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Latest Foreign fvetess About Hool(s.
Parl«, June 3.
Th»» rt.otr? Important novel of tie week U
"Madame de Ftrr.euse," pjbiiahed by t>
iAtrre. It v. in effort, an lnci'lve criticism
of f.-m:::iraam by I»aniel le Sueur, WfcOM
masculine pen na»e USMWiI or.o of UN UMast
virile wwmen wrifra that Frmncm baa produced
alnoe O»orsr* Sar.4. aVnatber tnteresrtlns novel
is Judith ClSLdel's "Confessions d'un<- Amante."
Issued by "Uercure de Viuncc " "La <"our de
Lune^lie *v Dixhuitleme £i«cle," pub.Lshed by
Plon-Nourrit, <f> valuable as cor.taJning a. large
number of hitherto BBP«bta*b*d ane<-dor*B about
snich iniT«-stJngr figures as the MarqalM de
Bouffleurs. Mme. dv Chalet. Voitalre and Balnt-
Lanibert. Tho book is especially noteworthy
for th^ sww light it throws on th<? charact-r of
Voltaire, whom it r.laces ln the ranks of com
placent phiJosoph'-rs. From Cllendorfr com^s
"Fards *t Poisons," by Jean Lorrain, that wild
flower of Parisian Intellectuality, while Mau
'Books Teople Are
popular books for the week, according' to the
dt-mands at the library, have been:
JlsTa— l— *■ "Sir Mortimer"; Glasgow's
"The I *eilv«:raxice" ; Daskam's "Memoirs of a
Jkrv^filles— WlßKln's "Bsbeecs. of Sunnybrook
rarm", Ciements's "Tom Sawyer"; Burnett's
"Little Lord Fauntleroy."
Miscellaneous— Beveridge's "The Russian Ad
vance": Le^pp's *Th« Man Ruosevelt"; Hearn's
adelphia, June 3- — The books most called for
during the last week were:
Fbllosopfcr-Tboxnsen J. Hudson's "Law of PsT
chic Pbebome&a."
Relsrioo— Auguste Sabatier-e 'I^ll4-10118 of Au
ICaturaJ Merrlmaa and Brooke's •'Hnnd
book for Surveyors"; W. O. Holland's "The
Motb Beok."
Flae Arts— M. B. Laagrton's "How to Know Ori
ental Rugs**; T. a Van Dyke's "Sti! l Hunting; "
JUleratMre— W. P. Ker"s "The Dark Agis"; J. K.
Bastrs's "Inventions or the Idiot". James
Bunekar*s '"OvortoDea."
Ti<av«l aa<3 — Bro-w-ne"'s "Heart of Ja
pan"; Scherer's "Jai>an To-day."
HSstory— B«Terror«'» "Russlaji Advance"; Gor
don's "K«niiilscenc*e of the Civil War."
Biography— Owen's "Keystone of Empire"; Thomas
Carlyto's "New Loiters."
Ptetlon— "VloleU"; 11. R, Martin's "Tillin;
A ilenaouite Mai^": H. S. Merriman's "T>
maso's Vortune"; Carllixg's "Viking's Skull."
LIBRARY OP COXGRBSS- — "Washington, June
S.— Th» following liet of books called for in
dicates the tastes of readers In Washington
this week:
History— "Outlines of Universal History";
Elson's "History of the T'nited States"; Lar
ned's "History of England."
Descrlptlvi* and Travel— HosJe's "Manchuria"; Cur
tls's "To-day in Syria and Palestine"; Scherer"s
••Japan To-day."
Btography— "Christ"; "Letters of
Horace Walpole"; Rlis's "Theodore Roosevelt";
Wolseley's "The Story of a Soldier's Life."
Fiction— Van Vorst's "I'he Issues of Life"; Church-
Ill's "The Crossine"; Carry The Transcres
elon of Andrew Vane"; DaFkam'e "Memoirs of
a Baby"; Fox's "Little Shepherd of Kingdom
Come"; Hewlett's "The Queens Quair"; Mitch
ell's "VUla Claudia."
Miscellaneous— Burne-J. s "Dollars and Democ
racy"; Tennyson's Ioem».I Oem».
Francisco, June 3. — The most popular books
for the week, according to the demands at
this library, have been:
Fiction— r.onr.or's "To-morrow's Tancl»"; '"hurrh
lll'F "The Crosstaar"; Tracy's "The Witiks of the
Mornim?": Glasgow's "The Deliverance"; Lon
don's "The Faith of Men."
Blopraphy— Podge's "Napoleon"; Gordon's "Remi
Travel— Lynch's "Three Years 1-n Klondike."
What ff. y. HooKsellers Say Uhey
Are Selling Most.
Th«» Fix h*>«!t w!l!iiß V^>rik« in NVw-Tork this werk. a.« reported to TT.a N<»w-Tork Trihune
Weekly Revieu , «-f-re tak> n In the Fottowtnc order:
1. "Adrta" Atexaader Nelson Hood (K. p Dutton <t fn.) j; 00
2. "Rulers of Kin re" Gertrude Atherton fHarp*>r & Rros.) 1 50
L "Th*> Woman with the Fan" Robert Httcbloss (F. A. StoKf-s ("orapany) 160
4. "The Queer's Quair" irlce Hewlett iTho Macmillan ''ompany)... 1 50
C. "Reb*cca of Sunnybrook Farm" Kat< Dous;laa Wipuin (Houghton, Milflin fc Co.) l 25
4. "Tllo Crossing" Winston Cburchlll (The Macmillan Company)... 180
Criticises Parents for Allowing Children
to Go Out Alone at Night.
Father James P. Curry, pastor of Bt J.-imes's
XUMBan Catholic Church, yesterday criticised par
eatß for a)'.owing their children to frequent Urn
newly opened recreation pier In ftfarket-st. at
• A few nlphts ago." he said. 'I happened to be
sitting at the window of tbs parish bouse about 1
o'clock in the Mnmlin;. when a band of four young
people, two youths and two cirls. who were singing
at tba t p of their voices, parsed. The boys had
their arms entwined around the pirls' waists. I
racogrized ttem &s children of parents who attend
tills church, and was very much surprised an<l
rhocked. .After a little investigation 1 found out
tbat they had lieerj retur:.:ng from the newly
opened recreation pier in Market-6t.
"Last night I determined to iawstismta this mat
ter, and Btairtea for the pl.-r. While wa;k!ng alony
Boutb-et. a boy not more thar. fifteen years of gg«
and a girl about tha a«e of fhlrtwsn vetw walking
In front or me. said the fellow ha<l his arm around
tha girl's waißt, ar.d every once in a while would
rive her a hut. 1 followed the rounc people to the
recreaUon pier, where a band was pUylng and
you:..- boy* and girls were dancing to tr,e music
A* I er.terad the pier w.rd hud been circulated
that I wu ther fu nd ns 1 ntered 1 hear,; ti:e orj
or Cr.eea* it; here comes rather CurrY The
CABcare stopped laimediatel>, and the boys an.!
sUr.s tit <sowa to uwait m> departure. When I
?c'; l cu° T th * Pi^ iaßt r - ieht «"S »*»St 10
o Cieclt. l caw the young i>oys and girls sitting
if«^ rk raer> mikin lo\-e to one another, whlit
en tte noer were young boys and girls dancing in
*!.&?•• and ebacklnc BMtasW. l told some of the
chllcJreo who were run m,, r t^an twelve rears of
a*« to go home, and told them that they were' not
doing a right UJng a indulging 111 such dangerous
pajumes. They went «ut. bat as s>oon as i left the
g*sr they Immediately VMM back again and r£
eumed their dancing ar.d lovemaking. Two pollce
ineii who were 6ti.nd.nj; at the .-r.trauice of the.
piar speke to me and ta'.d: 'Father Curry the
t po<RD a>i> nooui
Room*. aaigie. en su.te. wr.n prtvate
b«it.:; doctur'ii office; cialur room parlor
■our; «l«cirtc ll«bt; «xc«lleni taDl« board
l-AROE FRONT ROOM~with .-..nnecting
T>ith. also »i»»U room, wtta or wiihoui
bctri: pnsasa taiallj-. 1 o2u lyeiineto»
«v«... tsar 73J-«t.
MAL>I&ON-*\ E. 432-P!easar.t thlra £...,
room*. »iih auard; lun.nit-r uiicea: coruar
MM; Maghssatr lifiliui.
■Jg: ST . 7;. °*TffT i 'nenfiii I sale, ccoi.
. adJoL-ucg btln;
SOt-U.«:r-. tvpos^re KAifU.
lo*-; li-^T.. M WEST— Coor ba^
OrrMlnc room conn«tlo . adjoining t*.;b
•*<*..!• table; rafiiejin
«WW- .Ul,WPT— tVatsa «os* room
ki.n3s»roelr rurr.t.hed. runninx water'
be* *irjl* room; lar £ closei*; terms moo
•T*le. PBBBIwaOBB.
I»TH s.\. 122 EAST.-Coo: corner, aeoond.
*o<i.- airiiiwi; others; parlo. dlnin-T
chj«e table; mt'.^x, refckorutb:. -abU
truntf. translera>. —■». -auie
30TH-ST.. 7 EAST. — floor- suitable
tor two or three gentlemen rrtv'«t» b«th
•iaoequare front room on third floor- gen
tlasntn on;y; refereoee
"<t>3l>-fiT.. n WEST-^uPnlahea rooms- one
KVECK° ° n m ' n " Caii ewenlngs. VAN
CARNEGIE HALL. 6Cth-,t. U1«I 7th^ave~
43TH -SS-i-.T JKi WB3T, OBvaatto Mim ■"
Jsme».-He«uOfulljr fun.i.hra Second
g«»ry W.I. — large parlor. |, e ht t*dl^r
twins la oatu, aJsu room atoova. t*^^-"-
rlr* HacterUnek'a "L«B Double Jarrlln" Is Issued
by Fa*quel!e'. C. I. B.
London, June 3.
Ml< hiiH Davitfa new book, "The Fall of Feu
dalism in Ireland," in spit* of its strongly parti
san character, is very tolerantly received by the
reviewer*, evea of the English Tory Journals.
Mortimer Menpess ""Whistler as I Knew Him"
is out. and is regarded by the critics as an Inter
esting but strangely inadequate account of a
really great personality. The demand for the
new fiction is met by the publication of a full
srore of novels, mainly by unknown writers.
They cover a wide range of subjects. One is a
character Ftudy of literary life, anofher deals
with ih# love bacillus after the majiner of med
ioa! diagnosis, and a third treats of French life
In the eighteenth century. The new 'Wesleyan
Hymn Rook is favorably noticed Jn the religious
press :ip an admirable collection. Professor
Vambcry's autobiography is ln preparation for
issue in the early autumn. I. N. F.
BUFFALO PUBLIC LlßßAßY.— Buffalo. June
3. —According 1 to the demands mado at the
public library la the last week, the following
named books were the most popular:
Fiction- Hornunff'* "I>«nis Dent"; Btreeter'a "The
Fat of the Land": Loml.m 1 * "The Faith of
Men", liarchmODt'S "By Hnara of lx)\e."
JuveaUss— Sort's "Poems Kvery Child Should
Know"; Harness "A Son of Ll«ht-Horse
Harry"; Hitchcock's "Louisiana Purchase ,
Auberger's "Drawings."
Miscellaneous— Nordau and (lotthell's "Zlon and
Anu-Semltlsm"; "Not in the Curriculum"
(anonymous); Shaler's "'Tho Citizen"; John
suns "Old Time S.-hools and School Books ;
Kennedy 'Tramp in Spain from Andalusia to
— Among the books most ln demand at the
Boston Public Library during the la«t week
were the following:
Fiction— Ward! "Within lha <;ates"; Morris's 1
"Tom Bcaulias": Htuart's •'Holly and Green";
Couch's "Wunderlng Heath": Richardson'a
"'Bad of the l>e(jii!ii!ng": DoUaTail's "The Mor
mon Prophet"; OuthvaUe-Chomley'a "Wisdom
of Esau' 1 ; Dabney's "Littl* Daughier of the
Biography — SantoK-Dumor.t's "My Airships";
Jeyes'a '"Mr. Chamberlain: H!s Life and Pub
lic Oareer"; "Galileo, His Life aixl Works";
Merejkowsk's "Tolstoy as Man and Artist";
Knowlson's "Leo Tolstoy"; Harrison's "John
Rnsldn"; Flelds's "Charles Dudley Warner";
Lyalls "Alfred Tennyson**; Sigmu's "EmeT
ponaiia 11 ; Little's "1,1 Hung Chang: His Lifa
and Works."
Hist ry— o(B/8 "The Opealns of the Mississippi";
YounK's 'Irelaiiil at the Cross Roads"; Bodley*s
•("oronation of King Edward vn": Whlt
comb's "A History >'f Ifodern Europe"; Peel's
"The Rinding of the Nile and iho Now Soudan."
Travel— Hedin'a "Central Asia and Tibet": Clem
ent's "Hand!x>ok of Modern Japan"; Watson's
"Three Rolling Stones in Japan"; Chamber
lsln'a "Ordered to China"; Harper's "An Artist'<*
Walks in Bible Lands": Gerard's "Thrives from
the Piary of a Soldier and Sportsman."
Miscellaneous— Rumbold's "Further Recollections
of a nijilomatlst"; \Valt"n and Cottons "The
Complete Angler"; Heeker'a "<;olf for Women";
May's "Impoiial Defenre."
3.— The most popular books among Chicago
readers, aa shown by 'he demands at the
public library during the last week, are as
Romance- Fox's "Th* Little Shepherd of Kingdom
Come". Ward's "Lady Rose's Daughter";
Greaves's "Brewster's Millions**; McOrath 3 'Thi
Gray Cloak."
History in.'. Hiography— "Aaron Rnrr
Conspiracy**; "Dv Harry's Memoirs"; Long's
"The American Navy"; Tarbell's "Life of 1.:r.
Travel and Adventure Norman's "All th*> Rus-
Fias": Heveridgre's "The Russian Advance";
Gulick's "Evolution of th» Japanese**; Hedln's
"Central Asia and Tibet". Burton Holmes's
Scientific and Sociological— on Kleetrlclty;
Books on Cooking; Books on the Negro Ques
tion; Books on M'.isi.-.
Miscellaneous— Ibsen Works.
rotrasstera n th'"'-c ar» sowing tha seeds of bad
neaa.' arid I asreej with tliem.
"'I do not object, and you should nor either, to
l'-ttln^ your cli'.ldren frequent the j/l^r in the day
tirr.e. ]f th^-y do want to ko to the pier at nißht let
Ui»-m en with fithr-r you or tlir-ir elder sist-rs anil
brother* airi und*-r iir«.j.<- r Kuar<lliirisr.i]>. There
should be Bcne law fram<-.J bo as to kf<-p tho yountj
people fr«.m the pier unless they are acoompanled by
the pnper Euardiansbip, liiit as it is now it will
become v v< ty demoralixlns feature of ihi.s narlnh "
wbea the Sunday aebool assembled a. 11 o'clock
Father Ourrj tnoke to the children or. iho same
suhje'-.. and told the girls that to allow boys to
put th'-ir arm* around tii< waists was one of th«
first ttepa to i;.« road to ruin. Tho children wcr«
made to promise that in the future they would ko
to the pier at night only with their parents or
oMrr brothers and Histf-m.
Tammany Hall Leader Got Men to Seek
Body — I; Is Found.
The- body of Frederick Rice, sixteen years old,
of N<>. 247 Kast Twenty *rst-.st.. thla city, was re
covered from Xewarlc Hay yesterday by m«-n em
ployed to drag for It by Chief Murphy of the W
aey City police, on request .><" Charles i-\ Murphy
the Tamrrutf\y Hall leader.
Ilu Kiee boy left home oa Saturday with Luther
RiLssell. of No. 2M Bast Tw.-niy-flftn-st.; John
F*itzsimmons, of No. 214 Kast Twenty-Orst-st., and
Jd.ir,.-s Mulvey. of No. MS Beeond-ave. They went
i°in y ,° n 'f > wlhlirw I hlire v. the Kus -'- i boy owns a amall
MUboat. Jn his they spent the afternoon sHiUnlc
*p*2££^jgnj%& i it i at®
the sailboat, and either th« boom hit t£> boyor 2
BUddM Jerk unseated him. He fell into the waL
f" Russeii. who held the till. ™ put abouY'sla
Wed v. set clo.lo to him. ttaatseU overshot txvi, ,
His efforts brought the b..at , lose «- nol •" v, 22Si
out an oar. and RW tr-isn.-d 'it S!? .. Ui^' lh 1 t
%u!Zn h X hoy in - X *^
let Vo or it 8 Oar ln RICe ha " ds ' Tho Jauei •tn"l-!
m nv e ?T»i- Mvr P ll >- beinir president of the Tar
n Hai » association in the XVlTIth District
h^* 1^ ***** ""»"». «■ «i*«.
FI 1 : ,'.n-hi lin4 b f cic room: private bath- orTe^
Ul roosaa: refeVestoss, 87 w. M -Vth m
NEWL.T furci^ied rarior alcTv« sine!
cool, up-to date rooms or suite
U av""~- ST : W ? a n sf "; n ' ar a^n^l
privat^famiiy. .„„» or wl'l^jj^"!* "'
78TH-ST.. ir.7 EAST.-Prlvate family t.rl"
v.v boaae; win rent hSawMnT aiooSd
■jor alcove; ajao .injl, Toora *.' ' '
veniences; moderate. «wosa, vi.
68 WAbHIN^TON pi^i:E._i» arlcr ■_ .
41 kenf S I f ,J, 2TH K fiT — Sic * ly f^«hea. well
kept room . ; hot waier._hathj_tele..n..ne 1
4SIVPT I* p«e~ — ' — '
Expires in Gilsey House Lavatory —
( ommodore's Relative, He Said.
E. W. Perry, seventy yeara old. a f«ami!iar
figure about the city's oldest hotels, who hud
said he was a nophew or grandson of Com
modore Perry and a cousin of. President James
A. Garfleld, was found dead about noon yester
day in the lavatory of the Gilsey House. Heart
disease caused death.
Perry was tall and stately, and bore his years
welL He was known about the Astor House.
the Fifth Avenue Hotel, the Gllsey House, the
Putnam House, the Ashland House and other
old New- York hotels as a promoter. To a
friend he had said within a year that he was
doing work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency.
Yesterday he breakfasted with Alton H. Oli
ver, of Monte Vista. Col., at the Ashland House,
and th.-n went for a walk. Layer he entered
the Gilsey House, bowed to one or two of the
hotel attaches, and went to the lavatory.
Mr. Oliver said that Perry was seventy yeaxa
old and never had married. Perry had tola him
„f the relationship to Commodore Perry and
President Garfleld. He was born in Verrnonl
and was graduated from Union College. Early
in the W« he went to the California and \\ asii
in»jton K^ld fields. He had an offlco or desk
room, Oliver .said, at No. 114 Pifth-ave. Perry
told Oliver he derived an im-ome from a
creamery at Cream Hill. Vt.. where he had a
sister in charge of the creamery.
° May a Hart, plaintiff, asainat William H. Belllnifer
et al.. defendaita. In pursuince ot O"**^***°J£:
closure and sal-, duly mad* a 1.1 entared' In **•**?•,££
titled action, and bearing; dat.i th, -«•■- day "','^..'J.',,. ,
I. th« undersigned, the Referee In wid indsmMt «w*s.
will sell at publlo auoUoa at the New "i or« Real Estate
Bslearoom. No irti BroaJway. In the Borough of Manhat
tan <*ity of New York, on the 28th day Of June. iJO4 at
!•> b'clook nooi on that day. by Joseph 1' Day, auct.on
eer. the premMea dlrejtsU by said judgment to be scOd
and therein describe* aa foUows: All that certain lot.
piece- or j.arcel of land, with the building and Improve
n.nts thereon erected, situate, lyinp ar.J Uins In tne
Burouch of Manhattan, In the <*ity. County and State or
Kew York. and inora particularly bounded ani described
as follows, to wit: Beginning: at a point on tha northerly
Elde of 162 d Btreel distant tlirr.. hundred ana slxty-nve
,•-■/.",; •■.- easteri; from tha corner formed by the l.itrr-
Bfriilcn Of the northerly sM > if IB2d Street With Hie east -
erlv Bide of the Boulevard, late Eleventh Avenue; run
ning ther.ee. northerly parall*! with said Boulevard, late
Ei« v.-mh Avenue, nine", .--nine (99) feet ond elevi ill)
inches to the'.entre line of the block; them* running
easterly along said centre line of the block and parallel
with said MESd Street twenty (30) feet; then » running
southerly. a**in narallel with said Boulevard, late Elev
enth Avenue, ami pan of th« way through .1 party wall
nineiy nln» (99) f< et and eleven ill) Inches to the north
erly Bide .■{ 162 d Street, ai '. thence running westerly alons
aald northerly side Of 162 d Street twenty i2oi feet to the
point or place of beginning; tosether with all the right.
title and interest of the party of the first part In an.l to
said 162 d Street to the centra t!i«-reaf. lying opposite the
a»>..ve ■• scribed premlsi
Dated -N>-*- York lune Ist, \VH
Jl >!IN M. QTJTNV, Ref) "• •
EATON & LEWIS, Attorneys for Plaintiff, 41 Broad
Street. New York I'ltv.
The followlns Is a diagram, ot the property to be a i!d,
th« street number belli* No. B.T! Weat One hundrei aud
sixty- second Street, New York Ity.
TTae aprroxim.ite amoun: i.f the ll»n >>r cliarga. to t.atl«:y
which U:» above det.crll.»l property la soM. is $18,108 i.».
with Interest ll ere n froni May With, UM>*> to(ather snih
costs and allowances amounting tv |32t J'S. With Interest
thereon from May 2f!th, 1(«>4. together with tho expanse-*
of th« nile. The appro] ite amount ••: taxes, assess
ments, or other Hens, whl.h art to be allowed to the pur
chu>--r out Of th< pur-hisa money, or paid by the iiefi!.-.-.
is S7M' 'jo and Interest.
I>ale.i. Sew York, J.u.e Ist, IWU.
DVERTISEsfENTS ana «utMc*i *ioaa fur The Trlbuos
receivtru v.l 1:.:-..- U(Wwb OflV<e.
,\< ■ I :.■,.. !'(:•• M >VAY
A(U-ertiierr«-:.!.i artll t.« re.-elv<.l at tha following l-ran^h
cfti.»-» at r«gul*r ocßoe ratss i.- II 8 o'clock P ra . v:z :
2.'.4 Btl «-.«•-. - c. < i>r. 2.1d-t'. : ISC Bth « •■ . r-r. IStb-aL ;
V 2 Fit*: 14th ft.; 257 \\>st «2d-et., between 7ih and Bta
ivet. ; Jt'.. - i W.si 12f>tb-St.; I.S.'IM H,l a.\h.. Ktwftn T6th aad
77- Its. . 1,024 S ' ■-••.:.• alat-ex.; I.TM Ut-aT* . nw
89th-*t. . 151 Bast I2»tb st: 7.V1 Tl ail MM It ays. • 660 ill
iv«.. am <Ist M . BJM M aye. . M Christen at.
Brooklyn. N*. T.- 2 f"r.urt *< 216 '" tirt-»t
Abner C. Thomam. a Borrogata of the County of N«w
York. Notice l. harebj* given to all persona having cJalma
b£*;:.rt Ilorac* S. fßJti lat« >.f t;.a County of N*W iork.
<;• .-.ux-i. 10 pr< isnt :• ti;ii« wliri vouchers thereof to tha
subscriber, ut h«r place >•; iransactlng htnlnasa >t tlte offl .«
Of Horace B Ely .t Co., N •. ZI liberty Btreet, Borough
of llaahattan, ln Th« City of N«w York, on or Ltiore in*
151 • lay '.f December nexl
liated New Xork. lh« 6th day r.t June, IPO4.
FANNY R, 'i. EL.V. rucutrti.
UNE A TRAFFORD, Attome] for Executrix. M Ur>
erty Street, N»w Torfc < Ity.
Irank T. FltzgarsJd, a K\irrogti:t> of tho t'.iur.ty r-f
New Yi^rk, nctlc» v baraby gtvea to all persona bavin* 1
riaim* against '''.vi.<» Runyon, late <t ti.«- County ol
.\. m York, de es ted, to prt-s»-nt th« same, viitii you • .- .
Ihereof, to the t.ui .--rrit.'-rs. at th-ir j.lare i.f tranfa<-t:n»
bi^lnefs, at the of!:.« ol Kellocg *: I: -•• N ... 120 Broad
way, Borough of Mai .•■ ■ in tho illy of .New York, on
or before the Orst day r.f September next
Uated New York, iho -7th day Of Februarj \inH
c iitors,
KELLOOQ * ROSHS, Attorney! for Executors, 120 Broad
•ray, sfaahattan. New Y,.rk City.
I'ranic T Fitcgvrald, a Borrogate of th« f..unty .f
N»» York, notice is lierehy given to f.li persona havln*
ri.iirns at;alnkt Michael 1:. wen late of th» nnt» ■■?
Nv^ York, daceaaed, to present the Fnm% with vouchera
1 reof to the subscriber, at his place of transacting
bu»in'«. No. «s \\:r: Btreet, In lha City .f New York,
01. or before th« I 1", daj ..f S*-iiteml>er nex<
D*te<l New fork, the 2n.l aaj of Marfh, MIO4
KI.AMKN B <"ANiii.i:r:. Attorney for Executor No
4« Wall Btreet. New York City.
Frank T. Fltiireral.l. a Surrogate of the County of
New Cork, notice is hereby given to all perform ha ■'.!,■■
rla.ms against George Luke, late .if Co* Cob -' tte of
• nnecUcut. deceased, to pn ent the same with \ ; : heri
tinreof to the SUbl 1! .-. N t ti.rlr place of transacting
butiiie.ss. No. 11.1 i".iii.,»i Street, Borough of Uanhattai
In the Oty '.f New zork on or before the twem aecoud
day of Ausrunt. liKM.
Liaieu .New Yolk., the thirteenth day of February, Kio-i.
JOH^i 11 STI 'I r.
Exe itc.'rs.
In pursuance of an order or Hon. Abner C. Thomas
a Surrogate of th* County of New York notice is herehy
givn to all persona having claims against Marianne Aue .
l:ne CharpUlos, late of the city ol Berne Uuimtilio ut
Switzerland, deceased to present the lame wltl vouchers
thereof t(. the jubseritx-rs, ut their place of transacting
bum.rM. the <.Jii. .• or Lord, DHV& Lord No •(!» Wall
btre<-i, in th<! Borough or Manhattan City of New lork
on or before the Ist daj of July, 1904 Dated New
York. th* ZSth .lay of December, li>n:{. Mathllde Charpll
lux. Jaruo Bertschmann. Administrators. Lord Lay .^
l^cr-i. Attorneys for Adminlatratori vj Wail Street l/uru
of Manhattan. City •■• New York. ' "
order of Hon. Abner C Thomaa, a Surrcgata of the
County <.* New fork, notice is hereb) ftven lo all persona
having cUltim ai;»ln^" Jacob 8. Dlraon late of th-. Cbnntv
of N^w Y,.rk. and sojourning at Much Badham England
deceased, to present the lam* with vouchers thereof tl
the subscrtbar at Ills place of transacting bualnesa at ■^'„
offices of Wilder & Anderson. No IS 1 V-W- Street" 1., ti Z
Borough of Manhattan, city of N(lN (l v lir u. Un 01 before th«
tth daj of July next. " l '" >
Dated »i«w York. th« ftth day of December IfKt'?
CHARLEB L DIM! Exe nt. .
WILDER « ANDERSON Attorneys foi Executor a*
Cedar street. Nr» York City. ,r. 45
NT^ : Vrlt for I>n ' B Patent V entiU
atin t - Window L.jc!c. Sells on n. m -n.-
Asents make rood protlts. and eel] them
•" • i,.,pu!ar price. BEU, MF(J. <vj Nor
walk, iv.nn. "
_ _»n.MAni> AND I'OOL taiji.es.
M ,lh| l?Fj Vr T LTUIi:RS °-' b UUrd " n<l r«Ol
table;- hlirh grade bowll:.* alley Lulid«i»
lowest pnce« MARX UHOS.. 2« Lnloo
C.\ lU-KT CMiAMNn.
Oldest, Liirgewt. Most Motlern
at A: *:«* WKST 49TH-«T.
353 W. 54TH ST. Tei. 30 e
■CAnPCT CIJiAXiso, KstaMlshlTwa:
,>!""' T'-,°. rn i{"'''"; ed a " Meara - hand or
Btrvonuss r A(iE\« i
2,i -^ B S» 1^ < £?w*S kl
-Bwiaap, Sfirtfe,
Foreclosure Sales.
JOHN M QUINN, Referee.
Surrogates' Notices,
; nisiNF.ss CHANCES.
?AItTNKR ft r ANTKI)! • ; rm v « r *ss — ~~~
s!".rtln« bustnesa at •ummrr ' * 3 - < "
thuusan i . «•■: ahould mak« £■•,'"' l '•'•''•■■■
summer, besides (BtotaTnf 11 * 10 dnrln«
andUvte f taourowiT^iS te tBe I J l r^ i lam „
personal Interview onli ►•■.-'.-, „.!. i ''" Uu " -'t
I'Mown «.m. ■. 1..-..-.4 BroaSway •'"■'ii^
ton BAIJB.
.New « Ild se .-..nu !.:.„.!. >, U|> ." :, 11 : '.Il^. I l^
BOWUNO Al 1 „-v ■
one die In the business* ' i! ln unv
bowler X H ">
.„ , . , BAR PIXTTTREfi
Sal-siooms. » an.f » F ur'.r, '. X CO
18th Bt. ( '- ior -
DRBBSMAKBB of long experience «^Z
hiinrtsfinie IUDIBI I dresea <t« ■"''•
sm.ri'K' 1 " ••" lUl^ ■'•■'»• "■''••
DRESSMAKER class. g lrtB _ ~r
bostness. wish,, besl referenoei b " , la ''
city or country; t.^si referenera \i * "
CLABBZ. sti \v.at 06th-«t orrnCrs - - M '">-
ADVERTISBMENTS and subscrintlr-ns r,,l
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Otnce. No. LSM Broadway, between V.ith
and 37th »t».. until U o'clock p. m Adver
ll«<rments received lit the fallowing braiv-s
«^''« .it r.-t'Ular r..f) ie rntes .intil s Vclork
i>. m., viz.: 251 Sth-avt;.. «. c. cor. I'ld-at .
Ig Oth-ave., ci.r. 12th st : 93 East Htli-»t'
'..>. vV«st 4iid St.. bt-tween 7Ci and Sth ave> '•
•-'t!3 Wnt 125th-st. ; I.XU H-ava.. be'wi.T.n
VCii and 77th ata.; 3d-ave. oe - Ween
FRANK WALKER. Auctioneer, will sell at
publlo auction on Jun« 6. at 4 o'clock
p. m.. at 1,.16 a Hroadway. Borough cf Man
hattan, piano, marked Mathushek & Bon,
No 96,70. and pia::>.. maiked Raflaa. No.
a.N'i I'BRSON holding -.r laying claim to
bankbook So -*. "'.>!• ol the I'mt^.i stitew
Pavings Bunit is noUited t.. pi NWBt It at
the bank, a* a new book 15 about to ba
BANKBOOK No. *0i.968 of the l.'nlon Dtme
Bavtnss Institution is miss,ns Any <,"-i
eon iving a olalm to it is bereby calie.i
upon to present the same within I'-n .iays or
submit to having said passbook cancelled
and a new one issued.
BANKBOOK No. 342.981 of tha Union ZH3M
Bavingc Institution la misatne. Any p>-r
Fin having a claim t.i It is hereby eaUed
upon to present the saint* within t«-!i days
or submit to having raid passbook eanealted
hi. a n» w one UsueU.
BANKBOOK NO. 41S,T. r .2 at the Union
I)inn- Savings Institution l» missing. Any
r> r.- bavins .1 claim ti> It ia hen : called
up. in to present the nuna Within ten days
or submit t.> having said passbook cancelled
an.i a new one issued.
LOST OR STOUSN.— Bankbook No. 431.600
of tho German Paving* Bank, in the city
of New-York, corner 4th tie and 14th St.,
laaoed to Otto i'^it. All persona ar« can
tioned a?alns» negotiating the same. If
not returned to the bank on the "<>th ilay
of June. 1804. a duplicate will be issued.
LOST.— Bankbook No. 4r.n.l> 'o. Bank for
Saving*. -*>0 4th-ave.. Newr-Torfc Pay
ment stopped. I'kan- return >»■■ k to bank
AT REDL'CBD PRICI.i. 000 swona-hand
wooU and Iron working machines: tv 1 1
iruaran'ted machinery bought and ex
changed. GEO. B. EDPT. 888 MadU -St.
ln great variety
of atyl* and
T. G.
11l Fultun St.
NEURALGIA? Tou'll never suffer again.
For particular! address O. CKEWTAIN.
427 l':ici:|c t-t.. Brooklyn.
11K.1.r WANTED.
$."•0 tn fltiu monthly corresponding for
ipera -■■'■ a mm for no: k in ?i<are
lime; no canvassing. Send for j.nrtioulurs.
port, N. Y.
BTRONQ young n.*n for tit-n-.en and brake
■ ■ on all rallr ada Firemen aveiage
MB 1.: ■ . and av«rat;a
(12S. lJrakfim-ii average ?•■«'. become con
• and averagi jl".'. Name position
for part], v' .r <
B, Brooklyn
for F:i ■ lierlca] ar.'. Tech
en, 51 <»■«• i 13.000. Pall or wrtta
for booklet. HAPOOOD'S, Suits 808, SOS
Broadway, .New v.ik
WANTED. — $« to Jl2 weekly easily eftmeif
bj either n-x knitting seamless hosiery
for Western market; onr lmpr.'vid family
ma -hire, with ribbing attachment, furniehed
worthy families who do bo) own a machine,
on eu»v payment p.m. Writs at once for
full particulars an.i commence making
ir...ne\ . i,,. experience required I'NITED

. r. s;.. Ctabl«
fri m n hool .
' M
• w 1' r" . Tribuns <if
Wa.n' T.V* — Thp best rnartim«!n, n«r<l*nrr».
rranied ti raaia grooms. fannhaada,
her<*.im«n. poultrrieea, rt.- l*:ac»» rca>ly at
CARPENTBP'B, 1M nth- aye
ATTRACTI VE youns »rr::^n wiint*."! f> r"""
ln rostama for Illustrators; *:■»■. sapeVtoi
ehorua dir!» FLAGO, Til r.t h -at*.
a yoUNO Wi 'M a ■ to canvaaa f..r laund.-y
n ■■: k ; «fatly position and t!>od pay. a 1 > •
r.ly 10 to 12, st 1.061 Lexington n ■<•
1 1 y . (irlvat*
- 21st-at
\><>i;K « vvn.ll.
AMERICAN. 28, • v HMtlnfq In
Japan, ] hin 1 and
or lo : .....u:.y. I'l 1 1-. o<«i liv.it
ACCOUNTANT. — Booka etosad, audit* I
systematlsed, t.'-.ul balance, Ac: »iil t«k«
rha ge of Bet of b.».k» «-\^-nins^: trrms
::. lerate; references. C. C. MOORE, tW
t^st Mh-St.
BOOKKISKPEIR. — (lennan; exi>er!enc«-l In
.;. ;t.|» entry, merchants' <-ncr ■ tlsur*
system; r in- Spanish; poatttoc In manu—
faoturlng house; salary jl-. RASSMANN,
caj-e Weisser. 'JU Btanton-st,
■ ferencfi
- '■- Adi v XOTARI
■ a
i ■ ■■ '':: X ! '.'I 'I:!'. 'X a-i!stant ».oi.Kk»-eper. by
a young man; e!«ht years' exferlen^u,
rapid calculator »n: penniai thoroughly
1 ....
bond; nn lerata salary, \M.\U Tribune
1 ; ■ Office. 1.304 Broad* iy
BOOKKEKPEH Thoroughly competent:
steady :in.i i>i:;.(l-; middle aged; location
Immaterial; s.i 1 i«f .■ • ■ . ■ :. ••>, surety
i in t:i •■...'•■-. 1: . SAKEGLARU \o
Wt Rl U'th-^it.
LEJfcIPER, correspondent, salesman;
-\ tIVC :
' In ma ...
- • ■ HARRY
■ ' • it.. Brookl] n.
coi i---i undent qu ■ .
• ■ 111! . HAilll.
• ■•-. Bo» -)", Tribune 1 >tti ■••
BGOKKKEI'I entry. experl
. n .

■ ■
R( iNSIiEIM. UW Welrfli Id si
Hn, klyn
1 la •
...iry. Al STfUAN, -ii..: tasi
.' 1 1 hi.
BOY, I g 1 lerh -.r tt
■ ■' A.I
V\ 1..1 l.v.M .HiVi'i:. 130 Bloomfield
Bt., 11. hi N .1
BOY. 17. w:iut* to team ma nlniat'a "r
ti adi 1 .:■■.■ es Ail -
<■ J.i «.? \:s. l;n President st..
' ARI EN rEH Hy steady, liable all
ar.»ur..l mi L-hanlc; non ni< n . >helvlng
alterations, repairing ..i all kln.ls Kt.u.'.y
lit...- preferred. J BARWICK .'.-JT Gold-
Bt., Brooklyn.
COLLEGE <:i< \i>r.\Ti-:. good physlcue
lal standing; thorough knowledge ..f
preferred iljiv. nust
: (ton f irk
<• >MP< ISIT< 'l: Bxpei lence I in all |oba:
■ • ..... rayl.l • i. ii, I■•
liable • 1 pl« ■ LJN'de
M \S. <v Joh (n~« 1:1 . •■
COMPETENT, reliable man, S3, wishes
place o! trust; fifteen years' ,-\-,. |i . ;.,...
!.■ M ■ Cerem I-*. Aililifss i:..x -.i . . rnwall'
N. Y.
CARPENTER. *c. Bj rupuble man, un
deralanolr.s carp< ni.i ii._. pa Ming and
all kinds of repairing in or round hi use
oi factory, bj ihe da; ..r week. JOHN
BON 103 Nortl «tli *i.. Brooklyn.
COLLEGE man. willing to work, com
panion, tutor (mathematics ■ specialty)
or any work Addreaa W.. 8 North Re
union. I'l :.' • '"::. N. J
pi rl In i Iginatl and ■:■■ litn vi uew
machinery, twentj years' experience, a
625 M ... - ■: -: . Brooklyn
DBTECTIVE. Experienced oung man
shadowtne, Investlgatlnit, traelns, *«c;
wishes [lermanecl position with el t Set
bankliiK. mercantile •• !a\y Onn; b.st of
references furnished. itMresi C. >'•.. 240
w.hi 1-ii. t.
DRIVER. Uj '■■ man. 54; sober, reliable;
speaka Bngl crn 1; under
Mai..l- saloon trad< WOBL.TEK, 1.45»»
Avenue A.
ELEVATOK RI'NNRR ral asflstanl janitor;
I referenoi I \.MKS .1 ■ < « >K 213
;:a-t «a
ELBCTUICIAN.— FamIitar wilh M.-am. Kas
aiiii gasolene; haniiv irlth Mil tools; m:<-n.l\
*"rk; an\thlnK where good nu-ehanlo ,s
rt-quired. Xi 'I'll. 271 Avenue U.
BSatSJBMUt an.l JANITOR.- Twenty >-HrV
■ rlenca: upartment huuse or oflsM
building: un.lemtun.ls high spf-eil enslnes
and .iviihin. .an do his own repairing;
Al personal reXereuce. wilijam CROTH
Klr.«. 217 \V. M H3d si
lIKIJ'HIt In bakery. W KLJNGNS.R.
LJr.culn-sL. Uudaua Hel£hU I'uatumoe,
Mal<-. . , o _ v
HA.VDY MAN to ia carpenter work 'i s l[ I
kind arounl a oour.try place. Address
B-, Ilox 2. Tribune Office^
hTnt>Y MAN at anythi^p: carpenter or :
machinist, or all around w .rk n an. .or
factory, thomas SAM3EU .41 K. 14-d. ,
1 * VITOIL — tv a sfMBX table famii>. if one
J -:.r w. ten.-n.tnt « apartment Jr.™- ;>
Ad^eas Vr«. SARAH Rlt>-\. ■'■■- was*
months' espertence; 3 .000 ema per hour: i
wagea moderate. Ad.:r.».s R *•• Boa -'•
Tiioone CMbea. j
UnoTYFE OPKUATOR. — Youns nwn. *ix
month.V aspcrianca; 3.000 em per bow;
wagea moderate. Address <-.. M . Bra I-.
Tribune Offi. •• ___^
MI"<HA.NI< : -Kim arotti hotel jr
real estata work; city or cuntry; eip»rl
enced- repairs. st.an>tittin<;. pJamolng. elec
trtcal' work an.l Keo*ral repaUra, ™*
CHANIC Bn SO, Tr«w OBte«
PBIVATE BECTUJTARTj— By ■"•"-''■, an.l
law school rraduate. 27; llnpist; Jfcrarcll,,lJ fcrar
cll,,l- former colleg« instructor; tactful
business ability. AMEUICAN, Roa .-. THb
un Office _^ _
PORTER \v\li-HMAN *c— Bj Amarl
can 2R. strong at anything; experltnr.-,.
sobar arid reli.-itile; axecltaat references,
Address REUABUE. Trtbuna I ptows of
flee. 1..".'-4 Broadway.
PAINTEB r rhanKPr . .I,M-,,mtr. «aJw
charge and respooslbla any lob; city.
country. 114 Kast 4lst-st.
PIiUTKK or offioa man. Address 132 Wes!
26th si
PRESSMAN. — Assistant Job preswßan.
ftrsi class work; Jl2. (J ASTON LA
COMNE. 174 Smlth-st.. Brooklyn.
PURSEB-— man as purser; aood
Bailor: he*: references. W. 8.. Tribune
Uptown omve. 1.3«!4 Broadway.
I'orLTItTMAN". — Can operate in'-ibat.irs.
br<->..-lf!:<. ate; can mak» poultry ii<*> a
profit; also ducks, squab* and turkey*. Ad
dress A.. Box 14. Tribune Offloa.
REPAIRrNO, Ac — Work done at y.mr own
hnmn. cit.y or country, at n*settazile*l
wagas; fine furniture repatrins: ■sttlllail
nisdn over: carpets laid: vurnishinK ani
polUhlng of furnltur-. CHAKUCS STUDE.
5.7 Oth-av* . electrician Store.
SINGL.E MAN. 84. Btranger in the city; has
hail eieht years' experience ln Connecti
cut department storf; Is a goo<lpenman; a
falrly«;ood ticket and card writer, an 1 can
furnisli Al reference. Address C. GOLI>-
RICH, 111 Eaat 20th-st.
SALESMAN. Youn? man. 24. looking for
advancement: with wholesale house; not
particular as to lm»; ess. furnish, best of
references. H. H.. 1.579 3d-ava.
SIGNS made and put up at reasonable
prices. Bend postal. M. UORNSTEIN.
C4rt East 9th st.
I'rivatr; «yrn fur substitute «ni;a*cements
during June. July an>f Autuat. Address G.
WEARING, b54 7th-ave.
VARNISH ER.— ItaIian. 31; tlrst class, thor
cuth aji round, in pianoforte factory or
fine furniture, as vamlaher or by others;
moderate. Vkeek. J. CAKTA. 73 Maoiou
WATCHMAN.— sober, respectable man as
nl«h; or <l^y watchman: beat r^ferencts
from different largu Brma 7^ Nti*>u st..
WATCHMAN.— Experienced- refareaea. J.
BBARINa. 479 Brook-avek, The Bro«x
U'ATi'IIMAN.-By handy and rellalle man,
45: at. ra or fa.-tnry, or other »nrk: high
em r«ftrer.o»- security given. BCUERBR.
4111) Bast 5Sd- st.
WANTETX — Tracing and mechanK-al detail
work at honia. Address Box 21*3. Totten
j vill* . N. Y.
I TOUNQ MAN aeatrsi chanre to earn some
money Baturdaya aad '.ays. will also
i work evt-nlnir^; Al references Address
yot'N<l MAN. 21; a:oo<l jxjrltlon: chance
frr advancement; wholesale «nJ retail
j pr.xluce business pref<rr«-.| A. NVSS
BAI'M, r»; Waltoo st.. Brooklyn.
TOCNO AMERICAN. 30, .-wialtlon with ad
vancement; thre** years' offlre siri erlence;
bo«t nferences : roa.l penman; movlrat «al
ur-. . no soliciting, <». A. SE' 'OK. £.'-4 East
1. .4 th It
TOI'NH MAN. In charge of »ni«.ll estat*.
■lesir«>p . thor '-roj^rty to ma3a -»; will
►.-'■■<> personal atteßttoa; thoroughly »n>»rl
enced; ! est of referencaa and be^urlty. J!.jx,
14. Tribune Offic->.
TOtJNG MAN. 21. honest: wHllnK- ro work
a: anything. WII.UaM SCHWAB, 4ltf
W.->r 4:irh st.
TOUNa MAN. 2T.; at ir.vrMnr, salar>-~$S
per week. H A. MfNII. 2"7 Ivaat
83th st
Vi.l'N.; MAN n gentleman* place In
country- knowle^^re- Ot CHrjx-ntry, handy
I wirh a!J toote; wllllnsr to make hlms»lf uae
ful Address COUNTRY. Bos 7. TMbUM
I I <tTr»
CTI/TVREr> SPANI9I I-AX>Y. speak'.nr
Knßlls.h. .... Italian and F"rencn.
wishes position for the smniunr in country
or travelling as rtlH>anlnn t>> lady, >v
rrnesa cr chaperon; exceli'nt r*r«re:..ea.
KIJTE. H"x m, Triune OOoa
COMPANION. Br a fana-lUn girL Ad
dress C. •' Tribune ( ifllce.
EMBROIDERED —By Oermaai perfect la
monograms, whits Silk »r>. g"l<! t-mSruli
»rv. or any handwork. 3J'J IJast Mlth-at..
f.r-t Boor.
t>> uthern lady; country desired. A.
W. i: . Tribune Ofßeex
QRADUATI of mnssaic instiuiT*. Btoea
holm, Sweden, wtta experience hi nurse;
wtaftes • > ai-company Invalid lady to the
country ■■r sen shore I r th« ■ummer; Al
reference. A. id res* 222 E. Mst. Tel. 11U-R
with ; -t reference* fi •in prf»>*nt em
ploy.-- Mrs. M. TV HICKET, TS Naaiau st,
MATRON In Institution by a most corape>
tent youns woman, vfrv best city refer-
TIVD BUREAU, S3l M»(Uian-*v«. TYI.
8.73*— 38 th.
ORGANIST— younc lady praduat*
Hiiyal "on^Tvatory : inte of Swedish I*-
Ki»tl in Churea in Parts, position during
Hinmtr <\!t:i ref.ned fain!!v: BOOM modern
method* la rausla ar'. French; European
an.! Ameri. in reference* Aii4re»a. iNTUL^-
UGENT. BOS Columbus ay*.
STENOGRAPHER -V"un« la'ly, bectnnar.
recently left Mi'hnol; *mall watres to
start accurate In dictation. Miss j.
DUNN. 436 Bhepherd ... lironklyn
TRANSLATIONS from KiiKllsh Into French
by i»(ltie,i Kr.nch lady. ST CHOIX. 121
\v. --r ■>■'. «t
ATTENDANT. VAUCT, to an invalM | en-
UWUUI • tl. ll id. educated, pifhu.it
at'le. >mpanion*bl< . atti atlve to duties;
New York reference*. I'li.v.NK. BOOTT, I<*»
But -'I; rt
i:i ii.ia:. \ VLET. thoroughly expert
and competent, wishes re minsiimnt;
accustomed to travel a* conrtei mi.i i all i.
sy:tk* s«-\i-ml language . only lea . « mi ac
i i unt vt fuiiuii going abr< I. ( nil or ud
dreas JOSBPH. present naoptoyar'a, HMJtb
BUTUER or STEWARD. For gaMlaassß,
ho. >'i- yacht; highest ... re"
erence. J. w. N , SUM Eaei >;:>t:i st.
BUTLER and lir-t class cook; both thor
oachly competent tn ail bran he»: nine
yeai In taal p)ac*; t..-ht rteoaimeadatMtna
Cal! French couple, !£UI Wew 3Ktn at.
i;i i LUH -COOK.- Together or aepMrata;
all aintU ..f ttne »klng, p&Btry. etc . *■►:.
|40; city or country- beat referencea, Mine.
A. KKNTKOM. 2IU \\,-< 34th >t
BiTI.KII, VAi.rr. (tc B) Frmeli Swiss
couple at •••: M.. wife aa ladies' maid,
pariornMM ul chambennaM' will «<> an]
where: best eltj personal refen ut:
i;« 'i it<Ji. Tribune Uptown >iti..-. i.;; i
IJITI.KK. V.\I,KT.--Ky « French Swiss;
anvil :;«: • ompetent .i: i reUabla beat cttj
lii-r* nal references; «i:i ft< anywhere.
LBEK i 2tn< Weai S3tb-St
BUTLER Enarnah; tboroughlj uiu;e;stan.is
bualness; >.-ump<>tent. reliable; t»r«l elaaa
"'■•■'• -s BUTiJSR, 383 .\.:-i..hi t.,
i: tlyn
CHEV.— Flrat .-ln--^; :w. wife: ull drai. iie.s"
small hotel ... t.tui on; if- rtgetabW
c....X ...• waitress; ran laka full charK* ol
kiutien; good manager. 24^ Weal 31st st
care 1-aslier.
COOK.— Bj good German .-,.. and wKe
in country; i.i.m as rook; wife u» heii.er
A<!«!r.->- i- X.. -'• -■ 2.1 ay«
CARETAKER.*— Bj i.r.ith.M and Her. to
lake care of genttanait'a boose or the
Hummer ezceUen] ref*renct*S' experienced
FORUKB. -•to *s< 114th-st. '
CARETAKER an.l < 'oarhnian. 18 -pars'
personal reference; loimiij pref. rre-l K.
W BOWDISH, ITT >isjslanlaili iv<
CAItKTvKKR — Trumwi.ithy cv u ;>ie tram
to la;,- .arc of Brtrato, hnissl f.ir .-urn
nur; liiiAbi .a >-mployed .i^ !rt:er rai
li.r. s\vi .I. KS. 23] Bast Twtn-st.
CARETAKER.— B> unall Ocrossa . lamlb
,-ar<- ..f private h.,.i>^ tor cummer eltj
reference. 434 Ka^t Bt>th-st.. around nooi : .
COACHMAN.-^Colorad; BtnaM family can
t* highly r<>o..mm»n.l<vi; lionest sober
neat, willing; un<i^nitain!.-< nn- horses fear-
Mrta. BROWN. car* of (':kinr-b>-ll 500 West
COACHMAN.— By tierman. in prtvate ram
lly. thoroughly eompMant: careful'- thre* ,
.va.lß' best reference last place, HJU.N.. ,
la'j Chaaxib«r»-iit.,' cUar store.
COACHMAN— EngIish; thoroughly compe
tent, willing, obliging: twelve years' nrst
CU.-3 r«-!erer.c«. K. M.. 11 Eaat .'t»th st.
■vages not less thin *^5; steady wor*;
first . lss refereaeea A. M.. 16»> HI. ecker st.
•■■ \i HIIAN. — By a single youns man;
iniuium *ne; iir»i class refetenj cKy
01 country; iasi employer can be seen;
would Uk<t sttady position in coaustry. M.
V. .. ... . ptown 1 -liice. 1.30-k Uruadway.
COACHMAN. Mii.ile aged; thoroughly un
durttaaoa the rare of non»e» and Harness,
lauiis ai.a ptala t,a..!enuig ar.i caura ot
tuwia; .jiiw. i-ie:errrd; nrst class refer
enit. T. K. li.. M Wi.bur-av«.. Lunjj Isiand
City. '
COACHMAN, eardsner. seneral man on
splint man * pi ai c. liiiaeeisal. luurrled;
h.is. »v children; can laUk, care tires.
pumpr. etc.; Kc:.eiaiiy us^fui. sirictly as
i.i-i. ieli;ii'le and well recommeuded; em
ployei can ha tees in city, oalj fair wases
wanted. T, !:.. at Cbrpeater'a 134 ♦•th aye.
DRESS iiv ex. ellt iv tierman couple;
viung. nt-iii and u:i ; botn rirst class; will
■tva atisXactioa; well itcomniended. JL
i^'i.s. at i-ar,:.T.t.rs. 154 «th uve.
tumily: wants bouse; wif« excellent laun
dresß; • it!i yuung; stricUj sober aad reihv
ble in every respect. PATRICK, at 'ar
p.nler's. 1M ••th aye.
COACHSIAN, gardener, general man on
Kentl.-m:.n'3 place; will to un:erall> use
ful in any capacity: young, tidy ami re.-
ommended. JAMES) at Carpenter's. 134
nORKGK Hncli>ii coapto; will da
m ri ot small family t*tween them; yotlng.
D*Sl, tui> sober and well rec< nimended.
CHARLES, at Carp^nter"^. 154 Gth-a-e.
COACHMAN.— an experienced (married)
man; 15 years' city reference, written
anri personal; over two years with present I
employfr. leaves on account of veiling out.
CDNWAT. 421 West R3d-st.
COACHMAN -Steady and reliable; under
stands thoroughly care of horses, car
riages. .Sic. : careful driver; first class refer
ences; l'rote.-ftant; single. A.. 313 West
44th st.
COACHMAN.— Married; thoroughly under
stands his business; L-»i references.
HOWE. Btt West 3»th-st,
COACHMAN.— Married; thoroughly under
stands his duties. Address i> ; 27 West
COACHMAN. — By married man; no encum
brance; best references from last and
former employers, who can be, seen regard
ing hnnesty, sobriety and capability; city
or country. Call or address RICHARD, «28
I'ark ay«.
COACHMAN. — Gentleman wishes to aecur*
position for coachman: honest, sober. |
steady. willing. obliging; good driver:
understand* care of horses and harness. ;
Apply .'■'■ West 3Uth-st.. 10 a. in. Monday;
so cards.
COAi'HMAN and GROOM. — Thoroughly j
understaTi.ls his business ln all Its 1
branches; sis years' personal reference. I
Address J. X.. care J. Walshe. 823 7th-av«.
1 'HM AN. —Situation wanted for my
coachman, who 1* aiso a gardaner; capa
ble. honest. trustworthy and thorough
hcrseman. Dr. BURKELIUS, 3 Charl
COACHMAN.— A srentleman desires a sit
uation for his coachman, a young man
who understands his business thoroughly ■
and la honest, sober and reliable. Apply j
present employer's private BtaUe, lltJ 3 ;
West 50th-at.
iAi'HMAN — Young man, married: first
class city driver, will ba highly reconv
mended. WALSH. 19« East 76th-st.
COACHMAN, — English: first class personal
references; understands the care of fine
horses ani harnoas; capable to care for fine
■table. FLAHERTY. 4*3 Columima-ave..
near 833-st. TeL 741 J— River.
COACHMAN — First claas man; 15 years'
best reference from last employer, who
can be seen. Call a* address J. S. •;■;-.
COACHMAN. city or country. :
thoroughly understands his business: 1
careful city dif.«i: 10 years' referencea; j
last employer can bo seen. Call prlvato j
stable. 587 Park-a»e. j
FARMBR and GARDENER. — Understands I
tn* i.ure an 1" management of gentleman'a ,
r.vairy piace; n.arrled. amait family; 1 1$ j
years' good raierence. H-. 123 Ltvingston-
Rt.. Krorklyn.
I'ARM MANAGER on large dairy and
poultry farm: educated, up to date, hust
ling farmer, clean In mormia and busln*»s
habits W., Agricultural College Farm.
New-Brunswtck. N. J.
FARMER.— American. 40: married, girl
l>; boy 14. girl 0. girl *. boy 2; all will
work wfco can; thoroughly good, reapectabls
family man; experienced imitrican farmer
In every branch: strictly temperate; wife
care poultry milk, buttermakex. etc ; ref
erence can b* ae«n ln city. FRX.VK, at
i'arpenter"a. 154 6th-a.v».
FARMER.— By American, aa foreman;
fully understanas every detail of. up to
date farming! no children. Address L. X.,
Vaughan'a seed store. 14 Bar?:ay-«t.
GARDENER.— Proficient In ail branches of
horticulture outdoors and under glass:
landscap* work, etc, ; four yearn* reference
fr .m last employer; English.; aged 45.
marrie-1. no children. O. J. E. GARRKCT.
13th-ave . Newark. N. J
iiARDE.NEII ac«l general care of gentle
t place; greenhouse*, vegetables.
hnrsss. poultry; wife would ae'.p; rellahie
couple, no children. Aidress present em
ployer. MONTGOMERY. MAZE. 42* Lax
GARDENER. — Head: Scotch: ■antes':
thoroughly undarstaeds greenh. •:»*.
lawns u.r.l vegetables; good reswreacee.
JAS. WOOD 220 Maln-st., Orange, N. J
GARDENER — AssUtant; gla.»s snd out
f. If, 3 years' experience; single; wan-s
cj-rilr.s. first class place. Address P. M .
VauKhan's Seed Store. 14 Barday-et.
OAKPRNER. — Comj-etent; emre gentle
inan'a .-.try place; useful, handy. wife
would assist ln hcus« or cook tor amaU
family. 413 &tat»-*t.. Brooni>n. car* of
Mrs. fox.
HOUSEWORK.— two young m#n. aged
•J<> and XL nice looking, neat, string arl
wilinu:. ln private family or boarding house;
city ' r eooanry; spoak little Ern'.l:^. n'.-vj
renrenesa; reasonaLle wages. ftST 21 »ye ,
i-ai-j UasatUasv
STEWARD^ &-. — Young colomd man aa
iu*t.'..;.int steward, attendant. RKiasenger
or anything where lnt*llis*nc« aod Indus
try ar« required anl rewarded. X.. 44
: '..;:.»: Place, Brooklyn.
BTBWASD and housekeeper want positions
tn club or amall hotel; both are compe
tent and have experience; entire charge.
Address H.. Box 31. Tribune Office.
USEFUL, har.dy man. single, middle ag«d.
careful driver; thoroughly understands
houarhulj duties, gentleman's clothes,
lawns, drlvewaya; excellent private fam
ily reiiriinsa. jamu TATLOR. 337 Sd
USBFUI. MAN— mldJle aged. weTl
recommended, unmarried man. of good
hab!t>: wUlina to b« generally useful, on
Kmtlrn-.an's plaA-e la country; understands
can Dl horsea: can drive, and ln all ways
at.lo to i-ar« for r>lao« and k«ep asms In
.1 order an.i cor.dltlon. Address J \V
lUX IT. Tribune Osstee.
VALET. ATTENDANT, tr. an Invalid gen
tl^uuin: wxperlf i-.0«.J. educatod. prvsrnt
aNa, ompantonable. attentive to duties
N-w Tcra i-efeiencea FR.\N'K scvyrT!
Mi aal '->th-st
with Kriitlenun. by lntel!U*iit rolored
Wust Indtnn: useful .13 iten^-rapher and
sei-retar>. Addr»«» VALET. 143 Sth aye.
VAI.KT or Bt'TLER Wy Japan.-?.* with
Orsj Class uxperien^-a ana retereo res lv.
m Ka«t 51st »t.
VAI.KT or t»MPANION -By reflaed young
man; luitel. club or private; gentleman or
bachelor. Address afUXCU; car* Fred
l>ahl. Uuston nu»J. Uronnaale. Wesu-hester
r. o.
WMKKINV, OAROHXER.— Situation want
.l : understands evarythlnjt pertaining to
■ genueasaa'i eosaOij rosldent-e under
Kwsaaad out steers; "■■». carr-laK* rua>ls.
»ll kinds ,' veiretables. horsws cows an.l
p.mltiy; Wltllll; no family; IS years the
beat references; wife tlr»t class laundress.
If required. Address M. O. X.. (Vdar
hurst. 1.1 i\ O box 3S.
A I . r> V would Uk.- to place her seam
Streaa in position rot th,- nummer; laay
can '.■■ seen irom ;. ... tS o'elin-k Monday
****** , ll» Klveraide § Drive, come:- ttl .
St. .\.->k Rot Bra M t'ler.
V 11H.TA XX. — B ri>-^< table couple
' •ARaTTAKatR. B] two rella&ie wiISMS
. " - ■■-' t., iak«- . ar- • ' a prtvate house
• Irrii;,- ■■miner wuuM >„ hnus^wi lli „
Kn'''" : ">s'\ : .? iirvah'' \™ Cr * ""'SKKKt;!'
CARETAKKR Exj.erlen.-eu woman to car*.
f..r private li.u.e f.r summer: well
recaaumndmi. A,i..re or ,-a.ll for ihie»
daA-KEATCtg. ZU Ea,t 57?n «t ""
MOW -' 'llsjliliu.
fw ih.- • ummer; w as Jaattrssa; refei^
Ti. '. '., A ; 1* 1 " RI9CQU. :m Weai
A ' ' V VTV T 5 KMKNTS M» sub^npnons'ror"
O-n?e No ?W%°"°2 'I thelr "!*>«•
-I S^JWt
ott!c« 3 ai regular office rates until I ococ"
hA*' 2M Bth-ave.. .. •?^J..>g w *?
IS3 •tb-*T. ••• >-th-st. : i,2 Hast tSS^,
.-■ -' ' ... - - ■ ■ •'-
COMPANION, na^aa; lasl 1. com ,t«a»
American woman aa 1 imiiiimaaaL najr»«r
! to invultrl or eldirly lady; rsf*at«Dca! 3 hl
Vlne-»t.. J«rk*y City Heights. N. J. '
j CtXJK. and CARBTAK.BR.— By r*so«.-L*^l
nuoaan. with child » years old Tic 30
. vat»- house or apartment; willing to in
j »o«n« launUcrlng. 207 Wsst 6<Sth-«t. ar«
j floor, rear # '
I COOK.— By an English Protesiam -».'«
ences on file; wagaa JIS to J3O. K. u_
Ba.-on's ciffice. S,M 6tb-ave.. near 6z<^»Z
Tel '..-.73- 1 helsea. -~-eu
Kirst class. ho« most azcallent rsiaraanat
for private family. FINI^AXD BURti"'
1.055 3J-ave.. near 62d-at. *«^U.
COOK.— lrish; v«ry neat; reliable; good -»*.
erenc«a. D.. ilr*. Baron's oCc- a*tl ati.
aye.. near 23d-st Tel. 1.573 Chelsea.
C-OOK. &C. — North of Irsland Protastant w
cook, laundress, also ohambermald, wait.
ress; city or country; good bakar; frassßk
desiurt. ic«s. ctwmt. refar«aoas. «M 5a7
COt>K. AC. — Young, competent cook, losw
Ureiia. roast. »oup. baker, aa ■aaacS
worker: also coainbertaaJd. wattrasa:
two years" reference. 4-»3 6th-a.ve. '
COOK. —English Protea-^nt; vary -«*t
thoroughly understands all brancbae pla^i
and famy cooking; good caterer; cl^ a
country. Mrs. COLLIER. 122 Weat 25d-«t.
Laay leaving town »iahea to place hsr
three servants; all highly recommended"
present employer can b« seen. 31 £*•«'
|'<X)K — American woman, first class; rood.
economical managar: nne baksr and
pastry, three years' highest referance jr
U. L.. 1.3«4 Broadway.
English Protestants; refined, comp^ta-t'
man excellent cook; wlf« parlormaid c*
■■haniiierm.'itd and seamMtress, sjaeal refer
er.es. .Ity or country. J. S.. Jira. Ccl-
Uers. I^.* West 23d st.
WAITRESS.— B» two good Finns ness
and efficient. Mrs. KERNAGHANS BU
KKAI'. s«2 6th-ave.
COOK. — By German; first class; beat refer
•n.-es: warm $35 to S4O. Call at LA-NQ
4 BOEniEKER CO.. 13 West 27th-st-
German girls; referencai. Mrs. HAS 3"3
AGENCT. 1.063 «a-a»e.. llOth-st.
— Competent woman, having flr»t class
experience and refareoca; wages S-tO 171
East 51st- st.
COOK. — By middle aged woman; 9rst -:«es
•mall family. Address L F., 138 Wssi
CBth-*t.. Ctilllns's bell.
COOK. — Neat, competent ■woman; under
■tands all branches of plain and fancy
cooking: excellent baxer; 9 years' rr Af«r
encea; 925. M. T.. Mrs. Collier's. 122 West
23d- st.
petent girl: first closa; willing to assist
I with other work: very bast reference. Call
tm two days. 210 J»adisoo-ave.. pr*««3t
CHAMBERMAID to assist with chlldrea).
young woman, country ppeferr*!. Call
present employer's Monday bt.'or* 10 or
after 12. 44 Cast 7«th-st.
gtrl; private; city or country: per»cn«l
city reference: wagea |1"J to 120. Call,
I th:ee days, or address BEXX. W. BRAY
440 West 4.Vh-st.
CHAMBER MAID, waitress, a** 3i : Nona
of Ireland: oomp«tent; azp«rt on silver;
willing-: good rvfararncea. JANITOR. 2as
-West 81st-a<.
CHAMBERMAID— an English PrntM*.
ant; wllllna; to aaatst tn waiting: neat and
raliabla young woman: best of r»fer«»nce»:
c!_tv or country. M. J.. Mrs. ro'.'.ler's. ia
Wast 23d-at-
ADVEHTISEMESTS and sutnertpUons for
The Tribune reeetred at their Upiown,
OSce, No. 1.384 Kroadway. between 36t!l
and 37th sts.. until 9 o'clock p m. Adver-
Uaements received at the follcnring branch
ofT.oes at regular oSc* rates until 8 o'clock
D. m.. vLs : 25-4 Bth-ave.. s. c. car. 23d-at.;
M 6t!>-av» . cor. 12th-«t.; 02 3a*t Uth-at.
XT W««t «3a-«t.. betw«ea "th and Bth av»s.
2«3 West 12.%th-st. ; I.3SS 3d-av«.. betw-ea
79tb an«l 77th ats. ; 1.02« SfJ-ave.. n«mr*lst
st.; 1.708 lst-avo . near B»th-st. : M Ea»t
123th-at . ; 7S« Tremont-ave ; «30 3d-av«.
l.able girl; wail Tpr.omm'aifi . wagaa
$20. Call at LASCJ & BOE3CHEaiE3I CO..
13 West 27th-«t.
CHAMBERMAID. — First c:*as: German:
In refined horn- win «-<j [ n counrry for
summer If daalred. 403 East 88th-st.. first
floor front.
young dcotch girl; sbc months Is conn
trr: neat anj tloy: wagea $14 to IH: ref
erences. FIaAHERTT. 486 Oalumbua-a*a.
near SM-st- T«L — Rlversld*
—To go to eonntry together: references;
wagea $13 an<* $20. rUHIKTT. 48S Co
lumbus>aTe. Tel. J— Riverside.
HOtTBEarjESPER. — By Protastant wunan,
33, at once; thoroughly trust
enmpatsnt. r»!iaM«: good cook, caterer,
Burs* and .>:.-»•■, first class .--'•-■
•ncea. UORRISIX Ttlbosa XTptowa OS-s,
I.SA4 Broadway.
HOI73EWOIUC. — By a neat, con-?*t»r". re-
I.able girl; good cook aod ISaaßiMsaj zi
objection tn country placa or larr» family.
M. D , Mrs. Collier's Agency. 122 W>jt
LAUNDRESS. — Flnt claas: la<3!*» - anil
(ent'.emen's washing to take, home; opea
a!.- drying: work carefnllT done. .\ii-t%»
M. M.. Tribune. Uptown Offloe. 1.364 Broai
I*Ar>T*3 MAIIV By competent Oerrr.sa;
■".."-: clais hairdresser packer anl seas
srress- oxcellent trav#l>r: excellent city
r«fer*nc»9. Mr*. DICKINSON-3 COOP
LAST'S MAlT>.— French: fsmt olmi hair
dresser. »e^*r and traveller; c'.ty --f«r
en<-?s: wii«i $25. Call at t>.\N'j *
BOECHERBR CO.. 13 West 27th-«t.
LAUNPRES? — First claas: OOS9 air iryta*.
sun all Jay for private !»i!!!i»n In -r
out by day. CARETAKER. TD Waal ITStH.
LAUNPR'ESS. By yourt P-r.t«<itaat: bss
two years" <mice!!snt NRMW un-str
ptands »h!rt«. coll.trs ar. ! 'iJ«'>' flr.* wash
! Ing. FINLAND BUREA r ' J -V. 3'-a»«.
i LAI>T WAuld travel or rak* charge cf
houso: city or oountry. SHAW. 105 East
LAPY'S MAID. — ErDari-need traveller and
packer first class •esjni | tr»ss : to travel
with famllv: personal -efer-ncee. Sfiss
BT'^'Tf mrf m S«err. *W T *T!n«*->f-ava
MAIP. — Thoroughly rorrp?Te-.t : apeati
FYen'*??. G»rmsn. Ennllah: ttrst c'.aaa
] Besmstre?*. dressTnakep racksr: test class
! c!'v references. Address 3. E.. 529 3.1-av*.
MAir> — Bt North German reCned touom
Protestant woman: g" r> traveller; Sest of
ref«ren^e«: or as inTalld's attendan» 317
West iVth-st . care Mrs. Archer
MAIT> Of GOVERNESS -By young Fr«n«a
Prrtestant. speaking Enßll^h. n«it. edu
cated and efficient: excellent isruismssi
also French nur«e chaßibermald sn.l >ean»
utrejis Mrs. KBRNAQHAN'S BT"RBXaC.
MR <U aye
NTHSE. — I.iulv wtshes to sec-:-* asaca. for
ynunjt Infant' nur»e: thoroughly ,-~mre
tent la take entire ehaiga r>»mi Mn
r-een elirht vwri wth pr»#-- employe.
who will highly remmmen.! sr Call ls»
Went 7«th-st.
NT'RSE for Infant or children, by Ameri
can. sj««aktn« «nnd German; as*- J*.
Ixna md nv-Pt satisfactory ref»r»n. ••-■ aes*
fa!thf-il <-.<n.'r!^ntlous. Mrs KERNA
iiIMN-3 RT-RKAT . J>«2 «Sth-av». ,
NT'RSE.— by neat North r>rmsn
«ir!. in f.:..- family; speaks Oermaii and
Enitltih. B MIIJ^ER. 31* Ea»t lfirh-st.
refined North O'min garal w**r ****T
isNuutaa: waaes $CO-SI 3 r^:i at T^AXfl
.*. '• Ki-MF.RFT? >"T» . 1.1 Wei •JTth— t.
NTTPE— Reflne,J. worthy German. ml.Ml*
age-, w's^i^s situation tw /-hiM a* tady.
Bgn PTOTKMAR. 4.*50 East 83.'.-st
mmtsl >n.i SEAMSTRESS -Rv <5ootc!!
Protestant: can take full rhsrt:-" of tnfswl
or urowlne ''htl^ren; two years' r-ferenc««
'...::, pr«-»»it employer. Mrs COLIJEJI'3.
122 Weal BkMfc
NI-nSK or NTIi^P.T OO\TRSF.«S —9*
reflm r Nn-th i;e<-Tni»n. fr^m Hanover; full
charge of rrlMfN fr.>m - v«ar» up: c'ty
refer«-n- e« S M .. 141 East KW-st.
NI'RSK. < i!v or rountrr: colored: can «t»a
d->.-t .-rs' referenc-. MART JACKSON^.
Jert.-ho lonj sßßsasl
RFJFIN troTna ';mr. wouH a--com
l>nnv la.tv o.- utke .-are of in\ali.i for tb«
fare to aToliisa \ilUiess ANXTF:. 4S Bros*
way Rrooklvn.
WAITKCm- To-:nc. neat, efTVient. can
rurre. eti-. : excellent reference to dat»:
staava *•_•»>. Mrs. KERNAGHAN'3 BV
RXATT. <*!2 i-,th-ave.
WAITRKJSS —First .-l'tss; beat reference*:
522: iMuntrr nreferreO i^lll 12 East
42.1 st
wts^s pare for her waitress or cham
hermaii!. hest referent'es- competent to
tnke h-itler"s plac«. .\dp!t Pr W\Rt>.
•y.W Waal S»th-st , Sunday A.ii
Men la> l.efore 11 a. m.. ->r telephone.
ADVERTISEMENTS aad ssmsLitaMnsis as*
The Trlbun« rage Wad at their XJpeowai
Office. No. 1.904 Brca!»»y. between 3«tS
and 87th sts-. until • o'clock o. m. Adv«r
tlsisaunts received at the following brancS
esßcss at rernlar offlc* rates until 8 o'clock
P nv. \iz. : V>l xtN-. . « . <-or. 2M-««.:
US tth-ave. . cor 12th ;92 Baat Mthvat.:
-- \- - i- >.. >.. -■ . an< » t h •yea:
2«3 w-»t i;3th-st. : 1.23<* 3d-»ve.. N»twe*a
TiJth and "th sts ; 1.0-rt 3d aye . near 81st
»t.: 1.70S l-'-d\e. near -uth-st. • I*7 East
'— 1< i «c ; TM Tramoair-ave. . 400 Sd-s>va>

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