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Senator MaJbr arrived, end with the candidates,
pom. d tar photographers. .
It was just here that the crush of tb* crowd
•wept away the tamers of fence and policemen
•ltd ailed the iawn with several bnndre* 1 per
•BßS. cheering enthusiastically ar.3 armed with
cattoati flags. Bthlr.i this crowd the broad
•3Usre »-as naif filled* with spectators, while
from the curving window above the piazza the
XJeuter&rt Governor's farr.ily looked down or.
Use throng. To the music of the local band Sen
ator Deptw and ex-Ll<*ui?r.ar.t Governor Wood
ruff marched through tbe throng and mounted
the steps. The full Ptate ticket was Otava up 'c
line across the piazza near a little raised plat
form, while in chairs ar.d b;nches a »core or two
ct Invited guests sat or stood.
Promptly at 4 o'clock Senator Malby. chair
man of the Saratoga convention, mounted the
IlnJe platferni. «Bfl ' Lieutenant Governor Hig-
Clne followed him. Isstantiy there was a aridity
liam of cheering. The band, the «rr.all be- with
fcjs whittles and the rural Republican «^th his
•tardy lungs all strove for supremacy. Hun
dreds of American flags v « * > waved, and the
teene wa? etirring in the extreme. Ex-Mayor
Frar.chot of Olean called the assemblage to or
der and welcomed the nominating committee
to Olcin.
Then Penatr.r Ma!-- delivered his address of
rotiScaticn. Every time he referred to the State
or national ticket he was Interrupted by vig
orous cheering. Senator Malby said:
1-lftrrensßt Governor H'.rpi^s. ilr. Bru-e. Mr.
OEH'S. 3ir. Keisey. Mr. Walienrceier. Mr. Mayer
ard Mr. Van Ab-tyne. the HepuM-can t;a.:e ton
■fftm held at Saratoga en September 14. placed
Sxnir names in nomination fcr tbe several State
■Sosa to - ''■ "< at the «r.«Ti:ag election ar.d by
resolution directed tn;s committee to aiviae you of
the actmn then taXen.
To b« thus selected from among more tr.an se^*«?n
niliions of people, representing the gre?te«t com
monwealth of this nation, is an honor which can
jiot well be overestimated, and carries with It cor
responding cuues and reEponsibilities. cot only to
cur party, but ai:ke to oil our peop>.
During the certurj and a quarter of our sta.e !>
existence the people have eiecied cfcie:' rr—gistra-e*
who have left a record cf th:n?s accomp.isaea
«-ii.eh has justified our form cf government and
r-Eu.tefi m the material -Jevjloprr.er.t of our sta.e 3
resources and r -he general prosper.ty and happiness
of all our peori*. Our futcre progress act on.y
*iepend» npoo tbe cor-urued tSCMEsent WW 2
our ciusfns, but upon tbe «ver faithful and honest
perfi-rr-ance ot put-kc uutit-s m t>>e.-y se^anu:cr.:
cf government, whether iccal or State. vie are
fcapry '-n the possession of a rectird which, upon
close investigation. wiU require neither apology
nor esplanation.
. The booisa were opened for the inspection cf tre
peojie ter. years ago. and have never been closed.
Tfc^-y disclose m record for honesty an= eSc.ency
cever ec;ua::ei by ar.y State in tie acmi^istration
cf its public affairs.
We are not cn:y constr.r.t?y prepared, cut we ex
pect to fcrive cur Demorrstic eppenems declare tast
a thing f-anrct er should nnt oe ccr.t. ana to con
demn those things which have already been suc
cessful.-. accomplished, er.d io \-iew with alarm u.e
tiling cf ether thir.ps. the pr=per acco=p..Jhnfs.
cf srWeli is essential to the development c- %>ux
Etate and th* happiness cf our ptopl^i. as *«'■_ "
the continued advancement of the nation. Ts.s
rosiuor. eti tre:r part is in strict harmony w:tn
their past history, wr.ich has been cr.e of con
stant and destructive opposition to ail these ts.ngs
which rave promoted our countrj-s we.iare..
Vei'her am I easiiy shocked r.or surpriFea :y a..y
declaration made ty them ia relatian to the man
ner m wr.icb we have ccrrdurted our sta^e or na
tional affairs, cr their estimate, cf our public men..
Tbeir last utterances, hoa-ever. as expressed ia
their platform, elevates by ecmcarison the yeilow
■st fOUXBaSisa cf our great merrcpoliton ; res.!, ana
rlaeee a lower esumate upcr th« ictei-igence or
ou' electorate than it was thought po?s;tle_
It .s to be regretted t ! '-at political cam?-i-^is can
rot be conducted upon a much higher j.: one. or
that the real Issues should t>e clouded by a tajse
«.nd cjilici-jus attack upon ail cur State cfScia;s.
srhc during tse larrt ten yenra have fum:sn-c sucn
concluvive evidence of thsir abu.ty and aevouoa
to pub.ie dut.es as las r.<n er been ei^..M ir. u-.e
ner'crsr.ance of public serv.ee ;n the worid s n.s
tory If «c look fcr ar. excuse lor sues a fa..«e.
and cowardly atUM_k. it may w«s.biy be fau-.d ta
the persi-nai hatred cf tr.e one who penned the
l'-ics end t>*sid^s ry the cry cf "Stop ± n;e. . it
vas intended to permit the real eulpnt to escape.
Tb* Fepub"""an pa-tv. however, has a pa=t offi
cial record of w inch it is jusUy proud. «md does
cot iesire to forget it. and [4>oa U m ever;, State
?e-iart^».nt as OUT distte«Bisbta Goveracr has saiu.
aa'd noTu^cn paztioi nusrepiesentauon ana abuse.
thY jucs=Ttnt of is* pet^lt- will be based.
T"ue fctate coa*«UWO unich i:as honored jcu.
asd tach «-i you, wiuj a no:n.r*.tij.j adupi«d v. tui
l-'r-m aticii. amoas ether tfcUigs. ratiseu ai.d
aii-med tae platiorm acopiea cy ice Kepuo^caa
rTip^faV^^ r^^ a -S^r?y £ t^
the serti
nent cf Presideni Roosrvcit. wr.en he said: V\ <
"are the *utute with our past ar.a our present as
ru^rantors tt cur promises; and we are content
*rattJUl or XaS cy the record we have sane aad
* ? Tns.t rtccrd is such that every patriotic Aanqricsa
1 citizen is prour.d cf :t. and you will have no diffl
v cuty in pfexirmg your unse.lSaa cevouun u> a c<>n
tinuarn* of mows pnacip.es wt^cn w.li carry snus
tb«*m countless bieaar.fs to all our peopl*-
Each of you was scenes by tae convention as
Its nominee" *fter a must ca-efiii coniii* rati-n tn
xhf. claims of all otse.r candidate? and with special
regard to your erperjence aad fitness to prope-iy
tne iotie* of yaur stverul positions.
We are bapn ia the thought that no one Cictat
•-J your nomfnal.cns. and the action of the cun
vesbca was expressive of :ta most exuberate Juug
yinu. LieuTer.aTJt Governor Hlccms. w»re- selected
•s our candidate tor Governor ty reason of the
tact that these who ltriew ytu b<ȴt had "n abidsr.)?
;.::--. in your honesty «ad lntegrir>" of purpose;
that yocr lite had been passed amid those sur
roundings which Mve developed tn you a genial
stA synspathetic heart which will enable you to se
acd to Jcncw th» ngnt. and discharge your public
duties without fear or faror or malice or hatred
twara" tnr one. Hut with that leve for right
wfcjch will eiiaixie you in the discharge cf yoar
roany duties as our chief executive to see to it
that Justice rniy be tempered trith merer, and
1 -.-...• all t&« durjes of your hisa ofSce may be (ils-
I cfe&rred in such manner ze ta m<-ei with the ar>
f S'rcval cf all the cooj nr.d lajc-ariiing citizens
trnom you may r.av» the honor trj serve.
Tour loisr ecd diKtirjruish»"3 p»-rv:ce ; n the Ser.ite
rt the Stit*. as rhairma" of the taxation commit
tee, aad later erf tae rC'.l more Important Conri
fsirte* of Fnaace. l-as er.ab>d you to acquire
*urh trno^le<lye cf FtaTe *rTa:rs a* to fencer yrm
ext-cKica^Uy well c'alif.ed for the perforinince
Cf tbe duties of Governor.
. The Pe-nutlirrn parry, us w«»T? as th« tx^)ni# of
th» State, is to bs eor.emtu!2.t<sd upon having «
candidate *-ho h^s devot«J such a rt-riod of time
to a fa't^ful •it-cna.-r» rf his ~:bl!" duties as
»n^M« hsm tc '.horousb'v lctio\» the -.ffairs of the
Bwt* trd that which will be for the best interests
cf «"h» renple.
Pi-rs-uar.t to the filrecti-r.. therefore, of the eon
*»nti"n wbioh sent i:s here to rx»rfcrrr! this rrjowr
e*r»»»bie dury. we have the hrnor of in'orm:ng
3*ou of your several coiniaatioss aad ask your
acceptaace of the sa-r.e.
■f^.^n with his closing words Senator Malby
rhook hands with Lieutenant Governor Higjrins
there was a still greater demonstration. Time
and again the cheering died away, to be re-
Beweg on me-" The Lieutenant Governor was
tr. good voice, and spoke clearly and distinctly.
He was forced repeatediy te give way to the
cheers of his fellow townsmen. Mr. Hlggir.s
Sir. Ckairraaa and eGntlensen of the Committee-
A* representatives of tba delegates to t.ie At-
Mkactr State Corvention. I beg t o assure yon
that I us profoundly grateful for the great ho'ncr
•f the nojßir.atkm for Go'«rnor of tb'> State t-e
ts^mesa rel»ticna of whirh pervade the con^'c^st
•fid th*- political judjKrer.ta of which have so' tf-
Caently ewayed the deri-:on of the r.a'lon
erV 5 the prtsert year Su> and nat':-snai "interests
ere tsseparatiy related. The prosperry C ' i*e
Bta^ casr.ot cast^se unless the oationsJ sdraJm
straaes is an eScient or.c: unless the policies
wtlsrSj have broumt pro-periry sod erep-oyrn, r.t
■-. eontn-.ued. ar.d tbf prin-iples of ft Rertia-
Ilcan parry are given full force ar.d «ffe-t The
GaJaL Ba_r\qviet
Given by
His Majesty King Edward VII of England
His Majesty Emperor Francis Joseph I. of Austria
Tcrtue Claire
Potage a la Raine
ttxu. fg£«£ mi«- Veuve Clicquot
Carrottes. epmards. pemmes rouveHes Demi Sec
Se2e de enewieufl. airelles -.
Chaafroix de perdrenus -.
Poulardes fiu Hans rOties veuve Clicquot
Grous^e de lEcos-e YrUow Label
Compete nlcoise. s_iade co-ur de Ultuo
Aubergines frites
Glacs «v chocout Veuve Clicquot
Fra'sts a la crgrr.e _ "-H« wv
PGaUaa mil!e feuHles or mi
Fruit et Dessert
r " Au*. K>. ityM.
people of this State and other . St^f -Republican
■re to be C'.nirratu;.-. • hi ltat t ."t iO n s*l*ct«-d
party, repressed m national ror venjo "^ gevf , u _
us its candidate for President ?* eo< *°i* pTes dent
It was my pleasure to serve «' l ;« Ve * w .y orK
Roosevelt when r.e was Governor c- . - it well
State. A«Bonation with him at, "-i^on VBU* he
ir the character of iii» a-= 3'" iSI - r a V,^, pf Cb!«
was called upon to assume- the °--'!l tßal he
iiaffi-straie of th# ration, convince* m* "■=- and
posaewM those qualities and
sincerity ot conviction which the a /?".'h a"d aop«
admire: which gives to them T -^« > . 1<l "i».i r h rave
that those principles of promotion w-.i^ r _
brought plenty and contentment tu^ on o f
tir.ued rather than the waste and ae»ui««J
the last Democr-itic atimiristration. _ who .,»
Opp.J*^. to Theodore Roosevelt is & •;^ mm _ s e.rt
chief cialrs lor merit seems to be a ' e "^L. i .._ .}- at
g> late to change the result of a "gSSSTwSch
w» well known to those re? P°^ s ; i^'comr-unicat
r.atlon. but.»hich they refrained iron comn^ic
ing to their fellow delegates. This .for .m
non-.:nation wnich they desired eari a^gt ° c . °&
■ why
declaration in favor of tn« goid •*T7*aS« to-day
rt at
i= met

r and
= a
«u"s whlrh have teen accompilsned s> ?a-^;? a -^; "i~
I premised my most hearty co-v-pe. aucn ■ A «
Leas success in the caUcn.
The Democratic party, at its convention at Sara-
Sg: US' SA^S?aMl!Siyps;^«

then advocate poU^ci calhr.c tar f fS^^S
of money wii:cii the BepoaUcan P a ;- y n J ? , S - j^^T
and especu. In case cf victory at the gg 1"*-^"^1 "*-^"^
t— ue To what laws --r>cr. the statute booKs can
the bemoc'arfc SrtT poir.t, as evidence of ma:
administratton. dther tn cioCve or r»su.^ ; \\ra.
*ver legislation has coir.c to the "ecutive th^ has
nc* met with popular approval has besn nrotnpt.y
"«e«ed S5 ye«. which veto has never *cc:, over
- ddin : by the .episiature. in their •ertcmres upon
Republican admteintratlims atoey liM. can tn»
Desioi-ratic party point to a spedSs :nstan?e wne.j
v^'-abie fl-«'4s of a city were dissipated
through State legislation 1. as was the case in .x
i-famcus Hu-lt>D«rry bfll. wSlch granted an ex
cliTvf and terp. rual charter fa the growing Dor
tion' of New- York cur to a railroad ecrporaUoa
by m-ans of which thosa who are row pron-.meat
;n f-.» management " f Dcsocratle State and na
tional ar&:rs in the Slave of New-York enriched
*XF&m*w<i asas teto r^.ee we found a las sys
trm i->f Bxuuice w" h the cecesalty of ar aaanai
dir»ct tax levied epca th« neopie of the State of
over OflCßiflM: the CcatroDeT 1 * office, the chief
financial a&c* of the State, diapce'.ns cf cublic
ia."da contrary to law: records cf sorporatlon ta-tea
krDt in ren^.l: tb« books m s:tii otSce ■•aawina"
various Singe* from das« to time, without a-
thorit] Is the latwests of certaia c^TPcratloas: the
Trea»nry sbewtes ■• Seflot: many of the State's in
stitutional officials restiss under charges pr»
rerrt-d -y i De.niorra:lc Qmtrnor. involvinar the
pcrchaM of and payment for sapplies far In ex
eena of market pri -cs — some of the»e facts were es
tablished dt a committee cf tiie Ser.ate cf wnich
1 had .iie ncacr to be a meaier.
— the correction of these •ails end abuses th«
BepObUcaa p^r:\ addressed ttseif. The vtea)tr.»6B<^>
ff>ur.d ia tie ''~■'"<•'■-■,~ ■' "<•'■-■, j»;- -•"'•" 01 the S^ate wer« r»
By exiTali s tie yr!r.":i?ie of Inoirect ranatlor..
aad b y- correcting tie abuses in the caHactioa of
taxes rri.-m -.:r^orau..*:s, ir.-' revn :«-s o:' me Su»te
bave tr-iwri :r?ui (6,300,000 asoua] v In liv** to
nearly C3.OoQ.fiu6 :r! »M. The Republican partj-.
therefore, in pledging Itself ;o tne ront'^uarire of
tail BystdS ii- its platform auopievi at c?^ra;cpa. 13
worik.rg tn the initre*ts of those who own tlie
larrr.s. the humes. and iLe real eaiate of tee cctn
The Democratic piatfonn cl->!ir- that there :n a
popular suspicion as m sue r'aiiii of the entire
ttepnnH-an i>jl^y oi ep»-cia; ami Indirect ta-^atir>r..
t«ecaus<? 'jZ Uie tax aiMta th« surnius *>f savi::i£
ba^ks. It i* Bouiid pu:>;J'' iv'lcy to relieve frota
uxattoa. wbes possible, these of our dtiens least
_b:- tt r^r-or the b'.irden. »vi to f"|i'iir'p In theja
thrift er.fi fmgality. WTiiie a.-, the tim» 'he' va.x
upon the gm-plu* o? s^\.;-ig^ banJu was Imposed tne
necessity for it seemed to exist, the additional
is.x apon the 'a.c nf aquoi b) the i.ut* renders It
ross.ble to loreso the revenue* re-e-ved from this
source, and I therefore pWC^ myself, if elected, to
aa-.-r); S ; e an( j f aV or tne rep»-uj of tiJla tax
' Th« K<pub.ican pur:r. ta Its platform and by
legWiatlon. e'ar.iia plecgej to the noivr cf pooci
reads. Durr.? the lr.-t s*ven y~ar«. »..»o.fwn have
beta «rend^d by the State for this purpose, ard
•■ . egnal amount by tht. localities thus bpneflted.
BOTfflJ public sentiment favors a coatiauaneo of
U^*l rni<:y - r - By rec(?lt legislatJon the State
n»S^w VT S 5t ;oB SJi to every dn::ar of cash ex
penced by the differmt townships wnieh tar*
tS v L money «y«-w ;n the imDrovemem cf
th. 7 r yehways. This statute insure, to every lo
cality dEoostnc tn take sdrantags of its provisions
g^Sj a C d '-^'J^tial S'^te aid. thereby dis-
Wbßting the benefits of State asstetancs equally
,v a I>A^" °StS tt ~ Slate - The ReaabHcaa partj^
u.Jtrs nu uackward etep ui>on the subject of good
i^ r^ TT u th iJ^' z " lirht ari! th « scntiireineßt of
»..d ... the Adirondack and Catskiil r-arks has been
'Jr'-fX ■, T i Js /'° li T »honM be maintained until
an cf the lani w:rh:n the area of these rarks shall
be the property of r h e State, thus Insuring prote~
22. t0 Ir ' c at * r "apply of the State, while af
£Z~Sf. a P ark iOT rh * P^-orle asd a refuge for tbe
.■-va;:c? cr cur cpmsior.wealth.
-77 h Z ,Pf°P' c themselves at the polls bay- .-
S^Swi^? expenditure of a !ar B « sum of money
for the Improvement of the rar.a!? VTh;l<« there
♦ w,- * c:..ertnc€ of opinion as to the wisdom of
w ag»:n;t tee improvement, that the money shall
JS. r,l" ertly , "P"*;* 51 - *«- that they shall have
IM fua equivalent fcr every dollar spent. I ple^pe
rd^^ U^ reser / le< l !T to ever 5" '•^ser. in the State

the last ten years millions of dollar*
hr.vt- Deen expensed in the constmcthw of a ■:.*
r.^: . Ilunii:er ?f? f hoft ?i'-"i« and chartable instltn
~ ™ J°, p . ro^ erl >' ca "« for our unfortunates Over
■■— vv *'*:;):«ss m-rates «r» rnred for by the S'a'e
aa eflttpared with 11.264 In «M. If elected Governor.'
I shall ! use no opportunity to advise and co-opera-e
w,;h that great aray of philar.thropi-to who are
i=2 BnsfiTflshly ar.d pen-rousiv laboring to improve
the condition of these unfortunates, kpepmjr tn
irund a ways that mggnrdly economy should not
rrevail as against the health, wellbeing and cv"
cf th«fe chanres of our State.
fa a great Stare, with its vast comTne-cial li'*r
est- !t is important that at all times there should
be full ■scnrttT and e«j'jaMty both a* to labor and
capital, which will tend to brteg the^e »wo rrea*
elements r>f society into harmony. Th- State haa
recognized its (3uUe« in this particular. Mor- and
better laws have bees placed upon the statute
bocks under Republican administration tn saf»
ruard the interests of labor and capital tha- Vv
our opponents The" policy of the Republican party
toward lasor Law be-n one of p*rforaia~'-e ratw-r
than prewne*. It ha* enacted the eight-hoar law
for the benefit of these employed by the State It
has er.aj-ted similar lafre for every m.-jnicipa!!tv
of tae =tate. Tt sousht to extend this benefl'e^t
ETuni^lpal-Ues thoSe laixjrlnß for contractors 'for
We have reaped that the Icterwti of property
and capital should be at all times n-otectrd he
lleving that in such a cour«e labor its^f '« ri«e-ilv
concerried. Renuhlioaa lezis'atures have al«o ci
*f» r A laws Prohibiting eoild labor, belteriac th-t
childhood is sarrrd and should be epent ia •-♦"-ols
rather than in factories and *hop». " ""
The legislative act of lant winter, uniting the
two <J> ra-T • - the suwuVlstoa of our school"
a-d char.s;n«r a condition nhii-h had prevailed from
the earliest times in the State. rr»t ar intrlerable
si;uatior.. and met it wi*»;>-. Thi^ v<»xnrlo'js con
dition was bandied in a war wnlch reduced the
msmber of employes and saved from *ȥ"ȣ f;* 9
each year in the expenses of the two o *^:, l^'2:
wbat 1, of more importance, this, was accom P£-£C
in a way wnicii stihed controversy in ,t, tb * s choo.s
and brought the educational forces of tfte '&•£«
into eCective co-operation; it ?et aside jn^aea
educational administration peculiar to
and substituted a system of e^capnr^l effl^len cy •
It opened the way for more rapid r u Pj" u ''^-f v °I
in the State piatform. to the PW^SJSy free
cauonal administration most be tgWjgJ
from politics a- weU as tram^il ****** Tne aiie
narshlp. ar.d of this I am heartJy s.ai.. j:ne aw
jration of our opponents that P*—^;-^ £°",
practical to brin* m a new t sta nd
- and proir
seems to me to have been th* no-t f«J.I) «f -»'
wo-m^t approbation. If choser. Oovvcwc^^i
eve me Sn>eakabl« pleasure tn take such part
Is mar be possible to promote the educational <le-
V The^t^n^ aNo^en con.Uerir.g the , u«gtton
of was-en of irs employes. Employe, of the ■ S;a.e
w or^infr like service should receive like pay.
Witb^he hoU that favoritism for purely P^£
cr political reasons mipht be eliminated.^^£ ""*
t— e stJlrit of the Civil Service law made effecme.
I drafted na act classifying the State *fßV}**f*
proi-al by the Governor. I have f^J~*££&Z
&ls art will ultimately remit in redneimj «22!±ni
salaries.' and tn (drtag to those who are 6**™*
of it a fairer opportunity for Just eompe.~ation.
The Democrat* rlatfcrm indulge in indlscriml
nate - - i: :kn S
shcrtccir.:n?s. is show by '"i'^^^Vness a rs
■old and the producner, of an a
of the peore of the at s;,. cVe Ve theyt hey would wipe
-a-=^ w-h tetejß «1
cSrged as between Democratic Jean
in o-r
Ss°s Saga "^"'.rTH^WeVl
the extSStog at instruction tn the asricult iral
ht^r^-s and the repayment of money to the roun-
Se^erroneoSlT exacted by the State under Dfno-
S3ate*t!h? inc?eaa^«P^Ql^re»: As' wrtl might

Wto** inJris -n the expeadirure, in ihat nvi ;
nSwilitT over wluit was promised wher. thel.
r- a^e- "con £ o:iaati ;i r the greater pity. *« &g?
to xhftr. by a BepttbUcaii legislature a=ii n i-e
pnblicaa Governor.
It would inJeed he aifilcult to take seriously ■ !**
ntt«Tances ct the Democratic piatf.»rm. rharacte.
tzed as they are by todiscrlnHnaU abu;«-. mis
f-,-*~'•>"• of ar.d unft)ur.cs*»d charges »x
pressed la Intempwmts Iwrtgnsge worthy only 0. 1
C"~. iracr. prold. were the-, not found in c senooi
rrociamatton of a great nationaj party ,1V wa«
their evident note in protnulratins 1« '"-^ l - xe
peopls of the State ha.l forpott--- thf cJrcumstanc«s
und'-r w:ii"ii :ti»j' were iant driver, bam j' CWT ', r |
T st! rcn^Jent in the !>ei:e{ that the geopw **.:.
remember that the leadership of th- DemocrsOc
party of the State of New-York m-iay n the »m
a- w^-ers crimes asjanxsi rhe electtys fraachlse wers
.-on-: nitted notaViv in Aibanv und Troy; when th-
S«"na*f of the State wbs sts'etU w^er! the eoctts,
T.roucrh Deraocrattc fudges, wen obliged jo dedara
•he Democratic State canvass.nff boa-d in enn
teT-int for refusing to obey the mandates of the
courts c?!r<"-tire *r-"m to canvas lawful r»t')m»
made by ele-tion offit-rra. Never in the lifetime of
men now 'ivtng- car. this ',eacershlp succeed b':fcr«
Th^ n^Tnination st Baratorn came Is me without
soll'-iraticn and withe rl-dge "1 a.r.y mar. or
rnr.-ir.!z:uion. a* to rry future aetlOßS, if e.err-d
Governor I cnr., therefore, bafeiy protr.l!^" the
people of the State that, if elected. I shsj h»
Go\'erT!or of the who!e peor)ie. ami *ha!! oerote my
time and hest etTor'* to the d!s<-har«-e r>t the dut'es
of tbe effi'-e. I believe it to be the du?r of the
exerut!v» of a Srire to hold to "(rrict account^h!'!tr
evei-s- ofneial of 'he 3»ate Ko^■errr^er.t. an<l I *ha!l
not be d»terre«i by nolitiral cr ot*i»*r considerations
from a foil and 1 conscientious dis'-harr" of -"j-h
duty. It «han rrv *lm to r-dirint!«ter .... affnjr*
of the r-ommor.wealtb !*: su^h a manner a« shall
f«nir» the deafest arsj he^t result? he-^'nif a'wnv»
to the I:ne. that the in»»re«>t.» of all the people
whrf Be«-\-nnt I V7iu!<l I are at al! timeM cnr\-
B< .fr«.d. Pvurpresttor.-" wi"s he w^l'-otri". dictation -»
, r>«'i!~i. and 'ri the end t->v indivHual Judgment a!on>»
m**st rte»*rrair:e mv offl^ial nations.
Gentlemen, I arcerit the nomination.
At the close of the address there was an
cther demonstration, and It was only with gr*at
ClSlTTJlty that the crowd was restrained from
rushing by the barriers in Its d»slre to congratu
late the speaker. When the cheering had sub
eided Senator Ma.by introduced M. Lir.n Bruce,
of New-York, the nominee for lieutenant" Gov
ernor, who said:
Mr. Chairman ar.-l Gentlemen: I thank the Re
publicans of the State for the honor they hay»»
conferred in nominating me for the office of Lieu
tenant Governor, and through you I extend my
hearty appreciation If elected, my standard 0"?
rondunt shall be my oath of office. I shall recoij
r.!z* no other authority. I shall seek no approval
save that of the people when I account to them
for my tru«»t. To be associated with Prank Way
land : ~KK'.v* Is a signs honor; he is no experi
ment; his cnaracter and career yuarantee a fear
1-ES, independent progressive administration. Ir.
htm are exemplified Integrity of purpose, wt^dotr
in council, uprightness in conduct, and mental and
moral stability. Our piatform Is the record of our
party, -a confidence we SUbßlt our cause tt>
the people.
Mr. Bruce was followed by Judge Julius ii.
Mayer, who spoke even more briefly. His sar
castic reference to the attitude of Attorney Gen
eral Cunneen and his pledge, if elected, not to
wait until the heat of a campaign before takir.g
even unofficial recognition of alleged wrongdoing
was greeted with prolonged cheering. He said:
I am eommi?sion«d by my associates to express
on their behalf, and on my own. profound appre
ciation of th" great honor that nan come to us in
the nominations received from the Republican con
vention at Saratoga. Some already have had the
opportunity of nerving tn»ir State Controller Kel
sev. Secretary of State O'Brien -•i State Engineer
Van Al*tyn» have served their State honestly and
wei;. Their integrity and fidelity to d'lty is the be.it
pledge that can be riven on'their behalf at this
time B6 place. As for myself, if elected. I shall
expect the value of my opinion as Attorney Gen
eral and my sincerity shall be tested by legal ac
tions brun and successfully terminated, and not
by the belated Issuance of lawyers' briefs, mislead
ing In purpose, printed in .the heat of a political
campaign. Mr. Wa'.!>?r.rneier and myself al!k«. new
to a - -*: • number, hope to have the ability to serv*
the p«ople of the State with that same fidelity ex
hibited by our neighbor and the next Governor of
the Empire State. Frank Waylaai Higgins.
"vVhen the last of the speaking was over the
crowd could no longer be restrained- Climbinj
or fences and tables, breaking through shrubbery
and vines, it descended onfhe candidate. Many
hands were outstretched, and. walking down to
the lowest step of the piazza, the candidate ac
cepted the congratulations of his neighbors and
friends. For ha!* an hour he stood there shak
ing hande. State leaders who grasped his hand
were shouldered down the line by men in work
ing clothes. The evidence not merely of per
eonal esteem, but of personal Joy. shown by this
entirely unexpected part of the celebration wig
striking. When It was finished the candidate,
breathless and wearing his collar hanging limp,
walked back to the piazza to accept the con
gratulations of his associates and of the polit
ical leaders who were here.
But tie local celebration was not yet over.
Once more the two bands started off. and the
•ong lines of citizens marched back and forth
aJyng the broad main street, cheering ag£ in and
fcfiain. At sunset the fireworks began, followed
» UtUe later by a. torchlirht procession and tM .
other mass meeting-, and It was lrag after mid
night when the celebration ended.
The celebration was marked by a single unfor
tunate incident. A local Jeweller whose politics
la not known left bis store unmatched, while
he crossed the street to hear the afternoon
speech of Senator Dep*w. It was probably the
largest price ever paid to hear the Junior Don
ator speak, for when he returned $3,000 in dia
monds were missing, but even the jeweller's woe
failed to excite sympathy in the face of the en
thusiasm, and even the "local policemen returned
to duty with a sigh.
The night celebration was marked by still
stronger evidences of the widespread popular
rejoicing of the people of ' Lieutenant Governor
Kiggins's home city at his nomination. The
main street was strung with electric lamps on
either side for more than a mile. Many build
ings were illuminated, and the small boys of
every age were provided with Roman candles
and fireworks. Through this Illumination the
voters of this city and surrounding counties
marched in a brilliant torchlight procession.
There w»re scores of mounted torch bearers,
and delegations from adjoining counties carrying
appropriate banners. Cowbells, tin horns and
every sor * of noisy instrument and two local
band's were pressed into service. The streets
were lined with hundreds of cheering people,
and. amid a pandemonium of rockets, bombs
and firecrackers, the enthusiasm of the Repub
licans found full expression. Beside the uproar
«nd illumination of the night celebration even a
Tammany Hail notification tit a local ticket
would be tame.
Depezv, Bruce and Woodruff Speak
at Mass Meeting.
Clear. N. Y. Oct.. 4.— The mass meeting in th^
circus tent on the city square which preceded the
notification ceremony was marked by the eri
tnusiastic welcome which greeted sad frequently
interrupted Senator Depcw as he discussed th
caropaig.-.. a.r.d the royal greeting to the Ex-Ueu
tenant Governor. Timothy L. Woodruff, who spoke
briefly but in glowing terms of Lieutenant Gov
ernor Higjrlr.s. Congressman E. B. VreeJano" pr
sided at the mass meeting, and created a general
laugh by presenting Senator Depew as "a KepuD
li"an who began to make speeches at twenty-one,
aad ha# continued for twenty years sinre."
M. Linn Bruce also spoke briefly, and his praise
of Lieutenant Governor Higgins was warmly ep
Senator :■•-.■- eulogized Lieutenant Governor
H:gg!r.3, and reviewed his career which, he said,
was "one of remarks. Sic success, and truly Amer
ica.-.." He said :
No romin«?e in a ger-ration has come ta the ef
f.rm w ; th sucn lotij trair.ir.g ar.d axpenencs te the
position and such denior.strateii a&ility to acr T*
the peop.e w'.tn excepuoaai ability as Frar.k A.
Tfi<» car.aiia,te(« and Issues ar» pictured UWJTO
rlainiy than ever tvrfore in atv canvass in the
adriressfii to the nouUcatlon commitiees anj th»
letters of accn'tance of President Rocat-vsj-. ar.<j
Juige Parker. They are each able ar.d typira! of
th«> man and of his party. On the Republican slae
ore the ■ofcriden''- nnd Vircresslven. ss Vbtea have
ccme from ti»« fultilraetii. of promise* and the auc
c«vful results of po.irses carried into eiacutior. .n
'»^risiati«n and execiitive action. On the D»*mo
craiic Kiae ere the heflit.ir.cy. t*u <jaa'ii!cations •'
po«:;iors, the cauttoa tn sts.temer.t anU transpnrpr-.t
doubt ns to the merit or popularity of positions.
which i« natural from repeated Uufeatd of party
propositions and divided counsels &a party prin
Scnatcr PepeTr compare;! th<* tw» canilida*es for
the Presidency, tba one. President RoosereU.
whose exre-r.er.ee. he said, has been "administra
tive and executive.'" the other. Judge Parker.
whcs» experience has bera "purely Judicial."
He dealt a: some length or: th« coinage question.
and. after speaking with reference to' Judge Par
ker's "gold 'elegram." said:
t<"« conaally welcome this dlstiagntoced eOnTsrt.
rejoice that tfcstzgts h# eetnes to only a: tn<»
eirvcnUi hour, be racoivss with al] the rent of as his
;• .t.y r-r ir. the J»TC«p«rity whjrn Sas fol
fcw»d the adoption of the> roid rtan-irr-i But w<s.
who have tuutht tne ti«ht and kept the faitn. TirM
no authority far .-nakis* the eleventh tour laborer
tfcs supertntesaent cf the rtneyard.
The tariff, the Phfllpplres, the Par.uma Canal.
T> nstoris, and "the cry ot ertravneanra," «en
taken up by the Scr.ator, and he concl'Jiied with a
rev.ow of Pr<*3:d«r.t Roo»«velt'9 early successes to
pub!:c Hf«. and h.s remarkable rise "No Presi
dent ha» grown v Roosevelt since he ■« Inauy
urs'.ed." he conciuded, "Iz ail that constitutes In
sb!'.::y, • . » -■ ..■•■••■_ wisdom, the h;ga
est equipment for that mo»t difficult and powerful
po?ition. the Presidency of the T'nite,i States."
Senator Depew was foilowe«l tv M Liza Bruce.
who said:
Theodore Rooseveft was not the choice of the
politicians. It 1.1 not saying too much that he was
nominated in spite >i£ tne politiciaaa. He was not
the choir** of ttv truats or of the gr««at corpora
tions. His nomination was effected in spue of tnetr
opposition. He wan not the choice of any class or
of any section. His nomination wan made tc re
sponse to tne universal cemand of tae r&Ek ami tlie
of his party in every State and throughout the
xrhoie country. He was neither unknown r.or un-
Triad. for twenty year* he has bren m public Ufa.
Bis views upon a" grrat questions were known to
the people who demaruied his nomination.
Who nominated Jud«e Fark«r for the Presi
dency? He waa the 1 ersor.al can<iidate and his
nomination was directly brought abou; by David
B. Hill. He was far from being the. unanimous
choice of his own party tn his own Sta *. lias
vi«ws upon rational questions were entirely un
known and undiscoyerabie. and it was only by the
masterly manipulation of Mr. HUL, Mr. Sheehan.
Mr. MeCarren and Mr. Belmont that bis nomina
tion was made possible.
Ex-Ue-jtenar.t Governor Woodruff said:
The record cf Mr. Higgin* is known to you and tn
me, and ie one which should commend Itself to all
the citizens of the State, irrespective of party
affiliations. As State Senator from t.-.is district and
as Lieutenant Governor he has rendered conspicu
ous service to the State of New-York. It is not
fair to him or to the Republican party, or for that
matter to the people oi the State at large, to be~
cloud the Issue of hi» splendid services by attacks
upon any one else. .
Thin year we look confidently to a still c -. :l r
majority than that of 19no. and in return, while we
anno from our Democratic end of the State send
up t^ sou a majority, we will gend to you for the
national ticket arid al«"u for the State ticket, for
M - Hiffßins and for Bruce and Mayer who are
arnoiff :h« best citlzers of the great riry of New-
York and the rest of the tirket. a Republican vot«
which will not only bo welcome to you but win
surprise you.
Accident Almost Causes Postpone
ment of Notification.
[3T TEtir.RArH T" THE TRIBrx-. T
Olean. N. T.. Oct. 4.— The delay of Che train
from New- York City which broucht a number
of the members of the notification committee
and Senator George R. llalby. the chairman,
who was to deliver th» notiacation address, was
marked by several exciting incidents. On the
train were ex-Lieutenant Governor Timothy L,.
Woodruff, William Halpin. Abraham Gruber,
Congressman Lucius N. LHtauer and a score
of other well known Republicans.
The train left Jersey City at 0 o'clock last
eight, and carried the special cars filled with
Republicans who were going to the Clean cele
bration. All went well until the train reached
Hancock. Per.n.. where it was stalled as the
result of a collision of freight trains. For five
hours the train stayed there, and when the
notification committee awoke it was still two
hundred miles from Olean.
Then followed urgent telegraph dispatches. A
special train was made up. and the remaining
distance covered in record time. The train made
fifty-six miles in 54 minutes. At noon, the hour
set f«r th<? notification ceremony at Olean. the
tra»n was at Elmlra. but with due solemnity
Senator Malby iniorrr.e:! Julius M. Mayer, the
only candidate on board, ot his nomination tor
the office of Attorney •Jeneral. and Mr. Mayer
accepted without hesitation. The train reached
Olean at 2 o'clock.
Clean. N. T.. Oct. 4.— After the notification cere
monies. Lleuteraat Governor Htgginn repeated his
previous aaserzirtr that he had no pUns as yet f" s'*5 '*
his course in the campaign. He said:
"I shall go to !C«w-Yecs to-morrow night, ar
riving there Thursday morning, and shall x*3satn
there tor several oays. That's as far as X nave a«.
ciimi as i«L"
X Y/E we prepared to meet every deßaad «l the piano jiariha— . and
and Gnnd Piano*. Many new *yks have bees added and our ime
exhibit m now larger and more aSracUve than ever before.
naintaaied thdr supremacy far PURE TONE-QUALITY. ELEGANCE
The Fischer New Small G - ' d
If tout parlor will accommodate an Upright it wia &a iufca> of
Grands, which has aQ the TONE-QUALITY « the Ful Grami and com
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■"'v-« tar Citnlttpu -.■«* 7"«r»u.
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•»a »• WEST STREET. * IX g%* iQfK
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sos to make it proof against the meanest drizzle that ever trickled out of
the skies. Two coats at the cost of one — $20.
Full Dress Suits, silk lined— Hr Tuxedos— ?3s.
Samples, Fashion cards and measuring outfit free.
Broadway @. 9tK St.
Mar at Olean Prcdici Big Republi
can Vote.
r^r mxrmjkra -«■» t"x nßsrmi
Oieen. N. T.. Oct. 4.— The jKSfflrsrlnn ceremonies
which brought many State In to this city
to-day furnished an opportunity far a canvass of
the Stat» situation as i:'ex:="« in various v;-
Srats counties. ™d It was s;;rt::2car.t to find a con
sensus of ep'.r.i-ra among the l«aders ta ymrtowi
parts c* tha State that the ■ - •- •■ cf th» State
ar.d nAiiorA! ticket was certilr.. In marry eoaatSrs
majorities wers prophesied far m esc«*.«s of previ
ous years. Tfce tide of B*pubiicasism ia the
veoasi part of the Mate »*s partieslsarty strik
ing. Conservative atiJ trustworthy district w::rk
ers declared that they expected majTiTitTw grear»r
than those re^^eiTefl by Presld-rnt McKinley Car
State and national ticket*, and the largest esti
mate of the majority of the national ticket was
"Cttautaoqua County wVi give XLOOH,™ said A«
semblyman Wade, cf Jamestown., "and it rrrsy snve
more. I ever knew a time when ■-.» : — '- of
popular feeCns toward the Republican ticket m
so «ti~)R« as It ts here to-day. Ours is a r->ck
ribbed Repub'.icnn com but we shall get two
thousand more than usua! this year."
'Tw- thousand for the Cnsg.-wss district com
pr'.s'.nc Chautnurjtia, Cattamucts as A!>chanr"
said James 8. "v\*hipple. clerk of rhe S*r.a:e. "and
the -.-■■- ■ all w!th us. '-. •Is «o talk cf cuttir.jr
the ticker in th!s part cf th«» State— aot the slight
«• On the contrary, OorernoT HJggtns will run
ahead here la his cwn county. AH the ta!k of iia
sati?faet!L:n and disloyalty belongs somewhere else
be»ldrs in this eectien."
■ We I do better than ever is Cattaraugus." said
A«»emblyman Hayden.
Senator Geirge Davis -' Buffslo. fca<l -.. nan*
story to tell. "I never saw things look more hepe
fuL" said he. "We shall carry Erie County by
3.800. and thus materially increase the rote we gave
Governor Odell. No. I don't Sml aay fvi<leace of
any intention on any one's part to split the ticket.
Nor Uo I »te ar:y sign of elTecilve work on th? rart
of the Democrats In Erie County. They seem occu
pled more by their factional fights."
George Aldndge. cf Rochester. *st!mat-d the Re
publican majority in Munro« County this fall aa
S.OCO. "The normal Republican majenry is 4.000." he
saki. "and »• will double it. "■ - saaoaatai
prosperity cf tbe people .- my district is the main
reason for this increase cf Republican votes. Every
body is at work, am! nobody wants a change. The
State ticket will not m far behind tsis figure.
There will d? little DB — aoa."
Francis Hsntlricks, of 3yracu*e. Superintendent
cf Insurance, woulii no: give any figure*. He *o.<i:
"You know I am conservative ir. thos« things, but
I will * a - that we Shall give bctn the State ami
national ticket at large a vote as we dM in 1900."
Judg« L. L. Shedden. cf Clinton County, who is
condactmr the campaign us the district of John F.
O'Brien, said: "There is n->t any dis-iatiaf action of
Republicans on the northern tier. W**U give th«
State and national ticket a big majority in Clinton
County outside of Flattsburg. and carry that Dem
ocratic city into the bargain. There's no boltir.g
of Republicans, but we »-• going to have more
than our share of Democrats. Moreover, th« situ
ation In Frar.kl'.n County is just as ass : Tf» in
splendid condition. We've been working up norta
for weeks. The Democrats cars just begun to
have a :••» meetings. That's all they have done
so far."
A similar situation was reported In St. Lawrence
County by Senator George R_ Malby. "As good as
usual." said he wnen asueti wr.at the majority foT
the State and national ticket would be lr: St. Law
rence; "as good and better for th« State ticket than
in Bat Things in this campaign a-» • m resin
ning, and we are just gettir.g our coats off. but
just wait until our county is heard from,"
"We shall give our usual majority. " said Senates
John Raines, of Canandaigua. "and more if this
mudslinging campaign continues. ! never knew
such a campaign to fail to react. W« shall In
crease our majority a little, a considerable thing
when you consider what has happened in the last
Jew years in the way of Republican majorities in
Western New- York."
"Broone will do as usual for State and national
tickets," said Colonel George w Dunn-
Scores of other leaders expressed a slxr.Car senti
ment. There was a note of buoyant confidence evi
den? among the Republicans of Western con
stituenceti that had its effect ia the enthusiasm of
those present.
•We ar« not afraid of meeting a major- in
greater New ork as larse a* that for Coler In
1902." said John F. OBrmi. Secretary of Stats.
"We can overcome that easily."
The vote in Fjeater New- York. I don't ny ma
jority, for New-York la a Democratic constituency,
but the Republican vote will astonish you." saM
es-Ueutenant C.ov error Woodruff. "and in Kisg^
Cevnty. where 1 am from, we ar» go.ng to devote
every energy rroni now until Election Day to the
success of the ticket. Sta c and national "
Borough rresitlent Cromwell >• *ilchmond. W&>.
stter.d'd the nothlcation ceremony vcused th»
general BBlftataettßa of the Republicans of the
Curt» > COW ttOoe D«j , Gr^n 3 D^* S*^J&/TrVTr*-*~ a» aio
Tfc* Jthls-s of the St. I '-mi* Expoaitlcrj
acknowletisf the scpericrlry of ot^ cvxia
br nlaclne ties: terand corrrrietlrlea.
It ia Quality that has mad- tie came
Lerrjure famous. See that this same,
•; Dai L-E-11-A-I-F.-E »as above,-, 13 oB
the end and around the eye piece at
every Opera ar.d Fieli Glass y?ti buy;
otherwise you will buy wcrtr.:e33 ;nuta
Ft «•-• st a.? rwMMBb ft— '■ ■■
, OK
r.im».;y. Tmlltse.g. L*usS:a*
M Sise:=K. *;w*y» »t ocmra»nd
to rtntet ta* v-arr"-=S nt«>«t.
W» h**» zhwst all "-a »a:i
•iraer typ*.
CABLETS «d laaaUl I CASES ta* •»«*.
If in Need
o! a
Consult the Situations Wanted
Advertisements in the Narrow
Columns of To-Day's Tribune.
eastern part of the State ar the situation M ?1 »
w««ern nart: ■aaassi anttaaftpavan]
"I never saw such undisputed * a£taa SZlZ!*
such unanimity of opinion as to tbe re~u--- B^~
said he. "I hear on all skUa ot tremendousJßJ
jorlties. and apparently they canpot be 9 t^f2 ! '='f £
Moreover, the demonstration of Haa S aYs»
Diean to-day was. in IBM general «n<l*
worifcy. I ne\-er saw a more general gtlwagj*
pride and appreciation than that '^saaaS
tenant Gorerro.- Higgiss by hta fellow "wnssjen
to-day. The attention with which they ow "* „
speech, the eagerness with which they ruangtl _?
greet him when he had ar.>he*-- c-r:alrly tsaw
can be no auction as M what his ?e!-<"f t 2Z!Ji
men think of the Lieutenant Goverrar The see**
as ha stood shaking haesa reminded ay cr i^
pictures ens sees of earner iajrs in Amaricaa — -
rory. _^
"In <^>mrsny with many others. I hope ac yor
glnii will take the stump. I had k?H>wn aim aaWJ
•o-cay. but the power and the •a-no*tneso «!^
which he anoke the sincerity of his m*=nc.. ■■>
imprrssed me. as I believe r.*.ey would w»*f? -tUSm
'■'•*■ '« bel-e advised to take the stump. I »?•
he wilL for I believe he would s"*he ansaae
w!>«rever -c w»nt aac» carry corviJ'nQS- _____
Of th* situation in Richmond. Pr^s'4«t Croai
well said: "I beUsve w* atieU cut the TOW sa»
j« nry in ha;: there. Our canvasses s!-ea(Jy eBQ—
that we srn!i carry me ward rtttee 1 " ***'»S^
ocratlc. The stmatio^ ts splendid, ..oat certxSKT
I rever «a« such a rrmaricable evidence eg ena
aasnee as one meets oo every side here.

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