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i»cter of DeraccriUc jattdas has undergone
,a{nei€:;t ■ h-nce ani laodlficatiaa to Justify the
.•ctle i= ir.trurtins the control of rhsir ■lusniaaial
„ tl-^t 1 -^ r>»Tn-icrac? .
t tfclnk » cr.tirel7 fair '-> Mat Parker to am*
aiitu. ti*9C«lJ Darid 3. Hl'.! and other political
in Sew-Tork. be becmae an avowed candi
*'t- tot '- c rvsmosratle r.omiriation for the Preai
,>n*J. *"« KJUntry kr.em- r.-.thlr.e and ! -1 no oppor
tantt; .TQ. v^" r a^rthinp Of him r*.yo n «S th« a***
ir.-t b* fc * a "■>* tfce office of chairman rf t^e
-;rT-Trrk Star » r't-mocrritic CoacolUee; h-T<J con.
g^tefl t!-.' cairpalJT? '^■ lt •oltad in rfc -c
rf Mr. H!U E« «10-er-. or of NewyYotk. ari tiMt
jdbesvrWKlflr t« txH-nme ChW J-J<i«r of v i* State,
»*., p/-TJs p * T^** i i*"- States, th.-.ugh ratcrsi]^
tr * s j c v.-. «n ■*■*"*" of Ws Ms ■»-. to know Tudge
WW 3 r!'fr '•■ fsewi upco natJootl p<-iicJer, were unu..i.>
„ gflii. onr '.ii-crmaTicr. V-> ->r.d -svhat !iis rote rid.:
- r - tonaet national electlcma, Ju<!«9
Bfcj-2xr a&Qited a rai'jp unvsu.il and rrswaa petirr
,« s ';fr>--e cor.rcrringr puisil'' querrlons. which eras
Brffcr&ea orffl the «arjr fgttowlcf: h ! s bi«i*iaatloti
sjia alter the cenresxien hed b r'm to disintegrate.
jji: lion f~o= la * :::jed - is ••■'•i*f thrt the 1 ! money
ft\r.ZxiA had seen Irrcvbeabisr f.xed «as. Indeed.
«t beer. i;y Kef«^h^can legislation .. i-^lte of
i^acst u:.ir;iraious Desaeecatac or*-i>a-tion>. and
♦sat he sTOSM act aeearwtnai .' »--cd. tmne
2;-:el: M* ■pjjpoiteai proclairr.e-l t-rDtiyhout the
l^a that this rat expression of .ore Pa->er
-.jrked him as n. ftj«tesr:an of svpf ri * r.,ou:d and
>.e'o!<* courage, AEd Thi yha .<>• excotinely te
, ;s 3l 4 J= Jf this :err and e'nsitivt ot H5 criticism.
yovr, without in. ■X!" way F-^klrp ro jujt this inM
t»r to sry <-»her dan i*s -^rue light un.^er the facts,
tr i srttbecx the trlightest dostre to question the
tra* s - nf •Jud're F&'"'. et*« vrher*i:ce a- tn the Irre
roca>3:''"y of the ec!i s^ar.c'.arU so lane as the
Be- ut."ca3 party arr^r.ains in power, or h!« xr'.st'crm
i 2 n:»"^iMf •. . do not th.ak the farts, srhtch all
fcow and which I shall no; repe:i:. fuel '*v wacb an
e::ira-.iea"i c.:ara cttrizaucn cf t'.:c rj:otive iir^d
Hif re of 1-s jierTormariee.
WT.f" the St. Ixwiis oonTer.tlon was ready to re
rf j V c riominatic^* Parkrr c si>r..;-? was 'jr
rrci<"r.. The Itmg. lo"? «tm«B!a over the mon«j
rltri. the one vital to the Democracy. Ir. view cf
Its pse:. haJ de-.-eloped nothing but tse eiaveinent
cf his r.txt i-iesd. David B. Hi.: that he diii not
Vnow srbere J iJee Parker stood on that Question.
nd evmt-xit-ed la the rtcliberaie r" so'.vc of the
coß>*rt:or. That The D«n-.oc*r.tic party did not ewe
<t io tai AJSJerlecn peor£s to rlws their, any ~:rre
ssjaranos t^jn^ U had received frrn its rros
a*er.v- candVinte. that either he cr the party had
nseste^ at Oxlr past teUj or tn^a^t tc stand Tor
tsf j-^pl-'s repeated verdict for sound tnrney.
Tie question was nrtr r.arror. Ed down to this.
Vou'.d Judge Parker acc^t tba platform's policy
cf iiitr^e* lie wbe'y accepted better rdvict* than
tsi theretofima pulded him. anil deddtd he would
apt jk.
I Err not <;riest!on!r.s: the wisdom of Judf« Par
kex 1 "! v.ex.ision from the ptaadi>o ! .nt of his own
tete.-ett, nor. Indeed, frcra the standpoint of the
lnt«-»n of hi* parry, for I am sure It would
hay. t*en to the partre gr*at ad vintage Ut hay«
frar.. t. "«-- i»ladawa the wisdom of the estab
lished Republican policy «f sovnwi mow. as they
tare been relartant!y compelled to do In respect
to ether policies of th« Republican party time
asd time »4ra;a.
There his been plenty of Democratic heroism
maclf eated upaß this question of sound money, but
it was by the. her-.*.. of UN &*id :9W. who pre
ferred rather «d t* rl«ht than rt s^iiar.
I wonld. Ilka to esneiada with a word relatlTe to
Has money ousatlon. FtttUa attsmpU ars now belat;
mtfie to show that tija Republican party It not
kjatlr eatltlrtl to the credit of establishlnc by law
Hm present sound money policy cf th* (OTenuneni
Tbis Is soutrtt to be proren by reference to party
G»claxaiiOsa preceding- UK. aad by reference to
>ri£-aticn csacted durlnx th* dominanca of tb*
Icsasjfelkaßßl party beartsr rrcre or less open th*
Kcbject. Ths BepcbUeaa pan* Is denounced tor tbs
Sherman Fcrchaxisr act and Mr. Cleveland is
new :«*!y eosuaeaded tor securing? its repeal.
Now. the facts are These : Tb«r* was creat dlf-
Cereae* of oplnloc In tb* Judgrner-t of the leaders
of both parties upon the Question of oar money
•--.card. Both r«rtl«s had declared for silver
coinage at different Has* prior to ISK. Th. best
jnir.is cf the country srers fctisy with th* problem
'and the haziness of tie country was cacstastly
feeling; tha dlsturt>tT4 effects cf the want of a
sound and fixefl policy. Lik* all Important issues
which materially affect satlocal prosperity. It was
gradually evolved asd became gradually under
stood. Th* minds of some were r.cre swift to
craep ttaa) sftuatloß In Its political KeneraJlzatlons
and economic details than the minds of others.
However, by UN the caestlons tnvolv«d bseaaa* so
eeaerally understood and their bearing; upon the
public velfar* ao thorourhly appreciated that the
people demand :d a declaration of Che parties upon
the vital Question of what should b* th* founda
tier. upon which cur mosey should rest. In other
wards, the people demanded to know if they gold
a day's labor or a bushel of produce what tha
token called a dollar represented which they wera
hound by law to tike In. payment.
The Republican party replied that It should repre
sent a dollar Is cold and nothing else, thereby mak-
Ing Its value fixed and certain.
The Demo, rat; ? party replied that the dollar
•tot:: '. rest upon a double standard— roW and aUrer
-an 1 that the law should provide that sliver should
tt freely coined la unlimited amounts, and its value,
trsspectrre of the supply of other metals, should be
•ate cold sixteen to one.
tpon this Issue th* parties went to the country
■a* Prerldeat McXOnlry was triumphantly elected.
Tens of thousands of conscientious and Intelligent
Bsssscrata contributed their Influence and voces to
krtn* about this result. They were men who re-
Carded duty to their country superior to duty to any
erca&lzktion contained within Its borders. They
were Deaocrsxs and son» of Democrats who fought
•** votes against the dedarailon of the Democrat^}
P*rt7 la UH. that the war for th* preservation of
the Uniea was a failure
The man wso voted for th* silver heresy In Its)
may have dons so not comprobsadluc Its radical
v.cc. The man who voted for It again In UM did so
either avewjaf that be preferred the success of his
Party •- the wt..ii.re of Ma country, or ronfesslns
his iaabaty to comprehend the bearings of a com
paratively simple) economic problem.
In Jjdjr» Parker's speech to the notification com
eittee. when Bpeaktoc of the trustis, be said: "The
eoi^-»a law. as developed, affords a complete legal
••fcedy aeainst moaopolies."
Xa Preeldert Roosevelt a letter of acceptance th«
Vresidcni saiA; "Tbers Is bo common law of th«
fated States." .
, SiAst Parker's Utter of acceptance, citing a cans,
• titin^a "that the Supreme Court decided that
•*K:i.. n law principle* could be applied by United
"IB*" courts In case* involving- Interstate cor
ns-"res -"re In the absence of United States statutes spe
4sk!:y corcrins the case. Such Is the law of the
Of tbtsM three propositions, the last two are
•aiinfi. The first is not. Judge Parker's statement
**■*■ .i« camaoon law famishes a complete l.pal
**>«"£ y a S «"'t mono>>lles must, like all other gen
"*! Btat**ass*s, be considered in eecseedon with
the subject of which It is predicated. T: 3*3 * Judge
**« dijK-ueainsr trusts, end the p«or>l« wanted to
a *» how interstate eomraern could be protected
***ln«t reitralnta and mooopo*^s. Tb* RepuMican
P*«jr tVi<ni*rht It could only be> don« by !eglalatir>a,
*« »«tM«*d the Sherman a t for that pur.-xjse,
*Web *■«« suppleirttuted by the aasjatetlgsj of the
I*Vui;h Congress. Juds» Parker thinks the com
••^ law affords a "ccraptots"_«ou the word,
**"*"r* — *• Is—l remedy.
p^os* r«p!y that "there is no rom
■•■ !*w of the t'nlted States" metre there is no
««srr&.ori 'aw of *h» United Bt.i>s that fum: h<«
•" «iapU.U or. I may »;<J. even an Inct-rapifte,
le t>l remedy s«siast restraints and monopolies.
■ 'Mr* Pastor's rejoinder to this was cither In
»^«! it, mislead tk* people. or he dr.*, not know
•»«< the out to *-h!ch he refer. frsH i, or what
!T* rule cf th«» corn:nc:j :^w J a aj i G ctiratZ-aUor*
• »»»tratet of tra^a. I prefer to think the Utter
wt^ jr». ct «n,:anttlon. Ti.s caw to wli>"h be
•«-»» «sd«s« sin pi. that as .*,»<*„ parties who
•*• tl:?ashtes; out their dUTerences In a lawsuit
UtJ 1 * . V il ,T* C " t * S ***<•; the rules of the'eomawß
•>kL fae S9f*t»4 *j- »he United States c>ert«
wL* *«««*. «•» "«» n«t teen suppU**! by a
S? * t * r 6Uttlt « > : BI "J thtelisiw .i»tou;!j th«-
J«^.e»t or r.il* ate. not n susjpUgs) a
•nasss) stat ur.r : end i *•<*** th"
•Jts* wfcfc* the cwitre»< f ,y „♦„. Mtsts*
: .?.*ttrstate wmncrtr. ->*:■... Dteti in
i w*ect of other matter*. Specifically, the case fie
| elded that a telegrarh company was liable for
' damases lor charging one r.«w;-papcr more for
■ furnishing dispatches than It barged another for
' th" tame service u-<l»r like clreuniKtarsr-s. Julys
j Pa-Ker's didactic Utteraace that "each is the la«
i oi" the land." with which h« ccncludes the 01 :us
' lion of this pcir.t. «ji true, but no m 're relwant
, than !f he h».l announced any nth«r Indisputable
;• legal j>r^PosJ!!on. The decision in th« caso to
, which he refers floes not mean what It Is Intended
I the people should think it mean?. namely, that
j the common law eaa prevent persons from nr.k
i In? >p->r;-ii»T:cna and mcrr.polifs In rrstri'r.t
jcf irierstate cornrrerce, :• A thai 'he United
: Sti.-e« .-■.-; proceed asai-.is'. them :n common it.
I An arrer »ent la restraint of ■• •■'■- is not :infi
| nev«»r wis unlr.-vfw; at common law In any such
■ eccfe m that :he acracnier.t -tj' l v~ haU*fif<l hr
| puh'ic authority or :hnt parwns noi partiea ■••> i;
I roul^ tain an action mra” Ft it 'or flarr.a?*".' It
; taUrs statute law to confer such remedies] and the
, PrciidPnt is clearly richt in saying "th?re is uo
I common law cf the United States" for any fuct.
r""rr»o»e. Parties to aa ag! ex mer. t In restraint et
■ trade cannot eaiorce them, as between th raw l\ .-■
st common law. But that f s an«>ther question. As
. this i<? net a '-sal argument I will not pursue lue
; subject further. Those who ar curious to folkw
i it out will ;i;.d a. most satisfactory discussion of
•■is ijtiestlon by th as ! rds of En •■ md ii. the
Mcgul Bteaasahf] Company vs. McOorscr. Bowan,
I*. J.. Quoting: Lord Crompton, la that c::se state?
the propoFlt'on concisely In this Umguags: "No
action at rcxraiion law will lie, or ever has lain,
against ;>.r.y ...;.;1.1 >:r Individuals for entering
Into a ccr. .m t merely because it is in restraint ot
I trade." Also, -'that contracts In restraint of tr:.le
I are r.n lllrjul In any s»t -ise except that the law
; will not enforce them."
As I said in the beginnl&s;, the peop'.f are now
■ Ti^jiseil }n the solemn turln»-sc of coneldertas
■where they shall choose. In my juofrm«'nt. they
• t.".11 choose wisely, because the rea.<:oni which
should govern a ft.oice are clear and conclusive,
i The people know th-* y.Z3t cf the two contending
• parties. They know the rcliciea fcr which th«^y
■ eta:-.il. They I:r.ow the effect Uj/o;i the country's
w>"".fa-e »jf administration under th« different po!i
ci»?. They know the difference between oxrM»ri«?n<.'»
and lnexi>erlencc in {"..bllo men. They know the
potency of intiuer.ee with ir.ex',>eii<=-nced public ser
vants, und t:je/ know hoy/ to sympathize wit;., but
, ivoid, a reputable r:-.ndiime whost- po*,it!cal intl
; xr,n.cifs an notoriously bad.
New-Yorn. October 1. 1904.
BEANS ANT) i'EAS — Tbe naruft L« clo^lrg wltnout
raniMr ira-.^riai change California Umaa are held
•tror.^ly. -cmc hoid'n rtfu>« to accept pre,«r.t
■: I.M:-r.f. Bmall ifhlle Leans are lv fair demand anfl
' .11 very i:* tit Btocka, soiuu hoiuere ats a.---..."^ a fur
ther impavinifnt. <>'th«>r Kinds s«&era!ly uncharged.
Wm quo:?: BEa.s?, marrow, cno.ee, par-bush, t: a»;
do tnVdlum. tl tOii (1 9S; do p*a. *l Tijj $1 77 -v dj red
kid .*•>. *2 »0; .-. j vbltu ki<!ne>. IStteail; uo biark
turtle ouj, IJyiJjO; i,, yellow eye. itTi>e|3TC la
lima, '•»::: .n.!a. $:7i^jJ2gii; ..lo foreign nurrow, duty
p»i<i. i; .-* 5- Ao for«isn ni^diuni. <l*i^sl72-».
do foreign p«*. «1 T-.i-j z\ 75 PEA B, green. Scotch LSI 4
'■a#r* • ,'t bush, li 24; uo. IMS, i . IS.
DI"TTKK — R-celp<» io-.l*y. 4.1»« pkps; exports. 4,407
X»rs. Th.- w»ek :« etoatns with a sattsractory clear
ance cf h:g!» fta4» cr«amery -n.l a geaer^ily Cr.n : .ne.
The oiartal quotaticn maim at iO=»c for extras. Yut
a good many eale» of hl<f/i stortrs quod» are reported
<-r u> lie. Lower qualities quiet. P»at« datrj- movtar
Ktowljr v.-.>-» of «xiei,tiuna;:y fft::c.j - 4 Ua'!ty. W >«ter;.
factory It fair <l«manl, lUlit pu,.^ly anvl firm. la a..
•tock Cr-n B«BOVftt*a ! utter meets a fair ,ie^i«.r i !..
r:.> bet. r £:■**- We <;im.- . r«*m«ry. •■lira*, j" r
:t. :o\s:ic; d> .:rs.*. isu ". >.*sc; 4o ••--oris. iJ •
lie; do third*. .Sslt-ic .. n#'.l. err li «:<)'•
State dairy rubs, extra*. ">. I»^<-, „ firsts, lt-.:»- ;
*<» f-or.i*. HJloc; .lo tt!-3«. 13c. \\>*t<>rn !nj:tat a
rr: firulr, \*a 17<r; la ascend* 13'<rl!c. Rom -
■•ai^O. eitrma. i()tl< -..-. do flu is. :» ■- j. _„ do „.
onl«. tZfc#l>%e; do thirds, llfiltc; Wentern farto.y.
firs'-* i;«iSl4.-; d. seconds. :i v lH,r. a - thirds, lib
* -12V»e. packing stock. Xo J. I ;.'»c. do No a. liv
13 He. do No - •: iliic
CHEES*E>-R»cfipts to-dar. S.WT »-•. experts. B»
boxes. The market la ck»iag the week in a ' ers »tr r.g
tmsltlsn. though rather qu.et. owing to light available
■upplles cf fancy grades. There hu be«-n a liberal supply
of rtnall cheeaa during the week, but with a fairly actlre
demand stocks have cleaned up promptly on arrival.
oaclsl qaotatlona »»-•- advanced to-day to 10\»c for
fancy small cheose. and present conditions point to still
further ißiprorajnvnt next week. >:■* I •%ita cbees* In
small prcportlon In trie receipts end ouite flrm. Ljuttb
cfceeas) in l;»Lt supply, but demand hrrlt-l from home
trad* deaJera. while • »por-»r» are .-a:-> to do anything
of importance at pruent pr:'--« Sates In Western New-
York were made on Thursday as high ac Me for large
colored, but we la not bear of any business her* above
It\c Lm-rw* whits cheese e»p«clallr slow ar. : VSic all
that can be quoted. Skims cniy moderately active at the
moment, tut hell flnr.ljr. Liverpool eaiUe. 43» for colored
and Ob for white. We fiww: »;ai«. fui; cream, smeJl.
cciored fancy. lO'ic: do sma!l. white, '•_-..». 10-»*. do
good to pjln-.a. l*\fflOr. do poor to fair. TVS 1 * do
large colored, fancy. W^e. so good to prime. t>Kttt&^ic;
do white, faery. !»-ic; do good ta prim*. VStOVSc; do
poor to fair. 7V>!>9c: do light »klirj. email, choice. sK»B
*«»c. do prime. TSST^o; do part skims, prime. 6\tJ7c;
do good. • 1 »©» l i-: do common to fair. tsi»»--; do full
•kirns, 8«3o.
I^JGS— R»:etpta to-day. «.841 cases. The wt*k Is cloe
lac with a very n.j.h ucsetUed market. «:•■••• fancy
qualities have deaoed up resutocutaly we!!, I it there .* a
targe accumulation of average prime and lower grades, for
mulch holders) are anxl-jus to r.r.i an outlet; prices rule
genera;:? weak. Refrigerator goods are largely a t:.lr.a*.
We cu»te: State, Pennsylvania and nearby selected white.
extra fancy 2%630c; do choice, »»'.l. . do mixed, extra.
3954 C; do first* 21832 c; We»;-m farer selected aM
country candled. Zl<mpHSc do average best. 20Q21c- do
fair to good. li«Cl»*''. Kentucky. i««l»r Tenne«»e*. 183
Me: dirties. 14«17S»c; checks. ISC 1.'..: . refrtgorator. early
packed. t»01»He; do May and June. ISH?I»c. do sum.
mer packed. 17618 c.
FRUITS — £>niEI» — Scarcely any Interest !n spot apples.
end market Quiet and easy. Futures weak, with prime
evaporated offering fr.ra 4>tß4Vc; cSops. ISo and core*
and sJdn*, $1 sell 85 per 100 rt>. as to time of delivery.
Pmatl fruits In moderate supply and held firmly. Cali
fornia frulu un hanged. We quote: APPLES, evaporated,
fancy, per Ib. «n&7c: do choice, 6**9« c; do prime. sl*#5 l *#
IV; do common to fair. e©3c: <5o '"ar.adlan. sun dried.
uuarter«. aS^T4Hc; do Btate and '.Ve»:*rn, sun dried.
Quarter*. Sfl*c; do Southern, sun triad. coarse cut and
sliced. a#ti*e; do chopped, per 100 JT>. $1 SO^ll 75; do
ooree and skin*. 11 25gfl ■■: CHERRIES, per % WHO
«4Ti^c; ItASPUBRRIES, 1*620r; PEACHEP. Cailfornla,
peeled. 14»iac; APRI'^"T? California. Moorparlc 101*
lee; do Koyal. «€-llo; PRUNES. Oregon, per Ib. 5-* B*s*3;
da California, S^tTSHc.
rRUITS— STIESK— AppIes In heavy supply an! weak.
Pear* aelllrg rather slowly. Quinces In light supply and
firm. Tew rerelved to-day Peaches plentiful, but
larre'y out ->f condition and prices lower and Irregular.
Pineapple* held steady. Orapes 1: light receipt and firm.
Crar-tx-rrlr* gradualiv e'.rer.gther.Jni,-. Mashmelons show
irregul*'- caalltjr a:.« ...... We quote: A! iT.KS. Alex
ander, hand picked, per doubie head bi. 11 ' 5^ \-^V^.'I 0
Wealthy. »16&e«2i; do r>ucheas of CHdeabur«. «1 j«HS*2;
do Kli-g *3 50«»2: <?o Oravensteln. I! 6(»«S2: do »•«£«.
red. *1 S0#)«l T5; do Jonathan and Snow. »:&4l <->. do U-=n
Davia, »iaiC*lTS. do BaMW,n. $1 »«l^O do Twenty
Ounce. $1 25041 50: do Maiden Blush. $1 25«*1 •>', *• * l
lAwrence. II »C4l BO: do Dlu*h Plppia. $1 JMJI 80: do
lUbston* PtiiPin. Wc<SH li!: do Colvert. 110^1 »: £■> C J*'
llng. SI 3091 !"»; do Pound Sweet. SI 3B«i*l .i 0: do r-all
Pippin. $16«15<>: fio Tork Pippin. |1«»1 50; do «.reeriin«
$lO«12f>" do open heaus. 75c3»l 3; do windfall* nn.
common. r/j«73c: <T.aß APPLES, .m»:: aarj*!. *Bfi<«;
do large. SISJ3: PE.VR3. Seckel. per bM i~H9*. do per
k •« Tr four to bhl to«. SI 25**1 50; do Bartlett Tier —, : -
SZV)aI3W: in per bushel basket or keg. SlpSl 1- M
TWurr. Bos^. per t.U. « C0««3 CO; <3o B'urre CJatrfWo,
S2S5e»9 io Beurre d'Anloti. 92 25©^: do Vach^n.
»2 SO; do Flemish Beauty. »1 2f»«»2 25: do Scooter. 91 -S«
92 ST. do Klefer. 11C92; do J***}**^??: pllittS-
Ol'lvrTS Annie or Oranice. per bt>l. 92 75C*3 S3. rl.lM»,
iir» tar li va^ettei^er » TrT l.*»S<et. 3O':t6«»<-: do German
?r^ee «0fl^; "oflrSd Duke. »•»*: do Rein. CUu4«.
do G'««>b Giu-e. 2OtiSsc: Jr. common green,
«BSe' Cdjts'll 2»»tjSr.c: PKACHES. Btate. per t*»-
Vt 4*S«S<-; «• per MV t^sk-t. "W*^-; i. re- . »r. -r
BOc3li6»> <Jo ptr 2-pony aai - ciate. EOt«» JO; .do
per basket flat c«: »^*l: uprlv-r. per basket. 4*&>
Bni: flow carrier. 91«91 75 : do U r i gw ba»kjt .raf«.
T&cOSl B«- do J«r«^T per basket. »■ J.S- do rr i" -
vtnU per ba«'-t*t 8'««-'*>'-. do Vir#n v. t«t Virginia.
MarFtand anrt Delaware, r-r basket. WVJflOc; do per c-ate
40«r75c- do per carrier. Mvn*l 25: do ;•-: aB-ft) handle
b2SiZ ; iUCAc: «o per 10- Ib hani!* basket. 200>25c: £,
Mlrfclean. per buih ba*K-t. »1 a!>4flX <5: Far Wtstrrn.
"r «sall cm. Boe«*V- PINEAPPI.CS. Florid, per rrmt'..
« -f^2 25: fSRAPEKHCIT. Rorlda per bo*. 186*0;
r.UAI'EH. Delaware, per carrier. Juj.-iiSl I- M >.«irara.
7^6sl U: do other »hlte. :■ !<■'■■ do ■'•-„. "ther
bla^k TjCQ&tc: £-. Delaware, per 4-Tt basket. 18«1 ct
iniriMQ red. 10©llc; do Niagara. 12&13 c; da comuiori
white lOeilc; do Conor: and other black per »"■
basket. 16620 c; do v-r 4-Tb basket. JUjrilc; ntnton. In
bulk per •" •rr"*?7o: •, "mm™ "*' J3r»iJ««>; 1,
white tXMUOI <*" Mark. 520&540; CRAWBE R Car*
Cod. per bbL J4W/.*r.»i: lo r-r cra'fe. |1 .VHrtl T.;; do
Jeraey per rrate. 9125: MCSKMELO.VP. lo a.ln per
standard 'rat,- 2T<.:<ifl Zfi do i>*r ixmy crate. .W'fffioc;
WATRIIMEI/'SS. ier earloail. > «r»2'i»
IIOP' J — local market continues quiet, owirg t« a
lßi-k of nupi.l but the feellrs v-r Btrons;. Bavias" con
tinues v-rv a •!'» in arrowing sections <>' this «t»te an<l
on the Pacific Oat. and nrleen paid ran»?»- froTn 9C7Z2C
In this Stite "d from 2»»«5«<- m trie Pa.Mrtr .»i,t. Both
Rnglish and r.<nn»n advice* continue strong. We quo--:
State. IW)4 choice, |^: Ib ««S!c; . „ r-H)d to prim*, HO
3.V- do common to 'air. £J«©.TOc- An IM el ice. 83<P«*r;
do Parlflc roan*. 1004. choicn 32C^So: dn irooU lo prtr"\
2S«iSO<- dr. 1&"3. eboict, 3uy3l<-; to prime, iS©2i«-: do .ii
ola». lor Tt>. 13»17c.
X»;XS Chestnuts are ir lancer supply, and while mnet
kales wer«( r* *•'• » •' " '"'* ■ leaned up »t $4as» M rather
than can-y over '<> next week Hickory nuts •car.'"- and
flnr: r.ew ej»«Ud at 92 25*92 60. and aH at Mff*'J per
1 pOl**/rRY, AMYE — There were no fresh reretpm rt
raricad Uta to-day, but .Valors have he«n unable to cl.an.
in. this we-i« sn<l will h»»» to carry over fully 10 car
irtids 'iroatly <^"lln-. - <jua!i»v fowls ami chickens. Prices
n^trlnal'y unchanged, but '-„,- ea»y I^iv« :ilf»i>r,a slow..
V - «u«t«: (I'l'"^' ti-arb. and V ? «st»rn. per tf>. 12.;.
A . Southern. l' : fowls. Woit»rti. i»r !*. ll'/ir; do "nuth
2rn~l2c- -meterr. old. per tij. *"• . TITRKKTB. |j*r Tti.
He' DUCK*, Western average, per pair. CO©r7s-?: <>..
Kou'thetu *.«rCOc; ';E!>"F \Vrst»rn average. per pair 91
aW| 25: <!■> «o»;th»rn. :• < ' .'*l PIGEONS., live, mr pair
-5r DREf : si .l>— Only small. M«tt<ring lot* of free,,
1 tiled rrr:l«ry «*cet». «f to lay .•■:' a*eel» any i!n!i:.i*,
Fancy fowls and eldcU*na have r*»n scarce all the week.
and for • few *"" past have '"«nni»iKltl extreme pri ■■
but leneral arerli*,* of quality has been without invro.-'
merit. a*d *»lk of ••"erinr* have ha.l to be fo-*aj for f-al~
it low u<l lmngii'lr pi,*,, th »uj* !^ht«r suprll^ tr»
mat fww Says have enabled hi Mer» to ..'»*i up In better
V h*pe than '«" *wne week* paat. Spr* * tnrtrer* <»i
I" t#r •<*rr'T ♦•"• »*•*. l»ut quality irregular. S;xl»r
tturka (taut «t«iov. Pianos lr f«lr d<-r\na *n*. "i-p.
We qjote: rRESIT KIL.T^TP— TI'HKCTo. sortne. dry
u \jkri. rlumj» brAa*«4 h#na. ZtrA tb eech. P*r Ib, £o^2sc;
fZTtvn*. **! *b. l««30c- 4o «»»r*r* »^t rrt. 1SHI1<«-;
Co *>H. TTesttrn :><--n» nrt? t-n?. s - , «^ l:r> r;n - ! J jl"-:
«a wmror.. l»r; ..ir.ir «pr'.n»-. Pilladelphl*. T«S
!J> to pair V*r r>. 2I«»5--i- />„ mired *lxes. !7<M»c:
do ntbar P*n:ißTl\«>ia, « t 0 6 R> H^l**". <!» Slate and
prr.nryJvara*. mljte.l »!z»». ia*l4<-: A" P'Bnsylvaui*,
!.:,*. t 3th to nair. 11912 -do W»atef«. *rr P»c«fed. •»»r
aee t^-et. l»15Hc: «a Ohio «r.d Mlo»«i«»» acaldad. fanr»-.
13r; do aver» 11^12 So -'her Wreten.. *<*><W. 12*)
U^c; *» r » pl t" pair a"" iif^ . It«HV. *«B»««tharn.
Ury picited and *caM»<i. llnil^e; rOWIS. Wi»«»»»», irr
JcfcadT average test. I*^,.; o on(^.*"i,JSlS."*i l
mimti-" 12M^; 1" ether v/#«tern. *eaWe«i. 12*r12^e; /•*
f^^ : ut^ern a»a :^ut:iw«*tero. *■*&*& »»4 drj nlcrtcu. I2e
:Civi 'o^^ «»! cIA-kens. poor W {«!r,. ■""«<:; CO7KS.
oM. p'T X W^Hc: mrrKsrVprln*. «*« ls J^%.?* r
]«,«: do EMtars, Uf l«V ' * *•••
Vtrfttia, fancy, le^i^v^: do fair to Mod !4B'sr: 4o
"Pl>stern 9?!2c: r;E£ SEi » r . r ing. Easfrn. white! p*r ft.
inianr: do dark. 1481.V: SQrABS. pr.a>e :irsr<» white
rf",^' z ; : '-i * 2r>t * ? *2~: > 4 o mired, ,*•: _- „ !ark.
*1 •'V»6»l ,5.
GAME— Only ir.:all scatterlns '.rts of fr-«h killed frame
bird! arrive end moat <-\t the r>ffertnit-» are trim. Vent
•en «-iUr:e slowly We v - -» : SXIP^ Ergrlish. "er
«v.tr. $2t?«s2 M PLOVSR. G-iMph. p»r dozen. $2'Z?
$2 *.' do . -*..«». $1000f230 WOODCOCKS, per pail
116*15 PARTRIDGE? aM OROUBE $? sfxg*3: v\-tut>
DUCKS, car.r^s, per pair. <.:<r.«3 do redfcean. 91fe*C: <io
raallani. "■ c t>l cr>; Bo ru<Mr. 7*?<?Jl: do t»ai. Mnewiasr.
<<"Kfr«O': a^ srr*env<lnp. SS4TB(V;; fln <-omrr.cn. 2!W4<V;
VENIBOV, saddles, ft-esh. r»r Tt. "'>• do frozen. COpiSc;
On whole ■*-<-- l«i&20c RADBITS. cotttmtall, p«* psir.
POTATOES AN7.' VEGETABLE?- Irish nntat-wi row*
high ar.-S Mcl: I".'- Pwert po'atc^B dull and w»h:<
\Cilte onions rrn y*llrw stea re.l «!iil. ' "•'.>r.»~»«
s-teady. C&rllflowers i,- a>'.:-.-» aern'anJ nrr! firm. -.»ni
bera .'— choice Corn iluM. Celerj slow, Eps
pl*nt» v«.-'k . »rr i * draifrre I,lms heons and p»pp»-ts
iar^^Jy (r-or. R.cfn r»as senrc" hoans inor"
plenty low-'. Totnalaes iSull ai..i <ca« OtH«rr v-?e?
ranlfs rars? »ho t R I <iu<v*<',. W.» quote: POTATOES'.
».nn«r ':.::t-Kl. in bulk. r>-r V-0 7v 91 5n*T«l 87; dr> Ptate.
ft *t.-><Vs?i ;... do Jersey. r.TJri-1." s i-r bW or bag; 91 «^9
*t ff T >: do k-u- (O'ant.«i. Jl 2."*£Sl r-v >-\V!--"T poTATfjtN.
Jersey. ;.p;',.-t>. , , »- rtouV.V hi»3'l hb!. SI Cs4r*2; uo .-icih
lop hi;!, tlXttl .".0; t«j : r '•* l.bl baslcf.'.. 50©T3c: d' South
ern. j-eUonr. per ■ t*-3!s,\ 12. Veritable*— BKT-'S-*
•Sr.l-55 ?Pf.OfTS. p. - |v - r.^rH'r; PF.KT.!. per hbl. $1":
fl 2*. CARKOTS r»»r bbi 75 -<1- CAB3AGfH, Savoy
an.l r»\ per I.- $2 60«54 do ft*? Dutch »2'Jsi; «o per
fcbl. r.'K,/7o. •• CAT7I.IEXOWERS. L>r._- Islai-! j.*t bbl. Tsc
©*•': do vrerterr* New-Tortt, d*t feusii V,a«k«-t. "OcffSl:
CUCCIfQEng, ?h«>l»f- Is!-,-.-" and n»»rhy. per K M. »1 80<a
S2 3C; -1o \V»s;prn Xctt-Yo-!:. i-r bu?h JaRKBt. f i<t*w*: . ;
bft"k>»t. 2Mf"»>c; »" titomfa rr.tpor-rr Maoimfwy! bmtabtao
CUCt*3C3EB PICKLES Western New-York, per hu«*»
bu«i { pt tISOOtZSO; CORK, HackrnsArfc p*r I*-. TScO
91 B0; d-. other Jerroy. 1 -S . p*r lod, Cdc9sl; rET.E.-'V.
fanes lars« tor «!-<3'n bunches. JTfT.'ii'^- <Io -man to me
'•ium, lC3^»- : CiTRi'N. p^r . bl. tiOffTSfl: EGGPLANTS.
Jersey, p»r l-bi. 75-.^*l ?">: do ptrta'k.L 4urt'7r,c; GAR
LIC per :b. s.Ji6c: nOIIsEHAIJIEH. per 100 rr.. ?rtns7:
KALE, nearb p-r bl-.1. . ' " : LETTUCE, nearby, per
hhl r^T^T.n.^ ,io- State p»-r H bM basko'. '.(iWTac; •!« p-r
doipn, 13CP0c- do Boston. SOfftOe; BEANS 'tn.a. potato.
t<- r bag SOcfiXl; >io rtat. N*7f>c : ONION?. Connectl »t
asd Easi .:.. «;hite, p»r bbl 951195: Jo yellow, Jl 3<>S;-;
do red JINVJI7."- rtr> l^oni' k [rial i an ! rearby, yellow,
p«*r ht>l *1 50«.".*£: da r*d. $l"— ><r.*l 75; dn »i'-»nr;e County.
white. ...cr taR M Me«3O; do yellow. «• iV^j2: do red.
SI 234291 »'2 iSo State and Western, white, per biisti 'rrafa.
9125«13X do whit*, nek!*, per Bbt *.ie*^: Pi-:rrF.rs.
Jersey. r»tl p«-r bbl, 50eCSl; 0o Rrprn. 25©78 c; PF.A?.
Westfrn New-york. per b-.i-h ;>BskPt. ZfitfiPi: *> KorfoDi,
p--r 1 n^kf MVzSI v PARSNIPS, 'l>*r bbl. JISJJI 25; do
pan-.rk''» P*r b-I. ":>f'7.V ; RADISIItiS. ruarby, per I<»>
bCMOien 4t^«oc; STRING BS.'N.>. State. '■ v x. p"r tas
kcr TEcCH 25- • R'"«><:i. "0o*?Sl: do Jcrsej ar.l Long
»and. 7hh- lak. *V«» 1; Uo Norfolk. r». per N'^t
*1««1 2T <\c nr.-tn. Tjc: ii Ra'.'tm' ». p«"r tawtot. n.>if
75 '■sriNvr-I 1 'P-w-.y. per bbl. 'I?P' IK- SQUAW. Hub
bard, per rri. 75c^i-$l: Jo rr.arr..w «tS«i^_*» J* I !*'"*?®
TScT^do wllow: crrok neck. S<>n7V: Tl RMP>. whitp.
D"- fcM lieil 2?" no Hutabapo. Csr.ala. prr b.;l. ?€&'.>:;
tn" mr b- Wfii>: TOMATOES. B^-rtver. p-r bn»bjba»
k.« ,V.i«-: •!•■> J. -.«:>• . r«-r l '°*. -">-3<V: do .ler'-v. TeJa
ware nn ,' Maryland. r' r "-all bH«'««t. sifiri-: .i;» Baltic
*"'. "er 4«.hVV. 50-i«»:: WATEBCRE33. per 100
STRAW- HAT-^Satßrflafs fr.-i.'*. a« aTaal.
Iljr't. RecelpU'for day and we.'k fair QucUUona r»
nardod W. *■'<'■■ I " rgf '-*"""••• - *£*> •" v"-*,™:f-it-»v "-*,™:f
it-» i, f-> r a buvcrs" marker. We. qu^t*: Prime. ...rse
t-'R'os n'e- 100 n< WJ€?2*ie: No ! 77<*c; No -*. nj
-".<*'• \ii .?* " C' H 3"T"- • 'hipplnr BMrOOc: Kivcr. ml.t^!.
6SS73He- "to r '""' "i'T "'*■■• PTRA'.V— Market rtrrr. and
tc- i"i -" us»srd; brst lenir rye sjmti*. .■ <: r»r ii<o Ib.
Rpceipt* '>r bay and straw. In tun*. r»portf.i at the
Pr..>luc« ETfhanpe n: n.-.-n to-'.ar: Hudii-n River Rall
road 800: I'rie «10; Pennsylraala. Sf> : Went 'hr.-.. «0;
Leblrtl Valley, 90: Baltimore and Ohio. Id; Ontral of
\> w ..j.- r ..y. Iff river I .->ati. l«i»: to) I l.«>«n tors; total
:or Vr.v week i» 4«* ton*: last »'fli. 10.829 t- ns.
Exports It 'bale*. 3.55.
nr.-etpt* r* Ftraw. I^o tons; for weri, 070 teas: last
week 570 ton*.
Buffalo. Oct. 1. — FLu" "H firm. "TIEIAT — ov
9e'X.<;&; No 1 Northern. 9! ITS winter, steady; No 2 red,
In store. *'. IS'». CORN qu:e>; No - yellow. 59Hc; No
- corn. 57 -. z. OATM Btri,nirfcr; N'u - while. Sic; N • 2
rrjx*'. 330. rar.al fr»ljfhts tl-m.
njlraro. Oct. 1. — Th« lea \:ne futures ranged aa fol
\v>s«-at. No. 2: Openirc- Hljr*»e<. Iwaiial CeMr-jj.
O'-totvr |] ■■'■ 91 MS 91 lfcS *. 4IH
rio»mt»r l 1. -.. 113"^ 111% 113%
V*y IL'< . 15 r 4 . U . 1 13.»
Ctim. No. 2
Ot-tOi^er Sl«» B5 31 \ 62
l>e. tnitwr »\ sr-i, SOH 61?fM H
Us- 45"W3««3 4a 1 * ic>» «*>"%
Oats, No. 2:
October 29V :»'S 2?«fc WH
r>e<-«!mher ...♦. 8"S 31S:<1S 30H&31S SOBtP'
May Sa 33UC-*3H 32T» a*
Mess pr.rk. per btl:
October Sll 4?W 9U «0 911 «2H 9".l «0
I">ecetnf>er 11 .'hi ! ! «l US'* M <«
JaawaVjr U»> •«•■'•«■> 13 20 13&iH
Ijsiri. per 100 TV
October I SJ 7 70 7 <is 7 «7H
I'erenir^r 7 v 7 524 7 ♦■ !«i
iar.uiry 7 «i 7 :•: -« 7 43 IB7J»
Short r.te, per 100 to.
October 7 72^4 7 «' : i 7 72*» 7 "i
Janu*r« g67<* ***% « "■'■ «9Z-i
<."*»!. quotati. ns were as follow* Pl/X. r R to: wintrr
patents. Bji«(;ifii. »tr»t«tiis, ». ;«•«'»."• yi. <prtns; pat
ents, 93 40t»M: straights. 94 :••■.:*:. BW; bakers'. 9-1 ■•■'.<■
UK". WHEAT. No 2 sprint *1 lOSMI i*< So 3. 91 0&*
91 US: No 2 red. »1 :A«ii I.V. vX»KS. No 2. U\c; So
2 •.-■«. 54\c; OATd. No 2. 30Sc; Ko 2 wl.lte, Mi So
2 white. 8!'4«33*»o; RYE. No S. 7Zr : BARLEY. er>cKl
f'^Kjirg. S7ftra»<?; f»!r t-> chotr^ maltinir. 4"tj&oc, F*UAX
aBTXt). SIM'S. N> 1 X ■nh«»f. 9117H: CI^VER.
contract gr«'l». 912 13: MESS ITM'.K, t#r bM. 11l **»
91170; LARD, per l<»i Th. 17 67Sti7 70; fIJJORT Rind
(boxed). 9*10X98 75; Uiil.-KK\ baa of h!«h wlnrm.
91 -•<>■•» •':. •:.- I*ro4uce Exchaage' tu-dsy the butter
market was »tea-!:. . creameries. 14&SK-; dslr^^e. 135170.
Jr*i »ci.-* st»aiy; at rrs-k. cases ln^!ud«-1. U'ttflTic; Srsta.
\Sc; prim* firsta. SOo; extras. 12c CHKEisE firm. »V»©
: i : *c.
Puluth. Oct. I.— Close: \VHIX\T— Na 1 Vorthern,
II 13S; No 3 Northern. $1 tvS . December. 9111H; May.
91 W*.
SlHwauiee. Oct. 1 — WaTBAT— !«o 1 Northern. 1113
No 2 Northern. 91 1«4: May $: 13 -, . «-■ RYK— N>> 1.
MHse. BARLET— No 2. M«: »amp>. :*«ji3o. CORN—
No 3. UH#)f>^ May. *as<;-«:' *•- ai«ke.l.
allßiw-ar^iis Ort L— Close: WHEAT— Deeasaha*
91 13S. May. 91 :4\5-*i 14 4: No 1 hard. $1 1« ». No 1
Northern. 91 14"». No 2 Northern. 91 11%. FLOUR un
changed. DRAM— In bulk. 9136915 2&
Phl!a>ielphia, Oct. I.— WHEAT firm. He higher ; con
tract grade. October. 91 liftll l- l » >'»>n.N firm. •■%!•
liiglj-r; October. C.O«r.»'t OATS firm, lalsher: No j
white, natural. 25 ; »a3<lc; No 2 Vbite, dipped. 37a V' T
TEH frm. goo>\ demand; extra Western eraaaar 21c;
extra nearby print*. 23.:. i>i<»« steady, fair .Jrm.in :
nearby flrsts. 21tjUH»c. at mark: Western flrsts. 21 l »tP
2C-. at mark OHEf>E flnn good demand: New-York
full creams, fane-. l<>-+til" : *~; do el lee e\^lOc; do
fair to good. 9tfti>4c. Receipts — Flour. 1.400 this and
701.000 T?) IB tack». wheat. 3.000 bush; corn. 2.(»«» bush
oats. 10.000 bush. Sblpm-nis.— Whsat. I.IWO bush; corn
1,(200 bush; oat*. 18.000 bush.
St. Louis. Oct. I.— Close: WHEAT— No 2 re<l. ensh
elevator $118^.. December 91184: May. $117%: No 2
hard. 91 12691 U. CORN— No 3 cash. B2c: December.
♦7 4": May. 47 '« . OATS— No 2 rush :!!'»<- Decem
ber, 81 '%e; May. M%c; No 2 white. i4«j:S.V.
Toledo. Oct. 1- CtOVERSEKD, cash 97 SO: October
97 80. sellers; December. 97 33. sellers; March, 97 43*
sellers. ALSIKE— September, 93 10 bid. TIMoTHY —
September. |. si.
Tlj« market for spirits turpentine was quirt and barely
steodr. with prices baaed on S6c for maeh!n« made bbls
Kosln wns flat at 32 So for common to good strained, and
freo offerings at that. Tar was dull, but unchanged. We
SPIRITS TrRPKNTINE. oil and machine bbl». K'j®
TAR. 94 70.
UOBIN — Common to good strained. 92 HO: n $.•;• F
93 OR; O. 93 10; H. 18 20; I. 93 GO; K. 949*4 05; I »» - «a*j
$4 SB IT. 94 60; W a. 93. and W W. 93 i;.<ij:. 25.
Rosin. bblf 311 ,„-•.
Spirits turpeuMni*. bbl* ••, •■ •• I . I'iT
Tar bbU .'.'..'....'. {',•#■>
Savannah. Oct. I.— TURPENTINE quiet s^*«c r«"
ceipta. auft bbls: sales. 142; exports. 2+.'. ROSIN" 'aj'..f
to nrm; receipts. 2.300 bbls; »*le«. 7»7. exp>rts ■•.<■;'
Quoted: A. B end C. 92 45: D, 92 .'0; E. $2 .13; V $2 ,„
O. 92 «5: H. 92 70; I. 93; K. 93 7i; 31. 9413- N. 144/
\.- O. n7•. Ww. i.-,. ' '
Charterer. Oct. I.— TURPENTINE, nothing doln.-
ROblN. nothing dolr.r. *"
London. Oct. 1 -TURPENTIJ Spirit* 3&e. ROSIN
—American strained. 7s 11 :%J;: %J; tine. U a I M.
Chicago. Oct I— CATTLE— Rpclpt*. 800 head; market
«t"aJy; cood 10 prime st^trs. $0 *HfsH -Hi; j»v;r tj medium
$;; joQff. 25; a: tckem and feeder* 9223094 23; tows $1 :\i
itii 3.'.. he!f< rs. 91 75 9*4 .•.. ■. annpri. <, ::: . ._ 2Ti: bulis
126*4 : calve.. 93 7;??*7. T x.^ fe.l mm< 934195; Wesf-rn
■• -.-•. «.t>i.Ji Mi HOO»— Kcqeipts. 7.ikk> head; market
&C gb*r; mlxetl ud butcherß". f .". f,/>Sejrt 15; ku<»l to eh .li «
heavy. 95 »O*b W; rougrii beavj .v. *■• .•«.-. 7."i ; light, ;5 t.i f
'o*i«j6: bulk of sales. 93 73;Uf3 W. piHEEP Ht«-eipts.
2.im ' oead; shoep ateutiy; sjoo.l to ebotea wethers. S-t 75' ii
$4. fair to choice mixed, }:> 2T. ■] * 75: native lambs

Cincinnati. Oct. 1— HCH;3 strong; butchers.' snd ship
re.-». e5:«e»« Wi common. *3 -■*( 80 CATTIJ: steady;
.air to (oo<l hMppers. tl'Xf-i K5; common. $2 «!3'o*-* -* r >-
SHEEi» slow and easy, 115*." .V>; lambs easy and ijulet,
East Buffalo. Oct. l.—CATTLß— Receipts, 4<M> litad;
i:«rht demand; primn em. $."» 1 j<?s3 no : shipping. M :.'h.
■JB: butchers" t W)#S3; nelftra, $3094 36; ™»- s , $^ CikjJ
M bulls J2."i«' ; 1 iti Ki-rs and fet-ilcrs. $2 IV.g s> i 0
VEAL*— Receipts. 1W beau; 35c lower. *■» .. r ■•• *7 50. HOGS
Receipts, 4.*« l head; active, IOC hlKher on Rood irt .'..:,->>,
heavy and mixed f to luCM -'.'. To-kers. to Un«-9K 10: pig*
ir> :io«. ':»•»): rough*. »■;?;&•,, stags, M9|380; .lairn
«nd griMTS, fC Soes» SflEEl" A!;d LAUDS-R
relots 7 in») hea.l. ahMfi active, 1T,*.:,, lower: lambs
dull 10c lower: Umbs. * 4 ..'«»•'> o*'. yt-ajilnKn and wettaei
14 25fi*«iO: ewes. *;:(^-«l4. sheep mixed *!(f*94.
Kanfd* ivy Ct"t. 1. -BATTLE— Receipts, 400 !iea<i, In
rlndln* 200 Southern: market steady: choice export ami
abased beef «teers. S3ITf«; fair to good 92 73«»5; Weal
era fed steers »»75«aTW60; ctorkem and feeders. 12 2SJ
14- Southern steers, 92 4t>«93 * • . Suothern cows, 91 .'.Of
I->' - .5- nailve .■<,■».. «1 fti'(/*i 75; ratlve heifers. 92C0(
«4«o- bull* $175«f3 23: .lives. «2 .V«&»:. f.O; roc*'pts
for the meek 71 •»» head. HOOK— Receipt*, "J.OOO !■ Ml
market stTXIJT t« So lower: • ■! . *" SB bulk of sales. 95 75
SroS heavy IS 86©93 * peckers. 95 8*395 95: , !p< and
ttaVhtif ' K \WZ9*ia- receipts for the week. 3».eWO held.
cirWp -Receipts. 000 head: market ?teady; native lambs.
*!a93 25~ r^ attvfl wrtr-w $S2S#«3*>: native ewes. *:»
MTtT w;«t*rn tiirbs. $4«53 23: Westren y<sarl!ng«. IS 50«
rao' Western sheep. 93 33*93 60; .lockers sad leadan
9- BOW-
„.._,,«-, r >* — <.':osTg W'H^VT nominal:
fJ£ST&:^<BW*sr. 7s «d; M vl.. 7. B*l. CORK
P?SJ^i«2t- American mlx«». 1* 6 • -.'I. futures quiet; D«^
f£nr»> 4* «m January nominal. J-t.A^- aaa-ilan
Sfi2?t .* - . n»L T ft— «»». U,.il» fancy «:nter steady.
W* , .7* -''; ■ "
«m«. new *.-.>/:» 1"« BBKF steauy; mvi ir.-iia me™,
Si PORK firm; prime mesa. W'estrrn. 72i •<;
HAMB--Shoi't <-ut. 14 i» I« R>. steal: . 475. DACOX
S^."^mbe""laa'l v*. 26 to 30 It). M-, short h!b. 10 to
S^ft «l 7 toni r c!»ar ujWfilea. light. "^ :» .-54 It). 82*.
M- 1ob« clear mWdlas. heavy, 85 fo 4<» Ib. 51«; short
M.-- r te Krta li to 20 ». 465: clear i-:r«. H to M .:•
fiiT FJHOCLDSTtS— &icare, 11 10 13 n>. firm.- 41s. LARK»
(£■*■ Western in tlereej. CS» <W; Amerlcaa r«sin*<
S^t/v^Oi «3! BVTTER— Good UnUed States steaJy.
7C« CIIEiiSB li" 11 "- American -fiaeit whit*. 42»;-du c0i
,1.-,, 1 .-, STtaLLOW— Prime cltj". flx.-s. ISa; Australian
tal^dSn.' ,trong. » »d. TTRFENTIXE— du;i.
iS- Od ROSIN— steady. 7» 3d. i'ROLBCIs—
SsM «sM<r«W4. ieUMEK) OKI. ««W. Us &t
COACHMAN.— GcBUemaa givir.ff up horses
wtSaas a place for his coeemen whom
h» *rID rec'jmra«n<i as •> * -r and honest:
cartful city drivr. DONOVAN, m Jrth
•: bosks*, <-a;>abi«?, furnlsn
in Eng-Usbnuu
\Mt - PI.
COACHMAX — Th.^roUg-ily able and re-
Hable; asul 34: r.«ip .t 3 feet T inches;
woi^-i? lay pour.rls; cxeelteat ref?rpr.ce»,
written or jpi'onal: last place C-? years;
rap drl*» four cr.d t&sdem; also gocl
tlder; r^at arrrsraacß sn tbe box; rttjt of
eoontry. H. 8.. cere ef I- itzslmrjor.s, tt^l
COACHM.W- M-TTled; 12 years' persona!
r»lsr*rf; firs., class man Address
T.IOIIAS T. LIONS, £64 prospect I'lace.
COACHMAN. — Swede. single; er perlencd
city driver willing to tj useful; city or
country; personal rezenrncej. HEJiEY, "•-
CAKkI'AKBK jr JANITOR.— I/mlerstan..*
■•'• - ' ii-rat. hot water a..i gas □urnr;
rt.jfll»>n. J. W. EDWARDS. 204 West
End l.« •
'.dALfFtL'R.-lij practical yov.ng- man
'registered), to opera'e gasolene or elec
tric machine; ordinary repairs. JAMK3
REraOLDfe. SJJ 3d-st.. Brc.lUyn.
FURNACE MAN. — Steam or hot air fur
naces utti>i!<le<l t>; sidewalks, etc. flrut
class r*feivr..-e. CTIEKS, 1152 East gsth-et.
PARKER air! OAUDENEH. — E>- middle
aijpii German -American; wife good butter
Hiatcor; r.htl r*fer«nce. AiidresM A.. Box
.",4, Tribune office
er. useful ...
I.U.M MANAO...R or FOREMAN.— By *■-
■ ddl* ag- i .
FARMER. — L'y American; sinrle; u.iJer
stanJs all kimis farir. w.»rk; f^.ll particu
'crs. allowed, r.h-r>! situated, tliue
wantt-.i. f.ox Uo. Ml'.Xor.l. l'enn.
FARMER. — Working foreman; Axoertcsut
m-irrseJ; small taruUy: pra<:-»cal every
branch; e.xceilfiit sioolt and herds man;
wife 'iairy. etc.; »ell rvoommenael. At
CARPRXTKITS.. 134 »tn-ave.
GR'HJM or all arcim.; houseman; city pre
lerr^i; has ha<l long -.. ■. rtenre; be*- of
rteeounendatiens; si.tur, »U»ir.ir^ harl
worker: sir/.e. ao. j. HATHOWAtTI 23
GROOM or SECOND MAN.— E: young
Irishman. latHy londe.; thorrxigt.ly Ln-
Serst; n>i!> his business; »«ii b^ ttnad w:ii
in- t1 ■b!:«inic. E. H.. cau of Mrs. ii.
Karkins, lt.rt Vjist f.t.jh-st.
G.\Rlii..Nt:H.— By American; middle aR<-d;
stringy temperito; pruoTtcal vegvtah!*,
!an<lrcar« emrdMWrj ;;-«>d horsemin. .iilry
tr"r.. poultry; unusually prottdent all txii«;
will is disragag* •■' Ciotob»T S; rium'rous
re rehees »i.l e«tacU.^h ability, repn Cation,
etc ; pre*»nt •mplbrer an be lntervlewe<i.
iFREr> MILLS. 21") Franklln-ac. B!oom
lei.l. N. J.
GARDENER.— By A., »rlcan. •""•'■; ■aarrled;
one chii'l: cnlerxtaniis his Eu«ir. tn
«li Its l>rsr.e:ie*: 5*14 reforetee. F. MKTZ-
I.XX. lioun-1 Brook. N. J.
GARDENER and superintendent on it-Ji
tlfnir.'s place; thorcusrhl? nnde'»'j:i' s
hit busln»i«B in all branches. Indu-iing .ar>i
* . .. . 4 anl farm ::._ ..«'nc»r.r, r.r*
j.-r 1 ' rer«-ren>-i.i Ir-iu l*>-; ernpicjsx; *•■
reci-rr.niended. H. v , 106 i-: ■:*•■ .tn- st.,
liiackro-jlc ErMncport. Conn.
CAItDZNER. — Fine T«j»ta > wat.
irr.a'>i <rr»>nho«9e. lawns, walks, drives,
end «er.fraliv via* . A: car. milk row: »' ; t
iy sober: ■•■■ tefereacea. THOMAs. a.:
Carpcntrr's 154 3t:.-a^-^.
UAKijei. s . !"R wish* petition careta'^.»r;
married vier — 'ar: no children; or. g*ntl»
man'S rrtvs-» .--•--'• r«- laser «n
derstaads care ot ..orsea. co»s aud pcukry,
first class references. AfMr-rs GAUtiEN
KK care W . Peterson. iM 12th-et.. iiroolt
GARI«ENET: --American, married, no chil
dren : life experience in flowers, fruit and
Teg>tabies. cutsliia and under g>a«s. la:-1
!•■.<;.:■■<, shrubtc. ) . roaus a.-., 1 'awns, aiac
ciar-axeraent of • rlt and poultry . cap .fcl
»-.i -A maxacement large country place:
highest clasa Mess; security if desired.
GARDCN^K. I* East SSth-st.
OAJtDKNRfI >.!«««. who under**aa'l»
- »:\ t>i-an--h of :::s traie. prarticai r,.u»n
r-x.i.'. grower. H J., care » aughan a s«ed
m - :♦ Barrlaj *t-
GAKrr'SSR.- .Uarrle!. no children; :<■:.*■
*xi>erleace on gentleman's place, fl.st
clan* vegetable grower; cutduor plants,
landsoaf.lng. furnaces ani g*a machines;
horrr*. cows: C"»>d milker; suber. honest.
trust worthy: flmt class reference. Address
M., Hay Bfeore P. »> . l^nc Is.md.
OAJLDEMKR By N irth f Ireland Pro«
•eiant tir.g!*. ail branches, lalaiasjiaa
<»TEVEJ*SON, ISI aouth -*.jr.
HOirsrwoitK (except laundry), by Amer
ican cou;>le; coro['«tent; tplscupallans;
clear.; rood habits; country; two adults; no
nth«r •e'vants: cnfclt. butler, houseman.
BL'UINiiTON. 3C5 West l;Hh-*t.
CHAN, experienced, Is rl.ltns- aca.l
•■niy or gentleman's stable; well known In
Ireland with principal packs of hounds; 'I
c^lieat character. For furtfter particulars
addreei b/ registered mail. PATRICK 1.
'ENTER. Wlllsboro Point. Estex Co..
N. V.
HOUSEWORK.— »>neraI: Japanese. .rperl
•nce.l wants situation. private family;
good refareacas; no card JAVANESE. 3B
treat «7t!i-st.
JAPANESE liJTI-ER. In single persons
plai-e or in *oo<l small family: expert
enced; good valet; country. IS AW A. 3SI
Ual>'»'-ive., Brooklyn.
KIT' HHNMAN or LUNCH ■ 'C" > X.— Orders
ar.J ilaln dinner. de«::»» »tt-»«iv position,
day or night. Janitor. 11 Staatcn-st.
MAN AND WirE want p<iltlons In private
family; lest from taa South.; good ref
erences, llr. and Mrs DANIELS, care of
Mrs. Utoaa, 213 West «M-st.
.N i HUE *:\*t Ant.MJAM to Invalid, men
ta.i o' Dbyrteai; lor.« expenaaca; uoa^r
-tan.ln D.as»age; sober, willing and trust
woitliy; l.«r*ir.^l istaisnoas; terms mud«
ate. % ,v. ■<.-. Boa 104. rtnfittv-ave.
STEWAItD and CHEF — Dy two practical
men. fully capable of takin* complete
control of any downtown lunch club or
Trsv cU»s **ntl«ni«a"s club, where practical
rrsults are ien Irrd. either under contract
oi on beti^lf of the club, ur any unmunas-e
«) It part of a club; satisfaction guaran
teed- bond CSS be furnished for any trust
imposed. J. W. N.. 104 East 7Stn-st.
ame.l sirung i).rmi'n, city rsfer^nces.
WILI lOER. < - a r e ..f Cernian-Amertcan
Lpa;;m-. ais West 2*th-st. Tef-pUcae l-«»'l
— ' •'V'Hca.
CSEFTJL MAX.— -Bj» intelligent youK* Oar
r - 11 -I'-j". s'!vi-r. brasstc; Htteml fur
naie-'walt on table; V--0. Wl'lt.J. c»re .f
Cemian-Americun I aasjns), .its West SSta
s;. Tslephone 1.6T1 — Chelsea.
tTSEFUL MAM In private family or board
in* nouie; g^-^l cook an 1 waiter: refer;
Mi'eV s>ep home. T. M . Tilbi - Up
town Office, 1.9 M B-oadway.
USEFUL MAN. — Cbtored" BBjderataßds
Kone<i ami garden; k ■■-i houses jrfcr-;
re'ereni-ea- country . J. 8.. Tribune Up
town <:•« •. 1.W4 Broadway
VALET utter. 'ant. secrta-y. reader, to an
In-alld' szpertoncad. educate.!, present
atiV- understands u.a*>>aKe Brat class ref
erences. H .. *> Lexington- ave.
WAITER.— By >'P""«f Oerman; sjEpart
tnced Ad iress W AITHR. care of Uer
man-Amerlo.D L«*rue. aij '.Ve*t .'i h-»t.
Tolcphiiro I.67l— t'heliwa. _^
TOI'NO ■ -„i„ i W.i: >HrtlSSdeiS>. no chll
drrrn. on mor geatlasaas'i placn; v:>
Ji-rstiinds horses, ■»»: wife hoi-«ewor*.
SNACK 75 Clarfcson-st.. Internatioc.il
131 iUTison-ave. Tele. 37*4— 6\Xf
plieo high claw hrus^hold servants. nut;*
asd ■•-'.•:■ re/erenow srsmi «lly Investi
gkt«*ti. «o\ erne: s*s. companions. nouaekavp'
ers. all oittonailtlea; vpenb^f;. cloains.
cteiuiing hou*M I*ll am: vwtas: oo^es
cared lor during: summer.
:»l «th-avc. near 2M-et. ; n-.ost reliable
employment office; Is ready to receive or
ders for best private families, housekeepers.
n^.-.Rc<. li-.iti.Ts. mai4s, cooks, etc.; all
references investlaatei. Tel. IS79 — Chelsea.
COOK. — Neat, ciirapetei, t. ,U. -;; exc«l
leu: caterer n"S ir,ana»er; very « onoic
lc\., 4i years' re'erenc*; >:, •>. coactry.
A H.. (Mrs. CollUr .. 122 Vest 23J-fit.
COOK. -I Kr;Cl»ii coup>, to take full
charge .if kitchen la first class family;
»..-»l:*..t refereares: ar> cards: disengaged
October 12 A. D.. B->x 5». Palatine Bridge.
N. T. ' . . .
COOK.— Boarding house, club or lnv.it.it •
tlun; 8 )rars* references; city or coun
try. Mr» 1 00i 1 3R 1 9 bCREAU. 740 «tt
ave.. 42d-st.
COOK, CHAMBI-^IMAXD. etc. — By >«un#;
•reman me cook and to do coarse wash
iag: Arsons 1 refcreaces; also chamber
maid ana waitress. Mrs. COOPERS
CCREAC. 7.49 Cth-a^e.. 42d-st.
COOK— Colored : first Class; erivata Camliv.
KBWKIRK, 1.7W 24-4 Tie.
fo o jq
27-inch $ 1 taffeta silks Monday, :49c.
It I tlie best Si quality of taffeta ever told in Ansriea, too. Tim is especially as WMtiißgjlj
good buying opportunity for dressmakers and manufacturers! as tit* pctee to tea* ton aßalssali la fact,
we've often raid r.T^c. for this grade of taffeta silk to the manufacturer, but then all you vast to
know is that it's $1 silk for 43c— we say It is, and yotflleay »cv to*, when you oaotho aUka,
49c. for $1 taffstas— yards of color** f He. for flas- dress elks— tia 49c Ist
taffetas, full 27 tacks* wise — psai eastrassa colors— bat tot , a ad Otis tot of silks _«pnjanT tha> tSßSsaSlaßa csrslu* Sasaki
J i"^ «■*■ c"'7e "'7 crlcr ! ""■ e '« n , re '— <"»* «W tntec ■* sin of Araerfci'a f*resM»t miau£i3tsx«^ts.t. <lrwi apt
4vCi .l. ll r p * s - wa'-«\w a'-«\ ! "'" sr and entire *"••••*■ i •*»■> •*• *■»»• saantifnl-eU solid ssk-ra-sae « •%*&-«■
IJ* V* ••■ d tike to Am jroa these silks whether you tba iiimi in StaauJlS . aenas j im'Tl m* l: V' "»_• V
caro to purchase or net. as we want yoa to he on snow ta ana* Steves at ll— en* «fi thssa
posted on what we deem a s..:< ; ».»»in-*t 4Kb. raw ana far Tin aim 'n a l«— l aa* »*• to ast wist ta'faS
Main floor. . i te *s.hs a4rm.arjue» eg aV^aasesw B»a»
Sample straps of New Fall .laces. .'
DOH'T neei to tell you aaeh about this sale— b.tl3. --car first «na a faa* montLs ajp pja]
slr-^e then we've had hundreds of Inquirers asking? when we'd hold a/rttMr one. Well, bar* tt BY
and the values are even more sensational than the last sale. From rtsjrolar stock those las»3 so ' «.?.
7oc. 28 >_'. $3.50. ?3 ami up to $10. No-, Just tlitak cf buylt* them at the f allowing prices:—
Sample laces at 25c. Sample laces at 48ok Sample laces at Me, ::^
Sample laces at $1.48. Saapk laces •* |2.9 v
They are won-lerfti! wahiaa, airp.'t they? Of coarse they «re) sample or trial strips, run off to alsaw
the perfection of the pattern and to take advance crders— end axe abort but useful lengths. Otheanrtaa
you' l pay from 7Dc. to ?10 per yard. »
Thsy were secured from the leading lace martufacturers of ?axenT, and represent th* atwTes trt; '
vosrue !n London. P.j.ris and Vienna, bcstae» t&e kind hanCed !n our own country." We twice a yea* ..
hold this pale ex the besflnring of each season, and offer alt dressmakers, milliners »r<l loaaa] -»
the opportunity to buy a wafon'a needs at a wonderful savins. . ,-U
Ihe lengths range from 41-2 yds. to IS yds.— the variety in this sale is nonets, At
quality treat; but we advise early selections, as there Is a choice In the collection.
E.aclc si--' ▼*<*•• :a "' , eß*seaawßßi net sSSSs) i WUte Vmis9 ga.l'wea.
Black s»l« \er.i.»^ sal'.oons. Point Gsii iaces. I Irish lace ,<»,«
w-t- Vtma* tsee. ! Black aim svrWfSsx ' Ms* aaluiai l^asi ■
br.owbuii net laces. J Block Silk raeda-VIoBS. I Boss point lac«». '.'
Repousse net lace. tierr* lace*
Bar. la. galloons, ollovers. lac« 9, edsings. Insertions, bands, &c
5 17,000 worth of imported damasks
and tapestries at $ 31 2,000. '■
IT's the greatest avast of its kind that takes place in Kew Tort— tale that hat altsaal
bargain significance ihis year because the Spring and Sumrn* - iraa a very poor season, for raanisCact
urers, and a great mar.y o* our best purchases carrt?>p us at fifty certs on the dollar. The benefit — as
our prices testify — is joara in every I trance.
Foota t lotU.
There's net an *teni quoted in this entire announce
ment that will not prove a bargain revelation to you.
v^~ la th« time to bnj\ for rach prices as these corre bur once In years, as the Items s!»w.
TjHTJ "rtiat *r>urlry the proa-reas of this eale •■ will make special prices on all chesses of work, such a - li ■» •
t " ~ ""' 1 »r!«:» and Portieres, r*-upholsierlr!s; furniture, itc. Extra facilities to insure prompt work.
French Juts tapestry [
—an Ideal fabric f.ir drapery— heavy re- j
v*rstt> ; e quality— la i'Art Ncuveaa de
slgr.»—nrv sha-its. red. b-J»b -J» ar.4 JO-. ,
Nt:^-l.rlre uswir 6Ac.. it cyl( ,
P!LK AJOfTRB taf-^trt— * j
richly brocaded solll c?U>r .'uJTit tn j
a *r.s»!l neat pattern, parttcilarly -c >- ■
.>n-.raenc- for ha.! Mr.g-.r.gs: a.l p^ !
ular ctlJrtnarM as m ■;: as many new
dec-orattve c^i-^r tor.es are shown Q9 .
—sals price, per yd . . T<?** |
ouailty. la untique colorings ™ red. ■
blue aad green, wita a ric:i herallic
design pa-i.cuUrly a.iapuble to the
decoration .' t « library, Urdam r^m
or hell: usu..Ui »a.3a; Bale I 35
price, per yd a.wv ,
atpean.i* goods, in •f* - ?5? new de- i
slier* and coloring* -for the -ven.ig
of parlor or library f^lture this fab
ric cannot be aj.*e«l— *4 $2.35
grade-sale price, fd
rnou Ac— By rest"-- table colored woman
w co«t N2a and M in prtvats fam-.
i;y aw West >!..-»- b*3euißnU tMI
bid*. .
COUK--Frencn. Mft. « a «ra Ml j 1 *" 3 *""
Bam K"'«l r«i«r»ni:«i*. JULIA. Mrs.
Baccn-'s OBc* 8»1 Utn-ave.. near »*-•«■
Tel .• . mlssa
COOK— Oood baker; very reliable; beet
city r-l c .' .ces, *™*ea **> Call atL.\N^
ft RjfKVTHKr" B ** «-0.. 13 V-'est 371n-st.
COOK —Uy an experienced kitcaenmaiiS.
Actress i.-. b«* l^U. <-l 7 Bth-ave. •
tXJoK. —By young woman, thoroughly com
petent rs!*' tutt class r.-Vfr.-e »*««•.
♦&«. MRS. DICKINSON 1 d ' • OPEKA-
TiVE BLIC3AL'. 331 M4alsoa-*.ve. . tel..
3.734 3ata-»t.; ail weelc.
COOK.— liood strung girl; first class refer
ences; wacss, «-t> to *— . call. 'LA
HEitIV 4N"i Columbua-ave.. B«e»r S3O-*t. ;
•aL. 741 J. River.
COOK.— Colored: la boart.n* hoes* or club
house; goo* reference U rwniUred. 8. T.
GR.A.NT. 150 lUnha.tiaa-av«.
CoOK.. —Uy uertnau: experienced- Address
is AN DO K. care of (_i«rtr.*n-An»eri«-a»
League. Ul West 24tn-st. Tfciepr.une 1.0.1
— Caetaaav
COOK— WAITRESS.— Two Planish giris;
compettut; has* reference. FINLAND
BUREAU. «-s0 Uingtoo
COOK. lerakaa; neat and economic*!:
KooU releiencaa; city: wares »-i»-»u3.
X.. Hofmay.r'n Bureau. t"3 West i^W si.
COOK. — By yonag Ir«!!h girl: plain sad
lau-y «..:.-.v->; «xc«:«a: r*ter«nce. r ..&
disposition; neat, eoooomual S., .: >t
mayer'a Uur*au. ISa West SSO-st.. T-i«
ptor.e leO4 — Clie.sea. .
OOOK winti work: private family: wages
*-■'•: f. d baker; willing and obliging.
DVU^IA. car* Uasaey iiiiv-"- :■•*": Bureau,
tiUi-*ve. Tel. 1-150-J slaaisir.n.
COCiv and LAUNDRESS.— By vierntan.
»!i»fe» J2i>-?22: city or country. Mme.
42' i 4fh-jv«. between aaU at' 1 SMS SSa
COOK, wailreas. ma:* <ug 'wtinstress; best
reference. Mi»i L.VK.--OS tj K.-cploymeat
Office. 33 West i!4tn-st. Tel. 3.u4«— M.iJl
scn Square.
young North of Irr'anJ I'rotest^iit , wa#-«i»
$li:. H.. llufnyty<r'!« Bureau. 133 West
S3J-st. Telephone 1^4 — Cholsea.
CiI.VM t-KMAID. — A neat <-o.ore«i iirl as
chamuermaid In furnu':. room hoa*e, cr
grnrral work la assail fuir.i'.v. MARTHA
THuMAS. 41* West sil-»t.. Juhnsoa's bell.
<JIIAMi.BRIIAID and WAIT::KSS. cock ana
Uundru: : two neat, oMIg-.ng girls; <li»
engaged o»mi to death in tauuiy; city or
ecu-try. C. a.. Mrs. Chiller's, 1:2 West
SI at
CHASJ3ERMAID. assist waiting. pUia
s«»vr- uell recommeni!eJ: wa^ea $UOi
We»t a"th-st-
respet-caMA vouni *irl In American fam
liv: reference, bus. M. c. CaUEsTVY. 40»
CAHETAKrin. — By reepectaale, competent
coU<r«d a man, care 01 lad?"* or ! ache: r
apartments- best of references fiiral»,;ed.
E 8.. SCO West BSJ it. • v^j
IiAT"3 WORK or care Tor bachelor apart
ments, by honest, reliabl-*. bright col
ored ma:, reference. Address Mrs. A.
rOflTsW 123 TVest ISsU*-**.
! TATS WOR::. — Team Oernian womin for
! day's war*, wuihlng. lronln« -r .-leaning
Mra. BUVSET cere of Mrs. toherty, 301
East &ii •
. DAT' 3 WORK.— Dy colored wman; Brat
I clam launareae; ref-ren.'es. Ajliireaa O.
>!.. -«- Mr-. H-:- Tin vv y «»* 37-h-t. __
ELDERLY TOM.CI: sli"* rellaMe; good
references: attend lnvald or be generally
useful, r. ,ln»a hcii«»n<'ia. Address, lira
KARA ,22 I.egr»w-av<»-. Newark, X J.
FIRST CLAS3 coon and laundress, rnssta.
scups. desserts and toes or s»B**a«llseasas
workar. M chambermaid. city
;or country separate; 2 years/ reference.
. 443 qth-ave. ■_ \ ■'
HOUSEWORK.— Tons* woman to do r«n
«mi Rf»us«-W3rk a-d waanlns By the day.
Brt- OSTEVIK. C 2 €*•*. Bnok^ a.
P.KYG 00D5.-'
Petit point ta«?e*try ■
—an exceptionally dura'ile fabr*.- fnr «t- i
»r:-f; the design Is a rich Oriental is :
E*itera c^lc rings en a nd bac'*
aaassa] — regular $1 V grade. CO>r* ;
rich luii'rous itu&Uty In ciagaJlce-t
ne-T asral md floral destarns. Bl » ]
complete rac*;e of th« late*: ooi- f* "If '■
ortngs. per jd *°*»
we ha*» several ricb persona?* d*el«ns
ta tiis durable fabric, emtrs-.-g kks ;
»• it .»«•! back panel effects -: p^ular |
at present; values 53. 75 aad * ; Cf) *
SLsft. per yd... + I.%>KJ .
ENGLISH \\\ M. TA'TTSTBT— extr* !
heavy scl duraota «u.!!ty In Mne ■
color ejects — priced else 1 - 3"? 1 l"5 I
wn-r* at 1310. per >"* v *' lv }
with ma«T»lflc«atiy enloreJ SUB bbbsß t
snipes, in the rica. warm hues ■>! the j
unent. for drapicg dens, « | "> S? j
oosey corners. ate.. per yd... ''*•»*' ;
GENERAL HOUscUuivK.— By Hsjnt col
ored woman, tot- family of two aiu;.s.
good cook an 1 laundress; first cUse reter
ence. wag«e iZ per weak. H. UiICHKLL.
M \V«st 4«'ti>-*t. _^____
HOUot.«».»:SPBR.— By anergetw English
woman; iiji Unrsiids, msnagSTcent ass
racts. .sen: a~. rwisiißSJ. shopping; govd
n<.««iiewumaa ; no objection to couinry; long
trst ciasa references, sis year* t.om^a«i
employer. R... Trtbuas) L'ptowa once.
l.J«i4 iiruadwiy.
HOUSEKEEPER la widower's faintly cr
hotel, by a lady ot reuaemen; nudal*
are.i; cU) or country; exserienced. At
(treas VH East lXth-st.. advertising ot:io«.
Hot. BR-— Maasjru« sr workiag;
trusiwutiay American rroteataat woman;
thoroughly rateable and comcetect la all
duties: good <»•«.*. csMerer. sjeaasatreas city,
country ;el«rer.eea Addreae AlXaUi. i.^*i>
Brt* >Iway.
Hiji.isiiV;OßK. — Scotch Prot*«t»Bt; good
ixok; iaundrsas: city reScreace; snail
faintly. 308 West STtn-st.
HOUSEKEEPER. — Kklerty Amertean
womaa, nnt ciaas suoiatna. good baker or
working housekeeper (or one or two: no
children; reference. B4A 'Jd aye.. three aaaVa
UoUSCKEEFKR.— By refined etasta ««r
cr<a widow. a?, as Housekeeper In w:jo^»
er"* family or '-r.*»:# hous«. gjo <1 cock &-~>i
9eoai!<treaa ; syrepati.et.c act cajah. • ntirsa
tn Urn* of sickness; hen- c and considerate;
j.«ed ta ma^i'-«ri r ?ir serv»t rust! leu 7 ettj
r.i.rencf*. Artdresa C I*.. Box 1»— . 1.->j«-'
UOrSKV.'Or.K-— Oirt la at:..", family .c*4
w»ged>. JONES, UDt S«jiit»-;r:: I aSS
vjirJ. near ioTti.-st.
tiul.o».«fci-El'ltK.— Ly luflus of SjBSSSJtIB
ability and refiaeraent; well exp*n
la marketing, cater! and management at
servants; best reference. A. D.. Boa i>>.
Tribune OSwe.
HOUSEKEEPER— By renoad widow. Amer
ican, city or country; first Tinas reter
aaaaa; waxes 3UMl<ra£*. L. PARKKit. i3B
4>>in-»t.. brcuk'.yn.
IIOC3EWOUK. — Cbmpetert woman. In
apartment or flat: city reference. COP
FU\. 42* West 3J»ih-et.
BOCSETWORSCa, *o, — young' girl as
houaewarker axil mother's helper: sjood
jewer. etc. Mrs. COOPER'S BUREAU. 74»
«sth-ttve.. 4ii-d:.
HOCSEKE*i>ER. ft-.— Oarjuiiaa as
bousekcer^r. jjother & hels or lln«n rom
in hotel, good seaoistress. J. A. II , box
'•■. 122 iK.I-e' e.
•{ SI-.W. P.K.- By Hungarian girl; eocd
couk; wages $17. 313 East Tlch-st-. la;
HOUSEWORK.— By jouo» colored man
and wife: rood cook. COWARD
SPR'JELU 4.; 1 Wen; ISth r.
INVALID'S Nt~R88» nalmn «r managing
housekeeper, by C&naJtau; refined; edu
ca.f : abroad; excellent reader, fine pianist,
gooa sewer; highest personal references.
L F.. rtißttne Uptown office. l.*M Broad
X 7- ' HEN MAID, general rvmsew rkar;
strong- youne Finnish girl. *JM> LdSUaa
I*ACNDTtE«».— Fir« class: open air .try
ing: sen all day. large jant: alt ctetlses
wnah^l in ■wparSSS water; good reference.
*24 West 14Stn~st.. catretakar. ■ basement.
UVNPRE.-S.-r7 a roaa«otable BfeM «!
• -•4 •■'.m»: 1 ; first slass; can give best
city reference. Addreea S. A. - T . 3*3 Veil
40th-st., Newman's Bell.
LAOTORCSS. first class washes taaatly
washlfis; at inmt. references. i.i"J
LAI'NDREt!* -Towrs; woman as first 'last
laundress; good oa shirts. SSXaUent refar
••ce*. lU> Cut Jsah-st.
LAT-NDREi»«— a respectable Protaa
'•!:•• w:taiß. witi. an? rcfe.t-c*. 3L
BURNS, care as G«4, a;; c* it faVet
LAtTNVRY — *st sjajnit at how,, sy a
raaaectAsls wossaa: ass fcajaaax*. Mtss
TO BIN. a BarUmsr Pteua, Brook!
•UAKAOINO iinirinsjasjsj mi «x
p«rla»asd genUewoßßs* ta ssbsJL raftssa
taiuiiy (widower- a. whar» &»}» are; e^H
orssi isesstaiaa. w*«rs aarrant la «n>-
Ployed; New-\or« City or vletal*-? com-
P^ciorj-j* atteettmt to rant-Invalid; fci»s
">: reiffesses. ■ Aildr?«iti HOUsE^CKSJ'i:^
Turkish tapestry—
fee ne»Ty <jua.:ty la warm Orients*
tints, a R.oet d^tftirabla fabric t-yr "assj
Jngs or coreriasTk— priced AfV.
a* ?I.J*- -mr sale pr.: rer y>i.. w>v#
a.w ttermi ached patter** and tbe>
latest -->•- adajitati'ms this fa.br?:; la
IBLBSSI '■!]»< BBS cashiens and tufted
furniture, as the iesiga can t*» bs«l
to adTar.tago — fcx this sal«. *■» *}£
per yi : *'&»&&
pi>mpadour designs and delicate color
effects: so beautifully woven as :o
coinpar* with tine needle- C-5 g*f\
wort: per yd '**O»W«/
LOCI 3XV BAT!>: DAMA. Sl— a rich
fa^ric ia be»ut:r-al :.:gs and ar
tlntically executed asaajnd — *5 r»s?
» grade> per yd '0.V3
bftOASfZCCE SILK TiAir_Xsi:—
•?• t. ts ■JM^-.i.i.ently wr-maht *s
ataass this la on*, of tba nehsjat fib
res rr • ~.-iJacture«J and usual- ga ttS
l» retails at $ia3o; per yd. . . v^ef>%»
LAUNDRESS. -f^estsat: am eiasa: hae
MOTHET.S HELPEH.— By weeaan of re
aaezrtent; no ohjeetlua ta couatry or trav
elling: higneat refereocea. E. D.. Trlbua»
MAID and SEAMSTRESS.— By Touar Ger
man; wouij assist with rhaiasi ■ n *..
good B««oa re:-r»i^». U.. Hofmayers B»!
52 lii V."*st Sai-at Teiephoaa ia«*—
MA 1 1 1 . — Situation anas Sad; good sewer
P*cJier " ar.j traveller; sppcauu German)
ana ia«;i>... city reference. Address
GOOD iSAILoR. 1.384 Br-jadway.
JIAIL' ami tKAMSTKESa— By aSsjliakt
Protestant; assist craaiberwoe*; very
neat; exi-eLent referesjeae city op crontry
J. W.. Mrs. . CMasTa, U3 West SJii-ai.
te». l.Sa* \.atitc».
XVRSEItI GOVERNESS, or as maid for
growing children, by rartalecne. il.si
C. F.. IMB West .>rVsi.
Nrß3B.— En«llaJ> Protestaat tor fai'aat;
»—• -»«y or couarry: good reference*.
EIOJiX. Mrs. Bacon's OCc«. 331 «^s-a.va.
near SAi-ei. TeL M7J— Choliea. *-^***~
'''*Si. — fv an ea»«rt*s»re»» youar wotnaa
ir. ■ taibtatnt caaes or any #lckae«L
Call or j.i.iress Jtrs. SMTIH. caie lira
oßtte, atft TVArrea-at.. BrooKlyß.
NUT.SE sad SEAStSTKTsa— Cemaa;
lately laai!eC; *>(>. lli-iau Call a
UVJiQ & aOBCMsSsa coT J» Wes
NTRSF. — Vcnnj lady. * in hoac'tsU
exserier.ee, as nui.3 or " s lass lilJ. .
Eas* stsss; refarenoea. r. BSITH. 158
Eas, 4Tra-st. *"•
nvaaa or XUKS2TRT CCVKRXBSa— Ra~
an^i North German: oompeteaTual si
ren*E,-e.i; fall eh**., of callT from {m
N' Ki*li to (tows a'-.r.i jy near, i nmssiiiia
gM. SIS-.. 11 SCU.4CHT, car* of airs.
F. Mtfyer. 5a.! Evergreen-aye.. BrooklyaT
.NL'EiE a-« COVERXES3.-Jw« arm -+
NCRSE.— rag.'lnn: . lately out: aaasaatent
take fall ri.arge haijy; Tnnsliianaiaill
refarer.ee. N. D.. 1.204 Broadway.
NURSE.— Travel or nak* hers^i* gmmn j
us*.' ! la »^.i:>. best re 3rene«. «31 J'iaau
St.. Hi :ix.
NL'KSE— By respe»r»able; tn'.daie s«ea woo.
aa to ysuss dulOrea; reliable, twr.ja
piea«ant w! h yu-ag child.-:*, tsarsji jm
•very eaftolty. 3S4M-av«. ™
JANTTR&iSS.— Oenran •mlly; beaS
reterenve* Mr*. BETtTUOiut* US a»».
Mrs. BERTHOLT.', 113 Aye. a!
SEA2ISTIcES».— Ftrst class; can ,»,-, esmtasx
and fitting: by day ar weak. JtAßir, S
?EAM3TRK?f —Sim class; msaSsr. ra>^
nawar. a'tetirg. ss sails r'r«nch. Germ&3
-nun try preferred; SI S lay. Address
MIRA. Box llt » «r «t:i-*ve.
w Amass asM *•• —^~**iTrr run*
tint; as»*ssata»aa> her cuUa Hiiinsaalj.
excellent refereaeea. A. P.. Mr«. CwSaVaC
IB Wast 3aVat. ; let !,:"»■>< CTjaaisa.
WAITRESS.— By ysoac ctri: ant «!aass
ex lent roXerence: with family aataa't*
CbUbWulm mt WssWbsji us. Ifhsrssa U*
Cast Satn-ac. care of Riimsug.
WAimESS. — 923; can rak* bat>i's PSMas
ctty or oasMn. ivATL'. Sirs. gassss/a Oi
flea, SSI «hr-aT«L Tat. 12:3— Gals**.
WAITRESS or general hou!-!i«;r'< m pri—
»ate faraUyver bcaritri? t»onsi\ by solars*
girl, can or; aaMiiss M. CEI^C. car* 3
Tr«nt. 13> West 3Wh-»t.
vAmaw :axi> cuAAT3Ea>r:uix— a,
*r.-» «tj»<b Btrtj aeat aai tlJrr -■■ 'ear**
referecce: w-^sea.. «A rLASHarr" ►•«
Olssssss >t».. sear Ms-**.; cai.. ;il JL
X\'ASHl?lO.— Tonar wortrm Ti-<!rty *^,'hls:
t» vi» bsata. lira. IXWLS. r- ■• >: »«:
9-St!»-st. -
TTnajlltfll fTsssßS «s tasja horn- family
•sTsSst. '** CASST. tSaV iGsm;
near fisJiS-«t,
Vt*ASIH-\C» fcUtits hoa* cr out by *l*r.'
*ssnsiu;4^L 3at "

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