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Most Attractive Features of Tim
Xearbif Resort.
With a beaottful Btratch ■•' land on the margin
of the Lover Buy. a busy oci nn view and a clean
beach thr.t offer* B» KOI Bad BscOßiaa f<T fafe and
eajoyai ' Band BaOCh, easily accessible
from : ■■: • • . . tfa* BCtrOpcOs, is Fir.fTjlarly well
fiivorr '. Beyond '•'•' S stretches of o< can \-Istas
ami cor: jj.!"v« -. thi- p. itriteW suddenly turns
his back ■ ' '-amis o? Platen Island and
thr"':-h B thl'-l; prowinv: f or« Ft that crowds .:o-=e
to tba tcack ■-• tka Kataa Uasdl Midland BaUroad
is rHirii'i WWltrtf to the Fii.ooth BBSdy renc!:es of
th< l.each. Brtta spssodM buildincs. which ara
permanent ••••.:-.>. rather than the usual Plight
end n-.-u. <!••• BOM of tba BMtVOpoUlaa each.
Tli. i .■•!. several srajn of p-tting to Midland
r.<a--h. rhOM BfbO B«B Bosd of the water naturally
prefer t!:f Beeaa raoto uffnwd • ■•• the swaa boal
WUIiBJB Story. ItH'f'H tha Hatt<ry BBd lanriir.p
BBSjBSJWen af 0M lonp Midland Hoach pier In fifty
miti'ii- 5. Others, Blbß enjoy Fylvan ecer.es, may
j>ref. r th* Bhoti t:i;i BOOM the Bay o-.\ the ?taten
btead ferry from the DMt of '■ hail-M.. jwisslng
close to Governor's Island, wlth'.n splendid view
of the Bf fiTT of Übcrtjr. and lnvkriaMy obtaining
an I:.''-'. ■■•-; i'.r- glimpse of some one of the preat
■was • a\ ly up the hay. This pleas
ttr.t .lournry across the Hay is . Slewed by a de
lightful bsJf hour's vh'r: through the country lares
of .^tnt'-n Islar.i, p:i«---';-K it«= qualr.t villages, Fkirt
ir.g the low hil's find cntchir-.g frequent fc!!mjises of
the ÜbbmV Hay '.hroueh the trees and over the
Bsflßnda, Rssra sre other ways of reaching Mid
land H'ach known to the JtTS-yltes and Staten
P.ut whether one travel by «ea or shore, the first
Impression at Midland iifa-h is equally pleasant
svnd surprising. '>"■■•■ eol:d and splendidly built ho
••I*. the air of quirt beauty ana comfort that jt
vad< tr:«s BBMMO MMt Instantly SKtaffaMMß it
from the multitude of other ocean . grounds of
the metropolis. In tray. Ui.-jg to and i:; exploring
aiieia::<; Reach, the visitor la t:i variably Intpnaaad
liso with the <;uJpt orderliness of th«- a <wd. For
* *■ the iderj NMI • f ttie tr.ure family -father,
(Better and children— with Fotn«_thirig to :>i the
Xarte of each.
Paterfa.rr.niis may enjoy the rport of reeling In
/o>e finny '-*— '—T-iT or the deep, t; he i asts his
line and halt from the end of the pier whl^h runs
<r>ut |J3i (M Into th« ocean a:id !s a Hi W lit
haunt of the enthusiastic fisherman. Or the
head of the fan- may prefer to lounge on the
Great bi.arJwu:ji, BTten M.d.a.:i.i BaßChCa fcieat or
chestra flaoaoSßH iriU-i ut BMndagi I'-i'rr.non
and *ver.;.-it DOSMaitS throughout the day, free for
all ar.d < r th» plensjre of every one. '« the nuan
time, he nay t.nk« II th» great and constantly
changing j anorarna j resented by the i>eUrslnuns
un the Lusruv.iuk. the bktfeCfl on the bea.h tnd
the great MM MMflNf^ hips and boats of every
sort that ; .. s within eajsy view, as they enter
and depart from the port of New- York.
Many an rrant and visitor to these shores
fT!s his Bnt hlitl • -:■■:: 'if Anv-.-1.-an We and
km!;." : k> t!ie officers ar.d other knowing
ones jjoli.t out thtM MBXfejf resorts. wWle at the
came BBBBKBt those who are on land are specu-
this FTrnnis "vniKrru
latlng upon the names and the Identity of the pass-
Ing ve-^«.!5 Within full view of the beach Is the
quarantine station at Hoffman's Island, now Prac
tic.->lly deserted, but once the scenn of great ac
tivity, when, many years ago. the fear of a great
cholera epidemic detained many jieople on this
and Swinburne Island, also In plain view.
For th« rtrollers. to whom the !<->r.g expanse of
smooth white pand In either dire tion off. an
alluring charm. Midland Bnf> Is unique In its
facilities. Stretching eastward for several miles Is
a broad reach of sand, on which the tl<its leave, a
wonderful ar/ay at beautiful thells. while now and
then a piece of driftwood floats In. sucr. -sting the
perils of ocean navigation. This loMf. k-v] beacn,
*»•*•;,; I.y th«~ cool winds of th* ocean. offering op
portunity fur (julet seclusion to thousands. Is on*
of the Chief Cham <>f land j each, while be
hind the bea.-h Is a long, level plain, overgrown
with Rrent tract, which affords winding pathways
•s:r:K t!i.-!r own ;•;. il to the Inhabitants of
tasty Manhattan.
JJut the majority of the units of an American
holiday crowd ; ; p- nut given to contemplation al
together, and It would !)•• a mistake to Imagine that
Midland sack offered attractions for the minority
alone. The murie, the Laming and fishing, the
ever rh.inKintr \i»-vr, the health giving breeae, still
l<:.ve wmHWm to be desired for their surplus
■lisrcl— . It is Its power of meeting nil these
decree, as well as those lea* exacting pleasures of
tha few, that makes Midland Beach Justly famous.
For the Inner man, whose appetite, Is stimulated
by the OOCSB n!r, Midland IJeach has three rood
hotels and a number of mo ■ Ik at restaurants in ad
dition to stands tor light refreshments.
Of the attractions to the young of all ages M!d
land Beach has Its full share. They may enjoy a
dance In the pavilion, where an excellent floor and
good music furnish delightful sport. If they desire
novelty they may try their skill at the game of
Japanese bowling, or If they desire pleasure with
an element of excitement, may venture a rld> in
the great Ferris wheel, from the summit of whose
broad circle they may enjoy an unexcelled view out
over the broad bay to the open ■■"a. The aquarama
Is a wonder and delight to all ages. The sc«tuc
railway affords another exciting and Interesting
recreation, while th<_- Aquarama. replete In atrango
and beautiful feature*, promises to be one of the
successes of atidlai I Bcaoh In the present sensor.,
with Its won>l«rful panorama of scenlo rlsws.
There are. betides, masteries and Illusions and
other features of a popular ""a^lde resort BalOM.
Hut the "fake" and undesirable f«-.itur«s that until
recently marred more thai one of Xew-Yi-rli's
nearby resorts are entirely absent from Midland
I'.-ach. There Is nothing to offend or annoy ;my
member of a family. Such things' have never ••!
titined a fooling h»-ro, and It Is the policy of the
management to k»-ei> the fame of this b*>ach for
cleanliness and orderliness on its present high
plane- Tills Is so well andwateod by those who
have at ar:y time within rtCMlt ye.irs pnl'l a visit
to tills be:i'-h that many families and parti. -s have
formed the habit "f nifiking frequent visits. i'T.J <^r.
any Sunday or Other hohdny a esMM of the
crowd WOOld show tn.ir tl.ey had Kathered from
every point of tha O m| MB, not only Crosl Now-
York and Brooklyn, but from Wtoqi towns and
budMi in N* *-.'•■!-• |
Of course, the f.r.nl appeal of any sjeagMs. resort
lies In Its batM facSlttsa, and here Mid'.aml
Beach falls no whit i>hort of th« other fan. ..i
00 an resorts. For more than a mile Its hTh of
white nand Invites the bather. Th« pure. i
waters of tK» oceu <-ome In with long rolling
waves, and the ticm ■!• ■ -t of the bSAeh Balwa
bathlnß at once safe and teltshtfaL '""r Urn swim
mer who strlkt-s out boldly tvt ■> the <l<>^> water and
for th« untold bandroda who • -njoy the sport and
the pleas-ire of a cool bath. Midland Be.ich is ■
favorite resort. Moreover, " r the les« ' '•'•'*• for
»!,om a day at the seaside nier.r.s long hours of
l!»a.sant Idleness In the »and. tha maT-.;i»{»in«-nt hava
prOTtflrtl a novel convenience- a huge toarlstoo'.-ltke
shelter, capable of protecting a dozen picnickers
from the sun. Dozens of these odd but useful llt
t;.- structures dot the beach. n|»-n to the, visitors
without charge, for here, as In the numerous res
taurants and other establishments along the board
walk, the basket party li» welcome.
Bat If the dayiltfht charms of MMlan4 Beach
are Justly famoaa, th« attrr»'-tlDns that it offers
at ntjrht are still Kreater. Situated at a mrateKt':
position with reference to the other ssastrta resorts.
Midland I>ach can enjoy their alCBt attractions
as well a.i Its own. Straight across the bay Uas
roney Island, and th« view of the fireworks, the
glow of the countless lights and the. whuie paxio
rtima of color and illumination that makes the
nightly round there gain rather than lose In
scenic beauty when seen from Midland Beach.
The fln.«hlng of the lights of the excursion steam
ers as they ply the waters of the Lower Bay, the
gleam of th* N'avealnk lights on the distant Jersey
coast, sometimes even th« glare of the great
searchlight at Sandy Hook add to the beauty
of the scene, while with Its own attractions, the
com-orts n: I the. dnnce halls, the long stretch of
brllll.ir.tly Halted boardwalk and the thousand*
of visitors, the picture la animated in th« extreme.
While for those who prefer to observe ratlier than
to mlntrle In the- eXCIteSMBt. th« r»ro^,l v-'randas
of the hotels, sv.f-pf hy coolirg ■ raeaei and cotn
man'lin^ BMSnMcaßi k*wa, arc a favorite resort.
T. K. Albaugh. lessea of the Midland Beach
Th'.itr*. hris opened to the public a pretty and
eoßuna playhouse. It Is cor.ducted on en
tirely I'.ifferent lines from *"\s; season. l^rst class
attractlOßa are produced. Including high class
vaudeville and popular comic opera. Women and
children wra esperiji.y tnvttcd to attand, N.> ln
toxli nt!r:i? PqOOfl Kt* tervad, find It Is conducted
upon the l:nes of • first < l.iss niftropolitan theatre.
Saturday matln^t are especially well attended hy
tha young women of tSvi 31 ten Island schools and
MBtbiartaa, There will ba ■ change of bi'.l weekly.
Mr. Albaugh, who hss theatres at Plaaama Hay.
Long r.r.T.rh. N. J.. ftn.l In C'h!o. ptriwltf Bup«r
vtsea t:'.'l .-"tdn.-ts tb« M..l!anri nea^h "n.-atre. A
l» rf rmance in elven every evening at S:ls o'clock.
Matlneea. Saturday and Sunday afternoons at S.
Q V Wilson, proprietor of the Midland Beach
Hotel, who is popular with visitors, has sur
rouitded h'.nis.if witii as •xeaUtol »tafl of waiters,
chefs and other help, ar.l e»tahM«hed a chot«« aad
tlbaraJ burdar, which will tnetnda the choicest Of
!e» |O be ba4 • ;.r..i:cl:«>nt th* seascn. The
h«>'el building 1* In the RaBatMBOCa sty>. It has
hl<h. htoafl rooms, of which few are now vacant.
Tbaj are. let only to guest* li;t«-nillng to stay for
■ while at the beach.
Tn+ I* A. Thompson Bconk Railway was espe
cially « imire.i at tha I'nn-AmerU an F\p-»:t!on.
Mr. Thompson contlnnao to surprise his patrons.
by the novflt'.es he introduces. Visitors to the
beach, who maka a trip for the novelty of the ex
perience, ennnot resist the temptation to go again
and again on a. Hal si the pleasure they derive
from the exMVratir.K MBOaearßti
This WOll known hotel Is famous for Its oysters,
clams an<l M ids, prepared t>y the ■!;•■' of John W.
Tilley FiFh, steaks, chops, entrees and game are
also served In a stylo that has mailei this hotel a
.Tito reiHjrt for thos« who make the trip to the
UiSVtf Ui<UMO<X liCA-'Q,
St. George. Staten Island.
Manufacturers of Ice Cream. Water Ice. Charlotte Russa, Jelly and Fancy Cakoo ••
Family Parties. Weddings. Br>ardln« Houses, Hotels, Kestaurants. Church Fairs. Sunday School
Festivals, Country Places, etc _»
New York Depots— 3os Fourth Ay«., 598 Sixth Am, 110 East 125 th St.. 113 Park Row. 3d
Columbus Aye.. 142 West 125 th St. New York Factory— 213-221 East 24th St.
Brooklyn — 105 Fulton St.. 1414 and 1416 Fulton St.
Jersey City— .*> 77 Jersey Aye.
Telephone call to each address. See telephone book.
J. M. HOBTON ICE CREAM CO.. Manufacturers of their famous American Ice Cross)
anil Wats* Icos, also French ami Italian Ice Cream and Water Ices, supply their goods to »
200-ml!e radius about ea. h branch. Biscuit Olace. Tortonl. Praline, Tutil Fruttl. Pudding
■olroda tllaoe, Stanley Uku-e. IMplomate Plombtere and Mousse Cafe, Marrons, Mill FroA
Cardinal. Roman and Lalla Kookh Punch and many other flavors are prepared for summer re
sorts, weddings, restaurants and hotels. Oranges filled with Punch, surprises, all styles. Fancy
form*, flowers, fruits, ultimata. Elegant for dinners, parties, receptions, etc Only pure ma
terial Is used, pure cream from their own creameries. The Ice Is from their own lci»-housao SB
the Hudson. The fruit flavors are prepared with great caution, and experts handle all th»
products with great scrutiny. J. M. Morton. President, and Joseph A. Cozzlno, Secretary at th»
Company, are well known all over the United States for the absolute safeguard of all manu
facturing processes. Mixing;, freezing, packing and delivery are done with great accuracy.
At Midland Beach th- "Horton Ice Cream" is the password, and all over Staten Island at
the family board these d lleioua Ices ara dally required. All particular* at 115 Park Row, HM
York City.
baaohea. It Is conveniently located. at Statsi
Island's excursion centre,
Th Ferris Wheel Is a favorite attraction, T!u
gentle, swinging motion as the car makes th» as
cent conveys the sensation of a balloon assam
without the apprehension, the view gradual)* aj>
Urging as the altitude increases. At the highs*
point a grand scene of country, ocean and town °,
presented, gradually fading as terra flrma is m?
proached. "
The Aquarama Is the longest and the most ■>•»»
tlful rolled mill In existence, and presents a woa
derful panorama of scenic views.
F. X>. La BAR * CO..
Midland Beach. 8. L
Delicious Candy In all variety. Soft Watw
Taffy, Popcorn Rolls, all made on the premises
Mr. Jones supplies all little ones with the baa
candy on Staten Island.
At the Handsome Parlors of M. Connsl * Co.
▲ dish of Strawberry Ice Cream. Yaaflaa
Orange, etc.. Is unexcelled. Ico Cream Soda ta
All Flavors.
Mr. Stevens has a beautifully located hots)
and well prepared menus bring large crowds ft
this popular clubman and hotelier. Saturday aat
Sunday Dinners are famous at Midland Beach.

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