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Three Important Stakes Decided at
Th» Of*: > iSMllicn Stake, the richest offering:
ttm BswMdjrß Jo -key Club las for the t^i-j-eav-olii,
was rcnow*-i y«st«a-day at CJr^veper.d for the six
teenth -Jin*-,, end was won by Newton Bennla*toa'«
splendid big younsst«-r Sonff and Win.-, by Sold
fli. L \\.,...w Cik;uot. 'i"i.- ilwmliiiil colt carried 1.2
BJHIIIIIiI, gave each < : Us se\cu opponents seven
I*ou:;ds by the £■:...> and. making his own paco.
won by a head from Jolin E. Maddcn's brown
Plauclt c^lt Britisher.
lisa the distance of the Great American been
fly* ar.d a half. Instead of five turions*. Britisher,
ii tfas optahm of a majority of the spectators,
«OOM liav« yon \,y a <]pr:slv.» marsln. As it Was
lh« brown fouagatme overhauled the leader In a
aai*a of tbs wiiiriwir.J sort. and. had it not been
lor the Cut thai The Cla'.n-.ant had made Song ana
Wtaa eztrad ..:.-.■'. O'Xell might have beon
ck.u«ht Dapptn*. The Jockey did not use his whir.
but froai tfaa EiKtcmtli be as hunching the colt
aZor.s with seme symptom of tiety.
Sons and Wine's competitors were Britisher, The
eiiiimsr.:. Jake Banders, Amberjack. Tongorder,
Jackstarr and P^iU Hsneca, an added starter tram
tbe Albemarle Stable. The winner was the decided
chou-e of the public and tb» rtes. unwilling to
take any nmiw, never •red more than 20 to 11
on against him. sad the ruling Use was 2to l on.
Spencer rode Ami eriack. and displayed his old
Bisrtaeaa at the post by setting away first. Bong
and Wine, however, caught bin In a twinkling, and
alter the first half dozen strides, CNell showed
his back to the entire field. Bhaw, on The Claim
ant, was Ma nearest opponent, but it was not
■mil half the Ftretch run bad been made that ho
appeared at all dangerous, and his challenge was
of brie? duration. Hicks, on Britisher, came with
a fugle, and ail but nosed Sons and "Wine out
under the wire. So strong was their faith In the.
winner that the layers offered 200 to 1 each against
*hree of the Bight starters.
Two others aram carded, the Broadway, at ono
and one-sixteenth miles. for the three-year-old j.
and the Greater New-York Steeplechase Handicap,
over the full course of about two miles and a half.
The Broadway Held was small. and. with the ex
ception cf Highball and P.ryn llawr. not especially
■ctUaant In t.. ; 9>. R. T. Wilson, Jr.. started m™
treson and l^oliy Rps::ker. and IL 1.. Haynian his
Don c Oro colt Orthodox. Bryn Mawr was taken
in preference to the others, although there 'was a
rresit play on last } ear's champion two-year-old,
and he was backed from threes to twos In the last
The race, as !t dereloped. was between these two.
aJthoujjh Bryn llawr adgfat have made his victory
core deefstvs) l.ad lie not had bis usual hard luck.
Be was run Iroin one pocket into another, and not
Tjn:il t.'.e onarUrstretCh had !.•: reached did be
rind clclj- ahJiing. Monticaww and Highball, who,
bj Urn way, had been virtually left ut the post,
made practically all the running to the stretch turn.
M-jr.treson, who was put In to make pace for his
BtaUa mate Dolly Spanker, began backing up. and
at the same time Highball and Bryn Mawr drew
avway. Tim Athehng OOlt did Dot got his bead In
front until the final ttride. Highball gave the
winner Wt-lvu pounds, .: d his raoa was considered
the best ho baa run this year. l>olly Spai.kcr was
The Ragged Cavalier won the steeplechaas handi
cap from a field of Fix. He was third choice
in the betting, and had not The Virginian blun
dered at one of his jump? the result might h.ive
been different. Jude» PcWlpa, beautifully ridden
\y O'Brien, to.^K me plax-o from Mr. Chamblet'a
l'lyi-ji; Virjriniiui. l.*-e Ridley. one <■' the four
horses Thomas* ntcbeoelt jr., bought for 1500,
V.rrjke down and had to bo shot Kumsbaw fell at
th^ Liverpool
The must oxcitir.jr flnish of t! <• afternoon was
betweea Gold - Jfoner. Mamie Worth and I^ady
Amelia, In ■ handicap at about fix furj' hk?. The
thrf-e were I.f .ids apart in the order naoned, a/ter
I-.jidy Atn.-Ha liad led to the quarfT pole Ma::-.:.»
Worth w.ti- a pronounced favoriir-, but bar Impost
'•' "—'*'• pounds Stopped her. The ther winners were
Sandy Andy and Stuyve.
ill. - " BACK— Vans three rears old and over. About
FiX curiaagSi
_, Betting.
PißiKb. H >ts*. Owner. Wt. J i 'key Si pi
1"Id M i;»> Uennlns«)...luo.Hlldebraa4 ... 4 I
\V rt:: ...laS.Bums 11-10 3 2
3.La<y An^:ia (TV.oma*).. .112.Phtr.lps I*) 8
4. Lux Qssta (AttMtnaria - I S.Odoi li> 3
B^weet AUoa OCoGfnsi] IM.E. Walsh 12 t
S.Ailll«nl> d»urjea> 114. Shaw 5 ••
r.Athlana OEeUy) M.H. Cocfarms .. MO :i"
K.Uttif Km. (Lak'-lanOi ...J*BJ. Martta . IS 8
V.Woodahad* <Haana) HT.J. jr^i^s . 140 40
Wteaer— W. l: fooaiasja's cb. f. iJol.l Money, by Gold
etisst — Money Fr.inrn-r. poor. W.n Crivine by a
bead, rtaw, 1:11%.
CHASE HAXDICAP; 4 ) .-a and over; Jull .ur»c
Sboul S% ir.ile?.
I.TIm Bed Osvaller Ola)or).ls9.Rar ... . 3 i
S-Judsa PfalUlps iSfli»a!zi..l."K..T. O-Bries r. 2 4;.
t.Pb'g Y:r(c n (Cbamblet)..l44.Veltcb 7-. a',
(.The Vu'.r.un IWI lMi.-ri.. i::-.I) •„-. .hu s 10 3
•,%.I^-e BUiej (H!tehooek)..l*S.O. Green X 3
♦«.Kum.<ha\v (ChCtlsiad)..-.. IX. T Wi! s .,n "■ii ],-,
A'tena Mr. Major's h. c. Tl<" Haßß^d Cavalier 1 ■••
Toumar;'.-nt Innfr<lale. Start Sin-I. '■"'■■:: ridden out by
8 ler.ethf. Time. ."■:<«. •Ur.iKe down. tFell.
. la. !']>.- rortaosa.
I.S M-i-: : Wine ':■:,! •-.; . .O 1 N»!l 11 20 is
2. Uriilsher (Madden* ..115. Hicks ] 12
• -T1 • Cmsnt (Hitchcock).. : Bhaw ]„ g^
A.ABdMrJack (Daly) IIS .Sj •■_ m ...... E0 jo
l.Ss*dersj il»wyer) 11.%.!. Martin SW 40
<'■"■■ (Pacvtl HA.l.yne 50 V.
7.H'!a ficnora (Al'marlf- Bt)IU.H. Phillips ... SOU 4.1
S>.Ja.ks,ta!T •y.>'.z\ii> ' H»-lg«rson .... 2>«t 4-»
\\.r-.. • Nowi..:i Boutloctoa'a cr.. c. Pojir and Wi:k
by BaMfhirh «!•!■«■ Cliquot. Start si»"i Won drivmi
by a hra.il. Tin;.-. 1 .>C^
3--'.r!;TH RACE— BBOADWAY STAKES- t-fcar-elds:
1 1 !« T.:\Wx.
I.Brra Miivr .'/are Sta.;ll4.l.yc« 7,1 12
S.UichbsUl i> h*ft.|» 12« Hlidebrar.iJ ...11-5 r-10
:.. •!■..:>• Sr>«Kk<>r (Wliscn). 112 O'Neil ... 4-5 1-"
•.*atontreson (Wil»n:o :21.Full<r 11-5 1-2
I.Ortb Sob CBaynsa) iSl.Sbaw 25 4
\\::irrr- <: ,\i£ha<».~ Btab<« • br. c. Hr-n M»-.vr. by
At:it-.ir.jc- M.j; X !.- fTelr. Start tu.r. W,. n I .\.j.£ by a
head. 1 :.:„•, l :,<*S. ■Osupled tm ttaa betUos
I'irrix OAOK-«rtl!ac; - ,'... olds; :, oogs.
Z.&spdjf And) iAMti •••■ ••- i -, :
;': : ■• '. U efcrana; .10t.RiMe6ma4 ...13 & 1
B.rtretaaSi (sc»«sftelj MM . Bum*i n* ...■ « 2
4.J-:ry i\ lEallj I ■ ;.7.K. nsbsr 15 «
-•:■■• L&d iFarrell) 3U2.J. Jones . .7 1.-2
B.TuKhelJa a*a«ct) Ki7.l,rn* ....... 7 5-2
r.TVrollae (Murpb>-) H.itaim .. .. |S <!
8-602 c Koc :a (Whitney*., si.,-;,.-,] 18 0
•- Vaaaar fflr! .MaJi-..,, ...».m. Thompson.' 90 15
l(M^ ; .a (Ftoank) ..tOO.H I-hlMlps.. . . SO 12
11.. !.i;-;-l.- ntunMAheair.).. «9.0 .r '• :.!.,-.! .. SUO fin
H-M 1 " ' ' • ■ '■■•' ■ ... <r ßrian 300 100
-a.hyi.ai.^ .i..ri;;a, ;. ■' N.:; « r. 2
J4.. mm. T. Nuland (Ryas).-ias.RaiahelsMr ... 2<"«i 100
IS.Branfatoa CBrownj . . . .UM.ntigmmt . ... IS •!
. srsado iGloeont ioi.< '..rhran . M 12
17. Ti.f Chactldasr (\\'llaoc).iac.CoUtts« ....I." GO SU
:s.i!»r.,i a.:.. (SfsA«<ry| — ioc.j. M«T*<n . ... i('i SO
WtSSSr— A. U A*:<-« hr. r. Bansjr Anrty, by st . An
orw.- — Icmette. Ptait fK*.>r. OTaa ridden out by two
bjsjajdi Tin.-. IX&. J
RTXTH KaCti ffiUhigj iras it^r aids a^ over- I 1-18
:.f-t.iyv« fLauterniarJ SLVHliaebreni] ... 7 3 '; ',
*■*■■> H',, (liayr.af,(... UU.bhaw »-6 a-T.
*. Silver Dim (Doctor) 2«'i.<v.c!na!i ... 40 15
4.Xlrrerte (/emsln«s, . M.TrtTCrs " ; 1 4
• -fjlla .«ny.«.-r (frank) IKi.H. FM:i!ps... 4 «5
•.itasesacK T'arre;^ stl.j. Jure* «<> *
7.»'a,-t Am) lOft.KVlahrlnar ..2',.. ft,
B.Bsr.aa»fii (Gannaa) .;•.!.•, H«:n-t«r. ■■<. «
,^Xif mr ? (J <r '* ! >' a».D. croDsnor.. O, 2./
1».T?» 1..n: ruparmani ...103.R. PUasr. . 2<«> 6-»
ll.Dark VlidMl oUca«*as)..iai.as4MMßi .... ].«, ■„,
Ji.^,,l D (K*ayi llA>.Oßrlen ...... MS £
\V!r.ner— ». K. Liulermsns b f. Stuyvr. tr stuvv»
*ti- £ • V, ! * A. start flllr - »,,, riddaa «>«"' by two lengths.
riß el SiflU?"*'** »*—>■- *a« eve,. About
Name. Wt.l N'ama. -r,-,
?>"■ ** I**1 ** ll«:Kln« Pepper... iJI
gS^::::::::::SSflBSs5? "iiiig
ate:::::n::::::. : !jS ?•.!• of Wa^ia \ \ .' ! .' V. M
Cour.tervolK* let .armour ::::::::::::: |A
JO" 11 l'»l Julia M. 7.~,
Kir.^rs^acjr lOl.Vasary '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 09
•KOOVTD RA«.TB— Slwpl^chaw; four-yeai^-olda and «r«,
rwj* buu«« lirixlktiS^?:: i^
§!T/^^::::::;::;: -\ti ■ Jlldllh CCat*»■■■■■■■■■•&m * t *» ■■■■■■■■■•&
Si p^!;:::: JJ? jSS* :: ::::::;:::: l2
r «'»'» ; 110 Hand.'ull ....:.:::::::. ;.; 1 l\
I'j.Tia .Va>r no sonoma Belle . X
• 22? Atf^rSS B °^"°^> a Sim 't^-T.ar-
Gordon .M2< Z*m.u 100
p^ liSil;; i!
fc2? is- ""' Ntf'May M
yra,,-^^"'' 108 ,-"!• Jonaa ....'. »J
bi*\.':V ...::::::::::;:l^. Ec ' {i o: ■«««»* m
FIFTH RACE — Handicap; three jrear-olds and over. One
and on* sixteenth mlif?.
Ma.' DatßcerJleJd l- lid Thyme 100
l»ult<- of Kcndtl 111 . Palmbearer 1*
BotMOS 10a Go liny. e«n M
Ooajorsr 106 Athel l«7
Hl«!i]«n<l«>r J(>4 l'hann M
Dainty !i-- .i;-.., I>. •.•.*>
I «moa ": 102 Garnish '.'2
Pnlnnaaj 100 L.ord Melbourne 87
SIXTH RACE— Maiden flliles, two years o;d. Five fur
Nlrhtmare 109, Xovrna 109
Jiajice Mu!«ln 100 r-iamoni Flush 1"9
Rose of Dawn 100 Hazel BaJifr 109
Jennie McCabe 10« 1 • r ,tli>- Ore}' lu9
Chr>-»ltU If* .\«a^nicj I<*»
Gal!c<» lOO'c.ayTard If*)
Ootowln Hn< ii!r-'i]«ii» 109
■Wayward Jam 100 Antimony li»
Chicago. June 4.— Admirably ridden by J. Mcln
tyro. Bondage, at o to 1, won by four lengths the
Harlem Xatlor.al Handicap In a field of fourteen
at Harlem to-day, on a muddy track. Por.soluca
wks second, more than a length ahead cf Orcgor 1C
Judro Hltnrit Bnlsbed far back In the ruck. The
mile and three-sixteenths was made In 5:083-5,
which is Just four seconds faster than the time
made by sfoChesney last season, the former record
for the suU;«. Aft sr the race Mcßride, who had
the mount on Gregvir X.. said he was interfere
with at the head of the stretch, but thi3 waa not
allowed, ax Hie horse wu;i beaten off through
swelling down th« stretch. The start was good
for all save Lord Bad*. . who was left at the post.
Tte summaries:
First rate (s«%-en furlcngßt — Btrollw, 109 i.l^arspn'i. 7 to
10, ■ron; Heuu Ormonde 11" (Lawrence). *iJ 10 .'■. seoond;
Sioux. Chief. 101 (Booker). IS to 1. third. Time. 1:34
Gaviota and liumm>-r 11. also ran.
.-<. ■nd race (six furlongs) Elfln Kinjr. 108 (Lawrence),
M to 1. won: Bha.vana t"> (Nlcol) V to 1, second; sins
!n<r Master. !*t (Peicht). 7." t.j 1, thil ■ Time, 1:18%.
Narnie Hklk'- and SkllXul aisr. ran.
rhtrd rare (Th« Hai too National Han. Heap, three rean
old and over, mill an.l three suiTe. ;nhst -Bondage. M
iMclr.tyro. .'> to 1. won: FYmsoluoa. KHi (Nlcol). 13 to
1. sei-oud: Orecar X.. 101 (MrMride). Bto 1. third Time.
-:CV,V 11 ratlus, Branc. l'lvinc Torpedo, i". Up« Lugo,
F:v:::»r >>::;.. Deutschlaad, Elliott. Flo ltulj. Potheen and
Juda-a ii::: ■ s Uso ran. l>or.l Bads* was .■ ft at ynst.
Fourth race (»n« mile) — Soutrler*. ss (Feicht), 5 to 1,
»■"■■■: IY.-i.-.i-tx :<- (Knapp). lo to 1. second; Lord Wads
wnrth, l<3 (Wilson). 10 to 1. third. Time, 1:«7H. Pro
eaeds ah ran.
Fifth race ■'. ir an.T one-half /urlongv) The. Mist, 03
a*wrenc«). 2to 1. «■:•. Useful Lad 101 <Aui>uehon).
* to 1, second; Pinkerton. 101 (Moun aln). 7 to I third
Time. 0:.-. T. Uodn d aw. Gold Enamel, La Londe,
Orctefaen ll>re, Ha* trey. Uasic, Herllda and lit He of
Ashland a'.f'i ran.
Birth ra>- (ml!» and seventy yards) —Sweet Tone s*o
(Knapp). .', to 1, won; Mamselle. !►:■ (Johnson), 0 to 1,
second: Qlortosa, 103 (i ■;:;.!. •i. 13 tci 10. third. Time,
I:MV Tancred, Itough ai.d Tumble. Censor as:d Than*
also run.
Cincinnati. June 4— First ra •• (Fix furl wjsl- r.nttpry,
&6 (Paul). 3 1.1. won. D. I- M r«, :•. (S.-amster). Sto
I. second; Haldee. 101 (Aiken). H to 1. third. Time,
1:14 l>!rfLtuni. <>ory. Miriam W.. St Wood, Shir>sring
Tort. Thrash. r. Ibold and I'utc-h Comedian also ran.
Bee ■:*■.:■ furloncs) -T>-.e Thrall 108 il j aul>. 0
to 5, won; San Jose, 103 (S '■:■■ 15 to 1, second;
Badtian. 105 1 f Isher), S. to 1. third. me. 1:01 H.
Fisherman, IVndraeun, Angler. M.-Clellan anil i>sar!u>
u>" ran.
Third race (one mile — Delmonloo, 1m! (Ltvlncston), T to
5. won; Brand New, 10i> (Davis). 8 tn 1. second; King
Rue*. 11l (Cooler). 7 to a third. Tlin.>. 1:40. lole,
Pallor's Dream, Marseilles. I'njik::. ss or.S 1-yrist also
K. urth rD"« fThe Hrewers 1 Slakes: fix furlonßn>— Pllk
Mull. I'itt d-onleyi. 7 t> .*.. won; Colonada, lv« (MunruK 2
to 1, second; Copperfleld, 10." (Flsner), " to 1, third.
Time. I:UH. Good Cheer, Sir tJallant, ■ :;ira.l« and
Jak«- Ofeenbets also ran
Fifth r.,ro (sis furlongs)- Mabel Whin, 101 (Darts), 4
to :, v.l-... Icicle, [Paul), ti 10 I. second; Lulu Marr,
in (wadderatrand), 13 to 1. third Tlmi I:l4'*. c ; >-:::7.
(rrend Mary, nine (Jraßs Girl Amor jus, Caaava i;;n-
Ucher and Th« Boer also ran.
.-^fx-.h race (five furl -i.^-Cr-en Oown, 101 (Morrison).
I In 5. won: Muldoon, M (Paul), 15 to 1. second; B r
t«;ia. 101 (B lan 1). 20 to 1. third. Time. 1:02. Ita«ka
Geneva Lee, Mclv!:!« It. and Merino also ran.
Its Representatives Take Most Blue
Ribbons at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. June 4 (Special).— Perhaps the in.st
Btr.'.ti!.? feature of the week's show at St Mar
tin's Green, Wis3ahickon llei^h!<. las been Its
success as a horse show pure arid simple. From
N. * -1 Orleans to Massachusetts the pride r.f horse
flesh h.is been leathered on the emerald <>v;t! of
. c t. Martin's Groen. At one time Miss Gertrude
Gibei I, ol New-Orleans; Miss Belle Beach, of New-
Y<,rk, .-Hid Mrs. Reginald Vaaderhllt drove their
jiu'.rs about the tanbark ring before the judK*-«-
And when the blue ribboners puradod before tho
boxes this afternoon there was In that procession
tho big stable of Eben D. Jordan, of Massachusetts:
the^ champion string v f Mrs. John Oerken, o?
Gravfsend, Long Island; the talwai hunters »t
Courtland M. Smith, of Virginia; the polo )>onl<s
of Mitch Bosenffarten, of Philadelphia; ti;-. horses
of such well known men in the financial world as
A. .'. Cassatt, E T. Btotesbury, J. Hobart Moore
and the blui ribbon winners of Reginald C. Van
T!j>- triumph of New-York in the show has been a
notable one. With the exception of th.i Jordan
Stable, the owners from around Gotham have made
almost .1 . lean sweep— Mrs. Qerken, Mrs. J. }{.
i;rosvnicr, J. HooArt Moore and Mr Vanderhilt
piling up .1 score that made the other winners
wear a distressful look. In fact, Mrti. i;<-rk-:i de
sorves the Brat honors ■•! success for the week
With a total of Mum ribbons only a few l<-s.s than
K. B. Jordan's she has won this distinction with
a string of oight horses, while the Massachusetts
owner has placed twenty-two in the rlnw.
Mr. Vanderbilt Intends to take hi" homes to all
the other exhibitions In the East b< ginning i.. \t
week at Wilmington, Dei.
Interest in the last day of the show centred In
the three championship events, one for saddle
horses, two for horses In harness and tho thr--<i
hunter championships. These were open only to
the blue ribbon winners, and the 1300 in plate that
w^nt to oacn champion meant that he was the
best of tho best In the first event, that for har
ness horses under l£.l bands, there was a battle
royal between Mrs. John Qerken's chestnut geld
ing Newsboy and E. I>. Jordan's ■ •■-;.. ■ mare
Hiidred, and after a good quarter hour's debate
Hildr<'ii won. Newsboy M-ttiii»,' the reserve ribbon,
and his driver and owner, as t he handled the reins,
moat of the cheers.
For horses In harness over 15.1 bands nobody l.- I 1
a chan< c with .7. Hobarl Moore who had four of
the six entries; except Reginald C. Vanderbilt. who
gave BtirliiiKham. with Mr. Moore himself driving,
a close rail for the his silver cup.
In the saddle championship Miss I'^lln Bach rode
John Bhratley's chestnut mare Corienne to victory,
with Mrs. J. B. Grosvenor*S blacb gelding Petr -
lium second. This pave the New-Yorkers two Ursts
ami three seconds In the tlir'->; events.
In ih.- tlghtweigbt hunters the Orange County
Hunt took first with the black gelding Joker, while
Courtland H. Smith, of Virginia, won the middle
weight with Garnet Ripple, and the Highland b'arrn
took tho heavyweight with Atalanta. After this
there was a parade of the winners In halters about
the rintr.
In the retrular classes earlier In the day limes
Hobart Moore landed the blue ribbon for novice
horses In harness over 15.1 hands with Squire of
Geneva, while E. D. Jordan captured the novice
; air with Lord Burli and La ■: B< ifaat
Polo ponies and all other kinds of ponlc-s took up
the rest of the day. Mrs. John K. Gerken took
Jirst in the barnen class with Doncaster.
Successful Exhibition at Flushing —
Well Filled Classes.
Auspicious conditions of every kind combined to
make the second annual horse show of the Bay
Kid© Hunt Club, held here yesterday, a successful
event from the point of view of the club members
and Interesting and enjoyable lor the two thou
sand and more spectators. Tho show was lit Id in
an open f.eM on the E*an farm, facing Bay Slde
ave.. Just beyond th« grounds of tho Flushing
Country Club. The horses were exhibited in a
rlriß four hundred feet long-, inclosed with po^ts
and ropeav. Outside the ring scores of turnouts oc
cupied th« parkin* space.
There were twelve well filled classes in the show,
find more than one hundred horses were exhibited.
The Ju<lg»-!» were: Harness horses and roadsters,
Henry T. Boodr, of Brooklyn, and Belmont Tardy,
of Manhattan: saddle horses and Jumpers. Robert
Maelay, of West Chester; polo ponies, Jamea
Cooley, of West Chester.
Goshen, K. V., Jure 4.— A daring attempt at fraud
was exposed here to-day by the games committee
of the Orange County Interscholastlc Association
At the athletic meet on Memorial Day two men
entered under the names of George Clark and
Charles Xunmaker. of Cornwall High School, and
won either first or second in several events.
They were protested on a charge of professional
ism, and It was learned that Clark is an assistant
athletic Instructor in the New- York Military Acad
emy at Cornwall and Nunmaker a student there
Th« scheme was concocted by th« Cornwall
school's track team, which humbugged the prin
cipal so that he stayed at home. All entries for
the team were thrown out and prizes declared for
these "i.iulr Ads. of the Pro..:?.- ia making bmLacss
for tin»»« who u»e them.
Defeats C. H. Blake, Jr., in Final
Handicap a Tie.
Murray Olyphant, of the Englewood Golf Club,
iron the championship of the New-Jersey State
Golf Association at Englewood yesterday by de
featlng C. H. Blake, jr.. in the finals by 8 up and
7 to play. It was a match in which college rivalry
again had a place, for Olyphant is a member of
the Princeton 'varsity golf team, while Blako be
longs to the Columbia College team. This promi
nence of college players in recent tournaments in
dicates the transition that is taking place from an
older to a younger set of cup winners. Following
us it does so closely on tho heels of Wilcox's suc
cess in the Metropolitan, the victory of Olyphant
gives a well defined place to junior amateurs in this
part of the country.
The match was at thirty-six holes, eighteen In the
forenoon and the rest after luncheon. A crowd of
onlookers from the surrounding countryside, fol
lowed the play and an orchestra on the clubhouse
piazza added to the gayety of the scene. The fact
that both belonged to the Bnglewood club served
to suppress any decided favoritism for either, but
among the sportlly Inclined Olyphant, of course,
had ; reference.
At the outset Blake held his own rather well, but
as the match progressed Olyphanfs superiority,
both In driving and in the short game, gave him a
strong lead. Olyphant did the first nine holes in
31', at which point he was 3 up. Coming home he
gradually increased his advantage, until at tho fin
ish of the first half he was 8 up. His score was
within one stroke of th* amateur record of the
course, ajid his form made it evident that Jiluko
would have no chance.
Starting tho second half. Blake got the second
hole at i to •;. and halved the third In a good 4. At
the fourth he got into an unplayable lie, ami was
forced to .i:. i. a the hole. He managed to break
even at the turn, but Eta the next two holes were
halved Olyphant'a morning lead enabled him to win
by Bup and 7to i lay. The cards:
Olvphont it 4 4 5 fl 3 4 5 3—30
Kl.ike tl 5 4 tl 4 4 6 T. .'! 4^
Olyphant B 5 8 0 5 •* 0 .'. & 41:
Blake 5 ii 4 :i t> 0 0 5 6—47
Olyphant .-. 0 4 4 li 4 4 5 3—413 — 41
Blake ,i 4 4 c : •* 6 5 3— 40
Olyphant 5 0
Blake „ 3 6
For the second cup "Archie" Graham, of the
North Jersey Country Club, of Patersor, defeated
James A. Tyng, of Baltusro] ;:i a runaway match
by 10 up ana ito play. c. 11..'I 1 ..' Brown, of Montclair.
captured the third cup, and 1-. H. Graham, of
Baltusrol, the fourth.
Thirty-seven finished In the annual handicap,
which was also decided in the afternoon. Francis
M. Wilson, of the hoi club, tied with his club
mate, 11. V. Keep, at 7^ for first place, but Wilson
had the honor of returning the lowest X'"- C 1 score.
The tie is to be played off at eighteen holes at the
convenience of the two men. Following is the
summary :
Championship cup (final round)— Murray Olyphant.
Englewood. beat C. H. UUke, Jr.. £ngl*wood, 8 up, 7 to
Bei :. '. elxteen (tli.a! round) "Archie 11 Graham. North
Jersey, beat lamei A. Tj-ik. Haltusr -I. 10 up, 8 t'> play.
Third sixteen iflnal round) <\ B. Brown, Monu-lalr.
brat W. E. F. Moore. En| l. 2 Up. 1 to i>lay.
Fourth sixteen (final round)- !-. H. Graham, Baltusrol,
boat N. VVilllamson, New Urunhwick. tt up, r> to i lay.
Beoond . . •..: iflhal round) J. W. l:ak.-r, Kiiglewood.
Uat T. T. Reid, telair, .'■ up. 4 to !■..>>
P< urth eight iflnal round)— W. S. Bajrils. Enslawood,
heat H. 1., do Poreat, Enclewood. 4 up. 2 to p;aj
S!ith iigt't irtnal round) M. R. Howe, KiiKlewood.
beat 1.. H. Johnson, Enclewood. 8 up. 7 to rlay.
F. M. IVilson, Enirlawood— irou, ITcap. Net
Out .. .4 4 .'. 4 6 4 4 « 4-41
in ... .4 B ;; ■» .'. 4 4 5 o— *0 — »i s 73
11. V. Keep. Endewood
<".tu ... 4 :. !'. :. :, :: 4 a 3 11
ii . ...''. 7*45450 4 <. 4': ■ ••: 11 T3
IV. H. ivrktiam Enjflewood U9 IT 75
M. It. Howe, l.'riK 1 .. ■»,-..[ \*> 14 -■•
A. Grabam. North Jersey tsS 'i 77
1. 11. Graham. Baltusrol IKS 14 78
W. U. Ktrk.r. North J.ir»-y K(J B 7S
IV. H. .-51,.-s. Jr. Roglewood 88 I* 7*
If. Weatherby. Enjrlewood ',«> is 7h
''. M. Hall, liv ■;.-.■......: t»> is 7S
••. B Brown, M ■:.■ lair .•<» 10 717 1 . 1
):. i". it«tnmund Enctewood <»i 17 7t«
K. U. d» Forest, Encls«ood mj 17 '■'
<;. <\ Austin. EnrlewtKMJ '.■•« IS 8n
P. A. Wright. Cano« Urcik .... •.••; 16 H>
C. S. <;••-». Enclewoodkii M 1-4 S.
J. II Temple. Hacken**cli .... M 12 *«'
J. V.' UoweU, Essex (Jfuotr B7 l't M
I. M .Muni:.. Encle* --: . BS '. . si
S. V. Deckwiih. E^islewood ... M 14 n
W R. Baylld. EnglcvfKxl l") ■, KJ
C. V. II VVhltbeck M.! I • . k ■••. 14 $3
T. I. .-::■•: , >.• ■• lirunswlck *• 7 >•'-•
a. I' Chtlds, En(l«wood ....... ■.'•■ 14 S3
VV. 1 ■ . . : . . • .... ...100 17 S3
A. X. B>nniuiay, Montctali ...... 88 :< s.i
faul Wll r>*. Monl tati M ;•> M
VV. 11 Banks, Jr., Ri ■•■•■« - ■'. 10a H ■<*
.! o. Batti 1 :. • ■ '■. 11 v,
A. i- Gray, )i . North Jersey 1"1 la S3
A r ■ MullUrsn. i:ii7:'!^t»i us 1; •„;
IV. l- I.i*-.::. Mi 1 tail Oft is Vfl
• 1 :.. ■ : I.;. :• n ] 11l 18 03
i;. T. Berry. Enslewood 11l 17 in
C. I!. Ken. dig-lew i ... 113 IS M
K. II lewett, Ki.irl.« ■•! 113 1 -t !>.',
<;. a Grahan. Enclew • '.lb is iihi
A friendly though very close . itch was played
between the Oakland and Essex County t.-am* yes
terday, over the links at Hay Bide. '1 h.> home team
•won bj il.. holes. The defeat of 11. 1.. B ker by
E. 1.. Sanfoi was a surprise. The score lollows:
II 1.. Hiker on L Hanford 3
SV. 8. Brown 1 F. «*. Reynolds 0
Stephen !. Nash . . ■!;.,■■ Miller 3
A. R. Peck 11l 7. ]{ciin»-M . . 0
IV H. Roaslter S E M Carnrtrk i)
}'.. M !.-.:• L' R. B. CMwuintlaa 0
Total 11 T..tni «
The South Orange Field '" ib played a strong
[ami 1 at Cranford yesterday, In i.<- i-::i >t Jersey
Golf Association team match series, and beat tl"i
home team quite handily by 14 points. The Cranford
club has one of the longest nine hole courses in
t!,.- country, but it seemed t" suit i tie visitors. The
scores were:
Howard 'iitTln ii l'.-i\U 0
Ljßthbrldxa '0 J.- «hti n - »
lureloman f^t Kull-r 0
Van Vechten 4 Mi Topham o
lliitrhnr.,n U :i. i. omb <>
Jenklnson 7 M 1 v <y
B. Uethbrlds;* 0 : Ely •>
T..ial 22 Total t>',
J. w. Jaffrey won the monthly banadtcap at
Ardaley yesterday with a net score of W. Howard
Jaffrey, jr., waa second. Summary:
i;r<^». Hi iv Net.
J. W. Jeffrey 81 M 7- .
Howard Jaffrey. Jr >>>• 2 7s
11. R. U unsl errj 88 l" T9
ii. R. Worthlngton 83 4 ''J
.1. w. Johnson M 11 tv
a. U \ i.i. Brunt 102 IS M
George Cooksey '.''■• 19 M
N. van Bureo '••■'• i<» t"i
A. N Robinson I"" Is *.;
O. I'reston W 11 t>7
W. J. Worotttoc '•'" •> 88
F. I* Ki<i: Ulse '•'•' 10 US
In addition to the annual team match between
tho Nassau Country Club and the Apawamis Club
yesterday n.t ii, ■ Nassau links, the linal match for
tin- Murdock Cup was played between T. Alvord
at. a J. D. Travers. The former, who received a
handicap of ten strokes, beat Travera by 3 up and
1 lo play. In the team match th»*r<> wi>ro seven
men on a side, and the home team won by fifteen
hole a. The score was:
'.V. I. Hldu *■ M.itiirln Hallm o
Howard iv Whitney U J. I•. Kuoia o
a. E. Whitn.'> 4 H. a. Sherman " o
D. A. laerlßC, Jr 41 A. K. ilv.vt o
J. B. C. Taj. v Frank A. Mnora ' i
11. S. llad.l.n 2 W. R. Thurmton... . <>
Howard W. Maxwell <>!■'. S. Wheeler 2
Tr.tal is Total a
A June handicap, with the usual clan prises, %na
tho feature at the Richmond County Country Club's
links. The best four in each class am to qualify
for cups given ■•> F. 1... Rodenwald. There wua a
largo neld of starters, of whom tho following- re
turned cards:
Or**. Handicap Net.
F. 1» r>avl» 8S I) ' 70
J. C. OettreU 70 L 1L 1 77
A. E. rait-;-..:: 82 4 7b
" 1.. William* 80 0 bO
I* H. Thonuu. 84 2 82
C. W« TiUnlor 80 I) as
C. Blmons. Jr 91 8 (S3
V. llockmeyrr »1 0 8-'
\>. K. Burbank i>3 ti t.4
J. C. Bxnmons »l « ■ 83
I . E. <■'• 1! .bu^roi^h Srt 0 Bi>
B. N. Taintor 60 0 do
11. Hael.r .. <*' 7 »0
W. H. Botsford 103 8 95
A. L. Walker »♦ 18 76
C. V. Tn.nior »0 14 7B
K. F. Walton Uo 12 ■;$
L>u F>e«rs Crltten 1"1 20 81
li. T. Seaman. 100 14 SO
na!^h I-nne H* 1$ 8T
W. T. SamsMa 108 15 8S
11. Woodruff 11l Vi fiO
W. J. Wonbwn 103 v bO
K. J. Sartor i' 4i '4 15 $»
W. P. U.rn«d 102 12 9,,
O. F. r«t:t>r*on 100 la 93
I*. F. Carrier 300 12 07
M. liaMwtn 114 13 90
A ball handicap at i-!Khteen hole?, medal play,
was the attraction at the Eastern Parkway links
In Brooklyn yesterday. E. R. Flsk» made the best
■core of the day. The summary:
Gross. Handicap. Net.
E. R. Flsk? 90 M T4
A. E. Itlarkmora 99 18 80
H. K. Bobbins M 3 SI
(Jeorga Drury 101 20 81
H. H. Messroom 101 19 *2
R. D. Robblns 107 14 »3
R. A. Black 104 21 83
W. E. Fontaine 96 M 85
L. H. Pi.lhemus 104 19 K5
1). F. BfeCase 103 18 86
W. D. Edmlnster 102 15 SI
Charles Cooper 102 14 83
R. I. Dow 100 12 S3
11. Crossly KM 15 89
H. I*. Mat hewn 94 3 01
11. M. Halstead 105 12 93
H. R. Ferguson 112 91 06
C. S. Harris UB 91 102
Those returning the foregoing cards were also
( eligible to compete for a special prize on the basis
'of a nine hole selected score. The results:
Grr>as. Handicap. Net.
E. R. Fluke 42 12 L = 20 1
R. A. Black 43 I"'* «-'i
H. K. Robbioa 30 '-"» 364
H. H. Maseroora 46 »'■* Srt 1 *
A. E. Blackmora 45 {•'» a* 1
(leorge luury 47 1" 37
H. R. Ferguson 61 1.1 3*
R. D. Ror.hlnH 45 7 88
W. B. Fontaine 4:; *■ $»
X. Corsslejr 4U 7 3 381)
Plainfleld, X. J., June 1 (Special).— Robert Abbott.
Wlllard Wadsworth and S. D. Lounsbery won the
points for the Golf Committee Cup at the Hillside
Tennis and Golf Club this afternoon. The scores:
Gross. Handicap. Net.
Robert Abbott 73 0 73
Wlllard Wadsworth 18 ■", 73
S. D. Liouns'b'-i-y S7 * 70
H. De J. Wright hi 1 **>
H. C. Muno'T m 12 M
T. W. T. Maxwell 107 23 *2
I). H. Rowland S3 10 M
H. F. Fox I"" SO M
Julius E. Bric-kson I' 4 10 S-4
E. B. Iremonsrer M 11 -•'■
Arthur Murphy VI 1- K3
Walter Peterson :>2 •"•
Ola* Saugstad M 8 &
In the play-off of the tie among seven contestant!
In the Kickers' Handicap on Memorial Day H. Do
j 1". Wright was the winner, with a net score of •>">.
' and George E. Cathcart won the play-off of the
tie with H. C. Munger for th-> Holiday Cup, with a
ret score of 75.
Jeremiah Bell won the club handicap yesterday
on the Haltusrol Club links, with a net score of 78
strokes. He also tied for the beat gross score with
L. i\ Bayard, Jr., at 87. Those who finished are:
Handicap. Net.
Jeremiah P"ll BJ 9 7<<
C. E. R«"-kwith M IB Tit
Kugrpn»» Winter I*2 in -"
L. P. Bayard, Jr 87 7 SO
E. K. Wright 1 »1 20 HI
HukJi K. Toler M 9 M
P.. W. cnndler 68 7 81
Hush Mather, Jr ICQ 20 S3
Adolph Me Hary 101 18 H
Wollaston, Mass., June 4.— Miss Fanny Osgood, of
the Country Club, retained her title as woman «'>lf
champion of Massachusetts to-day, outplaying Miss
Margaret Curtis, also of the Country <"lui>. in the
finals of the. championship tournament at the W"i
laston Club, and winning the elfbteen-hole match
by a score of • up and •> to play. Miss Curtis won
only one hole- In the entire match. In the finals
for the consolation cup Mlps Carrie Merrill, of
Wellington Hills, defeated Mrs. J. W. Parks, \\'"!
laston, 3 up and 2 to play.
Rockatcoy Players Vanquish Great
Neck, 12 3-4 Goals to 9 3-4.
Rockaway and fJrfat Neck met yeatcrday on th<>
polo field of tho Westchester Country Club In the
first match of the Country Club's tournament.
Rockaway won handily by 12% K iiri to «*+. the
superior tram work of the victors contributing
chiefly to the victory. Rene La Sfontasae, Jr.. was
nt his best In lon* and accurate hits. The tir.-.it
Neck team lacked some of Its pfri>n(: r players,
t...: put up a redit&bla defence. The llno-up:
I W. A. Hazard 811— X. Grace 2
2— P. Chaaacey Jr . -4 - -J. A. Rawllns 8
a R }j\ Montacna, Jr . . (• a— C. H. i'.r>»ibin<i S
Basil— P. P. CotUW ... 4 Hack— Arthur l^ltn 3
Total JO; Ti tal 11
tnT TBXsaaAra to mr nußrxs ]
Cambridge, Mass. June 4.— Ebteter won tl ■ nin»>
t-.-titfi annual baterscbolaatlo track, rm-et of New-
Bnsland, held on Soldiers 1 Field this afternoon,
under Uio auspices of the Harvard track team.
The meet \\:in closely fought throughout between
Kx<-t>r and And.v- r, t>,.- unexpected nlng of
n point in the broad ■ imp, the last contest of the
.lay by Glddings, .'f KiriT, just • bllng Exeter
to win by thre»--fi»urtha of a pi Int. Two new rec
ords were established, one r.y W. D. O'Brien, of
Bxeter, 0:50 2-S, In th«» quarter-mile run. and th«
other by i! B. Olmsted, of Worcester Academy,
O:1C l;i th<- iilnti hurdles. Kx.t.r .•■•.■. ,r<<l 19 i><ilnt~,
Andover > v « and Worcester Academi 30% The
others nn!?h.'d: Mechanic Arts School I; spring
field Uitih School, ■».!'■ Ah High, 3; Brookllne
ii. ■■ . 1. and iSnglish High, V
Dr. P. !!•■ • ! "•■■ ■■ No. 73 Warren-st., la cr.Tti
!:..] nt tho way iiis Little >. • dler lak< i
"Heretofore." he says, "controllers were only
t.. it,.- trotter horsemen, and could onlj be
: in combination with overdraw and check
bit. I have found ;i way to work them ■>:•. ;i!l
. till torture from ih<>
. vi.l tongue. Ii weighs <>ni'> tT.ir ounce* II
olutely humane, It never bears on the. parts
until the horse. M.irts to run, when pressure N laid
upon the proper controlling parts, rausfc
hi rse to stop when the hold is released. It will
w,.rk on all bridles from the plough horn to the
:.:..- 1. and does not Interfere with wind or R:iit."
William H. Gray's carriage repository reports
numerous station wagon sales the last week
Charles T. Proctor, No. 2CI West fifty oighth-st.,
is doing a t'ii.--k trade In roach horses.
William H. Bishop, No. 30 Warren-at., Invites the
public to inspect his large variety of vehicles, his
station wagons being especially good sellers.
M. Ix>gan, Fiftleth-st. nnd Broadway, reports
that his patented stall is meeting with public ap
preciation, thi> Tuxedo ntnbios and a number of
Western stables having been Just fitted op by him.
j. l\ Goodrich A. Co., No IM Broadway, report
exceptionally good business In knockabouts, station
wagons and Jumpeeat trick buckboards. the latter
lieliij; especially popular, us they can be readily
converted from «i four into a two or three seated
Peter's Harness: ami Sail. Hit- Company, No. M
West Broadway, is busy fitting out customers with
stable suppUe*, suck an oils, dressings, combs,
chamois, horse rubbers, brooms, sheets, coolers, lap
<I\l«tr»l>:. etC.
A carload of Mitchell ll>rht oir* is pxpe.-tM to
arrive this week at the New-York np.nt's, thi
Duerr-Ward Company. This carload would ha<re
been shipped list w«»>«k. but a slight defect was
discovered, cnusinsr ii few days' delay
Horses and Carriages.
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A number of very fln» combination Saddle Horses,
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Underwear. Shirt Waist Dresses. Women's Tailored Suits, a Great Event in
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The list made up for spsda] selling Tuesday Includes some of the best bargains o* fas
Rich with Carlsbad Sample Pieces
These Mr in F'.oor Bargain Tables, always interesting, take on a new significance when
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Sa'ad Pishes. Chocolate Pots. Cups and Saucers, Sugars and Creams, and various other
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during the last season. Come expecting richest picking.
Some Timely Topics from
Our Basement Stocks of China.
Strawberry Sets, 12 plates and howl, leaf
shape: green borders and gold ar-j ->-*
edges <P^ <%)t)
As above, with maroon and gold c~* q —
border iPX.vy
With rosebuds, fane.- gilt boi-^-j -? -i
ders 5>«>.00
Strawberry Shortcake Dishes. prettily
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Ice-Cream Sets, with art nouveuu *~) jlq
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Ice-Creani Seta, with maroon bor> Ci >■>
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China Lobster Bets, natural shape tot
serving lobsters a la Newburs;; ci | do
11* servers «5 1 1.00
Balad Dishes, 1< bster handles; for O"7p
six portions; each V#C
Same, for twelve portions; ct a-?
each 3>1.-+y
Salad Bets, consisting of 12 plates *•-> q ->
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A Great June Sale of
Quadruple-Plated Silverware.
It will rank with the. most Important money-saving silver sales this Haey store ever
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Four-piece Tea Sots, plain design, rococo
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epoon-holder and cream q» i «7 ■
pitcher 3V». / I
Four-piece Tea Sets, satin ensrraved fin
ish, gold lined spoon- hoi. and c - 4Q
cream pitcher JJO.-»V
Four-piece Tea Sets, fluted de = ipn. bright
finish, gjold-Uned spoon-holder and cream
pitcher. $7.39 and 58.24
Four-piece Tea Sets, plain design, ct t\ 4 q
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Five-piece Tea Sets, including t'offe^ Pot,
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Holder and Cream Pitcher; plain design
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Four-piece Coffee Beta, Including tray,
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French gray and bright co -> A
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Floor Coverings for Summer Homes
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The wing we offer at ao% t.> yoT* ictluttkm:
Tvirkis'n. Persie^n. and Indian FLugs
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(„i,v!j. ft . Red and Blue, was 100.00 Now 75.00
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Broadway, bet. IStH and 19th Sts.
Horses and Carriages.
My Little Giant
la iruarartrM to conquer hard r>l>r»
ami runaway )•• rat* • ■ v :r mmoy
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Health, catalogues on applica
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florae Sheets. f,V. Lap Dusters, TOc.
Coolers. »1 a. Whips. 20c. Lash Whips. Me.
Ev.-rythlng for the Horse.
88 W*i<t Itroadwuy, near Chambers Kt.. L'patalra.
t3l-22S H. Mth Strw<. Nfw Vorfc
Telephone 631 Columbus*
Lobster Tray and 12 plate*, hand- «»q q^
nair.ted Limoges china; set *V.O/
Radish Sets trays with salt cup {< « —
on each; a set «PI.OV
Radish Bowls, on plate, white and Q7 C
gold; each i '"
Pierced Bowls on plate, shape oi *• ,q
cabbage leaf; each J>l. i rT'
Pome happy surprises here for you who
thought that past seasons had exhausted
the designers' ingenuity. Entirely new
shapes and effective colorings in the vari
ety shown. The prices:
$2.49, $2.87 and $3.87
China Keg Servers, round dish, with solid
gOt bandies and 12 depressions »^ ~
for eggs: each «p~.-»v
Single and Pouhlf* Egg Cups, various
patterns; a dozen, upward ii
from OOC
Wide-Mouth Ice-Water Jugs, hall boy
siupe; labelled "Ice Water"; 2- yXr
omul size, each iac
let-Water Jugs, with various monk
chromes; quart size. 'JOc. ; ->g
•J-quart size, each *"•
Sngai Bowls, glass lintr.gs, rack •>■ as
for i spoons. briKht mush I .VO
Fruit Dishes, with beautiful Bohemian
glass bowls handsome silver frames.
51.98 to $3.74
Meat Dishes, qua.lruple-plated on nickel
silver; plain designs:
s In .*.'t.T4 14 In SOISO
1O in f-l •■'- 16 in *13.41
12 In $7.ST li in *17.5t>
Rogers Tableware.
Celebrated Ropers Fine Tableware; a^iar
anteed full plate en 18 p«r cent nickel:
plain arid fancy designs:
Tea Spoons, dozen. 83c. and 41. 54.
I'.-s«^rt Spoons, -ilnien. 91.M and $3.94.
Tah!» tpiisnsi $3.i4 an. fZ.I3.
• .r»f- gßJsjsßßa. dozen. $1.39 and 11. & A.
W«wt Forks, dozen, $I.B*.
SledhHßi Forks, dozrn. $2.43.
oyster Forks, doifn. $1.38.
Medium Knives, dozen, «.J4.
Dessetl Knlven, dozen. $3.24.
Bern S'p.i.-ins, each, 390.
au<ar Spoons. «>a<"h, lTr.
♦ 'hlldrert » Spoons, asi -h. 7c.
<"r»:irri I.a'Uen. *a.-h. .He.
'ir.'.v Ladles, each 42r.
F:-h K:iivf«. mch. Mr.
We Kntvf*. ea.-h. •?"«•.
Bottei Kairea, each. 17c.
<"h:l«lren's Kr;%>-«. each. 19c.
Jelly S«»r\ rri. c aeb. 42«".
• •aw-- Serrers. «ich. Air.
Clia«M >••■;*. fi.'h. 7tc.
Cklidiws'i set-, eadij •g*.
It : '-r K-.A?r j.:-. '. Siijar SbsO :r. farcy b-ix. 53c
The L'nvjsu.xl Store
Horses awl Carriages.
[Established :nuj
Fine Carriages,
Seasonable Summer Carriages, our own
Paneltioot Vut'irias. three sizes.
Four and six-passenger Opera 'Buses,
very light.
Mail Phaetons. Spider Phaetons, our
popular Station Wagons. Open Wag >n
ettes and many othrr desirable summer
A number of second-hand, in perfect
order, at low prices <
Factory ami \V«reroom».
Adjacent to L3CK3wa.ina Station.

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