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Warner Miller* Purchase of 10,000
Shares of M. «$ 1). on Dan of Failure.
The only witness ;.est?rd.ay in the Munroe &
Monroe bankruptcy proceedings before United
States Commissioner Alexander was Edward W.
Curtis, office manager For the Iras, who was ex
iiir.ir.ed by Samuel I'ntrrmycr. attorney for the
firm"* creditors. Mr. Curtis, in the course of his
testimony, told of tin* purchase of ten thousand
r-harrs of Montreal a: <i Bostcr stock on Decem*
bar 7. the day Monroe A Munroe suspended. b>
cx-l"!)itod State* Senator Warner Miller* at $250
a phnre.
"Every orte In this /asp seems suddenly to
have <:< re* a case of the grip." said Mr.
Vnterir.y r at the resumption of the hearing.
"George Munroe has ha grip and I>cauclerk also
has the grip. 1 expected to put Mr. Munroe on
the stand this morning, and had a number of
very ir.icreFting questions to ask him. but 1
understand he has the grip."
Promptly at noon Mr. Curtis came in with a
big Rrmful of account book*, and was sworn.
He first became associated with Munroe & Mun
roe in I!*'' hi testified, receiving ■ salary of
£ 4.4k Ml a yean
"You claim now to be a creditor of Munroe &
Munroe. do you rot, and as such demurred to
the petition In bankruptcy?*' ask^d Mr. I'nter
Q.— You Halm In ly a creditor of unpaid salary.
do you not? A. — Yes.
Q'— What husiv.es* wcr* Munroe & Munroe in
■»h*»n yon tirst went with tlnsn? A. —They were
f-Filing the old Montreal and Boston stock.
Q.— What was that capitalization? A.— II was J300,
(**>. at J-i I sl.are.
q._ Whose Ft<«'l; wns it that you were selling?
A.— X" far as 1 kn.iw, it was ostensibly Munroo &
y.— What did th« hooka show A.— kept no
books then, litre. The books were in Montreal.
Q.— Munroe — - Munroe d^alt pridpally in the
Marconi Company. ■;■ Nt they? A.— Teas.
y.— Did the firm fcr.ve any customers? A.— No,
v,-. wrre trading o:i our own account.
Q.— You didn't umlerFt^nd that your firm was
marketing Montreal md Boston sto.-k for the un-
Fdrrwritins syndicate, then? A. — I might hay? as
eumed that.
Q.— You retaeial>er the consolidation? A.— Ye«.
Q.— What iiroj-.erti<-s did the firm of Munroe &
Munroe contribute to thai consolidation and what
peenntirs did it receive? A.— l don't know.
Q.— ivook at tbess hook* of Munroe & Munroe
and then sr-' if you car. inewn? A.— l think that
was ail don< by contract, and the books I don't
think show that.
«»».— The lwioks ttoul.l show nil the firm's trans
actions, wouldn't they? A. — Yes
Q.— Then loolc at them .-.nd tell us. T.ook at the
capital account. A. — The capital account was
written off in the profit r.nd loss account when this
ledger was opened, in January, 1904.
"Now let us look at the general stock ac
count and see what It will show," said Mr.
Th- witness thumbed through the books and
seemed somewhat unfamiliar with them. Mr.
Untermyer asked Mr. Curtis to show what the
argots of Munroe & Munroe were at the time
the books were opened on January 1, 1904.
"We want to know what property the firm
owned at that time." said Mr. Untermyer.
The witness pointed to an entry showing that
the firm owned G0.037 shares of Montreal and
Boston stock on January 1, 1904, and later
found a second entry, made on July 1, showing
that 33,400 shares had been transfered to a
special account.
"What was tins special account?" Mr. Unter
rnyer wanted to know; and. continuing, asked
Mr. <"urt:s to explain an entry relative to 31,<)00
fhares aa the dr-bit side of the account. All Mr.
Cvrtia oovld s »y sraa that it represented money
AGENT? WANTEI 1 , Perillat automatic
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215 WEST B1I?T-«5T.— Finely furnished,
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ences required.
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I—ls EAST 45TH-BT.. or>-s <lojble and
Kinele room, with bonrd; refeience.
PARLOR iSI.'ITE: one cttier room; terms
low. GLENN. lU3 West butb-et.
ia west a3D-4*T<— ExcepttooaHy, ne»ly
fuiT.lfcheJ. hi flf, double ioonis; one Dtted
f<r phynciar™ n»-ar Broadway; r*nne<l;
caterer on jjnnjl^es; ref<>-»-n-«-ii.
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l<x-atioii. near subway naiion. 270 West
UAIUiC and si!.:- rwm?; board i«-a?ona
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Btt KAST 4HTH-ST.— Sult^ of two ro-ims.
with (irivata beth, accesd f.oor; very ex
clusive; reiereuos.
T2l> ST.. 133 WEST.— l>nraWe rooms,
tWttb t -,a-(l, references .-xilr^nged.
<r.TH-5T.. 1» EAST.— Prirat*. !ii R h class
boose: for BeaUeflaesi onl> ; newly dwo
ra-.fi ar.ts <.on:i.lftely famlKhed »vi-/;j brass
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89TH-ST.. Ca WI»-T.--l>aii7!?iTi! large,
light furnished or unfurnished: mtxlern
COarcsSenoe: raitabU two iieo;.;e- reason
able, woou.
Advertisements for The Trll<une will
t>« received t: regular .-,.-« »i any
American District M»*srn£-{.-r iffle« m
the city until a j>. m , ati.i lorwarded to
the Publication Off.^e KitbOSS charge for
tfi»»nfncer fgrvice.
BOARD AMI JiOOKs '.\ « M I 1.
WANTI-D.— V.y ffrntlf mar. "v.TuTdaiißNeT
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ehsnjrtd. <;. V. H.. Trictm« rjituuu of
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tii. « -X W. \f. tLUIAv&Q,
«JS© i/Js 3^> L 1L 1 dWIJ c Columbus.
lAl.ftl CLEANING. Estab:ifhed Uttk
X \J! MIMS 'sfl_l_*l__l
Oldest, Largest, Most Modern,
457 AND 4» WK.-r «.VTII-ST.
Tel. til— SSth-fct. Established 1857. '
Cleans by oomiirssstrt a:r. ,u-jn., hand
cr on floor l.t>o Biaa<l«a> 421 East
«£th-st. COS - BRAXiiT Tel. ISS-a'ith.
THE CAPITAL STOCK at The Turkey Tied
Oil '" la $7,600 actually paid In. The
existing d'trta do no*. «*• -.-»1 J.'^»O Near -
York. D«*ml»r 81. it»H. He - W.
Everett. Jufcerh Jißm'.w. John 11. G«r<lner.
Trustees i^worn to b^fi/i" I'VVAfM> .'.
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_-~css £TATXO:«riI. Tiltjr- Office.
paid by Munroe & Munroe on account of the
consolidation.. The money was paid for the
Demora mine, the witness thought.
•You can now state, can you not, how much
stock Munroe & Munroe received of the con
solidated company on the consolidation on July
1, 1904?" asked Mr. Untermyer.
"Aproximately about 50.000 shares. it appears
from these entries." answered the witness, "but
I am not familiar enough with these books to
state exactly."
Q.— Wasn't a trial balanco made up and used In
the meeting between Mr. l»omls. Mr. L*>ach and
Mr. Munroe on the evening of December i. 1*04?
A.— No, not a trial balance, bat a partial list of
assets. , _
Q.— You were present at that meeting on Decem
ber 7 in the Waldorf- the night before the
failure. Wasn't the meeting: to determine whether
.the firm could ko en. with the help of Mr. Loomis
and Mr. L^ach? A.— l don't know. I wasn't told
what the meeting: was for. I was asked to brine
the statement and I did.
The statement, the witness said, simply
showed that about 100.000 shares of stock
were coming in the next day, and about $400,
000 would be required to meet it. The witness
said that nothing was said to him concerning
the firm's assets, although he admitted he hfV
•the firm's holdings of Montreal and Boston
stock with him in a tin box. Through the
books Mr. Untermyer brought out the fact that
Munroe & Mmiroe had on the morning of De
cember 7 188.701 shares and received 92.800
shares in the course of the day.
Q.— When the flrm failed it had but one share,
did it not? A.— Yes.
Q.— You g-ave Boose some stock on that day?
A.— Yes. ]••.'.<»>' shares.
Q.— And he cot the rent from Mr. I»omis later,
on December 12? A.— l don't know. Mr. Munroo
told me that he had given Mr. Horse on order for
the remainder of the stock.
Q.— And all that Munroe & Munroe had on that
morninff of the Bth, with which to meet 400,0*)
.■■hiirtN of If on real and Boston stock coming In,
was one share of Montreal and Boston, the sum of
$;' ?.•: in cash, .in unascertained amount of Marconi
stock, worth IS par. the office furniture and an
equity in loans? A.— l believe so.
Q.— And the collateral loans amounted to $ 0 «".8.V>.
and to protect these loan? 195,000 shares of stock
had been pledged at the average rate of 50 cents a
share? A.— l assume those figures are correct.
Q.— And all they bad really available to meet this
<00.0'X> shares they had bought was this $9,238 in
cash? A. — Yes.
Q.— And th" day before they had thousands of
shares of stock. How did they get rid of it? A.—
It appears thit 129,640 shares were sold through
brokers on December 7.
Q.— Was it paid for? A.— l presume so.
Q— What became of the money? A.— The stock
was sold for cash to take up the stock purchased
on the previous day.
Q.— How much was realized? A.— The sum was
J3&5.32') 29, these books show.
Q.— On the sale of how many shares? A.— 129,640.
Q.— And the balance of the I— USES exhausted the
stock, excepting the one share? A. — Yes.
Q.— And that represented the stock Boese pot, or
got orders for? A.— All except 15.000 shares that
iieauclerk got.
Q.— Who gave it to him? A.— He took it.
Q.- Is it not a fact thtit the stock was then selling
for J3 SO a shan A.-— Fes.
Q.— That would be W50.0C0. wouldn't it? A.— Yes.
but Warner i«illcr bougie 10.0 CO shares that day for
J2 St) a share.
Q.— Why should you sell Senator Warner Millar
that day for $-.'►> a share? A.— Mr. Munroe did It.
1 can't say why.
Q.— What does this entry in the capital account
of Munroe ft Ifui roi mean. "F. Brewer, 1900"?
What does that mean? A. — don't know.
Q.— On December 7 Brewer received 30,000 shares,
didn't he? A. — Yes.
Q.— Show me where they paid for it.
The witness pointed out an entry of
$42,570, and said that Brewer & Co. probably
offset the rest by other transactions. He found
an entry which read: "30,000—15.000—3 9-16,
103,930," a portion of the figures having been
stricken out and smaller amounts written above,
but he said he did not know who had altered the
figures. The $4L\. r »Ui> payment represented, the
witness said, the difference between the Boston
and Montreal stock Brewer & Co. had bought
on December 0 and the stock they had sold on
December 7.
Q.-But the books show you delivered Br«vw er tt
Co. 30,000 shares, but he only bought 1£,000? A.—
Yes, and he still has 15,0u0 snares to account for.
Q— On the day of tho failure Brewer got 30,000,
but you only charge him with 15,000. Why was that.
When did you Rive him that 30.<j00 shares? A.— On
tb» morning of the 7th.
Q.— Who authorised the delivery of that stock to
304-305-807 East Clst-st..
New-York, January sth, 1905.
To Mrs. A. Schweble, Mr. Watklns, Mrs.
Kate Larklns, Mr. J. Moses, Margaret K«rr,
L. Cavalli. Alex. Wllley. Mrs. K. Lee, Mrs.
Calvin. Dr. Henry Herbert, Dr. Thoo. Yon
Dragila, M. Goodman, J. H. Crelghton. Mrs.
J. Flaherty. Mrs. J. M. Strauss, Miss T.
Malion. Miss L. E. Raymore, H. ArnJt.
Mrs. Kate Cody, Clement Ludlow, Win
Nicholl, Marj' L. Csor___k. Mi*. L. Fisher.
Mrs. W. Curry, G. W. Goebel, Hiss Kate
Buaa. Bdw. Dale, Mte. Harp, Mrs J. Lynch,
Mrs. Htilllhar., H. Q. Spahn. Mrs. F. L.
Rucker, Mrs. D. Oalway, Nellie Lynch,
Mrs. GaFklns. Mr. or Mrs. H. Harris. Mrs.
Elliott, Mrs. J. rhomaa. U. A. r.r:ias. Mr.
Arnold. Mrs. E. Holland, H. A Connolly,
Hiss Leita Russell, Mr. George. Mrs. J.
Redding. Mr. Berber. Mrs. MerrUt. Mrs. H.
Devlin. Mrs. a. Hayden. Henry Laiiz. Han
nah • •asr.n.-.n, Mr. li F. We!,;,. L. E. Neu
mann _ Co., Mrs. J. bete— stata, Mrs. Leal.
Mrs. Knaj.p. Mrs. K. Macnamara. Mr. liux
ta:;m, Mrs. Got man, Mrs. Donoghue. S. H.
Spear, Mips Molendo Mr. lelschlager Mrs.
or Miss Booth, Miss F. Robinson, Frank
Zeruhn. A. Jackson. R. W. Goebler, Mrs. _.
Zurkner. Mlfs J. McNally. Henry J'reu
n.^rs. Eugene O'Keefe, A.ii.ie Glbbs. Geo.
Dub*-lle. Mrs K. Finnegait, S. E. New
mark, 1* Hiracb. Mrs. A. Bergen, A. Bauer.
H. );f;rilh and Mrs. O. Klauroth. You and
«-ach of you are :i»-reb> noting that, the
time for the payment of th» lien we hold
upon the property hereinafter described hav
ing expired, lifter due notice thereof had
been given you, this company will cause
su;h property, to wit, household goods, per
sonal effects and merchandise, stored by you
or in your name In the Glob* Btotaasj &
Carpet 'leaning Co. warehou^s, to be nold
at public auction, according to the statute
in such car* mad<« and provided, at the
warehouses, 805-307 E. 61st-st.. on Thurs
day. February »tb IMB, commencing at 10
o'clock a. m. If the sale be not completed
•i. the itth day of February, It will be con
tinued on every Thursday thereafter, at 1*
o'clock a. m., until all th* goods are gold.
Andrew B. Tetter. President.
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V- ML. viz . : SM Bth-ave.. a. c. coi _Jd--t
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Si V,-" ! *"'.'. " • -«-•«■ " th and Sth aye« ■
2C3 We« 125 t- 6 U; 1.338 3<3-ave.. between
'!*'•' and .7th m : I.U2C ■***••. near <51st
*!.; 1 "8 '!&*!?• n#ar B»th-lt.; 167 East
l^sth-tt.: ..'-. Trtmont-ave • »i6o 3d-ave.
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ttt West 125th-st. • 1.53-* Si s\e . between
'6th and ?7!n hts : 1.026 3d-ev*.. near slst
st.; 1,708 Itt-eve.. near Wth-rt.: 157 East
12£th-st; 716 T:ttoor.t-4vt . CSO BU-4VV*..
Brewer— those 30.000 shares? A.— Mr Munroe toU3
me to deliver it to him.
An adjournment was then taken until this
morning at 11 o'clock, at which time Mr. Unter
myer hopes to have Mr. Munroe as a witness.
Kx-S»nator Warner Miller yesterday after
noon declined to make any statement concerning
his purchase at the ten thousand shares of Mon
treal and Huston stock. One of his friends, how
over, recalled the fact that Mr. Miller became in
terested In Montreal and Boston through having
been one of the party who some time ago made
a trip or Inspection to the company's properties
in British Columbia. He added that Mr. Miller
had purchased the ton thousand shares several
days before the Munroe & Munroe failure, and
that it was only ■ coincidence that the shares
which had been bought by him at $2 50 had been
delivered to lum on the day when the market
price was about $3 fiO a share.
Humors of efforts on the part of the men in
volved with Munroe & Munroe in the washing
of the Montreal and Boston stock to effect a set
tlement Of the firms obligations, und thus bring
to a stop the disclosures which are being made
by the successive witnesses at the bankruptcy
bearings, were current in Wall Street yesterday,
but no confirmation of these reports could be
obtained in any responsible quarter.
Servant Identifies One Found in
Tucker's Pocket as Her Mistress's.
Cambridge, Mass.. Jan. 11.— One of the most in
t<roJt:!i2T pieces of testimony yet offered by the
prosecution In the trial of Charles L. Tucker.
i-harg«?ii with the murder of Mabel Page, came to
day. \\h'-n Amy Roberts, a servant In the Page
•>id. stated that a scarfpin which had been
found in the defendant's overcoat pocket was tha
property of Miss i'ago and was in a pincushion on
the latter's bureau on the day before the murder.
The witness Identified tho pin by the design and
two peculiar bends hi th« L shaft.
BCisa Roberts further testified that on the dny
Tucker called at the Page house to see Harold
Tape, lie also talked with Mabel Page. Miss Pa?e
and he, the witness ."aid, were together in tho liv
ing room of the Page home (or about ten nilnut-jn.
TUs was the first testimony introduced tending to
establish that Tuck- r was acquainted with thp mur
dered woman.
To questions intended to strengthen the govern
ment's theory that Miss Page was murdered in a
room on the lirst floor and her body dragged to her
bedroom on the second floor, Miss Roberts replied
that i lure were bloodstains on the outer panels of
th« doors leading from the tMtll to Miss Page's
room. After the murder, she had noticed that a
rug ni the upper hall hnd been partially rolled
i::\ and moved nearer the door of Miss Page's
In hi oom.
Marked Interest was aroused at the afternoon
session, when eGneral Jophanus H. Whitney, of
in.- district police, told of a conversation he had
With Tucker :il tho Newton police station on the
night that the prisoner was placed under arrest.
General Whitney stated that after Tucker had
been confronted with the knife sheath and the
broken knife blade, lie buried liis face In his hands
and said, "By Gee! This knife makes a bad case
According to th<> detective. Tucker said he was
going away for two or three months, or until the
affair hud "blown over."
The crowds that sought admission to the court
room w<-rc larger than ever to-day. Tucker bore
himseif with his customary air of nonchalance, but
showed more than usual interest in the day's tes
Providence. R. L. Jan. 11.— A slight fire on the
Joy Line steamer Larchmont last night, which ar
rived here from New-York to-day, caused some
alarm amomr the two hundred passengers on board,
although the excitement at no tlm> approached a
The blaze, which was occasioned by the insulation
on an electric light wire becoming defective through
the recent rough weather, started Inside tthe
sheathing above the door of the steward's room
on the saloon deck forward, near the dining room,
about 9 o'clock, when the steamer was off Bridge
port, Conn., and waa put out without serious dam
age in a short time. While some of the more timid
of th*» passengers wanted to have the steajner
headed to the nearest land, they were finally re
aasured by the officers of the vessel.
Removes Tan.
Fimplt*. Freckle*.
Moth Patches.
Haab and Skin
Is)! on
and de
tiee de
li has
the test
of 26
— i, X 9
, Is . CO
e:.d In so harmlesi. we taste It to be
sure it Is properly made. Accept no counter
felt of similar name. Dr. L A. Sayre said
to a lady of the haul-ton (a patient): "As
you ladies will use them, 1 recommend
•OOURAL'D'S CREAM' as the least harm
ful of all the .Skin preparations." For sale
by all Druggist* and Fancy Goods Dealers
111 th* U. 8.. Canada and Europe.
good income corresponding for news
papers. Experience unnecessary, Send for
CATE. Lockport. N. Y.
BANKBOOK NO. 332.347 of the Union
Dime Savings Institution Is missing. Any
person having a claim to it <9 hereby called
upon to present the sams within tin days
or submit to having said passbook cancelled
and a new one Issued.
LOST. — Passbook No. 90.917. Issue! by the
Institutions far the. Savings of Merchants'
Clerks. The finder will please return it to
the bank. No. 20 Union Square.
LOST.— Bankbook No. 304.429 on Dry Dock
Savings Bank Any person having claims
upon said bock Is called upon to present the
same to the bask within thirty days or the
mid book will be declared cancelled and ex
tinguished and a new one Usued In lieu
LOST OR STOLEN.- Bankbook No. 4C2.806
of the German Havings Bank, in the City
of New- corner 4th-ave. and 14th-st..
issued to Mlnnl Lackmann. All persons aio
cautioned against negotiating the sam«. If
not returned to the bank on the 2d day of
February. 1903. a duplicate will be issued.
LOST.— Bankbook No 440.010 of the Union
l>lme Savings Institution is missing. Any
person having a claim to it is hereby called
upon to present the same within ten days or
submit to having said passbook cancelled
and a new one issued.
In great variety
of style and
T. G.
111 Fulton St.
DESKS, rolltops. partitions, rollings safes,
200 dozen chairs, stock board.«, horseshoe
counter, with plate glass eases; counters,
sbelvinc. telephone booths; ptcies and of-
Ocas fitted. FINN BROS.. 28 and X Cen
SI (8iOT»(0)i»rS~
11l East 42d-st.— First class domestics are
supplied; also managing housekeepers, ma
trons, governesses, tutors. Ac.
AT REDUCED PRICES.— .floo seron<l -tiaad
wood and Iron working machine*; fully
guaranteed: machinery bought and ex
charmed. ''.TO H r:;»t v 3iiH Ma(llsnn-»t
BT—NOORAPHERS want the best; our air
pressed, non-roller typewriter ribbons
write and wear better than any others; do
not fill type; the Ink Is IN the ribbon, not
on the surface. Write for coupon entitling
to special prices this month only. H. M.
STORMS CO.. 11-13 Vande»ater-st, New-
TYPEWRITERS.— All makes sold, rented,
repaired. exchanged; tellable service.
GORMAN. 70 Nassau st. Telephone 2740—
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The,. Tribune received at their Uptown
Ofn>». %v 1.3«4 nrnadway, between 88th
and 87th sis., until 8 o'clock p. m. Adver
tisements received at the following branch
usßlii at regular office rates until 8 o'clock
p. ra. vis.: 264 Sth-ave.. a. a cor 23d-«t -
IT.:! <-th-av» . cor. |_t*l •! ; 02 Kan Htb-tt.';
257 ".Vest 42d-st.. between .th mii Hit ayes :
■M>. Wen 12Sth-st.; 1.82S M »va.. between
.«th *nil 77th ets ; 1.02« 34-avf ., near 61st
st; 1,708 let-tv*.. near B»th-st.
(22^9 P/iV.
miners for local engagements, club,
rhu.-ch an i private work. ROBERT R.
FROST. 103 East 125th-st.
PION SILK CO.. 63 Mill-st.. Astoria.
Long Island.
tive, Clerical, Technical. Salesman, pay-
Ing from $1,000 to $.\OUO a year; call or
write. HAPGOOD3 (Inc.). Suite SOB, 309
Broadway, x. Y.
WANTED. — An experienced man as assist
ant bookkeeper In a publishing hous3;
must be quick and accurate and a good pen
man. Address, with references, J. 11. W ,
270 West _»d-Ft.
WANTED. — thoroughly competent nurse
for child: Protestant, white. Call before
12 o'clock, at 301 Weßt "7th-«t.
BOOKKEEPER. &c. — German-American,
■ 96, understand* bookkeeping, seeks any
honorable employment: no canvassing;
Bteudy. willing; not afraid of work. \V..
Box 20 Tribune Office.
BOOKKEKPKR.— A*» 35; competent; dou
ble entry; experienced office man; con
versant with German, Spanish and English;
■..- . fair knowledge of IVench; suitable en
gagement; reference*. W. 11.. 253 V» Ver
nun-ave.. Brooklyn.
up to date man; 16 years* experience,
evening engagement: temporary or perm.v
nent. Address ACCURATE, Box 10, Trib
une Office.
BARTENDER.— By young married man:
sober and reliable; close mixer; ten year*'
experience. Call or address THOMAS
DATS. -138 llaltlo-st., Brooklyn, second
flight, right.
BOOKS opened, written up. balanced,
searched, permanent or otherwise, by
elderly expert. R. CASTLE. 428 Eaat
Uth-st., Brooklyn.
desires change; thoroughly up to date;
(■arable of complete management; expert
mixer. BRASS, care W. K. Adams. 642
Ko6<.-luako st., Brooklyn.
BAKER. — Pastry cook; Brat class on all
sorts cakes, pies, pastries, bread, rolls;
hotel, restaurant or bakery; sober, reliable;
rood refaranoea. CHAS. RESZ, 4 Morton
Place. Jersey < it-.-.
BAKER. — Foreman on bread and rake- will
work alone country preferred. 1., L. M.
4,003 ;U-u\ l*. ' • - '*
BAKKR— First class foreman; also second
hand on break, cake; city, country. 85
I". 'iM U st.
BOY, 16 at anything. Address IRVING
FRANK, 7.i 2d-st.
liOY. 15. in drug store: on* year's exrerl
rnce. FKAXIf ALOlfeg. 231 E. ifStn »t.
BOY. 1«. American. In office, with
change for advancement- good reference
E. WEIDHASS. 200 Went bOth-,t. '
BOY wishes to l-»rn to feed power prlnt-
In? press Address STEPHEN KALI>ON
1-3 East luii-*t. '
BOT, h;. with office experience, Tflth a
downtown fli;m: can furnish references
st., Brooklyn. *
CARPENTER, mason, ptasxerinr, painting
work; alt kinds of repairs; large or small
stores and oinces fitted up; smoky chimneys
cured; iiuy's work or contract; send vestal.
b West tl3d-st.
CARPENTER and BUILDER; day or con
tract. JOHN HAND. 330 East 4ath-st.
CLERK— A Da 'Witt Clinton High School
student, 18, wishes clerical position after
school, and on Saturdays; boat references.
C. HAAS. 324 East «4th-st.
> I..MM. corretpondence ' and trace clerk,
traffic iepartment mercantile house;
fninllUr with transportation lines; refer
ence present employer. SHELDON, 2.088
CARPENTER, with 10 year*' experience, in
business, soliciting, sketching and estl
mntlnit on work, desires similar position.
CRAIG, l.">« Wyckoff-at.. Brooklyn.
CARPENTER.— Handy man; can also do
palntlrg. plastering and kalsomlnlng; has
tools, F. KA.NDMErrZ, 834 Bast 40th-at.
years of a»«i can furnish security. B. B. t
rare of Huestis, 121 Bth-st.. Long Island
riiMj.;i'ror. for instalment house JOHN
LATimoi'K. 744» Ka»t 177 th St., Ilronx.
L'OI.LBOTOB — Young nvin. ■■ collector;
a. rural* and reliable; «,iod penman; can
tarnish bonds If requlrcJ. Address II J
UOI'LE. 448 East Math * .!:
t — l pw R. H. Macy& Co. 's Attractions Are Their Low Prices.
41 H/ ' J V B'wav at 6th Ay. (^Zy 34th to 35th St
Ready This Morning:
■6,700 wZSs Umbrellas,
Representing the Entire Surplus
Stock of the Foremost American
Ma nun fact Hirer and Importer,
Figure imaValeeQiviiiiig Sale That Has
No Precedent In Macy History,
Umbrellas made to retail up to )d» i ,<,** I Umbrellas made to retail up to 111 1 *•■* O i
$3 each, sale price .... f ipLOV i $8 each, sale price f apO.O^*
Umbrellas made to retail up to )£ -i <TftO Umbrellas made to ret-U up to )&a q<
$5 each, sale price -.... } 0.1,^5 $10 each, sale price f aP^.VU
Umbrellas made to retail up to ) at?**) a A Umbrellas made to retail up to )Cc QA
$7 each, sale price .. . . ] 4><£»O«t $12 each, sale price )
Also 30 Ivory-Handled Umbrellas, plain and sterling silver trimmed, very
elaborately carved; also richly chased designs in sterling silver, made to retail
from $20.00 to $25.00 each, sale price • • • 5 12.49
v . Main Floor, Broadway.
| —^jpT 1 All Paragon Lock Frames, American Lock, Colom
1 11 ilie irrameS. bia and other standard close-rolling makes.
rrr* j, "p; a j Pure Silk Serge, Lavantine and Taffetas, hemmed
11 -He MWeniflgS, j and tape edge; colors, plain and changeable— navy,
royal, garnet, cardinal, green, brown, plum and staple blacks.
~~7^T jTjj ' tT 1 Both imported and domestic designs; the most
11 me Hil&iniQJeS. widely varied collection we have ever presented:
French hand-carved ivory and genuine rock i Lizard skin post and hook-shaped handles —
crystal designs. I very distinctive and beautiful.
_ , . „. a ____. „ ,j Tortoise Shell, White Ivory,
French gray and oxidized sterling silver-odd _ ed ' Scorched Ivory,
art nouveau designs, plain and jewelled. Caned Ivory
Natural wood trimmed with gold and silver — j Pearl, Gold, Silver,
others carved — birds, horses and dogs. j Natural Wood, including:
Massive buck and cape horns trimmed with i French Oak, Weichsel,
gold and sterling silver. Congo, Boxwood, Furze
r . _ i x. ji .a ■-A i A*** 1 ' Partridge, English Ash,
Long pearl and ivory handles mounted with ! Madagascar Cactus,
gold and sterling silver. Rock &nA Zebra V ine,
Sterling silver deposit on natural wood — Loop, Hook, Crutch, Straight,
artistic designs. Gnarled, Root, Oxford, Military.
Gun-metal post-shaped handles capped with Opera, Princess and
sterling silver. i Prince of Wales effects.
At 59c. Umbrellas Made to Sell at 75c. and $1.00.
At 94c. Umbrellas Made to Sell at $1.50.
This collection will be made up of men's and women's 26 and 28 inch Umbrellas, covered
with English gloria, mercerized taffetas, piece-dyed taffetas and union taffetas; the handles of
natural woods, German silver and pearl, gold and pearl, German silver trimmed natural wood,
horns and gun metal.
These Umbrellas will be gathered on tables in various sections of the
Main Floor and Basement.
CARPET LATER.— By the day or Piece:
~or pla,'« in hotel. Address CARPET
LA EH, 347 East 62d-nt.
DRIVER^— By young man, 20; best of ref
erences. Address CHARLES HARRIb.
1.9 *> 3d-a\e. '
man; wishes to learn: no high wages ex
pected. M. CAMPOR. 02 Market-at.
EI^EVATOR RUNNER, experienced. In of
fice building or hotel; reference. EL
GKNE SULLIVAN. 123 East ll&th-st.
col.re.l man. C. P. M'KAY. 201 Prtnce
st.. Br >oklyn.
ENGINEER. — Experienced machinist; first
class references. 323 2d-st., Brooklyn.
experienced and sober. GUS GRAHN.
31 Plke-st.
FOREMAN. — Many year.-- e«perl«n"e on
custom coat.» and mall ordi-ra; ability to
manage help to employers' advantage; first
class reference. GEORGE M. PHILLIPS.
300 East 40th-st.
FARM MANAGER. — On an up to date
dairy and poultry fa.m. F. A. WHITE.
Whlppany, N. J.
HOTEL CLERK. — By German, 84; edu
cat:!; speaks English. French and Span
ish; good penma-i. OSCAR SCHAEFER.
230 East 26th-st.
JANITOR would like one or two houses;
handy with tools, painting and repairing;
also hot water supply. WILLIAM GEID
ER. 237 Cyyress-ava.. Evergreen. Long
JANITOR. — Man and wife Janitor for 2 or
.''. steaiu heated fiats: capable of all r»
pairs; best refeionce. J C... 2. 084 7th-ave.,
basement, rear.
MASSEUSE.— Doctor's reference: patients
treated at home or out. ALBRECHT. 2— !
Bast 117th-st.. ground, floor, right, bell «.
jig: and die work, desires changa; steady;
has had chare*. X.. 74 I'ulon-ave.. Cor
ona, Long Island. •
MARRIBD MAN. 35. wishes place of trust
when tamest effort will be appreciated;
Al references aa to character and ability.
C, "15 Am»terdara-ave.
PLUMBER. — By young man. 18; can wipe,
do Jobbing, or a» helper; *«. SCHWARTZ,
1.4U2 Mh~-ve.. 118th-st.
man; rooms palntel. ?1; papered. $160
i lncluding material); kalsomlnlng and plas
tering chtap; good work guaranteed.
PAINTER. 814 East 2Cth-st.
S<«od referenoes as to honesty, sobriety;
firjt cla3s workman; private, estate; city
or country. Adtireaa A. Z.. 1.445 SJ-ave.
PRIVATE SECRETARY or confidential
clerk, stenographer and typewriter; sev
eral years' experience; city reference. J.
P.. I'M West 118th-st.
PAPERHANGER, Ao. — German-American,
understands, painting, papei hanging.
ateam heat: handy with carpenter tools,
as porter or watchman; city or country.
807 Fulton-st.. Brooklyn, second floor.
PORTER, watchman or any kind of light
work, by middle aged man. GOLDINvi.
333 East 3Sth-Bt.
PORTER In wholesale house by middle
aged man; reliable; reference. Q. OL'M
brecht. 10« Ist aye.
PORTER. — Young man wishes position as
porter In a drug store, or dishwasher;
speaks French. English and Spanish. J.
M., IS Meet Place. Brooklyn.
REAL ESTATE.— Experienced, responsible
man would give his whole time to man
agement of an estate; bast references; cash
security or bond. J. P.. 420 West 118th-st.
man; linguist; experienced In office work;
best references. Call or address OIURIaTI.
116 Macdougal-st.
SHIPPING CLERK. 21 years; very best of
references; five years' experience; wishes
permanent position; city or town. C. JAKX.
Jr.. 18 Grand-st.
6ECRETART. _o. — American college grad
. uate as secretaarr or literary assistant;
good writer; knows French, German. Spaa
"sh. Danish well: Italian slightly < has
travelled much: excellent references. A, 8.,
care G. Train. 296 Manhattan-ays.
STRONG BOY. 17. wl«hea to learn eleetrlo
or ateam fitting trade. Address J. WIE
HER. 210 Btagg-st.. Brooklyn.
VVKBTERN YOUTH, 1". good penman, ac
curate mathematician, in offlos) where
strict attention to business will be aa- ,
predated. BTTINOB, 830 West 3Mr*l.
™ -
TOUNO MAN. American, married: thor
oughly understands the car* of cattle
inrt torses, on gentleman's place; two
1 years' reference from last place. BLiVEN,
S2O West 15*th-st. _
YOUNG MAN. 18, In office; some experi
ence as mall clerk and typewriter; willing
to start at $3 per week. HOETMANN. 7
West 118th-st
YOUNG MAN. 23, from country: college
graduate; position which offers chance for
advancement; good references furnished.
Address G. a Box 90. Tribune Office.
YOUNG MAN. 20. honest. Intelligent and
Industrious worker, desires a steady place
where advancement is assured: willing to
learn; references. HERMAN MILLER. 103
Bushwlck-ave.. Brooklyn.
YOUNG MAN. experienced, to put up and
repair gas and gasolene engines, or to
run one of either. E. NIELSEN. 411 Hum
boldt-st.. Brooklyn.
YOUNG Yale graduate; occupation after
noons after 3 or evenings, excellent refer
ences. ARTHUR D. MULLEN. S>7l Farfc.
ave. ■
YOUNG MAN, 19. at anything, no lees than
SO weekly; good references. WILLIAM
FOELSINQ. care of Kahn. 527 E. 86th-«t.
YOUNG MAN, 20, good education, good ad
dress. In office of mercantile establish
ment; three years* experience. Robert
Lcvinson, 32 Waverly Place.
TOI7XQ MAN. 23. having 4 years' refer
ences from H. B. Clanln Co.. In wholesale
house. GEORGE BLUM, 1.30* 2a~av*.
YOUNG MAN for real estate or landlord,
for general repairs, painting, etc.; in or
out of city. A. W., m Nelson aye . Jer
sey City Heights. N. J.
YOUNO MAN, 21. m shipping department;
can furnish best of references. WILL
IAM McCABE. 768 luth-ave.
YOUNQ MAN. 19, at anything with ad
vancement. G. MALCOLM. 630 West
TO UNO MAN. 18k In office of growing busi
ness; good advancement- high school edu
cation. _. M. HIPW'RI.u 37 Cooper- at.,
Brooklyn. #
YOUNG MAN. 22; willing to work In fac
tory, drlre or anything. __>WaP.L)
LEONARD. 847 East Soth st.
YOUNG MAN wishes to write at home: ad
dress letters or anything in writing mat
ter. WM. GOETZL. 754 6th-st.
YOTTNQ MAN. 21. as office assistant or
clerk; can furnish best references. JOHN
LOFQUIS'T, 269 all—Mil MIS Brooklyn.
TOCNG MAN. 22. In, wholesale house with
advancement ; quick and accurate at fig
urea: best references. HARRY EGBERT,
40 Wyckoff--st.. Brooklyn.
ADDRESSING desired for home work; ex
cellent, rapid long hand writer; terms,
wrappers. DO cents per thousand: envelopes,
$1 per thousand. Address PENMAN. Trlb
una Uptown Office. 1.204 Broadway.
ENTRY CLERK. — Tounc lady; quick and
accurate at figures; assist with the books.
M. L., 467 Baltlo-st.. Brooklyn.
COMPANION. — Young woman of refine
ment and education; bright and cheerful
disposition; good reader, correspondent,
shopper and sewer; live years' experience;
excellent references. Miss H. 6WINSON.
12* Pembroke-st.. Boston. Mass.
COMPANION to elderly lady, or would go
as nurse to one or two growing children;
Scotch; no agencies need apply. Address
M.. Box A. Cedarhurst. Long Island.
COMPANION. Ac— Refined Canadian lady
of 80. with good home training, as useful
companion or attendant to elderly lady; ref
erence as to character. CANADIAN 2tS3
West 123th-«t.
COMPANION to lady travelling, by con
genial, highly refined and cultured per
son; experienced, and practical. Address
H. M. A.. Box 828. Greenwich. Conn.
LIGHT BOOKKEEPER and cashier or of
fice work, by a young girl, good refer
ence; can speak Norwegian ANNA JOHN
SON, 73« 4th-»ve . Brookl>n
perienced (owns machine), desires per
miatacy dowatown, 0:30 to 4.30. or 0 to
13 mornings, or copying home; salary
moderate. Address MODERATE. 167 W.
First class, neat and a -curate, can do good
stencil work, salary. »8 to »10. Address
Miss M.. Box 87. Tribune Office
STENOGRAPHER.— years* experlenco
w la- and commercial work; salary ll*. K.
M., Ttlbuaa Opu-ra Offlos, i,**4 Broa_war>
STENOGRAPHER. — Young lady desire* to
chan?« her position; f-.ur years' experi
ence- naat worker; salary (12; no agents.
LORAI E. 232 Weat 24th-st.
STENOGRAPHER.— Age IS; practical busi
ness experience; refined, neat and _«r;.
obliging; D«st references; salary. *>-»•: no
agencies. M. E-. Tribune Office.
TYPEfVVRITER. — Age IS; two years' expe
rience- refined, neat an.l not afraid of
work; salary. »«-*7. beat references- E. M..
Trlbar.o Office.
desires pupils: German, French and Eng
lish primary studies: would also glv* la
dies conversational German; twelve years'
reference. BADE. 310 East Mt!i-=t.
YOUVG WOMAN. married, at anr'alng.
Mrs VOGEL, 1.3i5 Gre«iie-avo., Brook
experienced, educated, gentlemanly ; New -
York references; accustomed, to traveillcg.
11., 63 Lexlngtor.-av«.
BUTLER or useful man; Frenchman. 20;
recently arrived: in private family; mod
erate wages; references. U. V , 13? West
BL'TLKH. — In a boarding house or private
family, by a young colored man; first
class reference. Call or address for tw>
days L.IN»EV. 510 Atlantic- a. corner
Third. Brooklyn.
COOK. — Colored man, all around, first
class- hotel, restaurant or yacht; refer
ence. Mi West 27th-st. 2d door.
with horses, cows, poultry and furnace:
unquestionable reference*; wages secondary
to permanent place. Call lit WIN' 9 BU
REAU. 77 Waal llia-st.
understands care of horses, poultry milk ;
wtllin< ana obliging. Address K. SMITH
iTS Pearl-st.
COACHMAN.— First class; careful driver
ana handler of horses, harness and cattle
gardening, vegetable* ana lawn* ate a'
M.. 100 Bleecker-st.
COACHMAN or SEt\)NL> MAX — single"
thoroughly un<Seratuna.-« his work.- E ooa
rider and driver; neat appearance- Vibe r
reliable: personal an ! written refere_M_!
COACMMA-^ Jls «r«at Sou." "»W
COACHMAN.— City or country a , re
quired; man ana wife: no encumbrance
KJ,"! r » fare ?, oe: ?~«ss. small. UOB-'
«.RT9. 223 East Slst-st.
stands horses, furnace, chickens; can
milk: hanilv with tools; references- 11
a month. Address COACHMAN. 5 Taomtt"
son St.. New-York City. v
useful; single; sobf-r; cure for horses'
cairlages. furnace: iiulk; careful SriV^
f^tbU^v"^ 1 "- 0 -- * s -
CUre fires, drives, etc.; generally u-frfu'
!r> many ways; Swe4e. apraJw good r^, X l
lloh; sob«r. reliable, reioJiun-r. JOHN"-
SQ.V. at «. -rpeutsr s. lit litii u,\« '
COACHMAN— Swed«: smooth face, goo.l
appearance; very capable, excellent !•»
every way; will b« generally useful: coun
try preferred; beet references. iIICU\KX)
at Carpenter- a. 13« 6th-ave. '
COACHMAN.— By youna man. understand*
care of horses and carriages: first clam
reference. Call or address E. JOHNSON
m l«-st.. Jersey City. N. J.
By strictly aob«r. rellabu American m.tr^
rt*d man: small family, long expartane*
with stock. orop<L dairy, herdsman and all
work; wife board men. attend to poultry
fialry. eto. ; bast city references. Adireas or
call XV. M.. at Carpenter's. 134 6th-«v«.
FARMER, herdsman, butter maker etc -
married. American, no children' ha.i
furniture; strictly sober an.l reliable- very
good. man; beet references. DAVID at
Carpenter's. 154 at h- aye.
FAWOBR— _*— By man and wife
maa u&ds-itands all kinds or farming
Day, truck and cattle; fifteen years' refer
ence: can speak sa-sa different langi-jis
hanJle any kind of a_. wife plain cook
and hoasswnc-; »o children. T. WOODFIN
DTKB. Ltnwood lttUfwwi, N. J.
OARPENICR. Jo, On gentleman's placeor
club; understands the care and raising
of English pheasants and poultry; also car*
of fancy degs; plain, gardening, eto.: a goott
man; hlgheat r*fsr«nc«s. H. OLESdINO.
_raf_iiw W9odJ>«Te^ l«ii( ____L
•^- 'i 1" *■ ftf >***^ t »^fc •^ i *>e ■•'■'•**
f «snc siTrATiON, -.!"_• I
- ~ - — - - *JsTlfc
W*li "~"~" —^^.
I GARDENER, caretaker or _ *
seaside co:ta«3H, aaa____v^ t *4Bi
| place; single F'rotestaat. _«r.K \ «^'
I experienced ail branches!^ srrt&J^hrf
iai South ath-st.. Wlli^b^ 7^'^
QARDENEIt and FLORIST- 2)T^!?"~— *
pertence. greenhouses. * r " a ~L T **"' ir «.
ta&le-. under B I MS . and oS^ *£
shrubs; all care of first claW^S' t^
rled. no family; all referent p^itf,
HAN. Box 043, Butler. N. j. *• SBSt
HOUSE WORKER.— Jdyaoesa — "«»i, I
»m only *eworker In small <_SL *s_
wages. TO. 17 Concord-sTTlliS^^
JAPANESE COUPLE. in prt^T; *■>»
to do entire work la every____Pt_
thoroughly competent, hones* ___?■»■
references. TATE. 183 Adelphi-n^kJ^
JAPANESE; «xe*t!eni -colt mTT
reference: wants a slruatloa- « M *>*
city. 8. UATTORI. 17 o_K«4. h
kind by a yonna: colored b^ **»*»
SMITU - " «« 8 8;
USEFT;L MAN.— Young man. T^ — -«.
strictly temD«Tat«; ande-staVS****,
branches of farmwor'* and taJn?* «
livestock: two v ,»rv refer.**; L***
place. ULINEN. 520 West IMtVJ?* 'M
USEFUL. MAN Good m , liter T~"*-«
horses, furnaces and h-n-iy \g* t»
r. I*. 221 a 4th~at.. Brooklyn.
USEFUL MAN.-By Amerlcan-^^'
or raro for elderly g»at>n^T***n
and obUglng; reference! X ??' -*^i
bouth Iti.er. N. J. *~ «C3J
USEFUL MAN. 28. at ----— ***»
cleaning or at anythlr.ir- «ii**i
; handy. LUNDELL. I.JB PionVer » *H
lyn. ' "X **>
USEFUL Indoor man; younr »«-'«»~ > "**
spectable; undemtanda fornaciT*** *
heat; expert windows; nqMantsM **»
ences: small was?*. (•«<;: iR-WTrAJ"**
RXAU. 77 West Ut.Vst "^"afc
USEFUL MAN.— By % highly ncoO
ed. educateri. useful ccicriS m^^
, private. fami!v; mmy raß ; r , r „£"*»
Dr. ii. D. SHEEDY. U> W?at VS*"**-
USEFUL MAN'.— Color«t: honeiit ZT*
trtous; handy with too!,; SSfj,^
thoroughly understand* ranj-r i? 3 *
refertnces -
V.\ I.rTT. ATTKNDANT to Invaßa- JT*
ence-i. educated and of g^^^jff^
app*uran<?e; .New-York r*.Vr»nces^S
torr.ed to travelling. li.. 63 Lexiar'oa^
! — — .— . —~— —^_^_^__ nH . ' ' "^
VALEt] 4c— Coiurer! man as m* "**
ail arounrl man. with sit year* . " ••
erence. JOHN LOWE. 3»> w^aTgg
i T ° U , N < ? IL '- RRJ E3> COUPLETH^Sr
! childless, on farm or gentZemao 1 ! ~SJ
I place; man understar.ris hor»»a. cow^S 7
general house worlc. SNOECK. istgrai*," l
al Hotel. IT, <JL-irk3cn-9t. "■«**—.
COOK. — First class; in resta'iraa*- *,»_
low :i preferred, s. TL*lt,v.\. m "s_^_|
| St.. tup floor. ■*■*
' COOK. WASH a-Tl ItM)X.— "~ ■ . rn-JT*
bis woman; first class; 'i*«-^i^_r
[ week or irunth. 427 East ilHtik-it. '~*
COOK, WASH and IRON.— .... ™__.__T
Ka»: :^n-«. wiercB -^ • • — i
COOK.— Swndlsh; first class; : a BrH_i
faaa:!y; very best references; vtxm tS
J55. Cail or ad.lr-wa OHL6OS, cm. rf
Code. 215 Eaat 41st-at. * *
COOK — Colored woman; good plain eaot
good bread maker. E. JOHXaoS^a
West 17th-»t. * 9
COOK — Colored, respectabla; for bicbaia
or ladies ir>. apartnmr.t; ccraj>et«nt _ c
branches cf cooking; first daas) cttj r_s>
I «nces trorr. last pla^-e. ("ail or wrtts. _.
VERTI3ER. 13$ West lTth-st; rlaT twfci!
COOK, ike.— By rejoectable eldertr VMM
plain cook. wa^r. and ironiss; "-'I
prlvati* family; good, reference. lawks
438 i»ta-ave., candy store.
COOK. — Competent young womaa; raj
cook; private family; city refereaets,
LEX. Ida West ■JStb-at.
COOK. — SwsdUh; to eiass; _, pctn« I
family, with kitchenmaid: best city rig. j
erence: wages $io to Sao. 347 Wast __-< I
COOK. — : out by the day or «Ml) |
best city references. 244 Cast s-hsL I
Lundqulst bell.
COOK.— By colored woman, la flgt eiuj!
family; finest of refirences. NEwTE3i
1.790 3d-ave. No caraa
COOK. — Thre« years' r«f_«uos> ffoa 'M |
place; no objection to short '^staMsa I
country. Address E. C. 217 East «7t^-el I
— Wages $2l>-422; city or country. Mat. I
42tt 4tb-ave.. between »th and SCu ft I
COOK, waitress, maid and seair.strsu; _|l
references. 1113s LARSON'S :iplc— _Bj|
Office. 33 West 24th-su Tel. S.lM4— kid-Q
sen Square^ j
coup!- ona child; husband — 4M
good reference. Mrs. WHEXPLEI, 3-1
East 94th-st. I
CARET &c— A rearecrable tU
capably of taking car« cf o.Tcae, wlJta
err.ploymcrit of any kin I: SSI it "*»•
encea. Address L». M., - 'ours st., Bnu>
mind grown chili, by young glrL (X.
two Uars. S2H Van^erbilt-ave., ccmar ?»•
cltlc-st. . Brooklj'n. shoe, store.
CHAMBERMAID.— A lady deairee » tSi
a situation for an excellent wean
whom she can highly reeommand, __>•
light chamberwork an.i g«wtr.S- Call Tin*
Ja>- mornir.i at 20 Wast S-iti-st.. bsmst
j 10 and 1 o'clock.
class yaung: girl, with best personal WK
er«nces; also cook and laundress __ jsv
erai huuse worker: no waahtßSE d a
j month: a number of girls a- FIiAHSSTTV
; 455-Ct>lumbu3-ave.. te!.. 711— J. EW.
COOK— UPSfTAII:3 MAN— By ti»» y*_l
colored mm in a pruata f^niliy: *• •
, first class t&r.c? cook; tha '■"__. sat
class upstairs man; would ta»» tSrst ts»
; s?cor.d butl*r or valet's work; strlctlfW
class; best referents. Address •» It*
only. FKAXCIS B. THIGG. fe-U Pali***
willing worker: companion, exserwaai
nur*. uasN: with hou«aiold or «aytalil
tha: - a hocest: home nor- »hoa saiary: •"•>■
—aiii.i a Address ALONE. 3 Cb-Vst,
Brooklyn. _
references. Call 340 i_~l 134th-it. »•
Hugh bel!. _
Apply H. F.. 133 3J-ave.. I—
young woman ; good city refaiesc*'; •■■»
: family. i: , West 04th -st. _,
GOVETIXESS— Young iCn*l!sh girl. ■_
months in New-York: gvod ref ereacssHj j
nursery {rovemasa: moderate w &a*a C",
of FLAHERTY. 4X5 Co!'Jrabus-a.re, ~*
741— J. River. _
i — .'J
HOUSEWORK.— Protestant: lately^ Uaft*
young, strong German- Hungsnaa pj»
wish-- K'V.I home !n aa America ft*" I
city or country. H^RZ. IT3 E"t __— - |
nOI'SEKEEPER- Hy Arcerlesa • — J5
small family: good cock. """gjsS
Iroiver; first ola.«» refei ence. COOK. - 1 —
Uptown Ortice. 1.361 t::.a.iwar- _
HOUSEKEEPER— An Arr.ertcaa "^ia
assist in the .■-ire of a t!UT.aJMj^
hous*>: experience.!: inferences. **=2
LfrWl?. Tribana Offlc«. 2 Court-st. 0"*"
lyn. _
II n US XX EKPE ii H• X — W \ Jo». >=J"
thoromchly exp-ri-n ■«.' IwU^J,
good cook, for bach-l^rs or
home; city or ooun:ry. BECK, W
HOUSEWORK.— Protfstar.t: "___»
Gtrman pirl; speaks Er.fil'.sa; °___l
launaress: lovvs .•tilJrea: city or* s^
references. UKRi".. 172 East 4:a-«&
HOUSEWORK.— Hy rt.!or*J « t: '- J* JjnfJ
lor apartir.ent 227 West lSii-«t. r»"
b«U. _____*<
HOi:sraCEKTt-.R.--rv resre?taS!« S K&
woman: »::iall famUy cf sdaas. f
GEH. 122 2U-av«.- . «n.i;eJ Aver. — - — "I
I.NKANT'S Nl RSIJ—Uy ootnpe!»*S>
vft^ni American; exr<»r;enc«J B^,.
take- entire. cn;«rB«: ci:y #*£))
woul.l llki to si> ti> t'ailf.-ma: *?L?^*
a month. t\. l.l^U Myrtle ;tve..^^
LADY'S MAID.— Thoroughly B^T;*
h^r duties; first class city rererwval
last employer. Call for taree *U» •
East S4th-st. -*•

LAUNDRESS.— First class: bT &*,*ms>
privut* family: thoroughly «W«JJ»
silks and fiansie'.s: escheat cl^i*! &
AdJre«!« A.. Tribuna Uptjwa y-=»
Broadway. —*
: ' LTd'
MAID. *c— Touna; ™ m * a J*Ja9*:
maia and seamstress: two yeari "VU^
erences; good sailor WjJ P» f * < fß!_j«'f B! _j«'
for thn-i days. MAIP. TrlSua* «*"
flee. 1.3»t Broadway. _^^**
MENDING.— By ,poctab!e '•Sfj.V.cS 1 *
woman, by the Jay. Mrs. LF '" > ;
Ooa West 4'Jih-st. __ __— -_J*
NURSE for Infant or inralti: ?^^S>
massacc; doctors' references, *»',.„
M .ive.. tip boll _— — — *__!
only, car« of one or two ssi ■»
BSROER. (MO West 1333- St. ______ -^_,
WAgHPCO. j Oeiwan wom*a ***5 !**
lrg ami elean'.n* «h* >laTi^»»»«
ence. 432 West 3Mh-et.. top no^v,^.
Swedish woman; t*o cf ""kJ*
w»«i: flsvifMMl* _(Vs_s_s^ i *"

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