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Ry£\ IT (Sn TT 7 TT TT TS4T TG^ To) A T\T Tr^\ TT^Tr^
" \1 ■:■ -
« - .1,
land "i the Ifoors, a cunning marauder, a swaggering
figmc in scarlet and gold, with a white, jewel-clasped
turban above his swarthy features, a scimiter a; his
■de. a n:u7.zli'-lna.i'.:T- T gun inlaid with polished brass
across his shoulder, stands as the romantic cause of a
striving historical coincidence in the affairs oi
th. Lnited - I
Tht 1 handtedth a.n
uw . d thai
■ i
Kepublic m its in
fancy to bivak u]> the
piracy an the Barbary
Coast is in this pear.
How wt-11 and heroic
ally Comnodoie PirLle
cam« i oat the task
'•hat En flan <i and
France shanaed in
dread of the murder
ous marauders erf the
African Coast was at
tested in the entire
disappearance of the
Bariiarv i vi thr iats and
their snipe and the
complete safety that
game to merchantmen.
In place of the old
American frigates thi
Barbary w.r- rs i
shown the white, steel
bodies Ft be n* idem
warfclrips of the United
States. The object of
their pre -en c« was
almost the same. The
bberty and even the
'■ ■ ■ ■ .:•• American

■ ■
■ -
• i
■ ■
! •


■ ■
» Evei

„: "- :• i fleet and beautiful horse adorned with elab
rati trappings, surrounding himself with a small band
composed ai only the most desperate characters of
\ ■ west Ma md sucoes ■-.".%■ defied his King
and the armed forces of th<- nati<m. He irorked his
cweet trill. He despoiled untless caravans of their
ivory, their gold and the laves that they were
bringing from the Soudan to Fez, the Moorish capital.
where human en i ■ th •• xes are still offered
fur sale on the block.
The kidnapping of two >;.;i:; ; -h children, who were
brutal]? pal to the knife nrhen it became appareni
thai his bttle victims' : .ir> • • :- rr>uld noi Day the
■•■I , ■ ■
r B. 1 British
Times, ' ■ho aa
nee of
te thai an i ise of the non-payment
. ■ >i" ten
; ransom; and finally the brazen
■ ppinj erf Perdicaris and hi-- son-in-law from a
■ t more than ,t mile distant from the arsenal
Ntr.*-t of
Pa-a!-Ai- R«k«vili). the Moori-K bundil
authorized robber at whose
a wh< »Ye pr
must be placed I v his '
n to a
rai for his
■ ■ ■

list of 1
t 1
And soil
• • ■•■ ii Raisul

■ citizen. Harris, was a prisoner
■• - thirl "■ wn the I
bers in Tangier Such an • ' -

it. To explain \\ hat the ■
and barracks where one thousand
at the Sultan's army were
tered, followed by the extraordinary
.■■• ■ ■ ■
he receive officia i ition a- an
rti«t'«:r»f.h« b<r f »al R*u.ti M Ttr.[wr
an 1 will also show how it has been
possible in these days for a
medieval bandit to oxi^t m abso
lute security— in such security, indeed, that oftei n
I gorgeous costumes he has b. Idly entered .he
cities, with a i-url <>t" his lip for the frowns of the offi
cials, knowing full well that they did not dart- raise a
hand against him, for dread of the revenge that would
follow at the hands of his desperate followers.
Morocco has no roads except rough and beaten
camel path:.. There i< nothing on wheels in the
try There are n.> railroads Europeans once tru-.l
to build "Ti- between F< : and the M-aj.«irt of Rabat
on the southern coast Ten miles of track was laid.
Sidi Hkhomed
I)ti< .<li. Captain cf
Tr,u-,,- ..1 T..r.| V r
P.,!..< . ..t r.i~tict- and
Tre UU r» ..t I ...>,■.,.•-
■ .-i: aJ ter it
hud been |n■< d to thai the p
too poor to pa> om, show
■ 4 the M • Tb :•■• • ■ : ■
.-.v Dea to
I .
Moor has not realized the great size of -.he
ai i the first ci g ■ i
started pufl ng The
natives an <st in :.< rce
H »t the it::
hi their super*
stitioti and fanatic
ism, as k.-< n to-day
as \\ hen Mohan ■ !
led his for* >-s in per
they <i- •
the steaming l< ■• -
c .i : .._ r .i!i
d • mo n. T
• !• m
ye h ton up

t tin*
■ -

i isonehta In .1
I ■
■ ■
er a

. ■ ■

■ ■
'I : • ■ -
ity ' i
in ' ■• -ir m
■ . ■ ■ • ■-
; • ■
■ .
lnde< d. knowing
what I i!n of
Raisuli's i-awr, I
atn forced to the
beli< I that if he
<■■. ■ r was cornered
and attacked he
would not hesi
tate at the murder
hi any ■• ■ -til
captive s thai he
mitfht have. His
shocking murder

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