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k SPORTS and
Grenade Take* Fmrview Selling
Of tie £'Jt ra r( ?i' at Morris Park yesterday there
tras or.ly on* that resulted in a finish that could
b* described as evn mildly diverting. In each of
the other contests th* winner was so much superior
to h!s company cr had ?o much the I sat of the
racln? luck that it r.ss difficult to conjure up any
itx'X* to offset the <h:Ui:-S w inda.
The sf'oclition's Istesttooa. however. »*ere good.
*nd rtfr t-'i Corinthian open steeplechase hirdi
rep. for horse* rUden by fter.tlenian rider*, and the
Fslrvlew reTff*W stake, for tbrcc-> ear-old platers
at one sal one-fixteer.th miles over the hill, it
offered a frost air.me that was really above the av
•rape week 'lay variety. As Is usually ;■ case
•Then ti'-e gen'Jenen riders pet a '•ha: to flistln
irxfrb themselves, the hunting co'.onics sent numer
> us reprtscctatives to the tra^k. and tli* clubho'ji^
lnclosure was ser.erous'y sprinkled with amateur
The o-*T.ers who had ecttred th«>ir chasers for the
Tonnthian fourd little fiUScidtj In obtaining
Ticers for them, and ft the eight that were named
un the rrogran.me only Headmaster. Woo'.gath«rer
ar.fi Snuff were withAra.au. The lstter two were
not jnissed. FTyine Dattreoi and Conorcr. each
with 135 po'^ l "^". were tl.e top xrelg-htf. but they were
not ct-rnpel>J to make any great omtceiaioni to a: . ■
save Sidney HcKoway's old 'cross country horse
K. B Sack. Mr. Vosbur^h placed only 146 pour.us
en -!ni. and Chat proved t.i be considerably nior^
tjiaa he could carrj- raccessfullir. B«tw«ea BoyeDe
and Fijii's BattW«s the players found It a little
;«!Cc;li to chcrse. but the latter flr.aliy went to
ih« post :'avont»
Mr- tSXOt. cf Toronto, r>-ae the H-rrr.eT-.re geldinp.
aej Mr. Tay'.cr. of Baltimore, had the mount on
yiymc Buttress. As gentlemen jockeys are rated,
betis tre censidtr^fd much above the averag*". Th*
Cira.i.i«. boarerer. outrode the ■ altimorcaa yestei
czy. acd incidentally was on a belter horse at the
weights. Mr. Harris rod*, his otvn horye, Conorer.
and Mr. Page I.ls Terrifier gelding Ivan. Until he
peck* : \ery bs<t\y at cr.e of the back stretch
jumps. Flying Bcitress divided th? task of pac*
makiris with Conover "^'hen be blundered, how
ever he »»!mos» tbr*>w Mr. Taylor, arid dropped
hsck apr^^Titly trat^n hopelessly. Mr. Stone
waited with Koyelle until the last jump before maK
IE" 1s« running b::t It wa? all ovi-r the moment re
->alied on his horse. He passed tlie leaders ar.d
iron palled up by abor.: two ler.Sths frcTn Conover.
Flying I>utircsf recovered much of ih«? ground 1;«
hnd io?t ar.ri beat b«-.th Ivan and ». B. i?urk.
A half do2«-n second <-la^s three-year-olds made
op the fieid for the rairv>w. ar.d although L. V.
Bell's Grenade wen it without «tf^ding hitr.^lj.
there mm such a play en Diok Eernard. Procc-cs
aad aS Cb« others. «aye Midsnlpman. that a good
trice vas obtainable nfair.st his chances it any
lime. Dick Bernard, running ir. the colors of m r.
Havman was n V n i second choice, and flattered his
followers by blizir.g: th» way for a miie. Traver<.
however, rode an Vxccllent waiting race en tll«
tMXtatSM. aaJ received his reward »h<»:i the colt
*ent away in the stretch and won with consum
mate ease trorn Dick Bernard. Topic, nv.* of Arthur
Ffatherstor-e's Peck colta was the runner-up.
Canteen and Sydney C. L«ov«» provided th» or.ly
exciting finisa. Th<=y were starters in a frig flcld or
platers over the mile, an(l pcing to th^
front r.ear the Fixteenth pole had it hammer arid
tongs to the finish, the fi!ly wisslac by a nf-^k. V\*.
,T>avis rode a r.ip*!y judged race on h«r. Th« Pr.
Rice colt vas a slight favorite over Isr.iar.a.
riP.ET BAC%-BeS!sa-; 3 j-arj a- a srer: tbe fTUbsrs
Fin. bt. Onwr. WTt. J<ylt»r- f 1 Pi
l.C&nteec tjr^lai i'^j.Tr. D".vti tt 2
Z.Siiaey C Love (Stuttej. ..l!'l .H.:dfbranil ...12-S 1
3.Proiaa ili*.e<ry>.. ta.Ku:* S 2
f.ltt.i&tu. iDtAKt-)... 91..«reri:»« IS -5 l
a-ChespJaln-tFan*::) *J.Tra?tr» 20 " 7
6.C:srjTicata» fElute) lCs.Cr:c:n;:ns SO 10
T_Auii;tor (Brcwz) ICO.Scailltns 10 -
illtyznasn M.V\\ Her.r.»siy. . 20 s
J».Rlsht:ul \Ccit; W.Turcburlw .'... 100 200
Winner— H. T. Criflsfa ir. I. Cinteen. by Mirthful—
Partridge- Sun fair. Wor. Orirtag by a. aeoii. TtSM.
CHASE HANDICAP: 1 rears and •*•?: fr.:tw-n.
r!der«; a bom i 1i 1 - tn:l««.
l.Ecrelle <Charr.fclet) l«4.Mr. fior.r-... . S-2 B~R
a.Cccnover ."Harnei 3*6. Mr. Ha.-rl» US 7-10
3. Flying Bjttres? tOa.T*fftO.I4A.MT. Tsyi-^r. ..IS-5 7-10
«.R. B. Sack <Ho:io*aj(...l4s.Mr. Hollevay. 20 B
e.lrin (Pape> l>.Mr. Page art f.
Wtea*r — Jir. Charr.blet'* br. 5. Koy«Ue by H^nser'H*
v;«-a-Vis.v ;«-a-Vis. ctart fa:r. IVca easily r;.- 2 It!^rtc»- Tins*.
TK!RI> RACE— J-'ear-cU n:a;d»r.s; l3.it s'-£ fariongs of
tht .£>:::??• Course.
l.Drjli tEr.wni 10*.r;ure» . 11-8 I
J-£ k.ttßk .ttß iGouphacrea SD.^.JCM.H. PWUlp* 13 6
t.lfy B'ltla li'aspti lOt.tr. I»ai;s. 7 S-2
4.ilyopu. iDur^eai lo4.HH<:*brati'! ... * ;
*.Oxfuri <M'.-L«uealin) UsT.H. Cociiran 12 5
S.Torkihlr* LAd ;Zicc!«r)...i:o.O"Ne:l 16-3 fc-S
'I'.a.:mt~t (kaij) :t>«.Crcatn«r . 20 6
BJaagM iSnysen H4.A. Brtonan m 2<»
■ ».<Jtc*n.tromt 'Xe^osj luT.Bulliaat; 20 S
Xt>. Sumatra 'K«r/j I'A.Kecfern <i 2
Jl>uSite <Morrlst IK.H. CaiJia=... 100 40
i2.Oola«i Buck <Mar.ue;j . ..:o<.K-£j 100 »>
IJ.Ju^i G. '(iihnore) H>4.McCaCerty .. 100 40
X.Day fiue«r. <»rfiußoaj l<*4.Trav«r« - 40 lft
(Wattj H.'7.£ha.w 60 iO
- wirj-.«— s. b. Erown's eh. f. Druid, by Sir Dixon—
■sei Start fair. Won eariiy by 2 lenpths.
FOVF.TU rtACE— THE -.iP.VIi.-W. mt.2:r.s; i y*ar-o!is
£ J 1-:' r:::-s over tfce bUt
,"».OTeaa-i« (Bel!) .1^ Traver" 6-5 2-5
2. Da* Drciril mar) li)f> W. Davis 11-10 2*
V-Tepic iKeatherauinej i'JI.E. Walih 100 20
• •Pry» (Da!y» 104. Bums 20 4
• «<»• paaar (Sullivan) . :«:,-rT.ir;-. . . IS 6-2
«G^ld Dots* <Pacharda> VA . • brand ... BO 10
lVr-jje r ._L \. 1.-.it t. C Grecaie. by St. Gaiien
Tunrio.l. Stan food. Won easily tr 2 length* Tltn«.
1 Ml «
F:.~r. HA E— *■ ea - -> con-wiaasrs of J1.000; last
BJ> ♦urlongß of tf* \Vltr,cr< v.>
PTicWllwuu Gideon) Redfera 3 1
S.filr UrO^r (Bateejr) llU.Kum S-6 7-10
i.Auitlr. A::*a (ll^G:x.z'.if..lZ3.oiozx 13 6
«.Kta .Morr.«) l-.-a H*\-war4 MM 100
_6.r:ei;r cc ilarie <Gra.ve«j..llo.aurcs lft-3 1
«.P^i:*rt (Pasetf 102. W. Davis . . . 13 «
T.Works^.n (Stantcn* Il^.O'Xe!! . 12 3
«*3jern ll^wr (Gideon) 107.Cuciiran • 1
•^.lesinaa <Uougs4cre« St-i.li^i.ilrCalerty ... 40 12
Klaacj — I>. Giweoc c d. c £scutcr.eva. by Ocldcrtst — AX
xeei. ttan z<x4. Won cJe-.erly by 2 lecgtis. Tin.c.
Jl:^!**. TssaUss In th« bettlc*.
"SIXTH RACa— Ma-Kir aa; « years and over: th« Witters
. M! 1«.
I. Waters ni <!>•• lOl.Trarers 10 4
paany iP»jm, lul.W. Liavia. . 7 5-2
-.Occ« ar.a Pitsiy (Kttcfck!l:».3!.»w «-6 J-10
-<Toaa JLawsoq <Jaouu», ...l<M.Ht\<UtbT%r& ... s 2
f.AU Pi^at (DntTi lOl.Fraaefc. >• 3
«.E::iy aoU".e <Karlc) 11J3.H. Pt::U;»».... 25 lv
2"- 1 !. S lt? <W * iJ ' KA.Breeien 40 12
2«\ J- Hov '^ I'J.W H«i : e»e ..!■<» »•
SJK22S2 1 ll " on) Xo4.C«mnuas 40 13
: -JO.Rudat«Ji fDraiie) Hd.J-perisa- 20 •
-«.Pa*»er CWatti lt>4.Kunx 23 8
2*-^«tU!i <Kr.w!o 101. H. C'>cfitmii HO 8
*» Black 6<x-k» HcSmr), ... H.l.«khi;Un« ... 20 8
«-M.(^cncn Ii»:i isuwtt) lli.E Walsh 40 IS
> »IkM <Ha«rTor> tiUCEtJC. 2U •
- »<Jjasevo?Tt <iryder> ■ 101. A., lirer.riar. ..15 «
- *:r.n*i— D. I. Lrf ■ di s. eTatetflsra. by Wa:ercre*e
'* j"-* 6 " 11 fajr - %Vca rt<ldeo cut by 2 lei^t.M.
1 4 « • » .
'*na*T H*adlcai>: I yaars aad ever, the tclipee
'Sff** 1 * I«C-Ca«ta:ian 106
"£ >. E "U>i ....IV. King Pepper ..i 100
-I?* ****** 122. jack r»hj» 100
KEFS 117 Oti Price* !■)
■j£?l -noas O>nsKJeraUoii «.. M
'^JttrUnatM 1U&1
>■ ■• ■■ t ... entry.
*KZCWXD RJLCS— 2-rear-old fliltes: Ron-«rlnn«rs of (1.500 •
*• la»t f.» furlon«e of th« Ecllp<.« Coura*.
-•aaeearia 112 Delphic 10H
-Ci»tv. no riuah llOiTloraila ...~ * 10*
.*ua«B*« 10 -Rare afjele ...'.'.'.'.'&
'^■»» ~ HONtIH, Kutsell " i«
■ I)»'«euss 11... L*«> H«nr.etu II"" 106
a**" B**8 ** „•••_• llUlLucy Young II "'ISL
Mm* Drees ~...JJ0 ■ or.jure Qe! 1.1111 105
•. Caimaese Uo.Z*i*miaa m ma
•P*m«t en;ry.
THiRD RACE— TirE HIT.RICANA, tna!i]ens g **an old
o-i-hT* of *°. tTy :. r »«fsasr "- »«*^sSrff
•Ait and Pepper l« ank ....*.".*.*.*.*.*.'" »
»u:»artr M DvU * — ••. W
. 4 hACTt— All mm** r-n ifnilfs of Cl 9XM te ioim
the W!ih«r» Mile. ei.*w in taut
Salesman ! 1 3. Jocund IM
Aiar^«-D«i» lll'Adnuua " ::::::JS
ar Lrnscwood li*
i!! u "* bta I*° '"•stalian 100
*«U«Sy »m.U ir Wood ...Il.r.II":" JuO
Qs.tec'tor Jeseus> 132' Crown Prinze . .. 100
•.hoaas astrjr. tw«tt •airy. ••••••
-^^^Jjj^ 111 **: • yean •»« eeer; SMI t=U.s
3f«i Bvnwr 11l Bu^ktoVa. ..1 J5
S gST-:::::::::iS|£SSS :£E~E S
c:.H BnU^ Fortunr. Uerrr -VTaddfll. Duncan. Lair"
Harteue. Prtendlißeu, Armorer and Bherad ai*o ran.
beronu rate (six turicr.as^— J. V.\ O'.Veil. IK, (Harrison).
■ t0 ,, V ;"' v: Jlau «rd. 121 fHoß>r). 7to S. second; B*n
niora m igimverj. b u> S . thiri. Time. 1:14%.' Tarn
c master. Foxmead. Orr.o. JUgrr. Lcm F.*eJ and F!v
Liay a;jj ran. Slemnon broke down
4 h.r.i r«.» laevea furlongs)— Hump. 103 (Helsesen). •-•
to -. wnn; !>jr.j nitnn. !'j.-. tNlcol), 1« lo .">. se^-0r..;: Allen
Avr.r.. in (Mormon), 13 to 1. thirfl. Time. 139. iiips
JortUn, Boania Prlnc« <jr.ari:e. Big r»ch. Ed iJirly aad
R*saie «iv> ran.
.Fourth race tono acj on«-slxtecnth — Miss Craw
forrt. ». (NlcolV 7 to 1. won: KaJ Newa 11D (He.bert^. S
to S. s*<<or.<l; Brar.'as. 95 [Shaver). 4 to L third. Tim*
1:« Reservation. Tiankln and X!n 5 EU^wnrtli also ran.
fifth ra.-e (or.^ m'.le and - ■:•■ .-arjat- Slu«lne Master. i."O
fNicoi». 17 to io. wor.; Woodlawn Bvll- ».'» iShaven. 2
to 1. secnriJ: F10v.2 X.. 107 (■Wilwm). " to 1. third. Tim«.
1 :**■>-*. Major Mansir. Prosaflor I'ranic, Mir.ga «'nur..
Paramouat. Bark direct, lioyal pirate. Merry Pioneer
and Arab a!fn ran
Sixth race (sv« farlor:p?>— Thf Belle. 110 (Wtl«on). 3 to
1. won; Ua-iy Wllmot lus (Nlcol) 3 to 1. ••w^nd: Jad*.
10.. (Snav^r). 4 to 1. third. Time. 1 :«'1«». Cuttwr, Grac«
Elliott. Ha rum Scarum. Kne« Mary Ivan*. Oi>-lo!. Kate
Kltt. 6impUetty ana Clara Berry a.so ran.
SL Louis. Oct. 4 rin?t rac<» (five furlon^si — r»»!-l>«.
103 tWtlJi. 20 to 1 «ron: Triiie White. I<T7 (How«U>, :» (o
ft. jecor.d l>orothy Dodd. 107 «P Aoatln), 2"> to 1. third.
Time. Imi.l. Beif k Beoya, nt?rr.allr. Katie Crawa,
H'-'-v >: .:i. lAdy Sellers. Makaina. \>rar.dah aad Lady
Gift aIM rcn.
Beeoad r*oc <»ix fur!f>n»!>— Ben L^ar. I>l3 fUOlfi. 5 to 1.
won: Aljonou'n. 1"6 (Tou:vs». 4 to 1. - cond; Marchioness.
M ißicci. J3 to 1, third. Tim«. 1:17%. Arrle Bweet
Suav*. RJnrBM ar.d Reason. June PoUiaa, Fei.ian. Major
Carr^r.ter. R'.rJ Pcnd ani ESwajrer a!?.i ran.
Third race «fHe and enr-tv furlont*>— Korea, 1<« iP.
A-j;tin>. 7 to 5, tvor.: B'-«rai.. l"»i (J. Conway). 3 to 1,
eer.-nd: Pand Bath. 10;; (Kingston), ao v-> 1. third. Time.
1:12. Tfra'i Rod. Me! '.wood. Lady Mercury. Dave Stahl.
Cttty Belle. Brocts. P^r-aiisanc?. Bavarian and Anal*-
Qtim a:»o ran.
Fourth r»r# than>l!ca?; »ix fur!or.s«'i— rootlisht* Favor
lte> 102 il.!ni«»y». 5 to 1. vror.; rnmnif'OT'. 114 iHow
<•'.'.' 4 t.> B, «»cur.J: !■•« Water. 107 il>. Austin). 7 to 1.
third. Time. 1:1 H. Just Po anl Elastic a'so ran.
Fifth racr fon« ml\* ami a furlcriEi— ('ar.yon. 102
rTeoaet 1 t» 1. trrv: Dawson. ic> u-. Wllllama). 3 to 1.
„,-ond: nirtm-no.l. 10<i (J Conwavi. 9 to i.'. third. Time,
2:' l! 1 .. Golden Ltcht. Georte Vivian. Haoeaa .luds<i
Caatrtn. r>i*'.er Ll"lar.. tfrradt-r. lUurainate and Guardian
tlf--> ran.
?;xth ra-« <tlx rjrlonß*^ — Tr!r> Silver. T-3 (DtckaonV 7
to I. w>r.: F»!lx Uonea, 101 iTounsV s to 1. s*i-ond; Tr'.!:«3.
OR iT.icO !«t to 1. third. Time. 1:17 S. Sid B11*«T, Ha. h«l
TVard. C«n«oi:huri>t. Mlndora. Lar**.!wre. V\'h'.«k'rs. The
v. iard ar.d Fu V.'ocd »!»"> ran. Trfaknees refused.
All Whitney Performers Racing
This Year to Go Under Hammer.
Th* horses which w?r« >.ase.l to :■ B. r>'jry?j
by Harry Payne TVTiitney soon after his father's
d^ath, «r.d which have been run in his name and
cchors since latt sprirjr. will be sold at public auc
tion in the Morris I'ark {•a.Mo'-k r.n October 11
This lot includes nearly all tb« Whitney-Dnryea
Ftrinc KVf liinilirp and Jrtp'n Lad. Artful, winner
o' ti.* Futurity; Tkr.ya. wi".ner of the
eaniria that BntshiHi "first in th<> ftllies' cla.«? •( th«
Matron stakes, an<l a lot of other go^a stako two
year-o!<".s will !>*> put up at auction. Ther« are not
rr.ariT In the cider lot. with th«> exception of Ace
ful ard Mtneola.
The s-a'.e. it la «at<i. wi'.l bf rnT^ly an executors
one. airl most of the yn'.ingst-rs, it i.« N > ile\e'i,
will be bid In by Mr. Whitr.ey.
Le Roy Beats Whitman, but I* De
feated in Doubles.
Philadelphia. Oct. 4.— The best match In the lnter
ccl>£iate eincies it Merlon Cricket Cl'Jb to-^ay
waa before- - Rcbfrt Le Boy, of Columbia, and H.
H Whitman, of Harvard. L- Roy's brilliancy was
ton much for TOUtman'«"st*adiness £ndihe \^jron.
s_j 4_4; ft_r, E n. Dewhnrst, of th<» Universitj
of Pennsylvania, the present int'-rcolleg-iaTochanv
pion. put cut K. Bunstein, of Prlnc^tor.. s—^^l**
TbesemJ-tmals win h*? played to-morrow. Dewhurst
n-.r<»tir.p Prer.tlc. and Le Roy Larr.e.l
[n the doubles five matches were played, an.i tne
and" Richardson." of Princftor.. won both matches.
fie'eatlr.? gpauldins a.r.l S:rtsr.r.. "Mai(. and l.f
p nv and Bulkier, of Columbia, Dewhurst for Penn
sylvania is piured with M. Takak, a Japanoye
player. The summary:
Slrs'.eb — Seccnd round — P»-x!;ur«r. P»r:rjyiv»Tila. H»st
g un ,tf!n. Pr!n<-»rt.>n. *— :. 11 — 3: Prer.'lc*-. Harvard.
b»at F.-n.la!l. Pr'.nr^tor.. « — 3, « — 4; Ij* Roy. Columbia,
beat Whitman. Harvard. *:— 4. 4— «. «— 3: Larnrd. Har
vard. h<;at Thomp«-r., Prlr.cetor. T—s.T — 5. «— :
r>.i;bl»f< — Preliminary r r> ;nd — Kendall and Richard
son Princeton. b»at Bpauldlas ar.d Btetaea. Tale. «— 4.
» i ii — 1: Snlloway an* L«rn.».i, Harvaril, h*at Tou
cum' ar.d Miiln. Pecciylvar.la. « — S. I—1;I — 1; Bmlth and
Northrup. William*, won t>r flefanlt; Behr'and Bod
mar. Tale woo by default; Bunsi*!:i and Thimjucn,
Princeton, beat L<"? and Fates, Haierford. «— S.
4—4,4 — 4, 1. — 4.
p ;r( it Tlojnd— Kendall and Richardson. Princeton.
v.-- L» Ror end Bnlktcjr. Columbia. — S. » — «. B—■*•;8 — ■*•;
Pullo«.ev and Larr.ed. Harv-iird. beat Fmlth and North
rop. T»'li'.lari». 6—l. 3—5.3 — 5. « — *.
Wins Kentucky Futurity in Fast
Five-Heat Rare.
Lexiagto:-. X:- .. Oct. 4— Grace Bond broke at
l Pa two world's records to win th» Kentucky
Futurity, worth $14,000. to-day, and Is disputing the
title for a. third. She gave two of tIM heats of
the rare to Alta Axworthy, the prime favorite,
but made her own three heats In »*•%. or better,
thus establishing a world's record for three-year
old trott»ra. Two of the heats she ran In 2:<&U,
establishing a worlds three-year-old record for
two heats. When she made the first heat In
SrOS'i. TIM starter announced that she had broken
a worlds record. Fantasy, at Nashville, In USS,
trotted a mile as a three-year-old ii» »«•% In the
second heat of a ra:e, but under unusual con
ditions. In order to allow bar to make a record
the distance had been waived, and a pacemaker
picked her up at the half mile and she went
under the wire while the bunch was turning the
Grace Bond's fractional time In her three fast
heats was:
First bast. 0:32'». 1:04. 1;3.'.»«. 2:C3'4- . Second hear.
titt% I:^4 1:36»4. 2:CSi*. Filth heat. 0:3.4. 1.0-W.
I.CTi. i:09%.
Grace Bond had the third heat of the race won
until «he broke at the distance pole and finished
fourth. Alia Axworthy never lost her place as
favorite, the pooling for the fifth heat being. Alta
Axworthy. CO; nefd. $10. The rare Is *™
JW.OOO to the winner, $2,000 to second and C«*' J tl '
third the rest of the money being divided among
the nominators of dams. The previous record for
thi stake was 230%. made by Ferenl. In 1300. Orace
Bond "on the iwo-year-old division of the Futu
rity last year in 2:::^ She la owned by J. T.
G The I Tnenn<:ssee Stake. 5:08 class: pacing: purse,
is 000 was won by John M. In three straight heats
over ' Angus Pointer, the ruling favorite. The record
for th«« stake. 2:05. held by Dan Patch, was broken
tv John M WOO made It In 2:04 V«. stenplae the
aX-ond [quarter of the second heat In 0:30*. KIBC
Direct the favorite, won the 2:ui> pacln* In ti.e
second and third heats, barely mlsslnjt the dis
"r^.^drlvln^Vni'wmon. and Geers. driving
r.io^Tm ran Into each other at the three-eighths
Diadem, ran £.0 lh- 2 cIM9 troU
P.r^a wiiJ thrown from his seat and slightly
b"l^d Th» result*:
S:0» PACl^u *" THpEE JN five.
___ v 1,-v a- by Pans (Speam) XIV
John »».*>•* »b» b ; ■ °* \ A McDonald) • : I
g fsl r nopo«.^h.<C 0U^,......o U^,.. . .... !:W , « .
Orar. Bond, b. «■• «>r The Bondsman j "_ f 4 /."_.,
Ani r Ai^rthy: - eh: v.'rrhom;;i: ::::::: . | j j .
K-.nc Dlrsct. blk h.. »y Direct (G^r.) .••••• ill
sS^X^^wtn,:::::::::::::::::::::::: * * ;
Sssr h»lh »l S^^S::::::::::::::::::: || •
piSnetts. b. «n. JVail.) » » ?
IUo TiU. »• »TißWi» TiBWi 2WU. 2:07 H. 3:o**4.
TBOTrnsO-3:" 0-^^?^= IL2OO-TWO E»
Tod Axworthy, ro. «.. by Axworthy (M Baaders)... 1 1
rfdy p.itch. b. m. *Eck«l » J
Kii.ler Mac. » « <B«nr-l • «
Jutfwooa. b- «• <Bur«S3) ■ ■
rMxdeia. b- •»• (Oeersj •• 5 f
'Son Medium. Jr.. eh. h. fHurst* 5 •
Oeeerner KcCaiicy. b. *. (Foot) J 5
KeTArtter. b. to. <Cnnniisxh*ra} • 7
leas OaWwstt. b. m- JThamtmcmi •••••• j5 •
Giants Forfeit Game by Kicking —
St. Louis Win* First.
St. Louis, at New-Tori. I Pitubarr. at Philad*!i_Ma.
Cincinnati, at Brooklyn. ' Chicago, at Boston.
New- York, at Ft. Louis. I Cleveland, at Philadelphia..
Boston, at Chicago. | Washington, at Detroit.
Clab». Won.Lost.P.c I ciuhs Wf-ri.uv.Pc.
New- ififi 47 ,f»l Ft. Ixmis "•" 73 .W>7
<."hirago :>l f>s .;u Rr >oklya M M ■•" li! »
Cincinnati .... M 05 .5841 Button S3 !■.-. -»87
Plttsburg S3 C 5 :,'■,: Philadelphia ... M I'W •£«
Clßba. W« Lost F <•. : Cri^s. Won.l>-st.P.<".
Beaton sti 07 fll.V Philadelphia ... IS 87 ■•■■>
New-York Sa Efl .614 '^t. Louis 64 S3 •»■-■■
Chicago WJ ra .'77 P«rclt <".'. m •■»-»
Ovtlani 81 64 '-ZZ9 W.ishinincn ...34 110 .533
The Giants lo?t their first pam« to St. Louis at
the Polo Grounds j-psterday. 7 to 3. and the second
was declared forfeited to the visitors by Umpire
J'lhnstone in the fourth inning, when the score
ftcod I to 1 !r. St. Louis's favor. Continued Inter
ruptions by several of the home players had mails
it necessary for Marshall and Dunn to be ruled off
the field Several of the spfctators tried to a-" en
the diamond to h*> nearer to the umpire, but they
were unceremoniously hustled to their seats by the
police. When John-tone left the field to go to tl: =
dressing rooms he waa struck In the face by a boy.
He refused to make a complaint and the boy was
not arrested. President Pulliam was a spectator in
the box of John T. Brush, and said that the um
pires action was perfectly proper, and that the
forfeit would stand. To add to th« excitement a
email tire broke out in the visitor's bench, A few
buckets of water put It out. though.
The first trouble camo when Marshall objected
because Dunn, who hud Jus* made a circuit of tho
ljr»s«>s, wap declared ""it by th>; umpire for falllns
to touch first base, ihiet-. then found fault he
cause Shay was allowed a has.? he had stctet:. Gil
bert continued tho protest, and the deUy was 30
great that tho umpire gave the contest to the
■ ■
Ragged playi:^ »•>• the Giants had caused th«lr
defeat Hi the early came, in tiio fourth, wild
throws by Warner am! an by Devlin helped
ih<* Cardinals to tally three run*, and timely bitting
aided by more errors fP* v < ¥ th*m f.mr tnoro in the
fifth. The feature °f th» contest »a? tli« batting
of M«»ri«»f- who i" his four timefe at the bat made
a home run. ;i thr^-Nigger. » two base hit and a
sintrif. in that order. A K:im« will l>» played f>r\
Friday between the old Giant chaniDiuaa of ISS9
and the team this year. The proceeds will be
divided amonfi the employes of the grounds. The
&b r lb r° * ' ■ >b r ib pi a -
rarre.'i 2ti...S 0 O 2 rt OlDunr, If 4 0 1 3 O 0
Hill i f ...5 1 i 1 O l).Br.wn«-. tf S o I 1 0 0
IWk!-y lt.fi i i '.:<■•■ llv ..4 <• •• 14 2 Z
Hra^n 5b....« 5 1 O <"> I|Uert«s, rf 4 ." » <1 i> 1
Smoot cf 3 2 1 f < 0 OPahlrn. rr> 4 " «"> 1 4 0
DunleaW. rf.2 l <► o o OiTMrlm, 5i..... 4 >• 2 0 S I
ghar ss 2 o 1 4 5 '>• aiit>-rt. -'!>... .4 0 ! 2 8 "
putio'r. f 4 <• (' o,\Var:,.r. c 1 " •"> 3 O o
O'NeU. v 4 0012 Oißowermao, - .3 0 n 2 0 •>
' _ IMcUinnUy p..l OO 1 3 I
Totals "* T 6CIIB X|*Broutr>ers ...1 o 0 o <» 'J
Total* ss 8 OCT 13 r.
•Ba;»»'l for MeGlaaitr In '*•• ninth thnics
fr L^ulf 0 i> 0 8 4 <» " « o—l
New-Tork 0 l t< 1 '> 1 « o »— 3
Firs' bare en »Trnr" — N«w-Ycrk. 1. St. Lmiu. 2 L«ft
on bases — ?i. I^-.t!!; 8; Sew-T«*. ». "!r»t ta>» en Kail*
Off O'Neill. 1: o^T M-Otp.r.itr. *■ Btroeli out— -By ONe'.ll.
2 iiy McCftnnity 3 Hnrrse p*ns— Mertes. Hill. Thrre
base hits— M'-t#«. !>--k>r. T»i^»w his— M»rte». 8tol»n
bases — Imr.i'avy, fhav, lV;ub> ri»V — Farrr!!. ?hav «n1
Beckley. Passed ballsy-Warner. Bowwrnaa. ricptre—
Jt>hnstor.«.J t >hnstor.«. Time of r»we, l; 30 A't-r/ir-. 2.i">.
prrTSßinio. 4: s
ritt«bur» , f>ct. 4 — I»".lt!buri ron an l=t*r<-»nr!r gam*
from Clc-rir.nat! t<v-«lay. B-?th tear-.» f-n:«Et bard, ■»
both are ssptrasts f"r thtri r'.*-«- Beyawwi** celdtas w«»
a f«*tur». The f<">r»:
r. ir e
Pt*t|<burr ° 2 " '* n 2 ° ft T — * v
Ctadanad n n 0 <* i 0 ~ *> "-3 * "
Uatt»r!e».— l.jrn'-h and Phf!r-«: H*!-rt ant ;^h>l A'
t»nianc«. I.4SQ.
Tics'or.. Oct. A —Willis'* t iV.-.Ti to witrh t:.« <?rr"»'cr
bas» r:i.=ers and »h»!r al«rrnm irrr» :arp»lr r»Frvrjlb!«
ft** r*f^**3 k^' ' vie* or v* ovr t**.'* l f ***sl T*rvin *^ rlxy. i*i%
'" Vir " : R. B. V.
rhlra«A .. .0 0 0 *> J 0 2-1 4 3
8.-,sT.-,r. . . .... 3 0 O On •> n «— 3 - ■
Batterle»— 'Weimer si»4 <"' Nell and K'.:r«. V.'U!!» an!
Morar.. Attendance. 1.239.
Shut Out St. Louis Again — Thin
Time 5 tn 0.
St. Louis. Oct. 4.— Th» Highlanders shut out
St. Louis here to-day 5 10 0. Che^hro pitched a
good gams and received keen support. In tlrs
operir.g ir.r.ing the visitors madi tiire« runs on
Ke^iers bunt and William's single, followed by
two wild tl.mws and another single by Darnel.
( "onro; single. Kloicows bunt, i wild throw a::d
Kft-if-r's t*'i bagger bruught In two more runs for
the HishUndrrs in the ninth. The score:
NEiv-YoriK. ! ST. LOCIS.
Ib r lb po » »' ab r lb po a •
Doug lf.B 1 v 2 0 Olßurkett. If •* " " 3 " •'
Keeler. rf R 1 3 ti O 0' H»idri.:fc. cf . .4 0 - '- n ()
Elberfeld, a.4. 4 f> 1 2 '5 0' Wallace, ■•...« 0 113 0
William* 2b 4 2 1 2 2 OlHroes, rf . 4 0 1 8 0 1
Ar.rfereon. c 1.4 1 1 (i l ftlJones, lb 4 0 1 800
Gar.rel. 1b...4 0 1 14 2 0 TaJ lea. 2b.V.8 0 1 3 2 ('
Conror. 3b... 4 1 1 1 .1 OjMorar.. 3b 3 0 1 i a 1
KI»lnow. c...4 0 13 1 0 Burden, <■ 1 ° *> 1 i, ii
Chestro, p. ..4 0 0 3 3 if Glade, p ...S 0 0 14 0
_ .__ k,.: • c JOO4IO
*—•-« « 62T1S l\ , il-TwSl
New-Tork 3 «• 0 0 <) <> 0 ! 2— «
St. Loui« ... O o 0 0 0 0 0 o—o
Two-baia hlti — ElberfeM. Williams, An.ierson. Keeier.
Double play— Chcsbro. Elt*rfelrt ar.J 'lan^el Stulen base
Illama. Hit with ball— Klberfeid. VV'Ud pltrh—
Chesbro. Stni<-w „vi—B y Chettro. 2. bY OlaJe. 4. Left
on bases— N>w-\'ork. B. St. Ixiu!», 8. Umpire — Sving.
Tins* of game, 1:85. Attendance. I --'
Cleveland. Oct. 4. — Cleveland couM not so! « C»r.lej'i
delivery I6h I and Philadelphia won easily. ehuttlns
out the local r-iayer». Doii«.hue *>»» hit hanl In the Qftli.
sixth ar.d sevaatli lriain*-^. rbiiadt;lsfc.la earning; all of its
runs. The .cor*: R ft B
Philadelphia 000021 IP o—4 4 1
Cleveland 0 0 0 •• 0 0 0 0 — 0 10 1
Batter;e»— Donahue and B%mls. Henley and • man.
AUenilance. 1.030.
bobtok. b. Chicago, 2
Chlfsjco. Oct. 4. — Boston had no trouble in winning to
day's came. Fire hits. tw> error* and three wlid pitches
■ent Smith to the bench and scored four runs (Or th«
visitors In the Bret two innings Darkness ended tha
gaj;i« after the eighth Inning. The score:
Boston 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 I—s 11 0
Chlcaao 0 0 0 0 9 10 I—2 " 8
— Dllivsn and Criger; Smith. Patterson ana
Sullivan »tnd Heydso, Attaadanes, 5.400.
Princeton, N. J.. Oct. 4 (Special).— Various shifts
were tried in tne Tigers' line to-day, but no Im
provement on yesterday's slump was seen. In two
short halves scrub again scored twice. The ball
was fumbled In the centre of the field In the first
half, and Ward, the scrub end. nicked it up for a
touchdown. The second goal was made by consistent
line plunging and steady gains around the end. Th«
'varsity line proved powerless to withstand the
fierce plunges of Carothers. Herring and Klrkpat
rielc. and the ends were ropeatedly circled for big
gains by Pfelffer and Otis.
The first team seemed utterly lacking In ginger.
Rafferty was tried at centre and did well, although
his play was noticeably high. He paused the bail
well and succeeded In stopping most of the plays
started against him. Dutcher. at guard, did well
on the attack, but his defence was not up to the
standard. Miller and Crawford, at the ends, too.
were rather weak when the scrub had the baiL
The team will probably line up to-irorrcw against
\Ve«!eyan. as follows: Left end. Crawford; left
tark> C^oney; left guard, Rafferty, centre.
Dutcher- right guard. Short; right tackle. Stan
nard- rlgnt "nd Miller: Quarterback, Burke: 1-ft
halfback. King; right halfback. FotHks; fullback.
McCormick. .
New-Haven. Conn.. Oct. 4 (Special) — An excep
tionally light set of men have turned out for the
Tale freshman team this week. Two weigh up to
'varsity tackle weights— of Andover. and
Holloway. of St. Paul's School. It,wlll be hard to ttnd
freshman centres and guards unless the one or
two men now on the 'varsity squad are withdrawn.
The freshman linesmen are Park. Hill School:
Cleveland. Taft: Petbody. St. Paul: Baote. Syras
School: Garnsey. Andover: Boaworta. Providence,
«ad Zarvtek. Browa Piejixatcrr, fc*si4«j Burnott
and Holloway. Lawrenceville sends to the fresh
man team Ramsay. J. Ramsay, Roth. Rotan.
Stone and Peck: Chicazo Hish sends How. a
halfback; Hill School sends Park and Linn: from
last rear's. Taft eleven come Hart .•:■ i Cleveland;
Andover sends Xaethlßg; Garrer. Garnsry. Brewer,
Overall. Clifford an.l Burnett. From the St. Pa'.:l
Sci.ool eleven comes Holioway. Dllworth. Peatwdy
jnd Denny. Washington High School sends
iiooper, Moorhead and Down in*. On« Englishman
hf:a joined the stjuaJ, Wetzler a candidate for
The freshman football officers for the fall will
be J. T. Fc«ter. president: J. Ramsay, ol Uiw
rencerille School, vice-president, and J. H. Mai
lory. secretary.
Th« Yale freshman crew has been started under
the direction of Konnedv. the trainer, with th«"se
men: Lnvell. Rockwell. Smith. Vale, P. V.". Wil
son. Whiting. F. Whitney. Trumbull. C. 3. Jone?.
Beardsley. Fauat. Seymour. Shields and Morse.
The coaches will l>e Stnyvesant Fish. Scott and
Whitney, of tho 'vnr?ity squad. The freshman
crew is also lacking in weight.
Landers. Smythe and O'Loughlin
Went Play Football.
Columbia's football team. ft became known yes
terday, has lost three of its most promising play
ers. Landers, Bxnythe and O'Loughlin. Parental
objections to the risks or the game is the reason
given. Morley i 3i 3 reported to have done his best
but without avail. OLoughlln played a good cam
&t half last Saturday. Bniythe was a centre m.in of
good possibilities, and lenders was a guard. Dono
van, the sub-quarter, and Carter, one of the full
backs, have both injured their knees so B«---.ere!>
that they have to be kept in plaster casts. Fisher,
the regular fullback, has a bad ankle, but. is expect
ed to be able to play against Tuft-, this afternoon
In to-day's match Columbia will have to rfly
principal!/ on her "varsity men. us losses and in
jurif-s will prevent tryinp out the substitutes Tufts
la likely to prove a pretty fair opponent to ' Colu
mbia, having- held West Point to li-o last Saturday
Practice at South Field yesterday was light. Couch
Morley confined himself to sending the men through
signal practice in an endeavor to whip un their
speed. Ik< announced the probable Columbia line
up fur this afternoon as follows: Left md, (Jt!s
wold. left tack.;, lirowne; ; ft guard, Staosland;
centre, Flnnegan; right guard, Echeverrla; ricrht
tackle, Thorpe: rir-ht end. Muir; quarterback Met-
Ecnthln; loft halfback. Duel!; right halfba.-k, Buel!
and fullback, Fisher.
bride*. Mass., Oct. 4.— The most rvalue
practice that the Harvard 'varsity ha 3 put in thus
far th'> year was held to-day. The 'varsity, with
four substitutes In the lins-up. only succeeded in
scoring- two touchdowns against a medkv-e scrub,
and the second broke through, blocked a kick and
soorr-1 a touchdown, falling on the bail across the
'varsity goal line. Captain Hurley has not been
on Soldiers' Field for th.> last t\ro .Says. The onty
explanatioa that Wrishtington, head co-»ch. has
to <> fT*» r is that the captain has li^en working too
hard and is taking a couple ■■' jays off. Foor
kicking and the lick of good ends are still worry
ing the coaches. Medina to-day w;i.s shifted from
halfback to erui on the second.
[BY TrLEOKArn to the tkibi ne]
Non-Haven, Cnnn.. Oct. 4.— Tat« had another easy
day to-day, us far as scrimmaging- went. Most of
the aft.-rr.oon was Klven up to preliminary work,
falllns: on th" ball again, handling it on passes.
Starting asul .in hour's full drill on line-breaking,
all or" the llnpomTi being matched an-.i set a* K<>t
tinp pain each othpr on the snapback Frank
Hlnkey to«->k the end?, and Ado«>, '?«, the backfleld.
Rockwell, the 'varsity quarterback. Is b<*ins han
dled lichtly this year, and was not out. Hia plac*
was tak»»n by Owsley, who Is nine along- fast
for ftrst substitute.
Th" 'varsity finally lined Tip with «"*ates. Bloomer.
Klnney, Koraback. Tripp. Ho^an and •I <r- tn the
!:t;«\ Owsley quarter, Koyt and Morje ha'.fbacks
and Shevlin fullback, and played a stiff half. w:th
« ytronir scrub t«»am. th» "varsity backfield again
! eir.sr shifted to the s«*coT:d Aeain to-day n^tth^r
side could score, and the 'varsity back* went
throush the veteran 'varsity Hn* easily, sheviin
«!i (irf^nc.-*" vrus Of prrat power for th» -crub? 1 . and
hla offence tvork was sti.l better. ilacK.i;-. tn»
'varsity pitcher, came out for tackle again. To
morrow Vain plays Holy Cro?«". and expe,.-ts
an easy game. Last year's score of 36 to 10
wi!l r.^t b«> rep'-at^U, It is believed, II H^ly Cross
is not .«•> «trn:.g as last year.
Xew-York University and Amherst meet to-day
;it Amherst li the New-Yorkers' first Ram*-. Al
though the m»n from the local university are out
w'thH by th** New-Englanders, t'aptain Rellly
f»tls confident that his tenm will put up a rtrong
gam*. Eighteen mm were taken en the trip.
After a short signal practice, in which s-veral ne^r
ploys were run through, the team immediately left
to'.vn for Air.h'r^t. Th>> t«am will line up as Jol
low«: Left end. Wiley. Coffer; left tackl*. I'.fllly;
l«ft K'lnrd, Co*, Wick;"; centra. Reynolds; right.
Kttard Kakliri*. Stadle: ripht iat-kU«." Mil^r: right
end, \jnwry, Cragin; quarter, Hulsart, Manehec;
Ipft half. Itn<t,-<>. Roberts; rii?ht half. Van Pvck.
Mowen, nr,'l fullback,
Rockaxcay Wins Hope Cup at Rum
ford — Outplays Norfolk.
Providence. R. 1 .. Oct. 4.— By dlspcslr.g of the
Norfolk tpam 14 to 7\ peals, on the grounds of the
Rumf.->r<i Polo Club this afternoon, the Bookav.-ay
team acquired permanent : '^session of the Hop<s
Cup. v. ht'-h they won for th* flr?t time last year.
Rockaway was handicapped five goals at tha out
fit, but only in the nrst period were their opponents
able to withstand their excellent piay. Cowdln's
clrivirß. together with the apere^sivr team work of
La Montagne ami Chauncey, carried tr.« day for
the visitors thouKh Crane and Foruea played well
for the los-ng ttam. TM>.- Hope Cup was presented
by Marsden J. Perry, of this city. The line-tip and
W. A. Haiiiri S; '■ f- ii v***u *** 1
I E lAißiui >; Allan f-oroes 8
K. La Mrtniajnn. jr .'• B. S. Hainlln 3
D. Chauaccy, Jr «! Joshua Crane, ir 6
Total »l Total 13
Summsn— Earned seals— R ekswa: M: Norfolk. 3. Al
lo*er! by haniicsv>— Ncrtolk. 5. L.-st hv. r««Hy- Norfolk.
U tor safety by CY»ti#. N«t score — Roc»i»»j-, 14. Nor-
Jolk. 7\. liefer*'*— J. H. Lewis
Hot Springs. Va.. Oct. 4.— James B. Tuiler, tho
Rockai Hunt Club, won the first prise In a
golf handicap match play against bogle this
morning. His score was four up on bogie, playing
from scratch. For second prise there was a tie
between A. W. Black, of Lakawood. handicap), six.
ar.d Geoige H. ingella. of Cincinnati. hanist>:ap
three, each scoring two down on Bogey. This will
be played off to-mcrrow. Among the other scores
Daniel Chaur.cer. Df*er Meadow (sesatea), a down;
a Sidney Carpenter, Philadelphia Country Club »3), 3
down- J C. Thaw. Plttsburg (ii). 3 down; Alfred L. Nor
rl= iiyker Meadow (ecratch). 3 down; Ira Barrows. t=«*
bnstu !.'<>. 8 down: Bleb H. Wetvall, New-Tort it!), s
The annual golf tournament begins October 12.
In connection with the Nassau Country Club's
annual golf tournament, which takes place on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, a
■pedal train will run each morning, leaving Thirty
fourth-st., New-York, at 8:10 a. m., stopping at
Jamaica fur the Brooklyn connections and at Garden
City to accommodate the playera who wish to use
the Garden City Hotel. The tram will reach Nas
sau at 9 o'clock. As there is a large entry list It
will be advisable for players to take th- special
train, to make an early start for the 56-hole quali
fying round on Thursday, and also for the 35-hole
match play on Friday, sjid the handicap on Satur
day. The regular train leaves "Aiirty-fourth-st. at
B*o. reaching Nassau at 10:v5. If the entries con
tinue to come In as rapidly as they have, another
cup will be put up for the fourth 16.
RACING — At Morris Park. I p. m.; St. Louia and
HARNESS RACING — At Lexlnrton. Ky.
LATVN TENNIS IntercnllegUtd championships at
Merlon. Perm. ; women's tournament at Lonfwood.
Mass.; men's doubles at AJcl»ley.
— Tournament at Mancheater-by-the-Sea.; wom
•n'a handicap at HackousucU. women's club cham
pionship at Enclewood.
FOOTBALL — aeai:i»t Columbia, at American
Leacu* Park. 3:30 p. m. : Bow*O*« at lianard;
Wesleyaji at Princeton; Holy Cross at Yal«; Uettya
burg at Lafayette; Columbian at Pennsylvania;
Lehlgn at Swarthmore; Mercersburf at Dickinson;
Hohart at Cornell: Colgate Academy at Colgate;
N«w-Tork University at Amherst: Suaquehanna at
Carlisle; Amherst Agxtes at Amherit; Ohio North
ern at Michigan; St. Thomas at Minnesota; Madlel
at Lake Forest; Muakln»um at^nra-«tate.
BASEBALL— NationaI League. St Louis at New -Torts.
1:30 p. m.; Cincinnati at Brooklyn. 3:30 p. m. ;
Ptttsburg at Philadelphia. Chicago at Boston.
American League. New-York at St. Louis. Phila
delphia at Cleveland. Waebiattea at Detroit, Bia
«= M Cl«r«Uni.
Contlaaed train first pas*.
5 ©"clock by their drivers. Heath. Tarta and
Teste. These three operators have not been
Mle v.hlle waiting for their machines. They
have rr.ad<» Journeys over the conrse Ir. touring
cam They spoke highly of the course yester
day, and said that they thought a speed of from
sixty to seventy miles an hour should be rr.ad^
on it. The roads will be In better condition on
Saturday than now. they aaid a3 the oi! will b«
well soaked into the ground by that time.
A. R. Pardinston. the chairman of the racing:
board of the American Automobile Association,
has tohi the driver? that if they indulge in tar.
iher speeding before the rac* they will be lia
ble to diprtualification. His wamins evidently
had its effect on the operators to-dayi for high
speeding was a rarity.
Mr. Lynch, the secretary of a. R. Pardlngton.
who has been kept busy at Garden City the last
few days, said to-day that the nee would "do
much tot the welfare of Long Inland, as it
would draw thousands o( people th-»rt*. and that
the laying of the petroleum on the roads would
preserve them. He said that residents alors
the Mineoia Road leading to the Fair Grounds
praised the oiling of the roads, because this
year they ware not troubled with dust from
traffic to and from the fa:.-.
A storekeeper at Queens on a corner of one ot
tne bad turns is one of those not disturbed by
the race. When tott to-day that when the car 3
were dashing around his corner they might go
clean throgb. his place, he replied: "Well, when
I sees them coming I'll go out and beckon them
to stop."
Brit ink Champion Here to Play in
Women's National Tourney.
Miss Charlotte Dod. woman golf champion or
Great Britain, will be a competitor In the women's
national championship, which starts next Monday
In Philadelphia. So quietly has her coming been
kept that it was not known until yesterday that
she would appear. Miss Dod arrived in Philadel
phia Sunday night on the American liner Merlon.
and went immediately to Haverford. where she is
the Ruesi of Mrs. Clement A Griscom. I- is ex
pected that she will remain in this country the
greater pair of the month, and that a number of
tournaments will be held In her honor.
Miss Dod is a type of the outdoor athletic woman
of England. She ii tall, rugged, with a toll round
fac». chestnut brown hair and deep blu«»-gra i eyes.
That th.f; long Voyage has not unfitted her for play
is shown by the tact that on Monday at Riverton.
N. J . she took p^rt in an informal tournament. In
which she completely outclassed th» thirty or more
other •• mien who competed, and captured th«» cup
with easf. She will spend the rest of this week
in th<s various Philadelphia links la preparation for
the national championship. She is passionately fond
of the game, and although never taking the Brit
ish championship till this year. she baa played
since she was fifteen '■ ears old. She ia also fond
of tennis, and for Sve year- held the tennis cham
pionship of Great Britain. For two years sh*»
played forward en the women's International hockey
team, and once at St. Morttz. Switzevland. where
they have the fancy skating contests, she won the
cup for the nighest test. No announcement haa
b«"en mad* a« ypt a3 to her visit to the metropoli
tan district, but It is more than probable that the
Women's Matropolltan Golf Association will take
immediate steps to arrange a tournament in h<>r
honor at som* on<s ot the nearby courses.
That th*i championship nsxt week will be i su3
ceasfn] one ia indicated by the unusually strong
entry list received by W. Fellowes Morgan, the sec
retary. S-*ven:y-ftve i •:..- i are embraced In the
entry roil, representing almost every Important
eolf club tn the country. The executive committee
of the L'nited States Golf Association will m*»t to
day In Mr. Morgan's office, at which the compet
itors wiU be paired for th* qualifying round, and
other final details will be arranged. Tha list ot
entries Is as follows:
Mi«s Charlotte Dod. British rhampioa.
Pan Francisco Golf Clvb — Mrs. Herbert Mutia.
Br'gh'^n i^ountrr Clvb — Mrs. Elliott Kf?s»rs.
Cooatry <".üb. Brcolclini Mass. — atlas Louisa A.
TV>i:s. !::!<;> F. C. OsgOOd, Miss E. S. Porter.
Hur.* 1 '«'-or. Valley Country Clvb — Mri C. F. F^x.
Sliss G«rtru-.> GUb^rt. Mr* si. C. Pric. Mr* F. W.
Morrti ir.. Miss r>->ro*_hy Mans. Str» Franii R. Shat
tuek. Mrs 2l:lir>n C ff»rk. Mrs. vraSri-r S tiortraui.
Sltdlothiaa COHBtty Civh — Miss Matvt H's^in! 1 .
Allston CiolJ Cial>-^M»s E M. Wirth.
Ardsla Clvb — Mrs. A. V. Cociiran^, M'.s» Loaiis Via
Brrfklas-n Clvb — Mls» Helen F. Elsh--p. 3Il»s O. M
Rtvertos CBmatrX Club— M!ss Lillian I>idd>. M'.ss
Mary <i Frishmuth. Miss ITortßee N. Ayresi Mi**
Art.a B. Frithmuth, Ml«* I- N. Groves M:^s 5L 5L
Portland Golf Clvb — Mr?. H. S J. Smith.
EoKl««ood Golf Chal — Mra M. P. rat»r»on. Mrs. S.
F. i.»'fforts. ilisa Mannn Sirkbr.
Ess^x Couaty .3 — Him Xargarei Curtis. Miss Hsr
rl»f Curtis.
Morris County Of>!f Clvb — Mrs. Wliliatn SMpp<rn.
tVe*tward H"> — Miss J. Anna Carp*nt«r.
M«r Cricket Club Miss A. P. McNaely. Miss
Florence SlcN*cty. Miss tl. E. Maul*. Mrs. K. H. Bar
low. Mrs. Al^xand^r Finlf". M-= llarry Toulmia. M'.ss
F C. artscom. Mrs. Samuel Betu*.
Weston Gv>lf Club— Mrs. F W. Barc-h^ld-r
iiakmor.t Cuurtry Clvb — Mils Louise B. E!!tin». Miss
Mary Fownes.
Car* May <Jolf Clvb — Mi»s J»ssi« Crow. Miss H«!«n»
J. Dando.
Chevr Chss* Clvb — V.r*. Orrr.sb» McCair.men.
r»yk»r lleaJotv Golf Clvh — Miss Pace Sch-xarawae&rr.
Mrs! t> U. : -i<!ge
Camdea Couritry Club— Mrs. m imm 'West. Mrs. m.
S. Craig.
Oakley Country Clvb — ill" E. tT. Allen.
Ess** County Country <"!üb, Oracg*. ST. J — Mim
: . . Badl
\v.->:iast3n iio!f Clvb — Mlaa MaTP-R Adams.
Wilmington Ceuntrj- Ciub— ilrs Elraer E. MiTchML
I'hHad^lDb-ia Cricket Clvb — ilrs. H. A. Lewta, Mis»
M C. Waale
Woodburv Country Clvb — Mis>« Anna R. Clayton.
Mm. Jos»pß XV. Knlpht. Miss Ellen Russell.
Ncw-HaTsn Country Clvb — Miss H»!-?n Carrinston.
Fall Elver Goi; Clvb — Miss K. C Har!»y.
Apanamis Club— Mrs. A. H. Harris. Mrs. A. J. Mor
gan. Mrs. H. B. <:!ark. Mr* C. T_ TiTany
Dutchfsa County Clvb — Mrs. Geors* Coll:nsir>oi
Lexington Golf Clvb — Miss Emily N Lockwood.
BeUtesrel Self Clvb — Mrs. N. P. Ro**rs. ilr*. J. B.
Philadelphia Country Clvb — HVn E. A. Dougherty.
M^iuamicut Go!f Clvb — Mis* Eth^l Bura-t.
Contest of Nearby Property Owner and Light
Company at Cold Spring Harbor Closed.
Mrs. Oliver Livingston Jones, of No. 115 Weal
S?venty-sfcon<l-st.. has settled her dispute with the
Uuntington Light and Power Company of Cold
Spring Harbor. and in the future the: residents In
the Batghborhood of Oyster Bay and CoM Spring
Haror nay have electric Ugh*. One of th<i resi
dents most bothered by the litigation has been
Louis Tiffany, whose new BOOM at the. Point has
been held up because the tight company could not
get ths power over its wires.
Mrs. Jones claims ownership cf a strip of the
North Hempstead Turnpike, adjacent to her prop
erty. Th* light company, without asking her per
mission, she alleges, put up poles to carry its wires
on the strip. Last spring Mrs. Jones caused the
poles to be cut down and a temporary Injunction
issued restrain'.p.K the company from replacing
them. The company lias made an offer to leu tho
strip of highway, and th< arransernent has been
agreed on. Mrs. Jones said sne carried on the
contest merely to setUs the Question of ownership
of th* road.
Brighton Beach Association Wishes to Erect
Bulkheads to Protect Both.
William A. BassssjsfA president of the Brighton
Beach Racing Association, has made another appli
cation to have the city close Sea Preeze-ave. from
East Fifth-st. to the 00.-an Parkway. A part of the
avenue is already under water, ar.d Mr. Ensenaan
declares that if the street !>» not closed. in order
to permit the building of bulkheads, the property
of the racing association will be ensojfed and the
city will lose property. He states that slace Sea
Breeze-aye was laid out about Pine hundred feet
of the beach baa been was. d away. If the city
closes tii»- street the racing association will agree
to build the bulkheads and Jetties.
Mine. Marie L. Ranke will give three course* of
three lectures each on the at. Louts Exposition of
"The World's Fair of VMi." Ulustated by sterecptU
con and moving pictures, at the Berkeley Lyceum
Theatre, beginning on Tuesday. October It There
will be three distinct courses— afufrnoons.
October 11. 1* an d 25. at ajo o'clock: Friday after
noons October 14, Zi. and 38. at XJO o'clock, and a
Sunday evening coarse. October 18. 33 and JO. at
8:30 o'clock. L*? 11 }'© No. I win be on "Opening
Ceremonies and Buildings ; Lecture No. 2on Agri
culture. Forestry and Fine Art*.- and Lsctore No.
3 on "The Philippine Exhibit. Boer War and the
Pike. " Tickets now on sal* at th» box enlce
and hct»l newestaada.
fr«9si thb Tniurxn arjMAr.T
Waahiastan. October 4
EXUSTED MEN? COraiSSlOlCS.—^Arrry •>"
Bern who hare been in rTashicgtoa some time a»>-
CeTsj that t;^e members of th* General Staff w. -»
bave passei up«)n the reuort sj| an esamtagaeT
board at Fcrt leaver. worth. Kansas.- have tnvtted
trcubl* for themselves. The boar»l considered the
qualifications ci about forty-five candidates, en
listed men of th«* army, , - no had be»a recom
meade*i for appriintm«"nt as second lienteruiats.
After v preliminary e.iasursarion and a final ex
amination, an observation by tha surgeons and a
two months* trial period under Instructions. th«
board advised the appointment of tweaty-fuur of
the candidates. Ta!*.r<?port was s-nt to WuMbi
torr. ar;.i resulted in the selection of seventeen.
It w,i.s something of a surprise that the rinding*
of tfc? board EhoulJ have been ignored to this ex
tent, and th» Incident is wellntgh without ■
precedent i:. the annals of the War Department.
OSlcers who have commented upon the action say
It will have the effect of nullifying the tn-
Cuence of boards ana will invlt*; .ie question
wli»th^r or not there w any us<? of having board*
of exacinatica. If the judgment of the members 1*
to be set aside, in the mean time, th^ eight young
men who failed to obtain commissions have written
their influential friends and sought to have the Sec
retary r>; TVsr right what they regard as art Injiw
t;-"«. J: is quite evident. t!iU3 esrly. that there
will bo a. bis flsht. Additional interest is addeti to
th-i aifalr cy the fact that the young colored soldier
who passed the preliminary examination tailed on
th« final exztninatior' and la understood to be mak
lns a fisht to have his alleijpfi detects waived. If
he succeeds be will b. 1 the only colored trooper to
Kain a commission. There have been several of3
cers of his race commissioned, but those tn the lini»
were graduates of '.Vest Point aad those in th*
■taff departments wer* appointed from civil hi*.
It i 3 remarked that la assigning the successful
candidates to regimeais. four of them go to the
Artillery Corps. Thia means another examination
for these young • fHcers. and their subsequent
career will be watched with much interest, as that
exactions upon an artillery officer are severe, ana
there are those who contend that oaly men of th«
highest technical training fan retain a place in he
commissioned, personnel of the artillery arm.
Ohio was placed in commission at San Fraacssxe>
to-day. wUh" Captain U. C. Lcgan In command. Tn»»
Ohio will make a short cruise along the PacMsa
Coast to shake down her machinery, and ultimately
will be attached to Urn Asiatic fleet. The lat*
President ilcKlnley was present at the launching
of thfl Ohio at the Union Iron Works, about three
and a half years ago. The protected cruiser Chat
rannoca will be placed la commission at the N?w-
York Navy Yard on the 11 th mst.. with Commands
A. Sharpe In command. The Chattanooga was part
ly constructed by the Crescent Shipbuilding com
pany at Elizabethport. N. J. but was finished; at
the New-York - an.
Major General James F. 'Wad*, the retiring com
mander of the Philippine Division, will sail from
Mar."a for home on tee transport Thomas on Oc
tober 15. Pending the arrival of Major General
Corbin. who succeeds to the command of th* dt
vision, Major General Leonard Wood will be m
ORDEKS IBP 111 Ism flawing order* hsrr»
beer: issue*?:
Cksstsjcs ELMER A. DEAN, assistant »:re*na. aiKf First
UfiKr.^r.l :.!..M L KELLER, a?ststant sur
geon. 4»tai!ed r=emb»rs of 1 -.- exaasrainx beard st
Fort Ri!»y. vice Lieutenant Colonel Lonia If. Mau*.
deputy surgeon general. an I First Lieuunant Stan -
>:.' G. Zinke. smlsT^nt aurseoo.
Captain BBOn B. TAKRXB, artm«rr «>rßs» to vm
CoTnranr. coast art"!erv.
UstMaeaoM Coior«t SMITH • LEACH, eorpe- et «ns»
neera. frora Fort L*a »ttj to ■WasSlaatoc
Casra-.n rHOK A. BARTON. 3d Cavalry, dstallea pro
fei«or of military sciea'^ •: Cornell University.
Caprain JXAXLTTT B. I KMT, psoesasasa frer- rec»«
m»nt cf California to Flillippinea.
ilsjor HERBERT M. LORD, X aaster. from Philippine*
to s*n Fran-M»-^>.
Carrim RICHAKB T«-AtXTVr.IGHT. *»-aci»*i the Xaw
ar's; hoE#. await cniers. . .-.
Ouuiam-teut C 3C d:n~l?. detached na™» yard. Sastaßii
to toniand ta« N»»ark.
Cwtr^=i=Jfr TV. H. ES^nLEH. dotarheS SSa«al Was Col
lezz: ta Bu-«au of E^-iipmeat. Nay Dssjactsseajt.
C^rssanier C Z. S"OX. to :ht yard. Norfolk, as aid as
Usur«r.a=s Ccn:iP.xr.t!?r 'V J. ESAR3. ?■> ta» TTrst V.-
UeaMnaat I. P. SI INNEJS: to tha Hart;?ri rel!»r-
Enßisn F. MARTIN, to th« Frarklla.
Pass*! Jlsrtstant sursr»?n B. R. mum d-tacSM
tic V.'abaji: to naval hcsr-it3l. Mara laiond.
Cab!? from coniniand»r of Europeaa squadron.
North Atlantic fleet:
O^ 4— IJ-it«r.ar.t A. ST. C SMITn. d«'3cS#<J th» Pm
Moin-s: to tat Oiyn:oia. Li»utenar.: U. E- LEWIS
to tfce Tes Mi^J^s. Enslpi J. B. OAT. ri the t^.^o
lowin? movements of vessels have been reported to
»h* Navy Department:
Octot-r s— *Tie Osesola. a*. Pensacola; the MassachoaetT!>.
ai Vocd's Hcl*; tae Newark, at Fajari?.
Octct^r S— T>.» BancTAf. aad ths Pcte:r.%c. at Faiartto: t>.»
Colsca and the Veovia. at ileaeniaS* Bi^ht: tn-
Petrel ar; JLar« IsUnfl; ta« IJlinota. a. New-TorSe: th»
Sia Francisco, at Sin^apc-re; me MacDonou^ at
October 4 — Tt« Deshnaa. at -iur.f.
Ortcb~r 3— T>* I^ran^n. from Boston. fr>r BratlSsra; t!»«
Txcosm. rrota Santa Lucia, for San Juan.
October -i— Tha Bainbri3p». the Decexur. the Barrr. ta»
ijai« anil th« Chauncej--. from Woe-JkESS Sot Hcsx*
The;/ Cannot Sit at Historical So
ciety Anniversary Dinner.
Wbea the New-York Historical Society hold* t»
dinr.er en November 23 at Deiiaoaieo's to i imiineiii
orate la :.dre<!th anniversary its woowa
menljera i=ay cat sit at tha tables And dlna wttn
the mftmbers cf the sterner sex, tut must content
them.*- wi:a sittlug la tha balcony and listening
to the speeches. That was the decision reached or
vote at a stated meeting of taa society last er*nlng
ia tire hall a: Eievecth-at. aad Second-aye,
Smith E. Lane offered the resolution regarding
the anniversary banquet. There were about tali*
teen hundred and fifty members of the society. bet
said, ar.d eigh:y-flve were women. Th« women
members were amons the most devoted mtrmber*
of tie society, and two of them had given £2\ou>
earlj toward the bclMing fund for the society*
futt:r» homo on Central Pars West, from SevenV
six'.h to Seventy-seventh st. The committee la
charge of the clnrsr. however, had decided that tae>
woafn members scouic! be admitted to the banquec
hall oTily at » p. m.. af:ar the dinner, when they
couM sit in th* balcony, ilr. Lar.e accord cgly of
fered .- resolution that the women members aught
be allow->ii to apply tor and to receive tickets to
a:r»nd the ban^uot.
S.= muel Verplanck Hoffman, the president of the)
society, declared that the question of allowing th»
women members of the society to attend the ban
quet had been thoroughly discussed by the commit
tee, arid it had been decided that it was ine\r*s«
dl<»nt to allow them to do «o. much a* trey would
like to sec them present. He spoke of the Question
of stnokinp. and »aid th#ra was hardly aay dinner
attended by women whTi they did not object tc»
ssnokdng. And men. moreover, he said, who wiahe>;
to smoki would not do so because women wen*
rresent. For that and other considerations It was
thought best not to have the women members
attend the dinner, but invite them la be present
late* In the evening, when they could bear t>.»
Mr Hoffman put Mr. La-.: resolution, and after
the vote declared It was lost. Mra. William Gerry
Slade then arose, and on behalf of the women mem
bers said she wished to thank Mr. Lana for hi»
courteous resolution.
The Archbishop of Canterbury was made a*
honorary member of the society.
Mrs. Caster Foacd Trip Abroad Almost aJ
Exciting as life on Plains.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cu3ter widow of the Indian
fighter. whi> has been on a trip around the world
with a party of ten. reinmed to this city yester
day. Amons the party were Mr. and iTrs. "William
Ferris, of Brooklyn. Mrs. Cuater. who returned
on the Bremen, said that, exciting as her life gel
th<s plains had been, she found that some of her
experiences abroad had been almost as fill of ex
••^Ye visited the Philippines." said Mrs. Custer.
"from a patriotic desire to visit our new posses
sion*, but the China Sea tco!c all our patriotism
out of us long before we reaches Manila. \V« were
struck by a succession of hurricanes that made th»
steamer pitch and teas and then go through a lot
of other evolutions that racked her frame and
ours until it becam* almost unendurable.
"A: one time wa thousht «•> would take an in
voluntary trip to Port Arthur. When we were
going to' Ceylon from Kong-Kong on a P. and O.
steamer, a Russian man-of-war --.earned close ♦»
v* for Banes. The cantata as3-.sro<i us that he h*-i
no contraband on beard and that the Russian
could not molest us. Another time we sailed for a
week with a big yellow p.agt» ttagr over us. Thsr«
was only a single case of plague on board, bat
that made the health authorities effectually quar
antine us."
Sirs. Benjamin Harrison was also a rs tssjisj r
on the Bremen, a&d fha and Mrs. Cwatejt •>>«:
siceii ot tiwir. time on board togetner.

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