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- u-York. November ». »^*, r , 0
tSi &-™>.~ 16^igrclf ::::::•::• i||
Flour, bbis I'^SdP^iUT. l*S»- 6 i%,
Hour, racks... £ *-^.ViLve poultry, crates.. »rj
B W flour. Ptan-— «» o£n«M «X*>. c "" ' Tiw
Com»*i. b \m i--;' Oranges (t>D, <-««s.. ai»7B
Con.2i«a.!. bags »•! ; „.,*, C«i). pk4S«--» *Ino
O^uneaJ. tils 4^ ! 3SI 0«"i^£«»
SS: ffi::::..:"". » ■ ivtatoea. W>l« „ 4 - 0
Pea». bush I** g^BSriw. pH6» "^
Buckwheat. bu»b irf^ipTeJ frjit. pk«» *■-.-,
Barley . bu*h o;^:^wut..Vr.. bbi« 'lit
Malt, bush 0> ».",( Splits turf., bbls -.'
luce. bbl» tenlm bb!s ISITI
Hay, tons si(. ; Pecar.s. P^- ■/' 1 '300
Straw. tor.i - Sjj Almond*. P«* £0
MiUfeed, U>r.» 2^:,Tob«cco, hh«« .SS
Grass teed. b«f Jfi'xoliaw. P kes i's
Hop*.-t»-le» '"••■■'••• jfli Whisker. b b!s :!;!!!i wo
Beet. bbl... ■ •••• — • • , c *g ■ u'ool. bale* °™ ;
Beef (canned), «*•»• *-X ■ Woo i. sacks ' *:•.;
Pork, bbls 14 Cotton, biles «••'•»
Hams, pkgs «5 C0P»«. pieces... «•*'»
Baoon. pkr»- , gjii^pfw matte, bags... l.«M>
CutroeaU. pU*- pl«« S '**?
I^rf. tierces....-.— iS , w £ b » le s ;;;;;;; jS
L*r<3. k'»T« 77 L ir hiMes. Wls Jl' 1
L*Jti. oaaaa •'•-■ Leather, sides -^-,
Btaartaa. j>k»s-".--- m Wine (Call, bbia »™
Tallow. pWt. ..-..•• (Cal). bbls.... 553
Grftsx*. pttrs . "
g^.- 1 ea a . :::::? «J-r. S.y:::::.::;S .y ::::: . ::;
SPhaat. No'Jred.... U7H Tallow. P rtm» „ 4%
lccrn.bush 140 P.osln. bbls 310
Oats, bush 2T>«j Tar. bbls _.« Jl
Be.-"*-y but 1 - ..... 78.0H HeflneJ pet. ga11... .1,756.453
Buckwheat, tush... M.SsCj Benzine, 5a15....... «W.oo<)
Peas bush 1- Cottonseed oil. & I *- 130.R50
Eea-V busli 10.007 Lubricating oil. Bali. 238.210
Klour. bbis 1.060 Pork. bbls 27
Flour earks HiOlßeef, bbl« Sls
Feea'rb S9.4'«J|Pe?f. tierces 70
Grass tM*3 bags... l.f*2( Bacon, Tt> 62.400
Hay alea' .'.iKarr.s. "•' 22,600
AicVhc,:. ga:. r-.e^rJ. IT. sw.soo
Whiskey, sals ■■ Grease, » 140>00
OilmeaL 1? B,l2slßutter, H> 1,700
Ollcaie," n> ..... 658.000; Cheese, It) 1,200
£j>:ri:i turp, fals... 2.W01
New-York. Noven.bcr 20, 3904.
COFFEE— Tie coffee n;ari:^t c ntlr.u'd fairly ao a«.
*ales fcr u K .» day belns •fj>:ne,i or 108,000 bags, aaJ
showed consid-raUe firmness or. buying based on the the
ory thai sn.ai:<=r Brazilian rec-e.jits ex;.ectc3 for December
w?u!d be accompanied by a •.Gmspondlnft advance in
prices. Tho opening wa? steady, with i c • :nbe 6 joints
Hirer, and other ironths unchacgid. Af'.er this the market
rciei generally Srm, a.-vi closed (-•e^..y at a net advance
cf s^lo polnta. which carried the nia:'icet within about 10
poiat* of the previous I,;*;, level, borne traders appeared
tj be tak'.r.s praSU r.t me advance or. the reaction the
ory, presumably, hut the avt-nig« of ttntln-.ent appears
to be bullis-n. ar.d So frr the M^rch option is talkfd of as
prcbkbla dunr.a: thf <„rr!ni moa ... At he same time It
*;;«£rs to be tell that something of a reaction 1* p fb.bie
b«.'ore tie wc-lde •■ Is! ;e eupply stal.-men: :s i-übil>hej
■ •raroonJ IVecembar 1. :-.rA it ruceirt* at r'mar joint,
f bcv . the at.-r^.-inr t<n,i,-r.cy that Is cxp<c «di such a
fcreajt will un loubielly i* .tsei for ae?umul-t!n ff f e»h
Jowaeeounta. Both the Rr.^U.un market, were hlpher. »
.. Hantos
nnd the
eve- v
ST't,*J • l*ner. Havre
lost most of d'.e aJ\-ai;c^ cf tita prrrloua day to vih'ch th»
T^\: ■■:•'.' ," :i - Dot fnlly rcsp ni
'.J'.* ■ 1 00 the basli
wa^Bs r ?of:ows: CCntraCt prk " 1 the !ccaJ Trarket tr_d a
mm***.... O '' r^ T!rh - ':';-/■
: : - ■ |S
F^relry-; '°J ' 1(> 7 -" 3 T. 1.-07.15 7.00
Mwij /.V.V.72S- rr\ - ~ i'r'V^l" 5 71 °
April .... '_ • •■*' '-*' 7.^57.3% 7.-.0
Jun,'.* •::::;:;:;;,, 7 '™ 7 - 43 tMyei.Si 7.40
ffifiv; '■'■'■' 1 ™ ™\m t.S:^ ?58
"■■■■■■•■-■ I ■ • • ;*« IS
l^Ssfe «? «-^'--° ™
days,; ehipmeats for Vh7 I- ',c, c , C ', ll)ts - 16 -°°° bap » H™
shipments for Euror-e "c*£- Ktates - U(m
Pectos-Coffee market Q *ie??^ S: ftOcK 586.000 bail
r«<e:pts, <J 000 baYs rtwi 3. £od aVfera «« Santos. Csßoo-
P m was ret *> pfg AVh^ «o 1 \?? s . hf^er. - at 2:30
Ccree market ope red t <Z' V eSl 61/m0 ta « s - Hane
*t 3 p m decked ! >i fr™c° « W^lf* 12 m ""Ranged;
frar.c; total Ea ; es . 49 (i)o b^/ - --3t> p m advanced «
Js.r.u»rv anur .
ry - V; -,ulv, ulv 47 &V>
v --".I r .:;-:v::: ££
*J - Jjjg
T^e s^,:caV p ;^- -3^^^;,.--^
dellverle.... - s '*L Laft I^*' 11 - month.
8*M»oj« deliveries.. . .T 10 «? 18.559
iiaaxiftaaa ::v er;e ,. ; ; 6 3 |;.2 igj «30
' 1 :-:-.-7 : " ' :^ ~^S
T-r:;:r: g J? ii
*-«0.*;8 2,ii.j.Dou i6M?7il
«sto»t€s of the ernourt r* - \tV ° derrcssed by high
MU J JrtU b« .-ho^n "v" v ;»■« ri " neJ l 0 November 14 i
gL a Tf r >" .***r:ta SoS^ SttSSSTS^S by P r '<"«ions
"y- It a.sc r Wt ,, v . ';•*,- -» 'r.« crop (, n Satur
?.«," recen::., « V-U «f'-er ,v, • E^O^Mt c^eratora.
lc=iy, e^T^j LLlMsh rtr.;'^,^ 6 . 1 -' lh9 Market on
tottelag t!s« detilae: tie J™ 1 c view to
fc «P^S S^^e^fAt^i 10 of 537 polnta
•«>• WlOTOrt. b-t a'i*r « ,11,,, " r£t ther « seemaj to be
g»M«S SoVSn^ weak &N& N l . ' e ori r : jnJlllslt 7 rle « b^k^
J»Ui Bsrketa seat 6cii"e,H ["""' nilel w eak. and
t'J*tJ t!.Et the- built ire. rt,nV.H ' an - J !t coon devel
?AfUr e £? ; r j. oj". aY^ 1 -". 10 / 11^ the decline.
baJjljr i potot» BpSSJnIS? I?A,? y that carried prices
of etiUns rr^rs rtached il- r^'2«' W i en D ther wave
stair,. ciiußh; tioj-l£ s " O i ■,«,%!, ni - rtc « s - breaking
««-£cy at practfee-iy tv, 01 . V.™" 'he market closed bar«K
feline of 2:343 points V' •»' leva) oof,f f , the day or a net
hi!e E . " " JlB - -"— es were estimated at 000,000
fu:i\V^ r 'wVTie pTn'r'^is fer exports also continue
•ask proir.!s 9 to «c 4a JJar^ r ,i r .th 2. th 2 into sight to * the
U*t oßerlig. are bSnV,. 1 " 1 '^ r A !l «f- /- «Is evident
• The r«r:te at com act -r'",. ?< f '' » bso , rte l at th« decline.
i«i» as follows: ~ act * nc «» •'' th» local market to-day
Nwwnbw ° PWS i o 1*:1 *: Hl^h. Low. Close. Te *^.
».M »08 $«CB.ft4 9.20
Jwirv g" fe > 8»1 8.P:i35.V.4 C.23 !
r--l 6.00 0 03^^.04 9.24
1 ■,"—- " - 1 " fl-'2f 1 -2 *.10»9 .11 ».4l
Ar-.l BUS H.l-&<J.n 0.51
l4y "i: 8.28 0.24 0.14t0.10 8.67
2ua« " - : ' ! ' 9 - 58 t<.24 9.2558 27 9.63
3=ly ..l. 1— „— — ».i«Q9.28 8.63
, ••' c l 963 9.50 6.80^^.31 C.6i
I*!nu lower 1 ?!* 1 l fcr . 'P Ol <"°*'-on close-I quiet and 20 j
(•TV fcr Iffii*Vi.; r- a!i * cf 9 W>c for middling upland and
Souther, t«-t ,£ • Jif - Salr " to lnn«ra, 100 bales.
Mcbll, $&/£./, TT^*'- 3 telegraphed as toUowei
r-tLh. aoaiaa¥^ w. CharEC<3 at f*c; sales. £*0 bales. £avan- j
■•v-r at Pc; sale*. !
- lower ,-it «ni- : aalfts. i
Aajuftt ,-:,?™^ -::r.al and He lower hi ii'ic.
Bt 1< ;"* r at 8 l " lflc : sal«a, 1.452 bale*
lower, at 1,1 c lcwtr "ft 5-ICc. GalveEton easy.
e*ey :^<J h e v* f !' . f aiC '- b62 bales New-Orleans. 1
receipt, t: v,r f B^ ;n -"' 1.100 bales. Estimated 1
Or:e£i s . frW 27 yji £? ,J,\, ' cr , «o-niorrow: At New
vetk tsj ir/sij ,* to Sj ' sf "» bale*, against 16.608 last
„ ■.•:.. a . >m 12.000 to
• week and 22.c
11.000 tal^agatnit
t*«d «itn th.^rSTSr'Si :*2£* po;"-* »o-<:»y com
uay iaj. end Its: year:
Pcrtf. T . „ List ii A nt I»resent
Nei-Or^na:;: :;.', ;. 4 i 2«. m 87,908 214.WJ
J£«*«U« ..::;••• v 21; 3'3 '- «7 15/02 EC2I-0
6" trcah i*»] 8.545 -7. «1 *1-
,?,* B.SBI j ;»-, -.1 V,
••;; ■«> 'iti* U: Ji^
gew ark ~~ ■ - "V
;:" l!^? j^ mo? Ii
>j™;;" S "^^ i^ ri "
ag in sa
P«Md »a«y. a
J a M2SS eiW^s^ «OTd r JU ,' Wfr NovemYer
• »• r Novei',. er
1 ?^"' o*.0 *. '"■-• V'cofli^-^ 01 ' «>«>nyroy» . »1
»«- ROOT^-Th. rrizz: »' ll >t^nrreea. natural $iT?>»
JLOI: . ••■ 2 winter. *3 «v«r,t 3 *, kyf
Quoted: Kiln dried, J3©s3 20, v to brand. BAG MEAL
qul<t. Quoted: Fine white' and yellow. $1 40; coarse.
$1 18&$1 I*. FEED— City steady; Western easy. Quoted:
postern spring:. $10 5O«I$2O; standard middling. $10 60;
Hour do. |22ff»22tS0; Red Dog $23 76 December shipment ;
city bran. $204f521. bulk and sacks; middling. $210*20;
«ed Dog. $2.60; hominy chop $23. bulk; $24 50, tacks;
ollmeal. $30.
ii n HKAIN- WHEAT— The Argentine news proved a dom-
Inatiriß Influence in tha wheat market airaln yesterday.
At first Indicating ruins and crop injury in that country,
later advices claimed fine weather, and the trade was all
it »c>a as to actuali conditions there, hardly knowing
which line or view to; adopt. At fir* t higher on strength
abroad, the market later In the day began to reflect
liquidation, ana during the last hour became very weak,
eell'.njr below *1 10 for May In this market and closing
%€ri~»c net tower, or at about bottom for the -lay, the
decline below $1 11 catching a number of Btop-lo*» orders.
Al«o connected with the late decline was a rumor about
miles at Minneapolis nnd Milwaukee perhaps closing
down after Monday next, and the Increase of 4 688.000
bush la world's stocks, according to "Cradstreet'e,"
compared with 1.044.000 bush Increase a year airo.
There was also a late cable In from Odessa, reporting;
large stocks of wheat ther*. with the remaining export
Surplus larger than last year and weekly shipments slm
yXy depending on demand. The Northwest was a loading
seller In Chicago during the day, notwtthetandln* the fact
that elevator people reported light receipts In the coun
try. At the two leading points arrivals for the day were
S; 1 ; cars, compared with 7!>o cars lost year, and th«" total
Interior movement was 1. 105 000 hush, agnln<=t 1.622.<vi0
bush In the seme time last year. Broomhall reported that
the quantity of wheat In store and afloat or Europe hnd
tn-Trnited 1.97f1.000 bush for the week. The Minneapolis
Increase for three days was C3.WX) bush. A report by
Snow. In which winter wheat condition* were mentioned
as better than expected, had considerable effect on senti
ment during the lost hour of trade. After at one time
showing [email protected] advance. Liverpool weakened and closed
K9Hd net lower, Th» Paris market was partly 20
points higher. Berlin urtchans-ert X, mark up. and Buda
pest net unchanged. Quotations of cash wheat here M
the close follow: No 2 rej SI 17S erport and $1 1S T 4
Choice: No 1 Northern Duluth. $1 lS 7 i . fob afloat.
CORN — Th* lllyrsl Interior m-»vrment and falluro or rain
to materialize in the Ohio Valley led to a moarrate
%r»f.k».nlne of corn value* durln* the day. and final prices
Showed %«%c n*t decline. At all J,.C
arrivals were tOUAIO bush, compared with 640 o ™' Mish
last year. this lnflu-'no* •enrlng to practically offset a m?
oxr^rt demsnd. which absorbed 30 load' here and S*
loada at the outputs Th« Llvernno tnnrket f^Rf-i 4J
tn *id r- low^r. No 2 com was finally "ted -sc. No^.
white. BBHc and No 2 vellnw. 55?. f o h^" a \ n P^^
Trices snirped off a little with other m"^ 1 "- "l£ k
close the undertone Bt Chicago was rather weak L«-
MET— Market -low: 'ee<nnrr w " «j£g * l 4 °* ° r
New-York; maUin-r. 45$r.i2c. c. 1 f Buffalo.
jssi -nr« Mw fa •[£
iZpL ...... S3 gg xi» $% SIX.
~.:::::^B "s 3 "si "® >!S! S
fe.^ lUIUfI 8 S*
Pe'cTmb.r ii »M hR ■
pl ::::::::::: &% tit« ffi. Sirf mh
t^L\":v::??%- IS 7! 7t7 t •??? "%
ar^..7:::;.r!B -0 S3 **%
f££ :::::::SS? i i|? SS gg gg
Kecelps of breadstuffs at Inte-lor rolnts >« tn^»* n ' a 1;a 1 ;
lan threa ciphers (000) omitted, flour blls, wheat bush, as
follows: Wheat Corn. Oats. Hye^Barley
Ch',r* Bo 29 170 490 151 « 87
1? vYuke. ......:.. 22 27 U 26 11 ™
r : ;^ oli - ::: = IS * 2 v iw
■;. i;.u;v:::..: v g 52 41 — —
•fas City — 23 41 8 — —
Toledo — i ii i _
Detroit — 2 8 14
Peorta — — 13Z _jf .„ ,
Totals 1~62 1.1C5 837 804 ' 85 473
Shipments from these points:
Chicago 21 13S 243 207 « 13
S,::::::::ll | I S } s «
r^v:::::::::::« g » § = =
Kansas City — .HI J 2 12 ~ Z
Toledo — 12 8 — —
:::::::'j:::^_- _2 A A _jt —
Totals 125 930 363 660 88 88
P.eceipts at Atlantic ports:
New-York 84 79 15 89 — 24
Boston ~ 3 BO 24 23 - —
Philadelphia 13 — '■' 5 — —
Baltirrore 6 0 M 7 6 —
Kew-OrlaatM 2 — 8 2 — —
Oaiveston .......... — '6 13 •— ' *~ _""
Totals 68 143 210 188 18 24
Exports from Atlantic ports!
New- York 1 _____ 75
Boston 1 24 — 82 —• —
Philadelphia — — 64 10 — —
Baltimore .......... 14 — — — — —
Totals ~ 16 24 94 61 — 75
IJIOES Th* marVeet was firm, with sales for the week
of 16.000 bid«a. U*celsts w»re 80.000 hMes.' Stock Is
11.000 nid^ and kips, against 15,000 last y?ar. The yuoted
prices are is fellows 1 California. l'Jc. an,} tae following
duty paid aaleeted: Matamoras. 19c: Truxlllo, 20Wc; Ori
noco. 22 *c: Tanolco, 2o">tc: Bogota, 20^.'lc; Central
American. Sott££lc: Vtra Cru*. >iV4o; Porto Cabello, La
Buayra and Caracu, £2o- Payta, 19^@a0c; Tabasco,
20^c: Rio Hf.che. dry any! pickled. 16c: Psrt-au-Platte,
13H=. DRY SALTED HlDES— Texas 14% c. end the fol
lowing selected, duty paid: Payta. 14Hc: Maranham. Per
camsuco and Bai'ia. 15o; ilaracalbo and Bavanilla. 14HO]
Matanioraa. 14VsS15c
LEATHER market Is Inn, v.lth good demand
from ail buyers and light stocks in first hands, which
makes sellers quits Indifferent abcut letting their 6up
files go. The quoted prices are as follows: Acid, first
selection. 24^:2flc; slaughter, 2C-vfl;8c; seconds, 22024 c;
alaushter, 24»525c; rejects. 19521 c; Union, light backs,
middle backs and middle heavy. d^334c; seconds. 3 2 if
E3e; thirds, 2S®29i: light backs, COW, [email protected]; seconds,
8S»c; oak dressed bACks. firsts, 86c; seconds, 82®34c;
thirds, SlS32c: bellies. 20:: beltlns butts, 85lg40o: Texas
cak cole. 25329.-.
METAL3 — The London tin market advanced BtlU
fartlier. with spot closing at £136 18s anil futures £136.
T.ie New-York market, while quiet, was firm, with quo
tations .-<tr.ir.ag from 28.62H'5'30.25c, the Inside price be
ing a little extreme. COPPER Copper was lower In
London. Spot there closed at £67 and futures at £67 10a.
Locally quotations were unchanged. Lake was held at
14f<7 : .r315 electrolytic at 14.7C5150 and casting at
14.60g14.75c. LSAD— Lead was unchanged at 4.20®
4.70 cln the local market, while London e!r*ed at £12
lf>s '„■'.. SPDLTER— SpeIter waj also unchanged at 6.76®
5.37Hc In the '.oca! market and at £26 2s M In the Lon
don market. IKON Iron clewed at Ms 6d In Glasgow
and at 47s 8d in Mlddlcsboro. Locally Iron was un
changed. No 1 foundry Northern, No 1 foundry Southern
and No 1 foundry Southern soft were quoted at $1*? 7.";?
*17 25 end No 2 foundry Northern at $18 2f>ißsl6 75.
PIG IP.ON CERTIFICATES at the Produce Exchange
w*re active and firm, with sales of J.SOO tons as follows:
l«!r January, 817 60; 500 February, $17 50; 100 do. 817 45;
100 March, $17 65; 100 May. $17 65: 200 do. $17 CO; 100
do. $17 «3; 100 July, fl7 55. La*t prices follow: Novem
ber. $17: December. $17 400*17 85; January. $17 459
$17r.0; February. $17 400*17116: March, $17 45©J17 60;
April, $17 406517 60; May. $17 60*3*17 65; July. $17 40®
517 75.
MOLASSES AND 6YRI.PS — The molasses market was
firm and qute active, especially for fln« grocery grades.
and syrup* were steady but quiet. Quotations follow:
New-Orleans, centrifugal, common. 11913 c; fair. [email protected];
rood 16521 c: prime. 22327 c; New-Orleans, open kettle.
82®36c; SYRUPS, c-ommon./14515^: fair. IG^ISc; good.
lag^ilc: prime. 2202Kc; fancy. 2C'?'^c.
OCEAN* FrtETOIITS — The ma; Viet for steam and sail
tonnage presented a dull appearance In all departments.
Inquiry for tonnage being exceptionally light. Hates were
unchanged In all respects. Quotations to Liverpool and
Antwerp. Id; Hull and London, lHd; Bristol. 2d: Glas
gow [email protected]; Lclth and Newcastle, nominal; Hamburg,
25 pigs: Bremen. Soi£3s pfr". January-February; Rotter
dam. 4%c. Cotton to Liverpool, per 100 n>, 10315 c.
London, oats, Is. CHARTERS British eteamer. 1.75S
tons. United States and Eastern trade, one trip on time
charter private terms; delivery Baltimore, redellvery
Rangoon. December; British steamer. 3.727 tons, general
carro. Oulf to United Kingdom or Continent, private
terms, December; British rteamer, 2.642 tons, same. Jan
uary; British steamer, 3.310 tor.«. general cargo, Pensa
cola to Continent. berthed, December; British stearrer.
1.743 tons, coal, Philadelphia to Kingston and Santiago,
and back. Da ! qulrl to Philadelphia or Baltlmcre. ore,
private terms; Norwegian bark. 1)55 tons, lumber. Annapo
lis, N S. to Buenos Ayres, $H2-*.; option Rosario, 80 25;
Swedish bark 310 tons, general cargo, hence to Rio
Grande do Sul. private term?.: schooner, 2.284 ton«. coal.
Baltimore to Guadeloupe. $1 75 If one port, tl £5 If two;
British bavk. 1.272 tens, salt. Turks Island to Boston.
7c; schooner, 475 tons, lumber. Mobile to Guantanamo,
private terms; rrhoonT. 330 tons, lumber, Jacksonville
to New- York, private terms; schooner. W56 tons, ties and
lumber. Fernandlna to New-York. 13' SiC and $5 12^2,
respectively; schooner. 350 tor?, lumber, Claierr.ont to
New-York $2 75 for dry nnd ?3 for rreen: British
bark, 397 tons. coal, hence 10 Digby, $1; Norwegian
iteamer. 1,921 tons. 'W>st India trade three months,
private terms: Norwegian steamer, 1.887 tons, same.
fix option twelve, months, about 3s; four British steam
ers r..'!K 541. 642 and 545 tons. West Indian fruit trade.
cix monthe. private terms. March: Italian bark. 1,157
tens, lumber, Baltimore to B ?nos Ayres. at or about 88.
OILS — Cottonseed oil to-day was moderately active,
with prices continuing downward. Offerings wen liberal.
Bales. 100 March at 27 He, W0 March at 27 M0 an. 2.300
May at 27?4c. Llnsred oil retrains unchanged. Refined
petroleum is In good demand at the recent prices. \V«
quote: PETROLEUM, standard white, bbla. *7«r>: bulk.
05- Philadelphia, bbls. J7W; bulk, $5; refined, case*
New-York *10<15: Philadelphia, $10 60; water white,
{Taw-York bl.li. 150 teat, $0 95; bulk. $7 05; Philadelphia,
•«!■ bulk, $7; water white, eases, New-York, $13 65;
Philadelphia. $13 60. COTTONSEED OIL — Prime crude.
fob mill". UMMS'Ac; prim« summer yellow, November
and December, 28*4624 c: January. 2e\iJf2<!'-4c; February,
»i*4 l W27c; March. 27f127Hc; May. 27«.4'3Z5.'; off summer
yellow nominal; prime white. SOc; prin • winter jrellow,
aOHSSIc LINSEED OIL — American Feed, city raw, 410
42c; out of town raw. fi!)34oc; Calcutta raw. 650; laid
ell f.OSGOfi.
PROVISIONS — After a steady anii unchanged opening.
provlalins weakened on the big receipts and selling of
ribs by packers, finally rallying on a demand from shorts,
bo that the close was steady. At ell points in the West,
amounting to 115,000 hogs, the receipts Included 88,000
■ t Chlcmro 22 000 at Kansas City and 11.000 at Omaha.
PORK steady: quoted: Me". $1S 230$ 1-1 76; family. |lftO
115 60; short clear. $13 75(8 JI«f>0. BEEF firm; quoted:
Mm ' JMJ9M: family. $10 509*1160; packet. $109
MOM- extra India mess. 81480Bfl«N) 6EEF HAMS
steady- quoted. $22^523 50. DRESSED BOOS barely
st*afly ; <?££■* Bai-ons. C9«c; 180 IT). 6«ie: 100 tb. 0?ic;
140 IT, 7c Pigs 7V4<r7%c. CtTT MF>AT3— bellies
Jliy; quoted: Smoking. BH«S*e:-I0 11.. BWO*VSc: 12 Ib.
htihUr 14 It). 8c; pickled ihouMers firm: quoted. 7'-2C;
plcklld" hams steady: quoted. t»39Hc TALTX.W firm:
city Vtc; country. 4H»4%c. L^RD easier; quoted.
7 £5c- cfty lard «-asy: Quoted, O%C7c; reflned lard easy;
quoted: South America, 8.10 c: Continent. 7.60 c: Brazil
kegs 91" compound quiet; quoted 6H86H0, BTEAK
INB barely attady; quoted: Oieo, «Vi; city lard eiearine,
niCß— The market remained quite active ond firm.
Talmas. New-Orleans, telegraphs Louisiana crop move
ment to date as follows: Receipts, rough. I.OCT .7hS
eack^ SKainst ■■'■ '■**' l"' i! year, and sales (estimated),
<!34,0i'» pocket* against 612.030 last year. Market strong.
with good demand Talmflge. Charleston, telegrapha
Carolina cron movement it followa: Receipts, rough.
It- 250 bblt and ea!»-s. 13.045 bids, with market steady.
Quotations follow: Domestic, ordinary. B He: fair to
»rr>od BHOSf4c: prime to choice, B%C4Hc; head. 4%W
6'4c; Patna. BHCS%c: Japan, foreign, nominal; domes
tic, 2T4®3%.c; Java, 4H©6H: Haneoon. in bond. a'<»W
EUOAII— Reflatd augar *"«• flrm. ttlUi good wlthdraw
als and full • but unchanged list prices quoted. Prices
quoted are net laa« 1 per rent for cash: Cut loaf ami
crushed, (U&c; mould A. TsoV cubes. 6.700; XXXX
powdered, fl.tklc; powdered, coar*e powdered and" fruit
pow.lered, 6.55 c; Eagle confectioners' granulated. 6.7UC;
tasrlo coarse and extra fine granulated. 6 65c; Eagle 2 !t>
cartons of fine Fran u; sued. 6.00e; ICaKl<- 2 1b bags and* 6 th
bags of fine granul!in-,i. :,(„',,• bugle line granulated,
standard granulafd and diamond A, 6.45 c: confectioners"
A, 6.30 c; Nob 1. 2 and 3, 6 l«»c- No 4, 6.15 c; No 5, 5.10 c;
No 0. 5.05 c; No 7, Pc; No 8. 4.»0c; No U, 4.b5c: No 10.
4.SOc; No 11, 4.70 c; No 12, 4 & c - Nos IS. 14 ond 13, 4.60 c.
The market for raw sugar remained Arm. with centrifugal.
W6 test, quoted* at 4*40; muscovado, bli test. 4".ic. and
molasses sugar. f>9 test, at 4c. The London beet sugar
market was ilrm, with November and December at 14s.
United Kingdom stock Is 000 tons, compared with
OS.uoo ton» none time laet year.
For week ending Ttiaiilij. November 'M. lifj*.
B^A.>S AND l^KAb— Heceipis for tile week. 7,650 v 'bl»
t>f « iib ana {..'.'l4 bate feu*. txyoTi.*, 00 bui» beans and
'* bags P«ua; Impona, 4*it l^s>-!» Deans and li* bat»
peas. uoarr KHnawaat lacraaaail suyijllea and no im
provement in the denuuid. tlie general luitrkei has ruled
tasy, with some varieties snowing further decline. At
_ cioso average best marrow at<i oUarad ganeraUy at
*<: «o; tney wuuid hava to be •tnetly choice and large
tiie to Job any higher. itr.i kidney nave sealed to the
same price; indeed, oilers to sell tn; beat goods at $2 16
Jo not attract much trade. Medium. Laics In Us ut re
(••e.pt. hold up lulrly well, though they are innuenced
somewhat by thu recent arrival of 2.WH> bags of Lady
uuii,.i. ton from th» I'acitlc Coast, tea remain quiet,
and aie barely steady at $1 bO tot choice. Wfclte kidney
in light receipt and steady. Turtle soup ar« arm, with
biucK scarce - Yellow eye have continued to decline, and
6. Jo is now merely a nominal asking price. California
lima more plenty and a shade easier. Scotch p«-a» fairly
steady, but blow. Wo quote: BEANS, marrow, 11KM.
choice per buah, $2 76; do medium. l»04. $1 bv>Ssl »5; do
pea, 1004. $1 .so; do red kidney. IK)4. •'••>; do white
kidney. lain, »SBces2S6: do black turtle soup, |8 10; do
y .,. J0 ? '»c» c> ' c - 1004. *2 36; do lima. California, *3 05©$3 07h;
°iV iX BAB - Scotch. 1004. bags, per bush. $1 10.
BUTTER— Receipts for the week. 25.033 pkgs; last
IV£ \ 0 --- 25 P k gs; exports, 1.417 pkgs to Europe and
403 pkgs to other countries. The market was quiet for
a day or two following our last weekly report, but after
tha Thanksgiving holiday business quickly revived and
mere has been considerable activity bince. iv addition
to good local buying there has been considerable call from
out of town and In addition to the prompt absorption of
the fresh receipts there has been a good deal of held
butter usrd. The official Quotation for extra creamery
'" ' ' at 2."c up •' M ■■:■■•■■ when them was a Jump to
-'jc. and that prlca still holds, with a firm fueling; some
■■i me ous.i.ttb in the at.r« is .'.,4«f":u;ic % .«..a ..e.L- ._
a scarcity of really high grade butter. All tine under-
Krades have EympathUea In the Improvement and are
steady to firm at the rates quoted. Storage creamery ha.»
moved up lie; it might have gone higher but for ti.e fact
that large profits aie being made and solders are selling
freely ; important tiansactlcnu In fancy goods ar* reported
at 23CT-i-3h!O and some holders are now asking 24c. Very
little State dairy to be had. Imitation creamery, factory
and packing stock are In light receipt and very nrm. with
a tendency toward still Usher rates. Renovated In pretty
tjood demand, and thj standard fancy it arks are firmly
established at lUvic. We quote: Creamery, extras, pc:-
It-. 20520'.4c; do firsts, 23e25*»c; do seconds 19Q22c; do
thirds. lfl©18e; do held, extras, 23®2jV4c; do first.. 21«
<-»SSC: do seconds, ISOaoo; Bute dairy tubs, extras 24c;
do firsts 81023 c; do Eeeonds. 170180; do thirds, 16016 c;
Western imitation creamery, fn>is. 19020 c; do seconds.
15Vs©W4c; renovated, extras 18 tic: do firsts 17ijll'<\
do seconds. i.-.i/ICc: do thirds'. 13014 c; Western factory,
held, firsts, lOS/lti'.ac; do firsts ltky. do seconds U'.'ttS
lo^c; do thirds. 13ijfl4c; packing stock. No 1, is! 3 jjiec:
do No 2, [email protected]; do No 3. 18014 c. p
CHEKSK— Receipts for the week, IS,W, boxes; exports,
1,614 •to Europe and 2,0."0 to other countries. Supplies
have shown a steady shrinkage, and as the tew facto
ries that have been running through November are now
pretty well dosed down the falling off In fresh supplies
will probably be more marked from this time out. The
distributing demand has continued fairly active, and,
with stocks gradually reducing, the market la In good,
healthy shape and prices of fancy grades have shown a
trifle further gain during the week, while small lots are
working out to regular trade as it conies along on the
basis of ll*ic for small and 11 'sc for large. There has
been no disposition to urge pales, and. In fact, most
holders are not inclined to offer their finest cheese at
these flrure*. and we hear of occasional sales at l^c for
■mall and il%c for large. Skims In moderate supply,
and, with a fair demand, prices have been steadily sus
tained on all grades. Liverpool cable, 43s for color".'.
and 47? for white. We quote: State, full cream, email.
t(;.temi>oi- t colored, fancy, ll*»c.; do late made colored,
choice, 10?ic; .... September, white, fancy, 11%..-: do late
riiadw, white, choice.. 10% c; do small, good to prime, H*y
10'» c; do poor to fair. B&&9*4c; do large. September,
colored, fancy, llttc; do late made, colored, choice, 10*0;
do large, colored, good to prime, 8%01Oc; do September,
white, fancy, ll'ec: do laic nw.de, white, fancy, lu'.ic;
do white, good to prime, 6H«9\c; do poor to fair, Tit©
»Jic; do light eklins. small, holce, jig* Vie; do prime.
BU<sfßVnc; do part skims, prinv, TVsOT%c; do good, 10
''■*•■: do common to fair. 6%@6Uc; do full skims, B©4c.
EXJGS Receipts for the week 30,002 cases. The more
liberal arrivals consist chleflv of refrigerator eg*?: fre3 v <
contlruo very scar, and of Irregular quality; prices hold
Strong on the. better grades, but there Is a wide rangs
owing to the varying proportion of fresh and sta> goods.
Refrigerator eggs continue fairly active and strong in the
higher grades. We quote: State, Pennsylvania and
nearby selected white fancy, ST.^Sc; do choice, 32J?30c;
do mixed far.cy. 82633 c; do firsts, 233'80c; do fair to
good. 24P27c; Western fancy, selected. SOc; do averags
best. 2&<g-jl'c; flo seconds, 9t027c; do under grades. 216
24c: Kentucky. 21C28c: do Tennessee. aOoak; dirties.
17619 c; checks, 145iTc; refrigerator, selected marks, 22
w '* o; Co average prime. 21021 do under grades.
IE iv • •
FRUIT?— DRIED— Rpceints for th« week. 48.937 case?
evaporated copies and 12f1.f152 pkgs other dried fruits: ex
ports. 60.346 cksrs dried fruits. Demand for evaporated
aDDles has continued light and market quiet ar.d easy at
former prices. Not much Interest In other prad^s of op-
Pl«s and prices little more than nominal, though choice
chops and waits held firmly, f-mall fruits In light supply.
California fruits unchanged. We cuote: Ar*PLE3. evapo
rated, fancy, per Ib, fiiJtflHc: do choice, s©.">4c: do primp.
4He4Hc; do common to fair. B l^g4»c; da Canadian, sun
dried. Quarters. Slss4'^c:S I ss4'^c: <3o State and Western, sun
dried, quarters, SS4c: do Southern, Fun drl<*rt. s'.;c<>'l. SO
4c; do coarse cut. SOBHc: do chopped, per 100 ft, il 40 ;
$185: do cores and skins. SI 124551 '-*: CHERRIKS. per
Id, 13314 c: RUCKLEBKRRIEB, 12312HC-. BLACK
RIES. BVio7c; RASPBERRIES. [email protected]; PEACHES.
California, peeled. 16019 c: do urpeeled. BH012O: APRI
COTS. California. Moorpark. 10<il4c: do royal, 901 ;
PRUNES. California. 2US6Hc.
FRUITS — FRESH — Receipts for the week. 74,865 bbla
apples and 2,659 bl is and 1.308 crates uranberrles. Fancy
apples In good demand for export, but ordinary fruit drag-
Clr.K and tone -w»ak. Pears and quinces In light supply.
Grapes plenty and Belllne slowly. Cranberries have had
fair attention st about lata prices. Florida oranges In
liberal supply and weak. Tangerines and mandarins clos
lr.e lower. Grapefruit weak. Plneaoples steady. We
quote: APPLES. Mclntosh. hand picked, per double head
bbl. $2SS4: do Jonathan. S2US-&0: do Jonathan. Colo
rado, per bush box. $1 50©$2: do Snow hand picked per
double bead bbl lIBOOS2 20: do Twenty Ounce Pippin.
$l&oiis2 76: do Kins and Spltznnbere. $1 50"i*2 50: do
Spy *[email protected]»2 23; do Baldwin. $1 -"?$-•■ do U- i Davis.
$1 256J2 25; do Pound Sweet SI Bo^f|2; do Greening. SI 23
61 1 75: do open heads. 7BoOSI 50; do loose apples. In bulk,
per 150 Ib, SOc0Sl; PEARS. Klefer. per bbl, $1 23
of 2: QUINCES, per bbl, 13&54; GRAPES. Cataw
ba. per 10-baskot crate $lgsl BO; do per 4-rt>
basket. loai3c; do Concord. per 10 -basket crat«.
$lf/$l 10; do Concord and other black, per S-It)
basket, 14'3 > 17c; do per *-Tb basket. 9012o; do Con
cord. In bulk, per ton. ?25e530; CRANBERRIES Cape
Co!, per bbl. $2 50557 50: do per bush crate. $1 50<fif2: do
Jersey, r.er bbl. $5 60«56 20: do per crate. $1 25-351 75;
ORANGES. Florida, per br<x, $1 "■?$:)»; TANGERINE?.
Florida, per stran. $21?$."! 50; MANDARINS, Florida, per
%trap, *160352 60: GRAPEFRUIT. Florida, per box, $125
SV$3: PINEAPPLES. Florida, per crate, SI 50<352 25.
HOPS — Receipts for tha week. 6,82s bales; exports,
9,287 bales. Tra.ilnr has continued quiet both here and
!n the country. Holders of choice State hops continue firm
in their views, but holders of the commoner grades show
a little •-. •• • anxiety to clean up. On the Pacific Coast
trading Is ■./.•■ <nd wore it not for tho small remain
ing stocks 1. • '.-?iicr feellne would undoubtedly prevail,
but as lt is (iT3 ere firm In their views. Wo quote:
State. ldO4. choice, per !l>. 88088 c; do rood to prime.
3f^S7c: do common to fair. 322* 34 c: do Pacific Coast
1004. choice, 5C037c; do eood to prime. [email protected]; do lUO3.
choice. 32i833c: do old olds. 13017 c,
POUL.TIW— AL-IVE- Receipts for the week foot up S5
carloads by freight and about 5 cars by express. There
is a large accumulation from receipts of early last week,
but the fresh supplies SO .'ar this week have been con
siderably lighter. Fowls and chickens held about steady
at lie for prime Western, but Southern fowls an 3 chickens
slow at 10c. Turkeys have been In liberal supply, dull
ar.d decidedly lower. Ducks and geee* In (rood d.-man.l
and firm. Live pigeons about steady. We quote: FOWLS,
Western, per Hi, lie: Co Southern. 10c: CHICKENS.
Western, per !t>. lie; «*> Southern. 10e; ROOSTERS, old.
per It). 7c; TURKEYS, old. per tb. lOQ'IZe; DUCKS,
Western average, per pair. SO^OOc; do Southern, GOS7Sc;
GEESE Western average, per pair, (1 [email protected] 75; do
Southern. SI 25S$1 37; PIGEON'S, live, per pair, 20c.
DRESSED — Receipts for the week, 29.307 pkgs. Turkeys
showed further decided weakness on Wednesday last.
the day before the holiday, when ISc became about top
for average best grades, and market did not closely clean
pa. Since the holHay fresh supplies, while not "heavy,
have been larger than expected an 1 general trading clow.
though no further change has been made In prices.
Choice- grades of chicki.is and fowls sold readily up to the
clos» of lost week, and prices firmly sustained, but a
good many lots, especially delayed dry packed stock,
came after the holl'lny more or less cut of condition and
had to be forced for sale at tow and Irregular figures.
61nce Monday of this week frefh receipts have been very
much larger, and Invoice! are liberal. Trading has been
slow the last flay or two. and. with a larger accumulation
In dealers" bands, a weaker fee lint' has developed on all
grades- weather has turned colder snd dry packed poul
try has the prefer.net. but very few of th.> latter arriv
in ' in perfect conation. Iced poultry In especially large
accumulation very dull ana weaker. Choice grades of
shrine ducks and eeeae In moderate supply and held about
itf>at",v "auabs selllnp fairly. We quote: DRY PACKED
tcrVfAS Jersey, Mp-ylani «-l Delaware, fancy, per
Tb-irt®2lc- do falr"to Irae, 17019 c: do state nn-1 Penn
sylvania fancy 10®20c; do fair to prime. 17^1<<c; do
Western: '- p : ked ani teald. I fancy. IS?: do fair to
rood lMnTe"- do old. l«©nc; CIUCK] vs. Philadelphia.
8 to 9 ••-. to pair. per Ib. 19320 c: do mixed.
:V-1 15«1Cc '. ■ other Pennsylvania, 70S rb. to pan-,
fancy r*r t>. ' r „:-. . do Btate and Pennsylvania, mlxM
liVes 13 ; - do Western broilers, dry picked fancy U«»
I'c- 'do Western .-■ nicked BTb and over to pair. 13c;
; ;,.,„■„, tK>«t ll«^12c: do Oliio and Michigan, warded,
fanry "lV- doavci g« run, ■'■--■ do other Weatern,
a rr» nnd over to pair. lotMed. taney, }>: do Western.
Maided. "Wage best. Il«12<- ; do Inferior. 9011 c:
FOWLS. Western dry picked. BIT) an! over. each, per tb.
rv . an west< dry picked, average beat. llet-do^Ohlo
an>i Michigan, scalded. no- ao other Western scalded 5 lt>
oni c,x*r each I" 1 " rt/1 averaire beat 'I 1"'I 1 "' do vonr to
?nlr ft»lic: OLD POCKS. per rb, Be: BPHTOQ DIVKS.
Maryland fancy v '''■ ■ do ' ■'>■'■ ' r<n ' Michigan, choice.
?stfM«c- do othir \V'eiit*rti ... ■-.. 14015 c: do fair to good.
„..,.,.. , ; i-;--r spring Eastern white. per Th itiff
17c- 'do dark 14«rMc: do Maryland. I4«^e: do Western,
rhn'rs l.'.fjHo- da ■ fair i•' Rf>i.J. 10«12c: BQT AMS,
rrtme%la«».rWWti nor do/en. $2 7.'.: <"> mixed. $2 2f^
J2 37-' 00 dark. $1 7M?*2. TURRETS. Western.
Srv picked and acaM ■ fancy. 17«M«<*: do fair to goo.l.
,-'.■,',,. <!•-> "id lM»17e; CHirWENB. Western dry
ri'lrked ' v rh and over to pair. 12--; do average. 1100
H'-r-'rli Ohio nnd Mi hWran - «i* '• fancy. 12c; average.
„ „,■ <!■"> West* "caMfd. « In and over to n:-lr.
12c; do average lifffll^c; do S."ith<rn -"i.l Bcithwest
ern, averace. ]10Uttc: do Inferior, OflOo; FOWL?,
Western dry picked, B IT> each an<l over. liHe: do aver
nue bo-ft lie: do Ohio and Ml'-hiran scalded. lnrjre.
lf% C : do'We^tprn. aoalded. Pn. and over to pair im-
An average »■—' lie; do Southern Hnft S-mthw»«tern,
■V«JS«" lie- do Inferior. t*loc: OLD COCKS B'iefto;
nncifS witern. choice, ITiHr do fair to good 100
J2c; QOEESE, Western, choice, 12513 c: do fair to good. 9
GAME— Choice large 13-.mll !n moderate etipply and
steady but a fair quantity of Scuth»rn »• I PnutSweat
"rn eVr-vlnK of Irreirular nvMlty and v«]n«. <*"">•* In
lfrht Kiirply. but de-ni<l limited. Partridge* awl worvi
cock about steady Wild ducks Irregular, Rabbil nor.
plenty pn" •■■«>r We nurte. QI'AIT. fancy, !nrir» per
HlVmtmti: in Pmithern and fj--;;- ■,w;-";, w ;-";. t : „-.T,?"-
$2 3«*|S: HNIPE. EnirlUJl. r«r rtozen. «2»«BOrPWJWjH
;;.,,„ doren $2:'ff«2 7n: do «rr<««. *1 «0^ J2 .10:
WOOHC^K. r*r oali «l»1 9fl do PA HTR JOOWUMIg
«.«2- do OROtJSB. dark, »2fl« 60 flo whit. $1 7.-^»2:
wrT.n DUCKS, canvas per pair. • I < M2B ° ■■"• red head
»«*! W: dn , .naIUM. TWrtil 'iSSK'-.fEEiJ? 'fiL
hluewlnr. «O4»«0e: rreenwlnir. Jd«.W' J;' common. *5O
4f>r- • I'PTTP cotton tall. r-r p»'r. 2..«TWic.
POTATOFS AST* VKC.rTrArT.T--9-n«ri>ipta for the
week. J0.07S bh!s peUtoea and HI.««T *"»'■ onlons_ I r h
potatoes held steady when choice Sweet P '"»«' ♦« '"
lirht supply. Onions firm, with red »nd >™™ £ lOS1 OS
higher 'caolMlowera Kara been more "rj*" £ Vi,'.r"tiy
very irregular In quality anrt value. r*b '*«/" J >ll 'j i "j r
easier. Cucumbers In light supply. Ce lery " t * a ,±-..w^r
sate for fancy. but poor «?JtLS2£
Peas aM l*ans more t,l«r,tv. hut. • *°£"™? re "',''!!
froitn. and prices show wide ranre. f, 11 "" 11 ..^' 1 "'!"
dull. Turnlpa firm and higher. Tomatces steady for
choice, but poor neglected and low. Other vegetable*
ra ng* about as quoted. We quote: POTATOES. « al "*'
**r 188 ib bag. $1 :!<>^sl «►; d.> Long Island, in bulk .
Per 180 tb. |2052 23; do per 168 Tb bag. *1 75**2. <1»
Jersey. per bbl or bag fl 2PO*l 50; do per 1«H Ib bag.
•™. In bulk, per 180 It.. $1 373*1 62; do per I<W "»£*•
»128t?$16S; do per 150 It. bag, Jl 25; SWEET POTA
TOES. Jersey, yellow, per cloth top bbl. I2'.i«S 60; <io
Per double head bbl. $24rW 23; do per half bbl bn'kf.t.
I'&Jl 25; do smithern. yellow, per bbl. 81 60<fj$2: BKLS
6ELS SPROUTS, per quart. 6010 c; REETS. New-Or
an». per 100 bunches S2!?s3; CARROTS, New-Orleans.
Per 100 bunches, 82»i'<3 '• CABUAGBS. Danish seei. whn«,
P*r ton. $03*12; do domestic. BS-9I10; CAULIFLOW
ERS. Long island per bbl. $1(353 60; c'L'tTMBER.-.
Florida, per basket. U M0S8: CELERY, fancy. larße.
per dozen bunches. 3O®4iX-; do small to medium, per
<1oi»-n. 10023 c; CHICORY. New-Orleans, per bbl. Si ,v
**■ ESCAROLE. New-Orleans, per bbl, $1(353: T.r.n-
PL.ANT 3. Florida, per box or half Ml basket. $2i*S:*f;o:
KOHLRABI, New-Orleans, per 100 bunches. $;»«**>:
I..KTTUCE. New-Orleans per bbl. 1508690; do per
basket. $1 ,V)«jsl 7.'. do Florida. lift*- 1 ; do North Caro
lina. 73c95l 75; do Norfolk. 7SCOSI 23: ONION?. Con
necticut and Eastern white, per bbl. J2tTS«SO; do yel
low, $2©S2 75; do red $1 ; :,.>•.•>_• SO; do Orange County.
N V, yellow, per bag, $1 ,*><i.<*2 75; do red. $1253
12 23: do State anu Western, white, per bush crate. $1 "^>
V%\ 7«: do yellow, per 150 IT-. 52250527&; d.-> per bag.
$175852 ft"); do red In bulk per 150 tb, $173012 30; d>
Per bar. $IBOeS22S; PEAS Florida, per basket or crate.
8106018 50; PEPPERS. Florida, per carrier. Jl'u 1 ?-: *>
nearby, per bbl. T.V.iSI CO; PARSUEY, New-Orleans,
per 100 bunches *24i$:«; UOM AINE, New-Orleans, per
I'll. tGeslo; RADISHES. New-Orleans, per I 11"1 1" bunches.
$2«*«.1; stkini; BEANS. Charleston, per basket. »l -> d
♦2; do Florida green, per basket or crate, $1 SJ'S'J.'l .".0;
d.> wax, $150083; SPINACH. Norfolk, p«r bb!, 75c351:
do Baltimore, 50060 c; SHAIAXYTS, New-Orleana, per i"0
t-unchf-s. 82082 5O : SQUASH, Hubbard per bbl, f.i^7oc;
do marrow. fiOOCOc; TURNIPS, Rutabaga. Canada, per
bbl. 8B0Wc; do nearby. 60975 c; TOMATOES, Florltla,
per Barrier, $l&o^iS,'Jso; do California, per flat case.
light supply and higher. Lettuce firm for fancy. Mush
rooms steady. Radishes In liKat supply. Tomatoes near
ly all poor. We quote: CUCUMBERS, No I, per dozen,
75e<g$l; do No 2, per case. 82 50084; LETTUCE, Best a,
per dozen. 33®70c; MUSHROOMS, per Ib. 23<S-10c:
RADISHES, per ICN>. SI 60CS3; TOMATOES, per rb, 15
HAY AND STRAW— Ttnllrnad deliveries t*-* >'
were unusually liberal. The market Is crTilet, but the
outlook Is thought to be for better movement, and hold
ers of straight lines report last prices. We quote: Prime,
large bales, per 100 IT. 82^085c: No 1. 80«82%c: No 2.
72 my 75c; No 3, 66070 shipplns'. 60057Hc; clover
mixed and clover clear range at 60072 c. STRAW For
prompt vise tM market Is rather well stocked with long
rye. and $1 05 is extreme for best. Ail other grades
quiet. Receipts of hay and straw. In tons, reported at
the Produce Exchange at noon to-day: Hudson River
Railroad, 341); Weal Shore, 100; Erie. 410; Pennsylvania,
.".I". Delaware, La kawarma and Western, 60; Lrhigh
Valley, 210: Bait i-re ml Ohio. FlO: Central of New Jer
sey, 100; river boats, C7O; canal. 205: total. 2.575 tons.
Uecelpts of straw, a3O tens.
The market for spirits turpentine was steady, with some
sales of machine made barrels at 51 Vie Rosin was steady
at S2DSOSS for common to good strained. Tar was firm,
with sales of oil barrels at $6 20, and the quoted range 13
•.. IS 145 20. We qucte:
SPIRITS TURPENTINE— OiI and machine bbls. 513
TAR— IB©ss 20.
ROSIN — Common to good strained. S2 o?'Ts3: E. »3 el's
53 10; F. 83 10983 15; G, 83 1RO?3 20; II 83 20<i$3 2.-;
i. J3S.^t?s3 40: K. M; M. 84 4^B*4 50; N. $4 703*4 75
W G. $5; W W. *5 2S«$5 35.
Rosin 12,027 bbls
Spirits turpentine 1... fcbU
Tar ~,cj bbia
Wilmington, Nov. 20. — SPIRITS TURPENTINE steady
47c; receipts. 24 bbls SIN firm, $:: 60- re eipr» it'i
I bis. TAR firm. Jl 70; receipts ■■: bbls. CRUDE TUR
PENTINE firm. 82 30. fS 80 and 83 80; receipts 211 bbls
Savannah. Nov. — TURPENTINE flrn 47c; receipts
615 bbls; sales, 85«; shlpmenta, 1.873. ROSIN firm; re
ceipts. 1,587 bbls; sales, 2.953; shipments, 4.07i>. Quoted*
A. }•■ and C. 82 55812 57 1 -i; D, $2 57HS$2W)- X *■>:■■
F. 8366; G $2 .0; H. $2 SO; I. $3 35; K. $3 SK>; M. $4 40;
N J4 50; V} 5 $4 95; w W. 8510.
Charleston, Nov. 23.— TURPENTINE and ROSIN noth
ing djlntf.
London. Nov. 29.— TURPENTINE— Spirit* 87s. ROSIN
— American strained. Ss Had; fine. Us Cd.
New-York, November 20. 1904.
BEEVES Receipts were »a cars, or 1.103 head, includ
ing 67 cars for slaughterers and 8 for the ir.arket. Sol -
ing doln< to-day, nominally a trifle 11 m. Dressed beef
quiet and steady at 7u«* 3 *o per Ib lor common to cholco
native riles. Liverpool and London cables quoted live
cattle firm at SV»3l2'ic per Ib, dre red weight; shetp
steady; refrigerator beef hluher at !2! 2 r.»: pe.- Ib Ti.e
Cwrle took ou; t -an 410 rattle anl 1.65) theeo for .1
Boamberg & Sen. 410 cuttle for t-chwarzschili & tulz-
ger and s.e>.iO quarters of beef (latter estimated) for
clh , e \» • F*' . N. exports re,ortei fo t -morrow.
1 ALVK:— Race pts were 243 head, all for the market
I-.l ■ c.- wt-re rated firm nil around. 0.0 na y to c-iotea
veals sold at 56310 per KX> It; a car of coarse .-^ou h^in
calvca »t S3: Westerns at $3 5./-aS4 50. Oracsara «er
tlCßlnsJ In the absence of any , ings. City dre«sel
'SI" st «aJ>' at fcfSil;j * ic per It), country dressed firm at
bales-J. G. Curtis & Eoa: 3 veals. 140 » average, at
*7; 3 do, »7 »at *$•»;': _ 2b 3: at «• * lv - "'
X \ir"?., < '' O!r " rlßsl " n (; ° : :: ' 2 vv ' r P'''!a caves. B^2 Ib a- $T?
.SHEEP and LAMBS— Re upts ware 4 cars or 883
head, all for th M ma c r h ket - making, with the stale stock.
v cars to be fold. Sheep wens quiet tut s eady lamb«
nr:n to 100 higher: 3 cars were held over. Common to
good sheep sold at 830*4 40 per 100 ft; en!!, at f2 BO
lair to prlrne lambs at ««esa4o; culls & $350. sicv
Badlan lambs. Draaaad mutton steady at ,v tSc pc- rb
choice wet* ere. M s e; dressej lambs sll at &»>%-.
at *2 s^ : * r ' Si ""• at $3: X Stata culls - S3 Ib.
Stated j\'ifr nn n at: t $4 0 0. ate hCCB " 19 ° »• « »« «>; «•
Moib. tO . n t %t£ : * ***** **- 131 ">• at 13:3: 1 boar .
$2ii?4 2il: cows. $1 2.'.!?54 hel'ers ' <\%V S ?- n<i fftedp"
$14008235: bulls $2^*4 20 : « «2lv™ l 83* I'l -^ ™"n«"
steers. $3 So©s3 75. lIOG.S-Rece lD ,s SB^oO°?j Western
ket steady: mixed and UttSSS J14 5«22 wS^i mar "
choice, heavy $3 60a«4 7i>- r™.^i, 1 tfM l 0; copj t0
ReceipS^M^'^i ! »3 E^i
to choice wethers. $4 3MJ4 uo- fa lr tn A i st \ on f- »«>O<J
®S4 SO; native lambs, tf Kfljo is to choico ralxed - « 3 co
'In-inna.l, n..v L'ft SK=fe *?$
steady. *.1 .'.05 55. btiLhi stea^v »l ,^3*4; lambs
$3 50©$fi a■' ♦ i ttJ^*-*. lamos
East Buffalo, N"v IMI riTTrr r> . • - »
butchers 1 83 75ff115" *,".•.'. -; « h «OPlng S4«O»SS 2S
head; active. 84 50«5550. hoos-r,
active, about steady; heavy. $4 So<J<4 rt(i. , n .!'. , «j/'J:
stage S3HS3 7.V SHEEP uf l^MK™R*ect,pta?^
ewes. $4 25©54 60: sheep, mlied. 822r^$I so *$4 * ? 55:
Kansas City. Nov. 20. CATTLE— ->n mi . .
Including 400 I .utharns; marl ■ stllrfv tX 1^ 000 hAa I
choice export an! dressed beef ateaVa^aSAM «£° ,Io, Io , wer :
good 83 50085; r Western fed steers $3 .-i^» 5? : 'ker,
end feeders. $2 r.ogs4: Southern steers I2K&1. ££?!?
m COWS, Sloops.), native cowa and hMfers $r^fi«"""
native heifers. 5266«?85; hulls. 82»83 £* ■ ca!v4 1: & '-r l
HOGS-R«elpta to-day wero tlfe itgest sin"; lanui- -
1902. 21.1W0 bead coming in. The markft^rM 8«1O?S!25
top. $4 70: bulk of sales $4 8oWT«O h^avv S :<?-'
packer.. S4 40054C0 ; tllC s and li K S . '$3 ! 75tf?4 SHFFP
-Receipts. 8.300 head; market for lambs steady- sheen
10c lower native lambs *4 :.(>asn : native wethers **•#&
84 78 native ewes. $4- ( T.«4 5o : Western lamuV si lji£s
Western yearlings. $4 25083 «l : stern sheen s- -'■
Buffalo, Nov. ».— flour steady. WHFat«
nothing doing; winter dull; No 2 hard winter ti r*/l
CORN unsettled: So 2 yell new. 54? N "Scorn K?uSa
62c. oats strong; No 2 white. 35a35iic Vo "™*m?Ji?
33« c. BARLEY-Westein. 44©5Cc. c if/ RYE-^o 1'
lows' 00 * 50 ' Nov. 29.-Tlia leading futures ranged as fol-
Wheat, No 2: Opening. Highest. Lowest. Clp^lnir
December ...SIO7T» $107% 8 1 06H 81O8H^'
May 1 OS'-a-H 1 (»%-% 1 OSH 1 osV^
July bbT»-09 80 87H ' 07\-?i
Corn, No 2:
December ... 4*H-T4 48% <,m; 4 s,m,
May 45\-?i 45T4 45H *- >
July 4iTi-4« 46 7 ,-46 45Vi 4o^-5»
Oats, No 2i
November ... — — »«..
December ... 2»H-^4 29^4 2« ".,1?
May 814 Sl', siu Sl-.-H
July 31H aiS-H 114 Ilk
Mesa pork, per bbl:
January 1380 12 «!2H 12 7' > V 410 — it,
May 12i>3 125i7Vi 12 s> 3 8£
Lard, per 100 Ib:
January 702 7 02 ! , i 7 00 700
Short ribs, per 100 Ib:
January 6 53 6 55 6C2'i 8 53
May 675 6 75 « 70 tf^tj
Cash quotations were as follows: FLOUR etea<«v
WHEAT. No 2 spring. $1 Ot-Gsl la; No 3. Jl ujjn "j ; - •
1 red. $1100*111%. CORN. No 2. S*«; No 2 yellow
•»'-■• OATS No 2. 30'. e; No 2 white. 32>*G32 ! sc' No
8 white. 804532 C: RYE. No 2, 77c. BARLIi good fe.-J
lng. 3«c; fair to choice «*»"■», «2«67c; fXAXSEED
No 1, SI 11: No 1 Northwestern, $1 17; TIMOTHY BEfcU>"
prime, $3 70; CLOVER, pontraot grade. $12 23 ME^S
PO.tK. por bbl. $11 800111 35. LAUD, per Ha) It $7
CUT MEATS— rib sides Coos*), $6 62>»ff$3 75 short
clear Sides (boxed) $«75flj$«87>« WHIBKEY, basis of
high wines. (1 24. On the Produce Exchange to-day:
BUTTER flrm; creameries. IC^r^c; .tnlrlej. 15524 c.
EGG 3 tt«ady; at tr.aric. cases Included 19 1 »4?24c; nrs:s.
: -sc; prime firsts. £0>«o; extras. 2S'ic. CHEESE steady
to f.rm at ll#l2c.
Du:uth Nov. Close: WHEAT— No 1 Northern.
JlOb',,; No .* .Northern. $100*,; December. $10i,b: May.
il 1 •.''.».
Milwaukee. Nov. 29— AT— No 1 Northern. 11 >,
08112; No 2 Northern, t\ ('.«. May. $108% bid RYE—
Minneapolis. Nov. 38. — WHBAT— I1O«H:
May, tl l-i'.: July. $109: Srptember, 03\*c; No 1 hard.
$1O5»: No 1 Northern. 11084,- No 2 Northern. $1 07 T i.
ri.'U'll First patents lO.BSB 10; second patents, $5 8T.3
$5 Do; first clears. $4S. l iy^4 43; second clears, $2 75^
%£ M 1.1.AN, in bulk. $1460.
Philadelphia. Nov. laV— WHEAT Ifcol* lower, con
tract KTdda. November, $1 liy •■ .ti\ 10! CORN steady:
fair demani; November, 32iJ5^Vic. OATS steady, but
Mutt:; No - white natural. 3a'.«jJ3uWc' No - whit* clipped.
BCHc. BUTTO R firm; K oud ' demani • (X tra Western
creamery, -•■ ) . . extra nearby prints 2t>c I <••'•> firm and
a4illve: nearby fresh and \\Vsti-rn fn-sh. 32c at mark.
CHEESE firm, but quiet; m v..iL full <re*ni». funoy,
llfic: do — ■ 11 '.••:. do --„ r to Ki>od. ll>*« ©11 '*c.
Receipt Flour. o,(xn) bbls and 1 505 uw it- In a.' *»:
corn. 3U.0U0 bush; oats, 16.0UU bush. j»lilpment» —
113.1- busli: oats. 35,0u0 buah.
St. Louis. Ncv. 2». — Close: WTIEAT— No - r'-Ir ' -1 cash ele
vator. $103?*; £>«cemb«r. $107%; May, *1 I*.1 *. No 2
*■» The leaving time from Desbrosses and Cortlan.it
Streets is five minutes later than that given below for
Twenty-third Street Station.
.... . „ ►<>■ THE WEST.
h->urs tO Chieajro.
•4.3.. 1". 31. CHICAGO LIMITED
•.">....-, I. SI. WESTERN EXPRESS.
7.55. a- 3 '3.^0. •3.:>5. Mu.sr, a. m.. 12.^5. '12.55. 2.10
<*3.2". Congressional Limlt»d">. •:;_•". •4.;5. «4 ii
9.: 1 "' p. m.. 11. lit rilifht. Sunday. *.23. •9.15. *10.5 i
a. m. 15.25, •1: I', (*3.23 "Concre<slr>nal Limltnd").
•3.85. •4 25. *4 15. 9 25 p. m.. IS.IO night.
SOUTHERN RAILWAY.— I2.SS. 3.25. 4.25 p. m.. i: 10
a. m. 'lailv
ATLANTIC COAST LINE— ».!3 a. m. an.! »25 p. m.
SEABOARD AIR L1NE.— 12.25 p. m. and 12.10 a. m.
uajs, -J.jj p.. in. c.ivy.
a. m. week-days. 8.25 p. m. dally.
ATLANTIC CITY.— ».SS a. m. and 2.35 p. m. week
day j. Sundays, »7.55 a. m.
CAPE MAY. — U'.f»s p. m. week-day*.
Park Sundaya), and I'oir.t Pleasant. 55 a. m.. 12.23.
3.25. 4.35 p. m, anil 12.10 r.ipht week-days. Sun
days, 12.10. & ... a. m. an.l 4.65 p m.
6. 05, 7.25. *7.55. 8.25, 8 55. •3.25. «t9.55. •9.55. *\\l 25
•10.53. 11.55 a. m.. 12.25. •11.65, •;■ 2.10. 2 :,3.
•3.23. 3.55. 4.23. *4 _.". «4.55 <•:•, : :. for North Phila
delphia only). *3.55. « 35, 7.53. 8.25. 9.2 i «9.55 for
North Philadelphia only) p. m , 12.10 r.laht week
days. Sundays. 6.05. *7.53. -.'.. *9.25. 'JSaS. 9.55.
•t10.15. *10.55 a, m. 12.23, »12 53. *1.55. •3.25. 3.3. i.
•4.25 CM.::, for North Philadelphia only*. »4.53.
•5.55, I 56, 7.55, ■ 23. ».2.-» i 9.55 for North Philadel
phia only) p. m.. 12 10 nlrht.
*r>in;nir Car. tExtra f:ir» tratn.
Ticket offices, s--.« 481. 1354. '.!■? an<l Ml B»oadw«r:
18 Fifth Avenue <b*>tow 2^d St.); ?«3 Fifth Avenua
(corner 2Mb St.); I Astor House. ar.d stations named
aboT*; Brooklyn. 4 Coon Strfot. H>srt FuUon Street.
190 Broadway, and Pennsylvania Annrx Station. T v . •
New York Transfer Company will call for and check
baggage from hotels and residences throuzh to
Telephone •543 CheTsea" for Pennsylvania Railroad
Cab Service.
General Manager. Pass'r Traffic Manager.
r.fT,trr\\ Pansentrer AKPnt.
Surrogates' Notices.
Frank T. Fitzgerald, a Surrogate of the County or
New-York. Notice is hereby jjiven to all persons having
c.aims rtgalnst V» llhehnlr.a Meyer, late of the County c*
New York, deceased, to present the same, with voucha-a
thereof, i) the subscriber at his place of trar.^actlii -
business, at the otiion oj Holrr & Smith. Attorneys. No «l
l J arii Row. Manhattan borough, City of New York." ■
M before the l'2r.d viay of March, lwa, next
Dated New Yo>k. the i.:.i ,Jay or' S. rt'-::.u-r H»O4
HOLM & SMITH. Attorney* lor Executory. si ParK Raw
New York City. *
X Frank T. Fltrgerald. a Surrogate of the County
of New York, notice Is h*r*by given to all persona
having claims against William H. Crawford lat«
of the County of New York, deceased, t.; present th*
sarr.'! with vouchers thereof to tha subscribers at
their place of transacting business, at the offlce of
Morgan & Seabury. No. 2 Ml V.r >adway, In the City of
New York, on or before the :sth day of March, 1905.
nest '
Dated New York, th« 20th day of September 1904.
MORGAN & SE.iHI iiY. Executors.
Attorneys for Executors.
230 Broadway. Manhattan.
New York City.
4 DVERTISEMENT3 ana subscriptions for The Tribune
received at their Uptown Office.
Advertisement* will be received at the following branch
offices at regular office rates until 8 o'clock p. m.. viz.:
234 Sth-ave.. ». c. cor. 23ri-st. ; 153 6th-ave.. cor. 12th-si.;
92 East 14th-st.: 237 West 421-st.. between 7t-i and Bth
ayes. : 263 West 125th-st.: J. 333 3-i-ave.. between 76th and
77th st».; 1.028 3il-ave.. near 61st-st. ; 1.708 Ist-ave.. near
89th-st. ; 137 East I2oth-st. : 756 Tremont-ave. ; 650 3d
ave.. near 4181-81.: 654 84-ave. ; 66 Christopher-st.
Brooklyn. N. T. — 2 Court-at.: 216 Court-st.
■^^ New York State Arsenal. 7th Aye., cor. ■(_ St.,
New York. November 19. h. 1904. — prußOaala will
be received until 12 o'clock coon, Friday, December 2nd,
l»04. at the Adjutant General's Ottlce. State Arsenal. 7th
Avenue and 35th Street. New York City, for making- re
pairs and furnishing a new deck for the U. S. 8. •'Aiieen,"
now at the Basin cf the Morse Iron Works, foot of s<Jth
Street. Br.oklyn. N. T. Proposals must be made for the
whole of the work and also upon separate Item*, All the
repairs, alterations and ether work must confirm to th-
Bpectficatl ns to be seen at the ofSce of the Adjutant
General, 3. N. V . New York State Arsenal, 7th Avenue
and 38th Street. New York City, where a complete ci py of
the specifications can be had upon application. All the
rejalrs. alterations and other work must be Inspected be
fore acceptance. Thr State reserves the right ty reject or
ac-->pt any or all bids, at any part i r parts thereof. All
bids mu.<t b* scaled, addressed to the Adjutant General.
Stcta <f New York. 7th Avenue and a.'th Street, New York
City an.l plainly marked. ••Bids for Repairs an.l Altera
tions to U. S. S. "Atiten.' •• NELSON H. HENRY. Ad
jutant General.
pOVERNOR*S ISLAND, N. Y. 11.. NOV. 17,
1004. — Scaled proposals. In triplicate, for plumbing
In two sin «1« sets Officers' Quarters. Governor's island
will b«> received here until 11 a. m.. lee. 2. HW4. U. 3.
reserves right to reject «ny or all bids. Information fur
nished on application. Envelopes containing prcpcs-l*
Wtll I ■■ ci I rsed. "'Proposals for Plmnbinc." ADELBERT
hoi '.. $1 ' - ■■jf. 10. CORN — 2 cash nominal; December,
44*3e; May, :'♦■. OATS — No 2 i-fisn. SO^ic; December.
2»Hc: May. Cl'Vi.c; No _ white. 32 ■;■•.
Toledo. Nov. 29.— CLOVERPEF.P— t^ash. $7 fi2V» asked;
VtC'-rrtt r, $7(i2(3; February, J7 72? i; March. $7 77' i,
ALtJIKK. prime, S7 SO; TIMOTHY, prime. $1 27 ; i
Liverpool, Nov. 29.— Closing: WHEAT — Spot nominal;
futures steady: December. 7a l%_; March. 7s S"»d: May.
7s SV-!. CORN — Pp»t. American mixed firm. 4s I>■ i .
future quiet; Dec< ber. 4s 9*»d; January. 4« •%_.
FLOTR — 3t Lculs fancy winter steady. 8a »d. HOPS —
At London, Pacific ■ a-- firm, £s >*5£S 15a. BEEF—
Extra India me?* firm, »■»»-« 3d. POXK — Prime, M-MI
Western, (;,-•■ ris 3d. HAMS— Bnort cut. 14 to M Ib.
firm 4Hs. BACON linn; Cumberland cut. Crt to 3t> Tb.
41s- ■ in rib M to '.'4 rt>, 455: long clear mWdles. light.
28 to T. 4 Xi>, 44,; long cl»ar middles, heavy. 36 to 40 Ib.
4Ss: short clear backs. M to _• rb. 4.'»s: clear bellleo, 14
to 16 Ib, 4!*»; shoulders, square. 11 to 13 Ib. siring 40s.
LARD steady prime Western, in tierces. 3i.s »d: do
American rellned. in palls. S«» 6.1. BUTTER — Gocd
United Btatei steady. 70s. CHEESE strong; American
Bnest white. 475: do colored, 4Ss. TALLOW— Prime city
steady. 2Ss. TURPENTINE— Spirits steady. 37s yd.
ROSIN — Common steady, 7s 3d. LINSEED OIL. steady.
17s. PETROLEUM quiet. 6Vad.
Liverpool. No\. '-■' 4 p. m. — COTTON — Spot, moderate
business; prices 11 points lower. American middling fair.
5.39U: g.wd middling. 5 17.3. middling. 5.07 a; I m odd
d'.lng 4.05 J. good orUinary. 4. Mil; . Unary, 4 53d The
sales of the <!ay were 7.000 titiM. of which 500 were for
speculation ami export, and Included «.Soi> American.
eipts, 62.000. Including 55.LV0 American. Futures
opened easy and closed weak. American middling; go c.
November. 4U7d; November and December, 4.W. D*
csmber and January. 4 .4.-.; January a!.. February, 4.W7-1;
Februar>- and March. 4 '. •.• : . March and April. 6.01^:
Ap.il nd .Viay. &.0?.d; May and June. S.O&d; June and
Ju:v. B.Ottd: July and August, 5i>TJ, August and Sep
tember. 5. Old.
..lid ling. Net. Grcsi. Sales. Btock.
Galveston. ea.-r »'» 31.147 3!. 147 V,2 214.byl
New-Orleans, easy... ft 22,017 22.017/ 4 100 3«'2.iea
Mobile, easy 8T»8 T » 8 «41 _.«•] .'.(»> «1,712
an.-.ah, nominal.. 10.880 10.SSO 1.537 152.t«7
Charleston, quiet .8 18-Id 1.0W4 I.OM — - 35.0t»5
Houston, easy ss 7*7 * 2r».4t»i _.". *•■.! 1,079 100,050
Autrusta, quiet 8 1-18 24. ■> 2,."<;7 1,402 «•_.,.,!
Memphis, steady »'» &.4>is> 11.72. 2.3UU 131.372
juDDajonsHjj tiaxD«j, -a a
«§(Bmft(B(iBlb(8ir > o 6i a a a @)§)%
©CBfi®[bcß[pp a q □ ©§ ?o? o
ga!a] ecu cD»ft cusils Qdj HUq^
[PsiOD^y sicdgO ©oaoDGDsijy
\systiJD ■itDo ® cedco© dcdojD^Cqs liGncpßcoaj U§)©2o
;■ 'ilroads.
"AMorl=a*s Grestaat Rnllroad.**
Direct Line from
New Yor't & bos on to N sj^iri Falls.
»raim Uei.art t:->m <;.a;.d Central Station. 42d Stre«t
and Jpourm New iurk. mi brlow:
/wuitii aci »«?t bound trains rxept tl»o»- laa^taa
••■«"•»''. •: L>nirat station a: J.J» A. U . 2.4». I.l*. lt.M
I. il . >\iii »to? «> tS»Ui i>t. to rcc-ive pdAsengera t*a
::»lnuTf« a?t»r kavliu Grand «>r.trai Station.
i:.I»A.M.-'l!ll.M l;liTl ;liT EXFRE^S
8.30 A. M — tEIiI'IUK STATE PRESS, Most fa
mous train In the m l-u» Bu^alo 4.4».
J.lj A. M — 'FAST MAI!- 2\ hours to Colea^o.
l.our. Ji.-'CHicAc.o mmitld -ED
2.15 1' M— — THE lOTH CENTURY LIMITED^- 1»
hour trr>in to Chicusn vi.i LaU» Shor^.
400 i\ M ._ -Mil 111 ;• N- >:n Kij 1 :S8
»301>a.-'UKE SIIOr.E LIMITED. S3 hoar* to
Chicajfo. All Pullman m
— F- *;--■'< 'LEY KU\.\I> CINCINNATI. ST. LOUIS.
DETROIT »NI» c:iio».-r» 1 IMITED
6.«0K li.— •WESTERN EXI'UE?S
8W »» i! ' ?ALAJ* CLBVK
•Daily. tExcept sun<Uy « Except Monday.
».n« A. M. and a.si p. M.. e»c*pt Sunday, to Pttt*.
fle and North A>lani«. Sv:nd;i-.<». •> •■• 1 M.
I'-llman rar« on all throock train*.
Trains illuminate.! with Plntscb ilght.
Ticket offic*-.<i it !»•>. Ml 41". and 1210 Br«d*»T. ?»
I"!'" S»J. T\>st. 173 Columbus Ay«.. 275 Weat 125t1»
St.. Grand Ontral Station, and 12Sth St. Slat -..a. ."«••
Tork; 2ZS and ::s Fultoa St. and 10S Broadway.
Tel?ph^n^ "950 3*th Street" for New Tor* Central
Cab Btrrtce. H.i^k .-.g- checked from hotel or rssldanea
by W#*trott Express Company.
General Manner. General Passenxer Ar-at
READING system.
liberty Street and »»uth Terry ttt-M from South Tmrtr
»*e minut.s earlier than s:.owa below).
EA.SI"ON. bniiLnii;v. .U.J.E.MOWN A>n MACC7I
< ill — U.O» i 7.15 Easton only). 9.10 a. m.. Ho,
4.40, i.uG 45.45 Ka'on only) p. m. Sunders. »*.!
■ a nv. l.>) 0. 5.3J p. m.
VlLkr-Nli.Yiil.K AM) RANTOX— -4 .00. i.l» a. m .
-. ."';-'.' v ' m - Sur.days. 24.30 a. m.. ip. m.
UAKNEtiAT— Z4.00. •» 44 a. ra.. zl 30 (3.40. 4.1*
Laicewood and i.__«hu;:st only). aa.Oi). li.i p. m.
Sundays. 3 •■■ a. m.
ATLANTIC CITY— a. m.. t343 p. m.
V»\M.AM» AM) BBlOGErrOV— st«.oo a. ra.. J. 49 ra.
«v«, 8.30. 11.30 a. m.. x 1.20. i 43. 5.3 p. • 30. IT SO
P - m. Sunday, except Ocean Grove, 9.00 a. a, 4.03.
EAST LOM> BKAM 11—4 5.50. 8.20. 11.19 a. m..
I.3t>. 4.3) <i.30 Atlantic Hlda only), *.-0 p. m. Bun
days. 9.00 a. m . 4.0k p. m.
1 ■:■.! \di::.: ui.\ ( reading terminal)— M.l*. T.JO.
tH.O>. •».« tlO.O\ til 00 • m.. tll.oo. "1.00. |1 II
12 00. t3.no. MOO. t5.00. tS.OO. tT 30. 19.00, IU.JB
p. m '12.15 milt.
24TH »ND CHESTNUT STREETS — 14.25. t»-0% •H. 89.
•12. t'0 a. mv. •. uu. J'4.00. 'li-Cd. *7.00. t» 35 p. bl.
•12.M mdt.
BAI.riNIOKK AND WASHINGTON— S.OO. •10.90, «1«.8«.
•2.00, *4.0.\ *i 00. •7.00. "12.15.
itKAn»N« iiAßßisnrnn. piyrrsriixi! a>*i> toi.
IAM>I*ORT— U». Z4.25. tg.OD, »».10 (13.00. IX.#«
k m.. Read only), 'JI.OO. I*l.;». t2.09 p. m. RaaA
::i»r. Pottsvllle. Harrlsbure only. t4.00. t5 00 p. m.
zFr^ui Liberty Street or.!y. 'Dally. -tDally, except
Sunday. ISaadayi only t Parlor cars only. i,Vla> Ta
tnaqua. xSaiurdays. aSxcept Saturdays.
Offices I.ibertr St. Ferry. South Ferry, * A star Haas-.
2GI. 435. 1300. 1.-.54 Broadway. i»2 sth Ay. 25 Union
Square Wist. 153 East 123 th •-.. 273 Wast XJSth St.
145 Calajtibu-i Ay.. New York. 4 Court St.. 344. MA
Fulton St.. Brooklyn: 390 Broadway. WUUamsbar*.
New y.-rk Transfer Co. calls for and checks barcac*
to destination.
WO REsr.ER, c. M BT RT.
VTee-Pres. and Oen Mrr. Gen. Pass"r Agant.
Leave south Ferry i minutes earlier.
Lt. Liber Street... . 8 .<••> am. Except Sua. B-.ifffet,
.....10.00 am. Daily. Dintr.
** i:. 00 noon. Daily. Diner.
" ;.*>(> pra. D-illv. Hn»»t.
"Royal Limited" 00 pm. Pally. All Pallmia.
" • ..... •.00 pm. Daily. Plnt-r.
** 7.00 pm. Dally. MM,
** 12.13 nisbt. Dally Sleep*?*
Dally I.v. .\. « ..c..k<ii>. souih i"en\. Liberty St.
Chicago, I'ittaburs: 1 J.I • nt. 12.15 M Sleeper.
t'hitug". <iiri:iit»u« li..v am 12.00 noon. Diner.
Pitt-burg. Cleveland 3.55 pm. 4.00 pm. Limited.
"TUUharm Limited" i.J.*> pm. T.Mfffl. Buffet.
finriunuti. >t. Loute . .. 12.10 nt. 12.15 nt. Sleeper.
Cincinnati. ■>» t.-iuiK . . Mitnv 1" "" -im. l>n«r.
Cincinnati, St. Louis 35 pin. COO pm. D'.n-r
Offices: Ml. 434. ISM Broadw.iy.6 AMOK House. l<n
Osaeuwlco St.. Is
N*. V. : 34- Fulton Street. Brooklyn; Couth Ferry and
Liberty Street
lrdlsa .-,... l Huaa Qnsjaa Caaaaal ■i-t*-~l eSM at. aoa
4 '.. -v.- . as follows, tor
BOSTON. via New London aad Prov.desc*— 14:3«.
tJiiIO.OO. *x:;:o'>i » M.. tJ.il:<JO. *1 !.'«. *X.;3:CA
t;!is:uo. •• 3:»l. •«1-;OO P. M.
BOSTON, via VViUlma .ti:— 15: jO A. M. t2:00 P. JC.
EOSTON. via _prir..nelj— A. il.. !,.l.;uO, •film
•ll:uo P. M.
FITCH BL'RG. -as Putnam 4 Worcester— l3:oo P. it
LAKh. !..'.K and NORFOLK — tS;3u A M.. (3.31 P. it
FIELD— I4:SO. tS:SO A. M.. tc:3l f -».
WATERBCRI and WINSTED f4:iO. |8:0 O. t«S:O«.
tIi»:WJ |'.10:C2 «to Waterbury> A. it.. Tl:** t«:S«l
|^.';in. t6:w>. |6;m) (to VVaterbury) P. 11.
Ticket offices at cGran<! Central Station and cl29th
St. also at cll3. c 261. 1.!-" 1.-*4 Broadway. cS Para
Place. -2"i Union Square, t'6_ Fifth Aye.. c_is C.lurnbua
Aye.. 649 Madison Aye.. c_73 Waal 123 th Be 133 Cut
125 th St. In Brooklyn. C 4 Court St.. BCO Fulton _£..
£'J»» Broad wa». E. V.
•Dally. tßxcept Sundays. Kurd»y» only. TBtoya at
l_sth St. x?t ,t-i at ia i St. Sundays only. tParlor Ca»
Limited. l| Has dining Car. cr'arlur and Slaaplaaj Car
tickets also.
C. T. HEMPSTEAD. Gen. Pass Aft.
O. M. SHEPARD .en 9ag4
Foot of West _Vi A ; ilt____l and Desbrojte* Streets B.
•DV.ly. tExi-eptScsnM. baaday: s7.^. A..l\ e7 43. pS.iZ.xi.tS.
MauchHi'irk- !..,■.» j ♦•> 40 _^T ♦«.»**
Bu2*lo Exnrew -_7 10 a X •57.» a ■
ELuACKiii-jv'.oND KXP-Utaa •!" as . », •_) SO a m
Ma-jcti «tuat *ad Uazleioa Local *1..'9 r x adl.loa dl.lo »>J
Wi:»e«-»arreis.i?r6_» t»Mpß| HMra
EastoaLoc-1 ♦* 10 r » t» » rat
Cblc*iro and fo-unro ' <*«*>:;> Express . . '113.40 rat •sS. a> » is
TltS XiCrgALO TUAiy *' M ** C " r *
Ttciceu aad PaUaan aocosimc^U'aon' I4»._h._». 30a, IS* * IK*
Broadwiy. !•« st'i Are., 35 I'stoo b<j. West, *_} Colaaatia* Are..
N V . « •> * V*) Fulton St.. 4 Court «t . 880 Broadway * IX Faltoa
•C. Brooklyn. >" V. Transfer Co. will call for aaacbaek &-«_>«-.
Lackawair\na. Raiiroa.d.
Leave New York, foot Barclay and Christopher Ms.
ts.w> A. M.— For Bicabamtoa and Syracuse.
•1'! A. M — For Buffalo. Chicago and at. Loola,
•1.40 P. M. — For Baftalo and Chicago. _
t4.Ct) P. it. — For Scran ton and Plymouth.
•S.lO P. M. — For BufTalo and Chicago.
•■ 4" P. M — For Burfa:>. Syr&cuse. L'tiea.
•2.00 A. M. — Fcr Chicago — Sleepers cpen it 9 P. IL
Tickets. !4-. 42U. 11»3. 1434 Broadway. N. T; 189
f*u!»'>n Pt . B-ooklvn 'Pally tExcept SuaditT.
The Tribune
Uptown Office
Is now located at
1,364 Broadway
Between 36th and 37th Sta.

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