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intOK m tkibujtb «r**Ai-.]
Washington. October 3.
look* as It tbac* would be no opportunity lor tae
•©poirtmwnt of civilians to the grade of second
lieutenant In the army after this year. There ar*
• evcraj vacancies which may now be filled from
ctttl life, and the President is said to have named
tiro or three young men from among the several
fra&fired candidates to take the examination i>re
f^inaTT to appointment. The cls^s of graduates
oocn the Military Academy next y«»r will consist
«ff more than one hundred members. There will be
a large number of enlisted men who win apply for
the examination fcr prr-motion. The vacanelee in
tifht do not Bumbar more than seventy, and it is
expected that some of the JWest PoTiterg will be
added to the mtuiiiniMinmfl personnel as additional
ceoor.d Ueuter.-:it«. It is doubtful, under such cir
eumsiances. if there mfß be- any vacancies to which
«rf\i:i;«iis may b«? ayyolnted for some years. Many
of those who «~ou!d ordinarily come from civil life
are er.listiri* in the army, In the hope that they
may I* commissioned. A large number of those
who enlisted In the lust two years, with the ex
pect&uon of belr.jr «:ic;V.le on account of that period
of service in the enlisted fo*-ce, find that the. change
In the NgatettaM BUste by the Genera! Stan* vr\\l
opern'* to keep thorn Irom taking the ;nation
tii.- Brat of aesl ><-ar. tttwtxMl protcata have been
received at !!;• War Depattnwnt OO this aco ir.:.
and it is probable that :li<- d« parUßeat will suspend
the regulations so a* to admit the soldiers to ex
amination, as the < -hav.gf- operates awinst those
who enlisted with the rxp< ctatlon of becoming eli
gible next September. Th«- examinations. Instead.
are to be he-id in tbe earljr part of the y<'ar. ar.d
©r.;y those who have served two yctrs by May 1
(Mart can under pnsMOS r«gu.a*ions be regarded as
Which ahow th. at«rtl!n» Increase of pneumonia deaths, and how the death rat. from tuberculosis was lessened by Instigation and subsequent sclen
ttflc treatment.
fjntlt>a to the r™U"iiri«xy examinations for com
partment has ordered a medical board to examine
Captain Georpe W. Kirkir.&n. ii r >th Infantry, with a
▼tew to deuiiu.ining Us vanity. ICirkman was ar
rested a tow days npo !n X»-w-Y<;rk. tx ins ;il/>ent
trorr. his post at Port Ktobrmra. He is at i!*-^-:nt
•o&nri'-il on Governoi c Jtland.
I ORDERS IPPTTD — TV.- EoOowtac army, navy
and marine ccrps orders have been Issued:
Contract burgeon IRA AVI.K. from Phlllprln** to De
partment of Cai'.forrla
Major CHARLES W. AHHnT. Jr.. retired, to Trovldenc*
wltb aaiflik ol Hhoa» Ihiajui.
lißUteu-ir.i •■: gal TYILUAM FTANT^N' 11th r«valr>-;
•"•Aptaln vtiUJAM J. KNOW. artUlery ec«ps; Vetsr
inanan AI!:XAMH!: PLI'IIHER. 4U. Cavalry, arid
r.rt! Usatcoatt UJCWELLTK W. CLIVEH. BUI
Os«alrr, in-unier, detailed as an »arr.ir..t.£ board at
f -it Wit}
Cartalr. TKA.NK D KJNO. er.r.-'er SOfpa, Oklahoma Na
tional Guard, to onur»e of lnrtruirtlon fit garrlE;n
school, Jefferson ChrraiKs
»l«.lar FItAKK B. JONES. »:h Infartrr: Ccptalns MARK
ROV, B«si»tant Burgeon, and FS J -VD L. UVS9OS. i<'.h
tCtmatrr: 1 or.irsrt .surx-eon OMAR W PIN*KBT<
•tnd f"Ji«t Ueutenant KKED R. BR' >WN", Jrth In
?a:.;ry. ri -order. dcUileJ a* fin examining; l>u.ii\i at
Madi^on Barracks
**w»na I U<itsnsin ELL.IOT CAZIARO. Pth Infantry, hs
tan wrsßiTirm; board at ilu-..500 Uarra.ut for ex
amination fur proiaotion.
tiniter-cct K. G. CASTLEUA.W detachtj the Miaiourl;
seasi tarn a war mttn; —^*-ffnr t-tTjiH
Knpifc-j: B A L'jXO, deiachei th« Maine; 10 Bureau cf
DraSMSMB, Xaiy Ticpanrrer.t.
*•*'■ Si<-f-. t, ■ A. VICKi_KT. to NarsJ MsdicsJ
fc c hoc I . U ■ i melon .
As«l»Tant Bunec-n 8 L. SCOTT. a<«Ur*ie4 the Mace*
chusetts. home; rengnatlon accepted.
f/«j- bMll M. C, V DONALD, detarhefl r.aval hOB _
ptal, lokobaina: h> mo and avail orders.
Pajcifctter G. M. MTKWSH. to naval hospital. Yokohama..
HABnOE ro iu'S.
CsptsJr. DIO?f Wiljjams. flttirhffl the K«ar«rrt; to
■aartns turr»cks. navy jari. Uonon.
lowing movemr nts of vessel- have been reported to
the Nary Deiiartrr.e:.t:
S**C*tr .. ~:T h Vr r ''* rark * rdr ' d *• ls«psrt at Ilmmpton
Rosis; tha ilarr. :ius «t Bsltimon tba Oaoeola at
Key W«t; tas Perry at San Francis, o.
©«*cbsr »—» — Ear. jr.- ■ ■„ at Aim.
Oetr.b«r M-Vha OgasaMai tren Wvmtoi for New-Tork.
October fj_^j ! ' r " ' c:; ' n trnrn Montevideo for B«.hls.
B.sr th« Aamrcada from H^r:a for Gibraltar: the
S^V^f 11 '- irom F»«aelBeo for Maec.aiena Buy;
las Cn Moines frcir. Qjeenetown for Southampton.
Virginia Bepublican Leader Kills Himself
After Factional Fight.
Richmond. Va., Oct. ti. -Edgar A!. 'en. former
termed States Dittrict Attornt; , a prominent Grand
Array nan. ar.d who had fiirured here in Republican
polities else* iwamtiuceoa ftajrm. was found this
*non:ia« atar th 6 PUsB Theological Seminary. In
Henry County, with a bullet hi la through his head
and <• pJstol clutcr:'-'". <n Ms band, It U Nguded as
• clear case of suicide. A lever found on the tody
Was addressed to BSflgW Allen, jr. The de;-.: mg
was neatly dressed, as usual. Recently the repub
licans here had beer. ■ a fnr Uonal npht, Allen lead
in* the "outs as^ir^i tbs me.'-
He was an EfeHManaa I 9 b;rth; came to V r Inla
Iromedlataly after the Civil War. to urnch he served
la tbe federal array, and was v Republican m.:ms>er
ef the Underwood Constitutional Conve: ■;',-.- n^
»Ad been bitter aga^s. th* oSicials In the Ftderal
SSXffil!tlSLC coe^ a •• Di?trlct Atlor -
Or. Frederick H. ke«. a professor and <s<r<-r-tor
** extension teaching. O tnnl .a l'r.'.\ r>-!;y w!!l
lectvr* to-ni«ht under t! • asapJew of the lecture
fcureau. Depanmeot at BdwKtioa, tt the ntgi
School of On vu U M S.xty-flfth and Fixty sixth
««. we^t cf Broad* a: . HJs topic wU be "Scotl
th« Poet" This it; lute Is ... < J4 ' a ,-uun* oa tub-
J«:ts cfcosen from Kr.glish literature. Dr Sykes
has loas been v.eu i; ncwn &moTie , :nglifh , , f
<t ti. :s pan af ta« cmotr,. b»*ta« beea profenor
Ot CTBttfll la Wesien; UrJveriity, OoUzla a-d
•tafT lecturer 1:. WogtUb literature of tbe Ameri
can Society for Urn BaTMiatoa of fniverafty Teach
ing He it now pnaMeat of The Modem English
■aMiainai of <«:;ar!o. and the author of rariona
etaiidard Hittuwha. Dr. Jataea j;. Casfleld th^
librarian or Columbia U:,!verfiity, wi!l ai»o 'lect
ure to-r.iffht cc ' 'Errand aid Civilization" In the
' \\', *%£?. <f f "Compreased Air •
Uvi"-ed T-V —t V ■; " :': ' tv /« v - h w::i bed*
Editor cf tha naaa2n« k SO » ;j t - ■r W: , : ,
Few mothers knew hoy vitally irr.pcrtart
!• the care C f a. chip's firrt teeth. Th»
•smuty of the permarent set deper.es aim— t
entirely upon it.
•Mi with SOZODONT Uquid. prevents
•ocumukuoo cf tartar, yet Mug free from
ffnt decs not scratch th* enamel. Do cot
SSggk- *■*•• l - h - «— •■
1 t ->**»: UQUO. KrwDEa. paste.
Commission Finds It More Deadly
than Consumption.
Although the Pneumonia Investigation Com
inicpion has just started on Us difficult task of
tearing pneumonia and other acute respiratory
diseases to pieces and finding a cure or means
of prevention, the Department of Health is be
ginning to receive many evidences of Inter
est, both from the medical profession and the
laity. Letters have been received from physl
ir many parts of th© country asking
when the report of the commission will be ready
for distribution. They ask that they be ad
vised as early as possible of the results, and
cemmend the city for taking up the problem.
The general public, not so well informed as to
tho time required for a serious medical inquiry
cf this sort, wants to know, and at once, how It
can escape pneumonia. The mws of the first
n *ftir.g of the commiPßion, a meeting at which
nothing wms effected but organization, was
h::rdly puM'.fhed In the newspapers when citi
zens began to drop in at the Health Department
headquarters and ask for "the pneumonia cure."
The policeman at the door did not let them
waste th» time of department doc;ors. He told
them thr.t the commission would have to study
thp disease for six months at kast before It
would know what was best to be done about It.
of them went away grumbling that a lot
■if things might happen to them in six months.
including the dread pneumonia. Others decided
• .. y would take particular rare to keep
out of draughts until the commission reports.
:nis=loner Darlington has prepared two
rta, which show the Increase of pneu
monia since lfcTO. The charts are based on the
lU^iTui of population in the old
•- New-Tork. which comprised the present
Boroughs of Manhattan and The lironx. The
chart shows that the percentage of
. nearly !W i^r cent In
three years. The highest death rate was
In 1682 and IWIC1 W IC when there was an increase of
95 per cent over that of IS7O. These
the years of the terrible grip epidemic.
. ith r •■ In 18TB was lower than at any
time Btnee l*- v l. The chart shows that if conic
n.tins of checking pneumonia ravages Is not
found the ot-ruh ratf> in a normal year will soon
be as high as in the epidemic years.
The second chart gives a comparison between
U.^ dr-ath rate from pneumonia and from pul
taaoMXy tuberculosis from ISTO to 1693. For
rat twenty yean cf thi? period tuberculosis
nas lar more deadly. In IS'JI the pneumonia
rate exceeded that of tubc-rculosiF, and only once
t-A.^e then, in IKC. has the pneumonia rate
lower. The lowering of the tuberculosis
scale is due to a better knowledge of treating
ihe disease, and forms a fine object lesson of
what niay be done if a means of preventing
pntumonia Is found.
Superintendents Do Not Permit Them to Be
come Teachers.
Although not satisfied of the legal right, the
Board of Superintendents of the Department of
Education has been refusing the applications of
rr.arr;ed women for reinstatement as teachers in the
«cho<)ls, • ept in extreme cases. The Court of
Appeals decided about a year ago that no teacher
could lie dismissed for marrying. Shortly after
the decision was handed down the Board of Educa
tion rescinded its tylaw requiring that charges
should be preferred against the teachers who com
mitted matrimony. It retained among the qualifica
tions for new teachers' that of single blessedness.
"I do not know that the courts would sustain
the board in requiring this qualification in the new
teachers it appoints." said a prominent official yes
i- rday. "Section ],oi* of the < barter gives the
board the rijjht to make .=ucn bylaws as are for the
iMat interests o'. the school*. * We have bad a
large number of applications for reinstatement from
women who have married, and we have been re
fuslns There except in cases where the women
have been deserted, divorced or their huabar.ds are
Incapacitated for work."
Decision Gives Teacher Back Fay as Assist
ant to Principal.
The city will be compelled to spend about $400,000
more or less needles- ly. according to the officials
cf tr.e Department o.' Education, b' ;auise of the
■ ii. the Supreme Court, Brooklyn, on Thurs
day in the case of Iftea Mary G. Jones. Misa Jones
« ■ lam i . ■.- „' teachers who claim
the position «r.d salary as as^istai.t to principal
•■ gave her the position and the bacK
: A i;reat number of applicants de
the position of assistant to principal and
■j tat wiilm.
New-York Motor Club Will Include
Oil-tuts ,of Flying Machines.
At a meeting of automoblliMs last evening at
BrlttOß Ball, Broadway and Kighty-sixth-st., a new
club, known as the New-York Motor Club, was
formed. Its membership will include automobilists,
motor cyclists. o»n*>rp of motor boats, aril even
■.-of airships profiled by motors are <-ligi-
Ue to Dit-mbej-j-hii). Tor the present the club will
quarters at Brttton Hafi, but later a house
te for club purposes will be secured.
B. A. Miles, of the National Aesociution of Auto
motlle Manufacturers, net*-.] as chairman. Among
thofe presi-nt who became charter members were
B Potter Frank J. Griffin, John r WVtmore
Ixjuss R. Smith. J. M. harpies nnd J. D. Price all
of New-York. Next Thursday aViher meetiig'will
be held, to elect officers and <:.;«! members.
Oldfield, Thery and Sartori Looking for
Great Tilings at Empire City Track To-day.
The ten mile automobile race at the Empire City
track to-day for the world's championship prom
ises to be well attended, and it is probable that a
J' world's record for the distance will be made
Ihery Ol.in.ld and hart. >rl have been praetls.ng
OB th* track the lant few days and thtlr ponderous
zriaefc::.-s nave ?hown wonderful speed
Oldfleld eald ye(-t*r<i ;i y that he expected to cover
•very <-ne of tbe ten milea in 62 seconds. Thery in
pleased with the tra. k and is confident of victory
£4 ward EEawfejr. ih* driver of K. H. Thomas's new
ninety horsepower Mercedes racer. expressed the
wish last night to meet the winner of to-day's
maicii on KMCUOa Day. provided be could have
some kind of a wagt-r on the result. He is ready
to t;et anything up to BMM on his own chance*
The rare to-4ay will h* made up of two ten mile
heats, the winner of ca^h to meet In a final of ten
miles. The- first heat will be run off at 3 p. m.
< merit or klectricai. engineer.
No calUa* I* attracting the attention of young men
mare gtnmrmUj at prrarnt than that of rlertri.nl «»
. rtarerteg. The subject ia thoroughly discussed In tor
| »••* Jut pubUkbed. entitled "CAREEKB FOB TUB
COXIXO MJCS.' by Tboow. Rom»«. rt ord Martta. for
mer »r«ld«it •» tbe America* liwtltßte of KUetrioU
«*«*■••«, •«« Editor of "Tho Electrical World aad
Five Favorites Beaten at Jamaica —
Little Em's Good Race.
The proceedings at the Jamaica racetrack yes
terday were enlivened by two head-and-head fin
ishes of the heart stirring kind, but otherwise it
wae a quiet, uneventful day. with little or nothing
worthy of comment except the defeat of five well
played favorites. Sheen, in Uip fifth race, was the
only first choice to score, and she wont back in the
betting from 2 to 1 to 3 to 1. indicating: little sup
port. The programme in many respects wns the
poorest of the meeting, as four selling races and a
maiden affair are not productive of much class in
the matter of entries.
Champlain won the Sayvllle Stakes, a race at
one mile and a sixteenth, with selling conditions.
Canteen. In spite of her bad race en Monday, when
to all appearances she ran as if she had staled off,
was a strong favorite at 7 to 5. Garnish was a
receding second choice, while Champlain had a
strong following, being backed from 5 to 1 to 3 to 1.
Seymour and Palette had lew friends. Palette. th«
rank outsider at 60 to 1, made the running to the
blrftch, \yhere Travers took Champlain to the
front. Palette hung on doggedly, however, and
Champlain had to be ridden out to win by a scant
length. Sperling did his best to keep Canteen up,
but she again showed every evidence of having
etaied off. She had the heart to struggle with rare
gfa'.neness through the stretch, giving of her best,
though lired end jaded, but Garnisii beat her a head
for the consolation end of the stake. Seymour had
no speed and ran a dull race.
Clarence McDowell, one of the Judges, said after
the third race that it was the closest three-horse
finish he had been called on to decide this year.
Juvenaga, DArkle and Fancy Dress were so close
together on the end that only the judges could
irate them. DArkle and Fancy Dress ran
practically head and head the entire distance, and
at the last sixteenth poie seemed to have the issue
between them. Juvenaga closed with a great burst
of speed, however, ana Schilling, taking uesperate
chances, rushed him through a narrow opening on
the rail in the last hundred yards, and got up to
win in the l;±«t stride.
Counterpoise, well handled by T. Burns, won
the first race. Old England and Right and True
ran neck and r.eck to the stretch, when Counter
poise, which had closely fallowed the. pace, came
away, and won, ridden out. Dick Bernard made
up some ground from a bad beginning, and would
have been third with stronger handling In the last
few strides. The second race, at one mile and a
sixteenth, was of the spectacular kind, to the last
furlong pole, as Damon, The Huguenot and St.
Valentine ran in such close order for seven fur
longs that they appeared almost like one horse.
The Huguenot dropped out of it at the head of
the stretch, and Irish Witch joined the other two.
and. running over them in the last sixteenth, won
cleverly. St. Valentine earned the place from
Damon. Ocean Tide was badly handled by H.
Cochran, and the race must be thrown out for
future calculations.
Sheen got up in the last stride to win the fifth
race from Witch Hazel, and Little Em made every
p<jai a winning one in the mile and a furlong
handicap, last on the card. Little Em's perform
ance was a particularly good one, as she took up
US pounds and ran the distance in 1:53 3-5, within
one-fifth of a second of the track record, made by
Dolly Spanker a few days ago with 113 pounds up.
FIRST RACE— Selling; 8-year-olds and over; « furlongs.
Finish. Horse. Owi»r. Wt Jockey. M. PI.
I. Counterpoise 'Holland). .. UNl. Burns 8 5-2
I 2. 01 d England (Sullivan) . !<V<_'nnunir<3 .... »-3 6-5
B. Right ar.d True t.-yrt r S UOO Travel 9-2 6-0
4. luck Ufcrnard (Uaynun). Sperling 10 3
! t.Asiariia (Delaware 5J...107.F Hewitt 60 15
! 6. Mimosa tVt-agtri UO.llil.3i.UaM ...11-10 1-2
".Blue ;u. ; Orange (Cotton). Kt.DroaletM 100 40
B.Binntr (Burkhard) 100. H. Cochna... 100 40
! »Oris\: . (Sny4er) 9&.A. Brrnnan 300 80
. 10. Pat Bulger (Roblnsoo) 100. YVonderly 100 40
1 ll'Falrr.outh (Flannel) 100. W. Henntss-y. . 100 SO
Winner — J. 1.. Holland's eh. g. Counterpoise, by Bath
! ampton — Balance II Start Lad: won ridden out by on*
; and one-half lengtns. Time, l j.. „
BBCONO RACE — Selling; 3-year-olda and over; non
v.:i,ner» of more -than one race In 1004; 1 1-16 milea.
I. lrish Witch vSeafiram). . .106.Wonderly 5 8-5
: 2. St. Valentine (Tujmab) . lOS.Reilfern 0-5 4-5
'■. S.L»araon (Polter» lll.Lyne 9-2 7-5
4. Ocean TiUe (Wimm«r) ...108.H. Cochran... 5-2 1
i 6. The Husuenot (Howe) lOS.Shaw 8 5-2
I 6.T01 Par. (Daly) 95. Wainwrlght .. 100 30
'. 7. Prince Salm Saim (Bel)).. t*. Green lUO 80
Winner— J. B. Beacran'i b. f. Irish Witch, by Blalr
flndo — Hap. Sti.it fair; won cleverly by two lengths.
Time. 1:47%.
THIRD RACE— Sell ir.fj; 2-year-clds; 6 furlong*.
l.Juvt-r.age. (Goldaborou(b) . 104. Schilling 5 2
i a.D'Aricie (Facet) 10ft. Lyne 6 2
! 3. Fancy Dress iKeenej . .' :immir,s .... 3 6-5
. 4.Foxy (BeSaer) luT.J. Martin 11-5 1
, 6-L'ance Music (llcGinnls). . M.Nottar 100 80
: CSufftrar.ee (Wilson) 104. H. Phillip* 20 8
, 7 Calmness (Weir) UtJ.Travtrs 20 8
6.8c-l> Dii (Holland) OT.HiUpbrand ... 8 S
! ©.Winchester (Freeman).... 94.«JoodcMld 40 15
| lO.Oro (Johnson) 102.11. Cochtaa... 3O 12
! ll.Maasa (Ciriffln) 6<i.. Veriin£ 150 40
! 12.1vanboe (Bell) 07. Miller 150 40
Winner— A. J. Goldsborough'i eh. g. Javeriaga, t>y
■ Juvenal— Unadaca. Start fair; won driving by a head,
i Time. 1:14%.
v<.-ai-r,!is; 1 1 If. miles.
i I. Champlain (Farn-lli O6.Tiaver« l«-5 »-l<»
: 2. Palette 1 Boston Stable)... 83 Setter «0 12
5. Garnish (Haytna . .. .H!i.i. : i.rand ... 6-2 7-10
4.Car.teen (GrUßn) . 06. Sperling S 2 3-3
B. Seymour (Towwl OS cS ImmlM .... 8 2
\\".: ner— Fnak rrrll's b. c. Cliamplaln, by GonsaJvo
T^tr'ar. ]:-jlc. Start good; won ridaen out by one lfeogth.
Time. 1:47%.
! FIFTH RACE— Maiden 2-year-o!d fillies; 5 1 , furlongs.
• l.t::»efn (C.uKh&'if Stable;. Hi9.H!ldebrand ... S 1
2.W:tcn Hazel (Regan) 10«.ColUn« »-2 8-5
S.lif Buela (Pagetj 108. Lyn* 5 2
4.N'ovena (Chanlcr) I"'.) .1 Martin 4 8-5
6. Raiment (Daly) 108.0. O'Connor... 15 6
o.Black. Black Oftt . nnls). ...106. Burns 10 4
I "lirrialia.i (Sullivan) 100. H Phillips 80 10
! h. Mettle (Mt-yrrs) 111. Miles 100 40
: tM^.r.R Days ißandolph) KKl. Travers 15 6
K>. Small Ua.l> (Martin) B.H. Callaban... 100 40
• 11. IJrrta Rosa 'Mcl.aupiiHn».T<i9. Cannon 100 40
i 12. Apr-le Blossom (Charles;.. 11/9. 11. Cochian... 40 15
: 18. Belle of Manhattan (B'ks> 109. W Hrr.neasy.. 15 6
! 14. Opellka Lee f Story) lW.O*Brtea 100 40
Winner — Ociphacrfc StaH»'9 br. f. Pheen. by Ath«-linjr
'. — Lustt •. ■..:•. fair; won drivlue by a head. Time. 1 :0»"
1 BIXTH RACE— Handicap; all ages; 1U miles.
i I. Little Era (lakeland) „ . nti.Kyne 13 l
; 2Mdney C. Low* (Stutt)...ll6 ill: let.rand ... 5-2 1
j s.boncma Belle . 1..118. H. Cochran. 6 2
: 4. James F. Kiallact.er) . Hiring 7 2H
I B. Ascetic iM!!!town Stable). 102. Tiavers 16 6
! Proceeds (Daly) 1(»5.D. i. Connor... 20 s
T.Dsl< (Corbctt) . lio.nedfern 4 8-5
i B.Bruncwlrk iVViiltney) .. loo. Watnwrlght .. 60 20
Winner— W. Lakeland's oh. t Little Km, by Goldcrest
' —Roaefaan. fhart good; wen cleverly by two length*.
; Time, 1 ;99*j
FIHST r..UK Handicap; all ug.«; ill furlong*.
At.--<-nvlon VJ« N>w- York 10ft
Monet lUJEscutehsoa 107
Augur .......110 ' Blucber lo.t
■ECOND RACI s.lllng; 3-year^>J(ls and o*»r; on* m ii 8
and leventy yards
Stolon M.^nenu tl«|ThtaUs Heather M
Nair.tr>r 10«JT«>plo M
I>iii Hade* Ki^' llydratisea so
flotnektead 101
olds; «ix furlonxs.
Giorlfisr ISAi Darnielloa lOS
Pa»adena ilttiGtunara ioi
Merry LArk 113:Blucher 102
Ulenecho miAuaUn All«» M
Aua*ur ju>'
. \*!.?' Co '»n»b-l« Football. To-day, 2 P. M. B'wu
& itAtti. Tickets for sale at Ground*.
axes; one mils and a sixteenth.
Ormonde's Right 115 j Ascension 10*
High Chancellor 114 Crown Prince t>7
Grens.de 110 Agile «5
Orthodox lOU| Cairngorm V 3
De Reszke 109, Israelite 92
St. Valentine 106 1 New-York 90
FIFTH RACE— Stllin*; 8-year-oMt and over which have
run and not won at this meeting; on* mile and a
Namtor .106 1 Dally Green 89
Prince Ching 105; Brlarthorp* W
Oravln* 103 i Waterfurd 08
Lord Badge 102' Bar !- Duo 97
Arachue 90 1 Midshipman »l
SIXTH RACE Maiden 2-year -cl -I*, five and a half fur
Oxford .112 i Yorkshire Lad 112
Biack Prince 112iSs.lt and Pepper l«/j
Light Note 112 Gold Fleur 100
Prestige Hi; Courier lot»
Supreme Court 112 Red Fox 100
Yeoman 11: Ka.-sil 109
Ma.-t«r of Craft 112;M.;d*st 100
Metropole 1 12 Eccentrical 100
Mimosa. J. C. Yeager's fast Hamburg; filly, ran
a disappointing race in the selling affair first on the
programme. She was a strong favorite, but did not
have her usual s-poed. and fini^heil far back. She
was entered to be ecld for $2,000. and was claimed
after the race by W. H. Snyder for $2,6:«>.
Belle of Manhattan and Apple Blossom were
strongly supported at long prices to win the fifth
race. Both ran In the ruck all the way. however,
and showed nothing to Justify the confidence.
Falmouth ran away three miles and a half on his
way to the post in the first raoe. After some delay
he was withdrawn.
Chicago, Oct. 28. — First race (StS furlongTi)— Trossachs,
104 (Robblns), 16 to 5, won, Trovaur. bit (wood), 12 to 1,
•ec-,n<l; Lucy E. S., 99 (Hoffman), 12 ti 1, third. Time.
l:l-i-s. Serenity, St. Blue, Kian. Friendless, Nannon.
Myron Dale. Fly Lady, Belle DoUson, folk Miller, Lady
Beialr. Armorer and Honest John also ran.
Second race (Aye and one-half furlongs) — La Sagttta.
116 (Helfesen), 10 to 1, won; Simplicity. 116 (Mclntyre).
2 to 1, s'.>r.u; Raviana, 116 (Romanelll), 11 to 1. third;
Time, l:(iS^». Liixie Andrews, J ■ llv Witch, Sparkling.
Odelot. KLbel Baro'mcre, Was Gur.n and Intrigue also
Third race (one mile)— Mart !u9. 107 (Auburhon). 9 to 1,
won; Jlngler. lli> (Lannnn), 13 to l, BSCenJ; Tain o' Shan
ter, 123 (Treubel). 11 to 2, third. Time, I»s»1b. Fox
mead. Jim Hale. Zyra. Ethel ScruEgs. Mameelle. Four
Leaf Clover. O'Hagen. Ernest Parfaam, Rowland M., St.
Merry Legs and I. Samelson also ran.
fourth race (one and one- sixti-enth mtl«s> — Ethylene,
10* (Aubucbon). 12 to 6. won; Olebration. HO (.Feloht),
lw to 1, second; Aggie Lewis. 100 (Romaaelir 18 to 5.
third. Time, 1:4 C%. Dr. Stephens, I'arat. Columbia Girl
enj Falernian also ran.
F'.fth race ((even furlongs) — Floral King, 111 (Roman
ell!), 6 to 6, won; Bit B*n. 123 (Prior), even. second: <iua
H"idorn. 101 <Mclntyre). 2 to 1. third. Time, IM%.
Harr.ty also ran.
Sixth race (one ana one-sixteenth mlle*l — Docile, 95
(AuouCßOn). 11 to 6. won; Arab. 114 <Lan.-K'n), 6 to 1.
jecond; Barkelmore. 105 iHoffman). 7 to 1, third. Time.
1:47 H. Gllfain. Blue Mint. Chanterelle, Royal Pirate.
Hot, Lampoon and Sliver Mea.le aiso ran.
St. Louis, Oct. 28. — First race (selling; firs and one
half furlongs) — Ashata, 97 (McLuughiin), 7 10 1. won;
Dorothy Dodd. 100 (D. Austin). U tfl 5. second; Eth"l Pride.
95 iDickton), 4to 1. third. Time, l:oi)V Telephone Beiie.
Stella M., Lady Sellers. Flying Fire. Mamie Lynch, Betty
Gold and Makaina also ran.
Second race (.Belling; one mile and a sixteenth) — Joe Lea
ser, lUS (McLaußhlin), 4 to 5, won; Tangible, W.i (Conwaj)
5 to 1. second: pierce J., 107 (Young). 10 to 1. third.
Tiß'-e, t:4lMs< Drummond. Kingsteiif, Leenja. Guadal
quiver. Second Mate and Judge cantrlil also ran.
Third race (five and one-half furlonics)— OUie Burn«tt.
100 (McLaughilnj, 4 to 5, won; Kathryi. 1-.. IM (Leei. 12
to 1. second: Bessie Me, 105 (Scully). B to 2. tblrd. Time.
1:10**. Annisiuiini and Clara i < .- sit ran.
Fourth race »six and one-half furlongs) — Gay L'.zette.
102 (Lee). 5 to 2. won; Malster. 107 (McMulleni. 10 to 1,
second: Biltheoess. 92 (Di-ksoni, 2u to 1, third. Time.
1:21 V Anne Davis. Ffcllx Mozzes. Byron Rose and
Fifth race (seven furlongs) — Daniel. 108 (McMullent,
4 to 1 won: Tommy Knight. 110 (McLaughlin), 3 to 1,
second- Missile. I<>3 (Thoincr). 3to 1. third. Tim«. 1:38*.
Flagstaff. John Doyle. Pompey, Frurik Htce, King Fox 11.
Madon, Lada» and Imboden also rar.-
Sixth race (.one mile and seventy yapisO— TattT.hatn. l<»0
(McLauKhlin), 3 to 1. won; Tom Hank Ins, 100 iM^Mul.en),
7to 1. second : Turranio. 106 (Toons), '2 to 1. third. Time,
1-47 Bountiful. Easter. Walters. Lemon Girl. Bradley
Bill. Bill Rye. Lyrls*. Sam Stevens and Keogh a.so ran.
Crafts Ready for Longest Contest
Ever Run by Their Kind.
Three automobile racing boats, the Vlngt Et Un,
the Challenger and the X P D N C, said to be the
fa&test of their type afloat, will start on the longest
race ever planned for motor buats in these waters.
137.:: statute miles, or m.3 nautical miles, at 10:05
o'clock this morning. The course, which has re
cently been specially surveyed by engineers of the
New-Tork Central Railroad, is from the Columbia
Yacht Club at tighty-6l\tn-st. and the North River,
to and around a slake boat anchored as near the
briage at I'oughkeeptie as possible. The distance is
exactly tB.« miles between th-.-t.e points. Tne stake
boat will show one while and one blue ball, and the
boats are to ,cave it on the port hand in turning.
The owr.era of the three boats bad then out yes
terday, making final tests of their machinery.
Frank rmker'6 boat had a spin on the East River,
near Astoria. The Challenger also took a spin in
the same waters. The Vlnct El In had a spin oa
the North River, near Nyack. A. D. Proctor Smith
■will steer the latter boat. Frank Croker will handle
his new Herre.shoff craft, and the Challenger will
be in the hands of her designer. Clinton M. Crane.
The management of the raoe will be in the hands
of the regatta committee of the Columbia Yacht
Club, and Mr. Molntosh will be In charge of the
etakeboat at Poughkeepsie. to time the boats and
to see that they make, the turn in the riiiht way.
Another member of the club will be In charge of a
boat at West Point, having on board gasolen • to
supply the racing craft on their return trip. The
start will be mad** between the Columbia Yacht
Club's pier and a stakeboat anchored in the stream.
It will be a flying start, time ing taken from th*
firing of the gun.
London. Oct. 28 (Special) — The Rice Gambit
tournament at the Metropolitan Chess Club was
ended here to-day, R. Teiehmann winning the first
prize. Riven by Professor Isaac L. Rice., of New-
York, with a final score of 13'- wins \V. K. Napier,
the American, and P. S. Leon hard t, divided the
second and third prizes, with totals of H 1 - points
each. I. (iunsherg finished fourtti. with ten. and
L. Van Vliet fifth, with nine, in the final reckon
in? between wnlte and black, the latter came out
{•lightly in the lead on totals of Sli to S3. and v
HATING —At Jamaica. 2 p. m ; Worth. Pt. I^otl an.l
Latonla; stfoplechase nie»-t at Whlpi.any 111-. «r Coun
try nut.. MorrUtown. 1 :3O p. m.
A!.T(iM'>HII.!NG. — Races at i:mplr« Pity track.
GOLF — President* Cud at Ardsley. club tournament at
M.1!.:M .1!.: !uu. dub rhampionahlp at Baaiawood, club
rfiainpiornhlp at WtStchoStrr. hai:'": ;i[. at BaItUSTOI,
October ("up at Suburban *'lub. womwi'i to'ir:!.ini'-:it
at Nt»--iU\rn Country Club. tsajn aaatoh. PhlladSt
phla vs. New-York, at Garden City. Lone ; i.i:. :
FOOTBAL.U— Tale va. Columbia at American L*a»uo
Park. 2d- m.: Pennsylvania at Harvard Princeton Ht
Cornell. WlUlaina at West I'utnt. nrili-.i-.-jw at An-
Mijp.ill.s. Carttels at Vlnrlnla. Osorgotowa vs. Holy
Cross at fhllartelphla. l'icklnson at l--!;Uh. B«tgert
at I'nlon. Vermont at Bruwi Coipatn hi RocbMter,
Troy r<>l.vte-..hnli' at Ohlu Field. Da>rtmuuUi a; Wss
leyan. Kut«er» at t'nion. M.iii.-.au.ni at Lai .--ii--.
Amherat "Acklcs" at Aiuliri.i, Lcbanoo Val!' y at
Uattyabursr. Illinois at Chicago, Michigan at Wlsocn
•ln. De Pauw at North in. Nebraska at Minne
sota. Amos at lowa. Lawrence at Belult. North
western at Lake Forest, Mammoth at Knox. Lombard
at Christian Brothers, Ohio Mtate at m.iiuiui. Aluia at
Olivet. Uiiniiell at Drake. I'usuna at Cue.
Tale centre.
Local Team Has Been Picking Up,
But Eli Is Favorite.
Columbia and Yale meet at football aft American
League Park this afternoon In the local Mason's
most important game. It Is expected to attract a
crowd of twenty-five thousand persons. Yale I*
favorite at 4 to 1. Columbia men feel that their
eleven, considering its known limitations, will be
doing well to hold Yale to under 3D points. On the
other hand it has b^omn almost a tradition at
Columbia that the !o<.al eleven alway3 plays best
against Vale.
In the four years these two elevens have met. Co
lumbia, won once by 5 to 0. anil Yale three times, by
scores of 10 to .">. 12 to 0 and last year by 25 to 0.
Despite this score. Columbia played an excellent
game last season. holding Yale to 0 to 0 in the first
half, and then crumbling to pieces in the second
porlod beneath the fresh attack of Yale"s substi
tutes. It It feared that this may again be the
case this afternoon. Columbia has a pretty strong
first team, but practically no substitutes. If the
first eleven exhausts Its possibilities in the first
period, the substitutes she will have to call on will
be far outclassed by the substitutes Tale will be |
able to put in line.
The Yale eleven and substitutes arrived In town I
last night in the best of condition, and seemed to |
have the utmost confidence in the outcome of the •
match. Special trains to accommodate the big
crowd will be run on the subway this afternoon.
Columbia's warriors took a complete rest yester
day. Except for a short walk in the morning, the j
players did not take any active exercise. In the af- i
ternoon most of the men were on the university !
grounds looking on at the ceremonies in connection, j
with the anniversary celebration of the college.
All of the squad was. ordered to bed at 9:30, and
by 10 o'clock almost every one in quarters was
asleep. The men will leave the football house
after a light luncheon, and will be taken in a spe- j
cial car to American League Park. They will ax- i
rive on the battleground about 1:30 o'clock,
What Coach Morley had to say of the condition [
of. the men was borne out by '"Doc" Payne, who \
has been looking after the players. Even Carter, '
whose injured back has been the cause of much I
worry to the football authorities, is now fit to go !
in the same. Three days of absolute rest since he
was hurt, and careful treatment of the strain, have
brought him around. That he may not be injured I
by men charging through the line. Morley has de- ;
cided to let Duell do the kicking this afternoon, |
Duell has had considerable practice in the last i
week, and his kicking, as regards direction and I
length, has Improved materially. Good punting Id
a crying necessity for Columbia, and its effective- :
ness against Yale will almost be doubled, in view j
of the fact that Rockwell, the quarterback of the !
Blue, has been fumbling punts very often in the
recent games that Yale has played.
Despite- many applications for tickets, there are '
still many good seats left in the newly built, east !
grandstand. The majority of these will be on sale ■
at the grounds. The subway specials will begin ;
running at 12:30 o'clock from City Hall, and will run j
no far as One-hundred-and-flfty-seventh-st. There
will be specials returning immediately after the j
gan.e numerous enough to accomodate all the per- .
sons that are expected.
The teams will line-up as follows:
Yale. Position. Columbia.
c;-.e\li Left end Post I
BIaMMI Left tackle Browns I
Klnney Left guard DiMen ' :
Roraback Centre Ftnneiran i
Trinp ...Tißht sruarl Stanglan.l !
Homo R!eht taokle Thorps. |
Nf-al Ki-:ht Mid Mulr i
Rockwell .. . Quarterback Donovan I
Vseder Left halfback Duell
HorM M*M halfback . . Helirrlcjj
Ov. sky Fullback Carter
New-Haven Team Slightly Heavier Than
Last Year — Line Practically the Same.
New Haven. Conn., Oct. 28 (Special).— Yale plays
to-morrow with nearly the same line-up that faced
the Blue and White last year. The rush lire Is the
same, with the exception of Neal at right end and
Trlpp at right guard, though Neal was a substitute
end. Shevlin has been changed from right to left
end; Bloomer from right guard to left tackle, his
old position, and Kinney from left tackle to left
guard. Rockwell will again genera! the attack
from quarter, and tlure will be a new s?t of backs
in-tead of Metcalf. Mitchell and Bowman, in three
new ten— Hoyt, Morse and McCoy. The average
weight this year is a trifle more than last, and the
Tale • t< \<-n is. all around, a better team individ
ually, with one or two exceptions, and a* an ag
gregation. It is expected that with Bloomer and
Hocan at tackles, regarded as two of the best
tackles Yale ever had. the tackle back play will bo
used steadily to-morrow. Tale's line averages 201
pounds. The backs average 175 pounds, not in
cluding the 148 pound quarterback Rockwell.
Crimson Boys Will Take (hit One of Their
Strongest Teams — Are Confident of Victory.
Cambridge. Mass.. Oct. M.-There Is little excite
ment here to-night over the H ir. ;ir,i-Fonnsylvania
to-montm. It is thoroughly believed that
Harvard is going to win by a comfortable margin.
and it is not thought that Pennsylvania ia going to
scora, Harvard will put nearly her strongest team
into the tlel 1. Her team will also put up a better
offensive game to-morrow than Harvard has shown
in tho last two games, owing to th» eleven having
be«»n drilled In team work In the last week, some
thing that was wofully lacking in the Crimson
0 in tha West I'ulnt and Indian games.
Up-State Boys Confident of Putting Up a
Good Game Against Tigers.
Ithaca N. V.. Oct. 28.— The cloud of gloom that
ha emrtltptd Urn Cornell supporters since Tues
day was penetrated ly a ray of hope to-day, when
it was anaovactd that both Coatelio and *"■■■■
ham would be In the line-up to-morrow. Never
has 3uch an atmoaphi n of doubt regarding the final
outcome, of the rurnell-Prlneeton gan.-« enshrouded
both coaches mm) students as to-night The work
of the Cornell team has been so erratic this season
that it is hard to prophesy Just what the eleven
will do. While, scarcely any oae will predict vic
tljry, an (•*] that the Cornell team will give a good
account ..r luelf, and a final triumph Is by r.»
iieanM uVspuirtd of. Following is the llnt-ub for
ln« same.
t-vi or I P'll— Van Orman. left end; Cook, left tackle;
ri."r r . rk - left u;irtl " Wilder, centre: Purmun.
InJ P* « l ''irU; Costello. right tackle; Korgy. right
t,n^ L^SKI? (captain*, quarterback; Rice, left half
back: Bmninsham. right halfback; HallkUy. tull
r»fiT-' " ce * Craw ford . left end: Cooney. left tackle;
"moo. left guard; Dutcher. : centre; Short, right
New-Tork University ;i! hay* no «-»» if ah*
doe, not play her best game this afternoon a«££
Rensseiaer Polytechnic. A3 the team U in S^
Physical condition, and tie men hare be ea rJ£l
in fine form this m* Several change, wJPS
noticeable in tr.e lineup to-day. Halford will J!
right tackK but he has been playing os!y a JJJ
and he will probably not oe able to last the eatS
game. Cornell takes Lory's place at right JL
and Lowry win occupy the other wing. la «£
bo-kfleld Marvin will probably play left haM^T
The team averages several pound* more tot^t
than li
UL> f> '
toft tackle. Rcaj«; |a* suard. Coe" centVe £ol'
ham. r ri«n't taTki* h, • v* r "
K»-y!i. w ts&Jßhs
sart; I- , Iff £•. •»' j;
fulH.aek. Crusjin K~nss«la*r i
tute-Left end. Fox; left tackle. Re M ; left BTuKI
Stlllm centra. Scad«l: risht guard. Braab*---
right tackle. Hen; right end. Benjamin . SHE
buck. Klmer; left halfb.K-'K. Grtfford; rl*rt nrT-”
back. Harris; fallback. Clifton. TTjrl " rl * ft *»•?-
Final Series of Dual Tennis Meet
Held To-day.
The final series of the <Jja: ten-.ia m^e* of tv,
Kings County Tennis ClUll and the Kr/^kerbocker
Field Club will hi* pi iy,\ ihi* afternoon on th*
courts of the former or>/.ir.ization, at Bergen-st.
and KHgston-ave.. Brooklyn. Tr.s tantmtM w:i! he
In doubles, and th» team for the ICnlcitftrbocker
Field Club will be- H. S. Retorts* \V. D. Btdtas J.
E. Mitohie and W. H. Jennings. This quart';: of
players has been practising daily on it.i courts at
Flatbush. ar.il aneeti to de bettn Han 61 "h
last competitions, In which the Klnais County men
defeated it in all four ma: j'r.-s. The Ki:;gi County
tram will be oom?D«(! of the Canadian ?--c.r.?m
pion, Frederick <"i. Anderson: Samuel A. Weitfa:'.
Henry W. MoHenhaoeT a--.i Joseph T. SX&Mahoa,
former champion of Ou Or scent Athletic Club.
Arrangements wer* made yesr^r«iay to close th»
season of the N»w-York Lawn Tennis Cub. One
hundred-and-tw<»nry-!! tad St. l i=holas-ave..
•with a doubles tounaxoesit, Th-? tOanaaMSt will
be held on f*laofn 11 Day, Tuesday, KorcmlMf »
It will be played :ss a round roMr. handicap, the
Intention being to finish the toaraamest in cr.e Cay
of play, an : the ■UtntOS team to reeatve a sreeia!
trophy offered hy a memher s4 the "liih \rnonsr
the pairs in tii» to -rnarnent will be Uimon E.
erts and Dr. Julian K. Smyths. C. L. Cob'b a~d
Wylie i' Grant. Arthur T Frtatmaa and Lords i
Grant. Lindley H. HIS and Jos? Cham Robert T'
Bryan and Arthni ! . • and I:. U. Perkins and
partner. A special s*"if< of tntercrtib marches Wi'i
be contest. th;> afternoon on the Xetr-Torks"
courts. Among the c win be M!ss M
Donr.eli. tp.- Sax Francis ■<> girl, who cam* Eas;
earlier in th* season with Urn present woman enanv
plon. Miss May Button, an 1 M:.-, Ar.r... 11. Reich.'
Hfttt Pauline Mack ay Defeats Miss
Georgianna Bishop in Final.
New-Haven. Oot Si {SfcacfalX— The Snahl fcr the
she cup- offered aa prizes in t. v .o X-'A-lUven Coun
try Club tournament were playe 1 t:.:s morrunj.
and an open handicap in the a?:emor>n. The lead
ing attraction was the final match for the tourna
ment cup between Miss Georsiarna Bishop. Brook
lawn Country Club, and Miss Pauline Mjc'say. Oai
ley Country Club. Mi?? Bishop Is Urn present na
tter ii champion, and Khn H.^kay :s the yoiuijj
woman who defeated Gr« Britain's cha-r.sio:,
Miss Lottie Dod. In the first round of the women's
amateur championship at Philadelphia. They
started off by halving the first hole, Sis yard?, i.i the
bogie of 5. They were both hole high in 2 pl.iytr.s
the second hole, watch they hatvsd :r. I. The thirl
hole 13 160 yards long, and they both urove
th« green, lying dead In two and halting
the hole In the bogle o' 3. They ?.;so
halved the fourth hole through faultless play,
but a half topped drive, which rolled into th-i
bunker, cost Miss Mackay the Sfth hole, as Miss
Bishop played perfect gotl and wen :_e hole in
5 to 6. The next three holes were haivei and the
ninth hole. 42S yards, was won in 4 by -Visa Sfackay
through running down a forty foot put. The bogh)
for the hole is 5. They ««n all even at the tain.
Miss Mackay going oat in H Id tha champion's 45.
The play on the homeward journey *as watched
with keen, interest. Mi^-s EOsten won the teath hole
In the bogie of 5, and Miss Uackaj sqnand tnatter-i
again by winning the etovi nth hoi? b 1 Afier halving
the twelfth in 4 Miss Bishop took the lead again
by winning the tOO-yard th;r:eer.th ho.c In I Alter
the next two holes were halved In one over Sog.-*
Miss Slaekaj won the s:x:e-:r.ih and sevea:e c r.t.:i
hole 3. again taking the lead, but Miss Bishop won
the home hole In the bogie oi 3. and ih« mato:i
was again all square. The contest, however, was
only carried one extra hole, as Mi;S Mackaj won
the nineteenth ha^ ;n i i-j 6, a-i this ELU;a by
1 up in nineteen holes. '
The American Power Boat Association Draw 3
a Tighter Bein on the Owners.
Sixteen delegates, itprtml eleven PK&t
cluh-<. atte- a IDMttBI of th>» Araerfoaa P ■•*
Boat Associaticr. last night \r. a roj.ai or. tr.»
eighth floor of tin Hotpl A?tor wWcft Is ilnM
an exact reproduction of a yacht's cabin, with ttl
skylight and >iiw overhpad. ana irs ga
ladders at the side. President If. H KMeten
I>re?iJed, assisted by Secretary Asm B. Cole. A
resolution w is passed givirs the legislatlra «*m
mitte<» of the maaaeSMUoa pnm te take settn or.
what is saw 11 as the Alcoho! F-'U. H. R. Kb MB
presented kg GansrvsKHU BoatA wfctcll has - or
Its object the abolishing of th=> fix on th.^.t «j MBfl
of alcohol which is used only Hoi commercial pur
poses, so that the owners of power S^dta cap •:=•'
it. here, as they often do abroad, aa fuel in prefer
ence to naphtha and fMaai ne.
Of the many amendments subrr.!tte<J by the ex
ecutive committee five important one? were
adopted. Th^y provide that in boars havlr.gr flnt
or torpe<l-> boat sterna the "kn'.:ek:e" shall fee
taken aa the a:ter point of the load WiWfflK
Tc^ measurer In the future ■ to plan marks at
the forward and after ends of the ■■UlitlW. «B^
also at the poir-.t where the raida..ip WCdon >»
taken. The* latter marks are to be a hortaontnl
stripe one-half inch la \v;d:h, ar.d three Inches in
length, U»« lower edse to be on the W3t< rttn« «
was a:- decided that ta the future Uw horsepowtr
shall he obtained by atvtdtoa O» '-^-' 1-™,°?'—
■qoarc feet of beattna wirfac* of tho t^:ler »Jfr"«
and MTcn-tcnths. Another Important aiaenmwnt
carried w»s that tr.- ownw ot a boat In »4 < »"^
to Wins 3 written certificate of the boat's Eseasure
ment before the race, shall, at thj M 1 •£•_ «^»
file w;th the committee .1 eerliflcata «!....- t. ;
actual maximum mirrb«*r of revolutions MjW
the race-. ThU Is done to overcome f
statements made concerning Jhe r-vohu
boats In past races. An B men<!ment wa»
thai all bSS other than rteam and -'- '^ ■,?.;•: ..
endnea torn more than 5» 1 . P" .rv';;'-,,:. r v ';;'-,,:
shall cany revolution «w»ti - — c '••.'■
eire «o iv to be Immedtotelv aratlable .•
urtnir. The revolutions on
maximum number per
;it the boar
In th" I
nhaU Bad that the rule w: " "' , V,V
of th*» a»u Ohallenp :: i '^;,;r S?
Cluri. the pnmeat hjW« ol _the cup. i.

Vi I -^xne^d s» 1*
but at their
in the !a
make th-- ehaast in the WW • - W**-
T. V Bauman. a ■UIUWWM
le te. was suspended yesterJ.iy by the «^~^TV
committee for hay,,, rlayod fO^JT^i
IB 1 AKCK«S IOK THE COMIN.i >«> ' £**£
t h L r pr e.»o^ if
»^r. «■. tell- ntat -Tfcs t •m.uef clal Uf ••*•••"■
y»«— awn. _^^^ — i^^
Hones and Carriages.
15 East sSth Street,
'£■£ :&•&*&&&
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