnen i= t>^- rabjact of tommenl ta Ihe an
r . • : . state Tax < omnrfaalonera, madn
: - to-nisM The Luiiiinlailonera report thnt
iv.e rxenir.ti.iTi of saTtess bank deposits had an
;._,..-;. te efl I -ron the total peraonal asaeas-
BUii md durtng the nr«t year of
operation of • ■ „ , ■ i mart company Bat rn'n
■,i proj ert i eaament Ihrotunoot the
■ • -. . „.. Bat lhay w
■ : \,- 1 n m><\* than lesatned. n:.*: there
appears Um large mcreaae of SU7.OH4IL attrtbota-
I ■ By to Um reoarlEabtt pa!n n Kew-Tori
■ - upon thi<? amount ate leuermd by the
■ ther with a tax of 1 per cent upon
the capital atedi of banks, aareamtlng more than
■ ■ ■ •l to ttif Ptnle dtrect fron. trust com
• s and savings V.uiiku is r.i:d $1'. 417.^4. KfcU
nwtlng <!:;s Im niase In pa aorta I property aeatea
i iii'-nt at th-' 10.-al tax rate, and the tax upon the
bank ;-tork. there appeara an agsresata of nearly
j bmsj received the local treasuries for local
, purpeaai and UXBJM by tho State <iire.-t in ex.-es 3
..f personal propf'ty a :..■ :.t prior to the enact
nwnl of ti:cse meaaarea affecting financial laaUtu
i"h.> Tvrr«onal j-ropcrty nssessment for local pur
j,....- !it tie <:;.r>- State the y< ar prior to the.
■ ..i:;g" of nifthi'l of assespinK banks and trust
rompan . wai |R&n&.?H The MM aaaeae
nwm for UO3 was ih-.z.'A.'.'oA. siowms a loss n aa
eri-fiii'M ■■: $.W,.M''. t-T ji lax <>.' b'tw.cn 11-." 1 and
Thi icsrcgate of bank stoek aaaaaaed in
■ • re State «;>s CM.CI.WI on ■ 'i! -h a
- • ; . Into loemi treasiirles
Trust ■••■.; prior to Ihe law of isn pa:i
\.r,- : 1 property «ax. Ind.r the prea
2 these Utter companies
Into the State treasury tUttACSaI and the
savings banks „....:■ The report saye: Th.
;<•> ..; the local tax rate in Sen Y.->rk QtJ
1. chiefly <l»e to the vastly In
ent in lhat city, should be an In
t«. local woessora throu»hoat this common
■ to renewed diligence and faithful . (tort in
T B nd retainmg uimii th- roU a.l
Lheir jurisdlctTon not .xempt. to
■ i thai tiio bordena of taxation nuy t«> naore
tfa^^, of greater New-York.
■ .r with thai of the other «mntiea of the
»i!l make ;i Lai UHMBOt Ol real and
n*:Konal nroDertv for 1> 3or 5T.5C5.T13.123 Th.- total
.lie of the property In this State in ISO.
n.-'tovtU?l hy ihe lo il isarssment rolls and com
ii.rrd »'th the showln* ol I"-', follow
' ••■ I property WO. 5 0 80. t BMUtOi
:■: ■ - - - ::•-■
Total ini re.-i«. ir. the assi ssment oj tne. wealth of
1 ■ .-• ...:.■<■
tiled !<> the incr
; , -:..: w : iclM •'. th-- J-:in of
• the State
Tin- i-^
■ ir, and slni • I ■
;..-.'. nearly <o ]
■ - ■ <ment

. . • - I exempt!
. . . • • . ■ •! reltglo IS
and charitaM^ Institutions, an.l Ls undoubtedly <lu
jily to the adva--.ee rciUe ta the aeicstxncnt
or realty ia New-York City.
[rain thk TBBMnn bt-reat-.]
Waahtngton, March t
N' r > MORE SHARK BTOBIES.— Wban Attorney
CI en era] Kaon r. tu:-".I from Florida aavaral months
a«o ba brooaht back w it li htm lbs story of a shark.
}{•> had caught the ravenoua t";sh while out for
t.irr>ir,. and. when it was opened, the head of an
ostrich was found in Its stomach. Th« condition
<>f the bird's bead showed, Mi Knox 5..i.1. that It
muni h.i\e li.-rn eat'-n within two days of the t:m..
be cangbi the fi^h. so the only explanation he
could ..fr.>r tcr th.- phenomenon was that the shark
had madr" u record hrrnklnK swim from the cast
Of Af;lca to fill inio hln datcbM. I-nst Friday
when tne It* WSjiaper correnpondents gathered
n;"jinl It. Knox after the Cabinet rrioeti-^. one
of them :iskr.i him If he hi caught anv tirh Wttlk
In Florida on tits latent visit South a week age
"No." he replied, "hut I *ot a lot of klnctish. And
one remnrkahip thine no, I'll reconsider.** 'to ex
clii!:!!^'!. as hr- {.roke off the sentence h« had be
gtin. and added to the drhrer of w c:irri,i?«*. "Drive
■ al quick, or I'll t»Il another Fh.irk story"
SENATORIAL GRAMMAR -Senator Alttaonwai
■' • ■ ■ Ing the ranaiaa (.'anil Commission in the
Pente ■ fnw 'livs apo. In his leisurely way be
beg ir. :
"If tba commission «re spreed."
I of 'he pn^"3. in a (<t.iß«» whisper, a Utt>
loader th in he thought, to another par* «aM:
■ If the cnrnml?'<lon Is "
Senator A!l!eon. after % sliffht paiis<\ hegun ovor
a« iln. 'i-lr? the singular verb.
Presently h-^ drlft»d back to th» mission <icii:i
an-1 !«.tid
Th^ mhrslon are not"
Again the bright bey soliloquized seml-audlMy:
"The '•■ imntlsnlon I- "
Senator AlttSOll ac-^ptcd the rrrrertion by *Mrt-
Ir.c ..vrr again, to tr» great am'ir*ement of m eof
'. !d;c^
RACE QmSTION SOLVED -T>r.re«entatlv«»
• 'ts-\ -.\ «ti->rv wbtcn Is a gn favorite
Of MafMl and Pi\ ti's line !.i«f n^'lt In
ft : '

\t ' ■
>•j ■ .

■ ■ ■
» ■ •


nrt w . tent Ihe other dn\ oti mnklng a
He had ■ little Ml! for eonatderattoa. It
prortded relief r>r one Jewett w Adams Th-»
• ■ - t::;.s an tt.e ralendar. and
everythmg was going Ihrougti wit'i-mt <'.r),:i-.-
Thta it woold ha»« been «:'h Mr Btewart'i Mil
He however. » inted to explain ti-, it it waa a good
.. that I here ■ is nothins. srrong about it: lhal
lh( Benat< nu*ht to pass tbe Mil as .. Batter of
-.-> the |.t. .;.,.-..) ! ■ ■
"Don't •!• '• ' ;;! *' :! P"ss. saM Senator
Fnooner. In an undertone, accompanying hl^ »"n!'i
with .« downward notion of the hands t.. Indicate
that :n his opinion, Mr. Stewart would ri-> hettrr
iking and -it in hta chair i . win
Tl,.' Senator <■.••,::■. ought to debate lifs bill
. ■ stizseiited Mr Afdrtcll
.. ■ ia guppr< ■-••• 1 bughter around th« senil
.i- v „f -. is i- Mr Stewart continued t>> speak
nhout n!iit •> ni-rltorioM? hill was before the Se::
■ti V- tas Mr Stewart spoke Senator Frye put
the' motion on Ihe passage. The Nevada n then
f,,nr.d himself hich and dry. making a «P*«* on
„ hill th.it had tn-come law i-.i ar as the Senate
h.i«! power tn miK'- H
\ t g - . .-■TITI'KN '

Railroad Presidents Write About Differ
entials on Grain.
The committee on freight differentials arrmnfed
by the Merchants' Association recently sen! utters
to MVcral presidents of trunk lino ratlro-id!>. a.«=k
lag f,,r a readjoatenenl or reeomMaratlaß of tn
differentials aKainst New-York, and rUII r 11 .•
Injury to New-York trade hi.! resulted from the
differentials on lake srsJa In reply to the
committee. Freedom Caaaatl of the Pennsylvania
Railroad hai written thai »he dUTerenUali coiim
not he !■<--■. n«i'l'T«>.] without dlsroß.-i riling th« de
, islon of the terstate Commerce (Commission in
l'^a whfen coirirmcd the dUtswntlahi on ex-teke
grain. Mr Caaaatl advtan ar appeal to the i\.rr:
misyion, n::d fi> »:
As t!ie putjwt t-> one whl< h more larrely affects
the several ports than the railroads, we think that
the trarfe argantaatioas of the seaboard cities
Fho-!d take the lnttlatlvo in brlnjcimc th« matter
before the commission. When it reaches thai
body we shall co-operate heartily lr. all efforts to
obtain a satisfactory settlement.
William EL ::.-'!.:!■ pr> rident of the Dela
ware. fiM'*'liann» an.l VTeatem. haa written a
letter, azpreaatas the view t^..it New-York Is be
inK Injured, and that the lnterrtate ■tree
Comml should be ask--d t.> adjudicate fhe mat
ter. He add*
This company, through it" representatives, will
lie very glad Indeed to i-. .-operate with your a.-socia
. • ■!- represent ttiv«-^ in en<ieav< ring ti> haw
this **ery Important subject handled and dial ! 01
in this mr.nner. Our representatives will attend any
conferen •- lhal r.i.-.y be • .ille.l for the |
dftVrminitip upon trie best mod' 1 of procedure in
order to reach an early conclusion of the matter.
After th«* method ol proceeding hi been deter
mined upon, »*• will hold ourselves tn readiness ti>
furnish any statistic*, information or data .>t any
kind »hi<)i we hav»- available, or whi.h by a:i>
reasonable effort wo >*an procure, :n order to assist
tn presenting the question as clearly. d<-nntt>-!y and
<-'«npreh«-nsively as i-os-iihle before the bod? that
will pass on the matter, to the end that it may do
»-o inteil*;rentlv and :airlv. and l:i ■ manner which
Fhall N> reaaooabty satisfactory to .'.ll Im- •
Thomas r Fowler, pcoatdanl of tn» (few-York,
Ontario and Western, tent a brief reply, saying:
i'ou may rely upon my co-operation In your
Tested and Found True
The following claim was made on behalf of the Oppenheimer
Treatment for Alcoholism in London, August, IMS:
"The Oppenheimer Treatment will absolutely remove the
craving for alcohol, generally within twenty-four hours. The
patient will eat and sleep normally within three to five days,
and his nervous system will soon be restored to its normal con
dition. The craving for drink will of itself never again return. 1 '
\fter months of investigation of the Oppenheimer Treat
ment at ha private hospital in Row Road. London, under the
m • utiny of the physicians and of the public of London, judgment
wu ffiren in the March. 1004, number of The London Rene:c of
Reviens (edited by W. T. Stead), "here
Lady Henry Somerset
"I have carefully watched the cases which have, during
these last months, passed under his care, and I am quite pre
pared to state that Dr. Oppenheimer has accomplished what he
undertook to carry out."
A copv of the complete article, from which the above is an
extract from the pen of Lady Somerset, (thing full accounts of
the tests, together with literature containing full information re
gmrding the OupeuheimeT Treatment tor Alcoholism, Morphm-
Sm, OTOthei drag addictions, will be sent free upon request.
131 and 111 Wc.t 45tb Street New York. Execothre Office. 170 Broadway. New York.
KnJor*rJ SfefewJ Treatment for Alcoholic. Dm* Ad&ttim and X rnrasthevh: .
„„„,„ H. II ilwr, r*ts*«tj *—■* •
a^arSii^r^vsSwe m. t™.
Archer lUowß^t^-r*. Brown ■ To. Iron Mer*
Charlr.' I:! Hro«». »■■»» .nd Broker. !»•»
Caaaw^cUaa. rreaMaai Atlantic city gtaHsaal
% ii i.. ll»»en. Pa H«vrn * T"«n S «n^ X. T.
fM-1.-l.lnni--. V - n I ' a»ed .-opy-r I ■ .
Kennirih'K M Ml r,rrn. S-'y .^r P orat!on Trust ,
Ir.nl \. V..n.>rrllp. Tlee-»iea Natlor.,l r!ty j
l-.aik. Hew Tori
inn F-Qril'l'tD INSTITUTE AT /
rit..b..r« P. . m vi; % r Reetb Ajrenjg AH^en^ / N.m.
Vltt'u" V. U^rKno.l.-no.. /a.'—
CMi I* Also Held on C.rand Lar
ceny Charge.
Wmian Ottawa DoasnO. ■ rfcfk unpeojrad b»
the Watarbary Bmaa C*mpa«r. -^ K* r-
(>ntre-st.. v.as arrested OB Saturday by '
T>etectives Bams ood and Ranffdoa. t*mt&
hi? wtfa witk Mgany. • il '• D««gnll nnd 4w
■erted her. On !ast Frl-lay mo- h? ;i iettCl araa
re,-, ived at the hou-»> sjdtt^aaaad ba i>ousr;iU from
Um Board of HeaJtk Optntng it. to
;:iarria K e certtttcnta. ?h..xvir.« that on fVh : .:.iry
•_•» DwasaO hid i>.-en married at tin Proteataal
BptocopaJ Cnwrck of Don and Bt Ttmotby. la
Kifty-peventh-?t . to a XI -
Harr. of Ha««tu»«r-ai . Brooklyn. Tba kfttai
arcompanytns Um c«rtttcat« aiated thai Um
pastor had ne K le<te.l to siKti Ul rtifl-ate. and
anted nou^aii to get Mm t.. atga and r-turn it.
Mr?. Doucal) then v.ent to th-> Dtatj At
torney^ offlre Accordant* U Coonty DatactSva
Hammond, tba marrtaaa «nj l*ifwmed by laa
Rev Joacph Rtnahton, rector of the church.
When Dout waa maenad al Um Ellxabetk
■4 station before betas locked up it
by th- detectlTea that numerous h
the Waterbory Braaa Company were round,
vhownr 'hat »: !s bad been ?o|,i a.-.d delivered
to rariou cnatotnera. The?.- billheads, it is .'.e
clared were taken to th- company's ■
«hereit waa found that no mentloa "f tho vari
00l muni Ikmi could h»- found «>n th^>
The booka ar- betas • x«uv.ir;ed by an expert, and
It i.^ .Tlle^ed thai DoOSaO took The money real
ized on th" pales fbi kti own u.-e
When l>ousall •*■■ arrabjoed hefor- Mag
i-tr.t- ftirlow in the Tonbi ■ .>urt yesterd
further charge of prand larceny was pref-rre.l
:i,'.u..st hirr. <"»n the grand buvcny ekarsa he
was hell in fIjOOO bill ;md o n th.^ bhjamy
charge i:i $2,000 balL 11 « "ill l*» examined to-
T. M- liaker. manager for the Ti'aterb'ary
!:r.iss Company, in thl3 city, said List night ai
his home. No. •*» Weiper Pl.i.e. Torr.pkinsvtne:
r>otic.il was in mir employ far aboat =» \«-.ir as
•hipping clerk. There .-an !e notkmfl »rone in hi*
deallr.es with us. He had r..> importunity lo steal
evn U he ••• Btrad to I-ike others, his a<
were subject to double check. The Iji^uiny
charge laid against tim I know BjSttsag of.
ni*hop « h,iri«>» ft. r»*iT, M»«lm«lt ■»*»
81.h.-ii Henry f. F..rt^r. rro».,t%nt Epl»rr.xml
R*-t. Robert i ..llT»r. f>. TV. M^K«'.-»fi T'n'tarimn
-. 1
R*>». I- - llrn«on. D. P.. Tremont Tarapla.
V. ■' :
K*». John I lln«hM. ireh St. P«ol ♦!»• y
RrT Ai-'-t!- N- >> rk - l> D.. Mad!«tMi /
Rrv ' « harl«~- II P»rkhnr«t. D. D.. Midlxm X
S.-ia ■» Kr»«h>t»r!an •"hureh, N«w T..rk /
lU-t' .1 '»:. Pr!.-. I>. " • F -•>-.- /
T'.nk- " NV'» O . Pr-^lrl«nt Dlokln»on /
Rkt. l.mi. K. Re«l. D. !>.. Prn»t(t«nt D'.oktnaonX
Rot <"nll»rP. C"»rlt»I», Pit D 0.. Holv Trinity/ Cut
K»iT. Fiord U. Tomkln*. D. D.. Hnlv Trtntty/
„-h. Pmia4»tpbta. P«- /
fWrrt it i .- ••■■ >!. Am, V .-» Tr»a.«ury / «nd m»U
M«Jor-i.«-nrral 11. C . * orbln. '.' 8 Army. / (hi*
Admlrul ... «f IV»i-y. ' S Navy. /
•««at»r « lunwrr M. IVpfW, O A / "**
HonT K.llK-rt F. PattL«on. Ei-Oov / Or>P«nh«lmrr
. / liwt •
Hod J. K. lU.kar.N. Fi r.or. of /^tSt- ]P T. 4S J h
■^"terStti SSSurV S ' r /P'e«- a enpv
Him h |^it™r 7>?r r h ' /SrLVfXZZ? '^"d
Y*. r X you.- nrae K "oic aaa>
J . / ta!n:r.?full!nf.>rmati.-.n
" / ( 6 1
Shortest line to
March 1*? tn April 30th.
colonis* rates to a!! points
in these states, from
Chicago $33.00
St. Louis 30.00
Trains han^nratl?
equipped. Toctfat ataapggl
caraaapaUaUl Fa.-,: t:me.
Bnttirttl r>>adbe<i.

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