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'!;;;j^:-.,ir:;[^/^.:. r-^r -^
Hoi a Great Prima Donna Got More
I than Her Heart's Desire.
ISorie years beo Ellse Po'.ko, a well known German
writer of taJes* and musical essays, published a little
etorr.j nail fact, half fiction, dealing with incidents
is tint child life of a gre&t singer whose name is
more than a household word In the musical capitals
of the w^r'.a. but especially Jr. New- York at the
preseat time. While the prima d< nna Is winning
somsjot her most fragrant guerdons ct tho Mt-tro
e. It may Le profitable as well as
; • iii to get a glimpse of the bumble beginning
of bet brilliant career. And so I paraphrase th
etory'Tcr the benefit of the Christmas reaJera of
The Tr.bujit.— ii BL BL]
It was in early evening In Chrlstmaa week, ar.d
an ic>- wir.J w!.;r:ed through the etreets of Lem
bav-ftib* a "• • h c:iy of t4vow— and drove
, - , . .. .; ida like Ceecy F::eep. be:cro it.
- • .or the Domlnikanerbers wero full of
da«;Tng Ughts. end Indescribably tempting glories
loci>.e»3 I - ■* ••■ windows. On ail hands
ware^ v.^'.'.;.^ tc. be purchased for tho merrj
«j a-lft-4 ; on a-1 ''
B . - ..& women moving past them with looks of
; : lancboly. It was the
eamei toect4.de I I - ; - at w ' :] - present
,- aa pox-cityi ty ana
. ■..:•■■■ hearts ol
thosi vbo long to Cta so hea\*y as they are
In thie nwsrry Chri
n fr , . rhted toy shop stood a
-roujj . . Is hidden In i>ocki.t*
or tind ■ lancing fn m one foot to the
cheeka nipped rosy
: ... v,. i their eyea ated with Joy. devour
ing tfc< behind the
..J one but choose and feTab!
- of raiment that made
(By; kitchens Inl > v. hi< b
I Ler; toldiera loukmff oonfl
■ . . ler li-e Oiu Wurid and
■ • and pea croinon halls;
Idles and flutes— lf one could

■ .- -• th< •-■■- it) stood a pmall
fr;->. ? • . : ten rears ojJ. wholly lest in
toys. She was a delicate,
wah duik hair that fell in
i rrow shoulders, a pale
: lien homespun which
* ■■ ki.O' s and pinched her
. : touching expression of passionate
: . ' : ■- ': . L«OSt
i : . d did not see that she was
I a. iiKin of s:n?u!ar figure,
■ ■ i ;r cap Wis pulled
(. : . ■ i'l. At last Ke stepped
: lard and touched h< r shoulder.
iv Hke to have, little on«,"
f, i". the soft vocables of Poland; "that
vv it i i a n.u diesis and cold braid?
I gazed t'miCl> for a moment
•t.th-- I ■ the Btranger, but there
it brought ;is.--.:ranoe to
pretty month opr-ned
. ; ■ <h iol Pd much rather
■ I in her ahlft that can't
■ ks to dress; but— but,
I deeply, frightened at
tha l
' : ■ ■ ' be pf.-aid; I'll not five
you :
. 10. oold BtiSensd Cnga
~, '
■ ■ with that?" ; Iced the
■ ■
I • a -- ' • r. ]<->n»
' * .- >. ■-■ I be :. ids it, and I can't
' vv< - If thafa the oft corns to my
' . and I'll
'♦■ :u 5 .-in earnest
•v iir.d Ret
poor ' : . tie hand nnd led
. 1 by the * i : r
lr P Rlai ' ■ .I. Unresisting. 'as
i' - n ; - • i< •* '-:r.i put the <soil in her
f-ra». WJ .. . inct s;:<s bugged it to
ncr I -■ • a ad };er eyes flll'-'i w!th
... io and happiness upon her
rr.i» your nair.e," bh'A he, as they
Stopped out of tho > •
'*i4-axeda klarcelllno K^chans'iia."
"\That doea your father «Io? Have you a
• r':" . "
"Mamma takes -nre of my little Plrtpr nnd r-onitj
for uF-.-u.d | papa teachi -■ • in
erd rive* i . •
: tr> me to-Tiiormw to
My name is
' ' ma "rru-ic-tn
too. l live bark of t: : m Domlalcan church Can
you remember all 1 '
Bhp : • ■ .. - p; y>o r vtt^e
A ft w ml utes I ter *ha d««h*d
latojKpovcT •-. i .-■ ■ i hor chf eks
•■ In apit* cf tha wintry air At a tablf bearing
a tiny tamp .-':•. the mothei ■ .•
Ir -. e : at • . ■ In arhlch lay a aleeslng
>m cam* the char» rhythm
and [pawl -it- r-r-'xe'^-, rf a v'olr.
"WWf« have y,-. been so 'or.gv agkad th« pent! •
vc.ct «•< tb« wota n. • ■ •• ■ ■ r.'j tho aues
' "■ '»« ' father la growing Impatient. H<* wanta
you 'to accompany him in a ww p. tee. Hurry !• v
"Or.. D ■ HI go in a Ff-fond. Th* shoemaker
• c i ' ■ • ;• ' ■ hoes 1 a. and, see
beraj! Look! ' .• man—
rwlaar© he wsa a • r!nc»— h< ■ bi i a star
: '■ t- ~u-e it to 'i • . Ju« ti.l'ik! O
rt'.r.'i 3 Ji a Ppy' -' r - he wonts jjajia to c<.rr(- nrd Etj
him; wi:. you trk.- pni car« of my < ci.v?" Eh«
k.fi<J h"- .• •• • . . . ■ nd flew into rli wo.k
roor-i o' )■■ r father. A mstn?r.t later it ■ sure :•■'
v • ■ ■■ ■• tor.es of a tiaklii •-• • .
Sti, iraa forrott- n "
Oo Chr!>:rr:f<s .... llaroeTline mt in t^'-*;
Es2riJ!Li2r EHr,S ea *L.J5 ' - t-» ■■ •. i
Ws4 a v r
't'ijre wtor* Br t!.» kk3# of • •.<, old n»u*lr-<ati
6100(5 "' looking with I
j-yen un >.'« -.--: Who In rW
krow /ohann ?: wan •■ ■. ranowiu? ■'■'
be bad at test thrown '
osr t' ... ■ „ offl^j-C,
now Uvtrj ■ ■ .
cf h!^ rr-. OH la , : • . -.„ '„]%s* lost
j»tho melodies, with thHr ainralar nnt!o ;: : :
which he had prea»«J. Tho • • mta •■' ■ ■
noes besMrt hiir+^t wr» portralta of m;,.,
A.i h'.t ?•■ r; . ••'•: tto the ■ ■ '• • . -n ttnA
rr.w'.r. *-• tty busts of M ! ,
en hi* cl« ' • : . ..-! fca si
fnttoda< • : ■
to»i pb ■ .•..'•■ .lunir a i
KB I ■' ft' ftr!.-!<.,:; • , , * "
youthful end .-.•:•-. .;.-.- rh<
r!v<e»-o ■.■_ ■ • ■■ : at v.*3s our tryman tha
••■•at Freuerlo Cho^ia, whom sorce day you will
lenrn to understand and love, little Marcelline,"
said the old musician.
It was only natural that she should learn to under
stand Chopin better than others, for the Pole, who
notv became her teacher, played the magic melodies
cf the master as only Poles or Slavs can play them.
He eang Chopin's bor.p.s, too, with their glowing
accents. Then Marcelline would .«!t in a corner,
her wide open eyes seemingly gaz'ng i::t.» a t':ir off
land, her doll in her lap and her heart swelling
with ecstaFy. Then sho woi,ld tuck h< r violin un
..•-1 !.' • chin and play along with him, to show
that fhfl was studying Industriously at home; or
Bh< r oi:!d f=;t down at th^ piano — so much more
brilliant nnd sweet in tone, than that at home—
try to dream over again the Chopin melodies which
she h^.i heard her protector play. Then a nmile
rou!,l tilt across his grizzled face, and hia hand
would seek her hair and cheeka In a caress. Grad
ually she became the on<- great Joy of dis life.
"She is my Christmas tree," he used to Bay, in play.
t-'.\ allusion to his first meeting with her. "She will
bring fortune to your house," said he prophetically
to her fatheT. "She will be a virtuoso on the
■ ■ ioi violin, perhaps on both. .Qln*. Q In* must ko to
Franz Llsz; or Joseph Joachim; but 1 can't clvcido
L:! Murrelllro. however, dUI r.ot cu<!?el her
b-^a'n-5 concerning her artistic future. She was
read.- and eager to play with her doll or pursue her
music eiudies. It was this tiaai charm of i:i;je.nu
Weddirvgs^=-Social Incidents
At tl:e home of Mr. and Mrs. W;!!!am Delhagen,
!n Montague PJacc. Montclalr, X. J.. Thursday nfght.
Mlsa Minnie Frances Wiener, of Newark, and F.
George Delhagen, cf Montcialr, wcro married by the
Rev Dr. John V. Dobbins, pastor of the First
Methodist Church.
Mr= John H. Taylor, of Mor.tc^nlr, vr&a matron
of* honor. Miss Laura May Delhagen. a sister
of the bridegroom wan brideamaidL ana William
Love, of Newark, acted as best man.
Miss Mary E. Dunlap. daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
"U'lliiam Dunlap. of Montclalr, and Andrew Welst,
of Cossackle, N. V.. were mai ried at the home
of the bride's rents. No. 157 Bloomfleld-ave., nt
4:SO o'clock on Thursday afternoon. Tho Rev. Dr.
r— ••— — " ■
■aph by I. & M- Bteua
Pre<3 rick B. Carter, rector of St. L ike's Epls
oopal Church, performed the ceremony.
A.Ufust K',l-:«>n. of Montclalr. was beat man, and
ll!>s Nellie Dunlap, tiio brlde'B Bister, waa brides
maid. Mr. and Mrs. Weist will reside in Cox
.-:... .«, K. I., after a wedding trip.
A fasfaioaaMe wadding was celebrated on Thursday
afternoon in the Church of St. Andrew, Centie-st.,
South Orange, when M 133 EMna Howard, daugh
ter of Genera! nd Mrs. Oeorgo E. P. Howard, of
Moritrosfc-av*.. South Oran>":. was married to
tiiaiics V. akeman Park, ol Rye, X. Y. The Rev.
. i p Pardeo, rector of tho church, assisted by
tl.o Rev. I>r. Alexander Mann, rector of Grace
Church, orange, ur.d archdeacon of Newark, per
•. ceremony in the presence or a fashion
. cherinaT- 'i!- f - bridj p/aa gowned in white
Chiffon cloth over white sat'.n, a tv::« veil, and
r!:e tuiTicd lllies-of-the-valley and white orchids.
• r« a ■:• unond ..-. ti.a gift oi the briae
". i,e Lrirle'a only ntt^ n^nt. hor maid of honor,
Mjs-b Prances Dtowld ■ Bmlth, of i;a«=t Orange,
worw white crCi-e over white Kilk. ai:d a
- picture hat ti with while plume
• A:r..-r! :.n Beauty roces. Tr.c Lest t:;.i!i was
Richard BucbOl*, >•■ :. . . ,i tt;o u.sl>er.n w.;e
fKuan T<. a:..i V (attbewa. of Rye: Clir
ford Backet, cf .'-• r-rork, and Ocbert Eioward
and B*n*a«nln Ivli „. . . . . ;■ . Mr, anu
Mr* Park v.ili ma.-;c their homa In Rye on their
rtturn from an extended wedding tc ,r.
'■"• De.!«y Bissel] Burwell, kughter of the late
i V. Burwell, will bs n:arri«d to Rfr-hmocil
ousneaa and genius which endeared her so to tho
eld mu^ici=in. Sunshine flooded his room as soon a3
the graceful little figure appeared on hla throshola.
Boon he thought that he could not live without her.
nnd a few years passed by as a dream. His little
Christmas tree grew larger, stronger, lovelier. Then
earn' ■ time when the old musician awoke to the
fuct that it was beyond his power systematically
longer to direct Mareeliln»'a studies. A struggle
began to rnge within him. but the warmer the love
within him the clearer was his recognition of her
tilts an. l the stronger Vis conviction that she must
have ..:i..ther master.
"You must lcaru more than I can teach you or
you will not s^t along In tho world." Bald he one
day with a deep slßh. "1 shall take you to another
teacher. You've got to learn more and different
niunic than such a bungler us I have been playing
fur you."
"Learn more than you know? Oh, If I could
only play like J'ou! And different music? Don't I
knew Chopin?" and two childish amis were Hunt;
about his neck.
"I3ut, my child, there are other musicians In the
world. You must learn to admire a:id lovu then
Johann Padwfin yon JanowitS, deeply ns it grieved
him. h'-!d made up his mind. lie consulted with the
girls vents and escorted her to the conservatory
at Lemberg, where, after a brief examination, the
youthful Professor Stengel ar<-< pted her aa a piano
pupil. Tea, indeed, there were other masters: than
Chopin; other music than the throbblns sjvps.v
tunes of her old friend! That Marcelluie soon
learned, almost with feelings of aw.-. ,ir a firm yet
gentle hnvA led her Into the wonder worlds of
Barb, liande! and Qluck, Haydn and Mozart.
jieethoven. s^huboit and [endi Issohn, and opened
them to her understanding. Christmas Rifts illim
itable, enduring, never ending, though she.
Singular! In a few years the young master had
the :-..i/.<j experience as the old. He, too, aaw the
necessity of placing the wonderful talent growing
epaee In the care of a master of the highest rank;
he ; ■• rcelved that the young {;:''' was destined to
walk the loftiest iinths of art. His mind was mnde
up "Bhe must become the r>ur>!l of the t;re:itof;t
living: genius; I'll t«k<> her to Liszt, Bui before
then my friend Epstein in Vienna shall he:ir her
and decide." Did not the prospective parting give
proater rain to the young master than the old?
who shall say? Thus came the day when a still
r?.le. Blender maiden, modestly parbed, stood in
the examination room of the Vienna authority, ac
companied by her teacher and her mother. An
other moment and the little hands rested on the
Ivory keys; a last trustful look into the eyes of her
faithful young <"'■; nd. an I Marcelline played with
bontiriK hep.it. More and more intense became the In
terest of him who was Bitting in judgment; here was
a singularly original performance, aatttrated with
-. thru! enthusiasm. Of a certainty, Master Liszt
would rejoice In such n. pupil. Yet if he should err?
Would that Joseph Joachim could hear her play
w.i" his wish when next she daringly, firmly and
m isterfully drew the bow across the violin stHritrs.
Might not" her real talent lie In this direction?
'v. i.. n the eirl had ended ho tapped Ikt playfully
on tlie shoulOex and ask< d:
"Well, Hnythlag else?"
"I think She has a voice worth cultivating," Mid
h«»r companion. "I have often heard her uncon
rriously Pinpr the melodies ehe was playing, and her
voice was fresh nnd pure as a bird's."
"If that's not the least of her rare Ktftn she's a
wonder and no mistake. Uut sing. We'll all lis
And Mr.rcPlline pat herself down again nt the
pianoforte und sang; i Polish harvest song that
chanced to float Into her mind.
"My child." said the learned musician when the
last Indescribably sweet anil golden tone bad died
away, "there's no use of our racking our brains
touching your future any longer. Your wreath is
woven of Bowers and dew. You shall become v.
singer. Pity that Mozart can't hear you. He'd
compose another 'Magic Flute' for you alone!
Gather up your duds ami cany a letter from me to
old Lamperti, In Milan. Good luck so with you, my
little Polish nightingale!"
Three wreaths might easily have been carried
home by this extraordinary musical genius, hud
She so wished, but the little hands wore stretched
out eagerly for the garland woven of flowers and
dew. Yen, verily, fresh as the dew Is that voice
to-day, ■•ring in a thousand colors, sweet as
ti:-' breath of !<■*?*, for since that Christmas time
when the little finger pointed to the toy fiddle, the
fragile Cinderella, the joy-bringing Christmas tree
of erratic old Johann Bad wan yon Junowitz. has
grown into a queen of bel canto. She is not known
by- the name of Praxeda Marcelline Kochanska.,
but the world calls her Marcella Sembrich.
Good fortune she has brought to — her old pro
tector was a truu prophet. All the world knows
how enchanting is her art; but only a few know
how untiringly she once studied nnd still studies.
Fewer still know her in her home, know her sweet
a: .: r-imp'e domesticity. Is she not the happy con-
Bort of her teacher at the Conservatory of Lem
i . rg, Willhehn Stengel? Can she not sing a cradle
song aa bewitchlngly as the most dazzling opera
all .' >■"<> wonder that Christmas Is never forgotten
wherever In the wide world it may tind her, and
that the lights of the Christmas tree are as deeply,
and brisrhtly reflected in her brown eyes now a"v
when they shono through the shop windows of
the Dominikanerberg-!
— CTh» tallies' FleM.
Channlnff Walden, of Richmond, Va., on Wednes
day afternoon in St. Matthew's Episcopal Church,
West Elehty-fourth-Bt., near Central Park Wesi
Tiie maid of honor will be Miss Margie Unbbar.l
. t Brooklyn. Robert Brander. or Richmond v, ill
act as best man The ushers selected are Edward
E. Bartlett. William Wilson. Herbert A. Shipman
and Daniel Manning, of New-York, and Robert II
Wobocke, of Jeisey City.
Mrs. [saao A. Hopper, wife of tho well known
politician, of Harlem, is one. of the most active
• es of that part of the city. The Hoppers
ive a winter homo In Florida, near Tampa which
during tie Southern F---ason is the scene of fre
quent house parties.
Mrs YTailorsteln Is piviniy a s^les of Sunday
afternoon receptions, with music, at her home, No.
Ul West Eighty-slxta-st., assisted by Miss Ullian
Dora, her sister.
For the benefit of the poor of St Augustine
Chapel, In East Houston-st., a sale of painted
china wns held in the sun p.irlor of the Chats
worth. Seventy-second-st. and Riverside Drive on
'luesuay afternoon and evening.
The Lenox Whist Club will hold its ..fxt meeting
at the homo of Mrs. Henry Gallagher, No, 459
Lenox-ave., J • - " : X \! ,
r f No. ed-a>id-tlilrty-thlrd-st.'
ib on M
Mrs - ' ' ' ■ of No ZU West
"Break'.nj? His Bonds" was iho Title r>r the four-
Unity Dramat
I ■ evening, when its ■ Ighth an
. ■ c.
Mrs. Henry P. Connor, if Bretton Hall. I
Btxth-si . t oui >ards for the
Preparntlons arc in for the annual en
tertainment and in r the Union I: I
I ♦>_!••■ H*rlem Casino on the evening <>f
a Tho axfa ■ ■ • n t O f a
coir.mltite ccn^isiins <>( Thomas M. Cahill,
A. Carey. Ja ,■■ v:l Philip
■ -agher.
The rec< : ladles' night recentlj
Casino was iargeiy attended. Some of tl
were M!sb Alice Kenny, Mlsa U
Alice Hagerty, Miss May Wl el Mis, Alice
Thomas M. Cahill Will!
1 ■ Lyons
' 'onnell. 'i ■ naa i
• t Pietz Ed
■ ' ■ tcCartl
Frederick bilt and Mis. Margaret
Bottoi . -if honor at :i tea given at
No. &/; Laxlngton-ava on
Mr. and Mrs. A. Arthur Alfred Brook* have In
vited a number of friends to meet Ensign .7. null
Comfort, of the battleohlp Texas, on New Tear's
night, January -. at the Gerard. Tho occasion will
v.- an i i io snow party, and powdered coiffure-*
aro requested. Mi 3. Brooke was formerly Miss
Anita Comfort.
I J Merritt, jr., will formally Introduei
:u!.i :.-, the Misses Marls and Bailie Merritl
the Buokingham oa Wedi
living win be the MiHse«
H< len Hari
and Mrs. Arthur Van Blclen itnd
■ -
Mrs. George \V. Hanna, of St. James Court Nine,
ty-second-st. nd Broadway, win entertain with
a ruchre party on Tuesday afternoon and bridu'
whist on Thursday even I
Ur.fler the aunplces of tho Euterpe, Club, one of a
series of cerd parties was held on Monday after
noon at tho Hotel 3t. Andrew,
uptown wpmen uro Interested inttoh o eon.
be «:v. ii by the woman's auxiliary or the
I :. ll««-ptal and Dispensary, on Tv ids
• ! •' ■' 'Waldorf- . g M , ; . ,•„„,,,, •„„,,, „
ai the ii.
■ Nt „{ Frii
An excellent pmpramine has been arranged for the
musical tea which is to b» h»ia at the home of
Mrs. Henry Clarke Coe, No. 8 West S«venty-slxth-
Bt., next Tuesday moon, for the hem fit of tho
scholarship fund of the National Society of N< w-
Eng'.and Women. A meeting of the toeiety will
tako place on Thursday afternoon, at De monlco'e.
The entertainment committee has arranged to have
Via* M. K. Amlubon then trivo a reading on the lives
of time famous New-England women. This commit
tee b composed of M s Kdw n Hall Shethi r, -,har
man: Mis. Albert 3. Newocmb. Mrs. Kuwanl Davis
Jones. Mrs. Horace Tinker and Mrs. Antonla
Mrs. Chester In^eraoll Richards, of No. 115 River
side Drive. 13 at homo on the second Fridays.
The West Side Assemblies will dance on F/lday
evening nixt Bt the. Leslie, Eightv-thlrd-Ft. and
Children of the Sheltering Arms, One-hundred
and-twenty-nlnth-et and An r*., will have
a I ir^e share of brightn as siren to th
mas by Constanta) I mmandery. No. bt
Dancing will follow the twenty-third aJrhual
vaudeville and reception to bo he"d hy the Harlem
Democratic Club, at the Casino, or. Wedi
January n.
A tnll will be- given by the Waverly Boat Club on
Friday at the Harlem Casino. Sioux Lodge, Xo. 3.".7,
Knights of Pythias, will entertain with a mas
querade ball on Saturday at th.i Casino. The Wash
——t ' *
Who mado her drbut last Monday at a dance given
by * i r mi
ii'frton Helpht ; Quartet Club will give a children's
Christmas celebration there next Tups 'ay. Events
held at tho =ame place ihr- last week mcl a
ball hy the K> nmo o Social Club, 'ast n'ght, r.*'. a
whist ; dan c, v der : ho» auspices or ihe
Needy ciety, o.: Thursday.
The Rev. and Mrs. I'r- ":"ii.*k n. Carter announce
the engagement <>f their daughter, Mi-a Gertrude
ri ■ : Alfred Gilman. of the American
Mis lon, at II inkow. t Ili i. Miss Carter is at
. vwih tl.o mission and Mr. Gilman
Is oi La Platte, Neb.
Mra. George O. B of No. 8 East Eighty
second- t., '. i for a reception to be
: :1 debut on
ly afternoon, Januai i 2.
Miss Margaret te Schoonmaker has organizad a
club of llarlemltes to meet at the St. Nicholas
Skating Rink on Thursday afternoon. It will be
llirlted to twenty members. They Include Miss
Jennett C, Rugney, Miss Merle L.. Clearwater, Miss
Agnes Short, Miss Mary C. Teffean, Miss Ray C.
Glenmore, Mlsa Agnes O. Desmond Miss M. I.
Pesmond., Mlsa May Cullen. Mlas J^anr.i Kennedy,
Miss Margrette May. Miss Kath'rlne Keating, lUi
Margrette Shay, Miss Alice Cullem, Miss -Ncllio E
Smith Mis^ Marie B n c. M>s Loui o N. Ryan,
Miss Mabel Ostrander and Mias Catherine ■-> an.
Announcement la mmie of the engagement of Miss
Ellen Rogers, daughter or William O. Rogers, of
New-Orleans, to Arthur L. Merrlam, of New- York.
A. Tuletide reception and musical will bo given
nt the Manhattan Square Hotel, West Seventy
seven th-at., on Thursday evening, unJor social
auspiues, for tha benefit of a "Gentlewoman's Aid
Fund. The proceeds ar© to be used tis tho nucleus
of ;i fund to aid women of education and refine
ment who vie temporarily embarrassed., Mme.
Mario L. Ranke will give recitations of French,
German and English poems, assisted bj Mme.
Abbie S. Frldenberg, soprano; Mis. Leland Hunter,
pianiste. and John Bland, tenor. Amon^ the women
who havo been invited to assist in receiving ht<j
Mrs. Arthur yon Briesen, Mrs. W. A. Burrows, Mrs.
Clarence Burns, Mrs. Many C. l; >>■. Mrs. Max
imilian Bonwlt. Mrs. Henry Clarke Coe, Mrs. How
ard Carroll. Vli a Grace Dodge, iirs, Peter Doelger,
si-.. Mrs Joseph l>u^n>. Mrs. William Dunning,
Miss Mtadeleine Ehret, Mrs. George Flnck, Mrs.
John H. Flagler, Mrs. G. C, O lesson, -Mrs. Daniel
Guggenheim* •■. Mrs. John S. HuyJer, Mis. George
Jaycox Mrs. ' >!:;. L. Gray, Mrs. T. F. Kaughran,
VI 8 Edward VI. Knox, Mrs. William Falconer, Mrs.
Edward Lauterbaoh, Mrs. Percival Kuehne, Mrs,
W <'. Leonard, Mrs William J. Moran, .Mrs. Harry
Norton Mai ■. Mrs, E. Perez Lopez, Mrs. N. Archi
bald, Mis Christian Steinmetz. Mrs. Dore L>yon,
Mrs John A. Sullivan. .'!. . R. H. Savage, Mr:-.
i..v.i-; H Spence. Vlrs. Rtitlolf Schaefcr, Mrs.
Charles Bteinway, .'• iss Mary V. i:. •; ■> i.
Mrs Leonard Weber und Mrs. .f. Gilbert While.
•; „ Alumnco Auxiliary Association of tho Catho
lic Summer School of America will repeat the seriea
oi* subscription dances which proved so successful
last year, at the Hotel . Ie, on the evenings
of December -■>. January 3> and February 24. This
association is composed of women \\i\o are grad
uates of ihe various Catholic institutions nf learn
ing, and who assist In the maintenance of the
courses of lectures al the Champlaln Assembly.
The directors art chosen annually, and include i\ ai
dent representatives in thi important cities of the
',:;..■ from Montreal !•> l; Ulii . Tex.
The midwinter meeting this year will be held at
2 p. m., Do« imber 28, at the ■ atholic Club in this
city. The Very Rev. Monslgnor Michael J. Lavelle,
vicar general of i-Ms dloc cc, will preside, and the
lir?;t dunce, to bo held the sai •■ ■■ ninj . will be In
the nature of a reception to the visituiß members
from other cities, The ofllcers the a ; >>:i
are M.: Kate O. presl n( ; Mrs. i . ■
Edward Kammack, vice-pre^idt-nt; Miss t;r • •..vid:i
Mclntyre, of Philadelphia, second vlce-pri at;
Miss Prances M. Lynch, of New-Haven, third vice
president, and Miss Mary Jones] secretary. The
.in., -tor.-. Include Mrs. John B. RUey. of Plattsburg,
N. V.; Mlsa Katherlne B. Conway, of Boston; Miss
Rose ligon, "t Syracuse; Mi-.s Yon Groll ol ! ton;
Miua link, of Providtne»», li. L; Mrs. Jami Don
nelly, of Paterson. N. J : Mts i. ■:. • f ■ ■
Miss '■'.. O. Lounhlin. of Long I blind City; Mrs,
Edward V. McDonald, ol Harrison, N. .;.; Mrs.
John 11. McDunuUtfh, of Dullaa, Tex.; \1!-.. iiar
low, of Boston; Airs. :.!i oy.of Montr al; ■' i • -
J Mouney, of Uufi'alo; Mr.--- llurgarel .-. Mooney,
oir the Sttt«« Normal < ollece, Albany; Mrs. Warren
K. Mohlht, ol New-Rochelle, N. V.; Miss Mnll.iny,
of Syracuse; Miss power, ol Philadelphia; Miss
Monica Ryan, of Loni Island < ity; Miss Sweeney,
of Rochester; Mlsj Marj Clare, of Philadelphia:
Mis., Helena Goeiwomn, of Amherst, Mass., and
>iiss Mary Crowley, oi i> t >lt.
These directors call lucctlnga <>i' the Catholic
women living in the vicinity >.i their various cen
tres , and seek the attainment of a twofold end
viz., that ihe work of tUo summer hool mtybi -
conia better known, and thai tho rervtcc-s of cnii
u»iit lecturers, especially In tW<- department of lii
rr.uinf, tu*t.,i> and Bcitnce, may ■•. secured by i i.ft
creation .•• a fund for that purpose. Their efforts
have hithert . b< :i crowned with much success, anq
niany noted m*n from the different universities
have given Instructivi oursei at Cliff Haven on
Lake ' hamplain during the Bummer months Dur
ing ii f :■• Hi lon of 19W lecture* were given by pro
fersor .1 D. ■: Foul. ..f Harvard University ; the
Ri v. James T. Vox, of Bt. 1 homas'a College Wash.
tin ton Dr. James J. Walsh, •>: St. Francis Xavler
Colleg'!, New-York «-*lty; l»ri.fcssor James C. Vlona
rhan, of ii.' Departnienl ol Loinmerce mul Lnbor
Washington; Janiti Jeffrey Roche, of Boston; Vm
fetsor Barr Ferric, ol the urookiyn trstitutc, and
ul!.. r lecturers.
Among tii- women directors resident In New-Tork
City are Mrs. Prank i 1i 1 CTunnlon, Hat Mary A
Curtlss. Mrs. Tt oni is T. i'-vni. M>, , : i
Oniesple, Mrs, John J- Barry, Mlsa Mary c Hart
Mlea Vivian Hallei Hart, Mr* Anna o. Jones Mrs!
Thomas P. Kcl.v. Mlm Mlnni* I. Meade, Mlaa Anna
Murray Ml.- Jennli Nau|»htr.n. Mrs James E Bui
liva:., Mrs. Katiurin- M Tworney, Miai Annn I tok
Mrs, William ii. Pulleyn and .Ms.s. John R, Salmon!
The officers elected U>*t week by the Rainy Piy
Club ar.;: President, Mr*. A, M. Palnie r (unani
mously re-elected); fttst vice-president, Mmc, Evana
yon Klenncr; second vice-president; M rH Samuel
■chid . third vice-president, >!'•*• Esthoi Hermann;
fourth vice-president, Mrs. Louisa Eldrtdge; corre
sponding secretary. Mrs. Qeorga Btudwal] recording
6ecretary, Mrs. Urke CollafJ; treasurer. Mrs. M.
CJThe highest type of FAMILY SEWING
MACHINE— the embodiment of SIMPLICITY
I^Of its many valuable and unique features, The
mands notice. It is a veritable boon. Raising the
presser-foot automatically releases the thread ten
sion and allows the work to be FREELY WITH
DRAWNno breaking of needles possible. De
pressing it instantly restores correct tension.
By this sign ifflt§i Singer Stores
you may know xS^L&S '- 1
and can find fthpjjw Every City
B. Kinsley; assistant treasurer. Mrs. J. H. Van
Tine: auditor. Mrs. Charles O. Irwin: chairman
exec^'.ive committee. Miss Sara Palmar; first mem
ber executive committee, Mrs. Alice W. Clifford:
second member executive committee. Mrs. George
Clark; third member executive committee. Mrs. J.
C Wood; fourth ir ember executive committee. Mrs.
A. D. Livingston: chairman ways ami moans oom
mltee. Mrs. Horace A. Rounds; chairman member
ship committee, Mrs. John Francis Harry; chair
man helpful committee. Mrs. R. M. Vermllye:
chairman committee on branch work. Mrs. Arnold
Schramrn: chairman of proKramme committee. Mrs.
Carrie Oilman Edwards; chairman committee on
hy K iene. Dr. S. J, MacN'utt: chairman commit on
music, Mrs. K. H. Fique; chairman committee on
nrt. Mrs. Robert Martin: chairman commit on
literature, .Mrs. George B. Wall!*: (.hatrman recep
tii.n committee, Mrs. H. H. Russell: chairman gn st
committee. Mrs. \V. A. Deerinsr: chairman refresh
ment committee. Mrs. J. A. Brown; chairman intro
duction committee, Mrs. A. E. Stone, and chairman
Carol Club. lime. Anna DoriOß.
Miss Louisa Fischer, who save a course of lectures
at the home of Mrs. Charles Hunttngton Gardner.
Xo. €t>7 Fifth-aye.. has arranged for the same
lectures In Newark, on Thursday mornincs at U
o'clock. January 19 and '.'•'. February 2. ■'■ 16 end - :! -
They Will be erven in tho drawing rooms at Mrs.
Thomas Kinntry. Miss A heel. M. Fran 1- Bwaysa.
:m:.-3 Cotbeat-Smttb. Mrs. Ailing and Miss Towns
Alfred Xa*h Peadlesfon, of No. 44 West Fifty-rlfth
st., lias sent out cards for the marriage of h!s daugh
ter Helen to George Foster Rawlins. The cere
mony will take place at the Church of the Trans
figuration, East Tu«;nt.v-niiith-st.. on the afternoon
of Wednesday, the 28th lust., at i o'clock. Mr.
Beadleston and Mrs. William Dunlap Maxwell will
give a reception to Mr. and Mis. Raw Una at 3::>0
o'clock on !>•. ember Si at the hume of the bride,
No -a Wei ■ Flfty-ttfth-st.
Mrs. Peter Talbot Peterson hus issued invitations
for the marriage of her daughter. Beatrix Talbot,
.His.in Blakeman on the afternnon
d v. December St. at 4:30 o'clock, a: St.
.:. Brooklyn Xicighta.
Mr. Bnd Mrs, John Hobart Bpreirue are at the
Ansonia for the winter and spring month*
Miss Bollard, ut the Florence. No. MB East Elgh
teenth-st. is at borne <>n Wednesday*.
Mrs. Henry A. 81l 9 will be at horn- for the sea
son on Tuesdays at her house. >>'"■ 121 West Ninety
id Mrs Edward <T Andrews and Mlsa
: • ii.: 11...1 1.. . t home .it tl'.e
p tc*. Mrs, an 1 M
Mrs. Story, oi' the Austin, Ftfty-ftfth-at and
Broadway, entertained the regent and members of
r, Daughters oi tho American
;....... p. m. Mi s. John
aper oa "Recollections of the
A co. • v ie of "Bible Talks" by r.ir
has i>,-t:!i ar ■ -i group ol women fi r
T ■ sdays at v o'clock a. n; . irom Decem
ber •"> to Mari b 14. Tl i etlcg was held .it
the home i ( Mrs. E. J. Herrlck, No rhirty
. • Mrs. De Witt
■.v:.3 host. On
■ 1905, the ' ; lss ■will meat at the home of
Mra Clinton P.. Ftak. So. 175 West Flfty-eigl
Tali otfa, No : West
■ it i-st.; January 31 at Mrs. William H.
Lou's, : '-ninth-st.;
a i i ai Hi hard i> <-• •■ ■■■ d \ and Febru
les C D l«< . No. . West, !
third-sl Ihe la t m. •tj k, ou
a ■ ■ ■*. K. M. Schieffelin,
I ftl ■•■ Mr*. Harden r..ik.- Crawford.
9 !• .-• Coigal i >J. < "ornell, Mi*, t ;
y llofign n. Mra William W. Hop pin, Mn. John
1 Irelu ' - • s. \V. U. H.
Martin, Mrs. N. J. Munro, Mrs. F.dgar Park, M:-j.
v tes D. Stickney, Mvs.
Mrs. F. W
ii. Van Eml ..j;h are other
women interest* ■..
Many of His Small Charges in Children's
Court Receive "Good Certificates."
Even a casual visitor to the Children's Court,
who had never heard of th<* raralc system or ih«
gold and silver certificate* that Judo Deucl had
tip hia sleeve, could have told there wua "something
doing" yesterday morning. For one thing. Judge
Deuel bad Elbrldsa T. Gerry, president of th*» So
ciety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
■ttttnc ut bis right hand, and when Mr. Gerry, bo
lua ona of the fovcraora of Urn New- York Hos
piuii, had to leave to ■ • about Christmas that*,
ex-Mayor Low took bis pit .-.■. ,iu.ij4.- John B. Me-
Kean was there, too. and likewise by Invitation.
On tho Other Bide of the brusa fence the court
room *v;uj tilled early with a. <ru\\d of tho usual
women la aha win and bUick plush capes and no
hats, lollurlcsa and onsbavtd men, and «> nnuiy
boys and girls them in hardly breathing spo.cq.
and certainly no room la sit down, So tiu-y stood,
lirst on ens foot, then on the other, or hunx tUeui
selves over the railing.
For a month back Judge Donel haa been paroling
all the ellUdna ho could, and to pretty n.-.irly every
boy a::>l j^iil WSw has eosae beforn him he ha.-. Jii.iil.i
a little -speech, something like this:
"My dear boy (or. my deal girl), I want to be
your friend. I want to help you make a man of
yourself, If you'll let me. I want you to atop mak-
ARE SAD. Protestor |. EiuaKth Terr
3& kins can make ail happy and youthtui looking ir» j
y minutes with the happy and tfhful looking in ;
minutes with the w< Far
Treatment an d tile row Toonpkms light.
ffy/*'W From 10 to 15 years permanently removed boa
■y^A Jf your face after Profe»sor J. ebttbetb Tompkms'a today.
+ ;* h\ Treatment.
s%kvi Wrinkles, lines, puffy eves, dark circle*, drooping UJs and a'!
FY of From 10 to IS years permanently removed
your face alter Professes J. hlual
Wrinkles, lines, puffy eyes, dark ci:c>«, drooping !:ds an j a".
traces of old age vanish under th:s won lerful trejt i
■'iOy^ freckles, pimpies, and all facial def?ct> entirely rtuwd
' The luxurious and commodious Tonipk'ns's Electrical Parlor* ar'
equipped with all kinds of electrical apparatus tar nervous diseases, at
iomnia, spinal trouble, headache, etc. You are cordially welcomed.
Late Professor of I>ermatoloer Ilarvry M»diril rolles»,
Orlcinator of lllectrlcHl 1 ;»rlal rrrutni»-at.
Oppuoite Waldorf -A.iturU.
25-27 West 34th Street, New York.
A box of famous Rouse Paste will be given free of durgt to e-.rry o-^
bringing this advertisement and t.ik.rv a fl 00 ElectncaJ \;hratr>r\ raca)
Treatment. This oifer holds good uni I JANUARY IStb. IO!!5.
RFCKWRLL (^'-^"'
< I RE r>AKI lilts,
IS* Vast ».'U M., nrur DrnJsir
IpwWW iif.r • •> r:r.<. Mare*) \\ i
PwMlsh tv.ai Kaasaaa awl X
Choice Han- ilon.Ja «nd ('rrmn'r.:- I I
ny- w.^a and Ten :
aratlons. Tel. 12S1 — Jatß
G. MALITO, tmlor
171 and ITS SIMM ■«:- . seat U th-«» Tn'.ir -n»d« »•• ••
to order. JCo uf>. Stilts to Wdu i t ;, r ■■■•■r >\: —„••- i
up. Cravenettes to ordT 813 Tip. I»rf*-: tti r>i»-
Ins the tears flow i.own your mother'e <*c**ks. I •
i way yog are Cjliig.
■"I couhl send ycu away, .you know, tn tr. ' < . I
I we lid much rather let tool on parole. and ae*
.if you can't ace up all by yoursel*. WIH 3 •
t>ronil»^ to try to be good tl 1 let you ou: on. paro!*.
mi- bo;?
'And i want you to coma back on December :, -
that' the day before Chrtstxaas Day. yo-.: kr.ow
and bo al»le to tell m-- you'vo be«-n good. Make
a Christmas present of a gocd. clean record, won't
And with that :>.o judge would look at th» young
prisoner with his ■ ennratlr.g. friendly eyes, ar.ii.
of course^ thero w : asn't a toy or girl that did not
promise to do hi a or her best and come back en
IX-ceniiDor Cl Witt) a lovely Christmas present in
th» shape of a good conduct record for his honor.
Yesterday they ail cam-- bs -k. with their Eaotosn
or fathers, to see their friend the Judge. The ( »
were forty of them, it was nearly U bel • tha
regular panel of cases waj disposed of. T: <> a
happy time began fas that grimy, iiir-.y covrtroom,
with its essemhlwg^ of bad smells. One after ar.
otl:er tr.o boys and g!rl3 trijped up, srr'.l'.r.g anJ
dimpling. ; ;. >>s. <: and proud. .-.d the Juda - sniiled
back, looking pifffcTWl and proud, too.
Judgo Ik ■...•! had reason to 10->k pleased. It wa«
the :'.:.-i time tin's Chrlstmas-preseru jr
had br>en used, and it was nil ... I> % <:-. :'* iii"a.
Ho bad fuith»r ptamwd to make « Chrtstmas pres
ent on btai part to . . : ■ Id Wbo I I Ighl in *
good record— a handsome certifleat*, bejariaaj a £"! '.
sea] in v..-.- ease of an a. boy or girl, a s''.\ct se;».
for the child who had been good, but not <ju::-«
good enough to merit the g^H Mod ■ Tn^
gold seal me.int discharge; the" silver seal nuor.i a
conttnuanre ><? parole, !>•: the cbild'a i-»;i •■
Of the fort) p: i i< - . • v a a witli
their Christmas pw enta tor bJa hor.or.
received b gold s-al ; lie, twelve - ettver. Ot
Om remalnteai eleven, ;t,i of whom haii I'-'id re.
arda for the last month, soma :n;:st eoittlniM w
report im>"lMy to ::. ■ rrj '. :ner* »»i!
¥♦ Nt aw; iv.
Judge Dcuel especially requested that no r.r.r
bs mentioned by any ■ : •
\v;i< part of hia Chi bsti • :>t.
The certlfieatea bon I (top the Ugena "Hm
tsty, TruUxfulttess, Industry ai.a KOUI ness Th •
elemental virtut of : nd in* o
foundation o? aucess. Special - l Irst tn
vision City and County of Sew-York— Chiidren a
"At i regulai ■esslon of I <irt -
i held tho .'ith day "f Deo ihe >-:>r r..'.-t
teen hundred and four, this Certificate ■>: 3p«isJ
Ai rol al lon waa i ararded » ■ ■ • •
to be written la here) for i>;> - ;
: school, at nts home 1. 1 •: - *>' s -
I vi.ile on parole. JOSEPH M DEVEL* Ju
A brand :;■ « »*»J oi II ourt wa«
used to stamp the certificate i:i the lowei Uft l*.. -
Each child who received the Judg a erdfleata
t;oi ;i'.hu .i printed Invitation !■> att<
Chriatxaaa tr— of the <:•!.. ■ j the •*«»-
Ir-.t; at the soclaty'a rooms and t a ceata : " ear
' tore.
At the close of court Edward C. Vf. the <-!ert.
i sprang a surprise K \n hi* ho:.<>r and rxurybogr
lir«scnt. It id Judk'tt I>eile:s Hal-.: \\!r:. ■•-■Sv
<• grossed I"- ■ casej to bays a pad In rrv'ut*"
him. and draw little r. l in-n and mk pictures. •?
it. He t'iiir;ks It helps him to concentrata bJs nwJJJ;
s-. bm ft th«» results of this mental concentraflP
are very bitercstinK< ' f occur wd :>> Mr. Lr« t»
collect ten of these impromptu aketchea and - m
! th< ii' In oak and gold and present thrza »i:S •»
appropriate sketch >ester<.lay to Judge Deuei ..
-Pen sketches !>y one of tho Children'a Frleag* .
ran the Inscription. "Drawn whila conitiW™
how to mingle the plea oi twt* with law. C-X;
m.icv and cotapassfen. and r< ' «fr dsctsioas v* 1
Will prove to be for ihe be^t lntert-sta of the ' cor
unfortunate, misguided and BBtcarvd fi>r littl* oaa.
waiting at th«» l>ur of Justice in the atsjht o*^
and man. Result, Dlawnjargsd w> Motaor.' "
"1 have Icon very much tut trested," "*'■& *,
Mayor LOW, as h-> was la«T*«a Urn COUTt, TJJ 1
I think the court Is d< Inn paosl valuabla «""*
This method of >!.m!!iu with chiUrvi narks ag
Immense m lvanc« over th« old raeMMKbx mwJ "■
rfallv eartytaa th.- Christmas spirit into th* re
lations between soolety and thu children *W •»
Among the entries at the cutoniobl!* exhioltloa
lit Paris this month are a lot of coats, rob«». vails
and amtsV ull er.teretl In tha OSCBpttltSoa for M
Mobile costume that »h*!l aesaM ullUty ""- 1
In 1 11 mill! uses and a lack el anything eccentric.
Tho competition »-< th-eefo'.d. Otio c'im compr!3*»
costumes, in which all aorta of mot. tips •^"l 9 ",:':
an Included Anothei consist si bsadgosr, .«--.J ' *
third of motortna aceetaorks. The models at* aau
to attmel much ..; it in lon a!th.uu-a the i'arssienne.
true slogan that she is. h«H ulw.is.s prefrnJed t..i
the whs u,uWi> indifferent to t.i« ißipresaion ■
might leave on the publlo when shn»ting p«at •'
her "auto,"
The Hair Col rim Bp«xiStlrt, haa 1-f- ..
Fimonson. on Brotfawa) an-J has ori«ne.! »
larite •MAMtsbmaai ;>■ 10 »i i -. i StfWU >T
k*t«*M BrMkdws] ai. i r..h ,\ . • . _ «
naniu •{
»h»r« ka v :.l continue hi» most ear»f :'
ar'i •xevtlent w .rk -v::"» u.% in th« r«"
STRICTLY PRIVATE, l'p tr. r>at« H
i»-<-i »-<-< i i! u r . Mantcora *n<l SBaispea Koama.

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