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'Question in Dispute Settled in a
Novel Manner:
Albany, Feb. 11.— long: expected amend
ments to the Raines law, which it is believed
will wipe out 90 per cent of the present im
moral hotels operated under this law, will be
introduced by Senator Raines to-morrow. These
amendments have been foreshadowed in The
Tribune. The most interesting: • feature is the
solution of the problem as to whether the in
spection of the local officials of the Buildings
I>epartment provided for in the amendment
should be before or after the issue of the cer
tintate of the State Excise Commissioner.
This is achieved in an entirely novel fashion
by having the applicant for a license apply to
the Excise Commissioner, and making the lat
ter in turn call on the Buildings Department
for the information on the subject which the
law declare* shall be had. This information
must include a statement as to the date on
which the buildir.gr was made into a hotel, the
height in feet of the building, whether it is
fireproof, whether it complies with the Raines
law structural provisions in regard to the num
ber of rooms, the size of the dining room, the
thickness of the partitions and other details.
If this report shows that the building does not
comply with the provisions of the Raines law
end the building laws, then the Excise Commis
eioner must deny the application.
The only exception to the general requirement
that structures must be fireproof when over
thirty-fiv* feet high ts made in favor of buildings
used for hotel purposes continuously since IS9I,
thus excepting a number of hotels that have
been doing a legitimate business for years. It
is the crop of Raines law hotels, the direct out
•conae of the law. that will be cut off by the
fireproof provisions.
When the Excise Commissioner denies an ap
plication for a license he will, according to the
provisions of the amendments, in casee where
the denial is because the hotel does not comply
with the legal provisions of the building law,
at once inform the Buildings Superintendent,
<who must in turn inform the occupant and the
owner that the buUdlng is being unlawfully
tisod as a hotel and that they must vacate
•within ten days. Within thirty days the par
titions forming the bedrooms in such cases
must be removed, thus eliminating the possible
danger that rooms, thus left unused, might be
employed as disorderly houses. There are
other amendments strengthening the Raines
law and imposing heavy penalty for false state
ments and violations.
"This bill is based upon Senator Rainess
©.mendments of last year," Mr. Veiller. secretary
of the City Club, said to-night, in discussing the
amendments, '-with modifications m one or two
particulars to meet the views of the various
civic organizations which desire the abolition of
tho Raines law hotel 3. In its present form the
measure meets with the approval of the City
Club, the Anti-Saloon League and other civic
organization*. It was drafted by Senator
Staines after conference with Congressman Will-
Jam S. Bennet.
"The difficulty encountered at the outset—
tamely, the possibility that the requirement of a
9-eport from the Buildings Superintendent before
the granting of the certificate might give the
local officials a chance to 'hold up' the saloon
keepei^ — ; ia s been entirely met. The applicant
■will never go to the Buildings Department. In
every case he will make application to the State
Excise Department, which will in turn call on
the Buildings Department for a report. Then the
law is so wordod that the most corrupt official
would not dare to make a false report to the
Excise Commissioner, since he is required to
make specific answer to specific dimensions,
euch as the height of a building, whether above
or below thirty-five feet.
'The effect of this bill, if passed, would be to
leave the existing saloons as they are, but to re
move entirely, in the great majority of cases,
the ten-room attachments which are the
eource of so much crime in New-York and other
cities. Assemblyman Prentice will introduce the
b;i! la tiie Assembly. I believe the bill will be
passed speedily, as there is an overwhelming
sentiment in favor of it, not only in New-York,
but throughout the rural districts."
Bills of This Nature Introduced at
AJbarry, Feb. 14. — A bill drawn a.« a direct re
sult of the recent railroad accident on the N«w-
Tork Central at Whitesboro, in which Justice
"Warren Q. Hooker was injured, and of a Fimi
lar accident near Chatham recently, was intro
duced by Senator Barnes to-day, and has the
support of the State Federation of J^abor. The
bill provides that the Railroad Commission shall
compel steam railroad companies to have the
boilers of locomotives on their lines inspected at
least once in three months, and that the reports
at such inspections shall be filed with the com
mission. A fine of $100 for each violation and
$10 for each day of neglect is Imposed.
Assemblyman McKeown introduced a measure
to-day requirine all electric railroad companies
in New- York City to provide each car operatel
with two motormen in the case of trolley cars
and two motormen for trains, in the case of
elevated lines and subway lines.
A bill for the protection of passengers on ex
cursion boats and ferries making runs of three
miles or more was offered to-day by Assembly
man Malloy. The bill provides that each ferry
boat must have a crew of not less than two
men, and that each excursion boat or barge
must carry a crew of not lees than four men,
ytrho must be expert swimmers, and whose duty
It will be to see that the lifeboats and ap
pliances are in good order, to stand by the life
boats and to be prepared to render assistance in
any emergency which endangers the lives of the
passengers. The men are not to perform any
other service. Violation of the act is made a
Charges Preferred Against Muni
cipal Civil Service Commission.
Albany. Feb. 14 (Special).— The State Civil Service
Commission to-day made public Jte action, taken
et Its meeting In New- York on Friday, in regard
to charges of dereliction of duty by the Municipal
Civil Service Commission of Troy. The State com
mission has cited the members of the Troy com.
' mission— Robert T. Bmltb, Thomas F. Duffy and
David L. Beattie— appear before it on March 17
to show cause why they should not be removed
from office for "inefficiency, incompetency, neglect
. of duty and violation of the Civil Service law and
of the rules."
Under direction of the State commission John C.
Birdseye. the secretary, and Charles S. Fowler,
the chief examiner of the commission, have been
making an investigation of affairs Jn Troy and
■ th<:ir report sets forth that the records of the
Troy commission wer« found to be in such a
, chaotic condition and bo incomplete that it was aj
most impossible to tell in .nany cases what the
, wjrk had been in reference to examinations, ap
pointments, etc. la regard to the revocation of
an eU£ibl« list for patrolmen, the report says
after detailir.3 the evidence:
With th*s evidence before us, we are forced to the
conclusion that the revocation of thj former cl igi!
ble U»t and tho re-examination were uncalled for
arbitrary and Improper, and that while the former
'\\ X aUon was « ROt in all respects eommendabK
«U!1 the comitiiMio.i was not justiCed in revoklne
the list without a more extended investigation than
appears to have bwn made and th.it the result of
th» examination, as shown by the records indicates
that the action of ttie commission in this matter
w<i9 Intended to favor certain applicants for the
position of patrolman on the Troy police force.
In regard to examinations the report says:
The papers as a whole show that the work of
the commission has been very poorly done and that
the examinations, with few exceptions, do not form
C'-imparatH-e tents of the merit and fitness of the
candidate for the position applied for. . . . The
commission evidently has no standards for rating
and apparently no attempt has been made to se
cure uniformity in rating papers in the same ex
svinination. ...
An inspection of. the eligible book list shows that
for the last throe or four years the examination
.system could not have been worae, and that the
examination questions are pracUcalJy vnlueless for
bringing out the comparative cliglbllty of tho can
didates. •
The form in which tho registration of cll(?lble3
iraa kept for several years prior to 190J makes it
impossible to determine whether the several per
sons appointed were among the three hißtiest
eliplbles at the time of \their appointment, or
whether new examinations were ordered when
there was an appropriate eligible list in existence.
The following recommendations are made:
In conHideratlon of the violations of the Civil Ser
vice law and rules, the errors and irregularities
shown in the records and the apparent unntness
and ineptitude of the present commission and the
secretary, we are constrained to present the follow
ing recommeiidatlons
First— proceedings be begun by the State
commission for the removal of the Municipal Civil
Service Commission and the appointment of a
new commission, composed of honest and capable
citizens, who will give propor attention to tho work
Of the office.
Second— steps be tnken for the removal of
the secretary of the present commission, and that
Rule 2 be so amended as to provide for the appoint
ment by the Municipal Commission of the secre
tary, thus bringing the Incumbent of the position
under its direct control and supervision.
Third— thorough examination of the present
roster of the city he made in order to determine
whether the persons employed have been legally
appointed ana that immediate suspension of certifi
cation follow in enses where the legality of the
appointment cannot be established.
A fourth recommendation is for the revised clas
sification of positions.
To Be Made a Party Affair at Re
publican Caucus.
Albany. Feb. 14.— After many delays the stock
j transfer measure, first forecast In The Tribune on
I January 5. was introduced to-day from the Com
t mittee on Taxation of the Senate. This measure.
Which was framed to meet the present need of in
creased State revenue and was drafted by the legis
lative lenders after conference with Governor Hig
gins. imposes a tax of two cents on all sales, de-
Uveriee or transfers of sto^k on each $100 of face
value or fraction. It is estimated that this meas
ure, which is in all essential features a reproduc
tion of the federal war tax. will raise upward of
$5,000,000. and, with minor measures now in prepara
tion, will meet all present financial stringency.
Tho bill if passed will become effective on June L
The measure is introduced as a committee bill, and
will be printed and referred back to the Taxation
Committee, which will meet on Thursday. The
Fcmo bill will be introduced in the Assembly to
morrow. A caucus of the Republican legislators is
soon to be called, and at this the bill will be made
a party measure.
The language of the new bill ia in part as fol
There is hereby imposed and ttoere shall immedi
ately accrue and be- collected a tax as herein pro
vided on all sales or agreements to sell, or memo
randum of sales or deliveries or transfers of
shares or certificates of stock in any domestic or
foreign association, company or corporation, made
after Juno 1 1905. whether made upon or shown
by the books of the association, oompany or cor
poration, or by an assignment in blank, or by any
delivery, or by any paper or agreement or memo
randum or other evidence of transfer or sale
whether entitling the holder in any manner to the
benefit of such stock, or to secure the future pay
ment of money or the future transfer of any
stock, on each $100 of race value or fraction there
of, two cents.
The payment of Buch tax shall be denoted by an
adhesive stamp or stamps aflixed aB follows: In
case of sale where the evidence of transfer 18
shown only by the books of the company, the
stamp shall be placed upon Buch books; and where
the change of ownership is by transfer certificate
the stamp shall be placed upon the certificate; and
in cases of an agreement to sell or where the
transfer is by delivery of tho certificate assigned
in blank, there shall be made and delivered by the
seller to the buyer, a bill or memorandum of such
pale to which the stamp provided for by this arti
cle shall bo affixed; and every bill or memorandum
of sale or agreement to sell before mentioned shall
show the date thereof, the name of the seller, the
amount of the sale and the matter or thing to
which it refers.
Any person or persons liable to pay the tax pro
vided for by this article, or any one who acts In the
matter as ;<gent or broker for such person or per
sons who shall make any sale, or who shall In pur
suance of any sale deliver any stock, or evidence of
tho *nle of any stock or bill or memorandum there
of, without having tho stamps provided for in this
article affixed thereto, shsll be deemed guilty of a
mi^ii- incanor, and upon conviction thereof shall pay
a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $1,000. or be
imprisoned not more than six months, o r by both
such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the
The Stock Exchange will viatmnißly oppose the
bill introduced by Senator Lewis at Albany, to tax
Bales of stock. It will be represented before the
committee In charge of the bill and wiU oppose
the passage of the measure on the ground that it
ll class legislation. Immoral and contrary to good
policy. Members of the exchange declare that a
Slate tax of such a character would be unjust and
would inevitably divert business to the Boston and
Philadelphia exchanges, thereby threatening the
commercial supremacy of New-York.
Defines His Position on Bank Tax
Albany, Feb. 14.— Governor Hijrgins to-night
emphatically denied the rumor hat his position
on the savings bank tax repeal had been taken
at the instance or with the knowledge of any or
ganization. He declared that prior to his an
nouncement he had merely talked with various
party members; that he was convinced that the
repeal was a good measure, particularly in view
of the fact that at that time the State revenues
seemed to warrant it; that he did learn after his
action, and some time after It, that the bank
officials had contemplated circulating literature
and had abandoned it because of his decisive
stand was absolutely the only shadow of con
firmation the Governor gave to the story.
As to the possibility of the passing of the re
peal, the Governor frankly admitted that the
real difficulty at present was the state of the
finance. That this might be changed, when
pending revenue raising bills were passed could
be inferred from his talk. The possibility of a
speiial message on the subject was another in
ference that was drawn. It is certain that some
legislative leaders now oppose the repeal. It is
suggested that somr of them are also lukewarm
in their support of the Stock Tax bill. But the
Governor's emphatic declaration that his posi
tion on the matter remained unchanged adds
color to the belief that the measure will pass.
CAPITAL OF $32,000,000.
Bonanza Circle Copper Mines To Be Consol
Boston, Feb. 14.— Arrangements have been com
pleted by Eastern capitalists, including the Boston
and Pittsburg owners, for a consolidation of the
mines in the so-called Bonanza Circle, at Risbee.
Ariz., with a capital of $32,000,000, in 3,200,000 shares.
The properties and capital to be included are the
Calumit and Arizon.i, $2,000,000; Lake Superior and
Pittsl.urg, $2,800,000; Calumet and Pittsburg, $2,500.
00 ft; Pittsburg and Duluth, $2,500,000, and the Junc
tion Development Company, $50,000.
At present only one of these properties is pro
ducing—the Cnlumet and Arizona— which produced
3,675,000 pounds of copper in 1904, at»a ccst of six
cents a pound, producing gold and silver values
against the cost. This company has paid $1,700,000
in dividends and net aside a $2,000,000 reserve. The
shafts of all the properties are closed and are rich
in ore.
Gets Option on Large Piece of Property —
Humors of New Railroad Terminal There.
Xew-Orleans. Feb. U.-George J. Gould arrived
in the city this morning, in company with a large
party of prominent railroad officials, and within
Fix hours had arranged an option on one of the
most desirable pieces of property In the business
part of the city for a passenger terminal of the
Gould Ifnea. He also announced that the <;.i U i,i
«yt«te:n would spend many hundreds of thousands
on their freight terminal here, in order thaHhey
might be able to compete with the oth*r lints
entering the city. • "<-Sl" < - Sl
.Mr. Gould added that until his return from New-
York no definite plans would be made. -"»»-
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cleanses and beautifies the
teeth and purifies the breath.
Used by people of refinement
for over"^ a quarter of a century.
Very convenient: for tourists.
Ibsen's Play "•When We Dead Awaken" to
Appear on March 7 — Other Attractions.
Henrik Ibsen's last play, "When We Dead
Awaken," will have its first production in New-
York on Tuesday afternoon, March 7. at the Knick
erbocker Theatre. In that week there will be three
matinees, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mau
rice Campbell is the manager. The part of Rubek
will be played by Frederick Lewis, who was first
seen by New-Yorknrs as Oswald, in "Ghosts," at
the Manhattan Theatre, two years ago, and who
has also played Orlando, in Henrietta Crosman's
production of "As You Like It." For Mala, Ru
bek'a wife, Mr. Campbell has secured Miss Dorothy
Donnelly, who is best remembered for h^r per
formance i n "Candida" last winter. Miss V lor
enco Kahn is cast for The Strange Lady, Irene.
Miss Kahn is well known in the Ibsen drama. The
bear hunter. Ulfheim, will be played by Frank
George Ade sailed yesterday from San Francisco
for Japan, where he will remain some months, to
work on his new play for Henry \V. Savage. "The
Second Time on Earth."
Miss Blanche Walsh may head a stock company
in New- York next season. Her managers. Wagen
halls & Kpniper, aro trying to secure a small the
atre on Broadway suitable for a permanent com
pany. If they are able to get the house they want.
Miss Walsh, supported by Robert Drouet and a
good company, will remain in New-York all the
winter, producing several new plays, which will be
sold to road companies after Mi. c s Wash is done
with them.
Frank L. Perley has arranged to produce, on
February 22, with Margaret Anglin in the stellar
role, a new emotional drama by Hartley Manners
and Henry Miller entitled "Zira."
Miss Louise Gunning has beon engaged for the
prima donna role in "The Filibuster." the comic
opera recently produced in Boston by the Bank
Officers' Association, of that city.
Mr. Wilson's season at the Criterion Theatre will
continue until March 11. when he will make a
tour. On Tuesday. March 14. Frank McKee will
present at the Criterion Theatre Miss Mary Man
neiing in Paul M. Potter's dramatization of Eleanor
McCartney Lane's novel. "Nancy Stair."
Charles Frohman sails this morning on the
Oceanic for London, where he goes to look after
his London theatres and a number of new produc
tions which h© will make, beginning next month
with a new play by J. M. Barrie. in which Miss
Ellen Terry, who then begins her season under his
management, will appear. Mr. Frohman said yes
My arrangements for the balance of the season
here in New- York are as follows: The farewell en
gagement of William Gillette in "Sherlock Holmes'
at the Empire Theatre; the appearance In the
spring of Annie Russell, who will be seen in Israel
Zangwill's comedy, "Jinny the Carrier"; the pro
duction of the farce, "The Mountain Climbers." and
my musical production, with Sam Bernard Sydney
Rosenfeld has written the Bernard play, and the
music will be furnished by W. T. Francis and
others. It will be produced at the Herald Square
Theatre on May 1.
At the poster matinee of "Fantana" this after
noon at the Lyric Theatre Illuminated and auto
graphed pictures of Miss Julia Sanderson will be
Member of Old Virginia Family Sentenced
to Five Years' Imprisonment.
Roanoke, Va., Feb. 14.— Judge Aiken. of Pan
ville. to-day sentenced Charles R. Fishburn. the
banker and broker convicted of killing Dr. Fred
Lefew, to five years in the penitentiary. Fish
burn stabbed Lefew to the heart in a difficulty
last October. The jury found him guilty of
Fishburn is a member of one of the oldest
families in this part of Virginia.
Addresses by Bishop McVickar, Rabbi Hirsch
and Chancellor Kirkland.
The first annual meeting of the National Child
Labor Committee was held last evening in the
United Charities Building, 4th-ave..and 22d-st. let
ters of regret were read from a number of promi
nent men, inciudiriK Cardinal Gibbons.
Bishop McVickar. of the Protastant Bpiaoopa l
Diocese of Rhode Island, said, in part:
Democratic government is still in the experi
mental stafte. To succeed, the citizenship of demo
cratic countries must be Intelligent, must be edu
cated. In child labor lies one of our greatest
dangers. We are called on to assimilate yearly a
tnaaa of foreign born. This cannot be done' so
long as their children nr<> kept from the- schools
and dwarfed in factory work.
Rabbi Emil Gf. Hirsch, of Chicago, pointed out
why child labor is of little value.
Chancellor Kirkland. of Vanrlerbilt University,
said, in part:
All America believes In universal education. We
oppose child labor because it preys on helpless
childhood and begets Ignorant manhood. No child
labor laws arc effective that disresurd the educa
tional advancement of the child.
William McClure to Go on Floor Again
Friction with Governors.
William McClure, secretary of the Stock Ex
change, has offered his resignation to the board of
governors, to take effect on March 1. Mr. McClure
will go on the floor again. He has been very popu
lar with the members as chairman and secretary
for the last .«ix years, and general regret was ex
pressed at his resignation.
While Mr. McClure declined to talk it waa said
that some friction had developed between the secre
tary and the governors, aa a reault of which Mr
McClure decided to resign.
At the annual meeting of the stockholders of th^
Old Dominion Stenmship Company at thrir general
offices. No. 81 Beach-sU yesterday. th<- oi<i board «>f
directors was re-elected for the eroding year.
The following were amon X the satined Judgments filed
yesterday: the first name t s that of the debtor: the sec
ond that of the creditor, and date wh«- n Judgment was
Dolan. James — First National Bank of Rondout;
November 4. iw»7 ' jj 1H
Bmlth. J Condlt — J s Tracy; March V.'liKa"! ! '. '.' 81*777
Dowllng. David W— H A Frost; January 2«. IMB "k>7
The following petitions In bankruptcy were among
those filed yesterday:
,v.\ Chr>la Partcw*. pharmacist. No. 145 Avenue r a -
Mn^f,f > r,? UH)3 V. T','- f:i " Th ° Principal creditor is
Morris Dlugasch. No IS7 Avenue B, *1 02*)
■ S", ra t^'Vu.,"- JJo£ o- A 220.A 220 . Madlson-ave.. liabilities. $2.«»:
assets. $l.7Jii The ortncloal creditor is Isabella B. Haw"
N °- ,2C5, 2C5 West S7th St.. |2.3M>. The a««-t» consist "f" f tt . •"
counts. $432; claims against itmbWla Haw<-> $1 250
Sch«dul*-K of the Flelach Sn-kivAr f«>mp*hy show c-eht«
of *m.41.8. ,*•«•«•■ HI.JKB. The principal creditors are
the Mechanics an.i Traders' Hank. W. 090 secured' Fred
erick Vl nor tt Achells. No. 86 Leonard-st., S3,«x> -ur,-«!
and $B.oim> unsecured; I.'nion Kx<'hun*e Bank {3 000 Th.>
a«sets oiinsist of stock In trad.-, $3,000' Rxturea ' *750
accounts. $1,720: claims. $325. and cash tn bank *'lIV
An Involuntary netltlon was filed a K a!nst the "Laxacola
Company, of No. Wi Wllllam-st.. by Henry M Earle
other creditors, with claims aggregating $M 7. Preferences
are alleged. William Des.er was appointed receiver with
a bond of $1,000 and authorised to continue the bu»lne«a
for ten days. It Is declared that the Sheriff li in Zl
session of the. alhued bankrupt* proparty. ' s
The following dlscharfeii in bankrunptey were among
those granted yesterday:
Isaac J Ragowtn. Walter M I.litle. Ramue] r.ev.n
1-ouls thoher. tmarles X Deutch. jicob Lowenh iSm
Jacob Herman and Israel Berliner. "»»enhaupt.
The sale scarfs are on the run, but
haven't all got away yet.
8000 four-in-hands to start with
yesterday— the result of our taking
tl)t> remnants of a busy season off the
hands of a big scarf maker.
Nothing less than 50 cent quality.
25 cents.
Rogers, Peet & Company.
Three Broadway Stores.
258 1:* 842 1260
at at a*
Warren st. 13th st. 32nd st,
Light and Power Companies Con
solidated — Large Capitalization.
Baltimore, Feb. 14.— The Consolidated Gas.
Electric Light and Power Company was or
ganized to-day, btingr a merger of the old Con
solidated Gas Company, the United Electric
Lipht and Power Company and the Wenstrom
Electric Company. Davies W^rneld. president
of the Continental Trust Company, is chairman
of the new board of directors, which includes
Altfttl S. Miller, Charles T. Crane, Anthony N.
Brady, John ti. Dennis. Thonras F. Ryan and
Snmuel R. Bertrun, of New-York.
The capitalization of th? company is as fol
lows: Four and one-half per cent bonds, $15,
010,000: « per cent prior lien cumulative
stock, .?7(»MHM); 3 per cent cumulative pre
ferred stock, $«>.00O,0W; common stock. $6,000,
000. The mortgage of the Consolidated Gas.
Electric Lignt and Power Company to the Con
tinental Trust Company, trustee, placed on
record to-day, provides for an authorized issue
of $15,000,000 454 per cent thirty-year sold
bonds, $8,639,000 of which will i>e reserved in
the treasury for the future requirements of the
The mortgages requiring the new issue of
bonds are: A first lien on 58,220 shares of stock
of the Consolidated Gas Company, being more
than a majority of stock of the Mount Wash
ington Electric Light Company, and a lien on
all properties of the Old Electric Light Com
pany, subject only to the outstanding bonds.
The $700,000 of ii per cent prior lien cumulative
stock is issued to retire $700,000 5 par cent pre
ferred stock of the United Electric Company.
An orjran recital will be given by Charleß Hein
roth at the Church of the Ascension, sth-ave. and
lOth-st., this evening, at 8:15. Tickets can be ob
tained free on application at any of the muslu
Cars of the Bth-st. crosstown line crossed the
WiMamsburg Bridge yesterday for the first time.
Thf 14th-st. line has been running across the
bridge for about a wpek. Cars will now run over
the bridge on a minute and a half headway.
The public is invited to attend the annual meet
ing of the Lfgal Aid Society, to be held this even
ing, at *:30, in Carnegie Hall.
A dinner (or Thomas K. Watson, candidate of the
People's party fi>r President, will be given at the
Union Square Hotel to-night.
Camerden & Forst^r, a corporation, dealers In
diamonds, artistic jewelry, bronzes and paintings, at
No. 450 r.th-ave.. assigned yesterday for the benefit
of creditors, to William H. Beam, of No. 45 Wall
st. The. company was incorporated in 1898, with
a capital stock of $75,000.
A special meeting of the Bar Association of the
City of New- York has been called for to-night, at
8:30 o'clock, at the house of the association "for
the purpose of considering what action should be
taken by the association in regard to the location
of the new courthouse site, and the bill now pend
ing in the legislature relating thereto."
Sunrise 6:s4|Sunset 5:33|M00n yets 3 Moon's are 12
A.M.— Sandy Hook 3:31 IGov. Island 3:501 Hell Gate 5-4"»
P.M.— Hook 4:001Gov. Island 4:04; Hell G»te l\3
Vessel. From. Line
npnn/. Wilhelm.. Bremen. February 7 n G Lloyd
*Man.ah*nsi- Bart-ados. February ....". Booth
•Sarnia Jamaica. February 9. .. Hamb-Am
• Furnessla Glasgow. February 4 Anchor
•Majestic Liverpool. February 8 While Star
•Amsterdam Rotterdam. February 4. .Holland-Am
•Havana Vera Cruz, February 9 Ward
•Prlnzess Irene Gibraltar. February « n G Lloyd
Algonquin Jacksonville. February 0 .... Clyde
Finlaml Antwerp. F-bruary 4 Red star
Ueorpii: Liverpool. February 3 White Star
Comanche Jacksonville. February 12 Civrt«.
Marttllo Hull. February 1 .".'.'.Wilson
Barbarossa Bremen, February 4.. . NO Lloyd
Cassell.... Bremen. February 3 N G Lloyd
Graf WaHeraee Hamburg. February 4 Hamb-Am
City of Macon Savannah. February 13 Savannah
Algonquin Jackionvllle. February 13 Clyde
•Caprera Barbados. February 8...... Booth
Vincenzo Flono Naples. February 1. ' Italian
EJCId- New-Orleans. February l'l'.V.'.Mor«n
EJ Bitto Galveston. February 18 Morgan
•Campania .Liverpool. February 11 Cunard
•St Louis Southampton. February 11. .American
lUma Naples. February 7 F*br»
Perugia Naples, February 4 itallan
Nuecet Gaiveston. February 11 Mallory
•La Gascoßne Havre. February 11 French
Munitoii London.' February 9. . .Atlantic Trans
Bordeaux Havr*, February 5 Frenei
Wells city Swansfa, February 4 ..' Bristol
St -'•• , Gibraltar. February 4 Ani Aus
Breizlze! Al iers Ftl'ruary 5 . ..
•Brings trail.
Vessel. For. Line. ■ Malls dose. sails.
Statendam. ltotterdam. Holl-Am '. 7:3oam 10:<to a rr
Oceanic. Liverpool. White Star 10:30 am 2:00 p
H.ll Olav. CopenhaK*n, Scand- Am.. 11:00 a m 2-00 m
Sicllla. Naples. Italian S:3O a m 11:00 a m
Bermudlan, Bermnda, Quebec H:i>»am 1000 v m
Finance, Colon. Panama o:3oam l. : O)pm
Maracaa, Grenada. Trinidad 10:00 a m 110 0 m
Moorish Prince, Rio Janeiro. Prince... f):3oam l°fK) m
I'rlns der Nederlinden. Hayti. D%V I...ll:00a m 1 : 00r.m
Basil, Para. Booth 12:00 m iioOpm
Horstlus, Argentina. Houston 12:00 m 2:00 d m
Cherokee. Canto Domingo. Clyde 12:30pm B'OOnm
Prot«us. New-Orleans. Morgan 12-OOm
J«fferson. Norfolk. Old Dominion 3<h) m
Alamo. Galvesto.i. Mallory — - 3-i>oh£
[roquois, Charleston. Clyde 3 : oOpm
La Touralne. Havre. French • 700 am io-rwi « m
Vigilancia. Havana. Ward k'-oolm n^m
Pathtlnder. Mayaguez. NY.• P R. . 8-Ortam l-^m
Ask. Haytl. Hamb-Amer . BJU>?S "
Orlmba. Nassau. Ward. •.. . ..... .\." "ifrgo m t £] JT m
Manzanlllo. Santia K o. Ward....... . l^-oo S t^.S™
Jam«stown. Norfolk. Old Dominion '—_ i:S pm
El Monte. Galveston. Korjran. " . ■■ -i :■•
Elaine. Arfrentlne. .. ... i«-nn _ « nn.
Rio Grande/ Brunswick. Mallory ."" 'i^ m 2 : SS pra
i"r.mjn<he. Charleston. Clyde " s :™\: ™\ Pln
Prince** Anne. Norfolk. y'lrl Dominion" s : «<i P m
Kew-Tork, Southampton. American. .. fl -oo» _ o.»n'
Finland. Antwerp. R-d Star S'SoJS ia S&BIS &BI
Princess Irene. tienoa. N O Lloyd .. M : M>« itfSi aia
Umbria. U verpool, Cunard .'.' " 'loSaE \ ! : a ra
Philadelphia. Curacao. Red D. ... 8-30 J S iS3Cj m
Sarnla. Jamaica. Hamb-Am W-SOaS i« r^ m
Morro Castle. Havana. Ward....... 1000 tm 1-JrtiT
Curltyba, Matanzas. Munson 12:30 3:00 pm
Port of New-York, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1905.
_ Steamer Finland (Red Star Une). A»tw.r . f-r .Ne«
York; in communication by wlreleos tel«fr»ph with tb.
S f^' Mm W f
Whistling "Bridal Wreath," "How Can I Leave TheeT'
"Let Us Be Merry." "Life Is Gay." "The Prodlsal S>»n'»
Return." Prices. ' $-10. $.V>. $75. $100. Two or three with .
extra long echo soncs. $130. The Cair.r«»nlnl-Hold*n
Canary, varied bells trills, flute notes. w>ft. evening |
singers, $8. $10. $15. $20. ?25- Free Catalog.
G. M. IIOLDEN. 2 JO 6tls Are., near IM|
WasKington, D. C.
March 4th, 1905.
Those who will attend the Inau
guration will save themselves much
time and annoyance by arranging for
accommodations in advance.
Tribune readers will find several I
desirable places advertised in to-day's
issue in the narrow columns.
Wa.tch the pa-per every da.y
Grand Opera Season ir»01-l!i0.%.
Under the direction of Mr. Heinrlch Conrled. * ■ '■'-
This Afternoon. Mat. at t : 30 — SIKG PRIED Aino :
Ackte. Jacoby, Alt^n; Burcrstaller. Van Rooy, Relss. |
Gorltz. Blass. Conductor, Hertz.
This Evening, at S — S*A GIOCONDA. Nordica.
Homer. Walker; Caruso. Giraldonl, Plancon. Begue.
Dufriche. Conductor. Vigna.
Thurs. Evg, Feb. 16. at B SPECIAL PERFORM
ANCE. "DIE FLEDEItMAUS." Sembrich, W.ilker. i
Alten: Dippel. Relss. Gorltz. Greder, MUhlmann, Hanae
ler. Cond'r. Franko. In Act 11. all the principal artists, !
not in the cast, will make their appearane-.
Fri. Evg., Feb. 17. at LOHENGRIN. Emma Eames.
Homer; Sallza. Van Rooy. Bias*. M ihlmann. Con.Hertz.
Sat. Aft.. Feb. IS. at — LES HUGUENOTS. Scm
brlch. De Macchi. Walker. Bauermeister. Mulford: !
Caruso. Planqon. BcottL Journet, Bars. Begu*. Dufriche. !
Relss, Greder. Conductor. viena.
Sat. Ev-.. Feb. 11, at I (Pop. Prices)— TANNHAEU- i
SER. Alno Ackt*. Fremstad. Alt.-n: Burgstaller.' Gorits. !
Blass. Relss. MUhlmann. Greder. Cond'r. Hertz.
Sun. Ev?.. Feb. 19. at 1:30, at Popufar Prices.
Soloists: Alno Ackte. LoulM Homer and YSAYE.
Violin (arr. with Mr. R. E. Johnston).
Entire Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Condr. Herts. ;
Mon. Evg. Feb. 20. at S — FLEDERMAUA Sembrich.
Walker. Alten; Dippel. Goritz, Reiss. Greder, MUhl- '
mann, HSnseler. Conductor, Franko.
Tues. Evg., Feb. 21. at S, -Special Performance" !
chl. Jacoby. Bauermeister; MM Nulbo. Giraldonl. Fol- I
lowed by PAGLIACCI — Lemon; Caruso. Scotti. Bars,
Parvls. Conductor. Vigna.
Wed. Morn'g. Feb. 22. (Wash. Birthday). Mat. at 11:30 I
prec y Last Perf. of PARSIFAL Fremstad; Bure
staller. Van Rooy.Biass. Gorltz. Mtihlmann Cond. Hertz. '
Wed. Evg., Feb 22, at — TOSCA. Emma Eaxnes; '
Caruso. Scotli. Ro.«.«l. Bars. Conductor. Vigna.
Thurs. Affn. Feb. 23. Mat. at I—OOETTERDAEMMERUNG.1 — OOETTER
DAEMMERUNG. Nordica. Walker. Alten. We<-.!. Ralph.
Mulford: Burgstaller. Blass. MUhlmann. Cond'r Herts.
Fri. Evs;. Feb. 24. at BALLO IN MASCHEBA.
Emma Bamea, Alten. Homer: Caruso. Scotti. Planc,on. j
Journet. B£guS. Conductor. Vigna.
Sale of Seat^ for next week's Performances begins i
To-morrow i Thursday*, at 9 a. m
IRVING PLACE TIIEATH E.— To-night. 8:20.
Thurs.. Fri. Ev?s. & Sat. Mat.. Maxim Gorki's ;
Russian Drama. "N a c h t a s y I" (The Night Refuge) >. i
HIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY mnsic i» obtainable for the j
PIANOLA. Afcllnn U<ll 363 Fifth Ay.
' posal", in trip'.icate, will be received at the office |
of the Isthmian Canal .mmifsion. Washington. D. C. |
until 3:0«> c'clcck P. M.. on the USth day of February. ;
1906, at which time they will be cpene-l tn public, for :
furnishing "Five (5) Contractors' Wagons." Further
particulars may be had. upon applicatl at the office of
the Isthmian Canal Commission. Washington. D. C.
logical Survey. Washington. D. C . February lrt.
1905. — Sealed proposals will be received at the office
of the United States Reclamation Service. Chamber of
Commerce Building, Denver. Colorado, until 2 o'clock
p. m.. April 10. 1905, and th»n opened, for the con
utruction of concrete diverting dam and regulator.
and 6',j miles of canal with the auxiliary works, for
the purpose of diverting the flow of water of the Belle
Fourche River, nt a point about 1 mile from the town
of Belle Fourche. S. Dak., and conducting the same
to a reservoir « miles northeast of that town. Plans,
specifications and forms of proposal may be obtained
l>y application to the Chief Engineer of the Reclama
tion Serrlee, U. S. Geological Survey. Washington.
D. C. or to Raymond F. Walter. Engineer, at Chamber
of Commerce Building. Denver, Colo., or at Belle
Fourche, s. Dak. Each bid must he accompanied by
a certified check for $5,000, payable to the order of
the Secretary of the Interior, as a, guaranty that the
bidder will. If successful, promptly execute a satisfac
tory contract and furnish bond in the sum of 20 per
cent of the contract price for the faithful perform
ance of the work. The right Is reserved to reject any
or all bids, to accept one schedule and reject the other,
and to waive technical defects, as the interests of tfce
service may require. Bidders are invited to be present
at the opening of the bids. Proposals must be marked
"Proposals for Main Supply Canal, etc.. Belle Fourche
Project. S. Dak." E. A. HITCHCOCK. Secretary.
Washington. D. C. Office of Superir.ten.len' V. S.
Capitol Building and Grounds, February 7. 19U5.— In fur
therance of the advertisement published under date of I>e
cember 8. 19t>4. for certain work in connection with the
construction of an Office Huilding for the House ol Repre-
Bentatives, Intending bidders are hereby notified that pro
posals for cut stone *work for the exterior facades and court
walls nf nald building will be received and opened at tl-a
above office at 2 o'clock P. M.. on Wednaaday, March 8.
1005. in tne presence of peris.-ns desirlns to attend. - Plans
and specifications are now ready for issue an.i wi:i he fur
nished upon receipt of a ccrtilled check for fifty dollars
(*.V>.oo> payable to the Superintendent V. S. Capltrl
ltuilulng and Grounds, as a guarantee for their return.
Checks will be returned npon the receipt of plans and
Ep*"ciflcatii>ns. A suitable bond will b» required for the
faithful performance of the contract. Tht right la re
served to reject any or all hii'.s. und to waive any In
formality in any bid. ELLIOTT WOODS. Superintendent
U. S. Capitol Bulldlr.s and Grounds.
TER. 200 Thames St.. Newport. H. 1.. February 11
1905. — Sealed proposal*, in triplicate, will be received here,
until 12 M., March It). liioS. for constructing 1 «et Frame
Quarters for Field Officer and. 1 doable set Frame Quar
ters f..r 2 Noncommissioned Officers at Fort Rodman
New Bedford. V.is. l'rop«,sals must be accompanied by
proper KOarantee for in p»r cent of amount of bid Pro
posals n>t complying with this r..ju:r« nit-nt will not be
considered. Information furnl.4ied en application U S
reserves right to accept or reject any or a:l bids or any
part thereof. Envelopes containing prop, .sals to ba en
dorsed "Proposals for Public BuiMlncs Fort I: »liiim;i -
and addressed to Curtain H. C. HODGES. Jr. Qr. Mr.
111.. Feb. 2. 1003.— 5.->ale.l proposals in duplicate will
be received here ur.tll 1 P. M.. March IS, 1905 for pur
chase of Sorlngneld Hides, idasee. bayonet scabbards
run slings, eu. Information fnrnlJhed on application to
Lieut. Col. S. E. BLUNT. Conuisr.
station at Slaaconsctt, M.i>s. at 2:30 p m; will probably
Cock about '.» a m to-morrow.
Steamer Gallla (Fr). Pavey. Mars •lll«-s January 21 .11 !
Na;.U>H 25. (■• J W Klwell & Co, w.lth 2 cabin and 3>«>
steerage |*KM'i!eers and i».;«. Arrived at the liar at
9 pm. 13th.
Sleamer Kennett (Br>. Torney. naailen" February 3 an<l '
Cffant.inaninT.ti> I>uniel Bacon, with nvta«. Arrived at
the Bar at midnight. 13th.
Steamer TJomo lNor». Nllsen. Progreeo February 4 and '
Camper h« rt to Th»baud Bros, wiih hemp. Arrived at th» !
Bar it 2:43 0 m.
Steamer Morro Tastln. Downs. Hivnn:i February 11 to !
James X Ward k Co with 102 passengers, mails and
mdse. Arrival at the Bar at 10:14 am.
St»amer El Paso. Patten, New-Orlean* February T
to the Southern P.i.iric Company with mdse. Passed I
Quarantine at 7:40 am. ...' . .
Steamer Proteus. Hhlhv, Nc» -Orleans February S I
to the, Southern Paelnc Company, with pa*senrers anti '
mdsc. PunMf<l In Sandy Hook at 2 am. i
Kteamer Carlb. Cbicltcater. Georcetnwn. s C Febru- i
ary 9. via Wilmington. N C. 11. to William }' Clyde. & I
<•<■>. with md»>- Pasned 'OAtlne at : J0 am. '
Steamer Jefferson. Dole. Newport New» and Norfolk
to th« Old Dominion KioaaaaMp Compan with pasoen- !
K»rs and mdse. Passed In Quarantine at "• —« p ni
Steamer Benefactor. Curry. I'hlladelphla. to'willUm
P Clyde * Co. with mdse. Pused Quarantine at S:4» I
a m. i
Steamer II M Whitney. Mnne. Hnston. t.> II F '
Dlmock. with mdse. Passed Quarantine at 3u in
. S * . y Hook, X .1. F«b 14, 9-0 I' m— \v, n d U th- ■
wrat. llsht l.reete. clear.
_Steamers Armenian (Br». for Liverpool: Peatrlr* «Xor»
A°, r H Ant ° n! °: " F Dlmoc-k. Boston; North westeVn.lWt '
Arthur. Te«; Main »Ocr». Bremen ; Terence, »Br>. MaS
chester: PlvJa «Hr» Calbarien; Uamtlton. Norfolk and
J«e«port News; Apache. Charleston and Jack*onvtl!e !
_ Amusements.
EfiPIRE %^^rn'^~l
MAUDE iDIS .^k«' s
_: ; £?<>• me thumb
WILLARD £&*,&*&£&
■ ™ ■ x 1 11* ."iAA •
HUDSON TH **i H ««». »~r Broader""
SAVOY TItE - VTK «th St. near B-w., "
■-■■"Lag-" *-riquet
HERALD so. Tsatsrjf ft. >Z
CRITERION TIIE -*TnE. «tbSt.*B-waT."
Wl UL t l l *»«' Ev«. $:»». Mat. 3»t.. jTil
FRANCIS wilson aaag
LYCEUM Si m?:¥aS! bb 85:8 5:. K-VSk
DALY'S Mats. Saturday * Feh. ;;. at t
mrCIIESS OF DANTZK nwlf i» •btatnuble tar
PIANOLA, Aeolian Hall. 363 Fifth A». "*
\EAV AMSTEKJUAM. |||l||nTV lllllinT'J
%3&t- i L£&. luiPTlf DIPT!
ADAREHA? 9:li -^SS^^
I.ast We«-k. "THL SCHOOL KOU sCANDAt!- i
Nxt Mon. Th» dlucailon of Mr. Pipp." Seat 3 To-itfw
I NEAV YOIIK. B'»ay*lsth->t. Prices 25. 50. Ti A 1 »IL
Warrf X VnVBU Last Week. I p^r, \r a .
f»2ra ft *OKBS v PAin OF pin. To^dar
Xxt Mon . WRIGHT LORIMER. "Tha Sheph "rj I Kin,.
r.A^^ Y A^Sa^,,.^V^^,^^
LYKIC. 4M W. of B-wav rorter Ma«l n^rZd^~
TowSpn TEiifiyl ; -£i' W
x«* y»^. Wnu uOcS THERE?
aJB, ?? t gr lc ni? hh ° A Y: iaat>te for
BIJOU niH^Ak % Ftb «. «T
ACADE.MY OF KCSIC. u th c. * Ir ,. w m
Popular prices. Mat. Sat. a: 2. Eve.. sT^
IWAI.LACK-!*. 'Mnt«. To-day « >at. d,__. .
B'way * 30thSt. j illTnJffSni/ THE V \\kkf 8
Evenings. 8:20. | Hi I UflUUba COXSCU 8
fiardrn. S7th.Ma«». A y. Evs ••> Mats. Toiav* Sa 7 I
f££"&«'£L IVlrs - Temple's :
I MATS. TO-DAY J Telegram j
■ * Safy. 2:15. I *<CitJjl 3.111
ClUr? S Bway an? 60th. Mats Dai!y Sir.
inULC Herbert Kelrey & Effl^, Saaoaoa
STRELS. 6— Oltns*r»tti Tr^ip*—^ Foy 4
"lark. Bruno i Russell. Others.
lEIS irOTIH Ev *s- Matir.e»3 To-day
UiHltf RSTRH'n' 4^ St B«ay* y *•»:
nAl<lmt.nu I Lm 0 Entirely new VaudevtUe each week.
Uri A Onfl THEATRE. Ev. 8 Mat. Sat. & Teh. 22. . '
nnniTi'lflV i Ev - S:2 °- Mat - Saturday. J:l3t
Fatlnltxa mn-l<* i* obtainable for the PIAXOL.%.
Aeolian Hall, 3«3 Fifth Aye
AI^fTTOIfAM Mat. TO-DAY. 25 * 50r.
.r\iVllljKlV'.r»ni JOE WELCH la "Cohen's Lurk."
ICW CJCJ 1 I THEATRE. I2d St.. h^t. B'v * Ith Ay
>perial Matinee \V:>-hinston"r» Clrthday.
1 IT HAPPENED IN MtllDl \M> musir i> nbtaiaaM*
for the PIANOLA. Aeolian llall. 3C3 Fifth At.
!M M ««lt*. A f-f ttt B-way * 3M St Krga at »:».
ittnttntCiitlU MATINEE. SATURDAY at IJi
i , , , — — — -
i in m ru I Evxs. Xtli. Mat- Saturday. J:ls. |
i^ LEW IH,T.e.6OfIB!HiI4J
— . Open -• A. M. M II P M ■ ■
TO-DAY. It a. m. to 5 p. m.. judginsr variety
claw#» and unclasaiflt>d sp«H?ials. To-morrow, at
I 3p. m Judging packs of Foxhounds ar.J Beagles.
"„: • Under the direction "f
Symphony. • Harcld t.i Italy .....aanmm
Viola ■ ! llgal < Mr. Jos. J. K"\ ari^ __„„__»-
Mls» Anna BOfsert. Soprano; Mr. E.!»arl Ba«^J;
Tenor: Mrs Carl Alvea. rontralto: Mr. .luiiar. WajK'^
I Bass. Choru» under the direction of Mr. \\ ■ R-- lbw>
niann. '^I.^. * * «««
| mai "sKATS. "> MM t ■> $2. BOXE?. $li ar.d SIS. TS __
SONS. Box office opm ilaily from oto 5-
XXi i F. LEIFELS. Serrftary.
C A R Eli I-: HALL.
BOSTON I THI-BS. Ev S .. Feb 1«. at 5.13.
ORCHESTRA -«i-r^4 l >■»' _
Mrjfencke -^— d^ALBSRT _
i Tickets *;..M> to T.V On Mia at Cox OCice. TJ»»»
(sth Ay. Hotel). I Dttsons. at reg. Prices. .
-„' I : . BroMdwa> and CM Street. b
■ markable new sp*H-ialti*-a and A DLXI. I> _* -j^
SNOW." Instant and Endunnc success. EVn™ftS»
to |l. Mats. Tuesdays. Thursdays A *aturJa>*. -* ***
Sarred foneert Sunday KTftttec at 8: IS. -
p- B^fc p<> C\S I NYOKI.D IN WAX. Nrw OroO*
Lizard. Feb IS— r»w*d. »ta*m«i Brtmtoa (C.erV '''S5
Bremen for New-York: U:h. LaeSa*annu. tl>r). ur*J.
.New- York f< r 1/T'lon. . „ .\'
rivmouth. F^ 14-Shll.nl. ste*r.ir Potoauc » r - > - i! Til*
Donald (from London >, New-York mot Pn:UW
Wbl+-\rriv»U. stesnwr Minneapolis »Brt
ChrlVttar'a.* f>^ »«— Sailed. ■«r«m<r United States ll>a3*
Wulff tfrt>m i>>p--i>.M«- -m. New-\ork. ,»_,*-
Ilan.Vi I-Vl. 11— SalliM. stramcr Lugano (G*r>. ww» .
RotUrtU^l^uN «• m- Arrive* '^^^''ila
dare. Kb 11. ti
iL'uloh*. Ro«tve«n. ■ X»*-l«rk \i* l *;"' p *;!*\, ,:!*
satled. MMOMT L>»Ut*eMMa' »G*f Uck>. «•»»<""
Antwerp. Feb U— Sailed, steamer Yaderlacd t*«e»
B»a»e«:ie. Ke]> 11^:3 0 p m— Sailed. »t«m*r «**»£*£
iDl.tohi. Van der Zee <fr«nj Rotterdam!. >•*
Cherbourg. Feb 14. I a m— Arrived. » t ;* nl *' v IM —
Cher».,>4r C . F»b 14. I » •!• - Am. *ti
•\Vllh«lm der Grow* -«G*r». Cuppers. New -Tons. ¥i *
Plymouth, for Bremen mnd prucwfeJ »- 'a, ttW . •
Malaga. H— Arrived, steamer Moltks ne«e»» *
mann. New-York via Funchal. «tc (on Oriental
Singapore." F*h'l I—Arrived previously. ••♦* m *T. 1 ££■■*?
ITtnc* 4Br). Jmblmn New-York *l» *• \ianaw -
--O V. «tc. f>r Shanghai. _ . ,-^w«L
P*ra. S>b 12— Sallid. steamer JluNfri «Br>. oooc
New- York. .... w# » r
ftt Vincent. F«-h :— Sal!e<!. steamer i:apal»» tßr>. tw.
i from .%'•«•- YorH.. Shanghai «r*port» * t * )!^"* *
dangerju'j <ler*ltct In latttu-I<> 41. K>nritu «**-•'«
Port of Spain. Feb ll— Arrived, steamer ltto*f*£
VKtorla LuUe <GeD. Ruser. >jew-TorK «» •
Thomas, ett ion cruise). _ ; -„
Bermuda. F«t» 13— Arrived. Pretoria »Br>. McKta^ w
ifr. ■••■ N-u-York>. West Indies i>'> cruise^. i««
■teamer Trinidad vßrj. Williams. Nevr-ror.*.

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