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Second Special Easy for Fast Filly
—Fo.rhunter's Steeplechase.
It horaw ens** ■»■ lovely filly Beldame had M
much right pfter the running of the Second Special
at GrEve«:::<l yesterday to shed as many and as
hitter tears as did Alexander the Great fome years
t^9 11* merely conquered a world-part el it. ln
sHwiUlil wholly lacking in class. Beldame con
tMt , thoroughbred*. »nd all the class and in
<«.ritirtty Uiat U>« turf poss«.»e» are ar7k« to her.
Ale reduce* them ill to the .am. level. Broom
eteck. Captain Browns doughty little champion.
tv*s the cn:y performer of her own age that she
hail hot laM low. and yesterday fhe met him in
the Bu?ond Special, distance one and on«-half mlle»,
end crowed him no more consideration than she
bas the rest-McCheenty. Africander, Cauglma
•jranra. Stalwart-all the survivors. In fact, of the
season's campaign.
The presence of Captain Browns colt in the lists
and the additional fact that the Octagon fllly. be
cai«e of her victory in the First Special, a week
before, was compelled to (the her older rivals five
pound* scale weight. Induced a throng of «cm«
fifteen thousand racing folk to patronise the Brook
tjn Jockey Club's inolo*ur«.
In addition to Broomstick. Africander and Mc-
CheM-ev were the only performers whose o*™*"
thought It worth while to let them follow In the
filly's footsteps. Ea«h of these owners, M"''"'
„„ quick to disavow any Idea that he might be
sorting in the remote hope of beating Beldame.
Men may ekW rainbows, but this ]*«""". » :ra
tional and dl*ni.led pastime compared with chasing
a chestnut filly named Beldame. Second place to
her would re quit* satisfactory-
Possibly the most unrcrountable feature of the
raws was the fact that enough men and women per
ruaded then.selves into th* foolish fiction tha; Me-
Chtsney could beat Beldame to pound his price
from eights to sixes. The opening odds In the .ase
of each of the others «onred as the market de
veloped Africander went from fives to sixes, and
Broomstick from fives to seven-. The few layers
who had UN courage to offer S to 6 against the
nr.v hastily rubbed this quotation from their slate,
and posted 3 to 1 on.
The additional quarter of a mile had no effect on
He.dcroe-s speed W stamina A second after the
flag went up the other three were chasing the
will-o'-the-wisp In the same old hopeless fashion.
Bh*> flaunted her heels at them in the same old
way, and when they tried to get within speaklne
distance she flitted away like a phantom. Afri
cander snd Brooms** divided the task of keeping
her in pisht between them, and M'Ohesney plugged
earnestly alone in their wake.
Only «O0» did O'Ne'.l make at.y attempt to ride
her. ai.d that was at a point on the turnout of the
b*< kstretch. Her stable Is nearly opposite this
psjfat a.nd dM .iookey the second time around. fear-
Ire that she might want to etor. pricked her once
with the s'>urs. She flirted her tall defiantly and
drew away so rapidly that the others all appeared
to have etopp^i to Kraxe by the wayside. In the
etretch Africander gave it up. but Broomstick hung
01 find, although he was beaten hopelessly by
Beldame, he reached the goal In front of McChes
sjcy. The old red horse made a bold attempt to
duplicate his famous etretch run. and so far suo
reeded us. to belt his younger rival Africander.
The time. 2 35 --'. was slow rather than fast, but
It m'.i?t be taken into oonslders-tlon that Beldame
was never extended and that she won In a canter.
To Newton Bennir.gton. who leased her racing
qualities from Augufct Belmont a year ago, and to
Frederick Burlew, who has trained her this year.
th* ice possessed a sentimental as well as finan
cial Interest. Her owner had decided that the
Second Special was to be her last race In his
colors, and he naturally wanted to see her tri
umph, So worried. In fact, was Burle-w that when
sh« switched her rail at the point already spoken
of the trainer turned his beck and would not look
nt her again until th« men around him assured
him that the had the race won. The Second
Bt>e'ial was nrst run In ISM. and has been won by
m. h horses as Hanover. Kingston. Judge Morrow,
Lamplighter Imp. Ben Brush and Blues. Laat
years renewal was won by ■BCMaMgr.
The only other i>take feature offered by Mr.
DwT*>r's Hob was the- Kings Highway Steeple
chase Handicap over the full course. Most of the
t*i.!>l..s prominent In «teeplecha«jng started their
b<"-t cross country horses In its renewal, and the
sjeswei that made- up the field were brought so
<•]■>*» by the handlcapper that before the contest
It peemed a difficult matter to fait on the likeliest
Trinner. Mr. Hitchcock's Foxhtmter was finally
ch"S»ti a id backed down to even money. The
chestnut horse's old rival. St. Jude. who gave
him four pounds by th« scale, was second choice
In the speculation, coupled with the English bred
Jiornc l>elivery.
With « > Bri^n on St. Jud« a:>d Ray on Foxhunler
the former ■•• nothing like a four pound better
horse, ana, although he finished second, he had to
h* r»dd«'n out 10 lb* last ounce to beat Royr-lle a
)if>sd. Ray, on the other hand, had his mount
j>ul)««d to a canter at the finish. It was evidently
the- ihle'e scheme to tend Delivery out to wear
Koxhur.tcr d-.wri, and th- n <•)!,;»- on with St. Jude.
Th*> Inn worked for a turn of tins field, but after
th; .t Ray i!i<-onFlderaTe'y derided to leave them
Tx;th and go on about hl« i'iii«iriei!^. None of them
ever Rut near thorn after that, although they fought
:t . >7jt desperately for the place honors, and St.
J'!ie. Royile and The RagK^d cavalier were only
>ie-ad(= apart poinK under the wire. Maiden fell at
a l,lveri"'')l and Mara bad n:s game shoulder blade
Irart iM.'.n.
Hlidebrand rode "nud" May's thn-e. year-old colt
M;ijor I'elhbjn in his oldtinie hustling- 'fashion In a
handicap for ail ag*« at about fix furlongs, and
re\-er gave tho;e behind him a chance; to catch
him. l>e-.Tilfla.«. the favorite, pave hie followers a
run for their mon»y, and wan only a scant length
away at the finish. Collector Jeeaup, the top
T.-eigli:, w.-i!« the runner up.
T.. V Bell's Grenade, who In previous races had
riot been able to pet ou' of his own way won a
handlrnp at one and o-e-«lxteenth miles from Or
monde's Right and Martinmas. uf'-r making all his
own running. He was >»*avlly barked by some one.
<~zaraphine and Bulwark were the other two win-
FIRST r. ACE- -Handicap; all age»; ab<iut « furlorfa.
Kin Hor*». Owner T. • Jorker. P; PI
s.Major. Major Pelhani iMayi Htldebracil ... 7 2 *i-0
2.l<eoni(«ai' (Smathern . . . . li».ONe:l 7-8 8-6
a.C. Jeraup (MrGinnlsi . . ISS.Odotn ... 4 S-5
4 Trwlr.<-!ble (Aihem'le St > . . R«*;fern 8 8
IS.P»ym«nr (Fox) lf^.rvimini,,, 40 12
C.counciirr-an iMadden* . »i.w "Davis IS A
'.Gold Saint 'Ftir\;»w ft.) !»7.Traver» If, «
*.Ar»enal <Feaiher»ton«). . . S*l.Hperl!ng IB «
• •T>' ■«■ (OaJrt 6».A. Brennan. .. 300 80
Winner J W. Mjv'i b c. Major Pelham. by r, W.
Jahnamn- Strsthreslfl Flat f»!r. Won rtd3en out by
H length. Time. 1:10
<HASB HANDiOAP ; 8 yean old and ever About
2 -.4 milec.
! .roxhtinter nittchonk, 3r.).Ki4 P.ar 1 1-5
t.tfil Jude 'Mr Cot ton 1.. . lr/i j (VBrietu..! 4 8-3
8 Royal!* CMr . i^an-.Metj .150 Veitch ... A 8-5
4.Tr,e Rag. Oirafr 'MaJf>r).l4B.nnn«*an .... 0 2
B.Flvina- Butt'a (M.jr-vli,.lsS;H*e*y ... . fi. T-2
«.♦ Delivery- «Mr Cottotii .. . 132.fVDor.r)f 11 4 8-8
•Maiden (J. W. rv>it> I*l. Mara ......... 1J 4
•Tl-n-r— Hi'ciicock. it >. cM g. -K.xhunter. by
G'.ldeti D»rn- Vi Inerr.a tart fair. Won easily by three
• Time. 4:5«*». TC\. tCourled In th* bettlcg.
THin:> RACE— Peking; ;-y««r-olds; BS furlongs
I.CeataeaslM (Panel) lie. W. Davis. . . 6-" i
2.K««-utiheon <Gl<Jeon> V* J Martin 3J \
S.Blue Coat .-M<m«h«!.. MO.HihJe!,r»n<: .... JR «
Ptielo II (i^lhoun) ....103. He Pc/Uxa 20 i
6.r»ru«h r» ill<iire>rf i 97.Tr«vers .. JO 4
a.Tllrty third <3rowr.) let Crtnunlna .. .12-10 «-5
T.GeM Croft (Honan«) KM.If. PM'.llpa ..20 ft
».P«lt and Pepper I'DaSy) ...in, D O'Connor... fin 20
• .Wild Iriihrr.*n .'Madden}.. fti..Cc\'"r.tn . j<W» &>
*"*.Au*.o Il'>rvd (UrC»r.riii> »2.\>tte^ . 100 44
!!!■»"■ 'V; it 'Schefteli. . .KW.O'Kcll . 12 A
:i r,er--c r< j n , y I-a*et* „ i, f i-raraptln*. by Rubicon—
Kerafhin. fair. V.'< -, easily by 1 length. Time. 1:0.
rO'TT;: R>cr— THE SECOND SPT:CIAL; a years and
<wer; 1% mllec.
l.TVldam* .B«- ■ :r.xt/ni 122.0'Ne1l 11-20 i-&
2 . Hroomatlck (Brown .... 110. Burns 7 6-6
a.MoThe-O'y fStaathert). .. in.Hlidebrana ... « 6-B
4 Africander 'Deimeli in Lyne 6 6-8
Winner— N. Bsrintngtni-s eh f. IMdimt, by Oetaron—
PsO» ,J^n». BUrt rood. Won easily by 4 lengths.
FTFTn RACE— 2 ye»r o'^s; CVi furlong*.
I. Bulwark <r. ur yea» lM.Hhsw «-« 7-10
S.Raitnert «Daly; lfl7.Rurtji ... « 3
a.fwnr-- Jluiile (MoGirr.lO.lo7.Travera 10 4
4. Jerri* MeT.ab» (D*r«n. .107. Rt-rt fern l» 5
f..<J«lJoms«« ffjTatt) U0 J Martin...... "0 *>
«.^r» I.wian (Borkei itO.Crlmmtna «0 10
l'sf U *= U *•**'' J«.L*X« U-» 4-4
■>.Crsn4 61am *Hennlng> . . . lio .w. Tjev«i« 80 «
lO.ner!* a rofts).. .._... 107.8an».t 40 15
11 .i.Uer » naarhter (Cb*s.).lo7. Miles W\ 84
SS.t>W>£A <To«Bg) li». O'Brien ]'■• ♦»
"teLOTv^ 110 r> Ecnza 2*o «
Isieer v. B. I>urye»« b. g Bulwark by Li*s»lt—
tSZ *«af rt riLlr ' Woa flrlvlr * ■» J ltcx '- h -
SIXTH RACE- Handicap; a!! figes; 1 1-1" mllea.
I. Grenada (Bell) 96.HlId<£>rar.d ... § 3
2. Ormonde's Right (Pa»et).ll7. Jl--5 4-5
3 Martinmas (Henshe.Hi ...lOO.Kunr I'" s 1
4.Votan (I>»!mel) 103. J. Manic * 2
6.Cincinnatu« (Blute) 104 Welder 6° 20
*.?!.- I.ynnewood (Wld*ter). 97.Tra»<ri' ** 2
"Merry Lark (L«ed«) S7.Cr,leman " 6-2
B.Vete (K*ene> !».H!ggln* ~ ••• 30 10
9.Daleeman (Corbett) JOB. W. Oavis 15 &
Winner — L V. Crll'B b s- Grenade, by Pt. Oatlen —
Turmoil. S'art good. Won ridden out by lVi lengths.
lime, 1:48.
FIRST RA<"E— 2 year olds which have not won J1.300;
about six furlongs.
•Cairngorm ll&;Bedou!r 109
Trapper 115 llearr> Desire 101
Austin Allen 115 Burnt Hills 100
Jim Bcattie 115 Ivacho« 100
Blandy lir.Hluoher l<>o
Bellatf.x 112i«D'Arkle 97
R L, Johnston IUURed FVjt 97
Hot Shot JOS b-jarty VI
Dazzle 100
•Pag*t entry.
SECOND RACE— Steeplechase handicap: 3-year-olds and
over; full course; abo'it two miles and a half.
Firing Huttress ]36'Gai>gar 133
•Headmaster ISO' Messina . . „ 133
♦Amur 147'tJlm Sl'ck ..v 130
*Paulak»r 148' Nancy D....- 130
Gold Ray 184
•Story «ntrr. tCio'.t entry.
THIRD RACK -THE SHEi'I"I.ATION; 8-^ar-olda and
over; one mile and a sixteenth.
Cloverland 11l [Proceeds - P9
Damon ..^ 11l I Brooklynlte BT
De Reazk* 106. Andrew Mack 87
N*w-York 106 Gay L/.tharlo »3
I>al*r Green Seymour S»
FOritTH RACE— Handicap; mares of all ages; one mils
and a rlxteonth.
•Gunfire 12<); Stamping Ground 94
Oitcrme 120 : Shipshape 08
•Mloeola. 113 Tol San 80
Graceful 112 Fleur de Marie 00
Hoodwink 100 n»v:aar.«ea. , 90
Thistle Heather OS,
•Duryea, entry.
FTFTH RACE— Sailing; 8 year olds and over; on* mil*
and a furlong.
CoT*rlanJ 113 Ston«*al! 101
Cinoinnatus 10S ; Honifdtead 101
Stolen Moments ](* The Southerner 100
Flexion 1(16 Hoodwink OS
Sir Rcci>« lOfl I/iird Melbourne 98
Canteen 1(W R(,:i'- 97
Pentaur 106 Glisten M
Kejrnot* 103 Reveille 93
Eagle log Sllverfoot 92
SIXTH RACE— Handicap; 3 year-olds; about jilr furlongs.
Collector Jeerup 12» GoM Paint 100
Mlr.eola 117 Marjoram 100
Major Pelham 116 Orenada 60
Auditor 112 FunnyekJw 05
I'arple Gold lf<3 Missing Mnk '-i
L*iiy Amelia 105 Tide 88
Ancestor 103 Topic _ 87
A pale of race horses In training was held In the
paddock before the race at Gravesend yesterday.
The stock offerpd was Rood, and excellent prices
were realized. Hflie Strom*, a. brown filly, two
years old. by Ben Stromf— number, waa the
atar of the sale. Sidney Pagft paid 19.500 for her.
The other sales of $1.00) or more Wf-re:
Bir Brlllar. eh. 0 . 2. by Imp. Sir Modred— Brtllar;
B. F. H«nsha!l -$5,000
Invader, eh. c . 2. by Imp. Esher- Felseen; H. F.
Henehall 4.100
Pelham. eh. g, 2. imp. Alhert— Plaudits; B. F.
Uer«i!:a!l 4,000
Diamond, eh. c. 2. by Hasting*-- Golden I>ream; W.
Bhif-11* 4.000
Trapper, br. c. 2. by Hastings Tarpela; TV. H.
Snyder 3,300
Our de Ljon. b. a. 2. by imp. Albert ldlewlld III;
Mr» L. Curtis S.lOO
Bell* Dijon, l> f , J. b>- Sir Dixon— Catallna II: J.
L, Holland 1,900
Saladln. b or br. c, 2. by Imp. Albert — Zetetic- M.
L. Hayman 1.800
Quadrille, I . g , i Imp. Hapallo— Court Dance; W.
Shields 1,600
Eccentrical, eh. p.. 2. by Imp. Goldfinch — imp. Ec
centricity- R. Angarola 1.600
Miss Modesty, eh. {.. 2. by Imp. Knight of th* This
tle— Morna; V,' F. Turpln 1.600
Roderick I>hu, eh. g . 2. by Flambeau — Albion;
E. P. Hicks 1.050
Monte Carlo, eh. c. 4. by imp. Pontlao — Troyana;
W. F. Turplo.... 1,0-JO
St. I/»uls. Sept. 24.— Vlrst race (six furlongs) — Bird
Pond. 100 fBeder>. 13 to 1. won; Rhyme and Reason.
100 (,J. Conwa>>, 4 to 1, second, Lookawaj-, 100 (Ulce),
IS to I, third Tim*. 1:21 Radium. Shortrake. Know
Cap, Bush Smith, Troeon, liumbino. Jollier and Es
sayer also ran.
Second rac« (five and one-half furlongs) — Judge.
Brady, i D. Austin*. 2 to 1. won: Art, 108 (W. I>u«an>,
I to 1. second; Bavarian, 105 (J.liiiUey „ 10 to 1. third.
Time, 1:16 V The Eye. Flying Kir«?. Hachmelatcr.
Lady Sellers, Wakeful and Bendlgo also ran.
Third race (aev-n furlong* >— Ml^s Manners, 110 (».
Austin*. 6 to 1, won; Milton Young-. 83 <Rlce>. t to 1,
second: Veatry. 110 <w. I>ua*aii>. 8 to 1. third. Time.
1:31. One More. Atlas. Tangible. Brewer Schorr and
Frank ("oiling also ran.
Fourth rao« (one and one-sixteenth miles; the Bou
leTard i— I.ubln. 83 (Seder). 9 to 1, won; Foot
llaThta Favorite, 93 <How»l'), 6 to 2. second; Jack
Tounf. 106 (W. Duiuii, 7 to 1. third. Time, l:S3'i.
Orient. Pourquol Pas, Neversuch, Taby Toaa and lisle*
also ran.
Fifth race (six furlong 1 > — Zlnda. 105 (D. Austin).
8 to o. won; Monaco Maid. 04 (W. Du«ui), 7 to L
second; Willowdene. 106 ( W. Watson). 2 to I', third.
Time, 1:22 \. Anadarco also ran.
filth race fon* and thre*-*lxteenths miles) — Dollnda,
90 (Rtce». 9 to 10. won; Bourke Cockran. 105 (I). Aus
tin., 7 to 1, second. Mildred 1... 92 .S«-.!er), 5 to 2,
third. Time. !:ia4. Mainspring and Stra.ler alsio ran.
Seventh race (clx — Inrolthrift, 107 (L.
William*). . to 2. won: King 1 Charm, 108 (Llndseyi,
13 to 1. *«cond; Algonquin. 104 (H. Anderson). -J to 1.
third Tim*. 1:12 1,. Major <:arpen?er. The Hebrew,
Metiakatla and Potter alao ran.
Chicago, Sept. M— riret race <flve and one- half fur
longs*- Jaoeta. «6 (Nlcol), 11 to 2, »on: OiHlestone 102
(Wilson), 4 to 1. second; Dundall, K4 <Shaverj 1« to 6
third. Time. 1:0954. Handy Bill. Captain Neroth Clara
Berry and Gallant "%m!e also ran.
Second race (ateei>lechaae. short course) John Fl
Own*. 13T, (Johnson). 13 to B. •M.on, Oliver Mr 150 (Cor
bie: ■>. 8 to 1. aecond. Dominique You. 127 iKrßerßoni 7
to 1, third. Tiro*-. 8:50. Rip. Ungo, Class Leader and
Laura K. threw riders. Cherokee L*es and Diar.a fell.
Third race (th* Prairie Stakes, one mil* and a furlong)
— (-"oenceTtan. «1 (Shaven, 13 to 8. won: Stroller UG
• Nicoi). 11 to 20. second; Leila. 8& (Greenfield). 9 to 1
third. Time. 1 .56. Koratius also ran.
Kourth race (the Forward Stakes; seven furlongs)
Uoretta M.. 11l (Nlool>. » to 5. won: l.»rfy Kavoy 105
(LAraco), 7 to 2. second: Sisa I^ee, 11l- (Mclntyre), 20 to
1. third. Time, 1:31. namnan, Freebooter and Dim's
Horn also ran.
Kifth race (one mile)— Braes. 110 (Knapp), 32 to 6.
won; Orejtor X.. Kr7 (Mclntvre). « to 5 aecond • Miss
t"rawff,rd. 87 (L«r.non>. 2to 1. third. Time l-45Vi No
other starters.
Sixth rare (one mile and a plxteenttu— King Ellsworth.
101 (Aui>ucholi>. 4 to 1. won; Don't Ask Me. l«5 ,sh:n-n
f. to 1. s<-rond: Dr. Stephen*. J»8 (Heamtter) 7 to 1 third'
Time. I:> 2. Harrison and Hying Torpedo also ran
Seventh raca (on» mile and a sixteenth. - Swiftwlnn Pfl
(liclntjTe). 5 to I. won: Excentral. W« (Oregar) 25 to 1
jKcond; (Jilfaln. 100 (Robbing. . IS to 1. Third. Time"
1 54%. Blr Hush. Hans Warner. Curate. Saiilla and
Jim TyrTell alao ran.
Outshoots Lieutenant Casey Experts Qual
ify at Creedmoor.
Creedmoor. I^ons; Island. Sept. 21 (Special).— Tha
seventh supplementary practice day of the season
was held here to-day for the expert class at 800
and 1.000 yards. The weather was fair, with a fish
tail wind blowing from 5 to 7:30 o'clock and back
«a-aln. The attendance was large. The Ue In the
mid ran e Rhootinfr last week was shot to-day at
m yards between Dr. W. <i. Hudson and lieuten
ant K. K. V. Casey Dr. Hudson won out by on
point, the score belnir 31 to 3(1 Colonel V «
Thurston supervised the shooting The scores
larw r. ssa ?*£- >-^^.t
«er jeaunt F. Outerbriage. Troop 2. .... 22 23
IJeut. O. 9. Toivle. Co. D. . . •» «w\
Ueut T. C. Wlswall. Co. F '.'.'.'. li S 1?
tJeut. A. M. Pretslnier. cv>. II ....". 21 a
Cap: E. Pleiser. Co. X 23 « 44
r*apt. I* M. Thlery. staff 21 *-. „
Uieut. W. B. Stieppard. Co. B Jo aft in
Capt. W. O. Hudson. start 22 2> J?
LJrJt. J. V. Brane. Cto. A '.'.'. 20 23 «
Cart E. J. Relily. Co. F 20 " 80 40
Lieut U. B. Becker, staff 31 |l 42
Cart. R. H. H&rdlng Jr., Co M 23 "1 4*
Cape G. T. Druckinann, (.V B .'.'.'. its 20 4$
MaJ. C. O. Todd. stiff JO 23 41
"MaJ. F. A. Wells, field "" S M *■'
JJ»ut. E. Oodet. Co. X ' " ••! l~
Cpt. C. I>. Napier. staff „ 21 23 4S
Gapt. E. E. Jannlctcy. c*>. 8.. 22 44
• 'apt. J. P. ('brUtoiTel. Co. A 21 20 41 I
JJeut. Ctol. H. C. Bar-.hnutr.n. field... 22 2t> •■>
«*apt. K. H. Hobby, staff 30 30 40
Corporal H. W. White. Co. X. . . . '. '.'. '.'. 2S *< 43
«srt. 11. A. T. Young. Co. 1.. •»! 21 42
lieut. P. Q. Hojrt. Co. F 22 21 43
IJe-jt. W. J. Oaatifan. staff 21 22 43
J-eu-_ W. A. De Lamater. Co. X 22 21 43
l^ieut. J. W. I-yon. Co. 8... ;j 42
<3apt B. W. Feet, staff .'. .'.V. .' 2 25 •«
Capt. J. F. Westermann. staff 21 21 42
C P. O. B. V. Van Norman c P B . S3 23 43
C. O. M W. It Free. C. P 8.. ... « 21 42
Bnslrj H. P, Hamilton. «th Division . 21 JO 41
always awake and ready or bualneM, la a 'Tittle Ad.
of the People." Employ one.
Only One Touchdown Against Up-
State Team— 10 to 0.
Columbia disappointed even the pessimists In Its
game with Union College, at American League
Park yesterday afternoon, In which the Blue
and White- eleven won by the meagre score of
10 to 0. Against a team which ranks decidedly as
one of the second ola^s. the Blue anil White played
a Blow, uninteresting and very ragged game.
The new m"n tried <>ut showed little ability to
take advantage of their opportunities. The de
fence of the Columbia playen was their best
quality, but Union twice pained Us distance at
that. On the offence the Columbia line was at its
worst. It failed to start with the ball, never got
the Jump on tho other team, and failed signally to
provide help or interference for the work of the
backs. The bucks did fairly well, considering this
lack of support. Probably when Columbia's best
men are all in the game, eume first class football
may be seen at American League Park. None the,
less, yesterday's same showed that there- Is plenty
Of work ahead of Morley to develop from this ma
terial an eleven capable of coming out victorious
In Columbia's later big games.
At the start of yesterday's play Columbia rushed
the bail In fairly good style to within five yards of
Union's goal. Theie the visitors held for down*.
Columbia gaining only two yards in four downs.
Then Union rushed the ball tight yards before
being forced to punt. Colombia recovered the ball
at her 46-yard line on a fumble, and than, with
slow play, carried It back to the 36-yard line, where.
Metzentr.ln dropped a pretty goal from the field,
scoring four point! for the BltM and White. The
rest of the half was slipshod, and there waa no
more scoring.
In tho second half Union, lost the, ball after the
kick off on her 20-yard lino on a fumble. Thi >■ o
lumbia took It to the three-yard mark, only to be
held for domi asain. Duel] was slummed over for
the only touchdown of the afternoon, from whl h
Metzenthin kicked goal.
The line-up and score:
ColumMa. PoMtion. Union.
Plo'-'im <f}r!swoldt I* -ft end I'avlj
Browne Ltf t tackl* Ititten
Echev*rria (Btevensoa) . . I* ft itiiurd Vail Dannenliere;
Lander* ifcjmythe) Centra Gtlmoro (Nutt)
Btar.gla.id Rlirht guard Kluge
Wallace i Al(?eh!nir«T> Want ta«kl» Daun
Muir (William*) KlKht end Wright
Metaenthln (Donm-ani Quarterback .McNub (Robinson)
Duel] <Met/..-nthlnt IWt lmlfl.u.-k Harvey
Buell (Un<Jiiu> Kl«ht halfback Moora
FUher Fullback Raymond
Brors — Columbia. 10; Union. 0. <Joal from field—Met
xenthln Touchdown — Puell. Goal frofa touchdown -
MfttzontMn. Umpire— Hall, of Thl» Krferee Seixas. of
New -York Military Academy. Time — Fifteen aii'i 10
minute halves.
Perm State Holds 'Varsity Dow-it to
Siv Points.
Philadelphia. Sept. ?<. -Pennsylvania'!) football
eleven barely managed to win Its first gam* of the
season this afternoon against the State College.
The only score of Die contest was made by the
Quakers in the last two minutes of the second half,
when they threw Plekarski across live, line for a
touchdown, from which Cordon kicked the goal,
making it « to 0.
From the very start of the first half it was evi
dent that th« visitors from, Bellefonte were not
only as heavy as the Red and Blue, but that they
knew just as much about the game at this stage
of the season. Neither team could gain consist
ently through this twenty-minute half and the ball
see-saw«d up and down the field amid an atrocious
lot of fumbles. In the second half of fifteen min
utes Perm tried a kicking game and then took her
beefy guard. ZiUlgen. out of the fullback position,
placing a lighter man in the job. Gaining the
striking point by a series of well directed punts
she. took the ball on the twe.nty-flv»-yard line and
rushed It over two minutes before th« close of play.
The work of both teams was slow, but State
showed up cleaner than Pennsylvania, whose Indi
vidual work was ragged throughout. The line-up
and score:
Univ. Pennsylvania, Positions. Pennsylvania Stats.
W«*de Left «nd ita-r
llutkl*wi«z J>-ft tackle Smith
Plekartki Left guard Whlta
Taylor Centra Dunn
Umnio Ritht tfuard Woodward
Torrey Right tackle Moncript
Drake Rijht end Campbell
Corson Quarterback s»und.-r»
Reynold* I^ft halfback Yecteley
Bradley. Bennls Right halfback Qulller
Zllllcaa. Fheble Fullback FWkum
Bcore-»-Urilver«lty of Pennsylvania. 6; Pennsylvania
Btat*. 0. Touchdown — Piekaxsil. Goal from touchdown —
rorßon. rteferee— A. E. Whiting. Cornell. Umpire— Ai.
Sharpc. Tale. — Okcson. Lchlch. Tlma, 20 and
15 minute halve*.
Carlisle. Perm., Sept. 24.— Dickinson opened her
football season hero to-day, defeating Western
Maryland College, 10 to 0. Dickinson's work waa
ragged from th« start, although some of the men
played- fast ball. In the first half the home team
was unable to score, In. th» second, however, the
plays were run off a bit faster, and Davis finally
went over for a touchdown. He also blocked a kick
near Western Maryland's goal and rolled over for
Morley, Columbia coach, bracing; up hl» team after first half ended without a touchdown,
the second touchdown. Both goals were missed.
The lineup and score:
Dickinson. Position. Western Maryland.
Bmlth ~ Centre....... Thomas
Harry Hls/ht iruard. .. — ..-...... 8m00t
Messuer Left guarrl. Curry
Davis Rtgfct tackle... — ......... Stay ton
Se«ley (captain) Left tankU. . . „ Cooling
Balterx «Hoerl») Right end. -.Myers (captain)
Cramer (Hank*) Left end *""""
Plmpeon (Kllngitlne) Bight half Higglns (Weeks)
Roblson (Parvla) Left halt Henry (Adam»)
Sadler Fullback Roberts
Rlcl> .....Quarterback Tredway
Score- Dickinson. 10; Western Maryland, 0. Touch
downs, Davis (2). Referee, Mr. Harris. Tjmplre, Deany.
Time, •• minuta halves.
Old New Players Expected to Make
Strong Team.
Princeton. N*. J.. Sept 24 (Special).— The TJger
aspirants fnr football honors have been working
their hardest at Osborne Field, the scene of mar.y
a hard struggle for the mastery. There lira several
3.">-pounders In ;he squad, and a number of men
whose weight come.i near that figure. The big men
of last year back are Harold Short, centre; Cooney,
left tackle, and Dillon. left guard. Tha three
s«m In excellent condition. Several strong men
are. making good bids for De Witt's old place at
right guard. Martin. '07. who played on th» scrub
team again/el Da Witt last year, reem.i now to have
an good a show as any one. although Rafferty Is
no mean antagonist.
Who will nil "Cap" Reed's place at tackle la
stiil an open question. Herring and Daub, '07
men, am making the best showing, with Daub a
bit In the lead, because of his experience a.* sub
tackle on the 'varsity laat M-aaon.
For the end poatttOM left vacant by Davis and
Henrj'. the three substitute ends of last year's)
team, Brasher. Tooker and Crawford, are all back
In uniform. Ward, of last year's scrub team, and
11. K. Scott, of the freshman team, are also good
A merry struggle la promised befclnrl the line at
the quarterback position. "Tommy" Burke will, of
course, have first call, because of his Mtper'.encs
but there are several newcomers who are prepared
to give Burke a hard rub. The best of tbese Is
Helm, the little quarterback from Exeter, who Is
mukliiK good nt Princeton and showing that he la
really of 'varsity calibre. He Is a fair kicker, a
wonder at running: back punts, and can handle
a team very satisfactorily. Another man, Rltter.
comes from Lawrencevllle with a good reputation,
but ho has yet had no chance to show what he
can do.
One of the halfback positions will be token care
of by Captain Walter Foulke and the other by
'•Shorty" King, the diminutive half of last year's
team. Whether or not Miller will again fill th»
fullback position roots entirely with MoCormlck
Tho latter la a newcomer at Princeton, and so far
has lived up to the reputation he made at Etxe4-r
last year. Should he be. found capable of filling 1
tha position, Miller will probably return to his old
I>on(tton at end. Miller on the track team has a
record of 10 flat for the hundred.
Quarter, Guards and Ends Still
Needed, Hoxvever.
Cambridge. Mass., Sept. 24.— Harvard footoball
players will tackle hard and fiercely this fall. Xot
satisfied with tho manner in which the, men were
tackling the dummy. Captain Hurley to-day set a
ladder on Its side at a distance of eight feet from
the dummy so as to form a hurdle. As each
candidate tackles the dummy he has to hurl his
body over the ladder with sufficient force to carry
it all the way to the dummy, or elso turn himself
into a human plough by hitting the ground before
he reaches It. Only one practice was held to-day,
the regular practice In the. afternoon being aban
The training table -will be started Monday with
the following men: Hurley, Meier, Mlll\ Noyes.
Guilds. McFaden. Wllber. Squires, Montgomery,
Nesmith, Moans and Cunnlff. •
The day before football practice opened on Sol
diers' Field the situation was regarded as one. of
the most dismal that Harvard had ever faced.
The deefats of last year had deprived Harvar-1
football of much of her prestige. Few regular
players from last year's sloven were expected to
come out for the team, and It was not Unowu
where big. hoavy material was to be found.
Tho developments of the week have done much
to dispel this pvsslrr.isV. Meier, centre, and
Parkinson, tackle, two strong, experienced men,
are to play this year after all. Word has been
received, however, that Harry Le Moyne, the
big freshman guard of last year, who distin
guished him--. If with tha shot and in the swim
ming pool aa well, will not be able to play, owing
to conditions in his studies. If he returns to col
lege at all.
Tha week has shown that Wrightington and
Captain Hurley have their work cut out to de
velop a quarterback, two powerful guards and a
pair of swift, strong ends. Koyes, Carl Marshall's
understudy of last year, la out for quarter again
this year, and has shown speedy form. A stronger
main than he will have to be found If a champion
ship team is to be developed at Cambridge, how
ever. Another candidate is Hugh Kernan, brother
of the '02 captain. Although he weighs only 147
pounds. Kernan Is very fast and strong. H* s
Inexperienced at quarter, but worked with his
brother all summer, and now is doing the best
punting of any of the candidates on the equail.
Siarr, for t*j jeurs quarter at Groton, Is now
Squadron A's Second Team Defeats
'New -Haven Freebooters.
A closely contested polo gair.« was played yester
day afternoon at Van Cortlandt Park between the
second Squadron A team and the New-Haven Free
booters. The regular match scheduled for the Van
Cortlandt cups was postponed until next Saturday,
as the New-Haven club could not set its full team
together yesterday. Rathborne and Stoddard were
the only members of the visiting team who ap
peared. The other two places were filled from the
Squadron A ranks and the team called the New-
Haven Freebooters.
The latter received two goals by handicap, and In
the first period they made two goals to the same
number for the squadron, Uoldsborough and Law
rence making the goals. In the second period the
squadron team did better work. Leavitt. Hunt and
Douglas making some brilliant plays, which were
heartily applauded by the larga number of specta
tors present Tho third period was the best played
on« of the match, and the goal scoring honors "fell
to New-Haven. Rathborne Kettlns the only goal. In
tho linal period the squadron team managed, by dint
of hard work and long carries .town the neJd by the
Hunt brothers mid Douglas, aided by the accurate
hitting of Neilsou, to win just enough to get tha
game by one goal. Nellson made the drcidlns point
after a hot fltcht for the ball around th« goal posts.
The grandstand waa well rilled. The squadron
coach carrieu a party of squadron members and
friends from the Hotel Savoy, and a number of
automobiles and fashionable traps were lined up on
the east side of the Held. The Held was in excellent
condition, ami the placing, for comparatively new
players, wan fast. The line-up and summary:
I—J. H. Hunt. IX— R. T. Rathborn*.
'-'—I* X.!1.«..|i .I*— l *- **• <Jolilab.ToU«l».
B— U J. Hunt. 3--J. E. Steward.
Back— K. G. V. Douglas. ißacka— E. N. McaolU and R.
C L<awrenc«.
Goals earned- -Snua.lron A. 7; by .Veil.- on 4- Dou<!a«
2. J. Hunt. I: New-Haven. 4; by rUthborne. ' 1; Gold»
borouch. 1; Sto<ldard. I; Lawrence. 1; New-Haven al
lowed 2by handicap. Total score— Squadron A. 7: N»w-
Haven Freebooters. 0. Referee— Dr. H. a. Bouth«r.
There are several place* it here It'a done everr d«y.
«*« -Old Gold and «Uver" heading ajaonz to* "Uttle
Ads. of the Veoiilo-"
trying to get Into the freshman class. Dillon, of
Andover, regarded as 'varsity material, has
changed his plans and will return to Andover and
enter Harvard In '05.
There are already three 200-pound slants out
for centre— Wilder (221 pounds). Cunneff (222) and
White (222). Wilder has played well for three
years on the second team, but baa never shown
'varsity form. Although fat. Cunneff is a very
strong man. and may develop. Ou Monday Parker,
a giant freshman from Milton Academy. Is due to
report. In "prepr" school he waa In a class by
himself. Two moro big freshmen are expected.
The only man In sight for an end position Is
Montgomery. Although strong, he la slow.
Already three men are out for tackle who have
made their "H's" there. They are Meier. Derby
and Squires. Derby and Squires both did well In
tho Yale prune la.>'t y<-ar a^aJnst Hogan. the Yale
captain. Derby weighs only about 190. but Is very
strong and fast. Squires -weighs 203, but is slow.
Carl Brill, th<» Exeter star, is taking examinations
to get Into the scientific r.chool. and If he suc
ceeds will report for practice noxt week. He has
had a long exoerleru -•» and is a valuable punter.
Hn Is as heavy as Kogan, of Tale, and said to bo
much faster.
Already Captain Hurley ha« enough first class
material out to make two pets of half and full
backs. At halfback he, Nichols. Nesmith. Grins
and Randall are all good. and. at full Mills a.-.d
Hartley are heavy and fast.
A good team Is being dev»!op*t! at KorJhaa, de
spite th-» handicap of several losses. Smith, the
coach, had the first line-up yesterday against the
freahmen. It brought out a fast end In <>"Mi;>y,
formerly of Holy Cross. whr> bids fair to fill the
plnrn left vacant by the a; r:\iluatiTi of Plunkatt.
The other end will be cared for by Metre*, who
returns after a year's absence for a post-graduate
course. A distinct loss to the team *s the deter
mination of Gonzales, the 2W-p«und. centre, not to
come back to college. His place will be taken by
(.'aplaln Glennon. who changes from guard. A fine
new plays* Is Fltzpatrick. weighing SIS pound*. :
who will play left guard. A frame Is to be played
at Worcester with Holy Cr.>ss. The local season
opens on October i with New- York University.
Practice was held yesterday morning at Xew-
Tork Ualveislly to give the men a chance to se«
the Columbia-Union game in the afternoon. >.
T. T T . meets the up-State team later on in the
season. Th»» work In the morning consisted of
punting and tackling; the dummy, followed by a
fast half hour of slxual practice. The new plays
that were used yesterday were run through with
considerably more np.>.-.l arid precision. H. Schroe
(Vt, a brother of the freshman candidate for
quarter, from Concordla College School, Joined the
•■quad. He w»lghs about a hiindretl and seventy
five pounds acti Is a candidate for fulloack.
At American I^ag-ie Park— Colombia, 10; Vn!on. 0.
At l'iilli»l«li'!iia- L'nlvarsitjr of Y^i\n»ylwii%. 6; Pena
sylvaiitii State. 0.
At Ltwtsbarg, Penii - Fuckr.e'il. so- Lebanon Valley. 0.
At WHUamstown Williams. 0: Wiihams Alumni, 6.
At East'in. Peiin.--lAfi»y*tte. SB; 'Wyoming- Seminary, O.
At Bethlehem— lrf-hlgh. 37; Albright. 11.
At Carlisle — EM Alas n. 10. Western Maryland CWksja <X
At L«wUtnn. M*.— Rates. «: New-l'amp>ihlT«» State, a
At BrunswU-k. Me.— How.'.oln. 2.i; Fort Ptesse, 0.
At Orono, lit— University uf Maine. 23; Maine Central
Institute, 0.
At Waahlngton— (seorsetown, 22; Maryland Agrtoult-
Ural. 0. n
At Charlotteavllla, Va.- Virginia, 18; Randclpa-Macon.
At Raleigh, X. Agricultural ana Mechanical. «>;
CuV.f ,rd. O.
The Redwing, the Bobtail and the
Ogeemak Winners.
In a fresh breeze from the southwest that ma^-.
an ugly sea In the Lower Bay, sixteen yachts «••«
a fast race yesterday In toe fall regatta of is,
Atlantic Yacht Club. Five classes filled and wtth
the crack yachts of the season, so the contests v~,
of the keenest kind, and those who went down :•,
bay to the turning South-west Spit Btjoy j,
the bis 1 classes and Old Orchard Shoal for the so*4
ones— saw some good sport. *~
Single reef 3 were tied in by most of the yiehu,
for It was piping merrily, and the bay was eevsjaa,
with whltecaps when the starting signa.. tat
Classes M and TV was given at 11:15 a. m. Th» ifca
was established between two mark boats aachcr«4
in Gravesend Bay. J. B. O'Donohue's sloop R«d.
wins;. 8. E. Vernon's Vivian 11. E. F. LucJuosMtYs)
Bobtail and Hendon Chubh's Bagheera got aw»y
on this signal. They were on the starboard lack,
for It was windward work for them all th» w»/
down the main ship channel to the spit busy aai
a spinnaker run home.
Those that got away at 11 30 o'clock wers •>•
Llzar.a, the Naiad, the BorUto. the Smoke. B
Ogeemah. the Trouble, the Spots, the Karma, iia
Careless, and the Miss Judy. The Beta and -•<•
Gamma started at 11::3 o'clock. The Bonito the
Smoke, the Miss Judy ana the Naiad stood too fa
to the southward, while the others, by going for
the Staten Island shore, cheated the tide and M
smooth water. The Redwing won from the Virus
II by 1 minute 33 seconds, the Bobtail from th*
Bash»era by 2 minutes 1 second, the Liaana from
the Bonito by 1- minutes 22 seconds, the Ogeemaa
from the Spots by i minutes 22 seconds and th*
Seta from the Gamma by 2 minutes 23 second*.
Th« summaries:
Elapsed rrect««
Finish. time. tins*.
Ticht and a«-aer. H X 1.3. 8.M.3. H.Jfi
Fe-lwins. J. B. O'Donohao.. 1:49:03 2:34:08 J-jm.
Vivian 11. S. Z. Vernon 1J50:33 233:33 M)j]
Bobtail. E. F. Lu:k»nbach... 1:57:17 2:-12:17 tOSI
Tlsisms Tf-Titii Chubb 2:00:1? 2:45:17 SSm
Uxaaa. D. 3. Wylle 1:3? 2:38:» J:S2M
Naiad. J. B. Palmer 2:0« 5* 2:**:8« *eM»
Monica HaTtland Brothars. . . 2:08:23 2:4fra 2:46:13
arr.c«e. L. H. Djtr 2:UJ4 ZMU VMA*
SLOOPS— CLASS Q-- START ll:2»-COTrR3E 12 l i
Ogeemaa. A. Msilaj 2:03. 18 3:43:13 tSJ:4T
Tf^™rV-. A. Barstoia....: 2:03:32 i*SJ* 1:4133
Spots, n. C V 9 l: 2:043« 2:44:3« J:4^»
Karma, J. C. Erskiae 2:19.12 2:8d:12 51 a
Careless. T. J. Kav*=* 2:20:11 3:00:51 UMI
Judy. D. V. ATarion 2:21:33 •:01:3» S*l-.»
Beta, Saeaeker * Cam» .2:47:11 t:12:ll 1:12:1J
G^nina. A. H. P!att 2:35:54 »: 14:34 *:I4 M
The winners were the Redwlnjr. the Bobtail, ti*
lisana. th* Oceemah and the Beta. The TreraM»
wins the Chubb prize for Class Q boats. Tha re
gatta committee was Henry J. Glelo*'. Fredensji
Vllmar and Joslah. M. Flsk?.
First in Final Race for Gold Chd*
lenge Autoboat Cup.
VT. P. Kilmer's automobile boat Vingt et Ua,
of the Chlppewa. Bay Yacht Club, won the tasi
race for the American Power Boat Association's
gold challenge cup an the Hudson yesterday. 3h»
scared a total or 23 points. The Speedway scored
E. the Mercedes V. S. A. 19, the Flip 13. the Mar
ttlasn II 14. and tha Mercedes VI 12." The Vingt et
r.is speed yesterday was 21.21 knots, or K*l stat
ute miles an hour. Her grand average for the three
days Is 22.27 kr.ots. or 25.349 miles an hour, tot **•
toftd distance sh* covered— nautical mllea. Ear
first day's speed was 33.70 knots, or !T.*3 s£e>:
second day. 22 <*« knots, or 23.350 miles; third *■».
S 24 knots, or 24.426 miles. She covered thirty^mua*
in i hour 15 minutes 57 seconds on ThuiMJT. vn *S*
two miles m 1 hour .7 minutes S seconds •**!:
day and the same distance yesterday In L?S^J
minutes Z\ onda As told elsewhere. *%}**&?%
ca"Xi'-t nr« and was destroyed in yesterdays saw*
The summarj :
Handicap I ; 1 ST
. start Fftah. ««•»
Boat and ner. H M. 3. H- M. »**
Vtnst « In. W B. Kilmer a :24:.» *» J;»g
Spee-lwsy. 0. L. S- ■ 3. 14:3. 3 «.34 !••»•
Werc«.Us V. S. A.. H. L. Bo a«.. ».H:l2 •'■'*'' l.»'«
Flip. O D. Ilolm*» ! : 5. : 22 SJI? S-M-5
Uarciren. 11. T. W. AlllaoVl 2:3. :2= S:- t.l. -f-"
Sihoottn-c Star. H. A. Losier ! 2?:t- p'l^
The Mimosa, the Busy Bee, the Hero* and
the Howdy Fail to Finish in Riversids.
Three olasses filled. and" thirteen yachts ■*•*•*■
yesterday In the annual fall regatta of the Blver
slda Yacht Club. They had wind enough and to
spare, for It came piping out of the southwest
vicious squalls that threatened disaster »••
small craft that were racing. Four of tho«a>-w>
Mimosa, the Busy Bee, the Heron and the How**
were disabled so that they were unable to flalsa.
The start was made for the 36-dass at 1M
W. G. Brokaws Anoatok. T. L. Parks Miraoaa
and B. P. King's Spasm getting away on **■»
signal. The latter won from the Anoato* by •
minutes IS seconds. There were four In the ric«
about class, but only two came homo, the Tartaa
winning In the class by 12 minutes 7 seconds
an exciting race with the Kid over the f°£*ls»
and one-half mile course. Five sloops In Class r
sailed over the same course. The \erzeth. ***9
by Addlson Hanan. won from the Maryola Wj
minutes S3 seconds. The 36-foot class went .ro~>
the starting point off Captain's Island irovaa
marks off Matinicock and Lloyd >eck. ca»e*»»f|
eighteen miles in all. The smaller oiaseer resjasssi
a mark off Centre Uland after the Matinicoc^tJ^.
Tha first leg: of the course was a beat, the »^ OB °
a broad reach, and the final one a close ress»
Th« winners were the Spasm, the Tartan e»
the Versreth. The regatta committee. Charles
Tower. Oe*)rg« T. Hljryons and Charles F. r 3_
had the use of Rear Commodore A. K. «»ir«
auxiliary yajrl Alga. -
I! rats and Carriages.
wim* sell
Saturday, October 1. 1904. T
BERN'JLRDSVIUJ!. «v.« v . J.
being the Increase of We well *n<r«n •^^•-flftat
Th« ott«rtog» comprise the get of the_n<*ee JT«s»»a
Athel. l^>r«l ElJon and JVatka. for 1*« aea ** t ( »
gether with a number of older harasse «<«*»■ .r' _,?.
train and eace or use upon th» read, or for •»■■' •*• »
Poees. older th,\n yearlings win b» sfcoira i 3i 3 , 6 ' . .., 3 •••
All older O*e» yearlbsjs wUI be efeeva
farm track (wwtbar peraltUMU at Ue»ej «*■»*«,. »*;s
weetiMr rnarllTtcs prevent sellln* cut eC eooie ">• —
will be held la th* exercising bam.
For catalogues sritfriae _ „__ Tgrk .
PETER C. KKLI»C:C,. :•■.".-. St.. y»»_I ,— —
\X7ANTEDI— a sound hors«: roM looh^: ™** rt! * ***
\\ Address HORyH. Box 'h\ Trtburf PC"-
WANTED.— Doctor's carvii«». in il S" i > 3 <l^°Ta^ a *
V> aioslo aajneaa. AdOre»s LOCTOB. »<»« «*

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