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__— ~- —
*2T P D sV C Covers 136 Miles
■ Without Stop—Onontio Fast.
Out of the has* se:tlir. S down on the HedHMi
lVjver after sunset last night, a narrow riband of
♦•♦,!» ttmm growing in volmn* ** It approached the
watchers on i; * Columbia Yacht Club's Tier, at
I-«rhiv-«ixth-i!t.. suddenly took the eh.-vpe oi a ma-
Sis It — P:a:,k Cro^r's X P D
X C Travelling st railr- speed, sue dashed
Icro^s the r-r.ish tins, the winner of the sUke of
mm a«d of the !ong«t and best race of the year.
lo'nr from E^-.ty-sixth-st. to tbe Foughkeepsls
fc^idee »nd back. I*6 statute ir.iles, without a stop
,r c^en . tiow down, at th. rate oT a» luwU J l »
fcour up zr* 22.12 dor., a,, average of 22-«. or 36»
statute mile* an hour. The tide was fair half way
no and hajf sray down.
It «as a greet triumph for the Herreshotfs as
well for -Nat" Herreshoft. after being beatfsn this
Summer, has produce* a boat that may be called a
i world beater, which ha* shown not or.ly wontferfu.
s^et- but remarkable engine endurance. It was
thought that all three of the boats that started
*-ocld hay* to stop at least once, and perhaps MM,
to tak* or. a supply ot gasolene. The Vingt el Ln
shopped twice, toung about forty minute*. The
,Vmgt st In fini£be« in the flark at «:1S P m. She
• fcaa been beaten a* minutes official, or U minut«s
I gvstuai. with time deducted for stoppages.
Th« start was at ft*e minutes pas; noon, after a
wait of two hours foi Croter's boat, which arrived
*»♦ two minutes to 12. and. with her owner at the
%he*i the dashed across the llr.e twenty seconds
« «.'ter the lan signal. Owing to torae derangement
' n.' her machinery at the last moment the Chal
fc.ng*r steered by A. D. P. Smith, d<d not start
• until two minutes later, and the Vint et Un. with
C H Crane at the helm, was even more un
' illlimi tor some one steppe.l on her control
m res and broke them while she was getting ready
-or the ttart- It required U minutes and 6 seconds
to repair them, and by that time the other boats
%rere out of eight to the northward.
Commodore Harrison B. Moore, or the Atlantic
Tacfct CTu* with his new «--foot boat Onontio.
maluA off one-hundred-and-twenty-eigtth-st. until
Ti tcree boats l.sd' passed: he then bepan to chase
then "Turning up 709 revolutions a minute with
k'«' Craig engine, those on board the Onontio were
*-> :c see the boats when they passed Tonkers.
f c jjisrtMK •• and passed the Challenger off Rock
Lsjfct essct:) C minutes after she began her race
■Csst them. Later in the day she beat ail motor
boats' records bj traveling over the measured
La in— ■** at the rate of *••* knots, or » -36
Ztatiite tniiss an hour. She «a* timed by Com-
SnoCo-e I VI. Allison, or the Cap* May Yacht Club.
Tee K««pete course, which had been accu
rate y surveyed ty officials of the New-York Cen
tral e^d Hudson River Railroad. v.&s exactly 6k.3
ssatute ad'.es frora tigti'y-*ixth-st. to the Pough
k*«*iie bridge. 1.530 *** eoutn cf which the turn
tag max* « tugboat, * «* anchored. A great crowd
*js4 gathered on both shores of the river st this
polst to see the race. The X P D N C and the
VJagt & Dn made » beautiful turn, not slowing
t* st al!. but making a wid* sweep and continuing
££,«■:. ice river. The Challenger did not appear, for
tn passing Hsvcrstraw she struck a log in the river
erhic. v . t T-ashed her propeller and put her out of the
tace" Bhe »«•* .v^vl hack later to the yacht club.
The summary loltom-s:
Start. Turn Finish. umt.
Bo«. HP. H.MS- HM B. H MS. H.MS.
XPOVi- W< tifOi-M 2:»:S0 t:\6M 6.11
Vib«t ,: Cn fc l I2:f&"° 3:24:30 6:li:00 «:10«)
cffrLy lift 12:05 rjl*ab^d.
El£?sf<! t'.me. Eltp»e<J time,
In river. Bpesa. Doiwa river.
Bo «. H U B B3SS«S. H.M.S.
* P ■ V r 2 3O:W 2SS? 2 41:^
\*Sg-~ VMM
Headquarters Probing Epidemic of
Burglary in Brooklyn.
Report* BSeafßSjd et Prook^-n Police Headquar
terp >(>sierdr.y BBOST that sneak tl «' •? had a
» . QJI ad iBSWr EMiford sections on
Several thounand dollars" worth of sil
verware sai |»t<lf -* den and 'n sat I s.ngie
■ n»s there a policeman around to interfere
v itb ti.t nsefeoa
Pron the sagas of Egbert Manx at No. 7 Jef-
Unrsmi Svt EUBO SJWtk of Issfscrf was taken.
i i: ..■... )•.:.:,' id's hcusf. at No. & Cambridge
fia >- v.a> looted of BBS worth of property ari
tmtty-f our pieces cf silverware were remonsd frotn
t.^.t Dst of EnriQue !:. klullcr. No. ir Putuam-ave.
As ull o!" Lhese hOTitss are in the Classen-av*.
police precinct. Csptain Mauds was aliea down.
s-nd placed m '• • carpet tt hssJquarters. Ells ex
pess aas that ' * bbj rot go*, men,
A maid employed by O. A.. Co-jper. of No. 152 Me
poeougn-ct.. discovered yesi^rda.v morning that a
izrg.. israum of 1 Iverware b*d been stu.fr. from
t^.^ bonse. The Coopsrs are at rieser-t en an auto
taobiie trip
£(mlb Shore Traction Company Will Connect
Jamaica and Brookhaven.
Patehog'je. L".n« Island. Oct. 2" (Snecial>.--Con
rt.ructioo ie to tie irtarted or a trolley Dm between
JainsJca »r.d BnsSktawca • for» the crew fl!«8. The
Brate Railread Ccrr.mieeioners have granted the re»
eiiilrec eertif cate to the South Siiore Traction Cora
peny. showing the necessity tor the building ani'
maintenance sf mea a road, and work is to be
rtariec as soon a* possible.
The new line. wr.*r. OOCBBISBsfIL will renn^ct
Urookhswn. which is five and one-half Soss east
€>t this piae*. with New-York City, through Ja
tnalca sr.c Br-jokJyT:. It will pass through all
•TJth side villages
Henry F. Barrel], a Newark Lawyer, Has
Been Kissing for a Week.
Herry F EcrrcTl. a lawyer, with an office at No
tM Broad-ei.. Newark, was reported yesterday to
be t-.'.«s::.£. Mr. Barrel was tOvmsUp counsel for
SsMl^Tm and r.s* rercntly SnptMsAi Louis Hood,
«f Newark, being £4>pelr.ted in h:s pis «. A war
rant for Barrel!'? arrest was issued a week ago by
Justice BeSOBMV of Mlllbura. on charges rrade by
£ Award M- Robinson, of MUlburn. on represents!
tions made by Robinscn's sen. aged twelve, and
Charles Doyle, aged fourteen, mho has been in
liirre'.l s ample} A constable was usable to tei
Barrel! Earrtll was marrieJ last eerlng and is eep
ar»! * from his wife.
Ht hae been prominently connected with The
Bcciety of the War of 1812. and can;* from Revolu
tionary ancestry. He Is a gradual from Colombia
Vnivtrsity from which be received the degree of
B A end 11 A., and !n iSSt- he received the de
gree of Pr D from the Columbia School sf Po
litic*! Sde-.ioe. H»- '6 also a graduate from Colum
bia Uaw Srbool. and belonged to a prominent col
lag* se«ret society.
Efrtlry of Syrian Gamblers From New- York
Ends Fatally.
Tut telegraph TO the Tsnnre.l
8t LsCts. Oct. "Mike" Ana of New-York.
a. ■rtflaa. was MBai to-day In "Jerusalem."
at the World's FaJr by Nicholas Sadda. also a
Byrlan whose father snd brot»iei-» are proprietors
• fa Syrian grocery establishment in "*V»uihington
et. New-Tork. Sedds T.rt-d five shot*, four of
««Meh SBsMsi Ajua's boc>. death beiug instanrane
bjs. Saddk. es aped.
Ana o:.er-'.«<l a gambling resort at "Jerusalem"
for fe'.low Fyriar.s. who paid him a pcrcertag* cf
'(.<■:? w r.:::njje s-<d««t operated a drinking resort.
B*di*« recently offered as provide gamblln; accom
snofttttoos fit Hs rl* 1"*.1 "*. fr** rf charge, acquiring
. thereby much of Abs« patronage. La't Thursday
>«.. attempted to enter ;v gam* at Ssdda'c bjt
>*> dMven out. 6idd« srarrir;*; Axza that if he sp
. j»arf-<1 s^airi he would fc* killed. A sza appeared to
<lay »&texicate(! HN esdda kept his word
ernrjtfpM. ni.. Oct » -The- Illinois Coal Oper-
I atom' Aw>ei«UoTj t.-csr. after two hours' discus
' •lor derived by a rote of 99 to 8. to iUn<t by the
ee,t:or of !tt executive board in Chicago last
Ve**lnt*A*T. rer»-.-ciiriS a demand that the hoisting
*r.fc..ne<rs receive the ssir.e rate of wages for 'he
U •UMii'tX >ear as for the year pact. Tt.e operators
- *#-cl-u: that the liJi«Mng engineers, having re
ct!»»; the tame advance in wages that the miners
ftid a ye«r ago. shall either accept the reduction of
C't r«r tert. wl<l -ri the misers accepted last April.
Or BhaJl «uhmit the Question to «rtt;rat.on. The
tmUUTt csfl&csrs have twice refuse* to arbitrate.
We Have «- 1,800,000 People
There are millions of other users of whom we don't know. We learn only of those who write us. But
each user tells others about it. and those others tell others. Ask your fiiends if they use it, and you will be
surprised at the number who do.
Your own neighborhood is full of Liquozone users. Ask a few what they think of it— ask them what
it doe*. If they say it is wonderful — that it does all we claim— then let us buy you a 50c. bottle. Try it at
cur expense ; see what it does for you. If you find it « ffective and needful, tell others about it, as we have told
Not Medicine.
Lkjwozonc is not a medicine. It is rot made by
comoounding drugs, nor is there any alcohol in it.
It i? made solely from gas— largely oxygen gas—
by a proc*s» requiring immense apparatus and 14
days' time.
This product has, for more than 20 years, been
the constant subject of scientific and chemical re
search. The object of its discoverers was to get
the virtues of oxygen in stable form into the blood.
Their reason was that oxygen alone can kill dis
ease germs without harm to the living tissues.
Each cubic inch of Liquozone requires the use
of 1.250 cubic inches of the gas. And that is all
that goes into it — the gas- and the liquid u«cd to
absorb it. The resuit — after 14 days — is a germi
cide so certain th?t we publish on every bottle an
offer of $1,000 for a disease germ that it cannot
Acts Like Oxygen.
The virtflfc of Liqucrone lies m the fact that it
do?? what oxygen does. Oxygen is the \ ital part
of air, the \ r ery source of vitality, the most essen
tial element of life. Oxygen is a'?o Nature's great
est tonic, the blood food, the nerve food, the scav
enger of the blood. It is oxygen that turns the
b'ue blood to red in the lungs It is oxygen that
eliminates the w^ste tissue and buiids up the new.
You could not !ive three minutes without it. And
half the sickness in the world is caused by having
too httle.
Liquozone acts like oxygen. It gives to every
nerve center just the food that it needs. It gives
Son of Major Hopkins Says 'other's
Will Is All Right.
"I want this fighting over my father's will ended.
I am satisfied with the bequest he left me. and I
have always been willing that my mother should
have two-thirds. Joseph W. Middlebrook. guard
ian appointed b> the court to look after my inter
est, has been carrying on the contest against my
wish: but how am I to stop it? I am under age
■ad he is an officer of the court."
This statement was made yesterday by Robert
E. Hopkins, jr.. eon of Major Robert E. Hopkins,
of Tarry-town. It was contended that If the will
were 6et aside the boy would be $1.000, richer
than under its provisions which leaves him one
0 :rd of the estate. Justice Keoph decided on the
validity of the document on Friday, although Mr.
Mi -Idle! contended that the major hii can
celled his Wiil before his death, because of the
fourteen vertical lines 'ound through the signature
Young Bopktos. v.-. greatly aroused when ne
Mealwu « repc.-t that nil guardian intended to
tike another appeal Mrs. Hopkins has a:?c Hied
an afMavti proterdnc aga:r?t the fees of the
guardian and the continuance of the Bull.
Husband Ib In Prison for Bigamy —
Has Narrow Escape.
Annie Ddtri kt of Brotrx River Road, went to
Police Head>i jar;- rs las: ::ight and gave th* police
f.:x pieces of pnlsnnnfl candy, srhlch she said she
bad received from s mar; who called &t her house
last Monday morning: Annie Is the le^-al wife ot
Jvnn Dobr;ski. Msi servir.s a Eentenee of two and
a hal: rears !n Sing Sing for bigamy. When Do
brttkl desert ■■■. his wife about a year ago he took
with r:m several articles r>: fsnrelry i>r.i a quan
tity of household rood?. Th« man who left the
■rith lira. Dobrisld says tho goods are In
ths possession of Do brisk! second wife.
Many Cases Are Reported at Barracks and
One Is Said To Be Serious.
Dtpbtberta has broken out In marine barracks
st the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Most of the ra.v»3
are in a rr.lM form, but the condition of Private
William Peabrook Is said to be serious. All of
the sick men are in tn» Naval Hospital.
, • \
T>iß old friirate Constellation is almost herself
again. Last Monday her masts, taken out of bar
when the came to the Navy Yard three Booths
ego. were stepped in their place* again. She. la the
oldest ship In service to-day, and. saving always
the eld Constitution, the "Old Ironsides" of «ioiig
and sto:y. no sUp of the old navy ha* had so long
and £0 eventful a career. So long as her timbers
will bold together the ■•'. ship will probably be
preserved by the Navy Department as a floating
barrack* and training ship for naval apprenticed
She was tne second vesesl launched under the sec
ond reorganization of the old navy her construc
tion being of live oak, red cedar an.l pfne. S!nre
er.e came to the r.a\y yard much of her oil plank
ing baa b&en removed and replaced by new, but
her timbers c-eera to b* as strong as when elie was
first . Kilt,
The Bureau of Navigation has Issued a circular
governing the examination of candidates for the
vacancies in the Bsi of assistant civil engineers of
the navy, to be held st the navy yard, beginning
on January S. The mental and professional ex
amination will be competitive, and will comprise
'nnmi°i,r . '"ejects: English grammar and
..ompoUtlon. elementary physics, elementary geol
cry. drawing, arithmetic, aiwbra. eeometry trigo
nometry, analytical geometry, differential and inte
gral calculus, applied mathematics, Including me.
chanics of to' da and fluids, and strains in struo
lures: electricity, construction #nateriais and engi
neering' con«tructlon. *
Boston. Cot »-So remarkable has become the
demand for wool in the Boston wool market t*mt
many traders hsve been driven to seek the clip
In the Argentine Republic. Another development
has been the confirmation of the report thai con
tracts are being closed for the dips' of 1905 in the
L' rated Sum and In England. Ireland and New-
Zealand. in the imtalOß «' many Boston mer
chants these cor.tiitlor.s point to a big shortage
In wooL *
The Grand Trunk, according to di*p«t'-hfc« from
Montreal, ha« secured an option on the Detroit
Southern Railway, which it Intend* Immediately to
purchase. The Detroit Southern, of which Samuel
Hurt was appointed receiver in July of this year
extends from Detro 1 to i 11 ■•■■<■. In Sou'hern Oho
and has a totai length of 432 miles. It connects
v..'.. the Grand TrorK hi D'tr<--it.
Boston. Oct. 29 —The body of Harry W. Meeser.
travel. ing freight agent of the Pennsylvania Rail
road, who had been missing frr two weeks, was
found floating !n the water eff T wharf to-day,
'ihe pc! ■ asserted that it appeared to be a case
of suicide.
Messer's work was In the New-England depart
ir»nt at the rsl'rosd His father Is a contractor st
Windsor. Vt. The dead man was thirty-five years
old. He married «evtral yean ago. but big. wtfe
tied tarn afterward.
Who Are Users of Liquozone,
All of these people asked us to buy the first bottle-a 50c. bottle— and give it to them free.
We did it—and we will do it for you.
new power to every function of nature. It brings
back vitality at once. N T o other known product
can compare with it ?s a vitalizer. And Liouozone
is the only tonic that never leads to reaction.
Kills All Germs.
Another fact is that an excess of orcygen de
stroys any disease germ. The reason is that germs
are vegetables ; and an excess of oxygen — the very
life of an animal — is deadly to vegetal matter.
So with Liqrozone, but the vital difference is
this : Oxygen is a gas, and an excess of it can
not be maintained in the blood. Liquozone is a
liquid, concentrated, stable and powerful. It goes
wherever the blood goes; and, as no germ can
escape it, and none can resist it, the ccsults are
To the human body Liqvn^on^ is the most help
ful tiring in the world. But anything vegetable
instantly perishes wherever Liquozone eoes. The
fact that germs are vegetables has enabled the
discoverers of Liquorone to solve the great prob
lem of killing germs in the body without killing
the tissues, too. And there is no other way. Any
drug that kills germs is a poison, and it cannot be
taken internally. In that fact lies the great value
ot Liquozone. It is the only product known — the
only product man can conceive of — that can de
stroy the cause of a germ trouble ..ithout harm to
the living tissues.
We Paid $100,000
For the American rights of Liouorone, and the
British Liquid Ozone Co. paid the same sum for
Flames Have Destroyed 30J000
Acres of Fine Mountain Timber.
Bclvldcre. N. J.. Oct. :9.— The big fire now raging
for a distance of twenty miles eastward from Wind
Gap affects a large portion of the Blue Ridge
Mountains. The blaze first started on Wednesday.
acd has been fanned by the strong wind until
now at some points it is a roaring furnace. Every
thing is dry. and the flames run through the grasses
and devour the leaves as though they had been
soaked In oil.
The email game may be seen fleeing from the
burning districts, and much of it will be destroyed.
The. fire wardens have several hundred men at
work trying to stay the progress of the flames, but
their efforts are almost futile. Fires have been
started in an opposite direction, and it Is hoped in
this way that the fire will be overcome. A great
6ml cf fine tin ber has been destroyed, and the
volume o* smoke affects the whole valley. The
devastated arc-a comprises more than thirty thou
sand acres.
What the State Is Doing Toward Helping
the Counties Build Good Roads,
Albany. Oct. £9.— One of the most important public
Improvements In this State In recent years is the
bunding cf good roads under State supervision. It
practically began under tho present artminlstra
tjen and residents of tlie rural district* realize
that the election of the Republican ticket means
a continuance <>f ths gcx-tl work. That its value is
permanent is shown by the great demand from
all quarters for more macadam roaJa. The
work of the State Engineer's office him been
revolutionized by hig'nwoy Improvement which
was practicully inaugurated under Engineer Bond.
SiSM Mr. Bond baa been appointed president of the
Canal Advisory Board his methods have been faith
fully carried out by his successor. Henry A. Van
Alstyne, and his able associates in the engineering
This read work Is in no way connected With
polities, but is planned, constructed and superin
tended by the State with the sola Idea ot giving
the counties the best possible roads for the least
money. In every county in which these roads have
beer; built there is a demand for more. The Stale
pays one-half the expense and the counties bene
fited the other half. The roads are surveyed and
the work marped cut. by the State Engineer's de
partment in accordance with the wishes of the
In this year alone work calling for an expenditure
of $2,000,000 has been begun and is either completed
or under way. There are fifty-nine pieces of road
in this year's work, many o: which are In Albany,
Rent-selacr and adjoining counties.
For the work this year the State's chare was
SI.onQ.OGO. The table below ehowa the State appro
priations for previous years:
ia M „ 550.00011902 .-• $7W,000
JiS "... . MU)<-0,1U03 60U.U00
mm , . 190.000
1901 I!""!"! .... «0.0» Total $2,065,000
Vp to January L 1894. »8 miles of highway had
been completed. This year the counties have ap
plied for mnre than 1.100 miles or road, and these
art? being built a« fast as the legislature appropri
ates State funds for this purpose.
H'srhv.ay improvement as it has progressed In
this State tb a credit to the Bute Engineers de
The New-York. New-Haven and Hartford Rail
road Company, according to dispatches from New-
England which are accepted by Wall Street ac
substantially accurate. baa acquired a majority of
the stock of the New-York. Ontario and Western,
paying for it $45 a share, ex the $3 dividend; but
has made no provision for purchase of the minority
shares on those terms. In yesterday's strong stock
market Ontario and Western sold off to VIA and
closed at O%e, a net decline for the day of 1H
Trenron. N. J.. Oct. 29— Papers were filed in the
office of the Secretary of State to-day merging the
Telephone «nd Te!»graph Company of New-Jersey
with the American Telephone and Telegraph Com
pany of New-Jersey under the corporate name of
the latter company. The companies are Identified
with the Bell Telephone system.
The latest sale of a Stock Exchange membership
was at $81,000. A wwlt ago there were four salts
at $».000 The prewmt price is the highest of the
year, and only r.OOO under the high record.
James Arrastone. living on the ««con<» floor of
No. 102 Vernon-ave.. Long leland City, yesterday
morning became delirious from pneumonia, an 1.
getting out on a shed nt the rear of the house.
jumped to the street His left •«" w w " 'racttired
and he was badly bruised about the body. He was
taken to St. Johns Hospital anJ will recover.
Tew ea«t-«ff iuwDi are wefts esenej. See the
"l-KU. a/U. ct lU. t— -
Each of those 1,800,000 people suffered from a gnu disease. Ask some of them if Liquozone cur»s
them — if it destroyed the germs. Ask if they advise you to take Liquozone. then do as they say. Half tfat
people you meet know someone whom Liquozone has cured.
Millions of people use UqaofOM constantly. Vet we have never asked a person to buy it We hare
asked them only to let us buy the first bottle — just as we a>k you. They have continued its use because of what
Liquozone did for them — just as you would. Won't you — for your own sake — be one of those million*?
Won't you write for a bottle to-day?
th rights in Great Britain. That is the highest
price ever paid for similar rights on any scientific
We tell you this fact becaus: it best indicates
the value of Liquozone. Claims are easily made,
but men of our class don't pay a price like that
save for a product of very great worth to hu
Before making this purchase, we testrd L!:< 1| >
zone for two yecrs through physician; and hos
pital- in this country and others. We tried it in
all kinds of germ diseases, in thousands of the
raoft difficult cases obtainable We saw it cure
hundreds of sick ones with whom everything else
had failed. And we saw many a patient brought
back from the verge of the grave by it
We proved to the satisfaction of the best physi
cianr that in germ troubles Liquozone did what
nothing else could accomplish. We proved it to
be of more value to sick humanity than all the
drugs in the world combined. Then we staked
our fortunes and our reputations on it
Every member of this Company uses Liquozone
daily in his family to prevent sickness, and mill
ions of others are learning to do likewise. Liquo
zone is now employed by hospitals everywhere,
and by the physicians of nearly ever}' nation.
Germ Diseases.
We give here a list of the known germ diseases.
Each of these diseases is caused by germ attacks,
or by poisons which germs create. A cure can
com- only through killing the germs.
All that medicine can do for these troubles is to
help -*ature overcome the germs, and thor-e results
ai indirect and uncertain. They depend on the
Trouble of a Member of Consolidated Stock
and Petroleum Exchange.
The suspension of E. C. Jurgen£en, of the Con
solidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange, formerly
a member of the New-York Stock Exchange, was
announced yesterday. The trouble Is understood
to be due to the fact that ho wa.» caught Phcrt of
the market on the recent sharp advance In prices
following the dissipation of the war scare. The
amount of the liabilities could not be learned yes
terday afternoon, but the failure is an unimportant
In the late summar of 1303 Mr. Jurgenscn. who
was at the time a member of the Stock Exchange,
finding himself financially involved. Instructed his
attorneys to file assignment papers. That evening
he succeeded unexpectedly in obtaining assistance,
savin? him from failure, but in his excitement over
his j;ocd fortune lit forgot to £c"0 word of th 9
turn in affairs to his lawyers, who duly filed the
assignment papers in the morning. His suspension
from the Btook Exchange followed, under the rules
of that institution, and it was some time before the
tangle m straightened oat and he was rein
stated Later Mr. Jurgensen sold his Btock Ex
change seat. Ke was elected only last month to
membership In the Conso'.idat.^l Exchange, where
he has been a trader on his own account.
See Monday's »w-Yoik Tribune.
The Hotel St Oecree is within sight and only a
few minutes trom the downtown Wall Street district
It is on Brooklyn Heights, and has developed from
a modest hostl^ry of ISO rooms In 1836 to its pres
ent capacity of more than 1.000 room* and bath
rooms, covering nearly :.<">,'»> square feet. It of
fers baths for every suite, and most of the single
rooms: lons' distance telephone In every room, a
roof garden, a sun parlor, with extended view over
the h.irbor and surrounding territory; a gym
nasium. Turkish bath, swimming pool, physical
culture nnnoje. women's and Bens billiard rooms
and a large dining room, that recently held more
than a thousand guefts at a dinner. There are
other advantages 3?t forth in an iilastrai^il i.am
ph'.e; that will b<; mailed to any address ori re
quest, by the proprietor. Captain William Turn
Formal notice was Issued ye*ter<iay by the Oregon
Short Line Railroad Company of its purpose to
redeem ail of its 4 per cert and participating,
twenty-live year gold bonds which may be out
standing on February 1, 1905, at 102,4 and the ac
crued Interest and dividend payments (If any"* on
that d.'.tc. after which time Interest and dividend
payments on all of the bonds will cease to accrue.
The total Issue, the collateral ror whisk Is the
f82.4H.00Q of Northern Securities stock owned by
the Oregon Short Line, amount* to 552.491.CW. cf
which J56,a00.000 is outstanding, the remaining M&>
991.000 being In the treasury of the Union Pacific.
Referring to the railroad company's notice. Kuhn.
i>oeb & Co. offer to deliver In exchange for each
Jl.tAAj par value of the bonds called for redemption
on February L 1905. a temporary certificate of tbe
Oregon Short Line for a 'sl,ooo Oregon Short Line
4 per cent refunding twenty-five year gold bond
principal and interest unconditionally guaranteed
by the Union Pacific Raiiroad Company. and further
t to pay to holders on such exchange JTT 50 per bond
I In cash. The new bonds are to be dated Decem
ber 1. 1904; to bear coupons for semi-annual interest
from that date, end so be redeemable at 102' i. Tie
| total amount Issued, it is said, will be S-tO.OOo 000.
The adjustment on the proposed exchange of
! bonds Is equivalent to those who make the ex
| change receiving the new guaranteed bonds at 96
and accrued Interest.
The "1 per cent and participating bonds were
strong and active yesterday, advancing from 103^
j at the opening to IM>; at the close. *
Wa«hin«?ton. Oct. 29.— The -v>n£lt!on of the Treas
ury divisions of Issue and redemption, at the be
ginning of business to-day, was aa foilows:
Gold coin and bullion i fISO OOOiOOO
i S.lv^r dollars mms*
Silver dollars 47S i»m>
Silver dollars of 1">00 ' iomS!
i Sliver bullion of 1880 .'..'.'.'.'.'.','. 2 571 793
Tot JLoailwiwa
i Gold c»rt!fleate» out»tar.dtng. $331 ri«i nm
I SUv«r cfitlnrite* 01. ••m-, nag ''[ 47V114S m»>
I Tiaasury ao:es out»tandln* tLnOiOSO
TotaJ |1.0S1.8Bflifl«t
j Gold «»ln «r.d bullion tn 42^ \n<,
! Gold certmc.tM..... sprats©*
Silver i-oln «nd bullion ... a" 413 4UI
■Over e«rtincates "... D 946 4«V|
Un:te4 States not*! ' A.FMLXTI
Other MMt» , 227»4.5w
Total in Traaturv $117 214 711
Deposits In national banks 110.331
Total . $a«Mrt.4O4
'Current llab:lltla« 01.075 Ms
Available ca»h balance 1144.370 S>j

The following Judgments w«re Hied yesterday.
1 the first n«me being that cf th* debtor:
I Amoa, Cinan««l-~j. Clarke |4.sno
Blgaag Au«u«e and Joseph Behl«tf«r— A Blrkle l.lal
Uenott. Adolph. H. and William E Burke— Un on
Exchange Bank ' H.IOO
I Fulton. John— M Bayles '.'.'. 3.818
; Hensle. Cbarlw-.T O'Conaell . I.MS
; New-York Mall Company— Kennedy, admin!*
tratrli j^. a.JO7
1 M«uopoiitaa street Railway Company— J p riant 1.400
. aeherslag, Aaaa ta-4. • ir»uSS^Z,'.^T % 4«2
patient's condition. There are some of these dis
eases which medicine n?yer cure* In all of them,
the results from dr::gs are doubtful and slow.
Medicine is not proper treatment for any form of
germ attack.
Liquozone goes directly to the *:a>lse of these
trouble*. It attacks th 2 germ*, wherever they
exist. A germ disease must end when the germs
are killed ; nothing is mer? certain than that. Then
Liquozone, acting as a tonic, quickly repairs the
damage done, and restores a condition of perfect
health. Diseases which have resisted medicine for
years yield at once to Ltqijozone. And it cures
diseases which medicine never cures. In any
stage of any disease in this list, the results are so
Orve Full-Size Bottle Free.
If you need Liquozone, and have never tried it,
we ask you to send m the coupon below. We will
th-n send you an order on a local druggist for a
50c bottle, and will pay the druggist ourselves
for it.
We have already done this with 1.800.000 peo
ple, and it has cost us over one million dollars to
announce and fulfill the offer. Don't you realize
that a product must have wondajful merit when
we spend $1,000,000 just to let the sick try it?
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dorsement. We prefer to ask you to try it. at our
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If you have already used Liquozone. this offer,
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not used it — if you don't know its result* — please
send us this coupon to-day. Do that in justice to
Furniture of i\\e
Quiet, Restful Kind
is gathered to beautiful expression in our
creation ot pieces for the perfect Library.
The Kensington Sola. witH its strong sug
gestion of ease and great durability; Tne deep
seated Wing CHair witH its solt cv Hions. wuh
Tables and BooK Cabinets to conform % these
pieces taKe origin Irom those early Colonial
pieces Here the charm of simple design and
fine construction gather to a perfect meeting
Grand Rapids Furniture
34th Street. West. Nos. 135-157
President of Butcher Workmen's UnioiL
Working for Legislative Enactment.
Chicago. Cot. 29.— invasion of the American
Industrial field by Japautse laborers is feared by
President Michael Donnelly of the Butcher \"ork
toon's Union. To head off the Japanese, Don
ne'.ly will introduce a resolution at the conven
tion of the American Federation of Labor, tn Sou
Francisco next month, calling for the enactment
legislation excluding- them from th« United State*.
The matter vcas brought to Mr. Donnelly'* atten
tion by a call mane on him by K. Okajima. a Jap
anese, who was setklng information regarding con
ditions in the paokins plants. Mr. Okajima si.awed
letters ct introduction to the packers, recommend
ing him as the proper person to furnish them with
Japanese lator. He satJ that ht. had been told
tliut the employers in Chicago could give work to
five hundred or six hundred men of his nationality.
Pursuing his. Inquiries. Mr. Okajima asked If
Japanese would bo adinittad to the Butcher "Work
men & Union. Donnelly showed the constitution of
the labor organisation, wruch contains nothing
operating against the foreigners.
"I am sure, however. 11 Donnelly said, "that th«
members of the uni^n would not consent to receiv
ing Japanese, and the membera are greater than
the constitution."
Mr. nelly then hastened to prepare hia Jap
aoeaa exclusion resolution.
FaS River, Ma^a.. Oct. 29— reports Issued
from the ottices of the brokers to-day show a total
of about forty thousand pieces of cloth sold or rt-i-
Uvered in the week. This Is probably the smallest
tola] recorded tn the fourteen weeks the strike has
been In progress. The market for regulars remained
at 3 cents. Just where it was when the strike began.
Prices on other good*, excepting a few grade* used
extensively by printers, are quoted at 21 ' a and A
cents a pound. The trading heie is now very lim
it* d or. spot goods, owing to the wall cleared con
dition of storehouses. The situation is now the
most perplexing that mill men have ever faced.
They are dealing littl; In regulars, and are doing
their best to ho.d the price at 3 cents, so that they
'.ill not be handicapped by a market quotation leas
than that price. On other lines of goods they hay*
made concessions. There are some mills holding
out for 3\i cents for cloth that would hays easily
brought 4 cents a couple of months ago. and cost
as much to weave as the price a*ked for them.
Many mills have the smallest stock kept on hand
by them since they started business. One corpora
tion a shore time ago sold cloth that had been in
Its storehouse for several years. It Is doubtful if
the total stock of printers' fabrics here exceeds a
week's production. Of otner grades there are -tw.ooo
pieces or more on hand Excepting the demand for
some fancy weaves, business Is as close to a stand
still as it can be without having offices shut up
entirely. Mtllmen find contracts lavM were thrown
up here after a period of six weeks of strike have
been given to other centres. Some who made con
tracts four weeks ago with a all weeks' strike pro
viso, because they were confident thai the trouble
would be over in that time, are now fearing that
tt.ty may have to give them up. Printers seem w«ll
mocked with the pmshed product, a'.td are In no
wurry to .ike contract* until they see their goods
moving. '1 no few thai ar» offered are handled gin
gerly, beca.i** It is impossible fur manufacturers
to accept them with any assurance of flluns them
in time. D-sp!te the unsatisfactory conditions,
some, of the manufacturer*, **>■ they see no good
business reason Ju»t now why they should be anx
'Ous to start up. They believe that just now they
would op«iate on chance to manufacture goods
w.thout orders, and no market In tight. Still, mere
are some in charge of the An« goods wills who
have renewed the agitation tor reopening, and they
(nay mov« next week to open the gates November «
or 11 but thtre ts nothing to Indicate as yet that
they will secure a majority of signatures.
Th- tone of the market Is quoted as finn at the
foQQwinj prices: ts-lnch •* •o.uajee. a cents; £S-lnch
***7J. * 11-18 c«aia>
certain that we will gladly send to am- pati—
who asks it an absolute guaranty.
Asthma Sat- la*»::z%
Ab«r*w— An«ft»U Krta*y &W«^
n^nrhitta La. Grippe
»'«••« f •«>:» t-eucorrfte*
gr' 7 . 1- OiMU* uv»r Trouble*
Bowel Trouble Malaria— Nrarmlg'.a
C<«*r.«— Colas Many Heart Tre?Me,
Consumption Pl!«»— Puwuneaia
Colic— Croup Pleurisy—
Cotnt!p*tK>n RhtunMlm
Catarrh— Cancer — Srp&Uis
r:'»*ni»JT— Diarrhea- Skin Dl«<tae»»
Dan<Jm<T— *?oma?!) Trou*!-»
Drap-psta I Brest TraubUj
tewmi — Ery*!x>e!a« Tuberculo'i*
FeT«r»— Ga'.l Swats Tumors — Clctrs
Goitre <3out Varteteele
Gonorrhea — O>". Women's Dfsaaa**
All illwmm th»? b-«ta trttn fwrw—all tnflarmaatin
—all catarrh— all <-onta tous di— aste all th- r«««itt
of Impure or p.>tJon*4 blood.
In B*rvAus debility Uquoaoa* seta m a vttallMr. .-.
eoinj>li3hUs» what a* drug* e*n do.
yourself. The acceptance of this offer place 3 job
under no obligation* ; and it will introducs to you
a product better than anything else in thr world
for you.
Liquorone costs 50c and $1.
for this offer may not appear a#»ir nil ost the
blank* and mail It to the LXjuld Oxen- O-. tii. in
Wa&ash Are.. Cnteaco.
My «ls*as* !»
I have never trie* U«wwhil b« (f r->Tr ->T win
•a-*>ly »« * 50c bottle frw. I will tak* tt
< «*4> Give fall a<J;Sr««i — « » t>!a!nl*
Any physlefan or he«pir«! n«» yet win* L'T-.eajae
win be sladly supplied f-:r a v*«t.
Is Here.
On Monday. Octoher 17th, there
were bought on the »v.- York Stock
Exchange, 1 £45.465 shares of stock,
and bonds to the amount of mot*
than ten million dollars.
This shows that people generally
are prosperous, and now is the time
to go to the World's Fair at St. Louis.
A Wall Street broker who has just
returned from the Fair, says that the
value of a trip to tha' wonderful ex
position will be greater than a year's
interest on twenty SJG gold bonds.
The Xew York Central and West
Shore Railroads with their seren
trains a day to St. Louis offer unsur
passed facilities.
Rates of fare are very low.
Any of our ticket agents will gladly
give you full particulars.
For an illustrated folder, contain
ing rates of fare and time of trains to
the World's Fair, *end a postage
stamp to George H. Daniels, General
Passenger Agent. New York Central,
Grand Central Station. New York.
II ■!■■ Mas* Oct. * - ™J!Lt tf «•
October the formulation <* a *****T JO| , «Mi
years loss of life and P™^ rt ' J" 0^ *»* ti
the fisheries of this port hM *~n """V^^
tabulation .how. that twenty «*« *fft«Botr *,
floed and ten *s»seto wrecked sta cs. « •*•
U-0. Thts show fewer man tost tn» |Se ,
let from Gloucester •—'V* "^ ££ <Wg
UK. The financial loss on *"£* t X2iSTW'2
w«e valued at «W«ft h &*«"£?%£**'*&
three pr?»tou=. ysars tta< £, l s^ to *«W**h££>
the vessels amounted to £*.»£ J&vSn*f *
expen^e has been <^ c *^ J»» *?^ttl«s<»*SV

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