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Cbrtstmas ti-«w»v: r >i;i be the busiest of the
jeaspn at Che theatres. Changes of players or
play wl '- bf * th( * ri - ! ' 0 '.nsu'.ir. of the exception.
Hid If the theatregoer in search of holiday en
tfrte'.r.rr.er.t car, find I to bJs taste he
jjJSf ir.de^d be- Jlf! ;.:; to please.
probably the mct»t Important thratrical hap
per.;r.g of Christi ..• laj since both star and
pity * re nfW to Sew- York audiences, will be
BW «ppearance of Bdward Terry, the noted Enjr
list actor, and h : ■ , my. who wIU prevent
Lcul? N. Parkt r ~ | ion of Georges Mlt
die"e play. "I-a Malaon,' whose English title
ti -The Honse of Burnslde." Mr. Terry has
beer a pronstaent rlpurr* on the London stag-e for
njore than twenty r« 1 ■• which t;rr.e he
ha*, wo:, success tn such plays as "Sweet Laven
3er." "!-'■>.-. m Idleness" and "The Woman
Hater." "Th 1 House of Burnside" ran more than
1 year D EjOndon. The hero of the play is Rich
grf Bumalde. h"r.d rt the happiest of families
A (amom r - ■ ■■ Prin r " r to- morrow

er.d th« mo ■ : islness establish
ments. The old n n's J in Isfe Is in his two
grasdchfidn , bui c in 1 -:. than
■ ■ - ' Dick •■.;■ hand dowr,
• • ■ : ■ ■ tranquillity
- . : - •■■ • Idowed
mother of th< Be: past, which
.»avt« Bun ■ 1 victim to a 3 irt breaking
doubt a? to wl ■ tie ' • - .- the child
af his ?'■-• -- . . This is perhaps a rather
mrr* »rr: r " 1 I than one if a !ust<tmed to
assc tate with Mr. Tf rry, bat It hi said that
the piece contains a large amovu : .: whol« me
nnnmflj Mr. Terry pron Ises 1 reviv< "Sweet
Lavender" earlj -of his engage
ment at the It.: •- cast of •The- House
of Burundi " will be bjb to! 1
■Bdfaf fl E - i •■ .Kirrsri Terry
pi Him i ..'-'•' }l. Day
fisHea BarnfiSe H ■ Brook*
Hecijaxet ' • Terry
' Ism W. T. Lowell
Jatai - : Denny
. T acfc Marrow r. Allen
B*tty >.'*:- ■ Ni:..e . . ••-. r «
'..:• Uls* Clam Carl*
■ -_■.-, :..a.r Charlet Haonanns
M me* to *h<» Knickerbocker
— -{■•r ' - - f, presenting "Th«- Win
• -•= . - • ■ - • -p ..-. this
■ ■ - • - • ■ will a] pear both as
[era •- Clnter*s Tale"
■ . - - ■ "■ • .■ recent rears.
lOas Allen 1 : • • ■• in her
product] ' • ■■'■ ! " 1 ° has
. ..- In England
-• _- • ■ light from
. ■ . "The v.'-nvrs Tale"
-- ■ H .1 |en • • ' mus was espe
• • -.-- Q teen's
Tb« •-■ -•' ■ ' ' - Allen's
1 were 1 turner Miss
: .• • tt as Loonies,
i " ■ ■ :. Toung : j .s Ftorl
v\. Frank Cnrrlei as . 9 1 ■:•■ Bracey as
•'« " ■ ■ old ehfpherd, and
Vise ?.'"'-. X . I na.
at tb» Fourteeni Strw ! '•■ finning ■with
aoßßefa hrlsi ' •• - '" r ltb*b xr.:;
ptasesi B bard ■ '-■ : ~ rooty" fame
•<- a 1 --a- ru-a: drama by 1 liaj ■ « "■'■' Doty, entitled
- In four
■ ; Me. One
f the -■:-: riot of the R:slng
■ - ■ - . ■ • • rioi ot the
.... . • • - ■ -
"■'--■ ■ '■
- ■ . - ■ • Wln
thrt 1 ■■ "
■ • • • - - • ■ ■
■.vhen oH • ' Common E
Ters her the
' "
t<:T . ln charjee ? aally dis
•• .
.. re.pr m ed for
the 1 ■ bss band
■ ars was
eader of 1 ' ' •
■ . . ■ ■ ■ ■ es Mr.
k Flor

, ■ .
Am Cora Melon In "3^rr. raff. PosC ' »'■ *&•
pla>crs are William Ingersoll Tteomas A. wine.
BanlueJ Heod. w. a. Hart Walter Thorns* Chrys
'-: Herne. Ida Waterman and Frances Stevens.
Miss Maude Adams returns to the. Empire Theatre
m Chritsmas nicht la a revival of The Little Mln-
Ister." The) first four weeks of this popular actress 1 *
engagement win be devoted to J. M. Barrle't
comedy, in which Miss Adams made her first suc
cess as a star. Arthur Byron will appear m th- part
of the "little minister." the Rev. Gavin Dlshart.
originally played by Robert Edeson, and Charles
WsJcott will be seen as the sage elder. Tammas
YThammond. The other members of the cnmpuny
are Eugen« Jepson. George Irvine. Lloyd Carleton..
Joseph PrancoemY Wllllnni Henderson, Richard Pit
man. Wallace Jackson, T. C. Valentine, Mrs. W. O.
Jones, Margaret Gordon. May Galyer, Violet Rand
and Charles Pitt.
The- Klaw & Krlanger Comedy Company bejrlns
ft* season at the Liberty Theatre to-morrow even
ing in John J. McNally's n»w musical piece. "In
N'evrport," for which Cole and Johnson and other
composer? have provided many musical numbers.
This company is designed as a permanent feature
at this house, and is headed by Peter F. Dailey,
l'Jiy Tempieton, Joseph Coyne. Virginia Karle and
L*.- EZarrison Mr McNally's story, which Is Inter
spersed with a variety of musical features, is staped
in three acts, th» scenes representing the reception
room ;:: a ■■■"■'"' stap- 1 art', grounds of the
Casino. Mr. Dailey plays the pan of a New- York
datoottro, and M: Templeto:: appears as p. French
actre«s on a visit to America t- 1 study high society
types. The specialties present among .-her things
a. burlesque, called "Zel-Zel." and :i football feature
by pretty girls. As the piece contains a detective,
there la, of course, a plot, which ii would be a
shame to reveal In advance. Matinees at this house
will hereafter be given on Thursdays and Satur
Th* children win have things all their own tray
each afternoon this week at the Irving Place The
atre. To consent th»rn. Mr. Conried announces a
series of children's matinees, beginning • -morrow
and ending on January 2. The attraction on Mon
day,. Tuesday, Wednesday and TI un '■.•"•■ noons
•wrii! a» a fairy comedy, BUlted to t ; :» enlle taste,
entitled "Schneewuttchen und di« Sicben Zwerge"
("Snow White and the 9 ■ -■■ I'- 1 ixfs"). On Friday,
Saturday and Monday afternoon: Lhe bill will be
another fall play, made out of the Old story of
"Dornrdschen," by C. A. G — ner and Peld. For
the older patrons of the Irving Pla c Theatre Mr.
Conriftd win during Christmas week n-.ive ravera 1
'•-•■■ comedies of bis repertory. To-mcr
ro^r evening the play will be Kraatz an>i Veal's
conn-ay, "Der Hocb tourist." On Tuesday evening
there will be one more performance of "Alt Heidel
berg,*" with Harry 'U'ulden in the character of Carl
Helnrich. For Wednesday evening yir Conried an
nouncea "lir. Weissen Boess'l" ("The White Horse
Inn**). The attraction on Thursday. Friday and
Saturday evenings w:u be thn farce of Moser and
. "Die Sternechnuirpe," with Harry Walden
In the part <j'. Huso Wlmmel.
I eglnnlng to-m.orrow afternoon Arthur C. Alston
present at the American Theatre a new do
mestio 'irama. entitled. 'Shadows 011 the Hearth."
While the Civil War period is that of this play, the
scenes are no: of battle or bloodshed. The story ia
laid in the village of i renchtown, N. J. and tells a
tale- of a foundling and the troubles it brought the.
innocent instead of the guilty. Fames M. Brophy,
Thomas H. Ince, Gertrude O'Malley, Adeline Mann.
Anna Mortimer and others are among the players.
Fritz! Bcheff will reaper, the Broadway Theatre
to-morrow night with i revival of Franz yon
- . pea "Fatinltza, ' The merits of this vehicle
do not at this late flay require any emphasis. It
should furnish a medium admirably adapted to the
successful display of Miss Scheff's undoubted tal
ents, giving her, as it does, opportunity to appear
In tTo characters. A3 I*leuter.ar.t Vladimir she la
As r'emmon-fcnM Bracket at the Fourteen th-et.
Theatre. bcuJTininf with the Christmas Day
attired In Russian uniform of the aort she la sure
jo wear with an air. and when she is not the dash
. ing officer she Is masquerading- as Fatinitza.
•ion o? the oix-ra. takes place during the
■ .zr. of the Russian army aealnst the Turks.
:• . too well known to require rehearsal at this
time; suffice It to say that Its story is consistently
amusing; to Intelligent people. The cast Includes
Harrison, as Izzet Pasha, the reformed
governor, who limits himself to four wires;
• Ling, who has the role of Julian Sinclair,
the Fur corresaondent; Albert Hart, as the •*-
eltable old General Kantchukoff. and Arthur Cur.
am. Ida HwU-y, Eia.ir.e De lem and Jo
- 1 •■. Bartlett In oth'-r parts.
ESidA May and "The School "■" returned
from the Herald Square to Daly's Theatre.
This week they will give an extra nuitir.ee on
( inesday Miss May and the members of "TII9
.^ . q _■• ompanj seem as popular to-day as
. , ■ • . „' iran :i ir. -eptern
David W.irfleld'G holiday week it the B^lasoo will
: ;. three a ■■ - ees of "The Music Mm
... the hristmas matlne( to-morrow, the special
.. and tl regular matinee Satur
,!. v. Aa Mrs L«eeli< Carter comes to the Uelasco o:
. g Warfield will oa that date remove to
Itjou - ••••- Music Master" la of the «usb
cesses of the season.
"Piff. Paff, Tour' wiil be th* Christmas week at
traction at the Majestic Theatre. penlng th»re
with i matinee to-morrow. The cast includes
Eddie Foy. Alice Fischer. Vlnle Daly, Templar
Base, Matel Hoillne. Hilda Holllaa and Fred iixu>e.
J>rinr.ing irttt a matinee on Christmas Day.
Henry W. Savage will remove his dainty forest
1 fantasy, "Woodland." to the Herald Square Thea
: tre. .... fur an Indefinite run. "Wood
■ land," from the time It was Introduced on Broad
way at the New-York Theutre; has steadily grown
: in favor.
George M Cohan, In "Little Johnny Jon«s/' win
I fee the Christmas attraction at the Qrand Opera
I Hou««!. The production will go direct from the
Liberty Theatre to riphth-avo. Thr«e matinees
I will b< given * .:lr.p the weak
Hurttß & Seamen's spectacle called "Me. Him
PTI • r ,c the attraction at the West End Theatre
this week. There will be a special Christmas Day
John Dretr and "The Duke of KlUlcrankie" move
to-morrow fron*. *he Empire to the Harlem Opera
House, beginning With a Christmas matinee.
(Hlli !'■.:<--■■'] ■ College Widow."
CJARRICK— Mtss Busseli in "Brother Jacques."
LYRK <■•••■ •■» K. '-'*"-' k ' in "The Fortunes of
•be Kfnsr." _ ,
MANHATTAN— Mrs. Flske in "Leah Kleschna."
LYCEUM— Sir Chnrles Wyndhara In "Mrs. Gor- has been arranged. To many Paul Spadoni, the
"^BSON-Sthei Barrymore In "Sunday." man , ho { u^^ "tomoblles and doea other
BAVOY— "JAts. Wiggs'of thr- Cabbagf Patch" : stunts in keeping w'th this feat of strength, will
CRITERION— "The "Wife Without a Smile/" I appeal Monologues will be furnished by Frank
■ — i Bush and Fred Niblo, and a sketch w [1 be offered
MUSICAL PIKPES THAT REMAIN. ' by Mary Dupont and her com] ■ : A Lt-ap
CASlNO— Lilliatn Russell, in "Lady T«rzl<i." j Year's Leap." Another bit of comedy will be seen
Zs™ V^Ffcg^-FfSS&a* tn ' whra !! ™ «i i: ' - "Tri.-K, of the
Nordland." Prade," Ir. which the) :•-• their specialties.
BUOr— Ma 3 Irwin, ir "Mr- Black T* Bnck." \ Music will be the part of Libbey and Trayer
AS5^?-*^he of cS." 1 - :t ' d >"-" J. Aldrich Libbey hai ag . ts for some
years and ts noro 1 --...- ■ audience:
"Checkers" begins a two weeks 1 run at Proctor's wlth : " s vo) ' lumber in «h r music
Fifty-eighth Streel Theatrt - tig to-morrow. : f» la >' a '■ h - : ' 3" A Mli srother."
and this racing play will find in the stage of this tta « one -' v '■' ' ■'■'' ' ' '' ' "
theatre ample room f"r th« proper display of the
scenic effects which • tj bute to thi success of With bme ■ hansi sln 1 material of ti) •■ •-
the production. the inter XI - - ■ 1 • at the
■.■ . : M's Fail and Pil Madison
"The Crlckei on the Elearth." an adaptation from Square Garden, will I nt the.
the Dickpjia story, by Elusa Ford, will be the j ensuing- week asi of this exhibition. Of
offering a* Proctor's One-hundred-and-twenty-fifth
st. Theatre- next week This version of th<
differs from that of Joseph Jefferson in that it Is
desigmed particularly for Christmas presentation,
and Is brimming over with the holiday spirit.
George Fuller Golden, the monotoffuist, "■ ° or
the laft several seasons has been ln London, has
returned home, and makes his first reappearance at
Proctor's Twenty-third-st Theatre this week.
At Proctor's F!fth-ave. Theatre "Captain Impu
dence," Edwin Milton Royle's play of military life.
la scheduled to I - played by Edwin Arden, who will
have the - 1 1 ; Beatrice Morgan, 9 I
Ayres, Marion Berg, Gerald Griffin, George Howell
and Gertrude Berki ley.
Howard Thurston, who has a reputation as a
magician, comes ro the Circle Theatre this week
at th« head of a holiday programme, other acts
to appear will be the Kaufmann troupe of acrobats,
eight In n -inh^r; Carleton Macy and Maud Edna
Hall. In then- one-act comedy, "A Timely Awaken-
Ing"': Joan Haden Company, Introducing the •'Cycle
of Lore"; Press Eldridge. Watson's Farmyard, the
Crane Brothers, Norah Bayes. Harper, Desmond
ami Bailey, the three Barretts, and "A Trip to
Italy," with the American Itagraph.
For tno holiday week at Keitc'3 a special bill
to ..The I>uke cf Killtcrankle," at the Harlem Ofrera House tail weea.
In *TTh« Winter's Tale." at the Knickerbocker to-morrow.
In "Hi * ■ w-1 r>rk T leatre tl
the entertainers transplant ' '— 1 - ::e Pike In
Si L .. E r-avi, the Moki Indian who gives
a quanii perfo v c n ; ' : tnajtlc will add
me vari ms 1 with the adiai
■ ■ ■ • •: their
presentation of the folks .-- 1 dances of
i [avail, will add : ■ ••• it ares. The
Japanese a . l ladder trich not ln-
I ::i last week's pn gramnn nd the Planta
tfon Jubilee slng< ■ . on :■. wl. ■ ires
At the E^on Musee ■ I subjects f r ■'.-.rut
mas Day will !••■ a m the nem tosxaph to
.:•..»•. Among '.: se 1 c '' rothy's Wonderful
Christmas Di md the "Annu Visit of Santa
I'iaus." New : 1 to the "World In
Wax There will be a ■■ la! programme by
Powell and the I ■ q to Pr ■:"• ss r
Krueger's Leipziger 01 hestra.
At Hammer ■
this weel a:. a--t
•. Show." con

The \-: .
■ ■
smi t )
be the
skit rxeser.. • " Th *
Chorus Lady."' Others on the bill are iturke an-
La Hue, and their Inky Beys.? Fred. Niblo. Tcrk
and Adams, the Juggling U( Bane,'Barls and E:u-U\
and the three Florence Sisters
For Christmas week Ton- Pastor has selected
an attractive array of talent, consisting of the
Empire City Quartet, introducing Harry Cooper,
in his Hebrew parodies; Qua Williams, the "Ger
man comedian; HarrT? and Walters; ■> the'.r
comedietta, ':ti:l«»J "A Dnrls Eyed Widow". Frank
H. White ami Lew ShssjMmdsi in their farce, "Get
in fle Band Wagon**; Lillian Mills ard EUu.i Mnr
rl^. the minstrel t:r. he three Ri Brothers;
Martir. and Wuinn, eccentric comediSTis. kn "A
Man and » Half;" Coulter and Starr, black me
comedians; Lamar and Reham. in .• fmretca] sktt
"McSoriey's Eievattca." and several Other enter
Interest in the Dnlheer Will Contest
— The Yosemite Commission.
fsr TF:>nnAFTi to THt; t!::bi in
Fan Frp.ncisco. Dec. 22.— A remarkable will
contest ended this week with the sustaining of
the v.iii of Miss Bertha Dolbeer, the rich young
California woman who bequeathed practically
her entire estate to Miss Emma Warren, who
for sixteen yean had he^n her constant attend
ant lihM Doloeer, who had suffered greatly from
nervous complaints, committed suicide in New-
York by Jumping from the seventh story window
of the Waldorf-Astoria, Ph» was given to mood
iness. but a long array of witnesses appeared
here to swear that she never showed any signs
of Insanity, although her mother had b«en in
nane at titnos. Adolph Shandler, .-in uncle, con
tested the will. The cisc attracted groat atten
tion her- because many of Miss Polboer's friends
who testified on the trial were well known young
women and men of Pan Francisco. Miss War
rnn'sr n n'$ counsel was Garret McEnarney, who han
dled the case with great skill.
Jacob a Rlls delivered his first lecture here
'< this week, telling of >lurn life In iv -York and
what has been >• • 'ir; jL:s;i—.l In giving tie chll
1 drer '>f the poor a better chance fur health and
education. Though San Francisco has yet no
crowded tenemer* ""' -t.-r (and i* increasing
in value, and tr.e ia:~. foreign potation Is
; showing a tendency to herd ir t\g bnUdings Mr.
Riis will remain h^re over the holidays, and
' will give the Civic Improvement Club -.1 phll
i ?nt).-ropi< socletiea the benefit of his. experience
in coping with problems of poverty, o\ ercrowd-
Ing and disease
An attempt is being rrsade here to oppose the
j receding of the Tosemite Park to the fedei ■
j government, on th* ground that it 13 a device of
j politician?. The simple fact Is that only ■ small
coterie of politicians who -xptct to profit frocs
offl ••- oppose th»» placing of the Yosei on
j iht- same ground as the Tellowstone ii J a*K
Membership in the Yosemlte Park Commission is
a bit of political "graft," as, though no salaries
are paid, there ar»- larg» perquisites ar.ii an op
portunity for much junketing. When President
Roosevelt visited the valley rht^ commissioners
brought Into it, at much expense; red fire and
fireworks, as well as a huge searchlight, with
which they proposed to illuminate El Capltan
and other peaks. The President countermanded
the whole programme, and spent two days an-i
nights camping out with John Mulr.
Th« death of President William Ahrord of the
Bank of California this week removed one of
San Francisco's best known business men Mr.
Alvord had been conn< with the bank since
1871. and haU been president since IST."*. He
■was connected with several big corporations,
was interested in art and charitable work, and
The new Spanples in "The Sho-Gun," at Wallack'!!.
for twenty years was a n;en:ber of f h» I
v bs Hs tie Bnninle Rives who is here
- • : ial for a novel on C&\r
■ :•• • rters thai she was in ■

I to i?ive d
C a hot
- : ' >es to
Professoif Seward came out this week against
. American students accepting Rhodes scholar
ships. Seward spent two years a: Oxford after
1 graduating from Columbian University, and rhe
point he makes is that no American cur. afford
I to give up three years of his life to training un
. der radically different conditions fro:-: those in
■ American universities and if he confo 1 I •
■ English usage, Professor Seward asks, now will
. he te-co\er touch and sympathy with American
! conditions on his return?
Profcai George Howlson, of the chair of
. philosophy in the University of California thia
week announced his belief !:i the Immortality
lof the sou', in :. - ddress. Howison is a
Christian believer, though he dues r.ot ac'.^pt all
the historical doctrines ol Christianity. He
summed up Christianity as follows: "A belief
■ It God — an nnchang • and perfect God. The
rr.rral responsili'.i!> of each soul, with fr<*eiom
and power accor Un| nd lnin»ort.T'!ty of
th< son] All ether re! srions omit one or more
of these vital things. Si lence has ne right to
; doubt immortality, an ; encs |esj| only with
! things that can >>. ft I • 1 and heard. The
• spiritual is ••. ■ Irs ■ beyon . * lenee."
Thursday, December l". marked the >->;»r.lng of
[ th" fashionable hotel. Boa Air. ai Augusta. Ga.
This famous Uch-els i winter resort hotel of the
■aid lie Booth is well and fa»»r*blj known throush
j out the entire country and Is thoroughly modern
; and up to date in its equipment
; A feat rs of this resort is Its Ideal enmat* th»
! air being soft and balmy, with unost perennial
• senshme, making it a delightful spot for the tour-
I tsi to «>scape the rigors <-.f the Sortherß wmterm
Amint the many attraction.* are the wall kept
eighteen-hole goU coar»» an ,j compl '•, ewxtppsd
Th- roads arc in »Pl»>n«llt! coadttioi) for driving,
wheeling or antomobUtesj. and STerj other known
divert for sHntei pteastut,
Aug.. Is only rwentr-tw« hours tram X*>w-
Tork, with" three throncn trains d .1:'. 1 :'- Th>- ad-
Taw • bo >kmss are n excess of any seas m in tiiw
; history ol the resort.
The hotel if under th*> asae a rut ■: liar ir.an
a»>nifn.t of C- G. Tru«se'.l. also munaier of the
froatecac. Thousand islands. M. Y.
BoardrcaU; Delights— Better MA
road Scrvid . Aainmenta.
Atlanttr City. N I . 7 • ' rS It ! oka
as tho:;' - . ■• mad* ap bis
rr.ln-i t .; I-n-«t a »*m
btaace ' ■ ■ - tarday
Btzhi there v, and,
aUnous . ' iy. ami
a greal • • • ■ ■ ; -•, that
" • - ntt '^v*
fr. f7.:r.~ pomt. >n • ■ ' w ."ft
■ gh it Is
rani . : .- . • ■ -
w^ at lk* .weatß .1 i.r".e.
< ■'• "• n though trere ] ro «.<lm:t
of the :
But the absence - Cortst
mns :« not a thtei
nun-ibt-r of visitors who I
various bea.-r. front ;. ■ ■ ■ w -^.
Ttey are Just as w D satlaflet] wli v aaow
and. m tact, a gival dcs -..;'■
the ground was fully covered i ...: tl re were opper
turUties for sie.«iii:.« V. : ....
Mdes is more than rr.ade up : . „ ■
in? chair trips on Om boai walk t • brtgM s»
shine. Indeed, this U the B h n raMa way oC
spending the time to :.- . o Oty vis-
In "Fatinltzc," at the J;r .. twaj to-morrow.
Itnr. They would rat care if thr- n> 1 • a v-»
tig<* of. snow In 1 - rtty ot
Ttatti rs to this r - •
here it this that of yea I ■ town at
all. They go dtn I from the >n to th*-.
hotels, and all tin.
and terbasj the period of 1 " •
spent oa the boardi 1 „-_.. I > eeith
er. one can ■ I ; fop ?
or. the promenade . ■ .-. tor <k
walk, they take a • » •■ oial.-o
thr Drip fr m one end of thi v -
a distance 1 1 Ilia osßtbex
of win:- r Tisitors • 1 rssassj ani
the hotels an :. I for the wl -r »«. -
Althn -•■ ■ " " '• with hau
nts th-. ' ta tha
wori : and b ttei tin rains be
tween Phi rt than oa tar
other stretc] ol ti ! an new
being Bade any t'.>
cut their r. : . Phila
delphia :.- ■ • ej ax^
pra.-t ■ liar
bcr and th - ettj
They art t.^kir.^ out - I repl v
thea •• ■ .-• ■
will be :■'■■■'■'-' with i • ■: ;s • ■_■
to dj to, etu . ■ - •
and additional s k v era3>»
cross ln(s It 1 • t this worn.
wtU a»;^res£ te .}'.' .
wear and teat vi I ; ■ • • ■ •
The Read tticiab
will hav< ■ :
world 'v :•■:. • - -
they will be makin; itj u_.-»
tr:p of anj :
Mayor Stoy is s » tn Sour h .
irolina gu ■ : Ues oi
his hui • .-
Myers, of ihe buck.
Tht- Mayoi
nearly ■ • -
a larj • - -■
of the Atlani -
tsbed to brir.i ms *r-l
Klvr the member! . ■ . •>■
Jusi ■■ ■ ■ ■ . -',»
■on and irtt! - - . ----..'
the \-.. ■ - . i^* <♦*
Pbilade .
I me v . ■ . .
Club w] -
settle the q ■._:..
City Imks.
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