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•rf»JL."??Si-»- •»•»» •»•*& »•■**
«•&&£{«? *».«•* »li»»» 456.410
_* i. October $12. "ST MI.SM «.H».tTR j
*5-L»l«L:«. «■ 'AVI* AX» SAVL.T £TB MAUXE
J*»**Lf.k^n OctoW £828 $170.2!!* «j:2.lfc R
- -him 912 013 87«
J ! «!2"-ik l ii"octf>»*- »>•«■*•» Si».<v." $13*
SSf !?& tS«wr 14 .. 2.2*3 <*« M33.t*i 1.W...VW
;s.T 1 " ' ri:!iE MAKQCETTE.
, _.•-. ... 202:. 2010 1.*4:
PSS'-J^fcO^Otir t263.1«J SS*».?7l J2K.AM
•*^.w£;oW 1«. •• 5.«a.»73 3.5; ' J. 7*l s.aft.on
Jft *S r ««k"«^'- : '<*«>« > * a 4-**' »** »*•
f^ff^tciuru... zie.en tutus 847.703
C*"» Miii»" "•s,£- ims. CM*..,.
9f m •"""^ i«H lfr? C:-.»nt«.
•amir.*. ...... M3N »lt\\N)3 Ine.s:* *.a
*2Jsa2(exJ»»«ee. •• i«i.4»« *(.«; inc. .■<..>;
._ Mfsfao 1121.5* UM.M In; 116.513
Oto* £*m? 3£C3 2.757 Inc. 523
-w.i ia*nie »124.46» ftOT.ess fit IWITj
«^«ts*»* •*-* a ♦ o:6i) D * c - 159
g—jia . STf.66l ev7.S6e 1nc.5169;-7
--certl fcalanea ebeet show* res!-. 1 ■ hens Jf>'i 175
«*? pK*t aad ;<>•• surplus of $216.(XW>
/fMrUahea by Van Scbilek * Co . No 7 Wall-st.J
Bid. Asti'd.) BIS. Asked
*-..••« Rv cess- 7* • Cctton Duck com 5 5-*
jV i— ir-es. • 46 ' i*l i d 0 incomer .. . CSVfc flti|
T* is . *>S •» l^orf Ry & L 5». M£ 61
« BAS V T con. «>% 7Vi Ufbt * ¥ pref . 33 40
Viscoses T. SM 27 i Jo «-,£ 95 to',
-ft Sri. cow •' !«■• Chas Com Elec &• 85 W
•P *:, . . ."..H* S3V Coat "r.-r. . 11'"' 1»>
5? Ji"*" ... BIU MH Ur.ion Tr-.»- .43 4.".
J! it***.' 6».105^ Jos'« Third N"«t Bar.k. — 13*
*,5« . *1 felMp Fidelity &Dt I*7 ISA
(FunUsfted 6f It L PO * Co • No • *•'■«**■« >
Oct I* Oct. 20. r.rt 19 Oct 20
•MAAlUflv. !4» 250 mr n Sho« Mac:, pf 31V 31 V«
2J»i51t.^.1«» 3<"-4 lATlar.tlc Mir .... 13* 14',
T£2 CicvatV. . -..".a 153 , Shannon Wa .. — .V*
rtß*l"ST'Jsa »15J Elnghim Mm.... »0i» 814
- ■- •*«> W>
Td-.'or.- ■ 2»'2 SOI rrankUa Mir... . 8 *» ' >^
?T-e' ... n.« 1H« Mohawk Kta.. ■• Wig -^:
v.«'f>' Co» in IS OO t e«oi* Jiln. ... M 68' 2
"F r^f. ■ " M I o:d Dm M-. .. 20 *»*
£V2l 1 r C*. :"•» lß's Tamaraolt Mir... It* 11»
*7 ire' * "''
S'-ief ..'.'4 M'ii'soii ir* n\
I>o» iVor. * W 'I. M? M«-« O« c-r,. gi 42",
Vr. Di"-« Ms-h ■- •••*>
<rur»>*he<J by Cfctrles O. Baf * Co. Nca. I*, 16 and
16 Y.>::-ei)
~ Stocks, "i Open. . H:sn I Ivuw 1 Close ! Bid. !A«ked.
•iar-t <^1 49 ! **"'» i 43 : |«U ! ' 4RI *
BB £ p:rf :-I "<> ; -S3 ; k»% in? iwB
ll'lUl 1
4T 4rt\ ; 47
?- pM »«s t»l m : » !•« ant
pr we: - - —I ■ g
■s^taTsi 5 -i n\ m - -
1 ■ -V- ■ ■ ' ' ' , ~i
r', r.r»* — — ■ — .--> .i .
/: - ■ - — I «• r-2
Km' MS '' 1: ' r » ?1 * MJ
E-.« : ::t . w '•■'■■•- i: -^ : 11SV » , .vr* : !2
7,*, v; ■ _ . - I - « »
•. s s
: » - j. c .« "jk — 1 —
BM BSkaa-j B:.! Asked.
/- f 4T» 4 4- U> 42
Ski Pees R R Co RT*^ - ♦"'■•*
f.. yrtt .. ws IV-* I-er... Bteel com .30 '■'
ranbtia eted . .:■-. t* tret SS &0
< <r. Tr -: N I '*. O P*M> ; Veb ■ . '» : j
* 4 do rrtf i*« V- .
tie .-: T^: I '* <* ri::ia Ei«rc C 0.... s, >>•%
74 T« Phla Rip Tr 14-1 I T -\
i\ :> , •■•'4 PWls i. Erie... H •»
is,r rark T Ce. 16 II >l? Iron & Btee|. l 1-,
Jr.* Co sf S A. SI "»^ r.4»»Wf Btefl.. IS. -
I^ehirn >»ay :«' :•' Da oe> of N J..270 2T'
Lebtea Vaj li fi il , ii J£" la g Trertlrn .. 6CU "
M«.r»ier ....... Tr .. : « Us Clas In-.p Co. W-^. 1C
:-ri.'. Per.-. .. .pm» IN TTrislsirh Qa... .30
Is 4 PBJ !• .JW*i - t'*-v Trac 4s 1034 l"5
N/Oes If !*••, 11l Catea T-a- «f .W% I■•
• m rsaej • US 11C
£t TE^r.cß/in to t:;e mwiiH J
CftfeiSO, Oct. '-'■— W!.»&t at the panloc t\as firm.
• Ittouph tba trac're »»r*. as u?ue!. confronted
"■.t:. recelptE at KbaMUMtly ar.ri Duluth much
heavier than tIMM of the year beffeffe Scarcity of
**&(! wheat cor.tir.u£<s to be ta-: leaiir.g motive of
the borers. lit ports that the jrreat Northern Rail-
T'n6 haO warned gram receiver, at Minneapolis and
ft Peu! that m more con?:grrr:er.ts to those places
WttU ba tTfTT*tfl OUUI tIM Mocka.ie hi the yards
ha< beer. avcTBOSM CUVCd r.-.iii.y to u±ke- that e--i
<erce cf the heaviness of the country mo\emer.t as
toot rtfefcn for selling. T_"ncer sales made because
"f thtT stitemer.t there was £ reaction for a time
from me UctaCH Vlfft vrbleJl business com
raesc<(3 TT.at proved or.ly temporary, and buying
■01 BOfV r^nie into the -ndant. Local receipts
wert D r £rs taj shiprnfents. ISAWp .she Is. De
'*ir.ber OOHi &t Si :<6fc'&*- 14*4. &lt<=r ceiling as
kifh a 5 J: K)| and as low sf fl l 4- 4 The range of
Kay »ac tn m $1 H'% to II 12 7 ». closing at Jl 1S«».
Corn had a meteoric career. The market opened
rtror.4 at come advance en the previous day's
eloslKp figures, but on the advance coma one ap
peyec to r. f \« caved m lbs sides of a lar^e reser
< |M »:tb Ior« corn, and that, ccmir.g full on
ti» heids r>; the buyer?. tu.op;:ed them with a
Creet ct;l more than t:.ey wanted, and the prico
ee'.lartfd 1/oca.l receipt?, cr.'.y 75 care, and the
otiirr.atfe for to-morrow. 104. Total at primary mar
kets. MUSI b-.isr.elE, cvirrared with 436,000 bushels
the Ota fay !ast year- The highest for December
was 4&\&49"«e. the lowest 4*; The dose vu «S*to.
Si«j- closed at the bottom. 45 E ic. the highect, *>^»c.
Oils wtre etron* at the outset, due to some cover
ir-s ty loo*] ted outelde short* and the taking off
•* badge; by cash hcu**£. Country offerings were
reported :ijr;t. The break In other grains later
a*<s a oepreainr effect on the market, prices falling
Uci: to the c'.ose of yesterday. A good trade was
<**. Cash house* and elevator people were the
km pen The sample market was eteady to
V fc'^.-:er. a good tarn t- r' existed. Receipts. 114
cart, tr which 25 ears were contract. Shipments
from Chicago were 101.000 bushels. Estimates for
te-aiorrow were 104 cars. Future deliver closed
troa ViC to *»c under yesterdays figures. Decem
ber dosed at le>%c. aiur selUDg as high as 29** c to
*'i- ar.c as iow as 2SS. The raruse of May was
tnm 205>c to *o%c to aV»c. doeJr.g at W,%c.
ProvislcHß were bid up by paclcera and local
•ealpere. who took advantage of light offerings to
Km prices. Prices later ebo«ed a alight re
acUoa from the nigh point, due to the break in
corn. Hog receipts were 1&.000 bead, and prices at
3>e yn'.iit were to lower. Meat shipments were
2,«4; '// pounds, re ra pared with 1.&22.000 pounds a
year m^o, ar.d lard chipoaenia were &02,000 pounds,
compared with 1.506.000 pounds a year ago. January
Pork aco from $12 40 to ili 22^ and was tbe former
P«oa at noon. January lard sold between $7 22^4
*£<! r■, ar.d at noon was f7 20. January ribs ao*d
iron* $6 45 to »€ 62>4.
Dividend Kotice:
IM n-i jtiwt, N«»- York. October l<ith. 1804.
_, retort of »jm unit, beli to-day, a semi -annual
?W«t.-.i o? FIVE ts%j PER CENT, or the capital etock
rj*4ec;»:e!l. payabi* November let. proximo, to «i 'k
■*" <•' 'HK>rC at cioee at ouc:nei>e October 16th. IM>4.
nut BOCK ISLAND company.
„ _ N«a* fork, OctoMr 18. IW*.
_ t-AP. PER SHAKE on the pr*farr*« capita.! stock of
»»•«©..•« :«;»n£ i;oir.j*&> tts t«en d»ciarad. payab*« >"»•
*O»tT 1. IH'A 10 »i<K-k..t;uer» cf «ecof<J OctoUr 17. I**.
■ »Mc;. <!•>• lft * Lraaatar oooica for th« pit.'trr.d tioe*
"V" «•*«•. «vr.o o^n ■«•..& Ociobrr 20. I**.
J«M4 a(i«r Nov«ir.ti*r 8 iho4 the capital atoek of
"•Roc* Island Corapacy will be iran«ftrr*« at the offlca
« tt» Comp«r.*. .Vo Yj Broadway. N«w Tork. To WjjH
£Jf iw« cbjutM ih, tramsftr U,<ii% for btth ib« preferred
5" eoanjon atock will c lc»e OotoUr a. and opes *•<>-
« IMa.
i^.^^^ O. T. CVKS» AM'.srar.t TT«»*qrer.
'A • * 41 bre*Awmy N*v fort Qc'rbt SB. ■• n *_
j^.. AiuliurtiK Copper Cotnp»fiy. a dlvl«er« cl
J^HALT Or Ayn PER CENT <>* Of 1%) ••* **:
522 L payablt Movenber 7S. l»04. to etockhojdera «r
I **, •« » •'«!•«* P- M.. Thur«day. October tV I»^*-
Bf* •"«*, cl«»e at • ••deck Thureday. Ottfper
£+ m mmm M 1* o'cladi A. M. Mon<Uy. N****
***■ •*- fcf>Tn fj,f^| ,i r^ [mm ,-j A 11-— "*■
Dividend Notices.
?h^V^^l\\'V^}K S STOCK DIVIDEND NO. 4.
• Srrfliir.B and K;flnitit Company have thf« day d»-
PER CENT, en th« Common P it«l Stick of <"om-
I'tß CE.N T on t.,# C-> mTT1 on Capital Stock of th« fom
•l thwoclorK P M Octobor J2th. 1904 The Books
52 S*-VTOg.^ ,t, th * - r^^»-- of Common Stook will
Bankers and Brokers.
H. HALSEY & go.
49 Wai St.,~ • Tbe Rscken.
Redmond & Co.
Letters of Credit
Available la all parts of It© world.
41 WALL STREET. New York.
Sf-7 CHESTNUT ST.. Philadelphia.
Dealer In UnlUted Securities of Railroads and other
Corporation* In the United State* ar,<l -»»her«.
Tel ilia Br'6^ 3O Broad St., \eu York.
Maurice C. Sternbach, Adolph Hoeland
Member N. Y. Stock Exchange.
Sternbach & Co.
40 & 42 WALL STREET.
Telephone. 3175 — fl John
and all
Telephone 15 WALL ST.. vorreipondence
4t»l Cort. NEW YORK. gclicited.
Trust Companies.
Guaranty Trust Co.
Capital, 52.000.900. Surplus, $5,000,000
JOHN W. CASTLES. President.
Ccmmon Coancll of the city .->f . •*■ fWhelle, N. V . up to
S> o>rlod( p m Tuesday. October 2. r >. 1904. at the Ccrnmon
ambers. la the Q:j Hall ButMinj. on the ror
r.er cf Mam an 5 Uodtaalc Ptre«:n. for any or all of
eir:" teen 1 18 ccrUflcatea of Indebtedness for Five Thou
►and <$5.00(.i Dollars f.acb. »at 1 -»rtiS.atfs of ladebted
i.»-fs tj b» date'i the 2»":h .lav of October. lftO4. «nd paya
ble on tit* -tit'i -lay sf .lu;u-. IMS. These <-»rtifi<-ateß of
tedebtedseae are issued pursuant to Section 344. of Chap
tet l^> of the Laws of the Ktat« of New York, for tne
yznr MBS, an! th* acts ameniatory thereof, and pursuant
to a re*olution of the. Conuaoa Council of said City.
adopted October 4. U'L 1 *; said rtiflcatea of indebtedness
•, be !^fu^d in anticipation of the collection of City
Tav^s for th" currant fiscal year.
The«e cen inmates are te be numbered from 1 to IS. In
rluslve. and thall tear interest a', the rate of six (6 pe>'
DSBtt per centum i>pr annum, ami will be sold to th*
i~i^,n. firm or corporation cSarlns tae highest pr«miiu«
th^rf for.
The <"^tv mf-r\-*r the right to re'ect any or all bld».
All bids to be a<i£resi-ed to Charles Katnmerniayar. City
Clnk. ani marled as Fuch.
Ea^-h Md shail i.c »• coroyan»»<i by a deposit of Two
Thousand S2.MO) 1 --are, in cash, or a certified cheok fcr
that aniount. payable t -. Tv,« order of tie City Treasu.*ir
| the Ctf cr »»\- Re. ':heU* siu- h depos'.t to be forfeited
re the City II the Parts or parties to whom the. certia
eatM «>;a H i* awasiied fail to take er.a pay for the sam*
jr. accoidanre. with the terms of sa'.».
Th» eertl*ca*«» to be delivered el the office of the City
Treamn < ir 1 ' Hall, la ha City of New Rochelle, X V ,
M Mon.ay. Ortot»r .'il 1904, a. 11 <.:••..-'< in the fora-
JJO ■;-. will be r*cetv«4 tor lets than par
Purchasers ■»'"' b* required to pay accru*<S interest.
By order of th» Common Council '■'■ the C:tj of »w
R'..-he'.!e. N. T
ba**J. N*-w Eorhfli". N. V.. October 7 1904.
City Clerk.
Mac brtelltvuttly tv--
Keeping Inform
Head Our
"QaUa •- Inveit"rs ' ar.d "Daily Market Lever, '
Both A-.«.r.u£« o Uwey Makingr.
T-3 Broadway New Yo;'k City.
■De-errr-ining the character an. financial rasponiitll
ity of your broker is st» Important as select ion cf right
APPLIES — Ph:'.a DepM, Q M Dep't, Nrrth Arr.en
oan Builoirir Phila.. Pa.. Oct. 3. 1904. Sealed Proposes,
in triplicate. sTtll be received here until 11 c clock A. M.
Mcncaj-, October 24. l*>*. for ruraUhllu this Depot with
Ar~y Trar.Epcrt Supr!;**. con£ittin& o* s-.l^e; plated v.-aro.
cr ; f^ glass tin. write metal tab>«poons er.d enamel
wa-e p-!!OT.c»ses and towels. Samples can be eeen at
6-!*uvlklll Arserai. this city. Bidden must «t&.te rate at
which trey reject accept any or propesals. or any
the right to reject C accept any or £'.1 proposals, or any
nortlon thereof Pr-:«i«J.ca ffiven to article* of donjtstis
D'o«uct!on cr n:anuts.ct-r«-. cor.ditlcr.s of quality and r>r.<:e
('ncludlna In the price or toi-el«n producuona or rr.ar.u
'ecturea the duty tnereon* being equal A OL'ABAXTKB
n 10 per cent of tee value o: the article- prcpoi*ct for
amst eccorcpar.^ each prorosa:. UNGUARANTEED BIDS
m ; j;i rot be considered. Blank* for proposals and circular
to bidder* will be turois&etf bylthis <*&** Envelopes cou
taiSna proposals to be endorsed "PROPOSALS FOX
TRANSPORT SUPPL.IES." and addressed to Lt. Col. 3
W. POPE, Deputy Quai terlrl * s! * r General. V. & A.
Depot Quartermaster.
■**- New Tork. Sect. 2«. 1904 —Sealed propi«als In tripli
cate will be received J-.«re until 12 o'clock noon. October
2<j 1&04 and men opened, for construction of a 60-foot
Launch. £ptciflcauori« and form* for bidding can be ob
tained at this office. Proposals must be enclosed la
«ea.:ad envelopes marked •Proposals for Launch to be
opened Oct 26. 1904." ana adcreMed to G. 8. EIi'GHAM.
Major Si Or. Mr.. V. S. A.. Depot Qr. Md
will be received at MidvaJe Steel Work*. Ifliiimn.
Philadelphia. Pa-, until 2 p. m. Monday. Nov. U. ia«M.
for purchase of oondemnej crlna&ce material. Cata
logue* s:v.r.» quamltie*. condition, etc.. can be had on
application to Oapt. SAMVEL HOF. Ord. D«pt.
mil b« received at the office cf the Commissioner of
Itr.mlsratlon E:!.« la:an3, N. V . until 2:SC o'clock p. m.,
October 81, 1904. and then opened, fc- making certain
al'eraUcns to main bulldins at Ellta Island. Particulars
a« to donditicna and limitations fovernlng bidders can be
had upon application to WILLIAM WlL,uxil£. CcmißSs
s'lor.er of Immigration. Ellis Island. N. T.
•*■ York, by *■*"•• rraoe of God free and lßdepend#nt.
to William H. Uclr.Toah. Robert A Maxwell. William
John Maxwell. Jo»»pn:n«. Shaw, Mami» Nichols. R'.izabaih
Am U«r.««on. Uaitm t.;oy<3 Maiweil and Hazel B.
yiaxwa.i :i".* b«iia and* next of kir. of Martha M:into«h.
1... of the City and County of New Tor*. N. T. de
eaaaad i»il ir«i :.-.«. Whereas, Frederick E. KeuSncer.
of Th« City of New York. bM lately applied to |ba Sur
r«K«te'a Court of our County of New Tork to have 4
c^-ial.i instrument In wr;iir.«. dated February 13th. 1901.
ice«:h«r with two certain lß»iru;ii«r.t« In wrlUn«. dated
respectively July lit. jer.2. and Au|u« 26th. l«f>4. re
iZ.l^7 to both real end pei tonal property, duly proved 1 v
t*.e fact Will and Testament of laid Mirtha Molnioah,
ia-e of the County of New York, deceased. Therefore you
«rid each of you are citr<\ to appear before the Surrogate
«' our County of New York, at kit offlce In th» County
at New Tork. en the loth day of Novemoer. one tho »and
nir'e hundred ana four, -i ha:.'-P»«t ten o cock In the
fo[*ioon of tnat <Tay. then and there to attend the prvfcate
if i?r»«ia lait Will »nd Tetument. Ana ««eh of you M
ere he-Vby cited a. are under the e s « ••' twenty-one y.ars
1 * reauued to appear by your rjard'en. If you hate one.
or If you have ncne. to appear and app:y for one to be
UpLi*. or in the av.nt of your r..«!»-i « M™ to d 0
!o a ruaxiian •'.11 be appointed by the iurro«ate to repre-
U Co.rt of tb. .all Count-of N.»
York to be hereunto afflied. Wltneaa. Hon.
Fraj>k T rtu*erald. m. furrojate of our " ! «
fL. £ 1 County of New Tor*, at eat* County, the , 30th
1 ' «A« of eaptunter. in the year of cur Lord one
ore ttwoi J ! >^^ d A in<S DO^WLT.
Clerk of the Surrotate'a Court.
r^KTOLPH FAMILY. -*'g-"LyiiisaLr *-*
Abram I. Elkus Now Oven* Eighty \
Lots There.
There were many reports yesterday of sales of
large plots in the Fort Washington Heights and
Dyckman sections of The Bronx. In The Bronx
the purchasing movement of vacant plots Is still
most vigorous rear the Faile tract. A plot of •
eighty lots adjoining that tract was sold yesterday :
by L. J. Phillips & Co. for George F. Johnson &■ 1
Sons to Abram I. Elkus. It is between Intervale- ;
aye, and the Southern Boulevard, and has frontages j
In Dongan. Fox. Tiffany and Beck sts.
The famo firm of real estate brokers also sold ;
yesterday for George F. Johnson & Fens to George j
£i«F /? r ' s , S ? r - s &Co a P lot of fifteen lots on the j
east Mi of Longwcod-avt.. extending from Daw
son-;t. to a point near the subway station at the
intersection or" Lon&wood. Prospect and Washin?
ton^aves. T»n flathouses will be built on tne prem-
One of the largest sales of vacant property in the j
upper west side was also reported yesterday The
property is the Donnelly parcel. In the Manhattan
vv ' le . section and a plot of fifty lots in the Fort
Washington Heights district.
Richard Dlckson has sold for John C. Heintz and j
Jacob Scigel the northeast corner of Orse-Mindred- I
and-sixty-seventh-st. and Thirl-avc-., 69x101x99x110 ,
reel, to Jacob Kyman and Morris Simon. The
buyers will improve the property In the near i
future with two five story apartment houses.
According to a report yesterday the Hamersley
estate holdings, with a, frontage of about M feet
on the west side of Broadway, beginning about 100
feet south of Two-hur.dred-and-fifteenth-st., and ex
tending: northward to Two-hundred-and-eeven
teen«h-st . have been sold. It is also said that the
parcel owned by the estate on tho south s'rle of
Two-htrndred-and-eJghteenth'gt., npar Broadway.
hes been sold.
Slan-son & Hobbs have Bold for L. Reese 6tephen-
Bon fo a client for occupancy No. J2S West Sev
tnty-sixth-ct., a high stoop dwelling house. r>n a
xlo2 - feet.
The report that the Central Renlty Bond and
Trust Company had an option for the purchase of
the John J. Crane property, in The Prnnx. is not
true. The property is on «Hle for Si firti o/iO No
option has been given or will be given for'the eh».
of this property.
Siokes & Knowles have sold for Mrs. L. Childs
a twr, and a half story and basement house. lS.9s
100 f»et. No. M Lafayette-aye.. Biooklyn to sn
James J. Etehingham has sold for Edward Flynn
No. K6 West Forty-sixth-st., a four story tene
ment house, or. lot 24x75.3 feet.
<; Tuoti & Co. have leased for John A. Weeks
the three four story tenement houses. Nos.- 609.
611 and 613 Second-aye.. for a term of year*, at. an
aggregate rental of $15,350.
Harry Goodstein ha 3 sold to the Garden Eealry
Company, Davis Levy, president, the five Ftory
tenement house, with two stores. No 1 704 Park
nT c< X 1 / 0111 :" 8 Or: ( ired-and-nineteenth-Et.
lh<; building is on a lot 2SxM feet
*vSh£?J; Iv%1 v % M ~ ng ni ha - a sold for L.. Foreman
Fetchman No. " East Oi-e-hundred-and-twpntv
ee\enth-st.. between Park and Madison av-s a
J&clOO*?^ Me dwelling bonse an-l stable, on plot
J. Clarence Daviaa has Fold for Hrnrv M. Powell
the five story douole ttathous" and store, SxTCxK
T^A 0t)0 t) the «ast sid,- " f Third-aye., 144 feet north
ol >-h«ndred-and-sixtyflfth-«t. Th- building is
s.'vvj "liira-ave.
Joseph Hn r i has bought through Isaac Hyman
a plot. €8.6x112 feet, at the northeast corner One
r.ußdred-and-alxty-»eventh-st. und Third-aye Twn
jrx story nathousea with stores will he built on the
Laura .l*. has sold a four story flathou?e. on
a plot 37x85 teet. at the southeast corner of One
hundrsd-and pixty-flftb-«t and Prt»sp«ct-ave.
I. D. Morrison has bought from the Reynolds es
tate a plot 75x90 feet, at the southwtst "corner of
n a*&mstoa-«v«. a.nd One-liundreil-a.nd-?ixty-nlnth
st. J. Mandelkern was tL-^ broker.
I. M. Steindler has sold a plot. fifed]* t<vt on the
west side of \\>bster-ave., jiorth of Two-hundred
and-fit'tli-Fi.. and the plot. 50x100 :Vet. on the south
tifis of O!.e-h".ndred-and-ihirly-«:evpnrh-s<. Z r A feet
**si of St. Ann's-ave. The buyers will prove the
premises. M. Steindler has bought a tive story
triple flathouse with stores at the southwest corner
of Orie-hundr:-d-and-forty-fourth-Et., and 6t. Aain's
hT ninth, nl.a-C^o hrdiu mfwu hrdl fbxdl tifohomro
The Eouitable Life Assurance Society lias sold to
Lowenfelri & Prager a r>!o'.. UtaJM feet, on the
wett Ide of Union-aye.. 25 feet north of One-hun
ored-and-forty-5-rsc-nth-?f „ and the northeast cor
ner of Beach- a y.-. and One-hundred-and-I'ortj-sev
enth-st., a plot 300x100 feet.
E. Gratz & Co. h.ve bold for the Wahlia; & Sonsin
Company to Samuel Loewy No. 1.41 a Prospect -aye..
a nve story house, on plot 43x135 feet.
McQuay & Co. have sold ior E. W. Barry th«» it.>
five story flathouses in course of construction on
the south tide of One-hun<lred-ar.<i-Fixty-sixth-st..
Si feet east of Franklln-ave.. ar.d for M. Garflnkel
the southeast corner of Brook-aye. and One-hun
dred-and-fcrty-eighth-st , a live story flathouse,
with stores, oa lot 35x100 feet,
A Friedrjer? and George J. Strieker haTe sold for
Mrs. Anne Wachier to H. Kaufman No. 893 Bast
One-hundred-and-thirty-iourth-si., a four-story
fla.th&use. on lot 25x100 feet.
Reiss Brothers have sold for the Blattman estate)
the two family brick dwelling house. No. 373 East
<")nt-hjndred-and-f.fty-fourth-st.. 0:1 p!ot 32xl*i
James Bailey has sold for William E. Dill<?r No.
545 East One-hundred-ar.d-sixty-second'St., a two
family dwelling house, on lot 20x115 feet.
A. BbaUkin & Sons have sold to M. Pitkowskv
the plot. ? xI4IxKO feet, at the southeast corner of
FourtU-ave. and Arthur-st. The same firm have
bought the northwest corner of Maple-aye. and
Two-hur.drprl-ard-thirte«'nth-st.. a lot 2^xl<Vi feet.
William Wolff's Son has so!d to Charles Hammel
& Co. No. 410 East Eighty-second-st., a four story
flathouse on lot 25x102.2 feet, and for Mrs. Dora
Milheiser. to Meryast & London, the five story flat
house at the northwest corner of Avenue A and
Eifhty-flrst-it . on a lot &.SxSO feet.
Samuel Grossman has sol.i for Rothschild, Wes
helmer & Kramer No. 169 East One-huudred-and- j
flfth-st.. a five story flathouse. on a lot 25x100.1l feet. 1
Folsom Brothers have sold for Mrs. Loui?»
Brosar.g No. 204 Seeond-ave . a four story house on
a lot 17.5x108 feet.
Thomas C. Smith has sold No. 19 East Seventy
fifth-st., a four story dwelling house, on a lot
31x27.2 feet, to C. A. Stein, who owns the adjoining
northwest corner of >ladiaon-ave.. and now has a
pio: £«5x27.2 tee:.
Samuel Green has resold the block, with the ex
ception of the Lenox-ave. front, bounded by Sev
enth and Lenox ayes., One-hur.dred-and-forty-nfth
and One-hundred-and-forty-sixth sts.. which he re
cently bought from John D. Crimmins. Lowenfeld
A Prager secure the Seventh-aye. front Henry
Lilly. Samuel and Noble McConnell and A. H. Ski.- |
lin have bought nine lots In One-hundred-arsd
forty-fifth-st.. 275 feet west of Lenox-ave., and six
lots in One-hundred-and-forty-sixth-st., 350 feet
west of Lenox-ave.. through Warren & Skiilin. |
Rosenthal & Levy have also bought a number of
lots. Several of the street lots have been resold
L. J. Phillips acted for Mr. Bosenthal.
Max Gomprecht has sold for Diedrlch W. Rohde
to Simon Hoffman the northeast corner of Lenox
ave and One-hundred-and-thirty-second-st.. a five
etory flathouse with store, oc lot CSrSa feet.
Libman & Horowitz have bought the plot 75x90.11
feet on the north side of On«-hundrc4-and-forty
eighth-st.. 275 feet east of Elghth-ave.
Hall J- How & Co. have aold for Inspector Moses
W. Cortright to the State Realty and Mortgage
Company the plot 75x99.11 feet on the south side of
Or.e-hundred-and-sixtleth-st.. 300 feet west of Am- I
sterdam-ave.. an also sold the plot 50x99 11 on the |
south side of Or.e-hur.dred-and-flfty-first-st.. 100 feet j
east cf Amsterdam-aye., to the State Realty and
Mortgage Company. The firm has sold the One
hundred-ar.d-nfty-first-st. plot to John Shields for
Improvement with a five story acaruner.t house.
The same firm has aold for Bessie Froadbent th«
lot 25x100 feet on the east aide of Tenth-aye.. 50 feet
south of Two-irjnJred-a:!d-ei*hth-5t
The firm of Lionel Froellch has sold for I. So
linzer and Edward Klein, to Ellas Rosenthal. No.
130 Bradhurst-ave.. northeast corner of One-hun
dred-ar.d-forty-eighth-st.. a five story double flit
house with storea. on lot 25x100 feet.
Catherine C Mldd'eton has 6Old the Dlot, 78x100 '
feet, tit the northeast corner of Ninth-aye, and |
George V Flurl has sold the plot. 50x100 feat, on !
the north side of Two-hundred-and-flfteenth-at.. 350 .
feet east of Amsterdam-aye,
1 t Butler has sold the plot. BOxIOO <eet at th»
southeast corner of Two-hundred-aud-elghteenth
fit and Park Terrace East.
Samuel L. Berrlan has »old three parcels In Two
hundred-and-eighteenth. Two-h-Jndred-and-seven- '
taentb and Two-hundred-and-flfteenth 6ts.. near '
Park Terrace East.
Pat. Haipln has resold a plot. 100x100 feet, at tha
southwest corner of Sherman-ave. and Hawthome
at bought recently from Martin Kepp'.er.
Tlrrotnv Donovan. Nellie F. Gullshan and Thomas
Dowd I aye sold the plot. lOOxW! feet, at the north- ;
east corner of Vermllyea-ave and Hawthorne-st ,
Max Marx has sold to Hyiaan Flchter. through
If D "Pater & Bro., the southeast ccmer of '
Rroadwav and Ona-hundred-and-forty-eighth-st., a- ;
plot 93 13x125 feet. The purchaser will erect a six '
■ton elevator apartment house on the site.
Shinto & Portman have resold to th« Pennsyl
v»r.tk Pealtv Company No. 1.772 Seventh-aye.. a five ,
itorv flat en a lot 23x100 feet.
Hc'lner A- Wolf '-- ay * resold, through Henry Hell
man the Plot 60x100 feet, on the east side of Am
et"rdam-ave.. 120 feet south of One-hundred-and-
* L t o V we e l 'i St prairer have bou*ht a plot 100x39.11
feet on the north side of On*-hundred-and-flfty-
Bccond-st 100 feet east of El«hth-ave.: a plot, 75 9x
100 feet on the east aide of Seventh-aye.. 26 feet
south of One-hur.dred-and-twenty-aecond-st.. and
from Marguerite Chavet. No. 167 East Seventv
\ eMh-'t an old dwallin* house, on lot lixioil 1
feet The buyers own adjoining property. The
Qm Am mm nHMtobmHl Wg& t£ d*. Lite '
!W.5 feet, on the south !»i<l» et Bevent!etto-st., Vt>
feet west of Avenue A.
Adler Robinowitz A Rappaport have sow. 10 ' A
rk>ldflne to M!cha-1 Miller No 705 to .11 East
* Samuel' Jaffe has sold for Nathan > rar " r °
Rub?n Sleigman Not 312 ar.fi 312 V* Bas? On*-niip
<iref!-and-sixth-st , two five *tcry flat houses, or. a
plot Si.txlW.l feet. . .
Th» Broadway Reliar.c*' Company ha» bought the
block front on th« east firle of Bradhur«t-uve. be
tween One-hundr«:d-and-fi{ty-s«con(i and One-oun
drcd-an<l-nfty-thlrd st?.. a Plot 139.10x100 feet.
H. D. Baker & Bro. have sold for Herman *ieht#r
to Packtman & Levin the northwest corner or Am
»terdam-ave. and Ori««hundred-and-tweflty-nift-?' .
a riot 100.11x100 fact Th*- buyers will erect two
six story apartment houses on 'lie premises.
James A. Home has bought from Morris Eerger
a plot sCxl'o.ll ite\ on th*> south fid? of One-han
«lted-and-eleventh-st.. ICO fett vest of St Nicho-
Henry Russell has sold for Mary Kolba and Sol
onun Simon to Jaft'er & Goldft«ld the plot lu>x9s».U
feet, on the north side of One-hundred-aad-tor
tieth-st.. 2* fret f>a«t of I MM»
Lippmcn & Gold have sold through Mas Fcldman
the riot 75xj9<Uh f«et, running through from One
hur.dred-and-thirty-eiKhth to One-hundred-an,l
thirty-ninth St.. 425 f.-et eaat cf I^riL-x-ave. Th*
buyer will erect four fix »tory apartment houses on
th.- premises.
8. H. Schv.-arz ani David T/iprruin h?.v« ?ol<l No*
iZI md 403 East Seventy-fourth-st , old buildings,
on Dlot SouOS.9 feet. ,
Leon Tuchmai! lias sold the two six stor- build
ings, No. 226 to 2Vt 'East One-hundred-and-elever.th
6t , on plot 60x100.11 feet.
Morris Simon and Joseph Hvrr.an haw gnlcj
through J. Feldberg, Nos. '.2 and 74 East One-hun
dr. id-fifth-st., two five story flathousef. on plot
BBKIOO.U fept.
T. Scheckter his sold to Frank M. FraokUn Jgo.
261 East One-hundred-and-twenty-stcond-st , a
three story dwelling hou?e. on lot 14x71.10 feet.
J.-Levine has bought, through L. G. Lewis & Ere.
No 1H "West Slxty-second-Ot. a five st'VT flithoua*,
on lot 25x1C0.5 feet.
By Brrnar-l Smyth i Sons: TVest Eau-*ve. Nos 405>
rr.d ill. '. - cor SOtl.-st, Ik 2 2xli», 10 story briclc and
stcne apartmaat bouse; CiUsecs' Savings Sank aft
Thomas Frazier et a!: Pirescn & B. attys, L B Gl«a«on.
ref. am due. $315,121 taxes, etc. $6,011 »6
By Joaepb P Day S&th-st, Nos 7 aud 9. a *. 173.11 ft
« stb-ave, Bl.lzlOU.S, two 5 story etone frer.t dfe!!!ns
houses: Fran -is Dedek a.gt Charles Glenn rill; Alt
£ F Jacoba, attye; Charles Doriohue, ret. amt due. $11,
524 SS; taxes. etc. ?4.001 50; Bold »übiec» to five mort
gages aggregating $218,473 59; to ths plaintiff for $232.
47-1; Cfth-KT. No 18, s s, 131 ft sj >la4:s;:n.-ave. 21. 6 x
100.5. 4 story ston° front dweillag house,. G B Sar.ford
agt C 8 Woodruff et al: Sherman Day. atry, R H Will
tams. let; iar;itlon; to the plaintiff for *Si>.ooo: J«rome
ave. c s, 432 ft a w Woodlawn R^ad. 1^x296x200x300, 3
atory stone front hotel and 1 :lMv frame shed ani va
cant. Ji-hn Haffiij and ano »gt G I Muller c' a!: Lexo-«r,
M 6 W, airy!-: M S Cohen, raf: am' doe $10.872 21:
tax*.-, et^, $1.88779; prior morlfst. 98.000; to ,lo*l M
Mar:: for ?26.40*J; Seiigv.-1-k-ave, m «. «rk«N th? saraa
lnfirsftcts a line distant 200 ft 11 of a propose.! st 30 ft
wide. 23.7x70.0x27.6x81.4 (mortfe'3ge«s aal*>; John Town
ter.i agt R U Hoe; amount due, $1.64*; to tha plaintiff
for SI..
By John N. Golding: USth-st. No 3?. a s. 567 5 ft
c of Lenox-ave, 17.6x100. 11, three sty brk c»» house,
E L Coster, as coir, apt Ray Gottlieb et a.: Anderson.
P & A, attys: Frank Coehrane. r-f; amt dv*. 512.
405 i:: taxes, etc. SI&G JO. to S If Murdt {or JIS.S7.V
By Philip A Smyth. 137th-st, No rS9, n a. 432 ft
t of "th-ave. I''x9?.ll, five ety brk ilwp bottSO: M A
Baudouic-* agt Geral.itne Broadbeli et al; Toons. Vet
P & P. attvs: M S Gulterman, ret", amt due SJ.7 102 7S
taxes, ate, SSI9 6S: to the p!a:nt!.f for $10 7»0
By James L Wells: Mcore-st. Nos SO and S2, *■ -«.
104.1« ft » of Front-st. 47.«x74.«xi:x72 A. f!v^ five «►■••
brk lot* and store blilgs, N T Sec 4- Tr Co agt John
Myers t al; Bower* & P. aity?, Frank Brookflpld.
ref !• rtl due. $32, 13: taxe?. etc, $1,296 26: to C Q
Dttiy ' >r 135.250.
By i'ter F. Meyer 154th-st, No 42«. s s. Ul ft * <--t
Ajnsteroam-a.v*. 19xJ9.i1; three sty (tone fr.->nt dvg:
voluntary sals, to Frederick Knubel for $16.50^.
- »
Goerck-it, No 23 w a, 2.".x7'.. JMtaa Well ft al
to Morris Cchen: mortgage. $21.d»»; o .■ ami tl^O
Ootona-ave, s « c^r IT&tb-at 6t>.3<t100*25.35'05.7;
Imogens Austin to IVi!;ism T Hookey lro
C:otona-ar^. i c cor 170ti-s». runs 5 4*".4 x a 23.11
* «a 60.8 x * 18.6 x n 25.8 x n w 10.>< 7. William
T Hook*v to Peter Kramer: morteag* 1 .. JSo.wX). Nominal
l^ithst. No 110 West. 2Sx'.<l'll; Jonas Well et al
19 Jennie B::and; rnortg-^?^. 832,500. Nominal
lluth-st. No 76 Ea;t. 24.f»xl0011 x irreg: Leopold
Kaufmann to Jonas 'Weil and an ■; mcrtgase,
. ♦J3.000 Nominal
134th-«t. g b 140 ft v FarK-a\e. 7«.\?911 Her.rv
orosr:na:-< et al'ti Mechanic and Traders"
Realty Company; m.->rtgap». J11,0«>. .. . Nominal
13lEt-it. No 21 East, ]8.2x5§.11: William Wallace
to Otto Lolvee; o c and liyy
CSth-st. No 73 Wast, 18x1005: Robert 3 Hcrner
)'■. &nd aao to Robert J H^iner. mortgage,
?l*.no* ~ Nomtnal
P6th-*t. No 11. tVftt, U.3xIOQ.U: George H Ogle
to William Hafner; n^ortsrage. $2." 503- a c and. ICO
96th-f. No 111 Wtat, 31. 3x100.11; George H Oajta
to Marguerite Delmuur anj art,:,, nrvtjrago.
$21,000: 6 c and ' . 100
Seth-st, No 223 Wait 18.4xft7.4JtfT.4lJ7.lft Mr, - r
gar« weems to G.-.rhdm Manufacturing Com
pany: mortgas*. 84,000; o c and.. . 100
llltli-s-t, * p. .'.25 ft c "th-avc, S0sl00.ll; Morris
Berger to James A Home; mortgages. «ot>,OlX>.
" C and , ioo
Oth-ave. :i c cor 231-st 22x60; Thomas OO
to Tittr! .' Clark: o c an.i .. IPO
UStb~st, No .is* East. 29xieail; Cl:arles Rut»r
bera el a! to Simon Wien*r and a-10. mort
gag*. 830.000; o<: ar.d.. .. v>O
Vest Etid-ave. No 40. a s. SSxlOO: Samuel Blum
beig to Ja-"b Neadle; mortgag*, $12,000. .. Xc:nfnal
Same property^ Henry V 4Ulen to Samuel Blum
, I :" r= ••■ Nominal
I37th~St. a .-. 116 fr wav»,w -ay», I;lx99.11: E.itvln
L ScoOeld and boo, trna, to E::a ii Stafl rd;
mortgage. JSoOO: o c and TOO
Amsteriam-ave. No 1..-03, m «, 25.-<lOO Jacor>
I'ri.k-r to EU«9 Malrooaer; mcrtsage. $21,006
" ' M*d \ffi
Waahlngwa-ava. a », SCI ft n ISOth-st. « <xi07.1l
x«.8xlO7: Benlamln Rowan to Jacob Goldflan. Nominal
IS2U-E:. No I 1.".;!I 1 .".;! Wast. U.x??.ll; Andrew A Bib
ley to Anne Cummins; mortgage. $8,000: o c a.rd 1«8
sth-a\-e. Nos 1,367 and 1.360. c s. SOxl'jO; Israel
Hoffmari to Wolf Aaron »t al: mortgage.
$68,000; a ■• and. " ir<o
3?th-«». it, 120 f* w lat-ave. 1*3x100.8; laißbfri
Sa>d*ni to Aiiiert Cavanagh ' Nominal
C2d-.= :. No 332 Weal <~2 ."x— Bxl'"<».s: Ralp';
A ■■ .- t.. to Pnicus < .-ii?t<l.j and ano
mortgage, $8,000; o c and.. .... ' iry)
4th-?t. «r », 20.7 ft n tOtH-«t, 32 SxSS; WUllajga. H
Jackson, ref, to C E Minor; r.ior'eaKe, $W,t»rt' k . 11 (V»
Same property; C B Hinoi |g Henry v." Vleineis
ter; mortgage, $30,000; 0 c and .. . l<v»
Bradhur3t-ave. No 42. ? c cor 144th-st. runs s
Kill 25 X n 3.4 . c 0.5 ; : >nK7 z w 14.7
Herman He-::- - '■> tatata or Aahai Simoa;
corporation mortpaK^. $2i\ooo Xom'.?!a4
Fort Washington Rid^e Road, c g, 2,015.6 ft n
from 6 s lfSth-?t, rur.s ■ c ISSs s 251.4 ie w
12-i 7 x n w 25.1.?.. WHUan .1 McClelland to
Loyal L. Smith: mortgage. *."."., Oir> in*>
llth-ave. r. w cor 35th-st, l ' 7 6x73; Eiward I.
Parr!f. ref. to City Real Estat* Company;
mortgage. $46.;' V) ' . si 2"'»
13U)-st c- aye. n c. lot 125. map WakaSeld, ?'" >l
114, Ma B M-.Turck to Ar.n.!f> G irtcar^sVv '•'*>
Campbell Tiiorrs* to Emigrant Industrial Say-
Ings Bank. 67'.r.-~:. No 13-S Vest. 1 -.ear. 4ij
per cent; eorrecttca 512.W0
Merva;!;. I>:!ii*. and another, t" American Mort
gage Co; lOOth-st. n c. luO ft c of -i-i-e; 1
'•ear. T. per cent . 40 COO
Bum to same; lOOch-at, n f., 400 jt c of il-ave.
1 year. 5 pi r cent 30.00^
Falk. Benjaniin J. to Batty 4t!i-»r. No
228 'West, prior mortgage. $27,000. 3 years. •>
P«r cent 6,000
New- Tork ami \Vestchester Lighting Ca to Cen
tra! Trust Co, trustee, 3oaton ToiOßtke Poa.i.
n ■» s, at line between lan-is of Prevusr £ Wi!
cox: also !a-j1 in Mama re neck. Yorkers, etc.
also franchises, e'r, instalments: gold bonds. .10 000,000
Rainbow Martha, to Stephen BauTnanr.; 4p'.h-e«.
f a. 211 ft w or 2d-a\e. prior mortgage. HO. OOO.
dv* July l. i&Cf. Spar cant... 1.500
Tollman. Sara.-., to John W OBChiana. trustee.
40th-st, No IS "nest; 3 years, 4 per cent . . . 45,000
Broijan Construction Co to Garmania Life In
surance Co: ISth-st, n s. 2*5 ft vr of sth-ave . 130.000
Clark. Patrick J, to Sarah J Flanagan: &th-ave.
n c cor 23d-at, 5 years, 4l4 l per cent . .. 30.000
Gray, Florence De X. ani another, to Title
Guarantee and Trust Co: SStb-at. No SO EaFt.. 2^.000
KcUmann, Richard, to Emigrant Industrial ?a<--
Ings Bank. l."t»th-st. t s. 231.6 ft 3 of Alex
a.nder-av«; 1 year, 4144 l 4 per Cera 11.000
Doepfer. Otto, to Equitable Life Assurance So
ciety; Sd-avo. p c cor Sdih-st; due January 1,
1910. 4 5 -j per cent 8&.000
Duer. John B. to Louis Sc!ila:ch; SOth-^t. s 5. 569
ft ec! Arr.a:eriia.m-a\e: 3 years. 4^i per rent . 30,000
Judas. Sarah, to Charles L Dlclcn. Jr, er al, ex
ecutors and trustees; 3^-avd, w a, part lot 31.
map Morrtsania; 6 years 5 c«r cent 1? CSO
Schwartz Max. in Dry Dock Savings Institution:
114tti-«t. Not 255 and 240 Eli^t: 2 znortsagea.
each T. 500
Finn, William E. to Robert McGlll; sth-ave, n a
cor llth-«t^ prior mortgage. J373.0U0; due July
5. 1905. 6 per cent . 55, 031
Sarr.e ••> Lawyers' Realty Co; same property; de
mand. 6 per cent 875 000
Home. James A. to Morris Berber; lllth-st. i. •
525 ft eof 7th-ave; demand, 6 per cent . . 13. 000
Booth, WUllano H. to Pouehkeapsia Trust O>:
lSlit-et. » w cor Boston Road; 3 year*. 5 per
cent 25.C00
Blumbery Sarr-ue! to trustees of the Lea.:-« and
Watta Orphan House; West End-aye. No 4S.
3 years. 5 f?r cent 12. C00
■Wl'.ner. Bloir.a. and another, to Bank of L. i M
Jarmulcwaky; Greene-st, No 0; demand, 6 per
cent 8.250
liowenfe!d. Pincus, arid another, to American,
Mortgage Co; C2d-st. No 382 West. 1 sear. 5
per cent 13. C00
Same to same; same property; prior mortgage,
$13,000: 1 year, 8 per cent 2 000
Uchtensteln Sarah, et al. executors and trus
tees to Dry Dock Saving* Institution: Broad
tray. 9 c cor Bie«ckfr-at... 900.00))
Kraneer. Clara, to L*wts C Mack; 112th-«t, No
37 West: due November 1, 1907. 6 per cent . 22.500
lS4tn-et. s s 140 ft » pi Fa.-ic-a.ve, tor a one
■tary brick shop. 75x26; A Elseaberj. owner,
Rouse A oloan. archlteoU ' 15,000
Pleasant-ays and 120th-sr. a c comer, far a on*
etory trick enop. 40x25: L ■VTelnateln, owner;
Rouse A Sloan architect »nnn
84th-at. Nos 337 and 330 East, for a six story
brick tenement house. 40xS4 (3; P 4 J Costelio.
owners; T Graham, architect 89 600
Bth-ave. t i. 50 5 ft » Of llCrh-st. fcr two six
story brick tiathouses. B&taflT; A Rush, owner;
O F Pe'.ham arohltoct 110 OX)
12<fth-at. a c. 2T5 ft c of Broadway, far two five
•tory brick f.athau;es. BoxS8.li; p Di-a«niler.
owner ; L F J Wether architect . «oo fv^
l?th-at, Xos €12 and «>l4 East, for a one story
br'.cs outhouse IS. 6x14.10: Mra VI Ge>«r. owner
Kurtxer i Rmtz. architect* (300
I4ih-st. No» 51« and 52^ Kelt, for a three etory
brick ataMe. £axtiO; H Kohn. owner; F Jasob
a«n. architect 11.000
Uth-at. a a. 100 ft c of Aver.ue C; two itory
f raise dwelling :.ous«. £Ox3S; George De Eiiva,
owner; J Sch»all«nbcri. architect 33.000
Zoological Park ■ w corn.r. on* »tory brtclc
*vinry. 224x36, City of New-Tork. owaar. Halns
A La Parse, architect* SO OCA
D*o*tur-av« ••.4Sf.no.' SOBtb-«t: two «torr
trama dwelUa*. 21x52; John Ruble, o«oac.
fcratanjk, inkiu«t.....~.- »....,.r.... «.m»
Apartments Wanted.
12, 14, 16 East 31st Street
Sumptuous in it* appointments and replot* itl» erery modern luxury and /•onT*ot?nr».
nith larc« hay trfedows and a free and ocobstntctcd cjriook. Evprj room
fioolerl with s.anishine.
A Sumptuous Bath with every Suite.
Irreproachable Cuisine. Servi- and Attendanr*
This Hotel was «spe<?i::l!r dfifiSDe*! to b* a Inm*? f»r p*«ple «t r^fise^ and rum
inating tast*.
It is conilufted by th^ owner, under whoso rrrjoneain^nf *r*rr «<r.%rr ■, m*<io to
gi-ra to the bons« a distinspaished ton« and characr?r.
Farior. chamber, bathroom. &c. $SOO to $1,200.
Farlor, library, chamber, tatinooin, &o . 51,200 to Sl,4of>
Parlor, sit-in? room, library, boudoir, bathroom, itr-.. $1,500 to SI. 1 '" I
Diagram of floor plans sentoa application
Heal Estate.
Guaranteed mortgages
or the
Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Go.
Gov. Bonds yield 130 to 2^*
City " " 3* - 3.4, %
Guar.Mtges " 4iS ■ 4*«
Amount of Mortgage* guaranteed
by this Company aold to investors
more tban
Bond & Mo;[gap Guarantee Co
Capital & Surplus. 53.500.000
146 Broadway, l?a Remaen St..
New Tork. rirooklyav
I : t"i ON BOXD * MORTGAGE. -\ g
Tlt> Guarantee £ Indemnity Co. n
Manhattan: l«o. 112. lot B'»iiy. ■«
Igj 1 Brooklyn . TV» R»rri3en Street. *?•£*
■jC Jamaica: 346 Futtoc Street.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
58 West 47th St.
A modern hotc!, with strktl/
ftst-dass service and cuisine
cattrins to family custom on!»
A lew desJr*b!c Apirttneati
io rent
American plan.
105 EAST 15th STREET
ovERX-OOKrso rnos SQI ARE
A new 10-atorv fireproof building. »ith hap.dsomw «rw
trar-e— ari competent service. Th« apar'_mer.-.s are ai
ranced In suites of three, ftva, ani ssv^n rooms and ba:h.
p,.«!,Ps ? tnir the m"st Improved c"nv«ni».'.c«3. ''iua ensur
irur comfort an'i luxury.
Rentals $540 to $1 400.
kJEVEN ROOMS, bath. Mean near. KB mlm-rs f?rrle«
V? adults; $-■» i-> Pa '.j--\.-l--a . Jersey ''. tx. N J
City Property to Let.
New American Basement
Absolutely Fireproof
NOS. 22 TO 52 W. 74TH ST.
No residences ha»« ever be«a o(T*rea for
rental !n New Tork City eomparlss with Jh*«»
to construction. «iia:pni«at. appoin:macts &ad
They have been designed and built with the
careful attention to details of construction
riven only to in* highest class bouses built for
private ownership. Booklet •eat on application
Size 25x85x103.2.
Ttea* boasaa are ready far t&cpe*t!oa>
For particulars lcqulr* oX
Corner of 87th Street, No. 2361 Broadway

The Tribune Makes * scsc?m'
lute en Acvis. of This Kind.
24 WORDS. 3 TIMES. 150.
24 WORDS, 7 TIMES . 30C.
J Leave a: Any Adverthiaj Ori
♦ cr Scad Data.
Apartment Hotels.
City Property for Sate.
BUSINESS j On Beekman. Nassau
PROPERTY < Fulton. Water. Warren
FOR SALE 1 Cliff. Gold anJ William St*.
5 Beekmam Street.
Country Property for Sale.
Merrick, Lone Island
SUNDAY. OCT. 23, 1904.
Train leawes Lobs' lalasd City 1 ",« T M . Fla'
•usa ir.. Brooklva. 1 :n p II
Yoii ii!i like it. It is on!-. l minute's •■■!»
to depot.
it miautse- ride from H^raM Square
10 minviteß" iralfc oaen Gr«a: S'-u-.h Bay
2; trains daily
C^rpjnu'ation 12 eeatti
$*9. $10 Down ; 51 a Week.
Sen-3 ■ay ilafs a-. 1 Fre* H. P T'-k«'»
>^.... *1" 3* years we t»a»« sold
Cataloa; Free to intending bayer*!
s».«i2 wll l'** wi9hln « '» ■*"■ =»''! or write!
Pbilllpe * Wells. H33 Tribune Building. N. T.
j T "NfSUAL. CHA.VCt to obtsla 30 acres of Tllnjwi
: "^ near Ealawin's Station, en I* J. R R . N4»M. Co .
j l^ng Island. Property II at tbe inter»»'-tioa of i-xo siida
j n.ain reada in>l is available for Immediate de\e;opmea
! Tbe U-ation U •within th* 20 mlaat* circle of ; u e nerr
j P. R f:. .-"tati.>n on Manhattan Island, via n»w Ea;-- Flv*p
! T^nn*:. A »per;al j.tl"9 ■*:'.'. be constinred to eftect a
quick sale. H. U. !-*RITZ. No Tl3 W»inut-st . p>ulad«; •
j phia. Pa.
TOR S.VLE OB TO LET. in Lyme, Conn. bean-
I ttfully situated, fully furnished co'.tage. with n»»iier->
I convenances Address '-• . > >At.ISBT RY.
Country Property to Let.
. \ EJBS ASNE COTTAGE, 8 rooms, al! <mj>r«\e
»V mesta to let. J3l» per month Inquire C. M HILI.
; MAN 2SS Jchnstn Aye . R;.-bniond H:;!. L I
Surrogate* Xoizces,
Frar'-t T ntMH a s^rrogaM ■■■! Om r»UUU •*
>.'»■».• Yoik. Xot:^» Ij h*re*>y giv«-n to all p<-r=.f>n» h^>in^
claims a-jiina: tZp.-.l Ml--':*i. (»:■ 1:1 t':t? Ct>«Bt7 "J >•»
j Y'->rk. lit- »a»='l. t> present Ui» mm VMKtaVV
i ther»c*. !•■ Uw .-uc-^r.ber, at i\'.s ci.^ •» o* frar.so.-cir>!?
• b'lu'.ae^, > :> 85 X ill ttreet. in the > ■•■. v | 2iev>Tork.
; Borough or Mi;-.: atian. pa 01 i-i'-e tb« 14-t d.->v „f
; AprU b«xi l>»t#4 J^w-Tortc, the 6th Jay !
■*" Trr.r'i T. FT H ll ft* i S'irr<'£3t^ ■' be ■ - »aty r"
s«sj !:■:» notice is hereby gj-vea r., all ptisona bavins
elaiass 3;a:r.;t Edward W. laß-.ber*, :ir< c: the Coast.*
c.» New \.-rk. d---'»a«:d. ta rr*?-=' the same- wim i i
c'. a rhere-^f to rh--. tub*:rii>*r9. .* of "*aas<i^t —
Inj ba?-.r.?53. at tri« oOce 4 Ri. har.is i Heal 4 N> ill
Broadway. Bdtoujj of Kaxhattan, !.■; the Cr.y .f >:*^
York, ea or b'for- tr.a Slet day of March n»xf
Lax*! »-v Y.'rlt. the Isth da^ of Svpteanbrr. 1304
MARTHA W. UMIiEST • E!i— -itor*
F!"HA r .r : * HEAtr. Atr-.->rneyi for riiuHn m
Bm4«ax Ecrvurh of Staabattaa. City of New York.
■*-* Maaci of an order cf Hon. Frank T. PtßM»raM %
SoßOsa cf the Coatty of New-York, nollce •* f««By
eiv»n to all persons having claims aga^-.jt Fanny d*
Oroot Haitings. Lite of the fount? o| Ne-»-Tor!j <!• •
r«»atj»d. so present the new wi'h vouchers thereof to th-»
»üba<-rib«r, a.' his place of tostneaetijia bu»ir>e*s. a? th^
oj his at'Tneya. Agar. >.'■ >■ it FotZOB. No 31 Va?
•au Str<«t. ml City p* New-V ■•ik. en cr bef:r'» th^ 13' i
da i" ' faauary. 1906 ■■*!
Dar*4 S'ew-TUsl. the rrn day ol J-i'v 1904
THoJIAa S. HA.-TlNu-- E-. I
AGAR ELY * FTTLTCN Ar»orr.e\< for Executor II
Nassau St . Manhattan. New-Tcrfc
*^ sf an order of Hotv Frudii Fit-seraii. a sirrf« S ate of
t:.» County cf New Tork, T»et:ce !s hsirtj givr-r. to »:i
per*or3 havinr clal^r^ aa;a:ns« ("harlw F. Feartrt late
cf the COOBQ :.' N>'* York, dt.-eas^-'i. to artsen; [j» las*,
wlt'r. SMlll lll e 'hereof, to the subscribe:, a- hti p!ace off
trar.sa.-:.r.i{ jslr.ess, a* the »«ce o* Eaton i L«wi» *\
Broad Street. Borriih of M3n3r.at:an. in the C'.iy c
York cr. j.- baSare th* 29-h day o: Ortoter I'.XH..
t)i:ei Saw T:rk. the ZMa Jay of Apr.!. .'■■o4
H\:^RY B HOU-IXS. Execurw
EATON £• LE^'IS. Attorneys far Bx*cutor. 44 Erty.f
Street. New York City. Borough c» SJaaiattin.
*■ ySeak 1 PlfjMß 1 a aj.-Tpja;^ o: th» Coun:- 0t
New Y^ri. Nitic-e is h«r«br *■> al] parses* hai!^*
c:a:~s *j?a:p.3t Ernire H Ci-oc:<rr. lat? af Kanisejs, ■■ : X^. '
Caunty of Bers*a ar.d Star? if >.'«? v J»rs*;.\ deceased, f»
pr*»:-r.: :h« same, with nomJISM tbenvC to -.2 jut •
scrlser*. at tlieii pl»c«i cf mn»a.:tlnF business. No. 21
BroaJ Street flsoeni l.SttV. in the Boreufh of ...lattan.
In The d . of Ne« Tork. cv. or '.-;:-- tie 23ri day ot
Da I -". N>w T rl r.-.e l<Vh day cf Septemier. 10C4
ALfXAKSKK H _ I 111 I ITTTTI irMillHussl
HA TV KINS £ DXuCVQXDt AKSIUejS ior* Executora
Foreclosure Sales.
•*" of Nc--» Tlort —I*S New Tor:-; Ufa I S'jrar.'a S.-4
Trust Coms^rty . > ?.:.~ asairis: E*r:r»:r. Zjtvsn aa'l
ethers, r'-far.iar.u —In pursuance o; * ."uisrner.i of F;r» ■
clciur* ar.i Sals, 6ntj rr.a(!^ and erterefl :•: tae above-*:-
tuled acnezv betrtni 'tit* :h* iUi da; sf October. 130*. I.
•he undai'3:?nei. t • ii*it.'- _ .'m^it ;-.*m©d. wt'.l
«*:1 af Puo.:? Auction a! 'n« N— v Torti n=al Esra:»
Siiesrooir. No 11 gtoadiaay. in : ■»• Borcajh of V^r.
hattan. Cuy ef :.>--• Tori on the L'S*:. <!av cf O:tche;.
IMH. at 12 efelacfc r.^oa. >.:. tiuu £s by L. J FtxiiUaa A
< 0. . Auctioneers tha pr#rms*s ■11r»ct^i1 hv ma:d judsra»st
to b« sclrt. ar:i There. a aearribed a. foUowj Ai; that p'ct
cf janrf in the CttJ a- 1 >" j:'. l : •( Kew Tork, witft i!m
•uil<nasa th»recu. fcoucdc-l an,: '.irtcnt^i aa lollorri. B*-
E:nniae at the !nrrr»e.-t. n o( the w«»t«rJy ;•.'..- ot Coiu»
bas A^enoe and the aoatherly i:1i? ct .*'rh Streer. aj-.d ru-
aia^ Uwnce soutttcrb alons Uw wtaurly aide -if Columoos
A'tr.'i* One h'lrir*-! an,l tyro >10;T> fset wj O '.uc!i«» to
'h« cent.-* iirii of tbe b:oc«.. thicce westerly «:<.>n« sa! J
i!r.« s;x*y-fcui- MA f*e: itMOce n-u haily iaral>l
Avtr-id one huixtrsd ami - „, iiQ2i jj v -<: [wo O
inches to tha southerly side of SSth Street and t S:> t»e»
•ast»r'.y alone the »euther!> •••.!» of, SO:h streat alxt>^iou
1.61) feet to ita coi^t • : b«jUxuuaa
I-ated. New Tori. Oc-cber CUv 1901
SI STEAKX9I ' ■>'•**
EMMET 4; ROB.: Af.orncy* for PUintt» No Si
Will Street. Bcrciah ol Miahitian. C:ry of Nsw
The fillowtAjc Is a dlasrarr. of the property to be soil
a* d«»oiit«^ above, tfce *tr«et ■ v 160 "W>>>
•O-.h Street:
Tr-.« ap»ro«t«aa»« taaust o- t:-.e ■:e a or {hare* uj »attsf»
which lie aiovt-«J*s!-r:b«i property ij t o h« » O 1<! is T--f«
hnateed »r.i etxty-ooe thousani ftT» .-.^nd;ev 4 . ar.t t-rc >:•
fo-lt» io:ur? wilb lnte»eat i£*reoa tccja tie £^d i*v\f
Scpcarciier. 19Ok. t^««th»i » .:r. »;» a^vi •:iow»no«
amourti-j ti> rbree iiand.-'irf and Dtaety-clse I*2- !■» do;
■I'' with laHreW • "•- IftO* rj.'^r *tn
ths exp*n!«s of i h .« nl« Tb» aprrox;ma:e amcuat rt
tsxea. ai»«s»m«r.t« or <-ther U*re. which tr* to b* a'!.-»»»j
to tta purchaser out of t :$ pur :hj>- is.ir.e--. ■yr v*'i r,
th-i «:*frrec. ii tt.liitf.2u ar.i buereel
Dated. New "J-.rlc. October «£h. 10O*
Advtrritew?r.:a w.V. b- r»-»:->e-! t* th* fo-to^in* tra;; -c »
ofrlc»« *t r«fUii»r oiS:» rAt^.i urtii * o'clock p to., tl] :
254 ••h-ave . ». «. i-or. 2ii-.»;. . lie C:h-*v»., ear. 12th-»t
C 2 Ei»"- 14:^-»T. ~T W• »: tZi M '.«t«e<n T-.Ji an 4 Stn
avee. . 2*53 W*« ISStfc-n : i Zl'* J! aic . betveea >- a *ai
Tlth «ts. . I*s» H-ajve.. r.-ar f.!s:-»- . I. ";■»>< >: a'« j;aa.
»»ih-«t . 157 Kas- li'ii.-i -i: . ;."> : Tremoat-iv i . WjJ
av*.. i.»^_ «m-el ti 3 ■!-<••.«. a 6 -M*<a«n«* »•
7~aaHTn X. V.— i Cciat-st.. 214 Com »•,

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