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fhf Victorian "Chain" — Epilogue of
an International Marriage.
Y2zx AMssms. since leaving San Sebastian, has
+#&: at a-» p*.:ec* of La Graaja. an abode strange-
If n ee ect *^ k y - ! * mother when Queen Reg°r.t
fiur.-S li:6 6;r - te *a year* of his minority but which.
atr.:* -' baa come i;:t0 the possession of his in
jj^asce has become oner- more famous as the
v-artti'-" 3 of Spain. Situated some forty mi'ea
*^a llairii. in a sheltered recess of tie moun
tains. BJDMBC P-a« forests, four tboaaaad feet above
>vej cf the ■a, this beautiful pa_a~e and park
rwe ftaft 3CatSaa to K:r.g Philip V It was there
.k t * n » e^clcated in "14 In favor of his son. at
wisost Aflttb ir. tba i-a^ne j-ear ■a) resumed nil
i~tywr.. tad artMVa be lies entombed with his first
,rife. [t was there, too. that Godov, Prince of the
f-e*.?" rhe |ilfll''"W favorite of King Charles IV
cad of his • pMala consort. sig:.ed that
BBBty aJWcS practically surrendered Spain to
(Eaaeiaonic Franca. Amor.g the relics of the palace
eaapei Of La Granja is the "baculo." or staff, of
gc E-::J.bfti cf FTu"|*'yj which .8 always placed
a the har.is cf Cm .-oca of Spain at childbirth.
w.:h a view of preserving their lives and of. at
th* same tare, brir.ylr.g ti<»ssir.ps apoa the infant.
Althcu«-a IC:r.ff A.fonsc has attained his majority
sre has assumed the responsibilities and the cares
cf :_:e rulers:-.:p of Spain, l.c dees not regard his
education as by any ru^ar.s completed, and all the
QBM '-at he MB spare from hi-s cuties as monarch
±-z from those spcrts to which he is so passion
-eveted is given to study. Political science
mmi icr^igr: languages '■ ' "l'f a co:is:der3.rl<» share
af t;s attention to th-3 connection, and among h;a
tatan are M G*crges Legros, who rnartws h:m
:n French; Kerr Alexander Bras, in German, ar.d
The Counta del Grove and d'Aibar, in scienilf.c ar.d
mi'itary studies, while his r'\ ate secretary Don
Alf r.so ilerry tie: VjlX. acts as his professor of E&a>
"jss and a' Er.^;:sr literature.
Den Alfonfo Harry tel Val. who has i«»n with
tba fOOSg Kir.p sir. :e r..s rtiTlffhnofl. is the brer.her
af the Canßaal Baerctary cf s^at« of the Pope
and a ect: cf that n.i diplomat who for so many
'•ears r«pre;- Ssam as Ambassador in turn at
nTaabtSSttß ".at V;*>r.r.a and at tr.4 Vat»
Like tba Cardinal Secretary of State, he wa#
*en: hj £rg:ar.-. was educated there a: the Reman
Catholic College of Stor.yhursi. achieving or.i.d
araUa CWtncdOß ir. tba cricket field and as a
foot^s. player. Els maternal grandmother was
ftr ;_-:£:. taCj, and his mother, thcusa her father
was a. SparJard. was irought up altogether b Eng
'ar. so that :t is not surprising thu.t he e.-.ovid
VMk Er-^iiEh without the tra:e cf ar.y foreign ao-
OBXt. and should !>e imtued with Ang:o-Sixon ideas
cb the sutject cf eport and of life ir. general.
A: the s^aie time, i: a well to keep in mind tba
relationship of the Kir.g's private secretar;- with
tis brother, the Cari.nal Secretary of State. It
foes far to account fcr the clerlca. leanings cf the
> Y cur.g Kins, &s oppoaafl ta th* iiaerol ear— ments
of wnich bzß mother, m spite of her being an
arcr.c-chess cf tic n-use of Hap«a-rg. gave evi
dence ttsVOgboat bat eixieer. years cf regency.
In fact, tne fOCSS _r.g. under the gwtdanoa of
his secretary. Dan Alfonso Merry <i<! Val. and of
n:a brother-in-law, the Prir.ce of the Astorias, a
sc:cr. of the nest -eacticnary -r.ca of UM bouse
of Boorboa, has DOnphKalj taien the .-- - of
I>ce Carlos £.» tha cnampioa of everything that
..- mest extreme and ultramontane in church mat
*»rs in E^ain, with ui«j resu.t that t^.e Libera-s,
wi:o were fortnerly. in the days of the regency and
of Che Premiership cf old Sagas ta.. adherents of the
4yz~A.sry, have cow abandoned tba camp of tha
iauer and are cutting ccrsca ca;-*« with the
>aajulil*i n.ia &sd with the BocavSteta.
X^zig Edward la ea.ii to have conferred the
"chsur." of the Re ye.. V:;tcr:an Order upoa the
«zperors of Aa-ju. and of Russia. As no ex
pi» ration of ux.t OgdacdOß wIU be found ta the
ccntemjscrary works cf reference, i; cray be as we..
to state (feat the I ;:aair. ' c: :..e Victorian Order is
a epeciaJ grade, o^e degree higher than that of
jCsigh: Grai.d Croaa of tie ardor
The jK>£sesscrs of vie Senate" cf the Victorian
Order, la lieu of aiormng thesr.s*;ves with the rib
ocr. thereof, erasaaac the breast from the right
ggfldflgf tc the iatt h:p, year tha badge of thi
order suspended from the neck by means of a gold
chair- aad. cf _.-se. the star sf the order pinned
to tha ieft breast. JL»ord Cuisßß, ths Duke of
ArsyU sr:a the Duke of File are ::« or.ly non
royal rage* to possess tae "czair." of the
'"''l'f'rit Order, wiich lr. Lcrd Cursc^'s caae was
eor^erred upon .m by the King through the Duke
r' Ccnnaught et the t:c* of the corcoatlon durbar
at DelbL
The only ot-er order that I can recaU at th«
rresent ccrseat ■Mob has knights of the "chain"
m.nicing above Knights Graad Cross is the order
"f BobansoOan. .-. the gift BC the German Kaiser.
snd w-en a i.s~:tzry has received from the latter
The "chain" ct the Hohenzollem order it means
thai there '.a nothing mere In the Kbapa of honors
cf ttls ICni to coder upen hisa. The "chain"
rr.ust sat be confounded with the so-called "co'.lar"
«*f tJ".e order, which Is worn by &.'.\ Knights Grand
Cross cf English orders os what are kr.c.wr. as
"collar days." The collar, ir. lieu of bezr.g cora-
T^sed cf an ordinary gold chain, consists of an
•'.ahcrate system of Units, each ccc. of wh: -h la
formed of cne of the emblenis or badges of th<»
order. Thus, tba BaSaT of fhe Order cf tha Gar
bar is rr.^c^ op of alternate garters and roses of
gold, that of the Order of St. Andrew, of thistles.
while the collar cf \.c-- Irlah Order of St. :■
has the links of Its collar crsrr.rx.se.l of poW «ham
rorks and harps.
There U one zr^zg to be noted In connection with
the detention of Pnaceas Louise of Belgium Wtfa
of Prince Philip of Coburg. as a tuaatlo tn the
sanatorium : of Dr. Pleraon. near Dresden. DmSngj
her stay there she was visited on Beveral occa
sions by her Mat, the Cour.teas of Flanders, and"by
her BSSjsaX the row widowed Queen Carols, of
&c>th of these royai ladJe* are on the worst pos
sible terms with Prince Philip of Coburg. and do
not countenance the mode of life of King Leopold.
They M women 0 the loftiest prin^'pie and recti
tude, re&owned for their kindness of heart, for
thejr cr.arlty and 'or their cleverness.
If Princess Leaks) had been as sane as It Is
claimed tsst sr.c was during her detention in the
eanaton^rr.. Queen Caroia an/! the Countess of
Flanders, who '.s consort of King Leopold's only
brother and heir, would never have consented for
one moment to her being kept ur.der restraint, but
Wgflld cave brought their all powerful influence to
b««r :n favor of her Immediate liberation. The
very fa'-t that the Queen ar.d the countess, who
not only visited Princess Louise, but spent several
afternoons with her at the sanatorium, taking her
out for lor.c drives, should hpve been consenting
parties ta her detention furnishes la the eyes of
a!l sensible people a coniir.ciag proof that the
unfortnaate wife of Prinne. PfaSlp nf roburg was
■at tn her right Bted.
X*« Berlin authorities have restored to I *-•
«-C*veijT Captain Zieler and his associate Kosen
stlel. who have been In prison for more than a year
undergoing Judicial Investigation la connection with
charges of blackmail brought against them by
young cunt Francis Joseph Lariach. a grandson of
Dtiite Lorn of Bavaria, sad who la narr-.-d to
Mi«s Mane Satterneld. of Buffalo. K. T The ™ B »
-cent, desirous of making a rich marriage. entered
Ms HUM wttk the «-captaln and the usurer
whs undertook to secure en heiress for him among
'.he great manufactunag families of Southern Ger
many, and made bjsj severs. l advances of money
recetvir^ In return frem him a promissory note ta
•which he bound himself to pay Ooo.ono to the co UD i 0
on the day cf his wedding.
The matter feu thrtra«Ji and the co; at as he
■'■■'■* managed to re , er from them his promis
sory note, Sea- Un:e -ward he made Urn «c
•tuaintance c? M;«s Mar.« Sattertleld. followed Ler
to America ar.d married her here.
The ex-captain and tba usurer, being informed
that he had won an American heiress, whose wealth
«M described as colossal, set to work to turn to
account ta. promissory net*, which, unbeknown to
the count they had retained, and they are charged
wlt£ having doctored It so as to render it applies-
Wa to the marriage which he had contract in
America. Then they made a demand upon him for
the money mentioned therein, assuming that he
•OU4J give them a large sum rathe, . „ r . v# it.»
■csadaj of a suit.
la this they were mistaken, The young count
was either unwilling or unabl # to pay the sum
which they proposed to extort from him. and. turn
♦*« the tables upon them, he lodged a complaint
against them for blackmail, on the strength rf
•vbleb they were both locked up
«ba oaa&Star at smtag eertala dtsanaa. ttoa
the United States, and then the failure of Count
Larisch himself to appeal- when calied upon . has
led the Berlin magisterial authorities to tedda to
drop the case, and rnnimuuuLlj the ex-csptala and
the usurer have been s-t at liberty.
Court Lartsch'3 mother 1? tba Conaten r^orce
Lartsch. who played bo pa.:. ■ role la the drama
that culminated in the tragic death of h«r cousin.
the Austrian Crown Prince, at Xeyerllng After
being divcrc*d by her husband, she marr;«?fl a Ba
varian operatic singer of the rams of Brack She
la the daughter of the late Empress of JLostrla'i
brother. Duke Louis of Bavaria, by his morta
natic marriage with the Bavarian actress Henri
etta MendeL who was ereai BaroneM ww a i>-se».
and thus young Count LarU<rh ts a srandsoo of
Duke Louis of Bavaria
Garibaldi's family have dona tn Uttle until no-v
t-o maintain the lustre of the r.an.:e of the tamoua
patriot who played so notable a role in the trans
formation of Italy into a united kingdor.-: that it
•s pleasant 10 [parr, that the remarkable devrlop
meat of the port of Genoa, and especially ita ex
traordinary freedom from those labor troubles
which have blighted the prosperity of bo many
other great seaports, is attribute.! by common con
sent to General Stefar.o Canzlo. the son-in-law of
Garibaldi, ar.d one of the few survivors of the his
toric •"Thousand of Marsala who set out to con
gcar Sicily from the Bourbons, and did nor rest
until they had conquered and turned over to King
Victor Emmanuel the whole of Southern Italy.
General Canzlo Is the president of the roa-i
that governs the por' of Genoa, which Is ac
knowied-^d to be 'he hf^ t n^ r n X ,<i [n the Medi
terranean. Be owe* his r.nrr.ir.ariop. to rh? gnv
enuaent. hut it meets with universal approval
The board contains representative* o* six dif-
Cerent (staraata. The four neighboring provinces
°- G*noa. Turin. Milan and Alessandria. ■
coatrib'jts to the expenses of the harbor, have
a certain nmnbsr of seats .I'.io'r^d rr> them. The
local municipality and the chambers of commerce
of Genon, MBan ard Turin are represented. So,
too, is the railroad department, whil* the work-
Ingmea employed by the port ar« r» C r*>*er.r»,i on
tba board by four director*, whom they elect
one of th-m betn^ Sir- - . ,
Socialist Deputy.
The board nan Ita headqaartern -
Interesting' of ail th> , palacea or ■
r.ar-.ciy. tba n ri e wnich for four ntu
down to tba fa:: of tba republic In 1797, was the
home of the famous Bank of St. George which
at Gre time cwr.ed th^ island of Corsica.
Ger.eraJ Oanato is married to the only daughter
of oid Garibaldi by Us Urn wife. Anita, and she
drawn from the state an annuity of C.OOO a y»ar
•n recognition of her fathsr» aarvlcea to t
don. Netther Martama Canxlo t»or her h
the general, an on speakir.g terms with her
brother. Ricdotti. but ax* vary friendly with h-r
oth^r brother. Mer.otti.
Or.-r.ell. I^wa. Oct. ::.— The ninety-fifth annual
msatfns of tba Americur. Board ofVoreisr. M l
aton began here to-day :n the First Cong-ega-
Uor.al Church. Praaident Samuel B. Capen. LL. D
of Boston -resided. Ar. address of welcome was
delivered by Praatdast Daatal w. Bradley. D. D..
°Li5 W , a ( - Oi:e X?. to wa.cn President Capen re
sponded An aadr-se ir. be -» e-^-nt'a'
coiEtr!;i:ee was aellvered by the P^v. Dr Francis
*T C-a! l it -^P f Boston, presidani of the Unltad So
ciety of Christian Endeavor. It shewed that t v 'e
raoatpu of tba Middle District from all a
lor the last twer.ty-fjur yea-rs »■?:- j, .31 jjj. Th*re
..a5 baan a aaanoa: increase in the district on the
raaoc -oast over the previous year of 14 per
i--e report of the treasurer Prank :■'. Wlexfa
Bost.r.. wed that the - . c.f: f un< j
?'S^" : \ ■^ i" ear » ago had • ■ >w had

R«pUL:.^r. mmpaign m**::: *%. N« 601 tsi .'-» i BriaJ
«tat» Beflroa nwrnnlartfwi i-«artsc a :.«*.vn. Wast
dMStai a:.i Bostoo ffsHmart. v. aU Lj^.l!-g. 1 >
l*ct--r^ !:y -.f R«v. Dr. V.-lUia-, Ear.day. r rofe«or nf
atTßUty, nord, : a rta mi . « . ~. r;.«<-iuirtca:
TmW.*. !ne«un« !n hor.cr of latenadoaa] P«a-» Cobst—
ceiejaies. Obopt* : - .. m
Hec»p"."r. f-r P.-p-;;:; *n atatSS BflStßMi ' - ■ Ijmtu*
C.\.s, brcr^.j j. tier.::.!;
R*p. -.::*• : »ss — «••..-.£ • • . « . - Brook
'. " .^ ».:.^ b Av»r.'i« ■ . :&dre i-*nd
«=.»'.«ct.-.-=-. i.J), jar...j ar... -
Aca-.:ai BBsetbia -f the Sew-T r< atxd N«w J«r»»y
i-ut.'iera.i cycoH. St. Jakes' a <.-. .
a.:d ta'.er.Tj-third-et. ; orrtuviUcii Mrrtce. * r ta.
Xaigb ts of Coiumbm c«i«Drat:.^r. jf am "rsary of 61b
- I 'rj- of Aa>enoa, Carn»s:e Hail. • ■
Dlcnsr by ir.r ir. - »r- . ■ - - ird of Educa
ror Jkoea W. Kaek, Hot-, Saror. ►■-meg
Ep^la BMetlas <~,t ih* Brooklyn Itaznitaeta •
t.oa to a:.- - ... ttrtdga trad i *--:. o. No,
lbs Mnrrtagne st . np. m
Xass rr.an-.rt v ■ ■■ .- | isvalt, ne-buiidred-aad
twaniy-t:;.-.-«-.. :: r *r Btgßtb-ave., 8 p. rr..
S*rea puc::t tecttna »• T«ach»r« Collate. "Th# I d pel
Metr.oa of M=r=ir;x:ss." Profaeaor Frar* 11. lle
iia.-r), 4.J0 p rr.
Isaslectaxea at the Bc*ri of E;j-a-; n, - p m.: Public
Sch&.i No. Ci, r>na huiiiiiTil anil fmrrrii it and An-
Btarnsm a feu. L«wi» Ga»ic.a L^ary. "Qyria BBd Pa.«-
Uae <'.:.üßtrat«sJj. Puc:-.: School N •:. No -. ■
w^ai nttletto-at, w H:nton wtita. "Plcaurasqua
New-Cealaod" QUnatzalad): PobUe - sbsol No, in.
Ona- hundred-aad-tatrj ur.i cmw-r.ur.arei-ar..:
»:3.. D«;ween Fifth an« 3 Madlaor. ayes.. Qeorgt
aUUon. •■At.at:? Mm.-^i aad Cusr-jm-'
Barer. T>» Qtrsca Tr^:» School. ;■. 823 Qtsl Blxty
frmr'.h-»t-. Chertei li-irr.mTl. 'T;i^ ( a:.skli:B and the
A<llrcr;("j.eEs' Ultestratad) : !7ew York Ajvenlla Asy
luav. One linmiml ami ■nneiiij l iluli ai and Anw«r
«i«m-!i.» Ben M. Ja^ulsi;. "ABtltracUl
tra:» . Teoaj| Man's Christian a»soci*ug.-.. N--. .'.
Vest One-hiin.ire :-&r.i <v.—:.;:;-u?;.. ••• . I • ;.-..
'>rrie;C. "The B»c.r.r.:r.^s of CI
High leboei, Dr Oe r*»> r Qnm ■
■ bbi •■: :»■.■-■■■ rk i titrated
ALi;O.VQn.\-?..-,r Admiral ? hn MK3 wan. IT.
S. X.. retired. FIFTH AVBNCI -G«< rg«
Clnghazutcn, chairman -:i th -
rr.:sr:on. HOLLAND— Louis- F. Payi ■
.^tar^ Superintendent of Issurai .:. ■"
LaND — Viscount ard V'isco
PARK AVENUE— Cou • Ing ar.d Bai
Suttor., Virnr.a, A.astria. WALDOkF-ASTORLA.—
Luis F. O>rea. N"icarag::an Minister to the United
S:ate B . Washlnrtoa. WCTLCOTT— J. A. : ..
Ofllciai E"cord sod Forecast.— Washington. Oct. 11. —
Tkos fir ■itirlug t;i« month of October areas of Jew
preasure have ancer*4 tba Unite'! States trora Er::iih
Columbia or AMiiiibala. On tba lota last, th« Bret w«!!
marked North Pacific Const storm of me season appeared
off tha Washington and Oracin coaata, I' was pr«~»4»rl
however, by the advanoa northward from tta coast or
Bouth Ca'Sfomla of aa area nf r..sh prefs'jrn that r.<^w
occtiplee the eastarr, 5 >p« fUM Becky Kooatalas. Th*
Northern Paclrlc itorrr. aas advanced Inland over t.:^
northern, plateau ar.d has u.ver g-r -a! rami ov^r CW
fomla s* far south as Los Ar » - In Eastern alstriets
that* ha e teen Qgfat rains m N«w- ~r. acd ma lower
lake ™«:?r..
It Is ccr.iMerably cooler l .n the Ohio ' illay. »h* Jak«
region. M.ci.* At^r.tic States a.-.ri N>w-Enfrlaad. but
h!yh temperatures stll! rr^vill In the . c <^<!ta AttSßUe anil
East Oulf Stat»*. There are ISdlesUottS of a tropical
fileturba-ica In the Ciiribbean tea. bu: m* yat the position
or Intensity a* the storm cannot be detenririerf. Otaserally
fair ■aalliai Is Indicated for V.'edn'sflav an 3 T:. ■:-•»•' i- .
except In the lake region, wnere local r-ii.-.s ure rrobabla.
Important, temperature cnanjee »r<! not anticiparsti
The vinda alone tn« {rew-Cnft*X>d ar.d M.(ld> Atiantlo
coasts will be traal north to r.< : rrheast . on tha South
Atla-tic and Gu!f casti. light and variable; on vie
Great Lakes, mostly fr»s>. 'nn rr r r . t to r.~rtheast.
Steamers departing U"»rt:ie»<!ar for European ports Trill
hnve fresh northeast wlr.ris and otovdj weaUhS* to tSS
Graad Banks
Fort>ra«t for Special I»rallrif». — Ft Ea»t«ra JCew-
T-rk an* N »■» -Jersey . fair to-day ami Thur»<iar. crier
on tha coast fc>-day; fresh lior'heast wtr.'s.
Fcr Eastern Pennsylvania. Delaware and tie District
at Columbia, fair and cooler to-day: TTwri'lav fair. fr»sb,
north«i.st winds.
For *V«t«rn P*un«ylvaa:s, fair to-day, coMer lr. south
pc>rtlori; Th-^raday. fair, »»rrr»r : rr,.^ nnrthesw to
Eaiitß winds.
For 'Western Ne-^-York. par«'y ...ii-ii ,• tc-day and
Th'-rsfiay; warmer Thursday, fr^nh r.ortheast to t!->rrh
For New-Er.»!aod. fair ta-da» end TV-ir^a^: frosh
north to northeast. ir«.nd9
la this diairrara the continuous whits llae shows the
chaoses is pressure ad icdicated by The Tribune's se!'
recordlcg baj-cireter. The totted Una shows ;ha tem
perature as recortleil by tba la al Weather Bureau.
l^tral Official Berord. — The following official record
from 'fee Weather Bureau shows the changes In the
temperature for the last twenty-four hours. In com
parison with the corraapondins; date of last year:
1904 1903. ' 1904 1903
« a- m . «7 r,a « P. m TO 63
« a. m •» 64 a p. m ea 63
• a. m *$ ran p. M — 63
12 M 78 64 12 P M — M
4 P. 51 7« SB:
H rhast tamj>«ratur» yesterday. 76 degress: low»«?. *.?.
average. 71; average for oorrespocdins date last year. 54.
average {or ctrrespofi&ng 4sie last twenty-five years. M.
Forecast.— Fair to-day sad Thursday, cooler oa the
coast, ae-eayj teas* anrthssat wtnda.
Horacio Rodlgnes of Bao Panto. Brazil, la pia~-
Ing at thie T'mon Square Hotel. Mr. Rodigties la
the son of a Deputy in the Brazilian T*a.rHaTr>eT!r.
and is himself ar. electrical engineer. He has Joa*
retorned from three weeks? at the St. Louis Bxpo
slrion. ard will Ball !n a f»w days for Europe.
■Of course." said Mr Rodignes. "I was specially
interested in the eiectiica.l display at th« Exposi
tion. I had visited Paris in *!W' but the display
at St. L,ou!s was a great advance on thar at the
French capital My horn» city. Sao Paulo, which
is about nr.e hundred nllee east if Santos, my sail
ne port, h.Ts n population of EBS.MO, and is largely
eneagad In mar.ufacturirg. The city has two
::;rh:;:ijj companies— gas and electric— and about
four years ago our tramways, which were mostly
operated by horses, passed into th« hands of the
•: Electric Company, which established ths
largest single electric installation In South America
—a plant o* 30,000 horaepower — and the tramway
lines, i:.c:ud!r.sf elevated roads, were all equipped
with electricity Th» equipment of --3 is of the
finest, ar.d surnajst"*? mo«i . have Been In Ameri
can -.as. The first of the modern cars came from
St. Louis, bu* they are now beinir built In K '°
Jar.«iro Tba trarr.wa;.- lines in many of the Bra
zilian cities are now controlled by American cap
ita:, ar.d since I lel't home, two months ago. I am
advised that the Rio Unea have passed into the
hands of the American company. The Americans
who come to Brazil are most welcome— nave
contributed :r; an Important measure to we- ne
viopmfnt. of th* country/
aJbert Loring, -who was !n the consular service In
Qamiany under the first Cleveland administration.
recalled ?o 9 g-oup of friends at the Waldorf a
f vw ever::r.gs asr" the impression made by "Tom
Watson en the occasion of his advent in the House
a-. Washington. Watson. «o ran the recital, was
making his maiden rpeech. and a member who
had b( red by his characteristic eloquence
m*et the late Congressman J'"?
Campbell In the cloakroom, and r-ir.arked to the
Yew tf"k»r that the t»w member from worj.4
an oratrSf Ha asked Camp If 1n kn r^
him lir-r\ :*^ Bids Btateaman replied In the
negative •Well he's a corker." c..ntin-:ed the
ressnian. "but when O°2 k - nn t 5f 1 11 £5
of ml" r '"
Patriots who embark ir. tba politics of some of
the Assembly districts meet with experience* that
tC r, Ito soar the milk of human kindness. One who
has been n? against the ingratitude of tba striker
contributes this from bis experience: ' : 'Tom 1 said
to me that his wife ar.J baby boy were jtning to
1^ evicted ': he didn't pay the rent, ani he ap
nenie.l »o rre and said. TOO won see th^m turned
SS the T street will your I hadn't the heart to
refuse— lt wa= up to rr.i. and I gar* him a ten spot.
Ve-rt week Election Day came ad I w.t* a <-an
i'dlt- A friend of mine said to Tom. Tou re
rotng to vote for -Dick. 1 of courser* and th« ar-
Jwwrwat. 'Not till I *«* my ». aame is tßa rest
of th» gan? ' "

ptown hotel
I the "open
a that, as be
by way "'
■ eld for si -
r>-~ of 'hi catered »h° ahtae footgear
. roadway sho« itora-* bullet headed, brt«bt
iceen wlrted Bpadmen, eighteen v«n< oW
was entertalnta* a pa ■ «■»■ a3 '^ wlTh
«ome variations from tba book cf his experience
■I wr»« b'or. ir. Florida. 1 said he. "and three yean
was la Savannah, whan Back Pattl came
to tow- - I BW«»1 for th*> eoopie
that could cak»walk to beat tha members of her
company I had a UtUa pajftnar Jest about aa biy
as ma that could dance r-«. wt U ««J3* *"* >g?
net I got the medal. Then we uaveued »l.a the
rornna. I « horses an pawned ni>
. ' A tf l ßOwls •ntotn" Shoe* I done swore
ra*, ar ,i when 1 get my clothes
-• ;b and ne *-'^
....... „ .. , ■ are sober.- ■an the
. ... rho was v u>din« ' !;
front of ar. srmy r»crutttn« off.cc vnr f^p'r
Union to a citizen who had been lonlcm* with ab
sorbing intensity ■ • r rum that is sold
.. h w« liuos tat.
to fO „r m tba racrnltta*
■ • - '^"■ :
I anfsobei " - ' « v * r f "' th3t ' J
. ink."
• mars — leased ar..l exrrsaaionless foot
r ;... : ,^ Twenty-tMrd-aU with la» robs
,, o^, ecr .. folded over cne- arm. waiting tor h.a
esa to Issue from one nf the stores. He- »v
six feet tail broad of shoulder, large of limb and
ad about one hundred ar.d ninety pounds.
When his distress came forth aba was m a hurry.
ar .d. as t - Oar store attendant whs absent, aba
told her footman to call her landau, which, by
reasor. of the crush o'. carrla*~s. was waitlns on
tba other tide of the street. "Ie footman raised
A. but the coachman didn't Be* it. Then he
pursed his lips for a whistle. He bi-w, but there
Q d :.-. licked nH dpa with hl3 tongue
Igain. There wna naught tar a faint
■•uhish." He stopped at the tie. AWj \ea.l-r
n«S the tootaSSS predicament and drew Bear
. other tuy venders Joined Mm,
■ . ed their way to «• M»t and soon
irera n a etrda. " Sue stamped
«tion. The fo.uman expanded r:»
and nllK.i fats tun«a and cneeks for a final
n •- ' " shouted a "newsy."
The ) . . mouth puckered as realistically as
though from tha aoiri taste. while his gnatlike tor
's shouted ta gl^- Then ne made th- great
especting footnian can mak
rnlty to the four winds and lumbered
tha stre.-t. dodging cars and vehi
• -. to the lar.dau.
It Is not always that the means of reprisal and a
double- edged vengeance are so easily within reach
of tha h.-ir-.id of the wronged one as they were the
..ther day at Eighteenth-st. and Sixth-aye., nor is
the aggrieved one always so Quick to grasp the
opportunity. A Celt was eroaaing the street- on a
wet patch of asphalt, when an Armenian pushing
a pushcart essayed to travel over the same ground.
The edge of the cart hit the bottom of th© Celts
waistcoat, and he sat down without grace. Tho
Armenian raned his neck and lowered the end of
urt furthest from him to see what had hap-
This brought under tha nose of the Celt a
bunch of a dozen bananas. The Celt put forth his
band, raised that bunch of banana-"", and hurled
them ar the Armenian, with such jrood aim that
radiated from his head n«i the stars do from
the and Of the policeman's club In the comio plct
!ire>. Th* Armenian didn't stop to pt:k up th<»
b.in.tna-s. Tbe Celt did.
Fhlllp C. Hanna. consul-general at the. City of
Mexico, was in the city recently, and anent the
difficulties cf the national Democracy, through its
povnrty In thl» campaign in the matter of para
mount issues, he tells this story: "A farmer was
recently seen driving a little black Jackass ml a
big white mule along the road up the west bank of
the Hudson The combination was sufficiently
unique to command attention, and one traveller
that he encountered on the way haled the farmer
with the query, 'Where dli you get that team"
That ain't no team.' as the. rejoinder, 'that's a
pair-o'-mour.ts. I heard as how J»dge Parker, the
fellow that wus nomenated fur President at St.
Loi'is wuz short on pair-o'-mounta. so you sen I'm
takir? this here little jackass tnd this big mule to
« 1 hope I kin sell em to the jedge.' "
Walmer Castle, Oct. 12.— The. night, bulletin re
garding Lady Curzon merely stated that her condi
tion was unchanged since morning, but It Is under
stood that the patient had a rather serious relapse.
causing considerable anxiety. Yesterday morning's
was 33 follows:
I^adv Curzon pnsp*d ■ fair night, bttt Is not Quite
so well this morning.
Pawtu-k-'t. H I • Oct. 11.— Governor Oarvin.
Mayor Ja-^ 1 *" 8 H. Hlgglns. with representatives
of the State and city government*. -»n-i f"»iega-,
"t:o-s from busir.ess rouses with which h- was
Identified, were la attendance at the funeral of
Henry B. Metcalfc the Prohloitlonist candidate tor
Coverno'- which was held in, the High Street
T'niver«a!wt Church here to-day. The Rev. Ed
;' d M. Barney, pastor of the church, officiated.
the F«v rr. Henn' w '- Rugg. of Providence, as
alattM 'After the church service the body was
taken to Boston 'or burial at Mount. Auburn Cwit
Hempsread. Lon* Island, Oct. 11 (Special).—
the Nassau Hospital, at Mlneola. it was reported
late this evening that George Arents. Jr.. was still
showing a gradual and marked improvement from
bi« •lines received in the automobile race of
la's: Saturday. Dr. Laneh»rt said that within the
next f-w weeks Mr. Arenta will have recovered
e^W V **• beaa nMn us sfl aajc
•Joseph Entangled."
Mr. Henry Arthur Jones's play of J^F^r'.: En
rar.a:!»f}* - was proteeed at rh« Garric'K Th^^'r* la.<"
ni/?ht. an<i Mr. Idler and Miss Hilda Spon* arr^.j
the ohl^f parts in It. The plot dlseu»era ci^r
tional ingenuity. The sttnatiooa ar<> exceednigtjr
com Seal Th* rharacrers ar* rlrawn 7ri'!: a lislir
touch. Th» style is fluent and - BCas Boons]
jrave a brlUant performance, piquant, rharmhtc
spontaneous, all glitter en the surfa<"». Htit -warm
with r»s»r\-<«? of tender, if»n»r'- feeling. Mr
Miller surprised Mis audience hv 1 srr"n« an<l sus
tained effort in the vein of high remedy— for his
performance ■was ?xr<-- r*f\r. a <i. oaabtraarre. »nd
steadily agreeable, lackinsr only a lit'le bi r!i» ••la
ments of buoyancy and whimsical hurao- BieiJ
part in the piece was well play* and r he pia. »
itself, aside from an interlude -• exhortation In
the last set. Is completely delightful. N--> r h:ng ».>
clear, so eweet. so bright, so full of human nature,
so keenly satirical of pngsip nnd of mischievous
credulity of evil report his b»er s«»r on our sta*«»
for many a day The story Is nothing: th* treatmcr*
of it is everything. Tav> persons. sbeohll ! Innocent.
—a married woman a"'! a bachelor friend— < by
a probable accident of circumstance, pitrhed tn a
position that seema to compromise th«m both. Their
friends observ* It and comment on It. A" scandal
g-ows Efforts at explanation only maks matt-rs
worse. There is a jealous husband. There a - eon
fereneaa. A crash peems immine.nt. The conduct of
r^.e woman, when h«r husband. unseen and awar»
that sh* Is icnorant of his prescuce. proves her
fidelity and wtns his cosSdence, and SO the htno
cent aro vindicated. It is in fabric of dialogue and
delicate, laceilke tracery of character 1 thai the
comedy is potentially felicitous. Mr. Jones has
»r!tten much excellent colloquy, but. nothing
more terse and spirited and apposite than this.
His Infirmity, from the first of ht« career,
from ftvi day of "Saints and Sinner-." -always
was ar. Inveterate habit of moralizing: he
will preach: and tne preachments, in the dos
ing scene, ar» the bk-t on his comedy—be
caus* they impede its flow of movement. ;mJ
momentarily deaden Us Interest. The acting. ne»
11 ItmUiaa. carrier! the piece, over even the shards
.md pebbles of hackneyed moriL precept. Mr. Gfsa
dlnnmg has just the solidity ar.d manly simplicity
for Mayne Mr. Stanlej-" Darr. a? Pyeeroft, acted
th*» epicurean, pagan, polished man of the world
to perfection. Knapman and Mrs. pman, Lon
don servants, 'were made marvellously true and ex
eeedtngly amusing, by Frederick Tyler ar.d Maggie
Fisher. The audience- evinced its appreciation by
oloee obserrattce of every detail, and rewarded the
represantation with some of the, most hore«t and
ftment arplause That has beer, heard in It the
a-- Nobody who car^a for sood acttrg should
fail to s»f« "Joseph Entangled." -^"-
Henry E. Dixey began la.-.r -vnir.g what Is at
b»sr but an experiment, opening the Berkeley
Lyt-»-im Theatre, In Wf-st Forty-fou-th-st., as a
waudaTfila house of the sort littl* known In this
country, a ho-ise where each evening two or thre*
on- act plays and comedies are given, where thero
aro good mii*ic and a variety of '-arefully chosen en
tertalnatent by dancer magicians and the '-' *
"Th« I-ixoy EntTta;nmer.t" last nlph'-'s otT-rinii
w,-i« railed, and by this name It propose to con
tinue, changing from week to week, bat never de
scending to tha noisy, th* vulgar, the In
artlsr.c. An audience friendly to Mr Dixey.
but not knowing what to expect, com
fortably f;i«d the r--»d and y»Bow band
box, when a *w»*t llttl-— maid in black page' 3
foatuuia. with dimples on her knees, stepped be
tween the curtains and announced that the audt
enea were requested ro check their hammers at
the bos office. Richard Mansfield, who sat in a
box. Wl the laiigh at this, and the evening bfgar.
merrHy with "sonntV' feats of m;vgic and oi>naii:ai
sl'.adow pictures by "the man t:i fclai'k." This was
t >nowed by "some stngini by Mil*. Packbiers.
»ho appeared to vastly better advantage than
when the was a member o* that onfortonate
Ptan ± company at the Caatno last spring. Then
fher» was "sorrj* a'-tin? ' by Mr Dtxey and Mi?-;
Marie Nnrdstrom. \r. a sketch by C. T. Bell, .-*UIM
"David Garrtek oa tha Art of Acting" Mr. Dtxey
has made this tse^rh far-.iiiar ir. vandavOla, \v ere
tndi "i. it be'.nngs, if anywhere. "Some n-.imicklng '
by M: Vtotatta Pale; "some dancing" and "some
talk" followed, ar.d then Mr. Dixey was seen again,
this t'.- n Clay M. Greenes familiar on" act play.
"Over a Welsh Rarebit." The programme, closed
with a third short play, "Agatha Dene." tn which
Mr. Dtxey did not app«*- Then, according to th*>
programme, cam* "some curtain." doubtless to Ban
up the, evening
In surnmlrx up the evening manifestly nothing
very exciting is to b* recorded. Later Mr. Ptx«>v
promises new p!ay« by Thomas. Oliver H.»r J v L
Booth TKrktngton. Branrter Matthews and others-
It sterns ra'her a pity h* conld not !:av« b. t;-:"
h'.s <-xr>ertmpnt with nn» or more of these promise!
novelties. It would have lent an Interest to his
programme and a !tvellae."«s It at present lacks.
T - ente.rtair.rr.^nt Is quietly rattle— but it b i
tons '-n 11 from tba BTkeicy L>ye*uuu to Broadway.
T'-.'T» will if. matinee* on Tuesdays Thursdays : »"'i
Mile. Fremstad Arrives — Opera School Open?.
Mile. Olive Fremstad. whom excited reports -»
oently decia.:-e<l iost. causing Charles Henry Melrj^r
to remark, that she was only— very r>rop*r!v for ■*
prtma dor.r.a— on th«» high s*as. reached this city
yesterday morning. Sh p tvi'l at ones t^g:-. re
hearsing the rOla of "Kundry." which sh* is to
sing this winter. alternating •with Mm*. Xordloa.
Mile. Fremstad pleaded a headache yesterday, and
retired at once from view.
The opera school yesterday bejaa active opera
tions with forty pnn; .- ondST the Joint guidance
of ilme. Anna Arnaud. a new instructor, and
Mme. JaCfjer, who had the school in charge last
year. Mme. Arnaud is the wife of a former director
of the Marseilles conservatory, and was the sern»vi
woman to sinsr "1" armer. ' 111 Fr it ■■>. Mme. Salll-
Mane being the. first, and perhaps the grea'=«f of
all. Mme. Arnaud ret. from 'he sr.ig* to tea.-h
snm« y*ars a*ro.
Sirs. Campbell Upsets a Theatre and Puts
Gum Shoes on the Stagehands.
Mr? "Fat" Campbell turned the New Amsterdam
Theatre upside down yesterday. Her dressing room
on Monday ntght was in rh« second Story, and to
reach it she ha.l to take the •'lift. 1 " In the opening
performance of "Th- 1 BoTcaraas M sh^ discovered a
draught in the elevator shaft which dared to hlow
upon her remarkable shoulders, and, not acknowl
edging- the brt-ezy compliment. =he demanded a
dressing room on the Stage level, declaring that;
unl»ss it was forthcoming she Would net piay last.
nipht. Thor" b«;re no dr'^sstng rortn on the 'stage
level, t»n carptntfrs were busy ah day rasterdav
erecting one of wooden frame* ana canvas
Bui no sooner had Mrs Campbell be- to dress
in it last night uf dressing ts the word to desert r>*
h«r preparations for appearance in Sardou 3 drama >
than she discovered the noise of the. 3<?»'n'>!«h!?ts s'
feet running about at their labors, j.rf ---■•- bar
nerves. The manager of the theatre was sum
moned, and hv 9 o flock the sce;;esh!fi*"r» were
pattering softly over the stag* in brand u*>-a
sneakera.*' Th.-n Mrs. «':ampb*Tl was i«atii>n(»«i.
At the Herald Square Theatre, nexi Sunday
nlftht. •"'Lew 1 ' Deckstader'a mir.strei .-ompany will
give ■ "Sunday concert." which wfH differ from
the usual performance eaUy a=< those who '^ke par'
will bo in white face Instead of burnt cork Ti"»r«
will he. i^sii^as th» ?onjs which ha bee n.^er) in
This en^^prn^nt. many oldttme negro baUada such
,ts ""Way Down on the Bnwanee tUver" and < >!•!
Black Joe "
The f?rst municipal theatre ever conducted in
America wa? opened last night at Red TVjr> c
Minn., when "The Royal Chef appeared ar th»
T B. Sheldon Memorial Auditorium. This nous*
which was willed to thft city by the late George B
Sheldon, cost $§".000. and is said to be the n>*«t
modern In the West. U will be manned by tha
i Mayor cf Red 'Wing
"Bird Centre." the new HamUn-Mitchell extrava
ganza, will come to the Majestic Theatre .-. n o _
vember L
Miss Ijeona Anderson, one of th» 'our school
marms in "The Sultan of Sulu " in its New-York
run, is going into vaudeville. She actually has a
oartfrttvi voice cX some wwttb». and abe baa aotu
ally. lisa been in Parts fer a seasra. presumably '
•-'iltivating it. Her vaudeville d»but •»' be mad<»
m N^w-Tork. in a few w»-lcs. and she wfD then
r-v» irrir^tions of Mis* Templeton. Miss R-!*»<> and
other stngprs of the vatwv ?ragr<>.
Estate Estimated at 9750/fOO — Be
quests to Widrnc and Relatives.
SCitwaokS*, Oct. tL— The win of PosTna^Ter Ger!
cral Henry C, Payn» was EM ffr paQbata to-day.
The estate, at S3OLOW, ,s l^:"r m t;u^r ta
Frank '":- Btsr»!o»" and Geoii.l P Millar, of iri!
wauk«. as executorF. In od-iivon to household '
goods, horses. carrUc*'? SI -.. an annuity of I >'»■> l!«
provtd>d tot Mrs Lvdia W. Pavi- the wklww.
tfnrtnf ih» scttlemrni - ■ Other an
nolMea fora lik» parted ar» pr«ii»la>d i- ; iQons:
For his sls«t»»r, Sirs; Imcg^ne f Canwran. °f
Jamaatowß, N. v. $LflOO; for bis wife a nice*. Mhw
Maraarpt J..-r:»»? vt JlUwaua**, JT- 1"'.1 "'. and for Ktaa
Diana S. Bo«r>n af Nortli Adam*, Uas*L. BP
the pprtjem^nr of the ■ > . -". i T» CtWU ta hrqneai vsilv si l to
Miss Louise Jones, of MUwanawe and C6M to Wta
rieid H->nr> • "am«? r on. Of Milw.rjk"^ Qne thOO
sand ci^!l;tr" is left to >' PaaTa Churi h M;l
waukef. ro m bald in trust, tbe Uitnss« vt which
EhaM b^ usM ro Iseep th<* bsrtai lot in gr>o<i
tior. ar.d th*> monument in repair.
At th^ expiration of three years 'mm rh» =1..-
tiem*r.r o: tht» estate tba trustees ar" to p
and assign to r .h» widow, siiouii! .= 1t» be Itrfais
3i( p«r cetrt of th» «>sra'-» hi "lair hands. r 'r.
in <-a.*»- i>r" ii«T dPatti. ta> SU ■ ■ •as may h»
»nt.it;°-i mi ths saraa under her wOl A' tba saots
tirr.e -V> per eeni is to '~> .-up vo>*(i r^ Mrr«. i"m
•?ror. after USas Marzir" Jones i.-= racdv^j
J^.f<" fi . provided tba trustees r>»;iev» th» natatt tbsfl
in then* har..i.», tachidtng th* SO p^r .-or.* or any part
paid ro 'hp widow, ir worth +!"■■■. "oo If h ts wonh
lesa, thfl sun - paid to Miss Uarsjajrvi .lnr.. j s
shall d*> r°'i-ced p;-op..rrioHatPly.
Tbe reatdtie of the ostatc Is U) b*t b*U 'r-~ tha
••■ .•>. wbo -ir" to p^; th^» net !"." r >rr!' v ?? T)r»
wj.inw.- -o i'T.sr aba Bras, and on h-^r ii*»n fV ! ta
pay rh"^ whole to Mr? Cameron X sli* is d<»ai.
h°r son. VTtnßeld Henry ''ameron is ■ d re
eetva bt, provided th»r out o? the incom*' tbara
shall w pecurtd and paid to M!?« Diar.a 8 Bow»ti
an annuity of £>vi Should she ?;irvrv» Mrs Payn*.
18,008 la to !>■> held in rr-i«r f^r h^r Tn a »>©dicU
th» testator eacpreaaes wish thai tbe »star» «»>nil
b» sptt!«»*i in fly» y^ars.
Board of Education Will Devote
More to the "Three R '.*."
Th<» Board of Fii--***; i- la. 1 " «Nl stanced *'-•
couim of study taking sf>m» tim^ ban dn 1
natur* anri i->*her subj^ots g^r.prally consifi^r°(! 3<
•con-essenrial." ami adding It to tha •'^sser.tials '
This a>-ri<-.n foQowa tb» criticism Of so-'-ali^-i
TrUta '
By r^^ n»w arrang-rnent forty minuies a we<»lt
In tb« first rhr»» years ar» to b« taken from tha
constructive writ and drawing, and adtad to sa
as>;:gr>M ttnw UM study periods. The 'inassigned
UflM la rr: s* -is^s will be d»vo'««i to English and
matlMmattei i
He Favored Subway Opening Appropriation
— Kern Aldemen Approve His Measure.
Among •'-• r»por*s of appropriations from r h*
Boari: o* Esttosatai for wh'^h th* ald«»rir.»n raster-
Oay •• »r» ask^d to giv* tmmadteta coaaalarattaa
was one for ISPO.fW. ta permit President Littleton
of Brooklyn to complete the '■epav:ng of Atlaa::?
ave.. a::'i nn* of C 4.471 T5. Bar repairs to th* Queens
■ . ty Co ir'house. Objection to tba Sr« - sent W
on the nma] co it** ta th* Financ* rommitt"*.
TT v.*u .* ■■'-.. ttrman of that coraroitte*. John T. M~-
Call. the Tammany l*a4«*r on the I ■'". apr>k« 08]
..- -port. He said:
On" ev-i.-M rurr (i^s««rvos another Th* aldermT.
received very little consideration from Kba Boa"5
of Estimate w^.ea they aak^d CO ■ to calatoata
?h* opening of 1 SSO.OS6.fIM subway Tha members
of rhat board did nor hold the action of the aid-*
nvra worthy of ■^onsidfratton. There were, how
ever, two exceptions Th- Pr-sident of th<» B"
Bronx and tha President of The Bor
•ens fxpr°sse<! it as rh»ir opinion thar
tba Board ■ i Akamuea wear* eattrety ''ompetent ta
■ „.- - V!; afT.nr? Inm tba appropria
tion af li'.4T'7"> for which President Caaaidy aslts
tmmi '.:-i— ■ insi erat
> : -»r»«p.-i.rv Bnanbnoaa TOM was
Alderman Downing at Brooatfjo, did nat war;' la
•■r-j .-•• Mselatton avtbartdtts tba F:r^ Caanßb>
stoaer to «p< i r!'i c.^^ on a aaai hoi'^' tag on*» o| tba
■ and Pr^s:.;' 1 :-:. Fom*?. the raQOaal i 1i 1 - 3 '-^*
made mder tba nde of tha board. ex?use<i h:rr.
Th^roup^r 1 Mr r>ow7".i-:sr aS^ctsd treat Ir.lii4n.i
ttas noi the rtshi ;n; n pnl -■:- v^ • —
■ ■ : '. "No mar. car. -xsurr) my pr^r->-
Kn':v» .13 an ahlermar.. and I thlr.k th« chair kn.%
act^d .ts ar.ythire hi:t a ?pr.tleman '
Tbe board laughed, hur Mr. l*ln naa teal be a?
falr sertooaly ana demar.d*"d a withdrawal of the
■a: 1 , rojht." saM Mr. Downint "T w**Hdratr the
axpussWill. bur th<» provr.-iti.ir. w?u« very great.'"
Tba rfso^itinn of the Fonrd o? Estimate appror
mg the porchasa of a H'io.^if* tract of land ta eom
plet«» the •»- frroumts at the Ciry Coliega was ay
Tba laauluUmi Dram the Bosrtf of Estimate to ap
pmr.r recfldentla] tnapaeton a: fl.W' a y>»ar for aU
80.- ►uajh Presidents cauaad a great deal of arm
-•Pr^id^nt Ha!T»n of Th* Bror.x .-=»»v*ral tirr.es
tr:»<i ro show their value ta the ?resid»-.M
.•'.in was adopted.
When ' ■ reaalotkJß f n r Bicyiuaf baQßnaja —n
up. AM-'-Tn.ir, DonU »ar:*! M 'ni.i «m fb* a wsek.
The Board of Fire Underwnr»r3 was much criri
ris^.i !" connection with the maaanra. A motion
that the rasolntton he p* 3^* ha..-k to a commit:**
for a publi : !'»artn!r was loat It was then moved
■ ■ b^ 'n\d over for two weak* ani that
tha Superintendent of Ba Idtnajs lr. each borough
i .» .i-A - • Kith Urn FrP3:rii»r.t of his r~
specthre borwufjh for ad • the m^isnrp. The
motion was adopted
Burnnt « Vaallls

Uarrlasr notices appesrtnK in THE TRIBCVE win
hf rt-publl^hed In The Tri-Weckjjr Tribune without
rltm rhargr.
(TTTJtA.V — 9ARTOW_A*. Si Pa-.:: • CbßVeb, r- r:*woo«l
S. J.. on October 11. 19<M. by th« R-v. <ie-?rs« F
F'.i-hir.er MargoertM Mauxtee. aaagsts* «f r i * iat«
John A. Bart.Tw. io '>m. Mallard Cur-ar..
MTT<"irETJ>-BT"N*KETI— On TMSdar, Ortoter tl. at ■
iT-or^-* • OUH.II. FtOShtBK Lnn» Ijilan'i. kv Ci* Ber,
li->r->- D \Va:>r. rNimltlJ ■S»;:*.T«r of '.i«org» Taxman
Hr< t» Ho^er BttSehaQ.
STF.TKEK— KAKHETT-^n Moadar. o-tober V\ ISK a:
Br"-<k!yr.. N T >*y ttM ••• L*'->narrJ W, S. Stryk»r.
m^-»i^ by the R<*v DC. L. Uasea Clarice. ASM Ir#n«,
dangtt** ' !Jr Nathan F. Sarrerr. and the :at« Ml'.-tred
iar;:bi.:r:. M H»h*r H.Uaey ?trviier. of EaltirCL-u*. MJ.
Notic*s of marriages ar.d d^nths rr.'.ist be ta
dorsed with full name anii address.
Death notice* appearing in THE TKIBrVE wUt b» ,
ret>ubliahed In The Tri-\\«rkly Trlboa* without extn
Aticha. Arna H B F'rSun*. Ber.iam.^
« ampbell. Auguallne. Baae, H»nr- •
'."rin.». Ella B ThonHon, EU»r. M.
Leisonrnn. Mar;- .- U»..^. Wiliiim.
ATO«~HA--A'. ber restder.c*. Ke tfft West sith-st . !
Mondar "»v«nlr.<. OcToi>«r 18, Anna H'lnhk* B
ton, widow nf Jndxa alrea Al<!ianil?r Atoci-.a. of
Naw-Ortwana, and. dwnghter of the !at- Philip B im
ti'on Brotbexsoa and Aliea Lanstng 'VV.->o<lrurr Fu
a»ral servit-^s at r^» h."u»». TkvradSV af"ern<->on. at 3
o'Cloeß Relatlv»a and fr:emis mvtted
CAMFBKLX - Meiuchen. N J. -n Manila:. Oetobwr
10, Au»'.i»tln<* 'aitiD^l. IB his T3.f y*ar F'jnern: Th., r ,.
•ia- j"«ni(«n »' 3 • i -k from tJi— rveakrtsrlaii
C3tANK— Sudden ! Oetobei 14 '>■■!. a' tnr r»^ni^nc->
No !-4 East M'h-^t . Ella Bsjeoa. wtft at Frederick
B. Cran* Fu:i«ral services will b« h«id at th* \; 1 |
»on Avewos PiaabytTtac • hir<-h. 7",.i-»t and Ma.it
aon »-•>. on Thursday. Oetobcr IS. a' J p m.
LEISENRIX'i— Man B l^i»>— r-.n?. wtdmi of the ia»» ;
H^r. .t"tin L^u'-nrtns. of i.'rptr l<thtsjl, F*nn.. at Paris
War..'. BBOdST' Isulsmtlll B IMM tllteiiusiu ar
famtlv .rafi^!. Mauch Chunk P»nn IVartßewinu
FEJUUNS— O> M ' "tcb»r l" In-M - • ■ ■
k.m« rtmaral — i»fcwi n Us sta leasanKa w +r
East ?ixti»fh-»'-. Wwtaaadsx '• ■ ■ -• 1 ' ! a m.
lni»rm»".i pri v »i« Bas ■ | « :■■ : i pap»r»
pica* r«P3
;-, >gS ,-■.. ICtOhet 0 X -414 -
. . - i Imsl ss '. ■ .— -
Funeral •*rv<«e«i .• ■> .. :^--> r«j"
.. •> . . „
it I .....
Uin.il. oroil Bowera, •
THORNTON — >n Tu-3^la' . October It U»*. E^-?n M;I
l»r «rlf« "f VV'iMlam Tnornmn Fua-n: at h-r '^-«
ham* Mb rr» Ryvmnv . BreoklTß. Tp.ur^<i»y. at
111 1 ■ m
WALKEf-On M->miav awratay; »• ti i lyi m an Hiis—m
m bis ' vr !> ve»r. WUUara W aik-r Kuac-ti BUItUS rr":n
ht» lat^ re»M*n'-« w »inesa<tv «v«ni»»« ■« c "> !n*»r- '
m , r , privnt*
Great Ptoalaw» Cemetery. 2.115 acr»s. Road trip
ticket SO-? . at ♦• vr. 34th 3t. N. T.
•3d *t Frmnk E. rampheU- Stephen Merrttt.
Em» ! C If" • - 41 "' ww > 3'3 ' Ud St >! u:s Chelae* :
B*» Stephen 3t«rrttt. the wer!d-w:d«-lKßaw3 an- 1
dartaJMT. • i - ; '/ one place of buataaaa, Sti-av*. anl 13uv I
su; lar««st ta. ta* world, Tel. UlsidUl Gbalsea.
Special Notice*
Tilbca* Sahat-flptt— Bat**.
YES TRIBUNE will be sent try tnai! to *n-* ad£r>*i
in thi» country or aornai ana acUlres* chanced *» oftaa»
aa desired subacnpt.c;a» may be «iven to your r«sola»
dealer, before >av.r.e. or. i* mar* enieot. nanrl Una
St'NDAY. 3 cents TTrEKLT R«ri-TKW.a
DAILY. -1 cec:iiTßl-Wi^:iCi.r. a«ass»
WEEKLY FARMER, j eaati *^^
l>ilMHe Bate*.
For a!l points ■ r • ;-^,; -^, o a - a .}a «C 4 Verte*
(outside of the Hr>~^ghs of Marhartan and T.i« Broaai.
Also to Cttba fmtta R:co. Hawa;i s -.ia PbUicptaa*
wtthouc extra txiifr.mu tvr f.ir»i*a coaiaca
DAILT ANP BCXDt«T: f AtaM =-\r;ilElt;
On* HnO, «i n> s x MrotSa "" -l * ■
Tir— Jtontha *2 .v> Mn Montha. Co>
rwelv* Uontha. 11000 sbi Samba. 50
>t.NC.VT OVLY: i Tweiv-, Months aea
On« M.ir.tn. » TRIBtrNE I.TOET:
Thw Moiuh* »;■><> p«r Copy i: ••,
Fit Montha. a* S» riUHL^K ECT»JB:
Twin • ■ • JS i>i> Sana for Matasjaa
rh: l '-r--.-T T . "•
•a S) n
Tw^lv^. M.-r>^». 91 Si.
.. u fr. :lb " r * . lr N*"»- Vr^'t Ctlj kg "v> t-.\*L.T an*
' r - * v "vil! marc;**'! or.* c^nr a copy aaua
pp»'ad» ,ntn t , th- ra;-» earned above.
r-.- ■ »n R.iten.
For pr!r>t» tn Euiope A.-nl <,: — i.~.'-:-» ' n (he C»
■•ersai I'ostai L'nioa TH& XRIBCNI v:U m trali«4 a*
th- BsOaartas rates:
Qds Mcntti. •I*2 .~ x UonUta |7 U
T»- M -•>■«. H*» Tw-\v Mc-ntha> ll* 2S
Thie*Moatln *■» -j« TRI-WEEKXV:
lioatha. *»95. Sts Months, V as
Twfl-> M<-".ria. «!>*i Tw-i'-* JSCOtBai ISM
Bta Ssontha *■; «2' sit lion-. "a. fins
T-»elv« Months. (5 A* "fw»!v» iler'ha. «2 •>•
te*M BSb. si +4 six Moo-.ss. SI as
T*o M"mhi. tiSS' Tweive iuraiha> ft "4
Thre* M-.ntha. fctST;
MAIN OFFI :B— Nr> 134 .Nuata-«.
HTUV.N uFFI-JE— No. l.id-k Broadway or any ■IMTt
can Disiik.l T*i-sraph Offlje.
BRONX BIKEAC — N.j. 486 E»*t 13Stb-at.
V.AiHINuTON BT:?tr:A.T' — No. -.322 F-«t.
NET.VRK BRANCB OiTiCE-Frtiitnc* If. Sasßßar. ■».
iA.NDO.N-O.nce of I'HS TRLBL.NiX at .So. US aiSBV
F*ranic Qsald * Cat Va <4 New-Orfort-e*.
London ird pjrj Ex:.iiS|§ Bandars. Baal -Job TTnnaa.
American Exar-sj" rfmjtay. Ni. 3 T V%;arloo P'.«r«.
Thoa. CcM>ii j, .-or.. T'urit Off^ea. Lu<l«a£» "Irrxim.
The L.'nviia "-ffls* „f THS TRIBirVE Is a ' Ml
Blac^ to >*•• a«i -.•(•(- :a«nent3 md •aissenp^ona.
PARIS— Jcha M-jr.ree & Co.. No. 7 Bae Scr;i>«.
John Vaaassaasr. N'c. ♦+ Ru» dm p»at«a Sennas.
E^i*> Bansnt n . .vi R ue .;ambon.
M 'gii Har«e« A Co.. C Boal«vart Haosaiuana.
Credl- Ly^-na... Eureau i«a Etran*»a.
Contta^r.tai Hote ! . .t v«'tac.
W Figaro Grace.
Erentaao's. No. 3T Avasne d* lOp^ra.
Annencar. Ex^.-ea« CMncaay. No. 11 3*u« 9c»9>a,
g ; -— CrMit LjttEEala.
GcNt^A — Lom^.-.i. Od:»r A Co.. and rater! Bask.
FLOREN^TE— i>ancS. L*doa * Co.. So* 2 sad • Tl»
Kstou A Co. Bii-.icars.
HA -' "- — Am«r' as Exbt<i«« l ~;i«np«ny. Sol 3 *»■
alnaad Strmaa*.
PoMaflro "Sntiem.
BAaaH ka ■"**& IaILT by aU latar»«6a4. aa rTfuaia
may west *: any t:rs« •
rorelja sails lbs Urn w«ej£ «nli2s gsaaaaa 13, 190*.
win "!c»* nmuwUOj tat x.: eaxni ax ' 2** G«nsral Puauigce»
,as f- ; !ows: Par-els pn r Mr.n doia oa» hour «arll«r tiiaa
ctoatna time a.-Twn ;«iow P«r-«.» 3*1. » for O«»
toat-v at 5 p. m. OcsslS* SB and IT.
R^fiiar ar.d Suppi-tne-.Tary 2nai:» 'M at Trr*igzi 9ts>
t"r ->r-n«r ?; w>at and Morton Stro«ta) Hair hour laur
t:l " tiastßß •!^s» »ho-w-c b».rrw ooasi tka* 3uppl»ja«Bt«»T
iia.ls fnr Eumcs and Can:ri: Aamn, via Colon, nlii—
. cne MSV tat** •* Fore:ga atat'.oi:;.
■WJAWIUT .12r.V>— A- KM a. « Bj> rasa per a. a,
Majest::. x~.a Queenstcwa sad Liverpool ■ at 730 a, -».
f-r Netherlands crrect. per s. ». Rotti-rtain '.ii' 1 aa>
™t««J '»«■ a. a. Rocre'dasi'- . : at 3.30 a. m. for
l.a.y direct. oe»- «. s. Loßbt-i* nrat! must be. dlrect-d
per •« g. totartT); « :: a. m. ft* Nr-i-iv Pa,.-
"'.s-Pcst Mails. B«r s. «. Qm II Mja ?J r. tnr
TliiniaMil must be *tjec*afl "per a a Cacar tT'%^
;-AT (13thi — At 7 a. 2i. lbs France 3w~»ar!aßd.
Italy, spam. Portugal. Tartar, Egypt. Gr«ac» a=4 3rs«
v ,-i.a. per s • L* "?-'..-■ v.a Harra (Trail far
otne-r oaxta of Europe OHM c« -Hr^cred • i -- • a. ->
aATURPAT '.Ist: —a: « a. 3. fas Scrape, mr a. a.
. - rta ~-*r- -^g a-d Jo-iraasjpres .-wat! arm
be greeted • per a. s. Germans'- >; at 630 v at for
Europe, per 3. a Ctiuila. via Queensrcma a=d Lj-vst'-
K?n * T II 3*3 * a - 5 !? S3*"" SSS P«" *■ a riaund
..-.all must N direc:-* "per s. 3. F:-.laad ); »; 8:30*. in.
• .-♦•». par « - B Mnaa Earn - rr.ai" r=-:st '?•
»r a, 1 Hottsaannerß") ar 9.3t> a m frr
.■^cot:an.i direct per s ». Coluninla. l=a .: B, a! r -» M
i ' ;»r % s. <"v.i:—-;a">
- "S- — ?V.-» Basra r — sal; nucce in a-iilrton to •-•
r-u-i.ar ?~ra^"» --:st N» p~paid on al! tanwi ft>rwart)nt
I M surT>ien!»r.:ar^ \la;:s. and MNR dßpo3jt»d ta
*.•••• <trrm« -rari^i "L^ttsm for For»:sn •?r?»inTrt'«" ' *'-«r
' - ">s:r.s at tba R<-sr:la.- Ma:l. *-- i.»ri- - — , -,
25 T*—t Wl -- ■"« »• so An ■■idaj aslaai h h
1 -•. ru« < --■ ■ srepaid JSer^cr • -■zmrt
Sußpi«aaatarT r-a.-.si-,i.it. \!i..i ar» a
- -1 .' ■-.-.• \.-r.9T\C3Ln. Efcstis.i an«i FrT.^.i nun 1
7"*=' v *- «!»• ««an«i sccur *r g *. a or tarw an.l
ra :r.j.- m lapaattad :.- --c roa - t-, -
pi»r<i of t:-« <i«rTsaa iiaes sa::'.Ts» froni H ~ -
j niars op«r m boor »Hd & half % ~»?<v*» sall
' ' '■"" ~" ■ '- •**— •• «a :-* ttmr
Only Mavta sosta(r» 0«R«i B ■ tmii
'■ : m arrtcl— a?.all»l 00 :':e pi«n if -:->- • aari
<^n. whi-e 3tar and ij«raan (Saa Fo«i maa~n« i 1--i -
v- o. «ras* .'.et:*r» JO cacta a hair Kacal on .itn-r
Ma::.; f^ gOCTH an? ULifsjU, oi-3;r\
WtUaUDat rtm> it 9:30 a SS. (asgplsißSßtan K>-3f>
j, — I ear trtasna. Hj..-:. S*nra llar-a anaFoti^r bUc»»
tn HaxUi^d r'^partaieiit of Cslosibii. per » •
Fla2ir.a. at 11:30 a. 30. fcr SEBStt p«r s. 3 •easaa
Vrtaee, «ta Rio Ja=ei.-^. raa^a arl R:o Graad* do 30l
tot N.->rthera Brazil. Argfntiae. I -ig-i&y airt
■ Etrecced "r*r %. ■ ?..->raaa Prniee*»:
at U^.>>' r rr.. isuppieir.eniary 1 ; a-.. • (n T-irks Islar-f
ar. • - r.:..i- Kepuc;:-'. per a. a at 13:3rt
p r= Cor -Vn:^-ja, MartiTiiqua and Gua.ta'.oupe pal » 1
maU Cat Barbados. rnr.:iaj a^.j .i.u^na mi*
be :'.r- ted "per ». s. Pr^<-.^":
THURS3 — At I i. aa. f->r C^=a. Tucatas aoi
te. per s s Mcnt»r-?y .mail for Jer r-a- "-« of
\f-»x: •■> BraM -a .iln»<Tte<l "per ». a. ilcntairsy">
rfUZ>Ai tttt —a: :u n ajapglaHMßßszi t2J»» •= "■ f->r
Par-an^a*, r*r s. s. Or-.^iha iraai! far Santiago rsus' be>
•- *. b. Or:-aba">; a: 12 Sa for Bahama*
nr'. x per a a Xlaeaxa. v.a Xaseaa i=i TastTKxi
Hiectsd "p«r s. » SRaaaca")
■ATTTRDAT 13ih) — At "» 30 a. ~. iscpoiesMßtavy sssf
„ m .. - ... , j? „■>. ■'•jraoa-' ani v*r.eiue;a, jar a. a
' an-'.? -a (or CtdOCBMa, -.-'.a -_:ra -ac. rnuat lx» ■»•—
• «. Cftncaa' '■; a- •a- -r.. fcr A-aeuUise,
■ r -. ■ >.--. r=.ra«aay. par s, s. OssOAb; ar % '■' a. —
»~ " f> ->' *- 31-' BSS 1 I -■■:-• t.'iirj. .£»
i. «x.-epc SCasAatana r^partmant. p«r
» • altal -rrai: tot r.-eia IHeaV v^ L»-non. ■MSI Me
■■i - >«r ». a. Alral"'. at aVSO a. rr.. • 3upplerr!aa*ar7
? -... tm BBBsata. 3:. Zaemaai 9c Cr=ts. l*a
< srd sad Islaiai*, aad G-^laia, -*r a. v
Cartbbae ■Taa'.l fcr Granada and T-*-My obsß] be 41
- •; *Tpe« a ». Carthhe*'^; at IS a. Nt, fcr Cuba, ncr
- - Merre .istle. via, Havana; at 12 a. fcr Northern
B'e;t:. p-r s. s. Dunataa. via Pira and Mar^aoa^ at
13:8* p m. fcr Ceba. r«r a. ». O'.".r.iJa. via Vir JM ..
v.-r.a'.: -r:a»t be Urected *"jy»r ». ». Cllstia"^.
CT~BA- Tl » P^rt Tamja. STa.. closes a* tit>.» office iMXtr
•xrapt Thursday, at »o:3(fc_a. m. tiha aoncectin« maiii
-- aera n limiays. 'W'edseaiiAys and Sa:ur<l»s-s>
SCEXIC 1 " 1 CtTT — Overlj^u!. usiesa specially aid-eaaed r^r
.h«pu. eh by steanier. dßSaa at this ofl!ca> dallr •xcept
Buadar. ±- IJO J- &- aal 1J:3O p. =. 3'inJara *t 1
p. m. ari-1 13 30 p. m.
Xg: VT K' ' NT'L\>.'D i except Parcels P;st V»*>\ „ -^j
«.r.e-- and taenca. by staa.-r.er. ■:•*» at this)
nfTVe da'.lr *t «J. 30 p. m. r:ec-ins icata. close, her*
ever" M BitSX Wednesday aad 6a.rir<!ay>.
JAMAICA— By rail to Boston, and thence *r v-aas«r
v«e» a- thai or?.-e at -5 30 p. m. Tuesday. By -1.; •»
Phxladelphta. and ts»nca by axauncr. close* at this
aStaj at I'JcaO p. tn. "Wadneaday.
MTQT7ELON— By rail to Boston, an? -Jienca by steamer.
ck-sea at this eff-e. <?a:ly at >:3" p, no.
r-: AT £ MALA— Bt rail to New-Or:ea=a. aad — . •• by
BeSBSSSC ::oj>e9 az :r.:s eSce da!!r. except 3uattay a:
tI SO p. m. and '!'"» 3i> p. m.. S'-.ndays %; fl p. rr. "as<J
0 ?. -n. (aaaaacUna mall cicaea isr>» Monday* at
»lOJO Tl TO->.
COSTA RICA— By r-\ ' w X-^w-Or'eana. »=i sasa *»
= c»arr.^r. ■•iosee at this office dally. «xr«pt 9n=dsiy at
xi3ii p m. aad ttOtSa p. m. . Sunixrw at fl p. £ 'aad
pp p. m. toono*ot:ns ma': r.osea her» Tue»da.i-a a:
-1" 3l> p Tl.!.
SOCABAGCs, (Best Coaat>— Bt tafl to .Yew-Orieeas. and
Itieni s ta» jieamer. closes a: -his rff.cn da:'- •toe^ji
ajHßday. ar =1 .'" r tj. aad tl< v -.3f> p. tn.. s'in.iatja mi
m »."-- r V ■p. n-. macttng maul -.oaaa saw
Thursdays at tathM p. "
■n*ir.»teretl mall c'.oses at H n m prfrvJona tay.
TKAKSPACtrtC MAII-3. FC HTT.vRISEt> (vWaaaaaUasi
The si-h«<i>i!" of closlr-.g of Traaapac^a ilasls la arrartaad
the rr-*>i:nr - !on of their ur.:nterr^pt»<l ovarian
trasatl to pen ef sali.r.g The flr.a; ccar.e-t:ris -a.;
tai-^r- Raajtatared TranapejetaVa XaU« wh:-a ctaea »1
111 •Ikons day» cUiee. a.-- the G«aera! "V»ato*H<-a,
Sew-Tw*t, a» follows: . -_ -"
Hawaii Japan. Kor«a. Catna «ntt Phtlipplne Islands vta
Bas Fr»ac'B.-'>. •-!"«« ar ri 30 p. m. o-'oo«r 14 fjr di*
per ■ ■ Am-»r'"i Man
TahiT! h •■ isiaßSS «ta - = an T-r»n<-i!»~o cioa* at
A.Z' l s m -"..-T.-ner 13 for .i:ap»fn p»r « » Nlaricowa.
v. \ Saalantl kaatr»lui except W«st>. New-i'-untlOßUi
imw m Haw«tl i ..n^s V ;a 3an FranCT»cf>'
ii X ;i> r> -i! •-. . - nspßKa per I »
v eniura " •»-.-- ■ . .
■ia:; ao< arrfve ba timo i
ne' with thl» dispatch »xtra m.ii:» — clcetng at 5J©
•» SB a m and •< *> r rr, : Simla-. 3 nr VS I a m
•' * m an-1 «W> p m —win t* mad" up aru! rvwarrtaa
:-.M -1" i, of the Cuaar«i *team-r>
re*. Ch'r.a and ap*r add mai". frrr the
• -la ,-ao "^r^nrtseo. dose f • .iO - ••
• ■ - . . par <
■1 *ni ap-H-iailv addr»»s*«l mat! fn
. iih .-.ar.d-' ■-i Tvntna. -lose *t 6 ,{i> p m Oc
total 2! •«» ' J :»pa*.-h p«>r ■< • Telemacnus
. -in Fran'-is'P -lo«»> ir «3t> p m C>r+->t*r
. sec !» .^ Alar *•:>
.Tapan (except Psrrei.<-P?»t Ma;!->. Korea. China and »pew.
, vi-»as».i ma.! aw Phi:.polr!<» la'.anda via Van
pouret tr..l tlcterla B C etsas a- «.3O 3 tn. Onan<«
•3 f-r ttspaietl per * • Frr.presa et Jaoan.
Philippine Islap'ts an<l Gtiarr.. v.a Sar. »::cisca. claaa
m I "in p rr Octoket - rr for spau'h par v 9. Traae
«^.j! tstsadi *!» sseelany edSresaad ma .: for Ausrraita.
an. J . N>w Cal*dnn:a. • :.\ x'inc-M-vrx 'inc-M-vr an-l viewrta. •a, C
olos* ar 830 p m Ncrvitiber 5 f c - djspaxch par a. a
v.: iwecas
3«anoht:na -except Xewchana' 1 ar-i Eaatara Stberta Is at
present forwaroed via Russia-
NOTE. — Cslase otherwise addressed. Waat Australia fa)
forwarded »'a Europe. New Zealand via San Vrasakaiav
ar.l -ertaln places ta the Ch:re!te Provinces of TußEaa.
Kn»'.-how Siechxraa and ms-r. v-a BrtOsn lad!*—
the <j»i!<.-k»»t n?u-»9 PMltPPlnea specially ulit ssssil
•-iia Europe' must be ratfr prspaii at the SMtaaga
rares Ha»i'.! i» rorwaioart via s«n "Yasatssa «■*»
coRXELira TAX cott. rminnaißi
TmnflTsa, Tart. >i.T^Ootob*tl, tMa>

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