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Sim: i.ichts ON politics.
Political Caricature and Convention
Bucklln Bishop, Ivo. pp. J*. Scott-Thaw Com
. pany.
Mr. Bishop's book has an undoubted tlmell
sjsss, since It appears In the midst of a Pres-
Menttal campaign The author has expanded
three magazine articles on unrelated subjects In
to a volume of over two hundred pages. He has
not -woven them, however. Into a complete
and harmonious texture, and the work has a
somewhat fragmentary and disjointed character.
The first section deals with the humor and
pathos of national conventions, the second with
political caricature In the United States and
the third with scenes and Incidents of Presi
dential rations. Mr. Bishop has gath
ered from various sources— most of them
familiar-* variety of incidents and anecdotes
Illustrating the actions of national conventions
and the development of our still somewhat hap
py-go-lucky Inauguration ceremony. He also
offers some Interesting comments on the growth
of the art of political caricature since the days
of Andrew Jackson. These special compilations
are made with good judgment, and the story is
graceful and facile, although it develops no
novel or curious material and nowhere travels
out of beaten paths.
A few errors of statement are likely to^stilke
the careful reader. On pages 71 and 72. 4ls
cucslng the Democratic schism in ISO), the
author gives as June 11 the date of the Rich
mond convention, called by the pro-slavery
wing which had seceded at Charleston. A little
further on he says that this convention indorsed
the Brecktnrldge-Lane ticket, put in the field by
bolter*) from the Baltimore convention, at which
Douglas was nominated. But the Baltimore
convention did not meet until June 18. Th-
Richmond convention, which took up Hreckln
ridge and L_ne. met on June 21. 1860.
In the section on caricature, describing cer
tain caricature* of the campaign of 18f»0. Mr.
Bishop writes (page 127): "Douglas was the first
of. the four Presidential candidates who took tho
Held that year" That statement Ignores the
fact that Lincoln was nominated on May 18,
fully a month before Douglas was, and that Bell.
the Union candidate, was nominated even ear
lier—about May 10.
A cartoon called "Running the Machine" is
credited on page 139 to the year 1801. It given,
•s the author says, a picture of Lincoln's Cab
inet in session. The greenback mill, which
Fessenden Is turning, shows a productive ca
pacity which will attract the interest and may
excite the envy of the flat money advocates of
• later time." Fessenden did not become Secre
tary of the Treasury until I«*4. Prominent also
among the members about the Cabinet board In
this cartoon is Secretary Stanton. He did not
enter the Cabinet until 1862. Moreover, In lS«il
the "greenback mill" was yet to be constructed.
It owed its erection to the financial legislation
Of 1§62. We note such slip* only because they
seriously detract from the authority of an
otherwise useful and timely book.
Three more volumes have been projected for
Che supplementary issue of the "English Men of
Letters" series. Professor G. C. Macaulay will
write on "James Thomson." Mr. A. C. Benson
en "Edward PitxOeral 1" and Mr. Edmund Gosse
on "Sir Thomas Browne."
Mr. Sidney L«e writes to "The Athenssum."
saying: "I read In both English and American
newspapers that I am engaged In writing a
life of George EUct. There Is no truth In the
statement, and I am at a loss to understand
bow it has come into circulation." We are
sorry te hear this, for we believe, as we stated
not long since, that Mr. Lee has the Qualifica
tions to write very effectively on George Eliot.
It Is to be hoped that there will be an Ameri
can edition, widely circulated, of the transla
tion which Mr. A. Hamilton has made, and In
seen to publish in London, of C. yon Fabrlczy's
'"Italian Medals of the Renaissance." The sub
ject has been strangely neglected In this coun
try. Our collectors have paid practically no
attention to those medals by Plaano and others.
which are among the most exquisite creations
of old Italian art. Fabrlc*y"s excellent book.
elaborately Illustrated, may very possibly turn
the activities of American connolaeeurs to this
neglected field. We can Imagine no finer ambi
tion for any one of the company than that nt
seeking to acquire some such collection as that
Of M. Oustave Dreyfus, In Paris, for pre«pnta
tton to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Three other art books s re to be added to th»
list of those which we have already announced.
An Illustrated life of Auguste Rodin Is In
preparation by Mr. Frederick Law ton; Miss
Irene Lsngridge has vriitten a volume on the
life and art work of William Blake, which will
be brought out with many Illustrations, and Mr.
J. J. Foster, whose work on miniatures |<t fa
vorably remembered, is Issuing a book "Con
cerning the TrtM Portraiture of Mary Queen of
Soots." The last mentioned volume will con
tain between sixty and seventy illustration*,
photogravure* from portraits in public ami pri
wate collections. The text will include a chap
ter by M. Dimier. anthor of "French Painting
In the Sixteenth Century." which we reviewed
not long ago, on the Janets and the painters at
the Court of France during the period of Mary'"
residence* t hereat .
An elaborate volume on the art ot the late Sir
Edward Bume-Jones waa published some years
ago. while he was still living, but we are to have
another book about him. This, however, will
presumably be snore in the nature of a biogra
phy, sinoe Lady Burne-Jones is herself prepar
ing It. T*e two volumes of "Memorials" will
eotitatn forty-five photogravures and other illus
The new revised edition of the late sir (ieor K «
Grove's "Dictionary of Music and Musicians."
which has been In preparation under the editor
ship of Mr. S. A. Puller Maltlan<l. is drawing
near «o completion. It will be 1n fly* volumes.
as against the four in which the work origi
nally appeared. English. Contlnertal and
American critics have lent their aid to th« over
haullng of the book, and It wll! contain much
new matter. Grove's "Dictionary <« O n<; of
those rare works of reference tvhlch posso-s lit-
St»tr quality. Borne of the essays In It. nota
bly these by Orove hlrrself, on Schubert and
othsr great themes that he loved, are as full of
Inspiration sa they mn of round l-aming and
good criticism.
Mr- ■• at Levett Teats la pleasantly remem
bered as the author of some clever historical
**j— * H« si s, careful writer, publishing only
•sbsbjlbS has something to say. He is presently
ng out a book called "Orraln." the scene of
which Is laid la the Prance of Henry 11. The
s*swy deals with Che adventures of a Burgundlan
" J *y** •* *■• s*ssjs* of Orraln. The historical
s»*sjvjst Is centred In the struggle between
Owaen Oathtume de Medlcls and the f - a
▼ortte. Diane de Poitiers, and the final defeat
of 9mm la htr attempt to «nrtch hereelf beyond
the dreams of avarice with the property of the
heretic ;..r,.>:r.red oy the Chamhrs Ardent*.
The Great Comedian Discourses in Facetious
From The London Daily Telepr.ij ;•
If. Constant Coquelin, the great Cyrano, has
been caught while shaving before his bath by
an enterprising inquirer, whs wanted to know
how the famous comedian travelled when he
was on his starring expeditions. The celebrated
actor was facetious, according to his wont, but
he gave the inquirer some interesting informa- ,
tlon nevertheless.
"How do I tra\e!? %1 said M. Coquelin. "Alone. |
or sometimes wJth my son Jean. The railway
companies treat me wr-11. In my private com
partment in h train, as In my cabin on board
ship, i read, sleep and smoke. Time passes; I
arrive. I land, disembark, go to a good hotel,
and in due time I jv-t. Then you must remem
ber that I have Oillett with me He has been
with me for the la.->i twent>-four years, ami
exactly understands my wants. When I nm
going off he asks me or Hen for the itinerary
and for n list of my parts. When I am about
to go on the stage he has everything ready in
ray dressing room, wigs, robes, snuffbox, walk
ing sticks, hate — nothing missing. Oillett is
undoubtedly admirable and indispensable. You
ask me what countries I have visited? Well,
vsry many, I can tell you. When I was first in
Berlin the Emperor William expressed regret
because he could not go to see me play, but he
promised that be would do bo when I returned
Irom Russia. Six weeks afterward I was back
in Berlin, where I arrived late- on a Sunday
evening. I was in bed for some time in ray
hotel when somebody tapped at my door. It
was a court chamberlain, who said: "His majesty
would like to see you play Cyrano to-morrow at
noon, for he !a off to one of h;p chateau*.' 'All
right.' said I. getting out of bed. I then hunted
all night for my people, who were In different
hotels, :m<i 1 told th< tn to turn up at my place
nt Id in the morning. Well, they did so; we
had n bit of a rehearsal, and at noon we played
•Cyrano' in the private Imperial theatre before
the Emperor, ihf» Empress and six nth*»r per
sons." Having communicated this Information,
M. Coquelln went to his bath.
The Inquirer next saw M. Hers, the impresario
and manager, who told him that If. Coquelln
was ■ splendid traveller, who was never tired
and never seask Ic. Re enjoys walking homo
from the theatre smoking his pipe. He is con
tinually assailed for autographs in Frame anil
America, generally by women. In Germany by
professors and students. M. Coquelln has also
played before the Sultan in the YiMiz Kiosk.
A court functionary carefully counted all the
my r.s they entered and when they left
the palace. As to the must profitable play in j
M. Coquelln's r pertory, it is always "Cyrano
d» Bergerac.** which everybody wants to see.
Cornerstone of Chapel, Station and Adminis
tration Building Laid.
Th«» cornerstone of the chapel, Ftation anil art- '
ministration buildings of Plnelawn Cemetery, In
the township of Babylon, I.*>ng Island, was laid
with appropriate ceremonies yesterday. Bishop
Burgess, of Long Island, outdated, an address
•wag delivered by County Judge Walter H. Jaycox,
of Suffolk, and music was rendered by the 47th
Regiment Hand. Many well known persons at
tended the exercises. Including the officials of the
Lonp Island Railroad Company, the officers of the
county and a large number of clergymen.
Several special trains took the guests from New-
York and Brooklyn, and the day was spent in In
specting the. place. The cemetery comprises 2.319
acre«. it in four times the area of Prospect Park,
and practically as large as the territory on Man
hattan Island from Fourteenth-st. to the Battery.
It has many unusual features, including a seventy
two-acre park, at the station, Which Is to he pre
served for park purposes only, from the top of
Its water tower can be «-«-n most of the well known
Long Island estates, as well as the Great South
Bay. the Atlantic Ocean and the Sound.
Within the cemetery are forty-five miles of roads,
with one hundred miles of auxiliary paths. The
grounds have a rolling surface, with porous gravel
and sandy soil, and a rich, loamy topsotL requiring
no artificial drainage. There are no rocks, ledges
or bowlders. No expense has been spared to make
the cemetery attractive. The flowers and plants
comprise many large varieties, and carefully culti
vated flowers are artistically Intermingled with the
foliage. An artesian well supplies twenty-six thou
sand feet of mains and branches, there being no
streams, springs or swampy places on the grounds.
A hydrant system is designed to expedite the
growth of trees and shrubs.
The grounds are guarded day and night, and all
modern electrical appliances have been untillied
to protect the property. In fact, every Idea that
can be, utilized in connection with cemeteries has
been seized on.
Among the directors of the company are Silas B.
Dutcher, president Hamilton Trust Company: John
R. Herman, president Metropolitan I. if.-* Insur
ance Company; Theodore F. Miller, president
Brooklyn Trust Company; George H. - Southard,
president Franklin Trust Company: Charles H.
Fancher. president Irving National Bank; George
R. Turnbull. vlce-orestdent Guaranty Trust Com
pany, of New-York: Clinton 1.. Rossiter, vice
president Long Island Loan and Trust Company;
Walter 11. Jaycox. county Judge. Suffolk County:
William O. Ross, secretary Union Dime Savings
Bank; Abram C. De Qraw, merchant: V. K. Pren
tice, investment securities: H. F. P*ttlgrew, ex-
United States Senator; Frank L. Tapscott. mer
chant: William Pllmley. former Commissioner of
Jurors, and William H. Locke, jr.. real estate. Th«
officials are Abram C. De Qraw, president: George,
R. Turnbull. vice-president; William G. Ross,
treasurer, nnd William H. Locke, Jr., secretary.
The rraln offices of the cemetery are at No. 48
West Thirty-fourth-fit.. Manhattan.
« '-
Record of Attendance Believed to Have
Been Broken — Features of the Exercises.
St. Louis, Bent. 15.— St. Louis Day, the most Im
portant of all the special. days in the history of
the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, was celebrated
to-day, nnd it Is confidently expected that the rec
ord of admissions will show the largest number of
visitors for any one day In the entire exposition.
From the time the gates opened until the close of
the day various Interesting features entertained
the throngs of visitors. Pa— generally were
tabooed for the day. although this was not com
pulsory. The holders of admission tickets were
presented with red badges Inscribed. "1 have done
my duty." signifying that each had paid the ad
mission fee of 50 cents, and almost every visitor
displayed a budge.
Bustnesi generally was suspended In St. Louis.
The streets were deserted. St. Louis residents prac
tically In a body attended the exposition, and ex
cursion trains augmented the attendance by almost
constant inpourlnga an the forenoon.
Mississippi Day. Fanners' Day and Texas Day
also were Incorporated in the general celebration
Governor Vardaman and General Keealey, of Mis
sissippi, and their staffs participated In the day's
The opening afti.ir of the day wai the parade in
which, it 1= estimated. fifty thousand regular troops
National Guardsmen and uniformed civilian socie
ties participated, and were reviewed by Major Gen
eral Bates, of the United States Army: President
Francis and other exposition officials, and Mayor
Wells. Soldiers [run all ov:-r the country were In
Till* was followed by exercises In the plaza of St
Louis. In cour: • of which a chorus of three- thou
sand voices reirJered patriotic bongs Exercises In
!■ — -.'vil Hall, in whi'-h one thousand Sun. school
children took part, was an interesting part of the.
-lay's programme. Throughout there were drills by
various organizations, sports and band concerts
The crowning feature was the Congress of Na
tion-, in the Stadium, bringing together members
of twelve different »ar:>«rl ■• ti|!..s from Asia Africa
America and the Philippines. There were demon
strations of native, dances and ceremonies and
native sports.
Th* day's programme arranged for the conclusion
of the festivities by ■ grand electrical illumination
or me different exhibit palaces and around the la
goon. Including electric features never heretofore
?l a?**}. and an elaborite pvrotechnical display at
th«> Stadium.
' : ■''' ' ' ithi mini \r. ;
Sr. I.r i:!^ j=.-.»t l r There has developed a sfimn
tion-»! f-ooin^ss between th.^ Governors of Louisiana
and tflaalasliipl, nr.d !t showed itself In connection
with the nhssrvame of Louisiana and Mississippi
days at the fair. Kstther Governor attended the
exercises of the other. Governors of several Stores
took part In l-ouis'.Hna Day. but the Mississippi man
waj nntisplrnsMsly absont. To-dsy Governor
Blan« h: rd studiously stayed away from the Bear
voir BwHimg. and there hi eonsMerabls comment
on the subject, iilthoup.i j UPt w h.it the cause is has
•Ot been made public.
Wa.«hlncton. Sept. IS.— Th« recent great cotton
corner In America apparently has caused a per
manent frlirht in Europe, where nil the cotton
unin* and manufacturing nations have set them
'flves to the task of producing their own cotton
nnd relyln* no further than I* sbsolotely neces
sary on the American product Connul General
Skinner at M.-.rwllles is the ln9t at MrVeral con
sular officers In Europe to call attention to this
Important movement. whi ch in the shape
of a special report published by the Department
of Commerce and Labor. He says that an asso
ciation has bren formed in Franre for the purpose
of arousing public opinion and securing support
for tl.e projected development of the French co
lonial cotton fields. This association has visited
all the commercial cities and has pointed to the
danger that the American cotton supply will be
oit off by the consumption by the I nited States
of Its entire cotton crop. This country now pro
duces " per cent of the worlds cotton. The asso
ciation is se.king particularly to develop cotton
culture in the French colonies in the Soudan.
Dahomey and Madagascar.
His Employer Warns Bride of An
other Wife— Letters Found.
Rahway, 53., Sept. 15 (Special).— The mar
riage which was to have been performed
Wednesday night between Richard Pearson, of
Newark, and Miss Reeba McChesney. of this
City, was indefinitely postponed owing to the
non-appearance of the bridegroom. The guests
were at the home of the parents of the bride.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McChesney, and the min
ister, the Rev. N. A. Merrltt, jr., was in wait-
Ing. At about 9 o'clock, a telegram came to
Miss McChesney from Mr. Bander, the Newark
employer of Pearson, saying:
Do not marry Pearson. He has a wife In
The non-appearance of the bridegroom by this
time became convincing proof that something
■was wrong, and the guesis were dismissed.
The next morning. Mrs. McChesney Bays, she
found in a valise belonging to Pearson a num
ber of letters from young women in various
parts of the State. A report received in Rah
way yesterday afternoon states that Pearson
was seen in Mount Vernon late Wednesday
Most of the bridal presents have been re
turned by Miss McChesney, and the wedding
gown has been folded up ami laid away.
Pearson was unknown to Miss McChesney
until eight weeks ago. In an accident to Miss
McChesney, he was officious in getting her
home, and taken care of by the physicians.
His wooing thereafter was vigorous and swift.
Commercial Bales Ginned Up to September
1, 390,414.
Washington. Pept. 15. The cotton rf>rort erf the
Census Bureau, issued to-day, shovis ;i total of
:;90.4!4 commercial bales pressed at the glnn
ginned frmn the growth of 1904 prior to September
j. against ■ total of VtJUtt commercial bales tn tha
corresponding period <>f last year. The report
shows T.M7 ginneries operated tins season prior
to September I, while th*- number operated to the
corresponding date In IMS was 2,176 The
out that in oompuriiiK the statistics ot tb
two years dv« allowance must be mads for tho
nift-rem ,onditions of thf seasons. The total com
mercial lialcs. which would manlier 374.82] If the
round bales were counted as half bales, comprise
SSB.7M square bales, :il.iS7 round bales a::. I 431 Sea
Island crop bales.
Camden. N. J.. Sept. U Edna M Pllby, flxt."^.
years old, trlM to send a hiiilct fr.ni a pistol Into
her side at her home. Federal .'MI Thlrty-second
ft.. this city, to-night. A steel I -.-t so
deflected the bullet that it m i slight flosh
wound, and saved her !lf<- Asked why vhe at
tempted to kiil hr-r^lf. the girl said ■*).<■ .iad had
much trouble lately, bat h-r parents say they do
not understand w hy she should wn-h to die as -h.
has had no sertous trouble. She has arted
strangely, they say. but they had no ootloi
i tie meant to tr>- to kill h«T
9 Day Tours
Weekly toum. Including railway pa»ag». berth an.l
meals ''"'I accommodations at the magnlSoent new
Hotel Jeffereon, which Is absolutely fireproof and t»i«
finest hotel In Ft. I.oulu
OTIIKK TOURS to California. Mexico Europe Porto
Rico. Florida, rubs, Me. Delightful autumn tour to
Gettysburg, Luray Caverns. Natural Krldg- Rich
mond, CJld Point Comfort, Washington, etc.
KHllroiul Hud St<iiiis«hli> Ti<krls to all points,
tj ' nd ° r d * >ltv<> book, mentioning trip d«.
23 Union Siju:«rr. New York.
H eton, Phils,, Pittsburgh. Chicago.
IMauch fjhunk I
■ El SITITI IIH»1 X HJI » CLH OsltkO ?£
New »€?i3t. IS If
JPfCPV »W»«»tICg«TS JfeT
*JCI acy ADii.re. . si. no IB
frtrtfji,! CIIILOIIE* . »»«--K
tiCllLral Mini:. 11, iit»» p»
Special train f Liberty «t . ««0 A M *¥"
from ) South Ferry, 825 A.M. j &
Grand Dally Outings (except Sunday>.
By Palace Iron Day (Jne steamers
"NEW YOP.lv fine!" "AUUXY."
From Brooklyn. Fulton St. (by Annex) 8:00 A M
" New York. Desbrosaea St. Pier >, |,> ••
" West 22d St Pier <«. ••
" West 1 2Mb tit. Pier 0:20 ••
Heturnlne due In New York 6:30 P. M
To Ml Beacon, returning by Central Hudson Stm'bt.
Special Excursion Sunday *$
i Sept. 18 I
m Irs^&tK Round Trip |
m aai%.t s_ ihz $2.50 1
Weekly trips. li days, all expenses $62.60
Special trip Oct. Ist, 3 days, all expenses, fa. Bo
343 Full. 11 St. (Jet. Washington), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Leaven Franldin St . Pier 24. N. It.. dally D a m 3
p. m.. Sundays. <• .1 m. only, for Hl«hlnnd«. Orearilc
Locust Point, Fir HaVen and Rod Dank, cor.nectlns with
trollf-y for Loos Branch. Asbury Park. Excursion COc
Deep sea nsjiini; dally. Al. Foster's Iron
m-ani.-r Easier fare. 75c- ladles
50p. Leaves rj.l st . E. R.. 7.15 a. m •
Battery I.anillnr. 8.05.
City Hotel*.
THE HANOVER., "JfViVh 51 !^
To rent by the year, season or shorter time. commodi -.'<•«
apartments. furnUhed ana unfurnished, from si-nemb«r 1"
now open for inspection; table American plan. it £'
Hathaway. iTT •* r -
J will be received at the United States Powder I,. D ot'
Dover. N. J.. until 1 p. m. October 16. iflO*. for the .ra
tion of one brick and steel wheel and dynamo ThoutT
complete. The Government reserves the right to relent .11
or any proposals or parts thereof. Information on .Wi,™
tlon to the Commanding Officer. "PPiica-
Frank T. Fitzgerald, a Surrogate of the County \t
New York. Notice Is hereby given to all persons ha.vin~
claims against Emma H. Crocker, late of Kamsi-vs t» .?*
County of Herein and State Of New Jersey. decea.Lvi .
present the same, with vouchers thereof. t 0 t h«. ...k
scrlbers. at their p'.a.?e of transacting business ' <«•« «i
Broa-1 Street (Room 1.8«0}. In the Borough of Minhitt-T.
In The City of New York, on or before the art?" 4 ? ,
March next. > au * or
Dated New York, the 16th day of September loot
ALICE H. RUTHERFORD. f «"»»cutor».
HAWKINS * DELAFIELD. Attorneys for Executor*.
Rooms! single, en suite, with private
baths, doctor's ofll«. d.ning room P*r'° r
Boor; electric light; excellent table board.
isfactory arrangements for board sna
rooms at 15 East 4.-.ih-9t. Telephone and
all modern conveniences.
REFINED PARTIES can find third story
suite, with large dressing rooms, or
singly from *.'» 50 to *12 per week: all con
veniences: references required. 15- West
COMFORTABLE ROOM; also suite; superb
location; renned gentle.nan: «l«vator
apartment; telephone; i.ark. sue way: refer
ence. GALS *'M Wrst listh-st.
ELEGANTLY furnished apartments; pri
vate i>?th; meals. $17 weekly; for two.
$25 weekly. VAN REXSSELAER. 1» East
llth-s'.. near Bth-ave.
21ST-ST.. 147 EAST. v»ranvercy Park.—
Large also medium room; private house;
ample clcset space.
29TH-ST.. 12 EAST.— Rooms for gentle
man: breakfast optional; valet attend
ance; telephi n... references.
102D-ST.. 6 WEST. — Light, comfortably
furnished double rooms; running water,
steam hfat. MATTHEWS.
49TH-ST. . » EAST.— Large rooms nn »m
.>a.i Boor and MM on fourth, with board;
table board; references.
151 WEST HL'li ST. -Nl.e, light room,
steam heat, bath: gentleman preferred
references. DUNTON.
43D-ST.. IS EAST, opposite Hotel Manhat
tan. — Newly decorated large room, with
private bath; also desirable hall room;
4CTH-ST., 138 EAST.— Private high class
house; for gentlemen only: newly deco
rated and completely furnished with brass
bods; scrupulously clean; reference.
C7TH-ST., 142 WEST. — Nicely furnished
parlor and bedrooms, first floor; porcelain
bath adjoining; best attentions; references;
gentlemen. LUCAS.
T2O-BT.. U.I WKST. -Two large rooms;
few tablo boarders acconunodatecl; ref
7STII ST., 1«3 WKST. Ik-tlrable large
rooms; prirata i.uth; al^'. s:niiiier roosss;
telephone; references •xchansed.
104-114 MADISON-AYS., near :9th-st. —
Large, airy rooms; baths: telephone; ex
cellent cuisine.
U6TH .sT. UO WEST. I.ar X .. furnished
front room t.i let; gentlemen pn-ferred.
all Improvements; private famiiy. cou
venlent to elevator un.l surface cars.
2K, WEST 11TII ST. - Back parlor: heat
ed: hot nn.l cid water; f.jr cloeets; gen
j referred.
Manufacturers hiKhest icraiie billiard and
pool tables. "Jake Bcliaefer*a l'erfected
Champion Cuahlona." Warerocms, N. E.
Corner 4'M St. and B'way. Factory »nd
second hand department. 4."> Great Jones St.
MANUFACTURERS of billiard and pool
tables; high grade bawling alley build
ers: lowest prices. MARX BROS.. I*
Union Square.
FINANCIAL SUPPORT required In first
class businesi ld»-a. well started, with,
fouru-en bran-hes; Interviews hers or will
come to America. M. C. P. CO . County
(.■hainh-TS A. H!rm!ngr-am. England.
OUest. Largest. Most Modern.
4JT A «3* WEST «»TH-BT.
T»l :: . -. »t Established 185 T.
353 W. 54TH ST. c£LJ£
CARPET CLEANING. Established 1875.
AW. QUALITIES of carpeio c:eaned. 5c per
yard; mattresjes and pillows renovated
an.l remal«. I!.\i:i,i:m "TEAM CARPET
2fl Ka»t li'th «t. Factory. Sits and
13.")thnt. Tel. STSB Harlem: I«3S Me. rose.
. reeved air, steam, hand
or on flw - l . .' ■■' ■."' Broadway, 421 East
BRANDT. Tel l.i: — 3»th.
We make
tn*.-: ■ -rwible rugs, .".ill
". !Mi; MX.i CO., 11l
I i
A. — A.— A.— FIRST CLASS dr-fsmaklns;
•treet. r'-rej.tl >n. evening gowns; lat»st
cats; we.i.tlnjc trjussmu; chlMren's com
plete ourf.ts. KELLY. 110 East 4lst-st.,
ni-ur I'ark aye.
DRESSMAKER, first .-lass. would like a
t- v. more customers by the day; rail cut
nnd rlt perfectly; terms *1 Co day. Miss
DOHM, i-t" East 3t»th-»t.
DRESSMAKER.— Fashionable ; sewing at
home or out by day: good fitter; stylish.
Adare-s H. C. 263 tat :.■•«. Boa 10.
DRESSMAKER.— StyIish, up to date;
wants few more oustumerst; good eulter
an.l titter, upeedr. M. X.. 21 Ea*l 124 th st.
DKESBH VK BR. I Stylish; good cutter and
fitter wants few more customers. $3 .laily;
excellent reference. Address DRESS
MAKER. -••: W. . ■ 125 th st.
HMD THIBAIT>, 883 Lexington-ave., has
return*.! from Tartu and re.i.iv for fall
an.l winter season* reasonable pru-es.
imKSSMAKER.-^WouU like a few more
customers; work first class; out by the
tfay or at home, Call or write, K. II
WRIGHT, ISO ■-••! aye.
211 Kn»i |2d »l First class domestics are
tupplit-l; also '-.nnuKl'iK housekeepers, ma
troii'i. g»ivertietnieii. tutors, etc.
__ T~~"~~ " mat. .. _ ~T~
BANKBOOK No. 417.433 of the I'nion Dime
Bavlngs Institution Is missing. Any per
son having ■ claim to It Is hereby called
upon to present the midi within ten days
or (Übmlt to havlriK saM passbook cancelled
un.l a new one Issued.
BANKBOOK No 438.50 Sol the Trion l»lme
Savings Institution In m!>-MnK. Any j.er
vlng .1 claim t> it is hereby .-nlle.l
upon to present the Mime within ten
■ mlt 10 harlng said passbook cancelled
and a n>'» MM ISMMd
BANKBOOK N.>. litil.SM o| the Tn!..n IH:ne
Savings Institution la mlxsln*. Any -.er
. claim to it is Itereby rallr.t
upon t" present tke ";m:e within ten iluvk
. 1 subtnll 1 ' !1: i v 11 111 1 < said paasbo
un.i v n-w on* Issued.
LOST or STOLEN.— -Bankbook No 304.0.18
of the flerman Bavlnsi Itunk In the i'iv
(if New-York, corner 4th -aye. an.l 14th-st
Isßurd to to l-'.inllie Kubin. All persons are
cautioned nKaln!"! Bjecotlatlna the same. if
not returned to th- bank on the 30th dsy of
•if September, 100-J. v duplicate will b« t»
BANKBOOK No, 332.8(3 of the Union Dim*
Savincs Institution Is mlss-lnp;. \u p«r
h..ti havlnK .1 Claim to It Is hereby called
»l""» t<> present tht same within ten days
or submit to having !<a:<l passbook cancelled
and a new one Issued. ■
LOST.— Bankbook No. 5G<5.025. Hank for
Ba\inf9. 2SU 4ih uve.. New York f+a
""••'" ' '■■■!" ■!■ l-|ya»» rt-turn book to bank.
"~ ~ m.\«iiinki;\. ~"
AT HKlJl'i-EU PRICKS. £^17 second-hand
wood ana Iron working machine* ■ full»
tv» aiu-t-a. machinery bought and ex
vnanged. CEO. li EDDY. asw Madlson^tt.
'"■',' ■""'■/■, 7 '" 1 '"' * V * ] n<l '-- East isth
.■■t.— I'■•1 '■• owing named persons are hero
by notltln-il. .... the 1... Urects, that the
amounts due on goods store.l in their ser
eral namei must be paid on or before Sat-
lay, Sept. 17. 1» a. m.. at tin, above
..-.'..•. ». Pr said goods will be sold at public
niMtlon M pay charges ami expenses of
said sale: Kroll. Mc«Jlll, Dusemana Fink
Bl^-emoth. llmmernan. Williams, ilowden
!:.•... Neumann, • luik. Paulina Walker Me
'. ' v -"; m.-:. Werner. Llnde. Mohr.
'■■-" >■ .-:..■-. Wachtel. '
r J i yi »JTVATH>XS - W A NTBP :
2 Female.
UADY. of culture and ability, as house
keeper or seeFetary. In refined surround-
InK-j: highest references given and required.
A.: ■!•'—> 11. W.. Tribune Offl<-i>.
lIKLr WAXTTI). "~_
experienced advertising canvasser on
.Tally newspaper; must have good refer
«nce»V T A ,'! <!re " >All * V NEWSPAPER.
V-jx IS, Tribune Office.
W . AJ SiTf D r, ulr . man - we » acquainted
in financial .ll.«tr!rt. to snlh-lt advertising
for Mg New-York dally; salary; ood ref
in^r^^r 8 FINANCE. . 80,
WANTED. —A youn B man. thoroughly ex
pttrlenced at estimating on fine draperies;
would i':e!> r an all arnund upholstery man;
ir.ly thasa who have had such experience
need apply. 7<V» Broadway, third Uoor.
qfier 9 a. m. JOHN' WAXAMAKKR.
WANTED.— Exrerlenced reading notice ad
vertising; canvassers; mu st have excellent
EOT WANTED In _— • law « a <*"
Room 1.843, 42 Broadway. Reference re
garding yourself.
WANTED.— women as table
hands on draperies. Apply •«» Broad
way, i-fter oa. m. JOHN WANAMARER.
WANTED.— Refined nurse for child eigh
teen months old. one speaking German
preferred; reference* required. -i 2 *-asl
17th st.
APVERTiaiNG.— By yountt man. with an
agency, or as assistant advert.stng man
ager of a department store; experienced:
references. < \ L.. Box 30. Trtbum. Office.
AMERI''AN 17; knowledge of stenography
and typewriting; wholesale or b»J£""«
house; salary no object. K. M.. l.*'J» Ja
man. 17; two years" eaiperienqß »
manufacturing concern; very accurate;
moderate salary; references. JLLJL3
X! BIN. 286 M-_.
BOOKKEEPER.— Young man. 19, 3 years
experience, double entry; good reference;
understands typewriting. JULIUS ULEI
CHENHAUS, *0 Monroe-st.
BOOKKKIiPKR. accountant and office
man. by an expert, with ambition; sal
ary only «20. If you wish to engage me.
address 2.. 242 Dean-st.. Brooklyn^
BOT. 18; learn trade or work at anything
LOUIS HOLBL'EK. 629 East 72d-at.
BOY, graduate. In ofllce; experienced.
BOT 15 as electrician or machinist pre
ferred. ' ALFRED BITNSON. 5"-'« Htcks
st.. Brooklyn.
CUSROXMAN wishes extra work aa pri
vate secretary to lady or gentleman. Ad
.lr»»s CLERGYMAN. 162 East SUd-st^
CLERK. — n.y young man, 24; 8 years' ex
perience as clerk and general manager;
salary expected. $15 week. M. CAFFRBT.
1.930 Vyse-ave.
I'I.BRK.- Toung man. 30. as clerk, or any
thing; eip. riencd. J. U TROI-MER,
291 ISth-st . Itrooklyn.
cI.KKK Experienced stock clerk: In any
line of business. Address EDWARD A.
BLIXFELDT. 2 Lafayette Place. ,
CARPENTER, mason, plastering work:
alterations A all kinds. Jobbing. s«J
postal or call S West B3d-st.
CARPENTER and FRAMER.— Understands
his business thoroughly; f"r owners. Job
bing alteration „r new day or contract.
TItEUBR, 353 Hlcks-st., Brooklyn.
. 'AKPENTER.- Firm rlasn, married; day's
work or contract; do Jobbing and altera
tions of all kinds; In need of worn. Write,
IHItUMi, 214 East lej 1
. < Mrt'UNl'llK and RECTIFIER.— Ovrr
I*" years' experience; also maker of cor
dials, bitters, e»»enc»ii; open tv engage
ment; tirst class references. Address EX
peKIENCK. 213 West 1"-1 «t.
DRIVER By young .nan. H. BCRNd.
care of Caxltn. 310 West 40th st.
ELEVATOR RUNNER.— Understands low
•p-essure boiler and electric elevator; good
reference. OX'S PITSCHMANN. 823 East
KNCIXEKR machinist, steamfltter. with
111 SWSe: makes all repairs. KNOINEER.
1O) ilushwtrk ay«.. Brooklyn.
"ENGINEER.— By middle aged American;
can do alt repairs; has own pipelining
an>l machine tools. RUTUB BRAYTON.
1.021 Flushing aye . Brooklyn.
FOREMAN In souvenir factory or fancy
turner by younx man who thoroughly un
derstands the business. Box 91. otamforl.
N T.
FtIEN^H LESSON'S by Parl»t«a gentle
man unl»er»tty graduate, teacher In the
Oty College. A. T.. 22» Oat 21»t-et.
man- (trsvduate of art school of Krance;
20 years' practice with silk and wool; an
swer all month. Address V. II . 3» Hill St..
H<.rnells\llle. N. Y.
INTERPRETER. — German. 27. perfect In
Spanish. Erirllsh and German, as Inter
preter of similar situation: very best of
references. Apply INTERPRETER. Box
27 Tribune Office.
JANITOR.— By man and wife: twelve
years' experience; stesm. hot water;
fir*: cla»« house only: reference from pres
ent employer 282-2H4 West 24th st
hydraulic an.! electric elevator*, pumps,
motors, controllers, low pressure boilers:
elevator mechanic by trade. X.. 421 East
«4th-st.. Room 10.
JANITOR.— By Swedish couple, no children;
or caretaker: steam heat anil hot water.
100 East 86th-st.
JANITOR. -£in;all family; willing to pay
part rent. Mrs. EMMERICH. 2.182 fith
; MASSAGE.— By graduated Swede; medical
gymnast and masseur; will visit gentle
man's residence or treatment at office; doc
tor, hospital and private, references. Ait
, dress Bos 13. 132 East 23.1 st.
MARBLE CUTTER. — New or repairing
i work. C; IIEIKJU'M), 207 East ttllh-st.
1 MACHlNlST.— Embroidery machine experi
! ence : move and set up; also repairing all
; kinds of sewing machine* -»n tools. MON
TK!K. 106 lst-ave.
MAN. 32; Catholic; fce»t recommendations;
M years with last employer; wining to
' make honest living for self and family.
I Address 111. VADRAZKA. 314 East 71st-st.
MAN. 34: •-■.mr.etent ; l»'«e rharge ..f stable
as foreman, m»rrle.l. n.> ihtldren; good
worl»»r JOXKS 1M fith sve.
MAN. 22. at anything: steady position. W.
KEULY. 455 2d-ave.
PERMANENT PLACE, opportunity ad
vancement; one and -half years' gen
eral business experience: aged 21; fit) to
begin; resides with parents. U. K. V. 8..
Jr.. 413 West 22d-st.'
man: rooms painted, »1 papered, 1175;
material Included and good work guaran
teed. PAINTER. SI4 East 2»th-«t.
PAINTEH. decorator, paperhanger; highly
recommended: own tools, work for land
lord, real estate and builders; best work;
reasonable prices. TRAVNIECK. JSJ 3£
PATTERNMAKBR on mu.-htne. A.
MAAO, 312 Keap »l . IJrooklyn.
PAINTER, paperhanger. decorator, with
l>r.it experience, t-etng for the last five
years general contractor, would like 10 se
cure piac» in realty comrany or estate.
with a reasonable monthly salary; refer
ence furnished. Hox 3. Advertising, 0.-flee.
Lost* ( Sates »ye., Brooklyn.
PRINTING.— Artistic Jobber, now In charge,
of composing room, would consider first
■■'.u.-b position; highest grade of up-t.--da.te
work; make appointment. PRINTING. Bo*
40, Tribune Oltloe.
REPAUUNQ. (if._ Work June at your own
hume. city or country, at mechanic's
••ass; fine furniture reoalrlns:: mattresees
ma.!* over: carpets laid: varnUhtns; and
I" lishlDg of furniture. CHAKLEiI SI'L'DE.
*'S! Gth-ave.^. electrician's ttore.
SHIRTS. By jreWsß man. an manager .i«w-
Ini department of m. manufa.-iurtns; shirt
plant; experlenoed: reference* frum last
employers. C. N.. Hox 2i. Tribune Office.
reliable. strt>'ll> sobfr man. In store, ho
tel or factory. NELSON. 408 West 2»th st.
SI'PERIXTEXDENT |fentleman - « place, by
flriit class m.m; life experience furilentnt;
an.l farmlns; t>e»t referenced; North of Ire
land Protestant; married. Address J. 11.
Vu.ui(han'a Seed Store 14 Barclay
Three yearn' experience; thoroughly cum
jet. Tit. neat, accurate, rapid, reinstalling:
e»cellent references. U. L. COWEN. ltti
Maillsnn *t_
with knowledire- of bookkeeping: n i,' n
school cimhi.ue; wholesale Ikkis.;- salu.rv
Crave st . Brooklyn.
TWO TOt'Jia MEN. is*. with ccoj travel
line company. CHARLES AMANN 7«
Fulton-aye.. Astoria. N. T. «»-'»->. 7 "
TINSMITH an! ROOFER— KirsT class"
4iW& Kit!" Iar '» tactoty - Janltof >
CEItNY. 6.407 Bth-ave.. Bni>lUyn^ 3 -
IOUNQ MAN. 80. vast acquaintanceship
dress J. c. care of A. Poole. 6^ tOth-aVqT
T °k. K( ? M^ N American; or^'
* r Kj" AS .«. slightly Unle; any w^r?
Tl ,* n *"| e<l « of oOce work and German :
moderate salary. P . HEROLD, M wJJi
! IBroo^EDEU* Jr.. CS3 U, K.1V.1.*;
V «i'^2T** AN ' *° rwiTfflsht elevator ~Z
Stlth-J^ "" °' drtver - GALLON. 407 tan
! TOUNQ M * v - IS. "ho^Mt •»•' Industrious
in an office; sexeral year.* exr^rtenSJ:
E£ X;, nyßn yB , 4OHN carrou * »»^
V sYmitVt 1 *' T,* tth kno-wNUe ef.drawJaT
A-rooiiua. ... ••
TOUMO MAN and *" - _Jfe3* to"--"!
227 West nta-at- -j
TOUNO MAN; correct «■ »*™J» «**,»£:
man and thorough fcnow^,e or doo«
keeping: references. S. STAND****, »* x«ui
Il7th-st. '
YOUNG MAN. colored; •*£**>;£s%s§
or useful man: wages $»>• «■*■ lu:s
DIGGS. 334 West Bath-st.. flrat floor.
YOUNG MAN. Al painter carp« «'■
quick, reliable: reasonable, GEOKUt.
DE HAVEN. 8 East »th-st.
YOUNG MAN. 21. at -ny^ l 2251_*^5
of advancement. GEORGE TIS^-H. Zli.
Knlckerbocker-ave.. Brooklyn.
TOJNO MAN. 20, sober and reliably
wishes steady place, or la winias to
learn trade. JOHN SMITH. 231 West
&'th-st. . •
TOOKQ MAN. 2Ti. experienced elei-attor
runner, but is willing to take place at
anything. THOM.%3 STKIEGEX. 234 Mon-
Itur-SL, Brooklyn.
COMPANION.— By capable, experienced
American woman: or 83 nurse and set is
tary to an aged or invalid person. Address
Z.. Tribune Uptown Office. 1.364 Broad
way. 2*_^~*
— By young lady; thorough French. Ger
man and English education; business train-
Ing. Address COMPETENT. Box 23. Trib
une Office.
JANITRESS. -By respectable woman, ten
ement house en East Side preferred. Ap
ply 101 ad-.-t.. Janitor.
week, at anything. ADVERTISER. 308
East hist st. .
By young lady. 23: four years' experi
ence; Remington operator. E. M 8.. 5u2
West ie»th~»t.
STENOGRAPHER.— Bright young lady of
Hi. with une year's experience, start wltn
$7 If there Is chance for advancement. Ad
dress B. SILBERMAN. 113 East lUKh-st.
Permanent; has thorough knowledge of
double entry bookkeeping: rapid ana ac
curate; well educated; best references. Ad
dress O. C. Box Xi Tribune Office.
sires permanent ,'lace; twelve years' ex
pere!ence; Al references. iIAKV ».
O'BRIEN, 170 sth-ave.
High grade work, all kinds; home or out.
MNi» WILtiON. 1.2B» Broadway. 32d-st.
ATTENDANT %nd NURSE. 20: seven
years' experience: either mental or
physical; excellent reference. !. O. B. HAT
WARD. 1.10 Bay 2!»th-«t.. liensonhurst.
Long Island.
BUTLER. — Single or double; first class, for
private family: wages. $60. BITLKK.
cars of MrsL Bacon's Office. 381 t'lxth-ave.
Tel.. 1.573 i;h*:»«a.
CUJV. — All around, economical, sober;
high orJer cuvklng. hotel. < iul> _>r fa>mlly.
city or eavmtry; culored. 134 Weet ijd-ei.
CHEF In hotel or e»f». by young colored
man; Newark or N#w-Vork City pre
ferred. W. WALLACE. 20» West 2«th-st.
CHEF.— By co->k. In hotel, club or institu
tion; ten years' references. Address
BARRE. US West 24th-st.
COOK — BUTLER. —By colored couple;
wife a first class cook: man a first cl—
but!»r. Call or address S. IX. SNEED. 5tH
West I2Sth-et.
CARETAKER. — For our.try residanc*:
man and wife, no children, offer their
services from October 1. husband first >-!«.•»
yalnter. would renuvate house; wtfe good
housekeeper; best recommendations. Ad
dress i'aKETAKKH. »26 Uadlson-ave.
man, single. 30; ran milk and be useful:
well recommended: strictly sober. HENRY,
at Carpenter's. 13-4 tSU. -aye.
thoroughly understand! horses, carriages,
harness, gardening, milking, furnaces, so
ber, competent <lrtver; references. E. C.
Box VS. Tribune Office.
COACHMAN. In private family: careful
etty driver; respectful an.i painstaking:
can furnish first class recommendations
from last place; city or short distance In
country- Address J. P.. 2«» West 127th-st.
COACHMAN.— EngIish: s!ng>: good driv
er; best of references; city or country.
' HARRIS. 344 Amst»r.lam-ave.
COACHMAN. CoIore.I man: valet. butler.
coachman, all rvur.i man. Address !
CHAMBERS, care of Mrs. KecnUon. 38
West 50th-st.
COACHMEN. East Saddlery and Harness
i"nir.{nny. 53 Fast suth-st.. have a num
ber of reliable coachmun and. grooms t'rjty
can thoroughly recommend.
j COACHMAN.— Thorough, and experienced :
with first class k»rse> and csunrtagea; with.
private family: five years' rUj references,
II , «SO Atlactic-ave.. Uroukiyn.
• COACHMAN.— ThrroughSy understands I
care of Mac horses, carriages and harness, !
plain gardening, furnace; sober, honest.
: willing and obliging, good reforences; guu«l
driver. F. p.. Box Us. m WOt ay».
COACHMAN, gardener, general man en
gentleman's place; will be generally use
j ful In any capacity; young, tidy and r«H'
i ommenaed. JAMES, at Carpenter's. 164
I «th aye.
COACHMAN.— Single. 30; medium weight;
smooth face, an excellent man for coun
try; strictly temperate; references can be
j seen. PATRICK. 154 Cth-ave.
COACHMAN. By young colored man; ex
pert In handling horses; referent*
BERRT. Ml Went «tth-st.
COACHMAN. — Excellent drtver: under
stands how to care for horses: city or
country, five years' reference; wages $40.
S.. care of Bacon's . >rr..». 3M &th-ave.
COACHMAN.— By young colored man, 23;
competent: ten years' experience; private
family, best reference: wilting. wbiUlns!
JANITOR. 244 West <tad- st.
COACHMAN.— SingIe. 33; medium stxed
neat appearance: experienced In driving
and rare »nd management of horses: five
> ear-*' first class city reference. Address
P. R.. 23«J West lOSth-st.
COACHMAN.— FamiIy Just gone to Europe;
first class, neat appearing, experienced"
can always give satisfaction; will stand
Investigation. COACHMAN. 134 East
ried, on* child; well used to American
farming; wife very tidy; will be generally
useful. CHARLES, at Carpenters. lA*
FOREUAN (Working).— On farm or gentle
man place; single; „<•»■•. S»: good knowl
edge of latry work, stockratslnr crop rota
tion, fertilizers, vegetable and fruit grow
ing, care of greenhouse; five, years In last
pUce; good references. D. 0.. Vox 22 Tri
bune Office.
GARDENER. FLORIST.— Good grower of
I cut flowers and plants under glass: also
i general gardening outdoors; vegetables.
I fruit, etc.; single; good references. AddVeea
A. B. t\. Box Si. Tribune (Ms**
' GARDENER (Head!.— By thoroughly com
petent. reliable, trustworthy slr.gi« man
permanent position; strtcUy sober, and rail*
understands his duties; can taite full chariu
winter If required; highest references- ruod
erate wages. PARPEN EH. Tribune ORlc«.
GARDENER. FLOKIST.-Gerraan. mar^
ried; experienced In greenhouses. Bowers.
fruits, vegetables and up 1 . late landsoar>«
arVeg^5 lg ' M>> v °^^
gvatlemaa's place; thoroughly under
stand* h,s business in all branches. Includ
ing landscape work and faro, management
» >•*!■» referesjces fron> last employer.
"• X, 1«> EllaAjrth-st.. KUick Ri-cs:.
I Urldarport. Conn.
HEAD GARDENER.— German. «ingle 8
years' practUal experience, outdoor ana
under glass: rtrst class references. AJ.lreiJ
1 urL r. l : N. J BUANK - 7 * a -*«S
1 IK'LSI-: and KITCHK.N WORK.— Uy mid
dle as*d man. understand* horses and
S 1 ? 1 °' ty or * oUntn - JOWt » CnABXER.
JAPANESE, brtiht. long experienced cook
or competent butler has reference*
Kirn', KM Sands- st . BlliiSlifc
MANAGER. — Wanted, position as manager
of gentleman's country place; one who
understands farming in all branches, stock
etc.. and a thorough horseman; best refer
ence* from latest employer as to habits,
character and ability. HARRT T. ROO
EU3. Centre Morten,-;. tons Island. **^^
NURSE.— Attendant to Invalid gentleman
mental or physical; competent catheter
>«er; lons «gp«r lance, city or country
trustworthy, sober; personal reference'
NIHSK. Box 107. 617 sih-ave. "«»c»-
STEWARD and CHEF.— By two practical
men. fully capable of taking complete
control of any downtown lunch club or
"rat class gentlemen's club, where practical
results are required, either under contract
"r on behalf of the club, or any unmanage
able part of a club; satisfaction guaran
teed; bond can be furnished for any trust
Imroscd. J. W. N.. I*l East 73tn-st.
VSEFIt. MAN.— By man. 35: single; neat
willing; good reference, country; useful
** anything; private family, store, route or
farm. OrlAßl.r.S HOLLT. South Norwalk,
I'SEirt, MAX.— Py young colored man
_naa worked a* carpenter for the New-
Jork KztA nennudes Corafany; wIUte T to
40 h aaylftln «- "• A> UKE > 3=l 'W't't
_V _■ ~~" : y.. KEJtEDrES.
Cured by the;.
X Rays
Are you familiar with the wo«3»««i '«_
brought about by the X Rajs • tv* 11 * 1
wish to consult a specialist? Do not'Ll?'
one moment with RHEUMATISM .r.
dred diseases. EPILEPSY pap 11 *-
EtzjsaiA. LupusruTxa t^VVAu.
CANCER and all skin diseases^ „***
any shape or form. Dr. QURt3_R_?
without operation or medicine *~" *"•
wish can obtain accommodations ati, V'"
stltute. Here also treatment »a u'l^
in Manual and Mechanical TherM».^__>
Finsen Rays. Electric Light Bath. , S*
dlum and DleUc aad Hygienic Tr»i-» *"
: 83th-gt. Open evenings. x " - «-. «*.
DQJiES'n.c *n — atmbw n \>ti_:
— 'rr» ~ > -
VALET, attendant. 32; honest. tat»3,~'
German; strictly temperate? iiaae^^B
seur an.l shaver: city or rmJM
lil East »Cth-st. «>«-i»Ei >
VALET or attendant to senUmaa. Z
visittnc valet; good r«ferencisL ~ iT
r..)!'.INSOX. 2. 180 Broadway %*% *
\AFjrr.— Young. intelligent and ewwoTr
'Sl>. speak* English an.l Orman. 489
IAM HOLaT. 275 57th-»t.. BrooW^^*"
rnn.iis. ~"
ATTEND INVALID or MMn| hates k
refined household, by •Idejly womaVT, 1 *
tiv«. reliable: beat refarencea. Aldir^Z*^?
G., Postofflee. Newark. N. J. -* I * ol * 4l ***•
CARETAKER wishes to do fine ke___
work; best of references. Call a^^^S
(Jays at ltt East 4<rth-sr. *" Cr ■*
COOK. — First class; American taxtEr
cellent personal references- wun t- **
month. t'UHEKTY. *s5 Columtatly''* 1 '
near «.i»;.; teL Ml J— Klver. *
COOK a.id LAUNDRESS. — By Cera..,
wages SUO-iZi: elty or country^
*M 4th-av>.. Iwtwwn 29th and 3QU»fui
COOK. Ac— By respectable woman • skwl
cook and laundress: nice house*srli»
small family; personal reference. Xti^l
M.. 321* 3d- ave. ■ ' "*
COOK, waitress, maid ana seamstress-
rer^rentes. Mi*s LARSON'S Emßlor~^
Office. 33 West 24th-st. Tel. a.«*»— aS
son Square. ""^
COO K.— Colored; good all around; seoneT
st.t. first Might, hack.
COOK.— English Protesiant cook; — __
particularly neat, will take club. __
or sanitarium; excellent caterer and _?
ager; best references; wages) •*»• »- *
Collier. I^2 West 23d-st. * x
COOK. *. — German Protesant as roci ,..
laundress or worker- smailfc^
neat and reSned; good references- S
country. C. it. ' Mrs. Collier's, ICtJ
Zkl st. •** ■•
C<J<>K and LAINDKErfS. rompeie««"_i
reliable, waxes Co and »_5. accsJLX
COOK ana LAUNDRESS. _», ■ Y,V,v
Protestant; also chambermaid »ci wi't
ress; ci:j- or country; references brrtitU
bin- hi •. . *3J— St.
COOK.— First class Institution, clua m
t'oar-itna" house: sober and compete*:
une»cepti<jnable references. Mrs. >XX»-
ER9 ?.EAf. 7-»» eth-ave.. -Ud-si
COOK.— FIm esase; Ocrm *n; city ress>
DKM, Ma \V«at 3Sth-ac
COOK. — With large experience; «*_.
kttchenmald is kept; wages (40. It. Jirk
Bacon's Offlce. 381 «th-e>ve.. near 23«-eu
teL 1.573— I he*a-_ *
COOK and BUTL£R.-Maa and wlft; cJ.
ored: waxes t«5 month: several nti*
reference. Address BESoIE CLEMECT 12
I'nlen Hail-st.. Jamaica, Long Island.
': Mlarly neat your.? woman; Mx year
reference. A. X.. Mrs. Collier's Assam
122 West 23d -at • Phone 10M Chelae*, "
Neat, obliging youna> woman; the beal 4
references; city or country. J. L. iiru
Collier- 122 West 23d-at. 'Phone 'ftf
CHAMBERMAID.— ReIiabIe g«rl: wSI W
slat wait ins; at dinner: first claii tea.:-
In* house preferred; city reference. Of
Tth-ave., one flight.
CHAMBERMAID.— A Norwegian its a
chambermaid In private house nod —
ence. Call ANDERSON. 217 liTMla
DAT' 3 WORK.— By German woman; w—
ing or dean Ing. 3-"3 East Ma st_ssT
DAY'S WORK of any kind. by »err col
ored woman: washing, iron! £«*£:?,
cooking: references. Address ■* At;*r
tisinß Office, 257 West 43d-st. - .
K-«»m»nt October 1. Address OCTOsbIS,
Tribune Uptown Office. 1.3«>4 BrassißßJl
HOUSEKEEPER or any pos't'.oa •! t—
by ln:#UUent active woman; askw*
ences. Zi'2 Bast 15th-st.
HOUSEKEEPER of refinement and aMBs:
well experienced In maxk*tlnc OSHStsS
an.l ma:.»»v nent of servants. A. B. C.
Box 43. Tribune flee.
HOUSEWORK.— By woman, la a «3»3
family; good city references. is M
IHh-at. . r.ng four ttaesv
HOI'SEWORK.- By r.»at ?cf>tc.l <lrl._H«S
ly lan-ieU. willing and obliging; modsti**
wages to commence. go«.*t riference. At
IRWIN'3 BirREAf. 77 West •-. »t.
HOUSEWORK —By two girls: re comas
tent waitress, best ciry reference; oust
chambermaid and \-<s)s: with other we*
Call 138 East ft>th-»t.. cljto of Poherty.
HOUSEWOKK— By North of Ireland ees»
and laundress*: r>asts. Si' Ups, baker. «Si
charr.berir.a;J. waitress; city or .-. -nor.
separata or together; two TearsH r*fer«Bes>
443 tith-ave.
IIOUSEWOKK.— Two friends, rtrst _■•
cook and ■ I. •:■•■».-•- will do work of S—S
family, best references: city or ossbbSß.
M. 0.. 144 Wot isi st.
INFANTS Nt'KSE.— Uy North of IreUa*
Protestant: can :aae full eharss: —ss>
c«ptt3nabl* ntoTfr.cr»: city or cmatry.
Mrs. COOPERS BUREAU. 74» Stt-ava.
43i1-st. ___— —
UAt'NDRESS.— First class: strictly »nl»S*
work at home; shirts, cellars aad «
fine muslins and laces a specialty. prr»i:»
house; open air dr»ln«. 255 Tast T~sV«*
LAUNDRESS. Colored; laJ'.e* or ■**•
men's washing at home: ! <*• saBsjISJ
collars; reieren^ea. BRJNTi'N. *•*••
I*ArNDRE3S.— German: by the Jar; •»•
refarer.ee. 433 West 41s". - St.
LAX'N DRESS-.— First claas: 1 it>:\e; eta «
country. 213 East 3Mh *t ■ » j»j*»--
LACNDRES9. — Competent; ladtstf •*
gentlemen wi\hlne i take * OBI J,^
out; open air drying: work done owf**
Address B. 8.. Tribune town os«*
t.3fr» Broadway. ■ '■■> 3 - • r *_
LAUNDRESS or general hou»wort». W
w>nun from th» South; first c!*»* *>•
j.. 125 West 27th-Bt. _
MAID anil I>RES9*IAKKR. First •***
pucker, s*tU)r: understands FrencS; ■»
rererenoe*. MAID.. Mra. Dtoiitnson i. »
MAID In dentist's parlor, by re»s«^»^'
colorert girl. J. ROSE. 2*l West «••**
•«:.. care of Mrs. l^hrlstlan.
S!AID la dentisfa parlor, by r-»p«»sJJJ
colored girl. C. lUMMKL. 2Vi ■»■
47th-.st. .
tani: llnht chamberwork. WALSH •■
We<t EnU-ave. y-
>t>un K la.ly; Parist»n Frenvh: d^T
over 7 year*; pluniat. AJilresa itU* iJtr
NKU*. ■»!• West lOth-st. ■ _
Nl'KSIu for Infant: can furnish **>»« • f J!S*
ereno«a. -»«>■* $■£>. '- ' * r<> , <BSS-
Bacons inVe. »1 rtth-ave. TeL 15*"
Chelsea. i.
NURSE. — English Protestant **£?
nurse: neat, oompewnc youn» '^S^,
can take full charee ttvm birth: *T^s
references. A P.. Sirs Ccllle*** T"
West :J3<l-«t. Thone> lutrt CTiaisea. |
NURSE— An experienced French-3 •
for child over three year* old. "S
reference*. L.. Huguenot HOW*
west ;ith-3t.
NURSE— Kxperlenced; «*»"» IJSmS
good references. VOLLRAT". «• «•
87th-st. ' „c-
refined North German: .t>mp«MS" |.»
chtlar»n: ful! chaw « o! £f£**»
children: wages * :s r»? > - X ' -
FRACLEIN. \\\ Ea»t S3d-st- _^
NrnSE to one or two children. tJ^ j^
lady: excellent reference. *»• "*•
Wast ltSth-st. , "
horn* or out. Mr* HIRT*. •• -
■ TSth-st. . - - — J
i TWO younc North of Jretasd f^^ttr-«,
I cock. «ther «9 chamfc«r:ns!J ••■ •s^l.
'in same house. AwnflfM. fainiiy. J7 i<ir
references. >TJIIIEUTT ; «* .2s 1
•v».. near .H3O-»» : let 7*l i—****"^^
■_.. funlu*
i SEAMSTRESS by day In P rtva rr l * „„»!>«•
fancy waists, skirts: 111 " H »
Andreas 2M \lV!«t BUth-st.. CMC «
the work of a carre; mi**s*t.
»«ar« cf Mrs. Bison's Once, ••*
• let. 1.573 Chelsea,

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