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•, (g .(u^- - «^" c 1 S//M fl y)
Mrs. F?rnandis"s Efforts ta Help Colored Tots
of Washington.
'„ i.- . - ■ - ■ ■
dM ' C • ■ •• - "■" i helping -
_ ■ : . .i down by Bv>iA-»r T. W n-iitr.£
; ■ V " ■ ' . Z TV.'h BUO ~
Aoojt a : • .. - ' issocisXed cnart] ■
liegtenins Miss H. ]
: Kiei<i"— a 5-:....
m bk± asm d '.■ - ■ m.
. .• t yi ars ,i?o became of notorious mar
■ : The work waj talt-n In
i Bpea iaJ coaußltteo • • -
■• - - wad
PVM*" is bow a. ••or.:: .■ .■ i i t n igh
d. but its i.nh.i - t
md » bfldr i I nar
........ lri
::■. a giwi.. . -.i-. :;. ar<i
I:.!? d'jn-:- rr.iy.--icr.dry worK m iLv i ... S> r.g the
i bat • rvicea.
B - ■ • . sigh ■ igh \o prove

. . .
feet ."Use- every d^>. aud the women
sad children in the vJdnity ar» free i
— : • -■ . i Kb* arrasg ..
.. ...
■nd euT.r.jr r..tii-.s. Is many instances, to ofcaenrej
'■■. a.r.ri, a.^ n. result, tbera ■*■?•: clean
. an ana Soon ::. "Blood ndd.** ssd t;<bie«
where l.Tnuiiea sit down «."-■! eai toc»rh-. :-.stead
• | their f''od, as ..e cative eiprc?«»'i hi
.. .. .... .. wa; . j,... •■
r .. ia
: con -


• -
■ •

good efl rork la
• ihow a
. . ■
: lei
on an i

!•: the Gi r:-~r :-~ of Eden cbe
Bg tree occupied a very imp^r;
a.-.: pdtce. Aoarn had H^> rrenr
a/, «• abie-c'hote, and Eve'i
tno&ttt tr.oupht ftp leaves the
iu'sH rrihrg ?<jr tktpcs'm.
W batrrtr ri.r occasion of
their 6tn caand, i: certainly
wts net sfaeot Cretcg F.c>, tor it
hsi-ame die privii-p- or -:5t L
Brad in the Nirxiecnic Ccntur-.-,
;o prt Uj;i choice prycac: to die
25c. the pour.d "rtajket at ane
grocerj met; .-Ik. i.
mere or less nejrularitj to deposit their nickels
lepositor i iwok and
_: I la pasted in H to '■• cashed later on
tw dothlns
■ i- mked Mr-= PVrnandis I
■ : never tried to sai . I
rouldn't An It, i>—- . - ..
■ ' ■•'■:■ S) ■ v - ged him
wever, a ... -, already
■ ■ ■ ■ -
money enough I ■ i t at a reguL
• «••• earning s
.. ■■
■ ■ . mncl ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ' -Kir enabk s him to pa
11 ' c»»nts a week In his stamp
I ■■■ k.
THE WORK r- ■: "
% s it 1 .--.j ■ :• ,r-. -■■
■n->irh. Sin ■ . laid that eai on* morn
id said
- - ■.•Mi left
• ......
. •.... ...
U.r v . . • . . • . i ba Inc*."
"H.t i of I re n
(lonize ' • : Sh iwer#d. in response
■ •
»i lour] 'ith '•-• :ii ' ■ i;g the
: • ■ •' -..I ar" br< -•
in tf'« ■ ■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ wh<
drawn from th* street • • ■
it - ......
ugh nm
- ■ " trifles
• H P. A moihf: who I .
: • r to i
•■■.« am*
I ■ ■ rfh 1 ;
rpturn.^l from •;• work. \Azi kindergar
ten, though acani ■ • •
white - ■ • whll«
- • C ■ :: • A ■
lot raps on ;:. ■ iaot to tell 1 -...a her
mother w ••. ■ ■ • I-., r me 1 lew -■
(-a-.jt- 'eh« ain't (for time to Qomti my i •
ar- crnaU • I
• .
■ . •• urs that wot .ir~,
not working
B^Tti*::-:. ' - : • red pi ''.pir Ir, f'i!* r
but a • • ... -■•tv-Ynrk la
i.-v. r. ....
to Introducing It i I i 'ltj
An Appeal for Winter Fuel.



• ■!<>:.■■ 5-u.l Broth«T OU
t).-Tt. "we •s...ii\ !■►! eofn pelted to close our'l orac for
T! •■ •■ | • "rtant
ifm i ■;' expense tor six months In th« year, ami
B no radowm at or reserve funds « i
. the slms of good people to nr'et this
and our other dally expenditures."
I i • •.. r ••• .. : lias bf^n aenl to F
. rat C teJ f::r..J. Brother Oi!b«-rt suys:
We have an altitude of '..'« feet. This means
r»ji xuss be ::«:-■.■! earlier and kepi
[anew '..-;. '. . a ;•■■- exposed • • '■*'■• can say.
toWTer. *<•:'.'..'"• st-.ir of contradiction, th I ■
i ■ as beiMifci'ul .i dtuation ss there i*^ in thi
country. und -t-- bta.vine the very best r
tii" way '-.•■ rcstO''lng T <> health those who eonae :o
■ ... ■ I roken d »wn T
■ - !•.) past adrift those who nr» suf
• ■ ►•r."ji"«l^. several paralytics and
epUepti •...::: er >>T destitute old me
Contributlona may be aent tit Brother Gilbert.
| Superior. O. r>. N Priory Form. Verbana. Dvi h*as
County, x. y., or to ii;::.'>;i Potter who ts the
heud or tha bcar<l o' farusteea.
■ ■ tho presidency of the State Federa
tion Of Women's Club- became an LmmediaJ 1-suw
:• baa bees understood that Brooklyn would rap
port Mr?, Philip Carpenter. This prophecy ha*
proved in o<- corre t, and Brooklyn li now nut
officially for Mrs. Carpenter. Action regarding the
matter v,;.< taken a; a raoKit meeting of tr:<» ctnba
. U District affiliated with tha
State !••■ :■■!•:■■■.. when It was decided B«t only to
support Mrs. Carpenter, hut to Institute a vigorous
campaign in h#r behalf. As tb» majority of tiiH
!" ok] .. worn* . an known f> > be actively hostile
:■■ Mr. Carpenter's opponent. Mrs. I ""-a Lyon
; th«-ir advocacy of th*ir randld.ite im certain t.> bo
: of no half hearted character, and th»ir panicipa
lnir/a-^n may not be particular!] cea
■. • .
Women ar« usually biam*<l for the faults of men.
i mn>i Ir ia not surprlsl.-ig. therefore, to find tn.»: M-'i
I •> (John Oliver Hoboes) holda them respon
1 *jbl'- for tha ~<mir,< unwillingness of men to
It. a recent discussion Fn a London paper
I n ma!' cwrrefpondVnt declared thai the ■vin^tir.ps"
and extravagance of wives bad laid upon married
men a burden which bad become Intolerable. Mrs
CrsigJ* hastened t-j th<* defence o? her s"i. bat
things rather worse than bettei for woman
kind. The root oi thr *-.•!! in question ih« ft-.-.
m the iiTflsTiiiass. '> : : t;.- unselfishness of women.
■ I: i;- the «;;•- ta of women ■»•:-.■ ii
mak.s tlip selfishness of th" modern iMi.-hcior pos
sible.? says Mrs. ' < -:ukl*>.
"Bachelors are not aii misogynists, r.n<i thn fact
remain x unmarried ts no proof that he
i- lnsensU>l* to th* charm of a woman a companion
ship or thai be does net have such companionship,
•,n lite* lion alftla terma, Co a most considerable de
pif< . Why *h«u!"l the u\*r«.'C»- young man work
har.i ot n'ak>* arfertftcae ! i: the sako of an: par
:,. uar wi mail v.-hiie bo many art- too willing to
«(!;,]•,. 1)1^ lif.- without .vlnir.jj it. and bo many mere
wait eagwrly on hia atepn ta destroy ani chivalry
4>r lenderaess he may have been born with? Mo.i
en wonvn jrivp bachf!>rs no time to mi.«s them,
and t... opportunity to need them; their devotion ta
undtacipUffd. and it begnnw a corae rather than
.« L>lear>i::K to tv object. uhv : Bootuse women
have Lhl« strjn^f power of -uiieeutratlon dml aelf
■ hnrsation in rhe'r 'o\c th«y rannoi «!i"> rnoua^i
-„, prove ilifir k!.i-in^«.«.. Ami w:!'n they havf dose
all and have i»>"<i at no jiiiin^ to ■ecure their own
i»«iu«>n they rraiirr tttu they have erred through
csocfa of grneroxnv <nni th«» d»-»lrf» to p.mse. This
ia tac uu^'.-iiislinesa shown toward bachelora."
Autumn Fashions for Boys and Girls — Use
of Plaids.
Simplicity la ■ k*yi rt« In ■ ; -.ny ai fdshlona
.> : ; r:i.- people md tha yoons griri of »>lev«>n
oar~. All rammer the tone straight
line;" unbroken by crpsa '::ir.n.:r.j;s and ius.-r «.f
feois hava been In rogue, a fact which :* dotibt
nslbl< for the absence ot puffa, flouncea
ip i T-- ■■ I»r ■ ooler w^ath^r.
Ev« - '1 of plaiil. rasceatad
, nts of the autnmna] foiiape anJ
g i ■ :her <-olors than wer»
• « .• The fast..
plaid maj or may not bo copied from one of th»
• - • :; famotia for centnriea
any event It i» aure
« | ;■• •■ a jrens or
• i ne of r-l and y»llow
■ • ■■ ■■ • • the mother of most refined

K,, r the I • ■ S h-!chtn»s!« which
ia . antidote to
r aoni j ■ md belt are of
bright - ■ ■•• ' " onally Itnea of tiny
a ■ • r.' ura.
■ ■:.■ thing ail tl ■ " •• Pl«id froeka re
. and w irkmanahip.
■ than a badly cut
. ' . er ica the Oabrt
irn his ' ' ' "'" w " ar !t
l 0 t h- jo limit The Qabrlella ts d*
: , icated Mother Hubbard." th«
Oowins be older garment bavtag been
laid ta pleata, which run from tha neck to witiitu
a ;.. w . it, their ■ ■• nea being re

v. r: . . | narrow collar ii mn con
trastlns material r ar« ail the decoration
■ A the ex ptlon of a aaah r:bb«:i
or b^i:. pa • •:.• :■: ■ :: black or red, or su#d« la
tan. greei . blue, being the cholca where
the latter la
With th« ■omtini - ; ■ - ' : - " r; "' !lU< * r13 ' -am
■materiala in which
■ tgatera hay« looked te bewttcbing n*"-esaa
rv. • , the background and «re> replaced
the new waah ftannela lergva, ehertota, vel
the tinpr rough aurfaced tabrtca.
■ ■ ■: taffeta.
.•• . v . . • . .• ad wil inning
. iea in connection wttii
ia- bretella and certain aiylea of the QabrMta
N mol : I i.: tha brown« an good style
v ..... ■ : mar •..!••* Of
: . d pi'im to • ■ weai of Uttli grl
but mot . prefer. i -■■■■ their children
In the n ■" ;n white. A sweet.
chubby cheeked ten-y«ar-old looka ataraac elderty
in a frock of pturn color, however youtniui may
, .ii hair ribbon
! .. . - thing could l«> proitier
ta kilted kirt, it.<
■ and Its strap*, or bretallea, -un
.... rs. The --<lt!rt ■is apmetimea
■ ' ■ ti ' ■ for a ii<*iith of two or
three inches ... -' ■ ' " eff **? 1
effect ol breadth • • ■ a
. the pleaia to fall i <■
ami free a fashion as ponlble
„ .. : . ... . iretellea as one mk«s. borne
times; ;. i cut narrow i T the waist .in<i
ra a, | . ; the shouMera into a little cap.
Quite ;>« often however, they -i"- 1 uai '■'■ itralght
straps of the dress ftooda, or of some .:'>ntra«t:nK
ffened and lined, u:;d perhaps
levera . .. .
All --oar, and jackets nr- cut looae, ...« they for
tota oi ■ rho nave uli"t dp out of childhood
Into lone ..•: . outlines Straight and (MM Is
• ■ • .. *r coat, double breasted, high
nocked ...... DO ver collars.
Military coau and Putr'T coats iw both p"ou
lar for t.- srr.a!! boy or Kirl, the former h«»h».jc
,!j«ti:,K-- ■ their button and braid trappings,
the luit-r b) tii^ir pleats. Leather belts .ir.» worn
with all kin.t.T of coats. Th*»r- are apes r.. r thoee
who Ilk* tltem. In single, double and triple effect.
Hunter's green is a popular «hai> t'->r th»- outer
garment, with wide Hercules braid, stitched
U buttons r-.r.ii pear! :ir.n fancy but
tons by ■' t ' ol nr*.
A tall buckle which charms through its «!m
ptidty baa two raised gold peacocks on a fcack
ground of dull koM. Two turiuuise matrices are
aat :r: the buckle at the rn!<Uiu.\ one at the toy.
and the other at the bottom.
Another buckle of lull gold, mad« round, has
the figure of a Japanese ?:rl sitting under an um
Such a "sweetly pretty" BOWS, as th« women
say. lias lust beer. olahed for a brideemald. It
is ma.it) entirely of tine pink net. trimmed with
rows upon rows of tiny pirated frills, edged with
Valenciennes la.c. A hlgn girdle of pink soft
saf.n la to be worn with this lovely frock.
Benares bra. < ;» bowls are sailing unusually cheap
at pre»
"Ontward and Homeward Bound" !s the title
r ,f a little leather covered book for ocean tra.el
lers. The. first page la given over to a log book,
then coiiii' twelve mcm of suitable quotations
jiir tfc • outward f rip with a blank pas*' opposite
each for notes and autographs. There la an
other log ix" l^ nr the home trip, ar.d more quo
ta-Uons and blank ■ 1 1 m
"My Trip Ahmad." a little hook of about one
I ■! prises, is for use durUis the time of travel
on the oth^r side.
"Theatre Records," come m the same sort of
seat lea her books.
M..S? of the i>ifc stores are now knowing tiny
leather cases. Ju^t the size of an "l»" ticket. They
are mad- on purpose to hold a number of these
tickets and sny one who has the mlsi"orttme to
travrl on the "I-" ■'' rush hour». will appreciataj
the value of having tlcketa always on band.
Pretty n!" Vi> ' '"' x ' s ira thoa* covered with tap
eatr--. .uiO can be bought for a small price.
Tha woman •*• cherishes house plants during
the winter should !■>«» Jfi-'-d to know about the- at
tractive copper waterinsr pot- thru :i-f> 1:i town,
.i" ..".,,.,, M> much handsomer than the usual tin
onea oalntsd KT**n. and are Quite as oarfoL So
mliv not combine .•->•' and ornament by purchasing
one that iii«" ' hsve to he ',mstl«i out of the way
tha Binute Its work la over"
A r.th-r novel inkwell i? of glass in the shape of
a bectte* with mountings of silver.
ftyfl good CHEER.
Bar* you bad a xT.dnee* •hotm?
•T*ai not dm to yw »' pltw
, ( ! last It cm.
I .*■ II -.■.:■•: Uw -*ar».
j. l.e\ It «rlj» another's far?.
Tii; :n !:e.-i «ti th? .Jed appears—
V ben th* old dream retur! '
"" ■ the vi numbered :-.i:is.
When summer's ;■•-«; 9re bums
Above earth's myriad ;:;!.-.
O heart, how comes once ..
An old Ure.:r.i to :r.y door!
Wlien for a little space
' r i>- sad world wakes I : In.
And golden summer's ':. •
Smiles through the mlsl a:.J rain.
0 be.irr. bow SOOn a so::s
1 "otr..'s b;i-k. forgotten !":is-
When ?-;;;-ir>?, through autumn's dark,
"h'> vanished .lum 'a young ftr<\
And l:^;ir^'i la the spar*
Of lost youth aril desire
O heart, 'ris I_ov« crime bacS
Across -. ■ „.:■ ;ra'-K:
><":.sr,-a 1'...?.>n'.-. Towne, in G-,o>l Housekeeping,
Th<! first aut HHu meeting ■ f the Elm City :. S. 8.
branch. New-lXaven, Conn., was held « Od • i
ai City \r - ■. Hall and Mrs. F. B. Walker, the
I resident, extended srectiugs to the members and.
lioped that c ■■ was glad and inxfoua to take>
. w< rk • ■ ■ :•• society with r •• tved energy.
It is a :■• ' "■" that -■ ilda the
rfprinttns hi I ill *t the lengthy account of ti:is
meeting published by "The Kew-Haven Register"
.- ■ October 9 ■■- the fi llowlcs mammary wfU give
..: ■. '.■ :i of the extensive work of this remarkable
branch. It said m part:
The past shcwswhi are ■ P" mla*a fT th*
future, rrd have not be»n the work "of a certain
few. but the eomblned g»>od wil! and heartfelt co
operation of the one hundred, all earnestly work
tng in .! causa paid -"■ ■ '■" '•'■'
invesTrr..>nr« than any stocks or bonds In the mar
ket \\u\ white there Is much to d this winter. rh«
summer has also bad its raOercurreni of sorfflhnm
steadily tt-twins quietly a;on>". Tttoogti there >■>.<■•:
l, on no meer:njt=, !i°r«> and there Sunshiners '■' its
gathered and aert bright rays of bapplneas teto
various lives an I horn- -h. so quiet] thai ofttimes
Its ripple failed to r.;i, ;-. outsidi tin ■■ room, al
though it tin*!- 1 that room coßipiet<
Tho rlrst ens- for aunsraer help was that ori
y oung girl whom iI ; s-> Wttrta, an active memr*?r.
had tftk--r. from the knltmjij mills, where the tuaz
from the looms was dai y es istog her weak lungs
constant Irritation and threatening her with con
sumption. For on* T.onth the Sunshine Society
paid her expenses for open air tre.<.uri-'nr. and she
w now receiving medical ild ar.d la already much
Emily, the young colored R!rl so lons kept in
Narcoosa. Kla .. ia now well, or at least It Is
• (oui it so by her physictan. The society k~v< her
In board and clothing for several months, and tns
Coreopsis branch paid for her raedtrtneft in Juiv
rh" society paid half her oxp»'ns*s tfl Cnieasjo.
wn #re »h« an excensnt place. Seedless to
say ahi la s rery happy and grateful *!rl.
A little widow with four rhildren to support who
ke«pa a small -andy stnr-. h:ui on aqcount ot
illness exhausted her teaources. hut the brancn
her i present Ot a new stock of candies,
which put her In th" way of self-support asr.nn:
twelve bandwome b»><-.k? were sent for the geanifii .i
S tnshtnc library- °" board the Cnited t-taf-s
cruiser Chicago, at the Boston Navy i.trd; lectors
have been written to American sailor* In foreign
pots an! pictures sent to Japa:i for hoapitaJ
walls. Mrs. Oeorge Oan ami Mrs. F F. Kn"ii
sent flowers each week to both New-Haven ana
Grace hospitals "Wallace." ■ perfectly hr«pi-ns
■■ • • wbe hoc not left bis room sinc< h« returned
from a New-Tork bospttal -< 4 .x rears ago, I
shar«> m th. ■ummer aunshmi Mr and Mrs. J.
E Todd Invited him to Pin- Orchard, and over
cam' ail difficulties of tr3^e!. ao that four long.
bli«^f::i days were bis to enjoy an.": remember.
Another Invalid— a T<-"man helpless from rneo
mai «n— had ti<u left her room for about »»--v-n
years. Through the loan of the asciety*a wnsel
chair on thrso bright days ahe went 00l in the
.-... .• • . i Httta trip. Looking from th<» top ...
pp rr,,.pe,-rr r,,.pe,-r >{:i:. and taking ■ loog breath. -«he said:
-n.. i didn't know the world was ao lovely.
The carriages provided for the bospttal for sam
m*.- days were much appreciated bj t:-.u fortu
nate convalescents.
A little gtrl of ttwi was removed from Ber home.
where she coald not b« given pmp»r .-are. and
placed !- a free bed m Grace Hospital for six
weeks Everything was done for her, but she
cannot b« cure*!, though abe hae much impov^-d.
Anotti-r '-ai». a TOOnSJ -woman, was bitten by •
1 ir ;.:.i money for a creek treatiner.t wn gladly
lontrtbuted from the treasury for her hospital
■ ■are. which resulted In her rec tvery
Nurses have grrea th»lr sentueaj free and gon^
■ boor each day. <>r twice a week, to batbai
a.nd 'iT'*s some .ifflicte«i person Physl riana, too,
have given freely of their tim- ar.: service. Ari<l
then the member* have been faithful In lending
•:.. !r prtvate carrtagea to bring: plea.>-m» to lonely
and afflicted ones Mrs. Bishop could ten ono a
great deal about men deeds If she would.
A Mind woman, who canes ch.iir^ for a Itven
ha d. a. is moved by the Cursoprts «!r!« mto a boma
•• first fl wr Amone other things, ar. ioe
i-reaw fr«-»-zi-r was given to her. 8a much luxury
f nT s rr^. H ;' ilon* s>»med i".p'>s»Bibi.». so ahe ;u<k>-ii
the KlrH to Invite Sis Old Indies to her i:ouse. that
she mlKht give them a P-iTty. A carriage was pro
cured, am! the six oM la.liet driven over and tntrn
duced to their !..>- ; t< > ; < f. Though not one face could
Shi- ace the blind woman's own face reflected the
guests v d what h*r benrt felt at
her little effort to share t?er biesaings with others.
Ht able assistant was Miss Fanni-' K>yes.
The society alao thanked Mrs. 5. H. I>awson fo»
winning the Dawson Bread Fund. Dr. Baker and
Dr Smyth nn.! Mayor Btudley have, pal.i the Tnh
■..■ . B inahlners a great ■■ompliment. for they were
the deciding voters. An oM uentloman. eighty
yean ot i*t»». for fourteen years jiind. nnd th-> i tat
year utterly helpless from a stroke of paralysis
wtth his ik''<l wife live all alone \v. a Uttk cottage
in the outskirts of the dty. They have no steady
Income are especially rrrin^'l people, but their sav
ings are almost gone. Food nn.i <-o.ii were heavy
problems but both aw now relieved by Stmsnine
' The plans for the ■lauwni ure many. Th»re wffl
lie .-i fair t ■! ■ home of Mr. O. •'.. Puwuiug tha
Brsi part or December and every member of th«
society is asked r >> contribote flve artt.-lc^. Them
will be ■ booth for fancy work and cak.-. and sJw
a grab ba?. The novel detail? will b« ar.nour.ceu
Th« contributions -erelvod rf-'.r'.nff the SUTn
mer were numerous, bur th^ wants were numerous,
too unit this gtvir.B and receiving only show bow
broad in th. Reid of Sunshine endeavor an.! bow
irre:ir Is the real work of those) who elieve in tha
Sunshine motto, "Pass i. On. '
A letter containing; % hjs been received for tho
S:oc!in: fu:*.<l throug'.i Mrs. Ralph Tra'itni.inn frtim
Harrietts 'WHlmer. of New-Jersey. Owtnc to the.
Imperfect ■'*'''■< as the letter waa a tons time raach
msj its destination. Walter Bernstein baa ajtvra a
-•"its toward the Thanksgivtng dinner at the Bea
men's Home In Japan. Are then not other Bn>
shine bora an.l girls who win do as r.:uch to keep
make a festal day for sailors a lons way from
"Theodora**: if yuu will communicate wi:ii Mrs.
■*] ranoe J. Lane. BloomtlelJ. N. J.. about knitted
gloves for men. you Will recatva a prompt reply.
F. B. R. : Will you please forward the postals
you offer to Miss Alice Wilii.ims, Mauch Chunk.
Perm.. a i)artlil '*«hut-tn," i !:o la making i coj
lection? Tom* postals from all over the world wtU
Interest bar greatly.
to trzu'.
A paoitage of warn*. comfortable garments
reached the office yesterday from Mrs. H. S. Stew
art, of Brooklyn, from East Orange Branch No. L
Mrs A. Funstea'l sent «i!k and rattan ptecaa for
those who are milking quills; Mrs. E. J. Brocket!
a pair of pr<»*;y bedroom shoes for a child, and
Miss Edith Brocket! a new boy's book for a ChTtrt
mas bos. A t>"x of comfort powders '-ame from
Mrs. Annie Brown, of New-Jersey: gloves, from a
Kanhattan member; monograms, from Montclair,
N. J. ; reading matter, from Mrs. Van Noetrand; a
helpful vai-ko*:^ >->i elothlns from Mrs. NUes, and
another for a boy and girl in raaooaae to raquesta
was brought to th« of:. ! ;.- Miss M". 1* Hanchett,
Bj !::v»tation of the TraveUera* Club, the lion
day Club, the Classics Club, the Other Club an.l
the Afternoon Musical So - ictv. of Dar.bury, end
the Current Events Club, of Bethel. the Connecti
cut State Federation of >>Tim's Ciubs will meA*
In I>anbury. Conn., for its eighth annual meeting,
on November 9 and Ml
Municipal art anil civic ami industrial Improve
ment will occupy tho session on its opening after
noen. and guests from th«» Municipal Art Leagua
of New-York City and the National League of
Woman Workers WlB be tin speakers. In th«
evening Professor Thomas Whitney Surette will
give an illustrated lecture on "The Bailads and
Dances of Merrie England." which will be fol
lowed by a reception. The election of officers, with
other club business, will occupy '»•» morning of
the Mh. The literature Ml mill I ■will have charge
of the remainder of the programme, which will
consist of papers on three of the typical modern
writer" of America, by members of the federa
tion. Illustrated by Alias Elene Foster, of New-
Amendment Forbidding Remarrying
Any Divorced Person Submitted.
Boston. Oct. XL— A proposed ch.ir.g<> in the ■an .
of th€ E "h-irch. whereby clergymen are
fjrbiddra t<> remarry any person who has be«n j
divorced, was dlaeossed for two hours by t'.ie [
House of Deputies at to-day's session of the
Episcopal General Convention. The House of Dep- i
uties Was sluir;: as v. committee o* tin whole, and j
the consideration of tiie subject. re»;ard:»d as oae ;
of the most important to eosM bef m the present
convention. wfD be taken up from tim^ to time j
■iiitil ths matter is finally uispui^ii .if. Tho present '
canon on marriage permits the remarriaga of the
Innocent person ta a divorce suit wherein m:';
dolitv •-• alleged. Fot sobm Bras :h~re ;-.-;3 been a
strong sentiment in the Chuxcb that the dcrgy
art old r:or remarry even the innocent -^.-rson.
The i'ommitt-" on canons. »f which th.i Rev. ,
Dr. F. I". Davenp.TL. of MempnJs, Term.. :s ctuur
rr.ar.. presented an amendment to the prasaan
oanon, forbidding re-.-, irrtage of ar.;- persona who
have been divorced. A minor::;- n port perrr.ittir.g
the pres nt canon to remai-.i ai iv is, wtth the ex
ception ot an added provision for the presentation
of *ruxt evidence v.-hen an apptiemzrt for r>;r.iarriaKo
appr-ar^ before .t clergyman, ••■aa sabmtttsd by rhe ■
Rev Dr. J !.f\v:. r.irk^. of Xew-Tork. and others.
Dr. Park-. R. II Batt!». sf Reie'.sh. N. <-'.. and
the Rev. G. B. Van Waters, of PntUad. Ore.. ;
spoke m behaU of the ntaority report, wbila tha
majority report was advocated by the Rev. John
William*, o- omaha. Neb.: E. P. Bailer, of Chi
cago; the Rev. Sanai:ei Eingy of SCnaxvtDah
T»ur... ar.ii C. !! Btanley, of Vv a3h!r.gtor.. D. C.
The Archbishop of Canterbury was ptssaiit d'jr- |
mc the deViat.'. The members of the Ho::--" of
Bishop?. In Their individual capacity, hav<» ar
ranged to e:v» the Arcbbiahop a 'zrz* -ilver lov- \
iri? cur.
Th« Bouse of Bishops voted io-<u.- ;:>.; :>. favor ■■;
eoasecrating a b> : ..'r r"r Cuba. The Cojba I Md tS
now under th ■ supervision of the Right. Rev. James
H. Van Bur.-:-.. Bishop of Porto Btco. It la under
stood that If the Boasa of Deputies indorses the ;
action o( Tho bishops a diocess.n for Cuha wfQ b«
chosen at :':.e present convention. Conftoenees by
the wo;:;an 3 auxiliary on the traiatngj of mis
sionaries were hfld at Pierce Hal!. Bishop Hare,
of Soirh Dakota, and others mad* addresses.
In the House of P«-puries a discussion toot place
a? to whether the term "Ir. the United atat»a"
!::»ar.' ;r.*- territory betTV*en tho Atlantic and Pa- ,
cittc or !n'-'.-:<i«vi the inatilar possessions as well-
The natter came up in connection v.ith an arriclo
in the constitution : "rriinsr representation from
missionary ii.~T. 1 . The tlisp.i'ed point wis final
ly referred to the eommtrrm on n—tUuttenal
a.!n<*nd'. t
The .-on:iniitee on canon* :r; charge of the aro- '
po«^d new canon en marriage and divorce; th»n
submitte-.l a long r"por: throogh Its cbatrmaA thai
Rev. Dr. F. P. Davenport of Memphis. TSoa Ttea
foHowtns amendments irere re.-r>mmead <> d:
If any ■ ulster of th* Church stall have rea
sonable can?' to dtrobt whether ■ petson destwasj
of being a-irr.'tred to Bbly Bapthnn. or to usiftniu*
tlon. "r to the Holy Communion, has beer, marr
ied otherwise than as r h* - Word of fv><s ar.>i dts
f this Cnnrcb allow, such minister, befov*
rscerdnsj si:!-, person t.. these ordinances, shall
refer the ■ I the bishop for hit Sndl' i<j«jgii»em
th^r"' '■ . however, that ao minister sha.l.
ta any isc retuse the aatnunsnts to a psulteiit
peraon In irGn.ncir danger of death nor to ar.v
p rsi « ■ -■..:. aoJenmiy aver that h#. or ahe.
tha Innocent party in a. dlvucca for tti" cans*
of ado •
N^-> minister shall soiemr.ize -• ajßarrlaaja eetweea
ar.v two pei sons unless by baQutrj h- 1 *h&\'. fa vm
~at. -:■■: himself that neither person has bsex 0
Is the husband or the wife of arv StisSf person
then Bvtng. from whom he or she has beer. d>
wonseA t ' '• anse ulslug after r.irriie".
:* .: • , leatton shall arise under th'.s -aaor. n
- mlsßtoßarv Juflsdtctlmi in whi^h 1 Mva
5 1 . such qnajsnoaa -..1.: b«» rtferrei? -^
some bishop to he designated .v the «tan!!r:ar
commit 1 • and th» bishop to whom sue'r. vDassttagn
hay- n*en referred sha;: meisjcpon make Inquiry
to Bach manner as he shall deem exriecllent. and
iV..>.:. deliver .-.is ju.i;?rr-.er.-_ m tha premises.
Tho report was signed !>■*■ Dr. Davenport. the
Rev. Dr. J. H. Eecleston. of Baltimore: the P.e%-.
Dr. John Fulton, of Philadelphia, the R^v. Dr.
George M •>"'. Fiske. ol Prnvider.ee; D. B. Lyman.
Chicago: W. H. Light] or Minnesota: Fri- -.3
Lynda Btiftfn of n :v-\ irk. Ctarlsa G. Saunders.
Of Host.->r.; C. li. ri'.a:i>;-. af Washington, arid ¥
a. ■•v;i. of Washington.
A minority report, signed Sr the ■•r, Dr. J.
>u:j Parks, of Now- York: ths Ran/. Bear* S.
Nast. of Carr bridge. Maaa . ani R. 11. BatUe. was
predated as follows:
Questions touching the f*cr o* ar.y <•!?•> arisln*
u:'.ii--r this canon si.n'A be dKermtaajd by thai record
of the ctvO >'<Mirt which ad.lv.iv".'. a* flSjtissi. th»
divorce ■ copy of which. Qpder the se.t: of said
be furnished tha intnlstwt r-"j'J?3-ed to
solemnize the rcarrtag-.
X a sS * I "-he minority report, if adopted,
would N» to teavsj oachaagad thiit part of the old
canon permitting remarriage oi the llliawsjll person.
In a case of inflde-Utv. The. minority, .-waver. de
sired to provide for graatSX sufeguarda in the shape
of :v.: court testimony wtttO "Inaoeanl persona"
who have been divorced desire to be remarried.
After tho presentation of bo r ~-. rr.a (Ottty lad mi
nority reports a dlsuuastan ensued as to Hat method
of pro ados Dr. Daver.port. Dr. Parks. Mr.
L«w!?. Pr Fulton ani other Dssmliera of the com
mlttee took part in the debate. An attempt was
made by William Bayard OrtUug, o* N":w-York, to
have the doors closed J'l.'ir.s 1 tin debate, jut it
failed by as overrvhehmr.? ■* it* Tits bOOM then
want Into committee ot tba whole to consider ti»«
propos!.-d changes :n the Mr.or.». Joseph Packard,
of Baltimore, assumed tha chair. After some
further debate It was voted to consider th» pro
iws«»l ar.ijr.iraT.: prohibiting the remarr'.age of at
varcsjd p*>-sor.a.
Dr. Parks. *r>eak!r.g for dM mtnmtttt members ;
of tl'.o committee, said that the paa»aat« in the
nineteenth chapter of Sr. .Matthew, touching on '
marriage and divorce, was _n_i*r-.air_ He thought
that the coiamoc. conscience of America would ,'
never accept any suca dl-'ium fa tha: presented la
the majority report, and said that 1* a man had an
■dattamoa aooOM BO les:siatl..r. by the CtaonA '
would have any effect la preventing Ms remarriage
If he 30 dcaired.
N. H. Battle, of Raleigh. N C. another member af '
the committee, thought that no civ.: atari :r. Amer
ica shoull adjudge any one to be divorced onlaaß
the cause appeared ix: tiie records, and declare . taut ]
the breaking of a vow or covenant taker. :n the
marrlajß ceremony by ono of i.r.e principals freed
the oth»r. aecordtng I 1 the sactlcej of common law.
Ha said that th^re was nothing In th* prayer
book to prevent the remarriage or the Innocent .
The Rev. John Williams, of Omaha. N*«b., thought
that If the deputy (Tea North Carolina waa correct
in his argument as to tha marriage vow. the Church
had laws as (ooea as T .hos« of South Dakota. Con
tinuing. tha Omaha clergyman said:
I do not want .to give the benediction of th«
Church of God t » ■ man lama as ta which I am hi
doubt lam to doohl aboat the pasaagsj In rft.
Matthew's Gospel, bat I take the position .what :
Qod cannot bless, ::•■> priest, btahon or ever, a pop«
can bless.
Two mambera announced that jahtea tha Sar.
Francisco convestton, three years agio, they i..ul
be. converted to the side of those who oppose the
r<"marr*.ag» of divorced persons. They were E. P.
Bailey, of Chicago*, and th« Rev. Dv Samuel Rinif- i
?■>!.!. of . xviUe. Term. The Church, .taid pr
Blnggokt haj :iu power to ucnaarry. and should
havt none to remarry any i.ne.
The minority report would *-stabti.=h a Janseroua '
ayaten in the opinion of C. H. Stanley, o; Wish- i
He aud he wosad prefer t!-.e present canon ■
to one irtttea compelled the "TnHiHiaj o4 bishops i
Electric /O '^A
Trucks/ lhe u ' ork of )
I lUC Kb I horses
and V at less
Wagons \^S
Send for Catalogue
THE RAINIER CO. Sole Agentsfor
t-r "- "sra kss *->*■
Broadway and sotfe Street.
or other etergjoiea to he «mtrol!ea by dseree* of
a court.
Th* Rev. G. F. Van Waters, cf Port!nrtd. Or*.
In a fervent addreaa ilccla.'eil that the divorce ra—
formers of the Church w*re re<iuinrs? more than
Christ Himself required, and that such a canon
as tlae majortry report pmpos^fi we kid driv» per
»om to other denominations, li? advocated lat:ins
"well enough alone."
At this point the committee arose and veeetved
permission to take u;> the ;na r ier later tn the week-
Th«» Risht Rev. Kdw^ G. W^><»rt, Bisbo^ of
Florida, wh.- has iy*^n cor.:lncil m hh hotel on ac
count of vi Injury -sustattjeti in Now- York, ap
peared la the House 0? Bishops for the ttrst time
The Hous<? of Bishops anpehnsa manors TalsotT
of Central aHmiajUanla; Cosbbsa af •- ware;
Brewnter. of Osauaecticvt: Lin.-s. of X-warS. and
«7oadjutor Bishops AnUerson. ■' Chicaso: M.ivrkav-
Smlth. oi Frsonvrntntk and Greer. >>t New-York,
a? member* of th.» Sunday School Commission.
The House of Deputies and the House aoj Bishops,
.xittins: as tee Board or Mission* tlurtns the ksta
■fteraaou session of the convention, heard reports
fn>m tha mlwhm ftrhts. and aisesased a number of
matter* su.nm!tt.'i hv missionary officials.
The rr.f-rribfr* of the Boston Epuoopal churchisa
to-night tendered .. reception in ihv Museum of
r;r. .\-:«. to th»> bishop:', deputies anti thetr vtvea
A BSBber of .ip^cially invite! jueat3 we present. •
Subway to Broadn:a?t and 14'5th-sL
To Be Opened on October 27.
A'.'-caru! r E. Oir, pres! -lent tf the Rapid!
Tran«>u Commbolao, ir. a ta!'A with ■ Tnbuna>
reporter yesterday, set a: res: all tlou'ot as to
the oper.ir;' of th > sabway from the City Hall
to Broadway and Ons TutinTiswl enrl Oulj -Sfth
sr., as air--. planned, on OctobST 27. He said
th*» memuers of the con.r.iission who were with
him on the trip o* lrsspei :icn on Monday www
de'.ißhted wlrl-. the block system and the safety
devices In operation In the su-^vay, and that
euumilaatoa is ready to £$** its assent to th»
operation of th* rod. 1 lay the public at any time.
"The signal system tn use in the subway." itr,
Orr said. " probably la the moat perfect tn ex
igence. Tho sigiuilri tell a raotorman not onJar
if the MB* block is d*ar. h«j| also If the blocat
b«yord the next block I? clear. Such informa
tion nrist be of great value to the matormaa te
rxinrrintc trains so rap' as tin*" are to b* run
in the subway. Tha mutecUuo of ttia trains Is
not miißiiTnl ta tha si^r.ala. however, far 'her»
is a (levies by which the power Is cut off and tie)
train is stopped If a motorman runs past a das»
per signal and Into a blocs where tners & an
other trai:-..
'In am trip of inspection yester-lay w» tgjtsd
this device. The train was run purposely pass,
the signal, ana One train wajsj stopped 4s aeon
as .*- entered the block. Ttia device woalol stan)
a trai:i even tf a. signal was nut of or ier.
"The third rail is eovcnd all Oh way. so that
I do not 9p*» how any person on th« track ooold]
get ir. contact with ;: unless he tried deliberate
ly to touch it. Tba cars are protected so tha<
th a r» peering rr» daaajei of their taking fire; but
we are informed by tha company thai ->'>0 steel
cars, ha addition to those now in use. have been
cr ier<?<i. and that in time th« entire) equipmaas
Ol nn wl"! b»» of «'"el
"The Ear Siie branch, which ruis» mate th«
corner of Central Par.^ ir.<l und*»r Lenox -aye%
will nor be ready for :h^ opening on October 2T.
Probably !r t.-i; 1 . take sataiaj we^ks longer ta
gsjl that part of the read ready for the nublio
as i\~ DSBfth .13 «">na-hTirii:v«»ff-arrrf-fi>rty-ftr>S-^^
The tunnel under th<? Har!»3 R;v»r la open 99
v en valh Quuuaji ir, but th* rai'3 havw
not b-»^n laid there yet."
Members of the Brooklyn Leagu*. so many of
then thai they acatrty tCOmi a <>tx car train.
m >r» senc through lbs Botnavy ■ c a rapid tri^
yastaxttKy. Tbcgi e-Tprn-^s^d Traxsi praise of th«
-.r.i^rground road.
A Niece of Bachman. the Brewer, Well
&iown on States Island, Had Eloped.
I* b'-:a=i.» known yesterday tiat Miss Snirr.A K.
F^'ie.-o!. tTvent; -four years of age, who is well
kiiowr. in socler:-- in ■asm ■satat Island, »nd %
BSSea d Vkederi -it Bacaman. th» brewer, tad been
rr.arrl-xl .)r. S ir.day. October Z. to Otto Hanlsh,
th«» youngest pc!i:«*n:<n attached ti the)
■:. PisLtm.l. a: IPffinM 11 !!
Hanish was OSPJO&XbBd (o tha ■a aiont a year
ball afA a"^ y-bc.iit six months later h«
was trans: err -»ti to 3:a:-^n ".suLnl. laj was a»
«:s-.pi t-> a post in Clifton a.-.d he often .' nenrl
tbe VMeval house or. M iple-ave. Ht» soon ae>
came acq-iaint-Ki with itiss VMgfat None of tiio
■ of otthoi oi tba cau?i» suspected t!»t
there waj anything b>.:t friendship existing be
feea tbaOßj BttQ tbey l?an«J of tne aia.rrta«a)
■ I j. ■•■ .
Ila:-.:?h ca"»<i 13 usual or. Miss F*ed9rf>l or. 9txa~
day ngEbt, and anapßaaM that they taka a "stroll.*
Wbßs walatnsj h-> sujfs*stPd that they get married]
azd W.*> Fsdscol consentod. Xtay crosse-i ta New*
York w^nc to St. Mark's Cbttrcn, wiiera day
aran r-.^rr:^ by tba Rev. Mr. Barren.
rbs ■ ■ -• ii'l not r«tum to Sf'ter: .liar.d afte»
tba UUUIJAga, bai w-.-nt on a. al -r T . trip. Thar
. ;i to Sta-terj Inland on XtaradOß l^^t, when
Mrs. Harusn. wer.t to h-?r homo in CUiton ami
H.^.r.i'h went to r.is boarcUr.s BOOK
H.ir ■..-■:■. had -liico beeri fUfiUahinsj a ;.iaj» ta
t a ktnsvtllaj <'~.>i -as it r. ■«•*- \\ out '• rapists*!.
iterday Kiorniris ha broia tiie ae-w-s of tS»
Th" ntath inr.nual report of Baa Aiaericaa Scenlo
ar.J lli.'Tjnc Preaervition So<_iery to '.Tin legislature*
ol tbfl 5 : -i'.r» of Xew-Vork, *risr. received from the)
State rr:r.tt.r. containa Z2 pages axd rlitaen tTTna
rr^u.:.''a9— l-J8 pages devoted to historical and]
■ . il iiiattan T'fT'T"! 'o th» work of ua
society. Kid — pages to a SJiogratay of Andrew EL
Among th» topics dealt wtta ta r&» first part
are tiia improvements at Stony Pofcat ReaervatJoii
and OH gmilMThsj of For: Brewertoa P-eaervation.
of w.:.ja the society is c^todtan; ■■ nrnrraia
rr-ad- ha nvtag the Piiisoiies of va« Hudson. the)
farvas) ta o* city parks. James icrtlon Bennett's
cotitenirlatevi tift of a public Baric to New- York,
th- • HOtenary of the New-Tork Ctry Hal^ with m
!nter«'-':i.".^ histortcal *ket-h and iia.'owuo of p>*f-t
!::gs. .r-r...dsr.eas with. :. ■ noaßSes aad Ci» poe«es>
— — -^___^___ —
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I Cuiiiri n k inansa *
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