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Autumn We dling* — Social Incidents.
IIS tsarrlage of Miss Florence
May Boston, daughter of Mr.
arid Mrs. Thomas Bolton. and
Louis Oliver Tilton will be cele
brated next 'Wetfnesday, at 6:30
p. ni- et the botae of the bride's
paras Two-hundredth-et. end
M2.rior.-ave. Only relatives wffl
b« presect. Th* tridal gown Is
of •;..'■ cloth, trimmed with
duchesse lace. TLa dm i of
honor win r« Miss Emily Louise
Bolton. and the brid-smalds
lilts Mabel Boat. Miss Katha
rine Homtier Birihail ar.d Miss
Marion T'.lvn. The beet mm
win t«e Homer FrancU rates.
■ad the ushers llam Henry
Bolton ana Arthur Thomas
«n ** ?n:L— Er.EATK.
\ Mies Carrie Louise Breath, daughter -' Mr. ■**
-Mr*. W. F. Breath, cf Calvtstoa. Tex. end lieu.
tenant John Mel. R. C. 5.. were carried recently
.Jn Trinity Church, in Gatecstoa. The I ride vrore a
:*liite: *liite chlflc.i cloth gown, trimmed with Brussels
net. and carried a shower bouquet of Wles-of-tlie
«alk«-. Her lace veil was Fastened wfth a tfiarr.or.a
ard pearl brooch, the bridegrooms gift. The maid
of henor. Miss Grace Murray, of St. Louis, wore
pink organde and eatited a boulju*-*-. of pink rose?.
The brUJeETr.a^cis were Mies Eveline Goegan, Miss
Vanlta De Milt Mis Homoiselle Randall. Miss
Bessie Flood. Miss Daisy Ciark arid Miss May
Oark. They wore white organdie gowns asd car
ried rink roses. The usher* »ere Dr. Waiter P.
Breath, brother of the bride; John Seaiy. Browning
Orooe. Renne Muller J. B. Cos aad Clay Stone
A reception iit the bride's home followed the.
eareasony. Ueutena.ni a-.d Mrs. llel are spending
their honeymoon in California.
Mies Charlotte H. Watsca. bvagbter of Mrs. WO!.
Isr.. Gltson. of Sellevllle. N". J.. =r.3 James A.
TiotEGT.. of Newark, were rr.arr-cd on Wednesday
nigbt at the home cf the "criie by the Rev. William
W. Cor.r.cr.' pastor cf the Qetonced Church. The
cwgeaaay took place in the psrlcr. wtlch was deco
rated with so'.dfn rod and farr.s. Tho bride *>!
nttcn£ed by Miss Charlotte Ettmyn. of East
■Kutjhcrford. The best rrttn Jarr.*-3 Watson, a
brother of the bride. Glaus-tone P.ots<-r.. a brother
of the bridegroom. "s - si osher. The bride wore a
powa cf T.-lilte batiste, tnrmretl with iace. and a
veil fast*r:f-d v.-ltri orange blossomsL Her only
orr.atnert was a gold breastpin. v:i.:ch wa3 worn
by her great-grandmother «t the marriage ct the
latter. A bridal sapper CoUowed the cftreir.or.y.
Mr. end Mrs. Robson will enjoy their honeymoon
«t the tt. Louis Fair.
The weadirqf cf Bollaca Bactrtt : .•■:: and Miss
Mafcel HalllWell was BOlentJscd at the. Collegiate
Church on Tbsrsfiay cven'r.^r. t:.e i >■. Dr. DonsJ '.
?.!&ckai' OfflcUUng.
Mr. DceO is a forrrcr renlAeat Of Byracuse. and
1« a con cf «-Coin!ni.-s;rmfT Of PatSSts s.r.i Mrs.
Charles H. DueU. He was grs4uated from Tale in
15iC. and irora the Kew-Xork Law School in 19M.
;»!:ts Hiliiwcl! is tr.<? daughter of «:hai!f«i E
RalltweU, rtce-presMeat aad genera: manager of
tbe Ceotlnental Tobacco Company, fcroerly a resi
<i»%t of St. Louis.
Owir.g to the serious Illness cf t-tr. Haluwelrs
tr.cth€r. the Invitations to the we<M.ng and recep
ttca were recalled, nr.d omy th^ relatives and a
f*w intimate friends were present.
The rr.arriajre of Miss Lilian M. Irwta. daughter
ct Mr. and S£re. V.'iiiiarn T. Irwir.. ar.a Charles J.
Ctfvert will be oeltbratcd" next Wednesday at th">
<-.f the briJt's pareots. No. 314 West One-hun
dred-and-twelfth-st. Tiie bride wear a giwn o{
trjjlve t-ll'A jr.v=h:i. trtotned with iraportf-i lace, and
h -tulle veil hcli ta pUc* by a clypur of orange
blossoms. She «Hil carry j .\.y\r bouauet of
!JUe*-Of-tbs-VAiley. SI.-- »mi be ntlctnled by her
T.usin. Miaa Cmca E. Irwla; who will carry \mfrl
<an Beauty roess. Arthur ;:. &lcCabe will eery« :--^
t*st snan. The Edieme < f Ocral decoration is to be
I'ink and white. Only Ifce Immediate family ar.d
intimaic fririids- srill be present 8t the ctremony,
■ wUI li« performed l*y the Rev; J*-s£* X..
Hiss Lilian OeiDhart, yaunger daughter of ?h»
"late Charks S. Bdnhflrt, ttit ar-.lst. ana Harold
La Tourette Bencttt, of New-York City. rIH be
married next Saturday afternoon it 1:34 o'<-lock at
Ct. Gecrge'e Cnurca. nusfcirg. Loss Island. Tsie
bride wCJ wear a B^'vn of lirugrs lacfi over white
faUn. and ■ tulle velJ.' £:i<? w!3 csrry a bouquet
of orauge blorsomi and prch!£& Mlsi EtnCle V.
Rcinhart, a tJster ct thf bride, v./.\ be tho maid cf
honor. She will vc*zr a ;«.!*? blue chiffon cloth
crown \r;r.; a bat i-j rr.atrh, ar.i will carry pir.k
Tl:e bsst raaa :s to be Victor D: Serega< cousin of
<h» br:desroo2i. a:ii the ethers will i»e Thcjnas D
Tcy. Kc^ard Woods. EXarrta K. Murray. n*-inhsrt
Van Kordnn, Bapy J? Hswtrll and Fcrt r ufoa Ccoj»r.
The briflc .wifl N» ;jiven avny by her brother.
Chirles Stanley RdnhjUt. A recepUon Till fallow
tha ccrercosy.

Last Wednesday eteuing Ulsa -Taae- T«-.tnpk:r:s.
&fnigl'Arr of Mrs. Helm Toiapktos, of PUhkUJ
X^Pd'ng, N. V.. and Paul Jcu-fll O»lleiu of Mat*
teawan. were manted ct Ddgrarater, th« 3^n:c d
■b ¥da awe «W mm» mm at* awa sAs dtimmafl
J Invitations, Announcements
At Home, Church
Knil oriert MBSiSB prompt a*'.titt»t.
Dempsey & Carroll
22 West 23d Street The Society Sitttcr.trs New York
the bride's mother. The ceremony • r «« frformed
by the Rev. Charles W. Fritls, of. Hudson, a former
pastor of the Reformed Church r.t KishklU. The
bride was attired ir. whits crepe de chine, trimmed
with point duchess lacr. and wore a yelU She
was aticndrd by her eister. Mrs. Louis v\ . stotes
bury. of JCew-York. as matron of honor. Mrs.
Stoteebnry v.-ss also In white. The beat man waa
Frank Donaldson, of Philadelphia, aadjhe u*hera
were Frank Barbour. of Montreal; William C.
Dkkerman, cf N'ew-Vork: Louis w Sto:obur>. .-f
New-York. ac-J I'rsr.k • Brinckerhoff, cf Flshkill
Laudins-. . . ,
A reception fci:o^-ei the ceremony at S£o o clock.
and at 10 o'clock the couple departed for a South-
Ma:.- guests were present from New-Ycrk ar.d
other "Hudson River chics.
llmb Kate Puliford. daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
a:r S H. Pulsford. of Scuih Orange, and iua
oey Clark Kennedy, d Orange, were mnrrieu yes
terday afternoon at i o'clock at tho Church of the
Holy Communion, South Orange. Tho rectcr. the
Rev. Lewis Cameron, performed the ceremony, for
which over on* thousand invitations were, issued.
The brlda trere a gown of cream catin crepe fie
chine, trl:i:r-.ed with duchess lace. Her white
tulle 'vtil res fattened with epras'H of myrtle Her
attendaats -*we Miss Alice Puleford. 6lster of the
bride maid bl honor; Miss Thomas and Miss Fran
ces Themis, of South Orin^c: Miss Koer!« and
Miss Elizatfth CJinton. Of Rideewood; Miss Sh<*r-
Tan a coudn of the bride, of tfew-York City, and
X Keiie^alw a cootfii of tho bride, of Devon,
best^»n l< was Belton. Allyn Corp. ir.. ard
the ushers were H. J. licrfcour. G. A. Brownback.
P B Beynolds. B. 11. Evans. cla«sraar<»s of Mr.
Kennedy *'. Vale, where be was graduated in the
Sara of 193*: A. D. Pu>ford. brother cf the bride,
„,/> *o*c Sloane. ot South Oranee.
held at the bride's home was
maU er.!y the two families and their intimate
friends ha\ir.« beer. Invited.
The Bay Ridge Reformed Church, of Bay Ridge.
Long Island, was the scene of an Interesting wed
ding last Thursday ever.ir.s. T;;^ brido waa Miss
Elizabeth Carroll Bennett, daughter cf Mr. ar.<i
Mrs. Charles Carroll Bennett. ar.J the bridegroom
was Alfred fcut'.cr Van Uew, of D'.oomfuld. N. J.
The brlCe's gown v."as of fiuchesse/lace. The
rr.iitror.s of hcr.cr. Mrs. Watson Lightaer Bennett;
of Bay Ridge, ar.d Mrs. Charles Thomson Cog cos
hall of Pfcoenlx. Ariz., wore mauve peaa de tygne
gowns, and the bridwrnalds". Miss Alice Poo. Miss
Mary Oakes, Mtss M. Frances liegeman, and Miss
Helen Newton, wore blue gowns cf the sinae ma
Mr. Van Liew choc ■ Kenneth G. Daff.c-W fcr his
best man. ar.d William R. Bennett; David Oakes,
Cc-orge Oakes, Harvey Worcester a".<l WUUara
V.crces'.c-r. for ushers.
Ti*i iruests InCloOed Sir. ar.,l Mrs. Thomas OsUes,
Mr and Mrs. Walter Coggeshali. Dr. ar.il Mrs.
Harry JZ. Richards. Mrs. John Van Liew, Mr. and
Mrs John Jfewton Mrs. Daniel Van Brunt. Mr.
end Mrs. Frederick Cocneu. Mr. and Mr* Henry P.
I>.<M Mr and Mrs. Jorn Duncan, Mrs. DuttVld.
Mr ar.d Mrs. BTenry E. Downs, Mr. ar.d Mrs. John
Boyce Mrs. .7. H. van Crunt. and Mrs. Rulef
Van Brunt. Mr. ati'i Mrs. Jer« ls>tt. Mr. and Mrs.
Gajrrett, W. Cropsey. Mr. an<* Mrs Petrr A Heee
n:an, Mr. acd Mrs. Robert Plerpont Forsbew, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Carroll Bennett, Mr. and Mr?.
Pbiny BoyiL Mr. ar.d Mrs Bowmm, Mr. and Mrs.
James C Beach. Mrs Gutierrez, Mr and Mrs.
William R. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. AC'jlDhn3 ben
nf-tt Mr. wl Mrs. John W. 11. Berxen, Mr. and
Mrs. Howard S. Downs. Mr and Mrs. Cornelius I>
Van Brunt. Miss Virginia Harrison, Miss Maud
Cocheu. Miss Virginia Bu« Xoiar. Louis Capeu,
. irry Charles J. Gefvert next
Harry Nash. Robert Edward Havey and Jamas
N. Jarrle.
Miss Henrietta Woodward Cuming, daughter of j
Mr. end Mrs. Thotr.as Cumlng, of Plalnfleld. N. j..
and James Franklya La Rue. were married Thurs- !
day night at the home of the bride's parents by the |
Rev, A. E. Plr 1 -.. pastor of the Park Avenue Baptist i
Church. ;
The ma.d of honor was Miss Ilel'n Frances Cum
in;, eister of the bride, and Ashcr Bissett, a cousin
of the tridesroos;. was bctt man. Vhe ushers were
Ciarenc« B. La Hue-, (he bridegroom's nephew, and
Henry V. Cumins a brother of the bride. The cere
was perfornjed under » floral arch of srrepr.
a;.'.; white.
■trn of white point d'esprit,
and carried 1 I ■ ■--• ? The maid of
- -
-■ I
T'.ip rtrrt ■wedding in th« new Unitarian Church,
Montclair, took place on Wednesday afternoon.
" hen Miss Florence Brewer, only daughter of Mayor
Abijah R, Brewer, cf Glen Rkis*. and J. Tutile
Emery, of Montclair, were n;arried. The ceremony
was rrrforraod by the raster, the, Rev. Ivesils
Willis Sprague, assisted by the Rev; Walter Dol«.
of N'orfhfield. vt., aa uncle of the bride. The bride
wa& given stray by her father. She wore a gown of
white chiffon cloth over whits satin, trimmed ■«: a
duchesse lace, ar.d a "rri-Jrvi veil Her oouquet was
Tlt? rjjaid of nor was Miss Natalie Qroveste* -
o* Brooklyn, the wore a go^vn of white lace over
plnb silk, a white lace picture hat trimmed with
p:n!i flowers, and carried pink roses. There were no
bridesmaids. RaJrh Emery, c-f Cleveland. Ohio, was
the best man. Th« ushers vrere Orton and Hilton
Brewer, brothers of the bride; Walter McXaughtozW
of Montclair, and C. K. oter, of New-York The
church vra3 decorated wlUi paima and autumn
foliage. The Tveidiujf mapoh ttos played by George
1. Claud*r. violoncellist, i4ci.omj'aiue'J on the piano
by Mr*. . id«r.
The bride's mother wore a po-xn of prar mousse
line-, trimmt-l with point -ace. A reception followed
the ceremony at the home of the hrMe'9 parents.
ar.J was attended only by relatives of both families,
Tho decorations at the );'"'Uto vrert pink. The bride's
gifts from her father were a lot in Montclair. en
which the bridegroom »i;i build a h o use, and a
check for $1,000.
Ana Kg the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Edward V.
Gifts for the Autumn "Bride.
■ ■• had
' ■
r ol ' • wseks

I ta- <• .

"Put, seriously, girls, there are tr^o or thr<«
things T really want, and I »hr.il bo awfully d!;>
appclnt^O if somehody doesn't give m*» them. For
or.a thiri;. I want a fine, engravlcg of Abrabnrn
Lincoln— Lle-s him!— framed, you know, all resdy
to hang up in the dinlr.K room.
"And I want some of those rtunnlng Russian
coppers that rec'rlo rnke ':p in the slu;-i^— a
samovar, and a tall coffee pot with a straight blark
handle, and then some of the lovely brass bowls
and water pitchers of brass.
"And then you knov.- I like Indian thins* ro
much. Do. some of you. give m« a gorgeous
Navajo rug. Oh, I couldn't have too meny Kavajo
russ or Puma baskets, or too much Aztec pottery:"
To give gilts that will appeal directly to son*
taste or interest Of th* bride; to give, queer, rare.
(nee Breath
artlitlo do that none of the other friends win
think of; to mail* practical (but not prosaic) pres
ents, that shall lit gracefully ami acceptably into
the married Ilfs of th« young couple— tli.'s is more
and more becoming the aim of people blessed with
a large circle of relatives ami frlands who are
addicted to matrimony.
Th« good oM days are gone when upon receipt
of a wedding Invitation nm> marched into a smart
silversmith's and promptly bought a caster, a lamp.
a candlestick or a bonbon dish as unconcernedly
as If one wore buying one's self 1 pair of Oxfords.
and with as !ittl»> concern for the fast ss. social
status or futuro condition or the recipient.
Brides who expected to board for at least the
f.rst bear found themselves the Involuntary pos
sersors of tea lamps, seven or *lslit lee .Team seta,
•and candlesticks enough to equip a Continental
Gn« girl who married an army o;Hcer stationed in
the Philippines is still paying storage ra: « en
nine cicclca and three chafing dish**, with which
her .-.•«:: wishers burdened her. and another, whoso
yoitbfu! husband is a lieutenant on one of the
frontier post?, has b<»en obliged to "Had" her
mother a complete set of Raphael's cartoons,
framed, seventeen candlesticks, three aftcr>dinn r
ccrrs<j sets rf Royal Worcester and four lemonade
sets— impedimenta which, after beinj: gratefully
acknowledged and ■ gracefully exhibited to her
friends. were at onca returned to the boxes in
which they arrived and in which they have ever
since reposed. •
Such •redding presents arc a dsluelon and a snare.
The tzi\ hrid« of 1001 dues not mean to be saddled
Theodor* M. Kevtus, of Glen »«•»: Ih^_L
Dunca-i. of BtoomfleVI: th*- . Misses Ames. J Mr. ana
Mrs Dexter N. ror.e and the .Mu«es Fore*. «
Moatclsir; James Merrthew and Ms* Mar?". «'
New- York: the R*v. and Mrs. Walter Vole, ol
Northtield. Vt. : Mr. Lad Mrs. H. •'. \VhJppi« -■•"
Miss Margaret Wblpplt., of Bristol, N. I?.
Th« isarrlase oi lltss M.try X>svenport Hart well.
daughter of Hugh N". liurtweli. of Semervitte. S. J-.
and Joseph J:irr»« Carter^ cf E'.irab-»th. look place
in St. J«;hri = K:«sco:-!3.1 Church on Monday. T;i< *
ceremony was performed by th" rector, »h° Rev.
Charles T'iske. The church waa beaatUuily <lt-o
rated with aututun flowers. Th* bride true at
tendexl !•:• Jicr sister, Mrs. Rufus nates Sprague.
ct Boston; and the best .nan was Swan HaitwelL
of Bufitor. a brother of the brtd«j. The bride was
gowned ia a tailcrnfade ?uit of white broadcloth
and ware a white f<=lt Continental hat She carried
an ivory prayer look whie*i her mother i»id car-
E3sle Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Newell.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Benson, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank S. Benson. Mr. and .Mrs: Walter E. Powers.
Mr. and Mrs". Edward B. Wright. Mr and Mrs
Henry S. Cfcarman. Mrs. Joseph D. GalUgiier, Mwl
Mclntosh, Mr. R!-d Mrs. Ernest li. Siccura,
the Itev. and Mrs. Klliott W. Brown. Mrs.
Ciara V. Whire^ ai» Marion Whit*-. Mist Julia
Gaedecker Mrs. -\ . am -.' I'peon, Mr. and Mrs.
Mitchell, Or. ar.d Mrs. H. frltti Harris. Mrs.
HaiTiel It. Norrir. Ellsworth Doane, Mr. and Mrs
John W. K-LLili. Mrs. Robert G. Thomas, Miss
rie«l oa her wtrdatns day. Mrs. Sprague. t:ic matron
of honor, was attired in an accordion! pleated
crop» fi-> <!'!•.•• trlmised irlth point lace. rnebrWe'
groom in ai eraduate of Prsnceton University and
?i John's ColleKe, Cambridge. England. He haa h
2n' P country place at Rosft Hill. Penxanw, Corn
wall. Knar.and. wliera t\" acd *•■•* wife expect to
spend h portion °:' their time.
an ;:.\-'.;ao?:.mcnt.
Mr. sn>] JlrV! A. Rowan Anthony, of Wilkea
barre. Fenn . v., are ,• present at ■:.-:." summer
house The Maples. MontroWi Sustjuebanna County.
Prim announce the raKsgement c| their daughter.
Mars Margareita, to Charles Eustace Kneelaod.
o: New-York.
Henry BrWoort Cannon, of Eliiabeth. N- J- ■**
"Mir? Julia Ten Eyck Cos. daughter of A. Beekman
Cox. were marri*d In Grace Church: Cherry Valley.
N. V.. by the rector, the R«v. C. O. P. Kearton, at
high noon Wednwdajv! Th^ church was beautifully
decorated with whit-* rose* palm? and autumn
leave?. The ushers wew Dr. J. Eayard Clark,
Archil aid Grade OgdesC A. Bcekman Cox. Jr.. v. .
Rand Joces, Morsaa Davis. George Johnson. Ken
neth W. : -,,. .... and Hdrr:" HUlhouas.
maid of honor. Miss Roslna Cox Boardman, and tno
bridesmaids, the Misses Cornelia Llvtagston s>w.n
nerton, Katharinfi Sanders, Maria Starkweather
Campbell. Cornelia Be*kinaM Scbwartr, Millie Kath
ar!r.» Reid. Clorinda Starbuck Boardman, Anne
O'Neill BeatUe and Emily St. John Hobble, pre
cei-1 tbe Lrldo and heT lather, who gave her
away, to ti-,« altar. Th^r" they were met ... *ne
bridegroom, ar.d his best rr;.ia. Bobert McKean
Th"rrias. After th" ceremony the guests were driven
to Giensfoot. the home of the bride, tors a recep
tion followed. Music and dancing on the lawn
added to the beauty and gsyery »i the scene. At
3 o'clock Mr. ar.d "Mr.-. Cannon dror<» away am.d
showers of ri<"» and confetti.
Mis? Virginia Ro!ett» .■man, of St. Paul, and
Arthur Fortunatas Cosby, of New-York City, wage
married yesterday in Prairie .iv Chlen. Wisconsin,
at the summer boms of the bride's mother. Miss
Dou'stnan Is v granddaughter of the late General
S. L x s'urgts. XI. S. A. The attendants of the bride
were: V.ald of honor, Miss Violet Djusman. sister
of th-» bride; bridesmaids. Miss Clara iyil. Miss
G«M-tru<ie Hi!!. Miss Pauline Ferguson. Miss Anita
F*«rn€?s. Ml?^ H-e'en Finch and Miss Judith Dous
tii.ir;. the hrid«'fi youngest sister, all cf St. Paul.
Th" best men was Frank Cosby, of ■ton. broth
er of th? bridegroom. The ushers wet* Colonel s. D.
Stirpis. U. 8, A., unci*- •-•{ the bride: R. W. G. Well
ing and Farahara Yardley, if New- York; N. Phil-
Ilps Z>c»!c. of 'Omaha; Robert Peeatur Stewart and
Homer Pierce Clark, of St. Paul.
The brl<2»:> gr.wn was of white satin, trimmed
with her mother's wedding lace.
Tr.e U'gUt Rev, Ulshop Bchevebacb. of the. dloeses.
officiated at the ceremony, which was ■•• Itneased by
friends from rit. Paul. Chicago and Milwaukee.
' ■ ■ - hea there are se many things
Sfost Ukerjr she wfU
• :«-«ir».i. a:. a waea her
£o a bookish br:3e will b« pretty sure to recelva
son;* rplenCid contributions to her library; the
bride *ho.c interests run to things Oriental will
t« re^iieniiiorcd r.ith glorious brocades ar.d jades
and Satsuma and carved teak wood. An Inclination
for antiques will b« recosu!z*d with highboys.
pewter and Chippendale, while a fancy for ol<l
china woulvi f.r.d its reward la hit's of Lowestort.
Old Delfl and early Rouen.
Silver is stiii a favorite gift with th* imme'Hs.te
families of t. v >e bride and. bridecrocrn. They talk It
over among theniselves, and the family on one side
gives -i chest ol silver, while the family oa the
other gives a. ten and co-fee service.
. Compact chests, containing two sizes of forks.
three or four Isei or spoons and two sizes of
kr.ivex with, perhaps, oyster forks, are- rather
more popular at present thaa the very larg* ciAM»
which inciude salt spoons, pickle fork, berry np-»n,
fish Knife, etc.; m addit'.cn t-> tie more useful places.
Very elaborate or very plain is this bridal silver.
The inc?t ornate eff« In French gray or the
simplest— Jusi tt* rtgular. bright polished flnsh
witti a little bead Ins around th» ed«e;< — it. ali <le
pends i:n your pocketbook and the brtde-elacfs
tar.:* what you select.
An October bride would to bo true dauehtrr of
EJve if the lovely hind engraved silver copied frooj
raro old Colonial pieces left her unmoved. Such
exqublte tea ca.]J:es. trays and tea services, re
producing th» ehaate, etegaat forms and rraceful
floral designs anil curlicues of prc-Rc\"oiutionsry
days! Parii ularly engaging ue •!.. Inevltnbie
bonbon dishes and the salt cellars and pepper
A queer little English notion is the silver pepper
mill, a dainty contrivance, by which mm grinds the
Pepper freshly over his food by turning a tiny
Many an autumn brMo will receive a marmala»l«
Jar— also an Importatmn from th« other side, like
tho marmalade it is init-nJed to hoM.
Handicraft silver offers somo i»ew effeeta, if the
bride happens to be a » iii who taker, to that sort
of U:l'i"- A ?a!*. liar of hammered silver is
ahnpfi liki> a triangle with blunt mrncrs. sap
ported on three littla legs. All the indentations of
the hammer show, r>s they rio in '->*■ oblong salt
cellar which resembles the, galley of a viking, with
hand!** modelled upon the high, curving beak el
the :.••: ship.
Akin to these are the really delightful chafing
dishes of silver and copper, welded together, also
handicraft work. One of these Uttle portable stoves
has three rabbit". in silver, standing on their hind
le?s. peeping ov«-r the rim of the Mazer, which in
of ttu» same dull finish stiver. The. cover in of
beaten copper. orn.in»ent«d with silver, the handle
being .1 big button of antique black oak. Tbe lamp
Is movable, and stands on three feet The whole
equipage rests on a tray of hammered copper, fast*
en' l) by great silver headed nails to a iarg«r tray
of the oak.
Yet nnother chafing dish has the dear«et. quaint.
est red casserole, for the blaasr, All the mountings
are ••: copper, silver and oak. and the efject is un
usual and rich.
Pierced stiver Is decidedly modi** for a gift to
th« fall bride, and nothing could 1- prettier than
the sugar howls, cake and fruit dishes am? «-oni
poti#re« which coma in this style, with a shell of
clear, dark bine rlass Inside the delicate, perforate
tracery of clear silver.
Or. why not give your October bride a prayer
ru*r? Or .1 b»>it tiucki* of ivory, inset with corals
and anuamarin'*? What would she pay to a pen
dent as lax** as a butter Dlate in the shape of a
•%AM»rr haot stoite re toe w»"
Xv- me? -is of bar I»*e«J hnprovernents In wig:?, ladies may rest assured that they ON
m nerfect in •very detail of construction as to withstand th<» ":->se*t examination. Tlm»
ar* rool comfortable. Mid convenient: always r««jr to ««r an* in perfect order to
■lip on over your own hair. Special attention Is deTcted to this branch. The flasst
materials and workmanship are guaranteed.
Toupees and s Wigs for Gentlemen
IMMN and wts* for men tune laa« W« our specialty, and On ones we tarn out
are abVolutelv perfect la every detail They ar* o protection asainst colds and draughty
and Tjhen adjusted cannot b- distinguish*! from wearers own hair.
Ladies' Hairdressing Parlors.
Tn.rlal attention !■ txrw •• Scalp Treatment. Hair Coloring. Shampoota* Maioat
W«vtaTand Manirurliur. Every modern and scientific appliance is employed.
O«f Hal* Tonic*. Ha!r Dre*. ana KM Preparations have a Mil Hi relation as Th. Hut.'
•Write for Illustrated booklet. "How to be Beautiful."'
Ladies' Tailors and Dressmakers,
315 TirTH ATI. OPPOSITE waidohf-astoiha.
We ar* new prepared l '" tak. «rU," f-r
abi« for acr occa»J.->n «W tb« f«» */■<* SSKrtSsal
All Oowu are mi 4« t* ord-r In *PJJ™£££i%!£%i
to or It from Imported materiala ».. • -Ok tl-^t ara
to ora»r from inaporfd material* an<? f»*'W«eaj»J
offered forcer Our name la ijwwmwii nr •»«!» ->vi
thY« .«; P -SSD f« 'lenaeeof str^ pejfj;
fit *-\ irarknnMl* t->r which — ua^ <%.n*<i «v
reputation. .^ — ~~— • ■— — •
8 E. 80tIl SI. ■-••< v a
Tr, «♦. i an Jnritatloo ta all atJ5 *tsrse*sl ai
Blga c'.iss mJmb 1 tsil!»rirg M yi«w Cm kwep
>t.- KasMd kaa ssNatt] islism" 55S SStJSI
wbU« abroad rtslted tfce west «stowutoa«4 Part; tsti«rs
an-l «m rirsely In toucfi wttn th* newest fall »= : •■ •
fashions. '
« aC h asedel ji niswin a nov«it r »^.^ jrß i SfJJ»L3?S
p>*s Bg i"-T ibis week »• Have isSMM •• MM orle-s f ■
to ..... Bade d l»t«« IMgeraSl rnatfrtali. M er.\~
$SB, worth
ALL FITTINGS, which assures » perfect «r ar.J
thoro ith uitffa"tlen *• "h yew carratnt. mr.4 will gtv«
yo-i »ueh work *• y>u -"-^liU pear » "•*? much h «*»•»
: . -„ fo- tn »r.v »th«f taller who will do equal « > '-<-
lctos with acccmpaaytnc feuds and staves the
atom* doi:« la tawny gold. th« flower.. in transpar
«i eiiameis? How about the Jew*! caskets ■' Rus
sian I •(! ar.fl mum'!- whole pictures painted on
barbaric *p;.! " Would not a fine photograph of a
cod!* cathedral 1 - An!m*. or Durban, or Cologne.
fcr Instance— p!*a«9 Off?
Practical Courses Open to Young
Women at Simmons College.
Simmons College has Just opened its magnificent
new buildtac In tha Fenway. Bostcr.. with tkfse
hundred and fifty young worsen students in at
tendance. The new building, which Is the first of
a group to reach completion, consists of a c»ntni
train portion, four stories high, -with a basement,
flanked by wiTJjw on either side, making a total
:rontage of ;« teat. The material U gray mottled
brick, with limestone trimmings.
The new building is finely equipped with ««parai>
laboratories, or practice rooms, for physics, type-
-'.tin*, biology, chemistry, cooking and library
work. two \tirgt lecture rooms, an apparatus room
and classrooms, besides instructors* offices, offices
for th* president and the dean, aad ample quar
tan tor the general office. The upper Boot is di
vided between a library and a larje hal* which
will be used let the current year Cot week] as
At present tbe students who corr.» from outside
of Boston are quartered in private houses arvi
small apartments owned by the l .>f;*i a:. c^a
verte4 into dormitories, but it la planned eventu
ally to have several Urge buildings devoted entirely
(nee Bennett).
to dormitory purposes. TiMte will be (rre-upe-l
about the main college c:!M!r.« en land purchased
for the purpose.
Later another plot of land wß] be purchased out
side of Boston in some suburb, for t1.% field work
in the horticultural course*, landscape gardening,
etc.. but the pi i.ns for these are not yet enveloped.
The Simmon ■» College group of buil6tng«« ''* not
far from the new Harvard Medical School group,
and is beautifully situated on the ewje el the
Metropolitan Parkway system, in the Fens.
Simmon* Ft mal« fnH—ii H» ghr'e it it* full name
—was made possible through the &enerosity el John
Simmons, one *>: Boston"* oMtinv: geateiawl wbt>.
M tag that theM was an ever-increasing demand
en the- part of American girls fir a good technical
education, left ■ bequest for th-J establishment of
an Institution to meet this nee*
A college at which bright young women might
learn bow to grow violets acd celery for the
market., design posters, bind books artl3!icaUj\ and
fit themselves to be private, secretaries, '.jbrariar.s.
confidential clerks. dressmakers, milliners or house
keepers, stenograph**"* with more than th« average
*t«nograph»T's uualincatlons— it was this thai h<e>
hud la mind, and it is Precisely this that Simmons
College alms to da '
Mr. Simmons died about thirty yean ax". !eir
ing for th? cstabltehment of this pet scheme t.f ;. <
an estate which Is now valta^t at about |gjg«,gla
In his will he stipulated that when tie fceaiirn
reached $SuO.«io 1* should v*. use« for th« founda
tion of such art Institution. Simmons t'rtiu> was
incorporated two years ago. The corporators' were
Mrs. Faonic B. Ames, •well known m a factory
Our exhibition of 1994-5 stylos Is the largest and mart
-ompJete assortment to be found in this country. Thar*
are many new and beautiful designs, Including.
Regent Dip-Pompadours,
Parisian Parted Pompadours.
Marie Antoinette
Wigs. Wavy Knots. Switches.
The above articles are especially adapted to faaas
whom hair is thin, and will Instantly improve the ap
pearance of any lady. They are n-.ade in the latent styles,
aa !:*ht as a feather, and so natural In appearance that
detection is impossible.
12.1 West 2Ji»a St.
Gown* for Fall « TV Inter. 8 doors was» at St*-. At.
La<t<*» accu»f»ra»d to Bta^i class tatlorias wtU £•>
w»u ro raj; and lasD*<i tb«» latest desbnu aad ma
lariala, si : s»c-jr<» a Srst class tailor mada sswa ••••
sr«ar. rir>iiT »;U i ! n»1 i«hou». FOB OXll g«S:
usual pr:ra J35. perfect flt guataatoad
in sai 173 Rnk-a • . twa asVal Taller -aaos oSt
to or>l<r. *3i u&. Suits to orfer of your o»a matcnal. Sit
up. craveaettes to «»der *15 bo. Perfec: fit guanur-aag
>ear Broadway. New York.
H:gh '.i»a tailoriai for gSßUewomaa. Habits. 9*ta
Rea»*»na6i» prices
J* CHO^S lonnerl.T with First Class ■iosii>.
XtADIES* TAIXOS. -30 West «2d Street. Sew YorS.
Taflae 3Ja-le Suits M Crd-r. sOk Uaad. with Silk
P'tti'-oa?. from 137 up. Mi of your own aatenal
from 115 up.
EXCELLENT fittint- and FIRST class worn.
■Iga Class Tailors So QMstatWSBMBi 433 ffteirtS Ai^.
bet. rr > ■;- <C 81st gts.. *■•■ Y=rk. Fofmafly wtta "BaS
fwu." L«r.iJon. Part?. X"aj Tori. Siding. Walklny.
n. ■-. -'» «r-. shirt Wat»» .= :.•«
C» irETCT-EL. & fOM?>.NT Lai ** Tatars 4 Furrier*.
O. :'-2 Ware ♦»•-. -■--;• v:» a ■:. X. 3. GaXXOS.
v — Terfe. ir i PAOt'IN. Pari». T»ll;r -:Ada g^miect*
fr^m Importel moCels e.zd finest saSMSkda F:r «2i
■ ■ iHnwnaliln n:«rm:« i ' - - : ■ -
The Faultless Skirt Hanufactuxino;.
«1 West tSta Hi— s* ■»•» teem Stxti Avesje. Nr»
". ■-.< La .■» -•-. . vii as! ii^-.s asad* t3 erdar
T\-AP.O 4 rsz.D. it. Cclumbns .V.».. a««r ons s>
>» »<r T-->rK. Isport-rs. La^ej" Ta-'Tors aai Fir
rlw. Tesijss froa finest Parls:as =*iela Beaaoobls
- - - ■<
C*CITa JM-Se tn at :tTr leve -rices. •*. FTXX La£M'
»O Tui'.rtr Vn.: Furrier. 4«» sirfr. At».. N'yr T-rt
Ttchir.T sea* si reed: dar.*ruff. «?-:.. cured POSi/TIVB
LT ?«n1 fcr bocHlet. Consultation fr«^ J^^N r.
MTFU D. L. t3»E«Jt< Pt>»j- J . c<?r. - tir.g- -.--i. a.N. T
Returned from London. Park.
corner sr.
2C«v TerVa s*o»t r.-t»: facial *r«-alist: c~=y:!ta:!os
;-— .rar • i tonics: - .-:.«:. every rrearnws::
'■'r-"- :..'-c »•:•■'•■■- •■■■ ■> * -"•* ''■■'■■■ ■■ - : '
fjra*«rt;.- of alxri Aye.. baa
19 18 id. 315T ST..
BET nnoAPW>T ■>■' '~~' Am
tespectcr: Misa Sarah XjoxOwt Arr.oli. no 1 * &***
of the- co!l?s-; 2lrs. K.vry M.»rtcn Kehew. vrrsUar.t
of tfca VOOMBI Eflncadoaal aid Industrial fiuos.
In Boston: Frances K. Jl.'.rse. of the Beard or Pau
per Trustees; Pr. K«iw.»ra U Bradtbt* of tte
ChUdren-s Hospital: '"alter E. SMrfar. of tie Pa
ciftc 3ia:s; EOsaar H. Nichols, of the JBrown £
Nichols School. Cambridge: Profeaeor TVuKam T.
sedg»>w!ck. o.' the Ma.^achusotts Institute, ef Tech
nology, and others.. Dr. Henry Le Favour Is Ue
Imm CoUege oSen various pro.e??:or.al
courses. *-ich requiring four Tfrs f« *» co ~
plcf.on. with a troaA foondatton in each course o.
Eon-technical subjects, such as EnjUah and other
modern languages. Ihe Eci?uctr3. histenry. ecoao^«
psychology and ethics, tlid studies betas so ar
ranged as to s'-ve a» broad • genera! culture a*
possible, a* well »* strong tratetti tot th« » pro
fessional work. There'are courses b =Pr^»-
With special reference to designiirg for t«xu-»
pottery, wall pipo. Note covers, etc.; in dose*::'
■dene*, to ttsta women far tr.atror.s ar.d rapenr.
teedenti of tnstltuttocs. as well a* t--. tnstne* »«»
in a knowledge if *ac jcie'acjte ana economies *r
rltcable ta the hor^e; In »ecr*tarial worit, «i» ««*j
as the principles of l-usiness -ufrfv.l to nil we*:.
la hcrticuftur*. for p.-aor^l »' larjijcaf ?an.«
ing; in iloriry techalijue. fot Übrary *«fk«* g
bririans nml assistants, an-i a general course la
scienc* preparatory t,> the study of r»o.i:ir? or
teaching. M Is poertbte too. tt» pqpme a:j eeMCW
course, and tp*ctal facilities ar* offered to V"
■ra«u ol ©ttei ccOege*.--
Another hoitortanl r^rt of tho gnmeci «. ciiee*
work !s tin <"xte:isi">n ebsaesk in which >»>mer.iar. v
In»truct.ori is nvoa .iurins tl» evenings for a uosv
Ir.si f.-p to wotkirjr peoon-. The «ch'^l or
k«ep:nif dwretcieC by t^' > TTomea's Efliicauoasi
aed Indastrtal Union was muhmd ta Slmnwwg
♦ 'ollege. and forma tr:- teata c-f me department «>.
host* e>"on'>an a. the :irst d#partTcent of the COMS>
t.i be eutabit-'h^i when th^ college opened test '* L
A new #<-hoo! for so.ial worker* wIH bega W
work the first AX"cJ-iesilay ; n October. As this was
intended fM those v\h« ricsire to obt:ii". PS*Ps£f* I 2
for practical work, a course cf lectures WIU •
estamtahed by Professc? Frtel»#ti for 'hose^waj
wb>a b aorrey of tte problems and tceifeoai •«
pbUanthropl- "m.n-Ic. T'i* Xla?!>ach;;s.tt^ G««w
Vloaiiral and th« CWMrenTa H-r : t .1 w« Mgg
thla term to n*»r..l w slauntfß» the row stuJents ' «
thdr rmlninr pcNaoIS for nurses to take O
preparatory iinirsf i:i. sc!?noe. Inc.uolng ana;pn. .
Dhysiulocy. fcictertolojfy ami wmltatiofvj
Eventual!? if U ho-.'d thar Simmons Wl » ?i
pr^t-rioaUv 'it fr^e coUege>. cesCerrd sneh by *«"
nnr.' '••« - of trc •.•hotarsh!r'« whi-H th«» s 7 "?*™!
lr,t#r.>st and i.-onna«jc« cJ th- ;o; >.v- Is «-tp*cw<»
to prwvKts.
A wall Cttlttg rori«t. ihat b« s'ly'ish s» w *^ **
comfortable^ ■:? laW a*lJe wltb reluctance w*f«
sljna of wear ippMr. lh« bteakUK ;*; * *t*«l « a
abrasion el th«» nmtfrfal or dbcoiorailon. Put *
new Jesse O C Uf.« Is prtrnUcJ t« W>h by J^C^E
wb<> ha recently landed hi this country an*; «»g
li>-^»«t at 13 W»«- Tw^atjr-etwood-grj s*w-Toj* J ,.
American F<«!K 5.« m5 .«m Cor*«l Launthy. w.u ;eJ^-,
r«-»unce» that for ;» small wao. from a '^.^t*
u;>. corset* wUk. hy » c*t» Bftetoa »*«SSKiS!
washed an.! „,.
new steels or whaMinse* ln*eri*J. N? "}; l _* a i %t
or »tmn and altered or r»P«trtd ta - n -;.^r. a y' tl>
a «cr«et may r«' . pr«Juctag * '■"'—• *•»- *
n...^ n who jr.-,,- «n *h* TJZ£S> '
fashions are invited by 3. KnelteL - Ea« T~f!^i.
sr.. to Tt*W the most rtCto* ewattoM of « h0 pr T h
Rent Paris tailors that he ha* Ju;« brougn. w.
Mm from K«ro P *. Th*s* f*r» "jgflfSSSfS
;.f new and or.m «•*»* •»«; **!& »S5*E
Us omii. ami are t!v» r»s«!' ci & to ma**
Mr Kn.ltei anconncoit rhat h« l» ;-■■• , r -j^ ans^r
.'OMum.s front the late*! imported "*"„, 1-^ vut>
111* own persona *uj*rvi.*»on >«» '^ Joi8»IT ■l *
man«h!j». at prit*«i aioch bel*!* in *- "*
those win) pay jjj^u an early «•«•

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