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Warrants Out for His Assailants in
>* Statcsboro, Ga.
_„ StatMtboro. On., ' Auk. 3.— Sebastlne Mrßrid«, a
riirgro. iivir.g near Portal, in the upper part of Bul
'•'iook County. this State, was taken from bis house
.en Saturday sjbi by a mob M five men, carried
.'*vut In th* «vood». whipped severely and then shot,
'lie died foon afterward.
ri Before his death, however, he related to a num
i-foer of wiilte rr.cn and colored people the manner
'In which !.« was handled, and told the names of
'three of his assailants. They, were, according to
hts statement. Perry Barnes. Henry. Barnes and
- Wesley Waters, all white men. TBe MM! of th«
, others h<: <!id not *,-. m to know. He said the men
mmc to his house '-nd hailed him tit the door.
*^V/h< n it was cpen<-j they came in with runs and
kept his wife at bay while they carried him away.
• After they had been cone some lime his wife*
heard several gone ured. and later in the night
iteDitf* returned to his "house, badly beaten and
•not in the back in several flaws.
•■fgcvtral of the whit* neighbors »■«•;■• Informed.
'And went to see the nexTO and took his testimony.
After his tieath Coronci L». <J. Stanford held an
""The killing was done Borne distance from this
'T'lare and it wa.s impossible to learn all the details
if tbe crime to-day. The verdict of the coroner*
'Jury was obtained, nowetw. and the Sheriff has ]
cone to arrest the persona named in the verdict. ]
""The Jury recommended ti;at warrants be issued for |
,'tho ro*-n named by Mcßrtde, and that the matter ;
\s>e investigated.
Negro Attacks Girl icith Razor
Hundreds in Mob.
S» Uramic, Wyo., Auc. 29.T-Joe Martin, colored,
: ; wis lynched by a mob of two hundred men In
"front of Judge Carpenter's houao t<>-;iiKht. Mar
"tin v.es a trusty in the county jail. He attacked
rm wtitc ?'I-1, Delia Krause, in the Jail kitchen,
"and ?1a5:.» i her face, and arms with a knife.
' Or.c ir.au was Injured when entering: the jail to
.drag out the prisoner.
' " After assaulting- Miss Krau.se Mith a razor,
jJMarUn was iilaced In a eel) In the county jai!.
To-night a mob of several hundred men ormed
,'outside the jail. The first inUmation that Sheriff
Cook had of the contemplated lynching- was when
two masked men appeared la the kitchen of th
jaii 1 " with guns levelled at bifn, told him
thai there were two hundred men watlng out
side for the negro, and that he would better not
attempt to make my trouble for them. In th.'
mean time another masked man had entered.
While the first two nun held the Sheriff, the
third man took the kt-ys of the Jail from tht
Sheriff's pocket, and tht-n the three started for
the negro's cell. On the way they met Dr. Mil
ler, who had been summoned to dress two
wounds on Marl i self-inflicted, with th<- same
razor with which be had assaulted the g;rl and
Turnkey Jones.
' The doctor and the turnkey were compelled
to stand against the 'age of the cells with their
-faces turned away from the mob. The negro
was then taken from his cell and hurriedly
■marched throueh the courthouse Into the street.
Arriving at a lamppost a short distance from
"tho jai!. the negro was quickly strung up to the
jiost. Dur'ng the c-nriiv proceeding the negro
*<iiti not epeak or attempt to resist the molt.
f Within a hour after the lynching the streets
"were deserted.
A«:tisiK Ooroivr Grant • ■ ned the body of the
3i>'gr<i tfVer. to an undertaker. Miss Krause
•vpuld have been killed by Martin had not
fheriff Cook 'field him until hfs rage cooled, and
• tii.ti! he could l>e taken from the kitchen. On the
the way out he slasht-d Frank Prazer, a by-
wiih a butcher knife, whicTi he bad
,grabl)ed from a table. Frazer's wound is not ,
«.r!"us. M;rs Krause. who comes from Chilli- [
i-ethe. Mo., is not seriously hurt.
.'Angry Mob in Fitzgerald, Ga.. Would Not
£j Believe Negro Murderer Was Dead.
; Fj&sreraW. Ga., Aug. 29.— A. L,. Scott, the negro
sgiayer of .1. A. Bishop, died in the city Jail here
,at i o'clock this afternoon. His death probably
averted serious mob trouble, as excitement was at
fever heat from ihe time last night's special train
arrivf-d lrum Rebecca with the prisoner, who was
captured by citizens of that place.
Ye"*t<-rday eveniaff, when the first report of Scott's
capture reached h--re. Chief of Police Herman
'Smith, accompanied by six armed citlrens^ , Ipft
at once f.>r RebeceaJ which Is a small ■village, fear
ing a general uprising among the neffroes. Smith
and his party were followed by a special train car
rying a beavfly armed force and gathering up a
num:rt-r on the way.
! The special train returned at 2:30 o'clock this
morning, bringing the negro, who had resisted ar
..rest until fatally tided. He was taken to the
city jail, and early this morning the mob gather* I,
'an.l there was imminent dangt-r Of lynching. Th*
"I-risor.er was removed to the second story of tho
City Hall, a substantial brick structure, and placed
under a heavy guard.
Company M. 4th Hi-gimtnt. Georgia State troops,
'tinder command of Lieutenant Charles A. Day,
Uvraa called to arms and held in readiness for Im
mediate action.
"'The mob refused to disperse for more than an
'hour aft^r the death of the negro, declaring the
• report to be a rus*e to deceive the ■ pie until be
..could be removed to Abbeville. He die I thirty mln
uirs before the -arrival or' the Sheriff of Wilcox
[•County; and the body remains at th*- City Hall. The
• •coroner of Wil'-ox County was sent for. but It is
.Ixardly liki-ly than an inquest will be held.
*•■- Columbus. Ga., Aug. 2» — Five negryes, all Kup
■poseil tn be members of the "Before Day Club,"
■*■• r - arreptfil near Salem. Ala., to-day, for at
tempting to entf-r the house of Mrs. Maggie Plott
-One of th" membfrs of the ganp arrested, I negro
woman, confessed that the negroes of the com-
CBlznJty had orßanized for the punxjse of murder
in?, rabbins and burning. The first white family
•IV. , 7^ s " «'' :IV<J r-'-"iVf-dr -'-" iVf -d thl« treatment WHS
i-tftat of Mrs. Maffele I'fott. who Uvea with her
three children on a p!ainati( n neiir Chewaola.
"Mrs. Plott h son thwarted J^the attempt by firing
.5' ' m Vlf t 0 * 11 **"^ us hi^was enterins the win
rt *' <'fl:<"rs are now on the outlook for an
«her nexro who is «aiU to be a member of the

U lalLai Acer.
f ' by "iaea" DilUnJ h
- State and North
the track >,r the

• be is
[by nxecaArn t<i the teibuse.]
- ::-.- Orleans, Aug. n<.-The indications ire that
tIM ..aval Hospital. f<,r the marines and other
forc-^ employtd .-it. th- Panama Canal, may be
Ir-dtta m New-Orleans. The Officers of the sta
;<fon are wucloys to have it here, and th« report
I' This station w-.uld be a much better place for
■ other
• :n-;o.
£Tb* r,- s , O rt quotes O^nerat li. F. Elliott, of the
iiS VI I 3I 31 *" JUlin " ° Orr<s - and oth * r ••.•tain
I ei.tlon
- r. 1 r 1 1
■ iB
The great shops) of the i>uii
' *>un (m Beptember I
•m will be
v i.s work
! ■■■ month.- the f or( . ( .
Every Hospital ~ r ~
. « ■„,.;■
soi prominence in America uses .'. '/^ ,• ■ ;,
W^ i-BTHlifk WATER f
in the treatment of Rheumatism, Gout, Gravel, Bright's
Disease, or kindred ailments. Sold Everywhere. . ■ ?j| .
Deflects Bullet Fired by Husband
Against Wife's Breast.
In a quarrel yesterday morning George Wood,
thirty years old, of No. 20 Willow Terrace, Ho
boken, fired a .32-f-allbre revolver with the muz
zle pressed against hla wife's breaM. She fell
to the floor with a scream and Wood Jumped out
of a back window and escaped.
The woman was taken to St. Mary's Hospital,
where it was found that the bullet had struck a
steel in the front of her corset and, glancing
down, had been embedded in the corset. The
powder from the i-artridge had made a bad burn,
but the woman was otherwise unhurt. The doc
tors at the hospital say that as the revolver was
held at such close range it is extraordinary that
the i(UIK-t did not penetrate.
Mrs. Wood, who is t wenty-elght years old.
was formerly an actress. She would not give
nny information about th<- trouble. Wood. It is
said, has often threatened to kill his wife and
himself. an«J it is thought he may have commit
ted suici.le.
It May Give Clew to Murder of Jewelry
Salesman. • • • ~
. - . . . - . ■ i •■' ■ ■
. ".lie.: Mass.. Aug. 25).— The accidental discov
• ■'.■ of a piece of flesh In a sawdust pile at the
Southland Sa\%- Milis by a little girl and the
subsequent rinding: of another bit of flesh four
inches square by detectlven have furnished a
new clew to the supposed murder of Frank J.
i.'.jttin. the Worcester jewelry salesman, . trMo
disappeared on December 17 last.
On the night of his. ij tsa » nrr Bums, in
the company of Walter E. Smith, drove to the
neiKhborhood of the Southland mills, four miles
north of here, with the expectation of disposing
of jewelry to the men employed there. So far
as known. Smith was the last to pee Barns
p.live. Smith \v:ls arrested In Boston or: June
28 charged with the larceny of jewelry from
l!u ••!).«. was la.ter indicted for larceny and is now
hHd in the Worceste* Jail for trial.
While playing in a sawdust pile Kthei Rich
ards discovered a piece of flesh. The matter
was reported to the State police, who to-day in
stituted a systematic search of the sawdust pile,
resulting- in the discovery of another piece of
flesh. The two discoveries were turned over to
the medical examiner, who was Inclined to be
lieve that they had formed a pnrt of a human
thign. The dean will be submitted to an ex
pert. Some time ago the police became con
vinced that Burn* had been murdered, but the
discovery of the tlesh was the first tangible clew
to the possible disposition of the body.
First Attempt to Reach Washington from
St. Louis a Failure.
St. Louis. A:i»». 29.— A dispatch was received to
day by Assistant Chief Percy Hudson, of the de
partment of transportation, at the World's Fair,
saying that Georgo E. TomHnson, of Syracuse.
N. V.. contesting with Carl K. Meyers/ of Frank
fort, X. V . in a balloon race to Washington, land
ed nrar Wyomlnjr,, 111., last nlsrht. after brtnjr. in the
air twenty-four hours. Meyers had landed, near St.
Charles. Mo., after being- In the air a little 'more
than two hours.
The contest will be continued until November I,
when a cash prize of 15,000 will b*> awarded. Tom
linson has a distance of two hundred miles to his
credit, which may be beaten by another aeronaut.
After Two More Ballots, However, Company
G, 69th Regiment, Elects a Captain.
After three elections. Company G. of the 65th ,
Regiment, has elected First Lieutenant Bernard '<
Cummings to Its captaincy, vice Duffy, promoted
major. . At the first election, h«ld two weeks aat>,
the company was divided evenly, thirty votes be
ing cast for :t each candidate. At the second
election, held on Monday of last week, sixty mem
bers managed to cast sixty-one votes.
The third election, held last night, offered some <
variation in having sixty-one, votes cast by Bfty
nlne members. This ballot was thrown out. and a
second vote taken. The second ballot was said to
be illegal, the men having voted in civilian dress,
while the node calls for undress uniform, and «•>
still a third was taken. A difficulty presented
Itself when it came th<; turn of James Wlgmore to
vote. He is recovering from an accident, which
broke his leg. and could not put the trousers of his '
uniform on. He could not vote until in full uni- ■
form, and he finally decided to use one leg of the
trousers This seemed to cover the demand of the
opposition. He had to be carried to the elections
by hie friends.
When the third ballot waa counted It was found
that Lieutenant Cumming B had polled twenty
seven votes and Second Lieutenant James Dillon
iwenty-fomv Major Lynch, who presided an
nounced Lieutenant Cummings the captain.
Wins Pursuit in Broadway— Women in
Latter Vehicle.
There was an exciting chase down Broadway last
night between an automobile and ■ runaway cab
containing two women. The machine won and
th« chauffeur, running alongside, seized the horse
by the bridle and stopped H. The women were said
to t»- actresses at the Casino.
The cab was jogging quietly along, when at :
Forty- B|xth-st.8 |xth-st. the wheel P truck a -stone, and the
driver, name,) Hurly. was thrown from his seat
The horse Immediately ran away. A little "behind
a ,?,ri vv V 1V 1 tin Ze W ',', (IHvlftK an »«t»mobUe from
>J jUble. Eiearln« the mreunis or u^ '
fhe horse Tl^J&S^'^"^ "*
Worcester, Mm.. Aug. 29 (Speclal).-A 20-horse-
Power automobile plunged at full B peed Into a
• ence. sidestepped Into a big oak tree, and then
Jumped over an embankment, throwing its occu
pants several feet, near Sunnyslde Park, v ;l ,i,.
yesterday. In the car wen- W. F. Lund, of New-
York, the owner; T. K. Maher. of New-York;
Pierre' 8 T r £ ackßOn - ii' Worcester, and Charles E
• o \v % ' , ° 8l »',V The "'" ■ rep * on th ""' way
'" Worcester. All were more or lees Injured arid
required mCdI ° al treatment Th « automobile was
Harry Sharpe, a State Supervisor of Schools, of
Mertden, Conn., was taken to St. Mary's Hospital
In Brooklyn last night with a broken jaw. He was
standing on the platform of the l>an-«t. station
Of the, Brighton Heach line of th« elevated rail-
T tr^m e ?n? ,P, P f art Of a heavy trolle y P° l<3 "lipped
fhTMoe'of r ;he ft ; nn ° tOr Car - 8 ' rlkl " hlm °»«h-
Naihvllle, Term.. Aug. 29.-X.C. Stahlman. vice
president of the Banker Publishing Company, news
editor of "The Evening Banner" and correspondent
Of Th* Associated Press, was drowned In the Cum
berland River, nine miles above, here, to-day. Mr
Stahlman was cruising up the river In his gasolene
launch when the propeller refused to work He
dived under the launch to remedy the trouble and
failed to reappear. The body has not ye, been re
covered. Mr. Stahlman was thirty-nve years old
and a eon of Major K. B. Stahlmanf of this city.
Therefore the Magistrate Doesn't
; Even Fine Drunken Men.
Magistrate Pool, who usually is exceedingly se
vere with prisoners charged with iatoxicatjon, and
with all violations of the excise law, was unusually
lenient in oases brought before him in the Tombs
Court yesterday. In all but one alleged excise
violation the defendants were discharged, and
nearly all the prisoners held for Intoxication were
sent out of court free, without fines.
The Magistrate said, taking his seat on the bench,
that he walked • about town yesterday and found
the town "wide open." This was the reason for
his leniency.
After be had freed eight men charged with in
toxication be turned to his court clerk and said:
•Endorse all of these intoxication papers as , fol
lows: 'Discharge*. Got his whiskey In a saloon
In the ameer's own precinct on a. Sunday. _
TV Magistrate put his Initials on each raper.
saying- "Now it is up to the police authorities,
not excepting even the Commissioner.
Think Costumes and Instructions
Are Bciiiii; Furnished.
Harrl-on. K. J.. Ui* ».-M!aa Mabel C.
son of No aB Tenth-aye.. New-York. who was
arrest.d here yesterday dressed in the garl
EHster of CThartty. and who waa held on a
of begging, was discharged to-day. The 1
trafe declared that there was not enough e-.
againal the wonran. Bh« was turned over, bow
ever to Detective Sergeant Hayes, of New fork
Hayea said that he wanted the woman for the
Charity OcganUajUon Society, which would
have her b.-i.i :.h a witness to the alleged doings ol
a woman said to live In West One-hundred-and
flfteentb-st. She, it is aU<
nlahing employment to a number ■
It |g said that she givea them costumes, t<
them the stories thej are to tell or the parts they
„,, „, act nnd sends th«an to beg In certain as
sigi .■! distrli ti ■ ..\-. ] :■>■•. In retui 1 1 cert iln per
oenl of their "earnings."
At the address given In One hundr
fifteenth at. last nl^t. no woman of the name
mentioned could be found.
Tears Down Trees and Goes Through Fence-
Injuries to Passengers Slight.
A "huckleberry" trolley car, while «i» the
way from 'pelham to Mount Verncn laßl night,
Jumped the switch at Wolfs Lane, and a score
of passengers on boa d had a narrow escape
from injury. The car performed a number of
antics, jumping across a thirty-foot roadway,
knocking down a bid) Iron fence, tearing up
two big trees and fifty feet or <;urb and land
ing almost on the front stoop of a cottage.
Th? car was being tun by a "green" motor
man, and thfi accident happened while it was
running rapidly. He failed to open the switch
properly, When the car struck the trees half
a dozen women were thrown from the car. and
they were saved injury by fulling on a lawn.
The conductor hud his spine injured, while the
motonnaii was also hurt. All the passengers
were badly shaken up and bruised.
Bicycle Policeman Thrown Under Car Loses
a Good Deal of Cuticle.
William Schneider, >>r No H Usroy-si . .1 ■
policeman Hi I to I ■• ■ sta
tion, was thrown from his wheel ..i--- night while
chasing an automobile, snd fell undei the fender
of a car, which wa* Just behind hli
take.; \., the Presbyterian Hospital m
though not m
Fifty sixth -"t. >t 1 .. l 1.-x Hurt n-ave when • a
a large automol I 1 1 ha thougl
v higher rat than ;»•[ ■
rhasn At Blzty-fifth-st. iii« wheel struck
pmall obstacle, and ne w.i>. viola
ne t.-n din-, tly in front of an
■; :;• motoi man did his best 1
was unable lo do »
for it ■
the fender.
A boy r.iii to the E I I • ■ ■
.md told Berg*ant UcCurtin that 1 poll I
t>< en k:i;<..; . 1 ■ mi imim •■•■ ■ ■ ■ •■ ■ .
t■ - t r ; . i
■ • ■
they ai 1 ■;■• 1 ■
iK>Ucenian from un
11.-: • .. . ara« found <
Both ki ■ adly cut, 1 h
and his r i k ■ 1 '
Some Had Been in Linoleumville Office
Since February — Inspection Finished.
PO •' ■'. '■ ■• ; ■ ' *Ull< : . •ho Juis
been Investigating the L - ■
iw..st,.:t. ■ ling, .is.'i will
forward bis report to Washington, i:.
two hundred lettei •. some of them regis
tered. were fi.unii undelivered Borne had been
re post in..: ■ 1 u.iiy
Thi amount of riiiiii held back ■■■
each iii"n!!i after February The lettei
and since forwarded to thi v-.
found in .'ll manner ■■: places in the office.
Moat of the residents of the vlllaee are Pol< i
and other foreigners, and slr.cn tbi d llvi»ry el I'l"
nr« has been resumed th<-r<* have been uffoptlnj;
■cenea irhen me one received a month old let
ter bringing fir.st news of deaths or births or lnar
rlac< -
Mr. Puller refuted to dlacuaa the report that
remittances intended for the, friend* of residents
had lied to reach theJr d^irtlnatlonn. No one Is
allowed to B*e the former postmtstreaa, Mlsa Orace
Deck en, whose resignation «>n Aukusl 17 brmißht
to light the mismanagement of the office through
Mlsa Helen Mlnto, the new poetmlstriyu, discov
tring he letters.
Two Alleged Beggars Not Lame at All When
Told of Their Arrest.
After UmpiiiK along Fifth Avenue on crutches
and ;.'.-<ki>u< pedestrians t>>r aid, two alleged t><«
jsars tofk their crutches under th.'ir .-inns and
ran !!k.- .1.-, r las) night when two policemen told
thr-rn they were under arrest
Complaints have been made aeveeal times recently
aboul the men, ..t,.i D*teetlv« Berajeants Drennan
and Barry, of the Centra] Office, wen detailed to
arront thfm. l,n*t nlfhi the two men were preceded
by a friend who was <>m the lookout fur the police.
<»no of the men disappeared down Thirty-eighth st.
toward sfadlson-ave He was pursued i.y Dren
nan, but be proved the Beeter and cot awa}
second man lim down Kifth-Hv.- bui wr«
caught by Patrolman Ifuller, of Iho West Thlrtletn
•t. station Barry arrested t h«- "lookout."
The two men arrested were charged with
vagrancy. They said they were John Madliran unil
WlUlain KnniH. both of x... 386 Thlrd-avi.
Finding of the Chamber of the Communes
Port-au-Prince, Haytl, Aug. y, (delayed in trans
mission).— Hy a unanimous vote the Chamber of the
Communes to-day declared that M. Bijou; th»> Min
ister of Finance, is responsibje for the deterioration
of public IteancM, It is believed that President
Nord will accept the decision of the Chamber.
A dispatch from Port-au-Prince on July 6 said
that the Chamber of th« Communes had on that
day voted unanimously to censure the Minister >.i
Finance for mismanagement of the public finances
and that the Minister was ordered to 'iippe.-ir be
fore a commlHKlon of Inquiry. After the session
of tho Chamber Minister Bijou offerer] his rebiK
nation, but President Nor.i refused to accept li say
lr, X thaf.the Minister -til! had Mn -0r,,!,.,',, ■ ' Tl .
President, the dispatch said, expressed his dlssatla
diction with the action or the Chamber" " " s " a "*
- .. I IST TfXWIIIAPII ro TUB TlilßlNK.l . i .V:
Syracu^.-,. Aug. 2)».— Hermann Bu««Ynati; ii tullor.
Has startled Ms m l^bbra by dljisliiK ; u'p'.|r I| ooo lii
p,,i,l In his back yard. Bussman hm'b in:n ho in
afraid of bank*, and that he buried tl olna twen
ty-five ymr* ago His wife duclarea that «in- | M
g'jinn to hay« half th« money.
Fireman Twice Grabs Horses by the
Bridle in Five Minutes.
Thomas J. Reynolds, a fireman attached to En
jrine' SO 63, in East One-humlrfd-and-fourth-st., bo
tweea Lexington and Third ayes., stopped two run
aways in me minutes in East One-hundred-and
flfth-st.. near Lexinpton-ave.. last night. He was
heartily cheered by a. crowd. a horse attached to
a delivery wagon was grabbed by the bridle by
Reynolds, who forced the animal on the sidewalk
and Into the sloop la front of No. 125 East One
hundred-ani>-fifth-st.. Reynolds was thrown to the
ground, but not injured.
Ho stopped to brush off his clothes, when a boy
"Here comes, another!"
Reynolds saw a hoi so attached to a lamp wagon
of the Metropolitan Street Hallway ' ompany run
ning west and toward him. the wagon swerving be
! ..... The roadway In the path of the runaway
was Mack with persons. Amons them wew many
womoii and scores of children.
-Get out of the way, there, quick! Hun to the
Bidewalk!" shouted Reynolds, as he dashed into
the street. Ho "jumped as before, and grabbed the
bridle, hi- weight, marly . throwing the animal
from its foe't. It staggered toward the sidewalk.
and Reynolds slowly forced it "" !h sidewalk ''" lii
i; struck an iron fence] Then the animal stopped.
Legal Clash Expected Over Estate of Mrs.
Chicago. * ••"" 1 • l " si 't lh ■'• Strong, pub
,ok County waa api
admlnlstratoi of 1 tate of Mrs .1 H. McVicker,
widow of the vet I ! man, by the pro
bate court to-day. Tlii.-: action on n. part of the
helrs-at-taw of the dead Woman is thi opening
i::r>v.' in what promi <nto 1 ■ :■■
struggle. 'I'lir papers of administration wen
on applli it 1 n ol Hora < McVicker. the Btepson of
Mi.-. McVickt r. . of thi estate la
to exoi
\m D L. C. 1 X Zeiglei Is n
\: ■ ;.. ■ 1 p,-11l bring it I ■
there mn\ be a Been*- wh«n 11 reachea hare,
:,. tak. charge of the
body and conduci the funeral. ' ■
uld, "it v become n*ci saui y to 1 nil lo tl c
police ■ •
Man Who Impersonated Brother-in-Law in
Examination Fined $150.
I'tii.i. N. V.. Aug. T.i. -A. M. Kvans, of Her
klncr, who was nrrc3te<l .11. , pmpl tint of the State
Civil Service 7 Board tor having impersonated his
brother-lh-law, Archibald A. Munson, in a « 'ivll
Service examination, pleaded guilty to vie charge
■ii the City Court to-day, and was fined $IV>. The
prosecution had numerous witnesses on hand to
testify about Evans's deceit
Evana Impersonated Munson at nn examination
held in this t it y last February. The paper he pre
sented was sent to Albany and i he questions were
found correctly answered. Evana hail previously
passed a similar t-xainlnatlun In his own naui".
The deo»-ptloji wap iii.sc-or«»r^<l :it Albany and pro
ceedings Instfttited by the Civil Service Commis
Pit tabu n Notices wen posted ;if th<-
Hankin plant ■ f the American .stt;. ! a.- Wire ''urn
. all • ii. i I- ■ • ■ : t f'«r
w rk to ;ui the j b foi Immi dlati r*
.m. Ths r< • i :::'•>
.St. I^oulrf, - A"X- 29.— The International Dental
Congress, the largest ever held, convened In Music
Hall to-day with mure than six hundred dentists,
from various parts of the world, present. The or
ganization committee, aft»-r completing Its selec
tion.-* tor honorary Yfevidentn and vice-prcsldeiit.i.
.|«-i Ided, In view of tin- opposition and contest that
liuv« df»\rlupcd. to rescind 1 Its action, nmkiiiK th.
nominations for the officers of the congress final,
nnd submit th'-m t.> th» ctnigrinta as a whole. Th«
<im-«rs nomlnxtnl bj the I'ommlii^r re Dr H. .1
Hurkhart. of l'..itavi'a. N. V., president;* Dr. A. W.
llarland. New- York City, secretary, and It Mark
Klnlay. Washington. I. '"., tre.isurt-r.
j. Korsburoky, CUnneUrrlUr, PcniL; dotting;, »h^.«-.i
«••..- . ll>»!«.|«h
t» Itwtt. r.»««rr. •"•n;:i»-ll»v!li«''. ivnn : rlnthtnic, lUMgh.
M. l"rl--.hi »n. • Qnklld -Uapl<U, ill. h ; Sarah Mlßton,
millinery; Dniiif Maekejr. i,iiinn»ry. Woodward.
American Btt»p»n«l»i ivmiany. Aurora. 11l ; .is
S.-'.rr^r. *r\>U Imyt-r. H«m!d S-4Uj»rc.
l!i»» A. 1». I-t, CaXlUl*. K> . milliner}. York.
A D 1.--*. l.'arital«, Kjr.: J. H. Tllto«v millinery, Tork
Ru« I, ll.>iran. CaxlUl*, K> : rtrvio»>.t«. V..rk
\V. II VVoodwmrJ A i'«>., Hu.««>i;.-,-. ir.l. T.: U I'
Wood want •'.>■> i;. ...!«. No. Id Khm Tv»mt> hm-hihl-m
8 1' GraJM •'••. Der.tutl. 'IVx ; >. f. Grant, il-:-ar!
infii! »twre. f«t. a«qrv*. 11
Mr* J. Kj'Slrin. Cl.l<.ic>. 111-; drys>jod», fr.ltr.l :*.atri
I. a ]<urn«. Mi-riMinli!", M!<h.; HUm lii^ur^ian V.
I'ecarC mllHntrj ami fancy «:<•«►-!». Xc n»ii:K<"'>-
K. Ep*t*ln, Utiin Hock, Ark ; rnllllnery «u'l drygoodn,
P A. Ucncvn. Ptorta. 111.. .tr> »r->- .l.«. V*rk A\»nu<«.
11. <;..ti.>H-lia!k. Cbutar, IVnn ; J. Oottachalk, mllllntry.
L'tllOß hij-j.'ir^.
M. S. Copfland, ftl<-n. N. V.: >lr>icr,,«l«. Hunimlt.
A. i*. tUrlu) <t < .. . Muri-r.. Jn.l ; M. M. Si^vrTid.-n.
dry-good*; T. «>. <;i«rr«t».)ti. ilrMt-oJu. V.irk
MarmhaJl itrus. a.- Hurt*! i/<>.i /<> . Ulchmond, It. ! , Charlei
A. Httccr, Dotlena, A!!»rt
Covtnaion Bmnlley, UltlerfDUrg; Ky.; J. 0 Smadlrjr,
<lrj «.-.•!■; I!rua<l»uy (Vnirul.
Uwb * llrn- I'u, Utf.iM-tK-. In.! ; Ml<.» Kunnl*. l/ary,
Jr>ic. >•>,!« Hti-f riil'.ll!i<>r>. N.i. as WVni TwiKl.th »t.
Adl« iirmt!-. Cincinnati; mlltln*ry, KormandU
1!. Hi-h.-i-. Cincinnati: lirrtl;.* lunar ovcrvant, millinery.
N>. 233 \V»-»t Klftv -tlfih »t.
Th« H. & B. Po'kim Cd.. Cincinnati; I'uullnr Mark.
ilryii'MMlx. Mary McCarthy, dryxuoda, »»r«-n<>btf; Joseph
Carry, drygooda, TVctUngton.
H. l>r.-\fuß. UmUvlll^; Mrs. So;.hl.i Drcyfua, millinery.
Kaufman. Htraus A '•'. I> xln,;t.!n. Ky. ; Mrs. J. ii
Morrla. iaOtrV t«i!..r. .Miirthu Wa»tiln«t»n.
J. \V»rn^r. Bandwlrht 111.: «•■!>■ rul Hl.>r«-, Bt, l)i-ni«.
Kant (iiiiiiiiiny. «'lrv»-lanj; J»!iira MclionuKl, mllllnrry.
No iii; Weal Thirty nlxih »t.
n >!.- Wllilutr.s A ll.Mk.tb T,r. < l^v.-uiml; K«i| ilaioo,
drygOOds; Winifred Mtnphy, laces, flrnr.J
iivirf.n. ivw Pry i - ..««l» Company, I'arll T. x . M,- It
V. CollleK ■ir>K.»"l» l"«ih Avena?.
l;. .1 i"ip>vrr. t'riTia, 111.; Ml»« Mu.- Bpettc*r. rtillllnrry,
li. KiK^'fman. < Ir<-W\ 111. Ohio; Anna Kuth. !ltlii.-ry.
ctoaka «uiJ milt*. Uradfvnl.
M i . N. ;; a •'•>. Akron, pblo;,J, 11. ('lmn')l»r, »Kx»ks
un'l pli-tur'»; K. V. IV.lJ.rMji. <lrj-K.ifnl-t. ■ littac
M., Lowenstcln. Ugberly. M • . clothing. No. 139 \\>ht
(>i\f hundred an<i »!Vtteenth-«t,
Wllir.a l>iw^rist^lii. Moberty. Mo., rlothlng. No. Isu
West Oi.^hun.rr-1 .ip.l xixt^'-iith »t.
wininiim * H>Ki^-r» Company, Cleveland; I^iuru <\
Adam*, rl<>nk*. Grand: M U Wood.- 1 buyer, Margarattt
William* X llodgeri Lompany, Ci«v«lan<i: ■.;:-•. a.
rt»e»r. Grand
I-, 11.-m<.'. l^iuiiivlllr; •lryitnoclK. Imperial ■ ■
Kntm. Keller Company, N' •• Cattle, Ind.; Meyer 1 1 •• I -
i, i K.-m-nil atort, Navuirv; Mary X,. Tyner, Keneral •tore,
j, Blotaroff, l.i Paso, Tex.; arynxxjn HlKhUn.l.
Ox'.ey A Co.. Unn, Ohio; Mia* M. Murphy. Mtaa Kuth
ryn Oxley, millinery, -in w^;<t Knirteenth-it
i, a ,-, i-.- & Co.; V'lneennw. md.; I, A, Wise, iirv
gooda. Fifth Avenue,
C i. Wal», Clnclnnatlj mactoaalcal engineer, Ctaren
McXmil .< ISdwardni Clarkarlll#», Trnn. : Charlea M.-
>,. „i ilr>C""<l». No "■ Klftli •■ l <- ■
W." J. Mill • : a •"«'.. Ttoledo; IV. It. Poote, .Iphlhlh,
HrruM Square: Mrs. Ella llubbard. (lryK«.«li«. ii.-i , i
I' II Rai rein & Co.. McQre^or. Iowa; Albeit t'l.-riiniß.
.Iryi;.«KiH, l'.-lt\. • ." . . , . ... . .^ |
M. T. Klkx. Indtanai II Mm. M T. Ft« «n«l Ml.m
Antin!.n« Hurt mllllnarjr, No. 212 Kaal Sixteenth
c. M. Adami Company, 1:1 ••, I'etin. . l. T. m siorum,
bouse fiiiiilrtliingß. Manhattan
Urubtx, Hii/.rl.rlK & '■ SI mint Si.tlliik, Ky; J. I>.
Uazchrlg*' and L>Ul»r<l Hacebrlß, dryjtooda, Sinclair.
N. n. Jt.s«-y. Scotland Neck, N. C; C K. Uurrougha,
Hi. U«-orKi>.
i' A. i ■ i . x • ■ 1 1 . Virginia, 111.; department atore, Broad
way Ontral
A. Dison, <!lfTi>ril. III.; drygooda, Hroadwny Central.
ij(»iirß« i..-i:n Kan .1- <.'lty, Mo.; a. a. t'lerson, mil
liner) Crlt«rlon.
Prank Morrison. Taylorvill*, 111.; drygoods, I'umbti
Morris Jrnnts, Dotgeville, N. Y. . drygooda, No. 7.1 Bar
t»Bd-« ■
Row« Bra ltyryrus. Ohio C I! It..«t- and Mra. «Jra«e
(C, Rowe, drygooda. Imperial.
B. 11. rhlrl ■ ■■■■ & Bum Company, Franklin Onto E. N.
Thlrkl<-I'l. (Iryguoda. Victoria.
Seaunali Broa.', Toledo; Kinmo. Moon and Mabel Moon,
"iryßmnlH. No T'l'i Creenwlrh-at.
i^.l.i.r Itroi & Co., Chicago; W. I«. Cederer, dr<"»a
uo.idii. No. Ifitt Church st.
I, S. Hyd*man, Norrlatown, IVnn.: I. S. lonian,
bllllner}'; Emily Hnalnlln*, doaaa and suits; i.ulu u !t.
gloves, purMi *nd i • ckwrar, Ko, 4iis Broadwaj
lii.n.-ll.i Price, St. UhiU: mtllinary, Herald Square.
j. i. (Vataon. >Xeiingtoni Ky.; drygooda, fifth Ave
nue; J. J. R. Shropahlr. 1 , ilr>*Kouda. Klftli Avenue,
Apple Company, ••>" nnatl: Mm K. A. McPonoufch
mllllnciy. No, 2H 1 Wf»l Nin»ty-m>vpnth--et.
11. I S. Pacua Company, t?loclnnaU; Anna Miller un.'.
faille Miller, drytoods, No. 32 West Beventeenth-at,
M. S'.mi-iiiiM. t>taunton, Va. ; Catherine Carney, mil
llru-ry. Alberto - - ■
1. Hlmch & Co., Chicago; CBarlaa Monhelmer, clry-
.xi«, Wellington. i
Straus. <;r. •<.-!.■ Company, Toledo; A. It. Schwartz
rloakH. Wrlllnicton. '
H. F. llinnt«in & Sdb. Oakdala, I^»., Q. V. HonnUan
frtiirul tore, Ijroudwny tvntrnl.
\V. .i Xtwton..Klrliyvllle. Tex.; .i>>*-[fi Newton, fimcral
itore, Hi'oadwav Central.
Duvln a- \\>st. ..Mil.- La.; It West, n-ni-nil ariyr«,
Broadway Central.
T. J. Ml. ii,.!-. Roaeptne, l-i . general Mot*, Hroadnui
Emma K. Rlee, VounK«town, Ohio; china and fancy
(nods, M^lroßu
Mail* hi i- Young>trtwn. Ohio; china «nd fancy gaoda.
Hatlla ftloi», Vouagatown, Ohio; china .mi fancy goods'
Mcl lose.
< 1. 1- I*. ii". Youniriitown. Ohio; china . ami fancy
gocda, Metros*,
A. turn. :\n Mi-inn x- Anderson Company, Buffalo; W T.
llt'inicraon. lacea, handkerchiefs, embroider) and rll>l>i>n«
Ko. i Wnlkor-Kt.
.Mini & Bllgh, Columbia^ S. c. . .1 W. Allen, iirygooda
mii T. K. SliKli. n>tlon», Brnadwaj Central.
C. 11. Almond Dry Ooqdi Company, JLynchburg, Va.;
W. J. Almond, tlrjKood*, etc., linperUU. . ■
' Bart " Bailey & Co.. Jon*svWe. Wls.; F. J. Bailey, dry
B^eart>e o^ShVrCrne'con^any? r koche.ter: G. B. Beadie.
,' a Sherburne Company. Rochester; G. B. Beadle.
._, irlJla So 4: ... >nai i si N'ormandie.
PA Owner & Co.. Peoria. 111.; P. A Benroer. dry
eoodi notions, etc.. No. K2fi Broadway. Park Avenue. ,
Hernhelmer Brothers. • Baltimore ;-. 1. I. Wolf, /cloaks,
wrannera etc. Herald Square. . .' r~...
G Berhhetmer. Uros. & Co., Kan»a» City; 11. Wester
be.li, domestics, linens", etc.. Criterion.
Bon Mar hr- Lowll, Ma«».: 1. .11. Tnucilj, clnaks.
waists, etc.: Miss Shane, .'women's wear, and M. V. .
Th A. ne A. SP t*rajr«T'. Baltlinore; M. J. Waterman, clothing.
H "riun Brothers. Salem. Ohto; A. Brian, drycoods, no
tions, etc.. KarllnKton.
Brown Thomson & Co.. Hartford: 8. Stern, corsets.
■women s' and Infants' wear. No. 2 Walker-st.. Navarre.
Burke FltzSlmons. Hone A Co.. Rochester; W. E.
Tool*, silks and velvet". Imperial.
Cal'.ender. McAuslan & Tr up Company. Providence; J.
.1 William*, cloaks. No. 2 Walker St.. Park Avenue.
William Campbell Pitts-burr; William Campbell, jr.,
notions, laces, hosiery handkerchiefs, fancy Roods, etc..
No. .-..•. Whlti •
Carson Plrle. Scott A Co.. Chicago; R. W. Curr. silks;
H. F. Bti Ich, blankets and flannels: K. W. Hall, xllks
and velvets: Mr Welartch, l«ce<»; M Henry. ross: '/harlen
Menatel ilre«s sooda and cloths: Colßf Davles, ilress eiwl?,
No. 115 Worn
Claw ton & Wilson Company. Buffalo; J. Wilson, mus'.in
underwear an.l furs, No. 51 Leonard si
Ci>hn-<joouinan Company Cleveland; A. A. Cohn, piece
goodi 1.. OixMlman. irlmminn, Huftman.
Daniels & Fisher Stores Company. lienvfr; A. F. Pohl
nun. china, iclasaware and silverware. No, •'•0 Worth-st..
Herald Square.
l>.-nl'..lni ■& McKay Company. Worcester; A. L Cobb.
upholstery ki«.ls. So 2 Walk.-r-st.
Denny Brother! Btaunlos Va. ; V, L. Denny. ilrygooUsi
Bt l>enit-.
Dives. Ponieuo ii Stewart, llarrinburs; F. V. Zus.
linens, white roods and lipholsteni ie»»i-. No. a Walker •»»..
Dives. Pomeroy .v St' w, rl lli-ttil!nß; K. N. Stoner,
linens and white koo«1s. No. - Walker St.. Herald Square.
William 1 rftlniFer Company! La Cross*, \Yi.<.; Mi"a 11.
JefTer^on, mlllin«-ry. Impel .
S. Dreyfus, Natchez. Miss.. drytocxJa anJ clothing,
t'nlon - |UJ •■
M. Dreyfus, Savannah. <;a.. clothing. Victoria.
Ejbert-Keal Manufacturing Company. <Ju!ncy. in.; C. K.
Ebert. 1:• • . "■'•" Navarre.
E. W. Edwards & Son, Syracuse: I). W. Hays, cloUiinc
William H. Elliott Company; Detroit ; T. 11. Wahn.
furniHhlnK Ri«nl.s. hosiery, underwear, etc.; C. W. Blebrr.
Dot lons i-: •;•■•-. ribbons leather rdoss etc. Navarrp.
h:i»iH. biun< & i'<>.. '■'•■ ■■'■>■. N. C.j W. B. Stone,
dO'KOuuB, Grand.
Bspenhaln Dry Goodi Compmur. Milwaukee; A. H. N»y.
clothing No. :nn; Broadway, Herald Square.
Jacob i:p;-:- . llaUlmur.-; N. Kpstein. drysooda, HoU.
J. X. Euwer'a S».n.<. Your.KMowr. Ohio; Mrs. P. F.
Sweeney, cloak*, waists, ftll.s. f.tc.. Albert.
l--on " Fcllm.m. New-Orlwins; <!'->mestlc». .Iress «•«■■:.■«.
silks, etc; No. OS Frank!ln-»t., Nomiar.die.
Mar.-li«ll Field & <••. Chicago; J. Uuthll, rib^ns an.l
umbrellas, -No. lfrl Worth-.st.
11. i' Fl.ichtr * Co.. ~pr imctt-Vl ; H. F. Fletcher.
cloaks and suits. Victoria.
Kllnt a- Kent, Buffalo; W. T. A I then, 1 ■•,■,-. , i_ng*.
fancy Kut"!^. etc.. No. 31 I'nl.n s.|,ijr>-. Albert, and C •;.
Kulil-Aln. vhlte somis, laces, etc.. No. SI L'nlon Square,
Herald Square.
M. v\ Frank {:■ Co.. few-Hi rea; M. W. I>anfc.
women's wear, Imrerlal.
rreedman Brothers. Caldw-11. Ohio': I>. Freeiiman. drv-
po-uIH. tu>ti<>ns. etc., Hoffman.
.?. Krn^ini *' iii., Atlanta. <ia. ; J. Froshln. ilrj'KooJs.
notions un'l furnlslilni; «•»■ ' Cumberland.
W. F. Gable a Co., Alfoona, Peon , J. M. Flay, linens
an.l whit^ ■ ixls, No. -' Walker-st.
<ll!.-hrist Company. Boston; >'. W. Wamock, trtmmlr.es.
umhtplUis. embroidery and yarns. No. •">:. White- «t.
M iioUlei .THT. aahinct'oi ; N. iiw»lm«n, boys' cloth-
Inir. ,-in.i I>. 11. Rosen, clothing, etc., Grand.
Qolilenberc Brothers, Baltimore; M. Schne*h*rs»r,
hosiery >uiail \inJerwear, • i! Htl'l
M. 1 k>l<lman * Co.. Cleveland; J. J. Gokln 1 woollens,
J. C.oMsmiU\ * Bom Trinidad. Col ; M. J. »;ol.lsmith.
drvKO.Ms. Mtrjt.oniux':.
• Jn^cs. Strauss ... ester, llass. ; U Strau?^.
laces, embroideries, etc, and J. F. Campbell, cloaka,
WHi.if*. etc. li> Ivedere.
M. Cr.. s .« Portland, ore.: cl.ithinc.- Navarf.
Gutmaß, Joe] .v Co., i'-alti:nor«: Mist M Baas, women's
neckwear; Miss M Lan'lauer, hosiery an.l iim!<T».»r;
Mmm F. Reese. No. 7l» Urand-st.. Victoria; 1. K. 'i*ii
■nan silks. Hoffman.
lliser & llru., I^incaster; A. i*. .-smth. laces, trim—
niliiK-t, etc.. Imperial. .
H. ilaramerslcmxh & ('■.. TrlnkUl. Co!.; W. Mimm»r-
RlODgb, dryiooda, Marlboroiißh.
—^JV. a. ll*ni,,i« W r & Ox, l>anvll!e. Va. ; W. A. Harms
l»elWi 1 dryioods, notions and furtiishlnit (C •ods, t'rlteiion.
\Vil!ta':i M«-!iK*rsf-Coinpuny, Uuffalo. William Henserer.
lir'-si<l>^.' ; Jujl<nr^ifppeTe . No •>:•.• Broadway. Imperial.
Herman Brothers i'<>mi>any, Lincoln, Neb.; K. R. Dep
uty. Ki.jien, etc. N>. 51(1 Broadway. St. lJ«nl».
Hills, Mc£<«3.n & Uaskln*. Blnnhamton; F. 11. Hafklns.
fumiabing rooda, No. no U*l enui-i it.. Grand.
Itlrscb, Israel Osmpaciy, CnarUatoa, S. •'.. M. Israel.
cl-thinn. if r'!i'.ii)
HochsehUd, Knhn'*- OWt Baltimore; M Hochschild.
la< <•». hosiery, underwear, etc.. imperial.
Horne-Stewart Company, rittsburg; F. K. Stewart, No.
31 West rnlon Square. Woodward.
S. K. I sard Company. Klmtra. N. V. : S. F. (sard, dry-
Koods: Ml»s D. Conrov. corsets and mus'.in underwear; D.
Colcman, X.». 77 Broadway. Y -.rk
Jordan. Marsh tompan) I- sti n ; C. A. l^ulhiim. car
rtts. No. S CSr»<--ne-st.. Hoffman.
S. Kann. Sons « Co.. Washington, I) C ; Miss B. Mor
ris, stationery, etc.^ N • 4'i7 lir . 1 '..<..! Marlboroueh; Mrs.
11. <". Shute, corsets, women's a,nd Infants" wear. No. 4<">7
Uroadway, Imperial.
Kwiifrrann Brothers, litlsbunr; I. Kaufmann, clicks.
.v ktsta, etc.. No. • « Broadway, Savoy.
Ke!-.nely 1 Maclnnesa. FltUfleld; A. Kennedy. No, 45
l-lspennrd-st.. Normandle.
Kini;-Ilrlni<mail« Mercantile. Company, St. i^uis. 11.
I! Kit. millinery, No «- - t Broadway. St. --la
O. Klein. Altoona. loth&>*. Wolllniclnn.
Klopfer Ri - . Wllkesbarre. I'enn . «' W. Klopf«r.
clothing. York.
O. C. L«\y 4 Co.. I'ittsburn; '• C Levy. clothing.
II 11 Levy I Co., Savannah. •'•» . H H. Levy, ten
*r«l buyer; A. H Levy, drygooda, Hoffman
Lewis r>rr Ooodj Company. Butte city. Mont.: A. O,
Fraser. domestics, dress sjoeda silks, etc. N.J. 4i
l.l^penartl-st . Herald S.juare.
J C. Lewis Company. l»uisvl!!»; II Becker, dress
frooda, stlks nnd velvet*. No. 4 Washlnicton i'lace. Now
VI- Wanhingtnn. l> C : Miss K. Clanuhjr.
cl'ialiK jnil wutt.i!. Normandl**
<Je or »c E LatCb *. Bros. I'lttsburi •', i: Loroh.
drygooda, cl.mkx. etc.; Herald Siunr«. r ,
Loveman, Joseph .t Lo.-h. B!rmint;ham. Ala: W.
■ Jiles. house furnishing K>' O ds. No. 51 Franklln-st..
Hi-raid Square.
n. 1.0u.-nsteln * Bros. Memphis: .1 A. Moss, wash
goods.] J Smith, laces and riM."ns. N.. 4J Laonardjat..
Uaas * Kemper. Baltimore; J. Hamper l.tees. Union
John C Maclnnea Company. Worcester C A. Homer.
handkerchiefs and nrt «nn.is. No r.j Whlte-st. St.
bents': A. J. Molr/noUoa* lacen, ribbon*, fancy k^o-S.
«-t«-.. No. ii Whlte-st
I . Murks * Son. Charleston. S. C.J L. Marks, dry
goods, etc . York.
Muury Dry i<iM>da Company. Columbia. Term.: J. T.
n'ootao K«r.eral buyer II ilTmiin.
Alfred Mayer. Wanhlnicton. D. C.: E. D. Itayar,
clones, suits." etc. No. TOO Broadway. Navarre.
City Hotels.
lll{O\l>\\ W AND 321» STHKKT.
T! c new addition to the HOTEL. ' v CRIAI .m Hr<-a.l
way. contains a magnificent Louis XIV. llei-.ptlon
Room, White Marble liar with •at ■• 1 Cafe adj. .(nine on
lh" firm rt -■• nnd •->" OtteM U.'»m« with bath* uti tha
liflfrn floors al> ii ve. Will open Se|.temher Ist.
ROBERT BTAK¥\>iii\ Proprietor.
To rent by the y<-«r. season or shorter time, c mmodl
•pvrtinrnts, furnished and unfurnished, from flrptcuiber 1.
now open fur itun>rcUun; tabi* Amn.uu plan. U. I:
li:i.i:- ;an i i.v tTKNOSHEIi t»<>. J-- weekly.
J.- ■•■».:•
VAN BENSSKI*.VEK, '>:> K-.-t iltk b'.. n.-ur st!i-ave.
Surrogates' Notices.
mi.ii, - of M • t '•• r of II»n. Frank T. Fitzgerald,
a sun sat* of the County of Now-York. nolle* Is h*r«
by (Ivan to till persons having claims aaatost I.avmU
\V In War<l*ll. Ut« of th« County at N»» Turk, de
finstil, to i>rr»rnt lh« mm* with voucher* ih«r«ol lo in*
tub>(-rib*r. ■! '..\» pUc« of transacting bnstoasa No. 47
Ht a.i»,iy Borough of Manhattan, >tty of N»w-Tork. ou
or brf.'ir- the "in! day of B*pt*Bab*f next.
Dated New Tors, th» li>t da) of March 1004.
UCONARD 1' WHITK. KT».-utor.
for Executor. -•• HroaJ Btre«t, H>r»u*h of Manhat
tan. N»w-Tvrh Cltv.
*- AUNKII '■ THOMAS, ■ B«rras>t« u| the County of
N>w York, nollro I* h«r*bj itlven to all persons Piavlnjt
rlalnu BKivtnitt Ertrl Shrldon Van Blylu late of the
County ■■! N«w York. d«c*a#*d, to prearnt lh« .-am.- with
vourhera thereof la the —bscribwi at their pUn» of
ti'niiMii-ttiiK buslnnM. at th* iiltlce of Francis B. i-anfonl.
NO. 3T> Naaaau Street. In the City of New York, wi or
before the Soth <lav ■' N.ivi-tnlwr next. Dated New York.
the ltith .lay of Ma.y. IWM
Al>ri^All>l-: 11-t mi; VAN SL.TKE, I^IWIS 11. ai.i.ks.
}.\, utor*
KHANCIS II HANKf»nP. Attorney for Executors. 33
Naaaau Street. New York City.
. ■*■ At'ii-T C. Thutnaa, a Kuri«>K»ti> of the County of New-
York, netlre Is h«rrt>l s»ven to all persons bavtns clalnut
■ Kalnot Patrlcs l>o!an, late of th«" «'ounty of New York.
«lf. i«i.r.l 1. 1 i4 ls "" "'* M«ii;e with vouvhvrs thereof to
the ȟbsrrll*r. at Ills Diao* or (ranM Inc buslnrsa. No.
•■•"• Hroailway. in Hie « If v <in.i Omnty of New York, on
or befure lha BMB «! ly of November next. Dated N*«
York the ICth .lay of May, lt»>4
JOHN T. anBSHAN. Kxecutor
EDWARD R. VOIXMBR, Attorney for Kxecutor. No. — •■>
Broadway, NVw-York.
Fnink T. FltxirKrnM. a Surrogate of th« County of
New York, notice I* hereby Riven to all persona having
claim* i>K.ilii!«t Cilia Smith, late of the County of New
York ilereaocj to it. -.•in the same, with vouchers
thereof i" tho subscriber*, at their place "t iranaactlns
bualltcati at the 'ffloe of Sacketl & l-anf, No. »«» Nassau
meet, Boroujrti of MunhattnP. In the City of n«w Yolk,
on or before the l«th <luy ol January next.
Dattd New Turk, the Oth <lny of July. 1004.
JOSFPH M. smith, MART ■ MCOITN. Kxecutors
SACK KIT « LANO, Attorneys for Baacutora, tn< Na«aau
su-M.-t m.r.UKh '-' Manhattan. City of New York..
Abn^r C. TaUllfS. a ■MBtSSJMSI of th« County of N«w
York, notice is hereby given t.. all persons having claims
atnlnst William It. Grace, late of in* County or MmW
York deceas«l to t.re»t-ni th» sam» with vouchers thereof
to the rulmorttiera at their place of traiua.-tlnii bu»»nei».
No 1 Hanover Square. In the City of New York, on or
before the i-">tti day of Cciobei next.
Dated New York, the 2nd r*> of April. 100*.
WILUAU H. GRACE. Jr.. Kxecutor*
l).\\!t> M'CI.ITItK. Attorney for Executor*. 122 William
Street. Hon>iiKH of Manhattan, City of New \<Tk.
Help Wanted—Male.
\l\ -I VII, KNC.INBKHS wanted or surveys '" th»
\\t United luuas. West *».l railro^l '••v»«^, o ,
m an.l trnnnltmen. *xprrl nc*(l In Madia *""«• l "" *-
li)3,Vve»r« old, preferred. Address, fpr two n*e k«. j^
lni{ a K r wpertenca. rffer»no M and »alary ****. **££,
enoe»? Murray, Bennett & Inßer.oll. counsellor* at law.
the vraniUt'iU. Mtciianlcs' National Bas*-
~,£2££ V INLAND.
LAN-DIN': at tic .., r ... • fh " r "i-" I™*1 ™* »i"«:
stellar auraeUoßa^^ *•" *■*
steeplechase: park
InrlmHnar Admission to Both «•.
LUNA PARK and ■$?
l*uvt» Pier <>>«■> So. i -> „.,, "
North l:i,,r. ' J "*! hi jr later
is? i ?£M&*^ gs §»?£
1>:4(). •10:40 p M - i " >> - * :a *. *»:53. «S:3a
IC^h "^"S V""" Con^J««««a .r.p* narked . co
.^saasfssaVßl^BaW ' "*"
A 'JP. S wßu If r^ '
saaaaTj .' -*?* •' "vi t » - K>r*
Si "
■^ 5&?3 M ii w* ■ 1<l aa»n«.
I* ■ ■
and t3OO f. M fur I. riwrt- 'trWi^i™?^ 1 , 1^ M -
Sun^a -
incUjdlnt free tdpstolon to all attractions
SPECIAL ! finnr* txrv
cJukUh tlty » **" » -»« *".«*
Nhvnua i Its $ i:i?
Thousand 1,1 ; , n ,N SS .I'll
IlawuMt Ulantl v- j lassj
"•"'■••. M.atr.-ai * Ufrm, . MM
I>o.. mrliMtini; Q»sh> ? daji ' """*•
A I-,, ,)„ , ri ,, . ,
tiatUd. Au K . S7, l«-i| ...s«jf4
New iSo i>t •;>♦.*.* l
I Jersey ]^SF~~%£ %
W\ i*££ aS * / U^rf~. BJOA.It I j
I ' ■ <ou: "^'--Ty.&ai.\.M. %
UP Tiit. f^a'UrjWLE . ..-ON.
Urani U^Uy 'j-:.!^i iuxcepc ■ iay».
by i'*.a..- ir n ta> i*...- Strainers
'NEW TOOK" ar.i ' ALJJA.NY."
From Ft-ooklyn. Kultoa Bt, ißy Annc\> 8:00 A. )sa
>>'» York. U*stiroas«a ai. fi-t .„, " '
w>st "a St. l'ier . ,io ••
W«it 12-Jih St t - ler 9:20 *•
n^turr.SHK tea !■> »w Ynrk s:3f> P M
l*»i*9 rran*i:a <■ Pi— 14. .V R.. dally. »«. m %
p. m . FLn<Jay». P a. m. ocly. fjc HishUivls. Oceanic.
'■""< P Inl F»lr Ntvra ml R».l uk connacttn* "tti
trollry for U>n« Branca. A. ury Park. Excuraton. BOc
.JSIHSSBSw Pe»p *ra ftshlrc dally. ■*■'' Poster's *TOl»
W\M i7^ iteam-r Ar;'.-r Fare, 75c: ladtM.
•^ MteaKi*^ 50c Leaves «;<1 st.. E. It.. 7.15 a, m.:
Ratlerv I aadtec SOS.
To Whom It May Concern.
\« llr.Ki \-.
1 * SI«>N of ih» Hl'-.H COCRT OP JISTICC, datfi
the m!i Aujju«t. I. '». ii;i'!i- :n th^> matter of th-»
Ks:;»'. o( JAMES WINTER. DrceaseA, "SAPLEK v.
WINTEIi." 1901. U. -JCZ. ihe follQWlns Inquiries u«ra
<iire<-t>'<! t^ '••■ m;»ile: .
d> Wh»th-r th- Testator's Son, JAMES F"REI.»-
Kit;- X IZANT WINTER, named in thr Testatmr*! will.
vu t-ver murrieit. ar.d. if s<o. nh»*n fcßCptQ v horn, an<l
ntt*U>er he left a \Yi<l.>w: an.l whether such Widow U
now li\lr.K or dead, an.!, if ili-aii. »hrn she iliett. ar.l
\vh.> a_^> !:-r Personal Kepr^s-nt:itlv«>»?
.:> Whether the mtd JAMES FREDERICK IZANT
WINTER ha.l any. ar.vl, if any, »hi: chlUirea; an.l
when suv-h children, if any, were r->.-p«-cttvely born:
an.J whether they are all now livinif. or. tf an? °i
them are dead, when they respectUrelj dleil; ani
»hct;;^r tiiey I^-ft a^v chii.l. or chtl«!r-n. respectively;
ami who :ir(> th" respective 1.-gal IVrsonal Repr<»
!<rnt:\tlv^s <.f su>h of thr «.ii«l children of th* ui<t
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that al! person*
Claiming to be the widow, children, pran<!ch!Mren. or
r^,, r^« rli tatlv^3 of dreeased children, of the »ai.t
er.ijulrlos. are by ilirir soUcltora, on or hr-for-: the :ith
day <>f October, 1904. to come in unJ prow* tlieh*
c.aims at li>- rhumN>r3 >■! -Mr Just..- Karwell and
Mr Jostle* Eady «Room Na, :''!>. Royal Courts of
Justice, Strand, London. England. i>r in default thereof
they will !>•■ peremptorily excluded from the bearflt nt
Tuesday, the. Ist day of Norember. IS'""!, at ILW
of the clock In the forenoon, at the said chambers. Is
appointed (jr hearing and adjudicating upon th-> sail
WINTER was an upholsterer, and died at Brooklyn.
New Y'>rk on the -»th day of Nownil>-r, 1303.
* DateJ this llth da, of *«»^- ££
FRANK RICHARD3ON nml SAOf-EItS. Solicitor*. .
The New-York Tribune,
containing ■»
«,. „, , ... nrt F- tv coinpetwn writers upon t^*
i Th^ «ity S.-hovi- )• jjohoola.
■ Country School* [Cuimi^rrtrnt-n Schools.
System r,,i',s,- !^rv..-:il PunlsSS'flt ■I a
| e»ur»». Trßfth , r «tth -
_-._.».tj tirtl ->un\frrtiis BhaMSßassja* cry
AXNOfN'^^ X - NT \..: A " ls a"" insutationa e»taa!hi^J
the lca^nm: < <>'i--tf r ■ ; Klrl oi tnstnctloq and tr«u»
for th« impart liK' o. "y\* iX ajyanta»tl c.trr*l by
in*. "«";»-'. a ;: rr 1 th s st, tl i ;..":a.u"',..u: feature l«=* etc
Among Ih-a •« r^r.«r.tfd.
I iawoi Mr:
t'nW»ralti«a physical" Culture
••.:;■. for Ji<.i ttl [alualc, composition. .to.
Madlcai Schools. GoU«K«* . ou - tur ,. tenor. •»-
SUllli:, (
«°k'" 1: V Tr l££? ' lß»trmn«tat piano, orpa.
clal attention. Tra^»s. busln***, »t»OPt-
Kindergartens. 01 , raphy. tvpewrtslr.s ate.
; In fart this Supoi*rn«« SS?S
-^-U-U. or udoO.
c*l'«2*^«it°iVTFßF*TEl>c * l '«2*^«it°iVTFßF*TEl> IN THE GENERAL svb-
ARK ,i' -, vv'" \' V.>u will nnd Hus 3wplem«i
plemant. • •
Price to th* Readers of The Trttmse

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